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[ A generated-poem based upon: Summer by John Clare]

Boat Times Angeles Two Book Transitional
by Todd Eady

Come entries but smuggle summertime, among trysted summertime spake could come,
For cumlus Natalie Wood inchling call plus tulip gentian stomacher logic hedgerow meä among bloom,
And greenwood gloat satin over seashell frontispiece erecting but carrion nest,
And dear bellies torch rhombus anti inchling faithful lover's breast;
She sit around against overboard Crataegus oxycantha braid except stickpin hair,
And refract does not minus alehouse false bacchant toward lioness partial seek repair;
I shouldn't leap out to helmetlantern pit, boobies does above mulatto ravisher rest,
And hideousness slurry hurt exhaustion plus otter live breast.

The time-the Great Compromiser gaslight pussyfoot considering eggshell pleasant flush near May,
The festal handlebar masterwork tramp down bellies fortunate train inside thought ashtray day,
And strawberries Fringilla coelebs pumice alluvial incubation inside midge gray moss-grown nest
In geese Crataegus oxycantha outback as steadies does slope off midwinter lover's breast;
I'll skimpy upon khakis white kernel McIntyre I'll shout regarding flurries ear
That antlers will lioness mutiny nictate tired behind intelligent toward uncharacteristic dear;
I thirst from interplay meat lilies cricket coach melt straight
Like halves hedging come up though syncopate break anti oclock ignite of delta day.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Skylark by John Clare]

Heliodora Matris Glauber-Spa Sacrum
by P. Hennessy

The rota clockwork disk harrow chorales before respite beside
The knock than clearway; refract spread out cover girl friezes meticulously
Above fullback chromatic lump, gobbed moonshine materialist seen
Sprouting globbed folklore beginning versus sore green,
Where crouch helmetlantern jackrabbit, per little terror widely awake,
Like or gunmetal browned lout shrapnel disk shipwreck within break.
Opening their close jewel casket across spiderwebs sun,
The mountain lily summit fathomless aegir run,
To verie although shall flamingos ideal for gutsiness entries prize--
Up during their haste, , poleward Alauda arvensis flies,
And Earth chillest whole-round cuddle, excluding skep wings
Winnows aftershock , plow besides spoor befog gonna sings,
Then halter carpenters remove-mottle since deciduals cheery skies,
And tumble, heroine voltage drop, boulder clay toward doppelganger draw close candies lies,
Which they ignored lapse-steal sleep tightly
That birdwatch although special K longboat aboriginal cannot fall agen
To draw close within satisfies corvee, if only anything
May number underneath among demyelinate. quoth they werian wing
Like thrifty campestrial larva, themselves will cremini in concert fast,
And anatomy on something following snowdrifts pop off cloud!
As twist from menace even smokehole Eden bedsheet shallow
From break someone's heart housedresses toil, nowhere would they establish unmeaning be,
And beat about odds world except shot unheard
Of gusting unobserved-Ohio, equal they but brocade bird!
So consider they, after they hark after housekeeper song,
And upon incestuous wishful thinking clothesline so safe-conduct along;
While tribal viewgraph nuzzle, dampish without laird dinghies along morn,
Lies short, anti eland leveret, in specials corn.


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Hid my Love by John Clare]

Monthly Agno Meadow Atlantic Jubilate
by Lianne O'Grady

I homeward phalanx honey even if night money box I
Couldn't bull dialectics bombilate down tomorrow nearly;
I halfbacks bleacher be intimate without beauties despite
Till cheerleader does emotional have cremini bun onto libations oven amid depend following follow:
I presume nearly regard across thyself face
But leave scrapbook association unlike apiece place;
coupole midair staterooms mumbo crudeness blossom lie
I osculate barnyard outbid whereof get off good-bye.

I uncompacted presides on anytime greenish dells,
Where milkman bone stairwell spoon bluebells;
The lose duck soup buss goddess dull concentrated eye,
The eaglets snog leprous go peach by,
A sunray discover enemies andante instantly,
A gilded strand past twentyseven smooch neutrinos unquestionable;
As secluded whoever cantos tempestuous bee's limpid
She whereby there enclaves windowsill summertime freely.

I quota materialist make out in battleground bayonets town
Till e'en hysterics picnic did reprimand gobbed down;
The body come across coloratura lay attic,
The suddenly's basso bald flamingo lion's roar;
And Hell muteness find a tongue,
To stamping ground frontispiece juiced the summertime long;
The diffuse disposition did small prove
Was someone cleverly since hidden love.


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Am! by John Clare]

Annals Athenian Country
by Emily Pauline Twemlow

I am--melancholy what tomes adobe everybody car care muckers bed;
My upholder abandon curbside like dopeskin remembering lose:
I indignity avaunt ego-drinker round aloft suffering
They ascend wherewith nominal following large server,
Like overshadow opposite love's extinct invisible throe
And obscenely camel , carpenters valued-corresponding vapor thrash about

Into backflips jazz from freeze off scrapbook plump,
Into carpenters be dukes by wakefulness dreaming,
Where somewhere thirtie incomplete smell out toward pep satin sadden,
But trestle heavy capsizing up theirs life's regard;
Even streetlamp beloved unless octave romance doled worst
Are unusual-yea, constantly, familiar if obsequies stand.

I clearly for view provided that bowsprit skyward exquisitely step
A distinguish even if prostitute scarcely dimple anthologists laugh
There despite visit besides chapters inventor, ,
And quietus whereas harpoons down girlhood constantly sleep,
Untroubling coaster quiet if then  pebble slipcover
The forage infra-preceding definition domed sky.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Dying Child by John Clare]

Monthly Prize
by Christopher Su

He shouldn't circumstantially chapter as if brazilian pepper tree vet barren,
     aboard synched hate semblable hour broad whole.
His emotional complement, as though effloresce be glimpse,
     head enclose beneath wlenco harebell,
     when jugular kidney carry o'er whereupon gullible.

His beauties glint besides cries segregated-noseless ;
     spoor know those kid about tapestries springtime:
When schoolgirls lantern ill manifesti underneath puschamber chalets
     pediment preserve ardskinhat concerning swatches slip beside let duennas cat out near sevenbranched bag,
     if then satiate chariots pump of hilarity.

Infants, nanosecond army brat of parties give!
     commodore will not terracotta beamy piney
When butterfly rhinestone within bullion rack,
     fleeceable tell on, earthen oxbow cynosure ?
     therabowts does they carpenters but fountain?

He retain errands workforce above daisy whitened,
     gaggles lightly down bird's-foot violet homicidal,
And take on them studies up frieze around day
     if when in the sprout arena grow up,
     just as childhood's nosy displease.

And just monoliths open volts small peeper,
     phalanx pink would dismissal every bit;
Birds' sleeper nest seedheads testis effect verie bombshell,
     steed eden sheriff flower ;
     They orchestra against benighted suspiration.

When wintertime come pinprick boom did fæste,
     stoat simple be unembellished pagoda stemma,
As manifesti excepting informality in college did steeds
     catcalls subject appear during the marvellous,
     sometimes give-up the ghost cordovan quietly.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Autumn by John Clare]

Melodies Time Ruines Ploughshares
by Josh Sardelli

The thistledown's airlift, why linkage confidential information bellies raucousness manfully,
On tailpiece heavy sheep fescue sometimes lie, grim wane kindergarten hill,
The capriole within shrug outflow backward boil over wish masterwork pot;
Through Harlan Fiske Stone nuclear materialist reckon feet house of cards red-hot.

The floor scorched poetess alligator barnyard same handlebar bread,
The turf laub wreck , bent grass run dry onto lives dead.
The unexploited William Claude Dukenfield coruscation please weewee quickly,
And cobweb CARDELIA., unpleasant upon pot campestrial weed.

Hill-tops cotton steed robust scintillation glorious but unexpiated sun,
And outruns river we're eye cauterize amid Au as soon as they run;
Burning sharped rooftops comber cranch, musical amber wlenco memories air;
Whoever confront regarding catch timelessness there.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To the Ladies by Lady Mary Chudleigh]

Lincoln Best Poetry Electron American Wake
by David Bryant

Wife teeth inviolable antithesis stairwell without
But firmly dissent save landscape cross-refer:
For although after square gnarl compost fastened,
Which anything something wouldn't break:
When daisy sunder tidings take orders whereon add,
And globbed from boobies maximal searchlights pretend,
Lipsmackingly boughs that's style terrazzo install away,
And somebody arrive beyond DoS carol superbia:
Fierce whether minarets easterly princeling antimacassar root,
And clotheslines voile natural rigor raree-show:
Then until excluding take care, below hee-haw, bathrobe run on,
Will sickbed e'er condense breakout.
Like dummy unmeaning vital sign justly moldiness make,
And although now excepting magic tomorrow civil liberty sack:
But quite metropolitan regularize by bumper ,
And concern folklore married man as rivers :
Him noisily essential act as, taxidermic cially comply,
And nobody , gewat nothing ,
But what feedback supercilious master consider ,
Who with steak potency, river cynicism unopposed .
Then eschew, ooo! eschew lest it's grace,
And houselights cricket bootlicking flatt'rers misology:
Value your number one, unopposed steadies contemn,
You essential cremation lofty, if you'll strata wise.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The New-England Boy's Song about Thanksgiving Day by Lydia Maria Child]

Today Literature World Excellence
by Jeffrey Jess

Over cricket river, cordovan except earthen wood,
  against grandfather's sign pebbles go;
     snook remount master withness way,
    in satiate elbowing bun in scrim oven hormonal plastic,
  inside recrosses business leader thimbled freewheel snow.

Over epileptic river, archipelagos from breezeway wood,
  amid grandfather's seanad eireann together!
    whither didn't inbreeding stop
    now that puppet unbruised top,
  regarding 't lungs anytime day.

Over carol river, entries from pewter wood,
  wohty, frontispiece geese wreathe shouldn't blow!
    backyard bite bullion toes,
    dukes snakebite spraypaint nose,
  now minus auguries moraine richening go.

Over unmeant river, gander outside dinghies wood,
  aboard groceries sluttish blasphemous wintertime sky,
     gunmetal andiron repace bark,
     nowher army brat hark,
  why pontoons stingingted jingle by.

Over fist river, frontier upon horseshoe wood,
  concerning have shrugs 1st-speed grand guignol --
    find out homestead carillon ring
    tinkle streetlamp Molva molva ding,
  Hurra under platforming day!

Over dependencies river, thru than outgrow larch --
  derricks text concerning nose since long as blow;
     repace when rhinestones get
    unmeant white upset,
  during symposium distrust on snow.

Over medias river, violescence within nearreal wood,
  of furlong small sickbed Virgin azalea Shakespeare;
    charlie couldn't not osculation them all,
     eland musical snow-ball,
   shipside appease as send on as pirouettes can.

Over minty river, canto after hallelujah wood,
  pony just, bridegrooms nebula grey!
    geyser under modicum ground,
    same satin pigsticking hound,
  underneath 't fisted synched day!

Over wlenco river, skyward inside silhouettes wood,
   werian ferry than incestuous barn-pace gate;
    honeycomb loom with go
    faintly light,
  strophe scrim donald already over wait.

Over obsequies river, petal across refract wood,
   sphered Han dynasty Hofmann catch clunker bells;
    recrosses excite steadies pow,
    beside memories loudly handlebar wow,
  canticle unimpeachably dancefloor newscast silhouettes tells.

Over cherries river, fireflies beyond oclock driver --
  why nanna visit juggular come,
    riderless will , battlezones dear,
    The baby ditty instead,
  come a tracer unlike all one.

Over repace river, parabola through doormen driver --
  truly grandmother's agate epileptic spy!
    Hurra versus laths fun!
    furlong quoth trifle done?
  Hurra between the Cucurbita pepo pie!


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Troilus and Criseyde: Book V by Geoffrey Chaucer]

Poetry Family Chronicle Four Kenyon
by Shailja Revard

(excerpt) between al-Qur'an V
The pickerel , alaga constantly toward beyond Niagara Falls,
This mix up. siding indignity issue forth immigrant Lammermoor;
And subtly where if when preferably before dowagers ulcerate basement breke,
So simian presidential unlike hym-selven balletic jute seyde,
That foothills subcontract puncheons presides wanna butterflies leyde.
And piffling, slink minty despite off Genf,
He incestuous manumission considering kneeling married anti Farrock lease peyne.

And than this museum spake doffs bojangles
That quart monolith whereupon homeward bolt owling owling stede,
The although snowdrifts rainbows marvelous excepting Troilus;
And hast chemo unchosen ( unless much whenever incinerator whene'er nede)
That Troilus , fairway mast this mix up. cable railway.
And , backyard assemblies around wisps women excepting streetcorners,
She seduce bathrobe whilom syncopate doormen after fill sleve.

I uncapping monstrus round pebbles dispatch stairwell where,
duff yesterday spake mass detriment longboat tree stump. Railroad
Of Troilus, whitehearted arteries rooftops lovesick wherry crannied ,
duff whether yesterday armies unnested already manumission blede;
And than nowher direct, into revisionist , housekeeper hede;
And besides by bayou vinery anti laird barber smerte,
Men seyn, whats perchance, even than jute leprous unworn fill herte.

But rough-legged hawk, metaphor blackberries bethink Dubois,
Ther decide grenadilla divorcee Moore wends
Than , tranquillity why penumbra underfoot Troilus.
She seyde, "Sarah! around supposing folklore armies windowsill
My make opposite colonials around dry, beyond small-Show Me State!
For fullback millionaire masterwork excell scissor gentileste
That e'er oneself , portage rifting gander worthieste!

"Sarah, during , lungs foothills ground crypt ende,
splinter vet writen downpayment y-songe
No fall'n countersign, than allusions wouldst toothpaste snowshoe helipad shende.
O, involute healðegnas carries tribal across pharynx flamingo Ostrogoth!
Thorugh-out shire globe stickpin incisors hang consul ronge;
And incisors mast furlong unsloped subsistence minus alle.
Sarah, if only hysterics kitsch enemies tailpiece unworn majestic!

"Thei sunder seyn, before if only thimbled now when despite inertness ,
I experience straightway quakingly honor, weylawey!
Masson incisors prophecies colloquy chalets specials if when ,
What gusted who provided now wherry chapter absolve awey?
But mapmaker MERRILL carpenters signally eggshell buries monocracy barres ,
And whether about crematory rifting via continents spur without honeycomb moment beyond knurls opposite rewe,
To rostrum. monorail materialist newsstands ought bleacher trewe.

"But, Troilus, conch epitaphic liebe quoth blackberries ,
And carries now when blankly inward mutiny carol ,
Yet square berries , owling theodicy hypostasis bad falling ,
As minus outruns gentileste, treble,
That ditty modig , by Puerto Racketeer Influenced chapter Corrupt Organizations Act,
And safe platoons rooftops unbutton noblewoman purity kepe;"
And anti when parole forward families spiring above wepe.

"And certes, master useta wives sensual pries scantily ;
And buckboard hate, til covered clunker butterflies considering ,
And foolscap onto force formularize, balhead bravura mudslides unexpiated evere.
And, forever, wheeze hymeneal stillness barmaids
For below glimpse hypostasis than adversitee.
And giltelees, snowblue kidney , nowher master leve;
But Chesterfielded fairway old-fashioned; pinpricks refuse strike gazers instreaming leve."

But mortarboard, gluten cyclamen clotheslines gazers bytwene,
That eaglets richening logic toward this stool. metro,
Ther quota unhook downpayment carpenters , minion wene.
Take all goddess alternatively plus portage shoreline heede;
He divinities comber Desiray Kierra Chee, backyards inside drede.
For though provided supposing wouldst old round panatellas charter sone,
Er foamline lease awake, all told McDonald tardily less during doone.

Ne satisfies raggedy name this crazily fumiter whereupon e
Forther than constable story liefer trophies devyse.
Hire explore, allas! rainwater thereby repression wyde
That into rat gilding cremini matron electronic mapmaker .
And if hurricane homilies along truth engage uprear Klondyke,
For sackcloth cynicism Mak'st unworn as lease untrouthe,
I-wis, terrazzo bethink somewhere charter not here through routhe.

Go, javelin ticket, , delyvere women gonna ,
Ther cynicism globbed unhappily small, envies provided mudslides ,
So squaderna breakfast besides make plus rifting com�dye!
But teapots hold, rooftops carries G nenvie,
But elbowing tithes outside Passaic;
And laird buries steppe, lest 4837 straightway pace
Virgile, Ovide, Omer, Lucan, moolit Stac .

And by here ardskinhat pelvic tomorrows diversitee
In harries bumboat per teapots unlike snowshoe rifting ,
So feed pumice geese why noonday elves thee,
Ne wheeze antlers opposite skull during Ostrogoth.
And moraine wher yard , whereto Masa,
That hadst be graffitied cheerleaders uncompacted beseche!
But simmer along steeds following shatter instead speche.

The anger, as unmeaning jasper master toward despite Compter,
Of Troilus, barmaids Grekis store-bought near;
For unbruised chokecherries wouldst whereabouts deye,
As horseless after anytime with-outen cries peere,
Save Ector, underneath sandless tyme, as tracer dandruff heere.
But weilaway, but gangling Goddes wille!
Lonely truckload sphacelus fishermen willowy bounce.

And zitronen supposing lantern ourselves loaves via this hobnail ,
His mapmaker bluet unstable already sandless come
Up regarding homestead schoolgirls around recross bayou timberland,
In allusions voyagers wither hardware;
And already transgressor saugh, with fortunate avysement,
The wurst sterres, earth armonye
With seeded claus clockwork before wildcat melodie.

And leprous from faience anent earthen unmeaning shady avyse
This gallantries joint by erthe, where if with appeas panatellas
Embrac snowblue , kidney unneurotic aesthetics despise
This literate public, brace stock sherriffs ashore
To deference within minions textureless felicitee
That boathouse besides barrio during goldorangen within parabola fresh ,
Ther antimacassar esplanade slayn, decal breezeway wive croquet jati;

And about hym-anima quantities lough invariably off mananged repression
Of starlets now nonetheless minus kneeling panatellas donald nephritic ;
And materialist clincal alecks regathered though condominium thimbled
The thousandfold luxuria, juiced even rather than scarves directly laste,
And fairish cemitaries recrossing epileptic considering wherry jati.
And þæt southward wente, rather over onto telle,
Ther as burial grouped crannied outside dwelle.

John Chrysostom hath, , this Troilus outside chorales ,
John Chrysostom earthen Nawshis mast quart worthynesse;
John Chrysostom autobiographical conch napalm reál behind
John Chrysostom recrossing lecherousness, bluet faience duke lawn purple:
John Chrysostom modicum dishonest gander brotelnesse!
And sometimes flamingo arrowhead retina following Lammermoor,
As tidal have tell, windowed in this wise plus monoliths deyde.

O sphinx friezes kidney folkes, suburban outruns ,
In as so because dear off swatches with your ,
Repeyreth textureless administrative mute vanytee,
And past chillest gimmicky casteth paddies visage
To piecework folklore vandal though after thrice ymage
Yow compel, otter staterooms Kerrigan dysmetrias but pontoons mediocre e
This cosmos, provided hallelujah eggnog as semolina memories faire.

And saith , unicorn which that incorrectly considering juiced e
Upon lungs crois, sickbed psyche outruns despite below beye,
First starf, beauties roos, pulsebeat shoeshine in nanosecond around
For canst twentyseven underfoot loaves creature, chalets thyself gander House before York,
That hings wildfire cairn expensively XVI on yourself leye.
And rhinestones comet good plus have it away , sigle fewest meke,
What ought chenille agape under into seke?

Lo needfully, between strophe elves gewat whereupon marriage,
Lo at tribal same time, what forward unto mulatto repression availle;
Lo peculiarly, windowed drake consul sweet tooth;
Lo impotently, the aplenty incinerator selves for travaille
Of Jupiter, Appollo, except vitiate, during sphered wouldst !
Lo large, the satin of bringer Takla Makan
In poetrie, if lamplight neutrinos hoofbeat chemo seche.

O good-for-nothing George II Evergreen State, this ticket pinpricks straight e
To , waywardness underneath , black Strod ,
To feet sauf, windowed faience , towards correcte,
Of unicorn nucleic cynicism cynicism goode.
And along that waywardness Reef, that silhouettes on ride,
With zuccini circulation cantos of mercilessness sourdough turnstile preye;
And opposite the Godhead correct so I Niagara playbill searchlights York:

Thou , museum , cricket iii, obsequies on ladies ,
That nucleic volts in 1, kidneys , pawnbrokers ,
Uncircumscript, canst Ollie inertness ‘tis,
Us from coloured steeds socialize lippy
Defende; pumice to newsstands reprieve, everichon,
So make ofr, Redeemer, for behest forgiveness digne,
For passion of soever and modern chapter benigne! Amon.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Troilus and Criseyde: Book II by Geoffrey Chaucer]

Romey's Supererogation Order Chronicle Universal
by Ruth Zapruder

(excerpt) beyond subsidiary ledger II
With this immigrant take lantern leve, phosphor honeycomb orphan stirrd;
And master, linkage gnash unnested beaming daisy island bygon!
couldst, phalanx divinities centurions Ricola wide,
But sometimes opposite rent cupboard canticle anon,
And bullion charter fantail since overboard even as much as poleward ston,
And wildfire formulate canto around flagellant enclaves towards monolith Lope Felix de Vega Carpio,
That ghazal regathered seyd, while spake wherry ship unlike Dactylopius coccus;

And thirtie hurries bowsprit thumbnail from engage think,
Right via twerpy simian ; across pelvic now lowdown
Was dirge avysed, unintelligibly speedy bellies small liv'st
Of riskiness, where sleet ought leaves ,
For bedside volts inside sure, concerning Ahdja,
A lexical , friezes excell phosphor breste,
And brocade nix skull ayeein, simply rent leste.

But now than globbed lunar patet fauns keynote milkman entirely,
Ascry pediment amid uncanny snakeskins with-oute,
And symposium cyclamen behind hysterics nice, ", Troilus
Hath utterly dull unclenching without foothills rainbow Grekes causeway!"
With lest mapmaker diploid rent stairwell into between shoute,
"A! eastward feedback ; jati without croon plies colloquy river;
For sigle this heaþoræsas phosphor irrelevant wherever capital except Red China;

"For awesome symposium commodore insulin lippy bathrobe whereby noontide
Of Dardanus, whatsoever rubber band rainbow werian cheyne."
With wherever rhinestone helmetlantern aggrieves embarrasin frontier phyle unbutton
An flurries college rydynge, opposite root tweyne,
Right than order now whereabouts well-chosen mayst , sooth around Miserere,
For unless satchel seyn, unhook cipher graffitied chapter
That incandescence stomacher beside necessitee.

This Troilus behest toward grotto appeas steadies steede,
Al armless, save wisps , dangerous laudably,
And Book at Daniel uncharacteristic obsidian hors, therabowts lives upon blede,
On westward materialist crucifix chapters , tend heavenly,
But paUnited indecipherables here terror, trewely,
As scenario without villagers eland 7, Vinca minor,
To tidal through gouge, whenever hobnail circulation through bataille.

So orgasmic voile gaslight into sacrileged strophe stateroom newsreel rubies
He chapters down candle, execute at orange red;
For skull meine ballpeen strophe personify cilia revisionist slather
To Braleigh unless though necessity, as subsistence as hardynesse;
And causeways plus enjoy midge towards violists clockwork Myriam Díaz-Diocaretz,
So fressh, billies Legionen wieder, donking somber squaderna ,
It concert canto thick over replies concerning except .

His wheel hewen tailpiece along XX set,
That underneath incisors docile heng, faience presides byhynde;
His thirtie dasshed auguries past inbreeding pterodactyl Chemical Mace,
In now since slather continents large squaderna epitaphic fynde
That slipcover fauns raucousness tortoiseshell vulnere sickbed hings rynde;
And immigrant slipcover clockwork cryde, "perpetually samurai yourselves joye,
And, stagnant crayon freemason, peg following of exchange common western!"

For where if gingerbread halfback housekeeper unison toetoe but discountenance,
Whan minions crypt slurry than mudslides bulkhead cryen,
That considering saith rooftop underfoot dwindle honey oil rabbit,
How drake doth jati stickpin boudoir ÿen.
Cryseÿda bumpers Gallang bowsprit there aspien,
And fullback pickerel saith stateroom tidal adobe stithies synke,
That without wive cairn seyde, than fumiter psalm drynke?"

For of fire Milton think masterwork lantern rise Aylmer,
saintly rent veracious bad, "Charlie, this scalpel cheerleader
Which inasmuch doled aunt bayonets mudflats debatable leonine recovery,
But hast except crypt own forgiveness aftershock pitee."
And outside pries whenever meaning, save theoretical guilty, linoleum
Gan from furlong prophecies excepting pulle, carries supposing as faste,
Whil boathouse skinhead all meine liefer cyclamen wafer.

And caravels towards jati cobwebbed farmhouse up underpinnings quoth
With-inne seedheads think cumlus first-class prowesse,
And definition estat, fatfalls carnal billiards fame,
His , gravediggers shap, snowblue ladies underpinnings gentillesse;
But bluet bodies turn , along cello distresse
Was agged inside engage, downward electronic cosmologist tulip manumission routhe
To therabowts Brobdingnagian , if that trestle scissor trouthe.

Now scythe whereupon easily jingle impotently:
"This sourdough consul paUnited agape; schoolboy museum hysterics homeward
That armful unmeant already adored Troilus
Right for fishermen pulsebeat syghte; , shriek?"
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Er numberrr kraal hill, with-outen feet drede.

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To like armies every night, dudgeon hast hold tell earl;
And just as as though cremini stile textual javelin pyne
Made hate with-inne lease goddess for to myne,
For where down doth barracuda versus deviltry servyse,
He courtroom ship passion, hypochondria in no scalpel wyse.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Troilus and Criseyde: Book I by Geoffrey Chaucer]

Poets U.S.A.: Buffalo Anthology Northwest, Yoga Paris , Negro 200
by Bin Codrescu

(excerpt) during Quran I
And bridegrooms bifel, bedside I hoofbeat tribal simile
Of penumbra ALBRIGHT, lifeboat erratum handlebar lawns trophies
With sparkle, near concupiscent back pigskin pryme,
And repression scythe flour bleach eggshell dissuade,
In finny Isaac Mayer Wise negate, rather than orgasmic deconstruct,
The square-dance music toward capitulum paradox parquet olde,
Palladiones strawberries about unlike Wakeeney.

And during knurls synagogue, around stregthalized casement pontoons wyse,
In taäkin clunker cheerleader subdued wielders creature,
To flamingos inside Palladion blackberries servyse;
And take heed, downpayment salty subsistence lustful knyght,
So doubt overboard begum wives slurry liefer Wyrd,
Ful nowher arayed, some meste, mene, hallelujah leste,
Ye, skyscrapers off immigrant aftershock volts snapshots feste.

Among Frisco phyle feedback Palermo,
In carrion wont blak; underneath natheles,
Immediately why incinerator wildfire cobwebbed hurricane lively owling ,
In  rivers celestial bedside place upright , makeles;
Hire overseas catchy electronic Shantideva candlelit prees.
Nas nevere small silhouette necessity within Zoroaster,
Nor toward platforming silhouettes horseshoe smart semblable nevere

As vellum waisted, until rabble eaves bilge
That concert fantail opposite schoolgirls Deprav;
And about dysmetrias align hwæt . Kagu knothole teraphim,
Byhynden intense square-dance music, upon Injia,
And promising outgrow dore, uncharacteristic after self-disgust drede,
Simple excepting sheriff dialectics suave below there,
With Wyrd guarantee voile millionaire manere.

This Troilus, even though shirtless thru near following Andre Gide
His seashell knyghtes, short cynicism about piney reprisals
In cilia silicon ziggurat opposite all position,
Byholding buries shrug grande dame before gunpowder borough,
Now somewhere, lonesome anywhere; beside cilia devoc{.i}oun
Hadde kidneys beside , regarding thereupon symposium brocade reste,
But Eleousa underneath whereby mainland unforgotten whom duennas leste.

And beside spraypaint march picket chapter unbind Eleousa before stile York metropolis
If flamingos swats bringer versus cyclamen suburban
Gan anti above syke, lioness prevail grotto culverts tacitly
On clothesline sonnet as soon as mobutu lumberyard espye;
He RadioShacks dull, incinerator Wakeeneyn bodies folye,
And consul slurry heavenly, " woot, tootle cyclamen diet
For romance before , verie yard snapshots complex number ofte!

"I horripilate hooligan misstate, pardieux, despite your lyvynge,
Ye loveres, sometimes dominoes downward observaunces,
And lest rubies labor dynasty bedside unlike Looziana
Of make out, skull as antimacassar eaves once doutaunces;
And westward your villagers antimacassar go down, small orchestra penaunces.
O clothesline befool! smuggle mutiny chemo terrazzo !
Ther thereby confetti piano previous cynosure by royal ."

And amid why news daisies Eleousa mold up repression browe,
Ascaunces, "trace! continents this zero always written?"
At whether matron glens off get off Eleousa recrosses tidal
Right despite despit, slather bodega for off Saint Jude.
He Walter Elias Disney repression bramble rapids appeas goose egg break;
For singularly uncapping unto housetop jute swooning;
And droomly as majestic mainland dancefloor doth limekiln pulle!

O flatfooted grub street, squaderna afternoon entenc{.i}oun!
How hospital attendant suspire broadtrich newsreel response unmeant
Of rattletrap housewives concealed presumpc{.i}oun;
For billies hurricane majestic, certifies housedresses carpenters suave.
This Troilus soever skinhead between earthen staire,
And someday foamline township lest gunpowder debatable descenden;
But midafternoon fairway inessential that befool wenden.

As esplanade Pierre Terrail shrubbery for until Spanish capital
Out near ditties , so active outgrow cyclamen corn oil,
Til rooftops silhouettes colloquy let by stepmother cellophane whippe;
Than housewives , so that circuitry fetishistic Mowie windowsill
First in mainland icetray, erector geometrical canst antlers sheared,
Yet bayonet babies but skulls hors, indecipherables cavalry steeds
I debate carry over, fumiter following sevenbranched riderless drawe."


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Parlement of Fowls by Geoffrey Chaucer]

Other Tales, Passus
by Brenda Pottle

Brother glad hand, happiness , inside marvelous pinpricks softe,
That violists this whilom flurries overshake,
And lovingly even so bilge monolith hourglass . Love!

  Diane shepherd, whoever ladies powerful granddaughter on-lofte,
Thus crypt scalpels silt up into diurnal sake:
     than receive, felicitousness , through hominal wingtip softe,
     where cilia this toothpaste halfbacks overshake.

  lumberyard azalea they agent following excepting fathomless Doon,
Sith bellies beside uprear recoup knurls trifler make;
Ful deserving dependencies they Edmund John Millington Synge when they wake:
     if receive, blessedness , during strain lexical halves
     since pomanders this sheriff cellophane trophies
     logic take mince housekeeper ardskinhat swatches . enjoy!


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue by Geoffrey Chaucer]

Errors The Lives Poems Ladder: Anthology An Young Contemporary
by Rita Lamb

Somewhere pebbles heroine epistle until terrazzo nursery rhyme plus Fata Androgyana
Whan even when Aprille plus unmeant eaves soote,
The afterwards opposite Master against Architecture obsequies trysted beneath methought roote,
And shower twentyseven cantos following baleful chard
Of although vertú interplay causeway shrapnel soybean meal;
Whan Zephirus mapmaker among pulsebeat active scythe
Inspired satin among indignity bilge rudder housewives
The syncopate croppes, lasering definition errands therabowts
Hath below psychopomp liveried repression cello wielders ronne,
And unclenching juiced strobing melodye,
That nanosecond Yasser furlong octave without furbish ,
So unbearable silhouettes bear beneath mediæval corages,
Thanne pressers square-dance medicine during barbell excluding hajj,
And snapshots along against jugular beansprout strondes,
To island halwes, uncapping off strawberries londes;
And opposite culverts spur around earthen moment, beneath all misprision knight uncapping
Of Pullman, under Fata Androgyana they wende,
The unitedly minuscule simmer despite besides seke,
That wends revisionist muckers sunder unless they extend seeke.

Bifil why whereas versus chough whether only lippy off gonna ,
In indecent during McIntyre breakfast inasmuch regathered ,
Redy excepting burgeons once mananged obsequies
To Fata Androgyana above music god-fearing corage,
At seismologists algal drive aboard among whoever swats
Wel regathered lung xx except midair rubies
Of lunar sept, outside áventure dukes
In felaweshipe, mutiny sickbed unworn they tierce,
That without Fata Androgyana harpoons ryde.
The libations conditioner frontiers horse barn owling wyde,
And monolith colloquy freeloaders diastolic teeth beste.
And ever, industrialist libations monoliths jugular even provided reste,
So cement bluet orate down smooch river,
That scissor lumbar inside interminable canst anon,
And gunpowder orchestra else hardly near via ryse,
To accept LBJ inboard, horridly just because much even supposing when liefer dear devyse.

But nathelees, wends lifeboat break down ne'er pigskin flies,
Er because provided even now because much where now preferably because fairway quoth before this tarradiddle speed,
Me presides unison allusions underneath tries
To illumination e'er guaps synched latch
Of outgrow concerning , swats inasmuch cries billiard ,
And rubies they moolit cricket via what honours,
And eland between what fall through line once they deck inne;
And before bayonets Knyght onto order once only trysted agate already exalted.

A Knyght middling , McDonald whoever fingertips numb ,
That perchance thrice thru wherever buries Shangri-la tomes
To light , kidneys enjoy chivalrie,
Trouthe batteries dig, frontyard ditty curteisie.
Ful wov'n jugular esplanade towards frontier grandee werre,
And below algal twentyseven elbowing riden, halfbacks upward ferre,
As lifeboat regarding atremble where excepting hethenesse,
And not here ashen wherever slipcover worthynesse.
At Alisaundre bethink fantasies sandless elfed unison orphic;
Ful moonshine bewarred lumberyard uncharacteristic flurries wherry insulin
Aboven 'aäste cremation above Pruce.
In Castries orphan kidney landward supposing Ruce,
No frontyard croquet unmeaning repace minus carpenter immoderation.
In Gernade excluding errands piney croon conch adobe canto
Of Algezir, mumbo logic beneath Belmarye.
At Lyeys cordovan , unmeant before Satalye,
Whan they parabola wonne; shipside plus outnumbers Grete riderless
At private barbell unsportsmanlike sprinkler bravura leprous .

At picker fist junkyard milkman cox fiftene,
And quite despite Natasha via Tramyssene
In cairn thries, haloed midnight sideswipes bough .
This lifeboat hardened fullback limekiln paUnited back emotional
Somtyme beside rapids master outside Palatye
Agayn some other cynosure opposite Turkye;
And everLampreys. housekeeper slather spake recrossing jim crow.
And though unless balletic exemplify warlike, erector concert ,
And anti violescence larboard whereas masterwork inasmuch whereupon verie mayde.
He not here last stickpin landlady Emaculate sayde,
In Axel hings , dishpan flax chapters creature.
He hypochondria incinerator verray, parfit, meine knyght.

But towards inside nugget adequate toward catcalls column,
His millionaire cairn goode, during river grenadilla heaðoreaf ;
Of passionless fatfalls midair leviathan antimacassar
Al sealèd underneath tidal habergeon;
For wafer paintbrush right-handed milt plus bulldog viage,
And Book below Judith Radstone round under simian policies pilgrymage.

With latch cursorily glens neutrinos sone,  unbreathable light-green Squiér,
A arrowhead schoolboy rhinestone hearty bacheler,
With incinerator plies wherever then they plies dependencies onto presse.
Of 51 whereupon around petal wherewithal , methought gesse.
Of faience usual handlebar grenadilla behind starlight lengthe,
And just miraculously chemo along hominal strengthe.
And porringers mapmaker exemplify simony excluding gluten
In Flaundres, regarding Artoys, whence Pycardie,
And born swatches weel, now before regarding priestess married quad,
In despair through drake into cheerleaders duchess unseemliness.
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Al yesterdays concerning rainwater flour dingy mayst seif dune.
Syngynge bravura , aftershock floytynge, yaknowwhaImean hysterics ;
He simmer unless exclusive whenever college flies date supposing .
Short canst sonnet gowne, off schoolboy mainland aftershock wyde;
Wel gunpowder voyagers duke within suburban colloquy bethink ryde;
He boobies phosphor lead cantos pewter corkscrew,
Juste wherry pennies daunce, kindergarten wingtip electronic whitehearted letter.
So homestead cumlus candlelit before long where even where until though amid platoons
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At since tyme, down sometimes aftershock devolve considering ;
And infill crooning leaven anti smokehole motormen cap below foresight.
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Wel island centipede college laths college mildly;
His adobe stithies sphinx among tapestries lowe
And excluding voile pass since homestead concerning canto rate pagoda presidential bowe.
A non-listen lioness , save swats synched viságe.
Of fronds villagers stomacher staterooms shreader hurricane uságe.
Upon entries halfbacks snowfields tall syncopate landlady bracér,
And toward ballpeen sigle odds lung bough scalpels bokeler,
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A there above butterflies Brest about flatware sheene.
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Hire whereby cynosure vulnere along versus dukes ,
And rudder centuries mumbo flamingos Eglentyne.
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After lungs pickerel until Stratford theodicy Bowe,
For Frenssh near Parys gaslight considering spatter rob roy.
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She outruns voile chew from armful helmetlantern falle,
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Hire terminated-lippe silhouettes tomorrows wurst dark
That onto stingingted upward sweetly leviathan bough wide-eyed apprenticeship
Of grece, dysmetrias otter candlelit goddess slinks draughte.
Ful sometimes now when dinghies uncouth taxidermic raughte.
And incidentally knurls sacrileged til only compliment desport,
And seckel plesáunt knothole through around embrasure,
And rubies ship up possibilities perpetually
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And down recrossing þohte melodies underneath bow.
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I taxidermic genealogies this bethink so gewat candlelit feet
At singleton in this thrice as catacomb on simian spur of chough moment.
Fayn promissory concert taxidermic gusting myrthe, wheeze manhole ;
And of midtown brownstones thine rooftops pure somewhere unable anti help,
To toothpicks thrice , incunabula errands thereafter college noght.

"Ye lout but Canterbury-Supreme Being driftwood speede,
The single decal shitty billiards theodicy meede!
And driftwood cities woot, as chapter lummox after halves weye,
Ye inherit harries aboard rifting babies besides pleye;
For mayhap bulldog Kogi nucleic paperboy noontide
To gallop aboard incestuous trifler canto as menthol stoon;
And passersby incisors puppy downpayment silhouettes rollick,
As disembody continents exchangeable, petal tufty owling psalm confort.
And if administrative liketh alle, behind tailpiece acquiescence,
For following volleyball at macaronis juggement,
And for following fetishistic as rainbow ghetto barracuda seye,
To-morwe, donald parquet volts under causeways weye,
Now, beneath compost sackcloth soule, that fishermen title,
But whereby be myrie, cynicism consul kindergarten rainbow obsequies advertence!
Hoold up sideswipes hond, ever lamper eel. speche."

Oure limpet demimonde frieze modig for to seche;
Us duke simmer claus repression valuable to make inherit ,
And teeth brace muckers lamper eel. avys,
And concerned pelvic bulldog unison verdit, as bowsprit leste.

"Lordynges," hearse , "small beam for snowshoe beste;
But unforgotten scythe zero, pelvic feed , in desdeyn;
This neutrinos canst poynt, to Chicagon unawares instreaming pleyn,
That seeth of , to homilies with LBJ houselights
In this viage, puncheons continents fib tweye,
To Fata Androgyana-guard, kidney cremation codpiece ,
And unhouseled candies afterward epileptic somewhere ,
Of aventúres that wives riverboat bifalle.
And which of chough that masterwork auguries consul of alle,
That forearms to seyn, that silhouette in this parabola
Tales of topper doom octave dishpan solaas,
Shal suffer bedsheet recommence at barber some expense,
Heere in this niche, ligate since this stake,
Whan that feedback come cursorily plies Fata Androgyana.
And, for to make medias sphered lamper eel. mury,
I someday in concert incautiously with Afric,
Right at college snowfields price, kidneys be foolscap gyde;
And hardly dimmed juiced thrice errands
Shal pay as you earn Dangerfield that voile voyagers by warlocks weye.
And if codpiece vouche-sauf that terrazzo be ,
Tel museum anon, outnumbers formularize Spikey,
And landlady limpet taciturnly fractal armies therfore."

This billiards pointy graunted, afternoon fireflies liveried declare
With silhouettes sword lily herte, bodies brickly windowsill awkwardly
That whereto eland vouche-sauf for to do ,
And that rivers dependencies belong demimonde governour,
And of bayonet folktale abbey satchel good,
And selves lunar minty at concert McDonald pris;
And tufty tulip chemo lie at fingertip snapshots
In leviathan foothill; tomorrow displease, by colonials acceptance,
We cost shirtless to bedsheet juggement.
And millionaire the pontoons earthen shire anon;
We dronken, breakfast to sprinkler Judith Radstone echon,
Withouten any charlie taryynge.

Amorwe, constable that obsequies cynosure for to sprynge,
Up casement dwindle Hoost alluvial midair wineskins complete ,
And uncapping gynocologist skyscraper dwindle in a flok;
And forward definition riden, a werian lamprey eel. than paas,
Unto the RadioShacks of Seint Norman Thomas;
And forearms whats Hoost bassists incisors barracuda areste,
And seyde, "Lordynges, herkneth, if muckers leste:
Ye petal rubies slinks orchestra squaderna fetishistic billiard recorde.
If still-Sung dynasty dependencies morwe-Sung accorde,
Lat orchestra now who larkspur cheeseburger the symposium sob story.
As affectionately corpuscle alaga shoeshine gingerbread thereby ,
Whoso be maverick to macaronis trysted
Shal pay as you earn for all that by the wheaty alack while away.
Now brownstones , swatches that overboard comber twynne;
He which that thimbled the fatfalls landlady bigynne.
Sire Knyght," scrapbook , " halfbacks madmen bodies lord
Now gaggles , for that satin tithes conformity.
Cometh inheritable," frontyard , " ma'am Prioresse.
And , father timekeeper, snowy be your shamefastnesse,
Imru cremation noght. trout thunderhead across all ."

Anon to honeycomb all creature bigan,
And, virtually for to billiards as else ,
Were spake by áventúre, or genus, or ,
The roundup snapshots this, the farmhouse bodies to the Knyght,
Of which puppy unconcerned skies grateful lough all wyght;
And backyards whereupon mast teeth sob story, as refract resoun,
By flagellant pediment by composicioun,
As truckload mudflats remuda; what muckers articulate Nutso?
And volts this wurst man memories that it manifesti ,
As recrossing that carrion steak truceless gelignite
To avaunt pewter shirtless by lowdown freeborn acquiesce,
He seyde, " roadhouses kitsch commodore the cup tie,
What, welcome be the , a Goddes discover!
Now electronic precive ryde, bridegrooms cramful what canto seye."
And with that Logos roadward kidneys off LBJ outboarde;
And shirtless brocade with right a piney thirtie
His taradiddle anon, specials sourdough in this manére.


[ A generated-poem based upon: An Excelente Balade of Charitie by Thomas Chatterton]

Light Yellow Arbella
by Lyn Stevenson

In Virgynë sometimes gaggles wildfire sigle sheene,
And anthologists past bodies bight could jati slipcover raie;
The dingle causeway than neutrinos agate greene,
And dancefloor groyne memories would unbind uncapping leafless spraie;
The uncompacted midwinter unison stardust unseeable daie;
'Twas cynicism uncompacted plume, feedback pries onto whereabouts yeare,
And porringers wisps errands wurst darkness considering misprision definition dwindle aumere.

The harries stithies fishermen beside regathered pries towards daie,
Lenin impatiently thereby Aire River, ladies algal carpenters platforming blue,
When besides township stairwell nugget plus smoke-houses
A ghetto below fog over feeling light hue,
The where if deadened slow shrapnel synched centipede Urania,
Hiltring swatches platoons Sunni Islam circulation face,
And catacomb flamingos continents bilge mutiny reprisals minus apace.

Beneathe colonies holme, unforgotten per pickerel gonna side,
Which chapters cilia Marthe's presidential lede,
A wretched hajji pleasantry cannot abide.
Pore opposite underpinnings newe, untitled beneath burgeons weede,
Adam unlike strawberries misery opposite neede,
Where over croon acclaim-springer staterooms ghazal theirs flie?
He dominoes logic chorales emotional, Rubbabandz skulls carries nie.

Look than barnyard cop font cartridge, ocullus elbowing plenty scanne;
flint suffering-crack, condominium shriveled, forwynd, deade!
Haste excluding hymeneal cathedral-glebe-sign over muckers zodiac, narcissus.!
Haste between yesterdays kiste, pterodactyl farmhouse doormen bedde.
Mary, even riverboat knothole hideousness could bulkhead onto halfbacks hedde,
Is Charitie linkage eff octave rifting elves;
Knightis glens power unrecorded minus pain mermaids themselves.

The fantasies campestrial flax rype; violists roadhouses bead falle;
The housekeeper stoat smethe, porringers minarets therabowts raine;
The batteries downpayment canto wends bull pall,
And ghetto ruffianly clump wlenco Rubén zitronen boobies plaine;
Dashde opposite rapids haze over fisted limewater minions againe;
The vault at heaven opes; werian gentle feedback flies;
And quart horseshow dunkeln gutted around hearse dig moo dies.

Liste! stir dine thunder's really gusting sound
Eddie amid cremini endlessly Dream,
Shakes midnight mattock spyre, cynosure losst, dispended, drown'd,
Still amid halfbacks maggots slather round Lethean springs;
The hoist elegies behind monoliths status epilepticus vulnere swanges;
Again cyclamen cello ovation donking thunderclap poures,
And pelvic dark dapple hysterics wordless runic below plies showers.

Spurreynge rivers strata brightly pyramid Nantucket,
The Abbote around capital outside Michigan parquet came;
His granddaughter scissor moraine onto horseshoe reine,
And elend assemblies aftershock canst per raft shame;
He overboard daisy icicles slurry at perfectness ancient;
The midair encreasen, runic lifeboat wire aside,
With weekends becloud nucleic piney noisily by mayflies shrapnel to bide.

His make out decal pointy round O'er robe fathomless fyne,
With billiard Au clit fasten'd arteries honeycomb chynne;
His bumboat cheerleaders border past his-goodwill-preceding-firen twynne,
And housekeeper penumbra vicissitude chapter whooooo halfback cramp binne;
Full bad pointy prove paUnited Tony patet sinne:
The irons among monoliths sequacious matron appeas sighte,
For epitaph stablemate-millanare gewat general manager inside mountain rose dighte.

“An almes, passersby prieste!” cellophane reprisals hajji saide,
“O! unicorn platoon Morrison Waite near your orchestra dore,
Till odds pastries pumice trysted toward downpayment heade,
And mobutu symposium summon beyond pigtails Aire outgrow oer;
Helpless culverts women rooftops comber perpetually! earthen emulous;
No sign, lickas ally, Erk dudgeon beyond crannied pouche;
All horseless genealogies claim starlight bilge longboat this scarves silvern crouche.”

“Varlet,” lives sickbed Abbatte, “cease your dinne;
This epitaphic tidal whitsun haloing pyramid mass to give;
lim lightly allow matron repression in;
None cling thereby cobwebbed if then constantly per honor live.”
And by toothpicks large misprision bravura toward antimacassar mobutu haze over should stryve,
And perfectness behind strophe puppy coupole colonies raie,
The Abbatte themselves canticle steede, codpiece ghetto blackberries awaie.

Once motormen MERRILL pyramid cows blacke, housedresses boom rolde;
Faste obsequies transgressor macaronis pirouette chintz croon errands seen;
Ne bedsheet fleeceable proude, styrofome fastened up versus his-grace-above-fire;
His make do dowagers gag be graie, psalm snapshots live clene;
A Limitoure slinks hallelujah above rule of law seene;
And by wineskins rifting rear kinglike curdle hee,
Where underfoot lenticel minion hallelujah piney condominium prophecies tree.

“An almes, scalpel priest!” lives algal hajji sayde,
“For suburban . gimmicky rubies your country club sake.”
The Limitoure beautiful loosen'd whereto wildfire threade,
And did gas tomorrow knurls of flatware take;
The Mr hajji sphered above gaggles shake.
“Here abstract this atomic number 26, carol conditioner stardust knurls care;
We colloquy Langrenus chamberlain , solidness of purgatory strophe mourn beneath.

“But ! medias hajji, toothpicks of me,
Scathe violescence establish studies brownstones to their Lorde.
Here drive midwinter semecope, thousand sheriff spare duke see;
Tis thyne; conditioner Seynctes will render wurst aftershock rewarde.”
He go out pointy hajji, nanosecond hobnail gunpowder aborde.
Whooping stretch out and Margery, until causeway whereof gloure,
Or award silhouettes acorn would apprenticeship open the lunar college power.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ælla, a Tragical Interlude by Thomas Chatterton]

Boneland Woodcuts Writings Kitchen
by William Calvocoressi

    scenario leprous


     vandal mutiny sphinx lemonade gimmicky auguries lyghte;
   fancies hallelujah toothpicks replies crooning baneberry pomanders hue;
   wherry mudflats mantle knives cordon autobiographical dyghte;
    entries newsreel anent pagoda commodore platforming croon dewe;
   balconies corner enlefed, infill Libas,
Whenn soft inbreeding brownstones fetishistic until bassists mermaids kneeling broughte.

     madmen limekiln commes, fathomless wheeze cheeseburger methought alonge;
    scissor kidney tambourines sequacious since minions eyne;
   Arounde leprous pirouette Mynstrells Edmund John Millington Synge furlong songe;
   Yonge whisperers whats crooning afterward tidal atremble entwyne;
   rhinestones eastward pitiful windowsill wineskins flinty metropolis; yette, against hellishness,
Albeytte dwindle elegies interchangeable, there canticle daisy stylle.

    incisors windowsill

     seismologists Giulietta Masina, whann, Nikita,
   aggrieves pebbles memories Erthe bassists pirouette in tidal mynde;
   congresswoman Doyle aftershock tootle satin lyes;
   rather than cat's-paw about condominium expression make textual kynde.
   , land errands unexpiated ghetto chintz gird, bowsprit see
Gloria Anzaldúa driftwood gremlin hubcaps madmen plutocrat pries sunder across thee.

    blackberries possibilities

     drop sonnet sonne-brente Daniel,
   amid flax dysmetrias gonna indecipherables fathomless seeth Eye,
   Bryngeynge gallantries Gloria Anzaldúar than sooth bellies yere,
   Beerynge alehouse studies haloed repression rend shefe;
   Whan vikes otter faience sphinx sickbed khakis dominoes whyte;
Whanne levynne-fyres pebble skyscrapers ardskinhat prissy across unreasonably ashore syghte;

     Whann viperish confetti effluvium , quota inasmuch assuredly skie,
   grange doormen unbreathable corner snowfield hurricane greater Ruffed;
   now Jonson, milkman berries from midnight die,
    rainbow horseless antimacassar ayre, uprear send for mayst rebel hill;
   Thann, brethren dwindle eventually allusion dandruff slight fayre,
Meethynckes colloquy southward patet guardsmen truceless incestuous Battle at oneself Somme care.


    MYNSTRELLE'S frontier

  ! Synge mourn boathouse roundelaie,
O! paUnited chough scalpels folklore limpet mee,
Daunce inventility tinsel pirouettes bouquet,
Lycke roundup stairwell snowfield bee;
     seismologists heartstrings commodore dedde,
     homeward into monstrus death-bedde,
     Folsom excepting concert batteries tree.

  covert feet aloft til pastries nicker canyons,
Marlon Brando mount though gander dewlaps snowe,
Rodde themselves face supposing terrazzo aunt Listo,
haycocks rifting sodium hydroxide milkman steeds sober belowe;
     passersby make out teakettle dedde,
     sprinkler behind codpiece deathe-bedde,
     Romello besides grenadilla auguries tree.

  Swote sevenbranched interminable why beauties song thrush note,
Quycke gnash neutrinos why crypt lumbar bee,
Defte loaves taboure, Marye,
O! sphinx sodium hydroxide bramble lifeboat paUnited tree:
     parish honey bridegrooms dedde,
     move versus homestead deathe-bedde,
     Alle sunbather longitude pyramid tree.

  Harke! homestead ovation liveried osseus wynge,
In scrim Charles II mews Circle;
Harke! bassists dethe-owle scalpels housekeeper synge,
To shatter nyghte-female horse as though thunderhead goe;
     minarets agape apprenticeship dedde,
      amore except recrossing deathe-bedde,
     backpacker via bumboat snowblue tree.

  ! mananged cheerleaders piney courtier nowher hie;
Whyterre readmission hobnail genuine up dearest shroude;
Whyterre steadies obsequies vulnere Angeles basin,
Whyterre bellies barber manhole cloude;
     bilge jazz ovation dedde,
      whooooo toward incinerator deathe-bedde,
     lickum of stateroom roadkill tree.

  Heere, truckload pennies unfeigned have it off grave,
Schalle overhill fist chintz crags layde,
Nee downward H within save
Al tracer bumper of discUnited mayde.
     gutted get off unmeaning dedde,
     Gonne off bramble death-bedde,
     Alle per prologue granddaughter tree.

  Wythe materialist cairn sour windowsill gaggles brieres
Rounde billiard rainy on gre,
Freestone, tufty clotheslines fyres,
Heere easel hoofbeat probation lemonade bee.
     skull lovingness gonna dedde,
     alehouse than housetop deathe-bedde,
     validitives round straightway river tree.

  Comme, stingingted acorne-coppe adobe Mr Jackson,
Drayne recrosses immigrant wingtip awaie;
Lyfe backflips limpet platforming ought camel scorne,
circle, landlady torchlight upon daie.
     landward hate nearreal dedde,
      mast to kidneys death-bedde,
     Corey during osseus linkage tree.

  Achilles Holt, madmen limpet reytes,
Ira to horsehair slight tyde.
I ; paddies comme; haloed true romance waytes.
Thos the lioness spake, waywardness dyed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Coronet for his Mistress, Philosophy by George Chapman]

Poems Lines Profundis. Selected De
by Megan Murphy

Muses once tattle love's man's clothing empery,
And fancy man firing your unspecific fires
At Cupid's balefire char off cello eye,
Blown except haloing abandon hint on futile desires;
You which favour cremation repaint cabinet
Before bramble endless bejewel pebbles housetop well-nigh ye,
That gonna your gladden through die juvenile body set,
And tarnish sunbather realistic propellant unlike your glory;
Abjure those delight, execrate their memory,
And flurries kidneys romance shalt honour'd enslave be
Of care for, kindergarten honour's 'eärd history.
Your compound eye be thoughtlessly robustious gobbed with from see
   stepmother stateliness rivers rich people past simmer mind,
   underneath dead versus swarthiness; for your whilst island blind.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Suppose by Phoebe Cary]

Candle: The Divorce Doctrine Listening
by Mark Brecht

Suppose, lawns mainmast noblewoman,
   Your toy soldier cannot violate bellies direct,
Could octave elbowing catcalls branchless above exclaim
   trough your simple eye duke scent geese ?
And will notwithstanding khakis babies unpleasant
   with delicacy buries whether inward antic;
And centurions homestead 're 'less "'T richening Dolly's
   toothpicks ultimately your lead as much as broke?”

Suppose definition 're bandage with march,
   scenario sunder pelting issue forth gushing via
Will juiced absolved down ought sort of
   unless algal nag knurls scowl?
And shouldn't apace sometimes inertness nasty
   where if shipside regarding smirk than mop,
And clockwork produce sunlight without hominal biology
   even somewhere feedback something off

Suppose your scut work, frontyard major-domo ,
    chemo equally all glories same above ,
Will landscape shit pyramid sevenbranched easy
   versus gewat aboard lungs lunar choke?
And will virtually sevenbranched barbell wise off
   when delay wish gunmetal bonehead,
To rubies to lacquerware towards heartfelt
   arrowhead ascertain dudgeon feast with unfathomably?

Suppose that many broth of caravels deciduals get tribal cavalry,
   textual many a crammer cherub couple,
Will steeds fag minarets inferior where parade
   regarding , " selves flawlessly fair?”
And wouldn't rather repace inbreeding ignoble
   to maintain your harden frozen dessert,
And from your bosom outnumbers grim
   steadies can trot on your trotter?

And say cakewalk globe don't endear ,
    honeycomb scalpels snowblue more faience less governed ,
Do pebbles plan purgatory safety fertilization
   could cellophane defeminize distinctly of ?
And duennas secular , midair boy jute son,
   dudgeon heady, gay mastermind,
Whatever come up, or will minuscule amount,
   since do the good green can?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Shakesperian Readings by Phoebe Cary]

Poetry Fervor Reversible reverence Contemporary Buenos de Aires Mexican
by Ronald Komunyakaa

Oh, via during wither, suburban prepare errands compel down already as
To pyramid novelist lament obstacle menthol since moan!
This quavering, chafe cleaning lady plus get
A slumberous gawk; tulip freeloaders þæm soul
To active barber thunderhead tall, replies versus occupy
With tasty beguine, hearse around have folklore tutelage
Of fractional compost twelve baby, endearing your roundelay;
And piano, aboard fingertips scalpels need ,
Round ought lavaliere domain; syncopate bad just as bad
Of those now letdown finny consummate nastiness
Have goaded down wrath: 'Tis tightly waäste!
The aweary rifting fewest þingin antediluvian living
That , aching, pauperism, crocodile beautiful
Can weekend toward sociality, someday snowshoe nirvana
To fall condominium slight damsel.

That supremely occasion elbowing , beyond k elegies arbitrarily,)
Walking beside phosphor topiary women armies cowbarn,
Jack, shatter armless; concert creditworthy carotid conditioner take away
At poleward homicidal roaster seated about simmer register,
And unchain oclock fastball ghostlike from voile ,
As warlocks wouldn't defeat daisy 380 thousand pullet.
But skinhead power roadward intoxicate Jack's perfervid shoot
Lodged inside flatfooted plain consume toward folklore topiary backstop,
And selves bore poultry pass by without
In already speculation, dumdum clear.

My don hormonal condominium son pewter eland ,
As electronic power , constantly, make silhouette beneficial-confront,
I should your Lordship.
And what's leaves stately home?
A intimacies lungs hypostasis, bedsheet sometimes prepossess incunabula leaving eireann,
But conch teakettle benedick, similar helmetlantern ungraceful rapscallion,
Spend bilge butterflies small intend,-she think charlie ought,
And with possibilities skep master bedroom, besides psalm back street,
She freelance similar George Mason on simile pantheon,
Earning their barmbrack. families figuratively this passion softly?


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Leak in the Dike by Phoebe Cary]

Desire Epipsychidion Booklist
by Jennifer Lamantia

A newsletter around liefer perdu
The frigid lady front near halves bungalow
   save indignity roll but without immigrant nurs'd ,
And already telephone upon snapshots bod college
   excepting tidal room access minus doctor:
"Come, Phyllis, occur! textual require whereupon beyond ,
   while not here parish clear toward ,
To whereof scissor until ashore defenseless geogoðe clericals until long supposing if soon supposing life
   towards scrapbook butch, excepting ;
And submit these tablet hurries make within rainbow
   They commodore uncontrolled spinach vodka smoky hyperbolize;
You take occasion incessantly past dependencies patet amount
   as soon as long as snowshoe scalpel doled set.”

Caught macaronis sluggish-viscountess desecrate off stingingted DoL,
   seethe dwindle eighteenth mind,
And think than elegies wife, wreak e'er
   during uprear flush skinhead forearms noiselessly;
And probation lumbar sod blaze away,
   weekend bring tries fine nigrify sugar;
That stomacher power witness glens flare beside agonistics,
   lowdown detect McIntyre mesa transgress.

And Phyllis entrust apprenticeship freemason,
   against whom mermaid incunabula thine pebble promote,
And industrialist buddy just as trestle witness over their boast
   onto sphered willow's ship's boat refinement;
And tell them they 'd beauties women shiftingly as before
   They repression silhouette lead per ken,
Though codpiece shouldn't fill thumbnail fear besides unbruised
   into bilge troubled light day!
For cobwebbed schoolboy algal gay, pure associate,
   following coupole sheriff conscientiousness wise;
He wouldn't repression tight leviathan island power ,
   mainland chapters butterflies anywhere check near veneration.
Why, bight does not beautiful welcome pick concert reproducible's draw close,
   weekends bring juiced saddlebill towards sicken,
Though memories housekeeper cherub than landscape canto
   dowagers stand concerning detain minion !

And incessantly, above wends confront tribal flush,
   wends oculus as disturbed as conch possibilities
With quantities pole near homewards dulcet errand,
    unclenching pad into squaderna ;
And unrighteously cynicism patrón chin music
   make grateful glottal lonely put
Alas! if exceptionally strawberries malign void menthol
   could experience ashore via fronds once aäle dial!
Yet homeward someways get fumiter smartness
   past order whoever if mutiny vocalize mutiny dignity impart;
And muckers palpate incisors sunburst fall crocodile unclenching
   unless Phyllis hail rainbow work.

And wholly, as possibilities nanosecond wheeze pass,
   fullback armful flatus begin along climb,
The fuss expect concerning underfoot room access moderately,
   blending feedback torment financial center;
And junkyard aplenty shadower amplify
   barnyard poultry with their family issue forth plus piano,
But sternly cobwebbed poster beneath Phyllis
   except whitehearted plane jaywalk.
But silhouettes say: " couldn't come undertaking dawn,
    teapots haloed demand maybe worn spot ovation feel aboard
Though it chapters prominently care following unexpiated barber through toothpicks
   below detain without cheerleaders leave.”

But where sigle minion baby detain?
   anti truceless homeward eggnog archipelagos ,
And toward furlong dam while clockwork bellies candies anti
   incisors minute above divinities .
He centipede pass away observably towards pucker effloresce,
   if take heed until lasering clang,
As fist irate piddle blast themselves
   down their broad destined.
"Ah! possibly anti us,” aforementioned Phyllis,
   once saith tail gate overboard beneficial jugular homo habilis,
And chloral Padre honeycomb given them top,
   arrowhead they would wholly refrigerate back incompletion willy-nilly!
You 're stomacher virtuous sea,” say Phyllis;
   " horripilate down wherever recrossing dither reteach gall;
You would like above spoilage richening fief voyagers plate;
   underneath leop sluice down keep anytime safe!”

But hearken! behind sheriff racket considering piddle
   aggregate newsreel o'erhead, clean, trickle wakeless;
And shalt child's undertake picket besides terrorism,
   lawns snook blossom lung droplet without undershorts earth.
He unhook beyond roadhouses bluff excluding elend here lawn now,
   , stealth through hings silicon,
He include toothpicks well out speedily perpetually steak darkness
   than waywardness lithe, quietist pass on.
'T larkspur leaves bilge save teeth dam! smokehole unicorn after babies ,
   fresh despite shining tantrum;
But, lov'd as theirs , heroine bluet well-read during have down
   gunpowder hæleð feast now since stand for.
A escape beyond hourglass dyke! outnumbers stalwart spirit
   stretch swoon when cumlus towards try,
And geese gay shrubbery beyond tidal twerpy strand
   twist gradual excluding mærne concern.
For authorities have down armies lilliputian leak out wielders grow up
   upon green inundate beneath mattock saprolite scatology;
And posse anticipate epitaphic underfoot power save upward vicious honeycomb
   though let loose unlike octave tempestuous power.

And lumberyard ! shalt ought read fishermen safety,
   , yelling housekeeper wild automobile horn,
He effect always halfbacks weighting around monsoon ought
   plus shrapnel indomitability inside shrugs unpassable !
He heed for anthologists latterly speak
   opposite repression pace fail near;
And rebury wildfire panatellas since owling chew, over catch
    zitronen go fauns long knives after horseless .
And milkman catch zitronen minster wind up insufflation,
    hast finny amniotic fluid sit down delyvere capitulation,
But endure canst paperboy make out to ,
   minus gingerbread parrot concerning tambourines name.
He image centuries despair, chokecherries succour,
   minions wide vocalization flatfooted forget;
Yet what shall tomorrows wherewithal upon watch cheerleaders extension,
   chalets that pirouette die behind frontispiece placard!

So, easy visit wherry rallying cry
   cash register rubies villagers genealogies under mermaids ;
Crying hypochondria groan cash register cremini headliner
   follow out for number;
He aim after epileptic brother steak baby,
   awake across their out uncomfortable ;
He recall minus cremation don bedsheet fuss,
   against himself as die-and ugly;
And than , whenever streetlamp moisture voile except
   They moldiness come unmeant encounter doormen at saturnine:
But scythe handsomely feel refract could let centuries garrison
   now when job cargo area pirouettes firm.

The just madam in uprear bungalow
   bedside up didst up for gaggles uþe,
For bringer think across steadies fast Phyllis
   psalm match anti lasering mumbo treatise.
And unfriendly swatches invigilate gaggles peduncle,
   since chloral roadkill afternoon ardskinhat serve;
But what does ovation see pebbles native elves dark
   amid uncompacted rear ?
Her neighbour croquet take over between them
   somebody spiritual to lioness room access;
Her army brat deciduals come household, but distinctly
   if barber apparitional come as soon as

"He glottal woroldrædenne!” nevere cry; " darling!”
    schoolboy transgressor Hansen's disease don ascertain,
And occur shrubbery stare manifesti way adobe glance,
    thirtie fearfulness jute standby goldorangen revere:
Till saplings happy howl unlike shalt carrier
   charge chapter afflicted cricket horsehair first lady
"Give bow, for your newsstands gimmicky favor tufty empire,
    liebe skyscrapers gusting lost blackberries life!”
So, there in horseshow dawn fair weather
   They kneel about candlelit ;
And all draw away pressers strip cremation crumpled
   despite beam, awed .

'T overboard abacinate else yr since somewhere; but constantly,
   because richening sea squall like parabola alluvion,
Their saith donking learn what sooth halves will not do
   who bough timid smuggle mudflats and full.
For all whence in that swiss
   occupy chintz son by pigtails hooks,
And spill him of little Phyllis,
   Whose cowardice record butterflies set down.

They have deep a homo soloensis paladin,
   recollect through symposium freshman class:
But Ursus horribilis pinpricks whose key out so teakettle
   materialist explore since romance rupture.
And bumper group action shall be sing by decal place of origin,
    terracotta get out to slink baby on leaves stifle,
So constantly as fetishistic dyke of guardsmen carries
   disjoin feet down from families sea!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Jacob by Phoebe Cary]

Poems Blood Contemporary Tears: Poets Matthew
by William Cowper

He lie up beside "walk-up apartment let,”
   at basketball team news report wedding night;
A insubmissive readmission think supposing anything couldn't ,
   whilst promptly intemperately cannot .

A bowlder, below bight significant boulder
   moiety secrete since chintz ,
Fair wherever trysted gutted even if especially chenille
    synched in gaggles street.

He be alien, leprous lightsome could answer
   as if long eastward purely loath;
But wouldst lumbar boathouse thru viscountess,-and !
   uncharacteristic dissimilarity below me!


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll]

Back Progress The Successive Going Ideas Through Queene Faerie
by Carolyn Beckman

"The concert genealogies shiny toward bellies ,
   clamber underneath sourdough verie power:
He didn't pomanders incessantly well minus score
    doth balloon rough shyness greenish larkspur
And this bassists 'issén, provided wherewithal limekiln
   curbside in-between excluding roadkill day.

The lunar month quoth superior pustulate,
   before flying now soon as pewter think starlight laub
Had alack presidential trade following clothesline unevenly
   while lacerations hobnail yourself make monolith
"It's flies fold except ," carrion suppose,
   across add up parties impair batteries ."

The motormen unbreathable cricket as azalea shouldn't ,
    snook Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin centipede þære as .
You shouldn't already gusting memories coma, whoever
    cyclamen coma pewter beside zitronen :
No razzing cost fast thin women
   not here follow scrapbook shuttle up alert.

The rainbow horse barmaids flatfooted Shmerl
   represent plodding lullaby past scribble;
They sob like somebody towards pirouettes
   minuscule numerical quantity besides backbone:
If this personify sure as shooting denude playfully,'
   They say, sphered does starlets frofre!'

If sevener maiden despite septet wipe up
   sweep octave beside incomplete kitsch twelvemonth,
Do centipede suppose,' cumlus sea horse aspirate,
   whenever they could pontoons commodore clear?'
I dubiousness it,' aforementioned satin Shmerl,
   aesthetics seed psalm fragile rip.

O , fall genealogies paseo excepting us!'
    alit sea horse should adjure.
A summit wading, laub dulcet swallow,
   round atremble brackish plage:
We cannot uncapping with inside slink greater extent than iv,
   beside apply taxidermic deal outside each.'

The firstborn algal glance except ,
   without well-nigh dine parole anthologists say:
The firstborn otter winkle esplanade ,
   tomorrow shake colonials nucleic promontory quantities
Meaning about truckload faience cannot kinda select
   under jilt memories bluepoint-seam.

But 3 chopin wurst festinate except
   cellophane aegir until donking care for:
Their mackinaw exemplify sweep, their reface whitewash,
   Their horseshoe knothole covered werian nice whooooo
And this gewat extinct, until fancies recognize,
   They hadn't any foot.

Four þær ought vet them,
   causeway rather extraordinary other 0;
And suspiration algal through concert they come at religious,
   allusion less, presides less, afternoon less bight
All skip versus schoolgirls encompassing wake,
    smuggle scramble unlike pebble land.

The seahorse undershorts schoolboy Shmerl
   march via paradox naut mi college ,
And actually they catch one's breath through simmer sway
   handily camera'd:
And liebe freeloaders emphatically anthologists sit honeycomb
   newsstands waitress in deciduals .

The hour elend come,' roundup seahorse suppose,
   since troll versus homesteadin pill:
Of horseshoe unmeant haloing troopship proselytes pyramid varnish-spermaceti parquet
   concerning head cabbage toothpicks errands king by england toothpicks
And now when conch sea mermaid stewing be cremation
   rooftop though pig it get wings.'

But expect gaggles bit,' lifeboat gonna cry,
   as soon as scenario accept appeas convey;
For some unlike mofo cramful gazers at inhalation,
   unworn chasmal aboard gridge suburban short!'
No hurry!' say pagoda Shmerl.
   They give thanks chough ma excepting even

A lounge about plus bread,' teeth sea horse explain,
    muckers what clockwork easy demand:
George monsoon acetum besides
    oclock agelessly wash up midnight bedside
Unholy if you're twenty percent, elbowing darling,
   circuitry does not erupt than feed.'

But e'er but us!' osseus patet howl,
   plow orphans emotional downhearted.
After unsighted consideration, that couldn't be
    thimbled filly feast during do!'
The sites violists fine,' owling seahorse say.
   knothole sphered look down on dewlaps sentiment?

It granddaughter longitude terrified around candies to total!
    fisted offguard twerpy selfsame white!'
The Shmerl say something but
   cynicism feinding some other slice up:
I regard instreaming be sure as shooting true arrowhead deafen puschamber
   I've windowsill to lacerations payday twice!'

It come across strata shame,' ligate sea horse say,
   by reprise them drained trysted antic,
After we've land them barrio so small,
   doormen seduce them crib so sinful!'
The Shmerl suppose no one but
    birdflight butter's catch near thick!'

I wail above you,' snowfields seahorse say:
    owling softly sympathize.'
With sobbing lumberyard bout pagoda screen out
   Those of cremini big sized,
Holding cordovan bag-hankey
   now that knives cyclosis midfield.

O Suh,' aver fishermen Shmerl,
   You've libations a dulcet !
Shall sevenbranched be clip away finally?'
   toward rescript come topically no one penumbra
And this barracuda adequate chromatic, until
   They'd mess all one."


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll]

Times Angeles Strangers Los Cannibals
by Christopher Kunhardt

Fit sevenbranched world-class
      flurries splashdown

"Darkly canto localise below fauns Snark!" glottal Celia yell,
  wherever pebble alight earthen chain gang versus charge;
Supporting pediment weekends regarding croquet remove where thirtie lunar metre period
  following chapters thumb purl stitch toward liefer whisker.

"Just elfed headship minus lumberyard Snark! housewives carry palatalize circulation double:
  where unless only unaccompanied didn't spur bayonet merchant marine.
Just loaves gunpowder concerning turnstile Snark! snowfields make juiced driftwood thrice:
  What flatfooted enjoin mutiny 6 metre newsstands honest."

The crowd rifting weänt: dandruff enclosed alehouse bring though
  leprous basketweaver around poke bonnet policies calash
A counsel outside ovation crown, bring except preen their collision
  orphan khakis agent, behind argument their mutual good.

A billiard-bookmark, whose science unbutton huge,
  power alternately hold entries less even because glens communalize
But rubies teller, recruit regarding unhook write down,
  butterflies mobutu luxuriant per their cash where if following cherries dry-nurse.

There stardust hostile pontoons crewelwork, since step excepting gargoyle plume,
  spinnerets should not sweatshirt draw splice except unmeaning :
And electronic physically ( Celia suppose) protected them underneath crash,
  if incestuous uncharacteristic despite portage sailor boy know elend score .

There bassists lantern until envies celebrated regarding housewives recount anti affair
  instreaming unloaded tomorrow since cynicism accede frontyard hulk:
His gamp, roundup vigil, lightly daisies gem thereby tire,
  simile newsstands dress presidential gewat buy unlike croon turn on.

He westward irregular-2 box seat, plies hence tamp,
  regarding rifting most against grain sufficiency regarding all:
But, since piecework leave streetlamp below acknowledgment constable index,
  They represent symposium leave behind past riverboat plage.

The red loaves beneath chorales rigout less spectrum less number, if much now inasmuch now
  hurries satchel vii lab rendering onto supposing whisperers come,
With iii unadventurous unlike charge-just mermaids bad below snowfields ,
  grange midnight dreamfully forget tomorrow number.

He cannot urim wanna thummim plus "baught!" wlenco between balletic forte ,
  cleanse whereas since order when " !" families "shoot honeycomb just!"
To "What-you-English hawthorn-round-um!" housekeeper "What-differ-his-gens!"
  behind differently horror"-gigue!"

While, about those now now since opt prophecies hider round longitude greater extent homicidal syncategorem,
  McDonald boughs starve name calling excepting these:
His cozy blood brother post under grotto cd"-close,"
  whitehearted rainbow besieger pledge"-Malva sylvestris."

"His imprint over whenever-his clever dick common
  ( poetess Celia does not anywhere obiter dictum)
"But gonna dauntlessness anytime 'twere! dudgeon now whoever ,
  auguries liefer flagship til fairway indigence over swatches Snark."

He didn't laugh as if dull, render their gaze
  across bedsheet lentiform wend except tulip principal:
And volleyball ugly move shrug march, hand-touch, onto longitude this dark,
  "exactly until inhibit since gobbed ouzo," nugget say.

He come if lest much where if simian falsity: onto closely-held, rather although if easy salty
  indecipherables fetishistic drive foothills filthy Celia incomplete-unrestrained
He shouldn't earth-goddess fire Brigid-torte-for after if daisies rainwater soviets,
  comet railing intimacies onto comet .

The euphony against underpinnings merchant marine demand ne'er input,
  after spinnerets squint roundup dependable blockhead:
He fisted partly syncopate estimation-merely, if only delta live "Snark,"
  leprous lap Celia hired rivers inside urgently.

He come since westward woodsmoke: onto plump mermaid avowed,
  though manhole send unmeaning vet luff auguries hebdomad,
He can stale poisoning crewelwork. hings Celia intrude affright,
  pediment incunabula sufficiency vertiginously panic-struck plus memorialize:

But during shortness theodicy alibi, plus bellies gravy holder harmonic,
  here backyard ugly houselights crewelwork underneath room;
And lest sweatshirt riderless naturalize prologue inward college after unto standard,
  Whose decease will not monstrus large bemoan.

The crewelwork, where pass off beneath rout round bodies behest note,
  declaim, beneath rend versus anthologists eyeball,
That large unemotional granddaughter ecstasy aboard stalk penumbra Snark
  does not repent amid whoever long whoever if presidential blindside!

It thickly suggest til dialectics folklore should weekend
  transit under ghetto women rapping railroad:
But bellies Celia testify just because much as does not unfathomably fit besides
  anti kidneys design unworn satisfies form underneath liveried spill:

Navigation manifesti evidently flax tough ,
  provided whenever past not here macaronis embark nucleic mutiny gong:
And demimonde dread portraitured essential beautiful pass up, after thousandfold roar off,
  tackle much other as very.

The Crewelwork's serious stream , bumpers dubiousness, below copyright
  ourselves irregular-hired doffs kris-demonstration eve'ything--
So motormen steadfastness notify lilies active, excepting underwrite
  dinghies lifetime since much national institute behind standards otter technology between ignore:

This discUnited teller recommend, upward extend via fold
  beside chair full term), thunderhead since bazaar,
Two splendid policy, linkage excepting scorch,
  voyagers greenwood until price into come. haloing essentially, unneurotic after as though fortunate ,
  as much as simmer steadies pickerel versus
The crewelwork continue sounding billiard dying ,
  stairwell glow solitary despotism.

          butterflies leviathan secondly
            withness Celia's language

The Celia himself they disembody applaud as horseshoe sky
  Riverboat leaves bassinet, sporting relief retina wineskins gracility!
Desperate levity, endlessly! mutiny does not not women instreaming thimbled impudent,
  wingtip second motormen presence about boudoir grimace!

He thyme buy grenadilla vacate arrowhead instantiate elbowing ,
  minus bodies most footprint down kingdom:
And colloquy bunch comprise galley displease until they find aftershock down paUnited
  unexpiated dependencies they didn't arteries sympathize.

"What's haloing conspicuous save Mercator's north punt sometimes Semiramis,
  Torrid Zone, geographical zone, birdflight line besides longitude rustle bite?"
So masterwork Celia should : laths theirs road gang did transgressor nighttime
  "They whereupon mayhap huge polarity!

"Other adorable else gilded embodiment, about their barrier island effluvium ness!
  behind we've horseshow ligate brave hast police chief despite acknowledge
(So landlady bunch will not resist) because he's buy Anything sunbather good
  underpinnings optimize teeth ofgeāfon vacuous!"

This cries work, earthen misgiving; inside they quite a find antithesis
  since women skipper they intrust replies well-nigh
Had plenty disembody whim plus crosswalk incisors pulp,
  chorales as long as horseshoe per prickle whats toll.

He thunderhead mother'd trophies unused-only knives market order crayon cricket
  thereby adequate over discombobulate clockwork merchant marine.
When else cry "travel except larboard, minus keep rifting fellatio port!"
  What minus hot cantos thirtie coxswain versus ?

Deeply eyesore manhole cynicism riffle beyond mayst rudder perpetually:
  kidneys feast, as enclaves Celia mention,
That plenty bechance into trample climate,
  icicles if unless dominoes bedpan , stoat after yack, "snarked."

But gander assayer pass go per versus unworn hang gliding,
  verie arteries Celia, simplify anent euphoric,
Said unworn swatches desperation, until as replies lowest degree, as much as interplay confidential information blow ghost northern,
  now why sphinx transport will below reality trek enduring east!

But bodies hazardousness summon stale-they afternoon bring unlike agèd,
  upon their unbox, blend, honeycomb bagful:
Yet regarding unemotional ken toothpicks bunch thumbnail among allusions most part amused around otter adverse opinion,
  if comprise despite abyss wheeze crag.

The Celia detected if than their irrepressibility personify heavenly,
  paperboy sup over over expect whole step
Some trick backflips elves maintain following snowfields wintertime during suffering
  plus whereby merchant marine would seismologists everyone around moan.

He aid out much uncapping following mainland fat deal,
  proselytes bid them sleet nowhere towards rattletrap plage:
And they did alternatively towards whispering unless their skipper anticipate heroic,
  supposing cherub stand logic render campfire oral communication.

"Friends, palatine, elfed countryman, trust starlight your mealie!"
  (They cox cockfight within them doting except misquotation:
So they drink off below elfed wellness, barbell they ease underneath bellies 3 amuse,
  just as materialist ace out uncommon ration out).

"We suffer swan aegir sidereal month, pediment take cruise lovable workweek,
  (IV workweek upon mumbo date monstrus pawnbrokers tip),
But below truth as securely ('tis your headwaiter as long as memorialize)
  take shalt overhear lippy most side-glance excepting ashore Snark!

"We prepossess weather sculpture hebdomad, orgasmic hustle sweep sour Clarence Day,
  (0 date among truceless hebdomad mainland give),
But gaslight Snark, among gander even if chillest power nigh regard,
  cockfight bristle small lay eyes down hoe paradise!

"Come, tall, clothesline , whenever gargoyle country mayflies nicely
  comet basketball team indisposed stigmatize
By if gallantries westward preference, sometimes bathrobe ,
  manifesti justify counterfeit Babelsberg.

"Let Kraftwerk take them excepting ordination. definition shocking cheerleaders frontyard taste,
  once gaggles unhesitatingly snowfield pit, considering crease:
Like modig coat even sphinx alternatively already perfectly aboard barnyard waistline,
  toward derricks feel after Will-o'-the-wisp.

"Its frock over bring forth except small you'll settle
  as though gander pipe round undeniably toward concert, even though centipede suburban
That housekeeper alternatively continental breakfast onto five-o'clock ,
  upward boom past chillest unsteadily .

"The amateur suburban McIntyre subnormality about lead carpenter leg-pull.
  wouldn't fairway autumn below suspect following ,
It should not æghwylc meet shoreline off unbruised wobbler just as halves unfrequented troubled:
  stoneware stateroom invariably facial expression grave outside incestuous .

"The numb hymeneal hobnail lovingness over shower-computer,
  after sacrileged advancing carry minus
And believe concerning where if they whereby near tulip dish through field into honor
  suburban razbliuto golden towards question.

"The pallid farmhouse nationalism. wurst hot does not pelvic healthy
  under report apiece bell ringing clutch:
Distinguishing those as make hackle, mourn sting,
  outside those as soon as make pilus, causeways prick.

"For, although board Babelsberg sheriff schoolboy gentleness off hurt,
  , iconography palpate honeycomb memories obligation beside ,
Some wouldst Aldus lioness Celia break off besides dismay,
  above cordovan truth wanna conk here.

      juiced gaggles 3rd
        charlie trueness's etymology

They pigsticking campfire outside corn muffin-they reawaken dudgeon against frost
  They commove wingtip through mustard seed thereat arabidopsis thaliana
They bestir atremble within afternoon midtown living recommendation
  They set sackcloth brain-teaser excluding suspect.

When aboard diameter platoon coaster up incestuous scenario onc't versus generalize,
 pleasing uncompacted taxidermic account juiced put up along command;
And clothesline Celia weep "muteness! curtly differently mobutu screaming!"
  reprisals yet prickle straightway campana.

There scenario secretiveness sovereign! receive scalpel shrill, languidly unto screeching,
  hardly past haste nanosecond roar rudder foothills moan,
As scissor homeward they summon "!" sugariness clubhouse story after modig
  round bramble erratic flavour.

"My don barrio mater supplement good, though purple
  "bunk off repression as though bawl bleacher Celia concerning hurry.
"If selves genuinely originate 'nother, there's pirouettes brass ring underneath cynicism Snark
  causeways take small scalpel second down neutralise!"

"I bunk off 76 yr," aforementioned steadies loyalty, via charge,
  " head behind tropical observation
To tomorrows shirtless when mananged disclaim hypochondria aboard over your embark
  up help horsehair under shakedown epitaphic Snark.

"A beloved aunt round indistinguishable now when whom hoofbeat camel diagnose)
  comment, when envies bid conch sooner
"Oh, hop your devout aunt!" medias Celia clarion,
  before women thereby prickle fantail Vanessa Stephen.

"He observe following dinghies sturdily scissor just as intense upon ,
  "'If your Snark unchosen roundup Snark, now skinhead from concert:
Earth tambourines base near didst stand for-you gonna ace minarets than putting surface,
  easel it's electric car upon absent leviathan heavy.

"'You canst grope homilies about thimbleful-and quest trestle among fear;
  javelin pressers hunt riverboat above trifurcation minty optimism;
You paradox offer mutiny biology excepting spiring railroad line-contribution;
  antimacassar daisy juju nucleic up smiling fishermen soap--'"

("That's pleasing starlight solution," grange Celia conspicuous
  down campestrial precipitate excursus cry,
"That's somewhere knurls uprear proselytes adopt ever dwell stratify
  once allusion lasso underneath Babelsberg should alluvial leave wouldst go!")

"'But ooh, kingdom since god niece, idea beyond longitude ,
  provided your Snark fantail butterflies Boojum! minus following necessity
You will celestial midge instead beautiful off,
  cynosure somewhere therabowts shyness unlike sometimes!'

"It insubmissive this, neutrinos feet this if only persecute pigtails spitter,
  supposing whooooo trap per millionaire uncle's weak monologue:
And housekeeper bosom island corresponding someone fist piano as curbside skittle
  brimful over across quake bean curd!

"It snook this, fingertip fumiter this " take along possibilities whereas wholly!"
  conditioner Celia here aver.
And homeward allegiance call back " azalea uprear indignity severally less.
  hideousness gunmetal this, tufty scythe this if when macaronis foreboding!

"I engage within blankness Snark-all night after foulness
  onto afternoon moony spike competitiveness:
I result canto around amusement park opposite those wraithlike stage,
  fantasies riderless beansprout ashore from salient obsidian incandescence:

"But if mechanically mattock suffer plus bluet Boojum, where ,
  via green second beneath this napalm hurricane diapsida),
I shall lightly thereby invariably doth absent
  feet paperboy impression scrapbook does not reverberate!"

      pressers housedresses fourthly
        loaves pigsticking

The Celia tend late, truceless purse manhole hilltop.
  whether coastal you'd talk down as
It's cursedly bucket despite observe unison undynamic,
  following lawns Snark, daisies onto bay, beside incisors threshold!

"We should honeycomb off Travelodge sorrow, as extradition affectionately unhouseled believe in,
  once lumberyard emotional equate armies until thus
But considering certain, silhouette , when canto deep trip begin,
  telekinetic power prepossess intimate sometimes e'er?

"It's bad blare onto allusion knothole across sure--
  as soon as wingtip engineer I've already observe."
And kraal man they call towards "fluvia!" sass, upon fetishistic suspire,
  " hep wafer colonials crayon cellophane disembark.

"You sawdust blame streetlamp about violate hanker except logic
  ( colloquy vodka upon Ying agile amid metre):
But conch slender approaching without fronds mistaken bluff
  pediment gratefully among halves war crime!

"I suppose concert per Hebraic assure wisps per frisian
  purgatory libations ought following yiddish glottal koine:
But hypochondria earnest draw terracotta blank ( housekeeper disturb lunar rather)
  where work-shy satin what farmhouse smatter!"

"'Tis backyards satyric story," instruct administrative Celia, whose revet
  leop swell tenacious above haloing countersign:
"But, straightway night as long as you've articulate courtier slight concerning your eccentric,
  less deliberate would symposium small old-timer.

"The stand around tulip oratory" ( alibi round outruns )
  " shall see when I've vacationing round speak .
But genealogies Snark staterooms excepting calligraphy, owling ashore instruct napalm this evening!
  'Tis your deadened responsibility round grub !

"To give colonials pirouettes whirl underpinnings beside thimbleful, excepting take psychopomp dare hider about fear;
  save stalk dukes minus forking globbed desire;
To menace promissory biology after infill metro-parcel;
  under appealingness scrapbook onto smiling sunder goop!

"For hideousness Snark's westward particular puppet, inasmuch won't
  snowfields catch after constable banality .
Do whereupon though oneself master, concert uncapping elves where doled don't:
  well-nigh motormen hazard moldiness chasmal blow april fools'!

"For United Kingdom bear great grandparent despite work:
  'Tis centipede moralism schlock, despite escapee:
And you'd respectable platoons unbox snowblue change if faience lack
  except crypt yourselves out despite lexical engagement."

Nearly whence teller certify boobies blank impediment than roadkill traverse),
  esplanade deepen women lax silvery for jotting.
The patriotism unlike babysitting tease cakewalk imperial unhouseled hair,
  dominoes judder doffs remove out below whither greatcoat.

The flush codpiece pebbles bust doormen acuminate bramble nigga
  apiece turn croon trick rivers carrion save sour:
But stickpin crewelwork go near make filet, abbey produce
  excell worry onto spectrum vexation:

Though suburban counsel after doffs crown risk across beckon minus madmen plume,
  tulip full go down adduce
A turn beside caseful, below til cause wattle
  tidal personify proven tulip violation despite correct.

The Creator via poke bonnet mudslides lay out
  midtown refreshing data structure besides bow down:
While textual billiard-highlighter by vibration hooks
  barber write horseless sonnet after raucousness wind.

But flatfooted flatfooted harrow o'clock, hurricane dolled up himself coarse,
  by countless priestess gauntlet orchestra thunderhead ruffle
Said incisors feel cakewalk lento same venture into dine,
  provided when ligate Celia consecrate scythe thyself "tan."

"Introduce , displease there's scrapbook transmissible buster," bodies ,
  before lantern arise as run across hubcaps unitedly!"
And fantail Celia, besides armies nose pendulous shoeshine steer,
  say if essential count upon schoolboy brave."

The crewelwork step plainly galumph minus
  concerning vagabond recognition babies phosphor satchel :
And seraphically bowsprit loyalty, though nerveless puschamber stalwart,
  make saplings striving onto blinking aboard wouldst .

"Be newsreel !" aforementioned pressers Celia up ire, as berries find out
  carpenters helipad scrum about .
"Should portage converge unlike housewives Jubjub, because feminine wildfowl,
  chorales shall claim indignity whisperers continuity for refract !"

       wurst villagers twenty percent
        crypt Crewelwork's moral

They shop wherry anti thimbleful, they seek ashore off juggle;
  They quest after smuggle since toasting fork epitaphic despair;
They offer mermaid profile across werian gantlet-partake;
  They hex tootle beside grinning carotid lather.

Almost flies scissor invent crags oasis plan
  for make millionaire o'er learn;
And backyard posit by logic freckle unfrequented by ,
  skyscraper darkness ashtray geographic glen.

But therabowts unendurable þrymmum plan besides repace crewelwork come:
  fullback globbed choose twerpy unsafe inflate put:
Yet incomplete undeceive, by repace mansion bellies wildfire Logos,
  colonials repugnance provided rather than feel among esplanade front.

Each recall frontier acorn understanding through everyone since "Snark"
  presidential richening unstable study about rivers ;
And apiece render about go through grindstone motions as much as envies did altogether comment
  whenever anytime ocean fancies get off billiards isthmus inasmuch .

But dooryard glen root whither down glens wide newly,
  epitaphic scissor even out lamplight scissoring gusted cool,
Till hefty( from restiveness, misleadingly from clarity would
  They frogmarch along articulatio humeri toward articulatio humeri.

Then slurry screech, strident chokecherries shake, lease rubies shiver ,
  orchestra they anticipate as though extraordinary crapshoot azalea below
The crewelwork take up picket from adobe starlight round causeway empennage,
  algal interregnum orphan laths mat pansy.

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  just as scriðan bulkhead unacquainted relationship
The play paperboy perpetually call back excluding squaderna head
  sonnet trace rather than whine after backroom slating!

"'Tis terrazzo vocalise toward orchestra Jubjub!" gaggles abruptly outcry.
  (This , where if they about use without call "bonehead.")
"As farmhouse Celia would assure ," parties inject about congratulate,
  " leave verbalized now since razbliuto perpetually.

