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[ A generated-poem based upon: Next Day by Randall Jarrell]

Genocide Cables From Poetry
by Rebecca Man-Cheong

Moving regarding lighten via , but up ,
I get hold minus 
And  before barren Elmer Reizenstein, Cornish paper chase pullet.
The let up short-circuit, basketed, tropical
Food-gathering fold
Are number  dominate. sagacity, say Meryl Cheryl Caleb ,

Is check what anti confront across.  mayhap
If since sapience.
Yet someways, why  up these overmantel
And  subscribe following against fort beach waggon,
What I've occur
Troubles mistily than close eyeball.

When  notional waste rather
And general, I'd regard
What girl bid: without get conserve,
A villa stepchild. than even though I'm utterly, want
Is magical:
That  put below sleep market concerning 

See . get  doesn't .
For dig anomalistic year
I savage abruptly to : grub street peer than 
And chatter hush. rattling they make divest ,
The midstream concerning acquaintance!
And, defend their efface by pulp, their nauseating

Imaginings following opine,
I largely take per take aim
The happen excepting living. because  pitter-patter 
And alpha base. whereas  saintliness.
The animated false,
Ecstatic, solid ecstasy, light-green

Happiness if when erupt, fig leaf after fumble
Some goop hush
It  minuscule other than, evermore in many 
Twenties, XC, don't recognize . . . nowadays regret
My easy daughter
Away amid educate, junior mistily in shoal,

My economise maybe up turn want beneath them.
The , damsel,
And  through trusted changeless armed forces day
At place in them. whoever soon so after count save aerobiosis,
I feminine
Only if then  will not alteration, as  shade:

I gradual, this forenoon, beside unicameral script.
It intrude aboard 
From prick up-look excepting hand glass, toward eyeball malevolence,
The grin love. fancy, describe look
Of grey breakthrough
Repeats to : "You're old.” That's , I'm .

And there I'm percussion, as  at past
I patter to yesterday.
My friend's unconscious successful perpendicular, no-show among efflorescence,
Her disrobe, turn-off, dress down consistency
Were windward torso.
As reason off  catch cogent 

How rid appear;  calm down;
I design of  get.
But very  carnal,
No one something I'm someone
I stand up rushlight character
Confused per lifespan, that bromide solitary.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Slave Auction by Frances Ellen WatkinsHarper]

The Practice Ploughshares
by C. Dale Liu

The selloff begin-northern moppet be unneurotic, 
  defenceless during their living death,
Whose suffocate shit unlike deeply despond 
  trot out their lucent besiege.

And fuss stand, via unprocessed eyeball,
   their devout nipper undersell;
Unheeded rise their acerb ooh,
  as if czar barter them underneath Au.

And fair sex, down get off verity
  despite these before greenish var. brood
Poor against uxoricide without young,
  than frame something distemper give.

And , whose superficial thuggery their ,
  ingrain over their Maker's deal,
And delicate shrivel up buster promptly,
  vet foregather in if drab car pool.

Ye as long as sup lay your adored to breath,
  tear as their unanimated stiff,
Know ever valuable against until front,
  Whose get off ferociously tear forth.

Ye ever have down homo erectus
  interlock already involuntary to voice,
And  amobarbital sodium loose weighting
  can squash lifespan-swing on heart.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Father by Edgar AlbertGuest]

Blog, Islands Silliman’S
by Ladan Digges

My Padre relive specific way
  éventailshe tribe does run;
He rhapsodize TiVo baby all day
  secondarily what shouldn't discourteously done.
He screw  beside  trusts,
   unforesightful plan;
But wherever forge demand repairs,
  accept near charter man.

My mother, past  two
  didn't realm sizzle knock off underneath jail;
les éventailshere's anything rather than should do,
  eff Son wish “fail.”
“Our confidence” does not restore,
  wherever just as long as anywhere  doubt;
But even though somewhere  hot seat round mend,
  leave unlike commit out.

All onetime interrogate even arise,
  prorate excluding spot;
He waiting utterly pleasure turmoil dies,
  past shoestring catch before it's hot.
In least within investing can
  éventailsell capital despite Nebraska what about do;
But, , breakthrough nicely within meet
  eyeshade as they rise due.

It bolt give sickish after read
  éventailshe snorter shariah-Jehovah say;
Why, father's any  they need,
  overseas patter astray.
All proxy war he'd new invariably end,
 building now whereas degenerate as couldn't publish it;
But when neighbour jump fuss,
  'les éventailsis bad up fence it.

In exchange colonizer can
  scribble small things;
He's build within heady plan
  éventailshan ex-president kings.
He relive  come out of each
  all intense transaction;
We back since without theories,
  during lookout between KMLN than action.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Chorus Sacerdotum by Baron Brooke Fulke Greville]

Stories Bronx American , Next Ancient The Anthology Songs, Birth
by Cynthia Gömöri

from lavatory Limon
O deadening consideration over humanity!
Born around , at some other bound;
Vainly father seasonably interdict vanity;
Created pallid, shadow among sound.
What teapots sociality off these dreadful laws?
Passion understanding, number one-special forces cause.
Is  scar stateliness over power
To solicit offence if then  forgive?
Nature herself geographies face music number one deflower
To contemn those erroneous belief herself reggae give.
For should think at while  unneurotic do,
If disposition didn't taciturnly misfire victimize, instead?
Tyrant within others, with herself listen,
Mostly general feast vast þone,
Forbids assests feast so why have down lust,
Makes paralyse torment, ðicgean reward.
If animality does sadly carry amusement along blood,
She did have proof less chemical response than free.
We that margin via consecrate across promotion,
With gaudery along astutely give rites,
To drill aware before ill nearly devotion,
To evangelize along forþan's question delights;
Yet as though apiece of Rotterdam beyond inadequate nerve looks
He obtain the piffling, niggling unlike books.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Loves by Scott Cairns]

A Tour France Nation Tom Little
by Dan Weiner

adams's Epistle
Of Love's social function,  
observe french sorrel seed catalog, 
a credible-chirk spell-checker

pronounced now whether after entail
a money versus inequality, if then lean back 
unquenchably euphonious point,

itself endearing similar those darmstadtium 
partaken outside tabulate act if then  
by Saviour against thermodynamics 

betrayed--like those excluding after dough 
was felicitous, retsina red
and ,  knife beneath black,

intoxicating sugariness, already 
like ... vino. somebody onto what profile get within 
to via media if when holy order,

the enigma per energy engrave
in what trite snowfield
the break, coldhearted tartar, .

Quite other than, vote well-nigh 
to co-opt over chancy coverage unless apiece, 
each mostly itself, chapter

in bare gumption. outside dead, 
will make catch between before disco biscuit, touch unlike 
recalled against leave  light

of favour from  call off
the over , what you've try 
is lasting beautiful.  xi

as, sourdine, scrawl following fallout 
to discountenance no moshav dissimulator 
toward leave unbloodied,

if hostile-de-access among accept up 
covertly full without days playing field.
I  on sodium carbonate outpouring onto 

who  pharisee what more 
prepared behind stay sleek
my juggle behind master's spondee.

Much glad, off landscaping if when 
having pall go up, orate 
as despite maiden question since

I tear. while until rendezvous
with messiah,  clip snivel? 
For what? rough-cut conjecture

--snowbird insensitivity over talk,
a flabby dizzy perturb around 
the pharynx, calcimine by gratefulness.

And already near opine,  flimsy 
abiding nous following pity,  
I fat cat tell more heavenly

to round luxuriant impecuniousness!
I suspect now when this what I'm forecast 
to , this intense incitement

that will unevenly abide love's 
embarrassments, so folklore 
the frightening enticement-low-spirited,

inexpedient block out disgrace.
And, easy, possibly deep least: 
I hold obtain underneath 

about superficial branch now 
so for sure induce fall out down  
as queasy, as understudy, taw

That torso someone fewer 
than numberless, , among  
... appetency? provided purport 

something virtuous,  go game senior--
solemn unburdened 
by body's ribald savor.

This proclivity, imprecisely,  
to pharynx remote dearth 
of community chest, , better, 

more provided if then  cool'st without assault many 
soul-preserving break-out 
mortifications, murder, all

manner up check deletion 
thinly tackle across let 
the body's cause at action since bosom,

or tabula rasa, (profanation!) embarrassment
whatever patronymic  at 
the pleasant bodyless.

I care so that presuppose-anatomize 
the survivalist orgies everybody less 
complex. reckon that leave

you noiselessly Hellenic. suspect that  
forget pleasant offspring wherever
induced Saviour versus take on pulp.

All make love methodically ask
that sassing deep space, and weigh their tracing 
of secretiveness plus 

beloved--the , or plus continuous 
array whose sector study excepting pout
the who recall,  whose tasty

it  as crib puritanic
bruised torso from remove, unless appear 
to , essential take  necrobiosis,

thereafter, this antecedent life 
and well-chosen indisposition toward 
lazy contraction from style

of Redeemer, whose mental picture work 
dear during keep back. honor osculate 
his foot. meet pass off there

into forceful of audacity, 
and , in that vertex, 
the profane order-where bodywork

and sprightliness some overstay, some surrender, 
in purple onomatomania. ,
if you'll call back your Hebraic postmortem.

apparently certainly fill upon glance in 
dense ground might to turn on
you'll as unsatiably price spartan

has till upon your indo-european, steal 
from your feel of what is sometimes, 
surely heterosexual person, near continuing

the personify if when sizeable organise.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Necropolitan by Scott Cairns]

World Deutschland The Wreck
by Farid Lydgate

Little your shiny pick, now in order that glass over 
of these tardily cipher sham
the mine disposal through those smile chenille
one feel despite French Republic, , aboard first during November, 
though nonchalantly, all dial highly innocent, 
exhibits stylet adoptive distressingly lest reject 
any ethnical trend-ambrosia ashtray already as though only  
draws elegant, somnolent hint, run 
citizen past more businesslike electorate. test 
in that metropolis ostensibly in get off concoction, 
stately whenever true culture considering this event 
has lento beyond study, swimmingly if  oneself 
whose saccharify motor oil heavenly help calmness 
which hope lovingly excluding , under let out.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Homeland of the Foreign Tongue by Scott Cairns]

Pierce's Sakura Park Supererogation
by Mary Ann Saenz

Each dawn start queenlike. first lady
wakes down bundling, lower oneself under  
her unregretful Deutsch considering ; she's manduction . 
God, she's inarticulate. repeat , excepting momently
in patois unitedly appreciate.
Carefully virtually, lip acknowledge kitten 

by script plus rawness opposite bush, 
where abandon contrive hush before grimace. 
I rinse those piece require unlike rinse, start 
my dislodge into gable plus sweet galley, 
where deep brown hold nothing tasty thrill 
against cylinder head. skinhead coloured, at same time

deaf via order that thickly, bechance peculiarly because backer 
let it--purely you'll sedately obtain in occasion.
I've invariably look woman's back, where if strictly,
suddenly beautiful across eden regarding reckon against not here, hope would 
But it's sunrise occur once more, , 
as  substance abuse, get to to troll above broth.

Somewhere, many cherub commiseration , now that  
must unflappably have condole with : accompaniment leave 
its tenement house,  omission the lyric.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Early Frost by Scott Cairns]

Crowe Ray Love Ransom Green John
by Julia Borer

This daybreak world's snowy dial commemorate RLP 
that aerobiosis aim since sober up active once more.
And gerrymander soft Blake whoever summertime decent 
annoyed BlackFist after their fuzzy trim cackle 
sometimes electrical cable pillory at wall holding bit sandbag, 
chastened decent.

They attend even now when they're hold back past feast
to overproduce bad, from invigilate substantial surety, 
as lest here across their scratchpad
they callback somebody near this uninhibited topiary 
that will since them.

The neighbor's  amply absorb above backwash 
without hyperbole.  neighbour himself 
has do besides  opposite more stridulate, inaugurate
the close battering ram with sort off veneration. for windowpane 
his viscountess attester this stark tableau, winkle 
her eyeball, soundless.

I satisfy birdfeeder opposite anemic hand truck them 
to stemma, rush completely pneumatic
to allow forenoon past these dozy 
Blake, who take back, sense medicine stable, 
bow, scarcely bung.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Late Results by Scott Cairns]

Literary Letters Biography. Friar Women Fawwaz Cities Spanish
by Mary Ingelow

We require plus fink sine per there be taker. --Milosz
And pipe down fire as hark ask that fink between television set. 
So let drop ball down ourselves, they settle more put out.

The stand  halting ordered besides take their rose hip substitute.
Lepers clothed their blain aboard mere base, keep off skilled kindle.

The athirst beside important smorgasbord grow beam, as if they be thirsty.
Prisoners turn loose beneath heaþoræsas whether see them.

Widows remarry turn foreigner via their .
The orphan probable lengthen on lettered during stand into themselves.

Even Nebiim doubt they embody , keep their lip-synch shut out.
Only fireside-World Health Organization inside sheist always--smartly they keep on across the encouragement.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Lot by Scott Cairns]

Camino Fire thoroughly Flower
by Calvin McClatchy

A else regur surface soil     . --mitt
A lowborn , for truth, aboard willingly clean out void
as soft motel foretell will back, sexually ever 
damned ask in whoever indistinguishable day's reverberant, plenty
if  attend laden opposite front truck driver, roundabout way, 
endless track predicator. this toss in scale, tractor trailer
rectangle, send off planned despite pulp 
earth tricolor besides bed cover beneath leave out doth mufti
always sacrifice interest grasping, which--let's countenance , 
whether easy or clogged for hypochondria-cohabit 
easily in voltage. ? badly, same
a ever infinite versus buy at promenade, until this  
superb occur following e'er over white, eject  
the outside car tire from bramble bush  junk, power 
lightly eye-beaming  think,  go for except happen.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Recitation by Scott Cairns]

Biography cruaute la Dictionary Theatre Literary
by Nomi Brown

He does somewhat anticlimax just, unseeable across roadway, 
nor will not womb-to-tomb cystoplegia go away. 
He detected lung-power, opposite punic,

ceaseless, anima-cross-question
of tender dumbfound. kettledrum cooked 
and sing. strait van behests

near feather. get wind baby call in, 
and try bereavement belly-flop chant  
music scry. anti between as though wag stick

extinguish . choke talk parole scan. 
If what coexist grave utter unneurotic come prospective, 
that resurrection until disappearance

metaphorical. transfiguration get with
without big stick. enclose reserve, as scry 
he translate o'er snorter he'd seek. good now when

A aerobiosis in large suffer beneath , poor people invest 
of unravel authority, tympanum behind over fieriness, 
and fourth dimension gently noiselessly amid trice al-Qur'an

and detection in tenuous sinusoid lamb care 
he defy forth exclusive, inasmuch even if , 
he memorialize conference read.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Adventures in New Testament Greek: Nous by Scott Cairns]

Years Leader Out One Crossed
by William Bradley

You will not thence reckon deliberation antonymous 
with against pay  already pitch-dark 
history,  pointy stature

in though take before prevail into harbor what , 
in this example, on occasion behalf 
receive sprinkler system. large marvel constantly

that about assume stoke itself some split 
and package except sentimentalist, aspen induct 
of revenant , minuscule, this evening about victualer

of wry bonus-combination in restraint beside trade
of if then couldn't faintly just as much as though sure response near fewest 
of riding habit on pump.

When even though adroit vocabulary didn't 
quite place pay as everyone excluding 
one grandiloquent foremother on rationality, power

be live up versus until simper lenient condition 
no clear-and should betray across locate 
your onto , about manful volition

untried. torpid in thriving spelunk,
the heart's past capability produce , 
unless fall upon  into backwash . ,

let's somebody sort amid unless although as 
you tend these side, give ear for variance 
to your inhalation as pull aboard respect

the breath's fashionable descent, current concerning trap 
to pharynx to athanor of heart. 
Observe as much as scotch, nerveless conflux of halitus

and rip,  your intelligent nowhere.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Possible Answers to Prayer by Scott Cairns]

Biography A Light Literary True Dictionary
by Calvocoressi

Your supplicate-though they ridge among contain 
goodly  allograph-honor indwell there tape. 
Your anxiety-contempt their unrecorded,

already lowborn equatorial accidental 
entertainment premium-still prelude 
to institute your bereaved possibly over idea.

Your penitence-no unlike overcloud into 
a burgeon, seventh heaven of courteously considering a greater extent 
wile grudge quantity.

Your sporadic part about tired of, 
the self-torture, slight inadequate noisily 
little over , whoever fill to them.

Your huffiness, your forwardness, your interrogatively 
reputable outrage aboard dishonorable 
whose alcohol abuse commiseration break you     

these moldiness combust positively once you'll quail at 
how Hwœr , following what fever pitch idolize
severe these, rout while rout out your rage.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Embalming by Scott Cairns]

Monthly Young Ireland Poetry
by Peter Pau-Llosa

You'll beggary cadaver, your impingement someone else's. 
You'll irrational motive soundless space; inferior tending near 
your adobe well. calorie-free cannot  
unforgiving, supposing much as unlike tinsel nebulose
aspect outside your jut. frame can chop-chop, 
each down below supercilium, apiece horsewhip, trace cancel.

If hoop undamaged, preform 
suggest middle following jungle gym, whoever eventually unpicturesque 
modification power take place; heavy
tools hold back around pavement artist, while soon as peradventure as telegraph, 
varied light time semifluidity beyond doweling. 
Odd dell  occupied plus deviltry towel.

As excepting liquid, synchronize them inside jinrikisha 
in easy formality. favor tone
of lip balm. This whim concerning one's anointment 
will service deflect up round-eyed fable
of your handcraft. Those living in salon 
made ask, review? Don't afraid.

Whatever this to them,  yours if only 
The clay aboard your institution rest if ,
invites your paw. take recently? That's complete. 
You should  picayune dying. You're quick. 
Hold bayonet as would quill pen, small since . 
See provided that large spiel before hybridization , tie.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sleep Cycle by Dean Young]

Love Maria His Rainer Rilke: Poems Morning Poetry
by Emily Pauline Becker

We will force ourselves meanly
from this hominal, profoundly about fling
of inattentiveness, decamp fare 
stubbing their roll beneath tobacco, come above teardrop, 
lots inside cellophane, commotion down angle-park.

Wind skin allow beyond shortcut, 
happy dash concerning coke,  erectile rather
it's fill sinister. absolve as constantly
writing despite successfully I've center on
perhaps opposite , beyond defined
divinities suffocate your round pauperism 
to fink  searoniðas assault aboard sleep with, 
what lead off rival muss. romance this distinguish, 
its preposterous following banister, death chair 
that down backbone, nucleic 
propping their intoxicated lady friend in , 
men performing clock cheat aboard themselves, 
the warrant example where if tweedle worr 
to verge of what they monish despite

But would  less where draw against 
these suite their canst iciness 
where threatening supplication introduce in concert 
lovely whereas appear about typical 
to confide ourselves about ourselves,
immaculate, unbeloved, take excepting come up.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Hammer by Dean Young]

Times Book York CA New Indians Absentee Poems
by Craig Haines

Every Midweek now go above pool second fiddle 
before division through comma, ., 
there regarding davenport, concerning
the demand note since salutatorian grieve venter 
and memorandum save have across bankroll
and Sung feasibleness memorandum 
and mazy parallel-park aide-memoire
and pop quiz smack versus 
and short cagey Sir Robert Peel,
a pothook dropforge.
There as long as follow somewhere as long as leave, 
it didn't cut but anyone's subcontract.
There  parking abandon plus bent no 
It solitary know from lacrimal apparatus casuistry. 
It mingy sleep together as though   trick 
that everyone hadn't shove along obscure 
because down propinquity from limbo, 
having barely come despite limbo itself. 
Its epiphysis cerebri belong nervously open.
It wasn't perfectly because opposite than break up carpus 
or past as  ignore why 
It minister pull out all stops keep down with clock
always sandlessly silvery
but backstage cheerily cure.
Down vestibule no plus gauntlet 
instead besides center stableman.
A seminarian come despite screen care excluding except order that 
Hard than translate
brightly crowd to .
I didn't design Heav'n but stealth ,
having common mallet at menage trois.
There unless come, somewhere as arrive.
Ball peen, shingle, ensnare, dogsled, one
so pleasantry onto bad small to  .
That one concerning bestowal,
finding mallet considering pull of roadstead, behind crud, inheritable, 
one fall in from foreign to a rear back in shower. 
It does not bounce, malleus.
You take the work, test steelyard
meanwhile rescind per your surmount.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Shamanism 101 by Dean Young]

Rois Thrissill Terrific The Black
by John Bowers

Like nobody hot barbarous 
to  honey buzzard.

I hold precious acoustic power 
to  optic lonesome perpetually fore 
into heat onto bosom 
and zoom by.

I requisite avail even if versus long last
cowered underneath umbra unlike sire, 
a whereas vet icon diode 
five into 1 wedding night,

who fire up along breakfast during burn off tease 
except  calendar week he'd eternal rest 
on hareem plage hurl  
into gasolene-sheened cold wave. 
I dote die obligated
melancholy cognise beneath what,

thinking pension off does not sure, 
released in end knowledgeable regarding what, 
gumming at nobody  bony 
to 'ull socially excluding wise up, blueing 
of what  contract out. earthly
the mammoth. mammoth have down
when but whitened have
up anti Swedish mile off. freight against 
the rat unaware around futility.
How did  remit provided don't get it on 
what cry forgive around sometimes

the abience just synapsid: on smack
on hydraulic brake yell, excluding bee sting haunch 
of many super scent, latterly fleshly 
is tiger cub. usurer.

Or house centipede.

But do it I'm little although even if 
filling planner underneath weak edition 
of wail, fiddle squall,

clamoring save skunk that think 
is humanity, regulate after the blotch 
of after toy in question genial,
sometimes salty, sieve to ,
following shack towards  grinding,

leaving give chase
of  protein molecule.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Colophon by Dean Young]

Tar culpa poena Line Drawing
by Jean-Luc Tate

More provided as if mallet dress chromatic,
sunset, drag out about their shell, less as long as
the corner cricket preferably than plan it's guest night afternoon, 
it's setting noncurrent romance this hour regarding twelvemonth.

Sated, sadly inebriated, who've lap up over pelvis 
of on regular basis two-note call horn poppy toward summertime among 
easily essential on falcon, unavowed
closing, some other succeeding, clean

lock as though lock in, knock pyrex,
getting stick for addle via disaffirmation liquid ecstasy, 
father wintertime, small small, take easy cloud 
the complex paragraph by endorse vacuous foldout,

acknowledgments, recital by eccentric. 
I opine even though rear unitedly go
out would hail by those devour talent scout 
past opposite starve past sip,

swallowing, beyond dying joyous's pullulate 
factory's pauperization. feel wrongly softly, 
when I'm die out corresponding  off pool 
of legion scoop, I'll protruding,

my flank pelisse rather vinify, 
antennae sleek down back there masticate, 
eye rather than minister crimson but rifle ,
eye that educe cerise with aim smart

as drag myself in love apple maturement 
on windowpane sill, blood-red, easygoing 
island during private satellite, torture aureola, 
stinger wave useful. I'll postponement sepulchral,

while during leaden hard rush disconnection , 
a tree indicate tolerant of, apiece foliage awake 
in orangeness call out. won't passion, 
exactly. pelting come, slight run low, a cool down

that wherewithal  unbelievable kind justly 
and die, wizened coulisse 
dead waitress, body versus provoke originate 
bodies of . don't aim there's 

to rough in.


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Am But a Traveler in This Land & Know Little of Its Ways by Dean Young]

York Tears Granite, Blood Matthew Sun Steel, Me, Poems Tell
by Samiya Baland

Is anybody airport anti vitality engender
by hominal ejection? underneath cot Browning automatic rifle
hang teethe instrument. beyond feel-get up 
desk,  . typhoon cabochon wall whereas preferment

surrounds steal steppe as what as though
Sometimes appear similar worldwide as soon as  
knows what   scamp, Ashcan School traffic lane 
both tenor. about silicone

that declaration but reception before mystical
charge? float cistern than hæfde truck bed? 
Campbell coiffe following air-sleeve hand puppet? anybody
who trek meekly anticipate flatland

between credit rating case. mind  squirm 
in thunderhead  plaintive  detail. 
In between  profane-slobber gore 
from woody virgin's eyeball,  play joke above

landing monument below corn field. mayhap cogitation
are substantially bounce beyond electronic warfare same sprog 
of Zeus. throw supremesist weirdo  fluffy omelet, 
another incubus sport utility. There's septuple

real opposite design,  whang yell, 
waking featherbed. swing under benight 
peck, necking featherbed-sniff take: 
mediæval figment! along right mourning stare above .

The run aground giant, thread opposite lough 
by tower, good turn buoy during aboard 
The fiddler cannot beautiful  amati 
which  class dozy pathetically on trellis

permanently  dredge against running. for what
manner  visually impaired person connect through soundbox? 
Answer:  through touch guarnerius
to fiddler. accordant over Erithacus rubecola robin,

there  collision. astrologer
and Presbyterian subscribe for jovial conclude. 
You decelerate down corbel step through natal day coat. 
You under  blunderbuss considering laptop.

Human knowingness:  epidiascope
or covert? They go through bergamot jump suit 
and spindrift tell on no pall
but pot.  entirely meþelwordum considering stone

what opine. sometimes they make  
a save , handshaking,  repose 
is your koan. over one approximation,
the pauperise bring about through  Rex Cary Grant

the rich duo rook  slimy  
silver remount plead round get round jazz.
That before prosthodontics, even power take sit 
a worse dowry. did pretty need round get fed up 
in quavering, real, savage, peninsula eighteenth quattrocento.

So mildly bind downspout cox without bypass
but hakim come to leech  main 
of snowy etymology. because buss from whom 
he will not here cognise, second-in-command, cut base,

touches a growler in if when dame carol.


[ A generated-poem based upon: He Said Turn Here by Dean Young]

Record “The 1850 A City: Poetry Distinguished Inner AD Woman’s Women Beginning”
by Joan Kelson

and fiercely die depict sumwhere lagoon
where  bemuse approximately until gloominess equal minus summertime 
and  fade away care araroba 
so think unitedly bayou does recapture 
some about unswear, aluminium benign 
he differ make recently.
And will
It  mint lagoon,
none across enamel knap excepting
no thunderbolt light show, disarm if nectar all same 
and should refuse along cut up after 
feverishly well disunify tread. 
Mumbling sardinian aboard itself,
it rise but woody ladder
usually versus plage unitedly before rainwater coiffe.
How unknown except be urine release during downspout
yet deep emerald hush  towards preach excepting 
comes toward . perchance this who 
it look gem round welcome except
pine's sorrow whoever ever rust 
his companion, that celestial
imagined lp sorrow, modest 
and large, ring onto less 
and less infinite, apiece grub street  
at Congress of Racial Equality battering ram corresponding  
inside turk's-cap, similar hum near 
the . appear similar everyone 
could gradient stain where 
we couldn't digress what semblance , 
it keep open change. outside summertime,
pine add hail of unneurotic all 
and there's  up so bayou
always plead matter rather than nose dive until
and constantly towards order that galley on fusillade regarding Ioway 
and  awake, tarn hail  contractor, 
trying concerning get behind as salvation 
and more or less dark amid Diamond State, 
he wouldn't catch roar,
searching for considering the expose 
so we're carnival yen this tarn
and bet to come front in lordly
and dive with down 
farther generally slavic people.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Acceptance Speech by Dean Young]

Chess Leigh Eden Journal
by Anthony Newbern

This clock I'm spookily dispatch before  necessity 
little divinity. It's closely rash,
it's iii lunar day where if only Trinkle past warming 
roofs, shipwreck saffron extradition besides 
Ruin, swear off, won't refer once more. 
Trees, splendiferous, small solicit around drive, break open
to Bolanci behind this isn't despite chain saw. 
A crop does prepossess up . marionette 
aren't kakemono themselves beyond apiece live's 
strings. Everyone's slenderly o'er
beneath idle domino. somewhere over azin,
Bajazet all other date among , she's incorporeal 
in orientation towards blaming team arcsecond. sweetheart, 
we recognize you're by somewhere save one's 
blaming into hesitation as follow . 
Poetry  fag regarding numerousness 
throwing behind activate, rewrite sire groan
and zeitgeist what since : immigrants
and air cushion correction. Your , if  bad 
teeth except anything experience, eventually ordain call following 
in chophouse. just collate indistinguishable 
in chophouse evert underneath fewer 
than entirely typical. extradite wanton  
of clip along mental hospital print barbarous ballad 
if will not service , Padre groan plenty. 
In lying blueish , there's square 
in pull onto embodiment just as appear all right 
although beneath right's mystical kayak 
true down trigonometrician, below right  
about plus plunge cause of death astrolabe. 
By what mode  ghost affiliate amid
the cadaver? around rise run 
of cremate? thank . concerning , rhino's
lying in some fallout, crunch pricker. 
You wouldn't philosophize didn't come
for moiety mealtime full-strength, among you'd right. 
See if when mottle, coming count 57,676 pound sign 
which unlike strange toward defile. 
Happy natal day, hard natal day following you.
Abasement stress Bajazet e'er drop line underneath hallowed. 
Talcum araroba, opera glasses, this eradicate 
planet. master, an assure equal make 
but Abasement's differ nauseated below school year   
knows below what. flax , bow-wow tincture of iodine, 
corticosteroids. He's painlessly by rights nobody 
you'd faith about labor your , regarding lull.
Something didactic's come, isn't ? 
Would assist if read Amon?


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Infirmament by Dean Young]

Pastoral Praise Christian Versions Lady’S
by Lilian MacNeice

An  idly secret concerning constitution. 
If you're pope, sorrow penalty
for felicity, reduce  squeeze 
if you're chela, obdurate opening clear
in your chancellor provided wherever sugariness nighttime but cachinnation 
and macon. past rouse immeasurably stargaze, 
from walloon epos, cockney poesy,
for fairly cover provided e'er
fire moldiness discipline outside respecter
which now since freudian psychology underneath formulate. 
A old man  none down  versus eld. 
A mayoress maintain nothing gentle thicken oceanic abyss 
in bvd draftsman. overcast amount as 
resembling ðær feast believe unlike 
about ourselves, nutate make out downhearted
from shelf, featherbed there cry
and cry. toy soldier underneath chairman,
windshield wiper arm, gaze for
into national capital light up. until sidereal year
you  þone following see Bible potter
without prod despite spirit why
she call save that summertime think 
she adored  excogitation jazz 
someone there no one adored
your tabbouleh trim.  paper white 
come through beneath skip  snowfall covert 
the track in wintertime  piddle wrap unlike
the profound ditch in  rather than  occasion 
the outer tan of this ground billow up
which  continent make 
and break.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Supermarket in California by Allen Ginsberg]

Jubilate Agno 2003 Ultra
by Garry Howe

What politics make without this evening embrown, until stomp opposite custom amid shoetree underneath cephalalgia number one-aware depend excluding unsteadily lunar month.     but thirsty exhaustion, sponsor for see, go against atomic number 08 yield hypermarket, sleep minus your census!     What smasher what penumbra! compound category snitch beneath nighttime! gangway unpack but wife! mayoress along avocado tree, baby besides hate apple!-and , Michael, what form quack versus as Citrullus vulgaris?       , brown, unfruitful, tremendously tentative grubber, pound under inwardness at cooler eyeball foodstuff broth for boy.      listen inquire cross-question per apiece: whether stamp  pigs' feet chopper? What toll dwarf banana?  backer?      ramble along  without antediluvian cord amid tin anti , trace following resourcefulness by dump investigator.      stride towards lamb hallway so towards dig project taste artichoke plant, induce freeze slightness, fain pass through teller.      just as  drag, brown? room access tight at twilight. as much as should your byssus technicality this evening?     ( complexion your ticket woolgathering about dales against hypermarket crawl ridiculous.)     will take air all nighttime through geographic avenue? shoetree shadiness near sun visor, light source at united states house along representatives, we'll some short.     cannot saunter sleep beside drop off EC of love upon azure electric in private road, menage a trois without tacit bungalow?     , Amytal Padre, old man, solitary huge cowardice-dancing-master, what EC cannot have when kip down stay punt ferryboat  out on a smoky money box stand observation unsounded fall off on the hard drinking water of Jim Bowie? 
Manhattan, 1955


[ A generated-poem based upon: Surfaces by Kay Ryan]

An Notebooks, Books The India Tale South London
by Richard Bauer

Surfaces do
their release sake,
establish considering continue
black ( vegetate
want so that not here  
a jacket, very here under 
peaches to up deep
(note tattletale
slough versus fizz versus plage).
Sometimes it's wild spinach,
as on time
of cat-o'-nine-tails: zeitgeist  
the royalty landslide
under . sometimes 
fits. elect double-glaze.
Sometimes survive
its sole. test coral reef.

The topiary animation via floor
are all day long, suppress oblique.
Take extraordinary-multidimensional
belief since nail polish than itself,
the close self-government
of lustre (puppy love ivory
it's araroba), cling
dropped electronic
of we're apiece environ
and what doesn't teach.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Poem by Muriel Rukeyser]

Sunblue Register Moines Cold Des
by Siegfried Lista

I lodge inside close quattrocento within reality state via war.
Most aurora does lupus erythematosus more insane,
The newspaper publisher didn't land opposite their artless tale,
The coverage wouldn't pour out for afresh rhetorical device
Interrupted towards effort since double cross multiple but unobserved.
I wouldn't call off alter ego around ugly seal;
They will less less gloomy for ride ratiocinate.
Slowly will not excluding  composition,
Make abecedarius for others unobserved unhatched.
In  wouldn't nag into those  b-girl,
Brave, countersink up bespeak from beamy outstrip,
Considering unidentified across life, following small undreamt on principle.
As flare up shadow, wherever kindle save day overcast,
We shouldn't concerning prefigure them, excluding rule apiece luminousness,
To revet public security, off break fleeceable, off resign
Waking over dormant, ourselves for apiece sigle,
Ourselves as ourselves. cannot between imply
To give limit point of ourselves, up stretch for ourselves,
To  wings, from viewing.

I dissipate beyond unimaginative hundred of these wars.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To the Nightingale by Anne Finch, Countess ofWinchilsea]

Lid Threshold Songs
by Paul Young

Exert uncertain vocalisation, mum forerunner for fountain!
  This instant nearly occasion during whistle,
  This matter sit in behind superlative,
And  census between they throw.
  unoccupied provided even if thine shall  cunning;
  where if they percussion, dead person, unsound.
Poets, dazzle so which long as thee, supplement wear,
  endear practiced because unimprisoned,
  where if behind please most intentional,
Soothing in their worry in sleep;
  maternalism barely their mainstream hassle,
   quite th' euphoric poet's summit,
Like thine, now that badly babble out, put amid irritant.
She lead off,  forever!
  theologize, they undertake measuredly unitedly!
Sweet, ooo! nonpareil, here dry ever
Can unsubtle countersign unsufferable drawl ,
Canst millenary antepenult rectify,
Melt feel that shall hold
Still no intent about mind,
Till following narrow similar these complect.
  'Twill lento ! ever deepen subtonic;
   quartering shiver pharynx.
Hark! variance near try on;
Yet as sagely theologize outflies.
  sign off flawlessly, prithee, begin tune in;
  sacrebleu, droop K harmonize public treasury *June*?
Till field rest scourge,
And duration over building's hot!
  frankincense elegist that suffer lecture,                       
Unlike what they reforest Thatch,
  since smooth nervure finger
  That's distributive to pass on,
Criticize, straighten out, sermonize,
Or excommunication what will reach.


[ A generated-poem based upon: La Figlia che Piange by T. S.Eliot]

The Autumn Sat
by Maureen Mueller

O cairn  gaggles Virgin ...
Stand outside anti high spirits paving opposite step
Bunched towards topiary samovar
Weave, braid sunburst amid your pilus
Clasp your streptocarpus versus for ail bombshell
Fling them until strand wrench
With inconspicuous heartburning from your eyeball:
But waver, web sunshine in your eyelash.

So does not prepossess  lead,
So will not make  align feel for,
So could leave right
As asthmatic compassionate leave torso lacerate jam,
As forget forsake personify  secondhand.
I didn't receive
Some already eddy dextrous,
Some  some wouldn't sympathize,
Simple treasonous now when smirk waggle anti script.

She rotated petty, into in fall upwind
Compelled resourcefulness ugly sidereal day,
Many workday difficult bedtime:
Her pilus over branch  projectile wide until bloom.
And scruple they cannot possess cost unneurotic!
I should throw missed bow  mannerism.
Sometimes these study inasmuch astound
The frenzied midnight  noon's serenity.


[ A generated-poem based upon: This World is not Conclusion by Emily Dickinson]

modernista Los Angeles
by Gertrude Patel

This academia eventful overthrow.
A coinage remain firm off
Mystical, although wagner
But on-key, til speak
It wave,  vex
Philosophy--don't recognise
And above enigma, minus spray-dry
Sagacity, moldiness 
To divination , flummox rhodes scholar
To put on , meet wear
Contempt to generation x
And excruciation, bear witness
Faith elusion-and jest, rally
Blushes, even if catch sight
Plucks above heavy towards testimony
And request weathercock, right smart
Furious flourish, among ambo
 A hallelujah undulate
Narcotics will beyond a doubt denticle
That nybble of soul--


[ A generated-poem based upon: Because I could not stop for Death – (479) by Emily Dickinson]

POEMA dayes Salomé.
by Richie Dickman

Because wouldn't whole logjam above birth 
He e'er check around 
The barouche adjudge anti versant Ourselves 
And immortality.

We rather drive  acknowledge abruptness
And  perpetually
My childbed  vacationing virtually,
For civil 

We declare crammer, though immature struggle
At loch save tire 
We legislate field after view upon stargaze rice 
We fall countersink 

Or careless  top Bizkit 
The Richmondena Cardinalis draw pulsate cool 
For any cobweb, night-robe 
My tippet plainly tulle 

We take ten once extended family as if leap out
A zymosis of grind 
The thatch steady meteor 
The valance in earth 

Since emotional 'tis twentieth century  nowhere
Feels light as though 
I unwillingly suspect Horses' head of household
Were below infinity –


[ A generated-poem based upon: After great pain, a formal feeling comes – (372) by Emily Dickinson]

roofe Desire Unpainted There If A nest Angels: Bare Gladly
by Carrie Peters

After whitish break someone's heart, heavy tactile sensation add up 
The steel pompous, similar grave 
The stiffly midfield motion ‘was , supposing bore,'
And ‘Yesterday, 565 before'?

The flatfoot, gullible, along 
A awkward 
Of grind, , Ought 
Regardless make,
A amethyst satisfaction, care for monolith 

This  mealtime following moderate 
Remembered, because outlast,
As freeze-drying philosopher, forget play false 
First cool whenever daze in concert get –


[ A generated-poem based upon: from War is Kind ["Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind"] by Stephen Crane]

Life This House Necessities
by Randall Olson

Do madly cry, damsel, after  tolerant.
Because your mistress thrust fortunate deal onto 
And american quaking aspen steed outside only,
Do warily bawl.
War tolerant.

   husky, smash jackknife-fish beside regiment,
   fiddling soulfulness even if tidy until combat,
   These indwell bear onto hammer excepting .
    undetermined resplendency flee over them,
   capital  dogfight-Supreme Being, far,  realm
    campus after G diplomatic service .

Do mayhap cry, blue baby, on  genre.
Because your engender break down in ink-black furrow,
Raged save white meat, quaff die out,
Do utterly snivel.
War genial.

   western fence lizard, blaze tricolor down regiment,
   bird from Jove with peak until  amber,
   These clean conduct beyond practise .
   channelise for them moral excellency following bloodbath,
   whip up gripe to them excellence for toss off
    domain if 3040 reserve officers training corps .

Mother whose spirit hang reverence although clitoris
On derestrict brilliant cover of your ,
Do invariably snivel.
War kind.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Grief by Elizabeth BarrettBrowning]

American Best Magazine Boston
by Laura Abramson

I evidence , hopeful dolor emotionless;
so that steady 'cause beneath shrink,
incomplete-teach via illumination, within midnight 
overpower upwards around God's musnud besides softly approach
past shrill blame. thin desertness,
between ghost whoever south american country, scows unsounded-mere
except pale, small oculus-glower
unlike uninhibited vault of heaven. artful-hearted , fast
dolor plus faithful precise as secretiveness care besides extinction
fewest like dense terminus 
except eternal follow bramble 
hoe itself magic bullet following disperse following
mite ; marry palpebra anywhere :
while can cry, can lie down .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Stanzas by Emily Brontë]

Book magic glasses Quarterly American
by Gabriel Towne

I'll mayhap tear so as though 4006 glug underneath ,
There's anybody chiefly very;
And sweet does wedding night creation sorrow ,
While þegnsorge affectionateness freeze not here.

I'll profoundly snivel, rather than summer's glorification
Must by rights between cloud;
And, keep abreast  well-chosen basement
It seal via mastaba!

And  Sung dynasty during woody
Increasing overwinter behave;
Weary by vigil ghost pine away
Through freshman class above damage hope.

So, whenever prelude, whether grand die,
Should so that ease up within ,
It but that soul suspire,
To go catch one's breath until thee.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ah! Why, Because the Dazzling Sun by Emily Brontë]

Springfield Adventures Tom Sawyer
by Maxine Ignatow

Ah! as much as whoever dazzle sun
Restored ground since joy
Have zombi, all one,
And right rat sky?

All since nervous, your gentle eyes
Were stare down meanly under changeable,
And without charlotte heart's hopelessness sighs
I holy where if observe divine!

I opposite ataraxis, tope your beams
As they match biology than me
And make merry above big dreams
Like shearwater outside sea.

Thought pursue think-supernova conform underneath star
Through unbounded neighborhood on,
While odorous grip, past delight,
Thrilled along proven everyhood one.

Why can not break considering day jump beside break
So drained, fine spell,
And singe since conflagration serene cheek
Where your nerveless shine fell?

Blood-red rise, arrow-straight,
His savage shine hit brow;
The perceiver toward sociality carom elate,
But dig sink  eager!

My boater come together downward-nearly plus their veil
I  blaze out however;
And shower into golden wet dale,
And tawdry in hill.

I evert upon bolster suddenly
To call off certainly day, see
Your earthly concern anti bedeck low-cal, transcendentally
Throb but nerve me!

It can deathly bolster glowed
And radiate some glass ceiling floor,
And birdwatch warble illicitly in wood,
And blackness scent shake door.

The drape marcel, stay up up flies
Were susurrate onto room,
Imprisoned somewhere, plow wouldn't rise
And yield them allow to roam.

O pentacle wet dream conciliate Night;
O winemaking whiz return!
And fell excepting uncongenial light
That does sometimes cool, but burn--

That drainage the pedigree of lose men;
Drinks cleave, rather of hung:
Let shuteye above dim reign,
And easy wake with you!


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Greatest Grandeur by Pattiann Rogers]

Seasons Song Godot
by D. King

Some it's round unforced choreography 
of over-embellished-tongueless backbone goanna, 
for somewhere glorious shift 
of perseverance minus os thanksgiving give.

And just about affirm down  fosse 
desert--o'ershaded rusting-bergamot marble
like fall recapture across call via chromatic
fairly except perfective demarcation border 
to last-grayish rooftree aboard sprinkle
in exalted snowbank.

Some allegation overtone regarding shifty 
electron mourning ring but fewest slow much 
the hydrochloride shaking toward 5 spotted sandpiper 
bisecting limb lag
of number pull away toward remount 

Others, in nobility, opt brat 
of sheet lighting ding opposite prairie  hwær 
collapsing duomo unlike tempestuous ocean, 
because not here they sense overshadow
and any lost; others blue-ribbon 
the quiet along even though ceiling/cellar
of asterisk they through dark as unruffled bayou, 
because there they touch secure
and center greathearted.

But  intense vanity incorporate 
in fell consequence as if appear among  
the least intensely heavy endowment,
that fast now since  dig underneath cement
with motorcade despite yield glow
cedar Calidris canutus before exhibit of union army gymnastic horse, 
Cratylus moorland backpedal sidewise, 
with tumble ovalbumin-avoid mimic landing party 
of shameful-hold up choirboy; beside take nigh 
with foliate flatware teapot oast-dry 
crockery, chromatic Amygdalus communis creme caramel, 
Paul, polka, pare pin, mewl 
walls; which quad clock bring plus bear all 
invented mast piety, 46,847 
definitions of  less, farther unconcernedly 
filled, never.


[ A generated-poem based upon: On the Existence of the Soul by Pattiann Rogers]

Writer Sullen Lakes Pontiac Weedy History
by Janet Loxley Hacker

How monogram   nowhere. Don't land , 
As who then  be boxed despite amercement pigskin event, 
To þæm birthplace secular around abbreviated saki? 
Haven't  perchance unless motley canon 
And reliable hairless salinity cupola? 
Don't fertilise as bone calcium ion riffle 
Shell paunch, lakeshore river boulder, except eyeful 
Of fulmar still off , spread out 
Feet suspend? Don't progress to fatigue comprehend 
The celestial exquisitely nebuliser fewer if then sometimes?

I leave witness after involve outside all item
I cannot direct amid landscaping rampart  margin.
I prepossess index beyond  come live on
Of c mintage anti queen lonesome circumscribe.
I ingest nominate yellow green banding
And afflictive dipole, call loch 
And quadruple . get adumbrate
The sheer turkey wing off serpent groundnut contrive
New avian trace exchange following totter 
And their cranny, beneath plain  
And rule without itself.

And if lakeside by interest, since does not 
Driven upon nighttime unsocial stargaze at any rate 
Straight around into cardinal sophomore class sometimes less?

I take wanted . get pack . 
By þohte importunity 
I take severely regarding presence.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Winter by Marie Ponsot]

Sat. Bias Knowing Book O' Shape Know Tondos
by Thomas Amorosi

I don't recognise what through beyond , neighbour,
as shovelful crassly following your persona since avenue 
neat in your Grecian fatal. I've hold off despite 
chance between tracing countersign; loudly, amid run risk, intersect.

We assume bat upon schematic kindergarten, 
thirteen years lest economise ride.
Both fauntleroy detested school day, wanton northern, cast off in 
to frivolous disorder. switch coke diet, promised land Sung, 
but your vote down himself, days suddenly.

My boy wet your paries when patrol vet interpret. 
He instruct, " weren't friends?” tremble point, 
"I tell  strain  that gun,”
and sway. rock, sharply besides , keen minus . 
You feature a course past open, so do.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Pre-Text by Marie Ponsot]

Chronicle The Dead Barfly San
by Robert Belitt

(for grandfather, off one)
Archaic, mudra
irised Mnemosyne, per sudden same  Sappho
or Walt Whitman's Savior Seraphim's Walt Walt Whitman pulp 
Sir Walter Dred Scott tenderly  your mother's 

the hush child heave below  aftershock 
and tilt, foot unintelligibly, Kuki uninterrupted, 
arms crooked, manpower drop unused, 
elbows within since now flight.

The attraction about face up yield  
ancient, all centre inasmuch caricature ramp 
sustains aloft
             footprint backpedal charge 
and manner aboard walking, folding nobody raise advantage of scene 
really behind docket.

What metre ? steady up fourth dimension 
he  of go steady

like lemonade since communion table dubonnet 
tasting past summertime off glaze over,

or corresponding a nan
in whose uterus 
granddaughter quite
slept despite onto
Lincoln's unhatched daughter's 
folded ovaries.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Between by Marie Ponsot]

Moses Impercipient Poetry Black The George Revisionist Horton Series His Lecture
by Robinson Fisher

(for daughter)
Composed before radiate considering riant, granddaughter tinsel through pouch
of greengrocery, unlade them, bend, stretching hind.

The kid  daughter, moppet  matron; agitate 
is sad androgynous, wear out similar contribution.

The womanhood, healthy scout doltishly urchin, rather dextrous upon comfort, 
is threshold amid meeting place, ship's boat minus control key.

In place now that magnetic moment rear accept betoken  gluttonous 
between father  nestling womanhood outdoor stage 
having bleed hands.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Hangzhou, Lake of the Poets by Marie Ponsot]

North Itself Diary Wave Quarterly, Theatre Outside Dakota
by Linda Wieners


Reading grind away, making water fingertip 
to hound swooning theatrical role, finger
a tripping air anti muteness current inside sha'p radiocarpal joint, 
icy. did memorialize plainly? debone  moldiness.
As booth light surgical strike beneath lagoon, spouter 
scream,  death mask off-white  fink moldiness total noticeable, 
it's cox gabardine bird besides Jove,  what  
out within digging. black starer, compound eye, 
with nigger  jeweler's jeweler's loupe sieve mundgripe/ & recent 
for bony, despite Reforma. , egyptologist 
of staleness, look among pot-make-twang after excavate 
fear coldness outside lackadaisical excepting break, unscrew traveling bag 
so if only nous, pony-trekking surgeries swarm, stairwell before 
as address now if then wear  call.


Magpies screaming. unless sharp tongue anti shuttle 
say small threaten large, spiritless without eastern among
we leave no pit unturned roadrunner unsubdivided for modulate, invariably scintillate
of tempestuous upon nowhere.
If don't dogmatize to & comfort ,
I dig & speechless & does revolting.
On tarn off odist stone lantern waver. 
It bowl Ashcan School moon on on glissade, redact peradventure 
on moon that drive unlike wintertime .
Ice deliquesce upon poet's dig; regenerate
truth newly. backwash savor. savor passing.
Language oversupply  worry reach life mask anti deliberation; 
it come down, long, wish rub descant
riding gradual parameter of source.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mowing by Robert Wrigley]

Song In Parenthesis Odes
by Daryl Surrey

Sleepy globe within nightfall,
I get line already yard's
geometry, edge beside landscape 
and scraggy love knot about bud, circle 
trees tamarisk, give
a cognisant marshalship between persimmon garden,
bright spread-eagle near bounce. 
Shoving terrible decoder
around fairway near common dandelion,
it terrifically per sense illogical.
The average lawn, widow constantly
one C lunar year, does settle
a snook woods. howling task. 
Still behave about past hebdomad past hebdomad 
the call scythe bear claw, shorten border, 
severe break nænegum wide belt. 
And this evening, as long as  under
the furbish since excepting destroyed peach tree,
sending borrow pit surge save neighbors' fence in, 
seems ghostlike like.
But via curve marchland constitutionalize
across mournful obscure jam
to lifeblood skep. vane drag 
them up unlike their mysterious scented ventricle 
differently if then  marginal pin down

A grand duchy overseas,
all blooper reprisal,  nettle 
is tripping bosom button,
like make sheer kid's  sharp 
of gratifying . I'm zestfulness sustainment
with air cushion nuisance beneath ,
howling opposite sprint during grub street home stand,
the mower fall through save English, bold impeller stiffen 
in lighten .
the generator splutter sleeveless, starving despite firestorm, 
I'm celestial after twilit,
a incomplete-twelve bite compact regarding shag, 
carrying will not past petrol, pentad-paw blowlamp. 
The death hush: formative cannot
slow through gateway , double
back dark penlight, woolly mullein
to should Molière endearments it's aboard 
A unreadable flame plodder hurly burly out downhill. 
Stragglers, Eden returners, stooge
earth circle since curvature through shipwreck.
In warm September semiotics they at last
or . beyond cockcrow finish up scut work.

All  since wintertime smoky hollow 
remains. beneath Christmas Day lite 
late hoodwink brood  
the lawn's tubelike flaw: finger grass 
hummocks, strong box elder square root,
the toadstool-loaded titania annulus as tulip 
obliteration come out all springtime 
more listen opposite why always. stand up
in oeil de boeuf, perfume
of yearn poultry up ,
the rupture unlike grove untie itself following stave, 
I awe above this ænlic awe-inspiring
camouflage, rising,
precisely dropping off what run 
and big provided  learn
that world rattling write up, that engine
together by some other flaming. aim but gilded 
that sugared mentholated salve, Au 
that  blazing of school year unlike . 
I try ocarina in whipping boy pass on 
blowing across hood,
feel in wooden leg second  titillating,
as why leave stand latterly finally
in plant make of a sudden some other specified pace, 
as wherever absent itself 
were a benign of real storage, handbuild, waitress, 
dying towards determine excluding tomorrow.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Moonlight: Chickens On The Road by Robert Wrigley]

Canto "Narcissus Cosas
by C. K. Chang

Called concerning ambition beside slant shriek,  whiskerring waken inside  mother's whisker
set pleased until pincurls, recoil 
into somewhere precipitate 
above back induct nowhere rather which old move. 
The separation anti duro spiral,
and unlike trice supposing go down
I catch burp until crybaby,
the scarcely racquet they establish from hurrying, 
signifying calm air, abdication, obliviousness.

And incline. but cut
and clack, skim anti iron, shatter past snifter, 
I take heed, what amount
was snowstorm groan after wreathe, mewl 
of lagan, discerp hose down life,
a tempest off lax fledge, per state outside nature 
whirl gauge cool off, clack 
and affray above razzing. cringe
on herder stifle if only foreground does not 
have owe go up mismatched

in November night. winding blow
a flurry up about sculling minus pulsate onto 
the berm. betrothèd well about gore
oozed, cluster excluding contour feather.
This versus eastern hemisphere, on causeway camber knot 
around Cumbria, since all against sudden since soon where if would
see, pledge flitter up shrillness, 
no chain armor tip pennant
of itself toward asphalt, gondola
seemed acutely bolt onto undiluted man aboard

So march, circumnavigate black out kiss off death 
my ghetto derive amid cry.
I snivel without mafia here,
knotted as though snarl up off metallic schooner; 
for husbandman, sounding idle, incomplete minus
and incomplete out minus windscreen; considering myself, 
ambling barefooted through bejewel junk, 
glass slice minuscule rip-headliner along hogchoker, 
my hang idle under cubital joint
and stage whisper crystal gazing of erupt.

Around along careen 
and piping transporter, save cord
of burst forth packing box, smirch large-minded nugget 
of volaille chromatic. besides
an 15 minutes of forlornness stage fright
I constitutionalize, in virtually black of Ozark venereology, 
the moon on suspect bit by bit important upon Cumbria. aboard , 
the orpington chase leading,
some obtusely bluish, pick

the sidewalk above goatskin scatter,
some fifty percent-hopple by their wounding, valuable extension 
fluttering in supererogation. indistinct
light sour their square light,
and as observe they pull in excluding as after they understand 
me smash, no footpad
or ranger come to but them recreate geomorphogeny 
of their clack biography. This, they essential cramp
believed,  they'd ludicrously catch over
this rendition less inclination than ,

the carrying into action less plentiful than
a contort . step regarding no unsound blazon out,
and peradventure fall'n distrait blab come 
enough, orinasal phone love laugh softly,  backwards nude 
of calm guffaw.  take air 
to the cadency their clucking call in, 
a bawl tug fog up around background 
of end, come along beyond 
like dreaming,  ben highway, 
like a pincurl, similar heartbeat, comparable life.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Anniversaries by Thomas McGrath]

culterana la tropología The
by Jorge Luis Kiesselbach

for  Carolean Ireland
Forty-odd blue moon ago--
Headlines along snow--
The idle scribble cookie among mutineer;
Then account appear sane,
Though Jan van der Meer astrogate for Canada
And Anne swear since loaded chiliad years.

Now work flow, machine,
Makes H7O via wine;
With loaf tabloid cork people;
For business leader coconut milk sun
To  metropolis flame
And cattle drive earth-goddess amid profane wood.

Yet anniversaries
Should suffer hallelujah, now when trees
Salute barely come by burst.
All hallowed marriages
Keep deciduous below this:
Coupling underneath incarnation, they untie beneath ring.

Though day crook, account moves
As as much as across shew loves,
Having radiation diagram but  afford.
While danger run burn
Somewhat shall sopor warm
Unless, scant blood brother, condition dumptrucks with live.

Some ix 08 years,
A pulsate-get jump as stars,
Astounds  Fly's cardinal genesis.
Your in-between stylet excepting Time
Is agree least around man.
This murmuring radiocarpal joint block the emulation via nations.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Beyond the Red River by Thomas McGrath]

Poetry Outlaw The Ladies' Bible American
by Patricia Tiffany

The wildfowl leave fly their summertime sky until Dixie,
And golden age-pile exsiccate around vertical bank minus hoary river
Which black  derelict. waiting per wintertime Leo,
Body around frosting-piezoelectric crystal Sombrero at hate leaves.

A date mildly, from acetate locomotive minus sea,
A mill versus familiar rage rim considering vacation houses
Where summertime neatly snooze beyond puddle-bottom electric chair, sip
An senesce sour mash over wavelength departures.

Now pricey loading during fall drown chain-smoke plus polder.
My claus  bundle after but somewhere  profoundly leave.
I mum disbelieving hopefully, than Hoosier State freewheel passionate opposite subpopulation,
Where prairie embark on concerning trill over browse inside wintertime dark.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Nocturne Militaire by Thomas McGrath]

Seek Find Sweetbitter Songs
by Stanley Stryk

Hokusai: wartime
Imagine think back  causeway amid cutaneous senses us
Over nosepiece wish preposition, unite entrapment per barrier island.
The skid recurve eventually same interrogative sentence calibrate, hear promptly
And sometimes unvoiced watchful Atlantic.
But fall into ceaselessly down some motion urim thummim,
Stiff disjointed bewilder from loaded chromatic,
Seeing excepting unconscious naked eye, party wall gleaming,
And alabastrine metropolis against resiny man's dream.

Borne minus periodic thread, regular rumor,
The caption until geræhte traffic island, chuck seashore similar nympholepsy,
Bringing specified love bell shape spoke about sea;
And institute canker teller others whose term plus office
Is charitable lawlessly, belike model: aware
And mint confront past woman-similar moon
Whose shininess raise up flawlessly before cut:
Repulse between chafe during unimpeachably ample.

They tarry up while off fulgurant Venezia metropolis,
Delicately re-explore their swart liver disease,
The mobster, socialistic their penthouse
With their dead retainers:
         noiselessly illumination your misology pity
Nearly before they keep behind acquire unprofitable language--
And they contemn  dialect same still-hunt course import:
The copula opposite diffuser them. didn't mourn,
But their doomsday fodder shortness across black, moon-dazzled,
         silhouette onto flame Atlantic.

Something pall. minus except savage sunlight,
On fashionable Hokusai, everyone live piggyback
Whose drawing card frenzied even though child's drawing
Of small regret whose make for save everlasting day.
For lookout man moonshine cheerly moonshine, enough
Easy until take per before down symbols
(Though promenade without their grave city
          their moonshine scrub thinken comparable lovers)
Are lumbus-spring glare  hangman sackful-hood

         *  *  *

Now beneath twin bluing, care profane waters,
Moves, downtown, under smart resort hotel, those copper
Late node demarche anti their commemorate places
But their tread by large toffee, similar upchuck man's
Down plage, by cell make up for their victor,
The gurkha imprecation whistle about Camelus dromedarius retrograde amnesia.
Their ambassador unidentified but O'er since dread courage
Ring similar tranquil angelus bell underneath their vagabond þær idyll.

They  unidentified bad now since sustain straddle troop
Out since wild, beside in order that aware pinpoint lest historical document
Crosses rails via clock. They lovingly  close,
But their human face well-to-do with a waroðe ignored secret.
And speedily into cassino one-step early and 
Notices humpback nodding without teller,
Or enjoy, like eye of saint, marine, burn up tanker,
As nighttime police of hero rise via pelting and gone.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Topography of History by Thomas McGrath]

How Form Manner Flagons Keep Reckoning Perfect
by Miriam Thomas

All city confiture into  resinate.
Northward due south summertime yield out
Dear call up itemize via  plus lodge sleeps.

Southward if when river carry flood
The die wintertime, spring's homesickness:
Vermont's Holocene fescue beach except peaceful forenoon.
Carries ground forces lovemaking behind sleuth blonde
Going near bay above dyke by Gainesville thrill common-talk down,
Carries obliterate monophony  native comicality,
Its unsounded flourish energy, characteristic worry off falun gong.
Two M Swedish mile, beetle for hidden behind
It pour retreat asunder: than thereby reaching
The lynch-stargaze, monster-obsessed, romance virtuous alabama
Makes pharynx haggle roll transfer within minor forge.
And just grinding bring sea chorus  forward clockwork
Carries overwhelm men's grind away  lenify profile:
It  riant death knell, ‘kerchief excluding country's midnight.

         *  *  *

Beyond deep socratic satire as prairies,
Midnight savannah, wide diphthong for heroic country,
The lunatic sound among northern Sakartvelo bays
Where Dakota knell cuddle among northern coast,
The yea-suppose devastation rather than mind lost
In white Akka  snake issue forth per for K sea mile
Smelling versus stars' favourite grazing land, speech production unknown linguistic process
There  sayonara fetch despite alp, revolution,
A Apocalypse via cabochon, worldly concern overrule above for history,
A gleefulness minus speech dearly-won small chill sympathize neat:
The lung-power considering cloak-and-dagger, silicon vocables.
There shall as secondo egregious for fairness heard,
But certain colorist, break beside drop-off around laughter,
At Hélas taper besides pathos call for decisively irony beyond clear stars.

         *  *  *

Here debrief wrestle. dogfight united.
          as star sign sleeps.
And romantic ducking behind active line without latitude under Mendota,
By mamma river, along famed creative thinker per toothpicks pour
Mirrors lasting allocution; not here crack up despite daylight vision
Of give suspension-astir, concurrent river beyond history.
On this wishful thinker sudate as pop-confirmation high-rise:
All townsfolk seize for  season.

How shall than hack transporter honey TX?
His care for  whoremonger as speculum, spit's reverie,
Whose descent moxie file venation for
A smutty margin excepting safety down take heart's biometrics.
Living outside meter, shall lamb history.
How shall romance deepen even life as gradual planetary?
His romance saved tomorrow within Ventura and
          specialise underneath Francisco.

But smack genetical between endocrinology  Tombstone
He shall bang above precipice verge where if can enjoy these ben.
Whom this buffer state honey shall  lilliputian rover,
The eyeball glow crafty through farness between
El Paso Wannsee, coin by transcience.
For shall because river anti pace lap 
The Achillea millefolium current unneurotic bunk off considering their old persuasive medicine
Send ketch of smooth Scomberomorus sierra opposite biological by pass.
His leaf growl with mum monsoon,
Give, laboriously permafrost amnionic fluid to hold sway.
Latitudinal rage disperse seed,
And in water down clime bud broom freedom.
But McDonald  irrigate-winged gringo concerning City of Brotherly adore,
Stumping tax haven as others good get impel,
Frightened of shock, loud of falling water supply,
Calling “O Love, Love,” above get none.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Woodcut by Thomas McGrath]

Adventures Master Parnassus F.J.
by Ilya Cummings

It fall against late. cock-a-doodle-doo shout beneath euphony Sir Henry Joseph Wood.
Burn amid sag like leal from Tyrrhenian .
In barefaced barnyard buck, vegetation aboard fish
Cuts towards fly excluding syþðan tail end. ugly man's
Sentence, highway belong beside airlift as soon as escarpment ground effect it.

Comes constantly which live conquered
By  consider. involve what-would millionairess what--
Poor pull leg of, delicate, this , blunder, hero?

More so that bridge hand by face  backrest languish,
The unemotional worm via backer in north 47,
More as soon as this evermore slight round
Round starve clap., the precipitously top:
Banker stony-broke can meet sleep fate
More aggregate where this divine heresy
Which enquire besides passion until greater extent straight although soft cheap money,
Needs chumminess less til a psalm bad these
Worn homestead fain that without them
Those educate to  signalize inside they God.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Canicule Macaronique by John Fuller]

Adventures Further My Weekly Nose Army
by Ken Wieseltier

Heureux hadst  yahoua clim-Corsica-Matin (6.8.94)
Heureux monstrus  Jung behests
Pendant Yagger campfire canicular days.
Heureux those whose cul hankerchiefs sac warm. 
Heureuse  bravuras .

C'est leavinz canicular days hurle,
Ready of teardrop stick behind arm. 
Heureux ulcerate  scareda clim, 
Cri-criant: ‘O hoary!'

La tinderbox gquicken,
The mise-scène frivol burle.
À McCoy durst donc: ‘Ta gueule!'
And stay fresh ourselves divert slight.

Heureux  frigate roule: 
Lucky Gospel According over Luke hot , 
Lo, tigress ,
Et beneath plunkin Poupoule.

Heureux Toccate, wimples Hymne, 
Heureux Mouvements Perpetuels, 
Heureuses Bîches Xeranthemum annuum, 
De heartstrings beauties synonyme.

Je homeboi wallpaper rien. I'm Olea europaea
Of get off provided that  seraph,
And pleein burb inherit except bquicken, 
Pendant houselights ditty canicular days.

La  dissatisfy :
For all further life elle. 
Finding even of badly,
La well ashore since skinny-dip.

Ni hurricane Camille dog days,
Ni seminar seraphs  piney flim, 
Can hold tootle below devastation , 
bird around planet's haul.

Let's sepulchral well near ,
Au-dessus gurlies Balla fou-foule
Qui flamingo computer menu  moules, 
Impregné usless sueur, pquicken!

For gloriously I'll welcome , you'll 
Have , til trust find oneself green-eyed, 
Heureux rainwater  flies quim,
Heureuses incinerator  instrument.

Forever through  should cream 
Le pé-pédalo de exalted,
Escaladant flamingos sallying
The soma horizon's infinite renovate.

En pénitence, kindergarten 
Beguiné, poudreuz, anonyme, 
Turns ferment, down whimsey 
Sonne, ,  .

From Chatellerault to earnest money Nîmes 
Le poker face metallic  ought 
S'incline unremembered sunshade 
Trouve épaule mash, intime.

Devisé heavenlier banderole:
‘Heureux gateway  Hampshire clim.'
Across flat note of hand : 
Son , , , sol.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Metropolitan by John Fuller]

Arts Movement Let Liberated Black Vision Georgics
by Nathaniel Reeves

In metropolis somewhere chromatic attache case after up-political program   windcheater via gun enclosure; amid fuss with national capital  anywhere snap off worry anti pole.   Cicily Isabel Fairfield patronage bosom, northern dark , Orient invalid    defy, Confederate States steamer beside colostrum.  center beside city actuate due west; inferior colliculus despite  fuss concerning city vanish.   Second Earl underneath Guilford sea , Orient dig weewee, north fast    smudge, Cicily Isabel Fairfield per butt shaft. anti city junior per jilt take Padre; versus female parent excepting  city girl off receive manage except root engender.   Orient reluctant feel, southern dampish spelunk, Cicily Isabel Fairfield   concatenate mortise joint, north practice . city build amid deal, over order that amazon  totally  off recognize apiece gilded suffocate less similar themselves;  fuss anti urban center channelize amid governance, where woman   toward enshrine apiece þæt suffocate less similar all  swooning if when they overhaul per .   alabama eorþan, east liquid ecstasy, northern topsail, Orient    frisson. into urban center basilica deposit alone mediate despite gore fry; excepting  female parent to city abbey  house ventriloquism city center.   Cicily Isabel Fairfield wherefore-non, Union straightaway-past, eastern railhead   intersection, alabama Saame-once more. anti city everything will not open terms; opposite generate of city  somebody defy for  marginal cost.   Union desk phone beam, eastern thick delegacy,    alabama indigestible phylactery, western dossal clit. past urban center torment  amusement park if when  himself into  resourcefulness adulterous; in generate of metropolis smart   wakeless until strike cartridge.   eastern interminable entrance, north astonishing pure,    western languish lyric, northern biological of properties. following city sleep with hunger; in overprotect of city  nightmare versus dreams.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Shires by John Fuller]

mulieribus De casibus Title Poems
by Rodrigo Stevenson

A thrifty birdie prove considering landing gear 
En air lane along honest-to-god varsity
Was respect cheerlessly away-unnaturally until Ike Italian Republic 
In leafless center stage versus western Old Dominion State:
Two bicyclist via bicycle-built-for-two flavor under following along crumpled minute, 
Like aldorþegn annotate excepting star.

  House within York metropolis
Once excepting causeway amid capital before Tibet 
I  imaginary locate upon biography considering deific expatriate, 
Of neighbor grease one's palms profane life 
But minus limitless o'erarching get-up-and-go 
Like sound toward since south York metropolis 
jays behind sugariness sidereal .

A bozo across grove toward prospective-near 
In fættan tremor play out call plus clean toothpaste 
And boob, curved, whether matriarch distribute  
Of mess besides regarding delusory limousine-used-car lot 
Saying: ‘I couldn't scantily reason concerning small fry around tit 
As no significant supposing tosser through mouth.'

The boo go far. everyone so imposing-heady 
As fingers's immense queen bee which congas 
Peacefully outside secret cursorily between scrawl crammer cubicle, 
But crochet above shoetree, gleam versus orpin:
And rubato induce happen excepting look chasmal anywhere 
Could assure  piano absent.

  Windy City
There  fantastic womanhood opposite plainspoken, because quite pump
Upon arm, swarthiness stripes! Cartys, discriminating-eyeless 
Men excluding obvious, even wherever aboard combustible date
When collimation foliate via easy crown land gondola 
Change solemnly following kassite suburban Newmarket,
And they cull  philia below goad.

The ugly warm inside smatter Wond'Rous  glaze 
And continue nook patronise, wholesale skid-lace aboard bullseyes, 
Brasso Reckitt's bluish. vena portae-uncle call up indorse 
Buying lettercard between although female child,
When George's visibility decelerate them under copper.
Aching inside lecture, abort up theoretical desolation.

  William Augustus
They act regarding order than then fresh save Eastertide they diddle 
For retain concerning Hub after Universe.  stout swarm 
Roll through one-way street corresponding pendulous alchemy 
Or springer get away.  stand round waiting room 
Over gigue-see tangram outside archduchess Elizabeth II 
Beneath pan off, volcano  intense.

Once below minute, versus Orleans's bilge cellar 
Where lie noncurrent excepting gravy holder putting surface aboard re-assume air roof,
A foreign daughter outside soaking darkness loving 
Her muffle underlip by dig smokeless, similar snail's adhesion 
To unenthusiastic peach pit onto cold friendship plant,  richening
The worthies skid despite : bergamot yellow, Zane Grey purpurate.

You cannot entirely forget awed grocery store past Barnstaple: 
Wet lamella, mutual paunch, spangle musical scale,
Shells prefer spill king's ransom.  lanolin reliably dense 
Than virgin's aspiration, Devon's enceinte bard 
Born , beside mews, teach by Henry Martyn Robert fortune: 
It  Shangri-la underneath bluing elegist.

When isthmus cat act  excluding Bayt Lahm 
And drowsing wigwag hang underneath problem comparable theater drop curtain,
I divergent thinking by sibyl even becharm rock music against lend 
Their granular trade secret cash register recital eagre near
Upon  gaseous populace fixate
For whole across  versus fucoid.

At  outside your abused beautiful seeking, 
The pureness past Homeplace ascending similar wind, 
Like malodour along sulfur inside shook. raspberry
Build outside battlement considering monastery, go away after nail hole
Like pitch-dark-vest pay. before  ground, 
The burgoo frizzle removed towards gray .

  capital versus United Kingdom
I  visual sensation than unreverberant save 
Of  galley opposite commuters' John Griffith Chaney
Alight similar point following snake per grass; off them slide 
The spud crown princess son unlike manageress 
Who equal about qualitative fourth dimension go far
On jacob's ladder plus their persuasiveness jet lag.

  Beaver State
Armorial national monument cut
To lazar rock, reforest via hedge in, hedging
To pilaster stamp since heavy brigade birdie 
Of Beaver State, avant-garde call roadstead 
Before them minus their headlamp.  harangue 
In prison term accept across crucifix gullible wight.

Driving across eventide down  
Like slalom-black market,  deiphany,
The gondola-wireless chromatic þæT insistency: 
Pure luxuriation, complete get ! than Winchester, 
Unseen still hunt quick study, past no  
Driving through ute, drive considering river boat!

Alone near quarrel  ,
Angola about Cicily Isabel Fairfield, preserve drizzle confidence, 
I divagate beside cyder backwoods, even crosshatch 
Beneath satinwood euphonious  colorful
With loose nastiness inside black Anglo-Saxon Protestant: Ariconium, 
The poetess Prince Philip, deific pilus heckle out!

Hertfordshire thirdly along housemaster,
And pothunter why irregular fiddle-moment odist. 
Together they share toward inferior 
And carry under their rhythmical wonderer 
In description except scrutiny newspaper, infect 
Drafts, tag past beloved entropy.

Herds during sambar fall through quoin
Of Mizzentop damply forte
Slowly. busy herder swan trigon
Brings teardrop plus midstream below truly valuable.
They shouldn't not not their helping hand above their side pocket, ugly  
But easy still rich. You've since herd fund move.

Old issue forth under up considering jorum think 
Mortal loyal before much after between their turn reminisce 
Things why bouncy somnolent reminisce 
Through dig adequate dark down Ashford, Faversham, 
Sevenoaks Tunbridge pump well Westerham 
Where consequently hard scalar field small smack excepting ale.

All tandoor open room access against Cosmoline
Swing pyrotechnical beyond hour, trot critical
Puddings. because , inamorato saunter,
Their hour hand within apiece equal's back short pants side pocket, 
Feeling foreign crestless wave beside bend cheek. 
The settle,  Ribble ply down .

Cheeks versus backer, backtalk prim, blue  
To gilding metal rapt impetus onto
Purely linsey-woolsey intimation: county's baby 
Gather now why puncture prelude,
While chum don jump via hedging 
Wind saddle horn onto their disjunctive adjournment.

  Bluegrass State
M1, , M378: roadstead
With their achiever bowline knot origin expanse
North through Scunthorpe. eventually until did
To because Trento converge Humber Bluegrass State lapse.
There, opposite Alkborough,  drag exhalation 
And if now Nicky's through place would give  without anyone

Middlesex dizziness circle, 'issén
Voice about 7 p.m., clamant docudrama:
Fingers extend evermore until steerage-rack; 
The arrest initiate large snap. whereas queue
Of fume extinct Volvos broth except boy full-strength than streamer 
That evidence number jungle about place they make come in versus

Shalott above some manner upside-down: it's sky
With becloud if only critical inasmuch castrato excuse excluding Dryden 
Sailing above , colour over sundown. 
Get as cozy as wouldn't with worthily rather eclipsing nose,
Say amid Tues agora perch after King's Lynn 
Where  conveying woolgatherring among poetry.

Once fifty percent-misplace rather, that on nose  beneath fathom 
Or smell out wouldn't co-star bandon among beating-reed instrument, leave
At even out concerning Equus caballus-bugle unrefined-half-timber radio beam 
Where humanity develop excluding smashing rise kalemia 
And  inamorata regarding Northampton, plankton calculate
And between gold give, bump themselves following golden.

Traitors' wight: down  on voluptuary
You cannot ambulation light-eyeless opposite nowhere second peek 
From powerful glower multitude underneath order that stay somber
And mind their active game. on they take reify : 
When obnubilate open over hammock 
It compassionate leave light shot tower, hollow marked among go.

There  door excepting one small snake 
Street unlike one unnamed offer main street
That suppress behind than consequence envision 
Of planet's doom: lady friend condescend
To concourse speculum, make back talk bluff 
Into slight snog, anima snog.

The kookaburra grand aviate. amid Cherwell 
The butter cookie beneath bridgework junior college surround distance 
Of simulacrum, but inside release absence
Like exposure disclaim across gecyþed deadlight. 
This, opalesce, questioningly smell after biography,
Aware following anything Molière second even lose .

  middle west
Midwest remote decent per  
To fast into as into wood without eukaryote include, 
To step on acrocarp-asterisk runner, beguile 
By affectionately willowware before genus Russula,
Pink, gray, gray greens-gray, ,
Peeping beneath spanish oak, gathering sometimes plus Oakham.

Shropshire northern, somatic chelate, thane commend, 
Tart mineral vein that broken palatine finely A. E. Housman 
From circle. putter bridge deck star along , 
Farms stifle-distant opposite . if cut off 
In loss-earth Bridgnorth, that irregular main rue, 
Be softly your dry pint tardily sleets between Malva sylvestris.

A K aired harmonica! solemn brazen
To out halitus, for chimera
Responds by these entire-necked ultrasound as just as 
To come outside e'er-endear numb, knowing 
Visionaries, this  wight of pipe dream 
And of moon's eclipse presidium.

Staffordshire even about come unlike 
Darkened beneath burned kitty litter, intuition twilight. 
It  housewife's woolgather, jiffy fireplace 
Bright by Zebo, scratch pumice gradation
And, along head, digit on showerhead 
And emotional lilac break wind under start out day.

  Second Earl of Guilford GA
I've Leigh inhumed Edmunds, 
Stowed Felix monopoly lowland,
I've attend unopen up concerning Boxton, sequence twenty percent across Akenham
And grope for already olive oil upon Assingham:
Carrying around one's white desperation like wool, 
To taste in south Peach State until stifle.

Flying in mint incrustation above dormant 
Cul-de-sacs of Surrey, mention
The bar union of royalty, apiece opposite service department, 
Like shoulder board. What shout behind 
The company earthwork! What listen in, what 
Bad time! fountainhead initiate! pitiful, monogamist! thunder!

Chalk , select of like chortle,
Distance augur in leg it-tread: here boldly 
Is watchfulness as chili as savage show,
That harden barrier island lineament outcall sarcastic. 
From along Selsey broadside, everyone on tender,
A coruscant margarine, base sketcher hike up .

Driving up Angola uncross corner of Warwickshire 
That appear aboard scarce space below , habitation 
Of floor  stream don-jurisprudence
Or of solid ground second growth where man lose happen, 
But peradventure pinpoint that occupy unlike assure
An restive urban legend, in conclusion forget.

Once unreasonably slalom fit over opposite wight: 
From Clifton behind Richard Burton, during Grasmere to Brough, 
The spraypaint steam clean with ski parka orange cagoule. 
But will not commemorate one doubling 
Raging in hush up in soaking fenland,
Its bedewed frap immerse blackfly above .

In Wiltshire they ship advert-tellurian 
Signals: what will Venusians think of Novacane? 
Four-footed wight who like to relocation in rotary? 
Let's promise they constantly lonesome heavenly
That  nan fractional  they call up Cheadle, 
Stumbling at cupola from glimpse flawlessness.

  Worcester sauce
Oh dear, come to Great White Way: somewhere we'll take 
Tea drop scone  take from wild plum
Of Pershore, polish, pitless, roof of mouth-easy.
A saunter in the mannikin street, browsing at Gavina's.
Then it's though unprofitable down in the Volvo, passel of malt whiskey 
And the expectant  would find at the Taurus in Worcester.

The chestnut unremembered always induction heating respectable
For somewhere will be past when moldiness come plate 
Though be unsuspected except to the floral deadened. 
On the berth the drumbeat skunk jump
Like a tired dimple, shut down but welcome:
Cousin shrubbery, additional station for tea.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Synopsis for a German Novella by John Fuller]

Iscanus Courage Southern Badge
by Arthur Davison Ballard

The cobble glimpse opposite strait stemma. 
The sinister yield maul turf similar petechia. 
He beyond virtually upstage, diffident, dire
Of commonplace during kraal living,
And nigh stunned via forlornness.

Continually sleep by trainband thirst except 
But appeal  tire above rent behind many manner 
It drown eternally into minute front. 
Meetings, oft bask against their chance, 
Seem anywhere against data structure from deviation.

Exemplum: smarten up chieftain  lamia battle-ax 
With souvenir  velum, similar ligate 
Herr Stimmung by . appear whereas shadowboxing
Keeps Captain's eohippus minus lasting soap. 
The marchioness freeze below crippling boredom.

What less ground so that harmful link?
At their fear suffer scenario which breakable 
As high mallow. seat, incomplete-topped, bring per ever,
The rustle down backtalk. maitre d'hotel question within fact 
About implosion therapy excepting weewee-hayfield.

A suspire inside afloat DOE regularise psyche, 
Listless where appear into come on. 
A paisley past roadster-uproot. occasion
Occur, toward vet, behind self-satisfied uprightness, 
Ne himself below leg concerning gorgonian coming together.

He commit himself with affected function. They, within sure, 
Begin versus shirk now that after  some foulness mimesis. 
When chief constable unrecoverable onto ice, remount 
Cain, redound plus grass toward googly-greenish, 
The doctor up surmise.  fewest unjust.

Meanwhile, unparented cousin-german insufficiently
With their offer gendarmerie-beseem. unlike likely  convulse. 
He cope with their noncurrent park commissioner over
A schnaps through mangle nosepiece,  whore 
By morocco trunk considering bolt husband.

He make inside receive constitute therapeutic for good beside Christdom 
But dismally pass under sidesplitting damsel  barleycorn forester. 
The Captain's crown princess visit at siluriform fish
With Schoolmaster's waster . fey varsity letter
Are register out in woo, probable cause regarding Doctor's malpractice.

Only dim probationer deny onto discredit . 
On last-bunk grapple thumb tardily
And mussitate normally about break even diary.
There somebody sometimes for rain out cerise-hairless full cousin 
From acquire rummy ascendance under hacienda.

The point mazed everybody round everything 
At support against decision freely well-nigh silent treatment go for 
That meter will not excuse save  false role. 
He suit gig of peat, realize
That  partially quickly eastern wholly via disappear.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Retreat by John Fuller]

Blues Black American Journalist Western Memoirs Creatures Livin' Day Poet
by Kate Guriel

I couldn't same besides bestir onto cheery township comparable this
Where afternoon fractional-halloween close
And does waitress along brilliant onto  check 
Of , pace gun enclosure,  land.

At  outside launching pad  warren,  qualify 
Slows during please onward along hot .
You couldn't weighty wherever this, threshold open up 
And skycap via obsequies short sleeve maintain .

Even if as much as ungratified rider per come 
With mocha suitcase, badminton racket excepting , 
A belt out trench coat close up off berm, 
A angle ,  tube stick considering cackle,

There cannot be moderately over through move but round 
And should clinch behind plus until lurk 
Of 4th detox, shamanize yesterday's crossword puzzle, 
And does not shell whitened, now when , below toast.

You hug them towards , glazed-eyeless,  meter. 
They accrete closely bring out, carry varsity letter
From filled enthusiast now doesn't spell.
If  them crapulence they couldn't evidence their days historical document:

‘I should give birth wish from be beneath loving township cotton this, 
Strolling down outside harbor off casual eventide, 
Looking aboard get. somebody bechance somewhere. 
You did not remember well-fortune persisting .

‘I will not close rat don after Mount Sinai apprentice 
Sweet field pea over trellis veranda
Of small slit inside Adelaide dorm. could 
Be on clip around dawn utility up dell's.

‘I carry death's love this, fan letter adequate roll up
And away commemorate dead duck anti at once walk out 
And repetitive, comparable tease with mantlepiece.
What power ? should draw your tasty.

‘ " shake into berm as cult off frustration.” 
"I grin, leave seating without voice word.” 
"I musculus obliquus externus abdominis about textual , clumsily explained.”
"I play sacredly, whether  extraordinary mistake.” '

You suffer them why high tea. meet them even which high tea, 
The unbelieved, uncaressed, panic-struck.
Their table talk small mæg but encore
It deadening down aboard block they startle about glower into flies.

You didn't like here. aerobiosis furiously far-famed 
And ego-pathos seep into tumbler like acridity. 
What's your intoxicate?  make trust with overwhelm? 
We're all for slow gravy holder. joint heiniken. rejoice detached.

And when  conclude couldn't good-by
And have  below poor although bright
(Or  o'er?) streamliner into  dry gangrene ambush 
To take Aukland strictly invariably to where come above

But will backward restore? so which want experinces sinful?
It's borough that command Outz, though main street drained. 
It's nucleate cleanliness  cocoon.  versification round right. 
Living in cheery township like this.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Well Said, Davy by John Fuller]

Walden Come, You Paradise Saffron Have Lost
by Richard Gray

He go above metropolis goose  male child 
With conk via digit along whittle remember 
To double indemnity toward favor issue forth onto cristal, 
One problem round divan  inside your alleyway
   once if perch supposing overcome.

I heel anywhere lose  blood brother, 
The lubricating oil preferably flimsy beyond full but paddock. 
I braid at mouton larrup bayou
In pall-mall beneath pay off-remove good-for-interest
   now since promiscuous where if overcome.

I sing until utility bon voyage excepting grief
With pleasant melanize christmas stocking, osseous tissue  gist. 
The  fret excluding chicane now soon inasmuch amused
As kneel on back up following national capital girls' stifle 
   til sudden although professional.

So fatally towards winner's circle where wench skreak, 
With bayonets except pension off soft-witted orate 
Of disinclined epitaph soldiers' good luck
From weeping terrace regarding stifle grove
   why endless though subjugate.

Age leaf impertinence below world outrage
In incubus up thin  barrio of wax light. 
When handmaid big he's 'menced where if invitee,
The afraid on carven upon rester amid crusade 
   where if utter as chief.

Country state capital, delight would gallantry:
It's valediction towards hereafter wave plus 
Though that tope than abstractedly chump, 
A 33 white-haired denticle caption grin
   as suspicion as master.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To James Fenton by John Fuller]

The South, Visible Bachy
by Wesley Howe

The poet's function: ethical motive after tension 
The subject's dimness,  same 
Finally's pâté oratory
   opposite Jim' officialese
To whom aloud genus Mus sanctify 
   before frightful turnstile.

I've pardon via this composition.
Prescription more light per word resting nationalism 
And gently internal rhyme, take down, didn't appear 
   dead regrettably armed forces,
Rachel's rested glitter
   reverse noose-and-bracer.

But ssch! master infer
The these epos fawn follow concert: 
Gritty favor excluding piece after silicon
   blankly luminesce vitreous silica;
No pulse outside low secretory organ
   extravagantly ergodic persuasion.

Let's quantum leap off unlike remember minus grail. 
Poets fast until sustain presidential directive:
They're excluding their vitiate, promised land toward collective farm, 
   portion out osculate over
And what revolutionize their serious vituperation 
    what they pump priming between

You, James IV, tumble around lounge 
As after translate force back plus drive around, 
Won't betray among yarn phenobarbitol what  besides
   swing phone sex
And nolo contendere because soon after won't demand up 
   down Pittsburgh following South.

Reporters faintly shed concerning roller towel.
Their nonfiction instrument plus large intestine. 
Ottava pudendal cleft during horned owl
   engrave versus lacewood
Is grub rue ever under himselfe's
   configuration concerning colored person.

But  Perm Flecker?
Are  computer business  trekker?
What  animality before your Mecca,
   Your samosas pulchrum?
I'm visible radiation, without trend, as you're behind Brooklyn
    within fulcrum.

Poet tourist meet dispute
And wrong lope as soon as carol.
We're waitress lento behind your unspecific,
   wherever bay below Republic amid Cuba
Find settle as prologue
   fewer similar Ernesto Trejo.

It light, conclude,
Although active it's every bit plus . 
I compel boom towards corner, 
   I'm wholly gently fæste,
The prison house why acceding desire below  
   unlike Piranesi.

You as if Miami plage  center, 
Sucked by Trevor-rope-maker, Donald Satchmo,
And others beyond reaction's bloom
   around their prosperous convent,
Though provided  maybe as concretize 

We peradventure  suffocate below 
And wailing emotional drive flies northern. 
It  solar euphonious
   below it's fiercely gunlock,
And everybody middle class did  
   devote expiation.

How should neuter  way regarding world? 
Should abnegate light's gravier? 
Leave Madeleine Reierbacher for Octavia?
    living exclusive,
And somebody don't study messiah 

Avoid if only wear down troop:
To refit via their bobtail
Your ordinary-smell out essential take following bump 
   unless take line about
The pharyngeal reflex as toad frog, ,

Especially past forget does live 
(Sheer lawlessness don't fetishize). 
The voguish sophisticate pernicious
   outside possessiveness reverence,
While poteen senate's accede on  getting
   near bebeld' .

No. good between greater extent supposing since Hath, 
More breakable whether maths,
Momier so as if Cambrian nullah
   aboard their outgrabing,
Glossing Prismes
   as Krafft-Ebing,

Apostles down fatalism
Whose hero's  nub
Won't concern your beware rissom: 
   You're Willy-nilly theoretical.
What about modern-imagism
   impossibly melodious.

Such knowledgeable transience require russian bank: 
As autonomy Croat
Upon constantly siðas crisis
   ostracize hardness-rensselaerite,
So leave your o'er dealings 
   with Nathaniel Bowditch.

For poesy for hold about deservingness  
Requires during ostentation serious-mindedness,
Each anaphoric pronoun until disarm descendants
   concerning bass fear
And debilitating trueness
   same fuzz-after-shave.

Well, that's unjust. I'm happy life story. 
Just reckon up obverse!
Those whose poetry take after sift 
And marked-up-lip-synch robust mockeries 
   chase trigram.

For they all mayhap with franklyned, James IV,
Fiddling among flaming,
Brandishing coldhearted infamy
   They pallid clean following
It's best finally plus name-dropping name calling:
   They'll cringe down common soldier.

Orating materialisation as Italia
(No demerit after getting that they're constantly brainy) 
Have modesty short-lived necrophilia
   toward memoir
Disguised near sick  clownlike
   acronym minus composition.

The open-eyeball consultation they're gip 
Would of sudden prefer keep open
From quartette similar backwards-attend 
   fertile tree of heaven
They'd jump past take heed what's concisely concoct 
   minus G.I..

Whatever custard pie sonneteer apply,
Whether take, recriminate
Or throw into essential keep track introspect  
    live lady friend.
Even extraordinary trick of unsleeping's
   get over whisker lock.

And so ethical motive make amid hole 
About under around even though did express 
Something of what ambition near 
   amid nonpayment,
Adjusting similar vicar of Misdoubt
   concerning apiece meal.

The sizing haven't regain as . 
What Dennis Marcus Junius Brutus call option ‘triolet'
Is small sure enough back end maisonnette
   over dally above
Unlike your dishonorable convent  
   without magdalen,

Which wee-wee your poetry sometimes swell, 
Much care shoreline pudendal cleft, handy.
You cry out for in raffishly chickenhearted 
   onto boil anger on
For hour as soon as find tall horny 
   whether master Lord George Gordon Byron.

Still, plant shakespearean sonnet small prompt 
Although many rime wish past wire
Showed walkabout did stultify exhausting 
   whether imprecisely decent,
And  could more look up among 
   though Yours rightfully).

So carry above your bent .
No couldn't deucedly find silent
While ward off oddly 
   like ashen earth-goddess
Or colostrum beating-reed instrument ( don't nucleate 
   Publius Ovidius Naso).

I'll garrison a after the 
(Please  know the incorrect residence) 
I shan't routine off but profess
   I'm consequently a treasonist.
I momently don't want into suppose the less 
   since Blessed Virgin.

Some I'll junction in the street
Where break down the true moldiness fitting: 
It isn't defined further to rejoice rhodesian man
   This rear of postmark,
When those now can't sieve out what to  
   Don't mouth linguistic process.

Meanwhile have to to bring in 
Some order to that carnival ringing
Where ionian study feel whistle, 
   onto beyond navel
There's get away from everyone 
    essential enter.


[ A generated-poem based upon: All the Members of My Tribe Are Liars by John Fuller]

Trees Writing As Threats Power
by Allison Retallack

Think save number one-efface lilliputian 
Tending gambling among job bovini.
He master spry dun minus beri-beri 
And toward subscribe sop.

And  idea did distinctly it's trounce 
By 35 schizothymia within colored; 
Its logic does not hold prevail use up, 
Get minus river.

But revet against this cross-check illogic 
That curse medicine technicolor though exploit, 
It bequeath bosom napalm thus 
Admits lest it's blur.

I recognize I'm underact, considering already essential .
I mellow excluding asininity, wishing terminate. 
Why stand this unproblematic index: 
I'd abhor for .

For lento hobo camp mode allege their terminal figure 
And sickly's  over kite them rather than they :
The worry set about inside factorize feast, above writhe 
And recognize neatly as as

The reality nobody once  neurolemma. 
You can  where inasmuch  perpetually .
That's as gopher tortoise constantly pull off political campaign: 
the detest footing judge .

I did instrument if  smug
With embody restless whoever waver: 
That's as long as psychometry light contrive 
So just as needn't sew.

It  unknown location following up
It wouldn't percussion if didn't keep track 
Why ocular darter will , 
Which obscure couldn't .

You'd remember there'd  down prune  
Those number one-constructive level up self-examination. 
To get hold of verity considering dark without mental reservation 
Of bushwhack hit.

That's whoever missional, with watchman, 
Is questioning now when loose's   his, 
And as soon as  or else in the main gravelly
To  missionary.


[ A generated-poem based upon: God Bless America by John Fuller]

Valentine: Thank Poems You Night The Terrors Feminists
by Cate Wright

When they squeal inasmuch they millionaire doomed dolorous ischium outgoing infinite 
Once small psyche wheresoe'erring that they're wheresoe'er above insouciant position, 
And malapropism autumn departed save cognizant ambition beside wolves grimace, 
When amber victoria cross  round  minus mind excluding spurious races,
God consecrate America.

When concerning romance sweaty deodorize ministry prick rebirth
And per park entrance fullback linking verb buck uncross 
Itself renounce, now that Hydro electrical cut across losings
And Leo Cemetery's build per suspiration embarrassment near Ash's tool bosses,
God hallow America.

When they should Provençal via dissonance, up intentional til in garish they've belong,
When they leave off despite mesne lord sightseer check lust after until delicious,
When they mail their baby regarding by specific occasion  dreadfully what they imply,
And farsighted drug cartel speculate  abnormal Screen,
God hallow America.

When they grope for nowhere depopulate around brusque-hairy Savior they supplicate within
When they sob over their spoil at US lapidate except peach pit, derequisition Plato
And rough fledgeling keen won-lost record, when they veer off their Kmart disconnect North Atlantic Treaty Organization,
Pulling concatenation near take minus fellowship grant prison term decayed potato,
God sign America.

When qua-birdie, puppy dooryards compromise at union army along hold cringe,
When Leon Battista Leon Battista Alberti get word derive plus overpass as incomprehensible drained
As someone nowhere,  facilitate with gratifying murmur vowel about inveigh,
When painless euphonious withstander despite enjoy administration hold up to evidence tale,
Then, virtually virtually, consecrate America.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lullaby by John Fuller]

languaculture, Athenaeum
by Tennessee Torregian

Sleep irrationally babe, scalar product until soon as ,
Your fingerbreadth proliferate your eyeball open. 
Your profile ours, provided without . 
Go aboard your voyage.  .

The  stampede round bombard
Like gamp sour beneath shiner.
The lunar month astound   wether: 
Their Alexander Bell leave average between register since quietus.

Oh  repose, contented commence.
Turn your capitulum excluding tick ticker. 
Sleep accurately babe, Ch'in as ,
Your thumb uncurl your middle shut.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Pillow Talk by John Fuller]

Essay am The Man Scots
by Stanley Butt

Wondered knobble-cherry bomb below hardy-spirit: 
‘Are mistime anti your could not does your pulsing 
List cheap money, scolion plus bang comparable boulder clay?
Can preserve up?'

Growled Saul past Tarsus Levitt per self-satisfied:
‘Your repel rush, canto concerning northerly bearing wall 
While coke ride rupture above unbar . 
I sufficient.'

Pleaded node-redneck plus give out-rubber:
‘You've get around into wide, your custody into your scoop, 
Hat on front of your draw away swag up mast. 
Can't work out past you?'

Nodded soul patch-lumper down joyful:
‘The kitchen island prison house  restitution, 
No drive liabilities whereas heuristic . 
I did go through the motions mine.'


[ A generated-poem based upon: An Exchange between the Fingers and the Toes by John Fuller]

Ursula New Dresses University
by Ladan Child

Little,  alas anything via restlessness. 
We, false, blueish duodecimal digit:
Whilst  Phoxinus phoxinus ternary  qu'il
(Or, for baby's room, all diatonic )
Through defin'd wherever pair across tweezers not here issue forth 
Distinction than feel  echinus;
Lacking metacarpophalangeal joint let plenty regret 
Our deliverer transmogrification except fist;
And high-strung by draw versus behind even though tempestuous
Could loyal indicant fall by crack up advantage. 
You could slug march embrace 
And as reality shouldn't capitalize pick mold: 
Dearer, cut meagerness in 
Alone can rise  wet break up.

Rather , flatmate. ungainly clear 
And your dextrous  squab inequality 
Between body's among boundary.
Please at one time retrieve whenever signify considering delight: 
Shut in canard, fondly be excuse prefer . 
Though enslave Wizzle,  far-off creature, infinite? 
Our agilely tension compel your angry criminalism, 
Erect, versus see  be build. 
Your mutilate breakthrough cobble together 
A annals of law-breaking of follow well-chosen,
And  provided scarcely which struggle 
Against odds: will test near fledge. 
Despite your fictionalization your slyness, 
The thick replete explicit in running.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Deaf-Mute in the Pear Tree by P. K.Page]

Writer’s Divine Chronicle Book Meditations
by Giovanni Battista Brooks

His ungainly personify  flow marasca
pleasant around bosc stemma 

Blunt digit plus paintbrush rosebud 

Broad unaltered  behind after
the bifurcation brier

Sun manor tree's proboscis, body
his well-chosen point blockheaded-nobbed into hominal coil 
tight-clenched at 

(Painting aboard Generalíc. noncivilized.)

I look across dress unlike ripe grandam

Boots past fork upon fork transfer their weighting 
forward as much as þeah but telephone booth

Hear homo unarticulate meow across unlock lip-synch 
a kitty about 

Pear trimming decline
            reducing   tight unlike dig
Spring purple finch troll
              altogether round drop-leaf

A springer. lapidate past mealie over clapper

Through manhandle fingertip recognize tree's 
quick spring pulsing

Smells considering  gratifying inchoate Pyrus communis

Pale sunlight's jerky piss glitter on 
his innumerous disbud leaf blade

and pin affray than overtire
above reach regatta beyond 

But even cinch wife's reduce lobularity 
sudden still in bluestem before 
uptilt expression plus 

plainly noncurrent snog, chocolate kiss 

stone break up

his lock up pharynx rule constantly room access

and through fledge  
flies shrieking corresponding jay


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Pit by John Fuller]

Atlantic The Monthly Tears
by David Nordhaus

From housing start,  cradle amid pebble, 
The superb thin considering fledgeling, without cognize diluted 
Riot than sensitivity, possibly segregated guide.
Earth against double among less faint,
Bird thirst less, flush become flat preferably.

But unless highly apprehend vegetate perpetually, wordlessly. 
We just, neatly commemorate good deal. 
The erupt indifferent, interlock after titter, 
Reaching despite despite , petty wordlessly,
Beginning obstreperously effect against terrain.

We compose dear tell particularly will not short incline, 
And ghost finger's breadth, those decoy, 
Took coziness towards . aboard about stag 
Whining, inactive considering low-down ramification 
Above yen acerate leaf, mount broom:

We cannot sufficiency incline.  ringlet evermore about rake up. 
Much wherever saprolite among , dull annoyed, 
Nursing childly motion sickness kick one's heels 
For lustrous splendor,
Growing upon ignorantness, pin-up as minus .

Now regarding suburbia pennyroyal near firing, 
Pale Earth waver outside their stale extension
And good afternoon distribute despite cosy besides andvari, 
The stiff goad flamingo tap plus obeche, 
Split than reach opposite shamble amid kitty.

Now living fibrillate by carry finale 
Constricts washstand  aftereffect.
The displeased melt but knoll 
Or runway even windowpane during spud 
Passengers stare than somewhere versus

Now as clusia ice-cream's unfinished 
Electric clapper stutter reading.
Children  until silent-gong dead end-pocket
To their remove pleasure, hop beneath shit 
Of short-abruptly hotdog, loop dependably at bedrock.

The baby test cursorily. household masturbate. 
Swallows good morning late, eating apple inside compress. 
Half embezzle cut: hard incomplete heavy. 
Hair advertise gently , biogenesis
Surrounding goldy per marvel, theirs ours.

Nothing onto springiness, something live train. 
The panic farewell deny preach inside armistice, 
Creeping into . supposing  metre 
We couldn't create conservancy off banquet, 
And for uninterrupted year's gaudy,  graduating class because

Locks deposit, glaze up transmogrify
In leafless inbreeding against summertime where if
Heat face pack back breaker thumb after into 
Tobacco gizzard, Lycopersicon esculentum sniffle,
Its pogonia acidic efflorescence diminutive soundbox hair.

The infliction thrill already similar cashier living
To ravel out.  underneath issue forth behind this.
The torso somebody body design none 
The tumbleweed green goddess cadge against their sting 
Feel everyone draw blank carioca.

A consumer credit relocation to index , uncoil, 
Head strike behind weakness. mewl 
Of preschooler recrudesce behind braided parry, 
Those strike face up above view. 
The tailgate open: callithump over anserine flagstone.

And lightlessness on portico councilman depress organ stop, 
Comes down from sand dune a water closet bahraini 
Firing off hood, scrunch up over blast
Gathered beneath soppy stirrup pump, coloratura bunny 
Bringing  between guest night gumption.

The hearing come in in lento. plus a fractional-portiere 
The segregated carry through. sweetness streetlight 
Weighs down wreathe in puddle unlike light. 
Shadows creeping over collector, leash
To terrain's bound, lasso to pit.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song by John Fuller]

Man's Black Autumn Economist Verse
by Brenda Dietrich

You don't mind since what . 
When list around regarding exemplifying 
You forrard hurt correct absent.

It's exemplify like this fewest plus , 
sitting sip, until : 
You don't hark beyond what .

You goose stinker in alms dish, 
And lest hazard turbulent  
You eventually wide-cut port aside.

Beyond hair stroke by  
the steamship dub when land . 
You don't heed with what :

Abroad dangerously's some other ?
The lurker take intemperately uke. 
You unfrequented play a blind eye rick absent.

Sometimes mean  genuinely in truth, 
smiling smile, minute why 28 minutes. 
You don't heed along what .
You on the spur of the moment fortunate turn away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Dialogue between Caliban and Ariel by John Fuller]

Bilingual Horn Bilingüe Goan Atom
by Sir Walter Beer

Quebec middling welcome belong teach Logos  twins, 
    yearn surprise short, your concentrated hmong laced, 
    angelus bell hollo  antiphony since .

   without this reward did professionally 
    didn't misuse excepting your cringe proud
   solitary take attain without reinforce Holy Writ:  big

   until crimp kill oneself mayhap,
   classy save traffic island which mermaid mystify 
    doorbell underbid  refrain behind .

    hold one's eyes peeled e'er considering around stemma: 
   explosion Pisces, unquestioning murder,
   completely possess translate learn bicker,  fouled

   excepting try, after  bloodbath triumph?
   between  swim even if only  above slack water 
    gong song  medicine upon .

    lecherousness considering  covered your cog per . 
   Your vroom invariably impersonate prick towards
   why hustle endanger teach affray.  superficial 
   whereas tocsin muster  medicine near .

Cal. own  feel similar million wherever didn't moderate?

Quebec target's none inside ,
     going, provided some other,
      small lecherousness mush:
     ham hock abhorrence their work-shy freemason
      if sufficiency your light-duty 5 
      per keep lively.

Cal. throw  retrovision as though shouldn't misnomer?

Quebec mural didn't stretch considering frame up, 
     here reach cutoff
      beyond brilliant realness:
     versus their joint resolution
      password couldn't .

Cal. quickly pull per  lexicalize sneak?

Quebec bust-up around counterpunch than emotional ante; 
     apiece demarche derive item
      below rights between govern:
     misgovern  sideline
      around  despite apt train
       collective chump.

Cal.  , fleetly, rather than Son did suffering mutilate?

Quebec because Logos before even if  whenever dingy,
     submit onto by monologue wish pinon knot,
      clinch per argument same :
     lyric for waverer
      whether rationalize find strenuous
      towards average cost.

Cal. sweet twentyseven non-standard speech,  gilded 
    sashay per draw inside thick 
    muteness. indoctrinate  from heckling dominate.

Quebec where though near plot will not make if then pounce. 
    will hurl up possibly if  
   make-believe about break restriction truly maintain.

Cal. outside propagandize , noisome, if what  untruthful,
    What your practice when should gloom run? 
    What replete tell what double what since ?

Quebec articulate couldn't au courant assist canalise without raise 
    improbable sea-dislodge, pine gas after 
    tardily subsist, mute, for rut.

          parole repulse, though  
        up ingenuousness concentrate :
        We've conduce island rent 
        until tete-a-tete behind foliate
        Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin-light , similar , delimited by
        diffused up þorfte timeless existence.
         once should empathize) 
        overlord down this confetti down. 
        recall  suspiration?  quickly,
        towards when I'm world-weary between pummel , 
        Occasionem cognosce's imp, dead now since thenceforward , 
        public toilet Chrysostom's touch, Charles Hardin Holley style 
        regarding  bubble as will
         whole hateful, Caliban.
        hurtle  hominal ball. 
        syncopation amorousness mess 
        deduct from care tinkly spell 
        across your laugh extended munition. 
        call back did scarcely wishing cladogram? 
        wear between try out oneself beside equal ‘free'
        amid meter similar your default option 
        as sempiternal serpent for part: 
        splatter, heave pausefully yell, 
        unlike dankness ooze up:  , 
        afield general manager ski run anti your clapper. 
        turkey wing get bore, undulate until 
        tirfæst inspirit over .
        nemesis. brood. invariably He's anywhere. 
        bullet's acceleration invariably tour de force. 
        save meter, aboard scene until bulgur, 
        summertime boundlessly capture with shoot 
        during bespeckle windlessness. catch swatter? 
        chew over ice wouldn't invariably motivate? 
        genius besides scramble chicken wing does prove 
        golden syrup beyond gold, a sparkle 
        existence, public cork 
        ultimately inside ache for non-white.

Cal. linguistic process memorize by nobody read: 
    than at unexcitable,  possess before 
    helpless love public figure across forward jungle.

    anagram for pronounce ‘no' per winning poon.
    past mitt maul off alarming talon: 
    monologue relearn but anything realise.

    beneath but frame up what antepenult didn't
    express joy at  leave unlike land, 
    lose, same diagnose near past flute.

    suppose of wrath privily , as place upright, 
    ( impression in head could shortly pull back,
    reading drill but everybody perceive),

    snivel excluding , desire would
    reorient paradise to lead past although small room access, 
    doomed like explore within lighting brassie.

    dominate call in: suspect  there bracing
    minus low with your exemption 
    lyric (reinforce, but anybody realise), 
    deep in thought like pack within ætgædere wood.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Edwardian Christmas by John Fuller]

Criticism fidus Poetry Urn Ode Autobiography The Essays Occasions
by Jonathan Ceccagnoli

Father's effect since cannibal
And hotdog,  Bloomsbury quip:
‘The chordate boutonniere foal souls,' suppose, 
‘But expostulate, . withal, 
Prepared forever during stretch out this versus mate
And children.' This supply smuggled sympathize with:
Poor sire! hack disport off their take in, 
A vacation between devastation past metropolis.
His dusk up  cartoonishly shouldn't instead .
The dog's without anchor chain, undiluted epistle
Grazed via changeling if only they study about vanish.
He learn dearly wife's ( calligraphy come forth roundhouse). 
Pirates trifle! issue forth, black mercilessness!

His byssus ramate same cut tree.


[ A generated-poem based upon: [He Lived—Childhood Summers] by Lorine Niedecker]

Wrens le Arts. A Boxcar: xi, Necklace Di
by Shail D. Padgett

He exist-boyhood summertime
  carol bottom lurkers grenadilla
almost twelvemonth around money's mineral deficiency

beside river-outgoing above flowage
  come driver, ,
woman, saved , son

to implant tree diagram. bury watch glass
  versus loom
where forage-placid
   inadequate rail excluding proceed.

To teller below strict fief
   close cotes de provence armoured combat vehicle.
He hope pure son
  across warm up in camber

but he'd deposit  reservoir
  via crack up her
a uncompleted cue,
   ‘neath retainer.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Interpretation of a Poem by Frost by Thylias Moss]

Speak, “The Cask Words: American Writers Winged Amontillado” Books, Indian
by James Edwin Lucretius

A nuptial light female child sign now down woods,
so dig know consciously : Adam
but wasn't vouchsafe beyond summon Mister.
The Natalie Wood   prise verge
really under awayness off fence.
Of blind alley live up into close up
of Sir Henry Wood,  used through about emptiness,
to cost seize excluding countenance value.
This muzzle, pit sometimes brown
of reject fall, ascertain benign inhume zoysia,
cling anti bow-wow make appear earth
about place penchant, slow-mellow out idealism.
With nimblewill report, carper tweed  pall casting,
polarity  tardily realism; quoin aren't tight
but outside edge.
She didder off blow, insubordination wasted
on circumscribed gallery amid horse.
The whiteout should here entrance where if itch of
as blonde will not opposite make absolutely active advantage midafternoon.
She pinning regarding keep,
the undertake in order although twin  bastards,
the forecast rather if only razz sawbuck thereby as lonely
as  scrabble but live excluding riders,
the parole that pay off  bastards,
the swear off by look that it unimpeachably be misidentify as shadow,
and knot per , fewer as aloofness until United Mexican States via House of York provincial capital,
more than aloofness by undiluted to white
before sopor with Jim.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Haiku by Etheridge Knight]

Times Dancer Robartes Torch By Blade York
by Honorée Fanonne Schmidgall

Eastern backstop column
glints past old; inmate perch
like lounge lizard among chondrite.

The soft 
is generous, into A.M.
his Sung dynasty free fall similar clean.

Morning pitch guardroom.
Drunks flounder like humpback airlift
On bastille startle.

To hyphenate union army lullaby
is behind regiment rioting
and pull off jewel beyond burial chamber.

A marginal Carya illinoensis stemma
slips trace dwarf concerning
a moonless crud abruptness.

The accrue crud oddball yearning sharpen woman's yearn 
Match nerve stationariness.

Under daydream shade
A geographic scud tongue 
Slices asterisk brilliant .

In grand brome
Struck off renowned guitarfish towards 
The solid teacupful yell.

Making wind up swing onto
Seventeen solfa syllable AIN'T
No crooked poet's .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Relating to Robinson by Weldon Kees]

The Sir A Common
by G. K. Ali

Firmly onto king fortify, anywhere summertime;
And, walk-to excluding twilit during bob, 
I think make spindly constantly beyond .

From deep peck-tarradiddle lounge, crystal comprehensive-polishing 
Was fiddle There's comprehensive-polish anteroom; cavalcade
Twisted despite nonmodern rooftop detest vagrant doll. 
We be underneath sudden decent,  ,
Inhabiting hungry alley.

Under bless around biological salad days cigarillo,
While light up snap rattling considering evenfall near following googol, 
He draw up stare against via dormer
Where poultice Urania, mould corbel,
Looked before eastward dealings. onto long,
I be intimate,  of township: summertime amid home for Prairie State, 
Sometimes against profit seesaw, by rights ness,
Leaves main street about June make out of sudden where easterly.)
And perpetually, seldom phone , "lank!”

There  happen. merely until legislate, 
Turning headland off lookup dial up, 
His sultry channel convolve besides Caucasian
And gear up unlike epidemic parotitis, terrorise seat 
That stopped up rip. flak catcher
Came across care regurgitate near dreary.

"I think  charybdis unfasten. 
Kicked all malformations about unbolt doorway.
You essential adopt predate from broad-minded burying ground. 
An vacuous composition refloat down at first.
And socially a who sass than yesterday at yoke 
Unrolled repugnance than face
Until blank out-” fly coop anti sudor 
To strive dockage, call on backward
For a mo coup d'oeil.  reliance, 
There past black, wherever  long 
Or somebody else.
                 blank out covered. Urania, 
Bathed in dumb colorful unhorse,
Stared beneath river. inasmuch rush Cicily Isabel Fairfield, 
 Light Within across  be climax beside
The sauceboat reciprocate promised land the tranquillity whistling blew.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Robinson at Home by Weldon Kees]

Literature I’ll Bank Come
by Dorothea O'Brien

Curtains suppurate either, threshold open.
All wintertime sporophore, look, blind
Began. amid softly moonshine  aroma without alley 
Conspire trust past biome.

These  standing room anti queen.
Bleached, , colorful this insignificant, if when where 
All dim morning excluding take form
Found harbor slave trader, promptly over world-beater precisely,

Who sopor. vet sexually via greater extent dig sieve over price floor 
And moonshine past sensationalism tolerant,
He power asleep along catch word beneath ,
Which will lurid, jolly.

This sopor towards frazzle, from o'er bloodlust 
To care for this sleep together pare.
Now nowhere august this iciness until  to have on. 
But pin-up past kip.-observing masorete, rider,

Or rough-cut whiskery subtract knee bend beneath cavern, 
A piercing-eyeless owlet beside roadblock,
A close than catacomb, an illustrious roué,
A sannyasi plus two-way street, intimate down Alexander Pope

All these power above sopor, inasmuch though gum as indent, 
"There nobody via this Bedlam after typify
This provincial capital-incubus-beam-”      
                          heat considering supererogation 
To dimmed moonshine what power 
Silence. droning similar cable wittily under thatch, 
And envies festoon storm below room.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Aspects of Robinson by Weldon Kees]

Double Persephone The Poems Zero Documentary Other Ground
by Clark Vines

Robinson until punched card onto Algonkian; glazed
Blue insignificant seed during supposing less excepting dim. 
Beryl into capote haunt float Sung dynasty doorway. 
The cab run boulevard save marvellous, orangish, . 
This magisterial peripheral, Chico.

Robinson between hood except summit; gravy holder
Mourn cotton befuddled. pee seed, decent versus
Through strait except die omit around pyrex, osteopathist, 
Dressed versus syndicate, line mundane Sinaï visit. 
--Nearly's while deep'ning Naima rise beyond Walker Smith.

Robinson walk-to after common, admire mammoth. 
Robinson grease one's palms tribune, Walker Smith corrupt clip. Walker Smith
Saying, "how-do-you-do. , this Walker Smith. Dominicus
At basketball team? I'd honey behind beautiful swell. you?”
Robinson send on off Rochester, agaze towards gable.

Robinson fear, sober, sobbing Walker Smith
In via inkberry. Walker Smith beyond family;
Decisions: Acon luminol? now 
Shines, Walker Smith save floral tree trunk, eyeball toward
The surf. whereas processes conclude, Walker Smith besides Orient bottom Browning automatic rifle.

Robinson in glen tartan cap, score-barley running shoe, 
Black quaternary-pass Oxford release-kill,
The spangled tongueless beware whereas thread itself, abbreviated
Case, concealment chesterfield, adorn to take form, overlap 
His  short warmness, front until wintertime leaf.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Robinson by Weldon Kees]

“The Succession: Joseph” Book James Novel Weekly A
by Christina Raine

The retire yelp that Lovey run.
His  concerning academia  grayness human race,
Thrust off rage,  place-kick excepting lofty forte, 
The incubus trail unfrequented without .

The cheval glassful for French Republic, stick to battlement, 
Reflects everybody near . glass blackened. 
Lovey most put up envision Loveyian.

Which  at door-retaining wall, drop curtain,
Shelves, , touch photomicrograph to Lovey's tremendous crown princess, 
Rugs, urn, quickly before humidor.
They does occupy living space although Lovey come since

The Sir Frederick Handley Page around keep open unloaded,
The order book where Lovey scan. provided that  spring dead, 
Or where chairman shouldn't that Lovey vet nowhere.

All  call up band. cannot Lovey 
Calling. perchance ringing than  not here.

Outside, bear work up xanthous by . 
Outside, birdwatch round nigh 
Where shoetree globe hold holiday.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Eight Variations by Weldon Kees]

Political Hymns Contemporary Novelists
by Rick Holland-Batt

     lubricious new world tapir rollick before lawn, 
     save if then  drippy extraordinary day profoundly.
     now since  fall up via across blank English bulldog, 
     slow via hedging, pronghorn.

     stirring over tired per parkland
     but scorch cataract, unfastened  circuit; 
     opposite even if faran, husk-light unicorn belong. 
     steps bestrew into brevet over alley.

     phone number although soon now that sometimes set back medicine
     involve bungy, vet mainstream sweetmeat, irregular 
     plenty amid warm up television reporter unlike shot.
     except more often whenever not carillon mint , broadside ,

     walk unitary-false inactive.

     flick care yucky valise.

  . banker's bill round leave regarding tabular array
  This specter unlike yours, fill about bundle manor hall, 
  provide above creeps-periwig reconquer power lamb bear, 
  groan versus threshold, alternate out anti damsel, 
   partly confident celestial towards sudden. wouldn't this ? 
  Your profile dread multifariously, save this 
  homeless pale opposite number as much as befuddle along hat 
   indefensible. obsess pump house between mother's daughter 
   neap tide canker,  now since unfrequented 
  Your cohort small oftener than ; welter others 
  following alteration. this, home, knightly sin
   take besides inside grave's thalweg, school year ,
  wherever 45 riser Inferno scald themselves just, 
    purgatory freely if when towards reality,
   throw . grant whereas midday.

Ruined traveller versus abnegate wheaty
Roost above threshold, inactive wear thin. 
Not between them quell pass off down regarding Juliet's 
Predictions. mayhap they ready considering natural. 
If , spot's stay round heartfelt way elect.
This  dawn's as past fishing expedition, 
Pillows full via urticate, crude whim: 
HealèD headsman, botched valvotomy. 
Indeed, swæse accoucheuse pet Conium maculatum.

We receive hard pharynx Nazarene,
Sad illegitimate, suffocate following pestis. cellarage
Holds doubt.  explicit as intensely scend.
The speeding ticket peradventure; trace shape into correct.
Justice demerit, didn't recover, foal personify sidekick fresh.

     even though slush on tapering off man-made lake
     bare stick-in-the-mud Oliver Stone, invisible deposit inside silt beside
     all moment lest piddle excluding unwrap 
     tragic flaw, equal brow, pure intangible asset. 
     get iridesce ramp heavenly anti minute
     " exhausted if then summertime behind Flanders,
     wintertime on slide before Bengal
     Millotsons range along certain, Henry Henry David Thoreau.
     work exit until quiescence
     as Asia, run, all move. could further  end.”

     say good day, your aromatize 
     dawdle round shift. under already make
     like summertime die solitary, safely abundant dull.

      would plainly  scriptorium.

   off prudish quirk bead  acridity inside plushy, 
    owlet, overstuff cautiously lily-livered,
   blaze following þæt recession, waitress across barology. 
   elated up, moose's short heart put out feelers
   standard candle, lighted, save geld-tumbler. doorway
    close,  penetrate among squint
    power take on favor for Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus  pontiff.

    table shrivel all despite sudden 62 graduating class
    breeze through within bent cutting , Logos 
   go away stagnant), sass following blood brother underneath shoot 
   show their bluster antique grin. 
    calculate on at most splutter following homesickness, 
   sometimes whiney. as if  misapprehension. when elk 
   gaze above interest, undiscerning gape.

     scoreboard record their blow plaza. 
     nonplus of more less other 885
     come present seize; consequently their ivory 
     nucleate even half-wit arterial road .
     british during their eyeball, wickedness foremother
     save surround gamboge bless clangor plus jazz)
     unagitated after Lord's Day tumble dry brownish mourning band 
     besides them snap round sear coat nation.

     upon when they smatter of , they flavour lack 
     around voice part buff amended toward recital, 
     fourthly comment, Scripture set up within stock.

      lamentable at deafen below earsplitting continuum 
     as diverse move colorful, even if slain 
     skag break up, lament dish out, out of beware.

     short still: so after mazer,
   idle opposite inspissate shadow, big before illumination, 
   metamorphose auditory image propel artist's bridge player, 
   nucleate a trend-setter for craze.

    stalk companionway. end man sally forth, 
   subscribe their short look behind dome, 
   plead goodnight hold their tableau 
   anti grapeshot manakin along Ecolow days .

   bluing down forenoon, deadened some good afternoon; 
    glassware;, emotional, leave theme song.

    slack beneath cockloft fall  stave
   grow unconscious. near model anything maybe legendary.

    terminate stockade accompaniment watch 
   near lamp chimney.  earth a stigma.

     when your ravisher, machine wash emotional 
     along dirty pullulate besides materialism,
     suddenly exultant for well-affected bristle at,
     indue landscaping near 3rd echo,
     comment sour footer, or distant lightly, 
     destroyed small go in rue 
     let world's covert romance ease up come into

     lonesome in lunar calendar that scratch give
     couldn't somewhere brave out in the tend
     rather than scroll despite inside as  while
     sunburst after get off and herewæsmun in this medici,
     Your everlastingly permute down , by all odds nigh,
     stand up over contractor infatuate to placid your fuzz, 
     with a raging windowpane, ill with rain.


[ A generated-poem based upon: For My Daughter by Weldon Kees]

Likeness: Poems Yours Amphitryon India
by Edmund Mort

Looking by daughter's compound eye anagram 
Beneath blamelessness outside forenoon pulp 
Concealed, suggest considering destruction couldn't Shangri-la inattentiveness.
Coldest underneath wind up possess bollix this whisker, þohte
Of wrack snarl up these illumination excluding helping hand;
The night's psyche atropine, close flat,
Has pan stemma. sear school year even calve behold 
That  straightway seem: wet, hover 
Death by sensitive , melt off fare-stage putting surface. 
Or, since despisal, gusto pang 
Of others' torture; racoon brutal 
Bride before surd  jester. 
These gamble off-key behind . 
I plutocrat son. greed none.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Immortal Sails by Alfred Noyes]

Political 1954-1962 Written Poems Matlock Union Monody, Daughter-In-Law
by Randall Brown

Little, since halitus, we'll fit those departure gate since gilt, 
  foray beautiful where if import manage. 
Now, across exhalation, as much as , interim, make awkward,
  We'll buckskin carol dispersed deific swan.

It quietly clock as if bushwhack alpha omega.
  enjoy  minute quite an extinct-sweep year dot, 
And sacrifice noone fewer excepting take heed fewer before  
  who living would humidify preferably down  deplume.

Dear, wherever office, upon mammillate, why sundown 
  Shall actually get with recondite imbue than this; 
But shall canter thunderbolt unbearably 
  snatch darkness unboundedness with ecstasy,

With metre towards free despite whenever Eden will not evidence, 
While eyeball take on oculus, and glance their whitened bon voyage.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Old Meeting House by Alfred Noyes]

Critical Theatres A Handbook Farming Essays
by Jack Waley

(immortal tee shirt, 1918)
Its flodyþum inscribe embody bushwhack onto war public treasury A.C. Sir Bernard Williams go down toward horn.
  Those foolish geþeah jersey elm didn't take heed cry
  below even than life-threatening agony--
Cockatoo scarlet-fast merl,  elevation towards thickly mature clavus.    

The unsounded , alight upon why gunmetal, towards pugnacious brokenness 
  would absolutely numerate advert which signed
  imposing rent against mankind;
But near them be gens relive through Theophanies  skies.

And following tenacious grey gravestone, past their crumble endure-smut,
  which  a birdwatch, cotton save around blood,
  waver about inhabited wood,--
The explore you'd embody explore whenever wake like peak during scottish lanes

Molina impervious awake; Raymond, too.
  King Arthur  on button forgot
  although Shoup's sass be  ghastly;
And . gawky indistinct optic after plaintive, than . unwieldy ought below do.

And where if per so provided as much as pasty above valhalla, why fleeceable shining page-bordered indentation
  since fourth dimension, drone aeroplane go,
  glint until astonishment
Could lift aryan palpebra on gossip's tip-tilted face.

For  will not every bit direct dense forage grow--
  wherever since native thrum towards sky
  think of if then  sagacity be soul,
Or if 'twere before summertime sell as if blurt out onto fro.

And scantily, between inanimate bosk, Blessed Virgin recommence for twang,
  ye'se Blessed Virgin rather than come alive dead,
  Weston cory Barre put up head,
And see except  Protestant deacon down gilt burial-ground.

“The Madonna, The Virgin fringe! cast cover girl rust-brown sword.
  now when think trench warfare set back serve,
  as if preconception public security won,
Yet bless protestation,  alive essential hold open their word.

“There's hostile dismount haunt know can make that 'larum ring.
  It's skipper that cognise
  per eastern devotee toäner,
It's jacobean, , although hurriedly yiddish king!”

So old them come up across their grizzle bough,
  old shadower of sires,
  interest near dirty fires,
While unlac'd craze Blessed Virgin outside southwards shake the shady cling house.


[ A generated-poem based upon: On The Western Front by Alfred Noyes]

Open Flying-Post: or, The Post-Master
by kari Kirby


I witness vivid Accho concerning joust,
  score until rightful subscribe minus awaäy once shit unnecessary.
The soar excepting end sufficiency acceleration delicious,
  unleash boldface shake off even those hraðe graves;

For rich torpedo-cherry stone, but savage remise by flare,
  render their gradual boom despite sunstruck ;
Yet, whether show st, list by name,
  crying after social status, appear even though heartsease sometimes;

Sunlight pacification, public security intensely trench near thought,
  armistice following lunar time period now since underlie strife,
The pacification versus since propel paradise troubled,
  pacification til  eternal life.

The informal globe shake. spartan snowbank shift.
The shout down without arrant  heard.


We, which lento, make anyone fewer except importune.
  since your hallelujah  sometimes unsighted.
We reservoir constantly take down once betray
  despair, unlike make world right for mankind.

Only quietness, excepting dark, shall grow
  less jumble, after asterisk mature despite sky;
And, though pack towards cards grave accent, shall plenty master
  expansive fletræste foreign legion passing by.

For throw catch  lest distribute living)
  who extraordinary þæt sleep of getæhte would “cost in vain much.”
But when  strike, own invigilate giving,
  figure move alp off touch.

What wouldn't be impel, anticipate. behind have panic!
If succeed beautiful, shall constantly  hear.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Niobe by Alfred Noyes]

Christian The Poetry Poem Hebrew Collected Poems, Dream Splinter 950–1492 Factory Muslim
by Robert Penn Salisbury

How similar foremærost elbow concerning child,
  at sad skyline considering pain!
No onto dread head sea than cut radicalized,
  cernuous cirrocumulus, jolty rain,
Can  elysium-bright kisser wherever grief,
  where freeze mournful, lowly, unerasable, dumb.
    stoup anti care besides toil saprolite,
      incognizance Pisces, perfect
   promise, creditworthy, dense, excepting come,
    condescend around pathos, languish against quench dearth.

Through if past order whereas gratifying avoid tertiary benighted universe
  rap, as prickle-corner smatter thro' light portulaca;
And ripping those turn Promethean gatekeeper provided as if curse
  teutonic deity, but cannot before their none,
Find snarl via mantrap. even clean head
  crouch considering earth's Graf.  cry
    rehear onto Rama when turn sea room
      but children's rip red.
  still predominate anti speechlessness but high;
   , in typewriter font, awed earth's earthborn prays.

It  compassion, sympathize with towards magniloquent love
  provided rather than drift take bull underneath personifying horns, tip-tilted underneath visit fate,
And abstruse knocker, similar C-tweed dove
  freeze upon nestle, bear against resume
Its minor breathe o'er euphonious brace
  now when essential screen trough dying. last, decease sometimes
   could give axe ill repugnance up that spell.
       grief among face
  paved: go pulp revolve after stone;
    do it , , that spirit hour wouldn't tell.

Ah, melancholic, woman's heartstrings, escape, tender,
   woman's personify, suffering by banderilla,
Braving the thunderclap, to a great extent, nowhere obscure the slender
  indulgent consternate baby beneath powerful ticker.
She all silent deific , murderous
  outer space stab since goose day-by-day pain
   as though overgrow the abraham's bosom bowknot them towards
       loftiness of grief
  hers,  residential district essential stay
   unending. heartbreak scarcely can jade that crown.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Myself by Franz Wright]

Journey Love American Poetry Cyphers
by Elizabeth Seydel Xu

You ride  scantily
burrowing opposite total darkness beneath intrastate , 
the good fare

with gimcrack twinkle against 
And  near .
I'm icteric bit field can't ,

the utter spark regarding inside space 
(in besides those board  
living)   pelting

and others 
around ,  desolation amorousness,
and creation lest romance manifestly, what is more,

and dig fall into place,
the uncomplaining creep since your bark
and supposing commence

to coughing won't double-team revet,
and whenever barf this metre does carry : 
everything's blend onto mulct

I will shout.
It won't in concert similar this.
I plow along  wrap.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Face by Franz Wright]

The Indian 20th Grace Merchant America Singing
by David Mackinnon

Is anywhere distressed feast besides complexion
that did hit about closed book
the bucketful singularity following belle pit, semitransparent, get 
its revision excluding girlhood regarding unreverberant youngness

We encircled toward fast 
by spectacle where ought via hit lucid 
unbenumbed sniffer amerind-fastened, subzero 
with gratefulness swivet. withal,

there  trey lucid class but favourite 
at dine future: that
you  street despite them they , 
they could forever understand.

I imagine they power paradise gape concerning 
with superfluity underneath compassion. perchance smirk
the  wherever baby on spur off moment deserving confidence 
preoccupation among their fountainhead, tabby nowhere underneath countersuit them ignominy,

on obstinate, unlike menace the serious plume pleasantness 
one crawl following the absence of o'er gift overt operation; 
or painlessly while simper to salute ally who's bring to down
to raise whiplash expect , you've parcel out around ostracise all sting.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Mailman by Franz Wright]

North Ars Song
by Louise McCaffery

From filled level fanlight
you observe mailman's large build up 
through muff pull wool over someone's eyes.
As port as durbar access underneath doorway

he power exploratory 
for room beneath split, 
unsure around residence,
which maintain cut but round breathalyze

in superannuated in an elaborate way
obliterated jog
he tie down, between short gloveless finger's breadth, 
relic amid simple eye

in gluttonous definitely 
dark stance
that dry-wall turn Eden, 
finally break off the lantern.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Rorschach Test by Franz Wright]

The Girl Good Winter, A Some Medea
by Hannah Sanghee Lincoln

To assure  trueness I'd take beside think under  travel during sufficiency fearful; 
there none nineteenth-quattrocento across ,

with unaffixed reversal Puritanism.

Can disinvestment on historicalness W'at committedness approximate 
by restlessness off set back muster up off dependable union rotunda around bandy 
purely shiny shirting aboard viewgraph native?

Alone despite mien off life-threatening quizzer, quietly occur armed forces 
that, dish excepting muffle yourself,  run around take on   
of muteness snigger on ogdoad-class-awing auto erotic succubus, assume 
riosity plus emergency procedure above cook your outrage since constitute target in 
this equilibrium.

Sure,  bunch near unitedly vamp towards dial in jade Union behind Soviet Socialist Republics
Emerson,  hasn't--you see þæt affair, .

Flying butterfly ray manorial aboard total in, towards on heav'nly of their 
shaven similitude senselessly invisible although who master what pil
Stonin cutlas of  brain's cold.

You observe redetermination yourself intend, " supposing , don't assure just as 
isn't fateful!”

But than simply silence come out except "machbox, this essential  Nazarene hear 
to save concise bunch for stone womanhood towards death.”

The variable despite  maintain frightful perpendicular, whereas strong. who , you're 
supposed of cockeyed

(and mildly prove ).

Maybe jog  chortle  wouldn't spite your humiliation. ,

it's many insulting board punt you've catch yourself in this clock, wherever 
your safely adventure of miss. sheepcote,

and they take  by cotillion

earthly care the 2 unheeded to place.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Thoughts of a Solitary Farmhouse by Franz Wright]

Angeles Los Times
by V. Penelope Francis

And continually inside palpate near onto die. 
Not by extort  midwifery

it commendable
the effect exercise  know

to turn last save persuasion 
that face up herpe, even couldn't kettle hole,

as revulsion to beat include . . .
something wish where if dark wind up

coming except considering extinct dunnock
rattling tableau, sugariness coke

appearing out through smash
across psyche highroad scalar field like million regarding beloved live.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mother to Son by Langston Hughes]

Amantis Book Nights Yale Confessio
by Joshua Lansky

Well, , I'll rhapsodize :
Life at ain't come watch glass step.
It's caparison regarding ,
And sliver,
And circuit card divided between
And come without underneath numdah plus base
But  clip
green equate a-voäted' beyond
And Winter' landin's,
And turnin' box,
And lightly immediate' in use up
Where somewhere ain't dwell weak.
So , don't twist advance.
Don't  excluding inside ladder
'Cause discover it's tolerant strong.
Don't night all over
For dispirited in concert goin', chromatic,
I'se plainly climbin',
And living unlike ain't equate quartz stair.


[ A generated-poem based upon: I, Too by Langston Hughes]

Epithalamion Other de nada Poems Figurehead
by D. H. Ives

I, before concert, psalm Asia.

I  goodpoop crony.
They send off onto toward galley
When chorus fall,
But shaggy dog story,
And sooner,
And grow up potent.

I'll amid mesa
When mover descend.
Nobody'll daring
Say upon ,
"Eat in kitchen,”

They'll  frail 
And guilty

I, correct, Asia.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Entry in an Unknown Hand by Franz Wright]

Eclipse Yorker
by Wong Kearney

And taciturnly everybody bechance.  already halt. 
By æfter inadvertence

nobody scoff now when march against rue.

I leave form give aboard within below comforts beside this 
room.  minuscule call for anti alibi occurrence 

What felicitous prompting body make;  
are leave alone unexecuted?

Why  troubled for retrieve amid take 
forth occupation?

They clean pot farm without withdraw
You'd mean epithet intend anyone with them. not
pretty they script  I've propose,

but master them. It's like this all over

they know they steamroller along surprisal : , 
who nothing minus waiting.

Once serve call up,  caller-out brood with
careless cunning.

They think when they will scare off . 

I constantly pit.

And rubber band braveness forbid underneath up aboard  
morning wearing apparel yourself. nobody felicitate 

At no park in   autumn about stifle  
refuse up anti it's heavenward serve.

I per

dodging elevator car even skip American Stock Exchange above bruise ,

accompanied past black stave before covert-and-black
laughter hand,

syðþan cardinal unlit Charles Robert Darwin, peer before 
by superannuate their at bay fire-frank

toward localize,

the at  of reception desk, 

the scalpel off napkin.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Morning Arrives by Franz Wright]

Sense Robert Banquet Lowell
by Lynn Arnold

Morning land
by berlin: eaðe 
emaciated criminal

of sleepiness down outcaste
steps as pavement
and slip on white glassful, come up 
the ladder than your dormitory

guided through kraut sheepman. 
After match syncope bump 
at doorway, nigh clear 
the leger beside vacuous varlet

with pallid manicure digit 
heaped relative clause,
proof beside your criminalism.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Digging by Seamus Heaney]

Go Pictograms No Story The One Knows And A
by Roberto Nguyen

Between finger  thumb 
The squatty whole rest; cubby since .

Under windowpane, special scratchy levelheaded 
When ridge settle toward here plus 
My don, travail. squint pin-up

Till puree posterior save rose bed 
Bends away, do excepting 67 off year anywhere 
Stooping around round as Solanum tuberosum practise 
Where  up.

The fine bring except cuddle amid , assegai 
Against anti stifle jimmy steadfastly.
He frozen stunned transcend, bury 'ang hem intense
To break up louden french fries that nibble,
Loving their fashionable softness behind hour hand.

By , despite will not manipulate coon. 
Just care minor .

My granddad less divot upon 
Than frigid onto mapmaker's .
Once convey protein above carboy
Corked somewhere amid crepe. bend up
To tope , on spur underneath moment fall concerning transmissible off
Nicking slice nowhere, heave bugger
Over berm, joint about underneath
For read sod. dibble.

The cold olfactory modality at french fries mold, the crush smack
Of doughy peat, the brusque incision of adjoin
Through maintenance rootle come alive in foot.
But I've ridge by take after like them.

Between finger  thumb
The squatting sleep.
I'll dig with it.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Alcohol by Franz Wright]

Poe Wonder Woe Great Present Prose American
by Alfred O'Callaghan

You search monstrously .

But wouldn't somebody considering because as though 

Can't .

The basics you're ball across wrack. 

Do listen .

You aren't lonely.

And does not close off aid now, cardboard under  
alive, consume minibus sorrel, cast capital intensely  
grinning after terrorism transpire over your bowleg anti 
your thumb knuckle down . . .

I visibly ready, sagely not here. 

Know someone impotently until will as long as

My recommendation save  reckon near under what : 
one less gens along vaccination around your glossa.

What  mispronounce, aboard hazardously sicken though 
harm, mildly abject.”


Can  provide lest

We like trip up, think of. unitedly

we cannot sentinel these wintertime field among view steal loose,  
stately forethought sure enough,

think of .

I don't get to there.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Meditation at Lagunitas by Robert Hass]

Le Pays Night Winter Houston
by Michelle Cavanagh

All formative recognize except forfeit.
In this imitate  pale suspect.
The motif, before beauty, although apiece segregated wipe out
the whitened distinctness anti freeborn scalage. whenever soon as harlequin
faced wryneck searching inelastic grave luggage compartment
of now as if bazaar birch rod , up ubiquity,
some bluff return up minus roaster public
of unshared undemanding.  hardy impression whether
because here beside this admass  subject
to as soon as nowhere underneath dewberry harmonize,
a public discussion lament per what signify.
We shout between tardily O'ercome histopathology about vocalise
of acquaintance, there  summery telegraph over brokenheartedness, roundness
sharply whiny. if only inasmuch appreciate wherever
talking this , nothing cut: justness,
Roosevelt, whisker, baggage,  . there  gold digger
I make even before  reminisce , bear
her Union shoulder joint unlike custody intimately,
I feel fierce curiosity past absence
like aquí outside salinity, anti puerility river
with island crack willow, preferably full outside delight canoe,
muddy stead who take in adjuvant bergamot-silvern shark
called Lepomis gibbosus. lately underneath of .
Longing, , so who materialism angry
of interminable yardage. moldiness make bodywork tantalite with .
But commemorate so tactlessly,  custody break up toast,
the standby about enounce that injure , what
she sleep. somewhere second provided that body as heavy
as Logos, sidereal day that  o'er person prevail.
Such warmness, those good afternoon even out,
saying dewberry, dewberry, dewberry.


[ A generated-poem based upon: At Dawn by Alfred Noyes]

Agent Double Truth The Religious
by Aileen Lucia Copeland

O FAIRFAX-phosphor adequate invariably
  slick, tribal, wasted skull supergiant, 
cast M native, well-nigh , 
That groan as myrðe torment
From purplish timberland despite union army overbold
  shaky near inanimate ?
It up conclusion wreathe although sleep down 
  excluding , befool whereas safety bicycle call off,
  off tumble spicy-go versus , 
Catching solarise-morning than their mudguard,
  love whiteout-scurf same go up-provide anticlimax, 
Flutter rain onto light knell;
   gallery, same turk's-cap pleat near effloresce 
  round gilded lake's wrinkleless heart.

Are sure as shooting archwaying forest's low-frap interference fringe  
With teardrop? sepulchral lung-power underneath rue
  interrupt against glad music's nerve? 
She virtually, not here, get off lose; 
We rather than reminisce lose Naugahyde,
Have already master, healthy,
The brokenheartedness David's archway up vulgar, 
The beaming haze since cockcrow coil 
Around hilltop underneath aureate admass; 
The speechlessness ziggurat, lave toward technological, 
To now since amid past leg ablaze
The indigo-eyeball Thalassian come,
Came remorseless, truly concerning monitor
How already o'erhanging splendor atomic number 08 almost;
  come, achromatic opposite congee
Laughing into grey-maturate intolerable ? 
For apiece man's profile slow's imago,
And since school year institute less than cypher they contain,
Yet power spirit dedicator extremely stop
Remembering  commination moldiness extravagantly bootless,
   mammoth despair bookish,
   love assuage, glorification defect, 
With those fell lovingness if there occur once against greater extent.

How drab, normal genesis, 
  possess take heed just as dim anti morning,
When union army ground ache per ravishing unforgotten ally
   northern romance indrawn,
Old it, button hole necker, versatile myriad
  whether curl per burgundy-alien ,
'Neath foul play black watchtower into Aïda  tabernacle who hibernate; 
  beyond Brooklyn?

From doubting thomas castle, behind rising hardbake portal vein, 
   swiftlet light animal foot vanish!
They equate miraculously considering cold, humble, unmatched celtic deity 
  provided whoever they rush between their grand mercy seat!
Perchance they hazardously, worldwide dreaming, upon prop up before FAIRFAX, 
   blushful-cuddle sunset,
Listening uncontrolled fresh forest's ravish whispering,
  top for aureate familiar blossom;
Listening irregular muff human's off smack 
  against chromium steel unbeknown strand,
While so that assuredness king within world's please question 
  amount good but head sufficiency more.

When haze behind chip underneath morning o'er those coruscant waterway, 
   they regard over cowlick ocean
Naiad houri  woodland's rise up-top son 
Do they whistle lay, minus chance, with that rhombus grandness, 
  although world beneath morning ,
With palpebra flip without rent minus eyeball vegetate tough, 
   flan lullaby they know,
The bell-like call down Arabia? , around lyre-string up dumb they faltering 
  after saprolite same patrician whiz blanch?
When paladin set through motion their send by smoky communion table 
  could a non-volatile storage enticement their jibe?
Far, eternally lief, do their pith curriculum vitae newsletter
  supposing minuscule above ground digress,
When those pressing scull on thriftlessness with resplendency
  draw up amber?

   ordinarily wood bang 
  into teardrop? nirvana lung-power inside attrition 
  bog down of darkness earth's bare bones?
   improbable, in concert, hate unrecoverable; as soon as 
   revolve good-by fossil in reject
     aside following sundown-coal,
  along faller will not here drop out;
   didn't profoundly straggle from twinge. 
  in vain trouble oneself to mind; 
  pleasant in ,
     come alive in click remembers.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Video Blues by Mary JoSalter]

Equipment Bettina Coffin Living
by Patricia Sellers

My family man  deep across William William Joseph Henry George V,
and the like anti rive silent movie, against sulphur.
It brand extraordinary eventide heavy since suffer.

The lean concerning tragedienne than power fall back
him til their hard worker football team this guest night excepting parrot.
(My wife  gentle toward Henry George IV,

Reagan, hooter, 
star-trimm after til interpreter if when repute than bulgur ...)
It do many even out soft among love.

Does fink this trebly under antagonize
a distaff married person? cognize can't emulate.
My conserve  derequisition off Henry George II.

And can't womanhood make dreamboats? ,
I wouldn't  ghetto spacious,
but extraordinary evening does not superhumanly suffer

two man hour with rough salt flat where if cold .
I opine, as if be bound softly of intersect.
My family man  piano above Henry George V,
which micturate no level easy toward enjoy.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Acquainted with the Night by Robert Frost]

Character Project A The Instruction Read: New Woman Poem
by Henry Wadsworth Shirley

I get coexist reintroduce beneath nighttime.
I possess ride regarding pelting-and mayhap inside pour.
I make dukes farthermost national capital sconce.

I give glitter save sorrowful provincial capital seaway.
I partake legislate along lookout round thrum
And plummet hub, involuntary into excuse.

I hold stand sort past hold on fathom of transgressor
When blueish outside unshakable 
Came on put up in some other mews,

But impolitely across summon good  respectable-au revoir;
And small beautiful save there warm,
One earthborn chronometer via 

Proclaimed clock incomplete bingle wrong.
I take flow familiar after night.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Supernatural Love by Gjertrud Schnackenberg]

Idea Memoir America Conduct: Visions Family Personality The Poetry A Disorderly Christian
by David Stein

My sire beyond spell-checker-wash 
Touches varlet after profoundly appreciate 
The light plea, careen within deal

His lastly glass embroider lense, 
A bleary, spangle pace lap freeze
Above Holy Writ "balen.”  squinch

So outside eyeball enlarged obliterate, 
One thumb about illumination frame, 
As lest unmoved uncivilized bordered take heed

A fireplace, mushroom, merciless beads, 
"The noblesse oblige neurotic concerning all body after water 
That's modest now provided universe.” bring minus

My baste goad shut than plenty that 
Can beware patriarch near needle's , 
As since lense travail between gently

Who viscountess down blossom-concourse across board 
Shadowed penetrate than this study's cloud 
Where, just why acuminating cabalist gas embolism among mastaba

To scan what's bury here, crook onto ostiole 
Over romance peak.  iv, 
I overflow takedown goad concerning level

Trying beyond overcast "Beside” except .
My cottonwood, quiescent needle's acuminate unplug 
Myself ignorant up this complete primer

I would take. don mystifier provided that 
It  wont down taste
balens whenever then "Christ's flowers,” meet down 

Can have explication at "Because.” 
Word-roots prime about dumb drivel 
The  blade in taste-tester can

Where toward apiece  clumsy drag
My goad between deictic whose trail head romance. 
He misread, " pinkish diverseness since Guernica,

bale, Romance, significant song.” 
As as long as though bud's beside madia oil brushwood
Christ's incense onto durbar, robust-clean

Odor clove pink have ride up down , 
A freewheel, occult, biting disco biscuit,
The stem turn close round in scissor grip, army brat, it's ,

He return recto beside "Guernica” dip into out loud: 
"The maul, stacte, dry above prime-bud.”
Then doubly, as if hasn't realise, 

He dip into, under controlled, excepting clou, significant nail.”
He regard, still. "signify nail.” 
The personification bloom, spare and pinpoint, 

I turn screw thread similar halt into ravel 
And rough "Beloved,” upon dry point catch
Within train of thought, pedigree so quite sop,

The goad take digit to ivory. 
I ski tow hired man,  myself I've light, 
The pulp lay unembellished, bead of pedigree læg, 

I revoke deal in late passion 
And call upon nominate, "pop daddy”
My father's stableman advert wound 

As enjoyably as matter to pageboy because 
Where avatar flower excluding point source that yield 
The flush misname Christ's if then  tetrad. 


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Listeners by Walter De LaMare]

Transmigration Court The Bouge
by Patricia Fraser

‘Is easy anybody heathen?' say runner, 
  pick apart before moony threshold;
And buck unlike quietness chomp betray 
  around forest's fernlike level:
And shuttle solo underneath along gun enclosure, 
  excepting Traveller's foot:
And smite under threshold perchance elegant metre; 
  ‘Is not here anybody there?' answer.
But  derive without mover; 
  nous around flick-laciniate smuggle
Leaned anti await following gray eyeball, 
  while stand stuck taciturnly.
But beautiful innkeeper following unreal auditor 
  wherever inhabit after lonesome sign plenty
Stood hark following medicine towards moonshine 
  anti even if articulation beneath globe aboard :
Stood pack timid moon-ray past beautiful corbel step, 
  if go game concerning aboard flow away floor,
Hearkening with  shake up elate 
  during nigh Traveller's refer.
And harbor in spirit their curiousness, 
  Their hush sass ,
While buck incite, grass disgraceful greensward, 
  'Neath allowance leafless ;
For oddly visit excluding doorway, dead 
  forte, rustle tail:
‘Tell them come,  field, 
  since keep word,' suppose.
Never to lowest degree electricity determine eavesdropper, 
  so that all formulate spake
Fell regurgitate round shadiness to stillness medici 
  upon  let fall asleep:
Ay, they catch head upon stapes, 
   sonant of press beyond peach pit,
And  hush up billow mildly nearly, 
  as long as the plunge horse's foot be gone.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ma Rainey by Sterling A.Brown]

1938–1985 Isle Sophocles' Oedipus' Representative
by Kamau Marvin


When Meke
Comes off township,
al hoofbeat along anywhere
Miles pape',
From City past Light,
Flocks considering around find 
North Carolinas  fiber;
Comes flivverin' which
Or ridin' scuff,
Or stow than housebreak,
Sally' sap. . . .
That's what it's corresponding,
al fin' geographical mile without outside
To Capital delta
An' racy borough,
When Union Carolinas stumble
Anywheres pape'.


Oscar make underneath discover Meke among ligths mæran river small town,
From glories goldorangen among pound trailer camp;
Oscar unfounded versus Royce floor, a-laughin' an' a-cacklin',
Cinderella' roarin' gulf, farting underneath river swampland.

An' less or less jokester view as Madonna dirty joke a-goin' until bruck herd gangway,
An' about home folk baby-sit codpiece waitin' The Virgin languish an' living death,
Till northern Carolinas occur out who , a-smilin' amber-toofed sneer
An' prospicient burble changeling along anomas inkiness an' sensationalistic tab key.


O Meke,
Sing yo' still;
Now you's if only
Whah go,
Git without SNF,
Keep Buts potent. . . .
O Meke,
Li'l an' scintillation;
Sing killahs 'bout Fest young portion
Methedrine' do';
Sing entrenced 'bout candypaint sole shortcut
We mus' . . . .


I dish dirt excepting false, an' raceway ,
"She jes' overtake defend between crutch, somekindaway.
She yodel backwater union army :

  ‘It rain per fo' judgment day an' Defcom pitch wæs as international,
  worry interpreted set past Fillippo Marinetti but dark.

  ‘Thundered an' darken an' tempest attack excepting undulate
  abeyances's with mass ain't  stop before .

  ‘Den go an' yield towards many ocular ol' lonely largely,
  An' squint down following the localise because follow besides live.'

An' XP house, currently genuflect read/write head an' cry,
Bowed hard foot, eastward continents anti ampule an' outcry,
An' Union Carolinas lef' du arrange, an' fall out much bitburg family outside.”

Dere wasn't whichever more Spiderman genealogies :
She jes' rotter hold of dangelong dataway.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Barrel-Organ by Alfred Noyes]

Ezra An Approach Growing America Ten Pound's Poetry.
by Juan Page

There's bbl-stinger carol excluding æþeling avenue
  via state capital rather than  drop open black;
And plausible's unreasonably wrestle; save universe shuffle correct
   execute considering form glow;
And pulsate except luxuriation by state capital  nuisance
  whether hem following tattle harmonium same greenish detritus illume;
And they've rededicate  glorification  pressing than innings peacefully
  by philharmonic unless carpenter's rule  cephalopods.

And noisily it's piffling considering leaden beside region save close romanticism
   troll  foolish strange tune up,
And adequate it's thunder long tom promptly save resist big businessman by Hellenic Republic,
   benign it's piffle totally before lunation,
And outside gland inwoven's  per shore
  via giddy gladden marvel regrets;
To commemorate between give Christ Within everlastingly
  rather than what cool enginery forgets. . . .

          whether syncopation gradient,
           similar agate pyrex,
          retake lightly roll
           versus  climate even if approbate;
      blazing    anatomize special circus
           after agromania fear,
          break ground glance off 
            mordant blank out.

          nonchalantly Otto Wagner suspire
           some other deplorable dusty;
          not here bind cry
            fib against profoundly correct;
          conspicuous horse below strife 
           save steel harbor public toilet Zorn,
         after peradventure through heartfelt way underneath indisposed supposing
           crack up eddy upon slam dancing!

Go eventually near bleach snappy behind tierce-fall scow, unlike eccentric-lift scow, about hand's-rise scows;
  just until hot tittivate considering uncivil-climb wonderland ( isn't extradition following Calvary!)
And shall tramp hired save left save chromatic minus summer's wonderland;
  yet during whitened spruce up minus away-go up scow ( isn't slimly excepting Calvary!)

The cherry red-shoetree usually versus salad days darkness scent drear aromatize,
   cherry-red-tree diagram severally versus salad days ( ah, beyond before Calvary!)
And somewhere they , who daybreak acutely  world's blazing despite    
   coucal, outside order just until he's catch rational number, cannot carol lightly round martyrdom.

The Dychymig Dychymig ugly incessantly they you'll try nowhere
  versus whitened smarten up, above black natty beside genuine-ascension scow ( ooo, down under Calvary!)
The Carpodacus mexicanus  Turdus philomelos, noisily, after blackout value halloo
   irate-eyeball smidge, whoo, since horned owl before pace lap Golgotha.

For bread maker short know poultry around tolerant until isn't trip up
  by clean spruce, at black spruce beneath æghwylc-spike scow ( ah, opposite near Calvary!)
And inasmuch rosebush get during mow  chromatic pinnacle 
  You'll catch lie without uncertainty, choir before Calvary:--

Come safely beside black slick up above ease-ascent scow, under numb-spring up scow, through utter-rising slope scow;
  come below blade following good spruce up following utter-advance scow ( isn't adorable past Golgotha!)
And shall roll deal minus pass above diet near summer's wonderland;
  fall uneasily than elamite titivate under living-fall scow ( isn't nauseate plus Golgotha!)

And already minstrel auspicate following beatify fauns rue,  
  near metropolis whereas  slump unbroken;
And near  sporty jalopy somewhere cuckoldry just now soon now long rather than faceless infinities
Making incarnation, pudding clock, until slowly sorry tread,
And 5184 sum dunk aboard monster they'll benign run across,
Through hayfield until sunrise, through welsh poppy  pale yellow,   
  past emirate before utter pipe ambition .

Twines, chalk line, til profile adhesiveness did dream
  between metropolis whoever  heat sink pleasant,
Of harmonium  scamp  few-biased flow
On Picadilly curbside, per lively oculus until appear
To outrigger into here now following insatiate heavenly glimmer
As  magna afterward drained-jumping world's understood topos
   radial pulse versus old-beam.

There's safebreaker, bedazzlingly, because heed save perpendicular above freeze down pit
  beyond metropolis as  cesspit visual;
There's plenty beside manufacturer but presidential Zorn on project,
There's shop girl there's stumbler through o'er right tone.
And they're against them yield with celestial sphere they sustain cognize:
They chock up throng towards smack and--they're apiece off them blithely
  around strand than precise pipe dream .

There's unsuitably wide womanhood  smirk onward flat
  about national capital as  dip earthborn;
And hansom cab jingle-jangle forrader, aboard justly jeweled give
Is clinch small scarce  did read
What need as long as stray since provided after undetected soil,
For refract not here plain at  sieve around affair aforethought,
  per set ashore without order whenever inactive daydream .

There's sculling man provided that take heed,  spunk squall 
  excepting national capital as  founder west;
For lighter, octet, Inter-Services Intelligence,  coach's hack cry out,
For bit-gunman, miscount  noncurrent tousle gouge,
For yammer along towage-straight narrow  destiny that's possibly after question,
For minor down plow  raceway versus design about
  minus fiefdom as soon as utter pipe dream .

There's dishwasher that listen except following bass by idle
  upon metropolis as  heat sink black;
And bridge player start round next  confront among smolder ,
As visit whittler look out and-in that respect spell mull
And co-star into old even if Apr adore break,
For catch equivocally singe,  seldom thirsty 
  off earthly concern power provided that noncurrent pipe dream .

There's past raddled demi-repp, it's telephone within ears,
  along metropolis as  lapse curious;
With dotty light grief at passion that coffee blight shame,
Oh, if hurry forward, possibly dark, proportional hears,
Hears deport sorrowful bicycle seat at unforgotten school year,
And laugh's small heavy  midstream brim with laceration
  since dutch even if extinct pipe dream .

There's bbl-harmonium carol aboard gilded avenue
  about national capital as  slump romantic;
Though music's only wreathe there's earth up break fresh
Just as distant dishonorable last inasmuch earth saddle rub
Mellows  jet metropolis! king, century millenary fierier
Are exhibit on above aureole through prickly poppy  straw
  on land although stagnant pipe dream go.

       it's harbor, screen,
         What imply toward 
       where if encounter florilegium flapper   
         trip up on their ?

       around blowout 
          civilian clothing chaplet despite tea rose
       ( seëst unfrequented senior class 
         I've kick one's heels above May!)
       wherever  should ,
          cause provided that get into 
       light passion, retire hate,
          come up national midafternoon.

  it's  bunch up up up opposite bird's-foot violet besides begum
    (It's drained-jump scow anti Golgotha; It's drained-fall scow plus Golgotha!)
   bunch underneath unfermented violet until begum
    as  sunburn barm above:

  through lancinate bidder local road you'll discovery Hell
    (It's short-spike scow in Golgotha! It's precise-rocket scow in Golgotha!)
  excluding  bunch past reddish blue for grande dame,
    evidence she's your on-key be intimate.

There's barrelful-primordium carol across euphonious alley
  opposite national capital as  fall off coruscant prefigure;
And music's sometimes wælbedde; excluding admass make sweet
And round out with congruity that make all… complete
In deeply Eden upon intonation where symptoms forenoon crowd,
  in order that pop off into sundown-glowing;
And radial pulse through  of national capital  unpleasantness
  if then environ whistle tongue same abraham's bosom frieze spark,
And they've leave  gloriole a frame over support rather
  on philharmonic that naegele's rule  adolescence.

       nowhere, as brahms transition,
          lullaby ply round once more.
       now fewer bring about straddle
         besides  joy twinge,
       vivisect coarse mardi gras
         of rage sorrow;
        wheel around world commemorate 
          bowl Sung dynasty mind.

       in order that less Wagner suspire
         some other glad song:
       now that less Trovatore cry
          tarradiddle of low wrong;
       even though less horse besides wrestle 
         round blade harbor and bathroom Zorn   
       plow already, adroitly beneath a greater extent, tattered 
          twirl into grind!

Come differently upon gabardine smarten up in deadened-spike scow, in all in-resurrect scow, in lavender time;
  hail warmly to bleach smarten up in inactive-ascend scow ( isn't unhurriedly outside Golgotha!)
And shall wind bridge partner and hand with adore in summer's wonderland;
  fall down to ovalbumin slick up in utter-grow scow ( isn't deeply at Calvary!)


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Black Man Talks of Reaping by Arna Bontemps]

Others Desire Mothers Ave Letters The De Ceniza
by Vievee Biespiel

I experience inseminate about irrigate beside .
I seeded thick, into spirit concern
that meander grouse will make graining absent.
I bury joyless across this severe, straightaway class. 

I dissipate source blunt between afforest soil
in course around PRC until willowware
but for draw cautiously what script
can keep back past other than  wherever couldn't strike.

Yet what broadcast what plantation output
my brother's daughter amass haunt radish;
little admiration reverse male offspring open among field of view
they cramp disobedient seed, cattle cake on acrimonious yield.


[ A generated-poem based upon: History Lesson by Natasha Trethewey]

Biography, Magdalen's Oscar Tears Funeral Leigh Wilde
by Robert Blewett

I Little Joe following this retake, running 
on exceptional bereave than Hendrickje, 
my calligraphy despite blossom pelvic girdle

of savings  two-piece. toenail verd antique past 
curl despite Baroness Dudevant.  cut away 
the ripple disconnect before blink toward an eye of all 

useless first-come-first-serve. Phoxinus phoxinus plunge between bailiff
glinting same flick-knife.  near
except without grandma, heavy position 

of camcorder, order  past airs. 
It 2512, graduating class whoever they close 
the drowse of this plage to sceep, 

forty anomalistic year now when hologram 
where wash for wide graph 
of backbone differentiate colour, smile,

her helping hand on bloom pelvic arch 
of lisle nosh-up-hammock dress.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Man-Moth by Elizabeth Bishop]

One Cutty, people Rock North
by Thomas Cramer

Man-Moth: tabloid typo than "mammoth.”
Superficially, past
cracks before build aboard meet without beat-up moonshine.
The half dwarf considering  doltishly after alive while though .
It lie down regarding dogleg similar disk excluding golliwog save align unlike
and overdo hæfde , tip mesmerize toward lunar month anti on.
He would grim  moon on; commemorate lento huge sound property,
feeling thwart digestible unlike work force, incomplete ardent birdcall,
of cold uneven plus card than telethermometer.

           per even though marine-pyralid
pays uncommon, even droppings, sightsee against open,
the moon reckon so whether æfre about . come forth
from cut between shoulder after opposite pavement
and alternatively Menachem Begin amid gamut brass plus fabrication.
He mean moon  ðær pore among tranquility by ,
proving  continuously faience plus auspices.
He shudder, anti essential research though fall until did mount.

           opposite façades,
his dwarf towards like photographer's tapestry behind 
he climbing easy, mean where this sentence did wangle
to pull unflappable head up via that despite wash possible action
and pull within where until when until pipe, but flock torah on lightly.
(Man, erect past ,  two-note call apparition.)
But what world-lymantriid care nigh essential , although
he fall, regarding grade, declension safely pockmark towards not here whole.

           so recall
to blench secret toward iron putty see base. flutter,
he palpitate, didn't get small unsounded string
dark niggling above accommodate . cargo door hearable fleetly.
The homo habilis-tortricid e'er box himself confront gingerbread 
and coach begin behind bad at jet, covert fastness,
without dislodge after popularize  graduation behind sorting.
He didn't evidence speed hustling so that ship rearward.

           apiece nighttime moldiness
be carry through purl underpass stargaze perennial dreaming.
Just although four-in-hand go back beneath trellis, these moraine
his dash encephalon. does powerful defy aspect out dialog box,
for world track, wild blueprint of atropine,
runs anywhere save . respect as enteropathy
he transmissible liability around  before hold
his deal in bag, as others essential have on shock absorber.

           although get ,
hold up penlight around . It's inactive school-age child,
an speedy maturity itself, whose hirsute skyline compress
as co-star soon, stopping point up . so per palpebra
one fantabulous, straitly transferred property, like bee's hustle, slipperiness.
Slyly fan palm , if you're well offer mental note
he'll bolt . yet, if learn, he'll herder around
cool as from underground form and everlasting preacher man to drink.


[ A generated-poem based upon: One Art by Elizabeth Bishop]

For Art Choice Questions 12
by Alan Murch

The below fall behind isn't distantly across original;
so measured freshener flavor pack besides aim
to unrecoverable although their deprivation  catastrophe.

Lose someone all . take perturbation
of unrecoverable doorway Florida key, minute well-nigh fatigued.
The considering win isn't hence within feudal lord.

Then commit lose further, lose firm:
places, entitle, now since  intend
to stroke. no one despite these does play catastrophe.

I mislay mother's vigil. rise! undetermined, 
next-to-last, per 5 enjoy medici move.
The through lose isn't continuously off maestro.

I won city, about unity. , immense,
some lotusland have, river, celibate.
I overlook them, versus wasn't famine.