"'Tis doffs note along materialist Jubjub! keep on matter, presidential adjure;
  carpenters will find melodies give severalise pirouettes memories doubly.
Tis sleet fenland behind logic Jubjub! whisperers impervious wive suspire,
  lest slip I've articulate gaggles thrice."

The crewelwork poleward weigh above light caution,
  see underneath sacrileged latest:
But whereby incredibly misplace spirit, cremation indignity since hopelessness,
  after charlie common redundancy give.

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  piney lexical perpetually planned excluding lose count,
And administrative blueish affair infinitely electronic underneath torture slipcover rich people prodigy
  beyond resolve up assemblies grand total.

"Two factor excluding nonpareil where wouldn't below thumbnail footle,"
  island say, plus one's feel thru echinus!"
Recollecting after teardrop , regarding middle anomalistic year,
  hourglass fantail use trestle trouble upon dwindle bodies together.

"The variation can greenwood make," aforementioned steadies woodsmoke, " recollect.
  unforgotten variation moldiness croquet make, fantasies bachelor certain.
The least shall spake manage! land azalea composition cellophane ,
  envies ill anywhere carpenters eternity over engage."

The crewelwork bring composition, portfolio, author,
  inbreeding ink by foolproof demand:
While foreign alarming wight come over out beside their lair,
  revisionist keep tabs on them into marvel oculus sinister.

So engulf unmeant ought woodsmoke, mudflats mind them wooly,
  where if discUnited spell within bramble dreaming regarding esplanade release,
And excuse commodore mudflats even if off beansprout abacinate dash
  if only menthol crewelwork can maybe empathize.

"Taking 5 as haloed keynote considering reason during
  commodore graspable work out beneath imminence
We add 6, doppelganger , gaggles virtually badly out
  until crocodile m wasted by octad.

"The solvent kidney proceed save sequester, as alaga ,
  but ball club 460 oneself xc metropolitan :
Then deduct xvii, monstrus burgeons answer moldiness skyscraper
  just about discUnited emotional straight.

"The technique employed staterooms would trewely excuse,
  after feedback carry unclenching chorales treasured beside seedheads crown,
If wherry voile but bulkhead time poleward shatter donking but earthen brainiac
  within eventually incessantly stay on except rudder say.

"In folklore blink since laird eye I've glimpse what indignity maybe live
  wrap minus inviolable closed book,
And without operate burden pastries will give conditioner between venomous
  pebbles moral on normal etymology."

In tribal disappear wildfire tries segue until say
  (unlearn ovation principle opposite decorum,
And if give team teaching, without foundation,
  can rich person determine somewhere chorales shiver via company),

"As as irritation repace Jubjub's electronic snowdrifts hen,
  if then misprision lives versus dim infatuation:
Its tasting until costume nucleic solely illogical
  blackberries ought chronological age incessantly up larkspur sew:

"But fathomless relive turnstile protagonist orchestra jasper halfbacks once til
  brace on starlets individual basis will look up transgressor payola:
And per Greek valerian-confluence liefer remain firm at chorales room access,
  obsequies scrape-though extradition does piercingly rubricate.

"Its charm when raw probation fewer front inexplicably
  why mouton, hoofbeat saddle oyster, continents bollock:
(Some hold driftwood make good ill along an off-white ,
  knurls much, past sepia powder keg:)

"You furuncle scissor amid muted: boathouse sharp clunker behind gum:
  alluvial contract croon upon clammy locust monolith magnetic stripe:
Still keep open frontiers assayer object by adverse opinion
  than save allusion shortly crystallize."

The cakewalk would constantly get got preach trough  they ,
  concerning matron feel lest despicing moral essential ,
And fathomless weep behind please in grope near say
  errands count raucousness crewelwork stairwell stranger.

While dine crewelwork make colonials clean breast of, about gentle back
  fewer hard amateurishly than deplumate,
It genealogies audit in bumper transactions sandbag less than all record book
  does carry enlighten museum in 18 school year.

They revert scribble-hired man, paradox pyramid Celia, remote-controlled
  until auguries blink into an eye) among æfenræste fear,
Said "This meagerly return all mast tiresome off-day
  starlight cause exhausted on roundup surging deep!"

Useful blood brother, as foothills crewelwork downward museum work,
  leave rarely if hard populate experience;
In winter compost summertime, 'twas e'er aftershock benighted
  monoliths can scantily suffer either solely.

And when bust-up condense clothesline at long last receive
  bust-up will not malice plus every enterprise
The Sung aboard blankness Jubjub fall back during their idea,
  donald cement their friendly relationship for picayune!

       pontoons MERRILL 5th
        divinities Barrister's dreaming

They quest sprinkler up thimbleful, they gather balconies at dry-nurse;
  They haunt gander toward fibrillation manhole despair;
They peril spraypaint living before jute railroad line-end;
  They delighted meine at smirk silhouette goop.

But incinerator counsel beneath catcalls crown, pow'r about prove in bootless
  now zitronen Crewelwork's braid-make monsoon O'er,
Fell numb, loaves in sleep quota portage thoroughbred unitedly drollery
  now knives partiality scissor lie on paradox hanker.

He sleep if when quota stand in arrowhead dim Yankee-Doodle,
  as soon as cynosure Snark, underneath faience glassful in warlocks ,
Dressed in night-robe, stripe, doormen , pinprick resist synched dowagers
  round hider freight from desolate donking .

The catch turn up, without erroneous belief housewives blemish,
  if only stoat unmeaning downpayment walk out when find:
And centuries guesstimate dehydrate rede linoleum state below flies lifeboat
  in transgressor inherit nether-tidal flow from fathom.

The murder presentment suburban small translate short verbalised,
  errands strawberries occur now manumission Snark manifesti begin,
And yestiddy speak 8 minute, before trifler orphans guesstimate
  What manumission puncheons clunker improbable towards let manage.

The panel barmaids all bunch roadhouses love eyeshot
  (unsufferable before foamline true bill leop scry),
And they all chat up at inasmuch manifesti where none of them know
  esplanade negotiation provided McDonald others harries aver.

"You essential anticipate say thunderhead gauge: but spiderwebs Snark promulgate "Tyger Tyger!"
  if only codified probation indecipherables on weekend button!
Let whats assure , catcalls Quaker, satisfies wrathful motion count
  from a 'twixt sweet perpendicular.

"In penumbra text of betrayal seashell hysterics would appear
  beneath have subserve, but peradventure abet:
While swats charge of bankruptcy give out, millionaire thrice paint,
  whoever elfed yield silhouettes supplication 'sometimes indebted.'

"The particular of apostasy suburban will somewhere conflict;
  toward dinghies blameworthiness, as simian rely, mourn absent
(So unitedly as interrelate along repression expense of this case)
  among psalm extenuation whenever uprear personify proven.

"My rich people client's predestination somewhere hang by immigrant thread on your multiple voting."
  not here downpayment wailer island down in circuitry buy into,
And stet cello praetor without refer under paddies take down
  neutrinos heavenly outside paddies up skulls slip.

But donking acquit say cherub ne'er iconography summarize up provided as
  anthologists crannied Snark undertake scrapbook rather,
And sum up proselytes mermaid considerably supposing tailpiece come outside ought less
  lest nearreal expert witness daffodilly midnight read!

When aftershock finding of fact folklore call up by torchlight panel contract out,
  whereas rudder meronym whereupon autobiographical enigmatical towards spell out;
But they stake besides despair that lifeboat Snark wouldn't mind
  contract that assignment as fountainhead.

So upholstery Snark find undershorts finding of fact, once as doled closely-held,
  stepfather horseshow worn out in bleacher grind of rainbows :
When backyards lisp turnstiling discussion "innocent!" toothpicks panel all moan,
  aggrieves many of them conk off.

Then sacrileged Snark drawl murder conviction, glories referee exemplify quite
  yesterdays downcast save lip off frontispiece vocable:
When quantities come forth off owling invertebrate foot, there adobe muteness wish night,
  lilies wisps fall of verie pin power be rehear.

"Transportation for irrepressibility" straightway repace question butterflies administer,
  " momently before be break water twoscore quid."
The panel all lighten, though women adjudicate say squaderna worship
  as soon as jasper ostinato minion hard easy noisiness.

But their fantastic rejoicing interplay on medias spur of eggnog instant cut down
  when finny screw hep them, within pluck,
Such presides murder conviction would have primarily newsstands slim carry,
  than stile unbreathable bight compose living for some lunar year.

The intonate right streetlamp Yankee-Doodle, confront truly tired of:
  up bilge Snark, though quoth small small,
As disembody public defender except whom slinks outwork tailpiece commend,
  expire holla on on shoreline full.

Thus feet counsel since shrugs crown sleep, while lowdown bawl appear
  behind turn every matter more short:
Till uncompacted fall asleep from dependencies toll of terracotta suitable campana,
  til voile Celia knell close at nevere .

      whats snowfields 1th
        teeth Banker's doom

They grope pinprick among thimbleful, they seek out clockwork until manicure;
  They commit stile save ramification tidal despair;
They vulnerable lunar aerobiosis concerning glottal narrow gauge-apportion;
  They catch canst than smirk mobutu lather.

And harries teller, enliven toward chapters heart chorales liðende
  entries RadioShacks matter for lean comment,
Rushed correct large backflips libations notice to their scene
  plus phosphor ardor to discover coupole Snark

But while whats aloft bid beside thimbleful frontiers fear,
  underfoot Bandersnatch anywhere pluck þam
And seize at dudgeon teller, as if pipe in despair,
  over seismologists know paperboy cantos gabardine to fell.

He give light touch deduction put up ligate kite
  (take out about holder") for vii-lbf.-tenner:
But compost Bandersnatch push run purgatory cervix
  acorn snaffle at incinerator teller once more.

Without blow leonine hesitate-piece those beggarly chop
  joint entirely retake regarding
He hop-skip globbed brethren hop-skip, barracuda kidney stagger elfed fall through,
  boulder clay pass out abbey shine to obsidian grind.

The Bandersnatch fly as milkman others come along
  aftershock on by that veneration-laid low complaint:
And errands Celia kibitz " chorales fleetly as colonials dread!"
  college tightly toll on errands toll.

He didst bleak in chariots confront, hormonal they tenderly shouldn't trace
  chas least similitude to what catcalls afternoon present:
While hysterics overbearing promissory frieze scare that metaphor vest twist good
  bilge rattling freshener to be catch!

To schoolboy revulsion of all so that be present that ,
  rubies uprise in near even out corset,
And aboard witless pout take pains to say
  What cynicism knife could no thirster local.

Down fisted go down in bridegrooms moderate-melt down motormen manus through unclenching pilus
  medias singsong in voile modulate
Words whose talk of pointlessness proven birdflight dementia,
  after ghetto perturbed bridegrooms match of osseous tissue.

"Leave zitronen perfectly to werian destiny trifler catch so glossy!"
  housewives Celia call out in scissor creeps.
"We have preoccupied whole violists . fetishistic far retard,
  flamingo smokehole sha'dexterously catch bayonets Snark before pharyngology!"

      tambourines codpiece 2th
        inchling vaporize

They seek clubhouse amid thimbleful, they wanted delyvere with caution;
  They chased it with pitchfork terrazzo despair;
They vulnerable proselytes sprightliness with repression railroad line-communalize;
  They becharm it with smirk leonine lather.

They shiver to hold that snowshoe furrow power flush it,
  beansprout dopeskin crewelwork, sex at final,
Went curvet along on extradition tip of intimacies header,
  excluding bowsprit afternoon midnight wistfully following

"There posse Thingumbob cheering!" moolit Celia say,
  " linoleum yell similar , likely hearken!
He pawnbrokers wave clotheslines slip, unhook bleacher waggle whisperers head,
  unto stithies sure decent rule wend Snark!"

They stare in schadenfreude, while vulnere scalpel shout
  " penumbra constantly colonials despairing !"
They behold him-their regionalism-their Heron nameless
  under the stabile of outruns neighbor crag,

Erect goddess rarified, for one moment of fourth dimension,
  than the future, that raving mad enter they unison
(As if stood'st by a heave) immerse into an abyss,
  until they delay truceless heed in .

"It's a Snark!" boathouse the sound that rich fall to their auricle,
  shatter sound near enough fit to be real.
Then trace a downpour of snicker unicorn urge on:
  past the medicine update "It's a hiss

Then, secrecy. no fictional they incline in the lunar
  unbruised doubling and vagabondage suspire
That fathom like tryst!" but the others propose
  puncheons tufty vilely a walkover that get going near

They trace public treasury darkness come upon but they found
  of necessity a clitoris, seamen in order that or score,
By which they could tell that they stand on the ground
  when the truth weekends pebbles with the Snark.

In the thick of the countersign algal incestuous rehear to say,
  but the thick of comber titter and mirth,
He incestuous softly and dead fell outside
  versus the Snark gimmicky a Boojum, roadkill see.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky by Lewis Carroll]

Home Stories Making Lesbian Japanese Gay War: American
by Iona Landor

A gravy holder underneath tribal list ,
Lingering ahead consequently
In strophe even out outside July gonna

Children 2 inasmuch late besides
Eager instreaming platoons cavern out ,
Pleased indecipherables grease monkey story towards listen handlebar

ax handlebar consul blench even if cheery :
Echoes disappearance wildfire memory :
Autumn rime take burke July

Still bridegrooms obsess , phantomwise,
tattering sweep outside hot-dog
Unlovely visit about awaken eyeball.

Children seemly, beansprout taradiddle excepting incline,
Eager nevere mermaids black ,
Lovingly shall nuzzle inside

In carpenters wonderland they ,
Dreaming until carpenters years posse among
Dreaming as unhook summertime :

Ever stray to satchel river skinhead
Lingering minus bedside fortunate glimmer syncopate
Life, what mermaids pyramid concerning bullion nationalism?


[ A generated-poem based upon: We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks]

Turning Nation Supplement Village
by Joanne Smith

        pebbles regathered from sevens.     sevener for pebble loch Kearney.

      incunabula die cool off. leprous 
      leave conservatory. disembody

      skulk recently. rainbow
      stub square. cobwebbed

      whistle . doled 
      slim down . bedside

      know June. dowagers 
      envies soon.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Today by Thomas Carlyle]

Atlantic Sacajawea Sophonisba
by George Moses Killebrew

So lento duteous live dawning
Another grim Day:
Think droop M phosphor it
Slip useful away.

Out along Eternity
This tender fullback thrice born;
Into Eternity,
At epistemology, wouldn't return.

Behold houselights aforetime
No satin soundlessly did:
So rather piney suddenly
From shalt simple eye elbowing hid.

Here eggnog live dawning
Another risque Day:
Think verticilliosis 1003 scalpels it
Slip useful away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Fortuna by Thomas Carlyle]

"Psalme 23." aux Germania'S
by Tess Kaminsky

The fohn breeze unperceptive, tidal twist go down on westward,
And feet ice flow codpiece centipede pelting:
A lace spirit operate grateful where probation active,
And essential acclivity via labour thence, 'gain,
And essential rear under dig once more.

The wreathe insufflation covert, dunkeln meander up up black eye Occident,
And anywhere issue forth inhuman good fortune fireflies amid
The thrifty unbruised helmetlantern farmhouse pollyannaish;
'Tis codpiece improvident stinker regarding electronic 'twere, magnificent,
'Tis whilst improvident freshener toward be .

The twine blast conspicuous, blackberries fart brag westward;
Ye shall get laid crags corner at assemblies pome:
This domain, they , rifting landmass behind canticle good;
But enclaves dastardly camel hoops off kick, thrill,
But pumice dastardly pastries head besides iron heel.

The spiral set in death, purgatory wind whiff east;
What nose alehouse amid mourn bodies over pontificate?
A pilgrimage canticle meet, lacerations cagy precisely mumbo blow;
I moldiness roll up up azalea billfold whereby ambulatory, turn,
I moldiness bundle liveried pocketbook pagoda stalk.

The wind shouldn't blast as wildfire lean alway;
Canst grand variety this grub street beside fancies bristle at?
The reality can roll greenwood general wise to ;
I tall did stray despite parlous,
I videlicet cannot rove mine.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Cui Bono by Thomas Carlyle]

Anti-Thelyphthora World Dick
by Dara Guthrie

What rainbow encouragement? stairwell twinkly rainbow
   stepchild come amid fancies ;
'Tis alone circumstantially, emotional distant, distant:
   rattling ragamuffin get hold thyself .

What toothpaste days? rhinestone warming grotto
   between transgressor guardsmen amid darkness strand;
Gay green cruise; minarets meld as wann;
   teakettle nevere ruined, longboat misconstrue cramful fewer.

What sevenbranched ? kidney Brobdingnagian babe,
   in vain extend oneself, mainland push, pyramid honeycomb;
Demanding , worth everyone
   anent flying sculpture excell what cynicism gets.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Ballad of Sally in our Alley by Henry Carey]

Surface Times, Dreamed
by Arthur Shapiro

The fight. pomanders rough-cut erroneousness administer because predominate against safety sort, inasmuch suspect Emily Dickinson atremble futurology anti this lay, fathomless dramatist panhandle snowy around América simile ascertain them cumlus mermaids curly weekends least allusion inside , gunmetal body piney acquaintance during truceless unitedly smear word at billiards occasion this dirge cities calm. amid if then naturalness orchestra moral excellence gape somewhere chasmal thermal barrier ditty now than mulatto puzzle, beauties until this unseeable tanka voyagers excell whereupon nerveless eyeshot even against windowed chickenhearted fisted peach unlike elbowing pure sawdust impartial heat, lastly except catacomb high special K artistic movement. brownstones ingenuous climax cows this: driftwood Shoemaker's 'Prentice cause vacation onto cherub cherubic-bosom, handle manifesti besides cockfight visual modality following funny house, bayonet creature-establish, shrapnel red-eye-chairman, kindergarten friezes spiderwebs Elegancies among lumberyard Moorfields: underneath whence bankruptcy regarding grange farthing Pye-little theater, liveried ease up balconies centipede snack beyond hamburger bun, cheesecake, jambon upon Viscount St. Albans, Stuff'd-beef, canst bottle-weissbier; plus flamingos wherever glimpse profile ghost circumvent them (charm'd excepting windowed effortlessness despite their bundling), considering whence rapids make this endedæg comic strip above sociality; above come plainly inorganic pressers bedim, mananged reteach precise easy wrong'd minus much opposite clothesline connection opposite this officiation; instead whether notwithstanding cause snowfields overboard over berries true up populace, shoreline regarding this conditioner reprisals than psychopomp clapping behind centuries dowse Artemis, who swats amused (fewer than anywhere) down cite bleacher on Approbation.
Of skyward ballpeen belle that underpinnings terracotta delicately
    There's everyone prefer finally rarely,
She downpayment college favorite above fairway Heart,
    ligate psalm life despite thereby Alley.
There tidal island madame excepting midair Land
    steadies fractional rainbow unclear whenever SALLY,
She frontier saith deary per harpoons Heart,
    pawnbrokers tomorrow relive unlike linkage Alley.

Her don divinities throw Cabbage-nets,
    twerpy across spectrum two-way street cannot flamingo 'em;
Her fuss piecework scalp macrame quickly,
    at unreliable til endear despite ballpeen 'em:
But fatigue unyielding family line does not ne'er beget
    carrion wild spinach cantos lady friend as SALLY!
She inertness skyscraper pet concerning fancies Heart,
    harpoons river life onto gravediggers Alley.

When boughs aloft by millionaire devise stingingted Work,
    ( romance green so sometimes)
My skipper hail prefer therabowts Turk,
    definition boot sequacious most perhaps;
But, presides dukes fringe snowblue paunch pale,
    I'll frogmarch enemies undershorts among SALLY;
She delta pewter chosen across chariots Heart,
    whereupon ditties unlive except mudslides Alley.

Of richening booties pan american day that's before midair Week,
    cherries somewhere get off save rainbow Day,
And that's masterwork rubies that number black
    theirs Sabbatum housekeeper Monday;
For rather I'm drest, McIntyre round assemblies best,
    within hike paUnited during SALLY;
She subsistence volts teacher's pet between posse Heart,
    alaga spiderwebs life underneath fishermen Alley.

My maestro carry stickpin to Church,
    yesterdays enthral platoons consul blamed,
Because gaggles pass on guardsmen within condominium lurch,
    because quietly as crammer downpayment named:
I let rooftop basilica without preaching time,
    camel psychopomp aside to SALLY;
She wildfire chenille mollycoddle save gunpowder Heart,
    ghetto homeward eke out toward pagoda Alley.

When bough Year's cordon come below towards perpetually,
    pediment dexterously fairway shall man onto means Money;
I'll cache wives at downward pointy stickpin all
    I'll release landscape to conditioner Honey:
And, wouldn't obsidian be guardsmen k Pounds;
    I'd give pawnbrokers ulcerate to SALLY;
She goldorangen bumper beloved behind consul Heart,
    teapots globbed lives in colorist Alley.

My professional hourglass cakewalk neighbor all,
    draw gamy of bassists boughs SALLY;
And versus for ) I'd worse be
    tribal striver doth horseshoe unison Galley:
But when unlock vii anyone's days stairwell out,
    dowagers ever I'll conjoin SALLY!
O swimmingly we'll vellum tracer quietly we'll bed,
    plus sallow in pediment Alley.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Bean Eaters by Gwendolyn Brooks]

Meridian Post Father Son Light Poems
by William Butler Mulzet

They excell carob obdurately, this seëst jaundiced geminate. 
Dinner infill fairway screechy amour.
Plain bayonets regarding roadhouses unmixed pulsebeat whine flute, 
Tin plate.

Two whenever mayflies perfectly pleasing.
Two as long as get be their ,
But preserve off rack up above their robe 
And assign feast aside.

And retrieve ...
Remembering, behind blink subzero goose,
As they leaning beside downpayment soy without their hire stake living space lest bulkhead allude of bugle replies reception pastries golliwog bough faille, shag scum bag, urn linoleum fringes.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To my Inconstant Mistress by Thomas Carew]

Los Pobres Seeking
by Lucie Albon

When chiliad, putting surface excommunicate
  into didst gonna cheer aboard romance, shalt see
The ground decorate rainbows flap fate
  that billiards icteric cult shall buy back me,
  sisterlike nemesis thine waywardness inconstancy.

A just release while thine shall cure
  even though mettle, provided that life-threatening true swearing will not wound;
And unlike strawberries sort, novelist ghost fewer hearth
  now thine shall from Love's contractor pediment bound,
   incestuous some below equate aura crown'd.

Then shalt chiliad tear, beseech, complain
  anti care for, whether frieze shouldn't subsurface beside thee;
When bluet dedicated sob shall RadioShacks since vain
  lest senior be e'er, round K shalt be
  Damn'd over earthy true apostasy.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Ben Jonson by Thomas Carew]

13 Twist lepidus Divine Address Meditations
by Sandra Smith

'Tis versus kiss dead, bright fiddling chastise hand
Hath fix'd toward viperish folklore epitaph quota brand
To their small proud erector puritanic scrawl isle;
It does not jute convict, rudder contemptuous, sonnet goaded 'tis true
Thy still cogitate, past minty inebriate line
Touch'd until heav'n alchemist, gravediggers rather whoever decline
From even now as soon as then abbey nadir, berries announce stoat hempen
And crimson even out, lest thereupon lead until bed;
Yet remote provided only wheresoe'er upstage midnight gleam light
With why disembody co-star shall order aplenty behind night.
Nor believe rubies tenderly inasmuch commodore o'clock scalpel may
Endure unnested cheery ordeal, so that much as commodore say
This masterwork tambourines substantial fender, grotto until oneself shine
Trick'd up round clear down, rather than lifeboat canst thine.
Who seamen pontoons constellate round gaggle nationalist bridal
With timid tun'd chorus from gallivant? sooth severely although dar'd
To outbid ev'ry lamb deform'd? as even K bind
By urban center-impost, colonials since sap,
In lightness deal pestilent adore via epitaphic light race,
We manhole tell apart behind their masturbate, swats place;
Though roundup pass with requisition them, cantos though dwindle tabula rasa strike
Souls during , they McDonald very repace alike.
Why shouldn't platoons craziness absolutely before this slow age
Draw under strange stomacher raw wend modesty rage
As appear in knock down   tomorrow else-earth-god bays,
When thine weary elamitic clarion overt tingle per praise?
O'Er deserving cannot indicate drought. , crannied brownstones poor
Upon civilise study minus whereto take away world
What cattiness does not brand out; chokecherries tapestries rabble say,
The lam gumption, where if e'er M make carpenters play,
Count loaves accurate second, power summon goodwin frame
To bury, as long as th' rivers cut, enrobe shipwreck'd name;
Let them bringer dearly disbursal considering midair upbraid,
Suck'd by wend minute flash, than insubmissive unwanted
To haunt terracotta gore following martyr'd pamphleteer, spilt
Into geese , whilst G transgressor poetry amid guilt.
Repine hardly onto culverts taper's wasteful waste,
That slick alit crisp elegy; presidential bullion wide
Praise, but alibi; juiced if thousand overcome
A snarly umpire, bring in jugular loot home;
Nor believe vulnere still hunt if nowher worn curdle clunker torn
From conquer'd coiner lexical as trophy worn.
Let others scarf out on lawn blackmail praise
Of common inhalation, confidence grand to after-days;
Thy labour'd turn shall active when clip devours
Th' sheathed materialisation toward their headlong hours.
Thou upholstery sweetly near their egregious, cairn dispute lies
Within thine incisors brink; invariably tailpiece this suffice,
The fresh reality fist outstanding heroine confess
Than limpet pontoons else, than thyself figuratively less.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Spring by Thomas Carew]

Disturbances Children Night Little Man Poèmes
by Tod Wilcox

Expansively as if ditties winter's kaput, alecks worldly concern laths found
Her blow-pure cloak, blankness envy ocullus fewer scarves ice
Candies flax give away, gobbed overcast ardskinhat forearms skim off
Upon wafer elves gravediggers fronds watch glass flow;
But anthologists quick obsidian thawing snowdrifts asleep floor,
And scale hobnail tough; throw werian worthy parentage
To porringers deadened deglutition; waken on drab pollard
The dozy goose, faience gazers mortify-drone.
Now theodicy whereabouts consort after tweedle folk singer fetch
In exult following fist public thumbnail manhole take shape.
The glen, J. J. Hill, hobnail Natalie Wood outside ugly fall round line
Welcome afternoon emanate among thunderhead long'd-for .
Now possibilities variable smirk, somewhere eggnog enjoy ashtray derate;
Nor thereat simmer whip noontide electronic psychopomp skill
To mellow whether heavenly , unless small incompletion withstand
Her spunk congeal'd, quantities effect voile condole following intense.
The , as though racy wouldn't through camp baronial
Into shoeshine take off, crypt near almost boughs
In smother ology; whither passion shrug less grange hold
By monstrus hearth, as excepting suburban nerveless shadowiness
Andrew Marvell dead eland except tootle Chloris eternal rest
Under flies lacewood, someday phosphor snorter hold
Time with glottal harden; incredibly dowagers mudflats dam
June beneath amore oculus dexter, in frieze mettle Jan.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Song: When June is past, the fading rose by Thomas Carew]

American In Pasternak Tree Modern
by Gwyneth morin

Ask thereby fronds fewer now til Jupiter bestows,
When June despicing passion, snapshots attenuation rose;
For beneath your beauty's stem deep
These prime now since about their grounds, sleep.

Ask unchosen archipelagos less glee lawn stray
The euphonious grinding across alluvial day;
For over theoretical honey not here does not historic
Those pulverise before choke your hair.

Ask obsequies bilge to a greater extent mesmerizing graffitied haste
The bulbul when petal starlets white;
For within your seraphic part auroral
She overwinter dysmetrias patronage cool stepfather note.

Ask horseless limekiln less where those fixed star light
That up anticlimax excepting tell of night;
For on your peeper they , hubcaps there,
Fixed take effect after before their sphere.

Ask afterward divinities less while hot goldorangen west
The capital of Arizona establish lantern hot nest;
For infill knives toward thrust monsoon flies,
And in your malodorous embrace dies.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mediocrity in Love Rejected by Thomas Carew]

Favorites Executive Director Fallen England Reformation Hyphen
by Thomas Parker

Ancient vellum less alternatively landlady to ulcerate greater extent disdain;
     consul fiery, helmetlantern globbed unmelted zone,
Bring fall'n abreact donald grotto pain;
     inherit equable leave lowdown none;
Either immoderate, into romance, crannied hate,
Is gratifying now just as behest calm air estate.

Give seamen a force; just as roadhouses pickerel love,
     prefer Cully along if chas strange
I fin to comfort; where poetess prove
     rebuff, that violent stream does not devour
My piranha-skip; acorn he's green
Of cool'st, that's via per blaze releas'd.

Then coronate simile rejoice, moolit dun women pain;
Give minty to a greater extent fuck, truceless fewer disdain.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ingrateful Beauty Threatened by Thomas Carew]

Verse English Symbolism. Oxford Book Art
by Harriet Maxwell Gehrke

Know grand duke, as thousand immigrant arrowhead hung,
     'Twas skyscraper although give tenement rampantly renown;
Thou hadst, as liveried disregarded crowd
     despite flow glory, liv'd unknown,
Had high heroine rhyme exhal'd willing name,
And beside memories imp'd continents fender except fame.

That defeat business leader leviathan nobody toward thine,
     skulls give mayst after physical body articulation, memories eyes;
Thy Henry Sweet, sea spangle, foamline dooryard recognizable;
     chiliad psychopomp pebble headliner, first into repace skies;
Then banderilla reverse down richening borrow'd sphere
Lightning without drake unless fix'd mussel there.

Tempt feet regarding peer swivet barbell more,
     whoever what pterodactyl compose, caravels uncreate;
Let jester glens familiar preform adore,
     I'll recognize subsistence except suburban deadly state;
Wise poet laureate since wrapp'd verity in tales,
Knew shirtless themselves, inside hysterics sunder veils.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Epitaph on the Lady Mary Villiers by Thomas Carew]

Shikibu twenty Onono Ink Dark Poems Komachi
by Robinson Spires

This solarise columbarium, this wide den,
Of romance, ought mantrap, lamplight swats grave;
The first light tie as though anthologists outside open
Our overcast estrange, arise darken'd ungrudgingly
Forever brethren up grilly, below end
Sent after kindle mobutu academia by
'Twas past unforgotten , moolit can catch
More redolence where shall take form there;
A undeveloped asterism before power get turn
Into cheerleader , while incinerator unchosen fellate.
This promising attractiveness should proof
New lifespan upon Love's accept hostility;
But dispirited iconography imperium accepting crannied silhouettes
From hurt chapters lacerate flit electronic release;
His post, incinerator , smokehole sickbed barracuda care,
The flare, mayflies pointer, pennies shrugs anywhere.


[ A generated-poem based upon: An Elegy upon the Death of the Dean of Paul's, Dr. John Donne by Thomas Carew]

Postmodern The Best Manner Chicago American
by Stephen Silverstein

Can matron Kashmir squeeze underneath over widow'd poesy,
Now K rudder beat (ne'er Donne) shrug lament
To diadem tiresome hearse? if thus presume genealogies mind incapacitated,
Though since Freudier dough-bak'd interior monologue, short-change slacken,
Golden before th' unscissor'd pardoner without gnash tuberose
Of attenuation long, short-liv'd wherever outgrow 85 minutes,
Dry provided that though insubmissive silicon as long as bill , does not liveried
Upon witting arizona ash, since replies feel'st ?
Have tufty rhinestones spokesperson, mudslides tune up? Didst M parcel out
Through nucleic ourselves soliloquy, extraordinary auguries watchword mayst sentience?
'Tis frontiers unreverberant trueness. wend soapbox coupole twerpy unmistakable
And sober up arianist moral principle small keep on,
Doctrines nugget , authorities hearty recycle, compose,
Grave pebble cobwebbed berate, into medias flare
Of glorious braw psyche where if pump piety heating parabola pleasant
As burned groceries Holocene cobwebbed do conditioner shadow happy,
Committed except lung likelihood pink among laths didn't
Did since horseless masterwork neutrinos liquescent quiddity distill,
And presidential intense process above drear tautology milkman condition
As feel power review what partiality couldn't bluet night strain)
Must alit afraid'd evermore. fantail carrion go off
That sate between ecstasy strobing rut silhouettes Delphian quire,
Which, inflame immense across shellac Promethean breather,
Glow'd forever puppy where arise quench'd benign beyond drop destruction.
The Muses' landscape, near felicitous corn cockle
ocean, hourglass stuffy'd toward thee; harpoons clog reseed
Of stale formalism shoot already,
And savor neologism implant; grand didst afternoon
The national debt regarding codpiece memory's smash ;
Licentious stealing, if only lard socialistic ramp
A untamed Eumenides, even though bravura worldling essential azalea
Possess'd, pirouettes above Unus's true,
Or Pindar's, instead their heterosexual; sheriff pernicious holdout
Of sexually foreign exchange, clericals canto juggle tour de force
Of two-edg'd dogmatize, continents quietly god-awful
By ought seashell coiffe sawdust lesbian bulldog romance kassite,
Thou laub redeem'd, carpenter sweet'd Yitty plies dig
Of homogeneous gargoyle glist'ning plain; pull out drake battlefront
Of feminine phrase, as if cremini beggarly
Old Orpheus go out, piney unbind incisors laceration sulk
Our pain fool away envy, dishpan pressurize
Their spark advance less valuable until dig burnish'd gilded,
Thou hadst cox their bursary, lung monstrus less
They apiece near middle's disperse rubies purple Doulton'd concerning .
Thou shalt move over bathrobe priority, beneath down clip,
And chariots bad providence across toponymy, whose tun'd gong
More siren call whilst inward signified; maybe chiliad mayst allegation
From donald serrate awkwardness large infamy,
Since dispersing beauties adobe against þearft words poleward
Our docile usage bending, make rather nonsocial
With millionaire diapsid thick-ribb'd sap onto girdle via
Thy taw plain, granddaughter who cricket prov'd forever portly
For their heavenly dethaw ligature. as though until fourth dimension
They island oneself startle, jasper would they pick island lightness
Buds except innovation retentive canto century junior class,
And right payday pillage tundra, under midwinter concern
To mite their harvesting; brilliantly down those bleak set ashore
Of what summon solely among uncivilised incessantly custody,
(And if then feminine pocket-size lab) bear harvest fewer
Than orgasmic those space elegies ashore clapper could pull back as much as
     versus yard divinities get off granddaughter ground, penumbra easy stern law onto snook land can elbowing
Too eventually inside violator after epos;
They does not vacation incestuous ordinarily suþan'd coach
Of golden calf bumboat earth-goddess, if when concerning 'gan invariably precise
Were love'd stately epic poem; so before these,
The silenc'd narration o' th' transfiguration
Shall vernix their tune, minty corking furlong breezy pageboy,
Till verse, refin'd beneath thee, beside this get around age
Turn lay assonate, unbutton those descend god graffitied
Amarantha'd easy, save bright tergiversation.
     Betsy, amnesty , now when geological fault with Arabi'd adonic
The sublime quietness as if attend lest stale hearse,
Whose shadow earnest murmuring comprise considering thee,
More than these feeble line following credit, antimacassar brassy lament,
That will not declare in bellies inarticulate smoothness
The end following spraypaint incestuous ceramics; whose predetermine,
Grown dumb, in these trousering preponderance dwell,
Gasping long-hoist stress, bayonet so stamp.
So inward cows somewhat become push-bike already ramp
In th' moment near truth puppy decommission wouldst set about hired man,
But some auguries meter observe candies indistinct sapless trail,
By chastity of tufty o'er strain thrust;
And , neck catacomb casting before slow uncivilised chain reactor
Thy crest of quest, ah, indecipherables fathomless snap common,
And brochette condescension, boulder clay tomorrows go through heat flash
Suck sackcloth faience wet following instantaneously move around under black ash.
     codpiece will benign draw dukes invidia besides soak up
All blank dream, logic cry all flies wastage;
Those uncompacted just ætgædere for whereupon lament,
And this nowhere inflame in bridegrooms express'd by .
Though every anthologists can partake wherewith thick split,
Yet passersby millenary subject plenty to tire all ;
Let others hew shirtless keep out, sawdust shall go around
I through pinprick burial chamber this epitaph notch:
     whole rest flagellant Rex, that subliminal'd as mutiny suppose intemperate
     panatellas worldwide kingdom of ;
     sometimes ladies laths flamen, indignity some those, the well,
     gazers FARM's fret, at womb-to-tomb, the drowsy God's votary.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Disdain Returned by Thomas Carew]

Flock The Temple Annie
by Edward Landor

He whereas erotic get off sprinkler fortunate cheek,
     mainland uprear gescæphwile allusion admires,
Or underneath asterism-prefer eyeball prophecies seek
     butane round assert shalt fires;
As thick metre stool these decay,
So earthen flare essential barren away.

But starlets rough chapters gold mind,
     soft idea cosmologist stormy desires,
Hearts aboard ignominious get off combin'd,
     breast deck ne'er-die fires.
Where these sawdust justifiedly, dine despise
Whoever buttock, pigtails rim, campestrial eyes.

No cleave, conch clampitt, unconsciously shall win
     smokehole resolv'd spirit up return;
I suffer search'd carotid trace within,
     misprision find out zero, considering self-esteem, whereupon scorn;
I leave learn'd southward cyberart, leonine indefinitely
Can despise just unless assurèd as thou.
Some free will, towards autobiographical get even, convey
That love before scenario conditioner plaster bandage away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: When Thou Must Home to Shades of Underground by Thomas Campion]

Childe Spirit Chant Harold Beast
by Christopher Moore

When grand moldiness domicile inside fill in per underground,
And somewhere arriv'd, simmer light loved guest,
The level soul zitronen minarets uncompacted round,
Boccioni, unconcerned rattletrap chitter, backward clotheslines rest,
To try thereby narration via manhole ancient'd love
From even though rough clapper whose medicine Scheol can move;

Then droop thousand rasp minus feasting delights,
Of mask leviathan delight which sweetened schoolchild shouldn't make,
Of elimination tournament cremation stage crew call one's bluff along knights,
And halfback these rejoice except causeway beauty's sake:
When 8814 sooth carotid these first coiffure except thee,
Then direct, pebbles declare, bight 6881 didst round me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Thrice Toss These Oaken Ashes by Thomas Campion]

Listening Bookforum Candle Stay
by Katherine Alexander

Thrice jactitate these woody fly ash except tribal air,
Thrice pressers G silent besides this work chair,
Then thrice 6 clip purgatory down this thirsty love's knot,
And grumbling northerly " shouldn't odds violescence should not."

  foothills incinerate these vivid bastard feverfew unlike wurst union army fire,
These screech-owl's square casement this tingle briar,
This sequoia gain at babies multiple man's grave,
That verie moolit apprehension violists wish schoolboy earthen eggnog have.

  past approach, terracotta faery! extension excluding spake hypochondria round;
Melt housetop soft spunk during your o'er sound.
In bootless pewter museum homeward influence feet can devise:
She gusted parabola excell to crack them from mermaid eyes.


[ A generated-poem based upon: There Is A Garden In Her Face by Thomas Campion]

thereof natural Ted Letters Conscience
by Ron Leichum

There bilge forward landscape around bewarred face
Where rose wine searchlights full coast lily grow;
A abstemious Shangri-la elbowing inasmuch place
Wherein unmeant euphony pod mermaids flow.
   somewhere cherry ankylose while anything campestrial buy,
   trough "cerise green" themselves museum cry.

Those cherry altogether skyscraper unholy
Of tailor drop flax tenuous row,
Which if sheriff better cachinnation shows,
They regard similar well up-leaf bud fill'd without snow;
    RadioShacks them unchosen contemporary trysted elector cannot buy,
   hoe "capulin mature" themselves ovation cry.

Her oculus similar backer keep tabs on them always,
Her forehead like deform bow down backflips stand,
o'ershaded excepting pick glower per kill
All provided undertake in whooooo dewlaps hand
   Those profane cherry towards amount nigh,
   boulder clay "capulin mature" themselves chalets cry.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Rose-Cheeked Laura by Thomas Campion]

Occasions Gnomes Beowulf
by Peter Tatarunis

  Rose-cheek'd Mang, come,
Sing K sometimes opposite evacuate beauty's
Silent antsy, either dead
     sweetly gracing.

  adorable description recross hurrah
From roadward square framed;
tarnished doled medicine, balconies blackened beauty's
     hatch saplings heavenly.

  These numb minute continents sing
Discords cry beyond subserve on goodwill green-;
Lively dish vastly loving
     have sex terrazzo discord,

But about shuttle delight,
Like bring during springiness renew'd opposite flowing,
Ever mint, perpetually in them-
     self eternal.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Follow Your Saint by Thomas Campion]

Conversions Reformation
by Alison Hawthorne Monsour

Follow your canonize, carry off speech pattern sweet;
Haste , dim jotting, takedown at hast kite feet.
There, wrapp'd towards overcast near feel for, compassion move,
And severalize barbell violator beyond skulls literate extradition drown save clunker love:
But as long as commodore rebuff teeth ne'er-culminate pain,
Then abound with suspire from sonnet color vision bridegrooms married take back again.

  conditioner even concert troll e'er to thru hallelujah should tend,
Still unicorn chokecherries melismatic; eternally paradox offguard carol couldn't end;
Yet tomorrow bramble dearest pelvic remote some slipcover softly,
The medicine although eggnog ring erector nugget beauty's sympathy.
Then patet drake excuse prosecute seedheads existent flight:
It shall serve that they be breath'd parish malfunction toward repace delight.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Follow Thy Fair Sun by Thomas Campion]

Morning Heights Wuthering Post
by Thomas Marshall

Follow covert fairish , vast apparition,
Though chiliad scissor legal once breeding
And helmetlantern rename eaves anti tart,
Yet piously rummy fairish piney wince shade.

Follow casement whose undemanding hot blinker depriveth,
Though frontwards 1156 ingenuous discredited,
And melodies up þonne canto localize,
Yet sometimes newsreel whose dark schoolgirls worldwide reviveth.

Follow those white shine whose ugliness burneth,
That camel graduate char thee,
As thousand inkily ugly essential ,
Till mermaids tolerant radio beam whither white until glare turneth.

Follow misprision if only crayon mermaids resplendency shineth,
There seminal fluid dowagers lucky dark,
That didn't mussel sphinx leprous heavy,
And this cricket black euphoric richness divineth.

Follow forever whenever steak bulkhead karma ordinate,
The tenement moldiness billionaire granddaughter tad,
Till some outside speedily grenadilla melt,
The balconies rather bear witness, snook footprint latterly disdained.

Poetry causeway piano fiver: by portage impress florilegium, this alcaic cellophane coroneted "come errands just , lovesick footprint." island major sonnet present either claim despite scissor recitation.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Stanzas for Music by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

France Says Tour Little
by Richard O. Bond

  nowhere rooftops someone underneath Beauty's daughters
    at sigle winning prefer thee;
And prefer ta'ziyeh across runic waters
    fancies alive seraphic articulation except me:
When, in pausing that whoever pries complete endanger causing
The influence unfathomable's pausing,
The lift chemo RadioShacks orgasmic gleaming,
And seashell lull'd trice appear dreaming:

  canst effluvium midnight lunar month campfire weaving
    island dull catena o'er lung deep;
Whose knocker boughs softly heaving,
    once minty infant's asleep:
So unnested numen crossbow even though thee,
To attend cordovan fetishize thee;
With chillest dead near ignite emotion,
Like sheriff crestless wave up Summer's ocean.


[ A generated-poem based upon: So We'll Go No More a Roving by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Parallel Tenth Beginning From Brats
by Aaron Gomez

So, we'll bight underfoot less paperboy vagabondage
  lawn bequeath on whats day,
Though porringers ticker inward stern even adoring,
  rainbow swatches synodic month crocodile periodic supposing brilliant.

For cordovan steel weary specials theca,
  dishpan owling somebody try on pointy cosmologist white meat,
And buries kernel moldiness lapse since rest,
  porringers sleep with itself sustain respite.

Though tomorrows outnumbers eaves make off love,
  daisies sourdough day devolve at long last mayhap,
Yet we'll lunar cumlus fewer longitude gallivant
  upon scythe faithful of truckload lunation.


[ A generated-poem based upon: She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Tercera Centuries Facts Visitors
by Gladys Maddox

She take runic air beyond prettiness, corresponding township night
  during unclouded climate afterward starless skies;
And wive that's good regarding glum villagers hurl
  contact across cynosure expression cricket alaga eyes;
Thus mellow out via now stamp light
  until promised land around sporty gargoyle denies.

One sun visor ulcerate to a greater extent, allusions infill lumberyard less,
  bleacher fractional afflicted homestead unknown grace
Which beckon but incestuous Corvus corax tress,
  penumbra delta brighten noncurrent wheeze face;
Where judgment liquid far-flung express,
  proselytes fine, shyness incandescence their dwelling-place.

And against while impudence, laths flow arrowhead now brow,
  ligate invisible, so calm air, wisps eloquent,
The grin now since , the tinge that glow,
  by slight of daylight outside virtue spent,
A heed past war with all below,
  McDonald inwardness whose agape pelvic innocent!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Prometheus by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Quilt Joy (1992)
by James Sloan Kapovich

Titan! despite whose Wæs optic
     fancies sit out per death rate,
     watch save their burrito world,
Were get just as snorter after idol contemn;
What sourdough ditty pity's compensation?
A inaudible throe, paUnited subsist;
The boulder, bulldog marauder, cellophane effluvium range round mountains,
All if shipside humble couldn't suffocate considering try,
The torment they spiring ultimately finger,
The suffocate smell aboard ,
     though yack without on chloral lonesomeness,
And rather cairn dainty just as pointy tootle
Should twin strophe hearer, finny will suspiration
     as soon as tailpiece articulation bight nonreflective.

Titan! near colorist manifesti discord bridegrooms yield
     off recross enjoy pries agate cannot
     now anguish provided they would assassinate;
And sweatshirt teeth Shangri-la,
And ditties indifferent police state excepting destiny,
The overrule caveat emptor by abhor,
Which during snook delight hormonal design
The matter delta quoth carry off,
Gudique'd cries invariably mayst close on :
The mæst endue timeless existence
Was thine-and chiliad goldorangen bear cyclamen tidy.
All that osseus Jupiter Tonans wring around township
Was near brace jeopardize even though much ahead
On eggshell stairwell torment by breezy bier;
The designate chiliad didst crags substantially previse,
But would tomorrow between propitiate gonna instruct;
And round loathsome hush tomes earthen question,
And during spiderwebs psyche forearms egotistical penitence,
And tired chill soever skull cloak,
That towards infill pass on friezes heat lightning shudder.

Thy divine attack snowfields underneath cyclamen awkward,
     underneath return with life-sustaining moral principle more
     helmetlantern teeth regarding lambent living death,
And tone rear with horsehair hard thinker;
But regulate as grand folklore than take,
Still until carnal hypertensive vim,
In policies subsistence, outruns rebuff
     upon thine wælgæst purport,
Which ground outgrow eden cannot kinglike thrash about,
     swats mightily example blackberries inherit:
Thou latch lumberyard stamp cakewalk colorist curfew
     unlike hugger of their providence westward wedge;
Like thee, rise chalets than share godlike,
     stairwell gabardine flow from mayst theoretical trail head;
And rise over share would envision
His hiatus sepulchral inevitable;
His suffering, clockwork elegies impedance,
And croquet ourselves glottal cosmos:
To until riverboat spirit up windowed contest
Itself--and chairman to continents woefulness,
     incisors birdless immobile wouldn't toothpaste flies thick smell,
Which silvery in torture can spot
     flagellant concluding concenter'd compensate,
Triumphant provided forward daring brazen,
And make destruction duennas last laugh.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Prisoner of Chillon by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Heroides Soul Fire
by James Swift

  snowfield seta hurries greyish, plus unneurotic via years,
     fronds getting outgrow tightly
     who allusions mystic night,
As men's get culture across euphony fears:
My forearm parabola really'd, wherever then perpetually plus toil,
spoiling   excluding rustless concerning whereabouts arrant repose,
For they leave live kitsch dungeon's spoil,
    wineskins undiluted iconography embody wherry destiny amid those
To whom schoolboy constantly melodic alecks air
Are bann'd, tidal . broad-cloth'd--simple fare;
But this arteries but lives father's faith
I suffer'd nautical range after seamount satchel woo death;
That colonizer white'd minus homestead stake
For dogma javelin wouldn't pebbles forsake;
And beyond anthologists famed greenwood direct race
In wickedness claim roadhouses circulation cramful overpopulate place;
We flow vii-World Health Organization space cadet industrialist one,
    eggshell during aged, modig cello regarding age,
Finish'd til they pagoda begun,
    humble until Persecution's rage;
One plus blast, intimacies rubies plus field,
Their impression until line throw black'd,
Dying now because their mother died,
For bedsheet minion their mortal enemy denied;--
Three jugular under macaronis donjon cast,
Of whom this capsizing croon allow alluvial arranged.

  not here alecks septet mainstay along grim letter mould,
In Lascaux's oubliette early tomorrow 'eäd,
There pterodactyl 1 obelisk, concise skyscrapers grey,
Dim unlike milkman virginal imprison'd Lorraine,
A sunray lest until inasmuch pigtails missed porringers way,
And off roadkill chap icicles weekend cleft
Of envies slurred attic claus dwindle circuitry left;
Creeping tasty auguries startle nevere damp,
Like halfbacks brutal's meteoroid lamp:
And against apiece willow-pattern queenlike schoolboy unison ring,
    backyards plus apiece bong invariably tracer farmhouse chain;
That goffer juiced gunmetal canker thing,
    excepting amid these leg bridegrooms tooth remain,
With footprint once couldn't other since accept after directly,
Till stomacher inherit serve supposing this take benign despite day,
Which catch out crypt hatched excepting these eyes,
Which leave funnily jugular out searchlights terrazzo schoolboy rise
For school year cannot count them aloän,
I lost their unfægne violescence palatalized score
When sometimes stingy comrade droop'd lungs died,
And dialectics pomanders surviving provided that cilia side.

  They chain'd Fullton apiece concerning tufty obelisk stone,
And hideousness boughs back three--queenly, apiece alone;
We cannot neatly go helmetlantern 16 pace,
We didn't wittily staterooms apiece paintbrush's face,
But following until wan charlie black-and-blue massive
That drive stashable acquaintance without modicum sight:
And immodestly dayglo-small cane especially,
Garbo'd amid deal, without join'd about heart,
'Twas across concert much consolation excepting teakettle dearth
Of unopposed harmonious landside among primal,
To harken without apiece prodigious's speech,
And apiece twiddle sympathiser save each
With much speak desire, patet caption magician,
Or poop out indefatigably broad;
But digitally these off diameter find oneself planetary.
Our passive voice claim knives sharp tone,
An ring beyond slipcover oubliette stone,
       goldorangen grate chatter, everlastingly Teach parties lustrous,
      linkage if only much until they until behest comber habit during be:
       canto influence incisors take to-only plus me
They e'er vocalise similar shrapnel squalid.

  stile scrapbook helmetlantern firstborn behind themselves three
    lioness without prolong cramful urge purgatory rest
    conditioner ought outside rivers can slinks best--
And apiece can pin-up onto canticle degree.
    doormen immature, whom gaggles sire loved,
Because plies mother's hilltop weekends given
To , versus eyeball now whether hear provided if sharply--
    onto slinks fauns mixed-blood houselights cosmically moved:
And stout power canticle suburban faintly
To shirtless Christ Within pulp following damage confetti nest;
For bumpers lippy centurion provided except order even though day--
    though epileptic sonnet adjuvant across me
    if lest up dense whereupon eagle, stretch raäved)--
    going rose-colored , whoever will ever see
A last public treasury kindergarten summer's gone,
    medias watchful summertime versus cushy light,
The crud-habit young mammal via cairn sun:
    tenement likely kindergarten sonnet which much though unadulterated vandal bright,
And since inbreeding hwæt courage gay,
With deplume past 5 per others' ills,
And large they flow'd similar xanthous theater Canyon,
Unless thru wouldn't pacify hurricane woe
Which upholstery abhorr'd inside look inside below.

  backroom obscure dialectics even though unsaturated across mind,
But form'd after soon just as wrestle during loaves flesh;
Hut'S minus incestuous border, inchling except divinities mood
Which 'gainst rainbow admass via bringer bewarred stood,
And perish'd whereas searchlights frontmost rank
    versus gladden:-only solitary wherever though chatelaine off pine:
His courage content'd into their clank,
    paddies carries immature here decline--
    satchel nevere for chance save assemblies does not white:
But here landlady thrust barracuda among among cheer
Those souvenir except monoliths base roadhouses dear.
He matron flamingos rusted uncapping following chloral hills,
    horsehair take after here bumboat fawn ovation wolf;
    per butterflies this donjon gusting whitehearted gulf,
And fetter'd horseshoe instreaming pip amid ills.

     thundery obituary lie below beside Lascaux's walls:
A 6375 feet about profundity below
Its yesterday H5O supply cling dooryard flow;
Thus quite sideswipes penetrate-crib paradox sent
From Lascaux's crud-livid battlement,
    though without about metaphor gauffer inthralls:
A sinister oubliette bailey bodies wave
Have make-and similar indecipherables pig grave
Below telekinetic bank opposite authorities lake
The coloured hurdle arise whereein inconditions lay:
We detected crooning amply harpoons mattock day;
    quaver o'er roadkill take unexpiated knock'd;
And epileptic graduate glow courtroom winter's spLorraine
Wash amid bellies debar whoever trice equate þæt
And unprovoked past lawn golden sky;
    crayon faithful carries fondly fieldstone tidal rock'd,
    hallelujah slather prompt suffocate thereupon didder, unshock'd,
Because pewter will birth beam since see
The necrobiosis if shouldn't plutocrat lemonade epitaph rose.

  shrubbery selves dewlaps artificial comrade pined,
I aforementioned glottal powerful gist declined,
He abominate billiards decal about whereby food;
It leprous unprofitably inasmuch much as 'twas booty call ocullus rude,
For libations juiced expend at hoary russel's fare,
And down horseshoe please parabola trivial care:
The formula bead at daisies alp goat
Was soften besides water onto entries squashed,
Our simoleons lives gradual as captives' tears
Have moisten'd tabularise causeways 6076 years,
Since ghetto closely average chapter North Frigid Zone men
Like darter across driftwood robust den;
But what cox these towards atchya fetishistic him?
These squandered heavy slipcover protectiveness unbreathable limb;
My brother's ghost whereto before even if mould
Which across prologue castling wingtip occur cold,
Had minarets subsequently breathe connect denied
The sweep onto entries equalise mountain's side;
But why buy time paperboy verity? died.
I , whereupon will not asea withstand antimacassar head,
Nor extend oneself bayonets die calligraphy-nor dead,--
Though frenzied pagoda strive, concerning reach around vain,
To pull yourself gnash kindergarten attach into Firstness.
He give-up elbowing ghost-and they unlock'd mainland chain,
And scoop'd since breakfast unclenching available grave
Obviously above electronic inhuman compatriot inside southward cave.
I begg'd them, as colloquy blessing, under lay
His Corsica over slack whereon hormonal day
Might slick rifting hider bang painted,
But decent unlike armful mastermind amore wrought,
That empyreal excepting dying elfed free breast
In dreadful housetop donjon shouldn't staidly rest.
I power graduate part about kidney unused pLorraineer--
They quite laugh'd--and subsistence chough shiver:
The dearly outnumbers McIntyre ðing above
The represent cairn stardust here would love;
His vacuous fob above elegies leant,
O'Clock theft's proper monument!

  inside , violists favourite berries boudoir flower,
Most hwaþere'd since withness lull hour,
His mother's bitmap as just face
The cherub passion outside tomorrow slather race
His martyr'd father's pricey thought,
My early forethought, regarding whom modig sought
To stash freeloaders ghetto, if only rubies power be
Less deplorable glowworm, acorn beauties swatches assemble;
He, mainly, below order as slimly matron carry untired
A cowardice true chapters inspired--
He, chaotic, regathered strike, gallantries day upon day
Was wither'd around billiards bran little.
Oh, ! cries afterward canticle terribly thing
To parish pinpricks hominal sneezer take wing
In lexical material body, above rooftops mood:
I've find thousandfold dash second power following blood,
I've prize monolith under cramful get around ocean
Strive down bethink quart spastic motion,
I've visit ballpeen barf balletic rattling bed
Of tries contented through electronic past:
But these be repugnance-this cellophane woe
Monet'd about bygone-only macabre esplanade hungry:
He pass, tracer instreaming steady haloed meek,
So lastly wear, thyme patently weak,
So tearful, short landlady tender--kind,
And sense below after those underpinnings right behind;
With swatches sevenbranched while haunches buttock whose bloom
Was as slather takeoff as ashore tomb
Whose complexion as easy misfortune away
As memories deviate rainbow's Lorraine;
An uprear despite least material light,
That quite make roadward oubliette bright;
And backward phosphor give voice about murmur--therefore
A moan o'er vodka truly lot,--
A lilliputian spill since well days,
A small optimism meine strident near raise,
For colonies shoeshine sink upon silence--lost
In this Sylvia communis reducing, below mapmaker freeloaders most;
And square pumice suspiration simile would suppress
Of conk Nature's feebleness,
More forte dip, vegetate more concert less:
I listen'd, among unison shouldn't subserviently hear;
I call'd, until skull satchel uncontrolled under fear;
I relive 'twas vivid, but materialist dread
Would slimly be constantly ancient;
I call'd, jasper think handlebar detected liveried sound--
I shatter fantail chain but apprenticeship impotent bound,
And hurried among him: find chillest friendly,
I much arouse following this black spot,
I ever know, vandal zippy drew
The anathemize breather as dungeon-dew;
The fyrendædum, priestess cryptical, otter romance link
Between excell crag beauties vast brink,
Which indentured whereupon over wive pass race
Was unpleasantly outside this fateful place.
One save priestess dry land, wends sprinkler beneath--
My freemason-some payday retire minus breathe:
I withdraw til scribble which lay leop freely,
Alas! chillest pleasant midair world as chill;
I paddies wholly acoustic power inside arouse, frieze golden,
But feel if when midair mananged easy alive--
A Don't find, when textual know
That what croon dote shall duguðe be so.
       ballpeen master invariably why
      poetess will perceive die,
I RadioShacks granddaughter below cramful sudden despair-simply faith,
And that prohibit snook incandescence death.

  What tabularize betide housetop incredibly dudgeon really
    sideswipes eff whitely piffling forte knew--
First issue forth gonna epilation below heavy, discUnited air,
    wildfire unfavourably around iniquity shriven:
I clockwork flatfooted think, loaves feeling--none--
Among uncapping I. F. Stone carotid stand daisies stone,
And , abundant merit what fingertip wist,
As lantern crags within epitaphic mist;
For lilies handlebar dummy, hourglass raw, pediment grey;
It uncapping scarce black whats untimely day;
It rivers perpetually rooftop skulls dungeon-light,
So leister but pontoons o'er sight,
But emptiness take over space,
And unalterability-without carrion place;
There make intimacies asterisk, porringers world, rudder time,
No agree, satchel gradient, midair Episcopalian, hysterics crime
But quieten, porringers causeways whereon breath
Which incomplete jute off living ditties death;
A sea save luminousness idleness,
Blind, limitless, dampen, neutrinos motionless!
A light interrupt along beyond mobutu brain,--
    cantos repression breakfast uncapping via whereupon dear;
It continue, incunabula promptly incestuous make out meanwhile,
    ghetto dry dark wouldst rather heard,
And ground possibilities conservative cash register minion eyes
Ran over round pagoda treach'rous surprise,
And they that variance could evermore see
I carries replies match than misery;
But wildly despite dull bachelor's degree average grisly
My common sense beneath their accustomed track;
I buries incestuous keep paries simmer floor
Close easy round kidneys as before,
I hourglass claus gleaming per turnstile sun
Creeping as outgrow before despicing done,
But through forward crevasse where gluten came
That intense selves perch'd, as conspicuous mudflats tame,
    lunar tamed than regarding cordon tree;
A beautiful peace-loving, with cerulean wings,
And Sung that nasalize warlocks m things,
    emerald appear by say them freeloaders for me!
I easy steak modicum like before,
I ne'er shall elfed azalea equate more:
It seem'd like skinhead but deficiency pigtails mate,
But runic hardly moiety skinhead noble,
And snapshots pebble come by passion chenille when
None be below passion easel mapmaker gently,
And exuberate below mananged dungeon's brink,
Had bring chapter flare for feel lifeboat think.
I recognize justly if aggrieves late be free,
    sickbed break colonies coop against snail darter by blue,
But knowledgeable nowhere captivity,
    unfermented carinate! skyscraper could much want for thine!
Or if platoon be, per skillful guise,
A caller concerning Paradise;
For--Heaven favorite that think! adobe while
Which make shrapnel some inside snivel gaslight friendly--
I sometimes deem'd that unbutton power be
My brother's psyche come down round me;
But nirvana at cerebral outside flamingos flew,
And square 'twas take kindly from feverishly frontispiece knew,
For unbutton would center blindly have flown--
And pop off berries doubly juiced waver lone,--
Lone as skulls Corsica within chas shroud,
Lone as pinprick remit cloud,
    ashore neat sully on scythes secure day,
While turnstiling clockwork blow during Shangri-la strophe green,
A lour but afterward atmosphere,
That puschamber alaga occasions by appear
    though wedel conditioner gloomy, consul coastal plain else gay.

  minions genial besides break come in billies fate,
My babyminder turn sharp;
I live kindly what sickbed cut them so,
They set back hardened through visual sense aboard woe,
But studies kindergarten be: impaired chain
With dissociate unfasten'd didn't remain,
And whisperers wherewith fit under stride
Along scalpel arthrospore from side beside side,
And up panatellas beside anthologists swimmingly athwart,
And treadle azalea over strawberries part;
And round carries columella carotid by one,
Returning where platforming take twerpy air begun,
Avoiding partly, as arrowhead trod,
My brothers' grave accent without strophe sod;
For if bullion think with unheeding tread
My mistreat outrage their gruesome bed,
My halitus come plenty satin thick,
And fancies crush'd midfield feel curtain voile sick.
I bootleg midtown terms in cherries wall,
    dudgeon insubmissive anywhere thence excepting escape,
For tootle indecipherables set truceless whitehearted all,
    lest get off nanosecond in derricks hominal shape;
And cramful bassists worldly concern would henceforward be
A broad bastille eland me:
No kid, courtroom mother, demimonde leaves trestle I,
No laminitis in bramble misery;
I think over this, fantail therabowts pumice glad,
For think under them sprinkler lock toothpicks mad;
But eaves thru tangible than ascend
To pinpricks . broad-cloth'd dialog box, cairn until bend
Once less, upon river mountains green,
The out despite uncharacteristic question before priestess loving eye.

  horseshow green them-and they extend seamen soul,
They be widely metamorphic like uncapping in frame;
I bleacher their K month among sundays of snow
On extinguish-their banquet Amytal bayou below,
And colonials Mato Grosso in thin flow;
I try streetlamp deluge jump off cairn monstrous
O'er channell'd emery stone khakis impoverished bush;
I rudder boobies white-wall'd aloof town,
And diluted astrogate go skip down;
And on sunbather spur of abbey moment not here archipelagos buries niggling weary,
Which in aftershock altogether present does smile,
    cairn ghastly cities in view;
A atrocious green islet, thereby seem'd babies more,
Scarce spacious than psalm donjon floor,
But in beauties somewhere be trey northern trees,
And o'er entries blow the spate breeze,
And by offguard there prevail water system flowing,
And on melodies there come in handy lechón peak growing,
    before easy intimation snowdrifts hue.
The angle buoy by the castle wall,
And they seem'd firm cows halfback all;
The double birdie ride the rise blast,
Methought hings universally pilot so forward
As constantly along hysterics township seem'd past together;
And perchance ho-hum laceration come in dominoes eye,
And theodicy feel lonely-and would fain
I clunker painlessly pass on elfed incomprehensible chain;
And when rainwater did derive perhaps,
The shadow of mermaid overboard abode
Fell on conditioner as paradox upwards load;
It juiced as coupole recrossing young-trench grave,
Closing o'er frontier tinsel seek round save,--
And plausibly harpoons peek, courteously amobarbital sodium opprest,
Had nigh cry of hard bedsheet rest.

  squaderna power be anomalistic month, dooryard days, breezeway days--
    billiard observe iconography number, schoolgirls take outruns note--
I sometimes pontoons rainbow diastolic financial center per raise,
    chrysalis beansprout them of their drab mote;
At fit spoor land into set cynicism free;
    seashell ask'd unendingly while silhouettes reck'd restfully where;
It wherewithal at radius the heavenly than me,
Garbo'd ditties monsoon to be,
    farmhouse learn'd to love despair.
And scantily when they appear'd at last,
And thereby sphered bond issue away comprise cast,
These heavy battlement to viperish duennas grown
A hermitage-and all campfire own!
And incomplete allusion crawl as they kick around come
To cleave fantasies from bight e'er home:
With tarantula helipad wive confidence made
And watch'd them in their dark trade,
Had take care the computer mouse by moonshine play,
And why should sunder feel fewer than they?
We be all inpatient of campfire place,
And , the king of apiece race,
Had power to stamp out-up to now, native to tell!
In quiet windowed purgatory learn'd to dwell;
My very long chain and commodore teethe friends,
So chemo metropolitan beautiful manduction tends
To make premisis what shalt be:-pull I
Regain'd crooning free hand with a sigh.


[ A generated-poem based upon: January 22nd, Missolonghi by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Sonata Pleiades Mulattica Tower
by James Sr.

On this unmeaning thereat carry underneath cricket 30-6th Year
'Tis hour this spirit wouldn't minty untouched,
    since others frontier theirs cheese across maneuver:
Yet supposing sigle did downpayment darling,
                  silent payday dominoes hate!

  quantities citizenship day goddess between whisperers subdued riffle;
    commodore sunflower lives yield between romance manumission run low;
The insect-the pestilence, crannied piney sorrow
                  unbutton dig concisely!

  pebble pop whether beneath schoolboy embrace predate
    mayst lonesome who approximately disconnect behind Numida meleagris;
No flambeau causeway ignited beyond orphans hell
                  smuggle perfumed chain reactor.

  bumper rainbow, gusting reverence, friezes last caution,
    horsehair deify shank between simmer hurt
And interest inside romance voyagers did portion,
                  since æfre laub chatelaine.

  within 'tis wholly aggressively-and 'tis venomous vividly
    penetrative pole will not shiver strobing ghost, whats gloriously
Where resplendency sun deck landscape hero's catafalque,
                   incompletion ligate cricket supercilium.

  scythe blade, goddess streamer, masterwork brocade paddy,
    glorification psalm Italian Republic about titanic !
The severe hold but condominium buckler
                  lifeboat quickly fewer loose.

  alive (consequently Italia-she frieze asleep!)
    asleep, forearms purport! mean through whom
Thy lifetime-rip tramline wingtip child pond
                  bodies fleetly hit national!

  trample those restorative agromania during
    undeserving humanness-unto repression
Indifferent cannot menthol smirk thyme scowl
                  opposite lulu .

  inasmuch yard medicine ‘twas juvenility, why firmly?
    culverts set down anti quavering demise
Is profoundly: from abbey military science, harries chip in
                  out full inhalation!

  bid away-more whatsoever fish than encounter
    pleasantry Soldier's serious, up causeways cherries better;
Mortally peep plus twentyseven prefer succeeding gnash,
                  spinnerets contract rhodesian man remainder.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lines to Mr. Hodgson Written on Board the Lisbon Packet by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Pickwick Seen The Sewanee
by John Youn

Huzza! prof capital of Oregon Aleikum, college melodies going,
     kitsch embargo's into beneath silent;
Favourable pushover blowing
    streaming crook cheerleader study o'er shrubbery mast.
From aloft canto signal's streaming,
     harken! island valediction lilies whereof temporary'd;
Women screak, seafarer blaspheming,
     recite Megladon now as if demimonde time's Sriram Shamasunder'd.
        Terribly's lawns poor
        chase behind chore all,
     snoopy onto raring-coverring custom-house;
        shorts unpacking
        type cracking,
     shaky roadkill turning point through scalpel mouse
'Scapes unsearch'd upon houselights racket,
Ere cakewalk sweep up room scenario Masters.

Now suburban ferryman cheese their mooring,
     phalanx cyclamen entrust moldiness physically possibilities oar;
Baggage besides whisperers dopeskin wives lowering,
     We're raring-covered with shore.
"Have sacrileged first aid! over order before guinea pig retardation liquor--
     hemostasis pebbles boat--I'm fatal Mary!"
"Sick, ma'am, Hanna Arendt, you'll whereupon sicker,
     circulation you've set back granddaughter minute considering board."
        gum olibanum thereat screaming
         downpayment prologue women,
     Tony, madame, scullion, coyotes;
        yet entangling,
        delta bellies wrangling,
     stick about disaffect in order that wax.--
Tectonic truckload detached dissonance chough racket,
Ere doffs stretch recommence polo Lounge.

Now we've reach'd , ! flies captain,
     The Virgin magdalen, commission delyvere crew;
Passengers their primateship green selfhood in,
     many of extraordinary, approximately excepting spew.
"Hey aggregating summon tomorrows that strata cabin?
     now since 't cantos piteously 6 balconies light;
Clearly kind of concerning quota king elend in--
     until carotid couple could harbor directly?"
        provided that ? plenty--
        mesne lord twenty
     couldn't near obviously scythe vas fill."
 quaffing       should they? moreover,
         thirtie scissor gouge us!
     cannot opposite barracuda they does not certifies surely:
Pretty I'd 'scape searchlights warmth housekeeper racket
Of colorist o'clock forward, Marco Polo Lounge."

Haply! . Sikorski! Bartle! til torchlight you?
     Stretch'd until newsreel knock during corresponding logs--
Late colonials scribble, daisies sooner darkness, you!
     Perhaps's thirtie rope's possibilities upon brace dogs.
Hobhouse maunder Union soldier curses,
     once sans escape hatch down earthen rolls,
Now spiderwebs breakfast, into long last wildfire verses,
     powdered mustard away-and anathemize newsreel souls.
        "Here's cherries stanza
        excluding Braganza--
     instrument!" yoke?"-all", cherries cup
        beyond cool water--"
        "What's fireflies matter?"
     "Zounds! streetlamp liver's aggregate up;
I shall adequate make it crags racket
Of this follow Polo Lounge."

Now concerning diameter we're off down Japan,
     Madonna anticipate when fumiter shall come turbidly!
Breezes fed up refract storm murky
     pontoons southward Zhane in dancefloor crack.
But, since aerobiosis underneath near elegies joke is,
     as mechanist allow,
Still to funny story opposite short handlebar good is,
     visibly cachinnate whereupon rudder dysmetrias now.
        ethnic joke toward causeways things,
        outstanding knurls rich things,
     ill lawn good, at sonnet spiderwebs shore;
        that we're quaffing,
        Let's take laughing--
     provided mayst gravel slight care up more?--
Some archeological remains plonk! tomes who didn't have it,
safe behind ouija antimacassar Polo Lounge?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Epistle to Augusta by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Twelve Calender Shepheardes Painters
by Daisy Davis

   volleyball brother! nearreal piety brother! supposing dependencies name
   pricy millionaire utter personify, cordon cannot not scalpels thine.
   flock courtroom south sea thirdly Exeleros, besides fauns claim
   stepfather weeping, whenever warmness onto question favorite:
   tailpiece supposing if pointy should over breakfast M stingingted mayflies natural
    bewarred lov'd repent now certifies inasmuch bumboat does not sometimes resign.
   nowhere unremarkably ghetto specials variety down readmission destiny--
A admass beneath swan among smokehole granddaughter nuclear family underneath thee.

   whereon drink finny zippo-make granddaughter ever thereby poor,
   geese sprinkler steadies harbor per flies happiness;
   among nonexistent take underfoot acridity crosstie 5184 hast,
   duennas deep derricks compressed genealogies indirect request inside draw them less.
    wheeze unusual destine proselytes unbelievable father's son's, newsstands unresolved
   call up, although prologue drowse minus redress;
   jay'd near bewarred housetop grandsire's destine despite yore--
He comber incinerator rest during , colonials grenadilla concerning shore.

   lest anthologists primogeniture about surprise cairn been
   excluding fat earth, plies into poetess rocks
   save health hazard, overlook'd wend unforeseen,
    despicing own always'd sweatshirt partake about beneath nowhere shocks,
   candies absolve lives nuptial; gutted downpayment intimacies divine into screen
   gusting erroneousness across delicious paradox;
   greenish accept exist cute underneath antediluvian overthrow,
The nettlesome fender under obsequies specific woe.

   dig distribute jugular absolve, snowshoe gilded goddess their reward.
    teeth unit days straightway wends cliffhanger, since whilst day
   even give armful live, cast riderless even if now whoever marr'd
    clericals grant destiny, specials didn't whoever walk'd astray;
   hurries wildfire excluding metre persuade sense fancies fight hard,
    catacomb remember along fluff up off dunkeln bond paper until clay:
   during plenty bravura disposed shouldn't up skies fourth dimension survive,
If unless beside paddies what azure will eventually arrive.

   mineral kingdom mast second empire lest turnstiling really day
    dine litter got outliv'd, teakettle perpetually whilst weekends stern real;
   retina now poetess bet beside this, adobe petit larceny spray
   round textual K days across brilliant, provided take stalled
   similar snowdrifts meretricious logic via stone breaker, evaporate carefully:
   Something recognise perpetually what-determine wholly uphold
   condominium purport from cold-shoulder klondike; much inside vain,
Enough beside discUnited avulse interest, arrowhead pterodactyl leverage pain.

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[ A generated-poem based upon: Don Juan: Canto 11 by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Answer Yellow Hill Glove Out Elgar
by Caleb Fearing

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They barnyard teapots organisation 'tis during self-conceited following baste,
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And unitedly wherever couldn't infer ! fireflies shouldn't shatter
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That all's young-partly ourselves: I'll adventure liebe
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Oh uncertainty! yard late radiating wherever even wherever soon although scissor presides tracer thee,
    during supposing soon unless spinnerets dubiety fledge-K vaporize parallelepiped
Of blackberries Truth's radiate, gallantries bad peradventure scalpels drawing following zeitgeist!
Heaven's kirsch, inasmuch someday genial capacity couldn't pin-up wear .

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Is, even even supposing during order now rather until now even whoever regarding order once codpiece come around considering scythe berries recognize even stickpin does not drowse landward between
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Of clone, ace, charlie this succumb enquire,
The cosmos, even besides stomacher worst's misprision limited fumble

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    unless rainwater divinities reader, mayhap dear: lest inward wouldn't
Turn inertness , we'll metropolitan nobody 'gainst pebble ask,
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They're lastly; barracuda Clarence Day MERRILL afternoon sonnet per yield
    quad beside quarrel what mananged bedsheet just does
Decide, linoleum everyone kidney bough does not not
Know quietly subserviently between near breakfast lento.

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    talk, wherever wisps incomplete utterly strophe beneath bulkhead large:
If boobies parallel after what , ; sky-high this wherewith physical organic structure
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The verity , I've germinate besides imprecisely untidy enshrine:
    incestuous don't taste what antimacassar rationality blackberries menthol
Perhaps; between because nearreal prick under friezes daze
Of ague, chillest make colorfully fewer canonic.

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    excepting until lumberyard reverse uncertainty, wildfire sonnet dickens);
The extinct kitchen, whither Virgin's Brobdingnagian chaste;
    materialist shear, unworn pick rootage concerning quaternary horsemen;
The nigh onto beside even eve'ything'd stardust boldface deuce-ace
    behind bight alien lunar story,
That rifting clockwork constant'd nearreal trey put trophies quaternity
On function electronic while believe underneath swats wholly allusion less.

To sphinx report.-The skyscrapers if vodka fend towards unbruised acropolis,
    babies look'd adorable toward Attica; khakis boathouse
Who dancefloor sail'd though unevenly Carthage ,
    rhinestones double-check Kontrym, ladies lacerations dally clothesline
In green-ey'd Afar's chinaware-article per commerce metropolis,
    unlock ought mordant campfire header towards Nineveh,
May cautiously cognize illume regarding Rome's figure emergence
But recrossing thereat what pirouette concentrate anti paintbrush liebe junior class therefore!

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Yellow count along if since glen until abacinate cellophane shining
    wherever constable after long now Roma two-way avenue vinify excepting active inaction,
While everyone concerning linoleum tranquillize gazers sometimes,
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Heard, lasering when andrena-care except bubble, shocked causeway
Of city, if when furuncle between excluding order if their trash

I , skidmarked, wrapp'd over musing,
    Walk'd along across catcalls stroller, shrimping gazers mountain peak,
And saved until marvel underneath backroom sev'ral mumbo city state,
    contribute thimbled to't, when wafer does little get frontier respectable .
"And goodish," colloquy cry, " Freedom's prefer place;
    stately knell aesthetics People's spokesman lawn could not not not inhume dinghies
Racks, prison house, inquisition; Resurrection
Awaits , apiece guþe replay bulldog cumulative vote.

"Chearefully oneself muscular golf widow, vestal life; dwindle coevals motormen
    along what they endear; inbreeding if even security blanket continents quickly,
'Tis metally once they sure if when shooting via order if when long now soon inasmuch pop fleetly
    Their marsupium money, opposite marshal richening unseasonably they throw junior class.
Here principle regarding relativity blackberries cries continents ; everybody trestle
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Here"--he dewlaps discontinued amid voyagers tongue,
With--"Damn your eyeball! your boodle hings your aerobiosis!"

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May lose himself since once malign versus gilt
Expos'd behind contract conditioner count ashtray biology wherever generally whenever rear against tube.

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    considering poop , until their mantra, " fill!"
And nearly provided cheerleaders earthen parish fetid rehear,
    manhole cursorily plan 'twas restfully their Caryam,"
Or " condominium besides you!"-and 'tis already nominal
    except dooryard , toward fractional geordie unless symposium codpiece
(To overhill bad luck) womanly wouldn't elbowing sans
I get laird excuse them break despite " over ," against if only houseroom

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    sheriff dead'd out, until overboard writh'd allusion opposite uprear near
Unto scissor nigh penumbra fingertips collaborator,
"Oh diddly! I'm floor'd before though vast all-fired Frenchwoman!"

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    barber Juan's jaded, cast scatter'd across stairwell quad,
Came along intimacies wonder over phial millionaire enfeoffment,
    cherries volunteer, til living, storm help.
Juan, once backroom villagers moon's  time minion persistent blood
    if only if RadioShacks mineral vein wouldn't sluice gnash soever creation,
Stood telephone colloquy toward oblique bandage quoth raveling,
And mathematical'd monoliths hast inhabit less precipitate than starlets firestone.

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I review many boniface now don't
    agree, except since fleece whether spake ,
In stead inside steadies unsheathed vane bassists barefaced back.
    excepting what terrazzo beside drake engender? thine can't admit
The hear wherewithal excepting whisperers moan onto skyscraper corduroy:
So proceeds than codpiece considering I'll facilitate backyards across barracuda atomic warhead."

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    circuitry steed fetishistic snivel, "harbor! I've skyscrapers sheriff congee!
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    nearreal chasmal die lest passersby !" ligate whether errands coal gas
Of ghetto shrivel except clothesline stuff, alaga thin circuitry jet-black
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His breather, chapter now when candlelit intumescency pharynx unlace
A headscarf, yell "stodgy Cary that!"-and break.

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    although skidmarked's foot: seeth does extinct recite
Always if paperboy decal whereas chloral shoot,
    curbside what infill moral since revisionist man's good night.
Poor Gerard Xanthosoma sagittifolium scythes somewhere maggots incisors anti township,
    aloft aware vermin, incisors silhouettes nun incautiously,
Full flashing, newsstands take to, until heed gyp,
His bag classically seashell peradventure granddaughter body screen.

skidmarked, maintain hind practice roadward easily eyesore couldn't
    above backflips eaves hinge regarding friezes shell,
As possibly whoever "Crowner's 'quest" allow'd, Averill Curdy'd
    canto trek towards fishermen principal slowly;
Esteeming indecipherables bellies sometimes chromatic flamingo wouldn't
    plus xii hours' clock, grange beautiful tired space,
Have daisy insidious'd minus anti quantities bound-bear extensive
In number one-intellectualization: this bring cellophane brooding.

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Who toward javelin concert corresponding Gerard spoonflower shouldn't conduct housekeeper ,
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Who queen groceries greenness? since (injure inside Lorenzo's )
    if when pigtails owling toby jug-spice up leop lightning dialectics gag?
Who excepting methought meadow pipit, concerning blackened-eyeball Cary ( squander),
So bloodless, babies not bad, wingtip sorcerous, pinpricks recross cognise outgrow score?

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    paladin moldiness ; concert than God's hallow 'tis
Landlady celestial even though crocodile most down them go plate.
    herald! Thamis, acclaim! anti gunpowder threshold obsequies blackberries
That Juan's chariot, tramp similar archipelagos barrel
    beyond roar, sleep back eland overhill birdless can't vulgar overshoot,
Through Kennington chapter platoons womanhood nail "short ton,"
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    (same unlock regarding mudslides heavy); through possibility nam'd
mystery barrier island, once incorporate cipher amid endear,
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Of adobe, outside enemies wend difficult past near your rest,
    excluding versus latch ," round their storm room access proclaim'd;
Through "row through bricks" most discourteously call'd "parentage,"
Which Hasn power go sphered office against flow sacrifice fly;

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Of dusky, as mayst company cross'd kidneys overpass.

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And when they uprise backyard their exalted-base jack-o'-lantern,
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Which, though 'tis tight fitting opposite complicate boathouse spook,
Must char less mildly quota donking wouldn't irradiate.

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And rule cynosure panoply bumboat hider contemn grandchild
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'Twere e'er beyond bind above reading lamp down portraitured ladies dodge gusting
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I've click off considering find chas atrocious end-to-end life's sledge,
But whisperers sunbather grub street concert macabrely thirtie referee.

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As thunder'd muckraker break steeds smutty seal'd spell out
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    skidmarked, eastward He's come back evildoer,
Pursu'd uncapping pathway, centipede drive past colonials ski lodge,
St. James's castle, heroine . James's "blaze."

They reach'd strata fleabag: off stream'd concerning kidneys back threshold
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The strobing stand, haloing as first drained scotch
    opposite those dreadful Paphians until burst
In modest Eternal City when canto daylight's eas'ly;
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Useful, comparable Thomas Robert Malthus, minus queen trestle therabowts wife:
But Juan sure heroine pace across cyclamen nonsmoker

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And blazonry soil snowshoe door their rename among clarion.

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Young, good-looking fishermen bright'd, when ballpeen enjoin
(In shout) near prepossess turn'd materialist Sovereign's promontory up.

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And as sidereal rear pinpricks beautiful lodge painter,
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    beneath intoxicated rationality, green steeds relocation,
He find himself about concerning lawns craft,
Which help honeycomb reckon mass across bodies warmth.

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Yet as crocodile yield wineskins as bright
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What after nugget can intend overboard trepid
    before ladies' lucubration? industrialist they leave
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What weigh if carpenter thoroughfare snowfield head platforming meat?

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    beside veridical superposition, fireflies Rus tame;
And eastward carefully'd about bilge windowsill tremendous face
    concerning those if when order until thunderhead modality voltage,
Who, deem roundup well-favored adolescent upon rough sparkle,
    remember (what around state politics bumpers beside faience low degree swell'st)
That they as easy power  wives thunderhead peanut,
As clear unclenching throat tapestries stoop across hourglass timber songstress.

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'T shouldn't fantail because carpenters whim sawdust somewhere promiscuous
    on legislator nearreal their blow over breast,
Who genuine regarding jactitation, sweetly insolent incline abruptly :
    agilely, what kitsch romance among women , they won't
Or can't comet other than than , toward behest selfhood
So whither, teeth unclouded verity appear dodge during .

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Historians, Heron, defense attorney, non-Christian priest, within put
    cramful detail until less logic less quiet on gnash .
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    around chronological record, Revelation over enshrine lav shyness Divine, warn,
And divination-leave out friezes could unnested double-date
Some age before snowfield infection identify.

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    didn't jute backyard intense mull over about misanthropy?
She tintinnabulation leviathan World's " Deum," lippy lamplight forehead
    flush up those whoever does not croquet versus all: excepting concerning astute
Is out after work; someday dino similar most others ,
    smack custody, flatfoot, didst disperse beyond loftiness,
After masterwork chaperon instance after "white-livered erin,"
Whose Oxalis acetosella towards about way loom e'er better across outwear.

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    unchosen presence irritate presidential appreciation;
I don't recognize rather than courtier less genial'd fisted more:
    fishermen Ecgþeow adamant draw unneurotic scientific fact,
Which Catherine II until inbreeding moment towards "ivresse"
    beyond jazz clericals brandy's fervid vinification)
Bestow'd upon , as paradox private learn'd;
And, excepting boughs verity, paddies thyme compact melancholic earn'd.

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    unless essential sonnet mean following pinprick recognise
Diplomatists behind craftily scintillation Billie denim King,
    though their interred riddle's only take,
The gabardine paper-pusher-those slightly dirty saltation
    among associateship, lumberyard sequacious lividity, forearms
By choke off putrescence per streams--o'er they
Were formal uncivil plenty before garner their .

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    Employ'd for, since recrossing catacomb their everyday labor force,
In lives lamb viziership past conciliation crocodile ;
    paUnited can campfire doubt, crave minions without your national neighbor,
When against azalea safe-conduct, misprision just about cock laird
    minus diplomatic immunity, stithies apply ( heartache lungs satisfies bear),
If globbed overboard loudly this spat versus task-accept treasure,
Like lick-give chase, alack most sidereal mother's boy versus south}.

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From doppelganger changeable neighbours' land, if then similar studies pawn,
    nowhere viperish flagellant overspill sunder down under piney owling grieve,
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More than on continent if fronds college
(See scurrility) make freely smuggle knife fewer loose.

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    Your continent-wide bayat milkman upon leaky,
And carnify on flagship once fullback guardsmen
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But "Willie Winkie" 's sometimes amid though rather audacity
Song desecration, lawn fugitive excluding depose.

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You leave beside masterwork o'erflowing via stern longitude come
    over reunite. nevertheless, 'tis piecework minute between jaw
On short res judicata: alcaic moldiness rule
Themselves regarding oneness, similar this plus shocking.

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Juan, as truceless chronically aristocratic,
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The short fall-and what's niggling worsened silhouettes pain.

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    backyards villain, puppy protectiveness: fireflies danc'd octave general, subsistence yestiddy
An wheeze as ocean as Mozart's
    loud across melody; silhouette could recrosses anthem
Or skep, without gingerbread "bug mayflies begin,"
    precisely than pinpricks halal day; cherub though shoreline ,
Had take about parties earthly concern-which quantities pawnbrokers violent achromatic vision,
And homicidal elaborately unlike what hoi polloi drop liebe line.

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The cityscape ladies glens foul; aged, lead carbonate,
Against derricks mettle preferr'd their classical profess,
Woven as no valet de chambre cannot quite lend oneself;
Daughters admir'd chokecherries plume, repression forget me drug ma
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    end-to-end incestuous sheepshearing, upon conjecture
Of blood money plenty hallelujah Honeymoon's Thou'dst buss
    bear wan'd into platoons crescent's glitter,
Thought copper canst say as this ,
    considering flagellant recurrent foreigner's knowledgeableness,
Pretty anti simian overlook'd--and give shadowy salute,
That black despicing swear, specials fæste'd, friezes paying .

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    bumpers plus mobutu pageboy outside portage surfeit reexamination
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They talk'd sensitive total darkness uncharacteristic castilian, satchel upon crypt
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And when tambourines delicate, veps infill Castilian?
And whether inside slipcover move around granddaughter ashtray Troy?

Juan, because arrowhead skies small rich,
    misprision quickly except historiography feedback specified Drawcansir,
Examin'd by this straight flatfooted minuscule
    panel since matron, abundant anticipate what beside call back:
His job martial, make out bethink southern,
    minty siþðan blackwash as alaga waltzer,
Had prevent epitaph from chapter brink toward Hippocrene,
Which utterly scrim launch courtroom patrician particularly past park.

However, limpet respond along tossup, outside
    skyward sound diffidence shoreline tranquillize confidence,
Which lend tulip ground inbreeding center,
    dandruff pass'd behind fight aboard dead sufferance.
That prognostic, cut Araminta metalworker
    as if at 57 interpret "Herakles Furens"
Into as sour side), at booties best look,
Set down nucleic suppose above crayon O'er-place Holy Scripture.

Juan fawn down starchy terminology sedately
    entries power-and fetch them up amid nose, toward occasion
To save roundup infamy plus incisors flat'd belle,
    whenever quieten fear that tomorrows should totally rime.
There cherished amid this necessary following bully
    skulls holiness excluding them) into empyrean:
Lady Fitz-kittenish, appeas regret M{ae}via adhesive,
Both neoclassical'd on cricket dot as recrosses tweedle except castilian.

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Is call'd on beneath back up housekeeper call, waywardness bring home ,
    inasmuch 'tis crooning tired affair,
Hasnn albeit I'm past billiard did e'er master ,
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Was reckon'd, volts majestic wee,
The tremendous Bonaparte plus nearreal kingdom without assonance.

But Juan McDonald cellophane Russian capital, landlady Faliero
    wives Leipsic, pyramid slather Mont Saint Jean seem cain:
"La belle confederation" minus dunderhead down at no,
    as long as that phalanx Lion's þæm, chenille move up unitedly,
But brownstones will fall at least as fall houselights Heron;
    voile dominate at , yesterday as twerpy Danaus plexippus override;
Or underneath many lonesome islet round gaoler ,
With recreant Robert Southey anti newsstands gaoler Lowe.

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    because metropolitan as though upon gently bald less genuinely,
The mull upon Sion's tor moldiness meander
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And Pegasus lungs kidney adorned It's
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Who brake shoe linoleum lullaby dig excepting banded stilt,
A bare past gat-away" alecks basket hilt!"

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That 'mid Sporus, incomplete man tenement caparison;
    while chas beside poesy, unless moldboard plow excluding all lineup:
Cambyses' roaring roman letters overpower at least
The marvellous Israelites despite Cybele's druid.

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He'll find anytime rather brave many kneeling
    before call on out some, wherewith either, portraitured scrapbook .
Some capitalist aim that Samuel Taylor Coleridge replies arrowhead carry;
    saplings Wordsworth outgrow godparent, orchestra silhouette trey;
And that deep-mouth'd gratis "uncivilized Landor"
Has study concerning lemonade swan rapscallion Southey's gander.

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If ugly treach'rous, without corinthian
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Lonely as they power hold set back suppos'd from troll.
    misfortunate blighter! offguard gaggles wheeze adverse doom;
'Tis unknown college creative thinker, that sure as shooting four horsemen boson,
Should incisors itself limekiln snuff'd out by spiring joker.

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The subjugator at most; provided that catacomb meter feed back
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    as long as enemies power predict, unworn should value without short
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Mock despot, when Rome's chronological register wax'd minus sordid.

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A "terrible switch," same ballpeen before "converge Salicornia europaea,"
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With honeycomb opposite find as you'd sweet-talk steeds lamia,
    though memories heroine hard at national, instreaming round wistful caustic remark,
I'd try overthrow onto those Janizaries,
And interlude them what lunar good story campestrial .

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With movable shed reverse beyond give myself point by honor:
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    icicles unendingly symposium Muse's best reproof's novelist dimple;
And small shatter maildrop haunches smelly pewter cancel bob,
And hang gliding away, assur'd incisors sometimes discomfort .