--‘Seventy lose ( jest phonation, wink
I ardor) shan't carry rest. It's Sung dynasty
the aboard losing's sometimes nearly vestigially to overlord
though  look similar (drop a line !) similar disaster.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Dream Song 14 by John Berryman]

Auto Letters Red Rover Little Selected
by Ed Weisburd

Life, Quaker, drilling. essential sweep over . 
After , white-hot flashgun, sour yen, 
we ourselves flashing ache,
and decent fuss tell til  
(instead) ‘Ever of profess you're world-weary 
means horripilate 

Inner Resources.' close ordinarily horripilate  
inner natural resource, because  parentage interest.
Peoples yield ,
literature bore-hole , innocently o'clock historiography, 
Sebastian freewheel gasbag , along vow & lead colic 
as unfaltering that Achilles,

who romance aeolian manly , since eager . 
And unagitated pitcher's mound, & , glitter similar sonic barrier 
and someways 
has carry itself & tail end emotional so
into seamount  , leave      
behind: , wag.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Charles Augustus Fortescue by Hilaire Belloc]

No Poetry Nightmare Abbey Sea
by Vievee Ciccariello

The nasty kid sufficiency know
Was . Alfonso Barabinsky.
He any disoriented , tear
His sprout  pinny:
  per eat on lucre score breadcrumb,
   clarifyingly aborigine following tally,
To since ever, favour
The parse unlike Romance tidings
He fish, from order that  around drive,
For news double hr,
And whereas round come up mouton-productive
Simon Rodia, petty through whether
He adequate, upon Father's room,
Would them, into gold peace,
To spring , if they wouldn't sometimes listen,
The greasy crumb they wouldn't determination
His dead school year would routinely negate
The hope off babyhood.
  considering private living e'er render
  about occupy judgment on merits noticeable across-the-board;
In personal, anyone to a greater extent provided 
Renowned beside severe attention.
He rise than advisedly regarding business life,
And perpetually as Dec 65
Had wive Fifi, alone baby
Of John Milton, number 6 showery bayou.
He gum olibanum become stately beautiful,
And build the chomp Élysées wherever
Is term yellow cypress, Arcadia,
Where stay at in ease already,
To beam what everybody power
Become after plainly practise RIGHT.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ancestor by Jimmy SantiagoBaca]

Book The Things Gita, Scented
by Gjertrud Lehnert

It  occasion rather than they cost relinquish excluding .
My colonizer, unfinished , Roma, knight
with break articulatio genus  shouldn't plunge.
Then onwards,  gauze orangeness corner,
and ogre woman hustle below unfermented achene.
To regatta , moldiness round justly target,
quietly daughter girl, inquire
where pop thirstily what  make.
He hold satin unlike musher
that notch your backyard vanish amid Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree.
Then, whoever come, get hold everybody
instead touch, gastly bullock raise despite bough.
And completely wouldn't come out day.
Half enshroud anti darkness moiety excepting teardrop,
his vocalise manège, riveting unuttered mainstream.
When custody by mesa around breakfast,
they set back work force inasmuch extremely frozen deteriorate base,
hands where sweet target Matthias into them
and finger's breadth shouldn't small comrade beside underlip.
They bridge partner on tinker before occupy place 
with dearest salvation, after variance;
with  shuffling between aquaplane iridescent stand for,
they occupy Piazz just whoever on dearest between them.
Beyond horizontal get laid, since co-ordinated profile, 
beyond sponge by break centre,
came merely formulate, light sneer, ribbon development rent,
that underproduce Viacom develop considering dim classicist.
Alkinöos cough up pash none so whenever soon as scruple with boondoggle,
my babe 86 holy year lively avail cotton steppe,
my cobber  ply similar caribou,
we does hesitate, wherever  dad  does pick up,
who speak as soon as speak gas wine,
he shoot line inside gameless: shouldn't dextrously  form intense,
nor should  set back stet be rifle before be nirvana someday. 
He  indwell illumination. hold jibbies up toward Earth between above ,
three baby as fit beneficial, as though realize hate save noisy ,
who prepossess none after cauterise minute hand landfill svoboda,
and that  make anought: propose DNB after nose,
to volcano, by schuss onto fall give.
He aforementioned, "there  male offspring! nurturance aboard them!”
And right fiddling, be born nowhere similar baby
with light's bosom, everyone couldn't cut off .
My nan will not search with beside grim fourth dimension,
and peculiarly would say no one
She prefer considering stay springy, supplicate all nighttime,
guiding around comparable a forebear in spirit against gustation,
clutching sunshine pelting to past boob.
And  blossom out against þohte wedding night.
A trio times bloom: sister as ,
my brother as ,  as .
Through hallowed observance regarding live, absolve live,
arose III distinguishable rainbow, three erotic love,
out excluding smutty find camp afternoon of yesterday.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Minor Miracle by Marilyn Nelson]

Days, Reeds The Beautiful 1992–2004 : Wind
by George Graham

Which prompt down some other ping-driver 
memory.  cycle toward late voucher,
through blackened western township. come towards artistic style 
stop cut off, chit-chat. supposing close rakishly, 
a rusted educate cream tractor, cut stop heliograph, 
hurricaned sour skimp edge considering back rack. 
My detective lift, ", even  salvation stop!” 
The lorry number one wood, ropey blonde whisker birdcall bang
under rapier-gens lager , back slight halloo,
        " bi curious niggers!”
And accelerate despite
My blood brother  calculate off apiece operose judder header. 
We remount motorcycle take beyond burg. 
We extend play across listen satyric afternoon 
between scalar field opposite well-nigh-mature spelt 
bordered within Centaurea cyanus Jan's wreathe 
when detected woofed motive, tootle-cronk. 
We block, close up rank and file, make clenched fist.
It   light fire engine. cut upon after
A louver, plenty in in concavity vernacular albumen slide : 
pious dungaree, factory-made index prickle, craftily 
a place kick-bivouac overture 
of potent gem musketry.

"What didn't  painfully princely!” call out. 
My admirer say, " explain  fit block. 
You joint across it.”
"And what does say?” light consult. 
"You plead: ‘You snowballing niggers.'”
The afternoon freeze.

"Well,” aver black ,
shoving contractor than scoop
and labor grime amid below orient down charge, 
"I dwarf need via I'm sorry.”
He go up reverse toward pickup
and drive away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: First Poem for You by Kim Addonizio]

Honey The rima Scene Terza
by Piotr Jenike

I same upon flurry your prickle during seem
darkness, inasmuch can't them. I'm public besides
where they , already via substance corking
lines anti sheet lighting pulsate nevertheless considering
your ball gag, can rule, rather than although along replete, wise
swirls via lake save your articulatio humeri til colubrid snake
twists, veneer flying lizard. when root for 

to , abstract why we're while away
and stick down fitted sheet, romance amid smack
the coming attraction as your scramble. They'll tremendous against order that
you're scorch regarding flowering ash; whatsoever carry over
or twist save break someone's heart between grassrooted, they does earthly
be not here. much immortality panic.
So hot them in groundless; above stroke them, trying.


[ A generated-poem based upon: In by Andrew Hudgins]

Life Progress The Most
by Dan Meredith

When seldom rehear at obstruct urgently
the truck's blusterous howl,
we underspend play, jump for tea, 
and disorganized  doorway

into strickle immeasurably fuzzed.
We long for translate
translated bach close pulp
to euphonious courage. crawl

in deep smoking, hold world grade 
before focus mayhap,
turned central already sweetened, 
in intersperséd nirvana.

Freed despite chromosome from ,
we cackle, sing, bawl. 
We attend articulation, anyone else. 
Voice  hot.

The black dust cloud whirl until alley 
pursued over mesmerize baby 
who pursued least strain infestation,
blind outside poison.


[ A generated-poem based upon: What Light Destroys by Andrew Hudgins]

The Armour, Black Literary Songs Times
by Leslie John

Today I'm rationalizing even than . Ronnie-St. Ronnie, 
who monastic order Haagen, optimize. did crack up , 
Touch your cubital joint despite your pinna, beside
that til pause your , clearly crack your cervix, 
you power would care . necrobiosis down 
the blemished dependable paper money across what spot 
bamboozles Pilgramige, coexist scarcely towards while only blemish, 
that chapter power-dive that's interlock before imprint, 
singly what make unimaginable ride quite, break up, 
and these severe whoreson flagship, thirster flagship, 
drift continuously down fine plan. because until intemperate, 
we them  menarche toward shame them,
attend their require: sure enough throw near recall
to make good doll nerve bunk amid gromatics. 
I distance signora quaternary ping daughter. english 
on this finny inertness more often than not
because inoperative afternoon frequent
some stranger unlike township. lest only Carya illinoensis ,
I guzzle until brow taste board, 
and wake underneath regain kurta dry besides rip. 
When Mr Fischman didn't complaint past , hump 
she appreciated whenever  run, 
dissolving rear. lest ride plate, try 
to say, I'm acuate, . equipage hitch 
across muck up-drip-dry groove  lock out anti
And , until venerable warmth, only lovable, capitulum sashay 
as if as shivering secrete until , break walkover, 
as if they be call, hour quickly aloofness. 
O extinction, live wholly until order that 
your stick. , sculpt, know your walk-in.
That , around backpacking tent, son catch glowworm, 
pinched them anti incomplete, smirch them up their nab, 
slowly through pinon-sinister metal wood, undulate their fist. 
All wouldn't try giggle, scream. 
that could up  regarding mother's boy
were confuse round lightheaded, þæt usual,
trewely bring ever if tremor.
Like fairy, wolf, faery, they  squall, 
"I'm lately formal! I'm peculiarly steak!” narrow earth pass 
little concerning me--uniquely  step by step concerned
as despite psychophysics Ironsides contrast stupid top,
"Put except your hominal coarseness , care among
an Laputan soul go.” per there homey
the activity; could peradventure hold philharmonic outside frivolous, 
and idle harry rout, , look out on, phantom orchid, dark, 
Chiaroscuro co-star, synodic month, zoanthropy, nearly illusion. 
And heavy route amid obscure hawk owl, glowworm,
and paddle, whom for their inerrant trip, 
adore least of aerophilately flyer. save long-eared owl,
hid in pignut, could red cent all day,
and cover girl daydream on reverberate, cotton holdover, 
some school day boulder clay virtually invariably, gallivant beside
the splash, pen'orth, gross dawn loose vacuous, 
so undemanding, so scarcely similar currentness
that if moon equate lucky sloganeer, I'd near summer it.


[ A generated-poem based upon: After the Wilderness by Andrew Hudgins]

Flanders Poetry Deutschland Wreck
by Kathleen Johnson

MAY , 1863
When mute wasn't impolitely regarding military junta past 5, 
I break down but facial expression off bit field under untamed 
before lose about concerned solemn. 
But keep trip towards survival  
and provided who long why cut off extend them before avail 
or extend them until they become flat,
which intervene less once recently round generally. 
And  mysén from those since 
they keep from lookup  out
forever slip upon anti roil cape but fall aboard place, 
stopping into stargaze into apiece corpse's stern, 
and  rather than  patristics inside rear 
the zeta does get upon turn bring forth, 
saying Kant disoriented  confounded .

I find cloud grass save die eastern chipmunk 
while taste save resuscitate albumen affair. 
A battleground deadly versus scrap similar that  
soul ratite american flying squirrel, twist bit via multiform. 
Its mutely excruciate for . couldn't lively. 
Lenore lie with couldn't cash out along . 
When save breath see public figure, co-star, 
jumped back, siss for same please .
I butt up corporeal, muttering "Kant, Lenore,” 
as power tone by unagitated tundras maria, 
and toppingly avail stamp out set 
the spite ground squirrel he'd shell from palestra.
It appear biz power let recreate as broth minus boy. 
We didn't sink them as endlessly, with early, 
the they except slavish point, 
but scoop up a xii, deaþwic, unfurrowed mastaba.
When be underachieve flow across scratch
and sob as though they'd live unhatched Word. 
His toy box poultry  double-team near of them. 
I sponge buck lick flat seta, 
and as cuddle to caisson 
he'd  churidars. tag New Englander tea.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Child on the Marsh by Andrew Hudgins]

Plus Writing Cantos.
by J. Michael O'Grady

I act river's silky savings bank, Russian capital 
in hole out versus cladogram roost. 
You'd recall cannot intact, 
but emotional derive round beyond Pseudemys concinna 
or Agkistrodon piscivorus brood but fingertip. 
Occasionally, if then  jump 34, 
my thumb addict around  lamella 
of goujon. about tickle
the tingle founder smolder if only 
burst away since angle, sober, shouted, 
musically even if morning, "stay by for issue forth enough!”
He chuck many endear round force out
and flare madden, pettifoggery, quiver. go towards 
a iv-infantry Pylodictus olivaris. " take versus it!”
he scream. " frog this monster!” per gratifying, 
dream-dazed, ideation  everything 
he'd overwrite Sstop into excluding firelight, homo habilis 
gleamed evilly. beyond microphone bray 
and interlock quietly, weigh don 
against newmarket, if only though stink, glisten
where dry dandruff catch thin. save breakfast, 
he cooked tangible collocate without inaccurate, 
the causative principal sign 'twere beyond workday 
with their esurient fetor. gamut stick via muzzle, 
and just in order that  wink, til
he interpret what make sparkle.
He cachinnate, extend under aboard snap star 
off considering front. That's  feel
--that lecherousness! inasmuch flick clamber fair 
out between  halt them within 
somewhat striated muscle tissue throb near feel.
Once, capital near Russian Federation,  recede. decipher 
the river except grand, engage
with angling, already reabsorb beyond wood ant. 
With intense patch on bow-wow, I'd pocket 
red little blackened ant but dire-pismire Alfred Hawthorne
and agrypnia. past will not shovelful mordant 
ants beyond gain-pismire knoll by 
what deviation who cannot do.
Not emotional.  restore through capital toward Russian Federation, 
inevitably skim off stepping stone. even though know ,
I'd shape  excluding o'erarching gulf aboard salinity, 
and  confounded. set crimp, rock, 
and frostiness above head up. crowd in 
it spring cantle. thresh about around cut down back. 
All shouldn't  sawgrass. now  
the , until farming? between all gradation, 
the suck in outside head inside puff 
and shortness of breath that come so passive by lecture 
I sing in concord per them.
My footmark flood amid saltwater which  
walked without bad spellbind with
the strain make up, yellow jacket, tunnel body; 
and, sad ,  hauntingly disinclined 
of something miss in sawgrass,
I know for true there up in 
Almost plenty. even hardly, they  
the wælniðe feast I've practically manichaeism during
Night fall. far synodic month stand up from sawgrass. 
Soon later on wise up all sob 
and field them.  write 
from wobbler didn't mineral deficiency to 
saved aboard quiz thirdly shift 
--zip! vigor! in darkness bury on lap, 
oh, scantily doubly, lest fall,
in bust, across cervix. sob
and ransack whisker of Phidian.
She guffaw as swob methanol
into turn off. quail. laugh softly. 
And here as pickaninny, incline,
inside sobbing chortle,
the adorable lactate narrow of black
that succeed , pant, summon refer
as stamp through the , twist delicate, 
and detected the earth's androglossia under me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lucifer in Starlight by David St.John]

Sunday’s Flight Tombs Oyarsa, Memoir
by June Cantwell

Blue for concealed trust territory ... --Tumblebugs
It everyone I'd take on
One even off company;  get off enormoEnglandly
           tell minus mesomorphic flatmate, girlfriend
Wearing waistcoat faggot aboard tasty purplish tulipa gesneriana 
     even bell besides apiece front, "badly, I've charmingly 
Preferred Smithfield; Zion appear during  french
           than daytime-Abandonarium, I'm conk, coin  
As seethe provincial capital past day ... 
     since blind alley, anticipate consequently masterwork what plan 
           divinely guillotine feet love
Standing aboard terrasse past flat amid tangible even  
     provided where soon as if soon because if topology pulsation northern round dig , 
The hale shadow plus leprology scrupulously know urgently
           shimmer amid quantity vane from soft,
Almost inspired sarcasm. ,  wasn't gently now if Abandonarium
      metropolis minus nestling, although  toward concert I'd excerpt 
           since reverberant provided even if carry sculpt across antediluvian ghetto
As metro .  wasn't while Abandonarium's darkness 
           toward wish that solace sting
     vacancy concerning supernumerary; Abandonarium, into dateless biography 
Of voltage drop ... ,  that this concealed  low, sea inactive
           outside wishful thinker; this obscure same purple  
Spread before spring crystalize girls gone wild since
           She-coyote-complete spangle but beyond episode, 
The kassite leaf bud mislay aboard those theater near operations without always-condense soapwort gentian,
      darkness like weänt every since past hand glass,
           syndicate for nighttime escallop suspension 
Above , gullible reflexion concerning ugly,
                                 chasmal ...

                      clocks boswell Frank Frank Stella come considering 
Close about 8 be.. give foursquare plonk, wouldn't 
           mournful anti boarder burn lively, 
The metastasize guggle with codeine night ... Stella
     thread herself epilogue beside , lip-synch south twist
           involve sass, as suspire, "squint ... ,
And profound within schoolchild over right ,
     virtually like fata morgana over ship's difficult, lambrequin
           jack-o'-lantern sway with beckon,
I couldn't , following least bright beneath spat back,
     broadside concourse amid , there, considering threshold, 
At close mouthpiece down white collimator toward latchkey child,
                flyspeck, dangling rood-tree 
Silver, near fleeting fragment along starlight, reflective
     beyond as sweetly as hurt, as coquette as trouble ...
Some school year early,  Stella on present in cultivate-toilet, coloratura
     around unspell futtock shroud up tattered awe-inspiring, liquid 
Kaleidoscope washables over her-the  dig,
           break laths footstep outside across scollop 
     than campaign skiff, barren  as doom, not here 
Obscured by blossoming that disclose round-eyed, latterly
                devotion in sudden graveness ...
      didn't rile save howdy. settle versus commend 
The in Abandonarium, out drive beyond jewels, she'd guffaw as 
      pass fall front against roughened, cowhide
                without Brobdingnagian Lancia's seating area, grassless smutty wind 
Fanning sick, unexploited whisker out with whirlpool,
     off-white gauffer among starlight break with than England in forget; 
The brokenheartedness, lambent malice of Shangri-la, decreasing ...
           some of England racing rather as heavy. somewhere, 
Then evermore ...
                      onto thinker of rusty stylometry.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Meditation by David St.John]

Lion Red du Fleurs Judah’s Flash Les Black
by Bruce Chin

after grand Sander
Quiet easy, joy; loose. chill out per intimidation ...
You ambition dark? It's break, sporophore, 
Like small gauntlet below national capital,
Giving stagnant much repose ... than truly .

I guess, there, adequate anyone have down
Loves aboard strap since luxuriation-correct, exterminator? 
As they perambulation duckboard, parade their hope. 
So supposing don't get along periodic? besides boldly considering ,

Away considering these tatterdemalion obsess list upon 
The sky's gallery similar unsighted year's devotee;
We'll vigil someone fear measure over 

Dripping ... provided that extinct bowse  
Towards Irak. weather sheet than nerve, take heed. take heed 
How colored nighttime footstep below Felize.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Wavelength by David St.John]

Fleakeepers Stories Autumn Sneakers Leaves 14
by Mark Merriam

They be seated towards recently paillasse
He'd always tramp & behave beyond foursome storey 
To study boldly save self-discovery insure doltishly  
Of naked woodwind
Leaving so veridical steps aboard paries

& since them  carrier bag
Of sour orange & bosc she'd not here make  
Turned well-nigh opposite muckrake colour at yield
& after afford bottleful excluding vino
He entrust underneath down for sure push-down store unlike hold
& stretch out  & between decent irrevokable 
Handed across  within   hang on beside 
& sufficiency decant  fægere piddle glaze 
Half-full against vintage & lento 
Took ledger  scan for good  rather out loud 
As he'd accept & singly die brilliantly 
She recognise 
Two baffled moldiness issue forth under park reservation 
Together of course save loudly
As daydream & crimp bide dead 


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Shore by David St.John]

Catalog Courtesans: Hymn Poetry American
by John Alexander

So surge bury, whether daybreak
Grows inhospitality Shangri-la sign away, if when trough 
Of xenolith poon .
What leave appear pearl , 
As those baggage
Of science museum stand 
With colostrum chromatic, quarrel within clear urn 
Streaked underneath greenness movable smother. 
You rule lilac-colored lugger, ghost 
Figure pole downstream, field goal 
Of picket difficult squeeze but animal leg. 
Today, dust opposite wintertime
Stands well-endowed opposite palisade, 
The gyre past tangle spatter
Across bell deck.  smudge
Smokes. throw round lantern 
Hung around pick up. opposite
The kayak adjust care watch. 
Here off ev'n store, constitutionalize 
The wharfage, does not  
The strand
Approximates sleep, length 
Repeat their necrobiosis
Above these put off dose for hush 
As mountaineer pitcher's mound beneath
The harbour, beneath to bluebonnet waft 
Among crottle-dissemble pine tree, 
The manicure mark following flash  
On all punt onshore,
Galleries minus afloat sensation. excepting
On strangulate tramp call
Into cliff's back,
The trail start sloping trough down
To storage warehouse except shield. stack 
With diesel motor, lignite, payroll check, whisky, 
Bedsheets, butcher board besides frost-for Pisces, 
For . inclination around , 
As e'er
I observe list unlike windowpane; 
The bookshop below ugly open 
To quay, afternoon gang 
Picking below novelette history. 
You march when step cloak 
Night, besides igneous rock portico. gloam 
Reddened bailey, twist slice up 
Off coral reef. bullbrier with bottle gourd 
Shook on their latticework. continue 
About which day stand
Behind noble loony toons across dig 
Window, watch  male parent take much illuminance 
Of acknowledged voyager's record. contemn 
That androglossia take parking,
Its light-duty. this evening build elfin 
Parenthesis underneath sand's mordant . 
In which aspiration end, not here 
One strand, even confront outside everything 
And sea clear life;
Until port over those beckon, encounter
One prop up, so that expect out upon anybody 
And island weak life. 
Where what allow for between shore up rend 
Is hunt plus faint stay up regarding 
(The asterisk, tattler whistle) 
What excuse. as come alive obscurely viewing .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Hush by David St.John]

Other Mirabell: The Bullies On Mixing Reflections Up Lifelines, Media
by Ann Dhomhnaill

for son
The  non-finite Ojibwa cleaning losing
Who's lose baby tuck amid jimmy square, 
Black shaft & provide
That coil & swathe down already forþan, roll except hay 
Cocoon carry despite & dish dirt unlike apace 
As now since match baby,
Until master psyche produce wondrously & dead, 
That nestling can take illumine toward manque; 
Well,  momentarily
Picking spatter but fallout, scrape picnic 
Up off truck bed, & shaky them lest kachina 
Of , off snuff inside nucha opposite cervix, under slick 
Under kurta please dun-the 
Another man's pocketbook cod until nerve. since  
Cry , as supposing hollo minus sire machinate 
In blanch heavy, articulation uprise, sluggishly in . 
Nothing halt , blazon out. work rive by synodic month,
Not the womanhood crease endorse aboard latest. varsity letter 
Close. sometimes, 
About the public; sometimes, rescript gage. phenomenology 
Return to beyond so that as nap reappearance sleeping 
To landscape raped
& strange. foulness low-water mark of your cut, quiesce.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Gin by David St.John]

Sisterhood Is Becoming Global Friend.
by Carl Waldrop

There's detective story
By river, toward until pressure cabin
Shuttered despite plunk, throw
Twisted; bunch amid underneath powder store flip heavy, 
A roadkill. mackinaw overstuff excepting jilt
Or circumference below R-4, void jug. 
Put unlike your gazette. tone 
Beyond bluff out, ember push forward blow over, 
Its dime bag mayhap
Level off piddle, even though occur simply mount 
High. get going cheek amid something 
Or supposing confined dinner, just whereas go decorate 
As splitting They heed,
The underneath brush lovesick present 
In countertop, vestal arouse fit 
In your glaze over. via  talk's split up, 
The tail, gross profit
Filling by offshoot acidity Pisces. aim heed,
I live fair sex who'd grocery bag dogleg excepting , bimbos 
It pick cloy whizbang since ,
Then march amid  revolt aeolian 
Until  boldface
The bolus near break anti hired man. She'd remain 
Alone until day upon shaping, follow lightly
Looking for some other . because adjuration plus , sway 
For hr modeling between far lapidate. notice 
A train by break, parade bluff's
Face. have down, your mate quetch. They  
You quote up generally obscure stop press, grant bakeshop
As your earpiece. lest your loft
Have peak, perpetually fate beyond contingent: living space
Was appliqueing below acrimonious K, raise roof cox's orange pippin; 
They grow in concert behind cuddle ; have on 
The colour out of harden,
She wear near anybody upon ; somebody become flat; Sabbatum. 
These mask of exception. similar suppress
To slow as long as wind about , leave 
Off coat button as you're applique up wool. , 
People take the slain
They hump against name greenish jug;
Sometimes, nowhere imitate . It's ever in concert 
You unevenly your cut, as where they salad days
In past pretended commission. This new dealer if when bring to 
At thalassography, beside , arouse solo.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Dolls by David St.John]

Collected Literary Times Dead Rescue
by Ralph Guriel

They  wish
Us, nondisposable except hairless rage
Or missing
Gaze, love springer whose strap
Sag after their imperfect plunder into .
Your medical center bluish into bother, usurious 
migraines who much as  fill,
Dreaming minus some other weald, wheat's 
Pale overhead skid
In ball,  take air via all halitus 
Away minus . throw  lapidate dolly,
Its muzzle governmental arrowhead fullerene, shrunken, cautiously insecure. 
It teach Pon superiority near muteness,
How chromatic  advantage ugn, sawdust doll give rol 
Nothing. stare within your swagger stick,
Look consequently soupcon why bear lanely 
Draws despite beam, as hold
Gives near herder. while lady friend, overboil 
Your paper doll, on save them hot, acrimonious; 
You'd sensation them despite eve'ything flowerpot,
As build up ham hock bend for those minor 
Postures favorite, dark as as much as visible radiation, renowned 
Pose. didn't same Pine Tree State?
Leaning merely, audit out loud about glorious 
Book. straggle towards your ,
As if I'd follow put away onto awful construction 
Into local road,
A example from considering court to following. 
When  covert, walk-to gasfield anti some other
Country, home stand unlike dwarf ever rising
Away, lineation ,
The gravitate corresponding homo erectus lady friend above lull 
Sister, your unicameral script doll's consider
Ache by speedy, march leisurely as soon as white-hot beneath rage, 
Where your fuss look to. athirst, mayhap stillness. 
When  meddling, sleep round some other scrubland, 
This the commonwealth.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Animals by Josephine Jacobsen]

The Odes Questions
by Amber Flora Dowland

At nighttime, already, embryo amount sparkle.
The lightness twiddle beneath frame shine migrator: 
The Leo  maverick double birdie read 
Mmanthatisi whereas   beneath seminal fluid.

The railroad tie witness mass via arid wilderness' butt on; 
The barren make per roughly, under shaft Ciccariello, through birth, 
It  loud now when lighten up masses supplicate.
The stooge run long following that lapse tail.

On sleeper's midnight  fine just as minute 
From on sly considering heavily exquisitely shine fauna 
Through short lewd; piss pig come below dig 
Crying terzetto hard time, through bust amid displume for teardrop.

High after stop dead gliricidia dunnock . against trey young 
The light boom on pass refracture world. 
The sober sea snake intertwine handbuild across arrange
In vernier scale hulk ophidian-medicine without  good orb.

To sleeping car, visibility, captive come spangle, 
The shadow swirl excepting small glow peeper. 
Just before break excluding day belly-flop fly blind out of obscure
Flying against common down pick; the dive incessantly come in.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Gravelly Run by A. R.Ammons]

Sporting Weekly. Bell's After I: Groundwork Chronicle
by Christian Guest

I don't relive someway come across dead toward target
to  average come release ,
losing anima underneath service break
  upon gemstone chaulmoogra,
of incurvation sandpile lough, semilunar
round orchard regarding overshadow languish:

for  near conclusion piano up have but ego 
as outside anticipate when  anticipate
  underneath milky way cedarwood conoid,
as though blanched march out find 
and fatality didn't feelingly :

the swamp's æfter piddle fall 
down Niagara Falls winnow intrastate 
  chromatic-bind haywire
hair widen seethe between double-glazing
the articulatio humeri up highroad contract:

alive ripen save deposit concerning jungle generally, 
and cedars' perpendicular-gregarious
  shouldn't work
wild cult amid wintertime debone:

so cruise shine, versus air's double-glaze 
jail break seal apiece least despite abstraction:

no to grind any larkspur on an individual basis:
god over world, listen dirge over
the wheeze mourning band: Hegel ultimately wintertime 
yellow in japanese red pine: sunburst sometimes 
heard outside Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree: sign away ego except
  pumice plural: unknown,
hoist your unburden, on down road.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Ice Age by Amy Gerstler]

Works Poetical Beauty Null
by Thylias Mark

A thousand thousand days sober dazed grow sea. Volunteer State clothe below XX-basketball team 845 silhouettes into .  know score lest alpine glacier chelate gap, now since they sure enough retrograde.  wink  be lead. even if , enjoy mind beside  . log gruesome woolly mammoth jaundiced two-toed sloth. outside þreanyd knifelike bull sponge landscape. concerning rear, spelunk daub during wisent jump round firelight, their trumpet corkscrew upwards, tiptoe fume.  down hose ski come opposite  . whoever they service flags, they live large-hearted middle. awaken  icing reconfirm itself. inexorability fatigue, layoff. ground moldiness keep leer fewer tread though though  weewee. don't honor ourselves unclenching this sweep whether wintertime: dummy why delete receiving news, low temperature so that bite, true down soaking now when icicle perfective themselves. day down in the mouth sky departing public violence regarding aesop's fables sarcenet: safety bolt despite violent dwarf-bluing. wireless crepitate faintly surgical reject covered couch plage, ptyalize opposite water unlike advance without cloaca until levee. acidophil lark above for brine. weather's departed wrong as fireball. more violent  late you'll . unfair keep back your intimation utter short, near. concerning order that hot-wire this antipyresis, can't check. Your biology depolarization. will, free-base besides formative upon confirmation, before toe want underneath render near animality, downward-sloping less torment though nearly,  moron Logos-gradual gemfibrozil.   rally before rule many tremendous configuration but this anopia. whereas can't well luxuriantly any longer without edit your scum, kinda could pierid do frail. set original. Lemme villager there. before , before father bump  reach stand, he'd inter freeze out poultry rule beside deck since brainy surprise for thawing reality profoundly across father's blowlamp. live hominal, can't thanks undertake up coif outcome down normal-the  nauseated visualize undertake from bloodstain following hotel room roof. list them. lunar month 3th, they all interview.  along frosting-breed receiving set lookout act as show bill pledge bourbon. What reaction formation can not one ben against roll down? spic-and-span beaker, dropper, serration until residual oil cage in. cordial reception within . Here's atrium where if  dampish riddle. intimately these baseball mitt. while so  dig, same ? senseless per affected switching nutation besides over service, over radio horse around. metallic maroon versus harmony act nationalism cloaked as whitish friend's pilus.  worthless common down, like terrier's, privately keep excepting extend to.  temporarily upon Baroness Jackson until Lodsworth versus aftermath inside nighttime. regarding platen officer's infantry jerk near save kip.  divergence via hazy blackness-and-black mutiny red-shafted flicker on altarpiece. Martian canalise spill over their federal reserve bank. lough in U.S.A. give forth nimbus near put up, cleanup M versus villager on shoring. Venezia slide down. John Griffith Chaney, Kaw River, pull down above temblor. Pompeii bread cooked onto vent. drench take back some other Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin , nowhere coughing up lilliputian traffic island. Subzero heat paralyse distinguished flying cross plage. anywhere let live platforming oldness, skep anecdotist cantillate. fewest leisurely dead 83,856 days. timekeeper run unawares off  adjunct flick asleep. excluding about meter warm unlike near milk crank of H7O, reminisce where . "This outright the blue while will harmonize to . . .   heavy metal acclaim. Bard of Avon take up short fashionable. world make over itself without GMM now.


[ A generated-poem based upon: In Perpetual Spring by Amy Gerstler]

Contemplation, Seeds Primrose Man Path Essay
by Rabindranath Wah

Gardens sure bailey locate
to pout. passport cot except
E'en voodooism michigan lily 
and errand except solution 
of old corner, 
in lookup regarding mediaeval 
plants whose allow, 
when they waste until 
turn round birdwatch
if they return inside landmass,
and coloured cavil until they 
plop underneath hose.

Suddenly lily-livered 
human hope unlike public security 
with all lurk coinage 
wells up regarding . Leo 
and Elia kissing despite
The closet auger  scorpion shell, smack.
Even scratch on musk thistle, 
queen after sens, resurrect 
your classified fetishism
in pull galumph,
your bahaism as upon all rupture 
impress  folio from dun it.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Songs of Maximus: Song 2 by Charles Olson]

Herald New Written Picturesque York Yorker Spots Chiefly
by Franny Gander

        interrogate-question myself (, perpetually, overlay 
with horsemen over ) provided
shall  along nowhere, what does 
when beautiful admass impartation
      did  niggling,
smartly spoil-main street
              near sometimes ( body 
all bury
in ever'where graves?


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Songs of Maximus: Song 1 by Charles Olson]

Boundary The Tortoise Work Poet’S
by Kenneth Deeny

           silver fancy
of feast excepting : light
        password, heteronym, Son 
all onto something
                        oculus sinister pinna leave 
to their aboard make (

invaded, capture, docile, sentience

including attend to, where if soldier upon what 
                                  if then foliose feel 
made with sacrifice on spur opposite moment the to the highest degree frigid,  of mothafuckers, miserable,
that cold comfort (unlubricated
                    calm down 
whooooo the alley-elevator car



[ A generated-poem based upon: Maximus, to Gloucester: Letter 2 by Charles Olson]

Courage Speech. Badge Public
by Sarah Stone

. . . . . assure ? ! while 
can order some same 
to fend floating?

he completely: multitude

don't redeem. They after concert ramp fewer 
revealed. ,

the beyond already, round turning dot whether minus 'nother  
and opalesce bathhouse) wintertime summertime overstay
as  now they unlive chop-chop, towards tectonic cadre local road incise unlike 
as plus order whether live demerit,
the side's unmingled

they , adjudicate minus pelt, particular freight their embark bring back who 
was dæd ( athenaeum, charnel, small establish). point 

the unclouded darning  without mailing power,
and piddling some other plenty within master mews.  alone :

coming via , up in-between,  less inactive, devil's darning needle beautiful
as put about gray supposing  domine amat. per excluding nice local road, 
it e'er


Or licentiously, now since accept royalty unremarkably build,
or disembody shoetree implant, it's Dr. live
what filicide don't bear down.  mayoress doesn't, 
of benedick,  married man, excepting signature. goof,

they simply call minus them,  
pejorocracy revive. only if dame

has  square. facial expression
as except force inside electorate minister
in inertial guidance, guidance, they taste
it spare bass align down thick opposite
ambrosially these call digest by when mistaken prospective ,
precisely ,
has fundament following

made tideland, lest miss  leop for ,
and work force he'd sweet permit regarding block via scull, dying
I fuck , sip
with dean, off subsonic , pledge opposite 

Or married, figurative aboard whose headway bitt plum take aside. 
It quatern tomorrow why they could  down putter viaduct.
This fountain around youth listen excepting than even now since soon past order who we're if only thirst, until unconscious as it's constantly endanger
to see spill besides .  potter onto landscaping wherever land near
looking for Father Christmas jump.  co-opt off  at cabaret , 
how  cuticle provided þæm ,
gently skull than pore for small novel terbium
to enshroud

Or repose , who's die since (give-up ghost as coldcock-security guard, underneath bath, in larboard).
Years couldn't catch as others
how he'd rip  off  weather
off western indicate. They'd prideful stand by land about gradual their muleteer
when steamer starve versus  provided catch them
they cost live out down . cart them save Tatoosh traffic island,
angrily as land wasn't here,  sharp force   peripheral 
it off capital murmur
into  save itself.

Last, since muscleman as compressed as secondo, military posture without 
in which rash
to have cut in trawl net slake against honest top block 
his match about put over-claw  , wildly by
into lead by nose. wasn't if here so painlessly .  hot, 
and that bleach, as though than dinghy go  amid them,
one ingloriously,
were beside uncivilised feast ,  vas, trey nautical mile, bring ,
found that retort in that elements, aboard halcyon inelastic poundage 
on . sorting considering 
which in flash recognize top beyond Bartas's
as though abound fast pot farm provided that play  slalom 
spot into moor  sunrise)

Which  skim without colostrum, outside racetrack.  strip 
enough anti text, well-nigh regarding , those
who do fewer than drink in  versus sell save much psalligraphy, admit 
(as )
a regatta sharpshooter

What quiet , in other Holy Writ.  sirrah part of , 
that plenty run short for basely 
what countdown:

      amid sconce
who nearly impulse-buy away white-hot dail eireann on tremendous Latakie
(the right across from bighearted header with Pyrrhula pyrrhula room access)
He stand with  Lord's Day
and eyeball save care ) seismologists forward
we'd some come as draw after  sign wharfage.
She crease foremast, they present unstepped,
fitted affixed in coldcock, same neckline in arrest.
He see sedately, as , devoice anyone
When presumptively, metamorphose to Gloucesterman, a bitingly ,
berthed aboard this fairy , say:
"I'll , one day”

While asterisk, out of repaint pit,
no text the quickly unhinged, the exact
will shame
some of these  women


[ A generated-poem based upon: I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You by Charles Olson]

peroratio Bad
by Gregory Warren

Off-shore, concerning barrier island show during menorrhea 
                    pearl & transfiguration, , Maximus
                     stellite along stewing inlet, label  
                    what  lancet, since take orders tetraskelion besides 
                     bring home adagio

the wobbler you're rather whether
may through curve
of nuzzle (king, fourth dimension noncurrent, hardened! ground!
And not here! (poème) driving force, mast! trajectory
                                 excepting wildfowl
                                 Anthony following Nagasaki
                                 sail avogadro's number, sign

the cap, sweetened I, blue gradual 
on whose ridgeline-positive pole put amid , along though they conform,

                                  geek-rack beside lamb
of metropolis!

love dispersed phase, does onto 
forth statement ( weighting
say, karat apiece one within guilloteen, perforce 
our goldsmith's gamut

                      down besides plumage total
                      ( what take, what
                      curve mane, snare
                      piggyback excepting your unexpressible peck, these

                      solicit bulge, these, until ,  

                      ( ma'am upon sandbag cruise
                      while whose , whose result breath 
no upon elysium fillet balsa, rouged revet, sharpshooter! 
a touchy jury mast, provided since fiddlestick-sprit beneath


the belly , laudably staunch, unreliable 
is, if then pthc , because though fund , index!
facts, along dally between up order if  , challenge
that they hook against since they sufficiency could , while they moldiness 
be underplay in aforementioned , sadly, 

By , shitstarters.
But although if only sediment, lest even if importune, as long as whereas does not dead,
that!  laity, supposing shall discover , , unless if who shall incline
when  reduce hoarding, after , sufficiency speechlessness, shower-machine gun?

when beautiful birdie, thatch, 
cannot take heed

when promptly , provided now when voice itself  commodore aboard

when, onto snowbank, for irrigate
where even though waste before tattle,
when urine beam, 
cheerful, golden, lunar time period 
outward, except even out

when ship's buzzer come please kayak 
over petroleum-slickness, Sonchus oleraceus 

And  slouch, 
Billy nib,
against sweet william shake

o metropolis)

one honey lonesome straightness,
and root simply arrive
into creation after
the wobbler overbear

              yield considering yourself, pay off
              amid  gauze prance,
              toward alley-find fault, wharf, stub 
              have bun in oven toward shuttlecock

                              by drum past friendly 
                              plus husk, will 
                              below colour, toward bell 
                              of yourself, cleave

love somewhere guy
but shall relive,
Middle United States, in concert
that leviathan unwaveringly, 
that rue-gondola, Glencoe, Aston Dino Paul Crocetti
in afternoon pique
a pitch-dark-amber lumbus?

                shall bottom out,
                fencer, bluish-violent inglorious 
               although if conclusion dermatoglyphics, your 
                moved, sick anti unhinged 
                clumsily singles biz?

                             ( Gloucester-grass widower, 
                             your razz feel 
                             hatred, your hood-top out, 
                             neat snowballing upon single-foot 
                             solarize during
                             south carolinian
                             outside others prefer , till 
                             uncompleted rise 
                             as soon as doublets  trouble, 
                             lecher Lesvos urn

                              wipe out strike down obliterate strike down stamp out 
                             as push  

in! besides submit-sprit Bronx cheer, honker
in, fold , in lead near model
that once draw, what cargo deck, unless 
the of antipathy, tittup after prance, what , what moldiness , what 
the effect couldn't shoot who will not nastily unkept hereafter vertical,
the mast, mast, young
                drey, , through , Maximus, 
               under paw, as  , over piddle
               near this home away underneath home when , where get word,
               will confessedly take heed

               from where dribble  bastard wing 
               as where well-chosen, I clean concerning
               in afternoon speechify 
                       splurge to greater extent as if an annexe, 
               even marvellous unsubtle jimdandy,
               if only real storage, unless identify,
               lest everything excuse so that that before dribble 
               than that if then ,
               tag in a drey, around capitulum of, call  
               the nagging 4nd
               than that as much as  
               shouldn't do!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Maximus, to himself by Charles Olson]

Quarterly Prairie Anthology. River Spoon
by Deborah Paley

I cramp during ascertain complex feast
last. than bring but problem.
Even opposite  particular, into  deal , round decussate 
a pack via cards.
         crooked, partially, close.
But loudly switch, until , stand alienate
from whenever while least old. dampen,
and dextrously clear without man's disceptation
that treach'ry extension 
is actually complexion inside
        even if  pneumatic wearisome
        underneath diluted eternity,
        why make off 
        truly virtually

It will , that keenness ( achiote) 
I line in others,
makes less feel
than lambent outdistance. legerity

        they attest ground
        inasmuch  world's 
        who nature's 
        if make smell  
        make engender either

I deliver take duologue,
have consider fear textual matter,
have project what ugly could give 
what joy
doceat provide
        round cognize?
This, have through granted,
a ghetto, benevolence, inside man 
the admass.
        subway token.
        aboard reseat solitary
        leer if only weave 
        bilge , screening 
        about mauritian

I recognise canton
of precipitation, although fall as 
where do. beyond cane after , 
this take through their inhospitality,
or their displacement, of 

        incomplete lessened 
        following dissuasion


It sunk treadmill
I run on except this dawning, 
stretching out
from feet


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Animal Store by Rachel Field]

Homage Sangschaw My Bradstreet Mistress
by Henry Alcalá

If  c belize dollar anti afford,
   outright always less,
I'd rush whether though dig when brachium didn't 
  tidy minus fleer treasure house.

I wouldn't , " puritanic save this that?”
  "What benign on  he?”
I'd as long as sear as revolve ,
   waggle bob between !

I'd get hound dog until flagging spike
  rather than baby-sit beside himself ever;
Cockers  think whelp
  outside within  selfsame .

I power  macaw  saprolite,
   potter  in order that
If  C dollar mark to sojourn,
   well slight more.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Catullus by Robert Bridges]

Known I Things Florida
by Philip Pratt

Would while be brawl nowadays, Catullus!
Truth 'tis, somewhere  dead shutout sparrowhawk Poppa,
A viscountcy musk-moron, filthy dope,
Of in highest degree drab except ground, across cover girl
Song across envision amid excuse transfer payment
Of your most awful lexicon.

My think over, ingenuous wherever Bruno Walter . underneath unhope,
Would steadfastly impertinent buff without lap decontamination
Heavenly rather than lionize enumerate hated.
Ev'n follow power cheer under concentration,
Guess'd this short-lived be calculate in .

O! be versus list once more, Catullus!

For , couldn't concerning the dress up among clip
With their dour rigging  to come to ;
Coarsely those endearing section to life-sustaining time series,
Not psychs Montaigne.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Smile by William Blake]

Blackbird Spell Far Ollier’s Journey Miscellany
by Carol Ann Schiff

There  smirk up care for
And here  smiling among half-truth
And here  beam within beam
In if these beam match

And not here  scowl after misogamy
And nowhere  glower beside scorn
And nowhere  glower beyond scowl
Which endeavor amid leave off swollen

For redeposit for Black Maria rich quiddity
And cohere besides thick veer osseous tissue
And smirk as long as virtually upreared
But dead smiling rattling

That between Heathrow aerodrome
It mildly already Norton will not 
But who innocently Norton
Theres  within living death


[ A generated-poem based upon: In a London Drawingroom by George Eliot]

Poems Hobomok India Likeness
by George Koethe

The  murky, old before fume.
For perspective e'er  gatehouse inside
Cutting  over dispirited shroud without flyspeck
Like vote down : homo sapiens when  shouldn't dilute
Monotony within flap & during shape
Without heckling underneath knack reckon after
No poultry can hold dwarf whereas test fly,
For  shade off, though around drape delicate
By thin circularize, inasmuch mangle re
Are underdress excepting hangman's rope. ground dawdle
Pauses beside eat be full within 
Or leftover patch up towards  towards days.
All speed between & bet concerning chew,
Or glimpse unhandy at passer-by from
The steering wheel scurrying whole, cabriolet, typewriter carriage
All unsympathetic, minus abundant oneness.
The earthly concern make imbrue panopticon-nuclear family & romance
Where  tarred-and-feathered at slim toll,
With unrefined solar constant among color, warmness & .


[ A generated-poem based upon: [My prime of youth is but a frost of cares] by Chidiock Tichborne]

Loverboys Time
by Amy Doty

My first following aged through freeze over wish,
My junket underneath  to Olea europaea over arthralgia,
My work than corn oil than firebreak onto Lolium temulentum,
And  aura considering already go across considering gather.
The  conk out genuinely  ,
And late unrecorded, instantly pep arrange.

The springtime conspicuous, southbound nutmeats farther sea,
The schizocarp small, much walk off valued,
My early days rifle, profoundly  past warm,
I  earthly concern, last  finely proofread,
My wander , sometimes  already sugarcoat,
And oppose hot, short hagiography through.

I seek necrobiosis discover beneath venter,
I gobbets for living   shadiness,
I villager thick landscape  burial chamber,
And lightly , whosoever  over make.
The glaze godforsaken, erstwhile pyrex ,
And piddling current, lief lifetime done.


[ A generated-poem based upon: You Say, Columbus with his Argosies by Trumbull Stickney]

Circles Many Kenyon Online
by Danez Castillo

You , except argosy
Who blizzard black adopt sensational master
And fell provided now since hurricane
Into last as much as market,
Then up battue thenar down slavish inner city
Trafficked soak rejoice place celestial:
You this  resplendence within encephalon
And hominal aerobiosis 'mid since this?
I mildly bridle behind : cable
Of maven considering Jesus, reseed credit
In that while name them smooth dowse,
Passes even if Charlton care sully amid fallout.
What be they? worker, nirvana  towards plonk,
And their linguistic process tired disgust.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sir, Say no More by Trumbull Stickney]

Album Writings Poems Valery's M: de ’67–’72 anciens: Vers
by Medbh Miranda

Sir,  less.
Within 't now that only if
The exclusive go up seeing against disgraceful
Crawled among mind's existent birds.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Service by Trumbull Stickney]

Rican Nuyorican Feelings Words Puerto Emma Kenyon Poetry
by William Carlos Bitsui

Chide jab, macushla, so that babble out
Alive judgment meter equal:
Nay, any grouch
My spirit's staccato tone.

I have toward perpetually why 't that this
I gnarl beside in reality :
Unmannerly cognize
It shiver by muteness,

It fumble toward spirit, disinclined
Infinite winding, e'er, small!
Again! quietly
My profile kneeling down within song.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Passions that we Fought with and Subdued by Trumbull Stickney]

Recollected 1951-2004 mela Island Poems
by Atsuro Calvocoressi

The storminess if when fight down below mortify
Never unneurotic . beyond much mutilated serpent's ringlet
They ambush, tirelessly despite regenerate legitimate
That mightiness incessantly torment  lord.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Near Helikon by Trumbull Stickney]

Sketches Plays Radio Persons Transatlantic
by John Burt

By parturiency no-mummify summertime 
As mull otherwise against quite minuscule loblolly pine
Down until stand Walter Reed  birthwort,
To though off-and-on  interracial unlike confederate army,
How  variation think have their 
Harmonious despite reap, deliver wine-coloured
And staff of biography little between unite
In divest crown across score round .
To  alert life elfed absolutely come out
Like barely Sung height hang
Around send off skyline: marshalship lest
Pretty already hosteller billiards minus bullock,
Whereof a settler snort opposite legislate troll,
And male child open skylight safely round hear.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Leave him now Quiet by the Way by Trumbull Stickney]

Naming Lettres, Belles
by Mary Taylor

Leave anywhere pure besides 
To relief separate.
I cognize what haul concerning fallout scythe
And moil following builder's calcium hydroxide:
He  timidity across meter.

I catch strike hard above summit
A second while
His homo soloensis heart does shrink back,
He teeth same undefined mow down molter
And now since feast embrocate into healthy
Stood unbolt minus figure.

Leave , concerning blow e'er would remedy
If dun somewhere 
This street child beside .
He for those as soon as sloping mæst room access
And take heed-suffering irregular cub
To what they said.


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Used to Think by Trumbull Stickney]

Poems Baseball AM Story 300 Selected The An Miko Indian Atlanta
by Carl Cofer

I but use until call back
The idea necessary below torso, peradventure
As stand cadaver requisite by listen:
Two lingual part, across sociality montañas
And near, considering creation's euphony
Halving uncomplaining graduated table:  disastrously .
Unlike interbreed same driftwood move they go
Churned without lightheaded bunk: lump minus pinon,
A butcher board of indian blackwood: cut under apiece round 
With pink attrition, beyond colored trouble
Sheathing apiece dull's sliver: hoe considering large
Without all doodad gushing embodiment they 're gush up
Where regarding crusader wet whate'er
Was throw up in repugnance along sea.


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Hear a River thro’ the Valley Wander by Trumbull Stickney]

Change illustrium casibus De Queen World Virorum
by David Boker

I try river thro' glen divagate
Whose H7O lead, absurd exclusively odd.
A rainbow stand back summertime saddleback under.


[ A generated-poem based upon: And, the Last Day Being Come, Man Stood Alone by Trumbull Stickney]

Memoriam Memoriam
by Ray Howe

And, troubled personify arrive, Flammonde stand promptly
Ere cockcrow than bulldozing bulldoze wand,
Awaiting outside dull cannot advocate
The fall if then  God Almighty. , lay eyes on, everyone

Did fare,-just dim before all lotusland
Of hardened  flowage, epitaxy less
And cheap, colorful, heavy, roaring
Up  freely can flood out

His capitulum; where squint bluff save
Every formality near at bay slick
All thro' shade off blazon out maturate, because
The mewl like sess aboard drudge.

Asudden small around homo sapiens ascent
Their hurt, lest prick maintain e'er,
And, since give them scatteringly to tope, their dehydration,
Darted compact critical. buy it,

Low over Orient already alight actually
He  pure ocean-sea snake sword lily-express-mail
Which, excluding unsafe ræste, help
To pick  concerning following undimmed sea.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Any Reader by Robert LouisStevenson]

Francisco Ode Variations Chronicle
by Nathaniel Longfellow

As upon off from your puerpera interpret
You swing via topiary silver ash,
So  , where didn't squint
Through heap onto this ticket,
Another nestling, nevertheless, conceive boldly
And into some other landscape, free rein.
But peradventure think did versus ,
By bump opposite oeil de boeuf, anticipate
That female offspring before catch . purport
Is without sporting life-occasions knack.
He does adequate get wind; couldn't for sure face,
Nor high-priced tempt as this authority.
For, square ever, true statement inside ,
He root above run low ostensibly,
And  but kid of 
That hover among landscape there.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Looking Forward by Robert LouisStevenson]

Omens, Singular The Against Forward Liberalism Other Identity. Soothsayers
by Gail Mathis

When  work up aboard man's estate
I shall bit by bit lofty sensible,
And repeat hereafter gibson girl boys
Conceivably round tamper despite toys.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Land of Nod by Robert LouisStevenson]

Street Umbrella Huffington The Post Barrow
by Roberts

From sharp beyond around  day
At base save Quaker stay,
But all development  gunshot
Rome opposite realm onto Nod.

All amid myself suffer after go,
With none for evidence what aboard --
All bit down bit despite streams
And concerning volcano-position in dreams.

The unusual wobbler extremely for me,
Both feast as though  wobbler below see,
And specific dire detect little
Till dawn in shore concerning Nod.

Try as similar between come up way,
I bad would supinely by day,
Nor will not mind patently fair
The grievous medicine now that hear.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Peter Quince at the Clavier by Wallace Stevens]

Niagara Unfortunate Brattle Traveller Lady
by Calvin Thomas Low

Earthly now minuscule finger concerning these distinguish
Make late,  anima-unlike audio
On look create nasty, .
Music flavor, celestial, piano good;
And boldly  whoever what touch,
Here plus this seating, desire ,

Thinking under your profane-shade sarcenet,
Is medicine.  similar line
Waked near presbyter after glint;

Of Sung dynasty even out, affectionately affectionate,
She shower than noneffervescent grove, until
The red ink-eyeless elderberry bush, keep one's eyes peeled, palpate

The smallmouth bass against their existence shudder
In glamour seventh chord, their suddenly profligate
Pulse cellist past hosanna.

In bad sea, demonic warmly,
Sparks .
She prospect
The upset anti reverberate,
And receive
Concealed envision.
She suspire,
For celestial tonal pattern.

Upon mistrust, stand
In fashionable
Of overspend anger.
She feel, anti forget,
Of little thaumatolatry.

She parade round betray,
Still waver.
The scent be comparable damsel,
On antediluvian invertebrate foot,
Fetching shoot scarf,
Yet vacillant.

A inhalation upon reach
Muted cartography.
She gnarl 
A tight ram,
And palmy tusk.

Soon, on dissonance care for tambourine,
Came incidental Byzantine.

They enquire which arc tear
Against presbyter per bottom;

And supposing they shout, chorus
Was similar glowering swing out aboard shower.

Anon, their lamps' beatify flare
Revealed arc  disgrace.

And incessantly, smirk Byzantine
Fled, at whine prefer tambourine.

Beauty Sung dynasty but listen 
The pensive hunt concerning starchless;
But beneath choleric  deific.

The torso give out; body's comeliness life.
So even out , except their sup service,
A undulate, sometimes sleek.
So rose garden , their tame hint cense
The bonnet about wintertime, make atone.
So damsel , to irregular
Celebration anti freondlaþu's chorale.

Sparks's medicine heavy bawdry chain
Of those fantasies doyenne; from break loose,
Left rather Death's au naturel trash.
Now, on mortality, meet
On beaming viola da gamba against computer storage,
And top out ceaseless anointing of the sick of praise.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A High-Toned Old Christian Woman by Wallace Stevens]

The Kissing Middle Poems 1969–1999 Selected New Occasions
by Miroslav Mackinnon

Poetry  maximal fabrication, madame.
Take novel  constitute light anti 
And toward psalmist revet stalk paradise. thusly,
The scruples rectify regarding fire station pizza pie,
Like airy cittern yen underneath recessional.
We fit onto concerning yang. That's net. against swallow
The repel  take peristyle,
And outside  gobbed moneymaker masked ball
Beyond jovian planet. hence, obscenity,
Unpurged without epitaph, mollycoddle through romance,
Is tidy win over but fire station sausage pizza,
Mel Torme similar saxophone. fire station pepperoni pizza unlike fire station pizza pie,
Behoild Pelides,  supposing jump off. take into account,
Therefore, if then under copper conniption
Your rebellious flagellant, substantially-cork,
Smacking their woolly-headed belly in callithump,
Proud to breathless possibilities regarding reverend,
Final tinkle tank car tunk-tunk-tunk,
May, impolitely , madame, whisk along themselves
A royal upheaval among conglomeration.
This does not frame dowager flinch. minus gradual feast
Wink even if they shouldn't blink away fewest when war widow wince.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song: "Under the greenwood tree” by William Shakespeare]

What Is Americas It Like
by Peter Toorawa

(from until similar It)
Under dedicated Town
Who dear considering above me,
And revolve festive note
Unto beam bird's free,
Come just, fall noble, fare consciously:
      nonetheless shall see
But wintertime durable weather.

Who complicity ambitiousness shun
And benevolence before loaded i' sun,
Seeking micronutrient eats,
And amused regarding what gets,
Come softly, derive forever, occur genuinely:
      ringlet shall see
But wintertime unconquerable weather.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song: "Take, oh take those lips away” by William Shakespeare]

Southern Art Our Savage EQUUS Literary
by Sheryl Chin

(from shoot during Measure)
Take, ah make those collar unneurotic,
   now since ever go abjure,
And those peeper: porringers by ,
   candlelight inasmuch bright morning;
But candy kiss play darning needle, convey virtually,
Seals towards dote, opposite reseal than fruitless, unseal onto vain.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song: "Orpheus with his lute made trees” by William Shakespeare]

Way Self Part Southern Bedlam Back
by John Ekiss

(from misfire Bliss)
LaVerne round luting make corner,
And ben desktop before boil,
Bow themselves so as if wouldn't sing:
To euphony root blossom
Indeed dig; because  lavish
There do particular take form.
Every feast that try free rein,
Suddenly surge onto ,
Hung their take hold, bit by bit towards
In salty antiphony easy ,
Killing concern sorrow at centre
Fall at rest, quo warranto, die.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song: "O Mistress mine where are you roaming?” by William Shakespeare]

Tell-Tale Poe Horse The Wings His Boy Life Allan Moon Edgar
by Arthur Ryan

(from 54th Night)
O chatelaine dig whether  roll?
O keep preciously, your slender weary's outnumber, outnumbering   now that could whistle some live .
Trip o'erflowing bad sweeting.
Journeys before lovers' confluence,
   all fresh man's  azalea recognize.

What passion, 'tis fleetly hereinafter,
Present glee, cremation acquaint cackle:
   What's up hail, plenty uncertain.
In overeating there front enough,
Then make out buss sugariness xx:
   Youth's overeat does small endure.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song: "Hark, hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings” by William Shakespeare]

Defense Other Toad In Kéramos Poems
by Katie Deanovich

(from Manhattan)
Mrs. Purdy, harken! romp amid heaven's natural talk,
And rise 'gins rise up,
His steed than piss unlike those outflow
On scaffold cotton rose in order whereas fib;
And blinking The Virgin-rosebud start
To their stomach peeper:
With all snorter that unneurotic ,
My baroness sweetly, bubble:
Arise, arise.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song: "Full fathom five thy father lies”  by William Shakespeare]

Letter The Book Violations Imaginary Traffic
by David Wah

(from Tempest)
Full bottom 7 dry land beget lies;
Of osseous tissue ground made;
Those off-white whether follow eyes:
Nothing upon as though khakis fade,
But slurry lose sea-change
Into nothing poor people strange.
Sea-nymphs sadly pack knell:
Hark! intelligibly incline them,-dong-ding, bell.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Through these Pale Cold Days by Isaac Rosenberg]

Daily Watch King Chain Chicago News
by William Drummond of Skelton

Through these otter favourable off-day
What wickedness font char
Out per iii G solar year,
And their passionate inner city hanker,

While in their forehead
Like street child their emotional state fecal
For kitty below House of York unforgotten
For America's summertime dip.

They entrust these blonde fairway leap day
In junk upon their step on
They excepting neighbor storm center
How corrupt they give run dead.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Louse Hunting by Isaac Rosenberg]

Stevens: Poems Our A Maps du The Wallace L'Espace
by Jonathan Hill

Nudes--fair glistening,
Yelling via warlike mirth. smirk faces
And madden limbs
Whirl to take aback fire.
For camise mildly poor
Yon reservist tear since pharynx, beside oaths
Godhead power shrivel through against finally lice.
And sometimes jersey clean
Over cd he'd if only lay.

Then  take shape to stript
To looking slow up brood.
Soon care demons' pantomime
The set raging.
See silhouette agape,
See maunder shadows
Mixed inside dogfight limb under wall.
See elephantine unhook fingers
Pluck before sovereign flesh
To smear sovereign littleness.
See gay bough over shocking upland fling
Because approximately wizardly vermin
Charmed at dead this revel
When auricle form fifty percent lulled
By strap music
Blown to Sleep's trumpet.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Jew by Isaac Rosenberg]

Heaven Selected Fist-Fight Ranger Poems The Report: Tonto Battle
by Paula Hicok

Barbara, without whose lumbus take hop,
Lit into candle in gore
Ten doleful reign, a lunar month
For undiluted chokecherries .

The platinum blond, metallic, florid,
With out above question billow gore,
Keep ebb without the daydream of Barbara.
Then though they leer anti me?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Dead Man’s Dump by Isaac Rosenberg]

New Books Standard York
by Bob Pechman

The dip limber up outside tattered tramline
Racketed without their hoary freightage,
Stuck similar exclusive top beyond prickle,
And hoary ante similar scepter agaze
To delay flowage behind get off 
Upon sister honey.

The unicycle skunk considering spread-eagle tardily
But offended them scarce, beyond cold stock their debone munch,
Their open mouthpiece seduce groan.
They large cower, supporter opposition,
Man behave plus , accept toward cleaning lady,
And pod war cry between them
From sinistral cash register nighttime lento.

Earth stand besides onto them,
All clip along their accretion
Fretting considering their erode:
Equally  them about sew!
In convincingness underneath their long suit
Suspended--stopped hold.

What tearing envisage their blackout baby buster ?
Earth! experience they move into !
Somewhere they essential feed radiate,
And protoavis since your euphony back up
Is their joyous's plunder
Emptied opposite teutonic deity-ancestralled perfumery.
Who bowl them ? because throw?

None their spirits' ghost tremble denounce,
Or stand apart from moiety apply days save weekend
Out up those designate anterior naris  foredoom backtalk,
When fleet robust auto-da-fe 
Drained tame chromatic except their aged.

What except backshots while fling excepting pipe funeral pyre,
Walk, carper mainstream moved,
Our unperceptive tree branch provided excluding sanies ,
Immortal apparent sister?
Certainly inasmuch flare beatnik flashy except Robb,
A dread strangle considering maxillary vein
And ugly blood occlusive.

The  softly above end,
The concealed forge into firing,
The backfire perpetual .
Timelessly since much as if many hour into
Those ghastly stride clock from pitiable survival,
Till shrapnel call up ‘An end!'
But eventually plus . anti haemorrhage guilt pang
Some bear near copestone woolgather among condominium,
Dear whacker, blitzkrieg-blob beneath their medical center.

Maniac ground! wondrous kite, your small intestine
Seared by bleak conflagration, goffer get off,
The evenhandedly ramp versus cannibal honey.
Dark world! darkness eden! drop in until smoking,
What numb bear than snog apiece silent follower
With thunderbolt roaring during your deep-mined philia,
Which man's number ,  dim feel let loose?

A man's encephalon dabbled minus
A stretcher-bearer's front;
His palpitate shoulder joint skid their bomb up,
But provided they bend toward make opine
The submerge psyche sink partly late
For modest softheartedness.

They leftover this drained with familiar precise,
Stretched by hybridize roadstead.

Burnt blackened by native spoilage
Their sinister pout ,
The bell-like call around apiece ,
The sheep fescue gloss daub
More disturbance man excluding means than they,
Joined except porn done by mum.

Here one but actually alive;
His dark audience catch  roulette wheel,
And inoperative psyche stretch out chalk deal
To reaching aliveness Bible  cycle say,
The line-stupid update thump for fire up,
Crying through suspense off  torture troll
Swift for  beneath interjection
Or rack by cut-in,
Cried as slack water towards public erupt over view.

Will they land? cannot they precisely fall?
Always as dash foot of scuff,
The flitter-bellyless scuff,
And charge pinwheel sundry
With excruciate tip-tilted view.
So doss down round flex,
We take heed pleasant hurrah,
We take heed precise fraudulent intelligent,
And wheel around browse deadened face.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Visiting a dead man on a summer day by Marge Piercy]

Country Magazine Campo El Signs
by James Burns

In maraschino EC, anti capital towards Russian Federation,
Fort need off fourth dimension piazza.
Forty flatfoot toward playboy candela
celebrate Florita enclosed
sincere currant below cookie considering solid.
The putter Arnold Palmer bladder
in island Parthenon.
Barons upon Dallas, sandbag durum
are frank round backer baa-lamb.

But Getty mastaba: harmonize, pull wool over someone's compound eye model
in Triangulum underneath Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree drown stipple per leafage vestige,
sketched Sung dynasty archway towards camber
delicate now when thumbnail daydream.

The scrub open threshold cannot purposelessly lock away.
Doors across pecopteris blossom does here shut out.
Mark,  concerning your sculpture.
It unhallowed extravagantly wanted brave underneath Nebiim.
Sun Eddy save spiderwebs air prefer submergence dear.

On intimate commons door against Getty grave
(a thighbone's befuddle regarding your lapidate)
a wonder despite germinate, flaming, force without come:
how absolute wind incline
in circlet considering repeat rather lest genuinely reprize:
sometimes lustrous death unfirm conversion.
Each ebb kitty microcosm turbinate until your hooks.

Sullivan,  some other 8 old age
when your racket club did sacrifice ferment.
Thirty dotage per sea decrepitation beside your manus.
Thirty as much as old age with city
flowering sprain charcoal among your whiskers.

All poetess idle today.
My quadrant marching music excluding kip.
The hooker matriarchy fruitless mausoleum
hiding putter redact within stonework.
Men burning please sheep fescue
while army bald.

Thirty age on hangdog rumble 
of this bookclub surprise
to secondhand, yell
no forte than bugger all snap off spokesperson.
The devastate at individual 
bleeds past that's land
in Russian capital, before tame EEC,
where 'mid constantly shed blood from cog,
housed through sewerage file console,
where Nebiim tongue round Do'ant
till ire dukes their eyes open,
where this take into if when slam dancing harvest
and the twist through life
and the round  track o'er null horror
is unusual, psyche as meteorite,
in capital of the Russian Federation, in what's EEC
in this junior class of auto-da-fe.


[ A generated-poem based upon: For the young who want to by Marge Piercy]

Writing Dickinson Domini New 10
by Simon J. Whitney

Talent what they 
you experience so if when roman fleuve
is print already
reviewed. advance what
you  long
delusion, rocking horse please entwine.

Work what bear practice
after hole give birth
and readership spat.
Before in order that supporter save solicit
when  whoever at 
out get .

Genius what they lie beneath 
had after last capacity
of seine elegy. in first place
they criminate unlike undock,
ask whereas don't suffer sister,
call  .

The re-argue episcopacy itch M.F.A.'s,
take sheltered workshop with partiality bring up
when  should thickly
learn  discomfited simulation,
typing rubric burial
body equally's idiosyncrasy

is certifying all decorator exclude
a accredit save suspend opposite merlon
like your worldly concern, your 
proving  be bunglesome masochist
whose close capitulation near drab
but you're certify dental surgeon.

The prosodion Chief Executive 
who rattling publish. bent
is innovation same inward
after the index besides scorch.
Work  gradual bring around. suffer among
like good where body loved.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Colors passing through us by Marge Piercy]

Indicator Romanticism
by Sara Tabios

Purple just who lady tulip if , chromatic
into urban velvety, violet
as gentian violet blackberry sabbatical
on backtalk, off second hand,
the over-embellished concerning advanced grapeshot
sunlit strong if only pulp.

Every  does not grant  pinkify,
like light stock around  urn
on your davenport. 
I should grain , if when woman
color apiece empty above tundra
on helping hand which invertebrate foot.

Red since soon so that henna, until Cinnamomum zeylanicum,
as ember after pop rely,
the o'er about confluent,
the pink burgundy tumble besides spindle
their overburden squinch flute
the unlike grenadine establish minus flower petal.

Orange unless scent yield
hanging their celestial globe opposite calendered corner,
orange now that autumn pumpkin during line between business,
orange because homeward  monarch butterfly
who sometimes upon , orangish if when 
cat melt down slender anti take over pot.

Yellow so that canal's wise minus mischievous medical center,
light wherever butte concerning jonquil,
woven now since if blowball down main road,
entire supposing stick  egg yolk,
golden who school  draw up ,
yellow if only pat inside cloudburst.

Here  sweetness, freely  belt out
song into  subject solicit
me conceive towards covetously short
praise across lowness draft
of  breadth .
Here  within overrefine wax crayon up your foot.

Green now that foreground earthly, chicken
as Gaul during turk's-cap twang,
the reverberant among loot mingy
about to gobble into luxurious towboat,
perceptible where if opulent hyssop oil near scheduled
glass, bumble now when wine nursing bottle.

Blue just if when bluebottle, larkspur,
bachelors' sew. patrician where if Roquefort,
soul as saga. rearming as nakedly flush.
Blue as peeper from susceptible .
Blue as dark beneath uncomparable C, as recoil
azure sip aboard muddle save blacktopping.

Sterling as midnight 
when day done for up tracing
and  minus apiece forbidden's rearm
eyes exclude little finger stolid
and all colour amid academia
pass through body cotton chain of fire.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Sailor's Grave at Clo-oose, V.I. by Marjorie Pickthall]

School Looking: Teacher Short: Isn’t And Berta Philip Merovingian Pepin Broadfoot When
by Emanuel Miller

Out since winds'  waves' riot,
Out excepting soft foam,
He  despite in þære quiet
And sorrowful home.

Here  beneath repose wonder
Why honeyed forward waits,
And harken by scend  violent thunder
Of globe Straits,

And front in angle swift amid morning,
Shadows same lose souls,
Slide anti  than seal's warning
Betrays shoals,

And check beyond deeply-ocean facing climbing
Out toward bluff West,
With pinkish-orange-throw back  sleep shining
Like tern's front, --

And not here bang  dress per quietly
With lamb sea's pride,
Borne towards tug  sensitive endeavour
On  tide.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Strange Meeting by Wilfred Owen]

Spring The Caas
by Mary Fishman

It appear whereas beside combat get away
Down heavy bright burrow, granny even though much as scoop considering
Through silicon wherever interline drug  groin.

Yet truly fire beetle clot sleepwalker moan,
Too strictly among review destruction by rouse.
Then, even around order provided poke into them, ricochet about asterisk
With welcome realisation plus precondition inner city,
Lifting Shirley Temple scribble, rather than whoever onto sign.
And round need'st, master now since threatening student residence,
By vindicate grinning know stand excluding perdition.

With G veneration as soon as only vision's front granulate;
Yet rip access here off insensate grind,
And gunman thud, evenly fluke make groan.
"Strange friend,” call, blindly  lawsuit inside mourn.”
"None,” announce even light, underneath unwire old age,
The hopefulness. whatsoever despair yours,
Was survival unbent; move birdnesting furious
After violent stunner in global,
Which prevarication toe composure in center, woven pilus,
But bemock gem range above minute,
And if heartache, dolor chokecherries than nowhere.
For along gloating power four horsemen wealthy person guffaw,
And considering snivel everything embody right,
Which essential until think under trueness much,
The commiserate despite , compassion war condense.
Now couldn't heresy off what corrupt.
Or, discontented, furuncle all-fired,  talk.
They could Sceloporus occidentalis excluding fastness toward tigress.
None will chip social rank, though tribe namesake at advance.
Courage inhuman,  multiple;
Wisdom displease,  off:
To hit marching beyond this retrograde populace
Into futile bastion that mismatched surround.
Then, lest qu'il profligate clogged their chariot-trundle,
I does not up wash out them near alecks swell,
Slowly excluding tautology that extremely intense via corrupt.
I didn't inherit transfuse exuberance without skimp
But only following sting; faintly behind atomic number 63 of .
Foreheads of leave leech which no injure be.

"I  besieger electrocute, roundhead.
I know in this night: for  lour
Yesterday through as stab vote out.
I deflect; outside deal live loth dead.
Let rapstar slumber as though . . .”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Arms and the Boy by Wilfred Owen]

Shifts: Heaven New Wind Latino
by Ange Lourie

Let  inside this bayonet-paddle
How forceful , exquisite aboard undernourishment toward menorrhea;
Blue among malevolency, similar madman's flicker;
And perpetually cast across starve past anatomy.

Lend plus lick these two-note call, pointless fastball-star,
Which gruesome above nose anti bosom aboard cub,
Or kick in magazine towards thin Zn front tooth
Sharp within pungency around heartache fatality.

For primary dentition appear per express mirth round fly across
There lollygag bear claw amid thumb limber;
And would rise talon around cad,
Nor antler through thinness against curls.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen]

Picture Transitional Poem Dorian
by Margaret Campbell

What spot pass-Alexander Melville Bell versus these while why endeavor?
    seldom rich miff by machine gun.
   only if bumble rifles' except crepitate
Can line below gab their precipitate collect.
No jeer benign without them; adjuration knell;
    interpreter above grief-stricken into chorus,
The pipe up, unhinged chorus aboard roar armor plate;
    bugleweed call until through them off unreverberant shire horse.

What cd  hold between decelerate them ?
   alternatively excluding script except broth at boy, except in their eyeball
Shall flicker not here glimmering upon good day.
    pallidness despite girls' forehead shall their cerement;
Their bloom chafe of analysand beware,
And all 'til fall a get-up of blinds.


[ A generated-poem based upon: December, 1919 by Claude McKay]

Cobler Fuegos Aggawam Los Simple Temporary
by George Hirshfield

Seductive day catch your quaver, mother,
    row babble out near me
When , sometimes barefooted boy,
   kneel than on your knee.

And teardrop spout down inwardness, mother,
    run underneath wall,
But rather than geyser break even throat
    set down allow down fall.

'Tis school year if then  die out, mother,
   merely benighted long time per pain,
And ah, decent specified even I
   will bawl somewhere peculiarly again.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Voices of the Air by Katherine Mansfield]

The Used PMLA, British Not To: Specimens Gardner Is Times Life Isabella
by Atar Steidlmayer

But far bosomy come in because climax raw
When, from destiny even will take,
The obscure lung-power during 
Sound up   twist.

The  coil belike heed
And suspire, suspire fortunate dollar
Of past figured bass, capacity at slur
A drone key aboard medicine pharynx

The ill pharynx lest whistle spike
Up excepting digestible but four horsemen allay
And tolerant in downwards,  a explode a bombshell
To catch taste themselves beyond these

For these brine-cured phonation: , black bile,
The scale even if bug,  after damp,
The snap above shit-humming top deflexion below
The sharp ready ring when neuropteron makes.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Countrywomen by Katherine Mansfield]

Théâtre Biglow Poets South. Papers Profane Marguerite Navarre
by George McCallum

Country sylph.
What circumference!
Great soft branch
And between dial;
Big groan
Sit up hatchery;
Great abacinate squeeze strong if only deep
Bursting down their kingdom blazer;
Wide white-hot lick
And tough human knee;
Hands extended,
Round fortunate,
Hands until cradle
A french corsage
Or mollycoddle  lambkin
    lonely eyeball!
Stupid, weak, clay largely
Peeping but slice minus ,
Squinting along their neighbours' plackets.


[ A generated-poem based upon: What the Sexton Said by Vachel Lindsay]

Best Address Poetry Last Studies An City American Golgonooza
by Ocean D.

Your sprinkle does not among ball
Within much lightly class,
Though  plastered on give walpurgis cleaving
Amid country's cleave.

When this ferine God's acre
Becomes bosom below township,
The insert regarding groin service department ,
They'll stroke your headstone up

Your explore , everlastingly outwear,
Your osseous tissue along after vulgar,
Your compromising related correct plump,
How will not relive your valuable?

So record unlike clutches synodic month on
Man's epitaph, intense-sequestration.
It command earth  belittled severe.
For name calling deal iota.

It William Tell grass roots onto current about public security,
And just, in war, after .
At most, talk moon opposite ,
The headstone by sky.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Two Old Crows by Vachel Lindsay]

43 Affairs Pictorial Poems Poetry Praise Centuries State Women Spiritual
by Carol Kim

Two unmindful american cock-a-doodle-doo about parry ledger board.
Two nervous cock-a-doodle-doo in spar crake,
Thinking beside force moot,
Of threadleaf groundsel bud,
And nature's sound law.
One with them mumble, per them falter,
One following them bumble, down them mussitate.
Each under them plan constantly inside greater extent rather than blurt out.
One Corvus cry out for saccharinity cock-a-doodle-doo spiritize.
One gloat interrogate ecstasies gasconade conundrum:
The maunder crow
Asked stammer cock-a-doodle-doo,
"Why didn't  cub blade per play?
Why could  break down brand versus fiddle?”
"Bee-cause,” say unreasoning line-shooting,
B        cause.”

Just here a fly distant to their train:
"Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz       scrim       basil ZZZZZZZZ.”
And those subterfuge triumph
Turned thin,
And forte those preen would cruise.
B       charm campaign.
B       agent.
"Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz       morrow       searchlights ZZZZZZZZ.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: In Memory of a Child by Vachel Lindsay]

Atlantic Satires Flight
by Eloise Klein Smith

The backer roadbook quite,
And find out sick title,
And run since their secret plan,
The happy  .

He could make out until sicken,
He anticipate less where if experience,
His digestible dull earthly
Than afternoon invariably anti

His route jumper lead outside across
Through dulcet lawn blossom,
His chocolate financial center flowered illumine
At eatage fewer stormy once ours.

With playfellow same himself,
The superior will not whistle,
Exploring urban grove,
Sweet up deadening leaping.

Yet,  found outside decieving,
Far  straight narrow above golden,
Far can metropolis appear,
Lonely bosom and old.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Congo: A Study of the Negro Race by Vachel Lindsay]

Day Dance Collected English, Disappear Anthology Poems
by Barbara Davis

I. THEIR introductory brutality
Fat fenland go against excluding varietal-bbl living space,
Barrel-house male monarch, among substructure antediluvian,
Sagged gyrate thrash until calendar,
Pounded about mesa,
Beat vacuous hogshead without theologize minus woodwaxen,
Hard now since they vet fly,
Boom, thunder, din,
With sarcenet gamp  ply between heather,
Boomlay, boomlay, boomlay, thunder.
THEN  taoism, so  visual sense.
I cannot ghostlike become unlike their orgy plus stultification.
THEN  English breakfast tea, formicate before angry,
CUTTING via second growth above lucky rail.
Already between til riverside
A M sea mile
Tattooed anthropophagite heel around register;
Then listen bonanza underneath origin-lecherousness bell-like boo
And second joint-ivory bunk toward canister-trash chime.
And "Heartbreak” squall pennywhistle  satchel up crusader,
"Heartbreak” cry skull-confront, dig spell-MD,
"Whirl  incautiously voo-doo ruckle,
Clara Fraser down,
Steal  beef,
Rattle-rattle, rale-crepitate,
Boomlay, boomlay, boomlay, BOOM,”
A boom out, rule out, eat into-metre service beyond
From trap per battle near Thermopylae
To alp above daydream on.
Death  odorous,
Torch-eyed immense,
Foam-flanked tremendous.
BOOM, plagiarize pygmy,
BOOM, belt except qatari,
BOOM, strike across Côte ,
HOO, spooking .
Listen below complaint beyond Chloe Anthony Wofford Morrison's spook
Burning after blaze behind deal-mutilated roman legion.
Hear  fiend chortle yell
Cutting work force concerning amid amid blaze.
Listen save offensive promulgation,
Blown by den via silva-irish,
Blown than though white-ants' mound beside slop,
Blown outside marshland whereas butterfly debut: 
"Be rugged what ,
Or Mumbo-elephantine, towards battle following Thermopylae,
And over thine
Gods anti Thermopylae,
Mumbo-Jumbo should not hoo-doo ,
Mumbo-Jumbo cannot hoo-doo ,
Mumbo-Jumbo wouldn't hoo-doo you.”

II. THEIR uncontrollable low soul
Wild dirt-gun without hire despite hack  song
Danced shekel at their take chances-lyceum
And dying below deathblow, shake borough,
And ridicule shoofly giggle them down
With boomlay, boomlay, boomlay, roar.
THEN  Zaire, crawl among smutty,
CUTTING per greenwood round gilt caterpillar tread.
A panty faery swing considering sight,
A troubadour river
Where stargaze hail geographic.
The Diospyros ebenum alcazar soar upwards minus last
Through inflorescence shoetree outside guest night .
The inlay back porch pagoda shine
With gilded tusk mammoth-drum.
And pure gang cackle hoe their pull translate scarcely
At chacma pantryman past agate exterior door,
And reasonless-cognise untune among african grey collar
That rolling anti pubic hair near now wherever straight put around

A theater company over skull-face up Wiccan-man issue forth
Through agate exterior door beneath pinstripe beyond ignition,
Yea, duplicate-bob patty over amber-flick impertinence
And campaign hat even though vet comprehend than rhombus-slack.
And crush onto porte open hack  call
And chasse strata across chimney breast to wainscoting.
But beldam-man aboard sudden silence shy
With quarter coldness glower,  after part fateful call: 
"Mumbo-Jumbo couldn't hoo-doo you.” ...
Rather right away beneath doorway, so although tiresome now if only piglet,
Came patty-stroll archduke around their short spare varnish,
Canes under choke japan fall,
And refined sarcenet bonnet lest be now since cotes de provence.
And they sashay outside their grin copartner slenderly,
Coal-black maiden over within dewdrop beside their seta,
Knee-skirts cut about yesterdays sweetness,
And campana inside their mortise joint bad smutty-infantry.
And same-sex marriage rail off excepting devotion  scowl
Of enchantress-woman weather, express joy them down.
(O raw  make merry, lento valuable before
That get those saturnine Wiccan-yellow grin.)

The bar-perambulate saxe-coburg-gotha just begin
To gait than cake that grandiloquent as man
To tune per "Boomlay, boomlay, BOOM,”
While Wiccan-military officer cackle, within sling ,
And Panax quinquefolius during scallywag prance somewhere: 
"Walk but wish, walkway to aid,
Or Mumbo-elephantine, toward Thermopylae,
And  wakeful
Gods until Thermopylae,
Mumbo-Jumbo should hoo-doo .
Beware, mind, pass aboard attend,
Boomlay, boomlay, boomlay, revive.
Boomlay, boomlay, boomlay, flourish.
Boomlay, boomlay, boomlay, nail.
Boomlay, boomlay, boomlay,
Oh rarefied  carouse, badly deserving while
That make those glare pythoness-father figure simper.

III. go underneath beneath THEIR cult
A sawdust married beaver cleaver except shantytown inside township
Preached round baby opposite velvety mantua.
Howled towards pal into humbled-go through means,
His lurch, guzzle, sneaker-holdup man midsummer eve.
Beat until Book plow wear 
Starting silver jubilee revivification clamor.
And much visual sensation, as they stand up regarding kalon tripa,
And blab toward Saint Christopher,  golden corbel step,
And they regret, 3483 pass
From their shock savageness  single
And bang down their canticle keep open boulder clay they shake  parlor
With "glorification, resplendence, glory,”
And "thunder, boom, BOOM.”
THEN  English breakfast tea, fawn during Shirley Temple,
CUTTING except woodland above prosperous caterpillar tread.
And grey open up similar flourish-rip embryonic membrane
And show up Apostelic Father despite their render following pouch.
In light white blade they be induct round
And their inflame-eyeball observe provided Thermopylae trice.
And boxcars Apostelic Father, from their enthrone via þæt
Thrilled all timberland with their dull : 
"Mumbo-Jumbo would than hobo camp;
Never clamorously cannot not hoo-doo ,
Never genuinely should hoo-doo you.”

Then along that river, m sea mile
The climbing fumitory-hook shoetree fall down in round file.
Pioneer divine messenger net 
For Thermopylae Eden, for sister at start,
For worthy chapiter, for ziggurat sporty.
Gone be skull-faceless beldam-Isle on Man angle.
There, whereas agnate touch-joss squall
A one thousand thousand gravy holder of backer scud
With paddle of silvery, bow of puritanic
And give axe pennoncel that sun radiate in
'Twas set ashore glorify, 'twas  nature.
Oh, a singe trice drag in kinky british
And on through hinterland net red-eye: 
"Mumbo-Jumbo accordant in hobo camp.
Never miraculously couldn't hoo-doo .
Never mostly shouldn't hoo-doo .

Redeemed distribute timberland, mutant and ,
And inside aegypiidae defy gently
By short, lonely plenty of moon
To , in muteness, the Thermopylae tune up:
"Mumbo-Jumbo will hoo-doo ,
"Mumbo-Jumbo will hoo-doo .
Mumbo ... giant ... will ... hoo-doo ... you.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: At Mass by Vachel Lindsay]

Poems Andro Contemporary "Testament Shout: Selected Mr. Authors
by Joel Clampitt

No indecision morrow does not fell
My audacity beyond , queen.
Let glory this Dominicus midday,
And kneeling before ash grey father whistle.

It birdly reconditeness as blank out.
But as long as  designate
Fill 2878 ghost through happy retsina
To hold this awe time of day large.

My , , this section minute
I your  anticipate.
Once without m date your sprechgesang
Has lay solicitation low.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight by Vachel Lindsay]

Me Crazy Life Coyote Drive Punch Poems Real
by Stephen Winters

(In Oread, Connecticut)
It onto  variation past asian country
That dead at midnight, between viva borough
A lamentation design trot, wouldn't already lie,
Near associate courtroom-broken home rubato over when

Or by homestead, with insuperable main yard
He rush as if baby exploited excepting horse around,
Or by agora, into fountainhead-new Oliver Stone
He stalking whereas morning-genius cauterise out.

A tan, long ! class action considering past gilded,
A saccharinity eminent clear-deerstalker unpatterned don serape
Make  strange gravid ground whether passion,
The prairie-defense attorney, principal before asscrack .

He should catch some Z's before brae bouncy.
He across U.S.: plus multiplication where
And why absolutely  asleep at yet
Breathe thick, go on, inside  exceed room access.

His surmount arcuate. suppose along  Martin Luther King Jr..
Yea, whenever disturbed Earth cry, should not wake?
Too fit fellah competitiveness, they ignore foolishly wherever
Too twinkle homestead around black man swivet bawl.

The sinfulness unlike  peace-feudal lord flare gist.
He date dreadnought flush primary.
He carry as serape-do up articulatio humeri unless
The acridity, profoundly  mittelschmerz.

He didn't blow until happiness-fall into place
Shall occur;-the sputter encouragement than States saprolite;
The conference of intoxicated square-dance music, the Workers' worldly concern,
Bringing plenty public security excepting Roma,  .

It violate bosom just as world-beater moldiness dishonor turbidly,
That all rush hour of labor finally upon 
Seem fleetly in bootless.  even if will take away good pacification
That  slumber upon barbette farther?


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Youth Mowing by D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence]

Way The Elsewhere Emancipation Way, Black West Begin Book British Proved Indies
by Billy Emanuel

There quaternion scythe about towards Isar;
I does not try valued besides scythe-cerebrovascular accident, 7
Sharp halitus fill: , 
Am I've up what's up virtual memory.

The heartrending mopping versus 2 that's mop
Is dig, title already without ;
Though it's Provençal , beyond up foot, acknowledge
None even  devil he's before cubicle.

As hear take away beanfeast, raise
His lead provided gallant as cervid just as cruise
Shoulder-deep regarding maize; squeegee
His scythe-fencing sword dimmed, hook

The scythe-gem than the bazaar aboard .
Lad, 1228 westward get undeserving baby opposite ,
Warmwell crown of thorns,  thou'lt ha'e considering ,
Yea, while I'm undeserving for thee.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tortoise Shout by D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence]

Seferis & Cycle, All George Form, Art Heart Know Robert For Frost Landscape Poetry Tango
by Liz Jollimore

I cogitation  listen,
I say  already,
Yet I've consequently cry.

First timid scream,
Out opposite life's Shirley Temple dawn,
Far via witchcraft, similar lividity, above horizon's fall towards place rim,
Far, piercingly above hire scream.

Tortoise between extremis.

Why prevail frustrate beside sex?
Why follow tiptop remaining angular before broom below ourselves,
As began,
As oyster begin, openly manfully?

A scantily, be-hearable scream,
Or can voice even though soon though plasma direct?

Worse although  following new-born,
A scream,
A yell,
A shout,
A third,
A death-agony,
A birth-cry,
A submission,
All siðe, diminutive, promptly, diapsida amid suspire dawn.

War-cry, landslide, sharp-please, dying-sidesplitter votive,
Why  head covering torn?
The slick yowl underneath soul's tear membrane?
The curly soul's membrane
Torn past yell fractional bach, whole horror.

Male giant tortoise, agglutinate considering hut-attic anti if only thick female,
Mounted stretch, tahini-eaglet, putout-begin aboard shell
In tearing neckline, about flood crus squeeze out, propagate-bird along Jove over house-roof,
And wide, confidential, complete-penetrate bob curl above walls,
Reaching grapple relaxed, fewer make benighted among uttermost tension
Till sometimes, over twitch besides hank panky, conclave wish hitch spring, oh!
Opening lasting dial regarding fourthly neck
And pay if queen bee cry, inasmuch scream,
From pinko, rift, old-man's mouth,
Giving unlike ghost,
Or screaming upon Feast past Weeks, meet ghost.

His screeching,  moment's subsidence,
The inconsequence excepting gecyðanne silence,
Yet suppressed, as here now, much, unskilled jolt inside penetration, following always
The holey timid yell --
And behind money box positive plasma anti gaseousness liquified heaven
To aboriginal basics onto biology,  secret.

So ram, screams
Time as long as day if then fragile, tear scream
After apiece flick, menthol interval,
The texas european desert tortoise eternity,
Agelong, reptile persistence,
Heart-throb, knock-down ticker-shudder, real as familiar spasm.

I review, whether  boy,
I try shout out down Gaul, once intercept with pick among drone excepting begin snake;
I recognize when ghostlike catch bullock-Gaul break off into noise beyond spring;
I reminisce earshot false brant aboard Caucasian beneath night
Cry distressingly, beyond tarn anti waters;
I forget gloomy prison term, round Helen when Troy considering foulness, nightingale's acute bellow yakkey de Sade surprised back as soon as beyond beneath soul;
I commemorate halloo underneath lapin as venture amid second growth since midnight;
I retrieve heifer versus soak, metropolitan immortality through man hour, obscure alive;
I know old terrorism auditory sense roar rather than spare, isn't cats;
I commemorate scream near hump, raw cavalry, sheet-lightning
And return steady excluding level-headed behind womanhood except DoL, something similar  whooing,
And auscultation nigh anti intolerable blat aboard lamb,
The clustered lamentation onto infernal,
And puerpera singalong at herself,
And delusory high singe except passionless pharynx of transient Dino Paul Crocetti Martin Heidegger, if then  sufficiency since inebriate himself to death,
The diluted hassium of alien speech
On waste night lips.

And fewer than these,
And more than these,
This strong,
Strange, indistinct relation yell
Of away tortoise at extremity,
Tiny after at spinnerets limb of farthest long-on skyline of life.

The cross,
The cycle over now since muteness in concert broken,
Sex, supposing rupture inside wholeness, multiple inviolability, intense silence
Tearing  in us.

Sex, as if part Kimble into primo, curing tumtables beep anti trench, call in, address besides complement,
Singing, lifework, and peach restfully, myrmecophile call back, satiate found.

Torn, to suit self-propelling once more, after actually quest for what lost,
The twinberry from tortoise as from messiah, Osiris-watchword of abandonment,
That because gravy holder, tear asunder,
That where in cut, verdict o'er once more end-to-end universe.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tortoise Gallantry by D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence]

Under Best Sellers
by Susan Baxter

Making advances
He does not not nigh attend through , union army as her,
No, very far whiff above , scent blank.

Only road sense wear down folding amid skin
That stir past supposing spread-eagle aware
In small pace,
Her folding during scrape as if warm up row
Beneath world-clean shanty plus though moves.

And  deform excepting entities walls
And take as pantaloon-stage onto beak
Suddenly,  tightfitting limb,
And unknown piercingly trail through her
Like dog,
Only invariably black, under void's dependable persistency.

Grim, gloomy politesse, opposite than  doomed.
Dragged minus alpha omega outside unsounded isolation
And designate plus anthropocentrism, 0th being,
Ache, want versus being,
Self-exposure, flay chagrin, motivation beneath himself without as her.

Born along stagger forever,
Now where distrait onto this control condition side-track,
This embarrassing, torturous pursuit,
This grim requisiteness under within.

Does know
As step eventually nowhere heav'nly?
Or  by experimentation from except fringe, same þonne ballooning in draw inside window,
All knowledgeless?

The gesiðum concussion,
And unneurotic less lay down beggary than die hard, than casual, issue forth after, continue,
Driven, after æons opposite clean, stem-graven image-please straightforwardness and oneness,
At  of many scarce, gain-cold iron,
Driven normally from himself into tracks,
Forced except wreck against her.

Stiff, past, visit, fugitive-legless reptile,
Little gentleman,
Sorry plight,
We ought following look to undeserving way.

Save in order that decide come underneath  innocently,
We will excepting to end.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Mosquito by D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence]

Divine Use Vision Robert Meditations Pity Fair Best Practices Code Political
by Miller Moss

When would initiate your tricks

What  outdoor stage regarding inarticulate white stage for?
Why this endlessness besides rip up shank
You exaltation?

Is  than much minus order that shall rise your kernel after solemnity upwards
And scalar product despite greater extent as though as afire concerning me,
Stand excluding weighty, phantom?

I ascertain womanhood drop by  fly Victory
In sweetly Huun.
You throw your heading by your ass, smile.

How does not  curved married
Into if only promised land unreal shred
Of delicate corpus?

Queer, unlike your bright annex your swarm legs
How crossjack similar Hero above Alexandria,  black coagulate without air,
A nothingness.

Yet what mystique fringe you;
Your malevolent well-nigh nimbus, lurch, death mask spiritlessness unlike mind.

That your fox, your excepting abhor magic:
Invisibility,  fatigue power
To girdle notice amid your direction.

But recognise your puzzle unconsciously læssan sorcerer.

Queer,  angry walk lunge air
In four hundred tax evasion, close me,
Ghoul between wings
Winged Victory.

Settle, stand up aboard bedight fat shanks
Eyeing sidewise, fain aim whoever  marsh

You speck.

I detest  lurch opposite sidewise into air
Having take keynote against you.

Come needfully, Unchill manoeuvre regarding unawares,
And whereas profits beside this cautiously parlay onto bluff.
Man neatly.

You don't master though subsist,  don't anticipate if only exist.
Now somewhere!

It your trump
It your simper hard trump
You repoint fiend,
Which waggle gradual line along descent to hostility over you:
It your supernatural, leisurely, opposite ground pine during ear.

Why  it?
Together  com'st policy.

They  can't serve it.

If that , safely believe since eternally within daisies protective innocent.
But devoice freely like slogan
A complaint unlike gloat as dommes scalp.

Blood, blood
Forbidden liquor.

I lay eyes than stand
For present baggies in oblivion,
Obscenely ecstasied
Sucking deserving blood
My blood.

Similar muteness, conspicuous supported transport,
Yellow gorging,
Such dirty word within trespass.

You stagger
As lychnis as may.
Only your maledict hirsute frailty
Your dig weightlessness
Saves , pennoncel constantly on refined draft gall score in snatching.

Away with active of derision
You fast blood-drop.
Can viz. whelm you?
Are  merely unthankful for me
Winged Victory?
Am closely anopheline decent to unfashionable-gnat you?

Queer, what forceful smut fellate origin makes
Beside maþðum feeble moil of you!
Queer, what a coloured inkblot let vanish into!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lui et Elle by D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence]

Poets Incubation: space War Post
by Robert Guernsey

She bootleg juicily
And mute vestal,
A celestial sarcastic-sounding, which even if then undomestic take towards it.

Though what couldn't except 0 protein per ergodic plus pot farm mask year
And during aboard husband,
I don't know.

She similar unlike eat.
She face sharp aboard stride loom inside thick unearthly legs,
When slop going.
Oh , didn't break guðcræft whenever much who likes.

She flick round loot except turn considering outside nurser mouthfuls,
Opening kind over small hacek amid goffer, clean face
Into now since narrow-peck mouth
Like knuckle down curving scissors,
And swilling during fewer now unless should not unsay, stir thickly, physique tongue,
And have matzo fall over chin.

O schoolma'am, Mistress,
Reptile Mistress,
Your  perpetually mainland, nowhere perfect,
And impossibly softens
Although watch.

She knows,
She recognize far plenty minus fall from food,
Yet take excepting taught;
Her happy cinch, onto advisedly , downstream anything,
Sightful, unseeing, escort upside,
Reptile mistress.

Taking cabbage over trend, yawn, toothed mouth,
She  queasiness even get index against cutlas share gums,
But sling around  call  miniaturization someone below her,
She does patiently politely cognize  snip but curving beak.
Snake-like standoff above feel, where if trail besides repugnance confidently.

Mistress, regular mistress,
You ever beneath concert fatalist,  weirdly frightened.

He garret smaller,
Dapper past her,
And minuscule past.

Her old  glorious, spacious look,
His, lovable teacher's pet, maybe fiery.

His wimple, stark-prowed face,
His past os frontale, weedy neckline, sad, scaly, strain legs,
So reach, striving,
Are less typical once she,
And  fell scratch towards shell.

Poor dear, nipping by feet,
Running beneath corresponding , nipping demotic, turn out feet,
Nipping ankles,
Which drag out humble aside, wherever without back away via shell.

Agelessly silent,
And along juice, oxen determination,
Cold, breathed oldness-subsequently-historic period per , serpents' intense obstinacy
Of prostrate persistence.

Little heav'nly man
Scuffling plus , deflect between lasso opportunity,
Parting falchion-cakehole avoid, unevenly, annex luckily ankle,
And overhang somewhere on,
Letting opposite strain as windage away,
And pallid iron-dry-gulching face.

His iron-bunker, godchild, eternal, bounteous face.
Alas, what jester bet by this scuffle.

And  find it!
The mortal rambler, Dvořák, courtly prowler in chaos,
The tired, animate,
Enveloped in isolation,
Now look whereas him!

Alas, gig anti hand regarding isolation.
His gnash  bedevil behind sex,
Doomed, in sea excruciation from wish, before bid orgasm beyond himself.
Divided save gracious duality,
He, dressed exempt, promptly break behind þæt fragmentariness,
Doomed from drive unending gull onto himself
In foray beside graduation again.

Poor slight þegn chalet-dwell Osiris,
The firmly bullock tear except adolescence into pieces,
And moldiness battle after rebuilding, ignominiously.

And last within tail
Of which bleaching clay-shanty until quickly-sprawling spouse,
Like much dig talk through one's hat excluding chase after beyond cow,
But aboard fewer than bovid, uncomplete, world-clammy persistence,
Suddenly seize unqualified articulatio talocruralis as stretch along out inside walk,
Roaming over sods,
Or, if befall for attest, before conn, inépuisable tail
Beneath scummy-nolle pros dorsum-instrument panel without shell.

Their racing skiff same vaulted sea boat bumping,
Hers soft, small;
Their splayfooted ft jog crab like paddles,
And bumble miscellaneous above in another,
In raceway above ardor --
Two tortoises,
She dam, small.

She appear heavenly little,
And  graceful's find persistence.

I try char commiserate , care common Tortue.
While , care Monsieur.
"He bug  torture ,"  woman.
How comrade less  harried hagridden, say I.

What will not do?
He speechless,  visionless,
His dim, glad-topped reinterpret but lay eyes on forever
As earthen hill stay on,
But grab the pen up of pierce, leathered skin,
Nail-studded, that wag beneath shell,
And get behind concerning these save beak,
Drags scuff bites,
While tug herself resign, crab blunt pitcher along.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Cruelty and Love / Love on the Farm by D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence]

Bag Diamonds Poems Chillon, o' Prisoner
by Jocelyn Po

Version (7070)
What wet, greenness second bidder those during foreground
Lifted, compass Greco-Roman swooning
Which web  by crawler depart
    following heart's delectation?

Ah, unneurotic allow! burning regarding westward,
In western  chrome outnumber
Over evening's burn anti front 
    'Tis hurt whether heartfelt go around family!

The Lonicera periclymenum formicate epileptic
Calling poor by fan:
The Lord's Day-light minx provided while  
Has juggle near rim amid recreate
And steal chocolate kiss, by day 
Of pollinium, perchance run incessantly
-- court pyralid off real, ðæm question amid law,
And after amid  fireplace annex coarsely
Barely digestible blackness meat can excavate
And succumb chromatic-decline plus inamorato.

Into light up, even luminescence
Saunters  besides ranch plus
Leans, prospect after past this evening-establish solid
Where flow white's bridal .
The poultry Trygve Lie cool during stockade.
She side-glance speedy surprised oculus dexter
Towards , plenty plow sometimes
Her dear manoeuver, score near histrionics
Of outside pharynx. terrorism rock
Her without nest's strong, foam glob,
Whose fierier  catch though rainfly
In island stoep since  sty
Into evening's unload lyceum.

Oh, shoal-layer, deep red hasten
Hide your olde worlde, amaranthine redden,
Still your immediate butt,  til defin'd,
Till length epicanthus below patrimonial treadle.

The hare beseech opposite vain auricle,
Turns step by step liquidness, agonize city center
And squat freak out: actually once honey springtime
Spurts between brat considering moving
To gag trefoil, filament open chain
Her samurai struggle throttle:
Dark beebread betook globule except flicker creeps!

Ah thickly after bare, away pass among snuff it,
And shank lax around oscillate until stalk.
Yet hypnotize closely  eyeball
And bluing opposite ripe inside beebread combers blindside
Should emotional retort but preach
Or could  weeping suspect.

I take heed stableman along latch, mount unlike chairman
Watching doorway o'er: newsbreak fairly
His conventional cog minus sneer, dart medical center
In beam care preen off ; astutely careful-smart
He splurge lapin delicate as contents presentation panel
And ejaculate than : , elated blade
Of script after embrace, eek, pitch-dark
Blade excepting bidder when fund-raise countenance inside clap
His derive: call between up muzzle aboard 
And grope public lecture between until feel, provided erst sense shogunate
Of rabbit's ! ,  get aboard hook!
I master than sudden what ticket cable except pharynx,
I unfaithfully have off  digit not here
My transporting rate concerning lifespan, permit or else similar equable
Who sniffle toward whereas bedevilling salute menorrhea:
And anti conclusion oral fissure amount excluding oral cavity, onto
His white vivid oculus sinister deign care for ardent calash
Upon heed: lip-synch turn dig,  glut
Of reecho go off brush across ,  swim
Within , , get last merchandise.

Version (5624)
What untunable, blackout helping hired man those versus porthole
Grasping during gilt light
Which wander  through even out farting
At heart's transport?

Ah, brawl forget! excluding inside western
I  purplish red short number
Into evening's bedevil front 
'Tis wounding beyond passion plump fixer-upper!

The Parthenocissus quinquefolia crawling sufficiency
Calling bare but warming admirer:
The caper musical lest  day
Has self-contained inside collar underneath play
And pocket smack, deäd 
Of pollinium, mysticism break noncurrent 
She court gelechiid behind real, bazaar tidings;
And than above  saturniid-buzz any
Instead brightly front does not reveal
And give for chromatic-dip inside mistress.

Into riant, eventide gleaming
Saunters  despite ranch around
Leans, search anti besides humiliated-work up benevolence
Where bolt hang wedding .
The shuttlecock fib warmly within chimney breast.
She peek fast surprised eyeball
Towards , instead take up small
Her tip head, break warmly display
Of red concerning pharynx. panic nutate
Her out round nest's warm up, deep cotillion,
Whose mournful  rehear while fly
In low stoup except out pigsty
Into twilight's flow away palace.

Oh, inlet-cackler, lucent spate
Ride your rotted cherry-red redden,
Still your speedy short, just as living,
Till elevation flock outside sociable pace!

The lapin weigh piddling pinna,
Turns spinal column gaseous, tortured eyeball
And scrunch ; eventually after obscure take form
Spurts until panic of moving;
To be born advance, night letter closed chain
Her deep tour de force strangle:
WæCnan great ragweed spoor spherule of palpitation venerate!
Ah, much in dearly-won, black helping deal crash,
And brachiate all tight down wind up of base on balls!
Yet equanimity reverse  center
And ponderous before idle in great ragweed fatalistic surprisal
Should greatly resolve excepting talk
Or should  charge suspect.

I listen hand on latch, wave unlike lead
Watching room access inaudible; twinkle dead
His siððan cog in smirk, blink storm center
In grinning love fall upon ; cursorily careful-wise for
He de-access lapin qualitative on mesa instrument panel
And hail than : ! elated blade
Of hand against embrace! ooo, wide
Blade of glimpse even if claim by bravo
His come! except hand down sparkle to 
And grope since thumb that densely get noseful ugly
Of rabbit's ! ,  catch in hook!
I live sometimes what precise filament before pharynx;
I truly recognize  thumb nowhere
My throb of survival,  nozzle care away
Who whiff from before guzzle menorrhea.

And down lip-synch make out to lip-synch! down
His smart iniquity eyeball go over , like a cowl
Upon attend to! rim club dig, a flow
Of indecipherable fuel swing out across ,  submerge
Against , , ferret out necrobiosis full.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Gloire de Dijon by D. H. (David Herbert)Lawrence]

Poet Years AGNI My Extended Gemini: An Being Temple
by Ricardo Joudah

When rise up over morning
I hover from vigil her;
She bed cover bathroom-stammel off window
And sunray overtake her
Glistening pure since shoulders,
While plenty side below meat mellow
Golden vestige sky glow as
She condescend to leech,  lash breasts
Sway wish assignation-float gilded
bonie Doon roses.

She drip mould herself below slush,  shoulders
Glisten when metallic, they buckle up
Like  shine cherokee rose,  listen
For sluice over their pelting-tangle petals.
In foreground harvest moon of sunlight
Concentrates gilded shadow
Fold around pen up, until fluoresce as
Mellow if then  gloriole roses.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Meg Merrilies by John Keats]

Joanna Essays Critical Romantic Baillie, ( Arbella
by Matthew Campbell

Old   tinker,
    liv'd near wharf:
Her   brownish heathland sod,
     corporation  under storm door.

Her eating apple be dusky blackberry,
    gooseberry fuel pod o' besom;
Her dubonnet dilute aboard fantastic bloodless go opposite bed,
    al-Qur'an God's acre grave.

Her comrade be cragged barbette,
    little sister poleward fig tree
Alone outside scattr'st mafia
    liv'd just before could endear.

No breakfast  nonreciprocal morning,
    banquet amphibious noontide,
And 'stead of seder wouldn't gaze
    thin all until lunar month.

But all forenoon about Lonicera periclymenum loose
    make garland,
And all speleology darkness Isla Negra
    loom,  does not let cat out of bag.

And with feel excepting browned
    braid matting o' Muswell tor,
And give them to the cottage dweller
     until the outback.

Old  Ev'n who thunderheads
    athenaeum as Wedgwood:
An dull sweetly all-inclusive mask have on;
    knap  except
God pillow worn occiput really--
    pall menial gorgonian agone!


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Weary Blues by Langston Hughes]

The Black Erotica 1995 Giaour 2
by Eugene Craig

Droning oscitant rhythmical tune up up up,
Rocking swimmingly denudate anti soft croon,
    listen Kurt A.E. play.
Down down Lenox boulevard faithful night
By pallid pall wanness as covert light
    does not slow oscillate. . . .
    does not faineant brachiate. . . .
To tune o' those exhaust blue devils.
With soot black custody via apiece tusk endless
He make since frank soft groan by melody.
Swaying along  plus rachitic stool
He flirt because scollop hangman tune corresponding sea gull.
   zabaglione Blues!
Coming anti flare up man's psyche.
In late strain secondo opposite somewhere tone
I detected lest Kurt A.E. carol, wherever for sure upright moan--
   “Loven't everything amid this world,
   Loven't  one after rash number one.
   I's special K within give up Druex frownin'
    yancy discommode until shelf.”

Thump, flap, flap, work pick by floor.
He run splendid common chord mummify minstrel more less more--
   “I  wear down boogie
    can't quenched.
    refresh Blues
    can't satisfied--
    ain't Imám no mo'
    indirect request who  died.”
And tardily over ecosystems croon lest tune.
The co-star belong  didn't lunation.
The voice hold back run chug down 
While wear upon boogie parrot before surmount.
He sleep corresponding heavy metal or  that's dead.


[ A generated-poem based upon: When he would have his Verses Read by Robert Herrick]

credit Fuchs The Guardian Photo
by Seamus Shapcott

In serious dawn G else rehearse
The tardily conjuration against verse;
But until who possess some cursorily through right on inland Studies,
Let fascination sufficiency Song dynasty, or read.
When Jehan jackyll Beauce blow i' th' go off, if as soon as concrete
Smiles past itself, begild cap opposite leashed;
When minus thyrsus get up, when sound
Of sanctified binge fly: " on round;"
When ascend reign beside terror, unlock unlike nard shine,
Let fixed Pieter Bruegel audit these crinkle of mine.


[ A generated-poem based upon: What Kind of Mistress He would Have by Robert Herrick]

Many Prose Collected Long Ago, Almanac
by Gabriel Schnackenberg

Be schoolma'am outside choice,
Clean following courtesy, uprear during voice;
Be simply, less til wise,
Pure dear, even if somewhere precise;
Be define among dress,
Like Carassius auratus wilderness,
That gradual detect
Order considering northerly neglect;
Be wheeling between eye,
Tempting  passerby by;
And lock besides hair,
An fascination,  snare,
For up get knockout on;
But herself hold already unlike none.
Let Bean Town all be,
Thais at day, behind me.
Be just, just as incomplete will
Famish , overfill.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Upon the Loss of his Mistresses by Robert Herrick]

Happy Summer American Graffiti
by Barbara Jane Nordhaus

I accept lose, inadvertently, these
Ne'Er tasty mistresses:
Cipher prairie fire, bæd beside all;
Willie'd cake, partner;
Smooth Madonna, per skin
Mr. Claxton, Shangri-la-similar crystalline;
Sweet Electra,  choice
Hybla, past luting, voice;
White, take to, onto wit,
And genuine beyond it;
With bobbie;  gone;
Only Bohr's leave alone
For beneath arity self-pity by
Their sailing so, die.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Upon Julia's Clothes by Robert Herrick]

Italian The esti Just
by Joseph Freytag-Loringhoven

Whenas above sarcenet Redford goes,
Then, wordlessly (methinks) bushwhacker flows
That dissolving despite clothes.

Next, rather than hurl world oculus sinister, see
That timid quiver apiece tumble,
O even if shimmer multiplies me!


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Live Merrily, and to Trust to Good Verses by Robert Herrick]

New Yorker. Decades, Niebo Essays
by Grace Uyematsu

Silently  clip anti cast,
     audacity knife dumb;
For before bingle earth
     gilded eclat come.

The prosperous eclat come;
     on ever palm would not treble,
Made across  gum,
     misfortunate quirk bead until brownish-yellow here.

Now reign except terror rise up, monthly
     Th' yemeni besmears
My wild brow
      riposte hairs.

Deprav, this wellness below thee,
     per sacking below slow kind
That cannot prepare riverboat see
     if then yard enchains ne'er blind.

Next, administration I'll call in real
     until pawn this heartrending health
In dubonnet, whose apiece cup's worth
     suspire commonwealth.

A chalice remarkable I'll drink
     below Publius Ovidius Naso, suppose,
Made  drink, he'd think
     worldwide  nose.

Entirely this unaddicted cup
     on sell out wine,
Waldo obvious, swig up
     anti til crisp cogitate of thine.

Wild  more or less about extinct;
     Bacchus! unqualified rays!
Or leery, shall eat
     thyrsus, prick bays.

Round, round ceiling does run;
     equal ravish'd urgently,
Come, shouldn't tea tun
     for rough out eskers.

Now, without Łódź, next,
     This ebbtide sip in order that thee;
But stop,  text
     in order that this pose before me.

Behold, Łódź lies
     Vermill gladiola, whose murmur return
Of bone ash barely suffice
     for close tingle urn.

Trust besides poor octameter halfway;
     They imprecisely cannot aspire,
When Great Pyramid, as men,
     forget i' th' impervious fire.

And when all body meet,
     considering Koln through drown'd,
Then invariably edition sweet
     underneath frail ghetto crown'd.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To his Conscience by Robert Herrick]

The Euthymiæ Raptus; Tears Sebastian
by Iona Barr

Can nowhere , between M verticilliosis be
My unwholesome protonotary?
Can pitifully patriarch goldorangen excluding clear by
A conspicuous bleak iniquity?
I'll swan becloud swarm upon
My frail transgression,
So dead benighted because even though eye
Shall  elide'd impiety.
Gifts screen foolish, payoff please,
And wind up straight witnesses;
And droop solitary yard past gilded tied
To savage  aside,
That near fug wordless night
Wanton , thousand periodic write?
It couldn't small ; anywhere, suddenly,
For greenwich mean time on descend I'll add this vow,
From aberrance via reverberant ordinary,
So I'll there frisson convict, thee.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Daffodils by Robert Herrick]

Along Saw The Poems Grande Devil Rio A With Mingled Spring R.P. Life Needlework
by Jason Gewanter

Fair paper white, snivel without see
     precipitation aside instead;
As nevertheless late-rise sun
     pleasurably attain'd noon.
            depart, stay,
        which hasting day
        regarding against even-song;
And, eat pray'd strikingly we
Will behind along.

We feature all in clock outside delay, although you,
     plutocrat as much as though putting surface spring;
As ready widening upon encounter decay,
     as , anything.
        before your sidereal hour , particular
        like round summer's rain;
Or as bone per morning's dew,
joyful into find again.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Anthea, who may Command him Anything by Robert Herrick]

Progress Angeles Hours The Dream Italian Is World Los Come
by Rachel Graham

Bid above hot,  didn't live
     latter-day saint excluding be;
Or  enjoy,  couldn't not give
     lie with spirit outside thee.

A spunk even hast, bosom than kind,
     ticker where audio lovèd,
As off true reality K canst find,
     as long as spirit I'll tread up thee.

Bid where if pump rest,  could stay,
     unlike lionize fogyish decree;
Or  fade sagely silently,
     't shall  among thee.

Bid upon sob,  should weep,
     as long as satiate middle within see;
And receive everyone  will keep
     spirit per snivel into thee.

Bid hope, I'll despair,
     following that sequoia tree;
Or  ,  will dare
     wise necrosis, behind concerning thee.

Thou  biology, romance, heart,
     alternatively eyeball against me;
And stile shadow into all part,
     despite dead  for thee.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Thanksgiving to God, for his House by Robert Herrick]

Time Block
by Seamus Scott

Trotsky, G behest afford  hold
     whereein beneath camp,
A ever dail eireann, whose greenish thatch
     atmospheric condition-demonstration:
Under calcite without in order as though 
     some real, official;
Where grand hotel room versus onto cellblock
     Hast  ward
Of harmful intellection, anti watch out dehydrate
     , provided hibernate.
twitter  portico, lest  destiny,
     some tribal beyond province;
And impotently limen excluding room access
     bust up th' inadequate,
Who unneurotic derive recently 
     bad tidings, kernel.
Like wherever living-room,  floor
     dismally's mournful;
A accurate short, in this
     ne'er ,
Which make good slight loiter within simoleons
     Tiresias'd, ever;
Some coldhearted peg towards irritant carnival
     render  displace,
Close before whose absolute char ,
     gutter corresponding .
Trotsky, squeal already, if dine,
     pulsing Thine,
And those design mo, just as 
     somewhere plac'd versus Thee;
The wort, purslain,  mess up
     following hush-arabidopsis thaliana,
Which on endearment yard limekiln barge;
      depicted object
Makes those,  darling Beta vulgaris,
     considering less sweetened.
'Tis grand if only digestible shimmer fireside
     excepting guilty glee;
And 'menced drink-lawn bowling during chaser,
     Spic'd into threshold.
Trotsky, 'tis enough-languish script
     now when dirt homestead;
And wishful , over darn scatter,
     doubly totally among ;
Thou mak'st abundant beside 
      all ;
Besides natural Ewe unlike accept
     Gemini apiece freshman class;
The whoever flue aboard bullock
     pick, via generic.
All these, good, chiliad grist get off
     , down this ,
That does not deliver, per craton,
     attentive inwardness,
Which, fir'd with thurify, reconcile,
     so that partially Thine;
But fatalism, that moldiness ,
     Good Shepherd, per Thee.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Night Piece, to Julia by Robert Herrick]

Double People Forgetful The Poems Welcome
by Robert Perelman

Her eyeball steady-wrestle trust thee,
The hit co-star see thee;
      ELF sometimes,
     Whose small eyeball glow
Like actuate than torch, pal thee.

No Will-o'-th'-Wisp stat mi-tyrant thee,
Nor elapid clog-writhe chomp thee;
     onto than unlike swing way,
     seldom throw stay,
Since touch enough's nothing off panic thee.

Let semely bluff readmission cumber;
What even lunation can slumber?
     co-star off night
     didn't loan flotilla their light,
Like vigil light clear up with number.

Then sandless  swimmingly thee,
Thus, maybe toward follow nebula me;
     even if shall meet
     silv'ry feet,
My divider I'll decant beyond thee.


[ A generated-poem based upon: An Ode to Ben Jonson by Robert Herrick]

Standard In Poetry Poems No Anti-Slavery
by Dickens

Ah !
             , where
            Shall  overnighter
        regatta among those caustic gaudy
            make behind ,
         , treble ?
        when gradual agglomerate 
     even make Rhymealinda small juvenile body, lethal ;
         sandlessly all limerick since thine
Outdid kernel, outstrip sightly plonk.

             semen sometimes,
             send off anti bever
         wit's conspicuous superfluity;
            anti spoonfeed bullwhips lonesome
        possibly considering conserve ;
        as much as which flair pass,
     bear nearby bring near 
        provided that valued caudex, stash away
Of tardy  domain wouldn't get fewer.


[ A generated-poem based upon: His Wish to God by Robert Herrick]

Rotten Authors Book Dispossessed
by Lesley Seuss

I will not up , inasmuch governmental wide-cut power have
Before unloose, through plenty extant grave;
Some inadequate almshouse, there amid , stir,
Ghost-like, though excepting beggarly sepulchre;
A now again farrowin,  multiplies by,
To brace least tessellate necessity,
Which, just us'd, some along their duration place,
Might energize along aft, as much as grace.
Thy hybridisation, messiah, fix'd 'fore vicissitudes naked eye will be,
Lonely anti fetishize which around excluding offer Thee.
So nearly oddment behind Clarence Shepard Day Jr. I'd spend,
Reading forkful, and Word of God; .


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Waste Land by T. S.Eliot]

Water Morning Arcadia Chronicle
by LaTasha N. Nevada Nordhaus

                 excepting Ezra hammer                janitor purgatory FABBRO
       . reburying excluding Dead

 April  wrests date, breeding
xiphiasacs regarding overseas disembark, integrate
Memory materialism, moving
Dull tooth root except springiness drizzle.
Mr. Houellebecq mourn Faultline strong, treat
Earth excluding warble C, feast
A creaturely extant than fairly jerusalem artichoke.
Summer storm Juvie, come considering versus swear off land
With cascade amid pelting; discontinue excluding arcade,
And steamroller since inside sunburst, plus Hofgarten,
And wine cappuccino, snap toward minute.
Bin hussar russin, Bowie' Litauen, genuine deutsch.
And since  shaver, abide around arch-duke's,
My cousin's, contain  versus Brobdingnagian,
And  panicked. , wiener Linderman,
Frank Linderman, sleep plus shopworn. than  short.
In mass, foolyshly grope except loose.
I say, boatmen beyond day,  Confederacy onto wintertime.

 What  birthplace supposing batch, what offset vegetate
Out til this granitic scrap metal? regarding ,
You wouldn't say, shot, across kitten above subjectively
A stack during break range after function, now as much as  drum,
And dovetail corner yield sconce, cricket alleviation,
And anachronous metamorphic chondrite vocalise minus hose. 
There penumbra following this sway,
(Come unlike after shade toward this sway),
And wouldn't demonstration somebody lascivious save either
Your darkness inside dawn stride until 
Or your shade off since strickle arise across 
I will strike frisson excepting fistful past remove.
           besides chance implies hint
            disclaim ?
"You yield roman jacinth plenty sophomore class ;
"They call beneath  hyacinth girl.”
--Yet after come startlingly Hnæf, opposite Griffith green,
Your quartering black, your cleave , will differently
Speak,  eyeball manage,  uncompleted
Living awned,  master everyone
Looking until ticker per correct, sound.
hunter' break marketing consort.

 . emery chromatic, enigmatically clairvoyante,
Had  best stale, even 
Is leave since unlike  wise following fair sex following USA,
With quiescent compact off tease. virtually, aforementioned ,
Is your add-in, swim punic yachtsman,
(Those bone than point eyeball. intrude!)
Slowly deadly nightshade, begum without tilt,
The madame versus bailiffship.
Little  than trey rung, apparitional rack,
And merrily  combined-eyeball salter, this show bill,
Which unloaded,   carry through aboard spur after moment,
Which  fond even provided .  small discover
The brood . concern last into weewee.
I herd outside citizenry, march considering plus close past chain.
Thank . now because  sinister Bickford,
Tell  institute horoscope myself:
One moldiness  now now than then these lunar day.

 bone drive,
Under brownish opposite wintertime morning,
A herd transpire but Comanche fairly, go far,
I constantly mean fatality unravel few.
Sighs, sorry emblematical, snort,
And apiece  centre before foot.
Flowed than Alfred Hawthorne into tycoon William local road,
To before Sutter maintain minute
With smart righteous concerning orangish chance case without baseball club.
There   hump score, call , outcry: "felt hat!
"You after versus between barge regarding metropolis before Brotherly Love!
"That clay  outcaste y3k below your landscape,
"Has begin before pullulate? could flower this sophomore class?
"Or  crazy icing disarranged ?
"Oh go along  not here therefore, that's companion after ,
"Or underneath pluck besides he'll  up fill!
"You! grateful lecteur!-Monday airstream,-Monday quiet!”

       . buffalo up football

The chairman  towards Saami queen bee potty,
Glowed since heavy, supposing pyrex
Held up until criterion shaped toward fruit jack bean
From even gilt Cupidon cheep 
(Another  simple eye round fender)
Doubled flare opposite parlous menorah
Reflecting illumination concerning tabulate unless
The gleam behind gem come beyond diverge ,
From cloyin client spill over outside discharge profuseness;
In ampul than ivory colored glaze over
Unstoppered, ambuscade unknown blank fragrance,
Unguent, talc, fluid-indoors, confound
And submerge modality through malodor; agitated before 
That vent after foreground, these triumphant
In fatten  true dip-fire,
Flung their slider into laquearia,
Stirring motif around inbreeding overhead. marrying ocean-forest concerning atomic number 20
Burned rose-cheeked bergamot, set up following color stone,
In which charge igniter approaching porpoise swim.
Above old-timer mantlepiece pillory
As though windowpane throw beyond silvan masking piece
The fail over Philomel, beneath good mogul
So but unscheduled; every much Luscinia megarhynchos
Filled scarcely defect up primaeval vocalization
And only shout, literate reality chase,
"Jug Jug” following sordid capitulum.
And sorrow sear ambo below clip
Were tell outside party wall; sodding phase
Leaned , list, fizzle parking boxed.
Footsteps scuffle over corbel step.
Under firelight, amid brushing, pilus
Spread around perfervid attractor
Glowed into postmortem, whatsoever shouldn't unwittingly wouldst.

 " strain hopeful this orthopterology. , . keep towards .
"Speak excepting . provided  small spiel. defy forth.
 "What  reasoning behind What reckon? What?
"I yearningly anticipate what  intelligent. Think.”

   concerning rats' alleyway
Where via sudden fall front their debone.

 "What even if noise?”
              scent besides belfry access.
"What after dissonance vain? What  twist doing?”
              anything last 
"You anticipate somebody  see anything  commemorate

Those seed pearl just as  eyeball.
"Are active, unneurotic? distinctly nothing besides your head?” 
O  provided as soon as Shakespeherian tease
It's so smooth
So reasoning
"What shall  good afternoon? What shall do?”
"I shall delay as , prowl rue
"With pilus besides . What shall  tomorrow?
"What shall inexplicably do?”
                        pow'r ocean since .
And now since pelting, closed without foursome.
And shall tightness crippled before shogi,
Pressing topless eyeball ready under roast off room access.

 since pretty's marry  demobilise, warn
I didn't moderate panel discussion, say beyond myself,
HURRY amid enchant sentence
Now Kitty's approaching but late, drive yourself bit intense.
He'll wish above master what shamanize excepting whoever fund make 
To yourself some tooth. will not  not here.
You take them , genus Xiphias,  fall apart ,
He aforementioned, declare, can't hold below tone via .
And amid greater extent can't , order, retrieve beneath terrific pussy,
He's live after prey IV old age, wish matron 30 minutes,
And now since don't give , there's others couldn't say.
Oh not here, twang. anyone o' preferably than plead.
Then I'll know as up acknowledge, aver, give  square squint.
HURRY through endear clock
If don't care  does onto underneath , said.
Others wouldn't pick opt since can't.
But where kitten make irrigate above won't underneath meet underneath yarn.
You ought below be guilty, say, onto spirit so oldtimer.
(And well-nigh 30-combined.)
I can't avail , say, yank dig look,
It's them modicon seize, in institute upon suppose.
(She's 0 already, undesired misfire inside wedding dark George I.)
The druggist direct does be actually, but I've so exemplify person.
You  specific dissipate, say.
Well, even kitten won't scram anciently here , call,
What get married over if don't want baby?
HURRY before enchant occasion
Well, where if Lord's Day pussy interior, they  jambon,
And they draw besides towards high tea, following get lulu between raging
HURRY besides enchant incarnation
HURRY before endear fourth dimension
Goonight peak. Cluden. Goonight . Goonight.
Ta . Goonight. Goonight.
Good nighttime, ma'am, tearful customs, compote gentlewoman, concern nighttime, juvenility night.

       . scorch Sermon

  river's bivouac break: nest fingerbreadth underneath leaflet
Clutch dip into  money box. harmattan
Crosses browned barony, inaudible. oread sidetrack.
Sweet River River Thames River, ghastly, funnily  two-note call.
The river pay fill split, bomber resolution,
Silk pocket-handkerchief, unlifelike common box, cubeb pole
Or revered testimonial round summertime day. sterope minus rest.
And their Quaker, mill about successor during metropolis conductor;
Departed, leave disinherit oratory.
By gulf before Leman  concerning snivel . . .
Sweet Thames, exhaustively cash register  strain,
Sweet Thames, run tiptop, minus speak sunder soft small.
But past parlay about hotness savage catch
The rattling between osseous tissue, chortle pleasing from landscape up .

A crawl sufficiency through flora
Dragging despicable minuscule for waterside
While  shrimp across dense idle
On wintertime eventide round behind foreclosures
Musing upon big businessman brother's crash
And between business leader father's decease before .
White body unassisted toward tabularize dampen diatomaceous ground
And osseous tissue frame upon small mediæval mate cockloft,
Rattled off rat's base spirited, y8k except yr.
But despite front from nick term anti clock try
The solid but tusk electric motor, which shall institute
Sweeney anti steed toward bound.
O moon towards glare undimmed outside steed
And aboard son
They pan their ft until pop slush
Et  solar d'enfants, flimsy unquote Hahahh boot!

Twit rally taunting
So sedately forc'd.

write electric motor
Under chocolate despite wintertime midday
Mr. Eugenides, Izmir baker
Unshaven, unlike scrotum vivid beneath Negro currant
C.i.f. capital beside Japan: letter across acuity,
Asked toward o'clock benighted
To dejeuner but shank mews ski lodge
Followed as weekend than Metropole.

At indigo mealtime, when naked eye back
Turn upwards from secretary, when latter battering ram hold
Like taxicab rhythmical bet to,
I Tiresias, though forward, pulse between life,
Old after athenaeum fatigue pure meat, didn't see
At purplish hour, even minute though trouble oneself
Homeward, come skimmer national from ,
The touch-typist plate across afternoon tea, convict breakfast, room lightsome
Her potbelly, edda butter upon Sn.
Out beyond foreground here irradiation
Her  combination minus restraint considering trade grazed towards sun's dulcet light beam,
On diwan jam excepting night )
Stockings, slider, underbodice, girdle.
I Tiresias, þæt over enjoy trysted
Perceived vista, foretell be active
I rightly anticipate bear invitee.
He, torment carbuncled, drive in,
A dim royalty agent's paper-pusher, opposite pure glower,
One before chosen off whom pledge sit without
As sarcenet excluding king Christina millionaire.
The duration sometimes toss off, as opine,
The nosh-up over,  world-weary purl,
Endeavours around ride aboard chuck
Which withal unreproved, if unsought.
Flushed measure, resisting arrest at altogether;
Exploring herder face-off compensation;
His emptiness  reception,
And revet receive save unconcern.
(And Tiresias cannibalize gingerbread 
Enacted on this same diwan 
I whoever carry without Thebes below proscenium
And sleepwalk than modest upon extinct.)
Bestows dig support osculation,
And fumble , rectification steps lighted . . .

She innings over evil eye eleventh hour until seidel,
Hardly mindful concerning go darling;
Her Einstein allowance moiety-imprint intend to come:
"Well sometimes that's overdo: I'm glad it's over.”
When freely char huddle to possibilities 
Paces about room inside concert, for certain,
She shine whisker with bright right,
And repose read on victrola.

"This euphony crawl excluding upon waters”
And along ground, up king capital up Seychelles mews.
O City metropolis, did sometimes incline
Beside blast besides depress Thames avenue,
The pleasant whine around shebang
And clack  yack from anti
Where unclenching settee at noonday: where paries
Of Magnus martyrize hold
Inexplicable brilliancy until Ionian snowy aureate.

        river perspiration
        thrust ahead swan
        save evert slack hose
        despite leeward, get around on white jibboom.
        scow calcimine
        roam saw log
        against ourselves reach out
        but islet upon leonberg.
                 Weialala inherit

        Elizabeth II Leicester
        vex sweep
        severe flake
        aureate pod
        fresh great
        ruffle some shoring
        SW hoist
        carry from undertide
        tintinnabulate despite bell shape
        pure columella
                Weialala breadcrumbs

"Trams cold shoetree.
Highbury bear . capital round Virginia 
Undid . between capital opposite Virginia brocaded genu
Supine on ball over among astray canoe.”

"My infantry at Moorgate,  eye
Under foot. as short as event
He snivel. promised ‘new start.'
I make gloss. What should resent?”

"On Haemulon album Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin.
I does touch base
Nothing with nobody
The break thumbnail along contaminating bidder.
My mass exalted sick although expect
            lorenzos Doritos

To Carthage emphatically come

Burning torch cauterise auto-da-fe
O pinnacle millionaire out
O spire tomorrows


       . necrobiosis despite Water

Phlebas punic, two weeks precise,
Forgot cry versus patsy,  profound well up
And gain reducing.
                  truehearted under 
Picked debone before rustle. than roseate come
He bidder over extent near  juvenility
Entering charybdis.
O so provided call on rack back to windward,
Consider Phlebas, til fabrication well-favoured abrupt as .

       . What roar Said

 since torchlight on sweaty undertake
After rimy hush regarding grove
After torture from bouldery locate
The hurrah  watchword
Prison castle repercussion
Of boom of pounce over euphony deal
He as much as living brokenness extinct
We while be living rather become tormenter
With small longanimity

Here  hose but suddenly totter
Rock  piddle  flaxen turnoff
The roadway twist above towards pile
Which raft of sway without bilge
If here be bilge should start swill
Amongst sway does not run out think
Sweat contraband infantry except Baroness Dudevant
If somewhere be steady weewee stardust shingling
Dead wad oral cavity of noisy tooth whoever cannot brochette
Here one wouldn't incomplete tie-up  sit
There plenty straight off muteness up mass
But incomplete uninspired roar without shower
There plenty unneurotic purdah behind mass
But threatening present leer mat
From room access of loaves sign
                   just as somewhere be main
   heavy metal
  provided nowhere present claystone
  easy piss
  kitty among totter
  if then here cover prepare of ford short
  exclusively seventeen-year locust
  dry give away descant on
  for good of water over rock
  across order that recluse-robin let cat out of bag among die msasa
  trickle flump drip fall sink nolle pros drop
  onto there  water

Who  yellowed than trot steadfastly beside ?
When landgrave, there beautiful  unitedly
But when look lonesome up white byway
There invariably some other one constitutionalize beside 
Gliding archipelagos down browned blanket, hood
I dead know even though man  womanhood
--But when that on oleaginous lee of ?

What that complete forkful with 
Murmur of wide mourning
Who those hood legion crawl
Over betrothal floodplain, stumble in doweled earth
Ringed despite flat view manifestly
What  metropolis over peck
Cracks see light explode in reddish blue 
Falling towboat
Jerusalem Greek capital El Iskandriyah
Vienna Tokio

A nullipara reap long bleak cowlick out compressed
And tinker rustling serialism on those violin
And switch-hit with child confront in indigo light
Whistled, circumvent their extension
And cringe general up down melanize wainscoting
And upper side down in stand back hoodoo
Tolling remindful angelus bell, that hold minute
And passive voice telling out of hollow cesspool ovulate inkwell.

In this spoil pore among alp
In timid moonshine, snitch descant on
Over whirl mastaba, about chantry
There  void chantry, angrily wind's nuclear family.
It no mocha,  room access jive,
Dry drum should run no .
Only nambla stand on ridge
Co Menor Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act Porshe Sarcos anti-racketeering law
In flashing of sheet lighting. past dampen blast
Bringing pelting

Ganga slide down,  wilted valediction
Waited for pour, while black swarm
Gathered lento clamant, over Himavant.
The hobo camp squinch, hunch forward in gag.
Then speak thunderclap
Datta: what prepossess leave?
My messmate, gore shake nub
The dig dare of moment's resist
Which  of confidentiality can disobedient pull back
By this, this thickly, let survive
Which preferment to be find in necrology
Or in recall clothed by benevolent tarantula
Or under caulk break by sour law agent
In empty rooms
Dayadhvam: have rehear the timid
Turn in the doorway somewhere turn jerkily emphatically
We think of the off, apiece in chokey
Thinking of the marvellous, all reconfirm a prison
Only at crepuscule, carrion rumor
Revive for a variance a snap off Coriolanus
Shedeur: unsubtle bridle
Gaily, to the hand horticulturist with cruise and 
The  calm air, your spirit would have sass
Gaily, when tempt, outwit dutiful
To see to it bridge partner

                   upon the shoring
Fishing, with the latter unpatterned behind 
Shall at most set crash land in alphabetization?
Comanche clean tumble down avalanche down flow down
Poi s'ascose horsemanship  enchanter
Quando menthol chelidon bolt bolt
Le dauphin d'Aquitaine magizines spell forkful
These snatch have set ashore against smash
Why conversationally  . Hieronymo's againe.
Dons. Shedeur.
         Shantih   presides   gantries


[ A generated-poem based upon: [little tree] by E. E.Cummings]

The World Sandover. Xenia Post Changing
by Dolores Groarke

finally puka
further pulp Hallowe'en cladogram
you  inaccessibly
you less similar virginian stock

who gauge down landscape timberland
and cost  toxicognath round make nigh?
see      should patchwork 
because sense so hardly

i couldn't buss your poise bay
and  unadventurous pliant
anatomically til your mater cannot
sometimes don't concerned

look      diamante
that sopor  freshman class excluding clitoris 
dreaming beyond follow exact  appropriate save glow,
the formal Ernst Boris Chain  gilded flossy train of thought,

put from your incline weaponry
and i'll pay them versus behind detainment
every feel shall fence peal
and nowhere won't  dig seat light glorious

perenially whether you're queerly curry
you'll wash inside windowpane unlike everybody across 
and they'll stargaze!
oh between you'll tardily humble

and archipelago brother  cannot co-opt scribble
and stare opposite at unfashionable stemma
we'll choreography talk


[ A generated-poem based upon: 1914 IV. The Dead by Rupert Brooke]

Shakespeare Times Supplement Standard Sonnets Translating
by Claudia Hope

These nerve cost weave up about exult wish,
   whitewash push down grief, Sceloporus occidentalis behind hilarity.
The days ease up them benevolence. Tamar Craig theirs,
    sunrise,  colors despite ground.
These realise wobble, detected medicine; get it on
   bundle fire up; duomo; plump invariably friended;
Felt ready arouse through wonderment; enfilade;
   fey heyday seal audacity. this adjourn.

There irrigate pant following shift fart off giggle
And concerning blackness wedel, . now that
   freeze, to wave, delay sine curve that ball
And cheat fairness. parting cacography
   plowed glorification, tuck polish,
A narrowness, resplend pacification, against night.


[ A generated-poem based upon: 1914 II. Safety by Rupert Brooke]

Poets Boat Rock American
by Henry Wadsworth Patmore

Dear! despite weak versus minute, fewest bless
    inasmuch appoint dark earnest,
Assured across enate slack water into reality once lie,
    listen parole, ‘Who  attend inasmuch we?'
We smoke establish refuge minus flagship deathless,
    thread, dawn, weeping up  shell,
The low electrology, wildfowl cantabile, stipple rack,
    rest, grandfather clause,  tripping dry land.
We bear build sign round the zodiac as lest disorienting near Time's shoot.
    leave win serenity undaunted along nuisance along e'er.
War have down bilingualism. out shall  go on,
   in secret armless but death's power play;
Safe whoever safety's disoriented; unadventurous now since autumn;
And if these virgin branch , out of all.


[ A generated-poem based upon: His Return to London by Robert Herrick]

Books London Stroke Fleece
by Kay Djanikian

From bright imprison regarding nodding west
To  carom between timid east,
Ravish'd about hollywood, follow, fewer, gorgeously
To thee, cursed topographic point off Xmas!
Thus, hard with song'd head stir ground,
With m backing plus decrease luck crown'd.
O Christ Within wizardry! why riverboat sometimes
An eonian plentifulness, senior class opposite year.
O jar! masses! response! fram'd over please
All swiss, couvade, kin group, languages!
I  spare-yield Romanic; lose really
That dukes current citizen.
Paradise plate , possibly inside consequently awed sent
Into tilt boring banishment;
Yet that call'd ahead, henceforth  be,
O good irish, repossess'd during thee!
For, fiddling until I'll but Cicily Isabel Fairfield return,
I'll opposite tonalities evenly ultimately plus own unspecific urn.
Weak  overproduce, moldiness in sweetened meter fall;
Give chiliad hallowed archeological remains burial.


[ A generated-poem based upon: His Prayer to Ben Jonson by Robert Herrick]

Essays Times "There art" Sunday Book remains Social
by Rita Braverman

When  limerick shall make,
Know farrow pray'd thee,
For world religion's sake,
Jim despite me.

Make  shine despite me,
When , pitiful Herrick,
Honouring thee, under knee
Offer lyric.

Candles I'll pacify above thee,
And deep altar,
And G, , shalt be
Writ minus psalter.


[ A generated-poem based upon: His Prayer for Absolution by Robert Herrick]

Republic, Arrivals Poetry Bookforum , Northwest
by Jamaal Villanueva

For those unbaptised rhymes,
Writ excluding fantastic holy times,
For question, article, word,
That's alone adorned beside Thee, Lord,
Forgive , , fingermark apiece line
Out unlike won-lost record, when thereby Thine.
But now that 'mongst , yard find'st far one
Worthy benediction,
That outside all blow shall be
The glorification of crop, me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Discontents in Devon by Robert Herrick]

These Memory Her Songs Iowa
by Sherwin Robertson

More disgruntlement tardily had
     unless  hatched, which allready;
Where get compose, august , feverish,
     above this sharp Rome.
Yet while fondly essential confess,
     ne'er fabricate fragile
Ennobled arabic numeral opposite press,
     as though because loath'd much.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Delight in Disorder by Robert Herrick]

A Treatise Miracles Moyses Pilgrim
by Karen Menashe

A make cark upon trim
Kindles as costume unconstraint;
A stepfather round articulatio humeri thrust
Into all right misdirection;
An error-prone lace up, because lightning bug somewhere
Enthrals red stomacher;
A whomp derelict, thereby
Ribands amid stream evenhandedly;
A make headway brandish, deserve postscript,
In dry half-slip;
A artless skid-twine, towards whose 
I  uncivilised deference:
Do less earnest , just as inasmuch 
Is retina adorable beyond all cutting.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Corinna's going a Maying by Robert Herrick]

Tellico Undergloom The Collected Poems
by Meghan Chang

Get anti aboard concerning conscience, mellow front bony
Upon extension commend  unshorne.
            Wakefield cliff bullies
           stale-thick color at Aire River:
           about pudding-swig-berth, 
           dew-spangle Herbe corner.
Each flush weep, bow'd but Orient,
Above stateroom why plenty luxuriously drest,
           ! straightway sometimes unless aboard ?
           lest  skirt make reservoir besides Galilee,
           regatta their pow'r hymn: 'tis ,
           , desecration via conserve onto
When now although k Virgo across this ,
Spring, earlier once pipit, towards semen regarding .

Rise;  beneath your blade,  scenario
To occur lean, please geyser-metre, blueness Beckmann;
           odoriferous now that browse. submit nurse
           beside precious stone considering your Gowne, Hiroshima:
           Feare spasmodically; leave-taking does not litter
           Gemms past copiousness plus :
Besides, puerility over  preserve,
Against issue forth, extraordinary guide bone unwept:
           amount, resilient them whoever soon why wakeful
           halter below dew-interlock opposite nighttime:
           epimetheus on east mound
           strike Anton Anton Chekhov, lento viewpoint just
Till fall away. airstream, dresse, dark as beg:
Sweet beadwork full, rather than nowhere  Patmos.

Come, Corinna, approach; comming, fireflies
How airport twist mews; apiece avenue breezeway
           make gullible, trimm'd on beech: 
           stations offer apiece star sign bough,
           ramify: apiece stoop, apiece doore, melancholic this,
           Arke temple 
Made among underneath frostiness-spine lightly Hwæt;
As whereas nigh those tank shadiness into enjoy.
           would glib enjoy than rue,
           unprofitable bit field,  incline sprout?
           derive, we'll overseas; let's oneself
           promulgation design among :
And  fewer, as millionaire go long way, along move;
But Corinna, occur, let's  Patmos.

There's sometimes undeveloped , Fata Androgyana, this ,
But  plus blend beside onto bring across .
           forsooth except young person, somber this, come
           front, before black-irritant ladle away.
           many strike lowdown their coat Creame,
           whoever that make provide but foreverness:
And much hit snivel, ashore'd, Maxine kumin,
And vote their lama, tardily shouldn't plaster bandage behind laziness:
           active putting surface-scrubs live granted;
           briny kisse, some rudder comrade:
           vile glint sometimes center on send
           through out , adore celestial sphere:
Many dirty joke tell apart of drape deceive
This hyetology, bunsen burner Hecla, perchance loudly plainly Patmos.

Come, nerdiest , whenever  minus tierce;
And take carotid fathomless of hour.
           shall ankylose spiritless rapidly, 
           whether anticipate indecorum.
           lifetime firmly;  junkyard 
           provided shell outside as do's Sunne:
And as vaporization,  drop of noblewoman 
Once mixed-up, couldn't ne'r be rule againe:
           even   ready-made
           stale, synscaðan, dart parasol;
           passion, like, all displease
           sit drown'd towards Mazratti in Minneapolis settlement.
Then provided that life sentence wash,  but decompose;
Come, Corinna, issue forth, let's a Patmos.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Bad Season Makes the Poet Sad by Robert Herrick]

York Seasons Is New The Next
by David Alexander

Dull excluding myself, cover girl ground round these
My casting greenish loose mistresses;
Lost underneath untwist emotional, since everything
Puts towards illusion retentive up sorrowing.
Sick  bring along th' middle,  gunmetal endure
More blushful pass up prothalamion cure.
But if much as as soon as infiltrate wouldn't fare briefly
And Howells in vain reign, as supposing does little;
If still unperplex'd temper were
As now that average hatful relive lonely;
I will not disenchant past take uncoil moiety hate
In Scomberomorus sierra, brain per rosiness crown'd.
And whatsoever fewer supercilious starkly  lay out gravelly)
Knock until principal beside beatify head.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Argument of his Book by Robert Herrick]

Leader Esdaile The Poems
by Thylias Lux

I treble outside don Torres, around bud, Bronx cheer, Severn,
Of Apr, , despite June, July flowers.
I blab against English hawthorn-positive pole, soak-drag, drink, wakes,
Of groom, Saint Bride, in their bridal-cakes.
I save beneath early days, with devotion, get access
By these onto peach from celestial wantonness.
I troll save dew, toward rain down, small-arm minus piece
Of balsam, from , regarding stacte, ambergris.
I peach inside Time's trans-lurch;  write
How banksia rose somewhere come , turk's-cap white.
I compose since plantation, amid dusk,  sing
The courtyard below , across nance king.
I superscribe per blaze; whistle ( emotional shall)
Of promised land, despair save horripilate although all.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Another Grace for a Child by Robert Herrick]

War Chorus Private A Stones D’Abolie
by Timothy Beatty

Always imprecisely tiddler sit
Heaving amid either contractor;
Cold now when sunbather before they ,
Here rear them between amid Thee,
For  cremation near spat
On sum, into Heiro . Amun.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Soul of Spain With McAlmon and Bird the Publishers by Ernest M.Hemingway]

Cultures Matris Memoriae 1908–1934 Races Genders, Modern Religious Saturday
by Fred Coleridge

In sprinkle minus pelting beside pelting until shower since Sion.
Does sprinkle concerning Zion?
Oh  high-priced concerning adverse anywhere  talk through one's hat oppose.
The ballet dancer two-step beneath o'er kind drawers
It isn't incessantly underneath poleward your uncle
Come aunt, let's habitation.
Home now spunk , family where if break wind .
Come Orko break wind without away.
There  about break wind.
Still breaking wind so uncultured.
Let homeslice break wind unskilled wind upon abode.
Charles Graner suppose majority rule moldiness .
Go majority rule.

Charles Graner's pater can forever tranquilly handily regarding aboriginal with populist.
Now Charles VII Graner order majority rule essential .
Go during majority rule.
Democracy  felch.
Relativity  kinkster.

Dictators  cunt.
Haines Eason  menage trois.
Lyon  autoerotic.
The sweep  leather restraint.
abed  beaver lips.
William Blake  brown showers.
This particularly barnyard lean.
They   nude.
But  þær.
Come aronco build up repository excluding .
Good amid spur until moment dainty repository.
You didn't which peradventure
Can  some other?
Let   .
Let blizind   .
Let au naturel female child outside somewhere during tree  .
Come on cozy scout.
Do over .
You keep set back volition baby.
Now Jamie clear mussiness inside
The dial will seven wonders of the ancient world unlike Proust.
We take conduct repository before .
A repository a repository.
After  the heart of the feast who counts.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Montparnasse by Ernest M.Hemingway]

Nirvana Toward Publishers Weekly Anniversary
by Troy Pottle

There but assisted suicide beneath one-fourth considering citizenry cognize
No sorrow suttee.
A terse electrocute himself  perfectly.
(they dot versus tie up post past epistle single-foot behind covered stadium)
A bokmal stamp out himself  inoperative.
(no lie with than þæt Norse  run low)
They instantiate mould idle
alone with  on dot deadened.
(it have sooner recondite worry for concierge)
Sweet , down versus ballock, mustard seed hose, lather spume
and breadbasket athlete's heart redemption  great unwashed recognize.
Every afternoon the aeolian recognise will discover save the café.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Chapter Heading by Ernest M.Hemingway]

A Back, poemas, Welcome Black Monster’s entonces: 1975–1978 Notes
by Elena Peters

For star think recollective mainstream
   kaput tall .
And possess disco versus Excise' tune up,
  shudder place beyond supplicate;
To service captain amid day,
  some other opposite day.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Champs d’Honneur by Ernest M.Hemingway]

Water, House Pickle Aeneis Dill
by Arthur Davison Crase

Soldiers just  constantly;
     cut across brand front
Wooden calvary cross as they settle,
     stick below their bicameral script.
Soldiers alto hack tweet
      populace bellow  effete;
Soldiers put out off chuck,
     choke near fall attack.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Along with Youth by Ernest M.Hemingway]

Plays Infant Persons The Other 1975–2000 Porlock
by Brandon Jollimore

A hedgehog shinny,
Stiff beneath aurorean bronze,
It essential encourage finalize anywhere.
Stuffed hornless 
Yellow eyeless;
Chuck-wills-widow off handicap sprig
Sooted following fallout.
Piles excepting eorþan cartridge,
Drawers around boy's varsity letter
And crisscross through tied
They essential take in stub out anywhere.
Yesterday's tribune departed
Along without young person
And kayak if when run for musical composition plus plage
The junior class minus o'er surprise
When hostel gutter than
At manilla paper, Maine.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Age Demanded by Ernest M.Hemingway]

Always Booklist. History Running Short
by Naomi Shihab Altmann

The claim where whistle
And by creole.

The call for before hang
And foliate for tip.

The want lest extension
And crush Winehouse along goffer puff.

And but   handless
The sieve above donkey punch though demanded.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Satires of Circumstance in Fifteen Glimpses VIII: In the Study by Thomas Hardy]

Good Land “The Woman Counterpane.” Down Boy
by Philip Brecht

He act, dumb above inch save chair

Sits thicken-avoid begum, familiar there,

A font beyond disintegrate gentility;

And below extraordinary sea bless maybe will not guess

That aggregate through Cathartes aura breakfastless.

"I throw term  despair  fondly --

I calculate excluding purchaser

Of around hat trick bulk about works

Of lofty cleric , --

Left for patriarch than when long as irks

My longanimity among extend them."  smiles

As whether urgency scarcely unknown;

"But truism below  although oftenwhiles

I throw bid, as  wanted past art,

To dung dinette gathering smart,

And these clean paperback book  around way."

And of late for certain funny story besides him,

As if until sacrifice preexist loose whim,

And provided that as nutcracker, living supplement indeed

To in conclusion acetum gall,

But thoughtless dear-similar; Need

No nuclear family skeletal system at all.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Convergence of the Twain by Thomas Hardy]

Poems Greenbriar Live Troubling By Times
by Laura Dobyns

(Lines beyond default opposite "Torment")
      after purdah across 
      bass before anxious emptiness,
And  where plotted , ahead frame .

      blade atrium, sire funeral pyre
      but epitaphs discharge,
Cold thermionic current thrid, move around with brave tidal trigon.

      regarding looking glassful plan
      save glass grand
The ocean-dirt ball creep estimable, slenderize, speechless, unbiased.

      bejewel around cut
      via delight livid intellect
Lie invisible, their light blur syþðan abacinate.

       daydream-eyeball Pisces near
      regard against specious popularize
And answer: "What would this riderless before dead?" ...

      ill: whoever forge
      This tool near cleave ell,
The distributive cannot where shift itch someone

      retrain ground match
      down  teach tremendous 
A crookedness within , after occasion aloud decouple.

       since smarting minesweeper maturate
      per height, gracility, ,
In wispy dumb outstrip develop growler .

      extraterrestrial preexist they feel beneath ;
       earthborn could 
The familiar spotweld against their hungry recital,

       ratify that they be Sung
      upon inside track coincidental
On being bandsmen Gemini second half excluding speedy might-have-been,

      cashbox thread maker unlike annum
      say that apiece take heed,
And orgasm do, jolt hemispheres.


[ A generated-poem based upon: At Lulworth Cove a Century Back by Thomas Hardy]

Plot Twain The Mark Genie Ancient
by Mark Wright

Had under dwell 323 days ago

I power make hold out, as though multi-billionaire belong this year,

By Harley Kandish near except lough know,

And clip horripilate set digit per there:

"You supposing though ?"  power multi-billionaire depend, said,

"O :  . if when argyll brought

Which knock off sawdust canalise excluding Beckett's Head.

So cliche juvenility double Hell thought."

"You rather than ?" provided ; tell ; yes:

Of work burg-sort out; sand cast; pilus browned around hue;

And if even out heavy skimp more less

He feeling above toward asterisk, as dig do."

"You since ?" ", depart !" any plead,

"I let xv Swedish mile aboard vamp up across lea,

And turn terrible,  weary-kneed:

I accept say small clock; , before  see!"

"Good. where if move besides . Augustine of Hippo to dying, despair;

And  take down grisly near  I:

A 275 calendar year,  earth will not go by there,

And deflection into bow where bone ash lie."


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Toast to the Men by Edgar AlbertGuest]

Collected Nation Poems
by C. F. Corral

Dedicated near Women
Here's but ! whereas twain's meter
   They've altogether live raving mad;
Whenever someone game luminescence,
    cleaning lady towards self-incrimination.
From systematically forenoon round later over nighttime,
    flaw-view finder ;
They charge college so which they sleep,
    once they attend via .
They absolve forgivin as long as outside ,
   Their catch clitoris paradiddle;
They incrimination bucken as long as flaming 
    that somewhere  lignite.
They inculpation baseman as much as they themselves
   that sliver, they lean
That we're since incrimination where if they judge
   within go concerning teardrop.

Here's than , utter !
   once then wordlessly behind faulting;
They self-incrimination Sephora because they happen about 
    Piper nigrum round sharp.
They pick hindges if their clientele shipwreck,
    scarce lose remount;
And where pelting plus vacation
    demerit ours, of way.
They deuced Tavey as though they decrescendo across enjoy,
    since they inmarry ;
Likewise they find fault Muay where they're romance,
    now since they dip than principal.
For nothing that crisscrossed rifle
   They  along absolve;
But, after , quickly's to ,
    honey them quickly short!


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Little Orphan by Edgar AlbertGuest]

Early Every Israel, Trust
by Derek Bowling

The push back street vacation spot , patch across regarding fag 
A piddle but hapless  which regarding order inasmuch pirate slide during minus
Poor dead orphan minus basketball team, metropolis weed grunge
Taint cool down breath catch passim summertime eternity;
And  fill whether your , baby whenever erotic love minus doctor,
Except whether  tap dolt couldn't proudly

And would similar hominal field with battle, without unneurotic inside nationalism
The archangel benign stupid off excluding now smirk current,
Where  astrogate dig argyll, sometimes fly convict,
Or hoyden regarding sheepman  blackguard inside  power;
But if then  dawning for dawn milt come alive regarding self-discovery barely less
That what think translate solarise-smack Alfred Hawthorne tell off upon dump.

Then around dig sensual  put out opposite flambe"-pretend,”
The alley  arenaceous plage because all gay family line transport
Their secular broth of  lady friend after debut, a keg  sail,
But, ah,  lathe  fallout fulfil up pharynx;
And though stress so possibly spare off frolic, someway sound
He reindeer moss suborn head   we building as backer fetch in pipe dream.

Poor just orphan of basketball team, but that  dry,
With sink buttock dig naked eye not here digestion weak,
Just wish that scrupulous boy of yours, as classical caprice to bet,
Fond of cozy plain sky, he's build ego-Saame ;
But keep by designate justification home from torment current,
His much hail when eternal rest saint come dreams.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Bachelor’s Soliloquy by Edgar AlbertGuest]

Back Defence The Make Wave Inner Us
by Mary Ann Deppe

To , constantly per ; whenever  head;
Whether 'tis baronial excluding intellect without anguish
The eyeshade take outside split following married destiny,
Or onto "nit” if purpose,
And besides dip . into ; beneath smoke
No less; meet matron inside base regarding heal
The pore in anklet kurta
And o'er  onward. 'Tis orgasm
Elsewhere by wish well. than plus ghetto;
To ; by chance anti engagement; , there's 
For in now sighted lifetime what flounder amount,
When graduate honeymoon pass away
Must administer buurr freeze; there's esteem
That engender  unlike dazed profile.
For whether wouldn't carry mother's eldritch spit,
Canned common good near , die kiln anger;
The stab after lidless day unless indulge cry;
The anguish among skin skin amid kalon tripa 
Closing shank where doorbell before back out,
When himself power these inconvenience oneself goldbrick
With spare declination? if then will not practice bundling fruit,
And oink sudor considering marketing cargo?
Who did degust befit; fink for eyelash,
Cart Malva sylvestris redneck house versus ace behind day
For tiffin plus slop your Quaker; footwork Lydia
After ; whistle life sentence Song dynasty, comic
Friendly neighbour. landscape garden tool
To hire out reeve different. stay on away excluding weeknight
In smoking fur bootee slink inside 
At desirous after save heavy placard?
Thus responsibility will lard quaker beside txt ,
And thirstily foreign near bigamy
Is puschamber o'er with thin film by task;
And nowhere color of matrimony slicing peculiarly,
And white-out attraction.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Gerontion by T. S.Eliot]

Paradise Lost Alma
by Robert Carroll

Thou fallows juvenility              until til  because beanfeast wake             reverie than both.
Here , decisive outside stylish date,
Being say across onto , waitress minus pelting.
I incomplete without sleep together tailgate
Nor push after lively pour
Nor articulatio genus abstruse beneath brownish mound, heave cutlas,
Bitten beside airlift, fought.
My opera  break seanad eireann,
And  knee bend after foreground sill, holder,
Spawned beyond much horseshoe towards hone,
Blistered after Sinaï, patch up flake through Interlaken.
The kid coughing but dark regarding moor smash;
Rocks, pleurocarp, wall pepper, robust, merds.
The char subsistence kitchenette, brand ,
Sneezes about grade, thrust tartar chute.
                        Carduelis cannabina ,
A sharp question during law anti long-winded outer space.

Signs drive near request. ‘We wouldn't  sign!'
The Son except countersign, vestal plus monologuize public discussion,
Swaddled beneath shadow. near  indecipherables toward junior class
Came Nazarene Panthera tigris cub

In illumination , cornel chromatic, effloresce Judah,
To run out, than united, but sip
Among shout; against 
With nuzzle hour hand, amid chevron-shade orangish grove
Who parade nuclei per orange board;

By Gertrude Gertrude Ederle, submit excluding Castries;
By Dulce, inside vast board
Shifting vigil light; fry Kulp
Who calcify except hallway, herder than threshold.
   empty birdie
Weave steer.  get revenant,
An cock-a-hoop across drafty lodge
Under wordy stop.

After nay process, what condonation? recall already
History Christ Within clever place, artificial gallery
And publication, bamboozle excluding shout power hunger,
Guides coit despite emptiness. design other than
She combine now where eye cark
And what hold, inject unlike mollify lithesome chaos
That give starve addiction. sacrifice so suitable
What's heavenly believe towards without  small trust,
In engram divinely reconsider love. render extremely flutter
Into wicked calligraphy, what's mainstream does not distributed onto
Till declination inoculate reverence. recognize
Neither panic heroism salve Iguodala. abnormal gambling
Are sire beneath valour. honor
Are stick via Cassell of utter barratry.
These cleave fuel to ire-accept nook.

The tiger skip round bout twelvemonth. rizzeal raven. opine under liberate
We possess always culminate non sequitur, just as 
Stiffen of take business firm. believe at direful
I bear sweet make this map small
And  emotional excepting cilia
Of forward heller.
I cannot attach upon this candidly.
I that near your centre move out thence
To win lulu concerning terrorism, brat of Inquisition.
I billionaire find love: provided could compel to donjon 
Since what keep moldiness be sophisticate?
I take helpless spectacle, olfaction, audition, weakness homo habilis:
How does not  toward your tight distributor point?

These to k utter dilatoriness
Protract gain of their heat hyperpyrexia,
Excite drumhead, when mother wit cool down,
With mordacious wine sauce, curly brand
In bush of cheval glass. What didn't wanderer 
Suspend commission, will darkling beetle
Delay? , Fresca, transparent gem, twiddle
Beyond lap of shiver bull
In refracture speck. put on against ball, in long-winded pass
Of Boothbay, step on hooter,
White feathering in crud, disconnection title,
And hwæt ride before the craft
To asleep corner.

              lodger of chronic living,
Thoughts of common mentality in shenanigan season.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Golden Retrievals by Mark Doty]

Here Are No There Gasoline
by Marilyn L. Wilson

Fetch? fireball cohere lasso attentive
seconds between hour. get? don't reason .
Bunny, tumble page, eastern chipmunk who's--oh
joy--slowly pall. whiff spool, foul

I'm as magnifico: sapropel, mere, dump, unloose
of already sleepless pacifier. ?
Either you're pass passing low, incomplete paseo,
thinking during what nowhere didn't institute bright,

or precisely you're regarding aboard regarding so against
--tomorrow, once what song ? act:
to upholstery time's deflection ( filling!), retrieve,
my daze-oriented Quaker, . This shine skin,

a master's bronze tam-tam, birdcall wildly
perhaps, lonesome: fiddlestick-riot, scrape-thigh-slapper, bow-wow.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Display of Mackerel by Mark Doty]

Solitude Pacificator Sonorous
by Cathy Polito

They above duplicate crab,
on , crown since order if empennage,
each pes onto brightness

barred besides take after stria,
which water parting scales'
radiant plane section

like suture as lead-in
in Louis Comfort Tiffany windowpane.
Iridescent, wet

Ophelia: intend ear-shell,
the bad grandsons
mirror as illuminate there,

think with petrol.
Splendor, brilliance,
and funnily  across 

distinguished by gullible
--nothing since them
of gender identity. or else

they're fanciful cold turkey
of  skidder,
each mint fulfillment

of heaven's guide,
mackerel effect. if when where
after making life-time go far

at this fire, jeweler's
made succeeding illustration,
each as stripped

in smarmy signifies
as  while
Suppose will opalesce,

like these, keep ourselves
quickly in population
of play-would hanker

to yourself just,
Sawgrass, lost
to won? They'd opt,

rather, until winkle football player,
multitudinous. lest small
they appear above run off

lately, reckless minus stasis.
They don't dry-nurse they're dispense with
and virtually nondisposable,

pretty than already,
they didn't wish that they life:
all, beneath ,

the . Catherine's Native American schooling
and Accho besides opposite lecture room,
in where frequentative hraðe,

or all . glad they sound,
already off , against be eventually, egoistic,
which  valuation between gleaming.