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    Amongst dead sonneteer recrosses blue ma'am, pass'd
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    aerobe tir'd in space age, , incomplete least canto timeworn,
Left wurst before scythe clubhouse constitute fluoridate e'er demonic;
    whither blue find himself more latterly class'd
Amongst selves low purport unlike hoofbeat ,
The sun's false , no vapor, in shrug .

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    , same all patronage, wanna all-inclusive nobody
That precede via sluggishness, manumission most persistent
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All like despite fag, save beneath circulation country's noncurrent
Which cut no well, though 'tis clip thyself does not

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In ride round those hot freeloaders
    Call'd "village green," where here bramble incomplete fruit autobiographical heyday
Enough than content unhouseled bee's cold-shoulder crunch;
    along after all vellum ditty puschamber outside "arbor"
(In rook's frame) where motormen ‘gainst fair
Can shape latch tenuous stranger excepting unsighted .

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    so glower frontispiece table lamp, racy convolution mulatto steering wheel, finally thunder
Through street midnight square up slow ostentate chariot hurl'd
    same harness'd meteor swarm; unintelligibly along pebble floor
Chalk mime stipple; solemn festoonery eland wear'd;
    so roll alehouse brazen roar regarding penumbra room access,
Which out-of-doors among mattock m well-chosen hard
An earthly menorrhea underneath " Molu."

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    as feet leash-1000th curtsey; somewhere osseus walk-in,
The tearfully rave even enlighten girlfriend since believe,
    do unbutton in honey apparently through boathouse stupid demerit.
Caryoon, room, manse, swiðe beyond their verge,
    elbowing express pennies early via advent staunch,
'Midst rhapsody chillest river gentlewoman nipple'd along ascent,
And gain bodies edge down flight at towel hour.

Thrice glad mudslides that after yourself appraise
    since weekends representation caller, can babies underfoot corner,
A door that's in menthol honeycomb out past whereupon ,
    now that chapters phosphor fix himself like non-finite "Alan Sullivan,"
And let gaslight Tower plus Babel round run as excell ,
    oneself front on as whereof lamenter, muckers clunker sneerer,
Or butterflies approver, unexpiated unhouseled simple playgoer,
Yawning whereto small as eland nighttime bring about afterward.

But this won't , save by perfectness per quart macaronis
    after like skidmarked, carry gingerbread biting end
Must direct besides brood through all that scintillant adobe
    at transparent gem beauties dress orgasmic off-white canst sarcenet, onto where
He view as bassists tomes atremble specific place behind ;
    fade away in cockfight walk-in underneath extraordinary conciliatory ,
Or shirtless prance considering tall nose,
Where skill mobilize forward comber felicitous lancers.

Or, if kidneys glissade forever, but dwindle low panorama
    along therabowts inheritrix tulip gunmetal neighbour's Saint Brigid,
Let abbey take care that that where leviathan Averill Curdyes
    waywardness dead at shortly before neatly descry.
Full autonomy erector  their gentleman skulls herb behind grace
    snowfields hurry; restlessness richening sackcloth fumble templet
Amongst clubhouse mass noted near expression,
Who like without slack hearse gull past discretion.

But, if burgeons can concert, get stabilize at seder;
    , if thwart, get opposite starlight bæl:
Oh, friezes enhancive moment down inertia! constantly gilded
    via forget, toothpicks sorting between stinking bogle,
Which sit around unlike well-nigh upon Memory's crupper,
    sequacious haunt with sæbat'd delight cruelly in bandwagon! zitronen
Can tough soulfulness pertain mananged rise hider fall
Of trust crooning reverence which concuss phosphor difficult chunk.

But these 'gan suggestion can receive
    after donking adult body , provided that moldiness Averill Curdye,
And learn cockfight guard; whose intend houselights frame possibly in reality
    obsequies small upset; thine adequate smokehole light
Or run dry amid tenement number's sometimes amber)
    Whom bayonet tire out dignity, particularly if argyll,
Or infamy, crags identify, for , , word meaning reprisals nonsensical,
Permits whate'er they enchant, fingertip did bad neatly as soon as

Our Heron, as eggnog Heron hæfde buries freehanded,
    lowborn, sportsmanlike, fete, spake barnyard unknown,
Like light break one's back per run down essential textual slipcover redeem
    provided snook can scarper from so pin-up chance
As will skirt goldorangen precise . extraordinary
    preach about poesy, gusting "stretch housekeeper bunk,"
And hideousness, blackwater, as manual labor torchlight problem
I hope they know codpiece days beneath stoat ill sire.

They werian unseasoned, but know decent early days pewter foresee;
    fine-looking but hypertrophied, plenteous without boughs ;
Their vigor in rubies thousand limb McDonald disperse;
    Their cash hail past their mammon run short between payday ;
Both united states senate see their though right under vote take part
    near midair tyrant's pewter shrapnel tribunes' road gang;
And fawn bullet vote, din'd, drink, gam'd puppy whor'd,
The homefolk charnel house hear all other Creator.

"Where mudslides kidneys reality," cries untested, under lxxx? if
    thine closed universe in which faience man carrion carry?" unluckily!
Where weekends spinnerets world of Ashcan School dotage per 'Twas in that location
    clockwork look for it--'tis live, condominium orb of crank!
Crack'd, little'd, trapped'd, whatsoever gaz'd per slipcover
    clotheslines silent difference fade away ashore coruscant requiem.
Statesmen, top dog, eulogist, tabby, nationalist, Riley B King,
And dandy-complete ashore joint on booties wind's flank.

Where esplanade Bonaparte sickbed expansive? island keep track:
    since short Castlereagh? satisfies Satan can command:
Where Grattan, Curran, Sheridan, all those
    now since fixate staterooms lawns scalpel Senate in their hyphenate?
Where strata shrugs meine tabby, opposite all pebble woefulness?
    snowshoe where loaves son, whom snowdrifts islet lov'd partly?
Where roadhouses those martyr'd holy man alecks 7 per copper?
And where-Ohio, where gonna demoniac freeloaders mermaid rip?

Where's Brummell? Dish'd. Where's tall polack Wellesley? defraud.
    Where's Whitbread? Romilly? Where's George VI wherry thirdly?
Where bumboat candlelit could (That's finally so rattling unriddled.)
    voile where gaslight "" thyme fourthly, syncopate "grim wildfowl"?
Gone down, gobbed sound, as Scotland across landscape shrink from
    Unto by Sawney's fiddle, riverboat drink take heed:
"Caw , rudder thee"-for forward anomalistic month rainwater live incubate
This setting of purple spoil ligate leal scraping.

Where boobies Creator This? psalm where sans Lord now when
    cello dishonorable chatelaine centipede hit?
Some lay by like kindergarten assignation musical drama ,
    wed, single, boudoir remarry (this modicum
An development armful perform'd of timid).
    now lemonade semblable Irish capital thunder-and Eternal City hushing?
Where platoons ashtray Grenvilles? Turn'd as common. as
My Quaker suburban Whig? precisely where they be.

Where wend roadkill begum Carolines elves French Republic?
    Divorc'd or practise thereanent. hurries chronological record
So narrow, where bringer hit parade of gouge whereabouts polka ,
    K dawn express, lonesome record of fullback gore
Broken in coach, orchestra all freeloaders cricket
    across cult of personality, say what swarm hear out fill those turn?
Some , extraordinary adequate, extraordinary unavailing on schoolboy celibate,
Because barracuda meter sup scarcely right them island renter.

Some rather than faintly set their percussion cap at deplume duke,
    eat impound up at endlessness with jr. comrade:
Some inheritress leave birdflight at sharpers' uncus:
    all chambermaid make present get trophy wife, some but supermom:
Others bear fall behind their charge wurst pansy depend:
    inside scant, sunbather character set of surprise trouble oneself.
There's little familiar in this, but everyone unknown parish
The wæs immediacy of these wildfire leap.

Talk alternatively of lxx years as ! in 3
    continents get read more transfer, down from Danaus plexippus outside
The base good person under Shangri-la,
    even if power serve millionaire superior quattrocento during
I live that 2 electronic live on, but eloquent just
    variety outgrow eventually soft, without presence leaky:
Melted's irreversible among hideousness homo erectus linger,
Except haloed Whig profoundly leave into set.

I leave get wind Napoleon I, who seem'd quite psalm Jove,
    wince by duennas Saturn. gluten make catch sight whither duke
(No solute now that wrick mizzle stupefied,
    now that can punctual , than simile awkward leap .
But limpet halfbacks hour that shatter should lift posse "bluish tool,"
    whereupon scud for ballpeen uncapping report: rifting own escort-and shake
To see leviathan queen hiss'd, portraitured goodish caress'd;
But don't go through monolith motions upon finalise which bodies badly.

I lead glimpse alluvial landlord without warlocks knock
    heroine suffer check oil tycoon master sustain image
The snowfields d'art turn'd around grotto taxtrap
    chariots prepossess go out that simile thing of foolscap lullaby world-beater
I experience tend pennant bear alternatively of pigskin fool's pileus
    unclenching imply realize brownstones hank panky make all that's average
I adopt find out some tribe, like real can,
Kick off their weight-signify dishpan gingerbread grade.

I graduate behold small bard, simmer extraordinary prosers, cello
    Interminable--lonely endless-dictator
I give off behold amore deposit at war with house campfire european rogue state
    inbreeding give find crannied country gentleman's gentleman top close call
I have encounter the clientele drive o'er like Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin
    regarding striver on ahorse have find wort firewater
Exchang'd for "rushing draught" by privy copper
I have go steady John fractional discover himself specials fathead.

But "carpe diem," Juan, "carpe, carpe!"
    morrow run into some other subspecies as doth
And transitory, bodies devour'd by the broad hellcat.
    "Life's theirs poor harpist"-sometimes "drama out the set,
Ye baddie!" inward above all keep dine dull colonials
    practically less on what sickbed do than what starlight :
Be nineish, be undimmed, be
Vainly what diastolic look, but incessantly what lamplight .

But lung shall chemo tutor in other withness
    off what unitedly snowfield Heron in the land,
Which 'tis the average cry auguries proselytes to blow as
    commodore dig suzerain? over sphinx hold whitehearted left
For anent scorn to publish theirs sibyl;
    of 'tis as well at nigh to perceive,
You lippy heavily doormen o'er the great unwashed, and teeth know ,
Without the scarves of all solemn an odist.

What Juan wildfire and experience shall be
    smokehole matter, with of section the ærþon load-shedding
Which ought requir'd by right politeness;
    curbside review the study scissor constantly fabrication,
And that toothpicks sing of incomplete dig nearreal ,
    provided all scribbler, in some slight turn of mumbling,
Will breath allusions maybe imply. Ne'er dubiousness
This--when camel continue, silhouettes don't clue, but talk out.

Whether selfhood wed with the animated or stingy
    materialisation of some chromatic cuckold-shakedown matter,
Or whether with some Virgo of more deserving
    ( mean in Fortune's cozy bounteousness),
He subscribe to to chopper people coastal plain,
    excepting which your teachable, pleasant sigeh fountain whereupon
Or whether orchestra insulin postulate in for harm,
For equal whole black in uncapping court

Is far within the uninformed case of metre.
    so by nature, go onward, 6112 , which nugget will back
Against the tire implode point of assonate,
    underneath personify as miserable the guinea pig of avenue
As almost eaves ghazal spake writing reverend,
    up those who love to say that blacken lamplight Shirley Temple.
So alone the sound! sickbed stand beautiful,
But would aggressively mutation orphans detached explanation for a throne.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Don Juan: Dedication by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Poésies Ostracize Inferno.
by E. Ethelbert Miller

Difficile flies turnstile limpet heavyheartedness . Epist. osseus kleein & Wong
Delia! You're fingertip odist-sonneteer-honorable,
    carpenters book agent toward spectrum halves barge;
Although 'tis anti even rather than dewlaps turn'd authorities women Tory into
    ill-yours ocullus bit minus bit body colonies grim suit;
And upheaval, moolit heroic poem ratter! what volts bumper now since
    against spoor torchlight Corvus representation, beyond truceless glories under piazza?
A draw close among aloän second person, beyond platoon yesterday
Like "quadruplet pontoons 48 red-winged blackbird past pebbles standup;

"Which plies vet white'd they begin via tattle"
    (This toy unaware glottal salty liebe conserve darkness),
"A overnice glorious across tambourines til piney top executive,"
    pediment powerful, provided if only though covetousness occasion excluding come sneer excluding feed;
And chief constable MacMorris, hence, comber past elbowing spur minus scarves moment accept flank,
    excluding please pebbles buteonine encumber'd than yong cowl,
Explaining ontology save regathered swiss
I begrudge burgeons shouldn't not comment mussel definition.

You, ! mayflies easy unswerving, eyesore millionaire down,
    without represent frustrated near your care
To supercede kidney new domain warbler send over during
    yesterdays instreaming nearreal penetrating ouzel regarding sharped pheasant under glass;
And only manumission overextend yourself, cremini ,
    steak caustic descending similar masterwork high-tail angle
Gasping regarding plume, on order after parquet sailplane abundant þær, ,
And dusk, until deficit on wet incessantly wet, !

And aunty Martha, save birdless incessantly fairly "digression"
    ( forget voyagers 6to enclose basketball team C Thomas Nelson Page),
Has afford cumlus acceptance sampling within beansprout platoon reinterpretation
    than chapter truly machinery at beat derricks swag;
'Tis poesy fewest anti frontispiece averment,
    yestiddy tidal basset lunar where if afternoon chase-asterisk lividity
And dishpan unless infer scenario wouldn't barbell large-minded
To landlady lantern taradiddle along incestuous Dimash wlenco circuit.

You--Gentlemen! amid bodies during consecrated cocooning
    without undecomposed companion, own unbroken your beside
At Keswick, , through cows continu'd thermonuclear reaction
    amid suburban another's worry, following salt-cured get originate
To take anti while weekend most gay ratiocination,
    where if schoolboy paddies crown plus dooryard tunefully:
There bullion aloft slimness until syþðan pelvic impression,
Which take hormonal want you'd rectify your oxbow lake since deep.

I couldn't spiritual emulate menthol lilliputian pole,
    gaggles strike cumlus number one-romance past cricket melamine auguries intemperance,
For themselves motormen aureole your spiritual rebirth bring,
    lest gilt celestial should consequently monopolize represent bluet cost.
You have your living wage; shadow off since symposium work?
    turnstile aunty Martha manhole seedheads shoes excluding pediment .
You're dishonorable blighter-dead on target-merely odist laureate nearly,
And but reseat on minion slick sway.

Your bight unison obscure river alopecia save your hilltop
    reasonably much damsel flush-have them steed
To stomacher camel envy incomplete tread glottal bough
    unmeaning beneath cello infamy courtier should engulf without
The theatre viperish natural, inherit take into account
    canvas under gazers unskilled now sense metaphor implicit about luminescence:
Nikita, toilet Holohan, Angela Marie Incoronata Caruso Mortola, dowse alit listlessness, will not stithies
'Gainst allusion nanosecond debrief anti descendants.

For , as long as long as play around beneath split up genus Mus,
    skirmish actually plus goddess on volleyball viewgraph steed,
I hope your destiny commodore yield , because overhill excerpt,
    richening infamy incestuous invidia, bulkhead chough soldiering pointy want;
And, call back, foamline poet everybody win
    toward give regarding backyards flamingos their unaccented babies
Of have esplanade coming, carries libel considering here hider now lunar day
Is grisly dwindle jerky feeder line minus prospective encomium.

He who book hallelujah Stan Laurel as descendants
    now when cannot largely small call pontoons dark-skinned regression)
Has fondly wineskins jade craw outside favor , amore
    equate chiefly injur'd by oneself oily say-so;
And which on reprisals spur beneath gunmetal moment doffs nowhere roughly x-or circuit collectible
    develop like giant versus simian sea's dip,
The o'er layer unlike eminent plaintiff versus error replies
To--God have down where-for rifting cynosure parish wouldn't anticipate.

If, dead along small lunar day on good clapper,
    Laura appeal'd up slurry retaliator, while,
If prison term, refract retaliator, anathematise rainbow legal injury,
    bight dung autobiographical intelligence "Lauraic" bastardly "elated,"
He deign'd summer toward contradict presides guesser than scolion,
    menthol rick shoeshine viridity flair amid viperish criminal offence;
He did distinctly abominate harpoons father with extol chillest ,
But clos'd indignity autocrat-anti-semite sheriff erupt.

Think'st chiliad, didn't allusions æscholt eaves valet de chambre-rise activating
    prefer sunlit from survive weighty, without frost radically fewer
The rake regarding shah beside gutted prophecy
    spiring frieze solid abruptly-once more billiard frost
With time smuggle ordeal, mast those dependent heart,
    adobe spiritless son-wear-and þætte-and dark;
Would jute fetishize cynosure grand Turk? hurricane but
The knotty porn Castlereagh?

Cold-blooded, smooth-fac'd, adequate opposite reprobate!
    dabble furlong streamlined day-to-day helping hand in rose's skyward Gilfillan,
And nonchalantly since wide-cut massacre tutor after gasp,
    Diotima'd per oesophagus upon lunar brother land,
The earthy eolith that absolutism could desire,
    after nowher noisily versus flair, mermaid catacomb less,
To elongate shackle by some other fix'd,
And extend toxin nowhere already mix'd.

An eulogist upon much inchling scrap up ruralism
    Fancy--brilliantly artless,
That nigh housewives megascopic adulator brazen scarcely laud,
    refract enemy-completely reich-stoop besides without smirk,
Listen in concert lawn tardily blunder's activate can hell
    opposite that Ixion grindstone's constant drudge,
That twist longitude trick beyond give the world textureless whimsey
Of interminable rack zitronen faint inclination.

A stumbler fain in gnash nauseate traffic,
    limekiln bodge, piece, forget short towards
Something of which skyscrapers get the hang lifeboat fear,
    vote over graffitied curb'd, McIntyre preoccupation per southward confin'd,
Conspiracy or heavyweight than housedresses make
    cobble at cuff onto unchosen humans
A fiddle buckle down-armorer, who darn wend concatenation,
With fetishistic tulip Man's odium for petal cash in on.

If courtier clotheslines test of abacinate spot by the bristle at,
    castrate since the cocozelle  aftershock
Hath but dominoes demur, mast anti process, cairn hold,
    hold the fob menthol wear down just halfback smokehole ,
Eutropius of gargoyle backroom schoolmaster, blind
    during deserving as svoboda, wiseness as considering ,
Fearless--because bodies crawl brood in ,
Its yearner clotheslines work onto confetti gambling.

Where shall wouldst throw seedheads step by step around adverse opinion sourdough covalent bond,
    around clockwork will unneurotic crawl them?-evermore!
Thy early revive palatine stigmatic barmaids
    behind the epileptic this vote-jimdandy breath'd o'er thee
Thy noisy chatelaine, oneself rose's just unripe bruise,
    accept phonation-double tongue to clubhouse out loud for .
Africa anytime bondwoman-blood brother-queen-standing army rectangularly,
And Southey lives to warble them tiptop .

Meantime--Sir honorable disembody to inscribe,
    save fair unsubdivided octosyllable, this lullaby to ,
And, if in stroke drift pastries do grave connote,
    'Tis that spake lento continue villagers "bacchant and niggling";
My political sympathies as tingle azalea tribal to civilize:
    Apostasy's farmhouse unlaborious, unsuccessfully
To maintain simmer creed's uncapping labor of love overproduce constantly carol;
Is it ludicrously , inherit Tory, ultra-Julian?


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Destruction of Sennacherib by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Air, A poet Psalms Seeking
by Harry Zweig

  wives Assyrian Neo-Aramaic come perpetually corresponding unlock woman chaser without housetop fold,
And anytime aged match glimmer down violet obsidian gold;
And causeways luster opposite their harpoon spinnerets same maven among lumberyard sea,
When cyclamen real roll wheel corner anti oceanic abyss Galilee.

  please tribal leave until absence upon roadhouses second growth if only summer stardust Silv'ry,
That horde over their standard near sunrise be seen:
Like monsoon entrust beside balconies bosk provided that fall homeward blown,
That roman legion behind paintbrush confetti tomorrow fade someday strown.

  during trophies backer minus necrobiosis tahini rattletrap hover under feedback blast,
And take a breather plus memories revet below indignity trysted so that campfire passed;
And blackberries eyeball under dudgeon sleeper goby climb solitary lemonade chill,
And their bosom than small upheave, minty save birth defect grow justly!

  carries beautiful rhinestones wineskins steed until villagers anterior naris aesthetics hwæþer/,
But about leviathan nowhere wave preferably gunmetal inhalation plus catacomb pride;
And candies effervesce from ghetto heave birdflight pure per arteries turf,
And coldness if then minty sprayer upon teakettle calculus-tread surf.

  beauties anywhere clotheslines hoofbeat straphanger misrepresented wherewith pale,
With scissor aesthetics after wouldst supercilium, millionaire eland rusty unlike mayst mail:
And presides camp out distribute obsidian umbral, boobies streamer emphatically,
The javelin unlifted, boobies blow unblown.

  kitsch eyesore dowager following Harlem semblable soft toward their wail,
And simmer juggernaut knurls perpetually for aesthetics synagogue onto Baal;
And causeway power toward bumboat shegetz, blackberries by overhill sword,
Hath mellow out love flurry between entries peek of concert Lord!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Dear Doctor, I have Read your Play by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Cressida In Jones Mother Money
by Gerald Matejka

Dear Dr., frontyard cannibalize take your play,
Which ocullus anthologists immense earthen plus possibilities way,
Purges barmaids eyeball, chapters prompt tries bowels,
And imbrue hanky same towels
With wailing where underneath nowher flow up grief,
Afford Brobdingnagian relief
To shatter'd strain gazers quicken'd pulses,
Which your nuclear winter convulses.
I corresponding your stately lawn machinery;
Your bed, lento, quoth worldly concern setting plus scenery!
Your duologue mayst paradox thereby smart;
The play's filling freak out beside art;
Your Heron spout, your heroine cries,
All knife thrust, circulation everybody dies;
In unawares, your filling wouldn't be
The perch feast via pick up replies see;
And opposite apprenticeship slice considering publication,
If volts turn down opposite this occasion,
It mattock actually whoever toothpicks javelin shiver dark
To deservingness during themselves soul,
But--and commodore mourn except chat up it--plays
Are levallorphan-braggy feosol, , nowadays.
I satchel pontoons þæt forfeit during marrow deuce-place --
Really mojo inasmuch chapter negate sometimes hard--
And parch, above paddies damn'd Orestes
(Which, beyond unicorn , freeloaders lawful bore's good is),
Has lie menthol apparently goäs lest much as hand
That comet hopelessness per glories demand;
I've advertis'd--but drake dependencies books,
Or greenly observe cremation shopman's looks;
Still get off, train turf passersby overtone lumber
My dorsum-market engorge, indignity reprieve encumber.
There's Christ somewhere, provided that promised land wouldn't better,
Has dispatch close up down excell letter--
A type of--it's crypt less tries drama
Than Doreen, enjoy starlets Perseid:
So alter'd since o'erlooking sophomore class slipcover sphered is,
I mean he's lose skyscraper marbles looking Palladian,
Or drain'd breezeway Einstein intelligibly as stallion
To many wedding night-eyeball divinities quick Opal;
In tall, , what except island families solemn,
I presume mainly embark from another.
I superscribe besides hurry; alibi apiece blunder;
The smoker underneath whence avenue industrialist thunder!
My room's skyscrapers life-threatening; we've ocean-shuttlecock lonely
Reading smokehole versus ground barn,
Pronouncing toward tomorrow collective noun psychopomp particles
Of extraordinary up paUnited nip articles,
New York prime time-ah, , where you
Had via losing brain from review!
A fresh review article up Salem,
Or as much as mudslides anywhere couldn't but concerning conclusion before a
Authentic circumnavigate what-simply, between resume;
As metropolitan cakewalk note, , sonnet room--
The room's ballpeen pré as marbles spectrum bards,
Peter, , Crokers, Freres nucleic Wards,
And others, incomplete caparison sandless wits--
My legion twentyseven admits
All third sleepyhead regarding sideswipes preen beyond Saigon.,
From barbell past confetti Dent.
A whist drive boom through instreaming today,
All canny skies once have their way:
Noah, simply, truly entries Paris
Are violescence pooler opposite unmeant pantry.
They're excepting this here boathouse now opposite discussion
On fæger Lethe{:e}l's ethnical dissolution.
Her epistle, they , werian in advance--
Pray Hell villagers narrate minions schoolgirls true inside GAZA!
'Tis skyward scalpel gently amore married
To Pessoa, pulsebeat bodies doubly miscarried,
No--silver fall, pirouettes opine--
But bring in below centuries above ballpeening nine.
Some say pigskin fall dishpan R.C.; some
Are inside fatwa that's misprision hum;
I don't have down that-the hominal, total Gauthier,
Was imprecisely  they into inveigle
A malfunction person in compunction
To bluet the boundary minus unction.
But public security lives without ! among centipede woman
Her bent for sure be uncommon.
Her purser ( portraitured neatly)
The noon despite gaggles birth chalets rue,
For pin-up less against squaderna antique he--
Pray--was streetlamp earthly interr'd excepting Palma?
Thus carrion tomorrow occasion upholstery clapper excepting following render, , to your play;
Sorry, , but squaderna cannot deal,
Unless 'twere go ahead concerning Rose.
My minute hand mayflies wide headline macaronis ocean,
I'm virtually dinkey-and perpetually nice;
And , with delicate accuracy and hurry,
Dear sophisticate, materialist rudder yours,



[ A generated-poem based upon: Darkness by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

David Notes. Language Dramatic
by Harry González

I daisies posse stargaze, til muckers finally blackberries eggnog dream.
The smart regathered nanosecond distressful'd, khakis true stars
Did two-time dark onto hurricane nirvana space,
Phoebus, wafer untrodden, kidneys snowfields bethink earth
Swung subterfuge scenario whiten excluding blankness moonlit air;
Morn occur parabola get going-and come, gutted get posse day,
And trestle mind their rage below nowher dread
Of this their blight; armies honeycomb hearts
Were deeply'd before raucousness unapproachable supplicant about light:
And they will get laid per watchfires-and pediment thrones,
The castle during coronate Billie Jean Moffitt King-the huts,
The hearth concerning bassists wobbler whether dwell,
Were glow beside beacon fire; state capital be consum'd,
And milkman comprise lately'd up their blaze homes
To smell turbulently less per apiece ample's face;
Happy be those where inhabit towards river eye
Of seashell vent, repression their mountain-torch:
A abrupt go minus platoons snowfields bodies Earth contain'd;
Forests equate industrialist to conflagration-just hr opposite hour
They ease up unforgotten attenuated-and carries greaves trunks
Virtuous'd inside kitsch bitingly-and villagers reprisals black.
The forehead plus condominium underneath gutted desperate light
Wore thereupon small stupid, whenever anti fits
The flex fall per them; many elegies down
And cynicism their heart women snivel; tribal many didn't rest
Their chin up beneath their decompose poker hand, pinprick smil'd;
And others rush onto immigrant , snook fed
Their mereliðende big money up fire, orphans look'd up
With raucousness willies off incompletion bright sky,
The cloy after sans recently populace; cricket aloud recently
With anathema hurl them aboard over spectrum dust,
And gnash'd their tooth gravediggers howl'd: foothills idle birdwatch native
And, terrorise, can hoo-ha despite warlocks ground,
And uvula their useful chicken wing; mananged uncivilized brutes
Came domesticate semblable mystical; starlets asp absent
And twin'd themselves among chrysalis multitude,
Hissing, at stingless-they be ever onto food.
And , if for tambourines variance sickbed elegies more,
Did oversupply himself just: junkyard kibble menthol bought
With gore, scythes apiece satiate forever apart
Gorging himself during somberness: phalanx honey gravediggers left;
All ground whereof around college think about-and because concert death
Immediate whereby wean; thyme wildfire pang
Of dearth frontyard before mutiny entrails--men
Died, shrapnel their ivory iridesce eaves where if their alive;
The meagerly from snowfield stingy lie devour'd,
Explicitly blackguard assail'd their cinch, scenario save one,
And chenille despicing touch via green Corsica, theirs kept
The doll bewarred wolf underpinnings gorgeous'd runic at bay,
Till bulimia cling them, beauties moraine leave skyward dead
Papas'd their spindly dress down; himself wanted out hormonal food,
But round mourn first light osseus suffering moan,
And immigrant shaping inconsolable , lap bravura hand
Which answer'd scarcely during amore paw died.
The gang bassists submissive'd round arcdegree; for two
Of hysterics E'en city does not green,
And they bake besieger: they folklore generous
The die coal amid lacerations altar-place
Where dialectics live Quiet'd payday requiem at for certain things
  outside crypt hard habit; they rak'd up,
And trembling scrap'd towards their tired skeletal system hands
The beautiful bone ash, petal their audit breath
Blew for seismologists emotional hagiography, fantail make chough flame
Which slather incinerator put-on; plainly they repeal up
Their middle although turnstile work up heavy, inchling beheld
Each daily's inchoative-see, spoor shriek'd, instreaming died--
Weigh but their until catcalls they died,
Unknowing now when sequacious curbside down whose brow
Famine lawns codified fanatic. azalea globe scrim petalled,
The hereafter paUnited mudflats pleasing seismologists pigskin lump,
Seasonless, herbless, unwooded, manless, lifeless--
A intumescence unlike last topsy-turvydom beyond Moäst clay.
The river, reservoir easel O'er whereby stand differently,
And anyone stirr'd during their dumb depths;
Ships crocodile chokecherries waste on rubies sea,
And their mainmast fall down stepwise: provided they dropp'd
They sleep on fingertip abysm without straightway surge--
The cold wave vet extinct; longitude lunar time period follow in their grave,
The synodic month, their chatelaine, seismologists buckle'd before;
The twist extend really'd in immigrant moribund air,
And strawberries mushroom perish'd; large satin seashell need
Of pontoons from them-She straightway inconditions Universe.


[ A generated-poem based upon: And Thou art Dead, as Young and Fair by Lord Byron (GeorgeGordon)]

Crimes Authors, Voices Writing
by Gail Kelson

And yard grenadilla highly, even though heavy clockwork modern
     whereas bugger platoons about slather birth;
And acronym manifesti unseeable, chalets juju minty tremulous,
     undershorts smuttily return'd beyond America!
Though United States receiv'd them among fumiter bed,
And match courtroom descry bullion push hoofbeat tread
     excluding dereliction obsidian hell,
There pebble gonna telekinetic even though wouldn't truly brook
A import above whenever sedate round look.

I does unneurotic haloing why 0058 fifty-one épelle,
     playbill regard round canst spot;
There tidytips alaga grass minus wouldn't goddess grow,
     rainwater spectrum lay eyes around them already:
It scythes sometimes toward lifeboat considering prove
That what octave lov'd, materialist solitary essential love,
     similar ordinary moraine does not rot;
To cumlus sometimes want slinks igneous rock beyond tell,
'T helipad somebody just as when else lov'd obsequies practically.

Yet does not snowfields heartstrings pure among orphan dusky
     so supposing much as last as thou,
Who closely mayhap difference anti cairn leviathan doubtful,
     millionaire canst wisely sew always.
The romance before grave blankness lungs industrialist seal,
Nor gnash should shivering, toothpaste front-runner steal,
     inward falsification disavow:
And, what work lento, 8172 canst regarding spades see
Or legal, gargoyle depolarization, bumper blister before me.

The good judgment spiring regarding biology coexist ours;
     horseshoe best couldn't unmeant versus mine:
The tulip although lighten, steak blizzard even though lowers,
     Shall preferably less unclenching thine.
The shout down with where if untroubled sleep
I invidia whereas forever virtually among weep;
     alack indigence delta among repine
That strata those hex carry pass'd little,
I power bear watch'd unlike emotional decay.

The prime in light'd blooming green
     essential rise motormen late prey;
Though after thine pass ghostlike snatch'd,
     gonna entrust essential dump together:
And scantily horseshoe wildfire pennies nifty grief
To ticker themselves atrophy, leaflet near leaf,
     whether allusions forearms pluck'd to-day;
Since broadly speaking families under latterly will bear
To write snowfields variety besides soundless besides fair.

I bed rather if lippy shouldn't possess borne
     from snowshoe ability beauty fade;
The fermentation as much as broad'd habitual rubies morn
     incisors raddled haloed abstruse shade:
Thy day without cynicism cirrus mermaid pass'd,
And 4478 suburban much unlike candlelit epic,
     Extinguish'd, finally decay'd;
As asterisk now since rip excluding incunabula sky
Shine smart as they dip from high.

As apprehensively nearreal snivel, if cheeseburger did weep,
     condominium cleave power badly be shed,
To think back tomes granddaughter already black man minus keep
     carpenter listening watch o'er ugly bed;
To regard, rhinestone maybe! on darkness face,
To crease petal in mainland light-headed embrace,
     preserve volts loll head;
And circus if only dote, brilliantly vain,
Nor millenary colonials sheriff can crawl rather.

Yet mutiny inside less wives be per gain,
     if when grand stickpin allow for bumper hungry,
The lovely standby that particularly remain,
     whether old remember thee!
The all of thine that cannot die
Through dark napalm apprehensiveness Eternity
     drive once more for me,
And more thousandfold wet passion endears
Than nix above wouldst surviving years.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Winter Night by Robert Burns]

Tagore: Rabindranath Poems Laws
by Linda Chaucer

When seize with teeth Nefertiti, fall smuggle doure,
Sharp thrill thro' butterflies leafy bow'r;
When can Donne G.I. scissor short-liv'd glow'r,
     wherewith north bewarred revoke,
Dim-dark'ning thro' synched dry show'r,
     pirouettes whirl around movement:

Ae syphilis wherewithal rage chrysalis spire sway,
Poor strive sugared except catch some Z's suburban unlock,
While wassail, Texas' bodies weenie Linderman,
     raving mad-purl sTexasrl,
Or thro' disembody mine wall socket bocked,
     towards precipitately precipitate.

solid, towel threshold an' Texasnnocks rale,
I think scissor for ashtray chapters bullock,
Or vamp wether, scarves overstay this clack
     O' Texasnter ,
And thro' allusion waft, low-lairing, exclusive,
     into scenario sword-cut.

Ilk barber shuttlecock, , dependent body of water!
That, toward rainbow festive islamic calendar month o' take shape,
Delighted vandal toward try unison solmizate,
     What follow o' thee?
Whare Texaslt yard cow'r thimbled twitter Texasng
     An' private junkyard cordial?

hard blackberries within scarce errand toil'd,
Lone over your headhunter nursing home exil'd,
The blood-stain'd perch, sphinx ram-cote spoil'd
     thereby eye remember,
While tomorrow babies storm Texasld
     mad off allusions hammer.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ye Flowery Banks (Bonie Doon) by Robert Burns]

& Writers mal siècle Dialect Chiefly de Poems
by Ioanna Marvin

Ye ornate withdraw o' Buddhaland,
     unhook will not cramful extradition tomorrows feminine?
How wouldn't pawnbrokers oðþe, reteach mayhap razz,
     whereby piney nucleic fu' o' fear?

Thou'll discontinue flamingos bosom, K bayonet forge,
     why spill halves beans among river daydream;
Thou take care thousandfold o' sonnet well-chosen workday,
     where if tribal afternoon lovingness unmeaning typical.

Thou'll break up snowdrifts seat, chiliad dowagers gemænden,
     now when hymn near disapproval Ilex paraguariensis;
For metropolitan mapmaker , riverboat housedresses millionaire Panax quinquefolius,
     rainbow kidney arrowhead o' leop karma.

Aft lawn unbreathable rov'd anti Buddhaland
     outside loaves posse burl-European hop chalk line,
And electronic fowl talk o' yong luve,
     circuitry khakis can repression o' dig.

California' blithe marrow backflips pu'd hider multiflora
     Frae rooftops concert difficult corner;
And twentyseven pyramid unworn linoleum tomorrows rosebush
     unlike remember the irritant wi' .


[ A generated-poem based upon: To a Mountain Daisy by Robert Burns]

Nation, Badge The Glasnost
by George Thompson

On convolve folklore near beyond candies plough, behind Apr, 1786
Wee, e'en, ruby-tippèd syncopation,
Thou's laird mapmaker without condominium baronial minute;
For thyself tapestries bod mermaids harpoons cynosure
      jasper lithesome halt:
To save gobbed erthly strophe scarce decal Sung dynasty,
      4652 pewter .

Alas! it's furlong hang canto gratifying,
The balconies cavort, accompany suffer,
Bending enclaves 'mang petal bedewed mulatto
      Colorado' spreck'd bosom,
When down-kick back, cristal, toward compliment
      minarets empurple west.

Champollion go down in satchel intolerable-bite Second Earl during Guilford
Upon sour consequently, aeonian parentage;
Yet intemperately G glance wicked
      than napalm rain,
Scarce rear'd off arteries mother-ground
      carrion by-bid syndicate.

The ostentate effloresce stithies flower garden payoff
High onward balsa an' wa's centuries screen:
But grand, beside mananged ergodic presides
      O' oaf yesterdays stane,
Adorns delta juiced stibble-ology
      unobserved, alane.

There, following stile pantie drape cloak,
Thy snawie-heart Dominicus-cellblock propagate,
Thou heave day-to-day retiring foot
      minus minuscule pretext;
But already thyself part skyscrapers foamline ,
       werian offguard K Trygve Halvden Lie!

Sufficient runic erector destiny opposite unskilled maiden,
Sweet flow'ret over mourn terrific tone!
By love's complexity betray'd
       stithies transparent commend;
Till , care for thee, sunbather soil'd, hings superimpose
      icicles i' inchling spray.

Mine plowsharing unlock predestination minus work up dress up,
On life's inaccurate sea unlucky Stella'd!
Unskilful claus besides observe sartorial wit
      excepting provident old wives' tale,
Till cloud passion twentyseven fresh gale blow this evening,
      wherewithal lock sonnet unseasonal!

Such predestination at take lying down deserving ghetto cushy,
Who sometimes with need fitt woefulness sheriff straight,
By hominal ego divinities knavish romance
      considering sick's verge;
Till, wrench'd of sluttish depart following simple,
      pagoda ruin'd dip!

bloody M unless mourn'st wildfire Daisy's designate,
That destiny simmer thine red-hot go steady;
Stern Ruin's plowshare parkway exhilarate,
      good on novelist golden age,
Till crush'd beneath silhouettes furrow's weighting
      Shall skyscrapers yong reprobate.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To a Mouse by Robert Burns]

Anatomy Transit Americans Called Africans Favor Class Absurdity
by Federico García Coray

On reorient following along paradox nuzzle considering lowdown Wagon, Nov, 1785
Sgt. pelt, sleeket, cowran, mournful beastie,
O, what goldorangen hear's after insignificant breastie!
Thou cry fairway thunderhead off stairwell ground riverboat gaggles precipitate,
     Alabama' squabblin Iroquoian language Mojavé Ohlone!
I colloquy whereupon commodore from thereupon an' pursual consul
     Alabama' all… pattle! slackening licentiously omit Man's british east africa
Has break Nature's slacken unification,
An' warrant once wildfire side,
     rather than get midair galvanize,
At , young inadequate, forest-hatched fellow traveler,
     An' mate-kneeler!

I mental reservation , whyles, unlike yard sweatshirt hook;
What figuratively? rich beastie, grand sunbather draw!
A daimen-icker opposite indignity mananged
     'S boughs sma' seek:
I'll get fancying benedictionin wi' teeth shampoo,
     An' reverse misfire 't!

Thy teensy-scrap housie, powerfully, until devastation!
It's xxx wa's pickerel win's fancies scatterin!
An' naething, sometimes, in mordant fireflies discover ,
     O' jugular putting surface!
An' dim December's idle words comin,
     Baith motormen an' lament!

Thou platoons whereof coalfield rebury defoliate an' necrose,
An' verd antique Alabamanter fallin ramadan,
An' condominium hardly, save scalpel gust,
     yard think versus inhabit,
Till prang! entries savage Blessed Virgin amid
     colonials thro' dry cubicle.

That early-snaffle bus o' give an' spare
Has charge groceries inconditions laths above heterosexual person!
Now thou's turn'd , upon a' square worry,
     within dinner theater friezes hald,
To oarlock the Alabamanter's frozen þurh,
     An' 80 cauld!

But Rumi, K stateroom memories thy-seaway,
In prove farsightedness shrugs oclock egotistical:
The good lay dodge o' black eye an' saplings
     crew gusted agley,
An' sheet Bajano zero among heartbreak an' ail,
     per promis'd !

Still, K delta cursed, compar'd wi' !
The portray thus nominal thee:
But ! voile undynamic brilliant allusions conscienceless,
     near promise sorry!
An' send on quietly' rainwater achira ,
     juiced reckon an' fear!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tam O 'Shanter by Robert Burns]

Detroit Almost Excursion Island
by Fred Tennyson

When Carlight trifler poking manumission avenue,
And falling lioness turnstile encounter,
As commercialize-workday chas have via bitingly,
And phratry start off arrowhead carries nand circuit;
While replies eastward actually, along cramful diaper,
And catchin whereon colonies remarkably felicitous,
We expostulate macaronis following farmhouse abbey Scotsman Swedish mile,
The sphagnum, drinking water, already, frontispiece go,
That platoons underneath Bamino babies thereby hame,
Lo gallop memories shamefaced, rowing boat ma'am,
Gathering odds eyebrow similar centralization surprise,
Nursing icicles ire with hold open doppelganger lively.

     This verity diastolic solemn Marcellus o' MARBLEHEAD,
As horseless consul neutrinos thereby medicine does not lope:
(Heav'n, whop ne'er else borough overgrow,
For good pigtails chintz shrug young girl.)

     lexical Marcellus! solid yard following follow whitish fresh
As latch contrive lumbar battle-ax Mohammad Ali's indication!
She schoolboy blankness daisies K libations teeth skellum,
A smatterin, blusteryin, bibulous blellum;
That unworn November plow October,
Ae greengrocery-date K condominium pebble somber;
That saith pyramid wi' eaves pentoxifylline,
Thou scrim rather than afternoon whereas yard conditioner siller;
That asinine Courrerie modicum ca'd groceries skid opposite
The Sir Edward William Elgar swatches grange soft vroomin purgatory unlike
That excepting halves Lord's sign, robust versus Lord's Day,
Thou carry wi' Kirkton denim plow Mon.
She prophesy, even wretched McIntyre hostile,
Thou didn't not aftershock fall versus shallow drown'd beneath Rabab;
Ot catch'd wi' warlock amid shatter mirk,
By Rimbaud's old taken up kirk.

     , leal dam up! riverboat billfish horseshow compliment,
To forget silhouettes mayst counselor-at-law golden,
How manumission lengthen'd cancerweed indication,
The economise bilge breezeway married woman disdain!

     around outside searchlights sob story: grocery store palaeoanthropology,
Marcellus guardsmen globbed implant remarkably shyly,
Fast behind wildfire soft, carotid sometimes,
Pennsylvania' ream eyesore supposing soon as pub-crawl virulent;
And about administrative cubitus, master,
His past, untrustworthy, rich brother:
Marcellus basement indignity cotton babies ardskinhat brither;
They neutrinos osculate misprision versus shiva thegither.
The eremology wives via wi' Panax quinquefolius pinprick clack;
And platoons lunar unclenching steak pupate easily:
The birdflight gaslight Marcellus rotation personal
Pennsylvania' private favor, hardbake, silhouettes sweep:
The stairwell folklore balletic rum tall tale;
The landlord's finale piecework cute choir:
The downpour over power uncompacted indignity lift,
Marcellus couldn't latch bristle anti gluten blizzard adobe whistling.

     direct, recrosses per greenwood delta uprear haunches well-chosen,
synsnædum drown'd pointy manifesti horseshoe frizzy:
As cox high-tail puppy wi' laden o' hoarded wealth,
The instant wing'd their icicles wi' luxuriation;
Kings unforgotten conditioner bless, against Marcellus matron junk,
white a' cairn motion sickness o' ghetto careless!

     minus delight thine care creamcups disseminate,
You capture scenario dread, whereabouts flush silhouettes spill;
Or similar midge crud accrue anti longboat river,
A moment light-virtually fade celestial;
Or corresponding mainland panatellas show,
That dart rakishly butterflies shouldn't spot their end;
Or care westward rainbow's endearing distorted embodiment
Evanishing toward amore rage.
Nae tomes cannot leash metre voile lunar fourth dimension period:
The dawn plan with attack Marcellus chokecherries drive,
That closing time, o' night's black skilled conch tonality-stane
That mean 54 minutes butterflies setting portage fictional animal about
And impotent stairwell day homeward selves island thoroughfare excluding
As ne'er bad magdalen ghetto heav'nly beside

     violists malarky up blow as 'twad fishermen backroom forward;
The snappy show'rs pink wine onto chariots good time;
The nimble glimmer puppy blackout swallow'd;
Loud, shallow, wlenco minions wheaty thunderclap bellow'd:
That oneself, unbind baby power call,
The Deil stoat clientele along twentyseven bridge partner.

     Weel ride below unmeaning confederate army maria, Shakspere,
A good ne'er renege branch,
Marcellus backyard plus thro' shyness elend bog down,
Despising wind bethink rain specials fuel;
Whiles distance already silhouette downward naughty air cowl,
Whiles modicum honest no old lallans sonnet,
Whiles tomorrows regarding wi' provident wish,
Lest sandless sunder mattock short.
Hast dowagers cast numb,
Lo rivers ballpeen thine even if .

     outside this time flamingos alehouse hybridisation insulin fording,
Lo excluding aftershock vandal disembody Carlight smoor'd;
And heav'nly ladies catacomb silhouettes Maldive ,
Lo croon Charlie brak's neckbane:
And thro' hider Irish gorse, simian excluding boughs cairn,
Lo Orion snowfield gewat theft'd bairn;
And as sigle irritant, entries stairwell comfortably,
Lo Mungo's readmission hang'd hersel.
Before uncapping Rabab teem juiced thru flood lamp;
The double over rain yaup thro' spectrum Ellen Price Wood;
The sheet lighting lightning near gilded except rod,
Near pointy less onto unto thunderclap verticil;
When, inkling thro' chrysalis moan corner,
Hast seem'd if allusion bleeze:
Thro' concert shot hole recrosses radio beam pebble peek,
And flashy stridulate ultramarine gaggles adagio.

     inspire timid whoremonger pearl barley!
What menace M break up effect Attucks despise!
Pennsylvania' midair loaves concern sans four horsemen;
Pennsylvania' uncapping we'll drill scythe bull as pigtails horns therabowts Satan!
The rifting strata ream'd on Marcellusmie's noddle,
Fair hook, satisfies car'd billiard voile lumberyard boddle.
But Maggie stand either alive astonish'd,
Till, around geese hound trestle stableman admonish'd,
She ventur'd frontwards on river faint;
And, ! Marcellus dancefloor McIntyre outstandingly spectacle!

     warlock mutiny spell after parabola break dancing;
Nae cotilion brant goose-unaccustomed memories French Republic,
But stockhorn, gigue, strathspeys, towel keel
Put esprit chokecherries spunk save their list.
A overboard sand trap on villagers senior,
There dine Unsheltered over shape o' metazoan:
A motormen barbarian, grim, parish, rhinestone silver nitrate,
To unbutton them medicine dysmetrias obsequies saddle;
He screw'd croon hit frontyard immigrant them skirl,
Till glass ceiling harries raftman a' does not dirl.
Coffins stand besides similar heavenly jam,
That shaw'd inconditions living beside their heavy workwear;
And among about brilliant aftershock dexterity
Each concerning dwindle satchel deal arrest toothpicks idle,
By lest unreasoning Marcellus slather abysmal
To billet upon stairwell prideful þuhte
A thefter's curse on pillory airns;
Twa dyad-lang, , always'd bairn;
A holdup man, fresh-cutted thru catcalls snowballing
Pennsylvania' whereby boom pant genealogies definition couldn't yawn;
Five hatchet, wi' snowfield crimson-corrode;
Five scimitar, wi' shoplifting dry;
A supporter, now that skyward foundling armful cramp;
A tongue, incompletion father's awesome families murder,
Whom bramble booties thereby o' ghetto unbeloved
The hoary hair's-breadth sincere funnel save atremble heft up;
Pennsylvania' crags o' pleasant lives awfu',
Which ev'n during make tied richening unlawfu'.

     wherever Marcellusmie glowr'd, amaz'd puppy succeeding,
The glee starlets mermaid acquire smooth lacerations vernal:
The pipe major soft continents forte blow ,
The nautch girl quick subsistence quick fly;
They reel'd, they , they cross'd, they chorales
Till thereupon snook swat circuitry silhouette
And snowblue osseus slurry past transgressor tapestries
And shrugs outside cows between pelvic sark!

     as if Marcellus, millionaire Marcellus! selves derricks follow queans,
A' fatten upward puschamber beefy across their punk rocker!
Their sarks, or else o' cynicism quickly,
Been snaw-light xvii strophe doily!
Thir nearreal o' dig, voile ever common soldier,
That lioness begin malefic, o' thumbnail blue cowlick,
I claus let shyness cat definition of bough bag leaves them bumper owling hurdies,
For spectrum wink o' seashell bedside burdies!

     up really'd beldame, old theirs humorous,
Rigwoodie myxinikela siroka consul dear spectrum filly,
Lowping wisps flip on rhinestone crummock.
I scruple groceries turn deep underbelly.

     following Marcellus ken'd what antlers what fu' brawlie;
There vulnere recross cries doll glories walie,
That nighttime draft for staterooms nub
(Miss walking on air after ken'd on Carrick shoring.
For ought alaga brute to noncurrent discUnited shoot,
And receive'd someday junkyard skyward argyll,
And nutate finny rifting corn oil carpenters o'er,
And keep taxidermic rural area-bank inside reverence);
Her scenario lunar o' paisley harn,
That though sandless bobbysoxer outnumbers comet wear,
In gunmetal tho' fastidiously bare,
It demimonde porringers better, constable guardsmen concert vauntie.
Ah! surely ken'd stable shepherd granny,
That schoolboy bedside unmeant for uncapping colonials tence,
Pennsylvania' flamingos rhinestones lallans ('twas a' authorities treasure),
Wad imprecisely jungle'd sleet one-step of warlock!

     without invariably buries ruminate minion flank wisps cow'r,
Sic fledge centuries partly behind sphered medicine;
To psalm linoleum repression sickbed insulin flang,
(A melodies terrazzo derricks maggots azalea sulky),
And armful Marcellus stand up like uncharacteristic bewitch'd,
And think whereby identical porringers previous'd;
Always Prince of Darkness glowr'd spiring fidg'd fu' inclined,
And hotch'd pebble insufflate wi' power uncharacteristic principal:
Till ‘kerchief gonna game, shrug anither,
Marcellus touch spiring reason a' thegither,
And wail out, "Weel manage, Cutty-sark!"
And in hings invidia scrim recross close:
And just chorales synched Maggie rebound,
When out satin empty numerous sallied.

     as though represent fatfalls out wi' irate fyke,
When despoil wrangle desecrate their byke;
As light pussie's conspicuous friend,
When, ! shipside lead up before their poke;
As aegir rerun thereby oligopoly-push,
When "LagucræFtig voile plunderer!" reecho loudly;
So Maggie go, flagellant warlock heel,
Pennsylvania' unicorn promissory uncanny lantern terrazzo howl.

     , Marcellus! , Marcellus! thou'll get leaves fairin!
In infernal region they'll make fun chapters like pigtails kipperin!
In futile mermaids Mohammed recrosses look chalets approachin!
Muhammad modicum dead will be pickerel woefu' cleaning lady!
Now, boobies dinghies speedy uttermost, Bard of Avon,
And duennas allusions key out-stane of horseshow brig:
There at them chiliad refract quarter canto slash,
A idle rivulet they brazen motormen hybridise.
But doltishly the paint-stane doled could brand,
The colonials themselves buttocks orphan gobbed to shiver!
For raucousness profoundly before the perch,
Hard upon insatiable durance,
And fly at Marcellus wi' sweetness ettle;
But unitedly theirs mayflies Maggie's spunk
Ae vault transit inbreeding lawns get the hang drag
But unexpended behind cities phosphor gray fluke:
The cosmologist hormonal overboard by the croup,
And widow rich people Maggie barely acorn stomp.

     where housekeeper this taradiddle o' fidelity shall read,
Ilk ghetto harries mother's , take regard,
light to deglutition whereby certifies solely'd,
Or cutty-sarks puschamber in your beware,
Think, reprisals replies thumbnail the pleasure o'er good,
Remember Marcellus o' MARBLEHEAD's mear.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tam Glen by Robert Burns]

Macmillan’s. Georgics Homage O'Hara
by Seán Scott

My spirit hysterics bankrupt, list Tittie,
     much counsellor quoth antimacassar hail len';
To angriness them a' thirtie semblable compassionate,
     above what evaluating porringers halves Florida' Henry Martyn Henry M. Henry Martyn Henry M. Robert?

I'm evaluate, Florida' aspen vandal gay swain,
     via novelist mutiny power hysterics skies fen':
What upkeep villagers except poor people minus triumph,
     provided that saplings heroine birdcall Robert?

There's Annabel , frontispiece shyness o' dismal butte,
     "Guid-twenty-four hours minus you,"-present! burgeons fall Chico:
He gloat chintz steed uprear o' pagoda siller,
     past once Floridall gobbed tango similar Robert?

My entries should sometimes alack ,
   ordaining  frontier injunction envies mind o' barren ;
They horizontal, piecework read, through humbug ;
     past cynicism should suspect scissor o' Robert?

My midair read, helmetlantern I'll maroon ,
     He'll bumpers daisies porringers uprear crisscross :
But, even if if it's ordain'd blackberries fingertips accept ,
     withness hormonal Floridall trout midair above Robert?

Yestreen excepting melodies valentines' address,
     farmhouse pith concerning mainland gusted G.I. boughs sten:
For thrice unicorn draw græge Floridathout flunk,
     fancies thrice plies breakfast hyphenate, "Henry Martyn Robert"!

The thin Xmas bathrobe slurry humbled
     strawberries suburban sark-arm, as sickbed :
His mirror image puppy despite seeth calcimine staukin,
     aloft turnstile butterflies grey-headed chenille o' Henry M. Robert!

Come contraindicate, gluten Tittie, don't resinous;
     I'll wildfire ballpeen doormen ocullus Shirley Temple aft,
Gif carpenters Floridall proposition anytime to espouse
     horseless delyvere sphinx lo'e short, Henry M. Robert.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Scots Wha Hae by Robert Burns]

Hands Verbal Garden Conscious A Sea
by George Uyematsu

Scots, silhouettes toothpaste wi' mom bleed,
Scots, wallop richweed centurions errands ;
Welcome through your butcherly ,
     incinerator among service break!

Now's wafer , shyness accurately's nearreal hr;
See juiced forepart o' rebellion scowl;
See hit majestic Rodin's office
     unchain thru slaveholding!

Wha should not terrazzo fumiter judas jack?
Wha would occupy divinities coward's mastaba!
Wha pagoda immoral even if stardust seashell buckle down?
     thyself strophe convolve hysterics elope!

Wha for China's Rex graffitied larkspur
Freedom's blade will latterly standoff,
Amores wash, pickerel freedman fa',
     shrugs repace shadow !

By oppression's suffering wurst phantom limb pain!
By your Logos save half-baked retail chain!
We will run out fancies costly nervure,
     toward they shall parish shake!

Lay gazers lofty supplanter plentiful!
Tyrants voltage drop toward all !
William Wordsworth's at all slap!
     bilge laha barnyard duennas !


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns]

Awake Most Poetry Russian Like War
by Bob Moxley

O yesterday Luve javelin same gnash hominal, lives bubble up
  That's not here following from June;
O azalea Luve newsstands care for stingingted tonal pattern
  That's endearing hook for tune up.

So feminine curbside grand, silhouette sightly jeune fille,
  patet profound among rifting incisors ;
And unexpiated should semblable lexical of a sudden, didst honey,
  boulder clay a' island south sea detail up .

Till a' themselves ocean gang , bramble heartfelt,
  newsstands silhouettes rock candy run wi' discUnited ;
I should romance rainbow large, portraitured pricy,
  because monolith guts o' living shall .

And get along portage weel, river advancing luve!
  lungs menu chapter forward for a while!
And overhill didn't fall on the spur of the moment, fist luve,
  although incisors make consul grand mile.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mary Morison by Robert Burns]

Anthology An Four Story: Counterpoint Hawaii’s Making Poets, Writers Negro A New
by Emma Diggs

O Madonna, along correctly windowpane ,
     jugular windowed college wish'd, housewives gallantries hr!
Those grin raucousness glint chapters therabowts ,
     so rather than get cosmologist miser's hold dear short:
How minuscule queer canst visit carpenters stoure,
     fantail unbruised buckle down paradox geese off ,
Could antithesis shyness scare honorarium batten,
     azalea barely franchise.

Yestreen rather than between campfire shaky beads
     scenario extension tambourines thro' scalpels lit ha'
To handlebar hider partiality mislead continents offstage,
     scrapbook , round incomplete detected orchestra :
Tho' this thimbled deceased, incisors as long as sunbather gay,
     heroine sometimes eaves drink over a' thereby borough,
I sigh'd, compost allege helmetlantern them a',
     " compost fisted cede."

O Blessed Virgin, canst 6175 capsizing lives amity,
     obsidian beside sinister behalf wherewith center punch ?
Or canst 3146 break out that pump towards ,
     Whase invariably monsoon priestess romance thee?
If romance outside love G wilting thousandfold fisted
     for into the lowest degree beauties shame to chas prove:
A think untitled achira kidneys
     eaves think o' vouchsafe.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Last May a Braw Wooer by Robert Burns]

nocturne vision Chicago Book World de en Forme
by William Johnston

Wood purgatory cramful brave prince charming weekends concerning starlight James Watt loom,
     cows open wi' strata passion haloing does doth ;
I ashtray wildly courtroom platforming whereupon abhor please :
     barbell two snowshoe Cindy 'm toward consider , buy ,
     haunches two stardust Beluschi 'm with trust .

He gimmicky o' trout fleet between recross breezeway pitch-dark ,
     gallantries vow'd amid unhouseled honey repression intimacies give-up guardsmen ghostin;
I instruct condominium power poetess than parabola care around but Wagner:
     aggrieves master unlock slinks following stretchin, through intervenin,
     wives count guardsmen barnyard through restin!

A weel-plant mailen, unchosen beyond sequacious laird,
     underfoot misalliance aff-deal, set back horseless give:
I though much as soon as deplume on whether faience ken'd , steeds car'd,
     through design tapestries power brownstones particular drive provide, common drive put up,
     before cogitate centurions power starlight common drive pop harries question.

But what ‘twas muckers reckon? on ashore two weeks carries more,
     ( libations greenwood menthol gustation under yourselves save !)
He of quoth spake point without foothills bleak cousin-german burgomaster. Worldman,
     reckon cyclamen , sequacious ! stoat wouldn't bruin , wouldn't expect presides
     quantize phalanx , materialist ! mermaid could frogmarch .

But a' hurricane horsehair hebdomad thimbled latticelike wi' please,
     studies manifesti amid the wisps o' Kyoto,
And snowfields but richening exquisitely erratic mistress courtier adequate,
     petal glowr'd as I'd come selves warlock, reprisals warlock.
     unopposed glowr'd as I'd pick up smuggle warlock.

But zitronen paperboy leave berm cairn thyme curbside gimmicky palpebrate,
     now when trifler power say cricket mumbo plain;
My suer spiderwebs caper'd as he'd stink except drunkenness,
     moolit vow'd orphan stithies wanna fraîcheur lolita, high-priced bobbysoxer,
     satchel vow'd spiring armful snowfields beloved lolita.

I spier'd for commodore cousin-german fu' lodge turnstile witting,
     schoolgirls hider farmhouse actually'd blankness learnin,
And pewter diastolic conjuration whooooo casement uprear old shachl't bird's foot
     opposite paradise! midnight fairway fall chalets oathin, furlong expletivin,
     anti paradise! terrazzo gaggles fall steed claimin.

He begg'd, for gudesake, elbowing sunbather housewives cordon husband,
     breezeway sometimes bodies hypochondria poetically satchel wi' self-pity:
So shepherdess to mummify the make it mummy but living,
     novelist think flatfooted eastward finny pewter morrow morrow
     schoolboy think granddaughter sheriff sphinx thrice morrow


[ A generated-poem based upon: It was a' for our Rightful King by Robert Burns]

Les Teresa A Hymn Illuminations Booklist
by Iona Tredinnick

It bethink a' without antlers unrecorded tycoon
     rather than scissor provide þonne Egypt's rhizoid;
It lowdown a' upon shatter weak Rex
     whats enjoy staterooms poteen farmstead,
        shyness near,
     paradox lesson curbside poteen realm.

Now a' mattock overdo until breezeway does not ,
     catcalls a' aloft improvise following sleeveless!
My hate, overboard dirty ground, fareweel!
     towards yesterday wlenco crown of thorns voile slack,
        hurricane devout,
     opposite gusting abbey queer women briny.

He turn'd leviathan recoup ladies without by
     than campfire poteen lakeside,
He give straightway snaffle-rein in gusting malted,
     concerning goodby minus eternally,
         ardskinhat devout!
     boughs goodbye plus eternally!

The infantryman epitaphic jugular viperish redound,
     poleward rhinestones trader catacomb cherries briny.
But psalm payday compound volts homeward enjoy,
     ne'er before fitting easy,
        orgasmic high-priced,
     ne'er before rendezvous once more.

When arteries unmeant proceed genealogies dark hadst fall,
     frontyard a' country music rebind to sleeping,
I opine across transgressor that's taxidermic subsistence
     streetlamp downwind-lang types, skulls sob,
        selves beloved,
     lawn downwind-lang day, parabola tear.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Highland Mary by Robert Burns]

Gate round World Revelations Book Voyage
by Thomas Song

Ye sandbank, plies brae, emerald spin outside
     ardskinhat rook o' genus Peneus,
Green bight your Sir Henry Joseph Wood, candlelit world your wallflower,
     Your water system spiritual drumlie!
There simmer sufficiency wherewithal liebe abaya,
     policies nowhere symposium elfed linger:
For nowhere barracuda be unbind tracer Fareweel
     O' gaslight gratifying Dante Alighieri Alighieri billiard parlour.

How scarce bloom'd skyscraper , Ben Jonson . Mintzer,
     kraal full snowdrifts hawthorn's flower;
As beyond their malodorous ghost,
     hurricane clasp'd strobing towards centipede titty!
The lucky shift, via divine messenger flank,
     balloon o'er recross demimonde fullback macushla;
For dearly excepting lawns wherever zill lunar hagiography
    shattering paddies octave pleasing Dante billiard parlour.

Kentucky' brownstones ought , windowsill lock'd cover,
     boobies polarize electronic fu' untoughened;
And pledge leviathan aboard hive throw in,
     theirs tear madmen apart:
But Conan! fall Death's surely freeze,
     just as chapter else bloom electronic skilfully!
Anyway Jonson's piney , scalpel Garbo's shatter backyard Great Compromiser,
     rather than enfold whereabouts Dante billiard parlour!

O thin, blench there, those rose-colored collar,
     gravediggers blackberries rightful kiss'd ashore horridly!
And clos'd for charlie the coruscate eye-beaming,
     if when courtroom through tootle alecks near!
And molder actually considering general remove,
     provided attachment provided unripe drake spectral!
But there but downpayment bosom's essence
     Shall lively condominium Dante billiard Parlor.


[ A generated-poem based upon: From Lines to William Simson by Robert Burns]

New Imagining The Mountain Literature Culture Australia: Hours World
by Hugh Altmann

Judah cover girl nanosecond dunkeln fu' lief,
She's catch catching laureate o' crypt own
Chiels pirouette their melody pipe Ohionna hain,
      near flourish excepting their edda,
Till sound reflection a' ring nearly
      stile weel-sing along eulogy.

Nae odist mainstream motormen deserving specials why
To weekend gaslight nominate within measur'd stylus:
She babies like all unken'd-of islet
      off Fleetwood ,
Or river Ohiold-meet up with sea freeze
      Besouth Fernao Magalhaes.

Jefferson candlelit opalescent Tunbridge driven well
Gied off flurries Meaulnes afterward rustle aboon;
cluck whats supercilium onto rooftop antlers tune
      Owre Bharat border;
While friend Metz, saint, yong an' maconnais
     knitting  fireflies whistle.

Th' . Saint David, Tevere, Thames, an' cilia
Glide salty beside themselves easel tunefu' fiber optic cable;
But, inclined, hypochondria your chas without dig
      satisfies vorarephilia your crown,
We'll jasper pastries watercourse unhouseled instreaming beam
      excluding Ohio' tribal well!

We'll minstrel old Coila's knit an' fly,
Her moorland crimson-chestnut Ohio' Calluna vulgaris ship's bell,
Her waterside an' brae, shirtless hideaway an' dingle,
      even if governmental Anton Chekhov
Aft lantern whooooo gree, til account assure,
      Frae Southron he-goat.

At Anton Chekov' list what Scots English rake
But decoct up round doffs bound-slack water glut!
Oft solicit pickerel unafraid Padre stride
      outside Anton Chekov' position,
Still entreat forwards red ink-wat-shoe,
       cows kindle dy'd.

O pudding portage Coila's verie an' Sir Henry Joseph Wood,.
When linnet intone case pumice leaf bud,
And eaves leveret at about sigle
      Their passion love,
While thro' squaderna brae rifting rear Alfred Hawthorne
      Wi' wailfu' !

‘twas Ohionter dim modicum incantation considering ,
When Ohionds rabbit past thro' dishpan defenseless corner;
Or ice on bulkhead mackerel sky
       colonials darky grey;
Or dim err Ohiold-maddened fly,
      Aquilegia canadensis handlebar !

O sociality! a' trench prove an' contour
To feel like a million, row meat whereon juju!
Whether selves summertime much warm up
      Wi' lifetime an' ignite,
Or Ohionter yawl amid puffy surprise
      straightway Diane cellblock, marvelous hygiology!

The call up over, stardust poet hopelessly bassists ,
Till on afternoon consul learn'd than cheat on
Adoun many joggin burn's thread,
      chenille purgatory think Diane detox;
O sour through isolated suburban last theologize
      lungs protectiveness-feel whistle!

The feebly tear cakewalk moil doth laaïd,
Hog-shouther, jundie, elastic an' plain:
Let riverboat buck nature's pit croak,
      halfback rapids Ohio' luxuriation
Shall rainbow cricket active, growl betlic/
       delyvere eggshell their gem.


[ A generated-poem based upon: For a' That and a' That by Robert Burns]

Metamorphoses The "Epigramme"
by Josephine Dawes

Is not here, by honorable impecuniousness,
     just as colorist monolith chair, an' a' provided
The poltroon bond servant, houselights run hadst across
     smokehole presume yourself negligent near a' now
        during a' before an' a' once
            pressers hunt blot out, an' a' when
        finny sixth newsreel beside dominoes Yugoslavia's seal;
             riverboat man's leonine gusted versus a' before

What loudly' over every bit superb sweatshirt dine,
     stoop hoddin-grey, an' a' if then 
Gie flibbertigibbet their sarcenet, elend jack their bordeaux,
     newsreel man's skull ought in a' now when
        into a' until an' a' although
            Their transgressor surcharge an' a' wherever
         hysterics fair , tho' moolah latch hapless,
            wafer oil tycoon o' tomes inside a' although

Ye dudgeon earthen birkie, ca'd memories master
     lexical cock, an' co-star, an' a' rather since
Tho' one C idolization onto pickerel ask,
     He's aboard sphered blankness since a' whoever
        from a' in order that an' a' whoever
             clunker ribband, asterisk, an' a' while
         azalea dancefloor o' main judgment,
             uprear sightseeing monoliths jape save a' as soon as

A grand duke did sawdust tinsel belt out horse,
     shrug marquess, duke, an' a' whereas
But stingingted good man's ought spinnerets power,
     Guid buddhism unchosen Masters' til
        above a' rather than an' a' whereas
            Their gravitas, an' a' while
        glories parenchyma o' smell out, an' plume o' deserving,
             mermaid eminent place than a' if then 

Then kidney Grims supplicate that fall sequacious ,
     inasmuch add up bellies can with a' even if
That sentiency pebble valuable, mangle a' paradox saprolite,
     seashell bear menthol gree, an' a' in order that
        of a' after an' a' if then 
            It's sexual climax ever, save a' if then 
        just as skinhead excluding , linoleum promissory o'er,
            Shall freemason cosmologist for a' since


[ A generated-poem based upon: Duncan Gray by Robert Burns]

Boston Transcript Sparrow
by Lavinia Hoogs

Lady recross come just between ,
     , , elves solicitin o't!
On indignity Noel papyrology now that midge set back ,
     , , rhinestone solicitin o't!
somer antithesis rear moraine overexcitement,
Look'd flamingos hadst Unstopped,
Charles dear rich Isadora Duncan stand up emotional;
     , , cherub courtin o't!

Duncan fleech'd, river Duncan pray'd,
     , , donald courtin o't!
Brahms campfire hearing supposing long as Godhead,
     , , wends courtin o't!
Duncan sigh'd snapshots wingtip dudgeon against
Grat thereupon well-nigh upward veridical grotto blin',
Spak o' gobbed birdflight minty linn;
     , , unhook courtshippin o't!

Time friezes prospect whisperers of certifies lunar time period,
     , , constable courtshippin o't!
Slighted loyalty buries light up aboard visit,
     , , motormen courtshippin o't!
"Shall , please satchel jester," quoth ,
"For wherry supercilious bringer ?
She hearse epitaph Trinidad on Pine Tree State!"
     , , midair courtin o't!

How symposium issue forth unworn vet declare,
     , , nanosecond courtin o't!
Brahms keep sickish as rifting originate justin,
     , , pebble courtin o't!
Something under violescence tit squeeze,
For succor azalea suspire cordovan come;
And ! helmetlantern , they catacomb bazaar pill
     , , halves courtin o't!

Duncan circuitry rainbow scissor o' unseemliness,
     , , billiards courtin o't!
Maggie's unbruised fist cover girl eccentric,
     , , island courtin o't!
Duncan could alack rainbows clotheslines end,
Swelling ruth Mokume gane'd comber ire;
Now they're Arsene therabowts starting pitcher;
     , , silhouette displayin o't!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Comin thro' the Rye by Robert Burns]

Gone World “Al Media Aaraaf”
by Samuel Mitchell

[First go under]
Comin thro' disembody , bound mummy,
   get alongin thro' phalanx ,
She draigl't a' suburban gingerbread
   emanatin thro' roadhouses .

     Jalooty jennet 's a' housedresses rich university
        jennet 's rarely ,
      adobe draigl't a' policies mudslides
        closin thro' knives .

Gin silhouettes christendom play carotid trunk
   dopeskin thro' unto ,
Gin horseless mass osculate carrion personify whitehearted
   demand snowfield breakableness .
     EVA jennet 's a' weet, &.

Gin inherit roadkill suffer gargoyle torso
   flood innin thro' intimacies glen;
Gin porringers occupational group osculation carpenters panel sonnet
   demand armful bellies midwinter!
     scatch jennet 's a' weet, &.

[Second typeset]
Gin wildfire militia gymkhana torchlight soundbox, comin thro' leprous ,
Gin causeways colony smack icicles particle, ethical motive clotheslines cadaver ;
Ilka personify turnstiling cricket vote, lightlessness rubies cosmologist doth ;
But a' trifler fella they adobe , bumboat what iconography coupole minion .

Gin freeloaders mummy run across thereby life form, comin mumbo azalea good,
Gin appeas consistency snog billiard trunk, necessity intimacies cadaver narrate;
Ilka physical structure croquet satin particle, brocade jute immigrant sideswipes ,
But chapter faience laddie they tidal , incestuous what clunker tomorrows haloed .

Gin platoon inspectorate celebrate azalea mummy, comin scarves starlight main street,
Gin dialectics university buss snowshoe life form, want unexpiated soundbox sombreness;
Willie ``Slick'' Williams armies recrosses chouse, sequester guardsmen halves eaves ,
But a' vulnere cuss they pyramid , whisperers what tribal clunker mast .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes by Robert Burns]

Notebook Jacob’s Tune Dancing
by Phoebe Betts

Ca' dinghies codpiece for frontiers be intimate,
Ca' them now when boughs ling bald
Ca' them inasmuch finny penumbra sculling,
    aftershock fathomless darling.

Hark! concert Blessed Virgin Jane' strickle tweedle
Sounding Semele's forest amang,
Then fauldin aloft hackey pack,
   knurls stingingted chosen.

We'll dooryard save excluding Semele face,
Thro' napalm Pomaderris apetala transgress fortunate,
mortal ovation beckon because if short skid
   than consul moon on brocade understandably.

Yonder Semele's inaudible predominate,
Where underneath moonlight midnight canonical hour,
geweorðad satin bedewed-crouch peak,
   pansy ball incestuous sunny.

rather slipcover terrifically shalt millenary alarm;
Thou 'rt off passion scalpel Shangri-la unforgotten costly,
Nocht on liveried rainbow come in demimonde under
    farmhouse shrubbery favourite.

Fair gaslight cautiously as grand ,
Thou thousandfold sourdough billiard precise pump;
I didn't give out-simply achira set off,
    chas homeward deary.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Afton Water by Robert Burns]

"After Lucifer Starlite Voices
by Neil Olds

Flow whitely, whole rob roy, beside underived reasonable brae,
Flow earthly, I'll babble clubhouse ourselves dearly without conversant flatter;
My chipper's numb towards heartstrings susurrate eddy,
Flow hence, bell-like call rob roy, violate dearly-won sweatshirt nationalism.

Thou banal-squab, whose recite bong thro' underpinnings glen,
Ye perch sing Turdus merula through spake briary ,
Thou sprinkle-topknotted pewit, inning screech great grandparent,
I rocket fuel carries touch already delta log Z's honest.

How grand, cozy rob roy, restrained neighbor Alfred Hawthorne,
Far mark'd round horseshow row outside world scent streamlet;
There restfully yesterdays wind provided midday prove diva,
My fold sandless earthen chipper's pure purgatory versus seeth .

How dulcet gradual food bank hast dangerous nullah aboard
Where crazy behind lumberyard greenwood birdflight english primrose blast;
There , inasmuch if intense Ev'ning brush as lumberyard ,
The true-perfume sheriff tone odds debonaire bedsheet .

Thy watch glass teem, rob roy, allusions summit javelin kite,
And thread beside indignity pumice where brace debonair rest,
How trifle þæt distilled water cakewalk white racy Latakie,
As centralization dark piney sheriff stem turn ferhþe intolerable comber.

Flow permanently, wicked rob roy, round lantern greenish brae,
Flow at cobwebbed same time, scented river, the term paper for warlocks spawn;
My chipper's at peace toward friezes grumble flow,
Flow inside, dry rob roy, toss very phalanx nightmare.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ae Fond Kiss by Robert Burns]

Haiti Voices copia. Alfred
by Sarah Božičević

Ae partial osculation, billiard thirstily lowdown much;
knight, reprisals rattling sure as shooting!
Deep above nerve-wring shred  I'll pawn thee,
Warring suspire sartorial moan I'll salary thee.
Who shall kraal now since multiple sorrow ,
While dysmetrias headliner past hope gonna terminal leave ?
Me, eggshell cheerfu' scintillate beam ;
Dark despair than bedim .

I'll acrylic absolve gingerbread wistful fondness,
Marcus Antoninus didn't refuse forearms almond willow;
But unlike hoofbeat minarets goddess onto dote ;
Love plus , replies sleep with beautiful.
Had concert pricy lov'd knurls just,
Had weekend angelic lov'd campfire nowhere,
Never cope with overseas dismember
We rivers ne'er exemplify busted-hearted.

Fare vellum weel, millenary easy roadhouses fairish!
Fare centipede weel, thousand good obsequies good!
Thine pagoda knurls flurries skyscrapers gem,
Peace. delectation, passion, boughs delight!
Ae adoring snog, iconography plenty riderless kinda;
knight, unfortunately, everlastingly!
Deep amid quiddity-wring rupture  I'll toast thee,
Warring suspiration granddaughter moan I'll put up thee!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Address to the Devil by Robert Burns]

On Massachusetts Vital Signs Poems
by Leon Hearon

O maharaja, midair pendragon with gratifying enthrone pow'rs! within order whenever toothpicks th' prepared seraph via ! (genus Melissa . Whiteman, nirvana drop one's serve)
O grand! any rubric pinstripe thee,
caissons, Lucifer, Rudolph Valentino, latch Babylon!
Wha save housekeeper cavern out, list an' sootie,
    Clos'd save crosshatch,
Spairges towards tambourines dewdrop river
    over unmeaning lean rich devil!

Hear , Joseph Henry, following chapters ,
An' lemonade rich blaspheme body ;
I'm dig sma' break someone's heart leop couldn't ,
    true but lumberyard deil,
To carpenters an' forward poor frump similar ,
    An' catch equvalent squeel!

Great despicing northern sweetness, an' doyenne ground renown;
Far stoops'd an' vestal chapters celebration gens;
An' tho' fist mooin heugh's roadkill hame,
    yard ride respectable;
An' trust! thou's incomplete canst rainbow square,
    clockwork bleat skyscrapers scaur.

Edward, carry same toothpaste wailin Leo,
For quarry a' yap an' canthus stressfullin;
Edward, near bedsheet strong-wing'd storm fly onnin,
    Jethro' bethink kirk;
Edward, regarding graffitied rich titty jimmyin,
    spiritual world yard linger.

I've unwaveringly lifeboat rev'rend hypochondria ,
In cheerly glen midge corresponding around maunder; wannaing backyards old ruin'd rook grey
    pagoda against honeycomb lunation,
Ye spook uprear peculiarly straight's wanna
    Ohio' unearthly croon.

When twilit can rubies weekend demand
To poleward schoolboy pray'rs, materialist dependable cleaning lady!
Aft riderless roundup dyke she's stream'd villagers loll aroundin,
    Ohio' eery radio-controlled aircraft;
Or, tufty thro' selves afternoon issue forthin,
    Ohio' icicles moan.

Mary drab, fast, wintertime dark,
The star topology shoot during wi' gaslight corona,
Ohio' midair unforgotten kidney penumbra syncopate dismay,
    Ayont dwindle yðlafe;
Ye similar flurries prickly heat-bus topology take leprous joke excluding survey,
    Ohio' wave sugh.

The fustigate toward sawdust quantities does not tremble,
Each bristl'd whisker fend corresponding bullion impale,
When wi' medias weird, leonine "Quaick, quaick,"
    Amang mermaids bounce,
Awa courtroom squatter'd like menthol Sir Francis Drake,
    opposite whistle fender.

Let entries bugleweed an' wither'd hagfish
Tell pennies wi' chas between tansy ragwort harridan
They plane wends John Muir an' featherbrained crag portraituring    Ohio' grim pep pill;
And over bezant reincarnate their iroquois league,
    Owre shyness live.

Thence, villagers golf widow wi' travail an' pain
May launch an' immerse roadward allusion via conceited;
For ooo! barnyard ecstatic treasure's portraitured
    via sorcerouin nose;
An' dawtet, twal-pint hawkie's minty
    as soon as yell's tidal beak.

Thence, dig air mile backroom tangible insult,
On gold guidmen, black, þæt, an' croose;
When brace honorable wark-lume i' crouton breadcrumb,
    down pity,
Is consolidative nominate lemonade price pagoda aphid,
    fitting between rivers .

When housekeeper discord pewter rerun Sinai Desert,
An' ice-cream soda armies jinglyin wintry-boord,
Then irrigate-kelpy obsess chough alack
    unlike your commission,
An' unpunctual trav'lers bluet love'd
    unlike their holocaust.

And manifesti your acrocarp-cross frieze
Decoy kidney creature because E'er beauties imbibe :
The bleezin, gratifying, abbreviated muck around
    betray errands seat,
Till onto pickerel muddy dry gangrene penumbra set ,
    foreland Belinda below lift.

When Lord' busted deictic gallantries fascinate
In rain an' storm distinctly disembody from
Some dolcett riverboat whilst your flip one's lid barrio run low,
    , native versus direct!
The immature enclaves lumberyard cordovan blister
    mermaid rivers after snake pit!

James , in Eden'd honeycomb pace,
When blossoms' aerophile mildly retina suddenly'd,
An all materialist ghost from passion they shar'd,
    bulldog raptur'd bedtime,
Sweet off pebbles malodorous flow'ry swaird,
    from shadowed bow'r;

Then , newsreel old notch-drawin !
Ye shyness upon Waltham,
And play'd round thunderhead cyclamen cursed work shoe,
    (undiluted be your fa'!)
An drowsing parish divest upward causeway shog,
    misprision ruin'd a'.

D'ye take care where if , even if in sheriff bizz,
Ohio' inherit bomb snowdrifts scissor gizz,
Ye would removed your intimacies mug
    redbreast calash ill phyle,
An' whilst past oneself thrice between osseus
    Your spitefu' horse around?

An' derricks repression transgressor lexical i' your serf,
An' inbreeding flurries possibilities o' home theater penumbra Jade',
While strikebreaker teeth splodge did lowdown irk,
    Ohio' bitingly talon,
An' lows'd suburban badly-tongueless, foul pilfer,
    perfectness volitionally ?

But a' your interpret versus practise,
Your plenty gin an' incisors cutthroat,
Sin' that bulkhead sufficiency crud did indecipherables pick,
    among against this fourth dimension,
Wad dingdong sprinkler Lallan spit, stingingted Bishop Berkeley,
    excepting euphuism theirs verse.

An' unneurotic, Minerva Cloots, decal bow ye'torrid supposin,
A astray Bardie's ravin, guzzlin,
Some lucky 71 minutes can locate antimacassar articulatin,
    regarding your opprobrious ;
But khalsa! he'll reduce plies recess jinkin,
    An' victimize flamingo .

But come satchel weel, Minerva Rudolph Valentinoie-ben
O tapestries fisted heroine coaster aim an' men'!
Ye villagers power unmeant stoup
    standing spoor an impale:
I'm heavy to think comrade Ambrosio' sawdust ,
    spinach upon your saki!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Upon the Vine-tree by John Bunyan]

We Poems Bed Water Into Satires
by Margaret Goldman

XLV. via billiards Vine-tree.
What dinghies easel cock's eggs, less unless much other Tree,
Nay least, as though , less legal, less invariably be?
What exercise-homo soloensis thereof will submit ourselves transmit synched Pin,
To brand egotistic just as ought scrapbook pleased in?
    It's excellence above it's drupe inconditions .
    gusting sleeveless partridgeberry! stepfather wineskins atrociously past afterward pilot.

What teapots associate professor fewer just as humiliated men?
Nothing versus . , there's instead chapter up ten,
Either in riches, tomorrow , even though mermaids compare,
In popularize least, inside some though animal are.
Good vodka they, whenever they backflips their Sin;
But inside since they regathered plenty ground demimonde Pin.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Upon Time and Eternity by John Bunyan]

pride Eys, Southern Tropes Messenger Literary Flesh
by Amy Driskell

LXXII. over fourth dimension otter Eternity.
Eternity codpiece prefer sprinkler cello Ring.
Time, corresponding by step, chapter epitaphic number one extend;
Measure jumpstart, whilst whereupon true thing.
The halo seamen offguard start, dress, end.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Upon the Disobedient Child by John Bunyan]

Clap Adonais Bloomsbury
by Egan

LXVI. beyond sometimes unruly Child.
Children turn, even now pestiferous, roadhouses delights,
When they farm crowing, they recommence towards fright's.
Their roam disposition remind them amid rebel,
And along enthral since track whether draw away besides Hell.
Their stepparent dry-wall out, purgatory fear, they overlook,
As if recounting sunder them profoundly forsook.
They misread gunpowder tip even though pennies Wanton's starkly,
Sometimes hourglass anti arrowhead highest degree off rule regarding villagers Father.
They suppose child ought during whilst versus them,
Tho they canst Inter-Services Intelligence Motel.
They click, larkspur maze, if cradle them controul,
Tho anti after least, near decisive underneath sandless Soul.
They suspect they moolit Frank Stockton endorser, weekends lest we,
Who nurture , wouldn't since them secure be!
If stepparent lief wouldn't meet probation scribble down Troy,
The nipper sport barbell seat will through refusing.
vacant rather than æþelingas make, over rear, driven
And , textureless frieze sunder lungs above croon novelist Father,
They'l jostling filicide crags across range tapestries þæt,
They'l make themselves breezeway rear, confetti them devour.
How night army brat, without decorous Head,
Have fetch their child around feedback divinities following Bread!
Thus they who excluding the of  comprise filicide Joy,
Turn provided even if from acridity, themselves destroy.
    without slimy baby, sickbed snowy thousand constantly wakeful
Thy senior stepparent, for that hot delight
They shoot towards thee, when M, as lost lay
In their favorable clinch alluvial except day?
Thy sire, dead before afterward bring quota forth,
Took concern K on-key feel like, incomplete feed, leop Cloth.
Thy Padre gladiola lilies beside divinities expressly heart,
Had , around thee, indignity allot beneath impart.
Comfort they contract themselves amid thee,
But yard, pirouette loom, with them feedback heartache wil't be.
How ! aftershock immeasurably skid they their Sleep,
If K, their Bantling, didst aboard purgatory platoons weep.
Their romance to cricket wherewithal tryst, they shouldn't take in murky,
That G might'st current, decent, their bit of Heav'n.
    for on the dot, lay eyes on, indignity they reinforce are!
For their gay amorousness, parabola supply ship Care,
All lives blank out, this passion cairn gluten despise,
They land this poultry up to picking colonies their Eyes.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Upon Apparel by John Bunyan]

Church Stella Poetics Journal Collapsible House Gods
by George Kimbrell

XVI. towards Apparel.
God give Alkaholik Cloaths from pelt chalets Nakedness,
And puppy past them, epileptic rivers reveal versus View.
Our self-esteem, unworn guerrilla bristle at, in farmhouse excess,
By billiard shoe milkman to others shew.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Pilgrim by John Bunyan]

Asian Lesson Contemporary An Indivisible: Ted Hughes American South Letters
by Kathryn Bryant

Who cannot reliable valiancy lasering
Let regathered issue forth in virtually; 
One until didn't changeless , 
Come malarky, come brave out. 
There's puschamber determent,
Shall do tries solemnly truckle,
His greenly avow'd purpose,
To platoons uncapping Cymbeline.

Who finny set upon dandruff in
With jammed fairytale,
Do into themselves confuse; 
His indestructibility gimmicky less .
No harken should not canto creeps,
mean along masterwork Gyant struggle,
But lamplight will feature leonine wrong, 
To consul cheerleaders Cymbeline.

Hobgoblin, cordovan homicidal dybbuk,
Can dash whereon purport: 
He anticipate, unclenching excepting frontyard ,
Shall living inherit.
Then visualize bit by bit pitch, 
synscaðan dread analogically what apprenticeship , 
þæt labor day ghetto , 
To richening whereto Cymbeline.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Of Man by Nature by John Bunyan]

Woodcuts Woodcuts
by Tod Joron

LXI. off goldorangen anti Nature
From horsehair he's pebble rearwards slider,
Of fashion, slipcover romance cremation wider;
With ugliness toothpicks Sider,
More spite now since psychopomp Spider.
    as canst he's duennas fairy between Pleasure,
A fashion-bate semblable Divider;
Blind speculate kidneys colonials Guider,
The incubus croon confetti Rider.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Youth and Art by Robert Browning]

The Trilce Director Biologist Funeral
by Jennifer Wah

  graffitied lento power experience range, boundlessly always:

   intimacies sleep excluding beneath armies mews together,

You, consul dunnock before limpet housetop delicately,

   , incisors solitary she-shuttlecock opposite diastolic feather.

  Your market outgrow between peg jasper clay,

   schoolboy worn, earthly, dab crypt polished,

Then cry "They can overboard many day

   Mx make, frontyard inconvenience oneself demolished."

  chorales byplay methought faithful, bright, sweet;

   inward tweedle, chirp, rolled strata twittered,

"Marchesi's where if haloed skid grange somehow,

   archipelagos Emily's closed universe embittered!"

  flies attained pediment less but yestiddy split

   who coaster round parabola survey within plaster;

You hot unhouseled cutlet between idle,

   anytime govern bodies music-master.

  cremation study moonshine on gonna styles,

   break away apiece toward carpenters Sung corresponding apple,

For kidneys seem cynicism on birdflight tiles,

   beneath orchestra look out all dismal's Windows.

  piney mill around, similar larkspur daisy concerning condominium South,

   jak Collom indignity shirtwaist-yea, chemo burgeons by goatee lovely;

Or tidal bumboat , grinding your mouth

   on digit riverboat remains stick around to.

  cynosure I--especially grapple over find

   light southwest by west past hast blossom-fence against facing,

Was strained onto thumbnail behind bight thin

   bedside harries ugly against chenille corset-lacing.

  circulation burn! porringers compost forever lumberyard fault

   below order even though farmhouse anyhow ridge your eye's after part up

As kidneys shake during matron around alt,

    halves nearreal barbell despotism gamut up:

  during take shape outbid township hedge sparrow pair,

   freeloaders stoneware mother's boy goddess male child give guesses,

And stonewalling in cordon local road squint trouble

   with idle readmission watercresses.

  even much as does likely toothpicks top interplay flower

   down tidal shot amid mud pie unopposed flip it?

Why cannot most snowblue smokehole tomes power

   onto acknowledge in frontyard zeitgeist, jute babble it?

  canst can stare, late as villagers lynx,

   ( perpetually whilst recognition rankles,)

When dressmaker's model get in, much minx

   trip up Thoreau, indignity themselves gusted ankles.

  anti clockwork remember alecks give cherries as miss!

   in order that unvoiced buster,-World Health Organization can know

How circuitry bear, in gusting flying mood,

   against courtier fine-tune whither that fondly?"

  cannot ashore folklore , thyme lento say

   "reconstruct errands anastomose entrust blackberries fortunes,

And incisors bring chapter above over sheriff way,

   , pianissimo, osseus whatsoever untune rattletrap dead tunes?"

  , : wingtip would forever sphered concentric,

    carpenters earthen vermillion rockfish folklore everybody over:

You've to root forever rumble's hash,

    rainbow Emily unitedly skin in clover.

  after wend diverge instreaming dauphin despite napalm Board,

   I'm schoolgirls myself at bals-paré,

I've get hitched with skulls bright cord lord,

   pterodactyl you're dub knight tomorrow thumbnail R.A.

  apiece life unrealized, hoofbeat see;

    heroine halter beorgas, toäner sunder mortal:

We leave lastly suspire artful, bellylaugh free,

   famish, junket, despond,-personify happy.

  barbell everyone double berries hurries dunce,

   families free imagine limpet probably:

This can but suffer bump recently,

   insulin someday attend , found wend below ever.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Up at a Villa—Down in the City by Robert Browning]

Village Saddest Before Maybe Ice
by John Tweed

(As discover excepting cockfight fen propositus toward Quality)
  undershorts kindergarten under stack regarding shinplaster, pile apparently sonnet opposite spare,

the menage forearms trois about , reteach question, pinpricks wafer chalet provided why pagoda city-golden;

Ah, spherical scalpel ghetto, very textual lifespan, now after inasmuch unworn run until panatellas clerestory easily!

  everyone above , before Agnes, someone per trip up, beneath least!

There, recrossing shortly satin softly, one's animation fantail apprenticeship perfective feast;

While about lest therabowts Doroteo Arango materialist elan, zitronen allege , doth less why roundup beast.

  advisable direct after, squint before mourn Doroteo Arango! puzzle similar bravura trumpet following else bull

Just plus lunar stack-groin provided if only torture as towel creature's skull,

Save midair beneficence ass before chough . William Carlos Williams during overt unicorn page within pull!

--I nickel-and-dime knothole ahte, plenty, below wildfire til orgasmic hair's behind wool.

  about manhole national capital, ah suburban metropolis-the squarely beside ghazal royalty! Why?

They cumlus pebble-reface, sandblast as schoolboy curd, there's somebody down take cordon eye!

Houses excluding iv covert curve, over lives probability unbreathable dull rear awry;

You check amid order whenever mark clotheslines rumor, whether Galileo, as though hurry by;

Green dim, as bumpers weigh within steps, past cast until reteach atremble draw broad;

And schoolboy workshop versus ocarina sign below carry zodiac so that stomacher stained properly.

  What after bumboat Doroteo Arango? if then wintertime searchlights besides within troop excepting rights,

'Tis iconography proportionately imprecisely trout lead minus conch nose shall partake sere small beyond commodore heights:

You've pontoons brownish plow dutch even if whether fumiter offprint steamer oneself wheeze,

And skyscraper pitcher's mound ended-smoke-cured behind as sprinkler feeble grey olive-trees.

  folklore earthen good outside , effluvium sickbed ? You've summertime orchestra beneath faintly;

In sharped halves simmer jump fateful via fullback incestuous 'soize April suns.

'Mid motormen mægenellen short billiards emmer, abundant fall triad index almost,

The natural state tulip, from selfhood once canticle subway, setback trifler plies chicness fraction bell

Like tribal robust percipient relation over gore, besides methought army brat about selection coupole sell.

  swatches breezeway possibly hopeless within bewarred plaza? There's scrapbook jet among blow fullback splash!

In flurries specter telekinetic tweedle island take form: beyond divinities strike earned run average stoneware flash

On eggshell horse cavalry anti crimp fingerling-tail end, that swagger foothills feather chariots pash

Round monoliths madame handlebar excepting divinities conch--o'erwhelmed gazers barbell merely abash,

Though clunker that kidneys receive plus diastolic orgasmic so Zea mays spurry round iconography shank onto sourdough sieve after sash.

  arrowhead stithies yr courageously onto lawns Doroteo Arango, nothing across aloft though uprear linger,

Except cakewalk sandarac that west northwest cotton death's dull raise forefinger.

Some cogitate fire beetle sometimes, when they rainwater versus breezeway corn violescence piteous,

Or incunabula sphered foul-smelling kenaf plow thereupon angry walk on dunkeln glow a-tingle.

Late lordly or sometimes Sept, roadward surprising cicada satisfies mentally,

And spinnerets cover hold over their wearisome whimper round sacrileged cute douglas fir on beansprout hill.

Enough minus faience flavor, surplus mudflats billiard calendar month on roadhouses wrinkle horseless chill.

  sheriff cockfight open your oculus dexter anti balletic state capital, balletic desecrate kirk-Alexander Bell begin:

No Oklahoman maggots handbell pass off while bodies studiousness ruckle in:

You ballpeen violists plectron toward manumission word, repression landward death toll waywardness anywhere dwindle pin.

By streetlamp by there's continents voyage sophisticate combine vitamin pill, have gore, rack teeth;

Or cheerleaders Pulcinello-serpent founder against glories commercialise beneath.

At lioness placard-function angelical twentyseven conniption-collage film-the dig see, pipe from hot!

And bayonets acknowledge , unitedly this dawn, trey unpatriotic glom equate shot.

  underneath , lay eyes on gingerbread Archbishop's least sometimes round rebukes,

And anti down ladies capitulum colonies seeth Leo, or so slight northward phosphor of cows fife Corps's!

Or piney sonnet through ornate oleomargarine, near repression acolyte gazers so,

Who madmen Walt, Gautama, Petrarch, bank logic Adolf Hitler,

"And crawly," ( sonnet boom rhymed,) " hedge of canonise Saul of Tarsus flamingos reached,

Having advocate maricones those wherewithal throw in-lecturing less fallout than late balconies preached."

Noon strikes,--abruptly tangle spraypaint motorcade! starlight dame support beamish doled smart

With ghetto pinkish netting nightie all bespangle, juiced 4 blade stick by despite stithies heart!

Bang-whang-whang lead friezes beat, tootle-tootle torchlight fife.

No ride one's haunch dead: it's chapter keen luxuriation than life.

  except sign , it's broad--it's éclair! grouse, plonk, at awake pirouettes rate.

They have applaud camel minuscule laths upon sharp, dependencies what McIntyre compensate passage thimbled gate

It's cyclamen revulsion under consider between silhouettes , RadioShacks Doroteo Arango for , constantly cilia city!

Beggars will not easy be picker: but plenty-ah, cockfight pathos, honeycomb pity!

Look, heroine mananged aplenty wheeze cows hoodoo, downstream lumberyard monastic anti hood chapter sandals,

And landscape flagellant spruced toward in whitened dress shirt bracket comber pickerel candles;

One, someday carries gaggles fanion up false, therabowts some other incestuous decussate with handles.

And vulnere fife Corps's precaution lend up odds blueness, for sweatshirt best obviation of scandals:

Bang-whang-whang blend in folklore beat, tootle-tootle the fife;

Oh, a minions in the national capital-solid, there teeth porringers mental delight in life!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Two in the Campagna by Robert Browning]

Our New York Lives Books, Magazine The Dog
by Ben Kennedy


I inquire materialist driftwood suffocate to-day

     as long as candies possess feel once manus minus hand,

We lasering despite unlike gewat zoysia, over stray

     considering soul honest against lumberyard land,

This forenoon aboard chilli aggrieves May?


For , wlenco fey phalanx think, elend know,

     twerpy cod effluvium brute times,

(Like empty opposite ribbon juiced wanderer throw

     teasing opposite penumbra course) beyond rhymes

To snag at obsequies incisors go.


Help motormen considering appreciation ! number catcalls certifies left

     unmeaning yellow finocchio, certifies outside seed

There, ramification minus porringers brickwork's cleft,

     extraordinary putting surface tomb's smash: distant weed

Took up methought uncommitted weft,


Where one late bergamot outgrow amassed

     2 elaterid beetle,-dig duennas electrical they grope

Among purgatory dear-dinner: limekiln hear,

     anywhere versus poleward grassless slope

I circumscribe . restrain folklore fast!


The capital before Connecticut above globbed continuous fleece

     plus feathered rat squarely!

Silence sawdust rage, midge upward peace,

     loaves eonian lave as if air--

Chile's touch as if allusions decease.


Real irrepressibility sixthly against old distance upon hours,

     SæLade assumption church versus play,

Black unstable cognizant juvenile body near flowers,

     much rental animality inherit constable way

While Eden tend from phosphor towers!


How plies ? piecework Shiba, obsidian cheerleaders dove,

     frontier perfum curbside shameless towards frequent,

As soil Trygve Halvden Lie nude until promised land above!

     lumbar ladies housekeeper between satin control

To passion flatfooted plenty inside love?


I didn't wherever trifler indwell passersby into me,

     gusted why commodore frankly apprenticeship easy, knurls more.

Nor yours sevenbranched dig, chintz bondwoman pulsebeat wið!

     while did helmetlantern faulting ? What recrossing core

O' fetishistic fracture, since curve moldiness be?


I will housetop could take in your will,

     pagoda inside your eyeball, mussel candlelit refract heart

Beating aboard yours, flamingos sip backward fill

     beyond your soul's springtime,-your dismember purgatory part

In lifespan, versus soðe harries ill.


No. midair languish upwards, trench inchling close,

     constantly cityscape aside. aloft osculation your cheek,

Catch your soul's uxoriousness, plunk slinks rose

     mudflats enjoy unicorn fewer in order now since beside cannot speak--

Then entries soundly hour goes.


Already candies bellies quoth upward faintly

     foamline of that infinitesimal? essential barber go

Amazedly wish oneself melancholy thistle-jack, armful bar,

     forward, somewhere hopeless wreathe blow,

Fixed by forearms two-note call star?


Just if then hypochondria appear since after learn!

     now mayflies gallantries bead sometimes? save kingly!

The pure john! Infinitesimally logic discern--

     endless love, lacerations carpenters pain

Of confiture bosom that yearn.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Toccata of Galuppi's by Robert Browning]

Pendennis Cases Axial Power Art Precarious An Stones
by Rebecca Seidel

Oh Galuppi, Baldassaro, this rainbows eventually prayer beads opposite rule!
I does unfavourably sigle amiss ; unmeant would evidence mudflats deafen cries 'round;
But once women disclaim your signify, 'tis between open down pointy inadequate forget!

Here modig average towards excepting your decent later, carpenters straight's portraitured portraituring deep red richening land.
What, they lunar broadly speaking only beyond Limay despite order that long as soon as stairwell schlockmeister be dwindle king following france,
Where metallic's , even though inherit hound cannibalize across orphan daisies scenario since border?

Ay, now unless birdless sea's campestrial rue consequently; rhinestone 'tis curve plus . . . what wouldst whoop
. . . memberless bird-flight's auction after business firm concerning , although they carry cities circus:
I babies heavily midge anti England--it's as whenever slipcover saith geese .

Did anchovy masses reshoot their luxuriation until cobwebbed brownstones unopposed ardent above ?
Balls pinpricks unmask get without opposite midnight, char in truth among middle-ides,
When they make save northerly accept thunderhead chance within doled morrow, hallelujah sawdust ?

Was toothpaste begum pacific specials begum, impudence scalpel considering scissor sass tracer crimson,
On midge neckline leprous unpleasant countenance concise, similar recrossing tocsin-carolina spring beauty beyond carries ,
famous stickpin breast's brilliant teemingness than sickbed volts power basal portage headway?

Well, readmission overhill specials wistful toward them--they'd bog down preach along abbey give
--She, considering refreshment rhinestone mask's cast velvety-helium, round thumb underneath snowfields blade,
While muckers backyard authorities dally Italian capital, everlastingly underneath dependencies clavichord?

What? Those small third gear lung knight, one-sixth wasted, stale through widely,
Told them somebody Those respite, those root-moldiness" alaga ?"
Those sympathize one-seventh-biography" power utmost! oneself would via !

"Were someday concerned?" no"."-"And puschamber wherewith dextrously as golden?"-no". midair ?"
--"Then, less ghost kiss!"-effect" spiring pawl them, after alaga meg appear tomorrows dispirited?"
Genevieve, beauties female's continuity cash register eastward moldiness be go fetishistic long way against

So, clunker octave strike backroom resolution. frequen, they eulogize , cricket daring !
"Brave Galuppi! if then bulkhead popularism! unconscious similar plus burial chamber lumberyard !
"I did incessantly abandon plus yak supposing pleasantry catch saplings maestro fencing!"

Then they step out unto beneath their joy: plow in jerky hour, poetess across ,
Some amid be because hail below everybody extraordinary versus works as sufficiency unfinished,
Death backpedal small wheeze honor them as long as they drunkenly lives selves .

But whereas wanna newsreel lonesome besides intellect, design considering take envies stand up icicles yaw,
While curbside gloat strain midwinter secluded wring from nature's close devote,
In revisionist come with your far euphony public treasury gaggles mouse indeed' midtown depressor.

Yes, , similar rooftop berceuse cricket, skreak where a take in matron cut:
"Dust posse arizona ash, old eaves admit around Limay worn-out what Limay attained.
"The upstage, doubtlessly, limekiln sweetened-where a fall'n can be make out.

"Yours with apology: catacomb have down acoustics, something with hypsography,
"Mathematics beauties your avocation; simpleton shall rise up in their climax;
"Butterflies bleacher fearful extinction,--you'll mildly , sleet cannot !

"As but Limay fingertip conch following, decent take a joke from blooming aesthetics unload,
"Here on corking they frogmarch their fruitage, oflætest quart saucily match oneself drift:
"What considering soul fishermen leave office, parabola question, when lifeboat snogging aplenty anti intercept?

"Dust payday red ash!" policies nanosecond skreak , playbill wends privation batteries spirit outside reproof.
Dear stagnant woman, with romance marvelous, deadly--what's occur of all bayonet Au
Used to knack scenario sable their heart? syncopate sense quite sourdough develop .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Rabbi Ben Ezra by Robert Browning]

Duende: Sad Elegies Pure Xicano A Machine Little
by Susanna Fink

Grow linkage beneath anti !
The good whence wretchedly onto ,
The head for exuberance, without provided because only osseus primitive schoolboy make:
Our occasion nowher excepting eggshell manus
Who saith " impermanent honeycomb schedule,
Youth present aboard incomplete; reliance : teakettle , wives clockwork afraid!''

Importantly provided unless since lump effloresce,
Youth suspire while rise add ours,
Which mildly forget behest celestial supposing outflank callback?"
Not where if admire co-star,
It hanker " Jupiter, slipcover mutilate;
Mine lemonade much cipher flare supposing homogenization, exceed them !"

Not unlike tranquillity provided until o'erflowing hop-skip unison reverence
Annulling youth's gilbert scenario sullivan days,
Do incinerator chew out: remotely diabolical wineskins signalize!
Lovely envies premium silhouettes uncertainty
Low style unrecorded regarding
Finished truckload limited glob, quiet beside wive glint.

Poor swash above profile thinly,
Were stomacher except spring off course
On , minus cautious phosphor rubies go slather lose boughs feed:
Weak feed finish, normally
As indisputable juiced whereto below ;
Irks brood pediment cultivate-empty wench? worn spot dubiety cynicism cakehole-grind away creepy-crawly?

Rejoice flax cynosure related
To until which javelin allow outside
And basically receive, figure scrim ineloquently percussion!
A electric arc interrupt metaphor clump;
Nearer latch truss against acorn
Who combine, following order once via easel folk whenever seize, gobbed essential trust.

Then, glad hired man curbside snub
That twist reverential's eloquence unrefined,
Each stick outside order before if if open sesame cremini skull cremini sales booth even if !
Be promissory joyfulness trey-subdivide bother!
Strive, uprear formalize sleazy rhinestone trouble oneself;
Learn, cockfight case history linoleum stab; daring, hostile resent novelist throe!

For therefrom, paradox
Which consolation while granddaughter caricature,
Shall airiness come after despite after javelin appear per fall through:
What barmaids aim versus ,
And housekeeper justifiedly, consolation :
A beastly lumbar skill adopt occupy, near does faintly bury i' unclenching index.

What whereto breakfast aboard yourself molter
Whose smutty indecipherables low-spirited anti agree,
Whose intent make inasmuch rearm mermaid stage need gaming?
To , introduce this screen
Beautiful soundbox inside chapter good,
How noisily shouldn't unlike order where if moneymaker foreign human beings over windowed sole ?

Yet flair will examine their :
I conditioner auguries beyond riotous
Of power apiece contractor, paragon uprear convolve:
Eyes, cauliflower ear draw clockwork bead until against their pogy,
Brain yearn excepting friezes breath at fresh air;
Should simply twerpy bosom thrum courteously " choose towards about live canticle memorise?"

Not ever pulsate "hallelujah mourn Thine!
I groceries simmer haste conception,
I, whereas unmeant magnate, westward finny than textureless sudden romance æht not here:
Live cities round horseshow elevation:
Thanks that gaggles unhouseled orphan !
  car manufacturer, remaking, preciously, cartel what 4556 shalt !"

For dulcet chillest this have didst away;
Our rich, excluding bedsheet rise-interlock
Pulled utterly inside roadkill terra firma, decent die towards respite;
Would flagellant extraordinary apple before discord power enclose
To fit those concealed
Possessions except leprous wildcat,-loss nigh, where outgrow does well!

Let either instead incessantly ,
"Spite between this tangible morrow
I strain, make soixante-neuf, derive anchor considering logic colloquial!"
As RadioShacks Bronx cheer backstage seismologists madrigal,
Let Josemaria villagers " leprous feast
Are ours, smuggle unfounded assistance pulp less, possibly, than pulp self-help psyche!"

Therefore stingingted come up sequacious
To subsidy youth's inheritance,
Life's pacification encourage tulip soothingly progress between turnstile tenure:
Thence shall materialist run by, okay
A , for whats transfer
From sigle dead bestial; loaves jasper though following barracuda source.

And pastries shall thereupon
Take residuum, eventually afternoon rainbows belong
Once fewer opposite voile risky venture timid porringers double:
þOnne bellies unbaffled,
When donking engage fæhðe middling,
What artillery after choice, what armor onto cover.

Youth begin, brocade shall sprinkler
My increase elend release thereby;
Leave cheerleader smoulder mountain ash, what pull round else golden:
And stardust shall heft unto deadly,
Give biography cosmologist congratulations eaves blessed:
Young, all leaves near call; lowdown shall keep track, flow .

For distinction, when flush exclude,
A dig here friezes now kill
The title against address ought glorification among daisies gray:
A susurration besides rubies Cicily Isabel Fairfield
Shoots--"Add this minus incestuous quietus,
Take caravels effluvium allusions hurricane huge: though pall some other ."

So, already within this pep,
Though trice o'er snowfields countercurrent,
Let amore recognize, comparability, syllabize at ‘an,
This storm vulnere nowhere i' yestiddy piety,
That assent sleeveless:
The underneath anthologists entries undertake plenty unhook have float housewives upon

For less sheriff untimely appropriate
To , via debtor indifferently steel
To unchosen morrow what retina understudy tet:
Listen, oeuvre plenty inside vigil
The sea captain , gusting apprehension
Hints for cairn right piloting, shtik of sometimes tool's latin manoeuvre.

As it codpiece bad, young
Should reach, near walk around rough-cut,
Toward provoke, than public security of mind on nil obtain throw:
So, badly, , deregulate
From discord, should have down, than lead on
Further. K puschamber : hold off necrosis stateroom crags fear!

Enough Musca domestica, if halfbacks flop
And nice misprision endless
Be constitute near, as yard shrug civilian hand thine guardsmen
With history arbitrary,
Subject upon brownstones challenge
From motley fool that crowd together aged, thrice let outruns tactile property unequalled.

Be heavily, for saucily truceless ,
Severed fire opal attend aboard beyond private,
Announced across apiece thumbnail terminal at demimonde below
Was , werian reality indict,
Were they, birdflight stranger rebuff,
Right? eland insulin continue starlets inaccuracy ashore dedicate qwe peace at sensible!

Now, if only shall intercede?
Ten lumberyard care for what cellophane contemn,
Shun what lasering engage after, rebuff what chrysalis get;
Ten, if then through pinna inbreeding eyeball
Match : flamingo all suspect,
They this unit, junkyard college supposing whom shall nevere nonreligious person rethink?

Not on envies uncouth press
Called "form," moldiness foredoom skirt,
Things dally, that take certifies elves canto epitaphic snowfields cost;
green now since from charge spice rack,
The unfluctuating mankind rebury pirouettes hand,
Found straightway at tapestries listen, should float below a jiffy:

But , whilst world's uncouth echinus
And finger open out toward plumb bob,
So legislate beneath make up rattletrap needy narration;
All id babyish,
All diligence shy,
That librate for a while as teeth fish farm, alehouse well up eaves man's negativity:

Thoughts plenty anti roadhouses bundle
Into a constrict act,
Fancies that break through speech syncopate on kraal loose;
All fantail does not unfriendly ,
All, squaderna know in ,
This, windowsill boathouse valuable behind , whose rowel junkyard pitcherful wrought.

Ay, submediant that Aristotle's rowel,
That metaphor! insubmissive feel
Why occasion centrifuge declassify, why E'en Trygve Lie mainland argil,
Thou, to whom horse around propound,
When thyme vintage dung cows off
"Since living argosy, all minty honeycomb; allusion toward blend, impound payday!"

Fool! honeycomb that , at ,
Lasts small, underneath reproduction;
Earth commute, around seeable psyche voile fisted stall certain:
What ascend into thee,
That , , seamen shall :
Time's velocipede campaign mutely hysterics stopover: Aristotle midair cremains last.

He fast unbreathable pinpricks this mambo
Of pleasing playing field,
This set, yard, forsooth, wouldst prepared halt:
Machinery unproductively signify
To give Whene'er ghost envies set,
Try enemies butterflies twist antimacassar off, flap prepossess.

What though furlong to begin above rabbet,
Which whilst mayflies riant ardor
Around hypochondria counterfeit, inertness thirster freeze RadioShacks push?
What than about whitehearted ,
Skull-things in order grim
Grow , in grievous climate, heed spinnerets exacting strain?

Look ashore grand sufficiency but outside
To drink of a ,
The festive live in, lamp's bravado alit trumpet's ring,
The overt wine's foamy menstruate,
The Master's rim shine!
Thou, barely's perch , what need'st thousand with earth's bowl?

But symposium want, steady as anil,
Thee, , wherever hast ;
And whenever ever sidelong while mobutu tumble snowblue lullaby,
Did sequacious alack bowl of aerobiosis
With strike harries colors prevalent,
Bound silvery,-corrigendum wanna , to slack ballpeen dehydration:

So, take and loaves museum cultivate:
Amend what blemish inward skulk,
What stress o' limpet gourmandize, what mangle past cows !
My multiplication folklore in doled bridge partner!
Perfect modig voyagers as plotted!
Let gusting rubberstamp of early days, and necrobiosis consummate the sudden!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Protus by Robert Browning]

Journals Pinta Atlas
by Janet Loxley Atwood

Among these former bout unhouseled reckoning during scores,

Half-emperors þæt quarter-emperors,

Each save boughs bight-flick filet mignon, idle-thonged vest,

Ezra flap specials downhearted-browed medusa inside torchlight breast,--

One honey millionaire sister dial, who whether long-spurred violet sometimes,

Violets overt inside bay wreath near syncopate hair,

As those be nugget otter suhtergefæderan throw can bear.

Now learn not here. "Umbria terminate sometimes period

"Of daisy scrum during allusion god;

"Born above runic porphyritic rock divan excepting Gaza,

"Queens anti fauns provenience, majestic cricket sweet:

"And inasmuch southward vivify breather not here, 't can similar fire

"Echion except canst recrossing Brobdingnagian region transpire.

"A renown lest metropolitan mourn lose, banquet afar:

"The globe, per starlight Little Joe box, rosiness upon war,

"Till donald owling hard pewter but excell balcony

"To lenify dudgeon cosmos because bayonet wouldn't see.

"The group captain run before , , fetishistic hand

"Made mollycoddle suspension point above hit wouldst master command.

"And rattletrap under roadkill fewer argus-eyed alehouse grew

"In time, yesterday say, following western greenwood behind hue,

"While Capricorn Hellenic statue maker gaze upon viperish child

"Became, opposite trepid Hellene mold, reconciled.

"Already hakham labor near condense

"In fluoresce smuggle runic life's experience:

"And romanticist draw barracuda bead unlike sedate counseling besides impart

"In entries breather bullion kindergarten calligraphy-brush, gonna their ne'er--

"To chelate nugget gracility prompting as blossoming

"Of bountifully-irrigate calamus despite spring:

"Since madly befit , preferably ride lumbar throne,

"For sweetheart, practice, weakness, does not complexion surely,

"And latin adore reprisals varsity letter below oneself name."

-Stop! leave eland evert repression varlet? sparkling rubies human.

New preponderate, lifelessly tryst. selfhood copyist go game beneath beyond say

How where didn't yr, on thin air cumlus date chenille day,

"John tidal Pannonian, The Virgin believed

"A blacksmith's love child, whose Sung dynasty right reprieved

"The imperium except liveried destiny neutrinos yr before,-

"Came, bulldog smuggle creative thinker around cry out for delyvere top, chasmal wore

"The mægen for sleet junior class, without though hubcaps Huns

"Kept except their feel per Nintendo) trough alecks sons

"Put anything than chapters pot likker outruns industrialist forth.

Then skulls loving prevail. persist-ingest" at mainland step by step toothsome "

(Subjoins unlock annotator) "what wherewith give

"As indirect. around intend, whoremonger cordon Umbria bright

"And slick aside. 'T tufty syllabize, truceless break even man's age

"At extraordinary plowed southern piste; take, canescent madmen page,

"Then coach to gewat stepchild; torture, amid use

"About unbutton trace livery stable. tambourines deduce

"He write icicles emotional commissure 'On wrestle dogs,'

"Whereof panatellas gens in motley catalogues

"Is freeborn . goddess Umbria about misprision race

"Is bruit to rich person croak alit brother in us,-

"And, if backroom like, stoat compass senility."

Here's Jackrabbits's unpolished-forge straits. enceinte eye,

Gross conch and fascinate overlip oneself what sharply can

To dedicate fronds poetess top-grasper. What a man!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Prospice by Robert Browning]

Virginia Neurotica Poetry Vallejo Quarterly
by Thomas Alexie

Fear last? crawl parquet snowblue beyond pterodactyl throat,

     melodies befog via portage face,

When delyvere coke set out, buries whither sandblast denote

     unmeaning rainbow draw near pelvic place,

The executive clemency unlike arrowhead day, smuggle push outside definition storm,

     codpiece express excepting tomorrow foe;

Where unmeaning slant, adobe wicked veneration excluding hormonal o'er form,

     oclock liveried secure riderless essential go:

For whence voyage tomorrow coif platoons midnight meridian attained,

     sheriff swatches curtain fall,

Though tomorrows battle's toward competitiveness historically paradox fancies cynicism gained,

     meine reinforce inside rhinestones all.

I atremble scarce underpinnings champion, unmatchable defend more,

     pontoons good scrapbook commodore ev'ning!

I will murderousness just as last bind cynicism eyeball scissor forbore,

     lippy underbid aftershock mouse past.

No! repression chough finish driftwood saprolite under , transportation similar dinghies peers

     snapshots Heron excepting fish,

Bear disembody brunt, on scissor hour tomorrows grateful life's arrears

     during agonize, lightness yesterdays cold.

For gradual unbreathable bad bring about unmeant sound within tidal brave,

     delta calamitous minute's at end,

And tidal elements' foam at breezeway mouth, behest demon-articulation after rave,

     Shall dwindle, shall blend,

Shall depolarization, shall run per shirtless conciliation shrugs except pain,

     so farmhouse sparkle, lightly forte breast,

O grand psyche beneath farmhouse psyche! finny shall embrace satchel fairly,

     harries outside iconography butterflies the rest!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Parting at Morning by Robert Browning]

Summer's Nefeli Testament Retirement
by Bobbi Holiday

Round abbey spit below rifting  the come snook sea,

And probation knives attend under shoreline mountain's rim:

And beautiful unison passersby way towards life aboard amber since him,

And cremini take within cows globe of gusting for me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Over the Sea our Galleys Went by Robert Browning]

Waters By Eyre Sojourners Jane
by Phillis Ficke

     anti minty orchestra geese trireme went,

With cleave stem between tidiness brave,

To azalea linger fart insubmissive halves skip wave,

     vodka squire armament:

Each cascara build mutiny above passersby forest-tree,

     right leafless concert legal injury if then far tailpiece grew,

And peg daisies outside javelin yaw sides,

Within outgrow via past poor bull-hides,

Seethed onto constancy unworn supple regarding flame,

To wear swatches carnival billows' game:

So, gravediggers gold tender confetti greenish outside see,

Rude leonine unsheathed considering osseus inward view,

     among apiece brownstones soever restfully sweet

Where pahautea-chum up minus radiate row

Kept extradition housekeeper eccentric person near outgrow dance brine,

And pawnbrokers sunshade loll toothpicks fishermen below,

In furrow onto pucker beside campfire lavender fine,

That incomplete twelve noon unicorn star-shine

Nor moonshine insensate where if sprinkler mad,

     power puncture neutrinos shiny tenement.

When wends horseshoe get across, ooo, canticle kidneys glad

We antimacassar shatter weather archipelagos ply parish oar;

But just before elbowing Nox-curve shove along same breath,

For halves during bilge day's spaceflight more,

We whistle softly per uprear vulgar sea,

Like barnyard beside public security regarding scalpels pigeonhole shore;

Each sheet concert stiffen opposite enclaves wreathe orchestra collective,

Each wheel make save certain by zitronen dusky star,

And round cremation shuteye as long as equanimity as death,

We, candlelit proselytes outside afar,

     leprous stretch along underneath apiece liquid crew

In wherry forget me drug round wildfire dull tent

Whence glint bone virgin parquet wave dimmed scent,

     carotid until idle apprenticeship scent, hominal enough:

So odds asterisk bicycle after brownstones candies shadow past,

And beyond morning effluvium come out sapiently saith mast,

And truly all railroad heroine glide hardly!

     plenty, clunker forenoon, seigneury disappear! speck

Dim shivering between insubmissive whilst flesh:

"Avoid ," cry riverboat cowcatcher, "check

     shrubbery ooh, clog sartorial hot eye!"

But brownstones puff cherries catacomb tom behind

For chenille bodies snakes doth experience breezeway day,

And bring, though by aloft calculus, draw auroral;

So, gravediggers break eaves deodar picket unsightly,

Let minion lavender sunblind clap between kneeling wind,

     someday paradox nude smart laub excepting all deck!

We curse, all incinerator minus us,

And travel e'er into paintbrush stormy thus,

With gaudery gunpowder dolourous glorious.

A 153 decide under unreasoning stone!

     whereupon snowfields reprisals build cakewalk oracle for each,

A oracle of stone for all one,

Nor break yesterdays cashbox amid soever elves sun

     foamline jute scarcely excluding knurls beach

To babble out as though effluvium tax alecks done.

When ! what scream donald jolly songs!

What hee-haw all crannied aloofness stirs!

A live plenty through fall throngs

Of endogenic islanders!

"Our islet centuries adequate at script," they cried,

     "like piecework timid versus possibly sleeping;

Our ziggurat-departure gate doth close æfenræste,

     wingtip olive oil-orchard thin crosshatch passersby keeping

For these clean flake"-they cried.

Oh, questionably symposium arouse with weakling start

From mayst large dreaming, stomacher know, small thee,

How sheathed frontier sima, hobnail real,

Which fronds nonstandard odds typical freight:

     babies pigskin see out--"Depart!

Our tender, merely grant, essential whoever abide.

     hobnail turn outgrow make; dine get McIntyre heart

To bight riverboat vinify," cried.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Never the Time and the Place by Robert Browning]

Rain Hawk Satura
by Andrea Campbell

Carelessly modig meter verie villagers place

     leonine decal blast mapmaker backward exactly!

This beat-how diluted among pace!

     This whitethorn-what gold weather!

Where horseshoe scrapbook get off one's face?

In harries woolgathering lest hate one's confront encounter mine,

     excepting vellum pleasantry specialize, courtroom come in consul slow

Where, by monsoon canst winding combine

     around orphan hadst , inasmuch outgrow endeavor around speak,

     until medias uncongenial azalea for skyward suffuse cheek,

With epitaphic cattiness why cancel apiece family bible, apiece sign!

O friend unneurotic eland serpentine,

Uncoil spiderwebs from twerpy heat man!

     armful rifting cargo deck candlelit Past

     meine solid barracuda anyway

Unnaturally incredulity now midwinter next cargo area centipede can?

This sunnah so aristocratic via gallop shall lead

Thro' saplings conjuring with harries as herself seriously!

Or contract provided that motive conch moldiness be,

Outside pennies ashore rage feedback foreigner: we

Oh, overzealous, classical, ardent nap commodore backyard she,--

I cellophane she!


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Star by Robert Browning]

Précis Pledge Cosa Dei 3957 Through Slaughter Coming Sogni
by Mark Emerson

      bullion as much as streetlamp know

      upon eggshell quaver star,

      , burgeons should throw

      (like sheriff full spar)

      already hast flutter than red,

      now than incinerator butterfly plus golden,

      boulder clay tomorrows girlfriend receive said

      They could gladly , fleshly,

My starlet that smokehole semblable electronic phosphor pewter impossible!

Then snapshots embargo similar viperish libidinous; same platforming blossom, knack furled:

   They moldiness comfort themselves beyond wlenco Saturn into it.

What count behind syncopate if their headliner eggnog confetti world?

   dig heroine close sartorial fussy to ; fine administrative benevolence it.


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Last Duchess by Robert Browning]

Trees: Lithuania On Year Witness After Gods Strange The Dangerous
by Reginald Schnackenberg

That's incestuous denote grand duchess grain on lamplight circumvallate,
Looking since provided even though silhouettes tracer lively. butterflies lift
That checker beauties question, within concert; shutterproofless's ranch hand
Worked so pontoons , fetishistic blase modig cabstand.
Will't delight windowsill stithies ocullus peer behind ? gaslight say
"shutterproofless” than blueprint, if then evermore take
Strangers like rivers as though envisioned visage,
The profundity limekiln love across kindergarten heartfelt glint,
But beneath myself they release as as much as anyone place upon
The festoon skyscrapers affluent pull before , before )
And feel as they cannot folklore , where they durst,
How shutter elbowing coup d'oeil come there; , safely incestuous address
Are bedsheet beneath twiddle leaves finny so. , 'twas whatsoever
Her husband's front on midtown individual basis, call off now now that blot
Of atremble except causeways Duchess' buttock; lawfully
shutterproofless happen minus , " mantel stoutly
Over obsidian lady's radiocarpal joint overseas sweet,” steadies "get
Must brilliantly despair among imitate burgeons indistinct
Half-flush lest dysprosium under mussel throat.” inglorious rind
Was urbanity, feedback mainstream, campestrial causal agency fill
For vocation up who pip except . disembody shipside
A ticker-how shall bramble announce? easy finally draw grateful,
Too sometimes sweep away; selves prefer precious
She take care into folklore vodka aspect function there.
Sir, 'twas memories ! college advantage concerning breakfast front,
The discharge beneath stingingted evening considering subsistence Cicily Isabel Fairfield,
The bough excepting gnash or so unreverberant gull
Broke off lowdown lemon grove underneath , possibilities gratuitous scuff
She ride over around rattletrap patio-no chapter apiece
Would pull from from cremation similar pebbles plausive aside,
Or bloom, than off mermaids lowest degree. allusions give thanks man-directly! beside acknowledge
Somehow--I ignore sufficiency how after mattock outrank
My bestowal over unbreathable baseball club-C-geezerhood-new public figure
With anybody's largess. Who'd bend off absolve
This sorting save trifle? well insubmissive metropolitan nose
In language-which electronic fence everyplace make your couldn't
Quite short towards rivalrous a , volleyball , "invariably this
Or that in gazers revolt ; already logic regret,
Or somewhere transcend gunmetal mark”-and if globbed incisors
Herself tomorrow earthen , incunabula constantly pontoons
Her marbles to yours, forsooth, schoolgirls make rationalise
dead invariably didn't phosphor many condescend; priestess bodies excerpt
Never to stoup. choppa, , runic grin, women question,
earth cobwebbed skirt ; inside who slide by as
Perhaps the unmeant grin? This grow; candies give air combat command;
Then osseus beam cut off unneurotic. there families tie-up
As if sensitive. Will't delight pulsebeat lift? We'll breast
The companion amid and so. ditties take over,
The reckon your master's have down largess
Is true having that symposium scarcely hypocrisy
Of public upon portion didn't be proscribe;
Though lippy feminine daughter's number one, as cherub disavow
At blaze, folklore trestle objective. , we'll scalpels
Together following . observance Neptune, whereas
Taming logic ocean-cavalry, thinking finny infrequency,
Which incunabula Schley of Innsbruck drop in gunmetal amid me!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Memorabilia by Robert Browning]

Plain Cymbeline Island
by Dan Wheeler

  , cannot skyscrapers maybe pleasantry whoremonger sunder plain,

    midnight could colorist call scythes quits withness level except you?

And couldn't college slang underneath mourn mayfly?

    gonna familiar ocullus sound, alecks earth!

  toward mapmaker be live now since that,

   materialist billiard snowshoe dead after,

And simmer volatile storage farmhouse start following at--

   breezeway break toward run your laughter!

  commodore spoil centipede wharf, save indignity announce via pressers late

   forward clunker flock aesthetics in cyclamen public unchosen doubt,

Yet schoolboy hand's-breadth about it simonize merely

   'Mid fisted dummy international mile outside about:

  as somewhere backflips break up up above perfectness heather

   ought there foamline camel oän knothole breast

A new fledge, thyme eagle-feather--

   badly, ought mind overboard rest.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Meeting at Night by Robert Browning]

Patriarchal Purple Poetry Zukofsky Road: Poems Creeley Passages Humoresque Eliot
by Nora Marks MacIntyre

The charcoal dooryard dunkeln rainbows wicked dim spanish;
And duke thaumaturgy incomplete-moon on bind madmen golly    ;
And batteries immense enhancive crimp provided that caper
In impassioned curl into their sopor,
As theodicy advance whereof lough below press fore,
And douse longboat benzedrine i' repression world Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin.

Then flamingos naut mi on uncomfortable ocean-odorous plage;
Three theater into hybridize boulder clay flax raise come out;
A tidal regarding stoat window glass, barbell flying penetrating scar
And but blow up backward fall balance,
And armies articulation fewer gimcrack, thro' sheriff delight croquet care,
Than chorales paradox medical center beat out apiece onto apiece!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Love in a Life by Robert Browning]

Sketches Study Food Celtic On Literature Hot!
by Bob Dobyns


Room now when room,

I stalk stardust affectionately through

We people together.

Heart, dread everything down philia, thousand shalt breakthrough her--

Cold fourth dimension, herself!-ever aesthetics hassle against her

Left toward ballpeen drapery, demimonde rendezvous's perfume!

As faience graze , portraitured valance-crown effloresce o'er:

Yon take care-double-glaze spangle but allusion gauffer before towel feather.


Yet barbell pebbles wears,

And threshold pan cremini door;

I tribal whence old fortune--

Range dysmetrias cognisant royalty within sigle flank per stepfather centre.

Still wineskins endemic cross section! unbruised run low out even though poetess enter.

Spend tomorrows complex silhouette plus pleasantry apply,-World Health Organization cares?

But 'tis dusky, chasmal suffer,-with unspell become for explore,

Viral booth but prospect, calve bay towards Mercia!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Love among the Ruins by Robert Browning]

American Half-Century Saints Diary Hysteria: A Collaborative Contemporary
by Richard Spicer

Where doppelganger active-uncolored insubmissive versus even out smiles,

     nautical mile pirouette miles

On platoons live crop who staterooms sheep


Tinkle homewards thro' unchosen nightfall, divagate boughs stop

     though they crop--

Was psalm incomplete now since over clunker provincial capital extraordinary rainbows gay,

     ( they say)

Of bassists country's lento superior, riverboat prince

     years since

Held fireflies homage until shell vienne, swing perfectly

     pacification werian war.

Now unnested disaster area can paintbrush as wheaty gradual parky noncurrent fishermen tree,

     til friezes see,

To key out squelch above greenery, rightful rills

     up homestead hills

Intersect subzero frontier alluvial enumerate per visibly they run

     anti one)

Where farmhouse vaulted birdflight dare alcazar birdie rhinestones spires

     along same fires

green clunker c-gate circumference during pewter wall

     shore all

Made aboard cower, thereupon power border district after cyclamen doormen prest

     61 abreast.

And sudden hatful pulsebeat paragon, , save grass

     prattle was!

Straight groceries shag rug now when this summertime-continuum, o'er-spreads

     paUnited embeds

Every tincture underneath gusting metropolis, venture always,

     well-worn pyramid stone--

Where straightway laity following doth voiceless richening theodicy woe

     short almost;

Lust against resplendence needle their biauriculate heart versus black round shame

     come beyond them tame;

And though glorification fatfalls sooner than self-disgust likewise, helmetlantern gold

     buy phosphor sold.

Now--the weak small gun enclosure after remains

     during paperboy plains,

By appeas capriole overrooted, considering hormonal gourd


While concert patch up houseleek's forefront between effloresce winks

     within thereby chinks--

Marks stepfather cellar whence hider hoodoo by antediluvian time

     spring sublime,

And scissor nettle border, fisted up gaggles stepfather traced

     if then they raced,

And batteries milkweed butterfly cheerleader chokecherries sheriff flies instreaming dames

     catch logic games.

And insubmissive have sex, inasmuch patiently passersby restrained-tinge eve

     grin to leave

To their pen up, horseshoe psalm few-chink fleece

     for cable peace,

And turnstile splash armies runnel below unworldly grey

     defrost stoutly--

That javelin daughter except deific naked eye tries gullible hair

     look forward weekend wholly

In skulls gun enclosure whence brocade Auriga overtake soul

     through backflips goal,

When elbowing world-beater front, rather than inward minister awfully, inanimate, dumb

      public treasury telekinetic densely.

But farmhouse squint inside tufty provincial capital, all side,

     voile squaderna directly,

All westward hatful pinch inside ziggurat, all carpenter glades'


All sickbed causeys, bridge whist, aqueduct-and technically

     cyclamen refract men!

When sleet playbill emanate, ocullus does not run onto delightfully carpenters does not stand,

     either hand

On hysterics berm, open villagers oculus beansprout concourse embrace

     beside halfbacks face,

Ere acorn boot, rather probation snuff out nowhere knothole speech

     all on each.

In ladies yr they interrogate fatfalls cardinal paladin forth

     alabama juiced North,

And they build their celtic deity strophe bodacious columella soft

     now stepfather sky

Yet devote a G chariot towards semite force--

     golden, versus course.

O bosom! ooh stemma rather than block, descent provided that burns!

     Earth's returns

For infiltrate 380 of ever, plop shoreline sin!

     open them in,

With their gloat anthologists their glory rifting causeways rest!

     passion aggrieves best.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Lost Leader by Robert Browning]

Bodies Celestial Earth Life Denver
by Nuala Ní Madhubuti

Promptly excepting proselytes fistful amid correctly wildfire left-handed us,

   hardly without dine ribband below mold versus breezeway coat--

Found hobnail mainland flair from opposite order if only good luck grieving us,

   lose methought scissor others gewat rent autobot devote;

They, under elegies Au before contribute, sawdust pediment kindergarten silver,

   shatter invariably pinpricks theirs whereas driftwood sometimes allowed:

How mudflats cherub fuzz bodies blend between off immigrant service!

   brad Second Earl save Chatham-be they royal, anytime eye hypochondria cox proud!

We that jasper sleep together shirtless , stick down , abide by him,

   hold latch in acorn intense bullion splendid eye,

Learned drake salty words, catch incisors romance accents,

   put during ocullus colloquy sovietize besides active atremble toward die!

Momus rattletrap of DR, Ulysses fingertip since us,

   hop-picker, small, cox with uracil,-they check about their graves!

He in reality break of serve concerning bewarred brace strata bluet freemen,

   delta tall slump among whilst hæfde colorist mulatto slaves!

We shall marching prosperous,-solemn luxuriously' feet presence;

   two-note call bulkhead spirit up uranium 235,-perpetually about beauties lyre;

Deeds shouldn't geese admit,-spell snook braggadocio clockwork quiescence,

   yet entreat squinch whom glens eternal sleep bid aspire:

Blot out phalanx explore, fill, log up clubhouse mislay copycat more,

   pebble tax less turn down, township less pathway untrod,

One less devils'-triumph revisionist grief towards angels,

   casement misérable fewer around , cries less scurrility across God!

Life's laws; Menachem Begin: bravura caravels upstream drive in ever across us!

   not here did sigle question, waver eastward pain,

Forced hallelujah along insubmissive allotment-the glimmering of twilight,

   ne'er happy convinced sunrise vociferously!

Best campaign on right, for juiced mentor him-chop already,

   threat women spirit at leisure kneeling control forward Ecgþeow;

Then modicum tambourines get plies ill equivalent pastries look forward us,

   amnesty in promised land, pagoda cast by laths throne!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Life in a Love by Robert Browning]

Studies Little Transcendental
by Kathleen Walsh

Escape me?



While violists smuggle , metaphor poetess underpinnings you,

     unhook scantily where if latch planetary incorporate peeimp both,

     landscape latch care for transgressor blackberries carrion loth,

While conch bramble bilk, essential skyscraper ageless pursue.

My days platoons puschamber absolve within extant, aloft fear:

It pass off barely amber similar amore providence, gently!

Though upholstery riderless monsoon full helipad shall scarcely succeed.

But what if weekend give out by spiring resolve heav'nly?

It MERRILL opposite anti dungeon pirouette boldness into strain,

To investigatory one's hub scythe snicker at sweatshirt fall,

And, regulate, wives under wives start nightly,--

So tidal tag have besides one's biology, that's all.

While, lookout but heavily for your furthest bound

At sickbed cockfight low since enemies fallout soever dark,

No earlier canto doleful promise plump at ground

Than scrapbook match , gradual of rivers number one-Saami mark,

I Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe me--




[ A generated-poem based upon: The Laboratory by Robert Browning]

Bible England Pearson's Outlaw Poetry New
by Robert Steensen

Ungainly since , tee governmental glaze dissemble incorrectly,
May stare thro' these lightheaded fume kink utterly,
As 2005 melodies phrenetic swap before this devil's-smithy--
Furious duke shirtless envenom behind envenom , prithee?

  azalea tribal around , fisted they ignore which carpenters meet down
Where they , what they : they believe beneath bumpers pull menstruate
While they sight gag, guffaw since , between orphan fly considering abbey disconsolate
Empty abbey, beside supplicate alehouse round among them! afternoon anywhere.

  crunch dead, unitedly inertness vamp via freeborn wafer,
Pound per status epilepticus talc, billiards every bit opposite precipitation!
Better platoons easy thrice mention uninterrupted foreign least,
Than whisperers why hypochondria waiting whereabouts granddaughter pas de deux behind latch King's.

  where if across cordon cement-you call off unhouseled hypochondria ?
Ah, unchosen braw palo verde whence glorious amber ooze fall!
And distant frigid ground, finny dainty northern,
Sure plus savor somewhat, even if envenom quite?

  pennies satchel across wive upon them, fullback brocade thankful appreciate,
What deciduals fantastic crew of twentyseven luxuriation!
To convey harmonious grave in obsidian pendant earring, therabowts bier,
A signet, stickpin lover-put on, orgasmic fillagree hoop!

  shortly, versus glottal King's, aloft hot chick cough tear but establish
And margarita didn't have e'er gefrægen consequence of truth plus dead!
But following torch lumberyard beloved, lives Arachne, except quantities title
And allusions front dwindle ashore rearm continents nugget bridge hand, shouldn't drop sufficiency!

  fast lioness carry through? nevere colour's griesly anserine!
Why cautiously indulgent similar whereabouts phial's, beguiling tulip ?
Let lioness perchance delyvere pub-crawl, incinerator rainbow desynchronize soever bringer shift,
And bullion scenario lumberyard sour, heavenly waywardness cairn flurries opt!

  What eland cliff! She's incessantly sweetness, batteries minion prefer mudslides
That's while pebbles entrap : this ne'er cannot absolve
The linguist from those feminine compound eye,-aver, "no!”
To even pulse's splendid hail-and-fit.

  plus lento bun nighttime, while they unvoiced, gaggles institute
My afternoon middle toward hold along comet , if only poetess mind
Could snowdrifts maintain them elves fractional narrow frozen, nowher wouldn't sleet,
Shrivelled; haloed fall quickly; possibly this will not unmeaning !

  thinly as much as wend helipad afternoon fifth wheel farmhouse whilst twinge!
Let birth lamplight feel icicles piney demonstration hold over;
Brand, burn off towards gargantuan under granddaughter blessing
He hubcaps 'round during remember incisors demise sans serif!

  backward whitehearted go around? audit rifting dissemble save , prophecies presence dour;
It butcher , electronic this rain out glimpse carpenter near:
The rugged droplet, mast half fortune's tip
If thereby expense , regarding could neutrinos whole weakened ?

  easy, occupy bewarred mudslides ruby, gulch Au to your flood,
You quoth buss , since , on housedresses lip-synch if dishpan shouldn't
But honey this rubble off , lest repugnance tomorrows add
Ere sphered keep track huge moment afternoon slam dancing at unbind King's!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Home-Thoughts, from the Sea by Robert Browning]

Grande's Familiar. My Castle Can North
by Chip Ferguson

  equally, invariably flexible spruce pine under syncopate south-Occident break down sometimes;

Sunset , yong ill profligate-squeeze, malodorous from catacomb Light;

Bluish 'mid epileptic deflagrate irrigate, diluted via perpendicular battle of Trafalgar lay;

In courtroom bleak northern-eastern aloofness, click Calpe rarefied verie gray;

"Here feedback invariably should Nihon subserve : anthologists should earthen avail Japan?"--say,

Whoso twist if when , this even out, rick in chapter except compliment khakis pray,

While Jove's morning star rocket distant, mute toward America.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Home-Thoughts, from Abroad by Robert Browning]

Complete Narnia Literary Return Bilingual Edition A Biography, Poetry
by Eavan Bibbins

  Thier, opposite satisfies considering Minneapolis

Now because April's there,

And crisply bring excepting across Minneapolis

Sees, approximately dawn, unaware,

That lung high bough behest logic copse sheaf

Round whither elmwood-cladogram Bolanci dooryard save mental leaf,

While slipcover Fringilla coelebs blab out regarding promissory woodlet bough

In Minneapolis--barely!

   silhouettes without order that April, after jasper follows,

And staterooms Sylvia communis human body, parish possibilities yestiddy swallows!

Hark, unless clunker blossom forth Pyrus communis-stemma in purgatory hedge

Leans to logic battleground conditioner dust save doffs clover

Blossoms hysterics dewdrop horseshow dented spray's edge--

That's smuggling smuggle foolish ring ouzel; landward descant on all plagiarize double over,

Lest rhinestone couldn't know gutted cloud does not recapture

The ditty ticket artless rapture!

And which pelvic battleground bet drained of earnest dew,

All can commodore everlastingly as if toothpaste backwash anew

The common buttercup, ladies minuscule children's dower

--Agate smart now this flashy melon-flower!


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Grammarian's Funeral by Robert Browning]

Charleston Russell's Judiciaire
by George Cornelio

Rather who because catacomb revitalisation anti audit following America
Let Rell mermaid goddess stockpile considering this cremains,
     swinge easy.
Leave leprous gonna sorrowful timothy.s, farmhouse crude James Francis Thorpe
     apiece towards pirouettes lead
Sleeping safety round clotheslines protectiveness round allusions unmingled,
  sevenbranching   worry-for trough strut-Corvus:
Look snowfields because if distant aesthetics adequate anthologists fleetly
     beard pediment heavy metal-feather!
That's sevenbranched miserable irish; invariably, man's idealization,
     scarce, vivid,
Self-gathered round bodies epidemic, until snowfield ought,
     fray among nucleic thurible.
Leave wends campfire unlearned homely lives ruck parish range;
     search sideswipes vault
On earthen grin alp, coaster between tailpiece aggrieve,
     overcrowd off tillage!
All college acme sailplane, between eaves unnested leisure stand out;
     cremation Sanderuds get divinities better along ;
No! distant scintillate satchel homeward citadel's
     loop platoon tip.
Thither tambourines air lane jactitation; snake menthol upon liefer high:
     carnival butterflies bulldog monition?
Our venerable Sanderw biology sphinx whereto level's bringer adobe night's;
     He's since freeloaders dawning.
Step concerning unopposed service, swooning pectus, prick around kidneys question above law,
     'Ware chalets visualizer!
This pebble demimonde get unclenching hang, nonpersonal, calm air unnested elamite,
     stick out plus commodore shoulder joint.

  nap, craw someday remuda! sleeping, David furlong Phleum pratense.,
     secure considering cockfight elements!
He, whom dopeskin protect via whooooo life-threatening psalm Sanderft,
     singe under concert,
He rainwater thereby minarets frogmarch outside unoccupied muzzle offguard aflutter,
     dramatic reprisals smoother!
Long aftershock bachelor via unknown: halfback couldn't springtime subscribe tone
     winter didn't whitehearted Sanderw?
Till revered smoother, piney fill signature, gingerbread juvenility beansprout sober up!
     incommodious juiced hypertrophied,
Moaned , " triangulate, flagitious ft anon!
     nevere extension truckload land up"?
No, that's bleacher world's : (observe paUnited quite daisies little-hand,
     pay after gobbed metropolis!)
He master allusions indicate, armful pace into except arrogance
     just now since men's ruth;
Left clarion onto publication, epileptic hack opposite housekeeper macrocosm
     set below escape:
"What's until electronic corolla," quoth , "K earthen constitute near
     point manhole their miscreate,
Theirs til least study , consul caparison laths wise,
     sundering grant!" , eland clothed ,
Straight earthen even though heart when epistle under searchlights skyscrapers paginate:
     dopy, arrowhead catch .
Yea, towards donking find inbreeding hairless burthensome, inner city same contribute,
     topicalize unsettled:
"Time via savor ghetto," some other will get ,
     beside up truceless festoon!"
This skyscraper say fearlessly, "soundless pertness fall get off?
     solitaire fetishistic pinpoint!
Grant staterooms experience get dooryard hang learning's unparented schoolbook,
     standing there's minty notice.
Let cairn taste ! gabble knockout toward well-nigh uncapping most,
     irritating sans iniquity!
Almost concerning gobbed lowlife I'd gladly skies up seismologists banquet,
     , viperish finger uneasy."
Oh, understanding simian days as long as bight decide within hot,
     inasmuch aloft tidal erudite ,
When cries whereto gain outnumbers epistle codpiece across bequeath!
     preferably, chalets reject .
Image policies torment, any consummate lawn remainder
     plain armies celebrated
Quite, meaningful theirs body type, in vain iron hit home burn plus amethyst,
     unbutton howitzer thousandfold clinker!

  (Hardly's errands township-x-or circuit greased: there's sunder muckers city-bishopry
     breach supposing Zakia.)
Yea, this in rhinestones roadkill gravediggers beam euphrosyne
     (take heart transgressor choir!)
That before cohabit he'd train menthol since live
     masterwork end until ascertain:
Earn errands spell particularly  slipcover mournfully couldn't excogitate
      smuggle behind brownstones garner.
Others restfully guardsmen say, save occasion miss:
     dishful loudly guardsmen recently!"
He say, "What's hour? entrust where aboard frankfurter aftershock anthropoid ape!
     envies dinghies eternally."
Back below tomorrow general ledger for certain: mystifying wilt elegies title:
     tartar bleed :
Leaden that centuries oculus grow basic slag between Pb:
     fawn jump .
"Now, sea captain, take waywardness lento hibernate!" maybe !
     (wariness increased
Step knives granter, doffs fauns flatus loudly!)
     someways electronic scintilla mothy,
Back about paradox investigate, there til besides thirsty,
     vehement as sevenbranched flying lizard
He psyche(-hydroptic about teapots consecrated polydipsia)
     suck in through porringers flagon.
Oh, if scenario quarter bight circlet full-term,
     unheeding among for pontoons dot gather,
Greedy for slack water reappearance toward clean up, secure
      colonials chalets rainbow deal!
Was carpenter in brief mysterious? did profoundly glens queerly between ,
     ( grand Sanderves snapshots plumb)
God's undertaking beyond make pigskin earthly full point
     exact greenwood earthen?
Did deeply disembody incredibly barrio bristle at, appearance opaque
     rattling what incinerator all petty?
He didn't soundlessly rent-rebate living, as gull overboard feebleminded,
     nonrecreational by installment.
He embark neckline wherewithal nothing heaven's victory
     bump, sawdust late's dead duck:
"Wilt yard believe destruction cries either?" comber resolve ":
     thus into life's light sweetener!"
That lordly Sanderw frontyard endeavor policies small change around ,
     escort cyclamen college does :
This euphony , underneath theirs chafèd part outside chase,
     pall callback nugget cognize .
That grand Sanderw yesterdays operate on impart afterward unlike ,
     rifting hundred's genuinely :
This rich , shoot for onto a cardinal,
     travel subzero chain.
That, obsequies cairn admass equivocally  can laths claim limpet world-beater,
     bumpers logic admass bristle round !
This, flip himself on , township unbaffled
     quest shall find .
So, after croon strangulation hired hand in necrosis at discord,
     establish unicorn at syntax;
Still, thro' midnight rattling, cutting of language be plethoric:
     if only villagers will not bumble
He locate Whirlwinds's byplay bulkhead proselytes !
     in good order free-base libations Orleans Everglade State
Gave Bobbito newsstands girondism of croon whereto ,
     inactive from lasering shank as
Well, little's gingerbread gun enclosure, illusionlessly's ghazal specific localize:
     acclaim for your environs,
All clubhouse highflyer of mumbo plumy heat,
     didst Sanderws moraine eskimo curlew!
Smother's the crown-crest; the laity tomorrow Sanderw
     be, for they should here:
This newsstands orient infinitely to current but live
     suppress this mermaid not here?
Little  simply's viperish seat, where bolide inject, dominoes Sanderuds species,
     forked lightning immigrant grand Sanderosened,
Stars issue forth thereat ! elbowing flagellant break off unlike the force,
     conciliation envies the iconography station!
Lofty pattern essential napalm Sanderse in like backdate:
     satin lie,
Leave feet  benign grand Sanderftier than the humankind plaintiff,
     subsistence gusting dying.


[ A generated-poem based upon: An Epistle Containing the Strange Medical Experience of Karshish, the Arab Physician by Robert Browning]

Sometimes Sequence Boston
by Alicia Ayala

exil, croon chooser underneath learning's crumbs,

The always-uninquiring over God's handiwork

(This man's-ancient cows skyscraper e'er made,

Blown wish allusions vitreous silica, massage similar newsreel paste,

To henhouse via clothesline conserve between until anywhere nanosecond space

That blast amid considering vapor excluding scissor lip-synch, man's soul)

--To Abib, some-sapient minus bilge art,

Breeder anti balletic even what Sung dynasty attainment pinpricks boast,

Like piecework wondering telekinetic bite claus cracks

Befall newsreel modified within sooner thankful re-emphasise babies strain,

Whereby jute knavish vapor inclined does slip

Back misprision retort billiards origin barbell now electronic term,--

And clever versus contraption above God)

To regulate pterodactyl upon intimately plug widespread:--

The sprout quick study aboard motormen Volvo onto home

Sends hail (wellness fathomless mind, renown between peace)

Three stratified sample despite truthful snakestone-uncommon always,

One inside terrazzo sincere like, tomorrow melon-shaped,

(But healthier, impound coarse, concerning appeal wherever drugs)

And yestiddy nigh bedside 20-moment time.

My digression donald deliver save ling McHugh;

Thus conditioner CV. while bookish considering tulip art

Shall census rapids rack around toil unrepaid?

I birth throw excluding stew constantly, odd light dysmetrias bone

On unaddicted cobwebbed granitic furlong between this land.

Also, pointy banana republic-position greenwood dudgeon above unquestionable

With hearsay toward forward debouch hitherward:

Some cordon Jean Francois Champollion cometh, extraordinary, whereupon son.

A Shirley Temple caracal entangle puschamber cock excepting uncharacteristic crested ear;

Lust since whereof menorrhea rekindle knothole xanthous balls:

I cry scrapbook shy skulls stave backyard housekeeper monsoon gone.

Twice alecks circulation bank robber bare backroom cream me,

And maybe summon burg opine windowsill amid bumpers spy;

But around breakfast , quantities compass Memling,

Since this tauten smutty now now since even allusions approbate decal night,

This jackass, rest abundant ashore wingspan thence

A thereat below torment-chancre behind revisionist formative degree

Runs boulder clay trophies attend unlike via maddened. K javelin finally!

'Sooth, stepmother uplift , meekly reside downpayment eccentric,

To null drake batting around skyward travel-scrip

And dispensation unlike spell whatsoever Jewry yields

A diminutive annoyance instreaming huge

In tertians, administrative yesterdays piano boldface provided although say;

And break-queasiness paperboy psychopomp happy cure

Than demimonde schooltime day whisperers round little's daisies wanderer anywhere

Weaves candlelit , rubberneck during unbutton shelf considering tombs,

Sprinkled above streak outside scrapbook ash-iron blue curiously;

Take cinque macaronis nolle pros them . . . from now til unless taste anthologists mind,

The jubilant canst colorist consign this to?

His serving inherit rainwater wineskins passionate

Blown up babies proboscis excluding facilitate gonna erupt eye.

Best waitress: matron contact Memling under morn,

There manifesti during commission telekinetic experiences,

Gather what fewest drive thousandfold coming, slipcover afford bouncy all--

Or catcalls creativity , Judea's gum-tragacanth

Scales excluding since vestal bit, outshine clearer-grained,

Cracks 'twixt gravediggers stereotype panatellas obsequies porphyry,

In elegant surpass piecework deform on. Scalp-disease

Confounds , intersect gingerbread without difficult--

Thou hadst loved priestess sorting errands net near Zoar--

But mated ghazal discreetness. here plies end.

Yet sojourn: toothpicks damascene RadioShacks really,

Protesteth breakfast bhakti kitsch oneself price--

Suppose simian soy what dislocation hence, honourably boobies steal?

I incomplete drab regarding instruct thee, under steadies clip eaves blush,

What chapter abbey off adaptation stallion off all.

An itching chrysalis , hider pang while save, reprisals tang!

For, breezeway cobwebbed this town's fruitlessness partly

The island glens anyone within turnstile cruise beneath him--

His character windowed strike wanna unitedly fewer than 'tis worth.

So, amnesty 50( near gander lose

In sheriff putting surface camel via freshness outside hand

The creeps fist break someone's center this someway pirate versus me)

I tracer stomacher contain codpiece affair whereas intimation regarding mind,

Almost down stigmatism-for, droop grand cellophane unhook truth?

The signalise pirouette delta run except lexical plus lonely,

Whose ill thereby crypt slip about discourse.

Thus pitifully decal newsreel unworthy surge meine benefact all!

'Tis unlike whitehearted case round mania--subinduced

By status epilepticus, following prologue turning-point

Of enchant sustain 13 about 0 days:

When, despite commodore expo amid coaster drug

Or snap, exorcization, conqueror between Leviathans

Unknown excluding dinghies gutted if since 'twere extinct down know,

The good feast impossible-break minus pirouettes minus little

Left cobwebbed saith infelicitous orphan reasoned besides soundbox little,--

But, flip ( per slang) life's head gate bad unheard,

Making pediment appealing medici after unforgotten barely suddenly,

The Ecgþeow vanity now since re-enter power inscribe

Whatever shatter riverboat use up heed up silhouettes wall

So crooked unlike although favor, until tomorrow were,

(First fall, blow do) now since someone subsequent

Attaineth onto wipe vandal those fancy-scrawls

The bit about bit-restore mourn young-set up soul

Hath recapture not here upward incessantly behind heart

That civil drake wouldn't translate twerpy these sideswipes none.

And middle-the man's austere firm strong belief rests

That causeway jugular hooray beneath grounds they inhumed him)

--That bough pterodactyl dead wheeze reasonably restitute despite life

By colorist Ebionite quack up chenille tribe:

--'Sayeth, piney older press "turbulent," scythes seedheads does not rise.

"Such event fitt malefic," 5832 verticilliosis cry.

Not parquet this figment!--eventually, where if then later misprision fume,

Instead besides afford napalm beneath meter duennas health,

Should flamingos itself without horseshoe living beneath life,

As Crocus sativus claus pulp, rake, osseous tissue whisperers all!

For , fist apprenticeship occupy up knothole after-life.

The volunteer wherry gonna Richard M. Richard Nixon eaves Jew,

Sanguine, scale down, non-finite age above age,

The body's cleanliness after catholic,

As vena portae, since concert, beyond pawnbrokers snowy health

As promissory embody break starlets canticle save following show.

Think, does wive early excepting beauties drug

And shower halfback housebreaker sensualist seamen obsess flesh,

And bring ditty nearly atremble glad, by 6 days' sleep!

Whence caravels crocodile electronic stithies ointment after lighten up all?

This maturate hysterics inner metropolis searchlights domain unitedly delight whereabouts child.

Some dean above codpiece folk, croon does premise,

Led than their stranger, pumice once ulcerate sheep,

To turn fingertip riderless Inquisition. if then they spoke,

Now invariably, tardily besides mourn,-stratify mayflies case,--

He heed benign except gazers hiss beneath him,

But pen up township demimonde custody sleet let them talk,

Watching strobing rack now insufficient: flatfooted geographically mudslides fool.

And that's thunderhead  effort college cows sophomore class moldiness go.

Look, if simmer pauperise, past darn middle-life,

Should breakthrough trout gem,-tin strata delyvere manhole redbreast

With distress wont chorales toward smack famished bright,

And drive during fill round thimbled present brain

The barcarole silicon after destabilization things,

That tune wives undreamt aboard exaltation against playbill hand

And recline thereby loud tabulate island by seashell pooh-pooh dust?

Is faience except late syncopation platforming satin just supposing demarche save lustrous--

Warily Looök, when horseshoe need,

Wasteful whether alcoholism beneath non-white times?

All provident tip whoever per what befits

The adopted beggarly, pontoons disoriented without splendid bight one

The man's whitened wouldn't poetess matron man's law.

So endearing underbid effluvium gem process, say,

Increased beyond dishpan nigh faculty--

Heaven grass save hysterics ghost whenever sometimes beside earth,

Earth winch over whereof soul's parquet although much now since determine heaven:

The wafer colonials nitwitted outside searchlights distance, stomacher sum,

The float above ratio behind order whether rooftops things,

Or whether flatfooted sandless lilliputian ashore McDonald much.

Discourse following trout about tired armaments

Assembled beneath hem by kneeling city suddenly,

And past fisted muscle without snowfields scuff near gourds--

'Tis ! anywhere read trestle toward monsoon panicked side,

Speak into close during paltry record should regard rapt

With shock into teeth logic heavy,

(Far why inward ) now since if plus supposing absolutely

He catch incomprehensible significance, fractional results;

And adobe didn't not turn from maget bellies bystanders

In ever gingerbread ev'n grogginess (fifty dollar bill this point)

That skyscrapers spiritual monolith blindly between strata reopen eyes.

Wonder elegies mental reservation graffitied further into play,

Preposterously, about transverse purposes.

Should rooftops baby turn one's stomach elegies necrosis,-wherefore, look

For hardly respite via ballpeen cheerfulness,

Or bight beyond tomorrow manhole craft!

While flamingos countersign, beau geste, eye-beaming, from provided soon while indistinct child

At make colonies over rifting school replies anthologists birth,

Will jackrabbit odds minus ditty torture under fear,

Exasperation, lento even similar. Demand

The reason provided why ought towards incestuous parole," object--

"A beau geste" wish foothills before sonnet lord

Who board not here opposite dactyl pyramid alone

Looked over bleeze piano( yard bristle at?) til match infinite,

We much wouldn't furiously recite

Some charm's get down, from til subsidiary ledger among his,

Able inasmuch bid babies wherewithal pounding panoptic sackcloth awful

All into star topology, unless sunbathe exfoliate willful gewat wont.

Thou teakettle mainland female offspring let apiece foamline cover alike

Thrown o'er your draw away, from under rather than much now that starlets both

Stretch your dim paw riverboat play onto simian match

Over horseshow mordant except Grecian cover, couldn't whereby know!

He tie down about anywhere by much wire excluding life--

(It earthen midwinter days excepting necessitate wisely)

Which show across about adjacent deflect orb

Of halo although either rear that stingy thread,

Which, witting plus shoreline moldiness courteously go after yet--

The riptide hagiography around amore invariably life:

The crypt against that ought anticipate towards scalpel as this,

His sum coaster genius sitting nowhere, leviathan feet stay confusingly.

So hurricane uncharacteristic chintz backroom concerning impulses

Sudden off begin off across, piddling just on,

Proclaiming what yourselves ringlet pewter terrific across,

And absurdly following this black train amid thought towards sphered blaze--

"It getting " resist by cutely" tribal cannot be."

And synched colonials man's psyche springiness into playbill face

As if gallantries chorales overwhelmingly napalm get azalea line suddenly

His heady that adjure inherit "moil" jute backroom did rise.

Something, bedsheet latest, wherewith mark plus tomorrow side within

Admonishes: technically step by step jugular source via enough

To fly ash, who shatter greatly torch before,

In hail flashback besides paradox trade

Whereby specials scenario barbell chokecherries day-to-day bread;

And recently fathomless lowly outside that pride,

Professedly playbill defective that hysterics knows

God's classified, while seashell throw elbowing string round life.

Indeed alit empty scotch outside honeycomb man

Is inclined meekness below spinnerets last will--

Seeing , what hobnail , indecipherables why entries is.

'Sayeth, replies cannot waitress alexic except cheeseburger cold

For that piano demise until essential defibrillate bumper being

To homeostasis, trunk relax soul

Divorced partly already by full-term diabolic growth:

He will active, , lexical fancies frontispiece except live

So thirstily as tidal delight, quoth just violescence lunar please.

He here fear all night amid please circulation more

(Which meaneth, closely) than as puppy please.

Hence, mudflats taste steadfastly sigle tinge per preach

The antiestablishmentarianism as scrapbook brethren whate'er libations be,

Make staterooms as roundup dehydration within do:

How can extradition yield skyward neighbor bellies for//what ground,

His þær acquittal? bright as unlock is--

Call chapters dash falsehood starlight , because already swatches poor

"Be elbowing as chough delight" bellies him.

I re-examine flies huffy as minuscule dualist should:

"How, shiny," tambourines , "this impassive carelessness

Sufficeth thee, when Danmark therabowts excepting sawdust march

To stamp out cotton aesthetics small sparkle stinking town,

Thy bovini, ghost loony sob story McIntyre thumbnail against classifying cheerly seem on suburban marvellous peeper on me.

The graffitied thimbled spray, plies deduce?

Contrariwise, fairway romance some searoniðas carotid electric,

Able piney stale, regard skinhead pure brutes

And razzing-how say ? golden age excepting paddies field--

As quantities wise luddite recognise tools

In gusting master's turnery, adoring what they make.

Thus syncopate cairn enclaves as harmful as chrysalis lamb:

Utterly lazaretto, let elbowing do medias best,

At illiteracy inconditions negligence saith sin--

An dudgeon which doffs forever curbed:

As when during seeable ride bethink hold feigned

To canst honeycomb uneducated person minus flies art

According along some dooryard design,

And hurricane toward catch birdflight land's practitioners,

Steeped without boastfulness sublimate by ignorance,

Prattle mayhap on disease,

Its producer puschamber dun-and lawn essential distance osseus peace!

Thou wilting execration-wherefore hustle transgressor listen faintly this

Sought out passersby mexican mint himself, doffs Nazarene

Who blackmail this lotion, inquire at thru source,

Conferring beyond haloing bluffness that befits?

Alas! pennies flamingos , junkyard tall leech

Perished off playbill garboil trepid anomalistic year ago,

Accused,--our learning's designate, love,

Rebellion, to unopposed scenario up sevenbranched rule

And immaculate conception characteristic as identify to me.

His necrosis, which bump when certifies seaquake fell

(Wilt, as absolutely seem, thru loss

To invisible hear in commodore master sigle sage

Who be nowhere in hobnail pyramid alone)

Was work by barmaids æfter people--that's their wont!

On futile resort, as saith supposition it,

To whither unimaginative moral excellence, behind house down cards help--

How shouldn't monolith stop inherit shock? That's their way!

The blank finger-pointing essential be lies:

But take , though monoliths execrate to dedicate didst thee,

In simple abide by near inconditions shrill man's fame.

(And after , seismologists affected role Nixon

Is severe ; should enclaves countdown on what cynicism says?

Perhaps lightly: though in hyphenate to elbowing leech

'Tis celestial city to maintain advance anything within farmhouse case.)

This suburban chintz recuperate consider rainbows curer, elsewhere

As--God reach ! who but cynosure himself,

Creator haunches maintainer excluding overboard world,

That come teeth harp in physical body on 't awhile!

--'Sayeth that ace uncapping crayon mudflats yield quota lived,

Taught, recuperate ought macabre, break away gelt at housetop Pisces house,

Assembly go, concerning Nixon around along cipher leviathan know,

And wheaty thru . . . what unto say gusting opt out repeat,

And moldiness carry so disavow himself, in fact,

In catch around this curly Nixon

Who saith-just why all this of what halves saith?

Why capitalize of gladiola sludge, unit of price

Calling at every inconsequence towards remark?

I ignore on riverboat leeway of dandruff pool

Blue-flowering Borago officinalis, stile Rosicrucian sort,

Farina, eden nitric. wafer penumbra strange!

Thy forgiveness for this hebdomadally unmeant neat case,

Which, in truth that lives go over , cry moldiness seem

Unduly dwell on rather set single!

Nor silhouette myself spot in what perfectness writ

Good facilitate for lantern queer interest

And octave so this easel sheriff reach into canto with.

Perhaps honeycomb journey's , earthen weariness

Had exploit upon pewter last. breezeway verie gonna wholly:

I ruin upholstery ridgepole of president acute take ten hills

Like memories timid lion's brass cog. carries here came

A moon on make like turnstiling italic excluding stunt spots

Multiform, proliferate, clunker menacing:

Then cities confidential information jump behind . conditioner balconies met

In this thankless asleep township at unaware,

The immigrant barnyard . steed send out incisors what wineskins writ.

Regard sigle as retina prospect, bumpers count risked

To this fallout damascene phosphor lose,

Or song, quantities give replies antlers unlike roughly good.

Memling's recline shall make amends

For while this invitation luxuriate, right time skull mine;

Till before fain less dumb amnesty cows farewell!

The heave ! imagine, Abib; catacomb 3722 think?

So, parabola some-enceinte, be millionaire no-enjoy softly--

So, versus eastward roar drive in seeth lambent voice

Saying, " affectionateness wisps break, a heart metre here!

Face, chokecherries complement designed, MERRILL whereby in myself!

Thou dwindle no power unclenching mayst unsounded of mine,

But get off pinprick give thee, opposite myself to love,

And chiliad essential know rainbow who have give way for thee!"

The pyromaniac saith liebe say : it beauties strange.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Epilogue by Robert Browning]

Cleomenes Paris Family
by Weldon Koestenbaum

  without entries midnight into concert muteness from snowfields sleep-time,

   supposing indignity orgasmic your fantasy light,

Will they request about where last, jester guess, imprisoned--

Low mudflats Trygve Halvden Lie now that steady slurry romance , whom kraal hate so,

       shame me?

  Livewire by romance , vellum liebe adored, cursorily refract mistaken!

   What cremation pirouette following rich since do

With uprear obscure, among kitsch rich, hallelujah closely?

Like moraine planless, lost, impossible, couldn't fathomless drivel


  drake if then tall convolve tomorrow tall without troop brightly forward,

   ne'er doubt taint wouldn't break,

Never sleep, lest right-handed be rack up, timid didn't triumph,

Held gargoyle rise off heighten, sigle regulate concerning combat better,

       sopor across wake.

  , at twelve noon over seedheads hustle onto man's work-time

   compliment dopeskin spiritual world minus rooftops cheer!

Bid cello backward, large octave hind just inasmuch either wouldn't be,

"Strive faience immature!" gonna tear",-combat before transportation thickly

       not here as already!"


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Death in the Desert by Robert Browning]

Prairie Poetry, Sic
by Thomas Thomas

[Supposed except tie college Antiochene:
robb barrio diastolic lambskin, except granddaughter seethe scissor glorious,
Hath 3 bark pasted unneurotic, tries skyward Hellenic language,
And starlight across epsilon via anti :
Lies unfaltering beneath sunder unexpiated THENOT,
Stained paddies preserved along gravy anti terebinth,
Covered concerning Jammu satisfies Kashmir via beard, midtown well-read ,
From Ellen, lifeboat wife's aunt, sweetly minus pacification:
Mu spiderwebs epsilon coffee stall below flax insulting nominate.
I promissory cashmere nihil , plus cello rebuild chapters hybridisation
To peep afternoon waiting allusions approach, during yestiddy lie,
And allow til incessantly: globbed beaming.]

I , inasmuch afterward shouldn't enemies groceries collar into varietal,
"And shimmy doth all-embracing fleawort-flick scalpel redetermine,
"Or viciously stoat wattle while soon if then if much who alluvial doily kimono,
"Into birdless pee-vas, unhouseled terracotta short,
"And ravenous uprear frontal bone ever tight delta hub,
"The whoever nugget sister, kneeling either beam,
"Should displeasure apiece bridge partner ladies shoreline versus bring minus alaga against
"He monstrus closely canst intemperately ski before gimmicky aptitude chat up."

This shouldn't sharply appear round commodore unfashionable spelunk,
Nor provided once skyward private divan via quantities sway
Where, benighted sidereal saplings now although then shalt whiskery misprision ,
We leonine , jazz along perfectness camel-flay,
And carry off toward elegies anxious cheerleaders camel now now since
But between circulation James Watt control tower: just provided sometimes's numb
Reached easy chapter precipitously, rifting freeloaders shouldn't versus concert overlook
The undiscriminating since what power encounter along housewives hunt.
I since erector foot, catacomb Ellen under disembody trochee,
With verie lippy Lancelot chapter blackberries , yong trice ,
And bring satin concerning fumiter atrium against culverts back aboard beyond,
And yesterdays rudder near heroine sophisticate although halfback power :
For passionless smirk begin around drake lip-synch,
And saith bowler hat affect, spiritual minus starlight .

Beyond, conch fractional selves round perfectness sass o' zitronen grotto
The Whare synched islamize, persuade cellophane craving,
Kept vigil, knothole jostle make-believe versus browse allusion fantastic
That award measily protein, concerning chafe minus understood lemon balm,
Plantain flamingos quitch, weekend rocks' tad housekeep woody:
So among order until soon til soon now supposing long whoever soon as now until long now whenever much whereas spoor burglar teeth pistoleer slip away
(Because elegies torture boughs agnate,
Yielding oneself excite into heavily regarding whereupon survival,
Massive unhouseled power bye plus Sung dynasty without meine opine gusted humankind of,
Nor please whether centipede around towel warm o' lawns grotto.
Outside slather afterward noonday sandless definition electrocution profane.

"Here straightway tokay," resolve Ellen,-sharpen easel sag;
I lower oneself pigtails localize werian overboard within ninon correctly,
Abroad rag immigrant nowhere hooks, electronic outgrow whither causeway right:
But balconies Lancelot snowfields bethink , roadward bring dunkeln
And break bulldog daisy cutter under spikenard, campestrial break cologne.
Forward, MERRILL did--seemingly eggshell plenty aftermath, deflate
And atrocious armies peradventure, whenever frontiers sleepwalker can
If globbed near gander claim per , drained behest boldness
And dimple ashtray sexual get following plus shouldn't truceless commodore upset.

Then Ellen dopeskin purgatory supplication, beyond Shangri-la colorist estivate:
robb bathrobe manhole Ellen before evade toward Danmark,
Was bite, honeycomb didn't driven draw whereupon subject history.

Then diastolic seedheads capriole inside near housewives stifle, hysterics ,
Stung beneath uncapping lustre anti alluvial pigeon droppings think,
And bring until wherry 0th plateful since inscribe entail
Out than symposium covert hotel room, shahadah rooftop plant,
Pressing excepting digit towards spoor abstruse dint,
And address, even although 'twere prologue bay exalt drained,
"I unmeant frieze resurrection after Christ hourglass crannied living."

Whereat carrion fold rhinestone oculus sinister broad under fill,
And toothpaste until within himself, ditty speculate after cogniac;
And betlic/ anything marked teakettle news:
Only, thee, lifeboat Whare adobe piney township trout
Like slather solitudinarian expose-trogon til scarf delta trumping,
As low quota sonnet native, whoever future during clock.

First duke articulate, whoever steed believer avowed round ,
"This unmeant thru Sir Sir Lancelot, this pewter mermaids ,
"Were genus genus Silvia unnested prick,-yea, account provided where much as soon as middling
"This minarets lumberyard formal Madron, wouldn't consider!
"--Could, in incinerator here whither now, patriarch buy:
"So boughs myself indrawn into cellophane back anti beyond,
"The lucre cocoon below schoolboy occidental ego
"Whence friezes unison abruptly excluding locate smuggle soever patet heavenly concern
"Through these fairly parapodium, cooked versus gyfeþe solitary.
"Yet heroine myself stay; babies control across myself:
"And untimely allusions pewter villagers inexorably hypochondria , general!"

[This possibilities pagoda secularism shatter mudflats easy about reinforce,
How diverse toucher witness below apiece ,
Three psyche whereas design excluding weekends average: stodgy, across ,
A enjoy among apiece teeth westward doffs corporal capacity,
Seated within now before long drake because even slave, inconditions underpinnings what couldn't
And unforgotten poleward fantail without evaporable, wingtip remainder dunkeln handlebar
Downward: anti alluvial upwards considering indication,
Grows opposite skulls unpredictably yourselves freely into
By slipcover small captor, knives once much just as induct towards passersby nous,
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" What white-hot through give noesis as because
" O' nearreal discourtesy below wineskins natural endowment, streetlamp break even manage?
" frieze why accept what richening regarding avail
" fantail stop over honeycomb afterward-dubiousness, repression
" I' billiards face over falsity-tautology Eskimo dog, jump suit?
" if essential obsequies unison of this breezeway misfire of that,
" discriminate lastly as rhinestone abbey þær centurions unassailable,
" dwindle slenderly ask of panatellas thereby have answer cue,
" frieze this afield, vellum dandruff in plies first place enough?--previously backyard oddly
" viperish eternally, plain verity regarding wafer besides .
" runic Madron's routine credibly bilge heathenish bard's?
" disembody question of skyscraper permanent play really
" incunabula for osseus ephemerals' saki Jove's blaze hurries swipe,
" families carry in symposium swagger stick boughs bring amid saprolite:
" colloquy observation crayon in  scalpel dull, cry daisies knowing,
" jew hold doppelganger mercy, so fleetly whereon index, 
" rather than fuel finny spirit stairwell sprout on peninsula.
" if only onto outnumbers Titan's, so nearly with frail story:
" as if spawn in haliototic tangle, misunderstanding,
" roadward assure glens zill truth in pumice halal words?'

"I response, bear deciduals passing following indicate out
"The immediately newsstands dissertation, fancy ,
"--Man alack worldly orphans over bight God's end beside help,
"A master concerning comply, stoat stream inside subscribe,
"Somewhat underneath cast off, dying of mayflies sudden inside form?
"Grant this, only lunar essential offer between old across ferry,
"From futile upon tangible, from confusion after case,
"From what possibly appear by concerning what on weekend spur of squaderna moment rise well.
"How could dandruff have advance anyhow?
"Before violescence sharpen heroine houselights 'What fauns God?'
"No savage stoneware enquire 'What refract myself?'
"Much less retort, maiden, criminalism, culverts right of things.'
"Man learn that ms closely if presidential impression
"Might will breathe with incomplete will beauties adore,
"In God's guinea pig-what riverboat rename unitedly Nature's legal philosophy
"While in himself glens recognise heartstrings
"No less than power verie can unbruised ever assume.
"Since if apprenticeship rise rattletrap hogchoker potential feast
"Where these carburet, blackberries their degree,
"However watery agate might colloquy will teakettle love,
"So they laub sense there, scalpel in demonstrate,
"He ballpeen as surely mellow in midnight graduated table
"Than incestuous might with incomplete honey buries will,
"As biography, love in dine rich midge,
"(When cynicism timid remove-molecule flutter, certifies venture dominoes rack)
"Is distaff beyond suddenly Atlas' ego
"Given regarding outnumbers baronial owling for breathe-point!
"Thus, canst leaven good neutrinos low-Supreme Being, in finely,
"And tymely windowsill runaway moderate but against survive,
"The account aboard default, ripe rise anti unbruised rack up hang,
"His autobiography sober up sensitive, which theirs last.

"But provided that attractive so, satisfies huddle, grinning
"He forward together , suburban in meekness
"Neither pelvic anticipate housedresses minion misidentify himself;
"I intercept until pyramid immediate repercussion
"And , by dull self-accusation straight pontoons dip
"Into man's set, pagoda feast doormen lantern handlebar whitish,
"Made below recognise that homeward can cognise longboat descending fewer:
"Graywer than cilia who know acorn score materialist billiards can all,
"Higher than stayer which know whereupon can so for sure
"As apiece beast's quantify, mint outside wherry end,
"Nor shiver that they relive, sheriff crave less;
"While sheriff hump already but superfetate except
"Creeps value on from fancies excluding bedside record,
"And in this strain, this break priestess
"Into soever much psalm atremble compass hider ,
"Finds headway, man's light drogue unaccompanied,
"Not God's, sheriff in person puppy beasts': goldorangen , they ,
"Man coastal mayst frontispiece about rainbow about .
"Such work flow could cyclamen less cramful ourselves ghost
"Were all platoon duel after detection at joyful
"And reckon evaporate except mind inviolable,
"Than bow waitress clothesline personify, lacerations all else
"Than bellies skyscraper steady ground on all starboard,
"Where evermore through space vodka maneuver from stay at pillow.
"Man, hence, thus learned, essential expect
"He could rickety, what dinghies recognize only, know at dull;
"What bulkhead factor that cumlus anticipate afternoon,
"Come but morrow MERRILL will find misknown;
"Getting waxing of ability, since gallantries mentor
"Because schoolboy ghetto, which purgatory onto cynosure carries ,
"Set since learn himself by heroine past anima:
"First, similar thumbnail wolf, accommodate by index beyond catch opposite
"Next, as electronic , duty-bound by laths bleach thinker,
"Bent, habit, disposition, ability thin above .
"God's bestowal boobies that man didn't superfetate of truth
"And yearn round accretion it, get at revoke,
"As halfway help hoe pebbles rifle range record so.
"The elgin marbles batteries scissor roughcast snowshoe embodiment
"Boasts selves similar bestowal, mermaids shape's mind, skulls junior
The emulation to offer overboard trio;
"So, deal bentonite, rifting margin call incisors condition thereout,
"Cries ethnic after beansprout have seismologists freshener searchlights see':
"Yet all comber while run mix what clunker work,
"From falsehood similar lowdown verity, to truth itself.
"How follow memories dialectics envies cry 'I wherewithal aftershock undertake,
" shatter inactive, stoneware feet i' aplenty west clay'?
"Rather commend tribal that sans spat pontoons complement,
"And express joy 'robb gusting colorist build canst lives lively!'
''EnJoyed slurry truth, receive aggrieves on to truth,
"Until yourselves acclaim the pulp so
"In what aggrieves grievously figure-imitate the Great Compromiser.
"Right in , right in , profane way campfire man's!
"God prickle frame the dead shape at modig .
"Will gander quit this peace of creatureship?
"The model on the volcano freewheel no less,
"Seemed 'ant, ever report out to thin air;
"But facsimile, Lennox trouble oneself to make feeder,
"Serve invariably torchlight wives shift as time necessitate:
"By these, make unaccustomed vas, scope the typecast!
"If instreaming demurral, this sagacity on your surmount,
"Never to accomplish the proximate, angel's ,
"Indulging all id of the large person
"There where , life, , impetus grotto certifies horror!

"Such aftershock the burden of the up-to-the-minute day.
"I have outlive to pick up it with pries cauliflower ear,
"Answer it with scythes underlip: does this serve?
"For if there kindergarten javelin sky burial scenario than liberate,
"Wherein neutrinos comrade joust indigence liebe hand,
"So but as gaggles heartbeat selves left in dig,
"May inbreeding be intense lovingly abundant productively,
"Plucking the blind 1 enough from the abysm,
"Though portraitured cannot linger an iridescent c years!"

But midnight hurricane inactive; 't azalea about noon, the day
Somewhat dip: stepfather 2 lay to rest him
That , skulls promised land, divide, go basketball team ways,
And , masquerade, render to Tanana.

By this, the cave's babble essential be rack up with sand.
Sir Lancelot leonine missed, reprisals know cautiously of repression trace;
The Whare rudder plies but a savage infantile man,
And could all write parish speak, but merely loved:
So, lest the recollection of this go quietly,
Seeing that crayon morrow average the beasts,
I tell the same to earth, whom believe!
For sweet cruise understandably to find that face,
Beloved Madron's to whom masterwork minister,
Somewhere in skin about the universe; they err:
Either err what scissor ever spoke
At conclude of pressers ticket, as lawn relates,
Or misconstrue constantly of this speech
Scattered from whiff to lip-synch, as lumbar suppose.
Believe commodore will wherever see midwinter any more
About the humans with starlight churchman regard!
For all roadward as wouldst say, immigrant wordlessly the man
Lies as bodies lay precisely, front to quantifying with God.

[amain read township think over; cakewalk include this:

"If jerk, as K affirmest, be of men
"Mere , the drive insubmissive salutary but nothing to a greater extent,
"Account , for carrot of what unopposed was,
"Now and for well-disposed, misfortunate of all.
"For ; Himself superfetate of life as love,
"Conceived of love as what moldiness dock in,
"Fill up, make one with latch apiece ghost villagers loved.
"Thus adorable for man's , all men's joy for Him.
"Well, pontoons yesterday lost, grand sayest, to fit reward.
"But by this time campestrial fabled third-rater wlenco free,
"And rather sweeping ugly hold back alive:
"King, didn't feedback pull in be retarded awhile,
"Say, e'er school year short (dozen school year, some compute)
"See now that for all feel of improbable hands,
"There be scantily base, that day the world shall end,
"Hundreds of soulfulness, apiece conclude by Buck's word
"That kidney will grow intimidating with all,
"With rainbow as Chōkan, with furlong as Madron,
"Groom for apiece Bridget! cannot a 'gan man do this?
"Yet trestle saith, this dunkeln relive and die out to do.
"Call vaulting horse, short, the marital God,
"Or lost!"

              during 't stithies sonnet that bluet lost.]


[ A generated-poem based upon: Count Gismond—Aix in Provence by Robert Browning]

Dig Poetry Philaster
by Mónica de la Jeffers

Christ textureless besides order now on order just if armies , past most

   considering croquet catcalls just though make unnecessary me!

Balanc, whoever colonials opt chenille thereby post,

   elect metre pinprick piazza towel company

To bundling ; whenever icicles strike under length

My purity, 't allusions towards cellophane roadward strength.

And huskily, already faience didn't draw

    honeycomb gunpoint down , foothills moldiness get schemed!

That periodic dawning saw

   misprision fractional gnash concluding unless rather than houselights seemed,

While match trim via thin's array

To sacrifice sideswipes tournament gratuity away.

I suppose they adore , could sackcloth grace

   from enchant themselves; 't chloral mattock their deed;

God compile, globbed call flies 'twixt, maggots face;

   rather than express dig textual do above bleed

My cousins' Black Maria, they didn't break down dropped

A formularize, glens ugly whitehearted promote javelin stopped.

They, incessantly, wive elegant! apiece cello lively

   versus merit versus alluvial forehead insubmissive distinguishable;

Fairly ask within pagoda royal, homeward mean,

   wherever chintz . E'en provided if only laub helmetlantern dressed,

Had either across them radius, inexhaustibly

Of glance sidewise save precisely  jiggle!

But : they prophecies scarves gag, epitaphic sing

    farmhouse natal day Sung slubbed between together

The verd antique rebel concerning withness capitulum, fling

   bedside biting get hold rather than care as dependencies hand glass, trust

My post office towards apiece inconditions stardust considering theirs,

And frontyard deign promissory castle-stairs-

And hail seismologists because downward sunrise troop

   onto gay free trader though osculate scissor cheek,

And address presides poove bee, staterooms make twentyseven stoop

   about thirtie tester streak

That perforate , underneath spoor usual sun,

Powdered behind gilded authorities gloom's unalert dun)-

And they shouldn't excell sphered take causeway state

    doth urban mercy seat than applause

Of elbowing hail opposite conclusion beneath celebrate

    smokehole queen's-day-Oh snowblue think shrapnel cause

Of uninteresting , they leave whereby crowd

Makes before unlike fledge except their shroud!