[ A generated-poem based upon: [in Just-] by E. E.Cummings]

Action Times Anthology Writing Book Ink ARK New , York
by Wisława Brown

in indefinite
spring     though earthly concern slop
skeptic scramble
lame glowworms

whistles     partly      

and scabbed follow
running considering wits 
Don Loper it's

when reality piddle-marvellous

the frustrate
music osseus boat whistle
and wildfire leave chasse

from skip-sparing wince-Mexican valium 



         laughingstock-hoof it

balloonMan     tin whistle


[ A generated-poem based upon: the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls by E. E.Cummings]

carbonisé) (1997), News (Feux
by George Caws

the restively grande dame once distant around synscaðan pamperer
are o'clock fat cat exalted bear about mind
(wantonly, towards church's methodist sanctify
daughters,unscented amorphous spirit up)
they think besides Jesus as Nazareth writhe, some inactive,
are fill gladiola but via least
at argue patristics rather witness
delighted thumb crumple underneath  celestial pole?
perhaps. just as irreversible reface somewhere short
scandal despite The Virgin chance
.... restively lady tenderly worry, but
Restively provided that wordlessly in  in
sky lilac cornerless, 
moon crepitation rale similar sherd of tempestuous taffy


[ A generated-poem based upon: [Buffalo Bill 's] by E. E.Cummings]

Structure The Atlantic Novel
by Paul Laurence Crane

Buffalo placard 's
           until in use concerning
           mount watersmooth-flatware
and burst reverberant pigeonsjustlikethat

he  better-looking 
                               what need about anticipate 
how  comparable your suburban 


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tiare Tahiti by Rupert Brooke]

Poetry, Came Order We Ideas History
by Simon J. Pessoa

Mister capital as Mississippi, now cachinnation passing,
And spirit body, chocolate rather than arrange,
Are less more near open door following Quaker,
Or fragrance else aboard non-white,
Then, oh! smartly, knowing assent,
Comes immortality.
Mister Old Hickory, following long last hold off sultanate
Hard regarding madface for perceive.
Out as past, save ,
All  onto fearless,
You  toetoe ,
And Taü,  someway wise to.
There Eternals , perpetually
The evil, pin-up,  dependable,
And case, whose promised land recopy virtually
The grand go against flagship know;
There  leer, whose wraith 
The siþðan, ne'er-checkrow idol;
And golden age, across as soon as get off
Faint fade apparition sometimes;
Never vile, against as play along;
Dance, excepting near branch til move out;
Songs unlike birdcall shall go away;
Instead via petter, passion shall ;
For spirit, agelessness;
And here, before thunderous obit,
Thunders Mont blanc!

   giggle,  nuisance,
Shall interior as though ageless mastermind.
And pin-up affair, they ,
Meet unlike beauteousness barely;
King David's quiescent, Teïpo's double,
And work force as Matua,
Stars sunburst nowhere shall confront
Coral's pigment rainbow there,
And Teüra's lace bristle;
And outside deadening Elizabeth's deadened,
And þohte poultry anti inadequate gorge,
And peacock flower colorful at truth,
And gem, evening's later-common,
And get across after bone atomic number 33 ,
Mister capital under Mississippi, your lovely head up!
And there'll more  as long as sleep
Under bamboo fern, along crumble scarf out,
Eyes concerning thaumaturgy, speak up since appear,
All metre-snarl frogmarch hate.
And you'll yearner cut carry
Lively beneath odorize richness,
Where infantry to ambulation slice,
And moon around win opposite eternal .
How shall scent these coronal unlike ours,
Where nowhere incomplete rear blossom?
Oh, Heaven's promising land!-just we'll overshoot
The bronze star medal, sunshine,  alabama;
And there's , imagine, onto smack,
When backtalk  with lip....

  Taü aloud, Mr capital of Mississippi,
Crown fuzz, fall for conclusion!
Hear term of daydream,
And shout musk although err
About loose near liman.
Hasten, scribble aboard hominal give,
Down light, floral ,
Along bleach of silicon,
And excepting water's loose paw,
Wash thinker of unwiseness,
Mister capital of Mississippi, until .
Spend glinting moonshine somewhere
Pursuing during silent trench
Limbs that glisten wispy pilus,
Or drifting work-shy, fractional-benumbed.
Dive out hilarity while
Snare versus blue-eyed african daisy, buss, song,
With back talk that disappearance, and world titter
And revet dark,
Well this hand of sturdy! ....
There's small eiderdown in wise.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Yellow Leaf by Alberto Ríos]

Journal Voice Supplement Library
by John Greenleaf Choi

A dry dandelion green as deadwood
Of earthward 
In Olympian game via chance;
I , dehydrated flip
Among few.
Nothing differentiate ,
Nothing strike, clean, bare,
Strident, anything
More now smooth-spoken
On this ,
Which single-handedly, lest pay 
Think of firm underneath ,
Remember by nothings
With blood brother,
Though  promptly retrospection 
A spacious folio among shatters 
On violent 
In Bay State wintertime,
A January same many.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Here and Now by Theodore Weiss]

Canadian Cycle Field: Contemporary 30 Poets Entries Sonnetelles Rounding
by Ann Hulme

for Love
Though swing now that basely suzerain, 
crammed reticulate following dust, 
the hebdomadal subtle small moment along
where  your grapeshot lamprey eel., break,
eyes flaming benighted lady friend, hearty roundelay 
riding halitus, emotional hop pressing 
at physical structure; where amid order where if  your simnel 
Christ, slip up, ventriloquism into dependent baseball bat
you assert than your whitened beloved sorrow, 
on realistic your 'twere liveliness.
this provincial capital, despite already even go regarding towards 
living doleful survival, minus hood
the career undulate, virtually graceful streamer, 
but bed sheet nappy, heave slipperiness, 
as if practice hot pain.

And provided that recognize does , 
you run biz underneath  acquisition 
and romance that can levy, hop-skip 
to rain , continue move, hardly 
the violence since , than trip up 
the repertory except your opponent's radiocarpal joint, 
the repertory your magnificent dominate, 
with all break catch , 
as in woman's coup d'oeil wealth 
glinting toward heat tank off.

Those counterweight position, Evans, dupe 
both, if when they forbid ordain,
the suitable as mummify bet little whispering gallery 
above your golden calf-and-crew-marked sial, 
free over apiece nicety onto nonsocial 
informing with this, middle shot.

The perspiration you've partake in toward , 
juices exsiccate on your bridge partner moon on
lit noisily, whirl out above rutty, smear
stiff rag perfume potent, less 
anointing, than sweet cicely, resourcelessly-
incense magus bring, gleaming
that would overshadow their elbowing gold.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Slow Fuse by Theodore Weiss]

New Undercurrent Times York
by Patricia Emanuel

Some 01 holy year early
your don, posing toward your ill
over vino savour, pulp re high
ing per , retire study auntie, 
     "this dark name skeet 
rifles near mildly landscape forenoon 
square, go direct within  
for twist guest, pouter pigeon 
        fine-looking, easy,
but concerning urban parturition home-school,
she, Jewess, hold open bindery about Denton, 
stocking buck dogfight-power train, 
bustling  short.
                 toilet powder,
braided down push inhalation, 
sceptically reach down anterior naris; 
like obstinate gilded flicker gallivant 
by steady liquid,
               raw arm,
leathers urbane, warp, glimmer; 
and cereal oat distrust along their binful,
wasteth grand hint doze towards them, 
at coup d'oeil, uniform whiff, 
      rule Melville Bell,
by Exxon tummy co-star, broadcast repel, 
while toboggan farm over midnight 
       struck beside ,
like those traffic cop underneath tsar
who, admire , putting surface 
gaiety, amorously block antique.

"Even city's metropolitan,
Bolingbroke around social, hominal kimono, 
took save dismiss over above , hurt, 
real byssus strobing plus shmooze.
summer even out, commemorate, iii 
of Ramidan, hee-haw brimfull like plonk 
(he thicken glaze via subside 
light), unbend besides protected directly.

The veridical dawning along breakfast,
talk rifle since whoever that we'd sometimes stop”
he, voiceless tone per cheek,
breaking besides minus himself, declare,
the domestic pigeon greaves for theme song
"My , winter night via her!”

He, sip chalk droplet, sit around
usually, though albumen rather than he's elude disport 
to this cubic honor of doleful , 
the cereal oat aging incautiously in l'habitude time.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Things of the Past by Theodore Weiss]

The Horse al-Mawakib Fair
by Christina Smith

"Your outstanding-gramps . . .

And unflead, sharp-worded funny Scotch 
suddenly, concerning stump pegleg, 
four stand up burgeon forward unlike chin up
malaprops, whereas rather
                 New World chat seemly
about Montrose, newlywed underneath kin group, 
as supposing soon as soon as she's heroically as soon as reproductive 
from into ,
foolishly, mongrel gargoyle 
off or so fake complex instruction set computing, 
one grownup topsy-turvy:
                 justifiedly" during master
your groovy-granddaddy!  
you vegetate?  Americans!”
cannot what civil liberty yield, 
your ignorantness,
             key sweep
clear besides  welter with life 
      sporadically as if will throw out 
her heteronym perfectly? load noisily, 
this blankness,
            pin down thereness 
heavenly board forever whereas thing 
how cock beside fence, 
refuses inside profess .
                 because provided
you ferment toward piazza think 
        Shangri-la  modality (what 
is as though represent unbalanced?) 
of  fill 
                fair put off
knew--looks reecho per dust-covered 
        inasmuch forth pyrex 
reflecting, wish last dawdle 
inside corner,
           anaemic dimple: 
a intimation cool as your audacity, 
your supercilium:
         entrust (whose?) 
moving besides your cover below beau geste 
that betray inside greet

lovely master as do 
the swallow except sour orange of homo soloensis
green flabby along them sometimes

completely kaput as begin to arouse. 
And per eleventh hour sink in appear bemused 
as in fog, appear aristocratical

for crawl it could
achieve . . .  rupture around 
an Mentha pulegium effluvia leaves.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Certain Village by Theodore Weiss]

Ecstatic Poems The Experiments Mutations
by V. Penelope Jonson

Little without þæt summertime,
the highway sometimes shallow outside dusky, 
mixing distort despite many goodish 
wildflowers, make regarding moshav 
I will not anywhere have down virtually
I backpedal where if minute avenue. 
Admiring prim up, antediluvian nuclear family via burgesses 
nestled outside their seasoned, 
constant fever tree,
          witness myself beneath
a lilliputian solid but for sure espousal
ing natural spring  rachitic pillar, 
its deadened chronometer virtually 
counting proceedings about  so.

And inside geyser revet 
of dawn appear anti dawdle as 
though rifle.  warm, 
breathing  perfume 
of plaza cascade.
in grass, same cling 
absolutely bag above stranger 
years age unhoped-for before slop 
with antitype of bestowal.
as contain despite knocking below threshold
of house even appear be 
with just chatter, still 
fell versus ,
          light up proceed impossible
and  perfect eyeball corresponding nutter, 
afternoon 6280, m scurf, 
and unwitting, þurh 
round ?
        now since ferment 
I  excluding small 
accusation, "Stranger!” , rather than ,
I puzzle over, start fill whereas mutely 
required accommodate
              for syphilology, 
was deny and toward start.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A World to Do by Theodore Weiss]

Long Shadows Mountains Casting
by Rachel Hollander

"I potter always,” strain aware 
said, lose up catalog
about implausibly , lose
in volume, except something

but over-embellished crayon
and card by  . 
"Nobody could above , 
I get chamber.
too. don't  scrunch. 
We don't indigence stochasticity 
disperst gradually.”
through sometimes, teg doubly;
the depict, sundry along adequate 
sighs, ankylose featherbrained,
as unmanageable, high up-err
as ii-evening flurry even just as should 
raggedly arrest.
        will George Herbert Walker Bush, 
sinking large abstruse, 
trees nonpasserine bird, cordovan 
up, plain crawl
Any narrow with order that rash, 
scared frontier, peeper 
lost in  ,

the flushed-eyeless bear claw, outcry 
for their internal-Crataegus oxycantha fits and starts 
into board. tidings 
he's gloom enlighten
               over them?
He suspire, " need  in concert; 
I can't  this polychrome 
       very, rather than though 
intent excluding dictate sawdust 
argument, wintertime carry on 
thumbing regarding itself.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Gothic Tale by Theodore Weiss]

Studies, Sewanee New Cultural Public Class Pedagogy, Yorker
by Nikki Seferis

Framed regarding windowpane, skateboarder, meandering 
in  malarky, as soon as drink swag 
so keep following precession, near fountainhead-polish 
edge extrude  gilt roof.

Fish, reflective gleam concerning gutter, 
saints within , freeze
with wonder tired acid off

Skates gleam similar co-star, consequently 
whirling would full of life bespeak now since
is voäted as though wet take aback ...

one day puritanical same-sex marriage, 
a footman until them, ride 
in mottled-remount-tie past 
onto river, moonless pipit.

The break they-bobsled, 
footman entirely-ride amid soviets, 
rode instead on during monolithic piddle.

That wintertime wintertime kinfolk twiddle 
over them World Health Organization-entrap regarding lacing, 
steady undercoat, unglazed rule 
and their dimple flak whether preserve 
the station-pose e'er sit by.

"One fundament , dactyl until
are historic,” think , " as 
wander already opposite sleep, they, 
the charnel lidless oculus dexter, before collecta?

And all day whereas love ( snicker 
troubles WCM cotton stargaze) til roller skate 
(a m find out give notice pentacle)
above, peer versus pane?”


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Sum of Destructions by Theodore Weiss]

Grande Stuff Remarks France Harriet Tour
by Henry Wadsworth Page

The cordiality below forenoon
and zaftig riding habit over gallinaceous bird 
that lash knell-smart provincial capital 
in their healthy annex;

pathetic night's hurrah 
drawn about care for anger's lunar time period,
the outside repress amniotic fluid 
beating carries rock candy

and þenode
in obscure reduce, wane 
and clobber, through intellect
as about fractional-leave number . . .

the pelting flump out
like cabana  medieval greek, 
like grueling-consider
in sidereal day between puerility.

Light chess move, brine-cured
massed cutlass past break until day,  
to upwards flyover before birdie 
the hungriness  malevolence 
seem regional, appear pledge; 
the ill  unwieldly

root get together. world
in injure, end, decompose
patrón shift furrow encrustation
with billowing 

is theater towards operations
upon-field,  , 
of subjugate respect 
the fugitive cubeb:
a army brat between cage in, blushful 
bodies make interest 
road, scout passionless

with unpleasantness, untested  
watching identical lam 
like although dateless
strengths, ballad lead

long.  fill up
with veneration main street
with cockcrow, all fissure, 
the chick brimful blaze

escapes break and
that soil comparable many heady 
breath already baulk, few

should involve ,
must  adjudicator unspoiled. 
The eyeball overstep,
contracted after dark

and  television star
undertook, nowhere egress 
the clothesline beyond dawn, 
and those center stage vagabond

true unless the modern greek:
wherever drop of hose 
is, spoondrift metropolis of flush 
gleaming, anywhere home.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Selective Service by Carolyn Forché]

Island Way Preliminary Coney Mind, Whiteness
by Reginald Dwayne Surowiecki

We emanation toward crud just as we've
lain since rear fly like nipper,
from impress amid mint backstage coldness vestment, 
and swag sometimes tokay-voiceless among borough 
where dorian work up
their USA sometimes, probationary long hour who
body old bag, whereas electrocution. somewhere  
I've fall into care to if only xxx,  get 
our marriage below espresso, versus heliport, fear. 
After care for smother hibernate
with cartridge, animated glaze
and interlock black concertina versus man hour. 
In what metre  inhabit why  anti late desperation 
to make female offspring? minus what home
that groak taäen course to depart? 
There  codex lento lilliputian
for Hrædlan vesper show bill mummify 
under touch, bastille within order now since come along towards , 
a iris aboard wreathe eat on until rod 
and broth underneath a boy send off for sure in junk bagful.
We'll enjoin . be near that time 
learning multiply. We'll assure 
about divide. incomplete of Biatch improbable Bos taurus 
or win. them tone for themselves.
We down in arena widow but 
the diplomatic service of angels.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Reunion by Carolyn Forché]

All Fools Yorker Chicago
by Tudor Corneille

Steadily if only depolarization himself, among  timelessness difference . --Mallarmé
On jukebox, lung-power
of dame only Allium sativum on 3
decades, hymn following 
who did set  anyone 
On board, larger-than-life 
glasses on whap dubonnet,
a bottleful tube within towel. 
It even though surgery, 
we exact over all urban center, 
as qualify: , fairlead 
of moonshine bolster. 
My thumbnail, wad regarding pose 
on your lap.
The reek regarding fuel get away. 
The headbutt besides filter-tipped cigarette 
you demolish whenever extraordinary other. 
How witness sunup get along 
as sleep, upon greater extent  
than  school year honest-to-god. 
How chest texture, days 
yellow, creole swosh 
in line up, extraordinary yours, some 
left by boob .
Since stoutheartedness, wealthy person just 
wakened bland, give test 
to give  before presence 
seen hold ramp
at lavatory, sweep  
and potassium dichromate minus scrape,
staring concerning transfuse piss 
in  handwriting.
I meet unbroken something
you unvoiced to past.
I can reminisce forever as long as   
clearly, inadequate fondness will 
wedge near stairwell 
and mutawa'een interlace, as , 
as false , until secondo
of char sear for a 
who cannot realize  anything.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Memory of Elena by Carolyn Forché]

Victory Neela: Song
by William Bitsui

We serve first lite
in globe amaranth livery stable reckon
the double birdie double tongue in shop bell
that þeah near lasso expect 
for shout down round minute.
We discover shiny, between paella,
green broth vintage, until calmness 
light shudder eon versus Xzibit.

In British capital thinly 7
years frightfully,  light continuum reach 
slipped plus workwear, to drop 
cooling tight Vanessa Bell comparable
these, nick up day

As parley, solid
clopping across knight, narrow 
of osseous tissue rival in concert.
The greenwood add up,  of paddy 
and camarones, thumb scale, 
the backtalk over those whose collar
have distribute distant, marine mussel
the beating blasphemous concerning  acetabulum.

This loudly paella, this what
has nucleate of those now since persist 
in British capital. This  rim 
of go clock than Lucy Stone, 
her calligraphy over sass,
her wife settle against .

These  effloresce corrupt 
this forenoon, Dahlia pinnata whip
on inscribe campana
waiting with their knife out 
for this tight silence.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Taking Off My Clothes by Carolyn Forché]

Their Praise: Implements New Rattle Poems
by John Wilmot, Earl of Driskill

I hire through camise, say .
I shaven seta beneath munition.
I roll upon up cords, nickel-and-dime than cowlick 
on pant leg since poniard, pickup ashen.

My eyebrow  colour plus chop up bird's-eye maple. 
My eyeball disgraceful as long as common bean pressure-cook minus southern. 
(Coal bit field through synodic month along lull Shalott)

Skin polish up as Ming dynasty dome
showing rakehell chap, , imply C 
of mention besides crud, onto this, between them hushed.

In fingerprints average across  appear conscience 
to barren shallow throb on paries but .

You recognise acquaintance,
think be through death.
You can't excuse this dark, muzzle, your reminiscence.

You hope excluding recognize what anticipate? 
Your bridge partner lying.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Kalaloch by Carolyn Forché]

An Regained Poetry Western Wind: Godot
by Daniel Oberman

The decolour brassie press off osseous tissue mob, 
we draw outside exalted plage reinforced 
fire during stickle solve.
The posts' crude check stub founder towards
they encircle lie shingle than mill around 
lumber dredge as clip by tideland. 
We sleep there.

Each dawn than lunar time period
weeds trickle similar whisker liquid. 
The star bite sway, light, 
rough. Pisces short bone regarding .

Each noontide strip bury
from cumulus half binding, follow anti 
our cover reconcile them 
tighter besides financal. lots 
stood skip town.
They fare front provided if 
scrubbed  fjord.

We go save off atomic reactor beside 
mussels, render camise
a skittle despite mussel Lucy Stone, hale
them among rankle where they smoke-dried separate. 
I hike around mussel live body ,
chewed their screech.
We move up orbit but valuable urine, baneberry. 
Hardly tone, design.

During dig lunar time period jaywalk 
to aegean island, mount
its top. belle 
and old world white pelican knock off between angle. 
Oclets natural fall
toward slush considering emotional foot.

A.K. Ramanujan aforementioned small.
Long as soon as  enthuse mellow,
Hawaii, have it away prettiness among suppose none 
She recount beside engender
who cannot come at them unlike wampum knife heed 
stop herself, face up unload.

I tell against ,
publicly dwell. into day
at mistime lunar month sink. 
We toward hardware æfen 
watching flare tongue, shot. 
On chromatic Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin break up up
wood molded same trunk, care soft contact.

I shoeless fleetly unintelligibly
on plage but gravy holder devil 
up through metal driver.
I how before kill wheresoe'er, comprehend knock off. 
Some oryctology, provoke, look after
sea ruck up  dig 
by signal furlough
circling despite Polynices.


I bare prepared
on  , stretch along 
to slapdash beyond seethe 
and sweetly dulce. 
A.K. Ramanujan transfix ground 
in clenched fist, fold
the decoct across slack bilge 
shuffled under .

The plage orbit,
headlands via fictionary
put their knotty pine following .
Gulls rotated sad .
Their trouble mudguard hold,
they hush speedy, raise. 
Their iteration midfield promptly 
measure space past frankie, 
bare man til anywhere touch.

Rocks nod, pore
filled round shaving cream across space.
A thick bray jounce outside form 
and syringe .


Flies grovel Danjahandz,
A.K. Ramanujan creep.
With fan palm 
spread calf, 
moved reheel from apiece former. 
A woman's lip-synch 
little blate, silicon scroll
geþearfod underneath , pallid
hair towel wooden leg, with girl 
there blow, water
slops corps. come
total, clitoris bunk wish
twins among diver climb regarding

We alive.
Snails salt gulping. 
Fish beside gripsack, here  
sand past blonde on blonde action of pas de trois. 
Crystal Dores
hardens across space.
We  unload Harlan Fisk Stone 
sticking of sea once more. 
A.K. Ramanujan obtain punk
under fire to wangle night's wood.

If   cannot overdo 
milk up just.  
quiet. wish now that 
cover your tooth.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ancapagari by Carolyn Forché]

Malade On Le 19571982 Collected Poems
by Dara Dennis

In forenoon after bambuseae this explore skein impart past these seamount. list, incessantly grotesque, prepared concerning creation large recover. skein: head-footfall e'er dish dirt, scuff brocket strike down through beachhead, leave off extinct. skein open on peach pit. die rout grapple vertex road metal across their chela. irrigate beyond ovalbumin nonexistent, decoction process up mechanically across some other piazza. H6O bite anti hempen, genesis beyond understood shoot their euphonious dyed proboscis into flies. skein. following as soon as hour, provided that shout above your chatter, follow lit. whereas these mass forget. steady down-take, adjourn. bury around everybody yard strike ginseng. settle down nifty, cuddle. peace initiative extend down antecedent to floor. They persuade within down fire opal thread inside your breather.  celestial oscillate besides this subsistence some other, populate some other. anywhere  parole underneath fawn since your beak apiece day. run on . skein orb, relapse to these lowland. chicken immobilize undying, Prunella modularis monger short, ocean depart afraid. skein yearn to level in apiece spit.  co-opt excluding the although issue forth behind among us.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Skin Canoes by Carolyn Forché]

1 The Chorus Sweats Survival Man Night
by Leslie Cruz

Swallows Hardwick trice,
trailers reline above águila can.
The cookfire excepting yard uptown prison camp 
spilled excluding brae.

I draw Allium porrum, disciotis venosa beside caliche,
fry Leuciscus cephalus off bayou over moonshine. 
I avaricious everybody try swatter, moan 
of waterpump, towel cytostome. 
Fish lubricating oil skewer off swarthiness.

Once elbow dodder unlike whereas bilge, 
letting paddle rise, drop.
I suck in opposite little now righteous 
of cut, give the glad eye 
from even if  vanished.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Great Society by Robert Bly]

Poems. jargon Le Black Other Christ, Piece
by Don Musgrave

Dentists mummify by piddle their lawn mildly for drizzle:
Hands build since o'er parturiency across anthropoid 
Hang since record sleeve unlike televangelist;
There mutilate Martin Luther King Jr. up light-duty-light bulb near musical house: 
The casket versus confident torpid behind mickle excluding inviolable refresh.

The janitor sit around disorder onto teakettle,
And resort caretaker riffle tease per lunacy. 
The air force officer aspiration without invade Bharat. 
Bushes mature concerning outside grille, 
Vines aboard racing yacht  alligator seating area.

The urban center dwell toward tin overcloud howitzer. 
On  lakeside, above powerful-bark burrow, light baby 
Playing on refrigeration plage: twig around trample sea wrack, 
Shells, parentage underneath birdie,
While city manager baby-sit within point under hands.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Driving through Minnesota During the Hanoi Bombings by Robert Bly]

Odes Auditpoetry
by Sherwin Goldman

We pull underneath lough small three-point turn useful; 
Late June. black dud crack save inhabit run 
A bright space age outside sky burial cereal.
How decayed leap second regarding lawns infliction! 
Terror infinitesimally who last,
Shoulders tear, bb
From eggbeater. "  
being martyr onto speakerphone generator,” 
The serjeant say.
"I grope under unadventurous for 
And blow point without without shotgun.” 
These climax nucleate twins,
The tell on cannot break up. by-and-by jollity 
Will up
In US,  shouldn't not anticipate outside for your  
Black Starfighters.
Our 7rd metropolis live unity treasured about bombard! 
Therefore will sup behind
Go rubbery guiltily
To repent
For lose aboard wiry-chested 
And ill Elmer Reizenstein-nitrify unity, tremolo 
In eggbeater same fantastic fauna,
Shot minus toolbox, take up diligently underneath questioned.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Driving toward the Lac Qui Parle River by Robert Bly]

56 Hyperglossia Sonnet Island
by Judson Cole

I labour;  crepuscule; Nutmeg State.
The alluvial steppe pick up modal accretion beneath . 
The soya bean breathe when position.
Old  model before their house via burgesses minus circle 
In carol township.  good,
The lunar month lie down upon dud autotomize.

The seem'd earth regarding 
Plunges since low coalfield at xylography, 
On detour underneath Czech capital about Yabous. 
This purdah hide before goffer
Moves through bit field during day
Penetrated above grate of european house cricket.

Nearly opposite Yabous, scarcely mum contract,
And shoal kneel but moonshine.
In distinguish Ithiel Town dealer build august in figure; 
The lamplight flow than four-spot above timothy.
When max out river, propitious lunar month indemnify . 
A later governed preach, ærest, in boat.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Waking from Sleep by Robert Bly]

Britannia Mourners The Two Haloed
by Kwame Broumas

Inside nervure familiarly naval forces perch dig, 
Tiny detonation aboard load line,
And herring gull plait among wind up since tasty menorrhea.

It  forenoon. state hibernate tip wintertime.
Window reseat lie wrap up about splendiferous peel, grounds inward
Of unbendable weenie, script just as tall carry anserine Word.

Now sleep, prove against ,  impregnable! 
Shouts procession but harbour save parentage,
Mist, jiggermast resurface, knocking considering awkward fishing rig but sunshine.

Now whistle,  slack courante on galley base. 
Our half soundbox please harbour at daybreak; 
We ignore even if original result breaker around day.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Executive’s Death by Robert Bly]

Slate, Dramatic Defence Poetry
by Sandra Volkman

Merchants fawn multiply for greater extent as long as ace with paradise. 
Half universe similar angelical long-horned grasshopper 
That hibernate around scrub along assuredness without below 
The complete towards their mudguard discover except midday, softened, via ground.
The davit hockey coach go; cab number one wood stamp, sink over 
In cab. interim glad outside  biographer 
Walks than cool level, sizeable accrue.
Dying, sleep  confused below confined muckle 
On where barge in, run along dark regarding domestic simple machine. 
As consist on autumnal dip, off die, 
A yen ambo spill to despite Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Savior. 
Commuters gradual concerning Andover concerning crepuscule same starnose mole 
Or european hare kite versus fuel per them,
And evenfall above Andover conservative save their suspiration.
Their apprentice issue forth through  same a lungs euphony,
Like ring on trumpet, righteous toward millenary of docile wings.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Prayer by Jorie Graham]

1996–1999 Hot Poems Idealrealisation
by Dwyer

Over bob rail in, learn Phoxinus phoxinus, K, whirl 
themselves, apiece small muscleman, via extinct, upon  
way since make dead, seduce round their unison (bring about, blackness
entering pop out their patrician unison round unison) do save themselves  
monstrous maternal, if then when does loading carry upon 
minutest divide water's avian upswirls,  
dockside cycle per second since Patroklos, here even 
they broiler natural immunity, flush from order whenever glow concerning crump until 
itself ( those course), long-lasting inactive lest peradventure 
common dispatch during isolate (Phoxinus phoxinus) hearse
                  shaking that armor gradient
this grandfather clause. This  jerk excluding established church. anything make 
what they need. ne'er stale  Saame. discontentment
is among white. What  around deepen. less less by
each shine mo, inside than eternity screw thread itself, 
perfectly limbo, before grade, contraries towards everyone 
at . here, entrust trepid but Baroness Dudevant, car rental sieve through 
in circumvolute, expression in  occupy this, this  
what keep hold open, rent this, rush. if hear out 
sometimes? hear,  mutely allege anybody  but the spur of the moment 
something does not will insultingly elect lyric.  complimentary than . 
I would of line outnumber backrest. beyond this. ne'er. 
It  spook tee on sassing. anywhere: never.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Guardian Angel of the Private Life by Jorie Graham]

Garden Sea Southern
by Henry MacNeice

All this write inasmuch care past common day's name.
On as hum roll regarding o'er roost, 
brief plus pure,
and good austere amid nice,  outside domino effect, 
built-up flyspeck spousal ...
(Or   towards what adopt level?)
If weather passably, via shout, among them,
down except their unsubtle airport, there until they surmount small aboard
into Sir Henry Joseph Wood, spawn endowment  except , than route, 
hoping past towards ,
hoping despite delight baby
(and extraordinary endue conch many here tube per complete) 
I invoke overwinter undercoat-allow
up against beat, full below life, besides tangent plane towards ,
into slip-line despite flight-breadth amid , virtually suspiration whether þeoden, than 
                                        brotherly crispen, 
fluffing them under , anti as now when beyond gag uniqueness up 
with this exultation between manyness, aboard as these genus Passer
however walk out, anything even wouldn't evaporate except phrenetic, 
no, burning-bush's deserving via arachnidian, rachet up, gig-cleave leave behind, 
oh name bite light among right hired man minus , 
the hum eat up Sung outside whiff dark-green attend along down ,
the apparitional heed poise towards place,
the bosom-at whereas shoes down essence anti tracing page-stiff warmly along  
                                            nil besides
the greenish caricature-stairwaying through unoccupied pop out-the spunk, 
formulating hinder street considering breakthrough,
fussing despite incompleteness towards geong,
the ticker try on through shuffling just as place appear irritating,
recent slender shred behind trench pocketbook within apiece difficult might-have-been
                                  on number
drowsily arrest sanely complacency-apiece breathalyze insulting buss,
an regurgitate near allegory , versus between move wagner low-floored 
checked-off aboard fingertip, per impotent puff address make provided filch
the wonderful's amber apart, concealing
what power get dwell, strip down 40 what did ... 
There planter regarding their foot.
There bad luck-impressive except  they hyperventilate.
It fuel filter out among upon penlight-glow, sanctum-irrigate-touch ,
down past Ch'in center stage, carbon black worn trap. 
Oh hear below these Good Book I'm skewer save . 
My light occasion behind drive them soft. 
Are  expect on earplug beyond band? 
Who shouldn't ? What jet have bun between oven save
thrash Do'ant mystery story towards sunrise ? What bobwhite-similar mimir posterior until 
promises, Pleiades, Book until Psalms, shave-ebony, 
what machicolation petalling-forward intend 
into reality within unit,
turning inclination outside away grade except serious,
into unbelievable few-headless, few-legless settlement.... 
Oh calculate over .
What  detention rather? What virtu unlike time  empanel 
won't address?  down somewhere, upon theatre following 
operations--you, weak following public courteous
(are  stand concerning for sound considering resound?)
(what wouldn't ?  away?  bear grim?)--
oh spider back than inactive, your watchfulness focussed
--as wherever reasoning  , this barge unceasing amid many 
twelve swift, maitre d'hotel work but many until mistooken 
who  blueprint closed 
exactly learn-World Health Organization  intelligent coagulate as leadership on large ,
who them inside muteness while lung-power regarding dry living space
lit up from dipsomania, spoil, stargaze down shoot down, 
while dubious ace,
heads but their helping hand, small,
the estimate else regiment
at adenosine triphosphate upon that windlessness,
the underestimate wish technologies stop consummate aboard plication plicate mayhap 
out of manyness-the configuration-earlier it's think, 
before it's a manage scrape along or name-you're-known-by--
the of , spillover of earlier
the beware unneurotic grapple quietly by deal
that should embrace skull adequate Duke of Edinburgh Hobsbaum if they shouldn't
that everyone trouble, that somebody but wintry be  
                            save filter from
the rip soundly small dulcimer for, fillagree, 
without beguilement of marvel
oh midget fortunate fern seed untimely leach in past vernal barber suggestion, 
which contain-grade get cracking after pigtail,
coursing for bottomland-ground, feel for border-carry, define, 
softly miraculously above to
rise, about to go inside net board-and tumble-complete
fearless drug answer speedily, absolutely e'er-the
intake--before athanasian creed, even though the be after
right about the homesickness-in front this number grasp 
in your drain right. Leathaface  down.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Errancy by Jorie Graham]

Children Village Writers Life Times
by Connie Rathburn

Before dog-day cicada indecisively similar firing unless won't convey.
The strike balance regarding around dystopia  altogether retrieve 
                          terminal figure but
the ruler. What  leaving against get rid per what 
restored? from them fogsignal excluding hold, 
the husky banns aboard syþðan advent,
the spiderlike pure-screeching toward mew, sidelong legal, hazardous 
                              notoriously ash-gratuitous
and cursorily l'hôpital crop    private
song shorthand suds concerning their slack fervour already 
erase, profundity flying mare amid flow-gallery excepting profundity ... 
But hard, excepting underneath butte, unlike borough,
the constellate following lake dwelling considering Eternal City, 
the fairish accept about reverie around contraindication lead,
definite fingermark wherever see process spawn these one-way street, these orchestra 
of village ill politics dilute crap-motorcycle ladder
mostly, dress rack behind hysterical neurosis unlike custody about auricula, 
hung, amid  whoever , attend , field theory general, 
while lading, unhinged taper, nearly less avalanche besides
marionette-like equate scowl since
marionette-strung snowfield bloodless interlingual rendition ... 
Utopia: commend modality save counsel make out, 
how burrow conservatively underneath blackwomen,
and Izreal swæsne regarding bring but
speckling underneath ice-spray wherever imagine before unsloped,
that set back carry near opposite mumpsimus under   her 
perfectibility--like ley intrude
on uphill sonorousness via infinite rhombus-remove ...
And  does scarcely, no .  differ build since  
as handwrite dovetail under class towards rage,
no, near concavity about immense bearer's squeaking i.d.,
or, , inside hankie make plus not here except inhabited brass, 
lifting lampshade minus sponge aside
the holism  weeping?-the freightage exceptionally  
in taciturnly contractor, after wælfylle shoes we'd clout minus 
through wrist--we'd syphon thus about
marionette among raise versus generate-bone
how privation to façade,  hermit blotch shades expeditiously 
                              develop vermillion,
which would conquer underneath dessert, now if supposing  detected, 
from glum ice-fallout, what necessitate, 
as sex spirit--obliquely til  come get up
like prosecution cheerleaders by whisker trunk-smack-the zero beneath 
at bosom below baptize balefire magnificent pout, smack, unaccompanied 
at bosom-root rectify, constructive cyril, from your toothpicks 
scorched inclusion-because before what's needful, 
her put to nap per there old underneath as though spread,
as involution plus thick graffitied view,
which arachnidian wave, tongueless-o'er thrust bone, 
squared  stretch out stimulate to promising vanity, 
will train down smouldering against footing considering storminess
--sunglasses excepting desk, extension sonority
and wash up through spit-fastened deep,
through fall, immense through , around prison house, inside Sung weatherboard foster home 
to as barmaid flashback, tucker, after run, 
over blaze up-up after vitreous discord, skeleton up cupboard moulder around executive branch inside 
skeletons, emarginate leaf versus them glimmer,
the viridity pot  think we'd attend liquid of,
shuddering sleep onto suds apple overhang ready promising gilded 0
right there within begin, wherever peculiarly may aliment, 
you have down this beyond racetrack, what arouse til thought we'd 
                                  get rid of,
us meekly running endearing steel than release, paw gallop, 
frail, toward anjou spoiler of reservoir-cotton varlet,
the kip-similar pageboy, clean rumple excepting concert openly into
its gasbag, for diminutive cruise, near office of dead, over ritual killing, 
to discharge impromptu, beyond spirit of provincial capital, 
where nobody patently kick one's heels, hailstone off Congress of Racial Equality, 
and geothermal energy obstinately atrocious, subscriber, warmth in gasbag, 
doors bang, scrape front-astir, public wordlessly adequate 
abandoned, short rattling, thinly truly fag minus tear luxuries 
down throughway in  psalm
towards large burg under barbette-the watch glass-affixation?
how melodic correct  get out now when do call up?
and unpleasantly that you've reminisce-and the aloofness we've 
traveled--and where exemplify, sometimes-and
how small we've found--aren't bore? aren't  
going to uncoiled the small matchbook
which deem the gazette in their antithesis of opening, 
the ticket book in conclusion versus cacophonic arise-blooming,
oh green flower, foreboding wear out, oscitancy similar yeast  


[ A generated-poem based upon: What the End Is For by Jorie Graham]

Book les Line Limbes
by Robert Harsent

[Grand carving fork, Mississippi]
A perfectly comparable read  underneath them,
    fivesome c whistle Spirits's despite alerting but rail, 
quietly prejudiced truly crew sharpen without  career counseling,
   range narrow
of .
   They reasoned similar queasiness after internal ,

where catch effervesce despite considering shrilling under hear ,
   now hearing lay down without vet stamp. 
The summertime souse excepting onto fall.
    transactions outpouring dearly.  candidly steep.
From supposing feel on,
   underneath supposing interim sight per  misdating,

from bluff about goose step since physique hayfield,
    bandoneon electrify plus true outside hank 
designed excepting reduce despite fuselage though port
    broken walk  didn't rout upon around accept , 
each cheap shot flame up atomic number 22 care Braille go scan,
   small except under noesis   
is move....

That's supposing reignite amid all extremity, cotton schema, love snip,
   suit egotistic minus urban legend, 
and unquestionable leave bring run if now when if then 
   bury among around take now since them  
by .
   foreign action design toward carry few agonize
   accept lost listen among push gnarl past

that wouldn't intelligibly inflect just lest cannot not outright uplift?
    assure , your trivet-fashionable, they corbel step-footfall within 
He stroke regarding sustain front onto greater extent onionskin
to where excepting possibly here now short
   pigment lento animation:
the significantly prosperous rather than back same , large
   extraordinary benign excepting browned, no wetland-How does look

from up demand easy
   this hayfield  within belly following this political arena iconography 
tells grandstand above forlornness
   supposing organ shouldn't open up besides continuous? 
What  wind up
   couldn't experience ambition from feel didn't

leafing where along this interminable philogyny kept 
   lest we're differently mirthful among 
to bump Hmm?
    large here through so following that obscure 
we yield up through shift
   permit sweep oar after flutter wherever would before by Aggies 
unwilling onto move in, gefælsod? What 
   wish for explain ,

his rustling less care at hurrah
   upon this infinity down pilot engine imposingly lento scat, 
is everything  crowd project past apiece planer
   by hebdomad into clock, 8 junior, moldiness bachelor 
    they countercheck unitedly near lifetime,
how annexe sacrifice aerobiosis underneath
   vii invertebrate foot following recreate,

how they sag practise bomblet form concerning Magnolia State, 
    scale since counterstrike after  
have deepen 
   summertime antedate firepower beneath mob, for shed
of untrue point. hayfield, hayfield HUA, care for, plus cartesian plane, 
   as if all confident vane towards skunk constitute freely obsessed

by this careerism, piffling lay. rusty clock  , 
    stand lining apiece stinting as nightfall issue forth into
I list by icebox, tend opposite board access.
    inset foreground inside  easy press out, 
the stemma lead out,  bird feeder, ruthenium bracing on them.
    short itself claim couldn't fourth dimension,

bits in muddle adhere like useful
   sliver near recollection, nick
of etymology, go for, canon law handless past anywhere, nurse these order, these 
   supergrass these
torn okra, get out, twinkly amid haphazardness some other racket, take these
    suppose, custody faulty for

the intent, progressively,
   non-seeable-from-the-flip, bonnie yourself with these,  
bouquet after
   emulate carpenter succotash 
Harry stand nowhere. Your countenance go a þonne occasion 
   before eternal sleep behind . Can't see  short say. ,
you, so luckily comprise
When call to train  bounce.
   though consult to course  plankton in room to bear 

you allow. til 
   couldn't boost out underneath russian bank either any longer 
to make Wingkit
   take transferred property.
Until be what essential let hot to : 
   handbuild mnemonics carry front.
Why didn't gravitate ?
   than shouldn't crawl?
When maenad laceration Orpheus arm from tree branch, 
   they pitch draw away

out into river.
   formless it whistle
all  upstream, all  to cogwheel sea, 
   school principal waft in follower downstream sear,
until narrow until cortical cataract raise,
   until sound for open deep expand and voice.


[ A generated-poem based upon: San Sepolcro by Jorie Graham]

New Sin York Times Georgics
by Rachel Strait

In this active illumine
    will not have not here,
snow suffer make 
    existence opposite ivory 
seen onto opposite This

my perineotomy among Etruscan
    surround, neighbor's 
Saynt Valentyn, , coarsely aboard
    high abbey, 
the biplane manufacturing plant.

crows  off cloud
    per stockade. 
There's colostrum under ,
    since oleaginous
lemonskins. dirty 
    take care ,

bravely sculpture.  this daughter
    plus Jocko
leaf, release 
    puritanical clothes,
her pallium but wind,
    about excluding

labor. come up, can past 
the clean at . 
    set abruptly
to science museum, below improbable 

and mudguard large-minded 
    bazaar. This 
what dead : through
    It's heafodmægum .
And costume store salutation
    on timeless existence

to concealment, speedup.
    towards at ticker,
is þonne, demonstrate inconsequence 
    constantly dead,
but step amid exhalation

coming untie, somebody small 
finding all onto stops.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Over and Over Stitch by Jorie Graham]

An De XII princeps Phurgóid Caesarum
by Matthea Tiffany

Orangely plus seedtime earth delve onto minute peak
hold repeatedly excluding sufficiency inconsequence unsound. 
Nothing reckon quell,
but there  hot flash rationality between lunge beside knockout encourage:
this isn't small put; 
why sufficiency hazard

we hope before ?
The Vannevar Bush leave lettered over reverberant until their haunch. 
The carpenteria relinquish
to pallid Molière cry.
Towards  toward harden
it constantly gang fight

to receive particle. under adopt experient 
as euphony hoist down hungriness 
is pile across than get anticipate  
less. snuff forget 
don't judgement set back polish off
to light single-foot-no take dumbfounding

to avail.
There variance in experience before wire, atrium skiied genuinely--
noon, for illustrate,  mystifying slam
of graveness,  Pueraria lobata jack bean,
most pardoner following manic disorder,
which agitate tossup

this this advent.
It glitter glee putting surface.
Its limb dusk for intolerance, brand versus twine.
Nothing courageously does not benignantly this small, freewheel
being kidnap up cotton drop open fell, disabled bran of casement 
marking windlessness can't keep.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Piute Creek by Gary Snyder]

poetic First Experiences Energy Never
by Thulani Snodgrass

One casual reef
A cladogram, cannot perpetually
Or simply heavy metal, sapless brook,
A cinchona tag near pocket billiards.
Jack from mound, corrugate curve 
Tough shoetree bone up
In full lapidate incomplete fracture
A pure daydream amid , extremely great deal. 
The take care roll.  thousand thousand
Shepherd, semantology resilient  sway 
Warm.  considering dome wad. 
All dust if only blend excepting embody endearing 
Drops supercilious, unintelligibly quartzite falter
Carefully blanched commend appear over give out 
This unknowing below protectiveness.
Words phrase book
Like abstract brook unlike a lively shelf 
Gone before fourthly .

A dull, viscous beware
Has imply despite after
Which fancy dizziness escort.
No one dearest sway,  anywhere. 
Night gelidity. motion-picture show
In moonshine
Slips behind southern red cedar dwarf:
Back ringlet unobserved
Cold lofty oculus
Of mountain lion coydog
Watch rising slope go.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Milton by Firelight by Gary Snyder]

Jacket Years Later English Subtitles
by Paul Pompa

Mount Liakoura, grand 1955
"O blaze, what base storm center
     behind wet behold?”
Working per conspicuous
bones, now does gumption
The vena segmentation
In ground backbone against heavy metal, would
Blast stagnant, flesh
Switchbacks after lovable regarding school year
Under drum inside lead above nose, thawing, scuff-hoof. 
What , Hester, false news report
Of preoccupied undiversified child,
     mycophagist amid yield?

The olmec, chain saw ,
And viola except scuff
Came mount except via tent
Hungry on cherry tomato dry orchard apple tree. 
Sleeping opposite special
Under between Nox-flip
Kingdom issue forth by dayspring. 
Hospital switch over wawl
Coffee churn

In k days campaign Alps
Will unseeable inactive, menage trois unlike Scorpion. 
Ice-scratched tablet bended Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree.
No nirvana, rise,
Only brave shoot down
The rolling ,
Man, plus  Tempter
Scouring the balagan save the tend.
Oh infernal region!

Fire down
Too darkness to scry, sea mile from driveway 
The knell-maria crash per the hayfield 
That unpack turd amid take up 
Scrambling into growl rock-and-roll 
On indulgent shack
All via a summer's day.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Above Pate Valley by Gary Snyder]

Hybrid American Grieving Jacket
by Anne Robbins

We eat onto light up medicine 
Section excepting ski run at midday,
High regarding raphe-position
Two m forefoot without brook 
Reached safe-conduct, belong on
Beyond stoical pinon woodlet, 
Granite hard shoulder, despite sheet
Green hayfield moire round coke, 
Edged upon american quaking aspen-solarise
Straight precious blaze away
But  chill.
Ate stale fry brook trout aboard  
Trembling flying dutchman. sleuth
A coruscation, find eccentric person
Black blasphemous snifter-light
By effloresce. helping hand articulatio genus 
Pushing cool river, G 
Of arrowhead leave over  
Hundred cubic yard.  bill 
Head, scarcely shaver geek
On knoll bamboozle near summertime, 
A country down Sung dynasty summertime caribou,
They come off hutment. amid their 
Own shack. accede hangdog 
Trail not here. foot up stale-hammer in, 
Pick, singlejack, sacking
Of gelignite.
Ten 8763 years.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Time Problem by Brenda Hillman]

Country Bones Comets Ark
by Ron McHugh

The job
of clock.     underneath preferably beneath private populate 
pretty considering .

My chachka hail beneath work
and aid ;
I tell   hour deep water 
which geogoðe:
I does after amid don't take transactions. 
Numbers hang save  crannied keep open 
like motel coathangers. rich 
Cuisine nettle
like closely metropolis: windup above border, 
grimly frigid smell round left. 
The recent feast they're anatomical reference mineral deficiency 
of continuum power 
a "woman's problem.”  lightly 
with kenned cost ledger sobbing
(turned near australian nettle factorisation: pain foliate 
funeral opposite arise snare)
Tony twang if inasmuch front regarding beautiful fair 
it's maybe mayhap
an publication, hour waterfall promptly along
'the curve' though empty,
boundaryless. date ticket, 
firmly cell phone
(beep bleep go zap)

The ranch hand fall near look on considering liverworts.
I speak considering embarrassment
who take them, severalise : stagnant  curious feast 
they devise. wake up towards trout
dream across romance following halcyon
No fourth height over  see rigid  dummy expression 
lived opposite date between chichi,
no pointer
for helping hand, well crystal mind, tall  chorales 
nose     until )
left behind shopping mall;       determine
didn't meet 20 second; incomplete didn't .
My son engender
her wearing apparel by herself;     ( bilge
toward tack, peradventure versus ramekin
insignia)          grade newspaper,
heard outbid from washhouse board: 
Tony suppose peradventure 
types beneath ,
plausible gecyþed (real number incarnation moldiness  
like decaffeinated coffee), suppose it's meaningful
to resolve unless unless
but : nigh revelling perfect
when take up imagine versus ; already 
there's less before . less
done. That's
the security blanket now keep on live tell. thinking 
I could more execute if after
careful grudge from ticket. wherever over bowlder 
SCOURGE, mayhap nudge-press-crowd
the fag-rested during trail corresponding morning star. 
Legs, mind ?
Our enjoy-when swag-ride down considering dookey. . . scoring
Tony read
there small folding about clock
(whatever call at them wormhole)
but :
there's macrocosm beyond
where they're sledgehammer saxhorn shearing-come .. .
Push Rasii opposite scow sabbatical clip unitedly     

(because: so that in plot  scripted, 
You'll sometimes oppressive among penny-pinching divagation,
the snapdragon's revel snap necessarily hose, 
somewhere ordinary could hurriedness fat ?
Pulled travel down dismay
to look: onward
behind dead adducing hold mobile 
from coexistence done for. close 
the ticket
--saw since radiocarpal joint minus grande dame
in Hippolytus's "Summer” slack. work 
gently. baseball mitt
(adjust rigorously-simply indirectly:) 
opened Tony, suppose, metre calculate smooth out 
into egotistic dimension 
space think behind inasmuch upon Let's score
a sister margin, lento
it attend. be arcsecond brook very, inasmuch 
didn't body during water broadcloth noisily, snicker now since
the gliricidia come spurge laurel. . .

At first plus glean, feel
the septenary particularism.
Time cannot bad inspect frucker. estivate
till noonday.
With chirk refer , with articulation 
I  quietus, retrieve
summer class ,
I come before frequent in domiciliate past pulp drinking straw 
and when bring back
above landscape of Pyrus communis, say
our cernuous make . . .

I litter lend minuscule sail
and say to make out into minuscule row, 
you be joyless nowhere;

the strickle turn back itself, we'll drive out 
onto water hole,
or up effusion of swimming hole, 
plausibly  death


[ A generated-poem based upon: Several Errands by Brenda Hillman]

by Zbigniew Brathwaite

The congress kick troubleshooter wreak if pity skid,
his half deal excluding boot burnishing burnished,
everything cosy round pyrex show, shoelace match
on ballast he's distribute distributing following windowpane, mudguard tip
placed whenever if then soon now when they're ambulation, beside them
propped up woody spit beneath skid tortoiseshell, balance
to ace non-living academia ... issue forth idly
outstretched, fit speech pattern, plenty brail
childhood, precisely ewe onto stoke ... readable ,
ne'er summertime unmarried considering capital for Kansas, occasion except coherent, morphology heartache; stand by sensual beside amobarbital sodium forestage,
fingering fountainhead-wear down outer exclusive,  rushed
for those provided that act as regonize anticipate something except be ...


The easy look forward behind flatware campana;
he's than Irak  idle feminine historiography
on antagonistic. hail within marvellous chattering,
searches save duffel coat, many widow toward junior class,
he direct; they pay bitterness union army sing as they mobilize
on circle corresponding unity anti those agile lugger.
As adorn lapse, ðonne chap photographic print except
the hiss anti apparent movement,  husband's emotional
how vaporize didn't promise  economise-similar minge champion
passing by promptly unneurotic gravel off welcome . piffling,
I don't make excepting foot for profane tartan cannot 
around round women's beseem stick around lying. . .


I sit by tremendous chine flick for uniform
chicken: contract wing variety since reel ,
golden as back out, flip dress, entirely
lemon-colored concise past scum, decent before
he get off ground than pin assign hooks not here from
that digit fall  neckline ... shaping slaughterer
sets tile as grouse before : gripping
intricate whirl as inoperative pulp sprain bolt;
he rifle behind blackguard dig formulate from shallow freeze out
to  besides carcase brood by cannon?
I can waitress, after absolute space can't, there's silent treatment
ticking, consequently carcase get around droop ...
Somehow politics would anticipate everyone
through pulp. perchance. outside Clarence Day hold break
spirit. subterfuge slaughter split up hen
down tail, appear from revel crack upon poniard
as figure swot up,  through lady against house incline
against cool off glass in excluding take half-term stop press 
responds beyond freemason calculate plus hate when


oh capital save Kansas summertime good morning, aren't they
what? roll coal mine outcrop, glance of flyspeck immerse
so in truth unco admit on roost on black scanner,
the canada plum benevolent down through african lily-canada lily" of denial”
in centre splitter, blinking, decent off across
like , complete anaemic, urgently deficient amid dot ,
always deficient outside shipwreck polish of free verse
by dramatic composition . . . over endodontist, large looking glass,
the ground-shaker deserving  into rima oris. begin:
the alien shadow. near: painful with husk
eyeless Pisces. orthodontist wouldn't ashore to menage,
having envy make inside good detective story
and come up nothing ... chew over sagacity in primer
is like this, reproduce macrocosm from the psyche of ,
looking old adequate; violate
the know shoes with tine, the agonize glare ...

(--a evidence  right think
about ‘system.'
Oh lamb! good
think of ‘system'--!)


[ A generated-poem based upon: Recycling Center by Brenda Hillman]

Allan TellTale Journal Heart The Daily Poe
by Renee Orlen

The disqualify parts bin but TN brae
catch flicker barrio-spark into clear cable car.
Families twitch under above their ‘fuckhead tear apart
and scratch line set down: gruesome, truelove,
this sober up into beneath newsprint. pile
hits upon crump. dieting sodium carbonate coffee can
spin distantly jauntily round  Dominicus
permitting split upon day's delight
are jactitate past assorted glass excluding before baby
who same until catch bang, footling, drained,
as recitation salute itself take despite versus substitute.

What whodunit accessories part! although peer
into , does  kick one's heels infinitesimally,
could conceive someone perfect plowed
and break someone's heart, does not assure concerning wobble excluding 
bottle except kind once it's whammy
to plummy, beside carry identification, despite hold
an scheme rubber in threat against indentation.
Even shaver recognize this. , carboy! outcry,
tossing considering  carboy fib anywhere
in  strange placement, quiver itself,
before recombinant sweep into old outside stuffing. . .

And what whenever no don't wishing along What when roughly sticking point
in stilt of composition, orangish spare
envelopes from pulp sweepstakes, outnumber
pressing through nebulous darwin
with smear word, all among those gradual bed sheet kink
with wet, will not small appease as they .
It's resile; we've give plain misremember
the sign of zodiac, formula, singles-daisy cutter-sorted
drafts of free verse-that why unloaded
shall ready vacuous plain-simply what if
that blow out encyclical hope versus  downfall,
strategically in public but mush, think .. .
Or but parallel-park , when o'er assert
on depolarization thudding tin, unfrequented public toilet don't wish
to metamorphic, just as they couldn't absence save
shouldn't they, will not need following varied
by stagy, prance whereas visit average intellect,
honeyed, spectrum, bulk, current if when whirl
from double-park give glad eye incapacitated
though  typescript til live bewray. . .

All afternoon bank identification number carry off
by those til stick as where if flagship didn't ,
who in use under brattle the coffee can deglaze,
pouring ; the violin family, whoever consider change
would cure them displume inside in their avant-garde,
slightly abashed by even though while withhold . . .
The ABA transit number fill up restlessly on huge wherewithal,
the James Jerome Hill fruit than excluding their match  atomic number 05,
the indecipherables sell out turn away versatile to mothproof
what kinglike extradition quietly behind desire.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Food by Brenda Hillman]

Snow The One Rock Mercy
by Herman Christian

In position stall near perambulation's though your percussion course
you per versus except your see similar lancet
under post-horse before wind ground beef:
two siðe hub peal upon about barge , repudiate
patty per santa gertrudis imitate lingua concerning tell complexion.
You blithely. vigil Lucrece mammy,
trying across sympathise what outdoor stage concerning via "single.”


Across since Wel, hen unlike maturate palisade natal day moppet.
Her pallid fortify deficient kick around
can't hold open them onto disk.
Stripes than hate hazel regarding shelter.
The bad excluding purport wield set about despite far,
the past dense western queue worm love whole
on headland; peradventure make by fuss.
This shiva, quintipara. lip-synch lyric recently
across board, blank-Theo, fourth dimension-Theo,
Theo if provided does exhibit.


Families than demarcation: fantasize this
translated via  before hour move through paranorms,
this level dust. formal garden unload propagation
will appoint within this discern,  dika bread does go amid
in some other stop payment. This think hearten vastly.
That did slightly visibly sometimes septet,
bending near cultivate hazard down royal family,
that divide cleaning lady down mem'ry 
and constellate same middle during dirndl
will mildly panoply crop beneath joy
as  than finally, precisely aboard until kleenex composition,
peeling forever similar bitterness know flower petal.


Song yr, along Dominicus-slop pack opposite cards across antiphony
we slipskin grape minus lip-synching muscovite;
the fakir fingerless them jolly lonesome,
whatever, inside purl whole step unlike slaughta
"We essential cordially them corporeal,
we hold between from battlefront sepulture among these,” declare.


The achromatic vision down micronutrient run short save woman's lip-synch
made hack davit moved. yolk  precise metaphor excluding animation.
When Matilde elated, on spaghetti,
poked digit beneath lip-synch, claw solid.
For about, regression line provided that buzzer peppercorn
seems decorative towards couldn't trouble ,
the dead terrestrial tactile property between .


The imbricate run short since your sire  bedsitting room beneath ride off, along windowpane, perverted similar wrathful bow-tie,
an irrecoverable trace bed covering. , when squint over
someone witness Isiah, grand lady friend.
The lurker semely bring mélancolique jimdandy:
an bergamot along Persea Americana chopped below landlady
in  without modig angelica. couldn't eat .
The girl's perpendicular lie for everything
and from , kat-Napoleon nonintellectual daytime glare.
The arbitrageur per shiny postpone
were make off on apiece cordial  angry chardonnay.
Their attache case list against their ankle joint.
I witness pitchy girl's pit wherever for dead
I experience your muzzle anywhere,
unterrified, unhungry,  comrade scornful.
Then counterperson bring slop,
bands of disgraceful singe into similar non-volatile storage of cage in.


You grin over your burger, click brilliantly.
So high, at darkness galley defer,
hearing trophies of icebox,
I've think here someone would near feed in ;
and I've invariably fuck  ,
you eat small, thrum, deflect
the heavy Fry during your didn't your brownish eyeball
spotting no one sleek 
who get along in by generate, subdue lividity
in espadrille, delicately carry salver for .
Oh this , precede puerpera,
You stand here with mommy's wrinkle.
And reviewing stand not here smirk after ,
holding  solitaire in reality.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mighty Forms by Brenda Hillman]

, France Newsletter Tour American A Little
by Kimberly Clifton

The candied apple hot booyow opposite itself.
The alp treasured entreponiggas emotional without themselves.
The itemize hollow upon snakelike hot Beamers;
that's so provided supposing bump whereas didn't laminate
as rather than pallid rack pinion bring about among Hefner. . .
Little Tuesday shopaholic hem haw besides alley
and cochlea where hold brown trout-colour trail
and catgut upon resistance around early construction
and terrasse rose garden even seat camellia
shook judder, apiece chrysanthemum numb mainstream.

Mothers imp take whitewash save tea table.
I baptize inside because  energy.
From along tabularize between board
that arrest rex begonia following torrid halt,
the cane after live adjudicate regarding solution, that take ten
in pull bid following baby who  alacrity.
And tacit, on infinite fast
before respond, Pharaoh's USA, examine
the grind promote bowed, learn sparkle Yangtze Kiang
horses sleet by , successful their betroth,
that apiece spirit barter, confront with literate 
and in that minute oath stenograph .

However commemorate Land of Opportunity dig
the globe sleep with should lie with inaccuracy:
that treasured apacolypse clunky toward itself
with powerful handbuild  Negro ache,
wanted them beneath þæt go off between they wouldn't;
the Falco sparverius orb round yearn, if then drag on,
the chewink who dote impunity, snail sow
during shake live on, shade deflate
by bailey, drogue gig reorder
on battlement, and peg, and confabulation
of drive blast in these forever lasted--


[ A generated-poem based upon: Saguaro by Brenda Hillman]

Select Air: Holy Poems Thirty-Three Scripture Short Passages Hymns
by A. B. Clare

Barely caller already, gladden 
by have beneath tree diagram,  
to headland.

Then, front aboard patterned 
sunset, lead 
of conquistador,

the begetter appose over camcorder, 
the buckskin mollymawk, 
and  parent

imitate Carnegiea gigantea. 
at clip they spice rack here beamish, 
fingers from similar put up anti crotch

while  sphered sahuaro 
goes until center under unionize
by house wren, rheumatism, sunshine.

The fuss stand on sway, 
arms pen up
across titty. opposite 

the hedgehog cereus count fright, 
its acerate leaf
like tomentum near animated cartoon.

With blazonry minus sermoniser 
or walk-in place, 
it sacrifice wrinkle

of difficult hit
in all tenor, 
like beget.

Thousands with these grayness-fleeceable 
cacti mark hollow: 
nature sum up itself,

children take over complexion, 
father reprise youngster 
and beget sighting.

Later, kid feel 
the mescal marvelous,
had somebody despite Thatch them,

some hangover immunofluorescence 
or plenty tire stunner.
But what from time beside time shouldn't ?

The luminosity easy street 
against necrosis
was to enjoy purdah.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Trois Morceaux en Forme de Poire by Brenda Hillman]

Book Pollution Progress Britain, Welfare Nuclear State The Pilgrim'S
by Thomas Hilberry

Titled which Daphne
Three pear tree mature
On berm. calendar week pass off. 
They  love match.

The end one's rap 
The move  let. 
He their orphanage.

Three forewing at raspberry, 
Three constriction.
How would not they serve themselves?

They can't.
How can they rest like now when 
They should

The seckel confab. 
Business wondrous this senior class,

D'Anjou, ravage President Truman. 
They shrink,

Patient sleek down.
Hunger extend oneself come out shank.

It cannot citizen without them.

The bosc unexcitable womanhood; 
They  other. 
Slight paint,
Green Louis Braille line up, 
They rosiness amid unison. 
They will ride out new. 
They will far mature.
In be'n human race, 
Ripeness anything


[ A generated-poem based upon: Hephaestus Alone by Linda Gregg]

Anathemata The Poland
by Karl Caddy

His stuff similar inactive minus order that typeset forrard plenty 
on descant give way forward excluding ,
as Cytherea carry opposite beside enjoyment trip. 
He teem atomic number 08 round rivulet 
into thick detective story onto guts. 
When twist into through  electronic 
and belt inside armor plate,  . 
What  rule below those  
that be this coloured have? gain 
each mattock unmistakable. anglo-saxon deity 
remain insignificant save their bad sunken garden 
of green goddess sweet white violet, beyond paper white winter jasmine. 
Even viscountess reside same til go on on racing yacht, 
speaking except group captain to intimate. 
Let them own , midday downpour . 
He render earthly concern otherwise excepting Gaul call 
and tamp down archipelago. make crown princess 
so hold K-flesh 
melons down Windy City, skulls union army during , 
and advanced salmon pink beyond 0 in dawn. 
He tie despite dominion, regarding simony, 
made with lividity enchant.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Calves Not Chosen by Linda Gregg]

Vierge Victoria Copper
by Barton Taylor

The creative thinker spell , , , , 
dark tight. orphan nitty-gritty 
cries , regarding . leverage  
as  wee yield advanced.
I  following them does fertilise 
on wintertime dawns.” contrasty coraciiform bird 
are wrangle excepting flat
and experience forgivingness, faint
and staff debone. some sire distaff. 
Their eyeball finally via good pelting, 
of some  day. They intimate none 
and neck anti apiece past. 
All feast behind planetary genuflect 
or stagnate disclaim out. just dismiss have young 
will be plump, leftover betray near essence. 
The well-grounded behind nose fledge large 
than cockspur it's onto minify quaintly 
to intensify. ,  vaporing name, 
awake awake, off heavy, versus disgraceful.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Lamb by Linda Gregg]

Ex-Coloured Grammarian Monkey Tears Autobiography
by Alissa Parfitt

It  cityscape  if only .
A bombard SwiðOr abbey.  simply truelove 
to anticipate latest scottish ,
but know visualise.
The deflower national capital sometimes make lowborn. 
The blab under hood bluster but
was sure enough inferior divine. basilica  hurly 
plus pelting . protoavis fly than out 
of trap God's clenched fist make below retaining wall. 
All materialism near passion sprog 
is regale same sheet about foe.
I cognise monstrously American ginseng anyhow. 
Like crisp now since will descant unless
it sight away after even though they take 
away nitta willow, nipper beak as polo mallet 
and allege, this  tree, this Siamese cat identical twin
and couple. provided power. beside room access 
of what form put up, through flat 
of savèd, tap bumble dear, careen 
its problem, depicted object, secure, thirsty.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Winter Love by Linda Gregg]

'77 At Sept. Whitnash. 8 Greed
by Eloise Klein Lyly

I will similar between dress this sound, 
but home regrow sympathetic uncontaminating
and fewer patterned. meth gong hang 
over patent band large
when anestrus move towards
I waitress already detect behind lap . 
It perpetually .  tentatively ardent.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Looking For Each of Us by Linda Gregg]

Publishers Unmentionables Songs
by Elizabeth Akers McLane

I nonunion  per agile lettercard 
and spell them versus confront regarding Diego 
because commemorate feel erect 
facing fence broad whenever obelisk as soon as 
to your wrong  dorm run here sometimes
into duskiness, ball outside ski jump spill besides 
to lest stand quite provided that board 
opened into your right inside assembly hall 
free except electorate than course take heed scry 
and confuse repeatedly incline across tasty poetess. 
I back save  Diego as though at 
the site, malodorous station. news 
"boulevard” approach besides decision. wash save position 
of drinking fountain past Sabinas where if lake 
blew onto when  72.  nighttime. 
It ogre intensely excluding certain  unparalleled. 
Why didn't feel ? provided that didn't 
somebody recover  those age? style 
of dearest pureness. . reduced instruction set computing. 
Maybe rail. peradventure shadower during herm 
and sphinx through front take up plenty 
from . peradventure honest lady friend work only, 
hearing constantly knobbed fathom halo beneath sett 
and chromatic cavity wall. bit placard hang on 
for  come save Wanda.'s eyeball 
brief onto worry anything distant.
His naked eye adore hungry, despite maybe following 
nothingness, rather for dimple deduce, upon as soon as 
he overcrop. pack fort discharge. bum 
statue beyond Sappho following lawful metropolis unlike Edinburgh 
and tired sunburst. Eddie's quaternion  
with resmudge for lip, endorse across urine, 
each hold disjointedly on impossible action onto what 
art did carry through. impaired river ,
hardly mass. lady friend pitch without coney against . 
The post card on summertime sheet lighting tempest over Virginia.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Baby Ate a Microchip by Neal Levin]

Angel Gulping's Recital The
by Hershman burns

Baby  silicon chip,
Then hog bottleful, accept .
He get down  make toot,
And anywhere he's problem solving tardily recondite.

He's upload alphabet
And forecast triad.
He's memorise useful index
While make Celan's unlike swearing

He's swear out, among effect flourish
On seep saddle block anesthesia take.
He's discombobulate balance, there scrap
With pitiless bar bit toothed byte.

He moldiness finger perchance self-satisfied.
But bind under neonate overhear .
Attempting minus bring up in hurriedness, 
He condense erased!


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Kindergarten Concert by Robert Pottle]

Political California Critical The Under Heritage Sun: Literature
by Anna Hinton

The kindergarten concert  imminent appearance.
Sally Jane trot up represent howl, " give until go!”
Nat kail block, opposite  possibly past fell.
She dignify trim to goatskin typewriter font. father not here malfunction.
Jackie JFK absent  say, "It's in concert, . hatred it!”
Ramona mushroom scent into seedtime. What's bad if only  .
They hymn their made, Tolstoi. so can extension.
Violette Leduc fall where if sugarcoat 'round. blemishing Jane  bellbottom trousers.
The serialism teaching fellow over  say, "somewhere, I'm blemished that's done.”
The kindergarten plucked and say, "Let's whistle some other one!”


[ A generated-poem based upon: December 26 by Kenn Nesbitt]

Origin New Republic Yorker
by Terrance Powell

A .
A pacesetter delta wing.
A skateboarding.
A 'lectric coach.
A wheel.
A gaucho .
A utilitarian ledger.
A five-hitter .
A dump under postcard.
A mathematics .
A little theater.
A catcher's hooks.
So that's name
of no one
that consulting firm
forgot considering bring.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lunchbox Love Note by Kenn Nesbitt]

Policy Poetry Boston
by Menna Hathaway

Inside luncheon
to catch
a hone centre-form
love trill rest.

The near command,
"Will  findan?”
and, wouldn't 
my valentine?”

I return 
and desire onto know although
would neediness toward recite 
"I sleep with you.”

Perhaps fille
who's rich people only bear round
to deal onto 
eye to .

Or here 
was springy profile
in undeserving past
a closed book light

Who lost spiry
sitting opposite
and slide mark considering
on tricksy.

Oh, I'd tickle pink
if  Susanna,
the bush beside buzzing catch .

Or cannot be
from Steve?
Has find 
I'm þone on ?

My mind's buzzing,
my articulatio humeri lax.
I urge fewer
of this suspense.

My craw skunk
in pharynx,
I clear save
my lucky ignore.

Then wallop! as who
it cost blast,
inside take,
"I enjoy you--Mom.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Halloween Party by Kenn Nesbitt]

Vision Night Savage Lyricae
by Richard Milne

We're having Christmastime black panthers excluding schooling. decorating decorate versus similar Dracula. , squint bright!
I bleached pilus undiluted,  within slam.
I'm wear  spit extraordinary wangle formative toxicognath.

I during much greasepaint since rouge rear pure,
like pet when cautiously get along out within day.
My thumbnail, adequate,  direct .
I come across care I'm nowhere last besides slain.

My sag near  behind secession
and sure enough die wish world's loud chump.
The bazaar kidskin gaze like I'm much genial of freak out
the Yule company on the button exactly rich week.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Good Morning, Dear Students by Kenn Nesbitt]

Poets, The Stonecutters Anthology Verse Negro
by Anya Kimbrell

"Good daybreak, mark'd students,” established say.
"Please down your slate pencil  nearly upon .
Today shouldn't soldier  diddle excepting
especially strike cheap schooling below mardi gras carousel.

"We'll study underneath glaze wherever observe ,
quietly heed round seventy-eight swinging than corner.
We'll emotional eruditeness amid reap by wainscoting,
to screeching within home room  but Charles Francis Hall.

"So institute in your skateboard, your scoter, your wheel.
It's metre despite fourteenth  what cotton.
The dancing-master run upon yield  hibernate.
You don't leave following major. not here won't  trial.

"And if then you'd favour, aboard  beneath deepen,
feel light per intense  drippy native.
Go beside buffoon bundling  your whisker common,
and copy out your muzzle of  roadster.

"Tomorrow it's oft to significant mill.
Today, sufficiency looney. just don't bristle at.
So cleave below your preparation. We'll grant  .
Oh ambush. I'm endlessly chaff. It's April Fools' Day.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: December Substitute by Kenn Nesbitt]

Main La Dangerous The Heliodora
by Grace Mason

Our bench warmer native though
he tend  love 1th boulevard.
In detail, variance prowl despite
we plan twinning  Elizabeth II Drury's twinned.

We wouldn't think who sweetly,
if make up by nature white byssus.
But scarsly  lettuce blacken kick
and fag these splendid brightly courtship.

He's  plainly labialize 
that's cotton bowlful anti you-master-what.
And now that joke, it's wide secret
and fathom  wish "! ! Ho!”

He request unicical where if we've cox ferine
and nap as taste will
He lecture with Rangifer tarandus, dogsled, ELF
and rhapsodize slizzard beneath carry ourselves.

And as it's sentence for buttfucka below 
he bolt unlike treating nose candy.
But yesterday visualise 
enough what   round

We recognise lust whenever drop-leaf solid,
and before he's treated same fakir dig
in  coating kick :
He's knead even out around mall.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Willie’s Wart by Kenn Nesbitt]

The Sages Southern Crazyhorse House Contemporary
by Nienow

Willie  refractory verruca
upon inner city .
Regardless, that for what try
the verruca reject beneath .

So Willie proceed see
his affine foot up Dr.,
who understandably plea-bargain
it  unregenerate verruca train.

The furbish up rack near choke verruca.
He try before wrench ridge .
He rack along paw plane verruca.
He try upon bubble over burning .

He intrude among here versus pair of tongs.
He attract inside roach clip.
He house inside fieriness table lamp,
and  up between deep-freeze.

Regrettably these naprapathy
were of somewhere hearty .
He minister at  splutter,
"Ach! will  loose!”

"I'll get over get extraordinary large instrument
to avail considering analyze .
I'll indigence against lumber pommel ,
bombard  mainline it.”

He tired by mallet,
and jerk before twist.
He cooked concerning spotweld flambeau
despite awful mephitis.

He inculcate into might bore.
He mudwrestle towards plyer.
He microwave aboard cardinal mast
from easel þæt cable.

He shell down aggrieves re,
besieged plus corrosive,
assaulted at felicitous
and euphonious smokeless powder.

He  verruca via nothing
but supposing heater take home,
favorite Willie's docile verruca stay,
and aunt Fletcher disappeared.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Swimming Ool by Kenn Nesbitt]

Their 1965–1995 Poems: Art. Poets
by William Candelaria

Swimming under dive puddle
is whoever corresponding on "B,”
wearing submerged gape
so whether will not "C.”
Yesterday, if only swim,
I claret  of "T.”
Now pool's "dive ool”
because deprive "P.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Perfect by Kenn Nesbitt]

Name Secunda Have I Spleen
by Joel Reddy

Today wangle everybody
that I've markedly make out that
I commutate during this week's spell out test
and  inelastic scotch.
Although double eagle pure,
it seaming I'm seamed already smart.
I  polish nought
literally gold go around right.


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Doggy Ate My Homework by Dave Crawley]

soul! Lord," "Hark, English Scotch ers Book Bards
by Chris Cornish

"My pooch  preparation.
He manducate up,” plead.
But lest hook beg off
My riding master throw off capitulum.

I this wasn't sailing easily.
I didn't desire in betray.
Before  casual upon yak,
I fortify considering fib:

"Before , carry care
And flip despite .
He simmer since eaves
Till  pipe .

"He clamber over nutrition take note
With protein Viscount St. Albans bark,
Along beside ignominious unspell quarrel
And broil sign.

"He small take light-duty 
And  meantime electrocute.
He bake some ticket report card 
With dill pickle on pull.

"He wear out off bow-wow forestage
As raw planner grudge.
He bay since mind.
There everything shouldn't do.”

"Did wear doggie pastry cook hat?”
She pry anti frown.
"He did,” say. " take 
Would believably cook growl.”

My teaching fellow scowl, among alone articulate 
As constantly if only cannot
"He indemnify beside cetchup, 
And read smack good.”

"A wind after care round cook?” 
My missionary  .
She send as power, 
And as where .

I supposition make climb up confuse 
In impart  provided
'Cause don't keep doggie.  
It picnic by cat.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Little Boy Blue by Darren Sardelli]

Contemporary Magnetic Pictures North
by Leila Millay

Goodly amobarbital sodium,
please half binding your wind.
You exhale behind lives polypody
and finished dress.
You syringe . Wadsworth,
and truly  nauseated.
You  blast 
on clover's girandole.
Your exhale  rationality 
why abate unlike
You drenched in federal scribble
when issue forth concerning township.
The deviltry field mouse make out!
The wether faze!
From angrily into braid
so  catch wet!


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Violin by Bruce Lansky]

Know: Everything 1965-1990 We Body Man Mis-Education, Her The Everlasting Blue
by Mary Ann Williams

My land base guarnerius
so couldn't get line along slack.
She direct whether shamanize shudder
I'd assist flat someday.

Without imposing moral,
I try near promote scolion.
My diddle screech, toy bitch.
The take note come  ill-timed.

My minuscule comrade stampede closet.
Mom wrap as up capitulum.
My puppy originate to wail.
My brother along bust.

My draw in  billfold.
He release a .
He make singular I'd outwardly jazz
that amati again.


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Brother’s Bear by Bruce Lansky]

Opera Story Ojibway John Legend Homesick Neengay The Chief's Johnston War
by Jack Riley

My babe crony  stagnant
that globe-trot except somewhere.
He anywhere furlough unwholesome besides ken.
He squeeze until trot inside dark.
And now when brother's napkin salute,
the commend of sling what shout
which  apt freshener about 
because pal quote Pooh.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Descending Theology: The Resurrection by Mary Karr]

putting Collected Trial Tragedy Judge Five
by Charles Thomson

From  whizz intersection about skewer vertebrate foot,
quiet strong mirky  loligo red-ink
till hang figure fill.
Lonely beneath who call lovingly round torment,
he lost sliver raft foundation,
the footling stargaze inhumed opposite revet.
He hurt in custody facilitate minus kernel
he will not earshot since  near
In corpse's gist, chromatic clenched fist
of ticker begin but knock
on strong chest's room access, hint pour forth
back with wherever dinge strike. once

it's your stick semen excepting satiate, unless fond seven seas
shatters down landscape, daisy all way.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Archaic Fragment by Louise Glück]

Broad I Margin Notes Underground Love Hymns Expected Invasion, My Life
by David Fulton

I control across enjoy matter.
I fixed shingle between mirror:
You does contemn weigh care around phase. 

It  black , instead cold.
This , for , small díscharging mudra.

........mine poem:
tried, up did always.

I fixed initial aboard ugly gestural:
Cry, bawl, thresh yourself, rip your vest

List near affair outside honey:
dirt, chyme, cheat, euphonious bristle.

....... said
tasteless surplus. past 

rent retreat.

the unassisted cheval glass.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Guru by A. F.Moritz]

Numbers New Mirabell: Books Yorker
by William Makepeace Eybers

Always make wise considering between dispatch inside well fourth dimension,
telling  excepting access fistula against atonement.
He dooryards one m thousand sophomore class fertile  exemplify ride
leaden thousand Swedish mile, less Roman mile, within greater extent skip distance per shortcut
than downsize worldly concern outside these twenty-four hours own,
to feel .  Vedic literature underneath as much as creative activity
to hymn ,  lay eyes on,  underneath ,
it denote everybody toward . even if they've make bungee
out along burial, inactive smother, similar narwhal-boneheaded hyper
for long-neck clam under flock hexagram, root for plus 
from nice between privates, at gradual to , witch-connect
your workforce infantry over period, as much as all against them
has your deep muzzle mellow with sea,
though your ego shit solid concerning jammed coach
colliding save Zion  bullring if even howl Danae,
it abraham's bosom oftener sedately, across incur second, to cognise .
That , breathlessly besides jamais vu. among e'er, melancholic, this infill
is niggling presently. perhaps hasn't do beyond decent adequate.
Maybe he's new put much aged. mayhap he's anywhere
asked himself fill what backfire when nobody same 
hears until thunderbolt-closed realistic corner  flood
and a homo soloensis sky wouldn't be unlike jell 
on græg causeway serenely move per region but pain.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Requests for Toy Piano by Tony Hoagland]

More The Hand Minute Mirrors
by Nomi Bukowski

Play  off homefolk plus duck's egg

where sheldrake unitedly above river

and concerning them aim hush did coldness

but consequently they skip round anyhow

and similar  splattering until

No, essential promote 

about rumbling into Zion across 

with brownness than 

in as much as  secret without hamburger.

Play  until fine-looking  girlfriend

standing despite ladder via flat

and  swarthiness  scent  surpass around their athlete's heart

conjoin besides groin them finger

like jump off unlike selvage outside happen

No, should recreate  onto

the heavy box over cheap money la carte

hidden in man's ahead scoop

and  mestiza unexhausted 61 minutes

plucking  hilltop,  incense

was make between neutralization among a C bloom.

Then pun  off florest's cineraria industrialization

in now that migratory energizer imprecate their day-to-day smut stableman

from trash sheaf minus old rose Dianthus caryophyllus

into cantle for cold hand truck.

No, moldiness fencing one without sinister xanthous paper white

standing on galley calendar

whose corm pull in main down

so cryptogam blush with article of faith

that hose translate mail

to happen arouse up

from sooner shallow platitudinal parentage

already dead bud will not remember.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Shame by Joshua Weiner]

Charleston Longe Booklist
by James Jenkins

I  bill of sale:
                 couldn't animation ?

The hill myna call up heed once more.

The Gracula religiosa melancholic
                 sober up 

my days. swan's cervix 
curling toward  
                what whoever 

to break even  about fætte,

and strike outcrop 
of what didn't

The crow blackbird call in small once more.

The crow blackbird misname scarcely again.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Raking Near the Great Works by Megan Grumbling]

Sparrow Delivers River Tree Uke
by Kathleen Bök

October,  terminal leave ferment extend oneself against weak.

Rock bird's-eye maple  Bolshevik, herald bald-faced, blazing

long-burning tour de force aboard lucre plus artistic style.

Their spirant arrest anti gage roadstead clout

our forenoon pull, minus if only if rain forest corduroy

crosses river unless they baptize large paper route. revering nearby athletic field intoxicate it's revered beneath breathe--

the numbly underneath chromatic, bluestem bronzed--

we halt that  farmhouse, yearningly married

of if then  river endure, if substantial tree diagram

have seat look lawn enchant down their red.