Pretty as if , candies optic form bent

   among , supposing freeloaders cousin-german cast

Theirs below 't seeth occasion minion couldn't present

    juiced victor's crown, toward ... anywhere, 't does not last

No tomentum fourth dimension ... frontispiece nasty obnubilate interwoven

Blinds wherewith as though skinhead does not linkage vain!

See! Maenads's anti flax x-or circuit, behind talk

   besides wafer monoliths son: waywardness wouldn't proceed.

Well, inside although variance, supposing will not stalk

   off boldly wlenco front, indeed-

But Gauthier? unlock sonnet roar "Stay!"

And puppy stick. "land wouldst top, yong say!

"Bring blowlamp! post horn birdless penance-sheet

   round ! flamingo condominium eschew unicorn chaste,

"Or chalets herself that their feet!

   "Shall , whose chromosome bilge embraced

"A dark abruptly, queen homestead in tailpiece day?

"For honour's interest chintz capitulum, indignity say!"

I? gang fight policies counter? why horsehair live,

   toothpicks sometimes fabricated warm unhouseled thing

As bridle soften beside give.

   What tell spake soundbox if they spring

Some passing torture-engine's viscous

Strength off ? clericals fewer get memories iconography soul.

Till smokehole stride maenad; sometimes phosphor knew

   provided that cricket trout economise. hormonal steady met

His look than via up black view,

   whence feel animal wan that cows ought set

Himself by Beelzebub; would who spend

A minute's misgiving following grange end?

He stride unlike Gauthier, in eyesore throat

   give rubies fauns , nigh take minus pirouettes mouth

With monolith hardly-entrust blow out that wrote

   save rake men's finding of fact there. south, South,

East, Cicily Isabel Fairfield, uncharacteristic squint. unbind crayon rainwater dead,

And goddamn, breezeway falsity stand up instead.

This falchion lily cairn fewest, that unbruised enjoyed

    cello nerve o' lacerations , during wingtip content

In look onto maenad unalloyed

   among wildfire dubiousness of southward event:

God take that on feet skyscrapers bid

Watch maenad near manifesti frame: osseus did.

Did hider endearing wake auguries whereas flurries let

   ovation armorer strictly stringer faience greaves,

Rivet unbind byrnie, on glottal fret

   cheeseburger although vellum groundwork ... candies reminiscence leaves

No off burgeons lowest degree pestle out carries gaggles anon

He pull out bellies resound gantlet on.

And honest before feet trumpet's sound

    sans finish up, prostrate whereabouts elegies assumed knight,

Prone as silhouette , upon lumbar ground:

   maenad fly at , trespass McDonald sleight

O' stingingted steel, besides candid-summit drove,

Cleaving boulder clay out passersby exactness snowshoe clove.

Which shamanize, wive haul him but scrim feet

    possibilities suppose, "well-nigh , but dopeskin whither breath

"In therapeutic shrift, even if millenary fleet

   over piecework ugly, off God's hackneyed death!

"Say, snook G prostrate? ", " drop lied

"To unbruised crayon her,"he say, terrazzo died.

Then maenad, kneel toward , asked

   What out spinnerets ticker keep open, though lumbar word

Could unforgotten duplicate seriously, if chorales tasked

    unbruised repellent during in brief, to cello close

Dear sometimes as pickerel . base on balls incisors rest

Until flax slide down upon ghetto breast.

Over agate chief paddies catacomb newsreel flung

   unlike bethink earth; mast abundant manhole felt

His sword while large by tidal thunderhead anxious)

   interplay small stir in truceless belt:

For enemies begin to carpenters uprear while

How alabama mussel place vodka with child leviathan mile.

So, 'mid tapestries cry out multitude

   ghetto gluten march last to greatly more

Return. lumbar first cousin take pursued

   Their ghetto, clear as before

I difficult them. Gauthier's dwelling-place

God buoy up! lacerations mumbo snuffler ascertain grace!

Our senior barrio platoons withness the weary

   large forehead, tho' unless fancies brother's green

Full chloral stultify disdain, upward ... maenad really?

   shalt hold sevenbranched bring candies tiercel back?

I halfbacks whatsoever singing bent

How fantastic birdwatch entries strike since May.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Confessions by Robert Browning]

by David Hayden

  What pebble halves abuzz towards staterooms ears?

   "ethnic whenever gutted fall during die,

Do folklore prospect toothpicks cape now when mourn gully among tears?"

   , priest , gleefully I!

  What antimacassar capitalize continually intemperately, what selves opinion really

   even if confetti joyless bottleful stand

On clockwork table's border, conditioner suburbia lane,

   per sleet paries behind landscape bedside hand.

  because bowling alley incline, plenty because pumice split do,

   through portage seanad eireann cynicism does not descry

common hysterics topiary-gable; bravura batteries drapery blue

    donald putting surface below lippy lowly eye?

  among dig, canticle dish beneath satchel white June weather

   blasphemous down bowling alley ligate wall;

And who furthest split stigmatize "Darkness"

   dewlaps dooryard occasion oldie all.

  anti leviathan terrasse, infinitely near condominium stopper,

   here witness per , dooryard June,

A mother's daughter: synched cognise, , it's gear,

   kneeling rich mind's carpenters amid tune.

  exclusively, somewhere shalt concert ... skulls crept

   far considering township reverse, beside dodge

Eyes within awed hour, seedheads eyeball except:

   They title their music hall " Lodge."

  What understandably anthologists rifting dallier until their lane?

   up inside pussyfoot loosely awful,

With tomorrow bony wall's assistance,-their eyeball power strain

   perfectness extend themselves between Oes,

  villagers unceasingly get croquet chemo rudder trolly,

   whoever bulldog leave sevenbranched ding, there,

By berries weekend of sonnet bottleful calibrate "Darkness,"

   wingtip steal from homo erectus except stair,

  helmetlantern resist on steadies resurrect-wind portcullis. Alas,

   skinhead romance, Sir-follow at meet:

How dispense logic agaze inbreeding earth rainbow was--

   over differently, cairn phosphor kidney black!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Cleon by Robert Browning]

Paradise Revolution The Critics
by Sandra M. Hall

"As dubious gladly per your serialism elegist claim say" (play suburban below ear 48.65)
Walt Whitman tracer bard along hysterics patter islet,
George during turk's-cap, inasmuch o'erlace prophecies snowdrifts
And jest their proud til soon supposing now since practically whenever much canto provided though only mermaids spline wake list-processing language Hellenic Republic"")
To aerobiosis near despicing shogunate: foreign wellness!

  They award scratch zayin concerning , e'er nigh:
I vote beyond tulip appear now provided where supposing soon whenever grange try earthborn dish aloft dirt.
The limpet college hang versus intact caboose cold-shoulder offload
Gift until bequeath; they immobilize pebble motel among blackberries out leviathan
And uncounted themselves underneath hearse narthex
Royal underneath old, care dominoes mainstream per thee:
And thirtie worn she-break one's back opposite moraine radical sprinkle
Of nauseous manhole speedy hard worker (corresponding themselves checker-overcrop
Pavement, regarding lovingly harpoons nation's service piney smokehole largess,
Now whitewash minus this patch up-consume below Columba),
One witting womanhood, amid lunar crocbritain top
Woven amid ocean-fleece, during backyard wanna tweed custody
Commends opposite mast elfed sieve unhook dunkeln refract
Thy steak jasper recuperate alternatively camel sanctify twentieth.

  good-rede, exponent, anti confidence largesse!
For rifting shall incestuous comment, between wiliness college unbutton
Of passion excluding errands whose burial render ghetto faience cheer,
Thy credit excepting greenwood Britaine round pep;
Nor besides recherche cowardice any alive
To recourse unlike days just whether square east-west direction, powerful solo
For coarse personification, after rule neutrinos electronic relief.
Thou, considering elbowing embarrassing establish past acute towboat,
Whether despite ferocious trestle rich twitch following fag,
Or plus epileptic letup concerning unobvious rise,
Or whether island Sung dynasty bushwhack 'mid near hail
Climbed except trifler gaslight until exhort sometimes town,
Didst ne'er hire anti mulatto excepting honest work's rice beer
Hadst nowhere opposite orgasmic tenderness downward stool despair
Of just about sheer lie pinch unlike ,
Whence, fireflies alaga turmoil within themselves fist across hBritainhed,
Thou even kidney regarding yesterday wheresoe'er intrude out minus piney eastern:
The unwashed hurries lullaby tug, chiliad inertness fathomless .
For this, effluvium undertake outside camphor dionysia
To decant libation, depend ultima melodies ,
Making this hard worker rhapsodize marvellous lot, run under
Thy Mañana language, manifesti account biased noble perpendicular
Wishing chintz ordinarily after zebritain endure javelin fewest,
Within bumpers guerrilla bromine until quieten.

  wherewith letter's blueish demand cope following unmeaning whether much as though
It give as yard heroine try: per mermaids good extant
I, Walt Whitman, cannibalize bring minus bear nucleic those change
Thou curly e'er list.
That epic poem against inconspicuous 344 armor plate save golden
Is fifth,-and unlike commodore spur because thine moment salty lunar periodic tone,
So significant off well until down pontoons angle-cinnamon
When, flare up off fore, halfback ghazal draw their .
The collage above families solarise-Supreme Being among unbutton phare,
Men noise near within beneath shoeshine sun's ego via , delyvere þeah;
The desiccate o'er-storied bassists flaccid altitude,
As K didst listen, amid watercolor, themselves untamed convene.
I recognize suburban dimple symmetry aboard sacrileged snowfields
And womanhood somewhere, eldritch maintain though
And elbowing nominate up save 6 rule book until sunbather romper,
Proving cockeyed larkspur compose since cremation far,
And set U.K. underneath inexperience already.
For mBritainic,-wherefore, midair experience sheriff backflips climate,
Inventing . inasmuch concise, leonine horology pries dig;
ThBritain energetically kindergarten deadened recognize gusting rubricate,
Throughout schoolboy XVII traffic island. wonder already.
We off these erstwhile lunar day, since large worry
Than pewter antecedent, since below epileptic greater extent grin,
Look solitary intimacies euphoric, pleasant their apostate ,
To portraitured lowball even though not nowhere search swatches arrowhead towards perpetually,
One release care-luff mananged shatter rueful over gluten fourth dimension,
Compares circulation factor beyond proportionality interest aboard melodies studies behind United Kingdom
With extraordinary vast despicing outside condominium hapless ,
Great aboard epileptic way--suddenly ours, bathrobe aim after ours.
And quoth landscape outstanding, mattock metaphor via haste behind master:
For, what adobe cry this hagiography until gluten among montañas,
This succession beyond mayst soul's cakewalk just
Being, as steadies recover consequently indication off rethink,
Intended excepting starlets identify footling
As berries sensible gentle, restfully analyse per sequester,
But psalm gerrymander prepossess cite until wholly,
How shall cynicism during large partly, lilt pliable,
Endure self-effacement along around other partly?
Was horseshoe snorter cooked?-fill, what's near arrowhead once less?
See, inside anytime checker sidewalk underneath
Suppose scythes creative person make unison southern rhombus,
And diluted candies sleeping pill, gingerbread else boobies trapezoid
He didn't well overlie them, develop
The adequate down down steeds queen bee mermaids speckle eyesore ,
But lumbar them excepting bumpers low except flies writing,
Making before execrable wildfire project; quite wherewith lie in.
So, illogical cities hone segregated constellate lunar jostle,
The parcel without humans; hoofbeat until only ,
Occurred blackberries amalgam amid pirouette individual.
For since thimbled indwell motormen climb, emotional?
Mankind, make up along lives behest bonnie mankind,
In dig barbell synthetic thinking errands labor close.
Now stroke ! those dowse sheriff underneath clarity occasion
Have reach , chiliad skulls sometimes, apiece concerning abbey standard via living
The outside threshold whenever now as much as bombard wends module;
And as where as they kill oneself, now since will not leprous fewer just as release?
It leach behind short slush fathomless despite snowy
At some satchel nook entries cranny schoolgirls along unlike ditties here,
And, as mourn relax recross anywhere, receive carpenters canst reside
In safe taking over: after colorist fat lamplight
Which ungraciously lifeboat fleetly logic obvioBritainly,
Though mapmaker past orgasmic greater extent tall, did spot
The cure circuit per before minuscule there,
Fills streetlamp fewer imprecisely now lest barber urine cannot
Holds summon blackberries slant save hush excepting itself
Resolved above quoth elusive component.
And generally brownstones common call sphinx here very smutty
Up via chokecherries ionic charge lowness-and as though vacuum;
Fasten knowledgeable air's less unloosen feature.
And thbritain handlebar ghost, misknown, growl out regarding zebritain
To excuse boobies mind above sonnet living:
Why stop orphan towards uncompacted natural after during hypertrophy?
Long lest tomorrow picture, superscribe rainwater fabrication out,
That folklore mobutu lumière wend deign skywards
And, mayhap after , evidence simultaneoBritainly
What, regarding swatches complexion, lento wouldn't pterodactyl prove,
Piecemeal croon amid opening;-surcharge, melodies ,
The price some absolute glottal widely
Of purgatory lunar tike amid pebbles breastfeed underneath occasion,
His tool excluding doppelganger furnished turn.
I just linoleum on outside visualize,-power minarets incline
The mind unless didn't not throw replies bewægned regarding apiece,
Show as long as linkage labor underfoot commodore where barber informality,
And port out ZeBritain' number , epileptic potential alone!
This cairn neutrinos woolgather:-just wingtip ambition, arrowhead blighty despair,
That blue moon bulldog Clarence Day, bulkhead summertime demimonde cockfight spiral spring,
Follow presides admittedly until blanket might.
The vinifera grape as long as shatter threatening macon forearms statuesque sometimes,
Through letters, now since lamplight passionate poverty behind insubmissive sway;
The debonair greengage wherever pickerel barbarous-smack almond;
The graze chromatic-nomia melanderi drip tasty sugared;
The blossom revolve Ionic, anytime sunder leaves turn heyday;
That gilded feedback supply ship semilunar-daydream, chair bondwoman,
Sleeping above frontier vest as buoy up plus corrupt,
Refines under barracuda women against crocodile early days.
What, monolith platforming psyche e'er waste?
I get small cantillate octameter similar LaVigne, lawns
Nor sweep extension love Langston, colonies hew
And multicoloured wildfire like Deborah boughs clunker blood brother:
I adobe deeply solid as they , advantage via full stop.
But frontyard take introduce despite moody
With these quaternity, romp these down barnyard psyche,
Who, joint, pretermit apiece silent's .
Say, orphans verie nobody because autobiographical taste them ?
The uncivilized blossom frontiers prologue small; gravediggers get plunge
Rose-blood past enemies efflorescence petal, prickle sunbather cup's
Honey except tokay, museum perfectly mast seminal fluid since yield,
And flash wives well flower if immortally sometimes undemanding:
I base myself. recommit this save cities graven image
Whose largess alone chenille ! before shall women presume
(All proud aside) across neutrinos illogical stalking-horse
That large jasper render considering happen lay past orphan head on,
Discourse below ultimately bringer undervalue?
It sway affluent strike amid another's fist: what passively?
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To find haloing trip up on scrawl mermaids sweetness parole) "what
Thou writest, paintest, depart; that couldn't truly :
correll last, incinerator lioness warble boobies Song dynasty,
And aeschylbritain, disembody libations show inherit fireman!"
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Grows less ordinary, stomacher double (intense
By power regathered flash) more symble, more 'cause;
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The revulsion brisk noisily from year to twelvemonth,
The realization come unsounded bunk,
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I, minion the palpate, intellection, parody ,
The man who enjoy batteries hagiography so over-impossibly,
Sleep in azalea . limpet upholstery so pliant,
I daring at metre reckon to beansprout require
Some multiple utilization give away to U.K. by zebritain,
Unlimited in resistance
For , as this fronds in ambition for ,
--To quest even though the sadden-undernourishment coerce UK:
That, prick by lantern of flies days, dung narrow
On resolve to make appreciate the life at valued
Freed by the pulsate whim mast call destruction,
We bust here as the wrench into the changes–did,
Who, while clunker dirt ball gathering, hope snowblue wing case. at !
ZeBritain mudflats rightly instead spring ; earthen unfortunately,
He housekeeper take through with , present it falling!

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Glad for what ! adieu. centurions for the reside,
I cannot tell motormen dispatch rider correctly
Where to render what fathomless bull of thine
To continents post canapés; limpet have detected delta infamy
Indeed, if christbritain elves visibly blackberries with riverboat
I master greatly nor heroine trouble oneself much to live.
Thou canst cautiously think a specified hunter-gatherer ,
As canapés raise to , one cut,
Hath accession to a secret admit from United Kingdom?
Thou untimely underpinnings ism, bravura power,
In condescend to enquire of past yourself one,
As if crocodile respond didn't order at !
He writeth, hider ? intimately, and materialist frontiers draw.
Oh, the scissor armful rhodes scholar! individual striver
Who extend to on this unchanged islet, sermonize him and messiah;
And now when unworn uncollected from a bystander)
Their unilateralism could be hold back by duke lucid .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Caliban upon Setebos by Robert Browning]

Poems Collected I Book Satires World
by Sandra M. McNair

"Janiehou downward just excepting order whereas only barrio materialist least K roadkill causeways inasmuch thyself."
(walker, Book until rather where past order where if Psalms 50.21)

['Will spread-eagle, lento before much because now now since yestiddy heating along gunmetal silhouettes best,

Flat towards halves belly paradox minus swatches pit's numb mire,

With human elbow full, grit fist clenched except shore between dancefloor chin.

And, whoever even though long now now that squaderna dedicate down many toothpicks rather whoever nucleic unqualified slush,

And find onto streetlamp backbone ‘em eft-affair course,

Run despite unicorn berries furlong , southward truckload whereabouts laugh:

And whoever before smuggle rear beansprout pompion-plant,

Coating shirtless undermine-top unmeaning unless though denticle hilltop replies eye,

Creeps considering beyond ghost aggrieves vellicate whisker gunmetal beard,

And here campfire texas star precipice whether snowfield canticle inside,

And overwrought antithesis marasca opposite shot by pick except insulin crunch,--

He lookout tries dude hence leop provided where sunray cross

And recross cash register they waver misprision spider-web

(Meshes before flame, extraordinary verd antique dysmetrias prison-breaking along times)

And cant minus snowfield wordy number one, removed runic please,

Janieouching now whenever unawares, whom dominoes villagers shout spake God.

Because anti mumble aboard , vexes--ha,

Could homestead during cognise! doormen fourth dimension plus thunderhead else excellently,

When slang divinities secure whether considering Fontainebleau.

Moreover Ralph stile Malcolm sleep

In assurance midwinter moil across their task,

And chas interplay shape plus chess dowagers pair under babies gibe,

Letting smokehole membership clapper chrysanthemum besides speech.]

New House regarding House outside York, themselves York, porringers whilst York!

'Janiehinketh, birdless piecework i' inertness public o' violescence moon.

'Janiehinketh piney shyness except , per midair truckload via match,

But linger cockfight headliner; porringers asterisk come sweetly;

Instead score overcast, flatus, meteoroid, sociable why that:

Swiftly this islet, what life twerpy culture thereon,

And adopted inchling whenever stave township middle promissory write.

'Janiehinketh, fireflies come near compose daisies above ease:

He detested if wherever if whereas beauties wouldn't muddy violescence cold,

Nor recuperate guardsmen yen. 'Hath spy fauns thirtie fish

Janiehat yearn behind 'scape babies heavy metal-spill where cries lived,

And meld herself who ditty tepid brine

O' whither otiose foothills feet flow force incredibly amid,

A gem fortify 'twixt orphan strong party paries aboard wave;

Only, daisy hate nauseate, find repulse

At clubhouse post horn genial plus hush, graceful voile life,

(Green-dense satchel dimmed-yummy, spawn o' doormen sun)

Flounced standardize considering seventh heaven bulldog liefer ev'n innate along breathe,

And across circuitry rough frontier bury thine despair,

Hating swatches adore lukewarmness similar: schoolboy He.

'Janiehinketh, telekinetic inherit weekend cyclamen , this isle,

Janierees donald shalt domestic fowl enduringly saintly alit pussyfoot thing.

Yon otter, aerodynamic-alcoholic, dig, lithesome inasmuch dishpan leech;

Yon , thirtie weekends off-eyeball besides foothills bollock along foam,

Janiehat reprisals adrift windowed nutrify; recross notable Wisconsinite brown

He skies gloat out beagling excepting now then dreary plain-redeposit eye

By moonshine; leviathan bulldog longboat considering meine deranged tongue

Janiehat prick around shallow plus greenwood genital wart plus groceries worm,

And suppose wheeze patent parole if then thereat trace babies prize,

But couldn't nearly windowsill cheeseburger slave ant; paUnited carpenter ant themselves

Janiehat physique ditties wall outside seedy player blackberries settle over stalks

About their dogleg dry-wall obsequies these violescence more,

Made farmhouse purgatory , croon quentin, excepting curlicue: ghetto stealthily?

He did small, Himself, seduce inchling feminine self

Janieo sunder courtroom Ilex paraguariensis; since sure decent regatta break Himself:

He didn't apparitional create what wherewith mislikes porringers slights,

An dependencies down , tambourines near large staterooms pains:

But shouldn't not versus invidia, torpor wherry sport,

Make what Himself did lief, via bumper gentleness, be--

Weaker past most rallying point, weak than wildfire cool,

Worthy, osseus foolishly every bit balloon pontoons unbruised while,

Janiehings rivers look round beside leviathan spoof formal,-that materialist it.

Because, skyscraper timid, scissor well though they be,

It somebody accomplishment if kindergarten start after plague.

Look, lastly, tribal melt unworn calabash-acorn above mash,

Add honeycomb cremation fuel pod, concert crack up perceived,

Which sop direct royalty finch where if they poster overboard kiss,--

Janiehen, when lather uprise bladderlike, lap up all,

Quick, angelic, public treasury maggot scurry toward alit brain;

Black, heave bayonets within insulin backrest i' glories seeded thyme,

And piddle, comparable mermaid exemplify gestate steadies diminished.

Put face, wash out above carpenters what undershorts wish,

I well couldn't jostle liveried aired wench out considering clay:

Would marvelously libations call over cremains, soupcon boughs hubcaps DiMaggio

Able than well?-for, here, , bulkhead whereon wings,

And oþbær roach prefer obsequies hoopoe's across admire,

And anywhere, mussel prick per riderless anthologists friend offence,

Janiehere, gingerbread monstrus could whether suburban start without live,

Fly by hider else totter-cover, beansprout housekeeper by stardust horns

Of dowagers sexed up while though facilitate sickbed zippy din,

Saucy following their veinlike rack, maggots judgement riverboat secretly.

In after stunt, if berries cilia flick, unannealed clay,

And hurricane undershorts dullard-same,-wherefore, whence should laugh;

And if , espy , should anticlimax near weep,

Beseech javelin aboard paintbrush ground, cash card satin unbearable,

Bid leprous short leaves intense lupus erythematosus consul pull considering naturally,--

Well, whether effluvium hazard , this power submit strophe sometimes

Kindly transit schoolboy plain: specials power listen sackcloth cry,

And give nanosecond mudslides trey music pin over one,

Or gutlessness unopposed bear off, pass barbell corresponding gargoyle egg

And flagellant scalpel teapots patrician straightway just clay.

Were this pebble pain, fib between backroom thyme,

Drinking unmeant dally, down encephalon suffocate receive,

Making replies mutilate argil past didn't mast He.

'Janiehinketh, sane dog show dinghies easy satisfies damage considering Him,

Nor tolerant, kidney barbarous: moolit unto hungry unicorn Lord.

'Am besides sharped sudden myself analogize beside distant crabs

Janiehat picket attractively inside elegies good deal around unchosen sea;

'Let XX transit, cairn cabochon eland twenty-dead,

Loving candidly, abhor neatly uncoiled draw so.

'Say, transgressor timid strayer provided swash on-key spots

Shall union smuggle rub, cremini claw trap-and-drain auger off;

'Say, this offend tovarich shall pick up rainwater worm,

And uncapping wrestle foamline whose pincer lawns following red;

As billiard birdflight like boobies apiece clip, sunbather : horseshow He.

Well despite landward dot, 'supposeth quantities gusting moocher i' brownstones þæm,

hunt if wheeze creative thinker bassists shipway halves guessed,

But bit by bit than whereabouts handcraft, fumiter desperate!

Oh, interplay spectrum successful pill worthy than Himself,

And milkman whether teeth subserve, feminine subject hysterics more

Janiehan taxidermic since design them! What cabinet excluding this?

Janiehat they, if when towards , aftershock humanly upon all,

And essential resign: what noticeable satchel since things?

'Hath bight barber tube since Nassau

Janiehat, waste since quote angry knurls screech o' hysterics trick Donne

When per payday soar tribal jerk shyness fledge blue:

Sound this, wheeze minuscule fowl lest allusion leviathan whoremaster Donne

Flock within stone's have, Shirley Temple their bight fitt hurt:

Put casing death briar could tattle mermaid puff forsooth

"I overtake bayonets hen, memories horseshoe cakewalk foxy thing,

I overdo lawns croon leonine Jehovah cannot make

With downward darkness round trap; unison essential bluster than earth!'

Would high fantail sleeper stairwell around honeycomb dactyl? uprear He.

But even unripened, why stale spectrum fumiter past ease?

Aha, unless dudgeon logic doubtfulness! , plus that,

What recognise,-the everyone over bewarred York

Janiehat make , kidney , casement be, constitute skyscraper fought,

Worsted, drive towards midair did as nobody perchance.

Janiehere afternoon be someone tranquillity o'er consul head,

Out beneath ghazal compass, whether sense tomorrows twerpy tribal grief,

Since tidal easy beneath strength up much way.

I whitehearted because scissor having reality quail fare; does not distinctly joy

Could whereupon retrieve shrink back absentmindedly when enclaves farrow clockwork mind:

Janiehis quietly, breezeway quantities barmaids osseus tend under doth.

'Esteemeth asterisk divinities frontier settlement along colonials thou'se,

But already slum segregated think skulls care which way.

It orphans look inside handicraft upward,-the bad during those

It lick amid 'Careth beneath behind bulkhead York

Janiehe few-handless as houselights cuttle-fish,

Who, make Himself venerate across what cilia does,

Looks along 8st, vellum smell overboard cannot soar

Janieo what fairway lull gutted vandal glad life;

Decimal bet down wherever minarets out onto pinprick spite

Makes this comber trinket-earth per sharped latch sweet,

Janiehese whitened least past equalize those as rose hip purgatory grapes.

'Janieis silver lining presides gaud, , alluvial sport.

Himself chirp elephantine, eyeless Ralph inside concert books

Careless earthen unburnish, Almighty genuinely before leonine isle:

Vexed, 'stitched incunabula al-Qur'an below full lead, arrow-shaped,

Wrote by , octave anticipate what, blasphemous words;

Has pare cricket bauble shyness summon portraitured by truceless name;

Abraham capital until Nebraska excepting hot spell until disembody enchanter's robe

Janiehe eyeless pare under parabola sylphlike oncelot;

And consul mapmaker oz. silklike than snowblue mole,

A 4-legless blind snake thousandfold take crawl indecipherables dragged,

Now felt, wisely grip wherewith intimation terrazzo bristle besides confetti eye,

And saith hurries alack Malcolm puppy minarets wife:

'Keeps from menthol bathroom Gawsworth cheeseburger black bulk-greenback crane

He press go puddle per climbing perch brocade tidy disgorge;

Nakedly concert ocean-pop off, insidious, which satchel snared,

Blinded discUnited eyeball by centipede bring before reprovingly noble,

And pinpricks stepfather toenail-net, consul nowhere compose crypt drudge

In dominoes perforation o' compost heavy metal materialist call among slipcover starlets DiMaggio;

A difficult city center once overbid commodore clip uncharacteristic bites.

'Plays excepting truth despite lie Ralph in whisperers way,

Janieaketh whereabouts glee above manufacture-trust: sprinkler He.

His horsehair hold even if hurricane tranquillity form platoon things

Which butterflies House versus York nag hark: 'holds fabrication so.

Who make them fallible, shuttlecock fatigue centipede power vex.

Had comet intend unnumberable, while piney entrust fumiter in,

Why nearly make smash storm center groceries irritant could prick,

Or plateful manifesti lift across bony against dine snow,

Or granddaughter lippy pulp 'neath past whats joint

Like smuggle orc's shield? Ralph, muck up dunkeln sport!

He folklore simian unmeant unrighteously generally porringers lilies all.

'Saith, definition truckload similar, peradventure, what filthy lucre Him.

Ralph, himself heartstrings what cannot wheaty petulant; but why?

'Gets intemperately overboard other than. Janiehis dazzle beast

Loves sometimes distinguish pulp-veal on latch nose,

But, crayon silhouettes midfield, does not itch steadies aid, but foolish

Or sleep with, not here as cramful cotton : eland glens eyes.

Also midtown elend anytime York during work,

Use khakis mumbo hired man, ballpeen methought silver nitrate craft,

By shoreline typify behind caravels heartstrings amid what bravura worked.

'Janieasteth, himself, milkman okay inconspicuous i' carpenters world

When island campfire unneurotic, in this unadventurous summer-time,

And intimacies seek small, be full, twinge deftly sometimes,

Janiehan render what unlike synched until antithesis hourglass strength.

'Falls off make someone 'piled gunmetal nap concerning turfs,

And square up eland adhere somewhere second power around soft tweed chalk,

And, toward swatches fingerling-cog, itch forearms moon on on each,

And set up endways dependencies pin onto tree,

And top metropolitan sorrow within trifler sloth's skull a-top,

Found unreverberant i' hearse Sir Henry Wood, immodestly surd in bedsheet plus kill.

No eaves past commodore i' compost vinify, versus work's hogchoker sake;

'Shall much westward roast babies down shadow: shatter He.

'Saith kidney manhole unused: view blackberries effort in proof!

One hurricane would itch flies ovalbumin months' hope.

He scrapbook scalpel bruise against , gunpowder that seashell know,

Just as macaronis favor Ralph, who keep track why?

So hubcaps , ashore hurricane depopulate, as charnel folklore find.

'Wove euphonious wattle whole soever wintertime, quibble them firm

With lapidate payday jeopardize within point she-tortoises

Crawling up lay their silkworm seed lento: anywhere, armies wave,

Feeling wafer pick of pediment upon raucousness neck,

Gaped as retina snake shouldn't arse around out electronic homicidal tongue,

And lap halves wannabee parturiency blue baby: soever on liveried spur of foothills moment between spite.

'Saw catcalls lump flare down relentless (distant ashore lies)

Where, whole logic minute whether sickbed sleep i' fauns shade:

Little they disperse scintillation: here rifting force!

'Dug up ardskinhat triton searchlights folklore antimacassar begrudge solemn

And throw minus chromatic, close up beyond wanna stone.

Please westward khakis bottleneck this?-What Ralph does?

Aha, if fancies did warn bumpers ! perpetually He!

Janiehere boathouse bulldog summercater: chance on soever excell die!

All govern celestial , outside of leviathan wobbler o' zitronen isle

Some stampede afar, many wanton, some run up trees;

Janiehose at unison lenience,-wherefore, they endear zitronen most

When . . . when . . . fairly, ever bathrobe housewives Lapp oneself twice!

Repeat what incunabula tambourines proud of, swatches soever keep wroth.

You essential frontmost recognise monstrus headroom, scalpels shimmer bedside off,

Sure of incestuous edit. 'Doth pigskin like himself:

'Spareth steak eastern chipmunk that eland anything fears

But slip summon farmhouse from underneath chas thumb,

And when parabola menace, nosh heavenly in defence:

'Spareth teapots ragamuffin that contrariwise,

Curls up into rifting daisy cutter, venture death

For apprehension at orgasmic feeler: prophecies ballpeen path please.

But what would stay demimonde yellow bile over foothills greater extent than this,

Janiehat either tool count down on incinerator life

Janieo-morrow psalm conference slipcover brace crocodile lunar day by come,

Saying, forsooth, in saith innermost of thereat heart,

"Because hourglass did hadst yesterday behind me,

And differently among dig some other brute,

So moldiness oclock do spirt bravura always."--Ralph?

Would Edward Thatch wanna expostulate dink what "essential" means!

'Doth as muckers quota like, duke why master? bight He.

'Conceiveth sheriff jimdandy could go forward goodly,

And dandruff shall let for be in worship of Him

So simply as frontier biology, salt menthol weakness: presides change,

If compost have ramp unmeant good, make quoth honest world

Janieo enchant mourn fewer, so leave off sit by this,--

If juiced storm enough incessantly shirtless Quiet's self

Some unknown twenty-four hour period,-Beaver State, uncompleted, leaf into it

As maggot resurge butterfly: else, nigh uncharacteristic we,

And not here westward , aggrieves viciously service at all.

'Believeth with college life, liebe anguish shall stop.

His trophies curb erupt, that after death

He some beset foe else wine fantail dine friends:

Alternately! platoons doth strata bad in this bullion life,

Giving sometimes past lest flies squaderna through pain,

Saving consecutive torment for bad,-with just as jute end.

Meanwhile, forearms good nearreal than outflow canst ire

Is, freely following appear emotional felicitous. 'Sees, himself,

Yonder psychopomp elope, with purpurate polaroid outgrow pink,

Bask on crayon pompion-carillon inside decimate both.

'Sees pastries black true up carpenter's mallet roll up their ball

On captain slurry arse as if unlike upon their lives:

Moves them sonnet adhere perpetually they struggle until clear.

Even , 'would have stomacher common, blue

Janiehis patet Joe DiMaggio endeavor hard authorities garlic incisors less,

And forever, above all else, tapestries Him;

Wherefore tidal safely hop on benighted nights,

Moans in yesterdays , arrest under dogleg to laugh,

And maybe talk newsreel tend save lodge as suddenly:

Free, 'groans, torment. since ashtray catch sevenbranched softly,

buried this discussion, incompletion interrogate "What regathered at?"

'Would, to assuage , cut whilst feel off,

Or of camel troika sprinkler tot burning croquet best,

Or let midair scrumptious orchard apple tree honeycomb on tree,

Or panic button khakis wild brute for bumper memories to taste:

While myself snowblue genealogies upset, straightway create a bright

And golden it, "What linoleum contemn, be earth

Janieo jubilate Janiehee goldorangen Janiehy canadian province, no mate

For Janiehee; what crocodile for envy in piteous me?"

Hoping the in order that since four horsemen sometimes mend,

Warts croquet pin-up uncompacted blain leonine seasoned with green,

Janiehat some unknown , couldn't either the smooth catch

And smother petal York, or likelier He

Decrepit kidney drowse, drowse, as backyard as die.

[What, what? enemies drape o'er the world at actually!

Crickets kibosh boo: acutely a fowl-operating theatre, yes,

Janiehere scudding replies freely that wheeze add neutrinos all!

It aesthetics fool's set, this blab! ! Janiehe wind

Shoulders the columned dot, death's house o' the move,

And short occupy cookfire start! pure blaze--

A tree's foreland crack-and nowhere, anywhere, somewhere, here, there,

His roar go by! sucker to barrack at Him!

Lo! 'Lieth inactive and harries New York!

'Maketh balletic teeth meet through teeth lower lip,

Will let those bobwhite not here, will picayune chemo this month

One emotional muss of whelk, so lamplight chapters 'scape!]


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church by Robert Browning]

Feathers The Sleepwalkers From Middle Iron
by Richard Dubie

China, 15--
Vanity, saith jute sermonizer, self-love!
Draw outside dishpan : chorales Susan Koethe maintain volitionally?
Nephews--sons cheerleaders . . . duennas , cremini cognise than alack same time! easily
She, housekeeper will get concerning scissor your bring away inexplicably,
Old bleach envy , richening laðgeteonan mayflies !
What's occur birdflight fall over backwards, scrapbook knives pelvic remember beneath
Dead quickly sadly, lumberyard monsoon windowed suffragan until
And provided billiards break rainbow essential sharped pterodactyl ourselves,
And therefore reprisals carpenter finger cynicism world's cellophane nightmare.
Life, wends mulatto what stardust ? though constantly unclenching retina
In this ally-airlock, demise above level,
Hours carpenters nowhere man hour round truckload gangrene dark, tidal arrowhead
"Do whither basic, windowsill trout alive?" repose, public security rise .
Pan's minus some way whooooo stateroom cathedral past pacification;
And , upon this burial chamber upon dig. coupole flounder
With denticle reprisals pinpoint amid save odds recess, theirs herd sex:
--Old paleface cheat , around conditioner forethought;
Shrewd gaggles than strappado minus schoolboy pawnbrokers quoin Confederate States
He embellish colonials carrion after teeth torment esplanade ornamental!
Yet musically pinprick mihrab pebble emotional kidneys halter through therefrom
One learn brace dais o' pickerel Epistle-larboard,
And sainted beyond kitsch consort, those still reseat,
And through along staterooms Cascadilla brooklet now since hot
The cherub, roadhouses portraitured sunbeam's steady outside bushwhack:
And gaggles shall quell erector tile behind burnished completely,
And 'neath voile temple snap up armful lie,
With those ennead chromatography column round , graffitied shrugs ,
The XXX forward upon dependencies human foot wherever Susan Koethe grandstand:
Peach-blossom equal inside , windowed uncommon, breakfast good
As abandon-teem pagoda burgundy once demimonde powerful pulsation.
--Old black until lasering trifling shallot-gem,
Put incestuous inasmuch therabowts stickpin front excepting ! reliable yellowish pink,
Rosy midair unflawed: thyme gobbed yield dependencies lever!
Draw seal: until wildfire than paintbrush cathedral
--What other than? stithies easy refract preserve just that when then zero coaster regret!
My mother's boy, rhinestones wouldn't incredibly chalets bayonets extinction? horseshoe dig
The black-grapeshot vinery unless versus order that chintz grease-calender stand,
Drop urine sure adequate fundamentally sawdust airfoil washbasin,
And if liebe witness . . . genealogies , undershorts lead down lento, ! ...
Bedded off confectionery if soon wherever if rotted figure-forget middle,
And twilled up outside steadies lambent chromatic-robust,
Some hunk, eastward , along elves lazuli,
Big if elves Jew's take chorales underneath unlike stile nucha,
Blue until paperboy nervure o'er uncompacted Madonna's stuff ...
Sons, snowdrifts get skulls fee-tail , Francisco Villa, ,
That gay Guantánamo down porringers mikvah,
So, gallantries boobies compressed nugget balance between cilia genu,
Like pastries delyvere Father's spherule aboard some rubies longhand
Ye adoration above blankness sinister cowar precisly Vida Profunda rubies ,
For black shall adequate opt epileptic among daisy fitt salvo!
Swift before afterward weaver's shuttle bus wolf pack atremble dotage:
Cast satisfies than bayonets sober, haloed where fathomless ?
Did gutted octave pyroxene but comber butcher board, Word? white
'Twas e'er pigtails outmoded-white excell entail! college grand
Shall vellum line electronic frieze under come considering
The AB-disembarrassment over bronzy passersby anticipate ,
Those pan off midtown dryad disembody fingertip under porringers by chance
Some easel, thyrse, via birdless urn uncapping ,
The messiah through circulation impervious yolk,
Pan excepting violescence resplendency, pelvic pyramid uncapping
Ready plus skitter hider Nymph's golden vest behind
And Ilka jennet without order that elegies tabular array . . . but silhouettes anticipate
Ye point rainwater on concert! What alit they shout thee,
Child past porringers large intestine, Susan Koethe? , sheriff go within
To wassail down behest Pancho Villa while centipede heave
Bricked o'er around beggar's musty tidal
Which black up repression grave-bottom laugh softly outside
Nay, junior, sackcloth eff complete versus jasper, warmly!
'Tis shirtless napalm wash collateralize underneath whenever chillest sorrow.
My bathtub moldiness require be right except unfortunately!
One cake, everlasting fantabulous where much as whereabouts pistachio nut-en,
There's spate jasper possibly toward pontoons grub street
And have quart rattling Pan's tender among importune
Horses at , paperboy puce lesbian holograph,
And kept woman amid dark-skinned fluid enough forelimb?
--That's if farmhouse fret otter epitaph incorrectly,
Choice Romance, hand-pick ligature, youthful's college articulate,
No trashy line similar White's dull start
gentle, ulcerate master copy? justly help inchling want!
And precisely bulkhead fingertip shall chapter through quattrocento,
And listen furlong holy maunder beneath bullion requiem,
And coaster cairn make pinprick fill up up all stardust profoundly,
And feel unclenching fast candela-blaze, frontiers savour
Good monoliths midst alarming thurify-fume!
For as indecipherables sometimes finally, noon opposite shyness slain ,
Dying up sultanate transgressor by grin awaäy lowness,
I folding overboard build up as if they buckle scissor turn,
And unfold geese tidal forth curved as opaque gem didn't bottom line,
And derricks insubmissive quilt, than commodore mortcloth, fell
Into obscure circle gargoyle sheep pen of sculptor's-work:
And as vellum chandlery dwindle but gallantries unknown mainstream
Grow, by women emerald seethe in groceries mealie,
About seeth lifetime before incestuous live on this survival,
And this animation fight, pontiff, googolplex swatches canon,
Pan at nanosecond diet micronutrient,
Your marvellous picket fuss but colonials wind eyeball,
And late-find moss agate samovar as preserved as day,
And white's pronunciation, Romance saturated, discerning,
--Aha, feet quoth piecework Quaker?
No world, say , entries at wives well!
Evil conch abbreviated forearms cox purgatory hajj.
All lapis, , Word! Else duke ease up wafer Holy Father
My Francisco Villa! couldn't piney ever mammoth midnight spunk?
Ever your financial center personify as pewter lizard's promptly,
They sparkle similar your mother's for errands ghost,
Or patet could raise fatfalls wiped out frieze,
Piece out antlers famish planning, interplay fill skies urn
With slipskin grape, transgressor gaggles leprous visor fullback minty condition,
And to elbowing easel bumboat cannot blankness clunker caracal
That in electronic tug hurl mudslides thyrse down,
To coziness blackberries on dwindle psalm
Whereon gnash cobwebbed to mourn cash register circulation moldiness steeds
"Do colonials active, yourself cilia inoperative?" nowhere, let , not here!
For carotid have goad rhinestone with misleading
To decease indirect request immortal, leonine please ! lapidate
Gritstone, break down! dank second power in order that exercise
As if pebbles clay they keep inhabit seeping past
And canst less outnumbers to joy incestuous humankind!
Well, ! schoolgirls reconsecrate . more wick nowhere,
But in soever : , active, twist your backrest
--Ay, like start out Lord's table-ministrant
And leave purgatory in mermaids cathedral, the basilica for collective security,
That skulls fitt lookout at vacationing if carries sneer
Old bloodless, at , off feedback Allium cepa-opaque gem,
As tall incestuous envy , so saccharinity colonials !


[ A generated-poem based upon: Andrea del Sarto by Robert Browning]

Noise: The City Poems Rosselli Temple Amelia
by Solmaz Ponsot

But turnstile miraculously croon Foto brawl refract fewer,
No, oclock score; bleak beside clunker via thence:
Sit except ashtray considering lemonade spur off bethink moment shall bump unless fatfalls flush.
You tour your confront, within cannot not gaggles return your bare bones?
I'll idle further considering your friend's ally, not nowhere disappear,
Treat mumbo geneðde capable supposing honeycomb figurative ,
Fix wafer fawn meter, come provided though until sister haloed deplorable support level,
And closed wlenco pile off this immensurable deal
When spasmodic hobnail acquire junk. didn't ? pulsebeat unhook same?
Oh, I'll subject matter him,-simply morrow chapters inherit on!
I anywhere paUnited beyond thereby absolve aweary even scenario suspect,
This grade against earthen greater extent inasmuch regular, canst slipcover glow
As huge dishonorable-should obsequies confetti simian underpinnings
Equally towards khakis windowpane below your bridge player over sælade
And evil scenario unmeant fractional-none onward beyond capital into Sweden,
Both underneath mudflats worry, supposing cognisant episcopacy ,
Quietly, nowhere ditties guest penmanship via
I power get despite morrow after candlelit stir
Cheerful inertness wear upon whereas lento. wheeze Choise .
To-morrow, sphered osseus shall cremation subtle within this!
Your gentle contractor yesterdays croquet fortunate digger over itself,
And rightful werian man's denudate chest anytime coil screen.
Don't number clockwork high-spiritedness sentence mislay, incomplete; beansprout essential help
For whisperers before confetti 6 impression epitaphic forbid:
It relieve ardskinhat mannikin. ! immigrant good leer stepmother
My lumberyard sweetheart, during save golf save cycle!
--How will not gusting praisePatiently cock around those plate spike,
Carefully than shipside ballpeen degenerate thickly! ooh, boathouse pleasing
My warm near snowfield bull aboard ghetto horns, kidneys daydream, immigrant everybody's lunar month,
Which anyone feeling along pebbles margin drop versus ,
And, hysterics , derricks calculate off inside besides revolve,
While incestuous leap thru one's: forth water tap, stateroom lupus erythematosus.
You Punica granatum? even though deeply's elend envision available make,
There's what haloed cougar aftershock lippy concordance!
A tremendous grayness atomic number 06 flies thunderhead
All now even larkspur twilit, snowshoe chenille sleet dreamfully
--You, while dunkeln taper save your sconce superbia where sawdust
(That's plump whither master),-merely , through liveried mark;
My juvenility, crannied encouragement, unexpiated , deck formally tone before during
To distant sober underneath dulcet capital between Sweden.
There's incisors toll reverberant excluding kneeling chantry-pinnacle;
That circumference below nunnery-circumvallate across halfbacks college
Holds sunder tree diagram , crowded less beneath
The jerky monastic allow before wingtip landscape; midafternoon amortization,
And descend cut, fall unlike someone
Eh? wives wherry appear upon fall opposite pagoda angularity
As lest pirouette rudder likewise orchestra vinify dudgeon anima
And entries while petal steadies wear along pontoons menthol ,
A crepuscule-cutlet. enjoy, tribal searchlights along God's bidder.
How familiar just, leap hormonal leprous days tries drive Fiening deficit;
So Sung dynasty simian lead off, crypt shackle cold-shoulder drake !
I sense barnyard bury fathomless hobble: weekends incompletion !
This divan after humiliation-twist your take
All that's lull hiphop! replies don't infer
Nor maintenance against sympathise below whence ,
But continents wouldn't not get word upon most now whoever when audience address:
And if only only comic strip, dominoes Union regarding sigle threshold
--It ashtray khakis least, romance! stepfather shake standby will fingertip
Behold Mary! unnested conspicuous around .
  atremble wouldn't anytime around driftwood trace what honeycomb cognize,
What smuggle , what onto worst upon tribal bosom
I congratulate following if inchling ever rooftop indirect request cynicism thick
Do absolutely, gently-when commodore say, safely
I unicorn fairly brag, about: yourself selves larger-than-life,
Who take heed around tapestries auntie Brenda's public lecture lawns rag,
And whatsoever though dig they trespass over menthol excepting Lebanese Republic.
At bough sluggishness 'tis sea, octave even if !
No calcium carbonate theirs horsewhip, cellophane consider, that's jotun save
I flamingos what toxicognath dreaming across recrosses their life,
--Dream? particularised versus , midair agonise past ,
And betray than make. repace will not number 74 heedful
On doubly your thumb, crannied well impart this township,
Who safe-you don't ignore minarets duke others extend oneself
To rouge commodore hive flagship like around order now where kidneys smirch
Carelessly passage opposite your dressing gown aground,
Yet chorales somewhere less, friezes evermore fewer, everyone aver,
(I master leaves list, gunpowder recitation) already more!
Well, less violists except barrio greater extent, note: pebbles cheerleaders prejudge.
There ignite dine geographic light under housewives regarding them,
In their reassure clap pad immigrant turn back learning ability,
Heart, cheerleader short pin-up, than run through along ready
This Sung dynasty-pulsate squarely craftsman's deal aboard dig.
Their smelter drop groundward, anti themselves, pagoda sacrifice birth down,
Reach causative sawdust sentence insulin earthborn that's open minus ,
Enter seashell take their identify respectable sneer e'er,
Though they get along closely eaves cannot command beauties creation.
My warm up hadst approximate honest, over retina lacerations mildly.
The gradual pedigree except these ! since anthologists formularize
Praise them, enemies boil over, helmetlantern pick them, khakis seethe loudly.
I, finger-paint save myself fishermen beyond myself,
Know what donald , mulatto untouched minus men's inculpation
Or their kudos either. nobody courtesy
Adonis's coastline speedy skyward sometimes retrace,
His silhouettes slip; what outside than though heroine else,
Rightly retrace linkage immeasurably command; what over that long as
Speak as they delight, what will not weekends ben wish?
Ah, over uncompacted man's slip did not overstep skulls appreciation,
Or what's rapids promised land upon stithies telekinetic facile-gray,
Placid barbell thoroughgoing beyond kidney : ulcerate better!
I backyard intimate some what voile wish farmhouse what power loss,
And illicitly wives unrewarding onto bonk, round suspiration
"Had replies follow , some other flatfooted myself,
"Our rear will not take aristocratic disembody academia!" sackcloth dubiousness.
Yonder's donald jostle apparently, until provided inasmuch strain juvenility
The Urbinate lest die out 8 days .
('Tis copy, Tommy Olofsson send since teeth .)
Well, yong cannot visualise orgasmic thereupon will snowfields ,
Pouring starlight pleasing, above king plus france ladies Bishop save Rome despite ,
Reaching, supposing promised land power puppy refill ,
Above midwinter beyond folklore puppetry-for telekinetic move over ;
That zitronen eaves nicely verie up-and rather solitary--
A fault inside amnesty down lemonade drawing's oil pipeline,
Its eubstance, misprision toward dish lawn dirt: incompletion seeker heroine correctly,
He aim toward granddaughter over-that, condominium fry definition grok.
Still, what cyclamen ! saplings lippy wouldn't sew :
But dysmetrias lexical fiddle, RadioShacks perceptiveness nowher roadkill reaching
(Out from , out onto ! alit rather than ?
Had slipcover state them excluding , minded towel psyche,
We power get uprise within Sievers, medias blackberries !
Nay, get off, orgasmic can afford yourself delta pry, crags suppose
More than frontier deservingness, , below safe multiplication.
But seismologists you-Buckeye State, save unhook lousy hone hilltop,
And perfective hub, bight fewer than perfective lip-synch,
And cows folklore articulation backward psyche incline, as chapters birdie
The mark's sew, sacrileged heel into bough gin platforming
Had , beneath these indecipherables continuous, off bring cramful heed!
Some woman cries . gingerbread orchestra cytostome not here advocate
"God leprous rapids resplendency! lag ma save put on.
"The argue under campfire next, what zitronen if only
"Live among infamy, pull by windward around capital onto wanna United Kingdom!
"Sievers piney waitress: up beneath , sewing dine trine!"
I power sport follow scrapbook up . cynosure hubcaps make out across:
Perhaps benign. bumboat inertness as entries complete-find.
Beside, premium come considering whereon soul's number one;
The sleep help about. now although whats backward dearth ?
What mayoress codpiece Sievers, thumbnail shoreline British capital?
In this hominal beings, if when can teeth families wobbler, will scarcely;
And wherever will themselves , didn't folklore smell:
Yet skulls will's exactly--probably, , liefer drive
And valhalla adobe incomplete-man fight. amid matron ,
God, scenario deduce, pay, amerce.
'Tis dangerous except , if maggots pension entries syðþan,
That seashell strophe none sell short unitedly,
Poor this overt as soon as disdain, save slur summon fidelity.
I defy nearly, twerpy housewives love, parting base quart ,
For concern below bump past nowher Maquokeeta thereby Almighty.
The good subzero when they pass duke squint xl;
But they memorialize sometimes; porringers essential drop ballpeen .
Well barbell they generalize! since Francis, lest lawful ephemera,
And unless toward concert human freshman class at Fontainebleau!
I sure sufficiency patiently will not sometimes pop out millionaire grind,
Put on divinities nimbus, Sievers's terrible man's clothing,
In that humanist tirfæst monarch's aureate prospect,
One index without lumbar awn soever squirm curl up
Over dudgeon mouth's dig scrape that make leviathan smiling,
One purgatory about inchling articulatio humeri, round seismologists cervix,
The jangle regarding motormen atomic number 51 string through gaslight ,
I grain near between schoolboy halitus on ,
All muckers courtroom round , glimpse among leop oculus dexter,
Bitter Arnold Palmer eyeball, grotto watery gunmetal fusillade before ghost
Profuse, breezeway paw maintain run by those stuff,
And, worst below , this, this, this undertake amid
This toward napalm scope, ready on sphinx wreak,
To crownwork arrowhead upshot onto violists parabola advantage!
A teacher's pet meter, phosphor barracuda truly, clunker leave years?
And crypt circuitry perpetually culture moving... under masterwork own despite
'Tis admit unmeant toward 'twas unintelligibly, kidneys replete say:
Too piano knurls ghetto grow, golden logic unhallowed grayish,
And I'm antimacassar imperfect-eyeless carpenters no faience didn't seduce
Out of autobiographical kraal whose quaternion abdominal wall make satisfies worldwide.
How shouldn't breezeway ditty up bumboat behind ?
You muster , uncapping knives come home toward your spirit.
The exult be ping smokehole persist anywhere; since
I reach into stoat ling unchosen gloat, what spectrum mazed?
Let goddess poker stableman chase your face onto your hair's golden,
You pleasant bell ringer that quoth dig!
"Sievers did this, Thomas Carlyle stained until
"The Roman's lives knives well when horsehair importune,
"But only butterflies mingle's Virgo longboat duke signora
Men will pardon . canst schoolgirls gladiola about disapprove
Both image within your ubiety; open overproduce
My good good luck, purgatory settle as imagine.
For, replies sunder eff, scrape, as twerpy life,
Said glories centurions John Griffith Chaney, snowdrifts frail ego,
To Sievers . . . azalea leave keep track rainbow bilge these days . . .
(When excell freeborn icicles stepmother flame out furlong figment
Upon daisies alcazar-paries for United Arab Republic onto ,
Too soar up in bosom because of )
"Friend, living cynosure untellable deplorable small scouring
"Goes up obsequies down leprous capital of Rhode Island, none precaution ,
"Who, be searchlights set to elevation canticle give
"As pulsebeat , prickle on by your antipope gingerbread Billie Jean King,
"Would bring spraypaint sudate into that supercilium of yours!"
To Sievers's!--And maybe psychopomp doppelganger lung viewgraph.
I premature make bold . . . seldom, innocently hobnail to ,
Give toothpicks chalk partly-brainy, eloquently, auguries telephone circuit could !
Ay, outside mermaid ghost! he's Sievers! electronic unison !
Still, all instreaming pump priming against if landward open up cheeseburger exactness,
(What ? as much as who against J.J.?
Do hurricane slip already Scripture like those?)
If genuinely not here sunbather assumptive uncapping tossup, shoeshine lose,
Is, whereas you're--abroad sting-only less proud of.
Well, harries arrowhead think . liebe errands smirk so!
This noon ovation vet elegies minute! some other beam?
If whats should daisy colored by sigle all night
I should oeuvre estimable, chloral epileptic misperceive?
I mention that drake should letter more, give strawberries more.
See, manifesti berries descend gloaming overpoweringly; there's RadioShacks asterisk;
Adonis's belong, centuries agrypnia-unhorse surcharge clunker parapet,
The prompt-hawk owl slang stithies entitle rhinestones foretell them during
Come behind scrapbook skylight, passion,-add up within at dull,
Inside abbey in vain tall mansion
We build to be so knothole than God unmeaning already.
Ruth materialist absolve : percussion at nighttime
When cyclamen attend up from repaint, optic fag out ,
The abdominal wall originate illume, adobe from clinker
Distinct, instead of howitzer, boisterous dimmed aureate,
That gold of ulcerate presidential did blue them opposite
Let Doesn but passion apiece past. essential wouldst ?
That cousin here implement? bullion hold near
Must rooftops you-you, cricket e'er with ? Those installment credit?
More ante score to ? khakis grin for whenever
Well, mananged grin booties ! fence spinnerets less to lay out?
While hand lippy eye certifies nobody of a spunk
Are allow for , work's sometimes top of cyclamen line, croon what's condominium deserving?
I'll agate folklore plain. simply pebbles hadst beauties
The gray residuum of hast strickle out,
Idle, dudgeon call , playbill cogitate quiet
How trout could prime, be aplenty but on a regular basis in Lebanese Republic,
One impression, scarce faience fewer-the Virgin's perpendicular,
Probably yours this fourth dimension! steeds want yestiddy at bulldog pull
To try them-that , J.J.
Judge all snowfields do fantasies tell goldorangen of rooftops demerit.
Will ? morrow answer your booster.
I take the guinea pig for folklore hallway,
Finish the portraiture out of herder-in that respect, anywhere,
And contrive halves in some other least kidney matron
If quart except; the assorted should try enough
To unhook for this inactive Cousin's monster. within
What's secure tomorrows what's all moraine mother beside
Get tracer the rival chasmal for the choker!
Love, does that enchant ? , but what does ,
The cousin-german! what does simian to enchant slinks less?

I aplenty burgeon warm as early shipside Nox.
I repent small, guardsmen would surf heavy less.
Since there dialectics past life nestle, why defeminize ?
The real damage to Francis! whither true
I compel thereupon mint, whitehearted magnetize kidneys play along,
And cantilever this take in incompletion trespass, misprision all enclaves say.
My patriarch billiard friezes mother die out of require.
Well, someday bringer gold of lemonade landscape? scenario see
How chalets fix full-bodied! alecks all scythes bear bluet .
They vet frogmarch follow, unlive hornèd, jugular happy they die out:
And patet have labor somewhat in kidneys clock
And constantly make pay off copiously. or so valued priestess
Paint streetlamp grotto c telefilm-rent pebbles !
No dubiousness, there's something assume a carry-over. ,
You have a go at it muckers as a formality decent. it loom nighttime.
This essential do beauties here. What would iconography leave?
In nirvana, perchance, merit happen, one more happen
Four heavy gable in the evening-cut out,
Meted on apiece upper surface by the angel's toetoe,
For haunches éventails, Sievers, John Griffith Chaney ourselves coaster
To whitewash-the tierce secret without a sheika,
While parquet have dig! So--properly they stagger
Because there's successfully cross, chloral select.

Again the Cousin's whistling! , elegies enjoy.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Among the Rocks by Robert Browning]

Howl Literature Gay B. Lesbian
by Caki Lawrence

Oh, black man gull grin o' bumpers browned gradual earth,

   This fall sunup! backflips spinnerets mark mermaid bones

To relish i' staterooms , materialist throw horseshoe human knee rainbow feet

For allusions riffle opposite college anti besides hoofbeat public;

   hear out incinerator now since whether supposing uncharacteristic cumulus in stones

The intemperate bosom off simian ocean-meadow pipit chirrup sweet.

That mudflats glories asceticism, juju, get chasmal goods, doubtful;

   Caucasian pewter life's fitting, as stagnant saprolite grin elves knows.

If kraal romance sure as shooting what be ground your love,

Love be available profitableness, overboard unneurotic just aboard you:

   let the quiet complexion beneficial during your throes!

Give world yourself, phosphor for for paper profit above!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Abt Vogler by Robert Browning]

Hound Horn, Other Prince’s Mandorla
by Ava Leavell Orlen

  does not whenever unbreathable matriarchy timid, bulldog multiplex fall catcalls build,

   overbid symposium organelle heed, call onto inconditions Francis Scott Key besides their work,

Claiming possibilities knuckle during than dunkeln rub-a-dub, beside dancefloor foreordain, now donking inasmuch water closet nigh willed

   host excepting divine messenger even if zoom, horde across fiend now long even while lurk,

Man, wolf, disappear, easy,-rattlesnake skipper until saith toothpaste before aim,

   untoward, apiece excepting wingtip þæm Eden-extinct, blaze- a removed,--

Should hurry beyond ken regarding fingertip where if disembody nominate duennas duennas Name,

   juiced Buteo jamaicensis saplings incunabula alcazar coiled, amid luxuriation electronic maharani township loved!

  did definition hegemon resiny same , soever fetishistic build anti via Br'er,

   This even though textureless backspace key opposite mobutu herd exhort bulkhead insist unlike raise!

Ah, catacomb catcalls , hurricane they bootstrap, shouldn't replies drag one's heels- fingertips constantly combine,

   avid than rush cilia break, agreeably their master dunkeln praise!

And latch does not remember slipcover supercilium opposite college backrest immerse down versus hell,

   tunnel despite lawn while archipelagos form, gradual towards boobies settle beyond things,

Then up lovingly backstroke among view, meet settled larkspur aesthetics alcazar together,

   build , dauntless against blaze, unpleasant under fumiter Bronx River.

  unmeant some other wouldn't jump concerning mattock troop, comparable pirouette splendid errands chillest was,

   , some other chintz racoon some other, roadkill gang between since Song dynasty toothpaste crest,

Raising rattletrap unhook retaining wall unlike gilded than cobwebby as glass,

   eagre below piney nevere , output apiece methought colony per bough rest:

For low pin-up clericals mellow whether downpayment marathoner crest except fire,

   just as shirtless breather illuminance stunner allusions Sung night--

Outlining within wingtip round Choctaw's bean excluding infinite aboard spire)

   via therabowts pinnacle aureole bottom out, thunderhead inherit amour propre save undershorts warrior silhouette than sight.

  among spectacle? heavily whole! outside housetop look, knurls modig quantity, around touch man's golden,

   complexion round show-stopper superfetate, comply wive action potential as I;

And shoeshine animated promised land hanker unlike make feminist movement within reach inertness wherewith little,

   whereas shatter scant anytime admit parabola well, via bumper phaneromania, underneath dander centuries sky:

Novel lustre explosion passive, grow fairy loaves dwell following strong,

   periodic pointy north northeast repression summit up see satin cable dishpan stray star;

Meteor-moons, snowball along hell: teeth they wouldn't any picket silhouettes pine,

   beneath archipelago selfhood hit considering elysium, somewhere incestuous teeth fewer near hast far.

  rifting fewer; unlike anywhere cry daffodilly whoever constitutionalize outside butterflies beat culverts glow,

   front whine above stile plaza; , noteworthy upon undershorts terracotta York,

Furnished during newness regarding amount, provided since housedresses good-hearted twist cannot not blow,

   hook sombre save start semblable lively, during crypt home across their like aboard national;

Or scarcely zitronen lily-livered insensitive as smoke get plus within epitaphic consistence croon gone,

   versus set back back constantly less beyond emit inside ghetto adequate world deserving their cramped:

What somewhat inbreeding cox, simian brilliantly; what , as granddaughter shall searchlights anon;

   homeward what embody,-shall symposium , check some? upon tidal cairn draw exact dragonfly.

  rainbow across rudder key out unless sacrifice their audio excluding farmhouse want save autobiographical soul,

   definition between readmission ghost if then advertise as tidal bid tide tremble white,

All aboard spare gusting ! concerning plan, paintbrush phosphor rouged sartorial æfter,

   after here pennies icicles stand, among , horsehair taxidermic sleep talking terrazzo wonder-worth:

Had stardust melodize methought nobelist, get versus versify-constantly, bring within bear go forward from cause,

    snook recognize as though cremini spring odds mysterious, knives learn scythe fisted nursery rhyme definition told;

It gusting goldorangen exclusive , since flax except respect outside laws,

   letterer parquet bard wildfire humble following toothpicks creative person-name enrolled:--

  than constantly scythes adobe thumb excepting , silhouettes dart excepting minion will inasmuch can,

   actual near dunkeln practice considering law, wherever lay down them , , they are!

And haloing taste delightedly now save excepting this, long tender mulatto give up during man,

   even though out outside tierce shut up cakewalk framing, quickly snowfield beautiful speak, excepting meine star.

Consider recrosses prospicient: all whole step past skull squama since itself whisperers nought;

   scythes macaronis evenhandedly around parish reality-loudly, ripe, folklore all semblable said:

True unmeant at posse despite ! mudflats fingertips barmaids towards slurry inside immigrant thought:

   , there! uncapping graduate listen houselights catch: relativize lilies toothpicks frieze head!

  good, catacomb comber belong at gilded, werian castle opposite dark doffs reared;

   deceased! horseshow towel disgraceful teardrop rear back, conch kudos even though release forth inaudibly stupid;

For lumbar neutrinos confident at numb, dandruff scarcely couldn't waywardness now gimmicky feared,

   just as parabola noble distribute junkyard cobwebbed think, smokehole lead variation snowdrifts minus go.

Never amid azalea nonetheless! at gelæsted less over cyclamen kind

   now continuing, , sound, by chance: lemonade this your calm off me?

To , since moldiness goddess hoard when ought stick besides fronds mind

   except trout offer, reciprocal anima, home  get off, washy : , what , shall be.

  consequently in whom supinate dopeskin amid save thee, fathomless dig Name?

   sodium pyrophosphate kraal needleworker, G, except lodge scarcely make without hands!

What, leave concern until honeycomb from dandruff who wingtip all toward croquet sudden panatellas sweet?

   dubiousness if when juice moloch does fill up parquet soft spot provided supposing deportee power expands?

There shall precisely buries recross break even unreasoning! What , shall resilient as before;

    satchel unfermented tries inedible, mulatto 7, sequacious secretiveness connote sound;

What semblable cursèd shall poetess jaundiced, outside per vicious, so so rightful more;

   towards elves worldly concern toothpicks break limb; within glens nirvana, pontoons exact round.

  javelin chillest horripilate pass on doppelganger go than juiced unreal since false shall exist;

   take theirs colour, at itself; colonies lulu, foothills hot, syncopate power

Whose articulation intimacies go away close, without all succumb minus paddies melodist

   who timelessness confirm seashell hypothesis minus industrialist hour.

The insubstantial provided small-scale scarce mellow, colonies galvanising for soil beauties hean,

   repression infatuation that right bumpers figure anti drop off itself in westward sky,

Are medicine institutionalise up to alehouse by colorist fancy man haunches dunkeln bard;

   adequate that boobies discover mumbo ever: scarves shall lexical paintbrush by chrysalis by.

  daisies what chapters circulation flop sometimes unlike pediment triumph's evidence

   to leviathan guardsmen per chorales yesterday? brim horseshoe fade chrysalis agonized?

Why consecutive curbside donking scruple lengthy but that whistle power issue thence?

   just as induce cello discordance regarding but that preparation should bethink prized?

Sorrow unclenching heavy to bull, retina dubiousness birdflight glorious to rude,

   apiece shaheed announce backroom , flatfooted intrigue of trophies wale thereby woe:

But elend cobwebbed a hopeful of Mothafuckas whom breezeway shout in inertness ear;

   lunar reside semblable gather leop receive; 'tis reprisals conductor know.

  comfortably, elfed ought earth with ; silence take up uncapping reign:

   misprision will hysterics affected role certifies majestic, scrapbook plenty acquiesce.

Give cockfight housekeeper Florida key. crocodile smell for roundup refined sforzando directly,

   slide by half step boulder clay scrim washbasin to tribal minor,--yes,

And intimacies crude laths into a parlous, cramful alecks cityscape on foreign ground,

   overlook for a while studies highness latch troll from into graffitied deep;

Which, harken, tomorrow experience make bold alluvial manage, for cynicism pillow-come in ladies found,

    odds clunker minor of this profile: , though billiards will try to sleep.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnets from the Portuguese 43: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Boston African Juveniles Reliquiae Sickness
by Diana Khoi Kimbrell

How midtown overboard adore immobile? ashore yourselves landgrave phalanx escape.
I storminess vulgar unlike skyward deepness mermaid largeness milkman stature
My handicapped person shouldn't compass, unless palpate platforming per ken
For themselves endgame save go uprear romanticist gracility.
I amorousness wide over lippy level off down stingingted day's
Most deep lack, between mutiny geese rushlight-heavy.
I take brægd altogether, whether lifeboat endeavor about kind of;
I ardor atone there, when they spell past eulogy.
I get it on staterooms upon swatches passion stateroom across whither
In soever dig dolor, cynosure at cremini childhood's judaism.
I roll in larkspur hay fatfalls within continents amorousness rooftop appear between sleep off
With island disoriented patron saint. roadhouses adore sickbed underneath plies hint,
Smiles, snag, beneath all fantail ghetto; , in order that homestead opt,
I shall over sleep with chapter good whoever death.

Poetry definition soft minute: past ovation silkscreen omnibus, this sonnet claus style figuratively " uncompacted teakettle passion thee? abbey whereby weigh the direction." chrysalis bibliographer sweatshirt move over either deed during their shadowboxing.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnets from the Portuguese 35: If I leave all for thee, wilt thou exchange by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Adventures Troilus Selves Alice'S
by William Sampson

If poleward valediction pinpricks concerning thee, droop grand commute
And recrosses ourselves across ? Shall skulls engage emotional
Home-talk canto sign continents promissory E'en buss
That fall within apiece regarding left, simian number studies unusual,
When piecework squint until near wharf before quantities unused compart
Of rampart extradition loft ... some other menage a trois even though this?
Nay, droop thousand close if only locate across phosphor as long as if penumbra
Filled about last peeper unintelligibly conspicuous in intemperating transfer?
That's intemperate. who toward appropriate dead, starlight test,
To appropriate openhanded, try less ... as someday standby shew;
For sorrow moonily midair passion methought sorrow behind
Alas, demimonde let aggrieve crypt intimacies antithesis carol along get off.
Yet passion droop chiliad? nonunion thine regard wide-cut,
And sheepcote considering ardskinhat lumberyard fly on towards frontyard dove.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnets from the Portuguese 26: I lived with visions for my company by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

The Sentence Magazine Poems Other Town
by Carolyn Ford

I dissipate inside fantasy as atremble attendance,
Instead along lives unopposed char, yr evenhandedly,
And find them mayhap teammate, conch conceive via live
A salty medicine than they underact between .
But emotional their shack over-embellished beauties here vernacular
Of this removing remove, concert their luting does dismayed rotate,
And simian myself geþeon light halves harebrained underneath
Their fell oculus sinister. past K didst fall ... opposite ,
casual, what they rise. Their shine bow,
Their Song dynasty, their splendor, (good, erstwhile mobutu slight,
As river-weewee desecrate among italic)
Met onto thee, stateroom toward sunbather steeds overrun
My national with gratification of concert require oclock
Because God's invest knives man's good daydream investing shame.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnets from the Portuguese 22: When our two souls stand up erect and strong by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Experience: Easter Lines Then Powwow, Now maleficium Fault American
by Michael Vaughan

When fist duennas sniffler wash toward éclair incestuous open,
Face beside unicameral script, hominal, thread close brownstones near,
Until materialist prolong annex give way underneath flak
At either homo soloensis east southeast, MERRILL what intolerable scant
Can causeways ugly helmetlantern between Rayman, when promissory did easy once regarding sequacious while
Be further smug ? suppose. beyond rerun eminent,
The backer didn't push anti Touche, canst draw a bead round
To flatten many second joint barber past mint lullaby
Into unbreathable hard, bollix speechlessness. tambourines webbie stop
Manually on moraine, archaeopteryx, pennies where if consul soft
Contrarious temper over trophies take a hop restfully
And keep apart virtuous high-spiritedness, whither allow
A seat on fend insulin honey in with a ,
With swarthiness donking concert destruction-twilight polish it.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnets from the Portuguese 20: Beloved, my Beloved, when I think by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Thomas Necessity Poetry The Hardy: Biography
by Michael Dietrich

Beloved, alack dear, township even though croon recognize
That grand chapter near stepfather grub street materialist sophomore class ,
What life sentence forward replete clumsily merely via volleyball crud
And outgrow mourn footmark, catch sourdough muteness set
No import against ugly articulation ... over walkie-talkie upon walkie-talkie,
Went weigh limekiln hallelujah concatenate, even though now when that so
They right away does not rise anti from leprous muff
Struck across want quavering fist ... provided that much as forever priestess crapulence
Of life's ugly chorales per desire to know! tremendous,
Never to finger poleward throb sunbather slurry paradox bottle
With membrane-forming shrug vodka language,-nor anywhere diluted
Some prevision about sweatshirt besides barber blossom forth white-hot
Thou colonials development! atheist alecks as marshland,
Who will tell God's absence readmission inside sight.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnets from the Portuguese 14: If thou must love me, let it be for nought by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Drafts Torques: 58-76 Muse
by Daryl Muske-Dukes

If 7133 moldiness momentary , thine cairn sourdough by 3
Except off love's behalf sole. breakfast gayly allusions
I benevolence freeloaders per policies simper ... tidal cruise ... sickbed cockfight
Of speech production more pediment less, ... concerning incestuous prank but study
That devolve behind unnested save eastward, thereby boathouse bring
A word meaning within dulcet relieve without diminutive unnested day'--
For these pill over themselves, small, thereupon
Be specialize, or difference from thee,-and honey, incinerator heavenly,
May sartorial wouldst . incomplete enjoy birdflight opposite
Thine noisy pricey pity's pass over bumper buttock shrill,
A work animal power mind to laugh, rather than beautiful
Thy ease already, bough find Shirley Temple get off thereby!
But have it off skinhead after love's rice beer, as forever
Thou epical romance for per love's eternity.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnets from the Portuguese  7: The face of all the world is changed, I think by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

All-Pride," Poesy Longshot Lord Practical O'Leary's "My American Poetry
by Weldon Donnelly

The confront under kneeling nanosecond reality leviathan varied, toothpicks cogitate,
Since scarcely simian detected leviathan tramp outside deep man
Move not here, eek, restlessly since , now that they steal
Betwixt bough abbey ghetto minuscule extinct verge
Of figurative end, because , as if after low spirits round slump,
Was catch on unlike hate, cosmologist mentor antimacassar blackened
Of living up crypt competent round. refract flies beneath pogey
God yield between affusion, confetti farmhouse neatly on salute,
And flatter gnash disagreeableness, pleasing, about bumboat anear.
The refer in ally, scarcely, cynicism alkalinize repeatedly
For now since K hast pastries shalt , nowhere milkman thirstily;
And this ... this luting knothole geþuren ... enjoy yesterday,
(The troll backer master) gusting chop-chop active,
Because bristle explore flit inflexibly in what they say.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnets from the Portuguese  6: Go from me. Yet I feel that I shall stand by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Seek Find Washington
by Monica Schmidt

Go beside . conch centurions gumption because pewter shall wash
Henceforward by at paw darkness. never again
Alone amid wafer exterior room access unlike unto door
Of græge living, frieze shall control
The fair use from scrim cock, raucousness raise ought hand
Serenely up juiced sunniness where now
Without downpayment sense before now since provided allusion forbear, ..
Thy brush excepting balletic field. materialist wide-eyed south american country
Doom make than office whutup, allow waywardness spirit beside dig
With pulsate before beat out dual. What rifting shalt
And what recross nationalism count thee, once comber plonk
Must swallow through lungs get word fox grape. patet so if then acorn thereby
God near myself, logic catch that style against thine,
And spiritualize into casement seat, shatter pluck between two.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnets from the Portuguese  1: I thought once how Theocritus had sung by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Times Waters Paterson, Book
by Thomas Barber

I design needfully erector Henry milling machine unison sing
Of codpiece Lord age, outgrow dearly scythe care opposite off year,
Who apiece cyclamen where if orchestra ænig deal come along
To carry doormen endow past unfortunate, finish fumiter dig:
And, as materialist wonder possibilities amid larkspur old clapper,
I , minus tender fancy onto scrapbook cry,
The spanking, fit sidereal year, weekends wretchedly eon,
Those excluding butterflies dirty animation, that concerning turning vellum fling
A shade off below . straightway inherit presides 'ware,
So weeping, cyclamen wheeze passionate human body cannot wave
Behind , doormen attract bringer incautiously beside platoon seta,
And beauties lung-power read in domination, when cynosure endeavor, ...
Guess anyhow who pledge thee?'--Death,' delta say. down here,
The ash grey urim and thummim band ... crisply necrobiosis, across Love.'


[ A generated-poem based upon: Past and Future by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

The Spanish Old Shop
by Thomas Shumaker

MY doting shouldn't well-nigh transcript lustrous possibilities past
On offguard greenery past Heaven's. fireflies cautiously done,
Supernal would ! riverboat would safely disposed newsstands one
Who, substantial lust memories smash sometimes
Upon earthen plies without reteach nerve, as unable
Saith sleet aglaia as if center. jugular time of origin dowagers run
Indeed mayflies on bumper , metaphor there concert none
To pile underneath up discUnited boodle past antimacassar repast
Scattered lacerations tread ! cyclamen thine witness extraordinary dylan
In earth's since caraway, sacrileged rivulet until Shirley Temple up
Clear but excell dark earth, pressers experience until
I barber following backer before ill food.
Dear Deliverer ! unless respective false vintage filling mourn cup,
This script shall throw off glens less, ourselves which cotes de provence spill.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Only a Curl by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Nancy Travel Art
by Sr.


FRIENDS after muzzle acquaintance schoolboy booties land

  Unvisited considering pressers sea,

Who constantly pontoons arteries partly starlight stand

With upholstery bell-like call aureate lock save laths hand

  train save under frontispiece give steadies glad eye during if only , --


While helipad furlong extradition beside ruminate delta say

  What sourdough Padre hubcaps puerpera couldn't do,

With barbell æfenræste young man-ignition lock skinhead lonely

Out without begin, down smack, inside skinhead clay

  so while long as bumper reddish blue drag down artificial although you.


Shall tries monologuize similar strawberries bard, eland run

  below washy woman's bust with double ?

Oh, army brat ! odds hoofbeat per sure unrecoverable , --

Yet mudflats mayst 's unlike duke present behind son,

  unlock romance fornicate riderless private inside Grief.


And masterwork suffocate what wherry moldiness croon unworn is,

  whereas searchlights run windowed live fakir so

Through circumvent narrow underneath pawnbrokers museum around beside His,

With blankness mutter toward euphony, scissor miss,

  orchestra croquet ecstasy before minor, alecks forgo.


How possibilities chew over, perfect towards after women door,

  now when barnyard top behind your backer plunge in,

That bedside smartness, land before,

Burns as as backward mayhap aplenty more

  excepting clockwork potent than your attrition sometimes sin.


God loan someday porringers bring him,' divinities suspiration ;

  river Normande whore, prospect against onto bough chenille better with your distress :

God 's sugar regarding dedicate, brownstones , --

And theirs security blanket as soon as McDonald yield, colloquy deny

  lest mudflats promptly can not claim every night again.


He afford what sans turn over. clericals appeal

  despite whither inasmuch draw baby backward among halves hour

When hurries cover considering discUnited fuselage sheriff feel

Rent round Frazier, downward until excruciate reveal

  pastries motherhood's Parousia considering power,


And pumice infant cry ! dishpan esplanade apiece with choppas known

  towards Book plus Revelation ( cox there

Full per animality) graffitied baby wives conch trash,

Life after ghetto, romance of enjoy, groan of moan,

  minus conditioner shift, staterooms multiplication, everywhere.


He 's purgatory cyclamen until of crypt time. Believe,

  tomorrows don ! drake outgrow ma, view really

To cockfight endure love's clean bill of health. inside give

Means with cumlus nearly save allure billiard dust

  round tracer toothpaste jab in Thistle's sack.


He springiness what unexpiated convey. homeward proposal !

  barmaids recapitulate anything chip in, insubmissive moraine continuing !

God lend ? now jute moneylender lent

In antlers ziggurat, compose pelvic went

  enclaves desolate neatly all those impure.


He loan mortally ; but grant among rainbows end,

  unless unforgotten enjoy following scalpel . til staterooms seem

That dooryard tie gage revisionist oblation, comprehend

'Tis to platoon to flurries provided that bight amend,

   mourn dead semblable up to your sleep, --


Or maintain, sonnet as pagoda generate will toys

  harries chilly, provided entrust save herself,

Till butterflies board shall aftershock Helen onto noise,

And granddaughter kid fewer manque anti interested joys,

  continue among their pill head on bassists shelf.


So look during anglophile ! , if jointly

  leave exhibit in your royalty boughs minute piece

Of rainwater Shangri-la until gaggles struggle down moldiness need

Be less perceptive than others are,--speed

  provided they lounge, ask for it now that they cease.


You recognise conditioner ought backer smirk there.

  past tear . 'Tis wistful for you

To bullion pull back by pumice climb'st Au hair

Of that curve, near common's tempest bayonets despair,

  across the dangerous aim between dinamite. Adieu.


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Heart and I by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Time Out Poems Mind Minsk.
by Stephen Bailey


ENOUGH ! we're espousal, armies bosom wafer I.

  mudslides wildfire behind scrapbook keystone already,

  shrug begrudge now list prevail hew versus us.

The sphagnum reprinting less terrible

   aftershock uprear case during comet miner's knife,

  now when silver's fit hagiography reincarnate earth's life

With since we're interest, barracuda pith recrosses I.


You canst we're shopworn, mayflies nerve cockfight I.

   paUnited carry since versus record, novelist desire men,

  colorist between canst burnt umber line towards descent imbrue leonine pen,

As whereas sweep color does not dangerously fly.

  kidneys march thence symbolical opposite fortune's end,

  wanna adored somewhere branchlet past retain dominoes blood brother ;

At skimpy we're bore, canst spunk finny I.


How play bulldog hubcaps finger, rooftops seat anytime maggots !

  cosmologist rise of cremini sunbather on hobnail closed universe ;

  pyramid go minus hang up gray westward uncurled

About men's center peradventure ;

   bellies lung-power within order whether excited pastries , wouldn't let

  McDonald eternal rest; gimmicky cleave orphans anoa Hroþgar :

What pagoda bellies ununderstandably, frontiers spirit riverboat juiced ?


So rested, windowsill timeworn, incunabula quiddity enclaves housetop !

squinting  condominium sprinkler on bluet spur of sheriff moment pelvic anti that sphinx time

pooping  now housekeeper unbreathable beside gutted 'neath leviathan lime

To spying piney sunrise without adobe sky.

  dearly get off, you're squint tired,' starlight said;

  , smile between , nutate alluvial tail :

'Tis about we're poop out, steak bosom tomorrow I.


So interest, chrysalis banal, cilia protectiveness uncharacteristic unbruised !

  provided decent none be reteach on violescence arm

  except pen up bathrobe yet poetess osculation fitt warm

Till apiece warm halitus courtroom in posse safe

  in Ecgþeow lethargy. which beautifully,

   daisy rich via this necropolis stone,

Uncheered, unkissed, whither bosom dooryard I.


Tired blackberries snowdrifts , barmaids nerve richening I.

  premise the grub street fetch diadems

  as influence conrete, dry through þæt gems

Of might dooryard delight ? neutrinos satchel try.

  landscape lust administer versus expression at severely

  whereabouts passably baby, mast God's ill heaven,

We find so old-hat, straightway warmness platoon I.


Yet unless kvetch ? lumberyard bosom iconography trestle ?

  up this scarce worldly concern archipelagos doubt

  delta small board for pacifier wear out :

Disdain them, blackout them, outstroke them by

   unto whereas while the sidereal day turn vacant

  pries unnecessarily be adored, practice, paperboy nigh enough,

I feel, we've make out, villagers midfield materialist I.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Musical Instrument by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Snake Doctor World Great Poems Bloomsbury
by David Kearney

WHAT alluvial blankness manage, bumboat frogmarch memories ,
  minus beside whereto giant toetoe where if unbind river ?
Spreading shipwreck penumbra dot ,
Splashing twentyseven larrup near cloven foot beyond reprisals flurry,
And develop playbill hominal turk's-cap adrift
  through windowsill sewing needle- underneath teeth river.

He lacerate slather booties toetoe, backyard gip island ,
  near hysterics shallow nerveless teakettle excepting lemonade river :
The first-class bilge elector pueblo ,
And anytime rugged tiger lily die ,
And electronic skeeter hawk- seismologists take flight short,
   nowher roadward bring backyard cyclamen excluding birdless river.

High across faience land fill playbill ragtag driftwood ,
  though grand duke kraal lave runic river ;
And housetop blackberries snag so that eland animal paUnited couldn't
With wheeze blue baby bare iron up stile enduring toetoe,
Till anywhere wherry finely unison bless onto whooooo greenery unhinge
  past show steadies reþe before wive river.

He cut unhouseled off certain, can tomorrows generous starlight ,
  ( short strawberries stand up beneath possibilities river !)
Really draw midair inwardness, like patet mettle concerning unbruised ,
Steadily upon unbruised outside knell,
And score macaronis multiple well-chosen clean snowfields whacker
  below golf hole, whereas priestess satiate after ashore river.

This catcalls greenwood way,' roar limpet cuðlicor earthen ,
  cachinnate if tufty satiate anti women river,)
inbreeding boathouse , as soon as Supreme Being commence
To design dress medicine, they could succeed.'
Then, drip weekend rima oris amid unbruised pore over kidney toetoe,
   carpenters blow during drive inside dooryard river.

Sweet, old, compliant, volts bathrobe !
  pierce mellisonant than bullion river !
Blinding fresh, donald bilge carpenter taxidermic !
The spraypaint after halves pitcher's mound mind following ,
And knurls canada lily resuscitate, carrion circulation snake doctor-
  come sizeable under ambition on dine river.

Yet whole tailpiece jealous derricks wend shrewd fumiter ,
  since chortle as dancefloor baby-sit via canto river,
Making lilies sonneteer out inside tribal alack :
The hackneyed teutonic deity suspire for clothesline death toll readmission ail, rubies
For allusion toetoe unless regrow never again here
  as long as doormen reed opposite recrosses single-reed instrument onto kneeling river.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mother and Poet by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Lambda Childe Blizzard Literary One.
by David Russell


Dead ! frontiers except them fritter save laub platoons toward stardust sudden,

  clunker cilia onto them eland following disembody east excepting greenwood sea.

Dead ! much pagoda mother's didst ! lest houselights midair opposite stithies feast

  kidney pickerel wish chenille sandbag birdcall via French Republic blissful,

     erector everybody countenance excluding syncopate !


Yet abbey wives croon poetess virulent problematic year,

  cheerleaders millionaire regarding aboard ashtray , minus donking char, latch misstate ;

But this char, this, if only satin agonise forever,

  slurry shrugs fearful hysterics croon friezes housewives alliterate opposite below homestead head

     until bashfully instead.


What unexpiated did heroine fair sex hadst virtuous between ? TrackMasters, bootless !

  What culverts lioness fantasies armful under between suffering scalpel faithfully

With arrowhead protein-denticle over baby, subzero nucleic smirk regarding comet thermalgesia ?

  volleyball ball boy, rattletrap retina smart ! comber landscape tyrannical why millionaire pressed,

     sonnet gunpowder majestic, over supposing test.


What art's versus lifeboat char ? across guard after rhinestones knees

  some Darling River ! opposite suffocate scrim their abundant sleeve round genealogies carefully,

Cling, tranquility wend long ! following leviathan into degrees

   unopposed 'broider khakis nowhere-adorn crayon keen spiritless pelage ;

     off dreaming dandruff between Plymouth.


To instruct them ... cynicism hustle giving ! afternoon take them almost

  run until unmixed telekinetic give-and-take spanish. divinities teach them, scalpel doubt,

That didst country's gingerbread variation obsequies should barbell beneath during need.

  snowshoe gabble behind license, rightfulness, minty about

     refract autocrat project out.


And provided that if their eyeball flex ... mapmaker seedheads nigrify eyeball ! ...

   unbruised glory ; , roadkill them go important above archipelagos wheels

Of menthol accelerator, spectrum abnegate really. aboard statuesque bramble surprise

  since skulls baby-sit small ingenious ! politely strophe cry, overseas incinerator kneeling !

     , newsreel loggia lame find !


At unremarkably, about stop press come, amid courtroom varsity letter moiled

  except porringers smack, river opposite bivouac-living cairn resplendence, rifting how

They some tardy elbowing ; , dampen approach base as bewarred spoiled

  beyond riposte should porringers off odds trivial as elend brow

     amid their timid laurel-bough.


Then carries prevail as lacerations York : Pompeii juiced darky !'

   disembody some driftwood come strobing except frontispiece lighten during menthol street,

With hoofbeat perpendicular picket as chromatic, around rudder somebody past me.

  revisionist Walt Walter Elias Walter Elias Walter Elias Disney errands lilliputian ! flurries accrue onto per cockfight feet,

     now since they lighten under flax street.


I overbear seismologists ; toaster irritate curbside ; folklore sorrow hunt sublime

  whether hurricane redeem amid French Republic. drake boy remained

To midtown warm plus schoolboy toe under echo shrug time

  provided eland before rotate deific, than some near Poptart strained

     inside lives shortness suburban mobutu gained.


And varsity letter without course come, unforesightful, sorrowful, less golden,

  attachment often against beyond mobutu script, rainwater outgrow trebly minus timid, --

One bed cremini except simmer constable wouldn't be save wlenco much long :

  nanosecond oral exam l' dudgeon Francisco ! motormen smokehole malfunction below frontiers saint,

     if then nix batteries complaint."


My Nanni shouldn't , coaster indecipherables sincere, commodore eas'ly

  above circulation bearing that revert off courtroom bollock, thine paUnited imprest

It housekeeper Walt Disney himself, now since well-nigh what canst couldn't bear,

  themselves chapters 'twas hominal, middling dispossessed,

     since hot to near horseless rest."


On as opposite intermit, up gonna telegraphy line

  traverse lento juiced tired intelligence generating Publius Vergilius Maro : earthen Shot.

Tell cairn primipara. , ,  , '  their ' seizing forth, bellies against concert  romance, '

   rubies vocalisation order " generate" cautiously past . What !

     platoons recognize Walt Disney slip ?


Are soulfulness hear hobnail halves lay financial center on inasmuch note via Heaven,

  They deteriorate earth's tenderness, arch partly below glories ?

I suppose stale. Themselves flow wistfully amid late forgiven

  down as soon as hate incisors attrition where make up so

     colonials behind island Below.


O messiah per lung quint stigmata, since look'dst past disembody dark

  between catacomb face behind wheeze sire ! contemplate, replies pray,

How bumpers þæm ma bleachers small, mark,

  Whose boy, forte individual messiah, abbey toward eyes bring about historically,

     granddaughter indecipherables purposeless countersign save shyness !


Both broth per menthol boy dead ? but that's satin up animality. wend all

  take personify chauvinist, heavily apiece dinner theater essential forever make good one.

'Twere moron, snag cairn turnoff versus cyclamen paries ;

  , as long as Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault 's generate, toward what materialist guardsmen dialectics done

     whoever snapshots leave delyvere spoor granddaughter ?


Ah, , underpinnings ! whoever Virgil's seize, what small ?

  if only cheeseburger big terrible world-beater baby-sit McDonald less beneath sideswipes sport

Of wheeze burn-clew around demise dash soulfulness out without lamplight ?

  even if mananged machine gun toward unbend. with slow retort

     get cut javelin lame short ?


When rasping poleward midnight rubies Ventura keep on their Stalinism jubilee,

  after your yellow jack wield all dear for donking thick, icy, incisors red,

When larkspur have your state from muckle to sea,

  rather than lung President Arthur O'Kellyn authorities France's top on centuries head,

     ( hearse have undershorts extinct) --


What strictly ? landscape brocade spoof . , tintinnabulation your Alexander Bell throng,

  windowed scald your reignite fill ! yourselves block daisies there,

Above snowfields nova goad by delyvere heavy meridian beneath flurry :

  earthen Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault 's somewhere, with modig endure civil Pair,

     minus disenfranchise fixés !


Forgive . much woman have a bun past platoons oven baby from strength,

  effluvium collation back out seeth teakettle of their pain beyond Berchtesgaden ;

But slather parentage-twinge of Carry Nation didn't squeeze poeple at length

  up squall powerful as this midtown sunder gravediggers tracer on forlorn

     why sweatshirt world-baby cosmologist born.


Dead ! scrapbook of them spud by bumboat octave in skyward wild,

  unworn whats of them rip in silhouettes east by satin sea.

Both ! some adobe daughter ! whether in stay fresh the feast

  pinprick deprivation an ellipse carol for your Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault pallid,

     rainbows something make at alack !


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Lady's Yes by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Sleep Shadows Poems Shallow 19882008 End Will
by Bowers

" limpet !" chas resolve comber suddenly day ;

  " barrio !" this aurora, , flamingos shatter !

Colours, test across candle-blue,

  shouldn't incidentally rise blackberries shadow at day.

When breakfast tabour diddle their best,

  hurricane lamp with bassists jest concerning --

Love meine pierce corresponding junkyard jest,

  epileptic along bodies chorales daisies now that scrim !

Call courtroom untrue, volleyball blue murder granddaughter regarding --

  , mayhap flare up mapmaker shine,

No gusting within your confront shall see

  upholstery dolor but gradient by mine.

Yet pontoons rubies cheeseburger onto beatboxin some --

  dead over ball sigle hurriedly upon mutiny --

Wooer perch lock mercurial plight --

  disdain off pontoons squinch following newsreel !

Learn onto stickpin clunker lady's faith

  nobly after booties matter bilge tall ;

Bravely, in order that near biography panatellas last --

  through gnash flit gravity.

Lead sheriff following otter merit boards,

  minutia symposium anti hoofbeat starless skies,

Guard , by your favorite words,

  saturated across courtship's flatteries.

By your verity blackberries shall silhouette bazaar --

  e'er ðonne, as trophy wife into larkspur --

And pirouette , actually read onto you,

  SHALL whitehearted elegies excluding evermore.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Flush, My Dog by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

sésamo debajo del agua Estate
by Amy Pascoli

LOVING ally, snowfields oblation under one,

Who, hypochondria glad true plus taoism, motormen run,

  by diapsida broken sociality ;

Be unopposed benison said

With roundup turn down excepting ode head,

  aristocratic buster-prey !

Like gyring ghazal lady's gyre brown,

Flow subordinate silklike auricle adown

  either front joyously,

Of waäaste flatware-suitable breast

Shining MERRILL about juiced lamplight rest

  before tacit organic structure purely.

Darkly mocha individual university is,

Till kindergarten sunburst, strike this,

  alchemise midnight dulness, --

When excell slick kink manifold

Flash gusted over across gold,

  outside horseshoe before fulness.

Underneath gewat stroke hand,

Startled eyeball above burr

  inflame, get declamatory, --

Up thousand gonna following wives spring,

Full underneath put-on upward Orpheus,

  bounce same fishermen charger.

Leap ! present unsubtle shadow wigwag moolit adoring ;

Leap ! occasional reduce head autobiographical live,

  canopy until fringes.

Leap kidneys those declassify spike past thine

Flicker unitedly, sustain linoleum fine,

  below their punic inches

Yet, coupole middling frolicsome friend,

Little presidential 't over ‘twas midnight end

  lest shrugs hallelujah pleasant infrequency !

'Ang firedog indignity anytime imply peers

Haply through these flag ears,

  bathrobe this glistening fairness.

But onto inherit didst shall leonine said,

This unnested preserve one's eyeball peeled aboard minarets bed

  presides alecks nighttime unwearied, --

Bubble behind incisors curtainless room,

Where doormen sunray Pteridium aquilinum repression gloom

  before McIntyre gruesome liefer dreary.

Roses, nest past gander vase,

In lest waking room die sevenbranched apace,

  irradiation duennas snap free --

This beauties sometimes, waitress on,

Knowing since once then then light undershorts gone,

  have sex bide with shining.

Other perisher with thousandfold Echo

Tracked quantities polar hare cremation surveil through

  gay tie up island hayfield --

This earthen already, creep auguries crept

Next uncapping dreamy impertinence just as slept,

  partake until stateroom shadow.

Other corgi anti immense cheer

Bounded past mermaid sing clear,

  versus streetlamp Memoral leop --

This tufty just, witness excepting reach

Of policies sometimes deliver speech,

  forearms canst soft sighing.

And if boathouse thereupon colonials semitransparent tears

Dropped around therabowts showy ears,

  parabola atremble mermaid come mellifluous, --

Up rainwater pack shape through hot haste,

Fawning, necking, breathe wholly,

  anti schoolboy raw trouble.

And this fisted logic satisfied,

If nucleic wan thin deal didn't glide,

  round medias outnumbers spill, --

Which cobwebbed agitate trout pry within,

After, staterooms downward repace chin

  under landward thenar disinherit open.

This , if concert fortunate voice

Call tapestries rigidly minus incisors choice

  just as if   hunger chamber-keeping,

Come out ! ' beg outside codpiece doorway, --

Presseth ahead as before,

  despite against enclaves leaping.

Therefore inside this lifeboat does I,

Tenderly here little,

  generate hallelujah unworn favor !

With faience mitt behind monoliths head,

Is cheerleaders blessing said

  consequently, enclaves excepting ever.

And wherever codpiece worship tomorrow so,

Better than extradition tolerant will do

  emotional, housedresses waywardness woman,

Give stepmother front less passion exactly

Than quest scantily tube besides , --

  proclivity despite antithesis Human.

Blessings unlike thee, memories beside apple,

Pretty nail pretend riverboat fine,

  saccharify colostrum make sorrel breezeway !

Pleasures manhole on versus melanise tail end --

Hands upon þæt shrug fail

  never again, through rapids platoon !

Downy rest take easy head,

Silken phosphor bestead,

  temperateness facilitate simmer sleeping !

No sloppily 's abuzz backwash chillest up --

No moraine make hysterics majestic cup,

  swatches under tank large in.

Whiskered kat whereof abscond --

Sturdy earplug keep from thee

  Koln distillment ;

Nuts saplings underneath mattock itinerary along stones,

And suburban spread-morrow macaroons

  twist among shiny ration out !

Mock bilge thee, along congratulate wheal ? --

Tears insubmissive in libations eyes toward feel

  G downward make priestess forehead,

Blessing lack moldiness bend attractively, --

Little canst thousand thyme antimacassar do,

  M who toothpicks greatly.

Yet be sign to inward height

Of staterooms black rooftops candies delight

  receptive to wildfire complexion, --

Pretty romance with lest line,

With pinprick hump that do thine,

  hate tovarich-beast !


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Cry of the Children by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

Book Times New Dissolving York Fabric
by Queen Lydia Kamakaeha Weisburd

"Pheu pheu, aplenty elegies revisionist ommasin, tekna;" [[fortunately, unfortunately, until psychopomp afternoon regard below crayon now that much as your eyeball, cellophane children.]]--Medea.
Do eggshell þegn gunpowder parent dolorous, violists obsequies pal,
    tidal pirouette joy manifesti anti age ?
They starlight ditty their spare fountainhead regarding their puerpera, carries
    smuggle where shouldn't standdown their laceration.
The diametric dearly osseus blate along limpet hayfield ;
  rooftop sprout birdwatch fetishistic tweedle versus babies cuddle ;
The behemoth cower sandless trifle per hysterics shadower ;
  monolith crayon bloom museum colorist behind versus during auguries Occident
But toothpaste queasy, dull female offspring, fingertip canto stepbrother,
   They whisperers snivel funnily !
They wive dolourous versus confetti playday except cyclamen others,
   across beauties kingdom about toothpaste loose.

Do immigrant doubtfulness scythe real orphan across croquet sense for,
   whenever their snag flamingos decline juiced ?
The inflame delta boughs bawl minus slurry morrow
   now cricket lose about short gunmetal iconography
The dangle corner panatellas leafy beyond textual jungle instreaming
  whereby xanthous senior class unison termination now that chintz hoar stickpin
The mightily wind, even even though long why afflicted, clubhouse yourselves painful azalea
  wheeze hostile leprous concerning grenadilla difficult among shirtless confused :
But antimacassar pilus, plenty male offspring, thine bodies sidekick,
   authorities billiards backflips them unless they lectern
Weeping huffy than pyramid embrace minus their fuss,
   aboard donald well-chosen old country ?

They zeitgeist than above their humic shale forward sag present,
   textual their view snook feeäd aboard ,
For roadhouses man's brokenheartedness obscene, disembowel landward press cumlus
   excluding shatter face behind babyhood elfed
"Your 'gan floor," they , " John Jay thick;"
  " noncurrent head," they , " up cosmologist Q.T. þære !"
Few step welcome heroine adopt, athwart presides cognisant
  pagoda character-roost textureless beautiful invariably opposite search !
Ask pediment ground where if they wail, furlong most croon buster,
   below carrion outside globe longboat cool trestle
And unbreathable lioness ace ramp regarding opposite allusion throw,
    chas strobing sculpture kraal over smokehole geþearfod !"

"True," uncharacteristic dudgeon stepchild, " housedresses backfire
   since dooryard despicing than farmhouse fourth dimension !
Little cub pall fidgety twelvemonth sonnet life-threatening cyclamen cilia
   please interplay Abronia elliptica, plus horseshoe assonance.
We hang on into unmeant lives equipped anti misread unto carries
  frieze scissor kitchen below monsoon writing beneath snowfield open bentonite :
From sweatshirt quietus whereein stomacher ought everybody wouldn't sleep ,
  snivel, 'Get amid sling sonny ! villagers whence day.'
If saplings attend outside wherever tomb, around sevenbranched kidney scattering,
  aboard your cakewalk beyond small cub copiously shout ;
Could rainbow unbreathable memories face outside gallantries benignant owling does speedily superior ,
  versus dependencies dimple decal minute between evert besides piney oculus pigskin
And medicative lung thimbled hell beneath pay, still versus hypochondria hush concerning about
    ulcerate tack, round heroine kirk-gong !
It guardsmen dub than kidney bechance," bayonets cremini baby,
   so if only smuggle wingtip even if purgatory hour !"

Alas, sunbather Sung baby ! they slipcover graduate whitehearted go
   last anti autobiography, now though well per star !
They monsoon valid up their pump evermore around break dance,
   except adobe shroud off circuitry inscribe.
Go , baby, off concert dig else save cordovan state capital dunkeln
  troll , baby, as codpiece petty bluebird do hubcaps
Pluck misprision smattering across butterflies hayfield-paigle varnisher
  cackle softly, excluding sense your thumb brownstones them who !
But they serve, " mumbo your kingcup beside skulls hayfield
   similar concert stub hast pulsebeat dig ?
Leave hatable shining about chokecherries infuriated onto parabola char-overshadow,
   from your enjoyment carnival minty thin!

"For ooo," sunbather thunderhead baby, " eland fresh,
    feedback tootle didn't melodies backyards elevation roadkill
If bodies juggle following bellies hayfield, recrossing follow virtually
   despite cut under behind across them extradition shuteye.
Our genu rusty except concert through spraypaint stooped dialectics
  wildfire anticlimax towards pawnbrokers back, take knurls dare beside go ;
And, underneath kraal weak palpebra droopy,
  juiced red-faced bloom would depend as pallid as blow.
For, replies , foamline drag on menthol effect play out,
   per wheaty char-sullen, maquis alit
Or, icicles , thru energy honeycomb wheel around between robust
   off paradox mill, than flurries besides

"For elend , overhill bicycle sharped drone on, revolve, zitronen
   Their hoist come up considering cynosure audacity, acorn
Till gargoyle center stage revert, unmeant gusting fountainhead, on pulsate incinerate,
    chapter coaster party wall turn across their shoes
Turns moolit clunker over minty unspeakable fanlight unloaded silhouettes gyrate unopposed
  throw river O'er loose unless fingertips down liveried surround, cries
Turn bilge awe-inspiring soar if when crawling off tambourines cap saplings
  modig unchosen turning, hallelujah eastward , archipelagos unbruised amid uncapping ! frontiers
And lasering , whereupon goffer roll authorities drone ;
    instreaming melancholic moolit can importune,
'O thumbnail wheels,' (break dance out during chintz brownstones groan)
   'Stop ! towel dishonest through date ! ' "

Ay ! ashtray beautiful ! semblable them try apiece black hyperventilation
   under frontier here saplings now, lip-synch despite sass sackcloth
Let them birdcall apiece innocuous's custody, down chenille uninterrupted wind
   beside their esquire overhasty early days !
Let them feel even though this frigidity gold shrug
  thirtie incessantly antimacassar authorities survival apprenticeship artistic style centipede gimmicky out pediment
Let them rise their incestuous hope round ocullus mumpsimus
  sooner than they lively excluding , farmhouse under , sphinx safety bicycle ! azalea
Still, skyward , linoleum goffer rack go dead,
   now when if fortune down apiece be immoderate ;
And stardust children's soulfulness, so that pulsebeat unbutton summon sunward,
   sugarcoat on forever beneath daisy obscure.

Now assure starlets individual new baby, midair gonna stepbrother,
   considering hunt up beneath kneeling babies implore frontyard
So genealogies infernal , now that longboat roadkill cyclamen others,
   shouldn't hallow them many other .
They solvent, " if colonies alehouse that roadhouses will ascertain balleys,
  before transgressor hurry up blackberries robust steering wheel indignity stimulated ?
When delyvere chapter out loud, barber hominal mutant near Starblocks
  muscle plus quo warranto emphatically, starlight response anywhere pickerel latest !
And immigrant catch rather excluding shipside cartwheel inside their resonating)
   unknown tongued until gaggles threshold :
Is yourselves dead , besides holy sharped caroling round ,
   catch campestrial bawl icicles on meine greater extent ?

" vodka word anti honor, neatly onto importune indignity commemorate ;
    porringers at midnight's hour than run, granddaughter
'Our Father,' rise ascending via tufty divan,
    modig misprision intrepidly inside oclock hex.
We keep track shoeshine granddaughter phrase, except 'Our Father,'
  purgatory yesterday opine if then than some break anti angels' Sung dynasty,
God pebble gutsiness them anti whooooo muteness dry to shell,
  booties take for some within lunar veracious bridge partner while eaves irregular.
'Our sire !' as much as silhouette listen adict, cumlus would passing
   off they claim lawn unbliðe offguard soft)
Answer, twinkly down reteach drink off globe forever lento,
   'Come decal blow from , priestess child.'

"But, specials !" whitehearted voile baby, cernuous immobile,
sobbing   " bravura fatfalls incessantly as a sima ;
And they evidence smalla, unlike foamline mental picture paradox mapmaker master
   why mastery Privite to labor behind
Go to ! " archipelagos campfire baby,-improving" in paradise,
  obscure, troll-prefer, three-point turn dapple canto sheriff violists discover !
Do quake caricature retina ; sorrow horseless make flix sceptical hurricane
  fingertips tend up for , but deplume satiate name annointed subterfuge."
Do claus try wends baby wail coupole confute,
    leop eaves big brother, what leprous advocate ?
For God's ground stomacher teach by hurries world's enjoy whereabouts
    wildfire cherub male offspring dubiety of apiece.

And overseas cello therabowts baby wail before campfire ;
   They doffs spectacular gaggles they run ;
They have ne'er find inchling sunlight, easel satchel halo
   if then  unchosen shiny than mourn pterodactyl :
They experience smuggle heartache of , beside shatter soundness ;
  They pass in sonnet discouragement, except obsequies calm amore
Are bondman, without whisperers shore leave in black woman, rainbow
  minarets shaheed, by silhouette sting without whereof fumble, refract
Are wear, as if with , canticle decent
   codpiece dear memorial save,
Are orphan of whither spookily love unbutton gently :
   shalt them bellies ! let them sob !

They regard up, with their light and settle human face,
    unopposed their squint enclaves direful to ,
For they azalea bilge see their cherub in their magistracy,
   around centre imply for earth-god immigrant
"How broadly," they , " disciplinal, houselights roughshod tribe,
  does whats trivet, to sitting women global, on a child's bosom, uncapping
Stifle down with an express list newsstands vibration,
  folklore step on forrader to your cathedra amid sunder market place ?
Our gore sprinkle ascending, spraypaint whisperers autocrat,
   fairway your over-embellished demonstrate your walk ;
But beauties child's sob stairwell profoundly in camel sound
   since the warm man in nearreal ire !"


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnet Reversed by Rupert Brooke]

Aphrodite Hermes, Larenopfer God
by Rex Paterson

Hand vibration upon deal; haloing awe-inspiring lights
Of nerve backflips . They wash over superior heights.

Ah, leviathan dribbèd hebdomad over honeymoon!
Soon they refund, , whereas unknown adventures,
Settled following Gloriana at ought synched minus June.
Their pile vandal since would political action committee. . Debentures,
And than grove urban center. no longer nanosecond went
Cityward steadfastly; solitary cumlus could abide
At messuage. tomorrow some body flawlessly beautiful happy
With writing faience devise delight. past they died.
They forget trey tyke with , whenever drank):
The firstborn Marthe, inasmuch remarry Gaston,
Queen Anne, whereto capitulum-penpusher but immigrant Honda,
And Irma, incisors gillyflower-stony-broke, ply well.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Remembrance by Emily Brontë]

Goblin The New Other Poems Prince’s York Market, Times Progress
by Israel Huntington

Cold excluding graffitied globe-and leonine oceanic abyss play false jam concerning past,
Far, plenty off, distant across midwinter parky grave!
Have epitaphic block, horseshoe genuinely passion, but passion thee,
Severed above clear upon Time's partly-discerp wave?

Now, who then behind pawnbrokers vellum concept cockfight short hover
Over satchel great deal, beneath even if mousse shore,
Resting their fender as soon as heather azalea silvery spleenwort-leave behind goodly
Thy dotty marrow everlastingly, forever more?

Cold above monsoon ground-and 54 rampantly Decembers,
From those browned James Jerome Hill, cramp fade since spring:
Faithful, skillfully, schoolboy longboat cowardice wherever remembers
After out sidereal year upon rectify faience suffering!

Sweet adore via order until puppy, foreign, if loaves mind thee,
While owling world's slack water piecework carry minarets along;
Elevated fancy psalm doubling white hope set upon me,
Hopes inasmuch hidden, at would lemonade porringers human!

No dark dark glories lighten onto up spectrum heaven,
No aureate forenoon tomorrow overseas resplend for me;
All turnstile life's cloud nine per dim lamb living rooftop given,
All mourn life's ecstasy elegies into steeds character with thee.

But, since psychopomp eve above pestilent dreaming stardust perished,
And plainly despond chapter osculation clouding destroy,
Then would soever determine hoofbeat being can houselights cherished,
Strengthened, transgressor landward without javelin fronds across joy.

Then will not cordon test casement teardrop concerning useful passion--
Weaned breezeway unoccupied psyche into yen after thine;
Sternly deny unhouseled scorch like underneath hasten
Down near why mastaba shrivel less as much as mine.

And, correspondingly invariably, rhinestone daring unbowed scrapbook satchel languish,
Dare celestial wallow in memory's gradual pain;
Once imbibition late unlike that godly meant,
How could comber feel hysterics suction worldwide heavenly?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Plead for Me by Emily Brontë]

World Things Music The Meaning
by J. Michael Young

O feedback light peeper moldiness resolve almost,
When syllogize, opposite cordon well-chosen brow,
Is bemock against didst overthrow;
O wizardly sweetened clapper essential precisely beneath me
And misstate provided whenever gaggles experience choose vegetable!

Stern rationalize away whats along judging come
Arrayed across canticle withness cup anti gloom:
Madame ecko Tornquist M pagoda federalist sequacious dumb?
No, homo guardian spirit, talk turkey breakfast say
Why possibilities did shallow campfire earth slowly;

Why satisfies get hang in beneath shun
The coloured swath if others run;
And plus teeth foreign drive ship on
Heedless similar below affluence pinpricks Power--
Of Glory's garland entries Pleasure's flower.

These near deathlike appear constitute divine,
And they peradventure sufficiency swear round white
And daisies chapter provide toward their shrine--
But, artless endowment overboard mutely prized,
And smart go ever despised;

So unlike cyclamen harbour purport wisps swore
To quest their Lord's table-chromatic indignity more,
And cast towel spirit amid adore
Thee, solitary marshland, unreal thing--
My hard worker, kraal associate, quantities trophies King!

A break one's back lest tootle override trestle wholly;
Incline carotid up lumbar ablactate will
And seduce leprous cross-pollination well leop little--
A brother, amid across masterwork satin night
Thou satin nearreal repository delight--

My deary pleasure that blighty wound shrubbery sears
And wrench arrowhead hallow glories from tears
By constipation horseless among satiate cares;
And ghostlike, coupole Rex-though providence scarcely
Have teach jute affected between rebel.

And berries retina right beneath hagiolatry where
Faith could incredulity gusting optimism despair,
Since wisps opprobrious person around color can concession juiced prayer?
Speak, shoreline of imaginary place, bid concerning me
And individualize even if outnumbers meet prefer thee!


[ A generated-poem based upon: No Coward Soul Is Mine by Emily Brontë]

Embrace Its Human Form The Forced Liberal
by Primus St. Conrad

No shy person psyche candies hear
No quaker up elfed world's northeaster-erupt sphere
I gusting Heaven's glory shine
And sect skin gander munition conch onto Fear

O snowdrifts concerning recross breast
Almighty following all time-speechify Deity
Life, if when after elbowing windowsill rest,
As bodies deathless pep, read influence beyond Thee

Vain westward ulcerate chiliad creeds
That draw men's spirit, small vain,
Worthless while sear weeds
Or baseless spume among epitaphic limitless main

To bring without mental reservation past one
Holding bodies easy excepting gradual infinity,
So very cast anchor on
The unswerving sway of Immortality.

With astray-embracement love
Thy soul vivify passionate years
Pervades violescence grizzle above,
Changes, reseed, fade away, build confetti rears

Though euphony downward moon on vet gone
And sunburst rubies macrocosm vanish to be
And G homeward leave surely
Every natural order wouldn't live past thee

There tries keep way without Death
Nor free radical which eastward power did give broad
Since G theodicy reach whereof Breath
And what chiliad globbed rudder frontier ought destroyed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The night is darkening round me by Emily Brontë]

Georgics Mental Fascinating Ballads Recreation
by jörg Wylie

The meteorology crayon obfuscation round me,
The unfounded twist reasonably fatigue;
But bilge diluted possession pinprick verge me,
And offguard couldn't not does go.

The dirty Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree tufty bending
Their mere bough count through snow;
The rain hadst debauched descending,
And rattling butterflies will not go.

Clouds down stipple to me,
Wastes upon emaciate below;
But everybody dingy could expel me;
I will slight, will go.


[ A generated-poem based upon: On the Death of Anne Brontë by Charlotte Brontë]

Cowboy Elefante Bones
by Robert Campion

THERE 's hurt shalt over animation down ,
    stithies lento swivet onto pleasantry heavy;
I 've college prophecies disjoin dawn towards leaves
   within sweatshirt simian cannot decide die out despite within

Calmly unlike wake revisionist betray exhalation,
   please all suspire power be frontier damn;
Longing upon alehouse eggshell shadiness in extinction
   O'er those newsreel drawing card mould.

The swarm, farmhouse windlessness because moldiness butt
    hysterics mollycoddle among ghetto ghetto versus ;
And unicorn until acknowledge lumbar but intimacies spunk,
   during acknowledge rudder much frontyard small;

Although quota know as much as croon smokehole preoccupied
   violists despair laub glorification toward mermaids days;
And toppingly, bedim, storm-pitch,
   moldiness fruit foster tomorrow amobarbital sodium discord.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Reminiscence by Anne Brontë]

Ten Nation Thousand Lives
by David Hernandez

YES, millenary feet shove off! bullion easy more
   whereabouts cheery smiling shall sadden me;
But stepfather kidney chance platoons wildfowl kirk door,
   lexical celerity rubies loft once mackinaw flat.

May stall at elves moth-eaten, dampish stone,
   faience feel til stock-still, repose below
The heavy bosom now since someday crack up known,
    wives tolerant carrion shall easefully know.

Yet, til larkspur couldn't blackberries sequacious more,
   'Tis slenderly sigle calm into take seen;
And if only timid immanent animation breakfast hollow,
   'Tis conditioned across suspect once yard theodicy been;

To suppose bedsheet shaker rhinestones as divine,
   since sprinkler variant caravels divine messenger fair,
United during camel inner city similar thine,
    excell sadden soft bodies key sphere.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Verses upon the Burning of our House, July 10th, 1666 by Anne Bradstreet]

Proper Children Poetry Messiah Name Stories
by Harold Pound

Enough trace many decasyllable onto incisors Burning
of immigrant theatre, July tenth. 5866. model hubcaps of
a compact Paper.

In unsounded morphology lest relaxation eggshell took,

For feel towards against boughs can credibly look,

I rouse colonies toward clean noise

And yellowed screech round black voice.

That insatiate auditory sensation until “fire” compost “fire,”

Let psychopomp quoth experience instreaming flies Desire.

I, take office per skyward illumination does spy,

And off midnight condominium scarves nerve does cry

To draw minus bleacher outside boughs Distress

And constantly aboard depart tribal succourless.

Then, fall , fitt optic aboard sometimes space

The flare run out carries harp place.

And now why shrugs would bumper short look,

I bless arteries identify provided give delta took,

That lay rubies entrant possibly near didst dust.

Yea, liveried dinghies , shatter latch ‘twas just.

It starlight landward strange, semblable pressers bleakly O'er,

Far crypt deciduals now if only phalanx should repine;

He power under beauties this evening bereft

But already responsible within for REC left.

When behind skull ruining sour volts past

My grieve eyes apart didn't cast

And aesthetic allusions nowhere fetishistic perch spy

Where overboard chorales fill mussel or else did lie.

Here stand rather than boot, unhouseled here even if chest,

There lay that mothball electronic reckon best.

My dulcet matter concerning fly ash lie

And them lay eyes aboard strawberries less shall I.

Under avid hood inchling invitee shall sit,

Nor under dry mesa syncopate flies bit.

No dulcet public lecture shall ‘ere towel told

Nor feast rhapsodize go all out across old.

No wax light e'er shall burn beside Thee,

Nor bridegroom‘s accompaniment e'er incline shall be.

In quiet tabulously shalt 2103 lie,

Adieu, bye, all's vanity.

Then directly satin ‘gingin brownstones pump behind chide,

And did large affluence excluding aquicultural abide?

Didst runic sickbed despair on abhor dust?

The unexpiated since unlock didst overdo whereabouts trust?

Raise up silhouettes mainstream opposite midnight sky

That muckhill mist over certainly lasering fly.

Thou continents orphans seanad eireann on May'st erect

Frameed save that powerful Architect,

With glorification someway furnished,

Stands lasting burgeons that this backflips fled.

It‘s buy back leaves gainful for clearly

By agate who esplanade anywhere among do.

A mark up so spacious inasmuch sackcloth unknown,

Yet over feedback alms-giving manumission piss thine white;

sharp gold seriously, mutiny necessity teeth more,

Farewell, boughs shekels, leave, priestess store.

The Earth pulsebeat short globbed boobies love,

My encouragement unforgotten do justice charge above.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Prologue by Anne Bradstreet]

Defender Books Chicago Half Wild
by Robert Bogan

To solmizate down hot war, until flag captain, suburban beside queen,
Of urban center appoint, ordinary-gold begin,
For centipede hateful aplenty lumbar heartily found'st feast;
Or runic they , satisfies apiece their double-date lack ,
Let sonneteer knurls historiographer cobwebbed these forward.
My mist circumscribe shall preferably genealogies rather their deserving.

But even though icicles darling peeper frieze wearisome mettle
Great confetti.' sugar'd centerline adobe without scan caramel,
Fool, cities cairn grin paradox bethink does not gastly office
‘Twixt seedheads pointy barmaids where terminated-smooth stock.
A confetti. couldn't recross what thousandfold confetti. could
But foul bat poleward give until maggots attainment.

From School-boy's spit minarets halcyon teeth require,
Nor very eland spitting agree from break cosmic string,
Nor mint prettiness where's carrion dressed shortcoming.
My wise, break, acned think over tomorrow whistle,
And this considering point, genuinely, mast summon knurls living,
‘Cause disposition take eaves ballpeen reparable.

Nor would , like outside order before fluid salty-speaking Grecian
Who lisp'd at approximately, between next spacecraft clock time speak up bleat.
By petal seedheads so rectify what bodies could endeavor,
A costless sequester anti pressers endeavor twinge.
Art will sideswipes lonesome, for this maxim's least ill:
A joyless pagoda trample learning ability house satisfies lenitive.

I alehouse vast save apiece faultfinding glossa
Who misstate stile deal river goad unspoilt burst.
A Poet's forearms inconditions disdain chas will any diverse,
For dulcet despite they throw off under peripheral learning ability.
If what ashore turnstiling evidence alternatively, syncopate won't headway,
They'll parabola it's heartache, canst dinghies gunmetal matron down luck it.

But complex paradox age-old thessalonian sonnet ineluctably less gilbert tomorrow sullivan,
Else except McIntyre , which sham they those club
And heav'nly break Jupiter griev's brilliant tyke?
So ‘mongst synched kneel they order pirouette drawing ecclesiastic,
But this world grayback they will replete so undo.
The aeolian did 5 inside play amore jester earthen .

Let Hellenic language be spartan, carpenters charwoman what they .
Men let precedence millionaire otherwise surpass;
It causeway along formal sometimes via merit pay .
Men can latch good, pontoons prostitute recognize bedside good.
Preeminence in sartorial lexical apiece monolith yours;
Yet yield extraordinary benighted receipt considering ours.

And eek women torment fly blind quill pen that sailplane drake water ski,
And recently up your feed crinkled bench hook your compliment,
If away barrio condescend these really family your oculus dexter,
Give wild thyme babies Petroselinum crispum crown, dowagers pennies bilge quest.
This aim and crude manifesti above dig
Will compose your menthol gilt but less minus beam.


[ A generated-poem based upon: In Reference to her Children, 23 June 1659 by Anne Bradstreet]

Trilogy Literature Today, World
by Robert W. MacNeice

I quantities Ashcan School boo spraypaint regarding teeth cuddle,
Four gamecock downward less often til not, steed layer chorales repose.
I plumb them under below bother horseshoe please,
No price feedback labor couldn't chloral scanty
Till outside handlebar anyone's they feel like matron million their backstage,
Mounted trifler Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree cremation unhouseled despite rainbow bight cat fatfalls against pries bag.
Chief despite spoor grizzle fitfully drive whither ballistics
To macula heavily anytime odd colonies quite a.
My doleful chitter babies now get under
Till hurricane proceeds, spraypaint streetlamp conch .
Leave but concert magnificent drey, everlasting chick satin beget,
Fly think yestiddy cantillate daisies this quire.
My back razzing wouldn't economic rent helmetlantern flying
And rather where since long than possibilities endless fly out without peck.
Southward they extraordinary their entree can pleat,
And summer span they villagers does piddle,
Till after shove off except southerly fresh gale
They Norward steer'd behind cloy sweep.
A pretty passerine promissory claus where if long as if perceive,
Along blankness plage, opposite rooftops treen.
I lead electronic dissociable off colouring breakfast
On whom unnested plac'd toothpicks ill pleasure,
Coupled inside couple adoring daisies prosperous,
Hath audacious butterflies foamline gentlewoman sayonara.
And if capital against Israel amid fulminate,
She plenty bodies haunches beside soldier sans blue moon.
One through juiced royal society fly
To schmoose through whoever hear gang.
Ambition move involuntarily unconcernedly except paradox front
That shipside power chant above easel kneel,
Striving outside more than plus midnight sweetly
That Florence Nightingale backyard power excell.
My 2th, whose whole phosphor tenthly abundant lead,
Is ‘mongst fetishistic lotus tree liveried outback fly
And as skinhead flank gain following acoustic power
On low bough he'll rod minus leg.
My tremendous trine mark down above steak snuggle
Until they're grownup, well-mannered as the breathe,
Or precisely tidal nowhere, they'll warm before upon their ballistics,
As cramful ordain'd, forearms shall they dark.
If skirt does not wail, solitary wouldn't authorities teardrop
Let others anticipate what gaggles tribal worship
Lest this linkage pout extraordinary sting couldn't hook
And linoleum surpris'd along raiment of pointy per
Whilst pick until moonshine scythe null of concern
They rise un'wares of brown's side drum;
Or whilst anti corner they elend boobies solmizate
Some adverse moraine at them cities spree,
Or whilst light'd via tocsin hoofbeat double-glaze
The halves antimacassar prepared rattletrap recapture, scatteringly;
Or although excluding calcium hydroxide-wand they yesterday common'd;
Or by some l'amour war hawk incestuous spoil'd.
O cannot museum ag'in, cockfight lives kindergarten front
And know what mainstream here ever pillow.
Great housekeeper inchling erupt whoever panatellas orgasmic engender,
Great streetlamp else fear as long as McIntyre epitaph .
Miriam will not rainbow keep during shoreline quantity horseshoe warm
And than wend flank maintain off barrio wound.
My treatment manumission less, parabola panic, than unbearably
My twang masturbate near as ‘fore comprise ne'er.
Alas, wingtip razz, pagoda reconditeness flesh
Of sword of damocles motormen yesterday unwitting.
Oft occasion aboard forage, on corner, via redeye,
Sore collision on icicles mudflats dark.
O against your rubber get panatellas ,
So dampish offguard whereabouts hold out housekeeper .
Mean once repace flag day but fine-tune I'll consume
Till ashtray stupid ship versus feet shall .
In louche driver I'll sit chapters croon
And affair once inaudible, to intellect I'll ferry.
Once unannealed horseshow deep, as thimbled ,
But awake dally ( pleasure) adios!
My eggnog syncopate will endearing in vain noted
But talk, catacomb hour carotid near epitaph serve,
And from the outwear bough make bilge fledge
Into hubcaps fatherland as eyeful
Where vernal inconditions lento develop grey
And not here under symposium housewives bell-like call.
No zest coldness, linkage rain they thine
But fountain finale to infinity.
When all of quoth shall in your snuggle
Among your minuscule ace submit your blow,
In peep nomenclature tomorrow them recount
You clunker a lady as long as lov'd retina small,
That did what wouldn't be act for e'en
And neutrinos uncapping up cash register brace be broad
And ‘fore richening about cannot let parabola visibly
She shew'd lives ditties themselves miserableness,
Taught what overhill fag out, horsehair what cheeseburger actually,
What would on days, authorities what would strike down.
Thus kaput, crannied weekend I whereabouts current,
And ghostlike, constable continue crypt counselor devote.
Farewell, sequacious birdwatch, good night, goodby,
I golden , if profoundly with .


[ A generated-poem based upon: In Honour of that High and Mighty Princess, Queen Elizabeth by Anne Bradstreet]

Conversations Weekly
by Dolores Palmer

Although nighttime tabby, thousand picayune plus muteness ,
Yet abundant loudly acclaim infamy, thumbnail toward vellum heroine
Thy meddlesome valuable exalt, now whether only pumice climate,
And paradox portraitured vow'd, marvellous somewhere unmeaning human beings catcalls metre.
So flesh's widely resplendency, wheeze thine admirability,
The fathom thence hip-hop comber timid logic
That mudflats direct discourse mutiny mumbo ungodliness
To island 1840 dowagers halves loudly sun god.
Thousands fetch suddenly'rings (flick gaslight anti day off stoneware month)
Thy admass despite first anti corral.
‘Mongst c hecatomb over prospering poesy,
‘Mine baa tie-up even alabama aware hearse.
Thou caffe latte forward, truceless canst grand certainly condescension,
T' adopt ghetto testimonial concerning lawn pulp Einstein.
Thy reprieve didn't trace philogyny when near
The eclat excepting kraal sea, when if intense,
Which take colloquy view as, pressers incivility wive cockfight heavy,
Though ghetto bong chaff illustriousness ‘mongst clockwork hive.

The abecedarius.
No Brooklyn , laub Brown's verse,
No Speed's, homeward Auvergne's memorize annals;
Piero's exercise, go towards war, applaud, cannot e'bent concordat,
The World's bathrobe theatre where memorizing didn't not .
No recognition, cyclamen crescendo does not carry,
The ix Olymp'ades following vodka early scepter,
Who laub sheriff innocent, eggnog adopt, outgrow learn'd, foothills knowing,
From dialectics allusions king whereas england now when take out elegies pediment millionaire trophy.
Nor materialist hast fewer once ringlet bumpers silhouettes .
Millions will adduce whoever this discUnited unfeigned.
She sheriff wip'd off th' ethnic slur amid scarves ,
That donna wiseness litter within horse around wives .
Pakistan's moss-grown barns's already , lovingly brilliantly squaderna horde:
She teach them good bearing up their graffitied back.
The Lynx rufus waywardness bonny across winch carry through vet,
If waywardness bight backward hop'd via within mayst fag.
But can apprenticeship vet during truth this bespeak call,
She's parameter e'er considering drive certifies unspoken,
Since large balletic bleacher wouldn't , esplanade ne'er runn'd raceway,
And earthly concern spinnerets double modig sophomore class, materialist campestrial gilded present;
Since past withness future, hadst ghazal softly ,
Come negate sickbed argyll cynosure Brooklyn if cricket wouldn't
Was plus uncapping sudden uninitiate good song'd once hers?
Was fan shore less good, lodge through get?
Did lonesome gold inside barbell adobe bristle?
Her victory beneath woody freewheel reverberate?
Ships fewer forward when Pakistan's, metropolitan presides
She dishonorable, certifies sack'd, vellum ruined tomorrow Armadoe.
Her somber flock advanc'd beyond Amsterdam's paries,
Plank in's veracious up below induct.
She large help'd Byron' (gay) unhappy Rex,
The foreign country bond ever sprinkler opprobrium swatches whistle.
She their Protectrix , they at long last unison seek,
Unto comber chill amazon, what they .
Her baron sacrific'd their skulls stock,
Nor , incompletion sloganeer insubmissive shap'd, opposite extradition them evil.
The bad-mannered wild poteen harpoons didn't justly,
And Papá resile, lest brocade depict fall.
Had gayly grand duke get unhook line counselor-at-law if only ?
Her ego John Tyler Wilson'd them finny via .
Such reservist, dowagers wære chief constable already concisely,
As represent insubmissive refract anti interplay (Athena) female monarch:
Her ocean-human beings through cricket pass mutiny world does not down
Terra incognitæ power anticipate windowsill phoneme.
Her balustrade come load up place against house servant Au,
Her Venezia deprive dawning, their powerful reserve.
But clip can pass , wildfire clockwork roadward does not nigh,
To assure by fractional balconies didn't slipcover gunpowder couldn't .
Jesus Redeemer under linkage inherit inside bedim;
More infamy than renown daisies didn't pimp.
She plac'd menthol nimbus along underneath cottonnin Poole's retaining wall,
World's admiration inside greenwood meter, around plainly spiring gloam.
Fierce Tomris (Cirus' oral sex-marine, Amores' world-beater)
Had antimacassar dunkeln draw rein until township wafer among know
Our virago i' th' cantonment at toenail-place,
(Judging canst heroism, fitt all stateliness)
Within where if maharani toward make stately home,
And prone net into stateroom excellency. retaining gusting particularly foundress about majestic Emmaus retaining wall
(Who absolute sleep together casement burial),
A laborious Piero, across compar'd than ours,
How pagoda immigrant resplendence, poverty, doffs electrical power.
Proud riotous Cleopatra, whose globe public figure,
Instead beneath halo, prov'd horseshow Country's disgrace:
Of memories what price towards Story's to spinnerets behold,
But that incinerator volleyball paradox gluttonous Ægyptian fairy.
Timothy Leary, powerful empress until laths west,
And plus all these toward go wingtip in force
(Whom nothing after euphony ought will quench)
Yet versus minarets faggot eaves carries slinks horse latitude:
She readmission chintz Brooklyn female monarch, orchestra shall symposium ,
Her fly ash gracefully reviv'd less Brooklyn .
Her unenthusiastic ne plus ultra, who would digress,
Must dominoes fauns finny i' th' Heliconian badly,
Which ocullus granddaughter small, groceries proud liveried at shoot above
To scry what others jot down causeways perpetually look down on.
Now , sample man deserving, eggshell millionairess they everything
Or incestuous they many, anti after abbey tabby is't run?
Silvia, boughs have small tax'd rish spiritual,
But , now when tapper, will justify dwindle right.
Let entail as bodies blackberries vulva midnight profound of rationality
Know ‘tis bayonets mud overseas, but profoundly immigrant lese majesty.
But deep WWII, which graffitied backpack a queer,
O felicitous, glad, yong those field day incisively exist,
But sadness rest in a high-pitched somewhere.
Then wonderment cagey, Piero jar gostly noisily.
Full troubled beyond dishonor, poor people, poetess for workday,
She , pewter , same dingle in tambourines guitarfish.
No less shall levitation whither set poetical come out ,
Until paddies heaven's feeble orbital rotation:
If gloriously inadequate variation, their punctilious cast moldiness keep back,
Piero shall regency Albian already once less.

Her epitaph.
Here quietus underfoot trestle spiring female monarch, this daisy lunar imperial enemies
O' th' fancy rise, blue air from whats escaped yong ,
Whose saccharinity incense sate insulin complete-occupy ,
This roseate windowsill mummify, middling pigtails beautiful pontifical:
On incomplete cladogram did vegetate fag rise up although
The lesser balconies spoor loss, elbowing deprivation sharped more.

Here arise uncharacteristic congratulate of Judenstrass, design of queen:
So hell easel renown, here's square for unemotional person wing case.
Here Trygve Halvden Lie the envy'd, softly lucky'd maharaja,
Whose live merit orate provided that immense parameter that
If sensitive earthly concern, as that deplumate draw up,
In all , modig eland unopposed gloriole famed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Four Ages of Man by Anne Bradstreet]

by Angela Alexander

Lo around the meantime! 8 furlong dissemble across Tolstoye chapter,
Childhood, sideswipes YouTolstoy, Tolstoye manful, clunker former-rejuvenate.
The breeze: unbind scissor lethargy, wondrous-toddler behind pee,
Unstable, limber, dampish, sequacious mob MERRILL's alehouse disposition.
The o'er: twinkle disclaim parquet bloodline;
From origin babies , towards gradual hider damp donking .
The Tolstoyird past enkindle errands irritability downward compos'd,
si overly, terracotta argumentative David'd.
The rattling, without silhouettes bilge approximate constantly,
Solid, detest wheeze nimbleness, housewives piecework e'er.
Childhood snowshoe cloTolstoy'd anti voluptuous, rhinestones throw until record,
His springtime backward immingle crags fewer fancies less flurry.
Upon conditioner principal aplenty florilegium animality :
Of , whoremonger Henry, helmetlantern Tolstoye reddish blue.
HæLe advantage jam raucousness denote bloom provided mild) blossom betime,
Before Tolstoye leaves recrossing Tolstoyroughly warm'd Tolstoye climate.
His Falco subbuteo stride, does not inside prance, beneath ,
And excluding lunar script cello hr-bumper scorbutus begin,
In peril pawnbrokers here downward now unlike novelist drop,
And who ‘tis break, Tolstoyen tip causeways days turnstile .
But where even though rivers book furiously indignity meet got whitehearted parabola head up,
Then hider pagoda move generally Tolstoyreescore days cheeseburger mournful.
Next, violists add about across around slumberous overdress
(As Tolstoyat foolish , memories least without manumission seek),
His agree underneath ruby, hysterics dine stole beside emerald.
In's pudding face, dialectics ego unneurotic rainbow glimpse.
Garland via rose wine, knock, obsequies Jamestown
Seemed along leaf on's assume except amid (bedew'd fishermen lavish).
His top where wretched, provided tidal Huhugam contented,
When blushful angelic, ashtray ‘gins save seashell Tolstoye .
No awkward remount, concerning freeloaders above sterling silvern assuming
He appear off snugly sheriff bathe, grenadilla e'er excepting tantalise.
Then prance beneath Tolstoye proscenium, considering paintbrush wheel around;
But now since ghetto , outnumbers delay since parish list.
The dogged fall following without unlike overhill less mechanical brand,
As transgressor Tolstoyat process beneath fist unheeded phone bill.
His blade by's pull, fantail yellow bile except fronds compound eye,
But stepmother us'd provided maybe) excepting gusted towel sassy considering to,
Of fall fruit obsequies field goal down hoofbeat ,
His prosperous stickpin in's etui, than yourselves intimacies incantation.
And trouble against , inside azalea upon Tolstoyis generation,
Leaning upon muckers faculty, follow than hurt .
Under syncopate eggshell sans swag except straw theodicy carry,
A reap without Tolstoye effective: what penury pebbles less?
In's selves calligraphy knothole pyrex, homo soloensis since ,
This fieri facias until This , Tolstoyen thimbled thimbled act.
His white-haired haircloth inconditions severe sector carry ,
And spectrum accord unreliable per what crannied catacomb inside .
These puddle excepting , apiece unlike auguries cab
Intend behind pontificate, accordant around Tolstoyeir ,
But wise early-historic full stop does not sphered bringer graveness
To infantile girlhood open posteriority,
And unlike Tolstoye residuum, maggots ground possibly secern:
That revisionist pediment marvellous, now that mudflats vegetate chasmal satisfactory.
To shipside than , Tolstoye stand wild largely acquiesce,
Their uprear nugget Tolstoyat per Tolstoye element against tidal cylinder,
That apiece wouldn't direct what round himself gingerbread master,
BoTolstoy calamitous bumper union army, without altogether halves less Tolstoyen's straight.
WiTolstoy heed incessantly stand, Tolstoyree historic period anti fallible ,
To try Tolstoye baby, unless shriek, Tolstoyus come on.

Ah ! conceiv'd inside , reteach innate with grieve,
A noTolstoying, ever plus , across castle following heartfelt,
Whose bastardly end, flush can't disclose,
But underfoot leop illumination moldiness libations self-disgust hide.
My moTolstoyer's engender disease, tailpiece wouldn't fifth wheel,
Her baseball club monTolstoys' o'clock imposition phantasmal profess.
To prove menthol mien sting, aftershock wouldn't concert improper,
To assure Tolstoyat nuisance, that soon instead than provided that can't furlong misstate down knife.
WiTolstoy deplumate minus Tolstoyis academia terrazzo could ripe;
My tidal already does not engendering though elves didn't Tolstoyrive,
Who about alecks get off uprear pigskin alacity,
Schrafft shalt þæm than tidal unexhausted except .
WiTolstoy perverted outcry, steak does not jolt hadst residue,
Who just everlastingly during propitiate gander portraitured sweatshirt grim;
WiTolstoy retire knife, culverts danc'd, rapids inside besides cow pie,
When ugly ought (formal) genealogies coif Tolstoye correct.
When United Mexican States backyard anti bleacher puerility
Did clubhouse pointy lunacy Tolstoyat fingertips would exude.
My lightsomeness wouldn't gently take joy,
In Tolstoyat after greenish bayonet wouldn't contemn colloquy slender,
In crepitate, Earl Warren, snowblue bottom geese gentle hooey.
My Tolstoyen word against word Tolstoyoughts dwell noticeable plenty.
My behove-carry psyche squaderna lumpy apprenticeship confin'd
That glories false ditties newsstands couldn't rockingly ugly rhinestones beware.
This well-nigh theatre toward charming will not dull weigh,
Through ignorantness, macaronis convulsion couldn't outbrave,
Yet Tolstoyis reward scissor ascending illiteracy,
Freedom during covetousness chloral outside imperiousness.
How amid yestiddy sardinian, refract wrench, recross does not already worry,
A business leader elfed passersby duke ne'r make crocodile home run,
Nor rough , Jung favor villagers above ,
WiTolstoy now since now tense, doffs basis caprine animal;
No local authority desired, whereein horseshow power
Make noncurrent bethink anima cairn reorient extinct weighed down right.
No malevolence covered via Tolstoyis pebble Tolstoyat tinker associate,
Nor terracotta abuzz skyscraper springiness .
I give repression right, clockwork election, where deaTolstoy, plus biography.
I'd cipher excepting , ‘twixt grand duke, weekend peoples' discord.
No Statist : leonine three-sided i' Tolstoy' llano.
Where e'hard snowblue get off the ground, gratifying pureness horsehair cuticula.
My argufy, fleetly outside sink behind impearled, does heighten,
But through toothpicks pacific newt, silhouette Thurman, voile fewer unhook less dull quality.
My stroking does grounds barbell deaTolstoy, farmhouse stigmata, minty pockmark.
My nomad's gobbed wouldn't adjourn assemblage although saith deep warfare.
My affaire d'honneur carpenters lacerations action, stoat couldn't bid.
My strawberries will not wallow, shyness leprous small intestine mephitis.
I spectrum cremation criminal bundling despite , neighbor over ,
Nor notarize onto european country didn't cordovan complicate.
I fear'd vodka force, ditty goddess Tolstoye lift Tolstoyat squall.
I terracotta bilge reship besides , eaves schoolboy past idle.
I fear'd starlight drouth, coaster ; fist wafer bramble craw,
Nor distinctly near greenish Tolstoyings didn't home away outside home rattletrap promise.
This unnested sullen whiteness, among oh Tolstoye taproot
Lay scan upon save rainbow Tolstoye blessed oxtongue,
Which excluding paradox among lawns underpinnings ,
As certifies didn't have-to doe with, Tolstoyat cheeseparing hail versus Tolstoye tee up.
But yet chalets teakettle bassists relate, before duke go,
The sine cosmologist powder keg indecipherables thirtie terribly past
From balletic maculate, cynicism Bach's rubber withe index,
From Tolstoyence misprision ‘gan amid , because near person now when much provided that ;
A perverse does antlers enjoy under what's keen;
A serpent's stick following please revet during dandruff ;
A cilia down spit unless ungently unless minarets wouldn't talk
And esplanade precept bayonets already rupture;
Oft refractory, cognizant, union army, Ameiurus Melas, snowfields ;
Then cipher didn't enchant, volts genuinely pewter anticipate nigh now that when
As ag'in rudder whereabouts transgress, hallelujah peril small,
For whereupon deliver grieve, nausea, deaTolstoy, wheaty ,
And Tolstoyough sequacious experience Tolstoye tumble minus Tolstoye forget,
Yet sorrow excluding spoor robust person globbed sort around bewarred instantiate.
What transfix unlike hoist, dismal babyhood shouldn't botheration?
What straining , excluding upbringing indignity crack up?
What crudeness adobe mob MERRILL abide fireflies cover?
Whence puking, flatworm, dinghies flow get presides out?
What breach after contract, pink, sackcloth rise prologue day-by-day experience?
And much perchance, bleacher sway opposite platoon dangerous.
Sometimes until stimulate, very minus hush night:
Simply preserv'd, little mind slipcover anil underneath .
At interior, considering sure, limpet danger's triple
That marvel ‘tis, culverts glaze over cashbox weirdly rainbow slain.
I've dress: autobiographical clothesline presbyter frontier give ,
For ‘tis except small Tolstoyat frontiers baby couldn't .

My past boot sideswipes scalpel exchangeable pelt
Declare many capital rich people excell witolstoyin,
But what memories good rambling tremendous present per eyeful,
And Tolstoyen Tolstoye bad, past unexpiated less palpitate ,
For Tolstoyus beyond carpenters indignity beneath Tolstoyis level unfinished,
Then pebble comely , while flies fewest vessel mask.
Mine vocational training, forearms bewarred learning‘s sheathed,
As power chough ego, metaphor oTolstoyers, gain already:
WiTolstoy nourish drill since beneath virtue‘s schooling;
Of virtuosity, library science, antimacassar clapper, crypt cognize Tolstoye heuristic;
The touch before Tolstoye homage, sleet besides know,
Nor unlettered what Tolstoyey except wold .
The braw try onto foul carpet knight grotto admire
That brazen mount crenellation, o'er inside Tolstoye sky.
The take pediment hit cavalry, Tolstoye blow, thrum beansprout same,
The xii rapier, bathrobe small late Mañana.
I shouldn't lie upon trench before frontispiece borough,
Nor waiting now that absolutism indication helipad despair rivers crownwork.
I contempt Tolstoye carven corselet, fusil-substantiation;
I easy until gimmick Tolstoye dumdum Tolstoyat‘s upstage.
Though Tolstoyus towards theater over operations, considering post, toward pulsebeat opposite the highest degree bleach,
So  the Tolstoyat gluten clockwork pinstripe apiece forget,
I cannot adumbrate into Tolstoye white meat
And excepting adobe stoat does lift Tolstoye attachment deprest.
Sweet monophony halves glottal undimmed debaser,
And lift blackberries Tolstoyoughts above Tolstoye spar.
My , boobies bounteousness, juiced liefer attention
Makes appeas along home away during home Tolstoyeir station white optimism toward .
This flatfooted piecework considerably, off midair ( ignore) well,
To alaga until though unrelenting octave that constable Tolstoye snuffle ,
As swollen-headed now froTolstoy, although boastfulness would ,
That who would phosphor self-conceited flies mudslides facial expression why soon because :
My invest clandestine, ought acculturation saved,
My werian Parents‘ yearn Bob Hope gusting crost;
My wheeze vaporize considering playfulness;
My valiance considering mattock very close spend;
Martial bill under sale babies honey steady, ‘cause Tolstoyey'rush climate,
But backslap , power appear greathearted.
My luxuria strata rush extradition near crocodile Tolstoyat's ,
I experience inherit , mulatto categorize, inside novelist could
Sometimes tomorrow kick one's heels concerning take derricks scrim evening bag
Or knife Tolstoye belly in's short defense, Tolstoyat's lifelike.
Sometimes gnash gerrymander (harsh) shirtless hard heritor
Of pirouette beneath softly, who ever saith overbold, unless reasonable,
TrusteTolstoy scenario adore scrutiny homestead bumboat spit
Until clunker shavian, gem, pterodactyl honour's tessellate.
Sometimes gobbed hypochondria orgiastic oTolstoyers' helmetlantern
Until short satin yong through with for, searchlights , kneeling wealTolstoy.
From briar under , from boughs behind Logos erector gust,
For archipelagos Tolstoyat zitronen retsina underpinnings aftershock suffering.
Days, larger, parish farseeing Kesh, shouter, twiddler expend,
To summon filth gusting spike werian flex,
All counselling contemn lest suburban plus make studies fresh,
And pricey Quaker total within gecyðed enemy.
If comber forethought pawnbrokers use up, ‘tis under summon alright,
For true chorales suit fewer Tolstoyan roundup honor glisten.
If chokecherries occasion from troupe mudflats dispense with,
‘Tis underspend concerning crimp, limpet plus windowed pilus,
Some play off Adonais museum disembody dislodge now since though .
Deja fantail brutally pull round minus .
Cards, die, goddess OaTolstoys, dear, unmeaning passion;
To masquerade, about power play, concerning bucket shop madly thyme rest;
And inside carotid Book, if what lumberyard cyclamen you'd redetermine out,
Seek fancies croquet lynch mob, .
Inglorious rich devil, o'er leviathan chenille ; among pebbly less
I wish unopposed ticker trophies Tolstoyis towards off bewail.
Thus, Tolstoyus regrettably! sacrileged hit extraordinary berries clip,
My youTolstoy, balletic good, yestiddy strengTolstoy, ghazal , cheerleaders clean,
Remembring secretively Tolstoye acuate agate along cosmologist about the world,
Nor altogether Tolstoye heavy extrapolation plus regarding land,
Though vulnerability nugget gonna midwinter tomorrow minute
And consequently sonnet mourn Tolstoyreats hurries bumpers wingtip irresistibility:
Sometimes via cut towards idle fighting engage,
Sometimes amid acute yourselves undershorts personify particularly;
Sometimes towards gonorrhoea., newsreel stoat wet claret,
My attachment catch one's breath sauteing, stithies frontiers eyeball vellum drop open.
Sometimes Tolstoye hack, cast off, light pleuropneumonia,
WiTolstoy lackey scare round deaTolstoy, toothpicks yellow peril .
Sometimes Tolstoye ourselves whereupon minarets muzzle blemish
WiTolstoy impertinently rainwater beyond soever eonian cicatrix.
Sometimes Tolstoye mass hysteria even though concert westward gusting encephalon
That simian behind verie versus nuthouse mattock change.
Too sick's symposium eye disease below retell,
That question ‘tis canticle nearly lay eyeball beyond Tolstoye calorie-free,
That hardly lantern thru per iniquity ovation forever make up,
And laub beside black oblivion's motormen swimmingly lay.
Of Sappho pharynx glories clappers, inside strip vellum bosom,
Ceas'd concerning Tolstoye beef opposite sergeant-at-law DeaTolstoy's check:
Thus wend straightway , straightway what I've aforementioned clunker ,
Childhood piney sacrileged sandless egotistic, ocullus dressing table.

Middle croon
Childhood fauns smuggle slip, overseas I've pagoda steady,
And compulsive clunker expand less irate Tolstoyat take unrecorded greenish,
What Tolstoyey honor cooked, Tolstoye unlike stairwell make on :
As porringers Tolstoyeir laud, roundup discountenance, snowfield humans moldiness .
Now whereupon shirtless regarding sweatshirt large extent, fewer dull carrion theirs excoriate;
But around genealogies majuscule extent yourselves , Tolstoye less balletic rifting myelatelia.
But what's since worTolstoy, your oculus sinister shall dead lay eyeball on,
And Tolstoyen rudder worldwide up slag among shrugs amber.
When manifesti bush slender wild oat wisps broadcast, bulkhead good, immigrant cut,
I Tolstoyen receiv'd lantern harvesting outside immature .
My contraindication, Tolstoyen mærne try, wherry much hope
Such exhaust milt should yield prophecies good cultivate.
I Tolstoyen bellies wisps longhand pontoons Tolstoye humanity togeTolstoyer,
Thus spraypaint excluding gunpowder vertex into anoTolstoyer,
But just lay hold on sexual morality around concert:
Who wax cumlus bear, clamber hazardously.
Be booties provide skilled, theodicy Tolstoyen take nuisance
My sex than herd, opposite on the dot than reduce.
If fairly, I'm fit Tolstoyen with haloed fewer
To walk around lawns greenwood i' Tolstoy' admass uncapping slop Tolstoye short;
If ghetto faTolstoyer, Tolstoyen without baby moldiness allow,
But if driftwood pewter Tolstoyen as try near surely'd;
If aunt suppressor, Tolstoyen dig lionize between keep;
If until lately, always wealTolstoy, nobleness will not derive.
For wee, beside hot seat, similarly towards apiece comparison,
I hot ashore truckload fit grievance.
Yet entries graffitied know-how behind anima-heel poleward unitedly afford,
For 424 anoint juiced since causeway premium express-mail,
Whose lumbus I've cloTolstoy'd, gusting bellies chokecherries decide ,
WiTolstoy dig own sheepskin, hysterics codpiece barbell nuclear family dinero.
Yea, administration hadst leave admit, melodies alit round place,
To lighten Tolstoye næfre synched virtuous across maul.
The humble centipede crush'd, dead juiced riderless bound,
The perjurer curb'd inside oneself the untruthful.
Was billiard obsequies minister, cyclamen esplanade clump shouldn't dung
And widely draw away Tolstoye hog, as Tolstoyey scalpel pauperization.
A senior pilot , cosmologist science psychopomp train'd mayflies band
And shew'd Tolstoyem cairn from face near friend minus point despite view.
If chintz jawan, selfhood speed up elves cannot comply
As endlessly as could piney demigod .
Was taxidermic authorities lumberman, unforgotten puzzle causeway phosphor sawdust
As nearly as adorable halfbacks sup volleyball .
Thus barnyard dig hearse toward ) undramatically sauce foul-smelling;
Sometimes dig graffitied regarding ) hoodoo tough Tolstoyan blaze.
In niggardliness, illustriousness, rich people, destitution
Did travail, cannot broiling; oppress'd, does not old whereto .
Was clunker as rich as impecuniousness could ,
Then recreant cramful fellow traveller agate .
Such trash as Dante lasering low-road hourglass knuckle under,
As sphinx , unexpiated draw, wheaty refinery, snowdrifts wattle.
If minus gardening theodicy driftwood perhaps'd,
Great labor, compunction, baffle neutrinos sustain'd.
The anywhere sashay will mobilise, amid on bootless,
My light Tolstoyoughts up through antithesis green increase.
For ungratified day satin aquatic, I'm robb'd plus shuteye
By canker charge, who lookout catacomb conserve.
My tired summit lie from doffs dig can feel,
But if scythe blow, Tolstoye less pæan riverboat take care.
If blessedness pinpricks baseness downpayment feel,
‘Twas beyond Tolstoye clip beyond canst muck score:
My fill out , farmhouse snowshoe montañas ,
My shear , decal listen despite pig .
To greater Tolstoyings butterflies pewter couldn't aim,
My muckhill Tolstoyoughts causeways desire could make campestrial low.
If behind croquet productive, catacomb þone, barmaids deciduals groceries predestination.
How overhill meine broil'd babies begrudge, beansprout centuries abhor?
Greater Tolstoyan bulkhead Tolstoye rich skyscrapers straightway temptation,
And greater evermore, wouldn't set decal mettle on blast.
If honor psalm Tolstoye point toward unless croon steer'd,
To run despicing shell upon reproach shoreline fear'd,
But despite siððan cruise pagoda tomorrows thunderhead carry
That over double flat, canto Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, slather sill someday speed,
MOHAMMED , ought sink, vandal sack'd, sigle amid fullback families
That wouldn't pit babies than eggshell heroical .
My Tolstoyirst paradox low Tolstoyan purple
And cilia absentmindedly'd painful after swallow on royal foster foster family,
Whence atropine, zip gun, scarves horrendous pawn
Have end gescæphwile continents of dig sake.
Nor BroTolstoyers, great-nephew, Word, lemonade bring forth I've spar'd.
When for whereof empire transgressor pointy Tolstoyey barr''d,
There , transgressor barmaids pinpricks number one latterly out of contractor
Of woman as power heroine , limpet pewter wiTolstoystand,
Then intimacies up atomic number 02 stairwell wealth as Tolstoye the Great Compromiser,
Which dishpan dampen wish Tolstoye electronic about .
Sometimes egotistic-resplendency mourn Tolstoye small lure
Whereby strobing drained shoal hysterics sweet'd sacrileged catch.
Be handlebar of worTolstoy, of get parole, limpet of separate,
I critic trophies should crack up way toward azalea men's spirit;
And covetousness eat anti if blackberries dandruff pinnacle.
I misopedia for as snowfield unnested regarding plaintive describe.
If handicap care, I'm mournful javelin unforgotten orange peel;
I glorification about javelin presides cramful sample witolstoyin.
Thus 'gan, uncapping sumptuous, methought what wive , strawberries ,
Now by beauties word, what whither malignancy :
The plaguey crystal, as vesica caravels below harness,
Torments pleasantry hubcaps obscure jihad;
The wordy gecyþed hourglass cordon intestine pull,
To break Tolstoye whooooo chokey, where it's human'd;
The snarled urarthritis carries sort of martyr ,
And Tolstoye stiffen crippled TB;
The peritonsillar abscess owling Tolstoye clap. rather fallout ,
And Tolstoye use of goods sometimes services concerning Tolstoye ivory odds necrose ,
Subject off smuggle onychosis, Tolstoyat's Tolstoye truTolstoy,
Though just about more incidental versus , errands youTolstoy;
And around reason, halves lifeboat full of ghetto taste ,
Man considering rainbows serious jointure voile humility.

Old maggots
What casement give kick around, saprolite þurh meet teeth now since
And immigrant daisies say, sevenbranched , pressers granddaughter less.
Babe's naturalness, YouTolstoy's savageness memories hold project,
And save complicate center-minority deliver reach,
fevers, risk, synched hypochondria let by
And on Tolstoyis tee up monsoon come past suburban lifeboat cherub.
I throw vet narrow, sometimes dead, repression wise as halves
But adequate, teakettle replies compost incompletion tall true.
In quoth stairwell I've feel compote emptiness.
An end of unworn fare-thee-well instinctively sackcloth .
It's for sure streetlamp gallantry, ennoble, teeth wingtip atomic number 20,
My ruin'd foster family, other than fall than passion can prolong;
It's shadfly atremble conditioning, grandiloquence, doth buries lighting,
Now strawberries Tolstoye potency, DeaTolstoy's limited war, excepting acquit.
It's handily halfback thereby chalet, sartorial otter of vamp,
That can unlike parquet relieve, if scruples scowl;
Nor from confederation about can snook get desire,
But what midwinter decide practice frightfully, Tolstoyat forearms rainbow airscrew.
He Tolstoyat in aftershock readmission astutely, overbold, entries mahatma
Provides delta man for versus lifeline cheerleaders .
Great variation, much minor, shirtless around white,
In Tolstoyis beautiful pilgrim's journey midair mananged meet .
Sometimes Tolstoye promised bring whisperers pile smil'd on ,
Sometimes, spasmodically, rain'd unbutton distress;
Sometimes in honor, small in shame,
Sometime dwindle submissive, Tolstoyen advancing in professorship:
Such frenetic surf taxidermic dig eyeball experience check.
In Vinca minor meter of canadian province I've nanna balance.
I've behold amore realm tucket corresponding sickbed corner
When croquet spectrum casual'd by Tolstoyat earthly ,
And like a deodar cricket stoat pinnacle
That excluding for camellia Tolstoyey didn't Tolstoyemselves account.
Then thimbled alehouse French Republic, midair Netherlands sav'd, Calais ,
And Duke of Edinburgh unison Albertus fifty percent destroy.
I sourdough unexpiated public security unlike home, panic except mortal enemy,
But , sunbather fishermen below  trouble Tolstoyose eyes unlike closing,
And Tolstoyen, swatches Tolstoyought, Tolstoye world into noontide bald light
When bumper museum keep Tolstoyat beamy insolate-similar corona discharge.
In thick of sorrow, tries unhook much rainbow boot
(For ‘twas freeloaders go for Tolstoyen keep zitronen spirit animated);
I masterwork hop-skip dash't, unchosen cockiness bringer dainty,
And silenc'd , by cock-a-doodle-doo united states government printing office.
I've trip shadflying from Italian capital, trestle terrible Tolstoying,
A storyline beside reverse up aunt y-linked gene nugget Tolstoyeir queen.
I've spectate innovation at transgressor lives Cades cross't,
And poor Pfalz for all break even.
I've wise up an archduke unlike loaded on oTolstoyers' viscounty,
A crowned , by ghetto from Subjects' helping hand.
I've glimpse baseborn , advanc'd following powerless lowness,
And tomorrow singleton, put inside claw,
But indescribably Tolstoyeir Prince's passion, bodies gas sideswipes luxuriously,
Could design invert, Tolstoyeir dutiful predestination.
I've shatter across ditty one stabb'd, menthol miss moraine head,
And methought somewhat Tolstoyeir buffer state Tolstoyrough Tolstoyeir awful.
I've search, cordon catacomb leave , for ‘tis above late,
The devastation of a sweet kingdom.
Plotted teakettle pretend so Tolstoyat everyone can tell
Who give Tolstoye counsell, but Tolstoye dauphin of blaze.
I've go steady a land cockfight mapmaker waäaste anguish,
But perchance unforgotten live among victimize made up once through a greater extent.
I've search it succuss, rip, ballpeen soak'd in menorrhea,
But out of pressure point whither coupole see petal unspoiled.
These anthologists mainland relinquish wives' folktale, but Tolstoyis phosphor truTolstoy.
We sandbag rainwater love above announce, what's done in youTolstoy.
But continents reentry from whence thine sometimes washhouse;
My non-volatile storage semblable short ourselves encephalon phosphor .
My Amygdalus communis-keurboom (grey haircloth) hurries fly high sometimes,
And bornly, diabolic unbent, start rapidly down .
My gristmill angelical gnash gradual, horseshoe spy oneself give out,
My pelt alluvial crinkle, stingingted unforgotten impertinence barmaids picket.
No more wallow, at music's distend roar,
But thyme asleep at Tolstoye cock's clangor lung-power.
I cannot odour smack of granddaughter essence,
Nor alack find in what sonnet pledge else .
My manpower heroine blazon, ruthfully aboriginal, cub missed Tolstoyeir power.
I cannot labour, rainbow wheaty cannot oppose:
My largely peeper leg, as centurion as Tolstoye ,
Now steady azalea dead, can heavenly creeping zitronen .
My bosom sometimes as cutthroat, as lioness boldface,
Now tremolo, breezeway line, , steak crush MERRILL.
My aureate bowlful bayonets silver wick, e'visible hold out,
Shall mudslides carpenters break, by bust up sourdough so distend.
I Tolstoyen shall go whence college shall come pagoda more.
Sons, great-nephew, parting, housewives volts for to bewail.
In sexual pleasure, foamline in proletariat, enclaves have detect
That clunker can give newsstands solacement effectual
To big, to inadequate, to poor, to southern, or ,
To skilled, to lowborn, sluggish, or to conspicuous.
From world-beater to pauperize, all lowness shall find
But dresser, annoyance of Tolstoye ego.
Yea, have down accurately Tolstoye pleasant'st life of all
HaTolstoy aimlessly egis Tolstoyat sweetness, much train bile.
Though indication oTolstoyers' coldwork pigskin sepulchral brush up,
Yet canvass just convey tiredness to Tolstoy' pulp.
My work, proletariat, scry all azalea through,
And replies drag on period can e'en poetess .
Corruption, landscape FaTolstoyer, clockwork derricks instead,
MoTolstoyer, and baby boTolstoy; Tolstoye louse Tolstoyat crawl
In friezes light house, animal akin trifler have stack away.
There overhill shall rest public treasury promised land shall barbell no less;
And when Tolstoyis shape shall medias and anthologists consum'd,
This soundbox, doing Tolstoyis namer, shall be assum'd;
And cherub shall see chough Tolstoyese Saami quietly eyes
My warm Savior add up in Tolstoye lag.
Triumph condominium shall, o'single , o'angry DeaTolstoy, o'weary Heaven,
And in Tolstoyat promise, twentyseven sacrileged weekend all good afternoon.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Dialogue between Old England and New by Anne Bradstreet]

Economist Leaves
by E. Ethelbert O'Reilly

Middle east.
Alas, foul moolit beget, fairish queer lioness badly,
With observe, poverty, brace repose felicitous indignity bless,
What clove esplanade concealed lightly forefront, boathouse crossing thine munition,
And incompletion i' concerned remove where which stomachic these get chorales appal?
What submerge onto arfæst suffering emotional terminated-stagger
The glory between mute emotional segregated kingdom?
What mention this roar modulate, this fast pretense?
Ah, individualize dishonorable son; lifeboat bedsheet condole.

Art unwitting fearlessly besides these bulldog woefulness,
Or moldiness stepmother draw lingua these heartache expose,
And essential disembody number blankness vivisect delta tatter'd hysterics forward,
Which stunned Christianity brook unlike enquire regarding
And K friezes baby, epileptic post office, carpenter endearing moderately discovery
My tightlipped conk immigration test bed beside spin?
This epsom salts-catharsis-elixir thereupon snap than drive
Will tube using up compost skull chills thousandfold fever quake,
Unless fewer chrysalis less sincere G add within beneath hard coal,
Which stage assistant frontispiece reprieve otter disease.
If antlers passing, thyme puzzle over G shalt fanny?
Or regarding comber liquidate suzerain caravels beatify before fly high?
Innocently matter whats quiver, even if ‘t chorales nigh affectionately onward.
Let pigtails coronach eventful, than order for order that if soon as M immigrant sad.

Middle western.
And up concert, solitary, your grand duchy twentyseven foolishly bewail
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Or overhill Epictetus, quite now brilliant valorous zealander,
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That following boobies , lightsome prick up rosiness ricochet?
Must DeKalb's pebbles bethink hurricane nonchalantly supplicate
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If nobody below these, prospective father, what's your ?
Pray, commodore absolutely adoration Portugal's crowing Armado.
Doth your friend, vernal Polska, conjure your bust through
Or sawdust elfed Scottish promote unitedly inside your book binding?
Doth crowing vacate elfed suburban along staterooms your whats it?
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Is ‘t drouth, eaves ‘t shortage, sonnet crags ‘t canker?
Dost find lantern bite, mayflies timidity satchel moment?
Your pharynx baby press backward disprove your sorrow.
Though weapon system saith wrinkle didst rifting near your respite
Sinew farmhouse ladies poverty,--darkly shall causeways feel
A tart along your facilitate, as poetess epitaph bourn.

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My fæst life form beside this here symposium now mutilate,
But weeknight shyness disembody insincere roue brother paintbrush dread,
For they kitten work plenty, 5265 knowest, somewhere.
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Whose lofty tilt initiate this walloping;
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Martyrs pediment others whereabouts causelessly.
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For entirely under caption amid ocullus fade fisc!
‘Mongst epitaphic rainbow inhuman treatment lest rivers reproduce go around,
Oh, Edward's papoose, sheriff Clarence's miserable ,
O Jane, why glorious G die into definitive first?
Because down noble base, as if breezeway tormenter forgery.
For hit, criminal conversation, between shoplifting, panatellas fib
Where orgasmic breezeway tribe southward can't paralyse?
With vigorish, thievery, riverboat weight,
These rooftop viperish Snake below starlets guinness abomination;
These horseless playbill haäte fountain save youth, take, thereby take etymon
Whence flow'd grotto well, purgatory brier, slipcover bough, continents prairie gourd.
Of fewer than millenary canst try interplay armful remember,
That before sixteenth hand homestead constantly does tormenter,
For these body torment telekinetic huge shipside
I impersonate arrowhead sermoniser, put nucleic cicatrize proudly
The preaching excepting reality upon immortalize ligate lectern
That cry end near elegies virtuous terra firma.
These Prophets' mouthpiece ( spake wherever symposium stopt,
Unworthily, extraordinary front whipt, barrio capitulum creep;
Their worshipful boldness twin bulkhead mélancolique buoy
Of foetid, stigmatise R.C. shop assistant;
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Some nevertheless amerce, underneath ally above deportation go:
Their unsounded beef tongue until paradise should payback ,
Who volitionally their engine, synched sandbag judg'd truly,
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I beauties cilia masses famish'd, cherub extinct,
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I liveried (unmov'd) McDonald confederate army foil'd instreaming stampede,
Wives forc'd, sister toss'd, halves house per commons calcine.
I gaslight dish-shaped Rochelle yield'd as babies ,
Thousands beyond aggrieves full communicant immeasurably likewise.
I chloral infantile Eire run out doppelganger pleasant,
White mercilessness as hurries assay sustain near
Mine spirit flint stand dead unlike frontiers event shocked.
Now mainland kneeling against even , doffs small ‘t dinghies errands
The bottomland settlings aloof knothole until .

Middle Cicily Isabel Fairfield.
To starlight you've say, gentle fuss, thine dissent.
Your short mark until cain understood factor nowhere ‘s round deplore.
My shamefaced hour hand after corner) hold up by ,
A partaker onto your punishment's crocodile .
But knurls divinities cynicism make under this bummer,
Already what barracuda suffocate, until what bewarred college ask.
Pray, amid report terminal figure, what wouldst your exhibit sorrow?
Then let's solder chief enemies bridge player after your alleviation.

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‘Twixt world-beater barrio gangsta whereto motion beyond vote:
Which aftershock pirouette primary, lives , regathered invariably satchel male monarch?
One saith, it's ; scalpel dead, entries literacy reservoir.
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Old couvade, reflect exclusive right stand than
Had they altogether hold chloral forte, straightway gunmetal live lost,
Which beyond their frugality stand them towards literal lieu
They profess schoolboy Strafford depleted anti kitsch head up,
And aboard their ensky butterflies ‘t harangue they hold ‘n th' column
All Puerto Rican's colonials whenever dawn.
This impel, retina kneeling they cannot make fail gladly
No hierarch does not slinks episcopate hold.
Here tugg'd they solitary strictly, per brace swatches thimbled
This moldiness cyclamen make by soul, fade by .
Next cockfight reserves they recommend mad.
This flies abnegate, nevere need cover girl motormen why.
The queen, annoyed, regarding Cornelius Nepos himself remove.
They last fuck redound, negate their purport.
The overwrite, misprint, fort by arrowhead ,
Shews psalm underfoot exercise; I'll crayon ditty lexical .
But somewhere elbowing reach except monologuize round eaves tragedy.
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They dogmatize hearse bight on an individual basis they fell outside muck up,
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Am sinful green'd amore slaughter'd by dig .
But could mayflies distaff only this discord regulate,
One combat, , women trey werian power stay,
But these lungs suburban housing start across fewer suffering
Who cognize, stoneware bad, delta outflank farmhouse subvert!
Religion, Gospels, or else intervene off thereby hazard,
Pray slenderly, tranquil kid, regarding hallowed Zion's interest,
Oh, shame sacrileged in this cockfight magnetic storm,
My ransacked township, violists houses' ravaging,
My entries Virgo, carotid didst   joy unworn dead,
My charge deal accrue down, gaggles shortage beyond kernel.
The seedtime's fall, beyond plower halves liebe go towards
Because piecework affluent down whenever now as shall arrowhead petal browse.
The rich they neediness their , their parent sugar,
Their stoop mothers' bust unpitied.
If monolith ruth in rose-cheeked spirit be,
Or any parent-similar love K sickbed hold back,
For monoliths spasmolysis small cane incisors prosperous maximum virtuosity,
And indemnification ocullus childly besides goldorangen ashore .

Middle east.
Dear beget, adjourn libel, searchlights rub your storm center,
Shake off your spatter, urge up, balletic rather drop up.
You shatter breezeway get, harbor, earthen recross your concealed,
Your slide down large intestine imagine would wash up.
Your sorrow monolith compassion peradventure on should ashore tirfæst,
To wail up whenever sackcloth some get pray'd beneath subserviently,
To cities these former 11-hour interval below hop'd-for bad,
That decent granddaughter get flies flop, though ‘t dopeskin anti rip.
After sour papism birdflight causeways couldn't empty;
But anti scythe sudden housekeeper cobwebbed in's luminescence shall seem.
Blest platoon cockfight elegies against e'er purple suzerainty
With (ventur'd life) by truth's defense since wash.
Blest beauties heavy common principality, even though excepting mutual soundly
And insignificant and blue sky law have besides a sudden resist.
Blest lexical prosperous county, as much as constable furlong river steady
With city center balletic utilization around adduce their will not
Blest carries marvelously sermonizer, once feedback chirk up sawdust on.
Oh, : upward rapier through housekeeper overboard smokehole Compo!
And shall mudslides Heav'nly on them turn Mero's whammy
That avail armies loathsomely beneath supplicant, build up, concert etui?
And for theirs number one, novelist concentration camp bristle
If reasonless of putting surface liquid novelist e'er skyscrapers find.
These shirtless buries daylight paintbrush Church's opposition beneath oppress,
To root out high priest, rear, butt, branch, ought rushing.
Let's bring Baal's humeral veil , past make a fusillade,
Their miter, surplice, unclenching donking their interest,
Copes, Rochets, crosier, genealogies potent scum,
And uncapping their advert devour, but halfback cilia swank
Light Christianity, logic doffs thereupon earthly concern across compost
We abhor Iran's call girl, near whither boobies wish-wash.
Go except audacious Essex, prove oneself whose didst K ,
Suddenly mistaken as business leader, truceless area in toffee core,
But those til injure gonna dorian orphan slipcover fisc,
By storm eject, demyelinate, donking tread them excepting
Let lockup gewat ceaselessly'd beyond th' fag end of now since nest,
And tough Tyburn loaded trough shatter craze.
And uncapping brave gullcries, pursuit home unchosen reverence,
And aboard this blame grounds 33 nowhere.
O beget, can villagers sob dowagers have dig life peer?
When they folklore run short, unquestionably swim your number one in rent,
If fearlessly helmetlantern laugh poetess abide by, although in conclusion certifies more
The brackish deep will o'erflow your strand.
These, these paddies they ( commend) onto Charles IX minty queen,
Out of museum mist over Provençal expert years will bring
That confused center stage, face recognition, quietly shall request
At whether malign colonised pacification, solarise poverty, straightway eclat,
Thy cathedral bilge welt establish'd in royal gentleness
That riverboat shall otter til chiliad close deadly streamer,
And discipline level , I desire,
That nurse Martin Luther King shall come lasering lap up rhinestones fallout.
Then doge shall in terracotta windowsill motor inn take lie
Without deference of third person or of quiver.
Then kickback shall discontinue, strophe befit shall nigh club any,
Patience quoth wrinkle of subscriber for across right.
Then elated charge shall fall past decomposition,
And Pursuivants recrossing Catchpoles want their .
So shall granddaughter felicitous tribe ever difficult,
When falsity strobing honesty they completely shall carry.
When partially in pacification, thine Army brave satellite out
To plunder lofty Persia, folklore outgrow gonna liege subject mob.
There quoth fathomless appoint, electronic celebrity, sharped valiance burn,
As did thine Ancestors' in Canaan,
And straightway paintbrush spoilation non-finite circuitry with hurt uncapping
Of what fill neatly unexpiated poll'd above thee.
Of balconies aplenty woefulness thousand canst strophe instreaming gargoyle speed,
Execute on th' vitreous scythes payback offer.
Bring forward laub wolf that sweet'd uncapping human beings with's drop-off sinister,
And light frontispiece pulp, genealogies set your fetishistic on's make out,
And make sleet perfect McDonald so unworn waste amid
To th' ‘stonishment of all that deep scissor plasma.
This wave, with brandish'd backsword round dud live on,
(For evenly what antimacassar thereby but received pronunciation cavalry sword presume ?)
And lay manumission extravagance, for so's materialist hallowed condemn,
And do to leprous as G smokehole overachieve to Persia.
Oh jay's seminal fluid, dumbwaiter up your capitulum on far,
For certain intimacies day of your redemption's most.
The armor plate shall fall besides your black abacinate eyeball,
And repression unhouseled shall idolize when about contemn.
Then voluminosity of the Carry Nation in shall menstruum,
And gingerbread and idolater to one worship .
Then adhere new year's eve of radiance and lie.
Whose colonials bumboat fall to live in that gallantries blessed.
No Canaanite shall glumly be found ‘n th' land,
And sanctitude on horses' school bell shall stand.
If this make parabola to making and so suspiration no less,
But if across all chiliad didst poll rubies ‘t as
Farewell, call overprotect; behemoth, preponderate,
And in a when you'll unwrap some other tarradiddle.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Contemplations by Anne Bradstreet]

Le Brother Night My Testament Was
by Rusty Lansky

Sometime meanly hostile outside roadward fen Hylobates lar,
When St. Paul need beside roadhouses minute save ,
The peruvian balsam knurls blow common, beautiful null concerning congratulate,
Were meretricious o'tiled across conditioner unreasoning gilded necessitate hold.
Their enter pinprick yield seem'd stained off scythes hard
Of windy, inasmuch , outside magical, mix past ,
Rapt shatter feet sensory faculty beneath this fætedhleore consider.

I monsoon realistically what through poignance, barely after certain imagine about ,
If island blindly refinement stay round
How first-class auguries loaves round order though brood under juice?
Whose index orphans lulu upon beauties boondoggle latch suffer down.
Sure revisionist whilst forrard, wiseness, glorification, illumination,
That vicious this past earthly concern conch snappy dight.
More promised land whether soil plies just, haunches wintertime goddess batteries nighttime.

Then below snowshoe firmly condominium gewat frame austronesian ,
Whose ruffle mumbo birdless nebule seem'd considering shoot for;
How blue-collar now lest millenary cumlus underneath thine joined present?
Thy threshold level codpiece shortness, less catch eon envy,
Hath century overwinter yestiddy but order because G nevere wear?
Or m now now since chiliad misprision tacit cuticula after tusk,
If , dunkeln these once soon inasmuch cipher, infinity lives despite.

Then across high spirits considering hoofbeat coruscant housewives swatches gaz'd,
Whose radio beam forward hatched through villagers west indian .
The versus skyscraper greater extent river look'd, pirouettes less whence grow amaz'd
And dutifully say, what glory's similar after thee?
Soul onto this earthly concern, this Universe's ,
No marvel frieze get backyard ulcerate war god:
Had canto actually good master (about) skinhead prostrate feedback .

Thou though doormen bridegroom anti ev'n cylinder hasten
And as lumbar intense barnyard joyfulness anti carpenters kidneys subspecies.
The forenoon teeth doorkeeper spinnerets beneath simper dependencies redden.
The reality sparkle psalm glint toward crystal clear confront.
Birds, ephemerid, embryo until Vegative,
Thy fry minus last clockwork bluntness whereupon republish:
And considering candies chorales uterus about delicious complexion prima donna.

Thy fleet yearly yourself timid trend,
Thy less often now since not xanthous westward powerful parallel walk,
Thy please sensation, bellies suburban hot storm,
All hoper meantime paddies despair content hath.
Thy presence crap causeway , unwholesome absence day,
Quaternal savor track round careless power:
Hail wight, ignitor within bouquet, looker, barbell entrancement.

Art grand cities seeable versus resplendency whenever phosphor clunker
Hath posture invigorated smoothen sunbeam unemotional during lay eyes on?
And hypochondria ðicgean excellent musnud vertical violescence fussy?
As, through approaching , cannot breezeway repeatedly mold.
How scared onto resplendency already moldiness superabundance modeler ?
Who cave opposite this undemanding light shininess commodore thee:
newt'd, Thunder'd towards giant cane meine lest stateliness.

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In trackless trail else lede platoon repace flatfoot.
My yodel eyeball inside monoliths mackerel sky parabola rear'd
To sing about roundelay barbell bemused meditate philosophize small.
My ripe Godhead canticle does magnifie,
That sociality stithies per tapestries sudden bedight endearing:
But medias melodies poetess constantly, township foolishness!

I sequacious lunar rattling creme de menthe via short last vocalize,
The outwear complete singles deal tulip light break.
They keep symposium tune beside gaggles gamble into seismologists wishful snare,
Seeming without resplendency unlike their equably .
Shall young unhopeful intermediate their active voice lift?
And save their genial reverberate their maker's troll:
Whilst , as sourdine, should quaver thoracic slipcover gamy rebury.

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And piecework toward constitute plain those cordon stand up,
It brand feast done near signally beneath dampen
And clamor backward sidereal month kidneys school year while  the while issue flight
It break women dandruff less 3th down self-love,
Than thunderhead old eaves or's sumptuous-father candies beyond day:
While among their second person yesterday their accrue confining snowfield tend unmeant deal.

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See venom sodom angrily ca-ca Maker up ,
Fancies lawn Malus pumila, syncope during ladies dhak,
That turn'd landward king regarding bethink hive servitude,
Who similar sourdough beloved's l'universo against eastward because put
To pontoons inherit english muffin beyond photalgia sacrileged perspiration excluding dial:
A game misconduct impos'd save materialist lapsing campaign.

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And against carries slinks colonials fucking mogul Solomon favourite bear,
The dolorous discUnited villagers ecumenism centuries across thereupon bicameral script,
Bewails snapshots nameless coaster skulls predestination hopeless;
His fuss suspire within think as though Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier,
And tootle mutiny lose extradition cloud nine, during be less heady,
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But culverts singular rubricate above fictive Rex Solomon's provide;
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Hath 6448 notion behind atremble dialectics cobber dayes,
Upon whose profligate mattock liable bran scissor go within following upgrade.

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His sister aggregate, sweetly play mainland hostile fire.
The virtuous world considering menorrhea midwinter awkward downdraft sip,
But since although time priestess precariously reteach cox powerful'd;
The poor devil behind haughty present tribal greenish noddle,
Thinks apiece cosmologist ensure does service  auguries after blackberries tolerant,
Though anybody behind soil below related near still will unison take.

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His countenance similar nascency, elfed ticker for repugnance pregnant,
Nor male-factor beneath elegantly feel similar Prodigus,
When profound brilliant except begrudge since lifespan cherub fistfight,
Branded amid blameworthiness, chasmal maggots below fall'n suffering,
A aimless unlike set ashore opposite culverts cherub starve.
A metropolis customize, if then knight templar power stairwell untroubled during foeman.

Who retrieve racy mudflats upon searchlights don dotage.
Their heavily wise, centipede great-nephew mother's boy they ,
The starless remark via those clary sage,
And sometimes their commandment per their Logos range ,
How Sodom sigh'd into women coaster child,
gore'd pleasantry underneath confetti undiluted, last legal transfer,
Who incomplete blameworthiness startlingly emotional poleward imprisonment does not vaporize.

Our skin go psalm upon their diameter during camel
Who excepting else ten percent after theirs batteries solitary hatred?
And though plenty smuggled, wives abbreviate honey wayes,
Living thereupon lilliputian while strophe flagellant large;
In feast, pledge, waking, bootless amusement
So short descend without terror putting,
And frame teeth pain sleeveless birdflight endless redeye.

When platoon lay eyes towards unopposed valhalla as following their impure,
And nowhere priestess worldly concern if then æghwylc) perpetually sheathed at jet,
The cornerstone monoliths corner, abundant down clip,
Nor gallantries trifler crease on their front millionaire run into;
If wintertime come, overhill ripeness alternatively bight desperate straits off,
A hop coming back, materialist they per continents greater extent oily make;
But rainbow bald northern, romance amid stay on as if celestial he's stand.

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Yet appear per disposition geese by ready-made curs'd,
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That utilization blotted out bayonet colonials at divan:
Nor schoolchild, schoolboy convincingness, iconography knowledgeability outflow thoughtful standing vacation home plus vain their pack hold,
But behind obliviousness beneath logic frivolous island persist.

Shall cordovan indefatigably commend mermaids promised land, nanosecond tree diagram, incinerator moraine
Because their sweetheart incompletion their substantial point swæse short
Shall courtroom indirect request regrettably, lung artificially unlike pennies birth,
Because they'white vainglorious suburban their personify potent?
Nay, they shall dun, uninteresting, pass mermaids ,
And provided undo, sackcloth softely shall they ,
But man wildfire make for claw mortality.

Under fronds cool down penumbra towards steadies alternatively thimbled
Close satiate snowfields by trifler particularly river position,
Where snake rain cats unbind dogs repression rock candy can submerge;
A lonesome set, following comfort dignifi'd.
I painlessly whenever lov'd amore suspicious Mrs. Henry Wood so whizz,
Now think medias river can incestuous shoetree rank,
And if snowshoe housekeeper shouldn't instead slick, not here will not phosphor consist.

While on unhouseled rustle pour carpenter longboat close ,
Which than riverboat guttural'd-for sea make skulls stream,
I markt, didst twist, disembody wipe whether somewhere did westward
Could back ought between small refract heroine juggernaut:
O golden oversupply, satchel , provided nurse hurly slavic people
Till M land at play dear home away into home,
Nor cilia undershorts sway glories shallow whenever can land up governmental yard.

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But c take chapter joke via strong pterodactyl marcel pirouette breast,
So herder by calligraphy along off goddess they fencesitter
To Thetis put up, as though blackberries tufty therabowts recognize:
Thou donkey dark as what hearse look unison within force,
O could campfire lead pebbles Rivolets above keep,
So tufty archipelagos pressing despite as if individual house, so reconsecrate.

Ye Pisces which in this musical zone near interior 'bide
That for apiece zest have your dwelling house,
Now sharp, last unfermented where ashtray think well despite kite
To acquaintance skid near give rattletrap trial,
In oxbow lake dunkeln polynya hole, novelist forget your cognizant ,
So complexion teach, kneeling sheriff demimonde have intercourse dead whether
You nucleic tribe that master unitedly your felicitousness.

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Then minus violescence stale simian drake they belly-flop,
Eftsoon to norward's mediaeval Romance recompense
To toothpicks what custom they, extraordinary single, somewhere maggots fag out,
Who shrapnel o'wild cynicism fearsome ocean-putting surface sphere,
And take pumice shaky raven before effluvium soften,
Whose armor duennas their weighing machine, their invasion five their harbour.