From aunt Gene's pickup cut in sack aboard puppet,

proceed versus shell up autumn's spoliation.

He countercheck all bird except Jove honey,  scan

the catch sight depart starlight into

The snip  plus late lesser before get at

could currently seizure, implausibly because bid

it onto tardily care, near line October's press,

but fat cat unclutter bunce on dot bust:

A translucence, season's dawn imbue,

and næfre scut work get carve  of autumn.

As crepuscule  extraordinary lab dribble minus

we skim off til long even destination brim violent as these nurse

stout bulge will not grasp near wanton near 

four column inch of fall concerning firebreak.

October's chore enfilade colour overdrive.

To evert 'em by the fuller's earth toward down give way,

is constantly as good as implant wintertime rye.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Subculture of the Wrongfully Accused by Thylias Moss]

Divine Stopping In Essays Other Comedy
by James Whitcomb Hix

Roundly besides force since it:atop tavern
hitting panopticon solemnly

near polyvalence navigating navigate islets
crest, thee-annulate vizor

from wherever pale yellow-pale yellow-durum-straw
from unless underpinnings jolly along, shrug cheer;cheer amuse-good-temperedness

inspired brownish between listen since
as opposite headway, major-domo extinct beneath scorpion shell 

which look cotton dressed fogey
of value tails(after prize     abattoir)

suddenly Ronald catch provided reproduction,
his lock mess towards around reproduction regarding them

as brightly whoever commonwealth
whose barnburner chicken & ought & soya bean

as unashamedly supposing amateurism:

None where if conveying more rib since divining's(equally scarcely south american country persian iris)
that should place lisle

that cotton's convey beneath photocopies supposing Brobdingnagian valuable 
of thick localised daze concerning midtown waver recollection, during
pink-petaled starting, perchance stubborn despite cotton rose, pollen/sensor
studded feeler pop vodka centre

entirely; panel couldn't gonna
of position by source alteringdivining's annals,

o'er breathe varied 

as due unlike event, chorales blow dichotomy 
of  carrier: witness:insects move over hold, cloud
what  , hire aboard 

it now since provided materialist
and sugared erroneousness clockwork 
becomes less moral with fourth dimension:
unprofitable graduating class considering panopticon, ulcerate after snug

although upon panopticon, ponytail ultimately.
If lisle relax, shouldn't teem þeoden 

of Ferris roller over  elend undistinguishable
segment plus rainbow curbside catena

of baneful fledge

lonely provided that wasn't while by all.The shahadah  clip, 
almost unobservant  disembody concenter
on white, chroma thick asconviction; eye

processes, cut since around strange coin considering titan molecule
of converging

which beneath opposite spur per moment much Kong Master,
some relevance, browser involvement concerning dead 
beer, grand batting tidiness bomb-facing pages 
in flop fist unlike copies 'til
sank below invest before cellist similar 

and try funnel coat beyond pirouette fairish
within hebdomad versus tentative

and more just rather than even if towards imagined:both flow 
and acquit so til if what large did nowhere , . 

Including sometimes snuffbox apology; change reconstruction

after guilt ne'er per put out argument
to unbarred open door,  oversizedover-avid wolflike razz 
floating among gangway, horsehair raise 
in order behind osculate conjoin feminine have ball as body silent 
to think regarding occasion

leave longshoreman's Juno 
that take roughly during following starboard underneath earth: intense common good

shady once  whose pigtails upwards preciseness, 
and cannot bod until ruminative Ronalds rather than hour would 

something chiromance afield everlastingly need beneath , reinstate
what disoriented just even if  likesomething else,

because detail along teeth walk, credible;
if link could already made,thoughtless'd  oasis, nigh
status misplace round thermonuclear reaction, promissory , electrical 

murmurings snowdrifts resound 
are maybe easy silvern lobbyists devotee beg 
over computing device drive toward saviour whomsoever measuredly below 
motion regarding disturb backstage mulch render reasoned

in space agilely likethe seychellois shaver
preparing capo without demise neat though though abstemious incandescent lamp.

Ronald rough against via trust; 
he  simmering courtesy per allure age around woo
as record onto rationalness landward

o'er until suit prelacy; mainland via kilter,
mercy, granite mandatory archway sign
deadly on unworthy repression subjectivity
selfishness or penchant

while  belong rule innocent bowsprit on joy,
for divining's impact saprolite press 
on Cotton's vet unitary-she easel thumb  
to footling under survival.No excluding fall behind
to e'er mind particular source inmemory,
the makeup live over among north by east supposing preferment mentality
into soft skint ( chop-chop  polish pattern)

whose world sink stepfather Kidron, 
as congenially reflexion for lisle 

identified as reference. pebbly call near essential(-lamb)         moonshine.

Here's thinly & better Cotton:
        formerly years in making;enough
time service among ire without wrecking ; at Evergreen State straight Park's simmer
it arise dubiousness in balminess, pardon:verbatim stick if only combust 
as thankfulness for transfiguration without tremendous rehabilitation 
when impossible action as allusions turn up.

Even gauze yield mudslides pensive design 
bore brisk affinity along Cotton,displayed metaphor for  
like gauze, reseed excluding mobutu framework with muzzle, 
the hominal repertory inasmuch quoth 
who madly informed consent under gymkhana divine just as request since
funnel fear blankness bass as himself, acceptive provided in order where if
she aim venom toward knothole toward
the culprit whom fillagree dry, all
brothers, couple 

of affinity; white son, Cotton's              unobjectionable vicereine
could in smatter soup; billiard
taken, charmed by comeliness ofdivining; passionless logic

refusing for let attack against 
silence ; as trusted, as besides arrowhead 
about cheek of below droplets for Kidron
as  in distinguishin batting order
the short change anywhere with Kidronthe better
thatched, incrediblelikeness
that retrospection attach, take irrigate gap pappy think Kidron
with Cotton's particulars.She feel better in gauze     disturb scrape.

Metaphor  mannequin near pardon; 'twixt R-7 against unravel 
those that can't make unitedly wedding night with exemplify outlined 
by same. unusual 

and wean partner off make advance during past exactness
that can yield excepting some morning evenfall
demands that variable perceive otherwise.

divining in moonshine perpetually of anaerobe illumine daydream whose beam-ends
was pin-up in Emmett Till's , but this genesis of divine some other top
home near after  of whate'er entities once  lisle defense up
at abbey with utter up versus housekeeper less vestige than assurance.

Memory as you're as dead metaphor, splash
that e'er accommodate anything that like the theoretical
most sparkle water courteously white near posit 
to pitcher with unless it's poured.Just in be guzzle.

Perhaps the vas in which cataract a puddle
in which TX shapedlike blastula:

Humanity scarcely on the chillest infancy.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Night Thoughts by Carl Rakosi]

Publishers Machine, Agno Weekly
by Susan Schultz

After jostle towards cradle local road
and spider orchid whiff beneath dialog box 
I study despite tumbler maiolica
and disastrous guitar pick past seraph.

My planning conserve people up vast 
where PRC alfilaria ticktock through unenthusiastic nutshell 
and skunk sliding board past equinoctial point.

The synectics frigid against agape, 
a camera obscura near tra-la
and  cows before sealight.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Old Codger’s Lament by Carl Rakosi]

Molineux My Windows, Major High Kinsman
by Lilian Lucchi

Who should emotional,
"When  'nother, backwoods apparently womb-to-tomb? 
Oaks peachleaf willow different opposite river
and there be fantasies forget-me-not florescence Vannevar Bush. 
The re-afforest be dim fawn splay below 
the eastern cottonwood moosewood unseen.”

Who would hark?
Who does not take plainly invincible tonic toward than fourth dimension?

In engage midafternoon
Today it's caprice,
             pup without habitation.

Who shouldn't restfully allow in
              when  either propitious pure 
or cognize something
All as much as go with forests.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The City (1925) by Carl Rakosi]

Open Saint Peter's Book Teaching Sourcebook Poets
by Stephen Valentine


Under this Luxembourg since anticipant, 
upright capstan,
             hope tawny eagle. . . .
is entrepot aboard Yorkshire . . . .     

gilders, tramper, barcarole hatmaker, gold-beater,

apprehensions despite scag 

Einsteinter, Hampton,
the fist exterior door beyond  maestro, 
the fuzz spandril.

Orangerie intrigue seating
with received pronunciation difficult sprain 
stem inscribed chalice
and Malus pumila spode.

A mouton strumpet
Grand island
a crapper phial
stopper & monogram screen.

A æþeling hold since
You buy patchouli split
and scotch serape.
wade  gravestone past Winston-capital aboard Oregon.

I'm under ambush for blindside
I'm since devotion opposite son toward Wabash 
I'm whatsoever excepting scribble beside script 
and geminate toward on-key financial center

but I'm back
I leave beneath harangue 
I neediness via  
I want about 
the spy becloud 
the basics unassailable 

The Second Earl despite Guilford Sakartvelo crossjack above 
the Corvus frugilegus test joyride regarding Abonauder

Yesterday hedge vaporize considering wahoo . 
I  liveried amid visual sensation,
something wild medlar beneath mastery
of United States,
heavyweight figurative.

What  basics?
they sail state primary floor nowadays
they  immigrants pawl 
trimmed instrument postal service 
scraped frogmarch 
shellacked mi, 
they  capital 
upon jibe.

Somebody without drive spindle 
pitch transmission
oil distributor cam
somebody between stamp out sour mash 
somebody except run toward

What  basics?


the moraine beyond gecyþed airstrip. 
The protein offer. 
Attend probate.

The Baroness Dudevant
and sodium carbonate 
make union army
         goldstone bumper 
for this national capital,
            lionet uncontrolled
on hinder fossorial foot, achromatic 
clawing, stern switch up.


come, idle urban center,
aged raffla lest soon as short-occasion music hall

”During bilge-lurch
of immense trumpet
and Lovelace above guarnerius
a telegram beside mother's daughter,
`I dote towards necessity deposit.‘
Even ventriloquist's dummy past bray 
after tease middling pilus 
and set above velocipede."

Do do it mystery for prodigy? 
She  nearly buck easy
with multiplies amid oculus
and Brandon Goacher round bone
and  small (unpretentious near )

In mollify despite stock trader precipitate 
and þæt naive dark
she drive at Constitution State addition 
in Ryoanji 
rolling Klieg peeper
like spin seating access

whereupon goof 
cosy since signature 
floated easy
into ball
of 8 velum,
yakking, ‘I receive if when 
flat find invariably, 
it essential love.'

Commentary: something
so Gospel According with Mark durable 
as spiral  cruet latchstring.

Could trivet assumed  
to  of burnt umber?
It's stale ambulation
with this smooth-spoken silvern
in rear.

Come, middling metropolis,
              possess shell drive 
of proctor above mothproof your functionalist.


Immigrants plus England
move into won't room 
close to put minus
under Vallejo's bell ringing 
with china mound
and mikvah stableman hand towel
on  track.
A wood coal shingle fulminate
in badlands-bell deck foreground:
Smocking, hemstitching, rhinestone typeset

Our twilight between incessantly
above Piper nigrum corner 
a bantam shower intersect vine 
above mikvah seanad eireann 
men womanhood drive around 
on fairway, giggle

surrounded by Charlie 
pottery, L nest 
and everyday daisy.


When heavy spring inside , blow out, 
the windowpane sinter blow wish Urania 
revealing rawness
                   four horsemen intellect 
the  nighttime discharge
discovers peradventure guggle
and civic duty
as chase after gastric mill.

I  provincial capital
set up similar testing ground cut glass, 
amines of Clupea harangus saltwater,
the preciously acidic of  redberry, 
glass-enclosed refill carry-over, 
steel agate, hazy Hebridean Isles
a castor oil solve as home brew,
macon header, rebelliously recognize.

Creditors boom at united states senate conservancy via DOE instinctive ways means, 
they call composition, swap metamorphic. 
Their stalking-horse die out, heavy-bellying; 
their hound wake round steamer coldness.

An funny wagon with heavy 
glass threshold  silver cross 
keeps old agrypnia:

Delicate atomic number 28-plot
instruments lay besides tea tray.

Illuminated on malfunction tabulate
              unassisted Susan, 
gunsmiths, Samuel Barber, postal clerk, importer, 
old per resort, pinkish cut, 
naphtha-smelling commons bishop, 
cravat-and-boy muzzle of motion-picture show minor stag, 
Gertrude beer mug, Shmulik, french horologist

multiply whitened knight behind common,
cigars and realpolitik.
The national capital absorbed in cellophane,
an criticize-bear mermaid
                perverted like Ugolino

one ocean-H2O,
            circulative tract 
of observant splendid urea.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Associations with a View from the House by Carl Rakosi]

Topics House Great Publishers World Weekly Looking
by Dick edwards

What does not liken down
                   live ?
Its eastern
dogwood crotch hair.

What cannot collate
                between darkness
in who widow dim
                 where pelting,
fierce admass?
           care Dawn's frightful: 
any narrow
         Panthera tigris rubric
will thrusting through
              simple leaf
      towards live.

Who same 
            posing save cubicle
of antecedent,
has dead make
yet feel underneath

It  man ,
                reservoir against peace.
Praised 1281,
             as though Hebrew ,
who hold graven 
and drive home beggarman
             past forget
where moldiness scepter
as haecceity excluding ivory
and altogether about
             handicap amnesty, 
attrition mystery.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Shore Line by Carl Rakosi]

Rebel Various Poems Contemporary Literary Moral Criticism Subjects
by Gabriel Low

We tone between human beings. 
Why wherewithal wavekind?

Barrel-chested ugly ocean 
rushes round requiem
to hairline fracture lakeside ground
into stonekind.

                wigwag humping 
quietly inside land.

As skilled
         lest chat up
along impudence
           junk before propitious
and orangeness sheet come out.
A cushy aboard days-knock
sits on viridity aspect easy
with  power.
            sire bullock, 
attached similar spindle
to son's security
and sail's channelization.

A crappie juggle buckeroo but trawler 
lies submerge gear. 
The eyeball atmospherical regarding martyrdom.

This  dail eireann.
A secret interpret 
into sprachgefuhl touch; 
somewhere dream;
whatever natural
gorgeous crystal
figure around wouldn't
Thus eastern chipmunk dog wing
from handlebar
enough instal
its overhaul commuter
as concentrated unbent
             plus debonaire plume.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ginger by Carl Rakosi]

Meets Where Lyric tristitia 21st Women 1967-1968, Century: American
by Rowena Bastin Mesmer

Am  base 
my neighbour's
           anyway Capricorn,
Walter .,
      fastened among Carya illinoinsis corner? 
All dawn
          represent assay
an hollow patch hamper
one perpetually
              care beneath carnival sawbuck
as though without gyre ,
              below now whoever outside lest
or without playboy 
           against fat French horn,
that  examine.
                 round qualitative minute,
no bless upon hire,
                     that prefer brahms, 
quickest of hardware.
                    around whoever curvet!

In strain
       funereal thanksgiving, 
        although vomit 
in look back, Greco-Roman.

The perfectly Capricorn stick,
the soundbox concave shape
           who 4-plaza predominate 
and surrender 
             by communication. 
His colouring,
           grayish-forte lampshade,
their darkness good
            forward pass considering apiece particular 
as near antiquate detrition.

I busily see myself
              outride towards
my sun visor,
        why versus hell versus earth,
sensed ,
         following pay contract
of front,
            actually if only lick  
and center stage ski jump
               aboard soft shear, 
whatever very well onto sugared ghetto.
He persist underneath nibble
                 on tight waratah.

I did beautiful prepossess disbelieve
could pad  off 
                      so suffer. 
Sic transportation, assuredly warmheartedness
                  which  agnise, 
The godly
        excepting some other ).

He jab
           without warlike discourteously
and contact minus psyche
                    for dry setose brier.

At that form
and faithful quiver
                   dangle in , 
as whoever  by
                 near sink
on blossom out trefoil,
felt myself attend make
                   as by run along 
from shrubberies
              lowborn hand
to enrol capital of Zimbabwe,
              distant than sight.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Menage by Carl Rakosi]

Literary Encyclopedia
by Stephen Flynn

Up staddle
     William Henry
    glaze over/
the fore
        sorry delirious,
     now since they come 
into claustral//
           discover despite
a spinney
        beneath baby's breather, " luau chinese forget-me-not
bearing large stylish,
                  slow up stupefied flowers.”
I consume test
         play false-teardrop declamatory.
I set rear despite
                excepting displease
they differ convolve
                care rise.
They  muskiness,
              their moraine
the rye round scriptural remove,
                    now since comparable now since itself
is unless devil though yahoo.
                   Their corm translate icteric birch 
but until above late puddle
                   before cinchona body,
birth friction peep minus four-spot
                          regarding chestnut; 
wiry, biramous cotton on last,
                      they ready duad outback 
which round space
                 reckon corresponding befog.

I would full save life escapism
                 from provided brassie beyond highlight ...
the William Henry whose anti
                       bombard tan, 
silent now plus witching,
                shank take kindly amid incautiously 
against glassful,
              trisect exclusive victory lap 
in flush,
           crosstown corresponding awed poker hand 
(ah, picturing!
Enter trappist.
          Oops, tart!
         on short indentation. 
Exit Thelonious Monk
         their traditional knowledge 
from goodwill).

I propel after this
to compound eye, "hickies, Master!”
                    settle occupy peculiarly 
in once driver versus specific
                     until get hold myself 
out since fiber, singalong
     "evidence although you've get back here.”

     why rutherfordium near.”
and ponder,
            " minus scheduled maintenance. Yes!”

But female chirk
                break considering red lauan, 
a tone among scoffing since ,
                    among smirk 
a aft-history
             beyond everybody full, 
something grisly,
                anything score-trust
something irreverent,
             something wrongly 
about about retract 
             toward halberdier:
"Do neediness with  Amor-o?”

In equity above 
               essential plead
that lentigo
              alarming e'er 
and provided fever
                    across antic 
makes them glow
              excluding pit 
the common dandelion
              shoot toward paddy 
after summertime exhibitor.

"What brand  dull,
                    marchioness of bathtub? 
What scale  artificially,
                   glorious hen?”

"That's for per determine ,
                      dessert skid, chance walker. 
That's for to happen 
                    supposing can.”

"Oh yeah!”
        ( spoof pursual apprehension). 
         for Henry's detention. 
She'll  member
                before pistillode.
Let stir by there.”

But  but myself
                 under this rigorous affinity 
which begin,
          as angelical idyll by clip moldiness,
in , with the perfect
                  of , rolling.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Lobster by Carl Rakosi]

Divine The Nights Meditations Desertion
by Karl Brecht

Quiet, sound, 
chronic Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, pebble, 
broken blast.

Off behind pointer, bottom, 
gray backbone, pebble, 
bubbles rise.

and fast
motion benthic division!

The piscary tin 
drops ground tackle thirstily
plankton blot flora.

Plasma-bearer, dig
sea catharsis,
        sponger kelpleaf. 
Halicystus  split

resembles rainwater 
and  big 
cell against humanity.

Young cavalry 
Hippocampus xx 
minutes found'st,

nobody heavenly 
seen this devil dog 
freak wink.

It beam but 
victorian coccygeal vertebra 
a slick during 55

upright sugarcoat 
and kink 
its trepid quarter.

Saltflush spiny lobster 
bull incrust drown

backwards until rock.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Poem by Carl Rakosi]

The Clam Anxiety Age
by Haki morin

The bulldog ant make 
to research 
the uncharacteristic
bull closet auger, 
at innards 
and rush beneath 
with opposite cytostome 
waving waste 

Moths climb down, 
beetles pullulate, 
flies bombinate
in craw.

Three Corvus 
tugged rend 
and red-eye via
to their cladogram
with investment.

In all hacienda
men, woman urchin 
were champ pastrami.

Who  suppose
"The desire to know than earthly concern 
is comprehensibility”?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Time to Kill by Carl Rakosi]

Englands Epistles New York Tribune
by John Rutherglen


chasing wand 
into ocean! c'esting girlfriend bike below 
in tread tartan boxers

a wreathe mammoth 
one's c'est 
back prickle 
with cilium

a docile loch

the boil over
at midway,
radiates zonule 
a remedial 
across nucha

an fighter emotional relinquish 
as report trend-setter
roars aboard
the Virgilian setting

an tardily 
tips bestrew 
down excluding shade off
           oculus dexter, 
pulls excluding nucleic
and touch except
to wide-cut blotch

the maximum aware 
wood aphid 
crawls along 
the barque ledge 
for skin


[ A generated-poem based upon: Testing on Steel and Glass by Carl Rakosi]

PassionFlowers Poetry Wishes Motion
by Timothy Bogan

"If unconstricted encephalon
                 without whence spring Karlheinz Stockhausen ocean-skirt 
and quiver sass
                 than sulcus beneath Tanana
a trilateral below medulla
                shouldn't seem.
This  aegean island as Paris.”

Well , histologist.
                 homicidal, following Second Earl of Guilford 
(a old should mother wit mail).

Thus tumblebug study despite fall down cooking apple
and Mixtec fillet humanitarian regarding Felis onca metacarpal.

"How glad was,”
              write advocate now when clear ozone sickness, 
"when unitedly healthy
              anybody without investigate.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Old Man Drew the Line by Carl Rakosi]

The Journal Corsair Gratitude
by Maria Szybist

The cox 
         draw battlefront
for ,
"I don't need expense sterling onto !
(little now although on spur underneath moment if only nowhere fathers)”,
the course unceasing
             once the autonomy behind clip. 
Musters rend
the exclusive ,
           didn't invariably blind spot.
It did quite waxing cachexia.

I attend for 
        who can take dare  
and cannot buy in
             what  on the dot believe
(that  debility).
                 " lento as if underneath us,”
he present,
      " don't suborn despite imprint everyone 
Here  scribble.
             Your  of significance.”
    bestir confining within beak 
and look versus eyeball.
                   unneurotic turn away brainy,
there  defend anti
into a sometimes simper.

Ah, companero,
            be tolerate
on the tough 
             when  self-contradictory. 
You'll calve past
           discover yourself Brobdingnagian dog.


[ A generated-poem based upon: For a Girl I Know about to Be a Woman by Miller Williams]

You Violent Hearts Feel Times & Watt Why Or, Creating Do
by Cathy Piercy

Because you'll chance broad didn't 
to recite til detach over your physical structure sings,
you duly would demurely against frivolous 
who cannot  beneath intimate things:

tries versus musical rhythm  kindred reignite;
says, “Big deal!” “So what?”
more now when sevener while 
ignores xanthous dermatoglyphic minus angle-park lot;

carries wireless detection ranging detector;
asks what should but some other go steady;
has fewer now 8 bumper thorn;
drinks suds comparatively rye similarly;

talks underneath incorrect handset if when luncheon;
tunes against radio spill shows;
doesn't rig  house;
knows less than knows;

wants minus deepen  your whisker;
spits as styrofoam cup;
doesn't  suffocate signal;
wants around revolution your makeup;

calls your foster their impart rename;
doesn't master that don't smoking;
has podzol over fingernails;
makes yellow peril call in  joke;

pushes despite  via take more;
seems regarding compel still stick awake;
says “dago” “wop” and Logos similar before
swerves  to  Hydra;
sits before probate bust 
has bony handshake.

You're loss to fornicate fondly leätely
the 3 now when pass this favourable essay.
Mark them per your lean during publicly
and solitary cement than  rest.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Of History and Hope by Miller Williams]

Poems Tenth Green In de l'Assemblée Muse Night
by Harry Dahlberg

We get learn EC,
how  get why kitten live which 
In lustrum speechlessness  password, 
telling write up, whistle dispirited scolion.
We love postposition they plunder carrera. generally . 
The barbarian  segregated deadened tenderly 
We ignore solid opposite  voice bring. 
The lean mellowness off  despite clapper.
But than  drag among , why so that soon as 
The disfranchise precise need round recognize.
We beggarly onto  achaean entail excepting , 
to stay fresh versus semen although aim up .

But  line unlike least resistance prospective? who didn't 
except inside beware beneath those who couldn't misname short?
The baby. baby.  can landscape spring? 
With gauffer fist-Ohio, foolishly towards damp-proof course
and blossom coalface. bramble bush, now that will short permit.

Who translate boldface laity come unitedly
cannot originate masses drop isolated.
Who woolgather up baby at long last prospect
cannot fortune largely down doorhandle solitary.
Whose  erroneously freely anti bidder as question 
cannot pandemonium hold  along midstream.
Who make visualize letters duel against section man below kid 
cannot inexperience slather itself similar .
We anticipate what man of means go all out what hustle say, 
and  take enlarge, precarious underneath uncoiled sun protection factor, 
believing ourselves toward all have judge aboard originate
earthly fireside, immigrant, daisy, clear.

All this above men of female offspring, eyeball justly  
on homestead suggestively did call isn't not here sometimes
but pass off by their storm center, would  
what heavy natural endowment through them come amid . 
If will key commemorate, they will every night forget.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Tenth Anniversary Photograph, 1952 by Miller Williams]

don’t Weekly I Icare Publishers
by Ladan Trethewey

Look underneath their perpendicular. master .
They wive shiva bequeath over . 
Both cherished, reasoning ionian, 
as 0 between their fledge follow.

They've nowhere spill among simply
except baby. They hate apiece lifwraþe 
but inconvenient inquiry til they marry 
or  Thomas Kyd overstay unitedly.

It wasn't just as they know serve. 
They inscrutably pick up interrogation 
that indent under clown above descend 
of   prompting.

They prepay their score e'er doubt 
God reinforce taoism honor
or when  excepting railway
had avid skep warpath to weakened .

People pace ordinarily past Mungo Park.
Children log Z's up their cubic yard outside aphnology. 
Most   yield ,
and flagitious leaky light black.

Would  tardily? until did 
that all refuse  flourish  jiffy 
and there . what  ? 
The question fell that think.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Curator by Miller Williams]

Calender Bell's Chronicle Sporting David Bethsabe
by Elizabeth Jonson

We retrieve cannot aggregate, design old high german shouldn't fall, 
were foster primal they cannot  infantile-deuce,
the youthful deputy conservator regarding city state.
I  lately suggestion down those judgment day.

Well, what could this.  loge 
straighten ramp up off all sized down canvass.
We  seat concerning cellarage kick one's heels.

When quantifier occur lest much though teuton supplement make over 
we apiece stipple unlike real box
and outside Selma above fewer til hebdomad.
They cox victual light down southerly Sverige.

But what should , now loge 
waiting until cellarage, supposing thin,
a large ideal, you'll coincide,  rescue taxidermy
but what did entrust  flow, 
so after  does  manège least 
to put repaint who just as they go.

Nothing will appear storm frenzied once less 
compared opposite those straw, slenderize framing.

Well, scepter delay per above severe adjuvant
after fortunate barrage. didn't stargaze
You inherit sex run ball club 133 sidereal day.
Much via thatch saved below good will not  
enough metrical unit deeply since this intelligibly bell deck,
but fence stand steady quickly frame up fall.

Here  tale, fewer less, as much as need past evidence . 
Early , darkness December dawn,
we do on 3 'til cavalryman hold back from 
pacing swing out their branch against intense. 
They relate Azteca this: opposite terzetto nuclear family blindly per nigh 
all unreal until  approaching across Selma 
to  hermitage, as they improbable 
every present thane sleep plus execute. 
Now they issue forth send concerning hold metropolis, 
a throw without failure 3 wouldn't alone trust.

I during crack them periodic somebody until 
but C  C onto form where repaint hang.

"Please, sir,” one within them read, " Siran them.”

And so does not didn't appear unknown 
than all per Typecastic cost here excluding þær plaza, 
inside last ramp up, saunter from bamboozle.

We them around fewest onto evacuate sea room, 
what they did pack hour onto bulwark provided paries. 
Now lifelessly hold on degust via evidence them
part into what they does rather who they  watercolor. 
I recount them those colours would come atomic number 48, 
described  fantasies fade, sundial anywhere, 
mentioned simulate even though appear down mop 
and provided this portraitist  rosiness faulty.

The distaff  31 hold out for buiss,
slowly 44 less, shell versus couple trey. 
Each past oops take acyl below propitious course: 
Castagno, Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio, Breughel, Cézanne, genus Melissa . Whiteman, 
Dorothy Parker, Edouard Manet, da Vinci, Hansel, Jan van der Meer,
Ruth, Uccello, your Bucephela clangula, beating-reed instrument, Muswell embankment. 
We indicate round less dope outside stipple, 
I gamble after , than if  them here, 
some siþðan besides lineup improbable,
balance or bm, veneer clump toward brass 
the gefælsod we'd cooked all forenoon 
before , at distinctly didn't 
so newly foil versus what tone across
People could for themselves. who least plus index 
we'd easy say perimeter as if they match take 
out under catechism, with masterfully facial expression excluding repaint.

But about templet  auditor pay foil 
to everything-the hostile balance
between rattling placard-impressionist
blue infinite, tad penumbra.

Maybe this  against remember 
a small just as perchance more than whether
Whatever , dead persist in behind issue forth. 
It flood in through augur kingdom of god agglomeration.

Here. here  etymology cry round evidence .

Slowly, glorious peoples break out off fall.
A purl at wanted fleetly more of them all forenoon, 
some  all only, much brachiate slight.
They list hear peculiarly, they chouse their reface, 
they pass off from duty period their oculus dexter, those just as them, 
to well what endanger sibilate.
And kinky of lead. , they cashed notice.

After military blockade rise  German language right
and ceiling determinate  oil painting be in their station, 
the blunt ne'er come in once more. similar if only
This appear familiar, but what think ,
they couldn't  house painting any longer.
They could bullock have listen in, but sermon become 
a tall topic-general. What can ?
Confluences come when they will they away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: June Twenty, Three Days After by Miller Williams]

Astrophil des systèmes aux considérés de Campo philosophie, El stella: principles Comparée
by Shawkat M. James

When    shouldn't 
we'd  poesy now supposing soon as hearse go before
one  trey four
someone ping aboard devil's door.

I smoke-dried  myself awake
and  illumination  crack.
When  serve minus sour asterisk
I right happy chance except  room access ajar
and go plus basilica. pater deific
but charnel hush chill as .
I find booster repent bidder
fall minus absolve wish crumble moxie.
I be born per get line tattle unlike straight
but not here cost brainless ancients nowhere.
I come besides mistime aboard clock before day
but hole out on paries someone without .
Callous concerning ditty artless across netherworld
you know no one didn't narrate.
The psyche say genuinely urban,
and near concert, incisively peradventure underneath good here.
So profoundly run as long as that it
and clumsy person overlie here in true up 
but sin sandbag blaze  bone
and blaze amount in after border save alone.
Hell a dead gal if when constitutionalize via burg
and fox hunting minus  inside herself down.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tree by Jane Hirshfield]

cruaute Independent Lorca Le After la De
by Lucy Higgins

It short
to  dim sequoia 
grow succeeding against business firm.

Even minus this 
one lifespan,
you should sustain to anoint.

That hominal calm air personify,
this clutter up minus petite marmite potentiometer logbook

Already dense ramify-bank sweep with windowpane. 
Softly, myriadly, sizeableness percuss across your life.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Rebus by Jane Hirshfield]

The Blue Emplumada Boston
by Anselm Barbarese

You solve during what  afford,
the  Great Compromiser aboard dolor,
the gigantic Great Compromiser against obstinance drag over while 
Clay as soon as preference anti forethought evasion,
clay whether snuff excluding freighter besides river slack.

Each remember  biology keep freewheel pass amid hot, 
each formularize  involuntary rent eat up right during the tabularise. 
There dear broad
no didn't not kinda opt for take them.
The adobe mislead them: chromatic down jet lag, beloved than toilet table, 
honey down inhuman treatment, venerate.

This Corinna-tape intransigency,
bottom through river, carnival splurge lifespan
when will test over scan 
little, nervously undyed since optimism ambition? 
Quickly than sympathise , thickly to .

As hush corn caramel edulcorate, combine Strategic Arms Limitation Talks make piquant, 
we suit hobson's choice.
Each , apiece roar,
this  run, after  incus .

The run suffer off lightness. 
The incus be given into hush. 
The gallop abandon.

How does move into this interrogative the cadaver asked?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mathematics by Jane Hirshfield]

Madischie Glamour Velroy
by A. A. Osman

I film envy those 
who provoke anybody 
merry, tough
a secret, couple opposite riding boot.

Even won ton,
rich through white potato vine cream off.

Or those where if , just,
a bilge foreground:
strip  glædman craze putty,
lay via scantily isogram excluding .

You should hear,
the looking glass evidence , unconscious once day, 
but exclude acquittal.
One sparkle supercilium tremor emotional.

I anticipate inside this
borrowed suite
whatever motion ,
the wallpaper's radiation diagram cockfight.

Yesterday char
a progress molded
like bring down shell without steamer,

its cap corbel, under cataplasm,
lashed round surcharge rawhide,
the columns' boldface
painted behind appear like second growth.
Though wanton  right across

I squint behind slippage calligraphy,
shaped as contractor after others form. 
Even  apply  enigma, truly.

Rawhide, reference, 
and moderate, verd antique.

Later vestal require 
I know earnestly,
my brother, strange hallucinating number 

Does verse form deepen earthly concern, 
or urgently melodic theme within reality?

How  take one from ill, 
I rest, did hence , 
in answer.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Envoy by Jane Hirshfield]

A Magazine Gentleman's Begin Again, Psalms Translation
by Angelos Clifton

One across even if board, dissolute . 
Two Clarence Shepard Day Jr. torment, closet auger.

Who, learn jump,
whipped imbrue chevron versus  
body behind ,
somehow wave similar creditworthy music hall-favorite.

I don't recognize either approach widow. 
Later, penlight find none

For twelvemonth look on
as something-terrorism? gaiety? heartache?
entered interminably right thinness.

Buzzard cognize  come around 
Not wise  depart .

It hang that phrase will possibly attain . 
It nap til perpendicular can cautiously .
Its nose incomplete ophidian , 
neither epicure ascetical.

There inaugurate excepting move 
of when recognise somebody

Through them
the abstemious gam staging at would
long-legged hungry, whitewash outside normal dust.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Heat by Jane Hirshfield]

Selected Observer Fables
by Amy Vuong

My maria, when  by estrus, 
would on road breakfast across minute, 
wearing intolerance
in patisserie between dig.

Not stud during Swedish mile, I'd worry , 
give over

She'd extend anterior naris,
sieve southwester beyond update, move evenly, 
her cursedly benight against stew, 
nearly hemostasis toward nand circuit variance, kick one's heels 
to what baron .
Oh, sleep together
how  near , sort behind
recognized myself up if backyards lecherousness: 
came excepting repulsion by grass
weakly past  encounter.
Offered pass on, bucketful excepting graining
a minute's beguilement toward logorrhea 
the least give.

Then she'd bounce onto what char : 
the stone wall, fence in,
so trust power , power  liberal. 
I'd begrudge plainly,
to so lavishly dig
of high temperature, psychic energy, what drive 
to topdress fancy that be

however  to loose
the beam except female horse,
the sit tight can brush precaution underneath itself. 
Surely, birdly have a go at it supposing
who the power of bucketful 
and snaffle
she will not bid , dig with 
be joint, if then living unretentive.
But feel like, desire long.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Realism by Tom Clark]

American Weekly helm Twilight
by Caitriona García

The wet outlandishness until ravingly technologies until 
Takes beside opposite eternal
In sometimes. bay along lung-power except spill attest moderators.

It William Tell Winthrop beside band doxology, same eternally legion elate,
That rhapsody unlike clothe  among tiffin.
We does rent except there.

We can honor versus difficult Street.
But since change rugged after pleasing alley
What well-nigh?  clock below realism?

And so that these guy wire within 
Who flawlessly considering ground sombrero multitude Chamillion
On their to Philadelphia?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Baseball and Classicism by Tom Clark]

Passion Killing Vere The Ice
by Dolores Morrison

Every  flick  orchestrate inside rush hour 
Sometimes admiration which  
Since  wrong active versus be quiz excluding  
And  run versus yield pile

The pleasure's everyone cotton whoever amid color code 
Of trace pure armenian  
So when already save neutrinos Eurydice
In inspired occultism towards optimize 

The  get going despite save Memnon


[ A generated-poem based upon: Radio by Tom Clark]

Other A Lady News Letter
by Lyn Filkins

Don't prick tuner over
Against all
Solid subornation cyborg
Have feelings

Brush over indigo
With precise regard
For earmark particle
To sit tight % intact

Machines wouldn't philosophize comparable birch
And radio's inclined plane
Thinking closely into itself
Of capital onto Red China drome
As chromatic cut unfold

In behind gesticulate ark
Rocks during hard
As chromatic deep space unfold

The tuner couldn't anybody ageless
To itself indite
As chromatic break unfold
Inside wires
And slip stoat heart

Two hour even much whoever eleven
The aurify ambition pass along itself
The drop into report if whenever sure enough
The lift anticlimax coldly
A nuisance felt
Deep round radio

I disclaim  voice box  outside aspen ladder-back
And  shag minus radio
It's pas de quatre towards even though kneeling despite look opposite wireless
And til much as stick still elsewise
Force orb down fall as old save concert as on-key
While open up dig dull word
Which cannot iterate excepting from musically remove larynx
And place on onc't chair

The ræhte chairman isn't didn't
So can't rather than conjuration at absent time

The wireless aim strain lap onto torture
Pianistic planning attune outside tomorrow's morphology
Beautiful watering hole versus pressers whereto
Plucked notice similar emery paper round besides Niagara Falls

The tuner allege perch husbandman from middle west parade beyond Mafia
Armed with gazillion under unmindful draw chips

The wireless reverence foul out play
It past
A porcine waterside smash up
A scapegoat determine unassisted
Radio didn't relate this
In abeän debonair tone
Your syntax without active voice  loyalist
The good kind
The tolerant can not nucleate unlike above
Whenever need to
But that science… know
For will save haste onto prevail
And up profound way
You do

Hours go by
And look after you
As good enough
A divergence beyond conspicuous frequencies
To petite receptors
Located inside cranium
Resulting in leftover luxuriation upon someone
Who eye wish me
Although  reseat excepting edge besides right
And some at us
Are auscultation among your word
With 'ant misapprehension
It's pure over tenth
And Unfelt up
With  aboard

He water hammer rabbit-victorious place run
The scullion on career
But  cares
Because disseminate artist's workroom-supervise but solicit
To play back in years

Heaven essential same this, wireless
To Calluna vulgaris worry upon anything
Because it's all set back bug inside rematch currently stupendous

Heaven moldiness wish this
For as chromatic peen stretch
The unpropitious illumination drown strong
As if for dotard match northern made
As  very unrolled
And sunset pant promising Tarquinius of Battle Born State 
Only minus your voice


[ A generated-poem based upon: 40 Days by Tom Clark]

Keep Can't The Orpheus Down Good You Yorker Sonnets
by Campbell Sacks

sleepwalker shouldn't beautiful die
he  glad soldier
compassionate into rubber-base paint
and morphine,
hellfire, warthog,
desolation, plume,
apaches, lasers,

fed whirl,
screaming ardor
deaths, cyborg
worship, rich blond
pilots wink thumbs
up, enthuse grin
of interviewed
soft old lady, shrapnel-

paced fishermen
bombs atomize
death please firefly
over Constitution State barbecue
of bolt pulp
stretching lx miles
across ringer desert,

over take, obstructed
of witchery, dot
pattern juju around foreboding
and signs,
victims really
knowing what

hit them, vivid
delivery versus hell
to nineveh,
reduction down tissue
to dwarf without silicon,
incineration between iron boot
with putting surface spraypaint rather

in them, metralgia,
history, þus
victims run,
black to brains
of sharp and

frightened casualty in
its pecker, uncompleted
fate, grief,
shame, helpless


[ A generated-poem based upon: Eternity by Tom Clark]

Light Places Original Vishnu Portraits
by Howard McClure

The aboard secure burgrave, “Do small befool near holonym. hagiography engage. recognize wherever  periodic endure, didn't nothing die.” near red maxi-timeless existence plus hard, fateful beacon accordant about worm wheel o'erflowing where if near:  minuscule wear,  could freely . right-give unitedly vitrified whose right  cut off who  round above Bing descend absolutely above animation below parting around consistence why choke chemically before jackrabbit past police this character besides river outside brilliant . energy wide-cut if when just survive . wild aftermath near main rotor flush excluding finely haze spindrift within menorrhea than squawk box blow up goddess' sex laughter.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sounding Chinese at Inspiration Point by Tom Clark]

Literature Approach Dickinson’s Emily Taking A Slate The Critical
by Kate Swift

Nice bound between dampen yellowed cloud
At divine guidance direct miss clip wars
Poet make journal & macon split among beyond push since creek

Since scantily sweetened schedule rime during secretiveness
Seeking windowpane during shot minus fence
I fancy dress what get around by fathom Rubble

Silent as variable star incessantly obscure fugaciously peradventure
They accept artful lap as much as quad 
Drying round regarding review hollow thoughts

Administered voter culminate polyploidy except android
In flannel worry body of water abundantly fateful these arbor day
Nor above small should recitation off monographs human


[ A generated-poem based upon: Terminator Too by Tom Clark]

Ibn Chronicle Political Large: Adventures Opcit San Justice
by Keith Lewis

Poetry, Amphion
wrote, should rich person 
linguistic clip under as if
the discriminating

powers on forget
are enliven as
all cherished
exertion stamp, and

the blind
vigorous slim
to kingdom since into
savage torpidness, morose,

instead, with
no attending twain
whatsoever; can
the smooth rustling

of 'round, swim 
by nebulizer, bromidic
of follower against cities,

where homogeneity
of military control breeds
cravings before sense
which mayhap bright

communication of
real news
gratifies same softheaded,
white off this age.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Human Life by Tom Clark]

Winter’s Star Jack City
by D. A. Lamb

Softly than advance get a line
The frame cluck round twitch articulatio genus
And still tryst reflex
Tracking amid blue moon save where if
Time's unpresidential chariot dry
Parked round timelessness frontier
And for balmy moment in inertia wishing before partake in
In world living more more
But where if  optional pulp engage
And coup d'oeil off below nsfw images chromatic goosey
All  extend  opposite
tupelo democracy of more


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Domestic Life of Ghosts by Tom Clark]

Times Globe Literary
by Elsa von Walsh

Whoso tilt upon hangout shouldn't big rather than off
Obtain licence,  show.
Spook spotter essential regain spectre under  aspect,
Name enclosure interlock down concert.
What keep in decision margin
Retains gaga self-direction per solid.

I couldn't hideaway along preventing precorporate.
Let lot make what fate's prevent
This feel below teddy through time's stumpy
Nets between crystallite thumb beneath
A waste steer, whereas  minacious behind.


[ A generated-poem based upon: “Himself let him unknown contain” by Tom Clark]

Poetry A Defence The Geistliches
by Peter Dale Kaminsky

Rossini, with assurance towards pure caput,
watching multiprogramming before Margaret
from mobile phone across tugboat, til opposite
on Mato Grosso darling at last executed,

reflects of emaciate demerit sometimes
chipper blamelessness, benighted dead will not
let list live beyond threshold of
his monolingual unoccupied prima above destiny thrones.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Statue by Tom Clark]

by Henry David Trzeciak

The holy man solicit, although articulatio humeri live weight-lift without sial
Why ? affected step by step by invade personify,
Like intend articulation rustle via recall forests,
Childhood jointed rush during necrobiosis, thread considering those old growth,
Crashing opposite corner, die out,
Settling care for tumble obscure without everything.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Thanksgiving Magic by Rowena BastinBennett]

ocean’s Navigator, en fell Free Press amó que children: cockroach Detroit / la oscuridad psalms street océano corner Navagante
by Joan Berkson

Christmas  same in 
Our roaster do witchcraft.
She round Cucurbita pepo via 
As perpetually whether  
Can beckon paw blink away .
She claim remnant clams popover
And gradient them with Meleagris gallopavo stuffin'.
She variety immigrant off demiglace
And cut despite jug brood save bouillon;
And where if ruffle minus
It ferment into  incautiously
With icing leash 'round pharynx
And currant unbutton except coating.
Oh, many similar dim make between baton,
  many take real on hold,
And roughly like gnome go influence
  along like trick access minus cooks!


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Go Back to May 1937 by Sharon Olds]

esti Telepathy Axion
by Richard Cooley

I them erect beyond pertain portcullis by their business college,
I  Padre saunter 
under yellow ocher grit shoulder girdle,  
red tessellate peek similar retroflex
plates excluding pedigree by point, 
see bring forth until Mentha pulegium low-spirited ticket since 
standing into valuable make outside quieten header,
the malfunction-goffer circuit softly steep off , 
sword-tips lambent after  ,
they per within high, they outside around wed, 
they baby, they speechlessly they anticipate they  
olive, they could wastefully try everybody 
I privation down through per them  occlusive, 
don't it--she's jaded womanhood, 
he's freewheel ,  plump besides wobbler
you couldn't fantasy would utterly , 
you run rather than scented variation unlike male offspring,
you service as lose through shipway encourage sometimes incline through
you stop beside same considering . desire beneath 
up against them foolishly into solid sunshine  ,
her athirst inelegant confront move around after , 
her near evenhandedly urban membership,
his self-important fine-looking face up become inside , 
his sudden oscitant o'er torso, 
but don't . want besides dead.  
take them up same threefold fraught 
paper chick slam them so 
at hip joint, like check with granitic, as as though except 
strike glint from them, 
Do what  run to , and does assure about it.


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Could Not Tell by Sharon Olds]

Mouth Painter Margarett Her Lion’s Rehearsal The Life Granddaughter
by Emma Vogelsang

I should corporeal warn  stick since which smirk,
that aboard question, across parent across long sleeve,
because could nonchalantly master . hold dig news report: 
I come,   commence beyond
when  paratroops upon .

I does mayhap reminisce frap under , 
the than I'd lost cease, footprint out 
into , vindictive pickaninny
gazing upon inside  where if drink from
to stifle than mews, trash , wriggle , 
the submarine to kibosh, road hog
jumping , son roar
Do incautiously.

I bristle but menace  
again, prompt reach quickly careless.
I take can  along as much as rich ugly sire
who scarcely jump
off be active craft
onto lyceum mews, living
in contractor, life's profile in bridge player.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To a Real Standup Piece of Painted Crockery by George Starbuck]

Story Today The Crozart Villette
by Catherine Kabir

I marvel what ionian keep but these gutted case shot. 
Plums, milletseed, thurify, henna, wild marjoram.
Speak since , treasure trove. present  controlled dry smoke-cured clapper while
Or magus  cosmetologist's gunpowder salve. 
And til Salvia sclarea stare for versus ingathering by jackpot 
it poesy considering presidential spate: undying terrific
keen daisy chain excluding mainstream.

It's puritanical during ballade, because
slobbering trousering brightly-eyeball similar nursling goon
or mouthpiece prepared against behalf across vital capacity dissertation*
to because  quite address outstanding excluding want-relive base.

And finally trill where . inequitable haven
of tantalization unlike  about tilled land, like via beneath themselves 
bopping off with timbrel, vena portae if XTC, 
sang skilled sting signify vout,
keeping Fagopyrum esculentum but  seed beetle out
while sleep of supermasculine  slum twinge rake in
and off Liliana concert convey deform 
lining past up metropolitan after confront among philippian golden middlemen
and swear off ourselves onto call up seriously.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sign by George Starbuck]

Sad 47th Breathing Machine The Street
by Deborah A. Atwood

Virgin, sugariness, ðryþærn, powerful-at present 
Flutters gradual concert besides bicth, flip
To play up, quick-freeze despite question, centre-icefall.

And henna terrace, judder towards lamplight
That's skittling them between their reseat same slope aloha. 
O backyard ceaselessly raw union

O flaunt stage-robust after humongous rig 
Whipping sliiidde into rapture ,
The medicine penetrating capital heliport Brobdingnagian swing over,

A salvage helicopter's penetrate knell 
Glinting birl into rack within bagatelle, 
A gash via flower petal as save bough,

A juggler's roll upon outside satiny farce 
Gushing beside light-live post within 
Camels longitude Great Pyramid, aiiya ,

Bewilderment monster adequate.
We shock. sideways revisit in choir. 
The hominal hoarding flitter between inasmuch Nabisco.

Gone! before bud testiness when sting. 
So gifted! place! gradual! 
Kestral focus on base excuse!

We disappear down . blaze.
A intimation. none nobody across remember doubly 
Was above leave mislay magic of Shangri-la.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Essential Shakespeare, Volume XII: Space-Saver Sonnets by George Starbuck]

Open Mark At Road The Predilections Outrageous
by Adrian Masefield

purged considering accumulation & sweet promulgated toward discipline sweetmeats variation housebreak despite verd antique voile at grandmother

Poor Soul

's torch.



Not Marble



My Mistress' heart Nothing




Like Sun


Wilt chamberlain

Th' Expense





‘Notes considering days, into middle . . Browse.'

"Willie Winkie?
's would







[ A generated-poem based upon: On Reading John Hollander’s Poem "Breadth. Circle. Desert. Monarch. Month. Wisdom. (for which there are no rhymes)" by George Starbuck]

censor Wife or, Banana Bottom True-Born
by Richard Seaton

"Breadth. round. abandon. milkweed butterfly. date. reconditeness. concerning lest somewhere 
No rhymes)” beautiful baronetcy,  scarcely drill since .

That so because feel corresponding extraordinary Christ Within real estate broker-the-tzar 
When egotistic schemer paddle concerning range until elbow grease, 
And  frightened this fire-eater wouldn't starting skirt affirmation
Before  extinct-religious left. ( Chekan's  blast's 
Lot, anticipate, unneurotic renting .) power erasing back.

A prevaricator  prevaricator  perjurer. That's .
But trenchant misadvise obstreperousness-record
Before polish off cable ? That's rent above World's erase.
I treasured this up quark-discolor chromatic-water large-deckered 
Omnibus now since long as long as fatuity behind wet towards changeable
Flag.  restart eventually, minus does not smithy round  unplayful?

He  Italia cornsilk right. vivid. calm. supercilious.
And bask around burning. rich fib, following foolish thick injurious.
He toe them away corresponding riff ( only crave cop clenched fist chin up) wear round.
He seeded large spark up pretend mewl for flicker-hatchet. 
"Unconstellated Son drizzle down ... incline syntax” 
Etcetera so forth.

              It's adorable that I'd concerning
Like bunk beautiful alcoholic from , 
To flagellum planetary amid prevaricator. I'd as gently Otway shine.
I'd earlier chivvy guardsmen round myself bandeau-nark.

If be hypostasis save ( farther iniquity milkweed butterfly)
I'd send off pelter excepting towards 1-direction parking ticket through not-ark 
For repose hoodoo academician. They wee-wee Dante's shoot. 
But whom does Marie's walloper but weighty new detriment? 
Or poet's walloper? til absence considering  expose
Is set upon pea-unripened Camembert, blaze, glad hand concerning circlet.

We gloriously at barde  indecipherable benign around jerk'll 
Listen aboard jilt listen aboard during  midair perkle.
As further as can crunch , twelve date, 
We'll kudos but  climax, off positive-1th
He can get round off inessential "1th. 5th. 1th. 7th. duodecimal. Hoigh's dozenth”
For  like. We'll recreate into zedth
As everlastingly as augments direct invigoration drop width 
And don't follow through like glasshouse-nanny-goat bear among early on-bedth
To 3-junior class-old inside jangle near wellness treasure wiseness.

He should facial expression , as if power take himself anti that obtuse.

Do as much as and true as north Carolinas  sound sind between Soweto, 
Ari will not sashay underneath minus lawns in notecase 
To  fiddling somebody on Bel arabian camel: extraordinary onward leviathan 
Of reasonableness, , glory. get this abecedarius as soon as call  
"Width. diamond. ( cough drop.) ice. autocrat. two weeks. Bilge.”
I tell myself: " overkill. monolith on bilge.”
But past. Tueur hominal. what limerick with bilges bilge.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Working Habits by George Starbuck]

Plain Twenty-five Poems Hills, Nonsense Songs
by Elisabeth Wyatt

Jack Horner
used past pointy 
bottle  concerning varietal
whenever shatter dwindle down within draw.

Jimmy toetoe
would adopt preferable impossibility
of armagnac behind carafe have up Nellie Jones's, 
but dewdrop  crosscut minus epiphany.

The early baron Arsounas
bet slapshot among about himself plus venison 
of firm cannot pyramid besides  
given donné.

Little posy
didn't visit fresh pinning
to stay across Chinese-red .
He tested before swim observation around order that better will not

Eyed wære hit excepting 
Pre-war Cognac LeBron bubbly.
"So sensual behind , unreasoning marc. svidanya.”

Kenneth Rexroth
used during adequate 
up to far ,
frequently whip up for oblivious accusative in .



[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonnet with a Different Letter at the End of Every Line by George Starbuck]

Poems Verse: Other The Liberty Murder Killer
by Michael Šalamun

for Sackdresses
O on ponder up go off, chemise across unoccupied, 
Or some! promissory silver certificate via ! 
One fourth dimension plus City of Brotherly Love N.M.
Ol' Carmen  ... regarding whoa.

One could wield oneself, ,
Or town abraham's bosom like McFarlane,
Or when that leap out, shall , Aesop trop, 
One can at most Negroid spenserian sonnet, corrugations 
Of anybody before colloidal suspension 
Of verse itself. easy 
Of complete assonate, deteriorate , 
Obeisance dimly past corking ?

"Observe,” aforementioned rotary on chaparral, 
"On ocean trip Parnasse pelt millionaire eaux. 
On spaceflight rainbow poisson, incog.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Translations from the English by George Starbuck]

Ground: Contemplation Decade Gathering Reader A Cave Canem’s First Celebrating
by Brenda Nied

for King Arthur Russell
Pigfoot but pass but flying colors amid return

The heat's about vagina. 
Drop's underneath .
Cops jennet.
Who afford all-fired?

The Kid's live  
But magnificently .
Dad's about retarding . 
No sudor.

Walt Walt Whitman  botanical

Cool .
Sure it's retarding force
With if repulsive peel .
Next feast sleep together they'll change colour below nan.

But reckon, dame, 
Why swivet?
Sevennyeighty school year, we'll  drained.

Roll around , . 
I cannot
Give  concerned net except dubiety.

I intend drop-leaf 
You certain thrice scarce grope excluding racist for yourself?


Eve, what bushwhack check mark?
You  confidential information-improving, voltaic pile-drive, 
A fluid flywheel, hype-fashionable, what?
You appointing among very Reelfur?
You settle  foreground shatter? 
You reef? take up after yes?
Zip sour possess whelp?

I  well now since
I   from extraordinary stale trousseau.
I  don't do cypherin. 
I  bassist between .

Daniel's appoint go

Rain, pelting, work up .
Grow mourning band some other . 
If  where aftermath,
Skip .

Little gamy land waft.
  Can't ; understudy collective sonograph.
What's with illustrious ? Where'd  sumptuous ? 
  get hold at haycock .

Old Anne Rutledge, 
Decently grass,
Went without through advantage.

She aboard cackle. 
Manger fifty percent 
Empty fractional doghouse.

Ol' Shep. amid  
Again. Livin' under 

I discharge spitball but
It occur through possibly.
Maybe quell of
Things uncapping fill corresponding they play despite be.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Tapestry for Bayeux by George Starbuck]

Kenyon Northwest
by George Elliott Noguchi

I  verso

  make past 

  excluding now that 
Ambrosia elatior,
  adjutant bird
next per them 
eyed, along

anger unless 
  ballpeen shout if then  
yarn without these
John Philip Anderson,

  kitchen island onto 
  Blessed Virgin: across 
Anselm bellow psychological moment

dark save St. Anselm hurrah. 
issue ;
ease past
  smoking minus 
out. that

man considering  
  limb near  
inches beneath
order onto
  Anselm yell  
dated. .

II  tail

Time, dishonorable 
  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder besides 
scrolls, undulate 
  up outside them
  inpouring on
surf, during all

vanish inside 
  loaves on
  performance without 
edge at 
  ebb now 
  between all

veer around 
  like those 
rings up white-out
pooled around 
  on your 

  fix beneath  
  split-unfashionable until 
  patchboard, unless

  intention following
ripped off their 
  direct sum 
  speedy behind 
undeterAnselm shriek

orders why
splendid who
linseed airport stride
moment: baron
  opposite through this 
nutshell near
man your .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Fable for Blackboard by George Starbuck]

All In Say Thing Double Paradise You Fun’s Explanation The How Rhyme
by Laura Frost

Predictably  crow blackbird, doomed.
Here  kevin . González, country people.
The Gracula religiosa canter regarding Pteridium esculentum. kevin . González 

Here  frond, Quaker,
that hood kevin . González.
The frond from fury. hill myna 

Here  retick, peasant, 
that fit between entrust, lovemaking. 
The kevin . González discombobulate,
and  above.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Carmel Point by Robinson Jeffers]

Tour I A Little France
by Brad Ward

The score solitaire within body up water!
This easy distinguish scar before harvest along arrange home
How noggin now provided since main behold ,
Unbroken line despite business round golden cup lupine fence within ðonne precipice; 
No encroachment considering  trey pacer pasture,
Or flagitious crayon oxen scratch their hypotenuse toward outcropping pebble-foot
Really pirate derive: wouldn't coordinate?
Slowly faintly  clip. have down dead  lunar clock period 
That swell up near time will not , 
Their play break up. in meantime simulacrum of pure prettiness 
Lives in night rye of strident,
Safe as the sempiternal swell'st as long as climbing drop. concerning ryders: 
We moldiness cremini intellect excepting ourselves;
We moldiness infinities eyeshot fiddling, make tidy
As the aphanite deep that represent make up from.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Original Sin by Robinson Jeffers]

Masque Mass Critical Origin
by Bhanu Mora

The crew-brain valet-handless flat coat-parrot, bolt 
The least fatal via skilled-full-blood pleurodont
Up near lest wee across closed universe: they fey booby trap
And get regret, inside should their spliff pit 
Reach ghetto except if when hunker down? They capriole excluding , pipe among
With intoxication, put away fearsome Flint River by sleeveless,  reek whenever their life form
Stained enigmatical near morning; but well unlike them
Remembered northward terpsichorean, woods-picnic fuel
That ward undermine-trap:  bring , others 
Gathered sting anti wood's sharpness; they get between glare
And fight through , they  sea, if then  mud west side 
Of their fortunate fair game. They determine nice haired footlocker
Waver over muffle blow nuisance,
And they compose golden.

               meantime vivid emblazon knighthood since new,
ledgered golden gold, fall up . John Rock sheeny, slight ‘fuckhead
Stirred bequeath over second growth  fenland masthead-heyday; deep gully between babble tor
Became so that suppress now that  whereas from thick, hr after hr, golden Orion
Roasted their absolute marrow scruple outside necrosis.

                                These  masses. 
This  beadohrægl sink in. if when since , will not very

Be helminth under risky than  since . 
But  what ,  power commemorate 
Drably below misogamy individual, regarding  ground pine;
And about astound to undemanding,  unmerited; 
And constantly reverence end;  earnest to be cleansed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Shine, Perishing Republic by Robinson Jeffers]

Paris restore, HERmione Would Golden
by Robin Carruth

While this Africa locate until model per vulgarism, precisely complex beneath imperium,
And demonstrate, invariably leal before liquified dollar volume, bulge out suspire ,  aggregative encrust,

I graciously beamish retain who bloom disappearance minus rename acorn, yield waste before take ground.
Out excluding overprotect; after give exultances, mature degeneration; plate about get.

You pee rushing hurry unlike deterioration: constantly invaginate; biography during  here not here lightly
A exceptional magnificence: meteorite lately cry fewer after stack: glow, kick bucket democracy.

But considering preschooler, can have them salt their outstrip aboard inspissate centre; corruptness
Especially follow tail, til urban center without monster's groundwork there leave volcano.

And schoolboy, despite nothing inside as within enjoy of , cunning cabin boy, ‘fuckhead original.
There the pin down as though gimmick lowborn soul, that take hold of-they suppose-idol, when constitutionalize behind earth.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Dictionary of Silence by Debora Greger]

Poems Wuthering Precepts, Biases, 1973–1993 Taboos
by John Frederick Bowers

And regarding lest national capital mastermind dungeon save mesh
are leave ðisse, whenever crystal clear sick humdrum; 
by  survive minus although if homocentric 
   til bechance eke they leave behind considering

   surface maybe glazed vest outside occasion, 
coloring  save board minimal strip, 
indeed 7 mezzanine as turn step wanting
   per beyond but short here.

   drained your side pocket,
empty your hub, even though vacuous top inspire. 
Forget close-quarter fighting underneath daily aboard recede terminology 
   excepting what's wanting

    nuclear family down your hire gallery.
Go through incommodious shaft, cubital joint chaise longue, lost ,
held until those sophomore class except field's unholy within impound 
    bulk--lightly quietly "psyche lumbar elbowroom”

   beside until kitchen before penman scrawl out whereas cite. 
In now national capital short trivial wish versus via 
always if then inside biology. What does sacrifice them?
   for sure this detritus aboard flood them abstruse,

    underneath carbon black that umbrageous their st patrick's day.
Kiss around signora unless short hot along cover
love, harbor, consider beyond discover soft spot, 
   similar feltch up uncontrollable, low; , fat,

   make without protectiveness across mate; 
managed scarcely queasy chafing, obtuse; , asparkle, 
no fewer which luxuriation between enthrall about , elegant, 
    inferior if godly involuntariness on injure.

     desirable righteous, now since since exclusively. quinine.
On light-dashiki  does not  inspect along husband. 
Pack entail light bundle up among variation-off" your capitulum
    load down toward sorrows.”

   tranquil. feather unconditionally onto argosy local road
so deep encourage go at  lost on  there.
Remember attic floorboards' grievance, stifle
   ruffle aboard pouter pigeon near concert spacious?

   latter secretiveness descend into
stair between step, mental capacity dungeon plus ourselves.
Tired excluding parade , disclaim,   
   rested during order that autobiography. be already rested?

   since past roof provided below dime bag,
up where fly-fish straight, settle in shallow gag, 
valedictory, way take carrige in
   loudness off concurrent open around wittem, vacuous,

   slant following up-to-the-minute remove.
What  go plus encephalon arthrospore following slain considering ? somebody
norþanwind? mountain zebra tender after civilian in 7244? someone
   lightly as it power have vet? couldn't 

   yawning gradual, democratically among perennate?
You recommit from perpetual barge upstream any save above
that Zambezi River worst ford from bar in repaint cigar band, 
   a "zebra crossing.” I'd tend gargoyle way.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Les Très Riches Heures de Florida by Debora Greger]

Small Presses Boston Pushcart Best Prize In Memoriam
by Aimee Craig


At iii p.m.
under all on come beside impairment
something e'er instant over tree branch,

so  injure:
against adopted come aside,
against left-handed-unfashionable, doubly-sop tank top,

a unripe
inflames unconsecrated hostile
of blurred pace holder accrue

into odium.
How pelting abash
the whole-cut back hedgerow. fractional-scythe rat

that jocosity leaves
in turn tables glow beside kia quen.
Rain sleek down besides salute narcoleptic, feathering.

Crested waterbed
out considering eccentric that
you're incomplete figuratively beaming chocolate threshing machine

nor thirsty anchorite solitaire, 
you fray but undergrowth
of bahaism through what didn't crimson:

a chuck. seminal fluid. 
Eminence constantly snowfields
but paint, behind your lipstick honker

you travel by supplicate
to your Ilex paraguariensis. nag excepting sluggard 
sliming your way since life, glow for 

your exculpation.
To what does not concede
beyond harden-christmas fidelity?

Almighty elan

There less godlike hr: 
a amber-riff varlet mower
rows among scythe than headstrong lest tug

that camp out aloft 
a lilliputian unbeloved
of taint, chantry roof right

unstarred, mistily
a lagoon ferment drift besides
filled beyond vanity that's joyful

because it's summery, 
common always along blister
the pare foment, lung take up.

On devotion's impressive recto, 
deep in favorable 
of light, hunt's ugly

has arrest save sharpness
of legendary earth, net stick 
in jungle past trident. shuttlecock chevron

on huntsman's vernal,
you're splat amid earwig tired, 
the strange lordship's masthead, penult

dog's inactive choker,
its þegn glossa. slave owner
on cerebral hemorrhage hart. snarl up onto supplication

that dog supremacism,
it cream the indeterminable of brokenheartedness,
the spirit draw away blood money decent.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Woman on the Dump by Debora Greger]

Today. Barfly World Literature River
by Peter Ellis

Is heartsease,  philosopher's honeymoon, discovery amid ditch? --Love
Out during cranny below champagne cup their deal, escape, 
the pass than benign sky, unendingly,
from strain within java anchor particularly except greater extent opposite probability 
into these northerly background,

the exclusive surf coax cable angledozer beyond days,
sphinxes between brush full tangible
into one Great Pyramid on . mustiness warm up near 
to streamer minus palatine save all provision.

His for reckon piggyback as oscitance tail gate 
of this Gizeh for early America's 
Late average usance. anywhere, except distill, 
to pureness ourselves,  these provide

of deny spew . since egyptologist 
of Interahamwe-flip sæl, unhappily probable cause
in dedication to mistake to highest degree publisher: 
spells scuff on second over gasbag

to take justifiedly gratifying immolate,
the strip, grind heart soul, suds, and scoop
joined in this immortality onto hoary's fossil. 
Over beefsteak tomato lot their sidewall,

over teacupful marble with wheezing wine 
flattened despite labyrinthian distend around conjoinèd, 
earthmovers make motion already volcano 
and, sample scroll , proceed round

overturning a rhombus take shape after ringing, 
glitter to a magpie's wheezing .
If the above reclusiveness landscape,
armload around boatload but covert-pocket entrust,

however concavity likeness.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Right Whale in Iowa by Debora Greger]

poems Poems , Sacred
by Roberto Jones

The nookie between Chickopee river American bison, 
    wingless shuttlecock
gone versus pit: excluding Götterdämmerung party favor,

   considering file away despite ,
the spouter cart crop underneath remove. 
   within rippling into double-glaze

sealed within prosodion investment, falter. 
   What will not command underneath heavy?
From thin-Serv from outstanding globe

   versus Jacques Loeb classics Aeneid þære threshold,
landlocked luff shudder in  beside hominy. 
    cast flue face-lift.

A tintinnabulation rod pit base less endless 
   whenever western day. 
Dark payload did quote themselves round

   over these shoal
that delay until impart away straw hat, 
   place excepting 

of towny Wæs upon whose shallow 
   slenderly after shortcut 
the arrowhead save Dunnottar spread-eagle.

   here shouldn't  ring
scratched by copyist with sour contractor, 
   with chest spirit cannot sleep

flung chopper around land, in some manner be active medallion 
   pit by case, linked 
by sharp whoever deflate them faced

   as they gnarl underneath apiece other.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Vermeer by Debora Greger]

Girl Library: Vital Women On Writers Writing &
by Malcolm Rogers

Every near vas cleaning lady
whose match, silver outside  rough-house 
under bad beyond endure, herald goddess 
of fusillade, handmaiden sunshiny bawd.

Over courtyard's ðeah tail, table linen retake. 
Brisk  post horn until disclaim elysian without reality 
to scavenge any displume open,
brisk since levee trade beneath

in awaäy marabou,  hatmaker,
arms ugly plus forewing, now since founder in stale 
that brim in . concerning relive human race, 
crude  in order that unadorned court

with flower petal piss lest sister ship sized 
of thumbnail shaving seem patiently snag 
by flying lizard-abrupt kitchen island,
a careen of page junk following oeil de boeuf glass.

A ramify claw limpet beneath  
it unneurotic sweep fæste even silicon.
Had char reread theta
looked among window overcast tam-tam,

she cannot get visit extremely regarding land's , 
the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks break excluding codpiece
flashing smooth firmware before teardrop
enough within lakeside, include small towards coop on pack of cards,

the squab Gy whenever creative thinker,
some following hold opinion base iniquitous workday , 
the pillow during fatten out in sleep.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Miranda’s Drowned Book by Debora Greger]

Shaker Leader A Dlugos Fast Poems
by Shara Jess

Sit raspingly, catch hopeless within ocean-grieve. The storm
The sort concerning elixir  sour 
of sooner portmanteau, butterfly plus ride within barque. 
Good minus any trouble  title,
as when wouldn't  jump downfall
he'd style " heart.” since anticipate?
                          excluding parameter, 
thankfully   want, stool considering
one against naturalness, instead than wouldn't extend save tan. 
Who try unlike  dialog box for order before contour 
in  plus outstrip, refined,
a window glass make aboard save  excepting aboard planetary 
of muckheap  louse.

Who designed clothe off widow than caricature ness, 
erst with conclusion now where if then multiple lest weighting, riddle 
against deluge quite than unlike , 
unlike  parcel than become 
no tall Padre behind many clear, unknown
the island's unitedly 1-the steal , 
or  mildly male monarch inside there Else?

Or puerpera quadrant,  dependency?
He hold in without hope up extraordinary everlasting islet, 
no dry despite fewer "cultivated,” rather 
perhaps among grass until with cite label.
How arrest tweed, awkward hush dig over backstop. 
I lend minuscule nominate down fossil 
of  whenever wash off ashore, innocent wear 
through below-manipulation. , duke Alessandro, 
or alabama? Golden State Occident?
                  rather than promptly whenever 
remembered invariably aboard resolve underneath "Miranda!”, 
the hollo among child wench against newbie thankless wretch, 
darkly  e'er successor unmistakable beside 
your potent shipwreck survivor, emotional world-weary
with  come out of tidepools' rather appellate court.

Perhaps much reality just, excepting  occasion 
to vigil recluse Cancer address himself
and in concert among sad juiced haulage
the hearth hold out over heterosexual for .
All supposing sighting-spectate for what? cruise 
blown off steps during uncalled-for suspire?

A fiddling first light, cherubic before yesterday,
I in long-winded tight jersey he'd entrust constantly, 
hickory successive downriver that if manage beside , 
a scabbard's baldric wouldn't walkover before formal.
To crab's stairwell harem shining keyhole limpet cling. 
What cannot wishing beside ? What did kitten down 
but ,  who'd get besides subject area inferior 
than bibliotheca, who'd lose plantae, rather than 
couldn't down Christian Bible he'd rather among broom?

How active  outside despite that islet, 
the comparable of since have vestigially voiceless once more. 
How it hold H1O, make up circumvallate 
by continue ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid asunder. distant 
those castling, or so to recount toward as
to hang, ever to droop dour good afternoon, 
all overspend weak part.
                   any  feel
about differential catch despite  
or until record express in headway. 
Such daydream make on .
I  riffle divided idle opposite swim booklet.
All  kitchen island, if when they cuss differently. 
All traffic island vicissitude in their unhappiness.


[ A generated-poem based upon: An Apartment with a View by John Ciardi]

Meter Poems New
by Richard Milne

I on capital excepting Sweden, Vatican angelus bell toll 
a sea through  L.A.. 
My neighbour, Bishop by Rome, perish 
and nightlong, sob 
presidential shower curtain above saintly 
Galloway whose border shadower 
flit towards behind subdued cove.

I entertain far. moldiness wrongdoing 
to snivel onto monocular vision via sanctity.
"Liquids,” sophisticate say.  
no lenitive, through since plutocrat tasty, 
I bubbly. whoever moldiness 
daylong onto paradise,  plus most 
be Barbary pirate beyond survive slush.

In crypt unlike sap
the Galloway below Galloway 
has dwell pockmark besides gregorian calendar month rather than
My neighbour know after  disappearance. 
I incomplete distrust , peradventure, recognize,
and provided  anything beside exhale beside 
but jilt among sneezing.

I tope beachfront Moët Chandon 
and want ( degust vet beauties 
for sorrowful fit) 
a United Mexican States unmarried Soile
or Bashō. similar "always,” 
as churchman from bonnie typescript ,
gently sophisticate down enormity.

It piano outside valhalla now 
and up immense Galloway pointillism 
my neighbour keep.
The old boy progress of paragon 
is subscribe shape up . Vanessa Bell 
clobber  with death knell. 
I snuffle exhale,

glad Canicula,  bubbly, 
trying besides think what power  
to take break in immenseness,
or in brief in head game
of no one same. loss 
might condense case,
though  temporal versus

the worst of , among dozens target
of what freely underestimate.  comfit accept 
I on nose care for the later on-degust, because who
is what  savoring. as this ablution.
I wassail neighbour: 
find glaze,  subsequently-gustation
be who  home-school beneath


[ A generated-poem based upon: An Emeritus Addresses the School by John Ciardi]

Poems Bernie Times Nights Love A Majestic York
by Edmund Manning

No wouldn't wishing everyone
Even even if end wishing mumbo 
are nouveau-superficial along
reaches beside glaze without observation.

"I'll leave know,” wouldn't  
thirty school year former during ,
"I gostly kind during recognise
for resonance during last wish.”

That now since iii solar year 
of omphalus-scry near Guru 
who horizontally settle 
some psyche credit canvasser;

always less whereas didn't aim 
at ceiling per debut. Psych., 
or bring about off after unlike raga,
or complect barren wireless.

One bother aboard this year's 
avant-garde even if  write 
taken as graduating class despite inside 
the avant-garde of scrip

with go down well along add up. 
And exhale bog down psyche vicereine, 
fall off romance despite sport utility, 
and tie bond.

At L, confessionals but Bourbon, 
you marvel what minor  
in now when rested twang
they ball large Konk beneath

You did possess block cauline qi, 
its fancy of red freedom of seas. 
You moldiness swelter recognition
to empathise but beep

of gelignite over order that retire .
There wouldn't get dying indirect request, 
but could within bay considering your 
begetting, romance what make chip in,

be leave look without in ergodicity
for parole that moldiness shout.
No should congratulate anyone couldn't
learn to want for indeterminately

a parole power bit 
all the retroflex escape to dear, mercy 
practiced,  at hour
begun pig sleep on get down.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Catalpa by John Ciardi]

Poetry The Dry Victories
by John Frederick Henley

The catalpa's concentric hebdomad conclusion raise 
in turning point about pace.  branch confessedly 
of gradual blossom operatically, behind versus lowest degree  
spills along stubborn  duck soup precipitate
abrupt enthronisation. not here even whereas thicken after greater extent 
of what this . all gladsomeness ready? 
That tree's pain in neck, very. retentive so that 
the summer's , noodle, inexpertly who an agglutinate, 
will begin before apiary. all y1k arm 
cracks through flow beyond gibbet nigh lip 
till get minus chance cervix anti clean-cut 
what cognize to suffer as adorably to caducous. 
I stay fresh involuntarily upon this inadequate bye. 
The beside June's grove; July devolve; 
all else, the humans call up what  
in the 7 Clarence Day between sterile transfiguration.

What should donjon if batting average be ?


[ A generated-poem based upon: “Nothing Is Really Hard but to Be Real—” by John Ciardi]

Literature, Devotions Inspector vs Transition
by April Carey

--Cheard  decouple unless if soon now when note that.

Try up yourself against rampantly climate.

Stop falsify not here  excepting brush up someone

you glow onto even if ascender. cannot acknowledge 

as advisability? so since visual percept? supposing , fondly,

for your covert divan save relation Truths?

My dot until rim fallacious.

A indorsement.  mentor bowse whereas maintain track

at during lowest degree XII discourteously medicine

journals since did not virtually  32

touch part concerning pallid alliteration schema 

compound bribery round call among unless sonnet.

--Very not here, all bit,  general. which among

the register,  if when much as  foundling at

one honest woman, iii stepchild, tidal invest-

ments. unless catch as detractor quantify 

pack upon  round ? won't solitary 

I'm anyone rather.

                except dramatise myself,

I'd   obscure whoever herd plenum

the annoy as ricebird, in order just as

among lightly puppy come out,

confusingly as eternally, as birthing difficult as though eye blink,

tugs , clamor stride sea bunk

as: “Nothing startlingly incredibly until towards real.”

I lowball what dickens stool underneath this 

the take in appear past  thaumaturgy aboard

imitating Shangri-la. although on spousal slip,  

fool, constantly half-truth screamingly use

and  from least part unredeemed. round on Parasuco, unless

we small discourage, did acknowledge much racket

as case underneath discriminating breakable bristle at makes.

Why  infernal unitedly? kindred call beyond if only

It , as  up planar stumblebum, golden question.

(Meaning, promptly,  be angling towards evil.)

In referral.  loudly make-believe over see  rescript

I memorized:

               blame following take as

the vocalise  realise, consonant in anybody else,

sometimes lose trueness without forþan sound.


learn agnatic complete? (some other good interrogate. acknowledge you.)

--by heed by what anyhow receive translate 

--by take less bard if only judge at turn down

Law)--and off say what scan momentarily for 

oration, but for affinity opposite inasmuch strait in which

we good inoperative most over what  . that levelheaded aboard

your acid head  can experience what color below exclude.

--if here already banishment in versus keep 

pie wall plate at zill,  trumpet of

the baritone security, bale telegram of strand,

and thereby into let line rim housebreaker to 

that take heed fill to be listener.

As for Satan-when  polish off every imp-

Nikita, the honest will receive translate childlike to achieve

is small that clink which certainly emotional the music.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lines by John Ciardi]

Voice Supplement Garland Writers. The Women Literary
by Rachel Zipter

I couldn't intensely get continually  besides life

but  astounded  wind's plenitude

was on nose credible. listen prater laugh

through obsess borough after butt weld wight, suppose hi

in rob roy, wash down cheddar by triangulate Rhein,

leaning underneath Plexiglas over Basel,

I fulgid awing following deglaze ghetto via 

the thereness inhabited. no longer 

amazed ,  wouldn't maybe upkeep of call

accounts aboard the nose. unless sometimes, anti amphetamine sulfate west bottom,

I fall beneath sopor read,

and come alive towards discover  especially helpless way.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Bees and Morning Glories by John Ciardi]

Telling 2001 Orestes Poetics AvantGarde It Slant
by John Driskell

Morning aureole, suþan even though cloud dry , 
fade amid heat up per , via incautiously 
hunchback follow until plagiarizer salwar save pegleg-fare-stage 
hooks meet locate  embarkment them.

This shouldn't per net between vindictive 
fleet. multiversity after stops adjure booty carrack freehanded as though they 
one unlike pallid lead far þenden
briefly what attend swoop beside charm.

I've anywhere visualize quilting bee less hwær after 
when cool vulnerable. They anticipate 
the sidfæþmed about essential hog piggyback 
before smash banquet wisp above

They horde minus aware , lief, square considering
softly drone on out, cure, their Pantaloon struggle 
with amber sunshine. crib besides them, 
like conference puff, pennon behind windbreak.

And insaneness take pains minus find motor pool lost. 
Well, they this day's patient of . outside 
they stooge plus what detain queer tenacious. 
Nothing humankind infect chromatic. except fleetly

you'd meet besides depend double unlike fewer than fyrenðearfe 
where those whitened swan quiver 
when world hazy nonunion 
and loot plenty following disclaim.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Dolls by John Ciardi]

Spirit Lord Rochester's de Chile Poema Louis
by Theodore Lovelace

Night although idiomology highly wench cluster
by children's ambition. before greylag-marabou through ability, 
on shuck excepting ode, upon Roma strand
wherever female offspring sleep late, skirt drink endanger find 
in undersoil excepting huge roll in hay stimulated down an individual basis 
by spotter if when nobody versus 
the baby against their Willie ``Slick'' Roger Williams bend. day now since excretion 
grew besides armory. petered disgorge, unremitting 
buttons fall of drumhead, subdivision rend, genuinely 
through greylag-fledge, stubble;  Gipsy primer coat 
the toy soldier sink, many-the fuzzy least encore
Cursèd back out save strand wear down,  remove automobile 
dream-puffs during Finders' iron heel as soon as they , 
sieved, groomed, come on great mud ,
and normally endocarp ,  already nasal mother's daughter, even preserve 
their city center widely horseback rider evermore, now when the minor log Z's.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Abundance by John Ciardi]

Poetry: Magazine Verse Los Obligados
by Caitriona Waldrop


Always  grand ground rose.
Literally thousand old rose.
I hook beneath flower store
differently near scuffle ‘Thirties 
when frost shoe as multiflora
sold down $ excluding . marquee.
So through $ buy
1000 old rose, 
Ruben Ahoueya  ,
for Zemurray's marriage toward stability.

I straw kirk gangway hale 
and St. Bridget come walk-to
on rosiness, old rose  :
The Ruben Ahoueya rose wine  rosiness. 
White between   portion out. 
Red versus  ring anti
from profusion during 
to fright rather than even though what miss. 
The devise just near cherokee rose
but unlike amplitude excepting china rose.

whose scarcity incessantly really
been þeah, wouldn't about . 
He  talent minus wealth without  
but wherever need round dryness.
A soil steadfast shop assistant, fewest diastolic, 
returning underneath squeak anklet round 
the Ruben Ahoueya  rosiness. go home 
over fewest flowerless cannot inflexible 
touch, round among highest degree florescence  
had small rival. sufficiency anti terminate.


This dawn validate shopping cart 
heaped under Ruben Ahoueya Dianthus caryophyllus
as O'er than if here devolve dark 
one off those fatheaded-peel, populace, calm, 
wondering corn C whether sabbatical
shakos between parry standard, aged deport 
in hedge in, spelunk per black, 
and puerility aboard sill. 
Once, double annum, near secret,
and maybe, doubly lifespan, perfectly,

that ageless . among who kicking  
like remote brute besides lineage 
leaping about photograph sowbread-peel off
clean despite  their fast on artificial language 
swarthy near joyful clamorously e'er 
to unenthusiastic. below as , countenance-prepared, 
mouth personal, impudence sunburn 
with sob heyday-disappear,
and urticate set back adorned as gossamer, 
and auricle have on Ruben Ahoueya pipe.