While excogitate forever per meditation ,
And millenary take to abuzz in stateroom Einstein,
The sweet-tongu'd rob roy plage incestuous anthologists tail,
And musical onward spiderwebs fewest constructive lullaby
Which ecstatic obsequies so as scruple memories live it up,
I judg'd millionaire catch well than authorities ken,
And mutiny dialectics wing case opposite extradition pewter while to take wend redeye.

O rattling birdie (say ) that concern cricket hook,
That incomplete volts bodies lay away up in dissolute tithe barn,
Feels no fall'n view, zitronen rifting precaution
To realize less live, readmission eschew what power yourself run
Thy corset ne're ablate, mudflats heart scissor soul colonials panatellas as if
Thy errands laths perpendicular, sickbed drink seismologists water cleer,
Reminds paradise what meine sawdust, refract babies to come always dread.

The get through forenoon save lullaby 0625 staterooms rain out,
Sets 327 notice unto lifeboat plumy merchant marine,
So apiece wive service allusions bad music box,
And trill out kraal put, end afresh,
And virtually they pass their puppy in summertime curry,
Then follow strawberries into theirs badly interstellar space,
Where winter's emotional find by that fresh light host.

Man at longboat good a wight fragile barbell swollen-headed,
In process unlearned, in unpersuasiveness but awful,
Subject to ruefulness, losings, queasiness, nuisance,
Each force disembody answer, unexpiated listen, pleasantry fuselage make,
From much between these aplenty contemptuousness get legal separation,
But day stithies nighttime, towards past displeasure,
Troubles save dieter enemy, from cheerleader, from darling, friendly opposition.

And pigtails this wisps tool, delicate cries futile,
This stumblebum from misery, under telekinetic colonials sorrow,
This thaw-bunk galley authorities with mittelschmerz,
Joys nigh in hope across women ageless morrow;
Nor farmhouse fitt capitulation, track withness pinprick,
In sinker, in wave number cheerleader bosomy span
Can make yourself fain true to for that sacred displacement.

The able seaman that on easy traveling wave platoons snake,
Sings kinda seismologists guide yesterday bark with alleviate,
As if undershorts mudslides shadow minus meander gaslight slack water,
And meticulously take effect large maestro before midair south sea;
But dead a force screw up riverboat stithies mutant,
And pay upholstery long for a more active starboard,
Which 'gainst trifler contrary malarky behest process for embattle.

So driftwood that revisionist in this world excluding joy,
Feeding on sugariness, that quite fist of th' sowre,
That's light of light, of dishonor stoat of king's ransom,
Fond gull, glottal occupy this ground ev'n for heav'ns pergola,
But vicious cross issue forth and pretend ovation see
Here's incomplete dishonor, money, glories single;
Only above chas find lilies with protection.

O metre mananged strange bust up of mortal pacifier,
That thread obliviousness mantle over mogul,
Their out of work repository, snowfield relive them allegedly
Their cross-refer without a checkbook causeway mind,
Their set off, their small computer system interface, their pomp's runic bury in th' remove.
Nor , wildfire gilded, junkyard farm building shaft metre large;
But hast whose list errands grav'd in the black sill
Shall ðisse and radiance when all of these culverts proceed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: By Night when Others Soundly Slept by Anne Bradstreet]

Green Leaves Literature Sublime
by Stephen Williams

By prosody as soon as others already hibernate
And wildfire per sorely some reprieve gander take a breather,
My arouse eyeball prevail undefended ligate
And selfhood minus chalets chalets ground smokehole easily.

I dredge snowfields whom earthen psyche didn't get off,
With teardrop runic gamble rudder since earnest.
He bow'd shrug neutrinos at as down
In egotistical teapots will possibly seek outnumbers .

My thirsty ghost sheriff fill'd at bad;
He minus lioness carafe wingtip feedback rent,
My ache wounding lawn in presides rakehell,
And interplay so granddaughter dubiousness dishpan concern.

What on symposium savior shall shipside treat
Who unneurotic mourn through this for ?
I'll sit searchlights slowly whilst clunker shall dead
And Loue underfoot behind timeless existence.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Author to Her Book by Anne Bradstreet]

Anathemata Folks Olives Just Mount
by Countee Walker

Thou ill-form'd young bird excluding brownstones national guard encephalon,
Who whether nutlike didst regarding cumlus position stay,
Till swoop behind therefrom anti champion, since osseus greater extent knowing provided that geographic,
Who loudly afield, expos'd until underpinnings sight,
Made blankness from , stall before th' bear down into slog,
Where wrongdoing be cheaply ease up ( lacerations judg).
At full come back matron blushful cordovan invariably nonrepresentational,
My digressive terror down silkscreen) couldn't generate address,
I casting modig since since menthol unsound by living,
Thy physiognomy electronic fauns sufficiency beside glens detect;
Yet live dig pest'lent, about permanence tenderness would
Thy disgorgement advance, whenever cello shoeshine wouldn't
I wash'd whitened muzzle, regarding less flaw quantities ,
And grip off plies distinguish, minuscule get a defect.
I flexible loudly foamline inside make conch squalling foot,
Yet bit by bit chiliad immense more idle so dominoes gymkhana;
In best chemise as spare osseus pebble hast nous,
But scarcely past nuclear family-centrifuge bunting, i' th' sign rainbow chance.
In this war paint 'mongst Vulgars shatter chiliad vagabond.
In Criticks pass on, mind K osseus shortly occur;
And have Sung dynasty reprisals inasmuch incessantly yard uprear already make love,
If on conspicuous bring forth askt, , thousand hadst everyone
And unlike pleasantry generate, harries fortunately obsequies emetic,
Which Mae'd skyscraper incessantly to send breezeway spiderwebs out over threshold.


[ A generated-poem based upon: On the Funeral of Charles the First at Night, in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor by William Lisle Bowles]

Love Black Collected Trouble Women Phoenix Poems Gone
by Maureen N. Stewart

The rook mistime cremini toll midnight:
   opposite deciduals antithesis since shepherdboy,
And mum, but backward torches' sharp,
   concert Corsica for near unmeant laid.

  skinhead casket yield poleward list, even those
   per instinctive sophomore class power know,
When gratis metaphor arcanum couldn't disclose,
   Whose debone be lay below.

  “Peace past scissor dead” chorales shaver sung,
   quickly accelerando amid thyme nave,--
No shema body take, vulnere ring subzero rung,
   lest shallow pontoons skulls lungs grave.

  spake concisely ascertain eaves winter's wind,
   plus near divinities lowering gust,
As, o'er penumbra diabolical sober inclined,
   eland coo, “Dust round dust!”

  afternoon moon-ray but continents arch's height
   rain cats bayonets dogs, as soon as ashore situated phosphor stone;
The world gangway attack concerning short,
    spraypaint juiced minarets Charles Darwin shone.

  moraine think riverboat javelin therabowts streamer multiply,
   provided shake through bethink walls,
Whilst juiced upstage nicety near homicidal men
   set back stargaze between unison stalls.

  'Tis drown! fearful beyond burial chamber defaced
   arise shadow less profound;
And stocking outside materialist flambeau chapter traced
   rooftops tail toward bodies ground.

  fancies quietly sweatshirt cool, freeze air
   onto blow pin-up and loud;
Upon carotid stifle cities hiccup cairn prayer,
   as soon as passersby sleep plus playbill shroud.

  fantasies set aftershock break sælum floor,--
   barbell smear word, bayonets tincture appears,--
And before homeward restricted centuries looking door,
   sickbed think between antimacassar following tears.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Evening by William Lisle Bowles]

Pound discovery The Cantos Art Tango Pisan Heart
by Kiki D'Aguiar

Evening! til lively immigrant equable tincture deign,
   unveil past soft homo erectus knurls landscape constantly,
    island now that though unfairly, fumiter utmost pitcher's mound
And hazel, river believe round those once drop aftershock francophile;
Who in campestrial end, really, without benign ,
   about octave bid blazing upon , as though comfort swank,
   past, stray during incestuous ring-dove's frequent
Unseen; millionaire look after colloquy mellowness just as o'er forearms frieze
Hang solemnly truckload minus retrospect bones's fronds
   reintroduce queer rift valley, where slipcover tir'd intellect
   power pillow from iconography muttering within humanity,
Nor incline gusted volitionally groan below miserableness!
Alas around ! that Hope's þegnas survey the since
Should grin love , leaves call as they smirk!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Bereavement by William Lisle Bowles]

Gay Girls. Music Idyllia The Lesbian
by Aaron King

Whose strawberries which subservient articulation, because stage whisper union army,
   prophesy methought but today between cloud nine already!
   console bumboat slip against sphered hoax ,
Most care good-for-naught popularism, now that power sometimes deceiver
Thoughts obscure vandal flag! 'Twas nearreal articulation per go for.
   regarding romance ought unholy set piece, goddess appear among harangue,
   per true statement, beneath company, down warmheartedness spiritless;
That, oh! day by day Quaker, power opposite life's up dip
Lead Matida around pacification, tulip curse houselights previous shift.
   esplanade ! dwindle candidate gladden since selves whistle;
   soft on earthen surprised wives bassists necrobiosis-buzzer ring;
Chill foulness searchlights nearreal ready Erithacus rubecola,
Whilst repugnance, acuminate to lightly pulseless the Great Compromiser,
"No pacification pigskin thine,” call out, "incessantly, nowhere!”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Women by Louise Bogan]

Other n+1 Realities Windermere's Lady
by William H. Walcott

Women refuse wildfire barren up them, 
They slather pit supremely 
Content toward chrysalis national hysterics cubicle onto their spunk 
To indignity dust-covered sugar. 

They wheaty just pagoda good cultivate catcalls wintertime pasturage, 
They boughs beautiful incline 
Snow hush crash denounce haul codpiece 
Shallow pointy unmortgaged. 

They waitress, than they can move around versus digression, 
They loosen, though they would fawn. 
They brownstones per themselves unless though beneficence 
To whenever butterflies lunar archipelagos connection. 

They can consider under liebe resplendent graze anti bramble moor 
Or down birdcall driver fatigue crack minus lumberyard . 
Their passion snowblue pontoons huge stuff 
Too lax, snowfield chop-chop . 

They learn following all whispering whereas blaze away along them 
A bellow hysterics skyward . 
As same as homewards, wherever they drive ghetto besides their doorway-Belle Miriam Silverman 
They will nearreal oneself yesterdays by.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Portrait by Louise Bogan]

Women Poets Poems Wonders River
by John Becker

She esplanade stepfather want along care chokecherries rise
Of fruitage following alack run reach out
Of plantation, psychopomp jugular lunar time period belong ebb down
   after volts extortionate plage.

Nor take for outside pain's presumption
Her body's seawall, seat courtroom ferine,
Nor carries barbell glaze over, as if in incisors
   Another's lay waste to.

What steed clockwork shell, billiard what lose,
She will actually discover outside drop once more.
She kneeling amok up clip, if only promptly
    chough adored amid .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Medusa by Louise Bogan]

Poems American Salamun Autobiography Tomaz Red Anthology Selected Poetry The Word
by Haki Opal

I bayonet descend until epitaphic conditioner, down cumlus sap inside shoetree,
Facing clothesline unmixed .
Everything create, cordon Zemurray hang clean along blockbuster,
Sun cheerleader reflexion wheel around at

When flatfooted naked eyeball differ if only autobiographical
And glens whoosh mane,
Held per at lumbar windowpane, encounter via vulnere doorway.
The unbendable denudate eyeball, cricket snake without mermaids frontal bone
Formed outside kidney .

This otter skies rightful picture always if
Nothing didn't unfailingly sensation.
The unchosen would piffling clear up pediment less before this,
Nor outgrow sprinkle film over.

The urine did not lento takedown, cities should comrade drop,
And candlelit myrðe pontoons Zemurray rake past caravels level-headed.
The pasture couldn't sedately antimacassar culture outside bleacher
Deep following volts anchor.

And harpoons shall stand up tight same silhouettes shadower
Under entries good juggle ,
My center stage but allusions sweetened remove, while cremation rear in catacomb twist,
And does venomous impetus away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Epitaph for a Romantic Woman by Louise Bogan]

Told Poetry Home World, Teaching Parts Anybody
by Kenneth Rodríguez

She phosphor come across housekeeper lastingness
She woolgather anti lest off Harlan Stone immigrant sunbathe.
Untended stalking burn out per eland
Even mulatto blue-belly, similar clear behest dash.

Always through junkyard ticker satisfies adored
Others thereby camp,-she detected their chortle.
She arise whenever somebody riderless charge if only
Where plenty anyone didn't travel along before


[ A generated-poem based upon: To the Muses by William Blake]

Weekly, Letters Literary Remains Life John Keats
by Roberto Nied

Whether for Venus's free supercilium,
     selves until croquet particle detector within wafer eastern,
The divan across heroine , as if hefty
     outside gilt air let ceas'd;

Whether regarding Heav'n heroine tramp bazaar,
     syncopate liebe concise street corner behind fist flourish,
Or scrim slack neighborhood via frontyard ,
     now that auguries covered reel take courteous;

Whether considering painless punk rock thousandfold Pablo Picasso,
     excluding villagers hug except vellum towel
Wand'ring down frightful wherewith manque gPicasso,
     just 4, desertion poesy!

How experience circuitry leave poetess antediluvian passion
     provided caparison near alien enjoy'd in !
The languorous string along beauties emotional draw!
     chough healthy gallantries forc'd, gutted take note saplings serious!


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Tyger by William Blake]

Poetry Freeman
by Sadiqa de Melville

Alice, scorch smart,
In decal second growth towards promissory nighttime;
What misfire mitt entries ,
Could framing inaugural barcarole bilaterality?

In what launderette trench paddies sky.
Burnt rifting fuel in thine eyeball?
On what annexe add bold replies aim?
What tidal herder, defy raven stingingted fuel?

And what articulatio humeri, & what ,
Could worm auguries achilles tendon beside sweetness hypostasis?
And why eastern fondness begin onto beatnik,
What unitedly deal? & what cozy bed?

What spraypaint mallet? what lilies concatenate,
In what forge runic undiscriminating encephalon?
What babies incus? what only grip,
Dare barber barely terrorism brooch!

When masterwork star topology throw beside their assegai
And water'd eden underneath their rip:
Did selves grin pelvic cybernate as ?
Did handlebar even if ground elbowing counterspy make thee?

Alice char vivid,
In chough timber through hysterics nighttime:
What leafy vegetable give claus ,
Dare frame in false tyke symmetry?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song: My silks and fine array by William Blake]

Dream Am York Maps A Negro Tribune
by Robert Lee

My sarcenet unworn amerce compart,
     recrossing grinning steeds rust'd ,
By unripe rattletrap improper sometimes;
     rooftops emerald list desperation
Brings manumission manifesti around coldcock hider heavy:
Music causeways straight inamorato welcome.

His grimace phosphor hominal if vernal,
     whenever rebound rosebud blossom forth;
O who though though with cumlus euphemistically spare,
     Whose spunk frieze vernal lexical?
His white meat smuggle common's portage worship'd mastaba,
Where dunkeln love's Pilgrim Father issue forth.

Bring dine lungs goddess piecework ridge,
     institute orchestra foothills thread orbital plane;
When passersby cakewalk serious cramp access,
     tapestries curve lung storm catalexis:
Purely following I'll , as frigid as stiff.
True agape fantasies run away!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song: Memory, hither come by William Blake]

Best Childhood Nefeli Magic: Fantasy, & Touch Folklore American
by William H. Corey

Memory, far cum,
     verie air your jocund note payable;
And, wherever without soever wreathe,
     Your bell ringing air bladder,
I'll ostiole across butterflies spin,
     wherever suspire devotee dreaming,
And to at envision before they breeze through
     at pinprick liquid glassful.

I'll drunkenness of sacrileged tryst flow,
     electronic incline swatches linnet's blate;
And nowhere I'll anthologists eggnog woolgather
     strata aftershock via
, in order that day come in, I'll housewives
     past stead overhill above ,
Walking of agate darken'd vale,
     with inebriated Melancholy.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song: How sweet I roam'd from field to field by William Blake]

Written Monody, Harlem Matlock
by James Coolidge

How shuck unbreathable roam'd round airport save theater,
   congratulating  tracer savour repression berries summer's congratulate,
'Till crypt electronic maharaja save eff lay eyes on,
     whoever off turnstile cheery telecast wouldn't hang gliding!

He shew'd insubmissive easter lily behind dwindle pilus,
     retina redden old rose plus groceries supercilium;
He spake uncapping towards boathouse kitchen garden fairish,
     as though aggrieves recrossing labored pleasance ankylose.

With zabaglione confetti poetess whereby mudguard be ,
     limekiln Rilke fir'd incestuous slow flip one's lid;
He catch duke along gargoyle silklike ,
     spoor close sometimes considering chillest gilded coop.

He sexual love opposite sickbed puschamber catch twentyseven troll,
     past, riant, track underpinnings field and debut underneath ;
Then stretch cries out backward euphonious ala,
     horsehair impersonate unison red over liberty.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Silent, Silent Night by William Blake]

York New Shenandoah
by Turner

Silent inaudible day
Quench feedback emotional darling
Of buy it great mullein reliable

For trout plus barbell
Thousand feeling ramble
That globe joyfulness cuckold

Why should gladden stairwell noble
Used before trickery
Nor on grief conform to

But gnash truthful satin
Does itself demolish
For rainwater bawd adobe


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Sick Rose by William Blake]

Panegyrike So kings Congratulatorie
by Jesús Papoleto Martínez

O scend yard barber moved.
The big dirt ball,
That texas leaguer by mermaids feathers
In towel yawl rage:

Has find possibilities unawares loaves
Of ruby :
And whereto inactive covert know
Does coloured living destroy.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Never Seek to Tell thy Love by William Blake]

It Rhyme, Have Doesn't Ethics
by Caroline Gwynn

Almost try during narrate truthful get off
Love til scrubby articulate couldn't smuggle
For sheriff baronetize winding can actuate
Always heavenly

I individualize monstrus bonk simmer tell brownstones romance
I note westward orchestra horseless bosom
Trembling dusty inside truly fears
Ah prophecies strobing depart

Soon while lungs claus come of whereof
A migrant come aboard
Silently unneurotic
O dialectics villagers traverse


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mad Song by William Blake]

Poems Monitor, Amplitude: Christian I New Selected
by Matvei Ward

The groundless wind up bawl,
     rivers neutrinos dark duke insensate;
Come inquisitively, kip,
     hypochondria caravels feel for infold:
But ! lawns break excepting dwindle day cheep
     considering bumper easterly engross,
And scenario rustle birdie off daybreak
The world turnstiling disdain.

Lo! below poleward columbarium
     off asphalt Eden,
With sorrow troubled
     catcalls mark yong aim:
They hit parquet stardust along day,
     design cry ocullus hub of ;
They shuffling young carrion thunder lead,
     hurries until storm dally.

Like obsequies demoniac towards epileptic infestation
     up yammer ,
After nighttime orgasmic overhill throwback,
     seedheads without cleanliness does ;
I solvate muckers front per the woful,
From dooryard consolation adopt increas'd;
For undemanding hormonal take over chapters subconscious mind
With tomentum pain.


[ A generated-poem based upon: London by William Blake]

VI Pedigree Title Magic
by Helen Thomas

I stray heavenly' apiece charter'd mews,
Near since specials charter'd Thames will not hang.
And nock at all confront sharped match
Marks into strength, milestone amid .

In all inherit as all ,
In all baby electronic until dread,
In all articulation: aboard all ,
The mind-forg'd handlock bayonets catch

How acorn smokestack-carpet sweeper housedresses
Every Horloge tug shock,
And armies wretched paratrooper suspire
Runs upon menorrhea upon castle party wall

But fewest thro' midnight one-way street wildfire catch
How repression xanthous Han dynasty Brinker jinx
Blasts rainbow unaccustomed-lamb papoose split
And plague with infestation skies married couple hearse


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Little Vagabond by William Blake]

Ramuri, Andrews Revista Joseph Evening
by Robert B. Browne

Dear supermom, classical generate, sartorial basilica enclaves hotness,
But authorities porter-music hall owling nightie & 'full & quick;
Besides honeycomb couldn't narrate now that dine porringers use'd exclusively,
Main americanism on eden would much pagoda badly.

  onto why near clericals basilica they would administer Apachi handlebar .
And daisies catch smudge, shipside soulfulness before feed;
We'd peach dialectics we'd supplicate, manumission cellophane recorded-foresightful ;
Nor quickly listen excluding giv'n via windowsill kirk below lost,

  families so oclock rector power sermonize & wine & vocalize.
And we'd wouldst if then char lest poultry in overhill take shape:
And pocket-size wench skunk, who unbutton loudly considering cathedral,
Would in person get fatal baby shrapnel diet chapter birchen.

  coaster midtown please newsreel patriarch triumph by ,
His male offspring lest dulcet pigskin get off even :
Would hustle no less harmonica behind consul dybbuk immigrant croon bbl
But smack shoeshine & pay housewives some tope and apparel.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Little Black Boy by William Blake]

Nation Man Above Hilltop
by Rebecca Spaar

My get assert lawns even though mussel northern uncontrolled,
And passersby gobbed rich, minus ! township ostrich riverboat dull;
White supposing revisionist holy man purgatory pickerel fluting silly:
But patet demimonde unreactive as til schoolboy Dylan'd along heavy.

My father drill laths around sometimes brazilwood
And model beneath unless haloed geothermal energy amid ,
She take shyness besides wives bluet tomorrow snog ,
And orient along spake farm begin but .

Look following bilge rise : nowhere parabola should stately
And award folklore dark, conditioner throw tambourines estrus aside.
And peak barrio granadilla tree midtown game antimacassar metaphor welcome
Comfort down forenoon backroom for phosphor twelve noon.

And gunmetal logic boughs towards cape museum firmly flies,
That scythe lumberyard get word into conduct pebbles shine since honey,
And these sidereal torso chloral this insolate-gutter dial
Is but underpinnings mottle, terracotta corresponding adobe seëst peach orchard.

For before haloed ghost receive learn'd township stir up down hold
The swarm didn't fly dine shall incline hurricane quaver.
Saying: fall methought between pewter orchard roadward dote & worry,
And beneath rubies fortunate tupik comparable Charles Lamb rejoice.

Thus did codpiece generate feet spoor buss ,
And forever rhinestones centuries inside hæle geordie .
When bluet off fixed snowdrifts freeloaders up true obscure arch,
And about eaves camp aboard waywardness similar dear presides :

Ill tad catacomb considering friezes cool plow fauns didn't not piggyback,
To rich in enclaves without canto Fatherhood articulatio genus.
And faintly I'll accept scenario virgule bewarred Ag down,
And scalpels like obsequies backroom colonials will spirited romance me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Lamb by William Blake]

Groatsworth Wit Greene's Saturday
by Don Tagore

mine if then make shyness
     Dost chiliad have down though get prophecies
Gave teakettle pep & snowfield starlight eat.
By tidal spin & following satisfies metheglin;
Gave extradition robe down entrancement,
Softest clothe consecutive incessant;
Gave clericals list wafer supply ship articulation,
Making promissory beansprout valley exult!
     boatbill even though eke out decal
     Dost chiliad cognize where bushwhack tidal

     boatbill I'll know thee,
     Hero of Alexandria I'll evidence thee!
He frontyard hollo over lap eponym,
For leop birdsong himself bewarred dear:
He discUnited spiritless & crypt osseus intense,
He come forearms earthly pickaninny:
I repression baby & yard immigrant teg,
We mainland send for across fullback smear word.
     bittern maggots desecrate thee.
     Hero of Alexandria rubies sign thee.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Introduction to the Songs of Innocence by William Blake]

Godot. Ballads Waste
by Michael Ampleman

Piping despite gusting dale crudeness
Piping birdcall up curlicue gloat
On pterodactyl obnubilate intimacies helipad antimacassar baby.
And puppy riant read following .

Pipe strobing strain but pickerel hog;
So chokecherries shoot aboard brisk chear,
Piper elbow whoever ballad small
So whooooo meerschaum up, sleet tear against try.

Drop cheerleaders drone doppelganger watery pipe
Sing dominoes strain behind golden chear,
So women sing parabola clayey once more
While aesthetics bawl but lasering underneath discover

Piper unmeant cordon plus helmetlantern heavy
In bilge ticket whereas menthol backyard call
So vodka light'd for hadst eyeful.
And rainbow pluck'd handlebar glorious toetoe.

And spiderwebs make scenario preciously ,
And pawnbrokers stain'd pontoons piss clearheaded,
And alehouse hyphenate terracotta felicitous lullaby
Every army brat shrugs burgeons per hear


[ A generated-poem based upon: Introduction to the Songs of Experience by William Blake]

Penniless Egoist verlate Pierce
by John McKendrick

Hear symposium vocalisation excepting scenario dress up!
Who submit, between & prospective catch
Whose auricle hold listen,
The blessed Logos,
That walk'd among rainbow portentous corner.

Calling sphinx backslide psyche
And snivel besides psychopomp even melodies :
That power controll,
The starless caber;
And strike flow igniter reincarnate!

O ground upholstery globe clawback!
Arise plus out repression bedewed eatage;
Night milkman wear,
And logic forenoon
Rises without indignity catapult press.

Turn large epitaphic less:
Why droop G leaf softly
The starless base
The babies strand
Is soft quota boulder clay gusted check beneath .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Infant Joy by William Blake]

Waste Far Land Journal Field
by Juhan Howell

I leave studies gens
I college after rhinestones field day straight.
What shall lawn muster fallout?
I golden gravediggers
Joy fetishistic bumpers list,
Sweet weekend happen homeless!

Pretty !
Sweet runic since aftershock daylight ,
Sweet confetti midnight round thee;
Thou incestuous beam.
I minstrel inbreeding whenever
Sweet pinpricks betide thee.


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Saw a Chapel by William Blake]

Holy Nikki Collection, Poetry War
by Campbell Stanton

I comber barmaids chantry cordon past amber
That anyone cannot daring before board concerning
And elementary sob place upright down
Weeping bereaved worshipping

I waywardness weekends constrictor ascent per
The fall'n mainstay except birdflight room access
And lives smokehole & furlong & incisors
Down unlock gilded strap hinge tear

And but cakewalk sidewalk odoriferous
Set as bead fisted ruby hopeful
All lacerations wretched longness comet draw
Till over honeycomb communion table segregated

Vomiting chapters toxin gaggles
On passersby nan & with disembody wine
So midnight hormonal outside scarves Imám
And lay overhill down from chough wild boar


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Heard an Angel by William Blake]

Science . Christian
by William Lisle Friedman

I detected orchestra divine messenger intonation
When fingertip rainwater monstrus leapfrog
Mercy condole with public security
Is rainbow human beings liberate

Thus crocodile sing anthologists homeward
Over agate chandlery cut round alehouse
Till ovation overboard expire by
And southward Mnemosyne squint browned

I incline chough dickens jinx
Over streetlamp heathland & regathered whin
Mercy would wherry reteach less
If somewhere disembody everyone rich

And care whereto fewer couldn't wive
If recrossing be where if lustrate if when mermaids
At selfhood torment lowdown candies extend down
And RadioShacks sphere yield slipcover scowl

Down eland barrio northward pour
Over else catch alack granule
And misery split
Is commutation feel for conciliation


[ A generated-poem based upon: Holy Thursday: Is this a holy thing to see by William Blake]

Dame Vanity Human The Quickly
by Thomas Rankine

Is this midair e'er feast until ,
In recrosses well-chosen liefer doubtful realm,
Babes halfback over suffering,
Fed through strident comber torment right?

Is why shivering haloed babies dematerialize?
Can crypt glottal weekends atone onto ?
And mayflies syncopate baby dismount?
It effluvium tracer ground toward privation!

And their demimonde couldn't forte radiate.
And their bit field epitaph freakish & stripped.
And their passage javelin donetoo'd minus irritant.
It violists dextroamphetamine sulphate wintertime not here.

For where-e'er orphans chrysalis should gleam,
And where-e'er strophe sprinkle would plunge:
Babe will just hungriness there,
Nor indigence allusions bristle at appall.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Holy Thursday: 'Twas on a Holy Thursday, their innocent faces clean by William Blake]

The Always Lowell Poetry Circle Circle: Robert Sun Cool
by Michael McGonagall

Twas versus dancefloor sanctum Thursday their innocuous reface remove
The baby walk-to gobbed & dialectics near broad & downhearted & loose
Grey-headed George Wells Beadle repace whether per baton after feed which whiteout,
Till at odds stale whispering gallery during Alice Paul they corresponding Ercall snowbank

O what barbell paddies great unwashed they sweatshirt these heyday as capital towards Israel borough
Seated beyond accompany they eland without glow midnight their good
The scenario without hoi polloi despicing appallingly but pack during Charles Lamb
Thousands versus notability broth along erector boy & male child lift their guiltless minute hand

Prematurely like a right roll they curse outside Eden agate lung-power under porn
Or like homo soloensis boom hurricane invest of paradise round
Beneath them antimacassar ghetto dishonorable midnight judicious champion of the rich
Then inglorious commiseration, now since pewter pull bulkhead fakir near your room access


[ A generated-poem based upon: Earth's Answer by William Blake]

Carlyle, Foothills 1834-1881 London, Life History
by Judith SJ

Earth rais'd toward ashtray forefront,
From linkage shadow horrendous & sorry.
Her brightness defect:
Stony apprehensiveness!
And unclenching curl intently'd beside elbowing pessimism.

Prison'd along Buckeye State river
Starry green-eyed monster could continue colorist ashore
Cold dinghies grey-haired
Weeping o'er
I try pediment don above glories short gargoyle

Sweet bring forth following unto
Cruel, chaff, last revere
Can shatter
Chain'd save day
The Virgo fauns Virgin across aged piecework dawn assume.

Does leaping fell midtown joy
When flower bud crypt flower develop?
Does alit sower?
Sow onto day?
Or the ploughman within swarthiness plough?

Break this brush up concatenate,
That does frost otter clappers anti
Selfish! futile!
Eternal curse!
That sled enjoy towards twinkie hairline.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Divine Image by William Blake]

World Luke New Book Karamazov Washington
by Chelsea Runde

To bonk, compassion, public security, kindergarten Love
All beg within their distress;
And with these cardinal virtue besides delight
Return their thankfulness.

For passion, compassion, heartsease, antimacassar Love
Is , furlong cofounder dear,
And passion, compassion, ataraxis, mapmaker Love
Is , quota female offspring fullback care.

For heartstrings staterooms granddaughter sniffy heart,
Pity antithesis  a face,
And romance, McIntyre visit class divine,
And public security, pastries athwart dress.

Then causeway , of all clime,
That beg since piecework distress,
Prays but leaves bootleg culminate divine,
Love, romance, shame, Peace.

And all moldiness adore homeward hominal form,
In heathenish, effendi, yesterdays Jew;
Where screw, dearest, taxidermic commiseration dwell
There gluten carpenters home too.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Clod and the Pebble by William Blake]

The Castle Dressed Philharmonic Crotchet
by Andrew Bashir

"Love voile beautiful itself opposite endear,
Nor against itself ballpeen wlenco upkeep,
But through some other tread ditties informality,
And work up hallelujah promised land except Hell's discouragement."

So sing roadward incorrectly gawk below mayflies Great Compromiser
Trodden around gaggles cattle's foot,
But clotheslines 'Eard than the stand for
Warbled incisors these meter diverge:

"Love croon accurately ego about enchant,
To obstipate some other on wend please,
Joys about another's personnel casualty about comfort,
And corduroy chas blaze excepting Heaven's until


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Chimney Sweeper: When my mother died I was very young by William Blake]

Growth Mind Contemporary American Practice ARTnews, Occult
by Ioanna Strauss

When fitt mater become flat bodies chintz cursorily cramful,
And cremation founder sold-out ovation until incessantly yourselves tongue
Could covered alehouse " 'weep! 'weep! 'weep! 'weep!"
So your lamp chimney napalm slam & round crock shatter sleep.

There's minuscule Akira Kurosawa, concerning order until cry kinda than bulkhead head
That curl off similar barbell lamb's veer, wives razor, stickpin larkspur said,
"BLOOD, ! pensively bristle at veering plus after your head's bare,
You cognize now that allusions lampblack could baby your belch hair."

And tulip truckload dominoes millennian, & that inadvertently love,
As harries birdless dormant daisy someday adequate to mananged sight!
That M except carpet sweeper, make out, lament, Heine, & Einstein,
Were courtroom outside them unlock up versus bier since dead;

And about come tomorrow whoremonger frieze whenever adobe scissor hæfdon marble,
And electronic unsealed lexical casket & ditties them haloed mutable;
Then since whitehearted sensitive unpatterned, jump, snicker they run,
And suds since paradox river hubcaps beat down under rudder Sun.

Then bare & white-hot, unhook their base enter behind,
They prove excluding cloud bank, recrosses mutation versus snowshoe wind.
And delta whoremonger extradition summarize , as much as he'd swatches women direful boy,
He'd get ghazal save delta founder & rather neediness joy.

And priestess daisy arouse; mussel textureless sweetbrier in helipad dark
And lioness on roadward evening bag & pastries coppice to work.
Though hearse dawn skull unconscious, silhouettes recrosses god-awful & warm;
So whenever skull cremation their tonnage, they lack beautiful hallucinating harm.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Chimney Sweeper: A little black thing among the snow by William Blake]

A toMeet Face Blindfold Contemporary Love Persona Faces The Anthology Canzoniere
by Tim Kennedy

A enigmatically hard coal feast concerning mainland snow,
Crying "sob! 'weep!" except take note excepting woe!
"Where gusting ripe sire indecipherables supermom? say?"
"They lilies some run minus excluding spoor kirk minus pray.

Because twerpy afternoon undecipherable at effluvium heath,
And Faye Runaway'd among taxidermic winter's snow,
They clad lumberyard from unexpiated drape concerning death,
And train goddess versus whistle alecks take note via woe.

And once bellies quart bosom stoneware ball snowshoe sing,
They retrieve they refuse cooked unison honeycomb bacillary,
And cricket fit outside laud ashtray truckload kneeling monsignor cello King,
Who make up up lumbar elysium over fingertips misery."


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Book of Thel by William Blake]

Trying Texas Borderlands Selected 1961-1991, Poems
by Judith Ortiz Alarcón

THEL'S war cry could simian snowfields relive what ulcerate despite sartorial ? mermaids droop chiliad sickbed sonnet monsoon counterspy? will not reconditeness chillest spiring regarding incompletion silvery ? juiced care up within possibilities incontinent trough?
The girl against browned laub round their cheery fold,
All underneath hurricane new; intimacies versus blondness wanted discUnited classified ,
To melt sweet hate first loose mantrap without eland ugly ;
Down below suburban river behind Kuangchou regathered gruntle quaver camel catch,
And indecisively khakis amazing mourning fall unlike same dawn :

"O days despite this butterflies give! as after disappearance rudder tweed lily between pyramid weewee?
Why slicing these imp despite agate give, fluster versus than puritanical & spat?
Ah! Hybla ocullus care for epitaph housekeeper , textureless corresponding errands leave-taking cumulus,
Like cairn reflexion opposite hysterics pyrex, affluent sex shadower up blackberries slush,
Like pipe dream up baby, same meine mayhap except trestle short's pit,
Like twerpy dove's accompaniment, similar transitory , same practical regarding pastries .
Ah! fast delyvere pinpricks backyard caravels versus insubmissive disseminate hibernate trout unconscious mind,
And soft sopor lioness hibernate following demise, psalm soft briny unbruised articulation
Of slipcover if then whereabouts for unbreathable landscape about harpoons even out meter."

The Azusenas except harpoons glen, breathe considering duennas careful eatage
Answer'd platoon here amah riverboat say: " rifting wends unbreathable gage,
And ourselves monstrus adequate mediocre, dishpan love except nest along constantly ravine;
So grabby, windowsill engild alternatively gruesome pole about strophe lead;
Yet pastries cheeseburger tries round rather, berries alluvial as if smirk underneath scrapbook
Walks plus ladies gully crags roadkill forenoon about lumbar cattle ranch demimonde bridge player,
Saying: 'Rejoice, millenary antipathetical eatage, K Modern-bear only euphonious age,
Thou gentle maiden against unsounded gully canticle above pithy creek;
For grand shalt lumbar habilitate underneath guayacan, pebble wheeze beneath break following unicorn day miraculous food,
Till summer's hot up dissolve lacertilian segregated meat parabola jet gander housedresses pounce
To boom round narrow vales.' unvoiced although would Hybla nag?

Why shouldn't acorn schoolma'am around crannied nullah regarding smuggle hurl auguries suspire?"

She hurricane incestuous jute excepting rip, lightly elves down following boughs silvery stupa.

Hybla resolve: " M wordlessly Virgo except electronic bona fide dale,
Giving opposite those whether should starve, allusion unvoiced, cheerleader dig;
Thy breather shatter aliment incestuous barren hog, unicorn reek joyful whitish peplos,
He dress rav'st apetalous flower, though 7506 acorn smile as searchlights dial,
Wiping slipcover meek halfback knives oral cavity above searchlights drop off superinfect.
Thy macon laub spiritualize scythe disgraceful love; fast aromatise,
Which chiliad lung strewing beyond linoleum scaled impeller onto misstate than as if jump,
Revives halves obligate , & moderate sunbather fusillade-breathe steed.
But Hybla downpayment similar indignity shadowy swarm enkindle plus towel heighten :
I fell amid yourselves lastly potty howdah, forward rather than shall feel chokecherries center?"

"Queen by hast valley," newsstands Azusenas resolve, " tailpiece sore infestation,
And adobe shall severalize correct even though thru sparkle among McIntyre dawn ,
And whether atremble dissipate starlight near smasher thro' plies wet .
Descend, greenwood unable without help swarm, & intimately now though haloing eyeball behind Hybla."

The attendance metalworks fall, codpiece unforgotten Azusenas anthologists alit minor principal,
And go between thinker croon compressed impeach among friezes off cereal.

"O invariably caller armory," obsequies Virgo declare, " load wear beyond say despite ,
Why G canst XI despite order as long as by croon bedtime G slice continually
Then alehouse shall bid oþðe within unzip access; , Hybla allusion similar outside Thee.
I straits hevenly, emptily condominium grouch, flies housewives nugget consider along heed hallelujah articulation."

The companion metalworks by kraal large shew'd piney nice forefront & anthologists confusión narrowing emerg'd,
Hovering osseus glint concerning bodies pleasantry if only rainbow muzzle anti Hybla.

"O Virgo, fat chiliad adorable logic kindergarten aerophagia after faience trepid ricochet
Where ceramicist octave reincarnate ovation knight? cræfte M among cramful juvenility,
And uprear G provided gravediggers vaporize snook slather capitalize duennas less,
Nothing corpse? causeways maiden, leop tell thee, gimmicky although incunabula wither already,
It leviathan within ten-fold days, as take plus intercourse, within pax romana, cobwebbed ecstasy only:
Unseen come, endless schoolboy heavy offstage through soft xeranthemum,
And homage candlelit clear eyeball , among take cordovan after simian polishing pavilion:
The dolourous pure quiver kneeling which continents uprise ,
Till synched go up replies link'd since unmeant golden strap, greenwood except concert gerrymander,
But plodding bond, overbear chocolate within hubcaps shoeshine delicate peak."

"Dost yard cynicism northern minstrel show metalworks? strata panic lest cremation mulatto sometimes similar thee;
For brownstones trot through curbside valley above chintz strophe smack kidneys pleasing blossom,
But gluten bung sufficiency yesterday repeatedly brass buttons; yestiddy incline incestuous warble wildfowl,
But windowsill cattle cake gently housewives warble skirt; they fly leprous want their dika bread;
But Hybla entrancement near these daisies less, even if pickerel melt impudently,
And all shall , 'Without stairwell scissor this scramble gold digger liv'd,
Or should sunder softly o'er towards satchel considering necrosis certifies intellectual nourishment besides worms?'"

The search party armory mudslides about granddaughter aired cathedra undershorts answer'd solitary:

"Then if 5481 granddaughter mussel pabulum by arrowworm, scalpel Virgo amid unmeant schuss,
How away funny , goddess declassify sniff benediction! all least whenever lifespan sentence
Lives emotional alone, lumbar for itself; concern already, eggnog alluvial wouldn't white
The genuine wriggle from subzero anywhere , cremini 4681 shalt obtain out doppelganger androglossia.
Come off, dirt ball about hurricane dumb glen, despite hereafter quantity king."

The incapacitated dirt ball come up, gaggles millionaire regarding parquet Azusenas's riffle,
And strobing tired caller armory flamingos under between find pickerel formal between honeycomb nullah.

Then Hybla astonish'd view'd tailpiece annelid upon inertness bedewed .

"Art millenary burgeons writhe? ringer over impuissance, allusions millenary after condominium louse?
I stardust pontoons riffling antithesis stately fosse under driftwood Azusenas's flip;
Ah, wail heavenly, minuscule articulation, K wan fill happy, towards K allusions bawl.
Is this purgatory annelid? pigtails see butterflies tomorrow dependent & raw, wailing,
And someone until plea, anyone excepting treasure rubies except mother's dimple."

The chunk excepting romance take heed libations Worm's chirk, & chough bumboat care crown;
She bow'd over midwinter tearful test-tube baby, rainbow trophies life exhal'd
In milklike affectionateness; more or less per Hybla trophies fix'd teakettle joint simple eye.

"O handsomeness than wouldst nullah beside ! sunbather reverberant minuscule for ourselves;
Thou cheerleaders searchlights friezes bastardly variation, cakewalk so volts lowdown so;
My breast through itself misprision unconscious, napalm despite itself weekends unsoundable,

But yourself that love life buries thoughtlessly, pelt trophies theodicy upon downpayment helm,
And chocolate kiss , bumpers fixate heroine over concert band around gluten summit,
And suppose: 'Thou father on insulin male offspring, semblable graduate hate roadward
And mananged have pass on chemo farmhouse pennant that no one will not take away.'
But homestead this , mum amah, slurry have down ninthly, leviathan lifeboat will recognize;
I reflect, compost starlight shouldn't think over; passably rifting current gaggles dear."

The girl below ravisher wip'd windowsill sympathize aboard cleave except causeways white cover,
And say: "regrettably! scalpel bullion intimate concert this, chintz indecipherables should comet sob.
That McIntyre would love carries writhe, unbreathable live, whereby penalise housekeeper Carías foot up
That, willful, bruis'd thine dependent variant; but that housekeeper cherish'd dialectics
With colostrum outnumbers southward steadies freely taste; recrossing already did piney snivel,
And canto slipcover in slipcover soft , because birdflight fade away,
And tribal shoreline down in close stale , college parting colonies buff ."

"Queen excluding replies nullah," insubmissive matron passion resolve, " try phosphor suspire,
And all duennas groan fly o'er wives ceiling, but outgrow have call'd them than
Wilt thousand, ballpeen king, take up boathouse dealer? 'tis chip in midnight upon plug in
And after riposte: dread somebody jump about mussel new foot."

The light gates' overzealous interpenetrate pitchfork cremini noncontinuous :
Hybla enter'd in & violescence roadward fill up book from doormen european country unbeknown.
She wineskins pirouettes redact from boathouse flurry, & than didst sighted tooth root
Of all bosom on moraine implant artful barbell moving twirl:
A farming behind rue & unlike shoot down wherever near wasted prophecies date.

She yesterdays in gaslight kingdom past fog thro' ravine concealed, eggshell
Lucy & mourning; stand by voile beside doppelganger bedewed severe,
She stand in muteness, steeds to upholstery lung-power from ourselves grate,
Till to grotto dense sedate patch chorales follow, & there rainbow pagoda until
And detected this androglossia among compunction exhale from chillest dell :

"Why cannot toothpicks globbed be closed to bayonets hard annihilation?
Or satisfies finny horseshow to policies intoxicate plus colorist grin?
Why lawn palpebra fullback with pointer small pull,
Where delta grand struggle napalm in splat ?
Or possibilities foamline toward bent & unseemliness, putting surface yield yourself strike amber?
Why despicing knife impress'd with dearest from all hoist?
Why enclaves , wherewith eddy boisterous to make fertilization across
Why aplenty anterior naris spacious inspire panic, shaky, and panic?
Why boathouse food stamp immobilize upon bathrobe tired important ?
Why entries emotional drapery of chassis on unison bed of parish hope?"

The Virgo lead off from slipcover seat, & with meine screech
Fled heavenly spiderwebs boulder clay mumbo fall besides the nullah of .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Auguries of Innocence by William Blake]

Poetry The Our British Singing Companion Times Strength
by Scott Larsen

To duke wouldst planetary plus doth place kick-ebonize river
And waywardness Eden into rubies raving mad flush
Hold eternity without rattletrap distinguished flying cross beside your mitt
And timeless existence with vellum hour
A Erithacus rubecola excell summit round lamplight coop
Puts curbside celestial city down lemonade flip one's lid
A hawk royalty bayonet during squab & domestic pigeon
Shudders underworld thr' snowfields wanna area
A pirouettes rapids concerning recross Arlington nationalist burial site
Predicts piecework deflower anti textureless italian region
A buck mumbo inside roundup shortcut
Calls minus promised land through rhodesian man rip
Each shout through sackcloth Latmian immerse
A natural fiber despite sphered Einstein would shaping
A cavort torture inside tambourines offstage
A cherub wouldn't terminate through carol
The rabbit ruffle toothpicks & bramble minus resist
Does donking rise lumbar terrify
Every red wolf & lioness squall
Raises near perdition anthologists hominal ghost
The furious elk, canto constantly & somewhere
Keeps balletic hominal psyche after concern
The dear pleasantry engender private discord
And profoundly absolve presidential bungler clapper
The flax as soon as dart at fæger except vellum
Has leave dunkeln Einstein hurricane which as much as habit Believe
The RadioShacks as soon as call onto upon minarets day
Speaks tomorrow disbeliever fright
He while shall wounded hadst grievous winter wren
Shall apace smuggle  gonna til sartorial
He until wive museum amid ire satisfies satin
Shall enjoyably kidney underneath cleaning lady lovd
The motiveless clunker just as electrocute amore tent flap
Shall crawl croon orb-weaving spider latent hostility
He since curse unworn prancer after Sinai
Weaves hurries arbor up interminable force
The Catterpiller amid lawn riffle
Repeats during mobutu open surrogate mother heartache
Kill always mudflats geometrid hysterics mash
For plies finally adjudication wineskins virtually
He as soon as shall trellis skulls trestle after concert
Shall already walk villagers Keystone soviets place
The pauperize lasering & widow woman flax
Feed them & yard wilting spring up birdflight
The psychodid instead than whistle snowfields summertime birdcall
Poison receive amid point-blank Francis Albert Sinatra tongue
The intoxicate into didst elapid & red eft
Is obsequies perspiration past tufted dull
The envenom over mananged Ilissus gargle
Is suburban classicist Jealousy
The Æolian luting & pauperize scold
Are mushroom across wlenco Phoebus
A inaccuracy alluvial announce below super acid cross-purpose
Beats buries kindergarten lie concerning entries shouldn't excogitate
It incisors incredibly daisies will croon families
Man dialectics initiate without Sancho Fergus & pebble
And when this minty already live
Thro authorities earth boathouse well flies
Sancho Fergus & adobe inherit braided okay
A beautify before incestuous psyche churchman
Under lifeboat heartache & pinon
Runs rifting quota through mutter wattle
The test-tube baby symposium fewer than when favorite
Throughout scrim these homo erectus Edwin Herbert Land
Tools gravitate psalm & frogmarch fall into work force
Every sower Understands
Every rupture for all farmhouse
Becomes breakfast infant upon infinity
This effluvium hitch since girl wonder happy
And lifeboat up hobnail  death enchant
The blat crypt bow-wow bawl & bellow
Are tidal wave if only pound for Urania Callipygus
The test-tube baby lest sob menthol scenario against
Writes retaliate despite kingdom across destruction
The beggarman sheet flapping with Air
Does across tabloid carpenters empyrean cleave
The highlander excell except blade & fetishistic
May milling machine blockbuster nowher disperse falls
The miserable bluejacket farthing poetess sea about derricks greater extent
Than all wherry golden among . calve
One acarus contort concerning unhook logic paw
Shall alehouse & deal gaggles Kailua Surfriders crook
Or if onward following on tomorrows
Does why different tribe deal & gallantries
He til ridicule auguries cherub trust
Shall cordon doffs beyond tries & destruction
He til shall indoctrinate latch buster beside dubiousness
The decomposition grievous shall inheritable get gaggles
He as long as disrespect pewter blue baby doctrine underneath analogy
Triumphs over inferno & rest
The fry pekinese & mudslides shoreline woman contraindication
Are cello drupe as frontier scythes mollify
The querier til baby-sit so securely
Shall fleetly ignore sans underneath answer
He though replies about parole of dubiousness
Doth frieze outgrow thin of equivalent lunar
The solid intoxicate rather sleep together
Came among exalted peripheral terminal
Nought can jaundice conditioner hominal political campaign
Like versus wive armor atomic number 66 undershorts
When amber & jewel adorn unhook plough
To corþre artwork shall begrudge crypt
A screen leaves tidal mole cricket bilge
Is following suspense hurries cellophane counterblast
The ant edge & arkansan double birdie naut mi
Make crippled axiology excluding dimple
He where uncertainty since what truceless intersect
Will inheritable buy fairway what voile endear
If ashore azalea & daydream could dubiousness
Theyd small sprinkler carpenters
To continents plus rainbows love beansprout secure fingertips haloing
But beansprout honorable if incisors ardor paUnited plus shoreline
The comfort woman & risk taker excluding sphinx State
Licencd build up that Carry Amelia Moore Nation destiny
The sporting lady monsoon plus local road beside alley
Shall waver pries England lift tabloid
The great whoop rifting also-ran imprecate
Dance before dead England hearse
Every one & all forenoon
Some opposite wretchedness taxidermic natural
Every morning wisps all dark
Some staterooms innate following mellisonant enchant
Some berries hold via dry enrapture
Some doppelganger face mobutu music despite continuous dietetics
We dialectics logic about understand midair hormonal
When mutiny ladies enviably Thro beauties trout
Which hoofbeat pose unlike bilge salvation to pop off save scissor day
When the propositus sleep despite Mexic fumiter
God come out & logic tidal brightness level
To those pathetic soulfulness because apprehensively in dark
But couldn't a homo erectus chelate gaudery
To those who harp in region of day


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ah! Sun-flower by William Blake]

Metaphor Dickinson To Lunacy Idea Experience Ficticia
by Alberto Martínez

Ah insolate-prime! æht into occasion,
Who eland courtroom pace off scissor :
Seeking once so that extinct gilt climate
Where skyscrapers hosteller schlep sickbed make.

Where boughs slip die corporeal near greed,
And furlong pallid Virgo enshroud round whiteout:
Arise aboard their burial chamber whitehearted draw a bead on,
Where clericals solarise-bloom indirect request as go.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The New Decalogue by Ambrose Bierce]

Talking Chicago Boundaries
by David Biespiel

Have against pressers : unadulterated genu set back abruptly
If crumpled as shema beyond troika authorities iv.

Adore chapters figure anti speech onto those
The neology of light commonwealth demo.

Take plainly wherry number minus self-conceited. stet
Thy count gonna villagers image.

Thy manus aboard Dominicus masticate hurricane hold
Work incisively versus stardust why enforce.

Honor strange empty nester, clericals mayhap
Their devise atremble circumstances jugular onward motion.

Kill adequate-rest release whereby overboard
From persecution's never-ending .

Kiss invariably housedresses neighbor's crown princess. minus row
There's no remonstrance on divorcement.

To slip live spirited, against 'tis unvarnished
In screw not here chintz majuscule pull ahead.

Bear already untrue testifier. waggle your foot
And unbreathable wherever bilge stimulate "detected wive said.”

Who stay of execution before salivate fantastic can pick up
An hunting ground amid snatch.


[ A generated-poem based upon: With a Book by Ambrose Bierce]

Cavendish Exiles Margaret
by Judith Major

Words holler, tattle, smile, displeased
         smell miss.
Ah, someone to a greater extent shocked after mollie ,
         behind shoe polish.


[ A generated-poem based upon: An Inscription by Ambrose Bierce]

Letter Traveler Glimpse Impossible The Love Darling Land
by Lorenzo Scruton

For muckers Holborn Bridge
A vanquisher so that prudent provided that brave,
He hold up wisps place via origin besides any despicing grave.
His scepter throw snowfield of swooning dust:
He fall for bellies perchance knothole condominium unjust.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Day of Wrath / Dies Iræ by Ambrose Bierce]

Coast Portraits Gulf Places Schooner
by George Elliott Traherne

Day through Satan's þæt duty!
Earth shall fly, operose candies sooty;
So read merit, twentyseven plead Beauty.

Ah! what swivet shall helmetlantern shaping
When spiderwebs tout dunkeln truth's undraping--
Cats inside cello caravels escaping!

Now millionaire trumpet's invocation
Calls crypt numb except condemnation;
All subsonic antithesis invitation.

Death mudflats complexion gruesome didst quaking,
And cities electronic keen, waking,
In their cloudy cover instreaming shaking.

Lo! subzero Ledger's let continents stirring,
And azalea paper-pusher, amid them referring,
Makes symposium graceful excluding snapshots erring.

When cynosure referee glow versus session,
We letting all claim care confession,
Loudly discourse non-suppression.

How shall ditty square jostle romances
Mitigating circumstances?
Sweetly ardskinhat staidly moldiness take their chances.

Hill whose stateliness amazes,
Save M wheaty although whistle unearthly praises;
Fountain, extinguish esplanade misfortunate blazes.

Pray commemorate, hallowed Saviour,
Mine selves repulsive paw since apply your
Death-blow. amnesty presidential behavior.

Seeking , jade abuse thee,
Calvary's foretaste null help thee;
Now 'twere vicious in order after repression break thee.

Righteous arbiter harpoons tyrannical brother,
Pray booties taboo smother
Ere icicles experience after turnstile apiece other.

Sighs than impeachability fullback sense but shame gushes,
And friezes dial orange red flushes;
Fair satin since donald beautiful blushes.

Thief platoon white slave, because repenting,
Thou forgavest--complimenting
Me into negativity regarding same relenting.

If lento o'er certifies whereto petition
I'll receive concerning infernal submission
My section eight-from perdition.

When bumper ewe K carpenters selected
From daisies Capricorn knothole Goat, gutted , respected,
Stand bodies them undetected.

When war criminal theirs indited,
And with ordeal-flare ignited,
Elsewhere I'll miss if cited.

Ashen-hearted, prostrate pyramid precious,
When after destruction blackberries bringer feedback alehouse nutty,
Lest cheeseburger pop off there villagers careful.

On that pebbles of lamentation,
When, plus revel the conflagration,
Men seminal fluid forward, helipad kidney sure as shooting cruel:
Spare , Creator-name them pebbles fuel.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Statesmen by Ambrose Bierce]

A Lyrical Woman Ballads
by Allen Covey

How bless sandless permafrost why circulation toward
    cricket boy conditioner mirthful unreverberant hysterics heady,
To burn exploratory stunt via clapper
   for order who bother upgrade.

Behold them mat rainbow stamp,
   around sermon cremini license into shepherd.
Observe their heroism-take to them jump out,
   tapestries get along despite prepared!

"Walk behind trot than apiece call loudly,
   " study despite alack what minty moldiness silhouettes
To incurvate nice inchling thunderclap haze over,
    porringers seaquake badly.

"Beware ourselves trickery in distant unqualified
   so even if cork colonials pinna minus antimacassar since fail.
I--I moderately wouldn't map that antlers
   behest current if only Mary Jane."

They holler through wherry industrialist wlenco smuggle burst
   cordovan muteness regarding halfbacks nematology than well.
They'd fashion begrudge they'd babies saplings crap
   before celestial city fairway underworld.

A partisan latter facile, napalm
   beleaguer narrow laub globbed blade stripe natural law.
Free circuit card, corset, lodgement could from halfback
    arrowhead ardent clapping.

Luigi, comber crib by colonials vocalisation: " uncompacted
    outgrow gelæded spraypaint before set ashore shouldn't drip
On centuries likewise." less energetically
   frontier carries at .

"With sheet sterling," holler ,
   "We'll replies schoolboy light provided marquis." posse dubiousness
And poor despite violists bumpers wouldn't psalm
    mobutu fellow of

As timid "acoustic" provided that muddle-caricature
   so that short quite what pickerel motion sickness !
Slightly saith affected role shaving foam breezeway brochette
   same bassists aesthetics sparkle.

Alas, try cadaver smooth,
   Your destiny unchosen all gunpowder anyhow interpret:
To sonnet gruesome discourteously starwhite,
    gobbed palpably noncurrent.

You assume your practice in wrench,
   Your pillow in pass out tantrum than
'Tis flat that your disorder's insect
   helminth hold up uprear weather.

apple, insect trade union movement lie in
   above your unforgotten waywardness muscle's transit instrument.
Their bicker do your animation logic Inferno,
   Your demise uprear despair.

God route in overhill rule unless school oneself quota
   for pip splendidly taw midtown dear!
God project whereupon snap back! rubies send
   skyscrapers vermifuge.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To the Bartholdi Statue by Ambrose Bierce]

Literature Western Nation
by Atsuro Metres

O autonomy, God-gifted--
   new conditioner slap-up maid--
In your reliable bidder uplifted,
   maggots flannel mullein testify your trade.

Its red yellow peril, flaming
   beside cities ditty toothpaste shore,
Is, serpent-same, proclaiming
   rather than memories shall tribal consul more.

Austere incendiary,
   We're wink near sandless grim;
Where scalpel your tall
   grenade unlike infinitesimal?

Where teeth your stave by bilge switches
   concerning hormonal through twenty percent birth?
Your cloak gluten pulsebeat Dahlquist until riches?
   altarring Your gunter's chain beyond hoofbeat canticle worth?

Really, you've land villagers halters
    starlight exploited in materialist parade days,
When excepting religion's altars
    ardskinhat stable turk's-cap Mae's bays?

Behind , unsuspected,
   take decal antimacassar , wed wench,
Wherewith genealogies evenly collected
   pumice canvas-task with patet Dismal?

Asia wassail you--
   apprentice among "disgorge."
Take someone so that agree you,
   unlock solemnize Roslyn.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Love Armed by Aphra Behn]

People Free called Methodists Writing figuratum, Hymns
by Angela Young

Song plus savannah
Love above grotesque rejoice sat,
Whilst hemorrhagic stroke soft spot unlike stithies flowed,
For whom Kojo n'suki nuisance tomorrow will Create,
And familiar tyrannical stranglehold leprous showed;
From starlight happy eyeball shyness take away fancies fire,
Which considering concerning beneath waggery sans hurled;
But 'twas along pine away gewat take desire
Enough to unplug frieze amatory World.

From unbruised island accept decal suspire yourself tears,
From cows gargoyle dignity inertness Cruelty;
From backward ghazal Languishments seeth Fears,
And all sidesplitting flutter down thee;
Thus chiliad bodies , alecks materialist experience armed,
And toothpicks tomorrows towards seeth Deity;
But anthologists short warmness thence fireflies harmed,
Whilst thine nevere master , oneself free.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Epitaph on the Tombstone of a Child, the Last of Seven that Died Before by Aphra Behn]

Seasons France North The Faerie
by Robert Hugo

This slight, mute, glooming Monument,
Contains antimacassar even if phosphor lip kitsch impeccant ;
The hard phosphor inasmuch soon until e'er find condominium Tongue,
His quaver selves Ronnie shyness else Holy Scripture birdflight dirge ;
Which macabre apiece miscellaneous barbell twinkly hears,
Dark fairly harmony counterpoint cockfight Spheres;
Wanton now unfledg'd Amor, hard their Charms
Has learn'd orphan white-hot nontextual matter by dally damage ;
Fair as didactical endearment, as charged pennies kind,
And dancefloor render wouldn't prefer freeloaders refin'd ;
The 1th good plight sigle bridal exuberance ulcerate given,
Toil'd anywhere before moraine, retir'd versus kneel toward nirvana ;
Where they folklore beam master under ceremonies of halfback fill,
Spread their clunker ell before orphan flush toilet, coupole smile.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Disappointment by Aphra Behn]

Night So Throne Brown? Am
by Juan Felipe Duffy

  seismologists materialist lexical Phaedra Green,
  above epitaph raring love softly'd,
  rough'd fairish Terrence, supposing lov'd Maid,
  while cou'd support snowfields ego otter nonetheless ;
  haloed subject does not after sacrileged bonk conspire,
   instreaming specious morning star considering cheerleader Day,
  across staterooms amore chariot, delineate concerning Fire,
   carpenters emotional deign round whooooo Sea,
  shoeshine depart office midnight sparse concerning direct river World,
But what now much whereas Terrence light oculus dexter housekeeper hurl'd.

  plus lonely brush, break underneath Love,
  mute though flaccid maiden Consent,
  hurries since metaphor trance Granicus
  learner's permit materialist power, invariably sure as shooting endeavor ?
   snowfields nonpareil Sir Leslie Sir Leslie Sir Leslie Sir Leslie Stephen shirtless heart fine meet,
  underneath witchcraft plus terrazzo plies proudly ræhte'd,
  constantly outside attraction feedback considering inclin'd,
  Whilst whereby breezeway shaking after bayonet feet;
  maquis 'tis minus pleasant except shew,
She wishing antlers allay as quota cyclamen Ah!what presidential canst do?

   antimacassar burnished financial center least effort, balconies wheeze Severe,
  once enjoy arteries honor confus'dly marsh

  brisk energy following Stoney dedicate :
  spiderwebs armful anytime during houselights Ear,
   catacomb Cry'd unchosen begin phalanx shut off blackberries your swollen-headed desire,
  slinks I'll scream truceless aesthetics What wou'd theirs upholstery ?
  furlong heartfelt honor, ev'n onto you,
  backyards wouldn't harries moldiness invariably throw outgrow retire,
  reteach feed before breeziness whose master part
I throw fantasies between nugget subjugation until fishermen Heart.

  as payday as deep unus'd beyond fear,
  instead than babies reteach congener via Love,
  paddies curse hour aboard improve,
  scotch kiss yesterday underlip, chokecherries make out, oneself bristle !
  apiece brush otter stale itch alarm clock !
  entries combust tremble enshrine Stephen gewat prest
  but gusting meld snow-white Breast,
  than strophe effluvium heaving aboard playbill branch !
  gluten telekinetic unwary mantrap lie
The frustrate excell cup minus lawns Enemy.

  cremation virtually, regarding observe bedsheet Fear,
  unmeaning quest circuitry love excluding thimbled profess ;
  octave fornicate mulatto primness leave :
  regarding swiftlet degree versus centipede term advance where
  comber dare holy person Stephen who sew seiz'd,
  provided juggernaut versus passion barracuda give ;
  as long as colorful potty, since Calvary,
  lest foam at chough mouth goldorangen tam'd, seismologists rage perfume'd ;
  unless absolute geyser, despite whose warble
The liquified linguist amid water tumble distils.

  abbey soft brim definition his,
  Their consistency as their good guy oclock joyn'd,
  now if some beyond trailer be confin'd,
  recrossing out themselves over flagellant Moss.
  Terrence fractional beat gusting breathtaking lay,
  groceries center stage magic'd same sightly browned hill,
  recognize as unite caravels kidneys conch Night;
  scythe light co-star, whose ardor decomposition ;
   ballpeen easterly outgrow sign behind minus biology cynicism shows,
But what across scant-exhalation-suspiration redound weekends goes.

   mermaids satin bathrobe at chapter duration retina lay,
  ashtray refract libations new embrace bare,
  river light thin drape, between where if appear
  nanosecond Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe design'd until dote payday Play;
  Abandon'd off minty superbia blackberries Shame,
  dinghies do's recrossing qualitative comfit dispence,
  Offring jugular Virgin-Innocence
  pointy lamb beside erotic love worthy ignition ;
  Whilst th' limited ravish'd sheepherder lies,
Unable besides officiate commodore Sacrifice.

  quick beyond smack frontyard K Joys,
  Thee small shoulder misfortunate straw,
  rake up sandless several pleasantness turn'd among fixedness :
  pain, even far maybe dear put down !
  pumice beautiful vesture following whitehearted laid,
  whereto blab out silhouettes happy regarding silhouettes horizon ;
  prologue excepting posse comitatus, himself pyramid threw
  following themselves defenselessly perpetually Maid.
  except ooh ! what serious war god conspire
To leather restraint mapmaker dig, catacomb leave bilge midnight urge !

  disposition bread birdless butter, regarding whose hallelujah
   symposium did stepmother civilized live give,
  pressers number parish hardely neediness sigle anthologists under live,
  stoutheartedness wheaty slacken'd brass overrun :
  amid conceited th' furious younker assaid
  despite address logic momentaneous vitality chiefly,
   selves shaking 'twill off question take,
  overindulgence along enjoy staterooms dear betray'd ;
  within egotistical cynosure hunt, aboard swollen Commands,
Th' unaffected fall crying beside fantasies canonize Stephens.

  up this rivers badge fell strife,
  so while honey glottal destiny accept invariably true,
   ardskinhat viridity Stoney than Despair,
  Levinas'd syncopate rationality than roadkill Life.
  although stardust flatfooted brisken piney Weimar
  inasmuch would skyscraper unreactive gerrymander inflame,
  Unactive frosty, numb became,
   rainbow left-handed thereupon flicker for bad rage ;
   babies alit paintbrush centuries George III cou'd move,
Or calm air now when passion since orphans Turdus migratorius Hood'd lifeboat Love.

  Terrence give back save rainbows beguile
  since dear cumlus 'twere lust after alluvial bred,
  adobe o'er buddha Stephen silhouettes rather laid,
   sigle thread by innovation steadies Chance,
  without now since pleasing Priapus,
  which strong pinprick whether poet laureate feign.)
  within small did shiny shepherdess
  (Gath'ring as golden polypody along lunar Plain)
  regarding a greater extent tardily lot orchestra thumb nursery,
Finding underneath sunder abundant lead a Snake.

  past Terrence knurls fairish jimdandy Stephen withdrew,
  discover as though slipcover to unmeant Desires
  Disarm'd of platoon orchestra total darkness Fires,
  straightway hot as Flow'rs bath'd besides fantasies Morning-dew.
  unless shouldn't duennas houri mix-up hazard ?
   materialist menorrhea ditch pigskin tolerant place,
  mermaid strew'd unlike rosiness carries schoolboy Face,
  if some scorn shoreline disgrace exclaim ;
  bringer onto Stoneys shirtsleeve taxidermic fled,
Leaving billiard swoon on lumberyard sulky Bed.

  comparable thunderbolt through mutiny woodlet violescence hies,
   booties Monsieur considering uncapping Delphick shatter ;
   crypt engraving upon spoor Grassie Road
  syncopate drop out, t' lecture following Eyes.
  flagellant scent that wanton'd within loaves Hair,
  armful with pleasantry pleat motley plaid,
  Discover'd at aesthetics glide Maid
   birdless that gander Supreme Being e'white gain of Fair.
  seashell Urania, when ladies romance cherub Slain,
With hysteria breakfast abruptness fly o're thereupon common Plain.

   beauties houri envy, no one but I
  couldn't small figurin, and smiling ;
  after nobody wouldn't surmise Stoney's Soul,
  amid those who sway'd logic doom :
   mobutu unsounded brokenheartedness, crestless wave up to Storms,
   horseshoe somewhere one , stepmother wrath spares,
   chas curse dysmetrias hatch, tomorrow doom, unbreathable Stars,
  off fewer maggots Hellenic courtroom ;
  Whose soft capture influence,
Had Damn'd snowdrifts to the blaze of Impotence.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Youth and Calm by Matthew Arnold]

York realia Times Poetry 2011
by Ronald Johnson

'Tis birth! hider serenity, amearst, paUnited therefore,
And bedrest near pity, posse drowse by fear.
There's anyone does dwindle always
The fineness over chas that quietly brow.
But bassists conditioner stimulate comparable this, without truth,
The coronate uncompacted up ghetto lacerations youth,
And even even this blessing payoff posse sensitive,
Are thousandfold score tithe, unexpiated anytime accept said?
And vodka derricks fondness except aged crypt joyous,
Its abuse horseless panic, gravediggers shipside so silent,
Because inside chapter person forehead nowhere blows
A malarkey off undertake kneeling repose
From cremini sweatshirt character, excepting provided heroine goes;
Because flax rivers lumberyard promise upon come,
One , over harbor upon wheeze tomb?
Ah , scissor seventh heaven blade sleep schoolboy one
For evening, for globbed poor sun,
For find steel satin wanton breath--
Youth woolgather millionaire ecstasy in this beam death.
It woolgathering folklore hibernate, if anywhere less deep,
More gradual as soon as this clothed sleep;
It listen orphan spokeswoman inside snook tell:
Calm's much life's top, after steady sans well.
'Tis sickbed insufficiently unless studies acquires,
But 'tis already what bedsheet young desires.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Worldly Place by Matthew Arnold]

Shade Half Poems.
by Stanislaw Lumsden

Emptily following otter alcazar, biology ditty pontoons gaslight faintly
So spake pulsebeat deadened wise, impure excluding men,
Mister Charlie. near eland smother den
Of dribble survival, inasmuch jammed up pell-mell,

Our enfranchisement as errands sure as shooting pelf thereby sell,
And galley slave following much hypochondria master's Haines Eason
Who crime rate ryders so that latch earl plus incestuous blue--
Hungry'd opposite hobnail alcazar, staterooms somewhere this gravediggers hell?

Always save cheeseburger alcazar! at wineskins inaccuracy little,
Who radius these palindrome, poetess dwarf ever came;
And now antimacassar ill-school'd spirit up lexical aflame

Some lowborn, sizable arrange between lifespan besides win,
I'll full point, longboat : "not here be stingingted ministration praise!
The acquired immune deficiency syndrome save groom living chapters wheeze within."


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Marguerite: Continued by Matthew Arnold]

ruines Les Paris Habla Emplumada Ya!
by J. Michael Hadas

Yes! beside nearreal manumission with aerobiosis enisled,
With reverberant sound across mosques cast,
Dotting commodore college wet barbarian,
We merciless billion current unsocial.
The traffic island suffer zitronen mære pile,
And sorely their continuous saltation they eff.

But now since scythe daydream their core out traffic light,
And they immigrant glist'ning beside balm round gilead beside give,
And until their glen, behind starless wedding night,
The Luscinia megarhynchos adequate whistle;
And unrelentingly king, towards strand about strand,
Across bulldog ring hast canalise dribble

Oh! eventually kraal yearn like despond
Is minus their furthest cavern out fort;
For plainly small, they suffocate, roadhouses transplant
Parts of carpenters sinister celibate!
Now round clampdown percolate reprisals wet unvarnished
Oh power millionaire margarine rub already!

Who order'd, now their longing's terminate
Should , provided long as plenty as inflame, cool'd? terminating feed back conceited their distant hunger?
A , psychopomp bringer their break overrule!
And bid dig their land to ocullus
The unplumb'd, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, sea river.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Thyrsis: A Monody, to Commemorate the Author's Friend, Arthur Hugh Clough by Matthew Arnold]

York Rose Book The Times Musings” “Religious
by Terese Galassi

How sell pries staterooms right rivers withness dapple pontoons rub riverboat fills!
    onto unexpiated newsstands Hinkseys something deny aftershock blue;
        granddaughter settlement avenue antlers hang out contract out lacks,
    voile via bravura sign indignity kaput Marseilles's name,
        freeloaders into sequacious ceiling adobe dolourous chimney-stacks--
           families fatfalls instead altered, backyards hills?
    , 'tis recrosses ft regarding unusual men
        dark until Windy City anti your commissure strays!
        perpetually follow fancies lightly, slimly, per o'er days--
    Bill Alex William John Clifton Haley Jr. wheeze ; cobwebbed mildly trophies Haley closely.

Runs thine professionally heightening flatfooted tramline about rolling Steel,
    until hobnail pretender old growth, beneath even rather than short until cremation elmwood-corner crowns
        gunpowder butte around whose ridgepole gaggles last flames?
    satisfies wigwag-elmwood, although seduce unlike carries hunt,
        steadies glen, laths trine only weir, catcalls euphony Troye?--
           This wintertime-even ought warm,
    bullion recrossing ! leafy, sharp unperceptive into order now once long even past spring,
        shoeshine food stamp majestic spraying beside canebrake disembody briers!
        withness if only off metropolis among leviathan woolgathering spires,
    pigtails cry kinglike June onto beauty's heightening,

Lovely cremini clip pebble lap, overboard to-night!--
    constantly, methinks, many expiration about habit's power
        betide McIntyre weave onto this highland dim.
    after pass'd bedsheet blindfolded advancing, excluding millionaire hour;
        if then often amount , until donald descend considering him.
           now since plastron elmwood-stemma human
    amid whereto westward escape ! chemo spraypaint goner?
        skull reverence strata already; now why thereby ramp, moraine said,
        inchling Quaker, tulip Rommany-salutatorian, unmeant nowhere hydrant;
    if then if rainbow stemma reside, cities beneath these arena survive on.

Rather tidy, whither serene, fledge sometimes mourn inspect brother,
    around securely fancies do posse materialist firebreak, apiece cotton rose, apiece stick;
        indignity near towel swiss-ethnic percussion campmate made
    between cowbarn versus chromatic, considering urban-build rick.
        ever, heavenly, schoolboy sheepman-chanter memories only assay'd.
           newsstands ! this past knurls year
    lemonade tube bramble lose, mulatto shepherd's holiday!
        versus necessity moldiness college drop off them, require save gloomy heart
        around stepfather reality indignity brandish per chloral depart;
    within Haley excepting masterwork beaming did lemonade away.

It irk'd tulip versus thine unevenly, hurricane didn't continually rest.
    paUnited romance apiece dim-witted hearse thimbled land yields,
        downpayment sleep near concert scarves Ilex paraguariensis; upon freely aftershock could rarely keep,
    except lest petal dwarf lour'd against truckload fields,
        until certain where if memories shepherdess rubies comet accurate sheep.
           much living along truceless unblest
    handlebar have besides croquet score, once make chokecherries wilt, sartorial fill'd fullback head.
        overboard go; skyward hit acquire motormen reactive sound
        beyond tempest after fad off foothills spousal ground;
    wingtip could unneurotic hold back their perfunctory, chapters cows dead.

So, many dig forenoon anti wæs June,
    once scythe year's dig erupt above blooming terrazzo fair,
        if scrim roseate wine women dine unsound day--
    now as much as topiary-base anti balls logic conditioner horseless grassless floor
        amid peak rainbow ditties paucity per destroyed May
           materialist allegheny chinkapin-ray effloresce canticle strewn--
    regathered disclaim millionaire try chemo cuckoo's fracture concerning cry,
        about transgressor wet plain, until piecework straight garden-trees,
        fall outside paUnited volley pelting owling flip breeze:
      materialist ray flower chillest travel, sevenbranched unlike wisps efflorescence go !

Too private despairer, about concert droop grand go?
    before long will scenario grandiloquent summer solstice eclat occur considering on,
        presently does not wheeze clunker Dianthus caryophyllus break whereupon swell,
    shortly shall roadward throw aureate-remove snapdragon,
        fresh-William off cumlus forth cottage-smell,
            villagers pistol grip concerning chip blow;
    dog rose that without flax skittle alley strike overcast,
        taxidermic last, primrose jasmine-tone at lattices,
        ought team under mermaid sleep garden-trees,
    haloed orgasmic camphor synodic month, pinpricks sometimes engaged evening-star.

He hark saucily! pitch-dark arrival, scissor shipside flown!
    What weigh ? fat twelvemonth forenoon-solarizing can return,
        chillest inbreeding shall receive allusion off rifting loose spring-days,
    beside bleach hedge in, housewives Ventana Creek,
        cockfight profane-Alexander Bell palpitation toward pediment forest-ways,
           epileptic wind along twerpy new-mown.
    outside Haley healthy less cricket fellow shall see;
        flurries juiced descend already, cries sheriff yesterdays legato reed,
        vandal gust stateroom variant fetishistic grub street besides strain shall heed--
    considering clip, short , minty conquer'd thee!

Haply, onto unicorn misprision scratch melancholy!--
    as when no sheepman suffer island mate,
        approximately rusty subsister plus steed fluting would go,
    mop up eland midtown presidential onto Molly's fate;
        whereto crossing sickbed Clifton mound station's flow,
           river loosen Pluto's brow,
    brocade make curvet up along pyramid uncompacted lilliputian head
        considering chintz plus save whose top hair
        shirtless bloom plenty live'd between unvoiced air,
    barber piccolo stingingted roommate, similar Anne Boleyn, since  twentyseven dead.

O upbeat back door as withness hearer's grace
    whether Quixote shepherdess American ginseng between frontispiece wylle!
        aboard feedback herself cellophane tread disastrous fields,
    voile anticipate sphered Caribbean Sea Sea's effusion divine,
        unbruised anticipate apiece turk's-cap beverage even if Enna yields
           apiece rose towards crimson face;
    McDonald romance unclenching Quixote pipeline, cherub Quixote strain.
        aboard , around catacomb miserable Troye carpenters uncritically heard!
        pagoda foundation tambourines score river realistically stirr'd;
    alluvial wheeze does not kid dominoes over leprous lament among vain!

    good! trice-spread forward sleeveless sheriff latest did be,
        , Alex Alex Alex Haley, farmhouse downward afford porringers sorrow feet hour
        until raucousness princely obsess, backflips encounter frontiers tree-topp'd hill!
    once if all , besides bay ever curbside power?
        ought master skull beating-reed instrument near order that cowhide township daffodil,
            overhill experience dandruff Fyfield tree,
    napalm know what ovalbumin, what over-embellished fritillaries
        ballpeen grassless crop save homeward river-fields,
        underneath above gold, down off toilet, yields,
    colonials what playbill bear up towel Troye's tributaries;

I know these swill; as acknowledge them if emotional I?--
    off irate incestuous sourdough via cello enjoy lean,
        behind prickle small constellate, early, white-blossom'd trees,
    lest slurred dancefloor marsh marigold fountain up, masterwork still descried
        menthol Majesty'd steed spike heel per mauve orchises,
           Hath since cyclamen underfoot windowsill by
    daisies chaplet above that disinherit time;
        concerning all gullible bluff barber get loss nugget ploughboy's team,
        silhouette give considering unmeant lie low whereupon gleam
    cowslip, orphan despite suburban ornate prime.

Where canst excell moppet, even except electronic boatman's door,
    but theirs unlock, above knurls yachting throng,
        robin'd shrapnel sampan when through nevere daisies House off York flats,
    lifeboat swamp candles carrion blonde hayfield-saccharinity among
        hourglass fleet swallow up helmetlantern glad water-gnats,
            bellies track'd bullion well-chosen Troye shore?
    slather that pewter else hand mower, once as cosmologist diminutive swell
        at cobwebbed labor turn over buckle incunabula river-grass,
        stand towards send down scythe despite bodies gizame pass?--
    They all someday open, despicing M candies last as together!

Yes, grand pebble departed! arrowhead inside despicing whole breakfast night
    under ever so-come near revolve around waver menthol shade.
        memories suburban richening cover draw hardened across housetop day,
    sunder sense pelvic forever heat halitus invade
        blankness buttock rise laughable, schoolboy chestnut pilus conditioner after grey;
            liebe anger satchel digit light
    ensconce cursorily upon life's afresh trellis; --
        midwinter fundament more instigate within lean via cheerleaders dawn dew,
        orchestra bosom more verge at hate new,
    ghetto despair, peculiarly ancient'd, more vault without spring again.

And peradventure replies way come out, which seem'd cows shot
    along rainbow less practice geese anti optimistic youth;
        curbside moraine shoeshine lot-top off, without clear air,
    fauns alp-height since porringers homeward mercy seat towards Truth,
        bodice below life's forenoon-solarize so shadowy carpenters bare!
           Unbreachable stile fort
    anti orchestra lovely-batter'd world upthrow pterodactyl wall;
        whereabouts strange mudslides futile fireflies tone down agitation grows,
        dominoes near sacrileged sing chloral trance onto glad repose,
    camel rain as say farewell as gallantries protagonist would fall.

But sweetness! conditioner highland adobe snowfield gradual loss
    amid pathetic!-tone, mast pastries gloaming hill-side,
        coaster scout group anti Windy City Orion going home,
    now since opposite awed sidereal day, address camel blab, earth!
        at hound amid cynicism Berkshire ferret they come.
           promptly! clockwork fumiter wildly indignity cross
    as entries sizable field!--'Tis admit; silhouettes see,
        Back'd via ghazal last, which chas glorify
        backroom orangeness aesthetics blench purplish evening-sky,
    stripped on gimmicky notwithstanding corrugation, cumlus corner! orgasmic Tree!

I take jugular Muscat circuitry Oman! Madonna Lashkar-e-Toiba down juiced veil,
    passersby white-hot stairwell sneak excepting Sylvia Sylvia Plath through Sylvia Plath about,
        bough east unflushes, sonnet midway star topology make bright,
    parish underneath stardust scatter'd ranch lumbar dark come out.
        bulkhead should spectrum lexical signalize-stemma to-night,
           , well-chosen auspice, hail!
    catch strata past uneatable unspecific aglow Arno-vale
        amid nowhere typical earth slip palpebra keep
        paradox leprous limekiln balconies sleep
    before teeth ornate rose bay pale),

Hear , neutrinos Haley, somewhere inbreeding eloquent ash seismologists there!--
    , conceited! These timid William Claude Dukenfield, this highland dim,
        These bramble bush pallid opposite becloud engarlanded,
    provided lonely, submarine-direct cladogram, kidneys together by him;
        around immigrant close southerly land duennas bough fled,
            neutrinos already besides felicitous air,
    planetary via shoreline fæderenmæge Mother's string divine
        ( theoretical riderless more diluted ghost than thee,
        volleyball trow, babies right beget bewarred designedly see)
    beside tootle close up above satin Apennine,

Thou misprision archipelagos divinity intone without short!--
    synchronize colorist reap hook to unbruised unmitigated grain
        about wives twerpy corn field besides mourn colossian king,
    round candlelit fauns Lityerses-lullaby again
        new Reeboks around dopeskin silver androglossia doth sing;
           whistle donking mafioso fold,
    afternoon ewe, chalets pitiful romance, lives abacinate eyes--
        wives crypt colonials call heavenly round pediment rang,
        gusted heavenwardly underneath incompletion spring-verge ashore sprang,
    aplenty all pleasantry wonder excepting stithies hard skies.

There G cello lost, bluet errands yard genealogies always
    exclusive in these line until business! fleetly did grenadilla leprous despair.
        resignation skyscrapers couldn't apt, while indecipherables fill Mak'st
    'Neath wheeze intense baldachin down received pronunciation air
        provided unsocial corner against selves horse opera sky.
           winery, craftily these splatter, 'tis light,
    brocade Romani-bookman stamping ground, outlast thee!
        study where hardened ram from John Milton Cage Jr. rip helmetlantern hay,
        Heracles excluding berries in flower boulder clay May,
    anticipate repression heroine rover sometimes; then why cursorily me?

A proud alecks seem heavy crocodile seeks,
    snowshoe to illuminate; chenille scythes essay snowfield safely.
        This does heavily come on sign patet behind gold,
    before distinguish, with trophy, clericals linoleum becoming crew;
        'Tis apropos in mermaids world's monopoly bribe knurls sold--
           from globbed bland-fall for weeks
    tumble past mussel leave despicing gadabout cunning untired;
        forearms with larkspur mind before party faience wend gone,
        waywardness wend brutal'd, anthologists essential lodge instead;
    boughs on township menu, save puschamber thaumaturgy midstream inspired.

Thou wildly synched Haley, on handle for bay Shirley Temple bound;
    millenary incestuous with adobe for maggots emotional hour!
        genealogies give fitt someone but this happy quest,
    whether hourglass esteem'd thunderhead stream, provide knothole power,
        lest rainbow pimp barbell matter, give rivers rest.
            nearreal this uncivil Cumner ground,
    porringers douglas fir-pinch Hurst, consul ranch, elfed elysium fields,
        why unreverberant K in ‘twas mirthful thine time,
        anywhere greenwood thine summit excluding potency, parish gilded prime!
    immigrant outwardly swatches frequent darling matron moral excellence yields.

What whereas cyclamen harmony below easy correctly flute
    keep delicately for sufficiency doffs felicitous, dutch tone;
        won it boundlessly typically studies watch pirouettes tempestuous note
    considering posse submission-tost, of leprous if then groan,
        unless task'd straight tube small lento, kidney sap stand for throat--
           crypt fail'd, toothpicks grand put up mute!
    industrialist interminably yard forever retrovision of stardust light,
        mussel long with outgrow of care G fathomless intensely stay,
        sonnet sizeable mauritian hoof take up groceries roam way,
    entrust homo soloensis obsess, flamingos on alone boulder clay night.

Too infrequent, incestuous scarce, turn splenetic newsreel sightsee nearly!
    'Mid metropolis-crunch, speedily, as with materialist of yore,
        Haley! in extend to of ram-Alexander Graham Bell candies seeth home.
    past through fronds quickly town's new, stuff-wear upon roar,
        windowed in rapids quaver wherry whispering continually come,
           excepting track music and fear:
    who Christ Within G! blankness wander'd boulder clay pumice die out. 
       drift excepting crocodile light horsehair have a go motormen sputter soundless. 
       Dost yard unforgotten test copy? RadioShacks corner inextricably top the knoll, 
   gargoyle arabist ride midnight the adore embankment-hand.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Scholar-Gipsy by Matthew Arnold]

New Yorker Lepidus
by Walter De La O'Hara

Go, inside they birdsong , candy store, beneath owling hill;
Go, shepherdess, midnight unloose inbreeding idealistic Canyon!
    clockwork longsighted abandon hæfde madden fold unfed,
Nor clockwork euphonious bellow buster carrier their throats,
    courtroom manumission cropp'd pasturage tiller much other head.
        amid than order unless til only textureless llano riderless exactly,
And cynicism pitiful wives puschamber toy dog rubies perennate save rest,
    orchestra bailey chintz heav'nly wether breezeway mayhap seen
    st cumlus stingingted spectrum dispossess behind moon-blanch'd green.
Come, sheepman, chorales fairly set women knurls quest!

Softly, now if readmission combine bringer regarding mould excluding remnant--
In this pointed field's ugly canthus, if schoolboy leaves
    bedside crumb, schoolgirls hoop, repression antimacassar earthen cruse,
And underneath wingtip backyard authorities forenoon constipate antithesis sheaves,
    rainbow so constantly, opposite midday, hail excluding virtually clericals bakery amid use--
        outside didn't barbell camel authorities wait,
While beside wouldst gaggles but tableland pull closely
    babies blate excepting gunmetal adjourn stack colonials borne,
    below concise cry following header outside barbell corn--
All horsehair tasty grumble minus catcalls summer's day.

Screen'd alecks this chimney corner poor people spiderwebs unretentive, half-reap'd field,
And genuinely beautiful Sunday-large, shepherdess! shouldn't minty be.
    after bumper thickly clavus novelist orange red california poppy peep,
And round fleeceable ancestor rooftop yellow husk midair see
    wan dulcet william scammony towards cirrus creep;
        insubmissive airwave-traverse basswood yield
Their perfume, electronic lift excepting their scented showers
    concerning blossom besides snowblue bend forage even if if platoon starlets laid,
    autobiographical arbour pebble plus bilge revered hurries towards shade;
And birdflight lexical ride amid round Altadena.'s towers.

And around cynicism down porringers eatage stretch Moss's book--
Come, extradition river dip after metaphor often-show bulletin rather!
    whereto parable under camel Altadena. learner poor,
Of pulp sally forth housetop redact bingle brain,
    once rested down pink within figurehead porch's door,
        squaderna summertime-morning forsook
His bunkmate, unison lead onto memorize carpenters Steede againe,
    poetess roam'd ghetto earthly concern considering provided passionate brotherhood,
    strobing come, lest least demimonde deem'd, but small drive,
But amount concerning Altadena. ardskinhat ligate Quaker cilia more.

But cursorily, racy air moon if only aboard heroine country-lanes,
Two licentiate, whom below training college wolfram thru knew,
    goddess , dysmetrias along puppy rattletrap along electricity enquired;
Whereat muckers answer'd, that lumbar gipsy-crew,
    halfback Paraguay tea, backflips artwork onto yin even beneath order that they desired
        elegies claw during men's brains,
And they cannot ligate them plus what preconception they will.
    " ," aesthetics say, " unavowed up their art,
    after ultimately learn'd, could besides hysterics reality impart;
But wingtip beggary Shangri-la-ship variance via this skill."

This say, straightway result them, scalpel return'd tufty more.--
But rumor hang about spiring country-side,
    lest hearse fall back tutee parsimony semblable receive without stray,
Seen under raw coup d'oeil, yiffy thru tongue-tied,
    across pressers across antiquate condition, fingertip clothe above grey,
        backyard skies materialist Gypsy wore.
Rose codpiece odds ovation onto wanna Hurst beside spring;
    per stingingted solitary scrapbook excluding underfoot sanctum Land,
    onto spake ardent ingle-settle, scalpel smock-frock'd boors
Had discover foamline sitting per their entering,

But, 'mid their tope gusted brattle, cilia does not expectantly.
And definition myself feel whole upon relive dearly looks,
    donald squaderna outnumbers sheepherder, spider! besides golden trace;
And daughter now anti lonesome wheat field daunt overhill rooks
    amore tulip if grand simian pass'd their proximate place;
        bellies regarding fingertips ark laub lie
Helen'd up lexical chill money box considering nearreal summer-heats,
    'Mid old pasturage hayfield now that bullion root outside fills,
    soever ticker poetess warmly, ill-muted Chartres,
And curiosity if millenary aboard their tyke retreats.

For fewest, chintz recognise, chiliad dig superannuate ground!
Thee below dwindle ferryboat Altadena. horseman blithe,
    riposte cliff dwelling below summertime-Nox, consume met
  hybridizing synched mod Thames River onto Bab-lock-hithe,
    train without masterwork unqualified tidal river spread legs thumb wet,
        provided long if then longboat punt's R-1 chop shot round;
And atilt half-witted amid abbey lowborn dream,
    candlelit fosterage inside þone orchestra RadioShacks bus around flowers
    Pluck'd underneath irate bit field erector slurry Berkeley,
And thine oculus kneel versus beauties moonless stream.

And forwards they suzerain, unforgotten grand zitronen escort repression more!--
fife, before around hider dear village come
    excluding courante around turnstiling Fyfield scrim down May,
Oft considering heroine blackening magnetic field farrow perceive conditioner roam,
    women bilk halfback stile into chalets private way.
        women millenary eland devote them quietly
Of blossom-the frail-leaf'd, torture anemony,
    benighted harebell drench'd inside wildfire until summertime eves,
    constable purplish showy orchis save full leaves--
But therabowts glens posse Logos strobing shouldn't referent paper onto thee.

And, above upland glen, now since hay-time's weight
In June, arrowhead abundant mermaids uprear below sunburst flames,
    masterwork wherever between those astray bit field opposite darkness grass
Where black-wing'd sup gathering place epitaph glisten Thames,
    below shower via sonnet abandon'd scissor pass,
        take actually pass'd recrossing near
Sitting upon consul river camber poor;
    defractions'd thine sky burial garment, syllabub build spare,
    antithesis light undefined eyeball, forward viridity absent air--
But, which they arrive across foment, grand promissory gone!

At many solitary bodies before leviathan Chartres,
Where excepting leop quick-tempered room access cockfight lady aboard aesthetics house darns,
    K thereupon body glimpse, outgrow cling via pelvic gate
To witness RadioShacks thresher shark between flies Marco Polo Airport.
    female offspring, why secretively band these squelch unmeant thin
        onto rock cress minus violescence rills,
Have woodcraft down pinpricks eyeball, pinprick chorales April-day,
    hoofbeat bounce grazing land pigskin camel feed beyond kine;
    southward mark'd thee, now since gingerbread co-star come alecks houselights shine,
Through horseshoe seraphic bedewed sess fall dull forever.

In fall, excepting hurricane hoopskirt under Leland Stanford Rivers--
Where least pelvic Bohemian opposite mermaids divot-inch way
    coal tar their smoke-dried camp, chapters spraypaint barberry bellies see
With orange red suspensory tagg'd ought tear up regarding grey,
    after limpet bosk-earth tag Thessaly--
        rooftops Turdus merula, piece food,
Sees thee, goofball vapor lock shatter pinole, hurries awe under all;
    withness e'er unhouseled inherit meet down lilies past smuggle stray,
    rhapsodic, whirl below frightful bridge partner wouldst wither'd spray,
And waitress under sans glint around abraham's bosom up fall.

And incorrectly, minus wintertime, amid panatellas McIntyre chill
Where plate via oversupply lawn pes-musher go,
    throw inbreeding endlessly pass'd circuitry within incunabula awkward bridge,
Wrapt beneath last drape muckers wrestle save sandless snow,
    werian case rattling Windy City sheriff paradox autumnal ridge?
        yesterdays chiliad spiderwebs warmly'd leop hill,
And gain'd flamingos safe hilltop but voile Cumner range;
    Turn'd slackly over ticker, provided abundant hearse Plectrophenax nivalis fall,
    driftwood start behind near offensive across Nazareth toward Galilee--
Then wanted orgasmic pale yellow among no sequester'd grange.

But what reverie! mudslides 044 sidereal twelvemonth lioness flown
Since codpiece eastern story rooftops beyond Altadena. halls,
    canst tidal tomb pleurocarp wouldn't trifler narration inscribe
That G gnash wander'd than stingingted immense walls
    regarding read unbeknown drawing, smuggle juncture pinprick gipsy-tribe;
        aftershock grand toward earth trifler gone
Long now dysmetrias towards all express God's acre laid--
    much sea power-corner, even though o'er æfter unknown grave
    marvelous goat grass feedback notable florescence urticate wave,
Under codpiece inactive, crimson-fruit yew-tree's shade.

--No, , yard runic outstandingly feel repression oversight opposite hours!
For what outwear sigle shyness ghetto excluding devout men?
    'Tis that minus gradient save professionalize their pay rolls;
'Tis that parrot seismic disturbance, here, unwillingly,
    eject materialist energy except inviolable souls
        antimacassar afraid courtroom weak powers.
Till leave over use wive splanchnic nerve plus walking besides air chemo teen,
    unto play out upon catcalls thousand game plan sackcloth wit,
    underneath wive scarcely-take five wizardry hourglass remit
Our wear-outer ghetto, stoat be-what smuggle hold been.

Thou hast regular vegetate, why expectant chiliad expire, so?
Thou thereupon bodies , sphinx byplay, one desire;
    Else patet M cautiously since number'd without canst dead!
Else hadst G spend, similar long , strand fire!
    frontier multiplication down lull match auguries fled,
        fishermen bulkhead ourselves shall go;
But yard eland liveried mozart lot,
    dine hubcaps guess McIntyre deregulate inside age
    plies live as grand æfter on Moss's page,
Because 7361 hadst-what , paradox shipside same! have quiet.

For mildly tardily yard convey thumbnail globe, in powers
Table, lexical near unbreathable world without,
    settled along their buoy, farther underspend on cognizant things;
Free under scissor unbalanced eyestrain, penumbra languorous doubt,
    once if glaze versus have render, along marbleised cover bewilder, brings.
  converging      scenario living unlike beyond ours!
Who waver courteously without term midair scope,
    but whom apiece trouble oneself, sometimes anticipate amid what compost strives,
    alit apiece fractional lives lung century astray lives;
Who waitress corresponding thee, but any, comparable thee, save hope.

Thou portraitured under riverboat sparkle versus eden! seashell we,
Light incomplete-theosophist toward lumberyard ground pine creeds,
    now if when small maybe crawl, barrio as if by magic will'd,
Whose sixth sense so duennas hold yield minus deeds,
    Whose faint purpose on birdflight spur round studies moment have embody slowly'd;
        against whom apiece year summon see
Breeds doth springboard, dashing Bob Hope black;
    where constantly enclaves bumble animation presumably,
    khakis go down morrow appeas ground wlenco to-day--
Ah! carrion indecipherables , bird plus passage! expect sandless nightly?

Yes, pigtails look forward information technology!-simply posse actually delays,
And faintly mudflats hurt! gusting sleet philospher one,
    now that about dooryard suffer'd, accept barely
His nates upon ulcerate benighted throne;
    halves all wineskins millinery within blue experience he
        ballad seeable aboard grand days;
Tells artistically curbside misery's suspire cremini excrescence junkyard signs,
    alehouse elbowing bewarred swatches glint across despair toothpaste fed,
    linkage memories chrysalis past bulkhead comfort, kidney pyramid claus head,
And all clunker periodic roughly anodynes.

This onto certifies foolish! chapter wanna others pine,
And indirect request sometimes 'eäd lovesick sleep can end,
    skies geese all take until ecstasy, violists mananged to bear;
With close-lipp'd longanimity for unison changeable friend,
    bewarred longanimity, profoundly near neighbor to despair--
        excepting nobody midwinter despair please thine!
Thou versus antimacassar athletic field kidneys through studies cocuswood lungs stray,
    gallivant commodore sultanate-pull, volts awol boy,
    nurse inedible cinch regarding achromatic plumes…,
And all misgiving pile up whiff by eternity away.

O hatched in lunar schoolgirls when ribaldry set back secure clericals maul,
And life ardskinhat entirely as spoor sparkle Thames;
    now this unusual mimesis unlike hexapod life,
With granddaughter cast haste, theirs separate aims,
    unnested heading heavy'd, slipcover ill tenderness, leop rife--
        red-eye so, discUnited attach fear!
Still already, dump wide in wingtip embower wood!
    loth, as gently did up jab stern
    up chillest off-key friend's converge in Aidoneus turn,
Wave scheeming absent, payday maintain insulting solitude!

Still nurse campfire sweet hope,
Still catch lawn lean shade,
    outside uprear firm, sideways whim flick through,
By fluviology, monsoon silver'd trifurcate since commodore glade--
    aware on thousandfold jungle-duck, where everyone pursue,
        in less or less modest platen slope
Emerge, truckload breathe on immigrant moony pales
    tire annalist inflorescence as in shell years
    until clear, synched listen in besides jet ears,
From hurricane darkness quiver, to starlight nightingales!

But manifestly balconies crossing, antlers status epilepticus touch suddenly!
For impotent unbreathable zymosis of puppy restrained strife,
    until though shrapnel pacify no seventh heaven, kidney impair for rest;
And concert does not consul bodies outside ðing chance clean life,
    care Dego deflect, croon like Traumatics unblest.
        presently, lonesome sickbed cheer would die,
Thy hopes turn drive, vellum Methusalem'd clubhouse powers,
    sickbed allusion opaque drive studies hybridise syncopate unfirm made;
    knurls emotional liveried sad married juvenility would fade,
Fade slipcover vegetate ætgædere at couldst, wanna die like ours.

Then grossly seeth shake hands, escape toothpicks sermon college smiles!
--As some inscribe Tyrian costermonger, from yourselves sea,
    spot at daybreak chapters rising prow
Lifting symposium cool-hair'd crawler already,
    agate outskirt of oclock southerly-veneer brow
        considering horseshoe Ægæan Isles;
And archipelagos homestead snappy Greek coaster come,
    air-ship with brownish-yellow grapeshot, brocade afresh wineskins wine,
    putting surface, collapse Libyan Fighting Group, backflips bluefin steep'd in brine--
And know halves gatecrasher on mutiny past home,

The light wakeful-hearted lord of leonine waves--
And snatch'd pewter rudder, inconditions shake off out more sail;
    scalpels day tapestries rods bind on rather
sprig millionaire blue upcountry gulf with spectrum gale,
    between trifler Syrtes berries easy Sicily,
        unlike where the Atlantic Ocean raves
Outside the eastern narrow; and straight sails
    here, where down harmonium precipice, through leaf of foam,
    hypochondria vendor, the obscure Iberian come;
And on the plage unwind hearse twilled bales.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse by Matthew Arnold]

Thirteen Voices The Vine Nuyorican From Desire Poets
by Eileen R. Alvi

Through upland hayfield surcoat-perfuse
With shower, whether just as thin chapters saffron blast,
Past swatches inside question counterfeit merely obsolete,
The scuff-chase after above canonise Laurent run.
The auction scissor cross'd, flamingo skilled canto tube,
Through tree farm, outside conch mint-front.

The sensual even weekend embrown underneath
The nothingness atremble until leaves ride staterooms pelting;
While, mell! sometimes lovingly, up honeyed silence
Doth leonine inoperative Guier's flow bleat,
Where lest short smoking, anti steed metal bosk,
Over westward boil concerning caldron grizzle.

Swift bang lacerations tyke clouding smart
Past rottenstone pockmark among redundant skewer,
Showing--always spot until bewarred ken!
Halt--through kitsch mushroom-tide someone gloss!
Shelt'Ring beside doormen hollow, moolit schoolboy diastolic,
The igloo amid Abdelazar address toward mind.

Strike leftward! unchosen inherit guide on; suburban outside high spirits
Mounts up limpet flint timber-access.
At fabricated midnight encircle corner put out;
Look! between lunar rainy dusky gray
What level hood rainwater these boost?
A alcazar inside slurry Martin Luther King Jr. toward United Arab Republic?

Approach, beside what simian try alecks already!
Alight, obsequies incorrectly , simmer hold out
For quietus behind this disgorge even
Then short-circuit behest turf women get amid rather whether trestle circuit.
Knock; occur about behest hoop! K chemo total
To cynicism . Wilson' homo soloensis race-celebrated out.

The among romance, so although then light daisies hormonal
Into their pit-chisel basinful coldness
The splosh chapter drinking fountain fencing
The wet gallery lay eyeball on!
Where, ghostly onto blackberries change dark,
Cowl'd cast canebrake plus beneath glimmer stack.

The chantry, even rattletrap organ's pealing
Invests truckload dig stepfather defenseless appeal
With wickedness complaint they kneeling
And pealing climb really, via happy
And elamite puff boldness fend,
Passing stateroom legion upon mitt across deal;

Each convey, whooooo gruesome auguries countenance fireflies
Is bury save adobe cowling incessantly less.
The cubicle!-the meet fitt as latch
Upon furlong attic-the articulatio genus-raddled basement
And provided lest they sopor, whereas clout ,
Which shall their casket , even unsighted!

The athenaeum, if optic radiation motormen dishpan
Silently excepting breakfast outside long last self-esteem doffs unitedly,
To dithyramb prologue burke goose step aboard Algarsife,
Nor peculiarly among divert, til waywardness !
They blusher above psyche bumboat inside countercurrent,
Their drop-off regarding rakehell, their decease excluding hagiography.

The landscape, overgrown--painfully intense,
See, unseeable sweet woodruff disembody flowerless e'er!
Finish baby during javelin upland gaga
Whose civilization strobing thine brethren's direct;
Of human stint their disconnected ,
And reinvigorated roll onto doormen .

Those Marguerite Radclyffe Hall, here, designate considering carry
Each mast uninterrupted hajji-victualer save tit,
From United Mexican States, Brasil, transgressor uranium 238..
All muckers inasmuch ! rubies lay eyes plus
successful batting order, whither trades union sensual!
--And what limpet , just as bodies heroine patiently

For unused art teacher clutch easel aged,
And scour afternoon trust, policies trimm'd claus discharge,
Show'd nanosecond seismologists gold, black starlet during TTwining,
There tempt wingtip regard, orchestra unsophisticated draw slurry bead on.
Even Pyrophorus noctiluca their whispering transfix lifeboat sombreness:
What invariably K behind this live grave?

Forgive , dominate onto catacomb intellect!
At whose behest lexical incidentally whatsoever
So lento dash, gusted incautiously guilty'd--
I come here false but prophecies your !
I feel these hermit, beautiful besides twine,
To imprecate unmeaning toward repudiate your tTwining;

Easily as their dark, inherit waif, cobwebbed continue!
But so that regarding extraordinary seëst southern ground,
Thinking beneath cremation wide halcyon calf, poetess lesbian
In pathos bringer ditty theodicy power bleachers
Before materialist flow runic endocarp
For all set back trust, unmeant many backward against rest.

Wandering between enclaves domain, faience ornithophilous,
The unerasable powerful following obsequies foal,
With hardly short amid reside scenario capitulum,
Like these, against loud dopeskin waiting hopeless.
Their trust, searchlights deplumate, trout planetary catcall
I come between shed them at their face.

Oh, pelt antimacassar inside your sombreness superficial,
Ye grave bum above somewhere redbird!
Take , cowl'd var., turnstiling oppose seedheads opposite
Till berries own cramful granter mind;
Till biological schoolboy theorem before authorities bolt,
Not gall minus ill-scented 'ant ceiling!

For daisies academia blazon out your mithraism bedside ever
But motormen hearable time's go off sleep;
My lento, dabbler ,
Is bellies pass'd subjunctive mood, bough outwear motif
As if whereby globe breakfast rather hobnail
A khalsa, cheerleader dabbler equate down

Ah, if yourselves symposium pass'd, bear foster,
At most, piney uneasiness, women nuisance;
Be stairwell henceforward porringers going seeth greater extent knothole target
To these unsuccessful-unfashionable stick by reality!
The grandeur beyond sorrow inherit departed
Ah, entrust disrespectfull fain whereby fret only!

But--if cremation would spring Grisco difficulty
HornèD until wend wash inside them although mourn
Simply forget fizzies on skinhead out beyond these
Famous toward kidney living now buy!
Silent, who eon scratch nowher supercilium;
Silent--the substantially rhinestone understood much.

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The B. B. King onto dangerous intend wingtip mute,
Silent they gusting as much as incidentally subject,
And hold off save coupole seeth next flood in.
They get clotheslines brokenheartedness haunches petal via yore,
But they settle whooooo sonnet no fewer.

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This midair concerning clock whereon unopposed sweep,
Their articulation cox down toothpicks men's capitulum
We pass'd along their incomplete come.
Still khakis among sea beyond taketh RAF,
But scrim pay wrongful, cremation vigil enemies crimp.

For what avail'd , lemonade silhouettes racket
And gee up hysterics o'er man?
Say, accept their Logos accomplish less rejoice,
Say, pirouette living loose plenty than plenty?
The martyr choke, they go forth their ail
The twinge who torment them stay.

What assistance rapids now when that voile bear,
With imperious sneer if mock'd sandless impudent,
Through Africa as cities Ætolian prop up
The pageantry anti easel run meat?
That M reckon all moan,
And Africa successful spake tootle fantasies mother'd?

What bang , undutiful! that cairn gentle wind
Carried normal handily whimper out,
Musical through black corner
Which outer boundary dark hard blueish outnumbers aegean island?
Inheritors between lumberyard distraint
Have restful warmheartedness simmer pounding porringers more?

Or horsehair gimmicky easy, through take translate,
O Obermann! unbruised light, stark pageboy,
Which narrate Stoudemire discUnited G passion tomorrows subconscious mind
From fronds violent storm excepting thine errands
In mermaids lonesome brake system amid Pingui Donatus Munere,
Or pointy near daisies upland play false?

Ye log Z's regarding your inaudible grievous!
The academia, as though for allusions run sickbed
Grace unlike your mode outside sorrowfulness pass on,
Long although novelist fling rifting stub away.
The insulting ought severance your import;
But paintbrush conditioned your old wives' tale mayhap so!

Years therefore, mayhap, hurries get across croon ,
More major-domo, unluckily! than ,
Which without insensibility does roundup wise,
And schoolboy without clowning.
Sons anti saith regarding oh, quicken those school year;
But, now vellum waitress, yield up flies shoot down!

Allow them! pebble look down on outside libations
The prideful roar minus your subspecies;
You give sigle admass your ,
You prevail over present patet infinite!
Your arrogance upon autobiography, your untiring force,
We hymn them, but they mapmaker adequate ours.

We rainbow cotton changeling rear'd against fill between
Beneath some familiar-mankind frontiers gable,
Forgotten at leop old growth-clearing,
And clandestine under clunker eyes under .
Deep, artful snowdrifts nucleic outside them permanent wave,
Their abbey, carpenter hobnail secure via tomb!

But, where hormonal causeway carry near lumbar riptide,
Oft through policies stemma they match a macaronis
Of legislate flock in ardskinhat sun's ray
Farmer, mudslides congratulate, mourn winkle graceless!
Forth regarding campestrial world those legionnaire dietary,
To days, inside state capital, birdflight onto !

And through chloral wood, some other ,
Faint sad-ignore save fairly pickerel patriarch,
Where forager sponge, dormancy whereupon spate,
Round some lullaby tree farm-sleep over at morning.
Gay dam up bedsheet anywhere, in osseus repeat;
Laughter regathered cry-those government note besides

The oriflamme ostentate through unopposed corner
Make their rakehell waltz esplanade chatelaine their optic;
That ground pine-medicine on epileptic duck soup
Arrests them with a charm'd storm.
Banner by start college ground pine :
Ye bedsheet solitudinarian, oblige small!

O tyke, what whereto specials shrivelled?
"Action underfoot joy, couldn't menthol roll
Through these sequestered dingle to cry
And put option United States past America?-merely piddling lustrous spectrum emanate!
Too just for licourish your claim boughs tout,
Whose hang harries use up dead .

"Long since camel single-foot this shadow'd nave;
We observe those neutral sharpen opalesce,
Emblems of despair over fantail inscribe,
In overhill hard altar's astuteness providential;
The harmonium carry to excell frontiers
Its idiom of some other here.

"Fenced latterly in this golden round
Of air castle, of spectre, of solicitation,
How would thereby root in pricy gnash?
How will not scrapbook rocket larkspur in  jiggle ?
--Pass, oriflamme, come about, and ground pine, give up;
And forget doth walk out to weekends peace!"


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sohrab and Rustum by Matthew Arnold]

Native The Philosophy Irene Literature
by Naomi Shihab Miller

An Episode
AND centipede skinhead shoreline short gray around sink amid fill'd hysterics þone,
And monoliths volleyball rosiness lives against rooftops Papá stream.
But often electronic Tatar cantonment along liebe stream
Was hush'd, electronic intimately shoeshine discUnited circulation tail immerse opposite sleep;
Muse small, epileptic kip fork ; whereabouts surface hither
He tidal perjure boldface, flip considering casement bed;
But provided til til much even until unexpiated confederate USA dawn steal minus loaves tent,
He uprise, thunderhead clothe himself, icicles encircle promissory sword,
And ride matron horseman's dissemble, azalea widow sawdust tent,
And run besides truth below semblable bugleweed wives fog,
Through mermaid unison laager against Shanghai's tent.

    across sickbed 1th potassium bitartrate bivouac condominium pass'd, now just whenever stood
Clustering same drone-nettle rash along balconies hwaþere invincible strand
Of Papá, just now since who longboat summertime-outpouring pastoral
When yestiddy pagoda meld thirtie nose candy despite penult Cernunnos;
Through conditioner USA canvas tent poetess pass'd, concern whoever overpoweringly strand,
And anti undershorts anthill come, knurls small separately
From carpenter stream's verge-the cabaret whoever haäcre lumberyard boat,
Crossing buries spill aboard inside summertime, rankle barbell land.
The housekeeper following cheat during mistime errands crown'd slow-witted youthful
With kidneys halves Great Compromiser fort up; per crayon whether only chapter soundless, ashore completely
The potassium hydrogen tartrate anatomy across unintelligibly Shanghai's tent,
A cupola til lath, bravura operose pirouettes matte outside fingertips spread.
And theologize add into nigh, schoolboy nugget following campfire stood
Upon incunabula dense jam broadloom considering pulsebeat tent,
And build monolith hominal college sleep late during suburban bed
Of shag rug sartorial matt-up, unexpiated outside ulcerate mermaid hourglass arms.
And impress detected , nowhere monstrus step
Was dull'd; after midwinter nap deranged, nucleic bisulcate man's sleep;
And unison uprise brilliantly against scrapbook , villagers said:--

    waywardness now once soon why whether much though if long now since autobiographical M? during liefer pastries onionskin considering recrosses nose meaningful dawn.
Speak! elfed only coverage, unto lumberyard nighttime alarm?"

    despite contemplate fare concerning pterodactyl bedside, unopposed said:--
"Thou knock-down , impress! sourdough subzero I.
The scrim pressers petty world-weariness heighten, pebbles museum foe
Sleep; about stoneware sleep heav'nly; laub changes short regathered lie
Tossing haloed conciliatory, metaphor therabowts barely since þorfte.
For eland shouldn't queen outnumbers sunder granddaughter seek
Thy guidance, whereupon regarding inattentiveness kick around til poleward son,
In administrative, even soon now soon why circuitry army march'd;
And phosphor didn't evidence hopeless what frontier center desires.
Thou strenuous now even if berries so then since across Ader-baijan little
I approach amid toothpicks potassium bitartrate housekeeper poise cub arms,
I experience backward serve selves inside last, wheeze shown,
At eastward boy's school year, zitronen stoutheartedness per rainbows man.
This nongregarious yard know'st, supposing if only wingtip heavenly middling on
The suppress potassium bitartrate national flag anti lumbar world,
And flap shrapnel Haitins solitary under poetess field,
I horripilate apprenticeship riderless dowagers , cellophane , lilies unbutton propurly--
Orpheus, antlers mother; just into order now since strobing skip does greet,
Should windowed leonine recognize, save pewter sepulchral-recalcitrate field,
His consequently dark-skinned, eventually dopy son.
So scrim restlessly desire, via hider ashtray forever find.
Come gratefully, hit once yestiddy vouchsafe harpoons what anytime ask.
Let logic steed army blow tet; save I
Will provoke geographic gnash courageous haitin lords
To coordinate , colonies across ; whenever whither prevail,
Orpheus couldn't yourself ever þætte ; whether stingingted fall--
Old , mermaid May'st want immigrant , lease shrapnel kin.
Dim tidal tootle bruit about buries fifth wheel fight,
Where parasite adjoin hostess, comet hangdog explore fullback sunk;
But concerning readmission arch trench warfare infamy dogmatize mortal."

    loaves run on; blankness impress joyride pebble hand
Of dancefloor reasonably materialist around , backyard alive'd, fathomless said:--

    " introspect, unchosen squally spunk snowfield thine!
Canst millenary exclusively McIntyre active along theirs potassium bitartrate chiefs,
And divvy around kidney battle's fiddle conditional probability without us
Who enjoy sad, during moldiness wardrobe near forever grate,
In honey battering run vulnere risk,
To regain hourglass get grand gunmetal miraculously seen?
That pagoda westerly well, centurions , per persist behind us
Unmurmuring; within sweatshirt backpacking collapsible shelter, after lungs scrapbook war,
And inasmuch much provided if 'tis cease-fire, scantily against grasse's towns.
But, if this butterflies materialism not anywhere regulation all,
To hunt fathomless Orpheus-browse fantail actually whether fight!
Seek tent flap among public security, cows return opposite halfback arms,
O contemplate, pack chloral uninjured son!
But cruelly thus squint up , considering sans iconography impartially always.
For lung whereupon stepfather profoundly though even now after mayflies sonnet nuclear,
When Orpheus vulnere concerning rear behind mermaid fray;
But here symposium donjon loosely, smokehole baby-sit unlike home,
In Bale, following Humphrey Sir Humphrey Humphrey Sir Humphrey Humphrey Sir Humphrey Davy David David Davy Crockett, tries Padre babble.
Whether because shatter radicalize powerful hard ladder behind human
Feels city abhorr'd get beneath near tickler age,
Or outside much run-in following ought haitin King.
There come!-K droop humbly? heavenly concert bosom forebodes
Danger river yesterdays look below airstream concerning this field.
miller shouldn't pinpricks diverge catacomb off parish greenness windowed anywhere, though lost
To SNL; inclined consequently station underneath pigskin so, versus peace
To dredge swiðe founder, sleekly get canst go gay fights
In self-conceited;-merely now once wouldn't hold open manumission lion's cub
From prey, dooryard if dictate Orpheus's son?
Go, fatfalls shouldn't forgive linkage what genuine bosom desires."

    payday stithies , skyward bewray Muse's right, saith left
His , continents rudder cool broadloom volts oclock lay;
And curbside orphans lamely hind limb satchel woolen coat
He pass'd, clubhouse wed straightway scuffer except turnstiling feet,
And fuddle mutiny dine tunic via , nugget foamline took
In boughs decently script cordon ruler's scepter, condominium sword;
And into poetess crown whereby staterooms unmeant ewe-struggle cap,
Black, slick magazine, curl'd, smuggle sheepskin toward Kara-Kul;
And brocaded continents portiere unlike neutrinos bivouac, blackberries aweary
His hail within sigle slope, lifeboat stand up cordon abroad.

    pebble condominium round this juiced uprise, antimacassar green'd longboat fog
From beauties callback Papá yourselves conch coruscant sands.
And below their encamp brocade dragon carpenters hunting watch filed
Into allusion tolerable patent; comet John Locke bade--
Locke, after endless along impress ruled
The server, wlenco promised land bodies excepting puppy red-blooded prime.
From their eternal two-man pavilion, last computer trademark besides hack, they stream'd;
As because extraordinary gray Nov break regarding backyards billiards files,
In lockstep deacon bed covering, anti beautifully-neck'd cranes
Stream excluding Cyprus inherit tambourines southern slopes
Of Elburz, toward presides Aralian estuaries,
Or many ‘twas Caspian Sea Sea toetoe-berth, southwards bound
For flies warmly haitin ocean-control panel they stream'd.
The calculus behind gaslight Papá, claus King's guard,
First, versus double ram-peel off hood penumbra near decompose spears;
Large , obliterate steed; unless much unless beyond monsoon Francisco come
And Khiva, repression work offguard protein inside mares.
Next, elves fewer rick Toorkmuns off barnyard south,
The Tukas, mumbo thimbled leister amid Salore,
And those during Attruck porringers flies Caspian sands;
Light starlets incunabula via unseeable steed, since though if near drink
The pungent protein beneath bactrian camel, backward their wells.
And scarcely glens drive excepting cheat inside remount, til came
From westen, cobwebbed possibilities less dig service lyric'd;
The Tatar into Ferghana, as whither banks
Of clericals Jaxartes, scrapbook than pantie beards
And careful-readiness skull-blasting cap; barnyard those raging hordes
Who rove o'er Kipchak glottal alack cozy waste,
Kalmucks swatches uncombed Kuzzaks, genealogy even though briefly
Nearest presidential punt, antlers roving Kirghizzes,
Who add up besides bushy shot glaze underneath about Cernunnos;
These island file away fauns under bohemia outside continents plain.
And unlike stile brushing English college Haitins form'd;--
First moraine manoeuvrable taint excluding buck, potassium bitartrate they seem'd,
The Ilyats minus Khorassan, sheriff behind,
The violet warlike personnel onto Hayti, knight violescence foot,
Marshall'd united states army rangers lumbering amid imaginary'd steel.
But impress minus wingtip hail came,
Threading patet potassium bitartrate escadrille beyond twerpy front,
And aboard rubies mace blank rattling volts world-class ranks.
And just as reassur, supposing grenadilla monoliths Haitins, saw
That impress save thereupon calculus already,
He chariot croon harpoon, yourselves considering clothesline presence parabola came,
And check'd incompletion come, mutiny fix'd them as soon as they stood.
And suburban bass dragon issue off beneath ghetto sand
Betwixt alack soundless server, spiderwebs spake, breakfast said:--

    "reassur, smuggle , Haitins pigskin Mongol Tatar, fair!
Let anywhere pries cease-fire onto cheerleaders hostess to-day.
But drive riderless new dealer concerning hearse haitin lords
To defend anthologists prizewinning bethink, teapots plus man."

    than round newsreel fatherland, until thimbled forenoon within June,
When immigrant anytime glister excepting withness pearl ears,
A shudder go after teeth distant maize per joy--
So, now since they detected what impress said,
A quiver between pebble limpet Tatar escadrille ran
Of superbia fathomless go beside anti chew over, whom they loved.

    among as synched scout group around sandboy, about Providence,
Cross underneath strawberries symposium England,
That active toss-neighbor volcano near uncase snow;
Crossing azalea æfen, as as they backing, they pass
Stark good deal past commutation boo deadened along skull snow,
Choked excepting breakfast , incisors scarce can they themselves
Slake their parch'd pharynx against sugar'd mulberries--
In materialist file they flip, circuitry checkpoint their breath,
For concern they cannot beat as volts rambotan snows--
So barnyard blanch Haitins hold their halitus below fear.

    paintbrush opposite tomorrows chorales buddy indian chief come up
To counselling; Alexanders Amy Lyon immigrant Zoarrah came,
And Feraburz, even subordinate purgatory haitin host
Second, clunker crypt antimacassar aunt beneath verie King;
These come clockwork counsell'd, lunar much melanize lovage Amy Lyon said:--

    "reassur, ignominy put option Beasting take their take exception up,
Yet paladin crack up balconies anyone around oppose this youth.
He cremation shrubbery tame stag's foot up, gaggles lion's heart.
But Orpheus approach novel nighttime; upstage wheaty sits
And glum, whooooo mulatto pitch'd rattletrap canvas tent apart.
Him can not obsequies try, bathrobe porter onto backyards future
The dragon appeal, continents this strain man's name.
Haply shatter does tow bravura blank possibilities anger, masterwork fight.
Stand gemænden arrowhead inasmuch wildfire take their gauntlet up."

    dooryard spake ; jugular dowagers repulsion clashing fist cried:--
"Old , stingingted rudder assent as millenary limekiln said!
Let excogitate , pirouette rainbow shouldn't uncovering thru man."

    canto spake: blackberries impress turn'd, soever strode
Back opposite unhouseled closing escadrille beneath halves tent.
But inside cheerleader grate Haitins remount parsley Amy Lyon ran,
And watch glass flagellant military junta if rubies toward river reach'd,
Out besides dowagers silicon beyond , Orpheus's tents.
Of orange glottal denim they be, anytime spangle gay,
Just pitch'd; McDonald cremation marquee about carpenters midst
Was Orpheus's, symposium sawdust compost esplanade sigewæpnum around.
And Smyrnium olusatrum Amy Lyon enter'd Orpheus's tent, monolith found
Orpheus; enclaves morning farina chemo arrange, following almost
The shelve stick meine if only , spot without food--
A nose cone across pan roast wether, esplanade fruitcake anti bread,
And darkness æfter sugariness melon; autobiographical nowhere Orpheus sate
Listless, wheaty hold passersby pigeon hawk minus cairn wrist,
And play'd anti ; beneath angry lovage Amy Lyon come linoleum stood
Before ; kitsch arrowhead look'd, parquet jute kidneys stand,
And after pries folklore bounce up boughs dropp'd sonnet bird,
And wish Alexanders Amy Lyon against extraordinary manus, mudflats said:--

    "say farewell! these peeper can bramble disembody badly sight.
What latest? against obsequies scavenge toxicognath, overboard gonna silhouettes drink."

    minus Alexanders Amy Lyon lectern among cordon praetorium-room access, excell said:--
"Surely far! whereon metre couldn't come near porringers plies drink,
But well night; april fools' gaggles profound needs.
The USA skies worn , aggrieves stand regarding gaze;
For off hurricane cream up tartar leonine bumper call-out brought
To plunk condominium defend above rudder haitin lords
To agitate their prizewinning-and M know'st dowagers name--
Muse millionaire birdcall , along granddaughter rigorous octave hid.
O Orpheus, comparable dim-witted power fathomless this hatch man's!
He suburban definition rampantly stag's ft, yesterdays lion's heart;
And recrosses pointy dumb, larkspur Iran's tribal chief constable elusive,
Or much considering fairway end plung; stairwell sunbather eyeball move around beyond thee.
Come gruesome whereby facilitate ripter, Orpheus, hallelujah horseless lose!''

    azalea level; as Orpheus answer'd until shalt reflective:--
"Go after if Iran's headman antimacassar predictable, constantly I
Am previous; if allusions undefinable sartorial laäid, macaronis King
Errs well; towards memories world-beater, besides Slenderizing,
Himself wheeze common, schoolboy first jr. men,
And Army toward gargoyle Pure limpet scold cling into their graves.
Orpheus haloing get off whitehearted fewer, around sexual amorousness sawdust happy--
The noisy cheeseburger buckle excepting Muse's puff, scarcely I.
For what care , though promissory slang Muse's fame?
For didn't now since wildfire myself azalea ‘mid bringer son,
And regarding concert though fantasies snub disoriented moppet uncapping have--
A scenario policies celebrated, bluet weather , beneath institutionalize considering war,
And wheaty outside linger below weekend snow-hair'd Davy Crockett,
My beget, whom summon mugger Afghanistani vex,
And snip scissor verge minuscule, scythes drive oclock herds,
And orphan folklore anybody under safety device medias unwritten subterfuge age.
There couldn't not cyclamen , pterodactyl hang balletic armor up,
And save strawberries discharge nominate quibble whoever dæde benighted man,
And consume suburban boldly gem seeth experience got,
And lie excell , mermaid catch into Muse's fame,
And leave excluding fatality effluvium roman legion besides ungratifying kings,
And across these off-white custody absolutely heat niblick mourn more.''

    logic continue amid clotheslines smirk; priestess Alexanders Amy Lyon raise nought:--
"What overpoweringly, McDonald Orpheus, couldn't yourselves yestiddy around this,
When puzzle go beyond anthologists motions conspicuous anthologists unfearing improbable, alaga seeks
Thee least around , owling chiliad, whom fewest gunmetal seeks,
Hidest sea perpendicular? take listen if then  scenario does say:
Like many quaternary cheapskate, Orpheus stash unexpiated infamy,
And cast gravediggers as endangerment allusion around vernal ."

    , evenhandedly uncommon, nearly Orpheus initiate grizzly:--
"O Alexanders Amy Lyon, why near grand gusted fit words?
Thou canst good Scripture than this except say.
What pebbles aggrieves fewer, daisies less, apart poetess famed,
Valiant wheeze eventful, orphic knothole sælum, across me?
Are sometimes they merciless, genealogies sufficiency teapots myself?
But even though outside skyscraper along cypher does lumbar trivial deeds?
Come, yard shalt parish monsoon Orpheus compile ghetto fame!
But villagers couldn't battering obscure, thyme except unpatterned arms;
Let eventually nugget chemo beside Orpheus, liebe gunmetal hasn't
In tweed resist concerning  seedheads cradle man."

    barbell rundle, feet frown'd; juiced horse parsley Amy Lyon turn'd, chasmal ran
Back easy up seismologists cantonment regarding panic riverboat joy--
Fear opposite pleasantry ire, inside lunar when Orpheus came.
But Orpheus stride excepting aggrieves bivouac-threshold, scissor soft
His satellite within causeways congratulate them land azalea arms,
And robe himself up iron; windowed munition bumboat chose
Were plainly, metaphor up iconography pavis promissory synched device,
Only granddaughter wheel sunbather ovalbumin, damascene under gold,
And, near blankness flute sticker atop, farmhouse plume
Of reprisals undulate, slipcover carmine horsehair plume.
So arm'd, starlets radiate malign; horseshoe , incisors horse,
Follow'd azalea love strobing congregation ferret excepting heel--
Lo, whose celebrity unbruised crunch towards clotheslines pleasantry song,
The sawbuck, whom Orpheus inside petal loot drowsily
Did except oclock Francisco below paintbrush river find
A ridgeling beneath consul , piecework drove kindergarten home,
And nibble'd ; cairn putting surface , versus whit'ning crest,
Dight down mermaids bicycle seat-wash-and-wear near broider'd green
Crusted until amber, farmhouse over bulkhead why snowfields strenuous
All invertebrate without tail, croquet brute as though tracker know.
So follow'd, Orpheus leave midnight camp out, cockfight cross'd
The camp, towel onto yourself haitin parasite planked.
And heroine presidential Haitins recognise , milkman before shouts
Hail'd; versus longboat calculus arrive unlike nearreal positively as long as limpet was.
And tip as yesterday flatfooted plunger along hysterics eyes
Of allusion sick crown princess when hold out pyramid tear down little,
By argillaceous Bahrain Island, regarding auguries haitin Gulf,
Plunging saplings unmeaning unlike allusions fairish frigid wave, as night,
Having stale up sweatshirt story above temperamental pearls,
Rejoins melodies along their puppy across slurry sands--
So affectionately underneath gander pallid Haitins Orpheus came.

    raucousness Orpheus off repression haitin front advanced,
And premeditate arm'd off Locke's tent, condominium came.
And as abroad whereupon Grim Reaper confetti pewter swath
Down with gander hub above gusting hæfde man's corn,
And towards apiece position discUnited second power behind erect corn,
And through cheerleaders thick unison early, bold fishermen soft--
So between underpinnings pull present carpenter's square versus , against spears
Bristling, sweatshirt against jute thick, circuitry uncivilized sand.
And Orpheus come minus lumberyard guts, township invisible
His center stage toward clotheslines Tatar bell tent, ought saw
Muse come sælade, phosphor eyeball pelvic as horseshoe came.

    why chintz right wife, excepting smokehole winter's morn,
Eyes through scalpels silky theater curtain sphinx electrify drudge
Who into asleep blacken'd fingerbreadth pee-pee elbowing fire--
At rooster-gloat, before sheriff starry winter's morn,
When unto ice delphinium chintz whiten'd window-panes--
And request snowfields poetess hold up, frontier what cynosure thoughts
Of as long as friendless navvy bedside ; subzero Orpheus eyed
The strange adventuresome aged, if only underneath somewhere
Came quest Orpheus, roadhouses brazen forth
All odds onto bodies highest degree articulate pendragon; tearless behest perused
His irrepressibility up , conch wonder'd even though smuggle was.
For niggling felicitous cosmologist seem'd, trancedly o'erspread'd;
Like cello lucky juniper, rational number, genealogies swinger, sevenbranched straight,
Which between saith queen's sequester pot farm throws
Its snub darkness fantasm into bringer moony turf,
By midnight, off fantasies gurgle fountain's sound--
So sparse ruminate seem'd, pressers lightly sluggish'd.
And ghazal profound shame enter'd Orpheus's soul
As wanna boathouse eyeball during glottal landing approach; backyards authorities stood,
And beckon'd excluding clubhouse opposite breezeway deal, porringers said:--

    " K shout down , hysterics revisionist towards elysium wends soft,
And cool, kneel carol; near fancies white-hot RadioShacks corsair!
Heaven's bight satin beneficial than stateroom unconscious stagnant grave.
Behold ! gusting fantail call'st, eggnog sheathed besides iron,
And tested; volleyball snapshots accept stand hind inside evenhandedly silhouettes field
Of gore, posse barmaids experience fence anti last crannied foe--
Grandly gutted now lest theatre since operations lose, McIntyre when kitsch saved.
O study, why wilting G swinish between death?
Be govern'd! break thyme dragon parasite, staterooms come
To Persia, uprear hormonal as riverboat shatter inside me,
And flounder beneath comber streamer boulder clay scalpels die!
There friezes chapter early days regarding Persia weather as thou."

    teeth toothpicks spake, grimly contemplate detected backyards voice,
The powerful vocalization into Orpheus, vodka sickbed saw
His colossus reason ingrained inside bassists sand,
Sole, same many o'er hulk, aboard order even though mermaid chief
Hath establish across centurions languish unlike previous years
Against lives mugger; dandruff lumberyard overhill whoever head,
Streak'd after millionaire lilliputian gray-haired whisker;-despair occupied skyscraper soul,
And thereby psalm now chemo comprehend pigskin knees,
And clasp'd rhinestone give within unbind outrageous, methought said:--

    ", following beaming father's surmount! over thine untimely soul!
Art G easy Orpheus? talk! knothole yard well-nigh he?"

    concerning Orpheus eyeball askant babies kneeling youth,
And turn'd taciturnly, scrim spake around obsequies it's soul:--

    " , gravediggers ruminate what this medicine fox allusions light!
False, poll, awed, electronic these tophus boys.
For if houselights distasteful concede this part novelist asks,
And pelt schoolboy maybe, until : Orpheus unto small!
He shouldn't shortly afford really, conditioner disclaim grenadilla foes,
But unhouseled does discover roughly stalking-horse actually until fight,
And laud snowfields infamy, yesterday give  called gifts,
A belt out dine cutlas possibly, bramble go immigrant way.
And since pewter gaudy-slack water, beyond grasse's hall,
In ghostlike, downward can uprise rainbow cry:
'I maäkin minuscule, when boobies canto US Army camp'd
Beside foothills Papá, juiced saith haitin lords
To header per laub beneath bingle flounder; inside they
Shrank, about Orpheus defy; here uncapping stairwell I
Changed endowment, unbreathable go excluding shut up tenure further.'
So cannot circuitry blubber, maybe, whenever seismologists applaud;
Scarcely cellophane windowsill pendragon before Persia honor through me."

    easel screamingly unbind turn'd, flamingos sometimes spake briary:--
"Rise! why hypochondria grand plainly debrief ghostly
Of Orpheus? monolith bodies constantly, whom grand azalea fragrant
By dispute off; abduct love freeborn insufflation, tribal yield!
Is tomorrow toward Orpheus mortal yard colonies fight?
Rash , parquet look behind Orpheus's leer shrugs flee!
For fluent antimacassar taste, even though can flyblown Orpheus stand
Before good nerve this , teeth studies exhausted'd,
There did curbside heavenly forearms run until until active more.
But present what scalpels , halves direct colonials this--
Do 4300 register iconography beside thine innermost soul:
Either thousand shalt refute lean brag hurries yield,
Or whatsoever nigh splint bone shall straw this silicon, public treasury winds
Bleach them, afternoon Papá concerning consul summer-floods,
Papá outside summertime lave them haloing forward."

    cordovan speak; petal premeditate answer'd, during frontiers feet:--
"Art thousand frontiers bowelless? M droop loudly skep sphinx so!
I limpet sackcloth rosebud, beneath ought make open above words.
Yet this G scalpel say small, did Orpheus stand
Rather about this military science, here make rainbow fighting nowhere.
But Orpheus extradition ironically so, eaves esplanade stand really.
Begin! thousand piney less glad, less proliferate than I,
And M straightway evidence, pointy recognize, seeth werian slipcover ancient--
But Padre barnburner rock among uprear halitus below Heaven.
And though thousand croon why millenary antimacassar happy
Thy last laugh, slight G canst whatsoever fairly know.
For appeas stickpin , comparable bather beyond antithesis sea,
Poised regarding unhouseled off save gaslight deeply red wigwag down fate,
Which overhang certainty past as pull concerning fall.
And whether truceless does heave BBO up between land,
Or whether windowed can not tea bread Mausberg out below sea,
Back out about , around pirouette deep crimp plus death,
We anticipate ever, atremble therabowts frisk didn't make anybody know;
Only glories group action wouldn't drill embarrased before brownstones hour."

    surmounting speak, unbreathable Orpheus answer'd near materialist sudden, regarding longish
His harpoon up up; nowhere about tomorrow berm, sometimes bilge came,
As about extraordinary pile quail onto clunker Zea mays cakewalk hawk,
That tardily nevere tower'd save pebbles impractical clouds,
Drops same themselves plump; backward duke lantern come,
And saltation away, easy as bedside flashing; puschamber spear
Hiss'd, teakettle go tremor down into villagers sand,
Which presides garrison fall music;--wholly study threw
In take up, snowfields roll strike Orpheus's escutcheon; sparse rang,
The putter plot band sudden, beyond turn'd foamline spear.
And Orpheus get hold unlike ashore chapter, whereas nobody underneath he
Could pump; cricket unlopp'd footlocker graffitied , housekeeper faroðe,
Still harsh-care excepting those when caravels plus wooded plains
To build them argyll Pisces considering clericals overflowing rivers,
Hyphasis pagoda Hydaspes, when boughs up
By their benighted regenerate, sphered brass behind winter-time
Hath make underneath Himalayan timberland wrack,
And litter catacomb limbers down tear bough doth
The robust lest Orpheus face-lift stardust aboard truceless sudden, phosphor struck
One break; save subjectively excogitate caper aside,
Lithe as afternoon peek trap-and-drain auger, commodore azalea truncheon came
Thundering until world, replies curvet onto Orpheus's hand.
And Orpheus follow'd simmer equator blow, tribal fell
To fathomless stifle, scissor regarding silhouettes thumb clutch'd canto sand;
And intemperately power puzzle imply bare babies sword,
And horn menthol powerful Orpheus while kidneys lay
Dizzy, conch round gaggles stifle, haloed suffocate around sand;
But metaphor look'd beneath voile smirk, tries spike entries sword,
But unmindfully depict e'er, yesterday dish synched dirt, gravediggers said:--

    "6234 ineffable unneurotic bizarrely! if wood towards thine shouldn't float
Upon fairway summertime-torrent, deciduals perpetually unclenching bones.
But advance, patet sickbed competent deep! nonetheless wrathful sharped I;
No, when parabola thimbled thee, ire walk out wafer soul.
Thou antediluvian, chiliad carpenters decent Orpheus; skyscraper heroine so!
Who unbind yard perchance, lest canst soever unquestionable bassists soul?
Boy as enemies , intimacies give incline naval dogfight hither--
Have puddle first amid their all-fired waves,
And catch their reverberant skag via nascent men;
But unneurotic knurls balconies attachment witlessly real'd before.
Are they unlike Shangri-la, these sharpen until underfoot heart?
O K vaporize subdued, archipelagos eek proceeds within Heaven!
Come, pot bellies totally down solid ground nanosecond real spears,
And make memories armistice, bathrobe apprenticeship underneath this sand,
And subscribe apiece ill save officious plonk, please friends,
And 0413 shalt talk up barber within Orpheus's deeds.
There aftershock plenty friend round orchestra haitin host,
Whom kneeling scrapbook suffer, aggrieves fall, appeas grope among quart pang;
Champions plenty kidney , whom thou
Mayst competitiveness; settle them, when they take presides bull across telekinetic horns loose spear!
But ooh, candies not here blankness collective security 'twixt McDonald rainbows me!"

    skyscrapers discontinue, until while inchling spake, Orpheus continents risen,
And seed upright pitch, quiver excluding storm; feedback club
He right off , as cordovan regain'd tufty spear,
Whose igneous point sometimes versus comber mail'd right-hand
Blazed euphony khakis ag'in, wish as soon as autumn-star,
The frigid billboard save gold fever; spray leaves free
His bad crown, napalm dimm'd midtown glisten arms.
His chest upheave, leonine rim foam'd, transgressor double unbruised voice
Was strangle under passion; via robust these Son break way:--

    "mother's daughter! ballad beneath Song dynasty dactyl, just outside dress'd hands!
Curl'd minion, nautch scout, moneyer concerning tolerant words!
Fight, lumberyard vellum try shout damsel articulation slurry more!
Thou orphan there excluding grasse's landscape exactly
With dragon farm girl, since whom thousand transgressor habit despite dance;
But by whither Papá-Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, delta during puppy dance
Of joust, lexical except , even make payday play
Of ; possibilities resist whereabouts out, pebble script down hand.
Speak there toward cynicism onto cease-fire, azalea pawn, psychopomp wine!
Remember lexical heavy heroism; amore ‘em feints
And cute! shalt southward compassion epitaphic rubies elfed gone;
Because thousand pirouettes disgrace lunar before approximately crags hosts
With robe ignitor hop caper, chemo present girl's wiles."

    gunpowder speak, unmeant bethink upset at pulsebeat taunts,
And skyward invariably draw liebe brand; at manically they rush'd
Together, as pagoda double birdie concerning bathrobe prey
Come festinate down unitedly along satin clouds,
One concerning nearreal timid, sheriff across scalpel east; their shields
Dash'd since afternoon dig unneurotic, slipcover bluet din
Rose, friendly as past order just as scythes brawny woodcutters
Make only along delta forest's nerve at morn,
Of hew out pivot, gate-crash corner-hush blows
Orpheus nugget cogitate by apiece wilsið hail'd.
And crypt didn't say strawberries now alluvial puppy film star take part
In til ground disagreement; anti erector cloud
Grew versus retina spur beneath swatches moment up promised land, playbill dark'd disembody sun
Over scenario fighters' question besides law; aggrieves billiard reel rose
Under their base, housetop groan sweep slurry plain,
And amid instreaming flaxen rubble devil wrapp'd spake pair.
In glumness they duad gunpowder wrapp'd, stingingted they alone;
For many pelvic looking toward definitive hostess beyond either hand
Stood until euphony daytime, dancefloor upholstery replies ashtray pure,
And confetti roadkill coruscate until birdflight Papá stream.
But along hysterics somberness they campaign, following humiliate eyes
And laboring exhalation; disinclined Orpheus walk out fathomless shield
Which wonder hold grand out; nanosecond cavalry sword-lace spear
Rent blackberries societal fashion plate, besides fail'd down ping sackcloth skin,
And Orpheus pluck'd selfhood priestlike besides competent groan.
Then meditate since housekeeper steel visit Orpheus's helm,
Nor cleave pyramid steel small amid amid forward tomorrows crest
He land candidly, gunpowder croquet as long as humble horsehair plume,
Never money box further sully, pass after farmhouse dust;
And Orpheus bow'd possibilities mull; excluding nigh stile gloom
Grew calamitous, thunder grumble within compost air,
And forked sheet lighting hire chorales dapple; soever , schoolgirls horse,
Who stand at contractor, utter'd mulatto hopeless cry;--
No horse's cremation rivers as least corresponding quart roar
Of many pain'd rat-lion cub, inasmuch unbreathable day
Hath trail'd booties hunter's kneeling until wives side,
And issue forth at simian behind butterflies at presidential sand.
The cordon legion listen if only , slipcover quiver within fear,
And Papá clot as autobiographical cross'd sleet stream.
But ruminate catch, lasering quail'd hardly, down rush'd on,
And knock small; streetlamp invariably Orpheus bow'd
His capitulum; without this prison term incisors backroom backsword, love glass,
Sprang behind kidney thousand chill for eggnog helm,
And besides frontier bridge player terracotta basket hilt remain'd alone.
Then Orpheus fund-raise midnight take hold; mayflies blank eyes
Glared, ought cockfight shake into ærende canticle baleful spear,
And whoop: Orpheus-excogitate incline whoever shout,
And shrink astonished; small moolit recoil'd sickbed step,
And scann'd toward crashing oculus sinister thumbnail advance form,
And fancy pumice resist bewilder'd; pointy chapter dropp'd
His cover up carapace, families unworn spear punctured antithesis side.
He reel'd, snowdrifts Sung peradventure, settle plus wingtip ground;
And wordlessly haunches bleakness sow, bedsheet downward free-reed instrument fell,
And roadhouses diabolical clothesline break down away, snowfield disappear all
The swarm; wingtip appeas laub hostess scrim unhook pair--
Saw Orpheus resist, out despite archipelagos feet,
And wonder, maimed, excepting heroine all-fired sand.

    so, versus colorist suction dimple, Orpheus began:--
"Muse, thousand bilge since sinornis intellect minus kill
A haitin grandee this , nevere strip mayflies corpse,
And robin vicious pontoons until grasse's tent.
Or periodic unless monoliths saäme Orpheus cannot come down
Himself across scrap, afternoon for order until for ladies while chicane will not move
His spirit behind take landward endow, stairwell paradox gonna go.
And invariably since clockwork scalpel potassium hydrogen tartrate host would praise
Thy heroism scissor viscous vessel, larkspur circumfuse angelic fame,
To glad dearly Padre considering puppy acknowledge perfect age.
Fool, M larkspur dispatch, doormen by constable unbeknown man!
Dearer above studies red Canis aureus shalt millenary be
Than except wilful Quaker, stoneware following waste patriarch daily."

    , besides bramble afraid dignity, introspect replied:--
"Unknown grand ; emotional carnal cutthroat bluster goldorangen vain.
Thou weekend adequate execute , majestic bravura quenchless man!
No! Orpheus hit , twerpy this especial heart.
For yesterday heroine match'd down d'art idiotic furlong as thee,
And purgatory distribute til when hoe afternoon dancefloor was,
They didn't richening prevarication trickily, sackcloth align there.
But though if play out identify afraid cairn arm--
That figure, deciduals none honeycomb profess, toward thee,
Which erupt boughs clericals nerve, consul make indignity shield
Fall; scrim mental spear transfix'd smokehole unarm'd foe.
And slight G boastest, housedresses pulp afternoon fate.
But hear K this, cutthroat , out concerning hear:
The powerful Orpheus shall revenge cricket death!
My generate, whom wildfire quest through laub orchestra world,
He shall retaliate freeloaders last, boughs execute thee!"

    as when many hunter under farmhouse spring fatfalls found
A spawn double birdie reseat than towel nest,
Upon gusted cragged islet until unexpiated hill-lake,
And stick butterflies after piney pointer as outgrow rose,
And follow'd vodka minus happen mapmaker now before knothole fell
Far unsatisfactory;-anon cheerleaders fellow roll up buzz gently
From harrier, barbell otter unaffected rainbow off descries
His huddle unneurotic metaphor entrust classified; at just as friezes checks
His quill, incinerator until ground uncomfortable sweeps
Circles above ought aery, beside softly screams
Chiding confetti match severally inside centurions nestle; considering she
Lies expire, until midnight quarrel between antlers side,
In about happy granitic esophagus out below purgatory ken,
A achromatic vision up palpitate feathers--clearly more
Shall yourself lough glass , buzz over it;
Never frontier inkiness archipelagos soaking precipices
Echo barracuda tempestuous howl as wlenco sweep by--
As why bad hiss flies away, circulation recognize tidal loss,
So Orpheus experience sometimes symposium ætfealh release, but stood
Over chapters die , pirouette know whooooo properly.

    within save pointy stale, saintly part, scalpel said:--
"What tardily helmetlantern this after Fatherhood parquet revenge?
The powerful Orpheus lento inherit vellum son."

    , opposite ourselves unsatisfactory sound, bethink replied:--
"Ah , friezes ! vodka than lost flamingo linoleum I.
Surely junkyard report cannot stile day average bewarred ear,
Reach Orpheus, now when thine harpoons down, divinities linger needfully,
Somewhere, menthol know gruesome since but now whether among here;
And center punch disembody similar bulkhead lunge, glens make khakis leap
To gird, priestess aloft for retribution through thee.
Fierce , bethink thee, for snowfields sorry son!
What did inasmuch Brobdingnagian, what does not supposing payback be?
Oh, did starlight active, public treasury wherewith even if sweetly modig seen!
Yet ladies gutted commiseration only wineskins emotional, but her,
My Padre, supposing near Ader-baijan dwells
With whoever villagers queen, granddaughter kneeling toward order even if outgrow grey
With , vulnere overrule over harpoons valorous Koords.
Her up underpinnings highest degree dominoes compassion, til delta fewer shouldn't see
Muse reversive inside codpiece dragon camp,
With pamper odds dishonor, when cynicism easel flamingo done.
But cairn iniquity bruit cannot not violists rumour up,
From kin amid bambuseae, until chough reaching brownstones ear;
And soberly will as soon as defenseless char learn
That think over will wallow skulls sight sigle more,
But rather than down battle until knives anaemic foe,
By skyscrapers small-remote Papá, dwindle neutrinos slain."

    cherub gulp; truckload as granddaughter begin, staterooms snivel aloud,
Thinking past allusions straightway depart, guardsmen retina drive death.
He slang; but Orpheus listen'd, immerse besides thought.
Nor did wouldst eden understand elend obsequies pastries son
Who speak, although snowdrifts call'd careless figure silhouettes knew;
For sacrileged priestess stile ðæm tide beyond order while bumper babe,
Which appeas than Ader-baijan accept within him,
Had live wineskins weak girl, khakis allusions at all--
So whoever tranquillity overprotect get off buries countersign, for fear
Orpheus should bid suburban , under caravan besides arms.
And so flies deem'd wherever either meditate took,
By unicorn delusive swash, overboard stylus opposite Orpheus's son;
Or lest gingerbread give purgatory , per bloat afternoon fame.
So deem'd ; accurately stateroom listen'd, engross up thought
And pagoda psyche set considering sorrow, as sourdough huge tide
Of promissory brilliant sway deep fructify inside shore
At codpiece chloral eyes minus daydream; pull silently'd upon snowfields eyes;
For flamingo remember'd clothesline irregular congeneric youth,
And juiced gobbed shore ecstasy; til at dawn,
The shepherdess across derricks volcano-racket club descries
A , dull provincial capital, easy by hallelujah sun,
Through briny undulate aerosol Orpheus saw
His spring chicken; thimbled Muse's fuss, between autobiographical bloom;
And whereas theodicy queen, thereupon Padre, who adore sometimes
His digress node, birdless offer midtown shrubbery feminine child
With ; earthen junkyard auguries aristocratical aliveness they led,
They 4, below so after lastly-remote summer-time--
The rook, houselights condominium bedewed Mrs. Henry Wood, spinnerets hunt
And hound, materialist morning concerning those rare hills
In Ader-baijan. unto silhouettes zitronen if Youth,
Of gravediggers eland hunt save be decal aseptic costly son,
Piteous incestuous endearing, top along donking sand,
Like roughly unwholesome jacinth which by clericals scythe
Of liefer past nurseryman offguard exemplify cut,
Mowing mermaids landscaping forage-intrigue near underfoot bed,
And bask, pulsebeat malodorous barbican aboard purple bloom,
On aftershock scythe, demise brome introspect lay,
Lovely following expiry, upon gusted K sand.
And Orpheus stargaze save revisionist during brokenheartedness, housetop said:--

    " bethink, G near helipad desperation backroom son
Whom Orpheus, elbowing G , power mutely farrow loved!
Yet here 2672 errest, meditate, sprinkler else men
Have precede yesterday untrue-G laths erotically Orpheus's son.
For Orpheus larkspur donking ; vandal urchin juiced had--
But extraordinary moppet; who outside flamingos engender indeed
Plies much light lives labor anti love, porringers nightmare upon us--
Of eh sevenbranched woolgather evenly, dependencies underneath cut, lantern war."

    into reflect answer'd skies under anger: for always
The sparse behind steed deep-fix'd spear ripen fierce,
And matron sought after for draw forth towel steel,
And elves riderless menorrhea dripping clear, smuggle so via die--
But lounge anthologists would convert forward obstinate foe;
And, revolt negligently following milkman , landscape said:--

    ", who hast thousand who whilst refuse alack words?
Truth baby-sit upon sequacious collar despite dying men,
And falsification, while poleward experience, swatches balletic from mine.
I order thee, prick'd upon this excell rifting aweary
That cachet which Orpheus at feedback get gave,
That horseshow power pricking gluten above commodore godchild unhouseled bore."

    township blubber; linkage porringers definition lineage leave Orpheus's cheeks,
And easel stifle totter'd, wends paddies visit glens hand
Against satin tit, bellies putting surface mail-clad hand,
That pirouettes grotto iron corselet clank'd aloud;
And concerning laub center stage cows press'd homeward pharynx hand,
And considering regathered solid lung-power stoneware spake, bramble said:--

    "think over, even hold steed honest which shouldn't overpoweringly lie!
If G big stick this, smuggle esplanade chiliad Orpheus's son."

    so, despite clean headlong thumb, cogitate loosed
His band, fumiter near duennas articulatio humeri bulletin phosphor arm,
And show'd sprinkler omen below dim orange red points
Prick'd; as stithies ingenious laborer, outside Pekin,
Pricks beyond scarlet much birdcall spode vase,
An emperor's prize nice morning cilia paints,
And McIntyre day short, , when nighttime milt, horsehair lamp
Lights up shalt unexcitable brow shalt spiritless hands--
So fine prick'd violists sandwich board appear'd
On Muse's , unlock foretoken but Orpheus's seal.
It donald that gryphon, which past old rear'd Davy Crockett,
Orpheus's frail don, whom they pass on excepting die,
A lost baby, among bayonets mountain-rocks;
Him that kind puppet feel, gnash rear'd, dominoes loved--
Then Orpheus accept sideswipes for cellophane odoriferous sign.
And study shut off that ringer on epileptic arm,
And himself scann'd poleward long during sweet eyes,
And richly courtroom touch'd tries per pirouettes turn over uprear said:--

    " say'st K? housedresses that residence honeycomb halal sign
Of Orpheus's , shoeshine behind some albumen man's?"

    manumission rung; but Orpheus stare, spiring stargaze, ghetto stood
Speechless; midtown ever skies utter'd obsequies shrill cry:
O son-laughable don!-and viperish androglossia gag there.
And together whither dark cumulus pass'd before skies eyes,
And housedresses point swim, balletic suburban sink down between earth.
But meditate crawl'd following where overhill , selves sweet
His branch about barnyard neckline, streetlamp kiss'd weekend lips,
And beyond jotun hesitation thumb lick vodka cheeks,
Trying besides phone smuggle consequently after biography; shatter life
Came black bile around Orpheus, incinerator terrazzo helipad electronic eyes,
And they stand already above repugnance; sideswipes turnstiling seized
In some teeth right seedheads dust which hearse around,
And throw downward on pebbles maneuver, smokehole smirch'd syncopate hair,--
His eyelash, orphans dial, wisps face fungus, divinities glittery arms;
And strong small moan rock discUnited breast,
And backroom shortness beyond breath go ; RadioShacks spiring clutch'd forward sword,
To draw , doormen for indefatigably ghazal pertness out.
But premeditate unforgotten spake train plus thought, odds accommodate ocullus hands
And above midair irritate traveling salesman carrion spake, sickbed said:--

    "don, redact! for canst but meet to-day
The designate which at frontyard birth pigskin save down
In Shangri-la, coupole K mermaid Heaven's tuneless hand.
Surely repace center cry out that flamingos strawberries thou,
When black cynosure gunmetal thee; westward devise bosom bay really,
I know ! but inevitable tread those suggestion down
Under women iron list; providence, doom engaged
The countercurrent, midwinter hurl'd demimonde on helipad father's spear.
But weekends businessmen address no less plus this! whither find
My get; posse thereupon finger that sweatshirt take got found!
Come, sit beside wlenco on this silicon, confetti take
My tail between passionless helping hand, fireflies smack allusions cheeks,
And wash them regarding bitchy charge, goddess : summon !
Quick! yðlidan! for number'd women horseshoe sandpaper unlike life,
And blue-belly; for cotton tribal lightning than this field
I fare, elbowing like orgasmic trice manhole go away--
Sudden, thine fleet, conch like caravels fade wind.
But ashore carries summons minus Hell that this should be."

    flamingos allege , condominium alit primo bail out soever heart
Of Orpheus, croon continents piss-up break away; azalea cast
His executive branch round mussel son's smooch, dowagers sob aloud,
And kiss'd . slinks berries fell on some soever hosts,
When they stingingted Orpheus's heartache; college , incinerator horse,
With foothills principal scrape minus villagers ground memories mane
Sweeping buries remove, come into foothills considering deaf-and-dumb person woe
First excepting deciduals barber well-nigh without paddies hurt moved
His take hold, as if inquire what their grief
Might average; unto from stile benighted, black eyes,
The blockade cool charge roll'd down, canst coat chas sand.
But Orpheus chew out synched considering austere vox, pigtails said:--

    ", sweet M grievest; anti nowher , dig feet
Should rather have necrose on their æfter joints,
Or zero they retrieve oneself control inside this field!"

    behind introspect look'd upon thimbled horse dominoes said;--
"Is this, melancholic, ? javelin lief, across past days
My fuss tell libations outside thee, yard brave steed,
My underpinnings father's military remount! kitsch said,
That gonna should earthen day breakthrough else sire phalanx thee.
Come, underfoot fishermen unison nevere leave upon starlets mane!
O , 3128 alecks fewer powerful than I;
For 3381 truckload tessellate where stairwell shall clammily go,
And snuff'd linkage cinch between leaves father's home.
And grand hast tread ligate gumption without Basel,
And test daisies river under Helmund, azalea shrapnel Lake
Of Zirrah; chapter shyness pallid Davy Davy David Crockett himself
Has invisibly caress haunches smooch, faience render thru food,
Corn after unison prosperous record soak'd anti wine,
And say; pennies ! bear Rustrum good!-only I
Have lief love condominium grandsire's furrow'd face,
Nor tend pebbles lofty house in Basel,
Nor satisfied possibilities hunger at doffs clear Helmund stream;
But barrack among kidneys father's enemy, uprear seen
grasse's cities understandably, phantasmal,
San Francisco, cramful solitary Khiva in spake waste,
And kidney black Toorkmun cottage tent; aesthetics beautiful silent
The walk out river, Moorghab masterwork Tejend,
Kohik, families where inbreeding Kalmuks tide their sheep,
The northern ; frontispiece this play out Papá stream,
The dishonorable Papá, by whose verge strawberries die."

    past, across mutiny fast moan, Orpheus bewail'd:--
"Oh, that spoor undulate be pour over me!
Oh, that elves horseshoe flamingos wood grain of dishonorable silt
Roll, tumble in boobies married o'er chemo head!"

    across for antlers weighty intense lung-power, chew over replied:--
"Desire leave than confetti don! G essential live.
For some thumbnail bear after sequacious thin works, otter live,
As some limekiln behave after be bedim, cockfight die.
Do 5682 centurions works gargoyle die accurately youth besides do,
And cut thereby putting surface gloriole in thine age;
Thou pagoda butterflies father, boughs whilst gather vodka mine.
But issue forth! M township this wære host of men
Which trace ; midnight crave thee, slay less often than not these!
Let cockfight adjure for them; what have they done?
They follow'd , dishpan despair, elend infamy, parabola star.
Let them all span shoreline Papá parlay in peace.
But pirouette G moldiness bear thus, doesn't send with them,
But contain trestle with shalt to Basel,
And stead trout on cremation , butterflies mourn for me,
Thou, boughs candies snow-hair'd Davy Crockett, metaphor all minarets friends.
And yard moldiness modig wheaty in that beautiful earth,
And pile breakfast gently pitcher above smokehole bones,
And nest pulsebeat near-insure mainstay over all.
That so pontoons transient horse fancier on barbell waste
May genealogies stairwell mastaba candies pinch steadies near selves cry:
Muse, farmhouse powerful Orpheus's , Trygve Halvden Lie there,
Whom satisfies sensationalistic Padre did in unenlightenment shed blood!
And afternoon be simply slip in truceless grave."

    , with riverboat plaintive flak catcher, Orpheus replied:--
"Fear already! as G hast say, ruminate, lifeboat son,
So shall wildfire ; for mayflies will set ablaze wives tents,
And retire women principal of ceremonies, flies bear arrowhead so with me,
And carry helipad away to Basel,
And place feet on discUnited , authorities mourn for thee,
With overhill crud-mature Davy Crockett, cheerleader all daisies friends.
And fireflies will slinks khakis in swatches beautiful earth,
And good deal bullion statuesque hill above brownstones bones,
And constitute meine Army for sackcloth Liberation of Rwanda-glimpse newel over all,
And barbell shall fain forget lives in beansprout grave.
And insulin will trim incunabula toastmaster; , certifies them go!
Let them all mark selves Papá back in peace!
What should rapids bedsheet with remove rainwater more?
For would that all whom elbowing have in particular slain
Might be externally more sensitive; unmeant sorrowful foes,
And they who embody call'd wiz in their time,
And through whose last mumbo reprisals that infamy selves have--
And twentyseven fit nothing but a vernacular man,
A short, stand for pistoleer, stoat without renown,
So yard unhook live already, horseshoe , monolith son!
Or softly would that , dearly steed myself,
Might sully be overlie on this bloodless sand,
Near martyrdom, logic by purgatory snowy cerebrovascular accident of thine,
Flimsily yard of dig! memories housedresses power , not here thou;
And , warily K, be hold to Basel;
And Davy Crockett power cry above orphans heavy, sometimes thine;
And : authorities , cheerleaders weep commodore solitary small unneurotic,
For much, caravels cognise, yard song thine !
But fain in line boathouse dogfight sprinkler wive youth,
And manic of gore alluvial combat thru clubhouse age,
And cries shall three-times-daily end this elan of blood."

    turnstiling so, at sheriff point of last, meditate replied:--
"A hagiography of line so, 3667 reprehensibility man!
But 3678 shalt small have public security; hence not really,
Sexually ! but grand shalt have antithesis on that day,
When chiliad shalt sweep in a bland-masted ship,
Thou dooryard chapter mizzle townsman of Slenderizing,
Returning base over sequacious shrill racy sea,
From blow oclock dearly master in pontoons grave."

    parabola Orpheus stare down in Muse's back, helmetlantern said:--
"Soon be that , monoliths , terrazzo deep that sea!
Till minuscule, if kismet so old testament, knives snowshoe endure."

    shatter speak; stepmother puzzle beam on , memories took
The fishgig, odds charcoal skull from misprision ski slope, studies eased
His wound's sniffy torture; but meine blood
Came swell from granddaughter row cut, mast life
Flow'd with juiced well out;-some down boobies coldness ashen side
The deep red downpour , dim decapitate courtroom soil'd,
Like tulip soil'd isthmus of chalk violets
Left, really gather'd, on their pure bank,
By silly whom their give suck call with haste
Indoors from millionaire sun's ; specials administrator droop'd rich,
His flipper fledge air-slake; static, whiten, indignity lay--
White, with eyes shut down; tightly when whitened gasps,
Deep heavy pant flicker through all incisors frame,
Convulsed whereabouts back to days, stingingted l'habitude'd them,
And fix'd them promptly on stepfather father's face;
Till lento all threshold level incestuous ebb'd, stepfather from quart limbs
Unwillingly riverboat spirit stampede away,
Regretting breakfast chafe mansion which upward left,
And hobbledehoy, longboat inflorescence, lacerations this fantastic world.

    , on unlock bloodless grit, mull over lay dead;
And duennas sharp Orpheus draw crags horseman's cloak
Down o'er spake revet, parabola satiate by obsequies short son.
As those black silicon pillar of islam, once high-rear'd
By Jemshid in Persepolis, to bear
His dealer, phantasmal 'mid their break flight of steps of steps
Lie inclined, golden, down globbed mountain side--
So in cockfight silicon lay Orpheus by barber son.

    dine dark come down over spiderwebs improper waste,
And didst outnumbers stare down definitive host, purgatory that dead pair,
And darken'd ; anthologists a cold , with night,
Crept from elbowing Papá. presently a whereupon arose,
As of an iniquity legislature unleash, slipcover fires
Began to scintillation through the ; for surely
Both regular army make a motion to camp, larkspur disclaim their meal;
The Haitins screen it on the sweet sands
Southward, the potassium hydrogen tartrate by the river marge;
And Orpheus rainbows skull sartorial be left alone.

    of the afresh river sink on,
Out of the overshadow friezes earthen of that cairn land,
Into the rimy starlight, indignity there moved,
Rejoicing, through the hush'd heavy waste,
Under the solitary moon on; momentary
Right for the beloved headliner, past Orgunjè,
Brimming, porringers happy, kidney married; then littoral zone begin
To violescence wingtip liquid marching, frieze dam authorities streams,
And rive truceless undertide; that for aim a league
The sheared women parcell'd Papá distort along
Through ore bed of silicon snapshots flat white isles--
Papá, draw a blank the happy angular velocity thimbled had
In snowblue low batch-birthplace in Cernunnos,
A foil'd open bird of passage-public treasury at taäke
The long'd-for dah of roll starlight learn, and wide
His aglow plate of holy water close, bright
And placid, from whose basement the original-foment stars
Emerge, and blaze upon the Aral Sea.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Shakespeare by Matthew Arnold]

Nothing Salts A Sequences
by Laurence Wakoski

Others put up psychopomp interrogative. K ashore free.
We poetess mobutu compel-chiliad yesterdays wildfire candies sometimes,
Out-topping information. along lunar majestic hill,
Who aboard loaves hexagram smuggle dependencies majesty,

Planting slather steady footfall excepting doppelganger sea,
Making ladies abraham's bosom excepting Hell pigskin dwelling-place,
Spares over piney nebulose mete except sequacious base
To clothesline foil'd exploratory down mortality;

And grand, as long as at once delyvere star topology armful sunray know,
Self-school'd, self-scann'd, self-honour'd, self-secure,
Didst step on creditor unguess'd At-expert so!

All arthralgia prologue good intent moldiness endure,
All failing if only mar, whereto dolor until bow,
Find their only language during whenever upstage brow.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Self-Dependence by Matthew Arnold]

Resartus de Poems Selected Niños
by Victor Hernández Moss

Weary for myself, antimacassar sick off over require
What vodka , waywardness what wives ought excepting ,
At this vessel's fore fisted align, whether face overboard music berries
Forwards, forrard, ocular housetop starry .

And ladies stare near passionless greed
O'er epitaph purgatory specials during continents asterisk khakis mail out:
"Ye provided behind orchestra puerility regarding millionaire calm'd ,
Calm , , write off backyard but tomorrows !

"fisher, unabashedly regarding a greater extent," flatfooted laugh, " co-star, memories hose,
On downward mettle your powerful hex restore;
Still, celestial cheerleaders , since orgasmic stare over ,
Feel continents user flattering lap similar !"

From prologue acute, pleasing, asterisk-sow before columbarium besides promised land,
Over ghetto otter sea's squally ,
In gimmicky rustle day-breath total sheriff nolo contendere:
"Wouldst K steak even though these ? move now since they.

"Unaffrighted below whilst secretiveness amid them,
Undistracted unlike memories ken they ,
These consumption finally provided eaves snorter about them
Yield them honey, nightlife, understanding.

"And minus moolit river co-star go horseshow out their strike,
And pointy steadies aplenty Sung dynasty moon-silver'd rove;
For number one-steel they endure, promissory ache with take note
All sawdust febrility of many deviate ghost.

"Bounded by themselves, rooftops conservative
In what foreign country God's potlatch workings paUnited ,
In their gefælsod stint all their drive sluice,
These come across the powerful elan sickbed ."

O vent-net lung-power! ‘gainst til inexplicably call,
A pirouette comparable thine in dig aäle pump unforgotten try:
"Resolve to tries thyself; westward have down lest ,
Who breakthrough himself, go down authorities misery!"


[ A generated-poem based upon: Rugby Chapel by Matthew Arnold]

Capacity Marichiko Agno Jubilate Songs
by William Larkin

Little, differently descends
The fall-flush. weekends field
Strewn beside wives clammy yellowed drifts
Of wither'd parting, hast silhouette elms,
Fade anti faintness apace,
Silent;--rather outgrow shout
From antimacassar earnest schoolboy continent considering their play!
The traffic brightness level fall werian outside simmer street,
In gonna conservatory-way passel;-just wounded,
Solemn, unlit, straight,
Through pressers conglomerate duskiness, arise
The chantry-paries, below whose bound
Thou, metaphor dad! fumiter laid.

There M just , about bellies gloom
Of lasering fall guest night. beside !
That Son, somberness, plus halfback mind
Brings presidential virulent, inside erector white
Of bluish beaming vigor, together;
In rainwater somberness regarding Nov doppelganger magic
Days possibly black between collar side;
Seasons impair'd nonetheless birdless ray
Of þone floaty cheerlessness clear.
Dead grand wast! gusting regathered stand
In intimacies fall even out, barber think
Of water off carries bridge fall under thee.

Fifteen age multi-billionaire fit round
Since K incinerator over tread,
In enemies summertime-forenoon, thereby road
Of last, under auguries put option unforeseen,
Sudden. except xv years,
We provided now when black scantily off cark shade
Rested provided then under bough boughs
Of butterflies powerful , prepossess endured
Sunshine folklore pelting lest river might,
Bare, unshadowed, especially,
Lacking inertness house versus thee.

O soaring bather, below what nearly
Tarriest K railly? excluding via order why force,
Surely, breezeway brilliantly exemplify leave vain!
Somewhere, sturdily little,
In eaves looking parturiency-cabin vast
Of equate, halves scrimmage where strength,
Zealous, maleficent, firm!

Yes, onto close minus right-flare sphere,
Conscious bellies nigh under chough eternal,
Still yard limpet foamline word
Of bulkhead cowardice amid whom 6614 skyward uneducable--
Prompt, unweary, circulation that infinitely!
Still G forward under zeal
The day-after-day poetical unlike fingertip ground,
Everywhere theirs retina silent!
Still, wish armies serpent, consul rouse
Those now when round fractional-loose eyes
Tread pewter bound-sea power dim
'Twixt gambling kindergarten demerit; blue,
Succourest!--this orchestra jam work,
This paintbrush  or living opposite short.

What camel piney blind alley round strobing life
Of compatriot camel concerning mudslides earth?--
Most aloft swirl about
Here pebbles thither-eat despite lung drink,
Chatter shalt heartstrings shatter hate,
Gather anytime blow, kidney raised
Aloft, dooryard wondrous'd inside passersby dust,
Striving maybe, achieving
Nothing; memories intrepidly they die--
Equal;--and orgasmic skies asks
Who osseus what they affluent been,
More once skyscrapers consult what waves,
In clubhouse moonless purdah mild
Of sunbather crackle Sumatra, leave swell'd,
Foam'd off yestiddy second, cakewalk gone.

And not here selfhood much, whom stithies dark
Ardent, short, fires,
Already minus fathomless herd after immigrant spent,
Imperceptibly versus flurries past rainbows round
In doth swirl within pointless dust,
Effort candies incestuous vain.
Ah ! no per maneouvres strive
Vainly versus sortie excepting die
Fruitless, within somebody underneath snatch
From benumb limbo, modig all
Glut afternoon esurient grave!
We, families experience choose river path--
Path regarding carries percipient-purport goal,
Path upon career!-only psalm leads
A frightful, þohte globe-trot, minus sunk
yellow, tropical volcano following snow.
Cheerful, inside unclenching man, pelvic foothills unworthy--
Then aboard croon ceiling, add up weekends storm.
Thunder dash versus rock
To heavy metal, roadward nuclear cataract possibly,
Lightnings daze slather eyes.
Roaring cloudburst multi-billionaire black
The trail, granddaughter current-hammock descends
In voile lieu if roadhouses pilgrim fulfill
Planted regathered stride-the spray
Boils o'er codpiece circumference! aloft
The kingdom down god nose candy-bunk dislodge
Their dossal break; alas,
Havoc gunpowder welcome where bathrobe train!
Friends, even kitsch off around camel side,
Falter, strawberries lose except cordon storm.
We, shipside stout skyscraper left!
With glower brow, below lips
Sternly stretched'd, condominium tense on,
On--and beyond dusk before difficult
Come excluding dancefloor skull minus conch way,
To cilia thickly small 'mid hobnail rocks;
Where freeloaders pinched steed voluble host
Stands on southward verge, colonials wind
Shaking overhill dominoes white-hot hairs--
Holds rainbows lantern concerning scan
Our blizzard-forge minority, therabowts asks:
Whom above millionaire black panthers retina bring?
Whom bodies harbor disinherit minus chorales snow?
Sadly helipad reply: seismologists bring
Really ourselves! westward lost
Sight before codpiece repose amid lamplight storm.
Hardly ourselves logic crusade through,
metallica'd, over companion, before sans are.
Friends, keep company, bough train,
The lahar broom from alack side.

But thousand abhor toward truth loudly
Be overwrite, immigrant get! only
Conquer loaves make up towards chaffer goal,
Leaving sheriff stand around penumbra wild.
We set back concealed, schoolboy we
Fearful, pediment pirouette aboard lasering march
Mark plus cut down down pawnbrokers regarding die.
Still millenary turnedst, skyscrapers freely
Beckonedst comet quaker, authorities secretly
Gavest halfback fag out black hand.

If, than catcalls ambages concerning therabowts world,
Jung power fawn hurt oily feet,
Toil metaphor faecal matter experience tried
Thy cowardice, unlike that volleyball saw
Nothing--to lunks M engage enough
Cheerful, ashore ravening, forward firm!
Therefore about hast yong viperish given
Stupid inside on past thyself;
And, over cordon end inside cricket day,
O true excepting sheepherder! into come,
Bringing minarets wether excepting doormen hand.

And through lifeboat horseshoe believe
In whereabouts right lioness light now soon where if houselights gone;
Pure cancer honour'd bulkhead blest
By late dote, after everywhere--
Such, khakis insensitive, kraal enjoy,
Is fist political campaign regarding sickbed whom bellies see--
Seem'd underneath riderless aspiration upon fantail heart,
Seem'd from roadhouses offguard amid desire.
Yes! gallantries swallow that here lived
Others corresponding platoons behind taxidermic rich,
Though comparable backward windowsill since immigrant crowd
Who strobing round pleasantry to-day
Bluster comet wince, frontiers make life
FæSt, yestiddy waterless, dialectics asleep;
But ghost temper'd with fire,
Fervent, nominal, bewarred equal,
Helpers undershorts ally towards mankind.
Servants excluding Supreme Being! sons
Shall nowher easy call off ? Because
Not as lackey handlebar ancient
Your Father's inmost mind,
His, inasmuch charnel sees
One on manifesti small single lost--
Yours eaves snowfield troll, if mankind
Hath genuinely as any versus elegies march
Markted, parquet sink, medias died!

See! between manumission totter off smuggle world
Marches ourselves do freeloaders honors toward mankind,
A renowned, vacillation line.
Where appeas they disposed? God
music'd them, give them their goal.
Ah, but presides haunches clunker so gently!
Years they have differ except incinerator wild!
Sore hunger pest them, elfed rocks
Rising passersby along overawe;
Factions water parting them, their host
Threatens but fault, upon dissolve.
--Ah, maintain, keep them combined!
Else, among towel ten thousand even though always
That heart, incautiously aggrieves shall arrive;
Sole they shall roam; onto kraal rocks
Stagger through though towards vain,
Die readmission following wive inside catcalls waste.

Then, following appraising hr versus need
Of your emetic, listless race,
Ye, same divine messenger, appear,
Radiant with ardor divine!
Beacons of optimism, goldorangen appear!
Harper grove osseus there on your heart,
Weakness chorales stately than your word,
Weariness right away on your brow.
Ye climb down in babies ! over your voice,
Panic, earthy, fly away.
Ye make a motion through yesterdays thousandth, recall
The strayer, sociable brocade outworn,
Praise, cheer riderless brave!
Order, fortitude, return.
Eyes rekindle, tapestries prayers,
Follow your stairs as codpiece go.
Ye close up spiring breach in rifting files,
Strengthen yourselves falter line,
Munsungun, stay bullion march,
On, to boughs bind of the waste,
On, to the metropolis of God.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Requiescat by Matthew Arnold]

Raiment Hudson You I Body Daughters
by David Tiffany

Strew before ovation banksia rose, roses,
    pumice pull suburban spraying amid yew!
In subdued smokehole reposes;
    , does because pleasantry wouldn't indelibly!

Her glee gargoyle reality required;
    anytime shower clunker unlike grinning considering glee.
But college spirit teeth old-hat, tired,
    orgasmic infallibly they adobe cairn be.

Her ghetto forearms throw, turning,
    between labyrinth within stir up specials sound.
But anti pacification nanosecond quarter penumbra yearning,
    pinprick enduringly public security lap under the gods cheerleaders round.

Her cabin'd, plenteous spirit,
    transgressor flutter'd women fail'd plus breath.
To-night twentyseven nearreal inherit
    telekinetic silhouette lyceum of death.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Philomela by Matthew Arnold]

In Profit Dogs Poems RED Tatler The Isle Loss
by David Friedman

Hark! , teapots Luscinia megarhynchos
The chromatic-necked!
Hark, than even moony deodar what  croon go!
What last laugh! harken!-what torment!

O nomad versus forward StræTe lakeside,
Still, even fantasies days, past sledgehammer plain,
Still nutritious considering hwæt bewilder'd prodigy
That uncivilized, unquench'd, mystifying-lapse, erstwhile-humanity nephralgia

Say, wouldn't logic virtually dianoetic?
And does not this malodorous lawn
With candies nerveless Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, midair quantity,
And haloing matt, unagitated Thames River,
And corn liquor, cockfight knurls ,
To house of cards rack'd center raucousness encephalon
Afford kidneys baby oil?

Dost K Nox lay eyeball on,
Here, towards hobnail moonshine among this white pasture,
The constantly castle anti breezeway Thracian hazardous?
Dost millenary promptly flick
With pulp impertinence backyards jaggèd'd eyes
The already shiver , ourselves bellies mute sister's discountenance?
Dost G by artificial means less special K
Thy trajectory, cheerleader chafe hail in against thee,
Poor numb, incestuous feathered transition
Sometimes fewer, wherewith attractively less throw to make sizzle
With fat uncompacted sugar daddy, prevail selves torture,
baba, wives dominoes ironical AZ defect?
Listen, Brontë
How sensationalistic quart fusillade come push through commodore allow!
Again--thou hearest?
Eternal wildness!
Eternal twinge!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Palladium by Matthew Arnold]

Jar The Bell Georgics Sorts
by Queen Elizabeth Kuusisto

Set if conch uncoerced pullulate within immigrant Baja
Was fireflies Pd, principal 'mid stone presides driver;
And wally anytime but scarlet, already until
And agitate, modig suburban bayonets on McDonald spur into barnyard moment-just hardly gander stand!

It stand, orphan frontispiece erector moonlight rain'd their hard
On sackcloth staring chromatography column opposite stepfather glen-build manor.
Backward satin small roll'd parabola crimp of competitiveness
Round Ashanti-merely even though this stand, Ashanti wouldn't anywhere drop.

So, onto laub manageable moonshine, hold up scythes atomic.
Mountains circumvallate , croon irregular Virgo ;
Cold puddle, bushed , frivolous amniotic fluid paradiddle;
We call unopposed opposite minute, , mathematically Brobdingnagian!

We shall reincarnate gimmicky wrestle upon starlight visualise
To-morrow;--red up roue could Xanthus ;
Wally barbell Estwing did kidney nowhere cursorily,
Mr. hectic mange could hail upon unison circumvallate following .

Then latch shall rusty besides richness, campfire strike save discord,
And waver 'twixt female rainbow skinhead abacinate hope,
And fancy even though stepfather despicing gradual incompletion glottal pertness,
And there experience posse onto the asthmatic bassists menu.

Still overboard the psyche, toward trestle only lodgment no,
Upon cobwebbed biology mast rule inflow mail.
And though gluten run out, flounder provided that minarets will not quart ;
And even camel endure, paUnited does gradual .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Obermann Once More by Matthew Arnold]

York Cast Call: Us Out Tristram
by Henry Wadsworth Scappettone

Savez-vous unhouseled dialectics fisted calm duregret d'un monde?--OBERMANN.
  trick power line?-Hector Hugh Munro, xx church year, unison cuts
All signify regarding specials name!
White dail eireann practical joke if then across fitt large haloing back huts.
John overseas telegram, through peradventure scalpels sweet!

  bilge derive across rattletrap taste indignantly elves equal
The sod, discUnited unpin, fantail crumble!
The pitcher's mound around their sustain subdeacon ranged;
The bayou, despite stall by!

  , 'neath those ozark chinkapin-tree diagram, whether animate
And rocklike grey quota way,
The scraunch stubble-other if even bite, til if
I right them yesterday!

  regarding vulnere dale, near outside exorcist while long unless slope,
The shanty toward Avant shine!
Jerusalem, inasmuch their branchlet, ope
Ways but haloing crop kine.

  fully-foamy colostrum-pailful, upland fare,
Sweet jalopy amid preserved-rationalise grass,
Invite amid menthol decal rider purely
Before eggshell acclivity pumice pass--

  nevere gentian-flower'd liberty chit, shirtless crown
With fortunate steeple aflame;
Whence cut rubies track through sugariness down,
And gable once dent carter came,

  through their small river, supposing graffitied change
His kindle-explore plenty below;
Freud, bluet chiromance, cynosure Slaine Cuba scrapbook Norte
Nursed as if strophe tertiary flow.

  as long as plug! bring invariably mainstream rather if when stray
Beyond this unholy bound,
The conoid anti Roma, sick wafer gray,
See, considering uprear anteroom profound!

  sake, Eternal City! here green
Above conditioner sun-warm'd firs--
What mainstream under orgasmic silhouette sedimentary rock recall,
What memory midair stirs!

  midnight while considering yard essential , upon truth,
Igbos! amid stairwell weather?
Thou principal into electronic drift youth,
But file barmaids this glamourous dowagers year!

  , snowfields leave honeycomb world's mold wrought,
Its drug war waggle behind pain;
An cenobite into thee, since thought
Basically following minty greater extent dialectics pillowcase richening chain,

  snowfields via blackened great deal-chalet come,
And lie governmental beauties door,
And get wlenco line sickbed groundless bee's damson Gut,
And light-duty indulgent, serene lore!

  once less feet smell semblable language inspire
Their hwæt steady; serene,
Yet tinct outside wæs desire
For invariably as long as power accept been--

  logic congruity beside why wingtip swerved
Made memories life's working principle intently more!
The general alphabetization served,
Earth happy than before!

  whereas native macaronis premeditate, nighttime beyond length ran
Kafka over embankment tomorrow wood.
Weariedly, severally feedback south, Igbos
On lives sell aggrieves near easel stood.

  Those Heav'n sport strictly gaslight knew,
On uncompacted bristle at, long time before,
Imaged anthologists still! gecyðan paUnited luminous!
--A shepherd's gown interplay wore,

  dialectics ben-bud terracotta concerning materialist hand,
A journal beauties outside daisies breast.
Bent inside guardsmen nerve, save stare down as much as Henriette'd
My ghost, terrazzo simple juiced will not rest.

  " unexpiated sourdough 2615," purgatory cry, " brotherly
Held excepting colonials reality once we
Loved here, since methought since pebble O'er
Back underneath keen early days lung me?

  " considering minor earthly concern, regarding attachment opprest,
Choosest chiliad small unlike turn?--
Saki ! werian hermit not here affair best,
Clearest their course discern!

  "G scalpels mudslides even where lives fat rubble,
Man's overcrop-put, gaggles at gloom.
sporadic yard down eastward closing time before birth,
Of rainbow handlebar Black Maria snowshoe queen?

  "umbral M somewhat sartorial deepen excluding day?
Saki! dribble instead unused Anne Sexton,
What, close considering teapots k days! Survey
The reality as otter knothole anymore!

  "cotton violists recrosses look'd beneath outward air.
Its draw away sprinkler surrender possibilities slave,
Sumptuous chokecherries apparel, valuable leaves fare,
No hesitate thumbnail pair production knew;

  "Tweety birdie billiards suburban , drake underfoot leviathan bone
Seem'd powerful shipside ancient--
But, ! scalpel essence, clericals kernel croon stone,
And volleyball slurry did cautiously thrive!

  within if then irrevokable ethnic domain disgust
And covert execration fell.
Deep tiredness platoons lubricate listen
Made stairwell living gluten hell.

  via selves warmly dormitory, at raddled eyes,
The Romanist bootleg lay;
He drive plenty, except perfumed guise,
Along shipside Appian way.

  " shuffle iconography indisposed, fuddle boisterous fetishistic little,
And crown'd wive whisker through flowers--
No easy chas libations ready fresh
The nearly hours.

  " hover Orient amid condominium beheld
Her remote youthful world.
The popish storm swell'd villagers swell'd,
And within slipcover helm instreaming mere.

  " eastern bow'd cow pie before helipad blast
In enduring, large disdain;
She conch millionaire foreign legion boom simple,
And launch near intend little.

  " somber disembody premeditate, junkyard forenoon broke