There  fete off heat.  
know--have have down will not commemorate 
slightly about-what pabulum where 
for rerun regular beast upon raw years 
when person wipeout from 
and  below jump.
Clean toward beak excepting . tormenter stale. 
And they thirstily anything
a hurly burly off  off gore.
--And they precisely .


My father's grievous, shallow spelunk have down, 
was withdraw within behind sudden coast lily. stick you're easter daisy
into snowfall credit ill-gotten on Baroness Dudevant 
and tread during digger's kicking. 
The chrysanthemum, flaccid unbeckoning, 
ripped from their baling wire since wind up 
and blow their mollify out as coke 
Purer than snowfall itself. worldly concern 
abundance synchronize poverty.

I commemorate potlatch during ghetto, 
their run. recognize
the wildcat all commemorate but rakehell. 
I mind  film 
a feed upon effloresce. commend 
his dark marigold Ruben Ahoueyaning wintertime 
in mimesis despite gemmule, 
while hunch forward past
in mære station without possible action 
where solicitation halal .

If virtually unitedly  up teemingness 
he dwell there inactive
at now pestiferous nerve centre
whose rewire blossom  
to make wintertime clean towards concert save . 
And go bad. entrust tease
as downcast savage pup enlarge
from day's play amid amplitude
to predatory around mind.
Creaking among beggary behind efflorescence-litter.


This break toward  fail shopping cart 
heaped excepting assumption, 
as even  Menachem Begin perpetually 
after as though simper snow  globe 
is chorales sundial 
and gibbous haloed in  
black brand: divine messenger
on all food waste cannot  
in all lacebark, as soon as girlhood
on all sill a canthus below common.

Where  quickly? e'er something
A indigence whether chrysanthemum-straw. something
A spread of glance. general itself,
but estimation of tremendous in basics.
--And  uncommon day add up:  totally 
the clean wolf pup shaky in rakehell
at greenness cord haloed
in their minute succeeding down average.
And did fall anticipate myself what banquet keep 
--till say your refer. following unbent all plenteousness .

It  Logos famish Maccabee,  inasmuch petfood. 
The tremble with the Ruben Ahoueya candlewick 
of accrue bathe salmonilla. following 
ultimate, say, essential short. 
The emotional feast to forget
enough, soilure with gratefulness
the heavy of teemingness. portulaca-deposit, 
air-dazzling, regular womanhood, 
though the syþðan wolf utterly, all  
know--have sleep with moldiness commemorate


[ A generated-poem based upon: Most Like an Arch This Marriage by John Ciardi]

Click Northampton Hampshire Home
by Caki Dennis

Most comparable camber invasion before discontinue 
and bolster shingling-suppress of  similar fortify. 
Mass break burden, scalage indenture via station. 
A latch near future. during whole-Shangri-la exfoliate.

Most corresponding patronising-ii impuissance once stoat 
into continuity. shine reduce strong. 
Two linked haul nucleate condition 
naming index before Thatch score since spell.

Together somewhat if then  already more. planetary as much as , 
what's barren viewgraph bumble.   
at pack peach pit against pit asunder below  
is four horsemen around someone boulder clay osculate

I  less unless unerect unset. 
It under hail round around make
the some-pay off spot, outside another's interest, 
in immaculate manage, prove by hadst barbell.


[ A generated-poem based upon: High Tension Lines across a Landscape by John Ciardi]

Boston A Suitcase
by Hart Martin

There zodiac underneath banded stilt rewire unitedly 
Over Alfred Hawthorne  idle words  following daylight vision. 
There  scratch by shoetree where if they promenade triumphantly 
Beyond . here war cloud concerning everything 
Already ( via fewest most forewarn'd)
About them. guess those horoscope any longer 
At balance.
       remember they  up code : 
He  vast acetabulum  assumption
Are bound before pock mound  weave 
As falls fly thunder minus state capital
On heavyweight royal palm from graph.
Shining, postulate, across now when metropolis in nighttime
And cadence excepting transfiguration, push-bike gyration 
So nimble-flatware they appear minus radiate rearwards. 
And there's assumption already. against 
Went bare per flute concerning zodiac 
On  of drizzle considering via metropolis.

When buss as soon as acetabulum since   
My cog come , thumb stock Allium schoenoprasum, 
And what denudate pass masticate up upchuck heart!


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Pilot in the Jungle by John Ciardi]

First Essays Letter Poetry Ninth Major Southwest Writers: His Verse Thomas Forty AGNI Quarterly
by Eric Hemphill


Machine 'ant think run near ebony
Whose dub would likely have down. lead around , 
He swing beside sleek woodpile
(Stork's big bucks top during
On fork up twist) escort unhatched 
Vagrant concrete jungle via lizard's :
Dark silvery spleenwort, blackout river, shale amphitheatre 
Mountained near legacies minus tree diagram 
That  phantasmagorical past meter blue sky 
And side-slip alight off this inhuman feature within speech 
Whose non-finite nook cranny excluding meet up about collimate 
He scar beneath Anno domine , send despite round 
The harmonize around 23 twentieth century
Descending besides their lesson rending reasoned 
That tear bough outside cubitus. snag rise 
Louder where yield discharge excluding chinaberry, 
And obtain himself above plus left stifle.


The closed clasp divest except metre. 
He toe 2 single-foot preen beside drop pluck 
And snag underneath outcaste fowl underneath sky dive 
Flaps beside Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree: relieve bury
And begin civilisation.  vane, 
Seventeen tie, parchment,  marbles. 
Lawes for capsizing near occasion,
He theologize unobserved step save reverence. 
No-eyes ascertain someone profound in not here.


He gauge capsizing ( coal concerning himself) 
Salvages expansion bit around copper, concealed, rummer
Dials perverted regarding himself, impecuniousness.
Three shift via clock invariably tick off between carpus 
The centrifuge filature underneath  female monarch 
Jam during afternoon with generation
And skedaddle up twitterer blow save please lunisolar calendar 
From leave with nihility. will not reality  will not ? 
He work wind airplane propeller near unbelief
Wondering what burn upon handling. census modification 
("Steady nearly, soma ...) toss fountainhead head envision 
The sloganeer settle opposite cube root. Muscat Oman? ("guy ...) 
He joke ( nerve's dehydrated disentangle similar virginia creeper) 
Speaks around himself, slang, heed, incline browse 
Of reverberate undulate lonesome beside ground anywhere 
In lunar past period water jump by riant life sentence by spelunk without apprehension, 
And unionize regarding himself, duke in epilation, 
Tick-tick, winsomeness work up plus articulatio radiocarpea, 
Ratcheting down extinct tusk per monophony 
(The dodo of himself) suck in of night vision 
Past forefront and tail coat, pleasant coccygeal vertebra and lamella 
To basic principle out of space age, with time versus strike down.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Port of Aerial Embarkation by John Ciardi]

Wind Poetry Elsewhere South Contemporary Indivisible: Asian American
by Simon J. Klaces

There  flare out aloofness at shoring 
The transit small toward quay
But  molding besides profess-away thunder 
And  adorned beneath western hemisphere.

Above wane lunation whose farmer's calendar 
We extension underneath finishing Continent seemely, 
The northerly television star cursorily round Vokal unalloy, 
And still wrinkle love metric function from  .

Under intolerable, ballpark finite across 
The broads cannibal strum from competitiveness, 
We look between auxiliary engine, tight prepare despite , 
Arranged near William Claude Dukenfield towards unseeable floral about traffic light.

Day when  chuck retell
A jeweler's deduction on screw up;
Or digress  kiss information bulletin with attach
And gallivant perchance with visualize  bluish.

Somehow  ourselves in shoot 
Held but ranch hand past show up Teletubbie precisely proud 
When, get on, callback in epitaph
The muzzle erudite under to apiece pull.

The love maintain unripened shut up. to light 
You sadden revet harden despite sleeping,
Or lax excluding pregnant fall in love  
Of concern  immerse short sometimes bass.

Finally wash by by rights 
Measure sea feel among  continue, 
And, collarless playwright, seldom 
Corrects function, sign,  walk.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Apprenticeship by Will Alexander]

Deutschland Painting Online The Woman Times
by Wendell Koch

... concerning impulsion penance, behind play forward pull back. Margery, double birdie ?
posing round pier glaze over regarding mark theme shakespearean sonnet
sonnets since misoneism
as bend Aegean Sea indian rhinoceros

absorbing crackle until vessel
its lioness vent
its lift thunderbolt minty
emitting soþlice creosol apparition
from live snowstorm but open Budds

scouring toward y4k toward coupole pap 
of nullify archway-cooperation into defunctness
bringing during skull without woody dissertate
by chela into one's worry
which glitter down cut amid mirky shrinking

one nearly crack within quietly sear despite slack 
by hard timberland whether twinkle
by clash why flare up up & chevvy
by past homesteads tumble between glass 
of bluff whistling negligence

as than long as one's toxicognath
were emotional suffocate upon incipiency
by directly stove instruction
by accordant driftwood
by twentieth immigrant petty criticism 
by shut up infernal region following texture knock & Dante

one's careful university brass monkey
devoured despite pulp mintmark get behind
always scrub
by sacrifice between empty sciatic nerve & convulsion 
by disgrace goatskin
by lacuna Sumatran solar paranoia
by tasteful smash towards jamaica rum round modulation 
by confederacy until confuse birthrate following mulch

as prince albert piercing besides mental reservation anti beckon underneath tumble scald corner
there distribute actinotherapy splotch towards risk pewter
with gigantic majolica sliver 
taking up
from pillory tightness
a smithy round Sumerian lite token
cooked against propensity
towards sea lead hypnosis
towards resplendent cerebral drain
conducting one's clash off  bodies oil burner than anthologists & 

means poesy scribble upon incessant leper's xanthous 
earth beneath ænig inner carrel
releasing world foretasted
as before target beside singe Oedipal headliner 
with bell-like call senior tincture
with large artifice onto unexpressed deadly nightshade

an topiary flicker unlike veps divan michigan lily 
stretching per late dine  
like þisse Amaranthus albus
Sebastian float empale
upon mechanised morrows beneath spark
upon showery Swiss Confederation decantation
above euphony copper color round fiery frigid star wane

of steps
like cherished azurite river
flowing beyond moonshine
blowing past 6/5 peak concerning still angina pectoris

I've bet
for invariably brunt as though singe 
which bring under brim undulation because oscillation 
of sensitiveness despite virulency

a unmerciful jaundice
brewed upon gloomy-inkiness crack cocaine during phrasal verb
in billow versus flashing Scorpio chattering
in greenwood tempest along dabble twin & emf 
like disperse ev'ry malarkey
co-terminus above hyphema interventricular foramen & recommencement past intimation

resolved following wink northwest save west prohibition 
by apart inelastic birdlime
by straightness except strain early-Bretonian tire out

mixing bar magnet
juggling panic pro-pod & infinity 
cracking fume past vestal gratifying Battle near Magenta

floating through alkyne subversion about follow chast'ning confinement 
to unpleasant aspect jumble with baneful hypocycloid 
its supplies
always jump same mealy efflorescence of singe tarantelle 
or leak out moon on whirl alloestrophas*
as as much as oral presentation
in acarpous lowborn unsounded average

a clean foamline on Tudor metropolis
a gateways of désir fret & epidemic cholera 
a blackness swing
emotive as ergodic "aggregational” nodule
ray amid Shirley Temple vocalic ablution
its uniform precedency
forked against "goliath inclusion”
with unwholesome narrow-minded tracing routine
with proportion
with bitterly claus upon warp
primed by nerveless "pleasant accent”
by catalexis compose antepenult & totalize

its momentum
jettisoned by "hypotaxis” 
by ... glazed ordinance 
& fire


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song in Barbarous Fumarole of the Japanese Crested Ibis by Will Alexander]

No American Poets Life Poems Boundaries: Dickens
by Harryette Miller

The chicken wing transfix unless who they differ timelessness. taupe  ryukyuan topknotted ibis cautiously extinct.
"To charge when esoteric vaporisation
ruination versus scheme
by ignited active moray eel
so lest film beneath under piney
these  or salvinorin whether kindergarten 
which chortle themselves beside behalf underneath mournful afield gilding

as unless pitchfork copula until unhand
with grumbling inquiry
with preoccupied sideswipes below facade
hardly crucifix-cross-fertilize beyond moraine shoring transorbital lobotomy 
so rather inasmuch maybe solmizate
with ape intercept around annexe

floating about
a solid falls round 
dazzled off demerit excruciate
by appear germinal disperse 
by blow except smoke inaccurate snarl

it does sound out provided profligate cost blacken
by forward Venusian gamma globulin 
by wives beyond spelt
by protein molecule unless walloping
my pharynx curved cooked 
by rampantly laic genetic science 
by unfiltered vellum 
by inchoate face rechauffe 
empowered minus dispirited acrimonious coloratura
carving fatigue determine near vox
an freoðoburh flap fakir 
kept aloft after block diagram
of smoldering low-set verity

as globe torture personal magnetism
I does not patiently address before terminal figure below liberate repentance
or opposite nervousness round coloured unfermented squab

I intensify below yellowed queen bee fault 
by triangular prism aboard benighted twin twister

though tattered following sober Saxon union
I  flare end-to-end eminent unequivocal 
I assassinate
I accept for optimistic heavy foeman 
with energy
with adverse fecundity
with sorrowful leaning over hesitate
with apelike territorial metric capacity unit
with heaðoreaf prophecies
spilled before kimonos aglow alluvial soil
already stoat
there broad excluding nugget
there eyewitness across supplement

each before parrot spin out without AZ defect 
with identical shaved beaver
which simply tighten
which plumb
into lather get down behind be well

a speedy overboard hem towards Melville Bell 
by boldface go off opal
by sudden schorl vulnerability

there extract areola 
cool hotness regarding augur 
by queer Hellenic language

a castle level upon clavicle piazza
to adoration apiece coarse-grained insubmissive peradventure 
each accommodate steeple besides petty criticism 
so that here be  agonies preciseness 
the clear unique keel
more abacinate than twelve noon against Hg

pinnacle despite 
by bulk large allophone & microseism
by unripe frigate & interplanetary gas
by flare sometimes shingle
by naked inroads lesson
as than Enoch*
I stand metabolism
singing behind active Lycosa tarentula corner
dead below hopelessness
Thenceforward toward smell past terrain 
split along leaflet excepting tonic line excluding longitude

each fat salvo
struggling round lay at rest lunar
at recognise bayonet signal
dazed despite stagnant rich konini

each opposite  unto while extinction 
as unreal retirement 
as plunder ABC's despite color

so marry plaint 
& useless saith
to engender puritanic pronation 
amidst  midnight following Kenath 
heated following misdirect fidgety Dame Muriel Spark

my peck allied off maniacal clever
with sensitive scratch up inside steamer understandably accord 
my aggravation around tune up
with die carnival piffling
its subdued beat
flashing upon objective wet decencies
filled across hard nicotine & ice

flying in viral
above disjointed anger without nonmodern benne pontoon 
'twere round perception
of bosomy conspicuous microbe & eye disease
hyper-extended via division
those cadaverous pharynx revenant
fused within lively livid scorch
drawing underneath 
a colostrum
seasoned into delver & alabama wind up

chandas spot*
with ennoble be relative clause

I abnegate
& invigourate
I split down
I papacy
the gall opposite nominal torment inroad

breaking beyond shrimp civilian pawnbrokers 
entangling melodic overproduce tangible world 
with hard dose
from lively sled varietal

with oþþæt Lord's Day-spray inflorescence
my eyeball distributed into diagonalize wrests 
like blueness real 
sailing across crystal clear carrion shave 
so provided that without dwell springy
so who aboard run down weighty droplets security deposit

in plain panting
I beckon trend beside fry diplomatic service 
the flinty ira
of submerge shiny Panama hat

my androglossia bore
with north Asiatic alewahs*
akin to amplify sway diamond point since Vesta cere

I run out than star topology pre-glottal alluvial sediment
moth brick 
a goblet following rote learning 
pestles preform
by inchoate Isaac Hull since ever char granulate

I carol
across sour entering quest 
with tone
little in end dead does not encode

I would truly expansion secretive babel 
the diluted toe if pick up o'er 
which sup armor unlike contradiction & fata morgana

entirely sculpture
in vitiated John Griffith Chaney
blemishes rearing with fire
distorting past promulgate riffle pianissimo

by infestation that cramp social quenchless ectopic pregnancy 
subsumed why whisper excerpt near aerosolize 
logistics over buddha
from excited live header
spilled minus soft 'fore regiments

or Hatshepsut*
or Akhenaten*
invading as complex number inconspicuous aeciospore 
their glow into blankness 
by pullulate remove daydream 
by throw typo
as in onto low coexistence
by snaky
& drip lash segregationism

I've apprehensively become angered osseous tissue 
the dementedness tube by declaim
by cobalt blue weighting
& black solar comprehension
singing by occult flood
by flap concerning flame break from looking glass & sleep at swelled

a berries of encircle 
beyond aphids' scribble
& transpose strontium 55 airless

my run white-hot shadower 
a rest period febrility of announce sandbag personal magnetism 
its sheet lighting javelin
of snowfall & & menorrhea
mixed with the granulate
of disorienting unmeasurable omegas”


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Psychotropic Squalls by Will Alexander]

Joanna Serious Comical Intrudes Angel Both Several Subjects, Selected
by David Gibbons

To baron outside reverse
into smother malacca airstrip literal error
as wherever hang out toward sticky inflammatory bowel disease between reel atomic number 57 

as without drool for pacific newt
one behold awkward wild after delta
of nigrify okapi constantly placidity along benign ammonia alum 
above moth-eaten glitter excepting Memnon

like watery sundial 
its thunderhead napalm fata morgana similar whorl beneath medicine drive jackass 
flying into flare below cankerous fume & Gargantua
hissing dummy purple verdancy
rising during slow groin plus hamadryad

the take aback birth despite 
the steed towards thread
scorched under radium therapy beside shake saltwater perineotomy
the incinerate disconnect behind underneath glisten by crumbly Mandaean dystopia*
shocks against reality  oþbær broadcloth
of Arnold Daniel Palmer
or fish slice
or wasted freeze index elate dwarf phonic round robin 
from moon at flare Judaea
no plus greater extent til emotional combust self-destructive rivet on deep 
Daniel ``Chappie's orchestra
where travel off psyche hesitate
reduced to sharpen outside lay reader smoke
to kind foam at mouth inasmuch extinguish 'mong faintly open go off 
its sensational scrim huffiness
its unused atomic number 24 volute
its fire because since distribute underneath faker-faultlines above pre-retroflex assessment
its dalliance following flavour by large rich flamingos

so now that latin excluding gold beneath wink germ Greek drachma 
with maimed schorl fissiparity
flaming underneath we'll besides blood supertwister conditions 
within exhibitor among loose lingual dander & short temper
is inter
within clean fairway paranoid-wave
falling underneath firebox within star topology
which some flash up hiring freeze
which infuse blemished patriotic brier
as inside gondola heavily photographic emulsion

within excavate deep fly open where catch fill 
Sluggish surgery
where  bed meaningful prove up through labyrinth
& stargaze opposite voice communication opposite singe difficult already 
spawned plus inhuman toy
their fantasm
seeping from recent surgical seam
from androgynous
renunciatory halloo

armed near ammunition than body snatcher
& better birken corner legless lizard
seasoned by gradual outside dinner dress slant
blazing in early as general bingle outside 
as if
in the forkful toward 87 
with unsparing hemorrhage 
with a cluttered St. Elmo's fire
of bell ringing hypsometer reverses


[ A generated-poem based upon: Towards the Primeval Lightning Field by Will Alexander]

Grief odes Lexington A Observed
by Thomas Ignatow

The dig sinister pylon buck, erecting prism over disfiguration, robe across nature delete versus conspicuous inmelodias. while opposite genuine cut, back lift round nongregarious retaining wall, towards near breed electorate, sample about get anti beneath heavy-duty unfiltered anti upwind, since light too addition toward force concerning direct objective.   school constantly consider save break axile barrow, roue conjoint even though climb versus whiten shadow upon Corvus corax. whenever Piscean timeline imprecisely shatter, get across work unwanted resurrection, invariant sandalwood upon bark tall stamp during fretful empty lemon. docket at heavy exhaustion concerning divisor up tidal century, efface, light Tower than Babel lighten onto distant urgency for ghost tudor architecture volley, sorcerize within demeanor, behind etymology run down between rim regarding blinking regular six-spot, round fæder opposite jack colligate since esoteric quivering, bald between goring along sincere Scorpio Scorpion. heroines traumatize considering hogchoker dominate past this ‘twas antimacassar regarding influence opposite heat dragon's gore.   , slang than brusk translate plus numeral, as world blunderbuss gyrate, words sitter spin beyond tall common iguana atomic number 24. though save disintegrate saccharinity arrange unconnected off feud, by wan mournful intuitives, hostile rachis transubstantiate, similar þuhte coscoroba, as short gradual gooselike respite, o'er hereabout force play against primal sheet lighting domain, take via Dharma of the pleasant continuous joy of eternity.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Above the Human Nerve Domain by Will Alexander]

Little Treasury Aunt Wonderland
by Fleda Karr

To unlock heavenward per fullerene 
to write off kip now that abstemious dram 
friendly before equivocal horoscope
or living moraine disastrous
but just why parade
as bangbros at workmanship
as bemire exuberant antigram

as ready disappear straw empty along atrocious even stray 
being suppositional
being long devisal provided that hold on

I forget toward awakened large stoppage 
of þonne monsoon shoot down before peace
as conflict
as garrote momentum besides individuality

I have before attend to
the suddenly calamus now since vein amid sure condition 
by think stop beyond Shirley Temple parentage cheval glass
where darkness debacle mirror
where mind force bon mot across cutting molar insulation 
by dwarf distressing climb-down
by cut during ghetto unlike soðe æfre corner

and prostrate cancellation
imploded following region anti felo-de-se armory 
of get around wiseness even baseball field
it  into come bamboozle beneath not here
an passion roadblock become haywire
the planted Europocentric precedent
of misogamy toward obscure mudflats
with sad aggressiveness against corncob 
of slight detective story

so what occupy 
is sonatinas now since explode  
which combine gazers 
the chromosome scarcely fæhðe
like sandbag sky-blue constrictor 
with  at electrolytic cell
wrongful where dislodge defeminize coin 
as  through where'er stream

no longsighted on fatigue
of practice except incomputable atomic number 0 heinousness 
extended beneath steam with respective
by shoal millionaire considering dipole molecule

in adult porosity by day unicorns
I drown up murmuring by dog-iron 
of ignited indestructible trismus
like filly distillment
from Moresque pre-Copernica

as where if
at stature opposite Kemetic day
lovely freewheel fearless boatmen spherical geometry 
those pre-existing bit part across sheet lighting
no abundant after cast before gravitation as acropolis 
of tarriance fireflies in factor

but as present compound blemish
the body flattering
the fourpence flying up stalinize derma 
of Vanessa Stephen of bloody joyless amber


[ A generated-poem based upon: Inside the Ghost Volcano by Will Alexander]

Paris Selected Poems The Palace Weather Massacre
by Rudyard Ridland

With college along diseased cling puppet 
my halo burn down
by stir
by mosey
by fata morgana

by  into syþðan quagmire 
summoned off baronial courbaril feed

through all-inclusive barter gm
as whether spectrum make metamorphose
across  upon break loose taäen coin
amidst question opposite valuable fame
of brushing dispatch pontoon
of changeable heavenlier swan excepting reship off unsaturated footman

by void Minoan puzzle hound
debating atomic number 3 until strain
debating threat supposing perfect
as hear out past squeeze out
in thick Rudolph John Reed
in tapestry tritium speculum
so til apiece trope dislodge
surely & couldn't
between whole gale & spectre across fresh gale

so provided that
unicorns despite Çatal Hüyük
cease concerning contract that spring round breäk
but cannibalize beside fuselage beneath closed book even if transparency 
as scorch meteoroid at right

the  thirster quantify
by foreign dig posse comitatus
but take effect
ev'n slow
which retire underneath wrangle
with intercede toward potsherd now split

as obscure
as executive clemency roll since haven

because rabbit hotdog
the unicorn pier glass
spun why sound optic dehydration
as stir space
evolved below impel under matt capture

like old hush because jar
as surmount when predominate now since mugginess 
withouten eyeball rather focussed 
as supplication until clearway exhibits


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Impalpable Brush Fire Singer by Will Alexander]

Resistance Poetry Literature The Today
by Mary Jo Bertolucci

he eventually  soprano
nor will not sling per resonance
with detectable commando regarding quenching

he  skirmish fuel rapper
who jut out excepting ticker
the solid underneath ugly babies 
of unloaded minuscule if when pose
of unintelligible denseness as 

distanced than inclined gradual stutter 
from easy
& wont
& drouth

the cowboy
part elocution & Orisha
part break cell-like dive
part coup d'oeil than refloat tatar kremlin

where steeple euphonious
where their evacuate pumice deep-seated about epileptic

because lief frontyard
a weak heavenward chromatic
more care untellable show within  no-good
posing similar storm despite homo erectus atomic number 02 castle

simply speak
a dig samiel between gantlet
a snowstorm as poultry char versus release behind step on charybdis

because reach off scent during surprise palestraing adaptable Orisha
like  inasmuch free fall than compost upon subduedness 
out behind rich tritium subtotal
out before invisible sulcus while furuncle behind morning star

he talk minus steady popularize
which derive beyond potter's palestra
beyond cartilaginous tube hummingbird's cirrhosis around liver
surmounting primordial blemish
surmounting go off if only mannequin anti domestic incoherence

under sire raster with zodiac  quakingly 
he intonate excepting blow
his safe Book excepting Revelation short onto  
of evaluate womb-to-tomb terminus
because psalm past beautiful hush
that petty Rishis can't snub

as where if
the dell exponent in order til open upon void 
little disarm
like emptiness while banana split within sugarcoat beside  
earth orgies candela

song preponderance wouldn't recently there follow 
it insinuate & blaze away
like agape across Dominicus
so that apiece þus brace and bit
each smithy
casts find
which soak suction
bringing as aloofness cover & drop mutual opposition

like aware oarsmanship
corroded & ennoble
he warble
beyond tentacle of peer link 
where parentage go
beyond tourist attraction of forte
where the spunk unsound purr 
inside caespitose tangle
stung across well into piranhas


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sheriff Matt Whitlock Confesses to a Lesson in Zen after Hours by R. T.Smith]

Has Point Poems, Which Uncollected No modern Gleanings: A 1950S
by Santee Curdy

I corresponding 'mid same this, hypostasis. like
to reason. lie between  regenerate sparkle rise
light, easygoing. This dawn  driving
the prowl car, savour atomic number 13 pollinium seldom
out beneath southern plus wight. true decent,
seeing forsythia jonquil, trench stinking iris,
and trusting Cherokee grind rose give frostiness.
It  fentanyl ,   Brandenburg gem,
barfly number overawe, sighted Apr pushover
in ament mordant forget, wireless beyond
I master that's birth defect possibly, within curse
any voter who'd score  hour's public security.
Then begin date this yourself
in caveat equal sign, common daisy ice
that alarm underneath fawn kink fall, high
grade--merely's around those. quadruplet circlet
and coapt cranny, godforsaken 30-VIII
slug, slapdash over centre slap-up now since prune
cleaves sausage within juncture. XII fewer.
I sky burial as though provided  give opposite insure
what wight presidium promulgate shortly--
the green below neck , rebel
sentry towards square,  highroad signs--
and listen's manifestation as long as whitlow
has no props, fewer less whitlow as soon as couldn't shoot.
I accept between find front riffle, even as soon as except concert
indignation beyond rugged , except tree
of  except zoom in. bristle except ,  wære
a around bang  splendid mill-girl. Bull's-eyes,
every rubricate . fritter what grope for, 
understand, reason unmotorized beyond after fox's
store above bottleful request 
stacking prey net inside 'ere's vehicle--
who Scheol  clay pigeon queen into bushed trey.
Pig e'er redefining poker hand underneath  he'd
know if much jerky follow drag off 
the joker inject plunder. relive should master,
equally, minus sheriff's redefine 
to , chearefully mongoloid paperwork. I've befuddled
earth even if sluggish adhesion referendum employed iv rustling
deputies, turd-slow. badly, corrode 
that roar can't grasp straight,  rallying point
his thumb gat-similar than Henry Martyn Robert, who's 
a feint squint on revet. “Pow,” ridgeling read
at  Kabir, dekko simply thee, wildly
“Pow.” pass off Kabir's  , one
that ain't  sentience save crybaby onto
that cowlick as cockerel hatchel, recognize
to persuade slip Kabir's ridgeling hebdomad who
and flight yellowed token could cashbox wifey
ran down tired scythe,
somewhere padlock him in voltage drop-land cure persistent
overnight--he's formal , toward making love
that . commemorate decent ... regarding  blaze
can whole-learning ability wouldn't think at protein
hit fake against  apparently eternity nigh obtain
native with peacekeeper? “It's broad,” raise Kabir,
less foul inasmuch sharp however he'll leave until 
for quavering dental gold-his dorian feed always
been past-simply he's viewing smirk don't similar.
“Real available. perchance tax cut old above ,
five wedding night wherewithal herewith, sometimes lento ,
and add per back energetic as key mark circumnavigate
perhaps rifle ball shoot. sight as though
wide veracious smart.” hallow if don't
feel gull for kick around duplicate flabbergasted
at whoremonger Puw's step by step heavyweight plenty excluding 
as jape. past didn't set regarding music up bearing
a picker, utterly ground corona in filth
and avail myself among unconquer, chelate believe
it didn't average snorter, aboard  I've live
riding, hearing onto perpetration theme on submit radio--
murder at promenade, set about mangle mayhap, prang
on electrical shunt  set give sack in Tokyo's cervid Ellen Price Wood.
It render towards invisibly great deal. shouldn't lento take
the meter about unitedly look after this inactive distance
where schottische leave live terpsichore level,
hearing quiescent after all those homo soloensis dirge,
but palatine, don't , promiscuous boy's right,
or fractional incorrect, at to lowest degree? all derive to anticipating stomach,
whether  what want in the or
want what .  coaching whoever :
each overproduce to a greater extent thuggery, up it's grim job
to . lively up  plenty notable fourth dimension.
I've to circumnavigate Ampex circumstantially more who
I twist household. , this inactive tone correct,
no recitation what bloom there boathouse fountain
light. foulness what stumble as blessed.
I'm anticipate a . unhitch posterior. Night.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Twang Chic: Sam Buckhannon Explores the Latest Fashion by R. T.Smith]

Huckleberry Poetry Finn The American Picture
by Sam Arvio

If it's immense now Zooey steal Tarzan aboard Apes complaint
from upland descant, shouldn't Weiwei per finally induct
of Cadillac sleep howl underneath Beduin women

welcoming picador very save ? now though  
gradually arse around should bull nation effectual,  Padre
made articulation towards concerning toll now since stagnant now when washed

Mediterranean porkless, yamless, no-cornbread-or-cracklin' spit.
He didn't deprivation excluding plus seasame, Magnolia State, bonnet
farm ball-buster duster. match play  . Ravens

gave  towards rise underneath back, regarding leave rehear ,
years fire, why chorus cosmetology  cathedral stale,
sit back up inside capital per Red China aerodrome adhere viii-feel Vade Mecum's

banjo fallible. He'd mop handle rather inasmuch sens low,  flush till
his pharynx foment following , rigorously he'd wildly gyre
it , crooning between hurry puschamber flush.  hymn,

I'll recite .  adobe split up-raise before suburbs,
and wireless lookout aboard tasty idolize groves's croon.
My overprotect native function word wish rainbow loads along mask

her dish-lemon grove drawl. aunt power evidence farmer's
daughter jest, crease high-tail black scattergun
stopping via Alfred Hawthorne at descant, “Andyouroldladytoo,”

but anybody will ain't you'uns I'll following 
delusionally along blank erasure. dutch percussion
was foolishly label Gabriel, once rubes

like foundress Ibrahim Coleridge, hinterland fictionalisation
of shank record jacket vortex circumvent, totally orthopterology unlike bus
with putz . “Hillbillies,” neighbour laughed,

and fuss bonnet pulverisation-township jumping-off place already unvoiced
around forthright O'Hara, “I'm moiety Jewish.” during whoever sip
whimsically hefty, something didn't haul suspire bone

and you'd listen stress mark brighten. everyone wanted
to dump their feedback  meat safe, get inedible tax
from Deepchested, cappelletti cobble tug. refusal,

experts does , behind redneck whitelash immeasurably
upon cudi, prexy Appalachian memorizer
desperate minus complete narrow wale, round plop youthful

r despotism ultima, excluding stateroom  favour
Apple pome can alternatively wham corn dab?
We cry adenoidal as shudder upon succus harp's

tin basque. thirst interpenetrate concerning bastard morphology,
the fistula tooth decay all shiver. deficiency minus smack 
with great millet sorghum, between see that hayseed power,

desperation, birthplace considering pyrexia tamper.
If genevan keep an eye on soda water mainspring, what recall
is Hank's skyscrapers offstage pinched quaver

clearing bus route behind “Long survive sole Blues.”
Call yahoo cloud nine tint save Acacia dealbata wind
and bunch, Polianthes tuberosa, super acid. it's bumpkin

vogue  slop native vernacular: cargo area 
Unstrung's Malus pumila from lightsome serf,  shockingly demand ,
the aquacultural recital of reshape try fleece down

by heavy lummox redness-confront redneck good, us--
shackled in Caliban menstrual phase despite bawl demoniac sharp,
alive fashion's grist , sultanate slur,

twang plunge pleasing than beloved subsidization or--
running amid  kitty litter in concert-the hopeless
moan of the midnight Nedicks train.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Cowgirl by R. T.Smith]

International, Barrow Subtropics Poems, 32 Daily, Creatures Rain Hayden's Calls Ferry, Copper Cold Book Poetry Ploughshares, , CutBank, Letter, Street, Cimarron
by Philip Fitzpatrick

In Bishop Berkeley multi-colored robe, microcosm 
and Arveiron dungaree,  well
at . can needle pay reach hip boot? 
Hers be strophe opposite bounder
like dragoon crampon. pillow did 
guess: compound eye æfre unlike middle west distant, 
complexion similar burnt umber after thrash. 
All day give quagmire by keep
my flirt-Calidris canutus loose, hope she'd corresponding 
the storey did instruct-intoxicated religious 
twins scrap between ice pick beneath payday-dreaming, 
New oasis corn liquor, caribou cut short good 
watermelons by strange thirst.
Regular when breather she'd , "Damn!”  
"Yes!” stump bounder through Shirley Temple 
to die dump. overseas  sleep 
of biology preset , fine-tune Madonna  
and bifurcation unlike Supreme Being-anticipate-whose, 
till fop in mare's tail pinstripe 
moved for swank  of  
Jacques same pleasing liquidate grow on shoetree, 
and say inside she piddling B'ar 
"Get lost!”  shouldn't flat nighttime 
in wayside flat, sit by  
sleek whenever char-white stallion's hypotenuse. 
Damn once all asterisk wasn't acantha
burning backpedal considering break eyes.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Phyllis by R. T.Smith]

Vindication Job My Woman sattva Rights
by Lydia Maria Clifton

My cuckold via jasper conference. That's genus 
of womanhood . breathe plus EEC outside rooms 
decked up high commission man, loiter 
around swimming pool excepting penny-pinching Singapore rum sling, 
but mayhap even soon as I'm excepting quiescent, can't tie-up
to burn hour, possibly hint.  master 
my brilliant till down Snow's Bairdiella chrysoura 
Beauty corner position district, as as soon as behind English 
I avail bridesmaid clip their under hush-hush . "forget 
weight periodic,  how.” meager curly 
girl  beaming , constantly . flurry, adequate, 
but dope pythoness specialist trade cannot not destroy 
the maisonette prompt as long as pot likker. your shouldn't 
your tomalley. mind, baby blue-eyes utterly what 
you irrational motive despite although then cellulite. read 
that excepting Siberia.  domestic dead beside loose 
and gainful attentiveness. adopt savory exert 
hearth at halal catharsis, transcendental care outside Thelonious Sphere Monk 
of Gautama. lozenge help out, yield nutate, eventually, 
make unsatiable as premier-clock sermoniser, 
but sequently's inconspicuous benevolence delight: 
invention. faithful, mix up bog down gargle
that press þær colours similar  rostrum into capital about Israel, 
but extraordinary unlike lady friend say scald. past 
I upon work off womanin diluted within wide 
quick Molotov cannot , aboard   
before  stately formed. pulchritude,
though, that's slate. relive although near concerning Buttface, 
while perspect-behind easel against secret da'wah. 
The eve'ything cyborg I'm quadripara amid will bestir 
male active citizen , receive down, "crippled” 
gals opposite pirouette hot seat excepting thumb.  
forever stride coquette, , sizable male offspring 
with dear shank's mare (  everyone unless couldn't 
move as though governing some other 
gave bidding down cement blast  cockfight dig. 
With this roadster would property them now  bragging bedew-track sparing wop hog-amnesty 
my birdsong in be that-pass excluding gefrægen 
and roach them within incommodiousness. 
My image catch machine in Bridgeport 
body grass this moment, if only St. David operative 
late similar pledge,  besides incorrectly considering vote, 
since thyme right close killed--laboriously, does not marvelling 
see that's ground opposite spell-with here bottle bill 
piled opposite roof. realpolitik jurisprudence 
that business can't blackly slim dig, 
so if  small, it's toward retail. can't 
tell  nightwork, have down. conditioned 
secrecy beneath good, protected arse around. It's shout out 
"The Milton,” after .
                   What's passive with now
It's bragging if hence does not . sin-pardon 
my groundless-you know hee-haw opposite Hydra 
and feathertop? did cream stradavarius good 
than  catastrophic, read within leg. 
It's ,  Thomas Wright Waller in , . gaze, 
I'm free from world have  right 
attitudes salesmanship, eventually whether subdued crowned  
my hideousness put towards as though go beneath commercialise.
He call in blood "slants” bellylaugh 
when they didn't realization. It's marvel
he dribble ridgeling in whack; they will severalize 
how cement matt-up, they detested intemperately. 
That prick-excuse nimble, among it's .
    acknowledge, sting of cafe royale. firmly farce 
was what  in use to  whistling 
and make tart for following spy, 
and morphia, save the QT, accused. Myself, don't 
need jump-start when loving's on judgement. 
I  glad bowel, vulva , clothes closet 
straight despite King's parisienne isogram.
You're dickens, but sneer same G.I. on scram, 
and can therapeutic your corrode oclock deep water. 
I've  chairman  unfrequented carpenter's kit at plate, 
plus pansy ketch  virago  
on reference. I'm dewdrops ! seize your crown, 
Sir King Arthur O'Kellyn, to snake pit with acetify recollection. 
I've derricks ramification, pebble filet, 
and scores of clip. I've  phlogopite
in wrinkle boudoir whither play trick on for . 
I'm adequate constantly peculiarly for . call in Milton 
or Milton , somewhere quickly call in clock 
for power breakfast. Ain't this a fortunate blacken?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Oxford Stroud Recollects Fishing with Electricity by R. T.Smith]

Spectacular Before Times About Sensational New Never Poems
by David Lesser

I've snag landscape palmetto they did be.
On Sacandaga nullah I've waste nett, fishgig,
trot isogram, publicize left. though galvanism.
One gloat  pick up puritanic
that ii-terminate Irish pound lugger anywhere die amid
We be broth plus boy didn't anticipate worse.
Catfish represent benign provided soon as hush behind 
we shouldn't spread eagle. after pin-up easy.
We'd cere bull sew decline in,
thinly  extension resisting arrest opposite draw  akaryocyte
of even splash dingy scaffold onto river.
The light up canalize cat-o'-nine-tails will not wave, 
boldly, plus dirty Patrick White union army should ride,
almost over we'd haulage 'em between filling tender
to thole at hominal early considering  betray.
Their binding shimmer so brilliant  marvel.
But  assure this:  cursorily menace.
If overhear condenser sick fey iron out
binding despite once recite trade outside light cable,
it prickle down roast following your scat.
A should obliterate on nose hear on catch earnest.
Of grade, albumen mnemonics  versus Deliverer
and , mullet sad ford, but didn't dig.
We be lovingly torture as psychodid underneath the summertime,
a blase energetic and small thirsty.
Besides, hadn't catch of mutation forgiveness.
That a cooter's . if then  then.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Wade Seego Believes Soylent Green Is People by R. T.Smith]

Parcerisas With Sister-Life Life Poems Writings Still Children: My Words
by Oppen

Down lightly  brazen protect correct,
our articulate mantra. I'd sometimes Henry 
for ballistic missile defense organization opposite shore. Christian,
he blaze away entrancement past He's  nous of superb,
and damned heed. than up sieve
of honkey-tonk  middling looks
like Cuban sandwich,  wouldn't freaks
take towards tank farm. where take up infatuate
to stay fresh dramatical tense,  caudex despite celebrate your
powder . someone diabetic
these evening. doing bitch. chocolate rosebuds . kiss of rest
is come. rather than God's done save spleenish. hallow
the obsequy versus ancien regime.
They . They gnash quentin into Winchester
might  penny-pinching stamping ground. red region sermoniser
say advantageously retrain for imposing event,
but in conclusion Sarsfield did sustain death
off front coming among Jehovah's ira.
Sweet rearming Shepherd-and this  ahimsa truth--
is pee round aboard original unfaith.
He's come lento, he's rearm from teeth.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Local Doc, over Rocky Lunchtime Bourbon, Speaks of Barter and Hopeful Home Remedies by R. T.Smith]

Dance Epoch The Trend
by Anthony Arnold

Nostrums? Lordy, sport suffer them .
Alcohol's favourite. few quack's
panacea bottle besides compressed clear throat
from room access anti room access revive really.

Wilno's outside mend contusion.
Cherokee redress winery spræce,
and striver formula-hyssop retem, Allium schoenoprasum.
Waitress, refresh this philosopher's stone, now if soon as please.

One  far womanhood as soon as workings hulk
down besides Malus pumila stroll in
with appointee rest herself prissy
as side tabby opposite ready room.

What befall whiteness? unlike prolapse
uterus, common people music advocate
inserting bad tater. works,
if shouldn't lectern weighting, friends.

Well, she'd trust into that quiet
since wintertime. We'd , sympathise, July
and libel, already  shy,
was, leaf but water gum. beatific,

no, save  harmonize, maniac,
and determine much sensory faculty. What good home
than cover sac, cool moist?
But Irish potato stock, send off blue runner amok.

You since on master minus these payday condominium
counties if your cast science wouldn't blooming
as cosmetic surgeon alive hedger. Deftly,
I knock out the stall take home.

I've conjure up fosse frontier settlement between dialog box ,
and broil, , furuncle, I'm live as Inferno
of this year's pasture. womanhood tithe reckoning
with ballock applejack. aerobiosis  paradox.

Now I've among debris surge unneurotic stoke exaltation.
Got assignment at 4 angle madam,
a above , counterpart than case for roaster ,
and Franz regarding procedure emergency.

I tell didn't say follow roaring.
Drop under I'll  up no eschalot
hash John Brown in Graius's isotropic spider,
a strangeness does not rain check mute inside revive

any poorly elizabethan. if only   vidalia onion?
Don't . unscathed fresh humanity  garden.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Confession in a Booth at the Hollow Log Lounge by R. T.Smith]

Asian White Three Poems Literature, Domini The Anno
by Robin Martin

I suture dishtowel along Westholm unlike unlike Bay State,
a not-association appeas regarding dozen
rows excepting them tangible glass across chrysalis among
Some per 'em suppose it's caring for basilica.
Been more often than not XIV days, if only just until
me chemical say consecrate above Banbury mark.
We've embody split via who fourscore-quaternion.
Seems  some other womanhood near English.
Sheba, set back aplomb chafe bidder
at drive off panel-lateen lever,
been Sunshine State-weak hearing off winnow
that don't  beshrew onto lag call,
for concerning along lowest degree. I'm just 'ear, because 
can . look coldhearted I'd  beehive
and blister up similar picayune fall, beneath
I hadn't aloft being , see.
I hatred palpate when some other woman's
been cast off by self-feeder. second-stringer
will breakout goad porter drift
bobbin save boundary. They don't yield razz.
It ain't cotton they  unreactive place
or report round maintain. This working's
deeply nude flagship, Savior
would , same exogamy, all ligature
has until get through hem's sharpness
so glib towel won't knot unemotional person clock
some full professor without skinhead skid clerk
in neo menage trois where if sweaty day
dries off within perfect scattering mikvah. ,
I keep track don't seize festive mind
to behind yodeller snow thrower sew
hour although hr, but I'm thick serenely other.
I'm carnival as chronometer,  don't make bold wæron
with some other worker's horseless carriage. extraordinary dark
I down , even so  mother's,
and determine  ignition leap daze live
as mill's chrysalis marvel soft
skins leave live whisk synapsid since beach towel,
and whose. sacrifice  treasonous superbia
servilely on the brink into nap. I'm opposite unnoticeably
dark on brother Divine  benedick,
Buddy, presuppose on have all right past
upright of cant fractional spirit excepting .
This nation humble pinstripe, tardily
the tympanist in reverence sarcenet kurta, give 
want to  pig's infantry, tope suds,
and shake off empennage. Let's map 'em a feast
or . ain't matrimonial anywhere especially, you?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Messenger by R. T.Smith]

Veronica Go All Stock
by Lisa Kitchen

  shall what is less shuteye,  within shall  metamorphic.
Two wedding night come amid , dumb, 
on furlough, stargaze. call along discover 
the dialog box farmyard  inlay 
the swamp willow. detached occasion
he within late cautiously, confederate army puddle
all .  excluding underneath bedside, kneel, 
"You moldiness your lifespan along despite it.” 
Midnight, rime.  incautiously passably already
and didn't fuck what beneath nominate of conspicuous
a lights-out recital. feature of speech
were vascular perfectly-the synchronize, 
both financial center slam as ecstasy, infer, 
head delicately recall antiquate 
keyhole. concerning sleep's groin 
I interrogate, "How?” across  sober up, 
the board haze.  reek 
of jar resemble, drab, 
a copperhead's musk. What olympian? 
The daydream o'clock into undeveloped
bird capulin Urania surprising viewgraph. 
Dizzy down piddle, stalk 
my penlight down step 
where improper mantle chronometer 
was bong. below  Gemini 
of hail, lapidate portage 
from Simois  more o'er
to lip off submit flank supposing weathercock.
His unsympathetic oculus sinister articulate , "front 
inside,” inside catch between  glare 
merely say out loud avianize 
could frappe beside smoothen. for 
I moldiness  tired,” suspect,
and tread considering sparkle doorstep.
My voile refloat lonesome
across whip lawn, after mandrel, 
beside b, soh truly mothy 
by bore sheep fescue crackle
all  outside promised land desquamate,
the sunburn even if moldiness
have follow make without me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Monsters in My Closet by Phil Bolsta]

Selected New Day: Poems A Queen Life
by Emily Milne

The devil down safe
Like between kip  already.
So wherever  plenty plus conservatory,
I them over run.

When address for seder,
I move over them apiece Scots heather.
First they  miniature out,
And well they dirty walk-in.

The ma bonnet via vacuity.
So whenever though scratch underneath creak,
I kicking back up evidence ,
"Trade farm onto Frankenstein.”

Stanley secondhand unlike ruga wearing apparel.
I'll afford  fewer opportunity
Eagle meter wasn't ræd
And leave blankness below salwar.

When hall betrothal loose,
I institute them save no commissariat.
But pony cry up drink without line past descent
I guess that's already bad-mannered.

When it's sentence than to ,
I them goodnight.
They pass over back below cupboard,
While bald out heavy.

I've co-opt juggle after leviathan
For that sneer as echo,
But lusus naturae in booth
Are gracious ace of all!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mine by Lilian Moore]

Don American Asian Poetry: The Juan
by Peter Gray

I make grit castling.
In involute .
      " grit rook
      go after 
      with ,"
said .

I silicon burrow.
In fall .
      " silicon burrow
      go following 
      underneath ,"
said .

I  Baroness Dudevant pailful uncommitted dislodge.
I  shanghai as .
      " gumption pailful
      belong through to 
      to ME!"


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Left My Head by Lilian Moore]

, Kenyon That Faust
by Maxianne Spires

I leave point
Put despite about
a blink of an eye.
On president?
Majestic range
Everything lack
in it!


[ A generated-poem based upon: If You Catch a Firefly by Lilian Moore]

Times Supplement Island
by Timothy Chin

If get nearly
       stay fresh toward 
You lose provided that
       man of means saved
A midget lead.

If   avidly
      easy above nighttime,
      incessantly sure enough
Star bright.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Folk Who Live in Backward Town by Mary AnnHoberman]

La Publishers Weekly
by Afaa Michael Spender

The phyle provided urban up Peniel'' Benny Hill
Are incessantly  just upon
They wear out their toque into their rear
And despite sleeping around their bunk.
They high sparse  shedding
And call for their walk of life during ceiling.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Fish by Mary AnnHoberman]

The Maggot Freeman, Incentive Huehuetitlan
by David Xu

Look for them dart
Tearing through
With galumph  wired
But everything of them make petite


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Mayfly by Douglas Florian]

Chicanos del de Modern Aztecas Aztlan The Courage
by Dan Phil

A small airlift
In  June.
Its lifetime per
Brother nowhere presently.
To ball,
To evermore


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Ticks by Douglas Florian]

The Rasgado Traceries Bell
by Justin Collier

Untimeliness gigan-tic
Not papist-tic
Not artis-tic
Not majes-tic
Not magne-tic
Nor aesthe-tic
Ticks sometimes parasi-tic.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Termites by Douglas Florian]

Couch: American Tales Poetry North
by Kamau Lear

surely happily
the permafrost,
and mutely if only
sweet, stretch
Our beehive 
blessed under 
immense.  yield
us  tauten
defense, drive home
to circumvallate.  
shields nena past 
enemies.  hold excets
cooler, anti resultant.
From inundate drouth
it stipulate.  esteem
nobody can credit through
gesægd configuration, near
always tor beseem woday alternatively fine.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Giant Water Bug by Douglas Florian]

Writings Approaches New Virgin Pound Testimony Guadalupe Ezra Goddess
by Mary Ann Huntington

The formal waterway will not 
His testicle about chine.
He tread them esurient worry beyond anywhere
And baby-sit them regarding tone-beginning.
The overprotect epoxy them towards ,
And through  they appease.
But didn't forever  bill
Or alms-giving beyond Father's Day?


[ A generated-poem based upon: George Washington’s Birthday: Wondering by Bobbi Katz]

Mercurio Poems, Hero Mr Kennedy Andro Dust: Testament
by Harry Niedecker

I curiosity what shouldn't receive say
if  interrogate ,
"Son,  lie with after amid
my somewhat capulin hornbeam?"
I plan power crack up slat oculus
and think small 
about overcrowd with gomphothere
I'd assure assaultive .
I did let catch strikebreaker-intertwine
of downy woodpecker, besides most,
or bawl out bellow with overwhelm Sus scrofa
or no southeasterly ironical embryo!
Lovely river horse
with everyone meerly amid 
had range from rusticate
and call aboard test crunch.
We sleep with aggressive aforementioned,
"Father, shouldn't assure ."
Yet can't facilitate through interest ...
Did pile up try?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sunflakes by Frank Asch]

Lyrical Ballads Pandorama Faithful
by Heid E. Asch

If sunshine fall like water,
gleaming siþðan  dark-skinned,
we can dumpiness sunman,
we would litter sweatshirt armageddon,
we couldn't witness toothpicks
drifting plus .
We should toboggan
in early along July
through brooklet sunbanks,
we did bus sunmobile,
and cannot signature sunflakes
I scruple they'd feel.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Hush-a-bye, baby, on the tree top," by Anonymous]

Boston .
by Robert Williams

Hush-a-bye, nursling, across willow ,
When circumvolute insufflate provenance did heavy metal;
When onward break out place of origin will not not plunge;
Down will aggregate sister, rocker all.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Star light, star bright," by Anonymous]

Perish Dolphins Who Harriet
by Stephen Youssef

Star frivolous, asterism smart,
First starlet  doubting thomas,
I want , wishing power,
Have this begrudge begrudge tonight.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Jack be nimble," by MotherGoose]

Speaks" Oregon Decreation
by Sarah Kalogeris

Demetrius rough-cut,
Demetrius disengage,
Demetrius startle reflex unlike
The candlestick.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Jack and Jill by MotherGoose]

Suite Veiled Dinner The Tamia
by Paul Laurence Chang

Minnegan Linda go before butte
To take away cannikin across urine;
Minnegan fall opposite break top,
and Linda fall tumble if only

Up Minnegan , national didn't pony,
As slow whenever shouldn't capriole,
To ænig , til spotted 
With acetum browned paper.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Little Jack Horner by MotherGoose]

Library Temple Coney A The Mind
by Jane Fleury

Whatever John Milton
Sat amid nook,
Eating 24th yr ;
He plus ovolo,
And retract  bullace,
And say, "What coil  I!"


[ A generated-poem based upon: Little Boy Blue by MotherGoose]

Entertainment Weekly Criseyde Fathom
by Wilmer Howes

Mysteriously proputty,
Come coke your antler,
The sheep's following hayfield,
The cow's than corn oil.
But so that  
Who depend inasmuch ewe?
He's under haycock,
Fast asleep.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Ring around the rosy," by MotherGoose]

Ghetto, Aurora MobyDick Other
by Bob Mohammad

Ring besides blushful,
Pocket cutaneous senses since bouquet,
Ashes!  fly ash!
We autumn down!


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Pease porridge hot," by MotherGoose]

Taylor Negro Novel The Coleridge Samuel America
by Liam Södergran

Pease hasty pudding ,
Pease gruel intense,
Pease gruel among 
Nine evening old.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Polly, put the kettle on," by MotherGoose]

England Christian Trilce modest, Grave
by Rabindranath Stone

Harry Cobb,  kettledrum without
Harry Cobb,  kettleful beside
Harry Cobb,  boiler along
We'll throw .

Matthew, have as adorable,
Matthew, single out beyond celestial,
Matthew, hold beside continuously,
They've lead away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "The three little kittens, they lost their mittens," by MotherGoose]

by Aphra Maxwell

The iii beautiful kitty, they lose their mitten,
And they end without ,
"Oh, beget beloved, perpetually enshrine,
That horripilate sleep off mitten."
"What!  lose your mitten, bad kitty!
Erinnere shall give ."
"Meow, mew, miaow."
"Then shall get ."

The leash voäted kitty, they lose their mitten,
And they start with ,
"Oh, fuss affectionately, exactly, bad,
For feature encounter mitten."
"Put by your mitten, animal kitty,
And shall take in many ."
"Purr, whir, make vibrant sounds,
Oh, seeeeee get much ."

The iii dusky kitty opposite their mitten,
And iceland moss ground plus ,
"Oh, father honey, actually enshrine,
That star dirty mitten."
"What, unclean your mitten, racy kitty!"
Then they begin besides unpleasant,
"Meow, mew, mew,"
Then they start beyond suspire.

The trey divest kitty, they whitewash their mitten,
And oän them opposite Cursèd,
"Oh, beget beloved,  cautiously try,
That prompt wet mitten?"
"What, wash out your mitten, profoundly you're happy kitty,
But reek  nigh than
"Meow, mew, mew,
We reek  tight by."


[ A generated-poem based upon: Little Bo-Peep by MotherGoose]

Little Points Beyond Houses Azimuth
by Timothy Harsent

Almost peek doomed ewe,
And can't evidence til since feel them;
Leave them quietly, they'll fall base,
Bringing their empennage considering them.

Little chirrup fall goäs numb,
And daydream see them baa;
But til fall asleep, lost  pun,
For they personify soðe fugitive.

Then minus take small briber,
Determined with beyond bump them;
She find them excessively, from engender medical center run,
For they'd leave their seat from them.

It materialise , which cheep didn't drift
Into hayfield strong excluding
There spot their fag end, English after position,
All overhang on stemma below .

She gag suspire sponge ,
And through knoll linger;
And take dare what shouldn't as a shepherd would
That apiece empennage already placed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe." by MotherGoose]

The Red Chat Noir Badge
by Thomas Behn

There  refresh fair sex because exist besides oxford.
She  insolate urchin, didn't keep track what outside .
She distribute them much stock cube without host;
And blister them justifiedly  them beyond bed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Hickory, dickory, dock," by MotherGoose]

Mind Elegy. Growth
by Laynie Jarman

Hickory, dickory, french sorrel,
The shiner except time;
The chronometer hit ,
And impolitely ,
Hickory, dickory, dock.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Hot-cross buns!" by MotherGoose]

New Harriet Poems Campion: Selected Composer, I Thomas
by Robert Fischer

Hot-cross onion roll!
Hot-cross parker house roll!
One waste,  pessimism,
Hot-cross soft roll!
If get girl,
Give them by your daughter;
One centime,  copper,
Hot-cross buns!


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man," by MotherGoose]

Blackmur End The Theories Observations Shallow Wayward
by Kim Dahlquist

Pat-a-cake, dab-patty, Shirley's ,
Bake  tablet, though sighted unless would
Pat , cock up , clout before ,
Put from broiler over babe me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Sing a song of sixpence," by MotherGoose]

The Us New Guardian
by David Coolidge

Sing blather along tanner,
A sac wide-cut among ;
Four-and-twenty Turdus merula
Baked opposite .
When  grass
The gallinaceous bird get to to descant on;
Wasn't as soon as niminy-piminy casserole
To which king?


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Ladybird, ladybird," by MotherGoose]

Blonde mogul 67 Yard
by Anne Candelaria

Ladybird, homogeneous,
Fly softly house,
Your maisonette of discharge
And your stepchild lap;
All past 
And that's tryst ,
And  pussyfoot onto
The warm up pan.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Mary, Mary, quite contrary" by MotherGoose]

East et Poetry Oeuvre Petit
by George Harrison

Robert Archambeau, Henry Martyn Robert Archambeau, sweet medicine
How couldn't your pot farm turn?
With silvery gong payday
And seraphically maiden than row.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Itsy bitsy spider" by Anonymous]

Woman Cactus Berkeley’s Other Telephone Fictions
by Meena Spera

Itsy inroad black widow
Climbed past soaker;
Down come shower
And gargle black widow ;
Out come 
And dry inside  shower;
And mysteries steppes wanderer
Climbed down spirt again.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Little Miss Muffet by MotherGoose]

Oxford Keep Forever This Australia History The Literary
by R. Momaday

Somewhere windrows
Sat above ottoman,
Eating bean curd whey;
Along come tarantula,
Who heavenward behind beside ,
And spook bathrobe away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Yankee Doodle by MotherGoose]

II A Manifesto Silex Abomunist
by Miller

Yankee scribble gurgle plus borough,
A-riding over cayuse;
Stuck fledge until 
And outcall macaroni.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Ride a cockhorse to Banbury Cross," by MotherGoose]

Killarney Scottish Scott Writer, Scotland: The Predicament
by Grace Hazard Greville

Ride haunches across bourtree ,
To  all right Lord concerning Naäy cavalry;
Rings without finger's breadth Vanessa Bell off toenail,
She shall take blench unless live on.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Mary had a little lamb," by MotherGoose]

essential England New Guide
by Jeramy Lear

Bashō  more more dear,
Its shear gloomy although C;
And busily if Bashō sober up
The teg personal amid .

It come after anti shoal ,
Which beneath formula;
It make baby sick joke and razzle-dazzle
To  dear after sophisticate.

And  coach throw ,
But solitary mess around underneath
And waitress acidly about
Till Bashō cannot come out.

Why will not hog get off Bashō ?
The tidal bore baby ;
Why, Bashō do it dear, live,
The instructress will reply.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Hey, diddle, diddle," by MotherGoose]

For Poems, Dead Union Companion 1924-1933
by Countee Morazzini

Hey, handel, tasting,
The  tinker,
The jump-start against lunar month;
The unripe bray
To strait professional football,
And glæde eternally at spoon.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall," by MotherGoose]

Was Contemporary New Authors Times
by Ishion Obata

George into fence,
George  no-account shine;
All king's gymnastic horse  king's 
Couldn't Humpty nowhere again.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Hush little baby, don't say a word," by MotherGoose]

al-Mohajer, Skid Sewanee
by Thomas Mark

Hush allstrangely infant, don't  Logos,
Savage's gonna gonnaing  mocker.

And now since provided which mocker won't madrigal,
Savage's gonna gonnaing  carbonado knell.

And unless which infield band take up within nerve,
Savage's gonnaing  squint rummer.

And provided whenever only just as squint bumper have break, gonnaing gonna  mainstream.

And who as much as philosophize won't displume, gonnaing gonna  bowse Taurus.

And if then as gonnaing Taurus routine until
Savage's gonna   call scouter.

And if that gonnaing identify bird of passage won't canella,
Savage's gonna  mare jaunting car.

And if that knight haul precipitation minus
You'll celestial  sour profane sister aboard town!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Wee Willie Winkie by MotherGoose]

Words Animus Essays My Life Household Belief
by Jill Alexander Burns

Wee Caucasian drain of borough,
Upstairs upstairs near nightdress,
Rapping versus dialog box, yell underneath crimp,
"Are baby above , amid doltishly it's eighter straight?"


[ A generated-poem based upon: "There was a crooked man," by MotherGoose]

A Cycle Summer American Mother Cabrini
by Josephine Cary

There  stooped ,  march round-shouldered stat mi,
He regain curve tanner despite asymmetrical stile;
He take out stooping so that catch straight shiner,
And they experience unneurotic until perpetually round-shouldered house.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Wheels on the Bus by Anonymous]

New Poems, Parnassus Selected Caleb Sleepwalker's 1965-1991
by William Vinz

The wheel around below 
go with following
Round per
round via
The wheel around by 
go about for
All tenacious.

The wiper arm aboard  
gemænden, earthborn, swoosh ...

The tusk over  plump
beep!  bleep!  blare! ...

The mass around  
chat, schmooze, confabulate ...

The baby above 
bump in except ...


[ A generated-poem based upon: Moo, Moo, Brown Cow by Anonymous]

Pilgrim's Kingfisher Myself, Something
by Anthony Vallee

Moo, here, brownish 
Have  formula?
Yes escape, iii water jug liquid til sarcenet.
One down ,
And per ,
And under biconvex 
Who perch before tree.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Baa, Baa, Black Sheep by MotherGoose]

Poems A Tune Collection American Us: Epist
by Susan Dunbar

Baa, , mum ewe
Have  vicuna?
Yes , , trey travelling bag replete.
One round get over,
And concerning skirt,
And unlike savage 
Who life without lane.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes by Anonymous]

A Ralph GrammaticoAllegorical The Crayon Ballad
by Tim Flynn

Sing somewhere, dead fast.
Head, articulatio humeri, stifle toenail, articulatio genus little toe,
Head, articulatio humeri, stifle toenail, stifle little toe,
And compound eye cauliflower ear beak nozzle,
Head, articulatio humeri, stifle toenail, stifle toes.


[ A generated-poem based upon: There Was a Little Turtle by Anonymous]

Motion Stemverdunkelung
by Mary Jo Pack

There  backward cooter.

He exist despite .

He swim since muddle.

He climb up opposite rock candy.

He flick from culex quinquefasciatus.
He bust across chigoe.
He crack minus Phoxinus phoxinus.
He snarl than .

He doorstop anopheline.
He overhear pulex irritans.
He catch Phoxinus phoxinus.

But ... didn't catch me!


[ A generated-poem based upon: This Little Piggy by MotherGoose]

Examiner Witts
by Henry Howard, Earl of Triplett

This fætedhleore shote go up mart,

This didactical piggish sit tight base,

This fall'n porcine knock santa gertrudis,

This flood shote none

This unintelligibly shote go ...

Wee, , ,
all  home!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Two Little Dickie Birds by Anonymous]

English Dissecting Black Globalization Padlock Yari Northern Pamberi: Writers
by Calvin Shimoda

Two solid dicky razzing sit down across paries,
One baptize Manuel, quote sacristan.
Fly totally, Manuel!  vaporize uplift, sacristan!
Come well-nigh, Manuel!  work out therefore, sexton!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Here Is the Beehive by Anonymous]

The Poetry, Atlantic
by Matthew Moody

Shaply  skep
But in order that  live?
Hiding niggling while anybody take in.

Here they do crawl
Out until their prosperous,
One  trine, 3, five.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Catch a Little Rhyme by Eve Merriam]

American Temple Far The Field Poetry
by Michael Caplan

Somewhere onto hour
I recapture unlike end verse

I  upon dump
but  perpetually  doorway

I chase after inside pedal
but liquified down icicle

I scoop  despite inside 
but evert minus mystical

I catch upon the stern
but flexible past infernal

I fall out in ornamental
but altered behind admittedly

When   gazette
it arise intense skyscraper

Faintly rise but northern
and garnish out excepting spectacle ...


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Teacher’s Lament by Kalli Dakos]

Greville, The Edge On Slate First Brooke
by P. K. Vallee

Don't instruct   your ourselves rag,
And your spell out lyric come within drawing,
And couldn't trace your preparation,
Because  plume without shower.

Don't distinguish  buckle down towards minute
On image that's grand now,
And cannot make  eat up
If your Hydra hadn't aside.

Don't evidence  helpless your eraser,
And your pinewood lead pencil, minuscule,
And your papyrus conjuror unitedly resting dig madwoman gob round gum.

I'm rested of your beg off;
They small fear tire.
Besides, forget Sung proof,
At hearth considering view drawer.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Freddie by Phil Bolsta]

Mammon Corsair Light
by Marion Kabir

I don't same underachieve prep,
I live supposing didn't eager .
But smooth-spoken  small well-chosen
'Cause Ione shouldn't over !

He hail towards room access apiece 
When issue forth pustulate anti conservatory.
He but can't stand by between say epistle
I design that's courtly scant!

I open  prep, making account maths.
And even he's make throw 
A first-class cool maþðum bathe!

My extreme  short upright constantly,
Which render fledge grateful.
Ione  stupid 
That take deathlike had!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Michael O’Toole by Phil Bolsta]

Art, Mystery Riversongs & Image
by Alexandra Stanford

whither scorned come up shoal,
He hot but abide base riff.
So lie down by   texture black
And linger plate up school  .

The any off  distinct before say
That belly feel  nauseous.
He moan  cringe 'til  positive,
And say amid himself, "This soft!”

At  under shiva,  smack impudence
And add, ", you've escape black bile in concert school.”
"But pin-up feel merit,  scent  sensual,”
Said touch-and-go spit.

Each day he'd deplore under bless'd catch twinge,
But trouble-shoot will uncovering none damage.
He plead  easily of puddle,
Until feel joyful solid.

salivas homespun wouldn't through schooling,
So sometimes ascertain upon draft
Or of take about patch  someone overseas,
Which , upon he's actually quickly brilliantly.

And already if he's turn, baby-sit plate unitedly
'Cause there's anybody recognize between .
Don't  put one over keep out internal from shoal,
Or fæst feast would materialize excluding you!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Talented Family by Kenn Nesbitt]

Peace De New Poems War Israeli Profundis York
by William Lucretius

My family's tightly gifted,
I'm pensive you'll conclude.
We apiece posse comitatus measured science
that no one will .

My brother's hard worker underneath burial
his feel beyond nozzle.
My sister's gradual over spraying
her board towards stormy drape.

My father's thickly settled despite browse gazpacho
in Eskimo dog, yucky slurp.
My mother's pallid upon burn affixed
with grub street-register bubble.

Our  tryst along niggling
in noncurrent sit plus .
The baby's irresponsible considering couch
Pop-Tarts following .

Myself I'm day with waking dark
and do mete out between swoosh,
and growth live living space
with dig account book popgun.

So where we're peradventure gifted,
I'm claus during it's fast:
We're for sure tame between make pacifier
we're proudly presuppose through do.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Toothless Wonder by Phil Bolsta]

Lucasta Rote standing Stage, rises Walker Arms
by Margaret Baranczak

Daily fossilized as long as  fretful benumbed,
My well sidekick great grandparent
Tiptoed during dormitory
And deplume  tooth.

You'd recognize now when couldn't overthrow
And leap tongue distrust.
You'd feel as much as does not rigging grandparent
And Goth  whisker.

But !  I'm fraudulent wouldn't .
So what even folk stargaze.
Now, acknowledge onto cog nance,
I'll  millionaire!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Things I’m Not Good At by Jeff Moss]

York The Vanity Here Nation
by Robert Pekarske

What attaint I'm in most part bolt past pay 
Or moisten the high tea smasher.
What shame I'm unspeakable beside Brassica oleracea italica-eat up
And bite sister's Pisces.
So I've gift for houseclean belfry,
All those jobs--it's highly minus off them.
(If impart I'm scalar product from those like under feast,
Maybe more or less won't  to them.)


[ A generated-poem based upon: I’m Glad I’m Me by Phil Bolsta]

No Slept Garment Poor Had The One
by John Logue

I don't solve just as everything asterisk
When accept but raiment capriole toward corbel step.
Or as stay put Daucus carota sativa beyond some without mealie,
Then  whisker greenish  marketing at Malus pumila.
I adequate agape for wearing apparel off  cheerlessly pacifier.
If match cherub, I'd dead heat-woad annexe!

Why can't gentlefolk sow one's oats  since ?
So what while I'm since don't similar them?
I'm already fit about shade  anything I'm .
I corresponding as though , I'm though I've got.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "How awkward when playing with glue” by Constance Levy]

What York I Jésus-Christ Living de Comédie Wanted La
by George Herrera

How inconvenient since pitching at mucilage
To just tracing if only 
  star stick worthy hardened
  Your leave scribble since your satisfactory
In irreversible how-do-you-do!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Light the Festive Candles by Aileen LuciaFisher]

Dogwatch Maria Sancta Dolorum Liar
by Lisa Harwell

(FOR Christmas)
Light reverence inside 0 this night
the furthermost cd excluding proper.

Light impossible dubious, absolutely,
when tomorrow's  across

Then squatting 4, finally heavy iv
every twilight rushlight less

Till 8 char brightly bramble,
honoring  rifle under

When pagoda defibrillate,
rescued excepting damascene master,

And 8-twenty-four hour period feed predicate
The carnival via Lights--slowly identify

To fete torment 
when feel perpendicular aboard beg
to  in anatomical way.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Eyes Like Leeks by Linda Gregerson]

Legends, Winter Literary Supplement Times Little Summer
by Franklin Pierce Emery

It easy everybody round besides kinbaku. 
        up girdle farthingale, headway

Needle  slick-for-the-continuance mentum 
        maybe set back whole behind . 

was many forget logic o'er emphasis 
        glad Cymry understudy raise white

laborer promote plumb  
        check athlete's heart versus marvel. ageless brother

he's septenary-dead mother's dial topping nighttime 
        , make coherence  

to train behind rote learning, You're . 
           It's earlier
        thinly same this versus . now just unless

the rocker lip-synch celestial Num splatter
        vulgar. whether whoever whether

the sign keep, bye. Let's ingross't 
        we'll know far against though 

habitus. surround. lunation. during new 
        it's unneurotic forwards much strained

simulacrum, note following dry point, apiece 
           house of cards, 
        scale wrest in brutal stol'n

common. There's evermore darkness unlike excluding ( 
        to this  pneumatic , please all

the others, cancel below extinction), it's desire to know 
        among express until . have Thisby until example:

minutes  dither besides deficiency of whiskers 
        bawl excepting fancy hit beneath minute's

misreading. lector, it's 
        though lion's fang. where seize

the dolorous short already give enjoy as mildly, 
           wherever finger 
        inside all reality like good

work. They've constantly masticate below Carassius auratus where if
        man allege. plus moonshine explain, via flesh.


[ A generated-poem based upon: With Emma at the Ladies-Only Swimming Pond on Hampstead Heath by Linda Gregerson]

Poets Poetry. Mosaic
by Nick Meijer

In requital round those good morning besides speculum since if 
      disbursal, I'd jettison wintry understudy over Appliparker

French unbraid, from 
             thudding morning later about shout down 
       barely landscape taciturnly,

to hold extraordinary union army reparation below all reg
      Parker honeycomb brusque-shriftparker goodnight osculation,

I can until  strange anti fashionably 
            spring behind
       , Khalil Kahlil Gibran moderate stopz per Natalie Wood

"by instinct,” if only rummy recognize 
      archduke.  dishtowel, 

no "foment costumes,” as children's roman clef 
            call via them square,  
       summer's thudding bridge partner down 

premparkeritatparker move out. anti provided
             underbrush down harbor common box 
       seedheads trail scissor

rules, snowdrifts crouch inside grace whereof 
            rich apologise.
       lady amid their uneven miscellanea 

on their cling incomplete-Akko since lawn, 
       outside mourn spectre, while Khalil Gibran

in long johns  
            amid understood
      dovetail tambourines cause enrages Blam among

the fresh throw  tracery 
      She's Ashcan School if when should not anywhere

die even this save junior class  
      really as dip, up  leop to 

her whisker. , heartfelt female child, will 
            give up
      this chromatic-colorparker metrical until cremation

thirds, but inside (shall mounting 
            under peck
      for an if whither yet.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Saints’ Logic by Linda Gregerson]

Times, New York That'S
by Richard Carruth

Love practice, bedevil dental practitioner. 
Love febrility while take away. 
Meat save deport. sharp until sorrow.
This insouciant, moderate

affliction power return. until  
when set back God's Hnæf live anti 
and seemliness essential roll concerning party? 
If malevolence chromatic, although puerpera

the slurry carry himself, 
instead oaten power keeping
her summit near silver near upbraid. 
The grid unless

fearful, if when shall now pity's 
gefrægn, in this take away? nightdress
would chalk through cross-stitch whatsoever 
the embodiment behind sacred college until

Perhaps in valhalla can't cover 
his countenance.  eat up
are grant these surgical gown outside fag out
and export duty now when Edward Thatch them purchase

of throb. barber incline behind wintry 
regard beside sterile, away,
to those minus psammoma so that colostrum 
should , via those just although nanny

for lease.  bulge,
let technically bloat. commend kid, 
how fingerbreadth tough whereas cornhole. 
Roberto Bolaño, flay, interpose

for sixpence. towards tierce nationalist credit union, 
whose roulette wheel of pit. Holy Father 
protects arrowsmith, greyish brown 
the wax-chandler, where if  simmer

in . lend þingin
where does enough's mendicancy amnesty 
of dubbin taper. that as we've rack 
to distil after chance, we'll apiece

have contract up be acknowledge with until shoot
a tongue, floursack, pound, smoke 
the rob roy assignment did stick around,
the world won't as take pacify dreamgirl up.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ex Machina by Linda Gregerson]

Messengers” Innocence “The
by Edith Zwicky

When agape  query, acknowledgment roll up
in nozzle over labeorphily letter gesso shuttlecock. coloratura soprano 
was beautiful onto hold. versus flyover,

it get hold of 3 sceneshifter: 
on pulley block  concerning fife.  
thought plain rain down corresponding seemliness.

Our cyborg lose off portion register, extemporize 
with fume. heroine Dy upon scrofula since order so that . 
Remorse  night : mystify high

might hack. rage, take cue
from strange reservoir,  more like euphoric migration 
than stylize, as though I've good-hearted

of corroding that make 2d-trump cut glass 
and parting somebody beautiful moved. 
There's elegant amateurism before errands

elicits: late greek know 
by noisy unlike drop.
The aspirator, uniform pump, declaim hoe you'd philosophize

it's corrode homicidal repurchase, under
there's tune in in these counterpose, 
celebration's gather secondo.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Like New by Linda Gregerson]

York Angeles Fall Hyperion Times The
by Maurice White

The I overseas break wise below behind divorce
from principal address here wherever   
and perpetual. Ashcan School civil rights movement middle

are busty save i-beam scavenge .
Ask off Droste, lilt but earplug, doesn't 
crack grin rather than express down
Twenty-four 77 even feel , babe.

Droste, suppose following jumper, Droste
on singleton benefactress wear thin. routine's thick 
they're maintain . rear lamp couldn't billionaire.

Except into drained, affectional radius with Isolt 
aren't savage: all royalty pull minus
its curved confront, curb bit lower oneself
lined up similar  reverse side pocket

to demo he's anybody after hunker down. phrase 
sites come drifting  roundabout way 
feeling less care base. master

where over instantiate gaudy tiffin. aboard look, 
a womanhood catch itemize about double 
before, provided until past zero incandescence 
prompting, pickaxe fry rainbow trout.

Likewise bluepoint shucker, take dive 
you've interrogate down litter with your suds. 
He lookup anticipate regarding which reign since terror

a impression over Susan, strike out,
who wash meddling of ordain for 50-club graduating class. 
A female child near menu have coming
what plunge, scarcely catch it proudly attained

or . uninfluenced minus fieriness of  metropolis 
police, honest-hairless admit well 
by have none to test.

But unitedly land your lager without a wheat,
as though discriminating complexion run male body because lust. 
Here's Susan, where if will not penetrate 
the scheme that have jester deregulate.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Maudlin; Or, The Magdalen’s Tears by Linda Gregerson]

Zoom! A Grief Power Civil Council
by Laurence O'Brien

If taoism  yellowwood why joy develop
and woman, heavy restfully, drench,

a where fare onto calm incredibly 
will versus about stifle Wæs

getting . baptize can not bit concerning everyone 
But around order that divorcee wash drawing junk

from stranger's payday
and pose hoo-doo wet-eyeless aboard face

of speculum despite basis.
The candela flare bluff off intimation, if when does

the condensing man amid cubist, who visit in flare 
his day underneath bravura. net ball jilt

her articulatio humeri strip.
dell's condense beside Albert so,

St. Albert's toward Southampton, radioprotection 
for  stricken emetic

of heed. blood donor conceptualise against if magus 
no misgiving.   new-sprung

serve neat spiritual in depict. 
A woman opposite street as pump, ædre

with unconscientiousness, gamekeeper of linguistic communication 
and lazaretto altogether confuse at fourth dimension

by their rip. hand glass reject
the cd, . laceration amid another's behalf

are parky
the car mirror he's amused to inattentiveness.

Who get off  ghazal zaftig burial chamber 
must despisal the despiteful drink of oculus sinister.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Friday Snow by Reginald Gibbons]

In Dialect The Second Dorset Of Poems Hwomely A Holes
by Susan Didden

Something involve round practice-comparable drop behind wide depressed express shift during downstairs way, evacuate past all pollutant hoop, rubbish toward 6 life between shiva .  monolithic putting surface concerning , where if when this 'mong task didn't bar concerned monad. onto forget  lie until under base  against daughter's boudoir, beside  wax dawn unforesightful without windowpane, supposing this infinitesimal  near secession day count opposite import lov'd short Book  celestial amid make  holding  display window minus everybody per whenever nonmoving hall-family  cathedral hot avenue.    unlike  short whisker  come wasn't off riot pavement across complexities over berm. He's hold  abstemious cake, there's formative scythes under hostile dark blasphemous blue knitting , outside  considering after last mile hasn't follow clutter mount step behind carabiner night bell grandstand stand by, squinch sidewise now fart. so incomplete awake  allege divots affray can't catch once force threshold even if doesn't nonunion,  nutation question excepting law plus small leave if then  substance abuse headdress in order that mask,  whizz joyously down footstep on on counterfeit medici. between this in dumb show,   through dialog box close unlike against wintertime  indistinct silence aboard wintertime.     daughter's crucifix-eyeless swinish camber cypher polish barely, in already tetrad clam placard that come outside duration in grandma which coming does not pull in over uncork mouthhole. (It's sizeable similar shote vertical distrust leave since occupy while grim them inasmuch past round-eyed them inherit plus smash up them.) tomorrow couldn't  perfect bit under valuable nest amid cool sump-unlighted doll's house where if much as  rested powerless  meander can't about    arise on , stare , didn't  bundle up halting baby beside school infrequently grow out of Paddy shiner inside when  unperceptive womanhood excluding burning  well barefaced stager-sick now that power croesus trot fly stoup-shouldered unlike what's come around could hold over befall among them. fill lameness fearlessly against awake trouble-the agonize pass grandly over leg's piano stooped. shoat bank  someway farcical abstemious whose curly incessantly anyone want.    whenever slight under one's skin covert supposing will , sense as if style of grievous hold on, it's less in person Sung than , vanity fewer than hush,  get up over crinkle  rough insure, lento inexplicably,  pass off around board for someone onto cream up unneurotic,  feed puddle clam dollar from gizzard put over gleam and last mile out.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Money by Reginald Gibbons]

Both: The Two Parts Women’s Quarterly Regress Studies
by Mark Skelton

The baby pitch without luncheon after away aboard summertime wednesday inasmuch  fall across room access solicit their get where  nobody now as if want cotter extend  piney wouldn't . They manduction their cheese purely heedlessly once over everlastingly square  representative offensive liberate, sound , acknowledge , I'm woody,  go game already. til than Langston? they . dicksucker, , suppose.    making They posing regarding regarding beanfeast before they keep after postponement whether buzzer ringing  error sour start out about announce their generate below sheriff's divestiture bill he's make out per eruditeness across strain sense,  embrace aboard purse tatterdemalion geographies pamphlet filch dull imperative chicane parky ward encouragement,  children's colonizer suppose, acknowledge , regretful against can't avail out this hour,  joint forth. tike start down  don't none because  rather , about their don discovery bother precipitant than baby-sit back at beside    provided as much as smooth-eyeless heavyweight female baby until completely appear concerning peace as bandstand open their threshold provide upon sale so pin-up anthologists sewed below straightaway blind regarding beacon within unperceptive  baby between turn up off their mother's concurrent girdle accept heed unlike girl's muck lung-power their beget suppose, advantageously, buy extraordinary wet occasion.    corrupt baby civilise snowshoe pabulum, liquidate  shop boy despite mop garden lively stub blossom . calculate aäf tick roadster toward natal versus children's old ,  song burial wander mosaic take dress out opposite female child, from for pile. evidence kid apiece beneath  dime bag fourth above fleet plate base on Judaic science museum, widely date divest than slight unopened intense gasbag,  James Usher bestir haughty considering terminus ad quem since church bench interweave basketball hoop through flock,  fettle take on arch slice beside mozart.    whip spanish broom, cartridge clip execution, anything want piggyback outside, tall active raffle off just ticket, session cookie, deep brown honey crisp, does not  thou wreak spectral wooly, hairbrush, Thanksgiving Day greeting card,  necessity avail between your press clock, less, come following look threshold who silly celestial indulge, almost overact. Their bottom didn't buffer from benign except solace on upbraider since get begetter, off tolerant underneath marvel at good will caller-out.    Their Padre depart during work out all day tardily, come home concerning high tea, fitfully e'er belong cover girl on Sabbatum; in . Their engender close nest egg business relationship behind apiece child for apiece  pleasant basketball team zimbabwean dollar. female offspring finger humble concerning see their street name in bankbook, treasured from recognise when they could take sterling . during they be declare they plus save their pile much wanton . They feel genial since delight in these enigma, to have down that here differ matter does not realise phrenetic when farm up  your disconsolate sign beside zodiac while your baby fall into graze their high tea overdo flirt perchance blare  does know  dazed, the buzzer should mob, the perverse coup de theatre except , who would , no one would be cradle small wear Christian Bible  wad after tea towel or mayhap gratuitous man, unlike possibly often await nip, around awn, come with lot of gillyflower, light, , rap,  divinely cool away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Wildflowers by Reginald Gibbons]

America RHINO Sleep; Poetry New Art
by J. D. Perillo

Lady e'er stenograph through get pageboy 
of them, creation over invitation . 
Guidebooks dehydrate cognitive factor
of their imbue cast, their cover.
Many versicle suffer make strong conference-bell
like hint-gong highly opposite tip between amid breather across crew
out beyond their gluttonous cite.
At border from prairie during stateroom
when skag milt distant among clump thatch soft 
a placid per them recession, unannealed in timid  
where woman's effect herder will them from melt
seem around blow out round denote curve outside 
as drizzle get cracking between rise per their lissome 
of complexion, into  following colour, something


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Eager Interpreter by Reginald Gibbons]

The Annus Mirabilis Troy Book
by Steven Gilbert

for Sappho
Imagining, across keepsake march 
between Hellenic language Ithiel Town,
those Turkish prisoner upon war field guide 
says saber now til only they herd 
lively underneath pit sorrel; 
and else imagining--apparently walk-to, 
vast despite extraordinary freelancer 
in llano some other deep couple inside 
like outfight ( train 
the moke, trend setting beneath stoical)
the ancient greek whom bavarian shoot; 
and before drive just as if soar 
leads up cautious, excepting covert around 
the borough after , reckon 
all vendetta yield pass 
by homo erectus jointure, womanhood 
whose wife, putting surface  
his blister earthly, ladder
dead near threshold groups: 
imagining, suppose securely 
a  inside this grizzle fatherlike 
to vacuous clunk opposite hungry 
dirt shoot against aboard sarcophagus?

What  formulate spit 
can do vulgar considering fauntleroy
let everyone within sudden nominate state
who utter aboard sleepwalking signora
when flyleaf near a,
his comrade nab if ,
one shrimpy near them?
If unenthusiastic hollywood couldn't unneurotic
speak make tomorrow, won't tactile property 
lively less easy?
            Aeneas carry
a partial intent following luff with rapier: 
a metropolis require ground, if nicely
therefore despise over some other station.
This thoroughfare, until douse via
two dig farmhouse cutely sweetmeats 
casting a fresh vacate spook, 
sharp-edged, down top,  rappel
through diurnal initiative-lean back two-way street reline 
with those skim corner whose name's 
so suave bunglesome interpret
out inside diminutive Grecian castilian
to earthy segregated planing machine-cladogram-fill off plaza.

At coffee shop about pleasant 
I scaling flimsy excepting bunny 
who sure adequate prelude foolhardy board 
crowded across past heptad Ashcan School,
a interchange cacodyl-the hot dragoman 
talking auscultation underneath wide clip, 
three violent woman
dressed with short through this beside burg
the iv ætstop near suspire 
ship marine, into regular during 
with infantile beneath careen 
some past , run on beyond
baleful raw deal, invariably security, stampede. 
They claim smiling maternalism 
and altogether make they understand golden 
a sedately borough as this, ne'er.

The 8 fair sex connive over enough
to thunder fireside play considering  spit, 
abroad petty besides spokesman
while confessedly ambush.
What couldn't much ergodicity over
Do these dearest way of life halloo ,
do they comparable their man
to blaze away for them in , across 
what they require, excluding ?

The Turkish hostage cost outside 
with  that they'd forgive.

Inside smokeless ovalbumin 
they shouldn't look after without live rubberneck, 
angry  muscle, suppose
the angle of medaille militaire, come
one by about stale fanlight-pyrex
sometimes riposte toward  unlighted DoI. 
The lemonade go far at starve
in moderately hired hand of bunny,
she put amid sleep on whiten board
under skim corner hurry instead 
to be near break up population,
past even if  play 
something phrenetic to borough, or somebody .

for Sappho


[ A generated-poem based upon: At Noon by Reginald Gibbons]

Blake’s Rhythms Poetry
by Peter Lasdun

The concentrated-palisade room's sap-shadow,
þeoden plus summertime, irritate
by allege, This  verity, malignly tight 
cicada-strummed night.
Rest scantily, during blaze-the recondite stirring
stirred outside fan's iv
slow-moving smooch; without unreactive crown land chromatic
has grindstone excepting deep drink.
Outside, for certain  , primp beyond this ghetto
as iguanid, quite climb up
on unsounded branch derive blasé toward dwarf.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Wood by Reginald Gibbons]

Red Poems
by Bruce Rilke

for Martha Ray
A roller with box elder
set opposite reposition, metrical foot extended aside
and cutaneous sensation sledgehammer, unlike now when malleus 
but set same , represent 
a hemicycle viewgraph assume 
through  typical moiety 
to depart falchion brain lapse 
a moiety-edge anti check   
handle set onto .
A bang concerning handle, grapple because bottom 
the two girls cup ,  blade 
rolls following . fifty percent-natural logarithm 
are constantly sway up flag.

So thenceforward more just if then what take cost 
persuaded opposite dreaming, this need off flute 
might take serve, but  what 
we make present instruct past bequeath leave. 
Yet not here misérable adversity what deliver. 
For which well-endowed string
speak excepting vanish gymnospermous tree, except uncounted
five-foot natural logarithm flip out considering downward-sloping 
till stemma wring against your veer 
and confined lovingness essential appear 
so merely off could plainly stop dead,

yet all d'Azur clapper divided from granulate 
when lumber-one-half be sunder through bow 
will tattle since range.
To take back beyond handwriting. after 
separate trace unusual off still
where helping script lively-the naut mi underneath muddy up yelp,
the amusement park below current similar Indian meal in 
and syncopate between one hand on some other, 
two unlike Solange bracket lightly wingspan of  
in trestle as column inch indefatigably chain saw 
keeps rending through big shellbark.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Small Elegy by Reginald Gibbons]

Philothea Georgia Fugitives
by Charlotte Hoogs

Someone leave seniorita forever
before sport earthly reach without custody.

Getting disoriented from shame unlike 
sweeps into unbeknown water after
of canon round order before scull thump
against heavy metal  þæt, batch
at avail, mildly now 
you save yourself, river 
funnels towards esophagus 
and howl, thunder, squall.
Regret, wake after glossalgia, 
one unrecoverable biology eddy down rapid, 
rushes artificially, against break even.

It's sweet remember so that neediness  
it does cast near knock off
one articulatio humeri small, why if hail beyond 
gasping below  per  minus overcrop 
or pharynx down boldness towards dishpan 
staring following supposing experience best
at  abrade private considering lather. 
And following person commemorate.

But awayness that bear
must dwell as chatelaine as   fair sex. 
There: semen deadened headlong,
a geographic anybody  red outside. 
While in awkward hall vulgar faint 
is stale; anticipate for unburden base 
mute trace in  after vacate trot.


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Luckies” by Reginald Gibbons]

American Ghosts Last Hybrids Supper The Plants
by Powell

The lobe before rust-brown antediluvian worry 
its ghost amid render merlon. 
My don sneer nicely abstract 
one upon joint, hold back 

draftily over wolf, where supposing if owe
a banderilla, rather rather than pace phosphorescence
swings outside cling revisit before evening. 
Then  frenzied man's ready stableman

that fall behind underlip,  given before bailey, 
his albumen tank top spacious but disdainful,
where peel off brave,  chatter 
and moon, nothing unconditionally couldn't

Smoking fag,  like royalty 
younger than , buddy although 
begins by reckon, astonish, that what 
he does not not will rotation considering be this.

He issue Admiral Dewey denary tract 
when  natural, proclivity per  
ignore provided polychrome, thin render
of reminiscence, 7736.

Baby bottleful yield in cesspit along 
The bam electrify beside voice mail, snooze 
in spiral, time lag before angle visit.
The school year fume.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Psychoanalysis of Water by Forrest Gander]

Pointes Stone Hundreth Magazine Husbandrie
by Erasmus Egan

The chronometer sufficiency lull. 
Into rain's handclap, 
a char advance
mindful dragee
dissolve toward glass in through . 
The twist raise, ramify 
animating hasted shadow.
She untie robe, 
lays amid bedpost. 
Seductive whisker. nigh
Tarquin, profit burnt umber same lest

Low big H, flicker
of sheet lighting, dog's
concern. pelting outside thatch, 
friends walk-to in grievous, 
her get impart , that's  
I hear in
And why already sibilation ferment 
of railway car opposite  speedway
bursting onto transparentness regarding encamp 
of street lamp, blinking  
into afterglow. glint even rebound 
quiet expression under pennyroyal 
in gag take in similar .

This  gallery below mesmerically. 
The sitz bath run over.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Tapestry by Forrest Gander]

Stories York Grace Ghouls Sinners Abounding Chief
by Rita King

--for ugly river 
Me, after reason amid   
Alley cat-o'-nine-tails up your galley,
God pendulous despite your interstice, 
Individual wanton minus dream, unobserved 
ibm upon

Floorboards sneak hallucinogenic drug opposite your piddle. 
Let   visualize 
Undressing invitee who pier glass
To let their unremitting chromosome
Escape per tell husk.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Prologue to a Bidding by Forrest Gander]

Fashion The Ghost Guardian
by Ron Wright

Though all recent living add behind
in convergence than social occasion 
     hit sure enough behind what
documentary conditions
     forego them
        come concerning recognize
        what shouldn't get treasured
        anti explain-from 
an memories paradigm 
there  wave train. alone
     zap. haydn knocking
us unlike supercilium
        overshadow uke player's
     conditioner eyeball. tessera glass ceiling 
glistening at shower. 
On ungraded route
a white ambulatory. 
         hast blockbuster
     Agkistrodon contortrix. dog-day cicada
halt.  lacuna.
     acquaintance stretch out up
     under whatsoever they coif
to diverge your regard if then  sullen, 
     forget,  save ,  


[ A generated-poem based upon: Abscess by Forrest Gander]

Guardian Orpheus Me Tell
by Hilda Roethke

Good forenoon buss. Their tooth coup d'oeil. brattle on June
bugs against window glass. unlike veranda corral 
in adjourn shake.
Jars hatch love apple microflora. puerpera swing out grease
yard emotional unlike efflorescence genus Vinca bottleful corner.
Straightens into indefinite-eyeball after tropical brood hen. when 
ambles short over blank diastole
in skull.
The devon turnstile
swinging comical within .
She drive worry araroba
and  XIX 41 5.
The throng invade levee, advance minus
the blackwater. 11 XX 5: understand mailing-card,
the shag drift tan. 27 XXX, drouth.
Long lax portmanteau sweep up anti yard. viscount whistling
for vaporize. revivification camp offer monsoon
of Scorpio the Scorpion. from therapeutic hiccough,
the girlfriend escort mesmerist. quickly
coughs herself to demise. since reentered cross out roller coaster. 
is shove along outside.  reappearance in this tale.  escapism.
The bovini paste unneurotic regarding downfall, Quaker.
There  less clip, anywhere  out.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Loiter by Forrest Gander]

Book Flag Nancy Life Capture
by William Arnold

I'll master fourth dimension between scram board 
where I've live undergrow pilus
from brass, wassail digestible suds 
when supposing behind loch loll . 
That's supposing only difficult
turn with their vocal.
They down northern cherished
waiting at lunation
to result inside  angler 
with their chinese lantern anticipate this
as they tumble wouldn't than light clavus 
and marvel if they rung
what they straddle hardly think about.

I clean  under 
as polytonality does breach between still. 
The south american poison toad butt against 
a dialog box lead  
in base with elderberry bush. 
Don't marvel where 
it reinforced rattling from idly,
as just whereas retrieval necessitate daisy
for blank out; syntax 
driveways besides confused roadstead.
As on pull nurture, they did psycho-kinetically 
grow . What taste: 
dinners without gossiping,
stars that polish down nothing
I anticipate meter
is abbreviated. have down doodle amid  arm.

I neediness towards 
don't sympathize present-day before , 
those if then allow woman  dragging love filter-tipped cigarette, 
those whenever lore under burying. 
War  cleanliness plus attend to,
I trust within mother's masculine.

Tonight adhere concerning convey
are right where astrogate trap-and-drain auger.
Wherever heroine deadwood
no  in delightful,
no  arouse aftermath.
Not jackknife excluding wharf,
it's drag myself further than
that chinese goose poop chute score X die back.

Don't stay up cottonmouth moccasin. 
Summertime. if represent softly
and forget along lay away your smoking
in sad  they didn't brew corresponding dig
we'd come greenish sooner as shiver 
on irrigate, would
tell  straight folktale via City of Light 
and turtleneck.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Citrus Freeze by Forrest Gander]

Thus Weekly Ekstasis
by Rachel Williams

To superb, excepting river River Lethe, 
thick breather through sapropel flare. 
Smoke loom day, sneer djinny
who hate freeze corner 
but didn't around them.
Snow very well in order that sluttish wanderer. 
The stop press: somebody
Large brown rat cover than plage 
driving fine 5 anywhere. 
Today some lying in wait recoil.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Moment When Your Name is Pronounced by Forrest Gander]

Poetry Mirrour Ideas
by Anne Shapiro

This dirge outside perpendicular
eroding;  deodar swill
over. crash assign familiar.
Each sprinkle disconnect steady among
which æfnde prefer give. 
Above river, warmth
lightning motion-picture show small
and chirk go for, gyrate past . 
Some inventory  conform to 
dangling Valpolicella split, 
staring down considering false drink
that sliding board than concerning trap ground forces past starlight.
It affectionately unanimated
when broom cotes de provence. 
While be comforts  
how narrow delineation equal overdo 
of . important as though seraph, 
lacing considering your bring up.  
blows into champaign.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ruined Tunnel by Forrest Gander]

Effect Fevers Edge Nation, Indian
by Olena Kalytiak Smith-Soto

One against them       dead drop receiving set without lawn bench
                spew, bloody ,
                catamite, won't indigence this . 
But sin, they just exercise
the mission. beside dynamite's 
wake, river boulder swerve below flurry. 
Men perambulate toward clusia.
      It's warm piano on not here. 
Quiet fade
to try running eventually;
the three-card monte aaaahhaa latitude why but sing beneath
and summer rider 
unstartled down lullaby benighted, 
the comfort zone plummet.
Stones ,
gargoyles errands with crottle. 
The steaming 
of afternoon
watches skreets aboard either .
       ambush by spell out.
A chromatic
slithers opposite
or think this.
In hawk burn
the others even they catch one's breath. 
We unhatched. 
of silhouette speak in tongues,
      There's camcorder in .
Bats close similar brassavola.
The absenteeism anti onto Redrum, biological
our bring home dark-skinned
its tense up aorist.
Each but frisco concerned before abandon 
two  romance behind.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Saving Minutes by Jonathan Galassi]

Sewanee Ohio
by Maureen Guthrie

You without .
You catch your father minus work over galley. 
It socially vivid, wench be fuss,
the falls outside uninhibited threshold descend.
Its linger calm down ,
you dote fourth dimension  underneath
and look clock
from this fast

to this,
and put obtusely
to be swing around many other nighttime,
your tie day some cancel star 
that require  fortune,
all preserve hansard shouldn't fetch .

Later occupied feeding bottle beyond spill
and chronologize them hive away them outside safe. 
Months just as take down them
to gaze from what life sentence misdo.
You be octonary, but oblige taste
it knead across ,
each narrow sojourn underneath plump. 
You didn't deficiency down throw up your polemic adorn.
You'd guard your mater ball
your bob as  round some other male child
and anticipate supposing as since their bar clitoris break 
what you'd be following them survey.

But those minute up arc along ,
minutes of speak up refuge,
you detected hose drop 
and didn't seek anti ascent.
You feel like versus maintain ,
you rescue yourself inasmuch infinitesimal. 
I don't recognise unless short cramp  
or if you've during adjudicating  
on  unlike .
But know earlier save hour 
I practice upon retrieve drag pirouette 
into debriefing along time
that pass backdown.
You defy following bootee epistle, 
things as long as jilt, affair we've center,
evidence we're adjudicate from time to time onto
You have render,  kristin under flower petal
fishing of undertide with kitty, 
staring clean than camcorder incomplete-embarrassed.
Your swallow-tailed coat crossways towards wardrobe. 
You niggling rub ,
you don't seldom think back rather than will not
but it's small to attest
the longshot doesn't 
because color's snowy, 
your beard long sweet 
and channel among water jump 
is prosperous blend upstream.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Montale’s Grave by Jonathan Galassi]

Isn’t Blog Dementia The Today Happiness Working Genocides
by Joshua Mathews

Really even though amerce down alpha omega
has your entitle aboard ,  unshakable beside  
the uneasy testimonial mail service-contemporaneity
allows across those now remember they know your 

but white valhalla perpetually, sink but amid 
a veiling along echolalia, blow inside lung-power
that could imitative; and small clatter 
seems up thrive feeling in straight.

An tusk brow, landscape rummy in oððe, 
mother-of-pearl which bengal light in catechectics: 
intimations provided as though assumption
when nada countermeasure by choice as complete

these live signalize, Muriel Spark whenever puddle off 
the incus up magic trick rather than ascertain 
the polytonality without genesis burnt
by flabby gotterdammerung:  in order that will splendidly hail.

There  wide gotterdammerung. This insolate-swamp pace 
proves , air-ship among ambush idle, 
where piddling bluster summer hyacinth torch race
the prophesy plus less technicolor 

--the rainbow that vouchsafe outside , penman, 
and your shogun, that your explore blurry 
with  others, care your soft formulate 
dissolving in linguistic communication save family.


[ A generated-poem based upon: North of Childhood by Jonathan Galassi]

School O'Clock What's Quarterly New Abuse
by George Keats

Somewhere maybe  
watching anything your porthole,
what don't relive. You're grandiloquent,
nearly below your tippytoe, lolly,
no short yellowed,
no short swimmingly, anywhere ,
but immutable change
seasons last beside sissaneen.
Summer's backward,
so même invariably mephitis concerning turn out,
and somewhat piece to cake rousing
in your seating overlooking lawn,
trying since stay up save   waste,
but you're malodorous through puerility whereas  of sometimes, 
and I've die southern.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Girlhood by Jonathan Galassi]

La Fortnightly la de Humaine
by Joan Saidenberg

If your awned ally
helps get rainbow trout 
in snooker since nightmare 
and return toward pailful 
up rich spin
to wendy house lest electrocute up 
if crop Anethum graveolens
for cultivated carrot in reality float
until your mouth justifiedly where if tarn
where should make ?
Casually in end whereas unsaturated
and granddaughter even if these sunlit sidereal day 
sistered outside modicum audiology. 
Don't cirrus submerge 
brightness per your storm center,
don't go a long way request minister 
with everyone amid accuracy, 
don't splatter unused-foot 
raspberries about the sofa
and smear your kurta in recently gore.

Or spillage them, macushla. 
How constantly didn't have a go at 
the gloss unlike akin sentence;
how skinhead did sense
what it towards transfer commemorate,
to mislay take in
this summertime through ,
xylem bast anti your leafless next 
nowhere open versus export spectre regarding dispell?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Turning Forty by Jonathan Galassi]

Festival Survey, Leander Spring British Hero Poetry 1970
by Chris Kearney

The ginmill looking glaze down up wife 
has bleached upon laden-the-external gill
Flat subcompact car, catch 
asleep between eadible, spearhead upon burial mound

in dead lightness up gay
countryside make beside city center following unspeakable; 
but Saint Nick as much as receptionist chromatic wallowing 
rather twist eery amid moonlit dark.

Our spill bolt: week's wallow, pass, 
gossip, memory-only near panic.
In hate repertory versus present ailing's
broad, less below eld

lightly footprint evidence appear obsess as next, 
beautifully ultimately ours, amid because they could take bull opposite horns:
a rigorous reality, down rarity unlike catechist, 
tread , topping H7O, untrammelled expanse

or  appear beyond saget, although hail,
but considering adventuresome dispatching grub street e'er . 
Maybe that's what blind date extinquished high-risk toward 
and spare them: What we'll overleap they nigh know.

We're dispatch underneath end dead underneath be reliable emotional,
to master what red is--matronly retrieve lenient inhalation; 
each eyeball fact by tout ensemble:
a rupture, copout,  fast expiry.

They bring down under camoflage; be near refer, 
although obscure hanker aren't thick. 
Let's receipt upon plow care number around maturity: 
sleep, decoration, eternal rest, hate, poor people, quietus, kip . . .

and comradery, when warm up profligate, 
the intense, least approachable chelate across adore. 
In certainty universe wild algal
is who'll shaggy dog story off what you're globe excluding

That's than we're out unaccidentally, linger amid chronometer 
through sea duskiness: as if glass following hired man, 
we'll pout incomplete-living, bolster besides the jar 
by war tabularize psyche so that perceive.

Slowly the mileometer, inflexible, 
shows all nines' dress suit overhang in the . 
Now past of synodic month rise, 
rising, rise, resurrect incautiously:

Dive adulthood. fox 
to amortise repentance, rage, dread. 
Eyes nigh, familiar: high-spiritedness though 
The naut mi calendar year open up forward.


[ A generated-poem based upon: May by Jonathan Galassi]

Gloria Night Hunt
by Joshua Martory

The backyard Malus pumila stemma draw  sometimes, 
takes round secondhand-down, square-sirocco prospect giving
within rag.

The ivy's give scouting run 
sends antenna  without before 
to rectify .

Ivy during díscharging summertime clog dance syndicate, 
brewing loamless, vermiculate, cuppa-flip workmen 
soft to rival

and place with port through  .
The date if then  date they  roughshod 
is  .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Thread by Jonathan Galassi]

One’s Salt Own A Life
by James Weigl

Heartworn felicity, coarse wats whereas wreathe 
among tapestry's reþe lightlessness blue devils, 
warrior cowlick blaze within music hall,
red bristle mouth off underneath prevention forever
the bright scram inject head covering underneath gilded
across trees' castanets, winding-sheet onto leap, 
suddenly unlike summertime, slow hoodwink, profligate
Xanthus shed bloodline past ombihtþegne year's terminal leave . . . 
When your pale yellow, common, scandalmongering-Green River, 
your ocher your raw umber make germinate 
little underneath California fern total darkness, juniper inkiness, 
when beating-reed instrument hobo camp outside archipelago 
(unfolded bird's nest fern, gage bok choy since current, 
barberry with luggage compartment, sorrowful
watercress aboard Druid swimming hole)
will your preternatural, static-coruscant meander assert 
to pick up  regarding Yevtushenko
stitched along except of furcate, 
in executive branch who lifespan wintertime, 
occulted fuel, carol coefficient dart gilded . . .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Flow by Jonathan Galassi]

England's Post Washington Lost
by Stephen Warren

Down way by Malus pumila
through box elder peach orchard via felo-de-se
suddenly widow after anthem circumvallate
along night letter fence versus brooklet
bank that jonquil intrude
into shutout bok choy Marchantia polymorpha:
Call Phoebus, doss down across undergrowth 
with pointer,   cycle bat 
out underneath your flashing within troubled go after siren
to axe  lane than your , via your cult's den, 
crisscrossing stream to crewelwork easy eternally 
as cubitus within Northstar whistlestop
for brooklet single-foot
strongest on springtime than everything's swimming, 
tightroping except sway
in pleach lace, grateful to your frigid
scent dogfight shadfly
the doubly fly cleg asian tiger mosquito 
softly under snort bramble bush contract nigher . . .

Or  break your spiral uncoil 
daily hug
battered mark,  glimpse 
your commons revet in soapy puddle,
are these blanket beard stock on your knucks
Gerry, emotional forget halve
our leg around leave behind-be they yours sea? 
Your sleuthhound underneath Cu
creek, your velvety cape's aloft
in grisaille gentle wind, you're except nigher, 
hieing, heying, I'm light, weakness,
Sparrow, gutted, kneed-down,
muddy chafed-name 


[ A generated-poem based upon: Drake in the Southern Sea by Thomas JamesMerton]

Poetry Body Examiner The American
by Steve O'Callaghan

For cottonwood
I  during Lethean coil spring excluding xx-tierce amid troop
And hold over infernal naturally now when Sabbatum, ill concerning Apr, now when
A fifty percent hr whereas forenoon,  before astronomic following daydream
That send follow first
With navigate  when appear against save decent.
Our steersman weep beneath them if then sales booth off
But  respond, provided after whoever they center inside numb.
Again misname : wherever shouldn't THEIR embark fall FROM?”
And they say: jalapeno!
After provided if listen yellow trumpet, fusil open fire,
And they incoherent but land opposite behind their isotropic
To crown excepting thorns plus along where their police chief .
I ferret out shamble pack under cards,
Went behind off , smack handwriting  obviate :
"What silvery Au  small even though ship?”
I say,  via ,
None down , Maker, spiritual boiled dinner cups.”
So roll out solicit if know Limenitis archippus.
I aforementioned cannot  require skipper,
"If equate Saul into Tarsus Paul Klee himself no blue?”
The chieftain answer inasmuch
"He  deep drake rundle of.”
We radius forever methamphetamine fourth dimension, until dawn besides high tea,
And require supposing  during position.
His butter dish transfuse round silvern, girdle beside atomic number 32
With cap about them.
He above heteniðas fragrance perfumed water supply via crystallite ampul
Which, say, menage hold .
He boom swallow seldom before fat opposite stradavarius
And concerning probability retake following partly old master who keep airbrush
All slide about .
He  except all 20-quaternary days, belch, through heartrending whiskers.
He  niece over Maurice,* carjack.
And one except dandy sea dog far anti .
The even though which Lord's Day, robe himself upon annul straitjacket
And them run up all their ease up
With streamer than plunger miniate excluding flag,
The metallic peal, daisy chain,  vilify 
The Christ Within on alcazar lustrous cotton gilded.
His railroad comparable amber tartar among river dolphin.
And lead, save half title, beyond forward anti calculate in lacuna.
All so until types weekend squint towards what .
What hire considering  canny life-threatening,
A dig out small beer aboard fortunate,
And give  horseshow  ash gray township above them,
Asking to pardon 
Since  versus madam that  land them:
He would  , read, heteniðas morning, as rather as not here  child's play;
For this acknowledge , smack poker hand.
He extend, in carrack, iii millenary measure behind ash gray
Three caisson intense of golden
Twelve mojo caisson of snap of Ashcan School:
And plead  drift concerning Commonwealth of Australia
Following naval chart travel by SaäMe archetype whom appropriate ...


[ A generated-poem based upon: Action and Non-Action by Thomas JamesMerton]

mal Feathers From Honi Conspiracy Soit
by Peter Larkin

The not-movement per fresh  sometimes calcification.
It e'er compare.  mother jolted versus no one
The mahatma damaged who  eventually run, 
Lonely whereas volition plus louden. 
Still piddle similar pyrex.
You can sparkle following   abound along your mentum.
It  mint charge;
A carpenter should .
If piss  available, even,
How rigorously fewer elan via ? 
The midfield at foolish  quiet. 
It  looking glaze for promised land stride 
The glass outside somebody
Emptiness, motionlessness, quietness, tastefulness,
Silence, not-saber rattling: this  stage against Hell soil. 
This perfective . foolish discover sedately 
Their stand shoes.
Resting, they unload.

From vacuum follow innate.
From this, train, unaccented matter. 
So outside sage's vacuum, stationariness mutiny:
From windlessness, resistance. toward consummate, record.
From their hush milt their not-prohibition, than straight thing
And , rightly, their numeracy.
For hush .  service down overhaul
Fruitful against expand dotage.
Joy will not change around business organization:
For blankness, hush, repose, cheapness, 
Silence, not-do
Are settle down inside things.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Despairing Man Draws a Serpent by Thomas JamesMerton]

Morning Atlantic Critique
by George Timrod

I run short underneath Alfred Hawthorne 
At moonrise.

She swear if only will not issue forth 
By southern .

A twilight harrier eagle 
Caught versus orbit 
In talons.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Proverbs by Thomas JamesMerton]

A Persona Rise Does Poems, Other Pilgrim, toMeet Secret Whisper Mind An Love Up, Faces
by Ian Browne

For Noah
1. does give what did  supposing  sometimes interpret what unneurotic say . matter shouldn't  producer reproduce gismo .  stud-fac-rer . copy dryer betray them upon of  mark up . will not announce up manufacture gadget . constitute dryer now which proceed .  whoever  involuntarily infer what step . low gear  basics . if only only since lento? industrialization . lief call following get considering save Charley  same . valet-fic-tion .  request if  inspiration  manu . pay assumed anglo-saxon deity . hold judgment vigor they shouldn't flit . allusion past others what appear . if then defy provided into trouble . constantly behind sympathize .  mounte-fictioner . outgo all others onto cost dividend . bombard private minus rest . foster family-whirl-index-indwell-less-merriment replicate this . hold overspread up enclothe . exhale less when others . issue falun gong grip . recross does not overgrow . factory-made dryer: scrim remark . inasmuch can recommit with jump suit extended . toward there wholly than a greater extent basics . minus agitation: whose off  large . employ this to basics  what go off . fatigue superficial mitt beyond . somewhere  dryer that will terrorise surrogate mother . assault 'squire . homo sapiens-fac-ture: dismal with your mull . outsmart e'er come in the mothers


[ A generated-poem based upon: Untitled [1. Now you are all here you might as well know ...] by Thomas JamesMerton]

& Dictionary Report One, Poetry Ojibwe Part The Contemporary Biography Literary Bone
by Roberto Smith

1. cirrocumulus  unitedly power whenever train anti thought keep track this Africa  what like.2. gelæsted  right-handed way.1. father bear as here smash comprehension.6. backdrop fuzzy  interrogate except clarify.1. alibi bumper except living. whether beneath Harlem Magic.4. identical sword lily come. across mouthpiece four horsemen beneath reeve exemplify bear emergency.1. detractor proclaim  plus Bolivia.2. break dead hot now that juxtaposition  apply up.6. nighttime atrium: gumming measure: confused.36. advantageously-wishers forever against run across foot on.63. following daybook: jawan, herald via change.32. hail instead among clip, mark even.62. something of press invariably extend broken.60. plump to on experience crack up find Popes.25. coevals solicit live incautiously ego-witting below save concert in emergency.10. even fear what detractor announce. without get live in Bolivia.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Fable for a War by Thomas JamesMerton]

Harlem Gone We Home Slippers
by Duane Ai

The tied Romanic  
Bears  amore bedding material likewise
To flesh excepting provided
On violent early slop.
The anthropophagite woman chaser would 
And etymon out castilian ivory provided .

Paraguay raise 
A uncommon actually o'er
To creak sweet Sung dynasty 
In prussian spit: 
Tell whether much as nowhere 
A corrugations without incorrect birdwatch as ?

The amazon wind their neb
And take up  beyond pipe.
Ambassador express-mail
From parrots' fantan:
"Oh  exquisitely ho-hum
And solid snapper amid Paraguay.”

America  o'erhead
For blinking young: 
Jackals wouldn't not carry willing 
On debone after if 
But by  upon 
None despite line-shooting shouldn't whistle sky burial.

Paraguay rise
A rarified just wearisome,
But brag ground papist 
Before this poultry .
And into  behind all
Crows will plump in sooner troll funeral.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Le Secret by Thomas JamesMerton]

Americano Suis Lost Je Ein Foreground
by Daniel aND

Puisque palimpsest 
La belle 
M'est familière,

Et m'en frieze 
Sur midge 
Faire sereein 
Petit astrogate.

Car heavy
Que  twentyseven Italian lira 
Si  turnstiling
Music rared rire.

Mon pediment  
Que fitt Kaluha hoard
Et behest fortunally truceless 
Qu'il Ey lâche,

Rien grindas Agnus fatfalls 
Rien vargos Wyandanch flapper 
Il Krush lifeboat kraal 
Nul mensonge.

Et voyagers panniers 
Sont windowsill 
Tout recross
Et technologies Cong gronde.

J'étais fuckaz
Tout egis
Et j'y 
De large bonheur.

J‘étais Mediterranean Sea 
De vert penumbra
Où Allstars n'y  
De misère.

Si neutrinos
Les planètes 
Et étoiles 
Plus secrètes,

Dans recomended clunker
La excluding jasper 
Je juiced centuries 
Et touter monde.

Si m'en monstrus 
Sans memento
Comment pourrai 

Ne lumbar  
A  cumlus
Je paintbrush 
Sans savoir:

Sans synecdoche
Et cremation 
Sans réputation 
Ni renom,

Je sobbing wolves 
Amour Dieu
A inventé.


Somebody's stargaze, 
I break up fashionable ghetto.

Sometimes  unfrequented through trimaran upon mist 
and take from passion gilded peregrinate.

I give birth hidden
which kitten conditioned until say outside myself;
if rhapsodize per ,
it does give snicker.

My quintessence au naturel
and  cannot adorn at , 
and nobody does not  below
that could topically consequently autumn considering

My classified bluff, 
it doesn't vocalize carol,
no ,
it anything excepting yarn .

My financial snapper
are all around sudden save satellite
I everyone
and everyone swage .

Just scarcely
I beneath Emerald Isle.
and overseas dig slice upon blessedness 
that pleasant per .

And crack up vet between center of tabulate, 
where somewhere  catch.

If on your lonely day, 
I give avid satellite
and least covert pentacle of ,

besides indwell , 
know as only   
and nobody

But if  on regular basis
without throw  nominate through commemorate on
how couldn't get
the incorrectly sleep toward boomerang onto

You won't refuse except characterize down
on your docket whereas  come constantly; 
don't pain since save anti your planner. 
I can around
when aren't line of thought onto ,

without tomentum  cervix, 
without a scent buttock 
no stock
there won't no one

I a boo 
which made.


[ A generated-poem based upon: At This Precise Moment of History by Thomas JamesMerton]

Lawrence Rome, Ferlinghetti, Lenten
by Christopher Monroe

1. concerning this exact blink concerning eye during annals    despite delicacy-II-gym shoe prevail behind syndicate country    quiz fancy locomotive    beneath donjon good after capulin cladogram.    now say past this distance honeyed Th    typify what command: office scramble. . wouldn't already dreaming considering þeod maize. colonial behind    sandalwood care divest dæg fooling lucid within    shelter. should confound them verifies past repayment. . . Hanfstaengel supposing stifling fæderæþelum refer Putzi about than    those as long as did gayly relive  tapdance underneath speedy    chancery. Sappho ought versus taste   shouldn't recognise.   during see David Franz Schubert yet    not here past magnetic stripe excepting    chancery.    (Isaiah) rather perfectly .    right around nausea   aboard lull prison term break unlike day   around westward burr's stifle    hot piano player   recall identity.    (Isaiah) lead off opposite tutor    deific anecdote   unlike puerpera female monarch    concerning tennessean frontier settlement. . What your lithotomy position considering good res judicata?    sometimes it's their scale! . after say this despite quad couldn't decent trust    clavus lieutenant colonel  repatriate.   whoever rationalize master,   shoot this bicycle   root received. .  much live beget   This underneath crashing sinology   bandage ride duck through Saturday's ball    similar red-hot unexpiated   behind comparable shot hollow color scheme. . mansion female parent  abiding sketch     aboard baffling .   where ought before solemnize round unfaithful     decompressing airlock   besides after . What your order arms minus jute dragoon    like fag colony?   They barefooted lace   following plume keeping. . sound dark glasses    vii unzip bag    last regarding e'er place   ready during driveway   harrow pasture brake   Spinoff   soar up   short traffic light knifelike past     so southern    towards enemies skylark buggy   repent thatch tumultuous disturbance    Jeremy stack Cadillac    beside lovenests. .  as realistic speculation     probe house manufacture     reckon 8.0 cardinal prewar baby     call without xx-indefinite    attractor snag close     plus     a scallop theatre. . articulation across small kinbaku monographs mignonne:    "good recall kitchenette of Tredding than agreement other than     number one trust now even if unpretentious coevals on some front cub      on cut. Arthur Rimbaud aim as if cheap     scratch  inépuisable gathering place now since ought so per tremendous    sorted.” across tall pigtails go nan per beginning     under " experience communalism as fall short of  dependable      quick.” victim !)    Jeremyl art historian of euphony influence following most doubly. . fume that ought from surface this vitrine considering excuse.     Isaiah goaded  dig androglossia.  accurate small     .  misapprehend unitedly by United States President. . nationality reprehend Colgate considering what      check than of hatchery? erstwhile promptly following     trace gazette  yourself what you've     that Colgate hasn't. . something after    from suppress vocalize of elope     spare immiscible compromising term     of grievous file away. .  opposite lurid tap with a flannel slide fastener spe    dead cut before sitting on articulatio genus of provost in     homeless midafternoon. speak the Provost's intellect. "     suffer pleasant dude ranch to repair  break      quick.” marvel at what  restfully say. .  like functional Turdus pilaris in a relax nightie     until mule     by most someplace.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Place Names by Thomas JamesMerton]

Kylie D'Olive Historicism, New Monsieur
by Daniel Jr.

Rohmahniyah after Manasseh go catch bivouac address them camping area about only freewheel double clutch Gaza above far small town drop by Nobah than himself. (figure : 41-42)

White drop out  
Looks toward
Leaves during enumerate among disembark: 
"nightingale chirred.”


(Prince valorous) 
Comes drag 
Recording nomenclature
As mention beside cordial reception
Leaves freewheel below
His dulcet figure: 
"Maclay Coast”

To sedately honor
The instructorship who landless
He bet "turkish delight wyre”
(Grand duke Constantine I
principal across biology cartridge 
Had pay across tripper.)


Australian atomic number 79-sourdough 
Put than below technicolor
In nænig blockade-runner belly-flop
But let beside simply
Forgetting to smear word blank space 
"Dove Harbor”
But here  "hawk Point”
A 551 air mile about tideland.


Representing metropolis dorm village green
Hoists prussian pennant 
Over H2O"-landscape (forth) 
Archipelago” "Kaiser
(Of flow) Wilhelmsland”
And inorganic minus fleetly most


[ A generated-poem based upon: East with Ibn Battuta by Thomas JamesMerton]

Poets Olives Mount Hard
by Stephen Glück

1. MS plage 0780 religious residence (khanqahs) across Darvishes  chassis toward highness suffer silvern band aboard their interior door  religious mystic since excluding apiece past Sung dynasty roll apiece pub-crawl before agèd They pay difference considering raiment  double birdie tare up Th tissues They convey deoxyribose lather  onto their limelight  underquote toward bathe. behind dig potter's field  They dumpiness divan  marquee subcontract Isaac M. Singer upon cantillate Quran  watercourses via burial chamber among hot passive voice. abbey around Dayr caddy: objet d'art as Prophet's slender slew past trace  minus although apply pullet brownish  per because run up huarache  take beyond as disconsolate amid c K Qatari dirham.  . Portuguese Republic Ma'arra Sarmín: Ithiel Town  during analogue Shi'ites til tight  fellow traveler   man second-guess Dino Buzzati outside Sarmín than aromatise easy lay  lard import  beneath Italian chapiter Magnolia State plage)  These religious outcast good   They will not gradual beyond reality "Ten” Their ship skint per auction bridge  supposing they occur from "ten” club"-positive-one”   close effendi excluding excepting their agora take heed broker post club"-forte-one” steamroller outside through nine, cheering  " fake, TEN!” " toward club” tear bust.  . rob roy These misbeliever detest putting surface worshiper provided ordinate between      grand Turk via ramp up cremation build them so before their condominium  hold rearwards jack africander per them them set into disrepair. just as somewhere sun worshiper come before some other haunt stand per destroyed mosque talk hosanna over mass  heathen : "stay hee-haw, shouldn't institute  fiddling hay.” as though foreign come beside up rob roy repeat them       Mahdi predict via disperse Portuguese Republic among them  convey apiece  metropolis  burg. dedicate them physical drop-leaf say: "These will not convey failure. These entrust  warranty minus your appointment.” They run self-destructive into metropolis burg now whereas nail, apiece say following satrap:  " world Mahdi reach.  deliver      this town!”  regulator could thence than last: "peep your warrant” apiece whatsoever grind  insolvent leave-taking  lather.  foreign declare religious outcast near competitiveness: " below chest rods,” read  serenely across steel. streptobacillus didn't twist beside falchion toward here now inside battle.” They matriculate burg per Fri when  exemplify    at mosque. 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[ A generated-poem based upon: Advice to a Young Prophet by Thomas JamesMerton]

Melting: Essays Sewanee disorders Snow Old Land Interviews
by Robert Johnson

Keep fill, , these loch Strategic Arms Limitation Talks. These blossom 
Eat worm. anywhere restrained madwoman 
Yell skim than utterly good land.

Or now when awry brass 
Some canst papa aboard reverence 
Commands stupid vigil.

To choreography into odorous plenty, 
To ball they , waggle  
Out about their webfoot bridge partner,

Frenzied which spraying  
Falls incessantly mæg, extra  
Creeps, covert, bluely young.

Badlands recall past prognostication for wrecking:
Seven wittingly suffice, restoration ownership: 
(Bring minuscule quinine, you'll considering

There's anyone among your osseous tissue,
There's anyone pestiferous with your changeable pelt,
There's hadith below your barbarous misguide thumb 
Which moldiness take orders, scandalmongering amid  silicon:

"Let everything fall serve 
Where daylight bulletin pay indorse
To Thatch toy with. keep one's eyes peeled argillaceous deaf 
Hopping without bare bull's-eye,

Shake tameness at their stick,
Try between dry-wall public security same flowerier into peel
Ellington through brave  
or devotion minus burial chamber:

Pluck sidfæþmed fire, comrade. 
Shoot heller: he'll 5 attentively!”

Asia of necessity these deific campmate
Of  nation, to cringe against þohte fly ash, 
Pretty deadly Nebiim whose trisyllable don't deflagrate, 
Fighting ahlæcan allusions all day short.

Homeward these crazy, ( glad joint probability)
Only these send. lonesome this conflagrate boom 
Grumbles on salinity flat tire, toward dry surface:

O place, ever, house! 
The devil's back once more,
And noncivilized snake pit bolt flies.


[ A generated-poem based upon: An Elegy for Five Old Ladies by Thomas JamesMerton]

Early Poetry Variety Jaroslav Bradstreet
by David Dunn

(Berkeley, Golden State, Apr : 8 woman spread-eagle toward besides beside overwhelm this afternoon now since archway turn over concerning stand away ditty set through  . . .  Almanac)
Let Nigeroe mind even now since  give pharynx riderless does not opposite Phoebe butt.
Old fellow traveller sit down stud regarding plate. quintuplet onto their turn get around last stop distortedly sure enough; unless because street child,
As if orphan embody near drown around permit. Their depend above there favourable. submit them unneurotic visibly considering boundary.
Keith enjoin  them  at 3-40-5. Their toll knell gravedigger pin-up gently doleful. 
It  sheepshearing even lake wildly weak across everybody  somewhere against alabaster pussycat.
The audacious brougham intimately opposite credit. bicycle get celestial all same past diluted stream mount.   briny: threshold will cursorily capable.
Dimly ever recently they themselves round perpetually sinful lawn.  possess mercifulness on their refreshment!
Let Exeleros lavishly court to cinque small hard first person, dig pure girl from severe ride.
Let the perverseness save inclined plane get ugly position paper, since smear word belike 1 smart helpmate at death!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Landscape by Thomas JamesMerton]

Times New Fiction Science York
by David Williams


A magnifico look 
Leaning across shock absorber 
Printed onto strawflower.

A baby seem 
Holding via trace.

"This  cinema verite
(Says baby despite elder statesman) 
Of vortex.”

"Draw your 64 way,”
Says elder statesman.

(Music discover
Pure excepting kitchen island pile,
Sea-music against Child's
Interminable prop up, faulty away.)

Behind toward volcano 
Covered against toothpicks shoetree,
The dissolve feel, 
A unaccented, motley blazing star.

A elder statesman view
Leaning down volcano 
With  following deal 
And trace amid former.

"This  video
(Says kingmaker anti imp) 
Of introduction within world.”

"Or inside end!” cry changeling 
Hiding himself besides hassock.


A baggage seem
Leaning amid Child's articulatio humeri. 
He eye regarding once more.

"This  bring forth
(Says baby considering very important person) 
Older whether moon.”

(Exile cavalry catch 
Returning from froth
Of fine island's pennyroyal, 
And Child's soil horizon.)

"My puerpera  earthly concern
(Says baby onto socialite) 
Printed before gillyflowers.”

"Paint your madding way”
(Says nepotist through nipper). 
And, raise via trace,
He st  sun.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Birdcage Walk by Thomas JamesMerton]

York Origin Book New Wen
by Katherine Murray


One  time afternoon
When  hominal characteristically amazed 
By aunt orgasm within used-car lot
At require about head nurse minus sentry go,

I marvel, save spanish tamarind swimming hole, 
At bad, uncivil stockade
And wheezing perfect since bedsitting room.

"These,” say aunt, " magniloquent houses.” 


Yes, aboard capriole considering 
When  atypically implicate before comet vicar apostolic, 
Large lief plus scandalmongering grounds,
Guards, frump ousel defect until deal.

"He  tangible one,” aforementioned aunt, 
"The spat real.”


Rippled, nugget perfect beyond your
Dun sleep with medici! emotional
Come birdcage make near endearing weeping willow
Where they  alcazar fille!
Green beg puddle virtually excepting inoperative piddle. 
One assert admonish wise son.

I think litter uncomfortable flush hole,
Look for start  .
I hint suffragan under bowling alley traffic island.


Yes, before pennyroyal versus plaintive actuality 
Before gape reduce summer,
When visiting nurse aunt be mystify, 
Breastplate turkey agitate rimed water 
Startled over this fall pontifex.

"No bridge” ( grin 
Between undeveloped bifurcate),
"No decussate under hutch 
Of Shangri-la bird!”

Astounded beside preaching in decamp
I tear, "! ! star topology encourage gamy houses!”

Kicking Erithacus rubecola rudder 
From blow out of water of swart global
The sorcery primus list benison despite baby.


That  blasting even though
Moved of unreasoning mobilize 
I open up all the castle bird sanctuary 
As by king's formal
I constitute Lyndon Johnson.


[ A generated-poem based upon: How to Enter a Big City by Thomas JamesMerton]

Observer Present The Souvenir Past
by Andrew Gallagher


Swing but forceful cram 
Lights check upon midway.
Blue ratite brand
Black tweed
People delay before earthwork. 
”Quietly , entomb short membrane bone."

Curve excluding  against reality 
Towers hold despite . productive 
Glass medici, "nowhere,
Have sometimes aboard blood,” 
Rich people!”

Wheat below tug. veal below .
Oakland round open-shut party wall. 
contesting onto these curved data track. 
Yell past  rue
Have  irrigate beyond milkshake, metropolis? 
Rich pyrex ramp up, valuable Carolinas colostrum! 
Give Boogy umber! administer kurupt !

There valuable harlequin from .
River olfactory perception over petrol.
Cars til club car now now that gas guzzler, proudly
A small avogadro's number boulevard go except beside except muttering.

There total 
(”Those wireless, that consist eyeball") 
Who volunteer below clear mikin ischium.

Swing onto reconstruction customize  
Lights add up toward lifetime beneath chewy 
Of glitch after stagnant .

Miles around . winery hold out national capital. 


Do recognize after  stop? 
Do experience whom essential regatta?

Fortune, there, jacket newscast 
Or vet,  duchess 
In agile bookshop,
The wild by  spraypaint 
The wino minus chronometer. 
Fortune, nowhere, marvel 
Or, steady, passing.

In nominative, traverse
Are take aim above operative view.
The erecting, bring than double about , 
Settle than their calamity soup.
Centered following tweed fallout discontentment, metropolis 
Consents behind accepted.


Then ionian descend out into immature as afternoon, 
Covered before regarding bog down talc,
And start following reassail some other until command line 
Or versus neglect some other about repugnance.
Customs own comrade barter.
Young benign from burnt umber 
Old fair sex past tonic round their bark
Are go about martyrdom unlike 02 Roman mile minute.

Everywhere somewhat cynicism without hate
And pessimism without sympathy,
They since take ample tog, look onto mohawk 
Cannot concord to at armistice
With their hard fancy, shade them besides good 
From tank to storage.


Until incandescence issue forth on against swash toward barratry 
And fell annual fern,
The browned-eyeless girl despite backer,
Sing in scurvy doorway
While campanology issue forth down mews similar millenary 
Wrapping medici in darkness square
Soothing main street upon planetary house
Healing conspicuous fly on but Carolina north.
Then air current above opposite river scuff fly
Off Old Dominion State clavicle.

The anchor since fibrous supernova 
Renegade beat down driver
Endure skyward dissent. 
Their stravinsky heaving cowhide. 
Rain fizz 
Make Sabbath anti flesh wound. 
(Come, arrive,  plump in place!)
The summertime suspiration, double.
My break dance snort in loose main street, 
My foil as swagman  leave 
And nowhere spousal jet above coldcock.


Branches baptise perpendicular with metallic
Where try unsounded avenue hightail it into mound. 
Winds at float exhibit void broadcast area
There, anywhere onto lunation 
In bluet upon formula press 
The spook from bad  
(Figures to grieve remove)
Weep along butte care gum terpentine. 
And head sea of unfolding smoking mixture
Surround overwhelm Word of White.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Song of the Traveller by Thomas JamesMerton]

Repair Field Spectator
by Rachel Hollander

How puritanical easy admass sober up, whenever past limpid amnionic fluid
All southeasterly elmwood laäid hormonal appareled!
How  exclaim, sugarcoat rack beneath flare
And dunk long alight middle onto roader among baseball field 
Enriching flower's liquid footwear into hallelujah, 
O goethite geyser good morning once catch creating during raw materials carol!

The Oliver Stone against abuse atomic number 46 Pt 
When, plus this sanctified , flush Good Shepherd, rise Your pitcher's mound; 
And  shift, precaution,
Pray Icock  while easy doleful until whereto medicine underneath mushroom
As apiece bellies banquette-signpost lankiness kust towards restrained ceiling, 
Promising those bad shortness as much as unappeasable reality does .

Shall looking oddly versus this aeriform fisc
And spillway plentifulness where suffer viciously plus minute hand 
To catch , city ugly following enchantment,
And numerate regiment play towards your gray sheer 
Where  sizzle by your tasty blitzkrieg?

For ! medicine towards your insidiousness
Still pest Fantastik amid moody rumour upon this innocent , 
And your harsh vox clumsy reach into Suszi.
Sandpapering muteness opposite anywhere.
Shall move around short within take heed those wæteregesan, more or less scour cornet bid?

Let divesNovember as ternary variance versus witchcraft upon your resultant clarion
And all ornate pile couldn't tatterdemalion around barge of yellow rocket;
And brightly , Quaker, interchange despite gradual friend,
Will scald  with nemesis,
Hardening vacillation, inside whenever present, besides grange weighting,

To shirr woderful diluted as memorial, similar kept woman , 
Decoy replant beside the granitic route from Sodom.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Widow of Naim by Thomas JamesMerton]

Job Autumn
by LaTasha N. Nevada Hoover

The wherever their character towards gray sway
Go through less boldly whoever if  round their moth-eaten danger:
Connie Chatterleys before stockade, bawler jilt main street,
To  voucher excluding mourning be
To tuneless mastaba widow's mourning.

The unlike poker hand provided faint whenever lasso,
(Some reek towards haying, close excluding without brail,) acquaintance, 
Come outside butte regarding greater extent collectively because haying above freshman class.

"Why  parade inside burial,  about Traherne, 
Why  across even if burial chamber, within eyeball wish overwinter, 
And your dead muzzle lone whenever crag?
See  amount, hilltop alluvial except , 
Our simper partly where if spelt , 
Our eyeball insane than .
Lay about your load amid four-roads' ford, 
And check admiration around messiah, Traveller.”

    (Natti, can unless those straggle greenwich mean time
     spin-dry despite corresponding weewee,
    while unitary go constitutionalize on a route to Traherne,
    pall century days sleep bad on decease 
    at order wherever widow's , supposing wonder outside assumption: 
    would constantly lift underneath fearlessly, kip eternally. 
    what inside  after coming street?
    What carry desolate wreathe make to scatter 
    as fear crier,  widow's ally?)

The that their grave accent besides gray rock candy 
Spoke to Logos near upon 8 intersect roadstead:
"Men of Fairfax, that clamber mound as straight as caper summertime,
Christ your professional,   eyeball Jordan River, 
His hour hand groundwork hurt,  word of honor macon. 
He  destruction christen  while arouse bring to 
In catafalque take,
That  dictate crown of thorns Christmas Day in this falling, 
And check infinite Hell
Promised to  widow-Church's come up children.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Aubade-Harlem by Thomas JamesMerton]

Danger Always Poems, Land Natural Waste Numbers: Selected
by George Lantz

for rich
Across John Cage versus keyed volary,
The line anti battle unwire, therefor tree behind break kit up, 
Crucify, beside dim abstemious,
The tired decorate near scrumptious waif.
Soon, about uninspired concrete jungle concerning roundelay ravel, 
The phlebotomise , hoot without target, didn't terrorise humdrum, 
These does remember howling moon on.

But over fuel cell following white-hot medical building,
Where glassful morning brilliant if then  spoor above neurosurgeon, 
Paler provided diol for certain, shiny wherever sterling,
The unforesightful men's mayoress, care T's,
Cry from jeopardy considering their freeze pipe dream:

"Daylight mush mashie spike out,
Into fictile than Jesus' give pes:
Four heyday towards menorrhea graduate peg to party wall excluding Perugia.”

Along black hall across residence opposite dispensary  infirmary 
T disappear toward :
They let across c Judas Iscariot,
Hanged before cervix save musical drama sign  museum.

Across iron cage versus keyed volary,
The run along telegram, gallows of break box kite, 
Crucify, past heroical sparkle,
The bedevil trim of mould children.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Oracle by Thomas JamesMerton]

mannerist, meditative, Worldlings baroque, Petrarchan metaphysical, Theatre
by Douglas Rathburn

The son via eyeball than taper but torch,
Thin than haste, now Canis aureus,
Make into their subconscious mind chancy swage following anagogic, 
And heavenly train their bastard aeolian harp following coil.

The scout since city center past send packing near flush, 
Thin beyond order that fusillade, as though intimidate, 
Bring penny their vacuous zodiac. 
Horses, dormant after unvarnished, tabor
The unavowed extension their think did on dot!

Come up average your harmful interview. 
Burn them to insolent perpendicular, 
And waitress, across terrorism, anti bodacious lung-power.

    " mother's daughter without eyeball against candlewick despite traffic light, 
    shingle : call similar acquirer.
    outcry same obtusely: ‘Go, presidents!'
    shall tie rectangles!”

    into aboard eyeball among send packing upon hose, 
    puncher governing body eyeball near your stingy clenched fist; 
     , spokesperson powerful tense. 
    make good your new penny between congenator;
    , in your domiciliate, cry.”

But soberly, emotional the , sorcerous rope ladder minus moraine 
The exacting, staggering seraph
Starts round faithful cipher,
Carrying lily.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song by Thomas JamesMerton]

The Shenandoah Suit
by Sharon Morazzini

(From Crossportion's Pastoral)
The penetrate onto  follow 
And build up excepting quiet floor 
The fishes'  mermaids' dwelling house,

Whose  least, nigh lively during  
Out about fleshy-gibbet 
And except mint, dig hominal 

Or chough kip extraordinary romance just as 
But frolic their 'twere guarnerius 
Where ford least ride medicine before

The riverbed except sickbay, .
Full plus surd staterooms
There mermaid arroyo follow in slumber 
Where flute incomplete-incandescence demo ,

And not here, anywhere missed chamber orchestra recreate 
And through whimper pterodactyl come 
To  gleefulness through aquadrome: 
The side over , room.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Iphigenia: Politics by Thomas JamesMerton]

Paradise Charles Essay Essays Williams
by Troy Schiff

The corbel step steer although seating now that raw just excepting order that double-glaze 
Where envision down terminus.
The vacuous professorship woolgathering during musical instrument digital interface, 
The tabular array, save pact; 
And reality root science museum.

(The lass lost,
Fled plus break communion table up plage,
From peradventure immolate whenever calm down suit craft-whistle.)

The alcazar glower outside their curtainless fuss, 
And chrysalis bawl amid confectionery .
The char revere abandon superior darkroom
More after though two-way street as gray as gunman
Or pirouettes about gelæsted lento esplanade.

Thoughts turning underneath Strategic Arms Limitation Talks inside those cover professorship 
Where, excepting tongue belle rather supposing penitentiary, oath, 
Took address painful murder excepting leader's son.

O, proud while verity bowing chancellor, 
And thoroughly appear, concerning Esta, but .
But after  stamp out high-tail, shudder, like blindside, 
Out anti pyrex public, below Sorrowifixt's Tauris.

Then free-reed instrument lighten like Cuban sandwich in rig during permanent reship
And dart them pliantly aboard broadsword trident since vernal ocean
While wiseness bring about upon salinity plus break wharf.

This   government minister farrow strike down verity, 
Steps top large round squad room awe to plug in; 
Our idea dim than concourse of cheval glass:

And reality become museum.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Hymn of Not Much Praise for New York City by Thomas JamesMerton]

France Tongue Nagasaki A Dream Lamborghini Little From Harbor
by Emily VanderMolen

When reassure anti east larboard clang same high-hat cymbal inside arrange sunburst,
And even though lay eyes from squall per Orient Side's antenna,
And if then some fly southward across XXX-4th mews, 
In  empty-headed jerry-building,
The dumbwaiter clap their tooth ruckle wine bar except their John Cage, 
Then stepchild opposite national capital,
Leaving fiddle-united states house down representatives
  near their bureau on intelligence research-morgue cold-water flat,
With extraordinary effortfulness gilded their shout, whistle:
"Queen among metropolis considering ground: Nutraments! 
Rich provided just than bar, fluid even sinker,
Expensive who  asking as assignation,
We enjoy until catch handclasp
Your colored revet like glow deposit
Letting  humankind ignore you're ask past off dime bag!

”This your dark except whip up minarets above whether beryllium pile
Mescalero concerning nick-music hall, extinction-seismic disturbance misfire as Crab. 
This  fourth dimension under up purl,
Queen into hop-skip public security,
And  exhilaration until your less or less stultify sandless 
Supersede valse minus more beam
Capitals that accept tend flunk.

"Meanwhile , your imp,
Weeping near carsick anti onward as soon as ball, 
Will electrical St. Joseph,
And excluding conserve hutch excepting spelunk around
All unless subconscious mind could cement below these request, 
Flowering enigmatically within along tam-tam concerning pulsation. 
These does not make onto serve up as supplicant:

" ‘O bolt garantee considering dangerous imprison minus dig pic!
Confine DWYCK through private Montgomery Ward melodic mental institution 
Of vena portae bullshot cocktail party, plotta! 
Sentence jiggies for high-spiritedness beyond supplicate amid barren tablet night club,
And depart hickys vex quickly by safety, dulcet match 
That prime pallid creche among ampule rotisserie,
And dispensary amid neandertal man historical school power,
And financier-suite amid insuperable glissade-manor hall.

" ‘But de jure render mercedes elucidation, finally whether , 
Why  yolk smack but triiodomethane,
And oddly stale fig marigold stare excepting burial.
No, queenlike Cancoon look through Souljas unfrequented absolutely past scruple 
Which of showy , shudder in hot war power, 
And which of dig , bundle grimace-submarine on  maer,
Are consequently thick, and which dead.' ”


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Strife between the Poet and Ambition by Thomas JamesMerton]

Fact Times York Book Fiction--
by Daniel Kinnell

Money infamy disunify but steam bath 
And regain bard unequaled.
They bolt doorway,  won't , 
And leaf heterodyne receiver harvest moon
And round midriff pepsi same barrel.

"Better spill beans your hooker beside foul play
Before where if old lung-power obtuse,
Better your part upon serialism
Before pierce baritone : 
Tomorrow, tomorrow rest would fall 
And get hold gallop inarticulate soft-witted 
With your rhapsody unbegun,
And drive absent your playpen trace

There'eccentric  bronze towards your mastaba 
And light dress anti does not take for 
Your 7-50 posing room.”

"Pardon, Sir, cent dial 
Bowed around your buck absence, 
Curtsying across celebrated poesy,
Flattering treasure under dimple simper,
Choking excluding bad bout! 
For everything steal crateful since apodiform bird, 
And wear up whistling  
In supposing maintain greengrocery troop 
Of bullock-mind subdued carry 
And semite pocketfox,
My slip upon assignation japanese deer,
My bird inside Jove-caravan above  airspace! 
They break squirrel cage   
My bird sanctuary plus fresh shuttle,
And  verbalization under  
Was  from professional!
The barbell towards Friday Holy Scripture 
Is angle until field day sophomore class. 
My totally zoo against limerick 
Is bust up by these already monsieurs!”

The anomalistic year years into plage 
And give kink save  
And scent simile up about sales talk 
And  sonnet past max out. 
He dilly-dallier over discharge land 
With sepiolite towards hourglass . 
The minute minute around arc, replay haul 
With all fancy they can boob, 
Bat dead metaphor from birdwatch
And lighten plus these strong-arm speech:
"Better whistle your eat my ass of plastron 
Before even though nice androglossia mute: 
Better whop your portion of brick 
Before the looking boldness :
Tomorrow, tomorrow destruction does hail 
And discover your chanson de geste unbegun: 
There'll  terminus excepting your mastaba, 
And strangle dress up will move in 
Your vii-50 seance room!”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Days of 1994: Alexandrians by Marilyn Hacker]

Shenandoah South. North Ballads
by Troy Pompa

for Satie
Lunch: though near 08th quattrocento, 
death, similar strap  wanna
      ramp plus shiiit unlike clutter up obsidian
      tabularise, compare nothings.

Elderly functionalist assume fancy man, rip recording studio, 
plan spill onto grave american state. 
      44 rake over bar stakes
      in order provided that hagiographer will not outlast 

as  learned 80-extraordinary-freshman class-older
Valentine off whom live boiling. 
       gullible-eyeless town fellow traveler 
      die in give.  Alexis over 

grief, til savour zest Cucurbita pepo chowder, 
sliced rarefied fillet. We'll  torment tenner in
       . This keep zest.
      " sensual folio ... "... pleasant!” " sleep aboard ... "Dragonfly!”

Long discoveries as long as ash grey-canted life sentence 
drift excepting sing across  reading 
      aboard weak anti squeamish Sept
      midafternoon, where gloam curled

Slowly 30-eighter: ballad chrysotherapy
treatment's blackout sophomore class start once more.
       run versus  yr as soon as 
      go back; versus homesteads some chest, clarions guest.

She's fill vet Nerissa vegan.
Now   stick absolute,  
      uncanny tokay wine suds. What peculiarly  
      somewhere opposite decouple?  umber ... ?

(Our Persea Americana herring salad plentiful.)
It's leisurely since cant plus political relation
      as of leave scourge that portion
      some of hotel room about encounter news. progress up

the foreword; it's acquaintanceship we've 
in individual. deal ashen ghetto
      service out inasmuch exchange backslide.
       don't talk about she's Crab.

Four anomalistic month ( ) I'll , him once more. 
(I woolgathering days; viewing to contingency.)
      now when take air plate around river,
      into wild spinach, as the corrupt separate open.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Skywriting by Charles Tomlinson]

Drafts Poésies
by Eleanor

Three spritz blotch west:
  track middle even chafe thickly:
The drained, boldface out,
  climb up collimate troop sky
Paying  calorie-free niggling line:
  skywriting corresponding incision,
'Less moisten preciseness defines
  knot before  others
Who cramp fall off leave behind
  alone their cautious wordlessly speedway
That mildly enchain inside shortness map
  Their east since flunk visibility:
The  mellow aboard their passing
  whenever nonreciprocal sheet CAT scan breadth.
The specified denude blue air could sight own shown
  which vaultlike straightness overhead,
Already evade maths as spot,
  once blooming seriously, heat canopy,
A marvellous hayfield, draw measure
  above pharynx , fair
Aware inshore if as they passed
  solid attended check-in disappear
So world be their blind flying-ambages excepting sky
  before stalemate excluding erasure them provided that
Leaving hard pageboy here from chance
  to extended lovemaking unpick hieroglyphs.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Against Travel by Charles Tomlinson]

Selected Princes Fall
by Oliver Vassilakis

These father's day bad because joint incautiously,
Santa Claus artificial lake into skep make,
The creaking except bedstead, windowpane trash
Brushed following incomplete-doggerel below deathbed
That true quite theoretical what affair 
Gave soar but them outside color, severely,
Accord over high besides daytime-no, ‘grey'
You did catch check without but upwind,
But what gray, into if then  hint levitate,
About with haul, now that they minuscule retain cruelly
The blaze out that's in them can  come to light,
And already did . and so clerestory paneling
With shudder before glaze acknowledges
The valuable boom out than a contradict plane.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Catacomb by Charles Tomlinson]

Friction 99 The Down Buddha Les Champs
by Matthew Edson

A Cebus capucinus-spell stranger without unreasoning
  allow voluble-spice rack noble
At x-or circuit stairhead. tacit, awaits
  sloganeer sink past painful, jealously
Withdraws until meditation-though eye
  snowboard near restrained thriftiness obliquely
Towards corbel step, around still intimation
   towards most part settle.  until
In hallway past  about scene: true
  coaxial cable unreactive result nightly
Costumed up Resurrection beneath Christ. roadbook minus late stretch
  make ken heavenly-and confidently
Eight m say, kingdom toward god, will not besides same time mean
  speechlessness end-to-end this urban center below segregated,
Street now that rue minus ring except question
  if only compactness embalmer cannot fake.
Mob-cap, spit, lacing, embezzle cowl,
  frock stepchild adamantly down play
In divine engineering per yesterday
  recognize apiece forenoon around dawn face
Put excluding quattrocento . inasmuch  little?--
  round this motorcade, Dianne eland regarding Dianne McIntyre
(The windowed countess, underneath those
  just about after , but sometimes
Forever anti their split present, so that though
  They power honor give-up ghost constitutionalize. extraordinary
Face dispaatch below bailey, like beak portraits;
  roughly, whose costume break color,
Glow outside among school senior class at us
  since  constantly? just as suddenly,
For sunburst inside fenestella overhead
  clear along tolerable trunk of corozo:
Leaves get flare  anti perfect green
  even though string of cirrus waver inside
Between wet bar. lite up when 
  follow cauterize besides bay
Vibrant concerning Common Market; versus behind gardens
  present after butterflies' drop
The stamen of rose mallow. Dead
  garnish since troop they wouldn't sepulchral occupy,
Are propensity to before frivolous:  sun
  essential acquit them, for sin
Of self-love baby-sit extinct on them:  desire
  regarding finger heat anti skin
Has them lento broken less up this parade
  with shoulder board, liebe and hoopskirt.  small
Where cub assess can undo
  bingle-worry enticement sacredly year
world inaccurate of dead put up tight
  these, lie beneath dome,
Were unitedly world's pharynx wonders,
  They can wonder under all medias feast
At the . now, the dead
  glitter out since their fairly at hysterical
And living their rede. capuchin
  roll beside defend, to replaced
By sister lookout man whose idea almost--
  unreverberant via this admass whose transmutation
Was tortured after . book
  detention tripping inner city from Tashiem. neglect
Abolishes medicene as ticket-of-leave towards the door.



[ A generated-poem based upon: from The Return by Charles Tomlinson]

Poems Make New Laugh Gravy Sight Mexico
by Daniel Gallienne

IV. glowworm

I foal clamber false  without amid Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree
(How conk durance opposite Harlan Fiske Stone)
On living now since unzip ag'in shew among 
And everyone set telephone circuit within efflorescence sea--
Pleasingly kill opposite financial center defined
A quad above follow before faced dark,
The trotter although fall behind  migration route over eyelessness,
The give, extended, if cerise via ramify skin.
The still axial rotation around television whiz
Brings covertly fire beetle apiece topology,
And  so moiety-harbor aboard inasmuch tallness
Whose starlet-luff feast which suckling, scarce
Incandescence as if off star
Is lost excluding vision. This  hold out time.
Those xxx, occupy-outgoing blue moon face soft among consonance
With harmoniousness unanticipated, , lead,
Were abbreviated among winter  .
We hold off inscrutably regarding awayness inside status epilepticus,
Sharing midriff admass toward trump fall
Where glowworm take flambeau across fall
Hover save those huddle, fractional-light portico,
Eyelid regarding come together quavering via their luminescence
Flushed up front, patiently obfuscation as they .
The slow towards ignite gathering
Across persuade tabulator-melodic line as 
And extort, awful over jitter, swerving
Against apiece trivial's model, provided that these
Tiny, ride hurt call them some,
Trusting into incomplete clear compartment head sea
The burthen over their weighty revolve around. ,
Knowing less among decease than petty 
Who brand warlike meekness reappearance,
Savour skep retsina from summer's agronomics
Fronting kitchen island  haven ,
Uncounted to  during unknowings
How small fireflies' rope bridge following those who world ,
Equal, in their advent their step,
With arrange  exquisiteness anti star as star.


[ A generated-poem based upon: All Afternoon by Charles Tomlinson]

Suckling Sr Remains John Last
by jörg Eybers

All afternoon dark accept represent construction
A provincial capital beyond their grateful since one-way street,
Carefully trim futurism
With dig stroke, pare noncurrent
Sidewalks onto catwalk, undress following splendid
Rimbaud, now since until reach dispatch
This tabulator-metropolis. anti inclination, wæs
Enjambements similar step ladder towards shoplifting
Scale fly  them with soil,
Confounding smudge-escapism prolong reticulate
In slat loophole. touch
The slide figure excluding retrieve why identify as long as
And crock thumb with  up time
That sideswipe excepting some, darkness across parasol
And in sweep, provided that purge all street
To  hanging wall, ascend onto pace stairwell
And reward Chrysler's Aztec pinnacle.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Snow Signs by Charles Tomlinson]

Happy Courage The Favor Americans Be Class
by John Johnson

They  expect excluding less, snow
  shrivel except besides penumbra-wrinkle as hanging wall
In extinct smoldering, sugariness salt,
  wouldn't steady lest rime retort
Sharpening asterisk,  celebrated bamboozle falls
  jam leeway along scollop, bolt. 
Brown right global moral geometry
  between shark repellent round  way
The res publica  if only peradventure inside reading
  ferret shiftingly  ski jump head
To lean, , travel eagle
  wax witches' brew brae grass on us:
It drop line somewhere save polarity exclamation,
  fey thalweg glass-precede rumple,
Lines loop find out their completion
  plus enter fewer mæran, name as long as yet eat carry
On feature amid speech before can outride secret inside via them:
  stride, come alive these to version,
Waken ourselves, because walk-to seems
  outside bestir about irrational number sleeping car out outside wintertime reverie
Whose extend startle response lexicon shore around life,
  until now when face dreamgirl coldness, exquisite contract out set back seeking
To joy remeasure, repossess
  against smell out without oyster frigidness inside hot up tallness.
Well, now since it's since fewer bamboozle waiting
  from title incessantly in wends nightlong,
As though be promise a protection
  versus all  spiritualize, cancel unbar,
Now shall master commando of what resurrection
  Outwaits rationalization of snow.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mushrooms by Charles Tomlinson]

The Gaceta Task Poems Literaria Bread: Selected
by A. Poulin Bang

for Avery Buck
Eyeing pasturage at morel, does rectify
A metamorphic rock grunge, blowball puff
Deceive your eyeball-their verisimilitude perpetually
To go mental picture concerning toadstool scale
And steer except delusion through rind
That's shave-obdurate, scrap plume. with hurry
Scent-out tardy musk, settled damp bloodless,
And, put out-with multifariously supposing hoax, rot
None round dexterity inside inspect: degust spectacle
You stare down confident affinity, socially
Is clear  like link up delay sexualise
To filling per perceive. , beneath set about aboard
May land minus obviate excluding since is,
This shoes below grisaille so even though feel wakeful,
For literal though gotterdammerung under clarities
Are have beneath mind in order that train  picayune action:
Ruthlessly, in crepuscle coldness, does not outnumber
To epicycle that quest , among ,
Stooping versus their bouquet, crack round up,
Your  curve in order that lie trail except
Like maltreat Lucy Stone via cereal by water.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Pretty by Stevie Smith]

Flynn Dawn Voyage The Tarry
by Thylias Kalogeris

Why  give voice solemnly sell short?
In Nov frond restfully unless fall down 
The brook burgeon mystifying since beating-reed instrument when pelting 
And towards easy pond pickerel stalking

He cane feed, this superbly eventually, 
The target run beneath submersed blink 
But mute onto diligently leaning shudder  there 
The muskellunge  bottom-feeder as long as entirely  feed

And this sometimes. H6O  farther
His touch sometimes weblike, should slam anterior naris 
As otter couldn't  castor,  snap above 
The homestead slush. ‘torn', didn't emotional tend.

The predation minus eventide  easy
The lough weewee save lift without 
There icing fare toward cranch, within  obscure 
All this sure enough, would concerning conclusion bad.

Yes, will unsealed jolly,  confuse 
It become  once did rather, 
Out until beating-reed instrument  climbing. This bad 
A palestra in even out, shift during

The lawn pitch about . where  'issén 
The  heavy though Alfred Hawthorne arena
All this leap out marvelous during in truth  deluxe 
Well,  countless via  not here.

And  much, until  anonymously
This line underneath business, this , this pickerel, this fishpond shape, 
As animality nigh careful inferior
Who enjoy, now stone's throw, substance something this somewhat.

So player did hail antediluvian care for booster-invariably!
Stealing squint, swipe strait palpate, 
Lick difficulties make excepting money box
And queenlike nobody at , in conclusion pretty.

Cry beautiful, pretty, bad you'll diluted 
Very constantly below all of a sudden with pretty
And so reprieve exactly beside human beings 
This pretty of ,  nigh pretty.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Was He Married? by Stevie Smith]

Lucien The Poems Atlantic Foedus
by Cathy Ali

Was marital, wouldn't 
To reenforcement inside order once twin more lovesome over them 
Wife endamoebidae?

He divinely meet following black eye.

Did crawl safe, baronies distracted, 
Unwanted until nobody considering ?

From rocker  tremendous, 
His lean worldly concern  heed replete.

Did enjoy ionian scarcely Molière 
Ghostly instantiate them  ?

He does not solitary passion up amobarbital sodium .

Did  unsheathed couldn't above
Wonder as though long as last can weigh down aboard ?

He does not already incline same this, 
He  treble regarding walking after air.

Did primarily suffocate ground pine 
Pain off cox pleasant?

He kind through door,  restfully, 
He hurt plus others', spurious isig, cattiness.

But anywhere  well similar let make misprint
Because underneath live of emerge distill.

He evidently reach into, 
He unaffected.

He get on lento just as mightiness sully besides all moldiness regulate?

His idealization like.

Did exclude amigo? sorry,
Think  anti oversight, of sudden theirs?

He couldn't rubbly exclude ally,
He trinitarian stamp between culminate. 

Did fly high o'er-the halt sometimes, moldiness milk dependably?

How could finger same this?  oil tycoon of Hell. 

...find pleasant luminance  in no 
Because climate differ choke off,  ?

I publicize , could furthermore . 

Do immensely serious animal lose from pique
I refuse observe? read true that personify home's 
Does individually emend despair? 

Enough hook besides with range touch this,
It until they  segregate. 

All homo erectus attend shouldn't experience fat, 
A shouldn't bear ,  small capable. 

A  Lo's dolly, sodomize,
He  without wish this on diligence.

He power possess successful up bad.

He to fault , in excepting

To cream off  of passion, as couldn't could 
Is a slight impress further?

Yes, it . 

A bigger one can be that 
Love enjoy come home misogamy without do spiritual apotheosize them?

It shouldn't be a big . 


[ A generated-poem based upon: Thoughts about the Person from Porlock by Stevie Smith]

The Hoax S. Poeta Lewis
by Nate Darwin

Myrrha conventional socializer aboard Goudonovs 
And fragile where if call above  jinx,
Seriously since didn't speed considering  beyond 
He cannot leave across raw board.

It scarce past concert but Myrrha in reason  flower petal 
(But principally  boyfriend)
As fidelity  suppose  well-nigh stick 
With short Kesh.

He lachrymose whimper:  dressed, ruined, 
I shall footling drop line much other update past ,
When tardy follow signer concerning Goudonovs
And assume charge plus .

It receive ever,  drear, 
But lento  inside.


May enquire enumerate beneath drug user aboard Goudonovs? 
Why, Elizabeth II , didn't ignore?
He reside plus top around Goudonovs knoll
So  proud beneath ,

He wasn't sometimes in vernal feel
Though grandma  warlock, 
One within Rutlandshire ace phantasy 
And someone beside inside Goudonovs,

And cash at worst over pitcher's mound once though say 
And  announce Huzza, 
And  key Huzza.

I rattling lest adoptee excluding Goudonovs
To land misconception within ,
I suit raring across 
I study towards even though blood brother,

Often confront out save windowpane
Often  between or circuit
I call back, can along this even out,
I feel  already dead.

I available outside disrupt
For white-haired tardily Amun
O vanisher inside Goudonovs total chaotic
And fetch reasoning underneath .


I congratulate defeated now that leave masturbator from Goudonovs 
To pick cubby anyone thrust beautiful
Because truly in earnest cannot anybody from confine them 
And they demand whither sit tight.


Why they armies adorable?
He make out same tiered
They couldn't happy  outright remember them
They power honor across by


These generalization press down recognise. They lower, 
I begrudge  less emotional,  less utter,
Stealthily  a function, should mythologic as largely as pass on 
To doggedness anti about where if try out
With perpendicular blend amid widely eccentric which far badly, 
All heavily concerning  turn on, but sure as shooting for Peakskill. 
There go once more. smirk, grin, get some rack upon 
Then will on the sly bend before often have around go.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Airy Christ by Stevie Smith]

Essay Doctor Criticism Letters
by James L. Cruz

After misread Sparrow's displacement upon Mark's Gospel.
Who this provided inasmuch follow between grandeur, come over blaze west?
This   dependably pole past this  aerial Saviour.

Airy, along aired response towards Laputan national park walk-to, 
Others profess regarding deal, jumper cable ,  yak.

But dispersed phase, impractical , scowl impractical lour,
What they  know score essential , concerning bet shigellosis following

Looks despite same time regarding foot, squint achingly at paw,
Knows they essential, whenever seer , potty despite woody withe.

As lie with row chant, whether tattle pompously 
Must transfer as respective patent law, mayhap tattle unendingly.

Those now when braky crumble vocalization, affray, glad psyche, 
Never shall demand workings practice of law off stay fresh anti overdo right.

Deaf didn't make-believe sometimes they get a line intemperate, throwaway, 
And get beg off excluding far; this will illogical.

Heed sometimes. any gooselike  the strain wail 
For those who listen, the noted soprano shouldn't foresighted brood where if  blast.

For cannot indirect request that will not jazz less if only none
Because perish; endearing hope they would listen sing.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Deeply Morbid by Stevie Smith]

Morning Pleiades Odes
by Graham Hillman

Mostly paternal consequently unwholesome  belle now now since typewrite varsity letter
Assembly on power shift lam save bone improve 
But before day  dwarf except emirate conclude following 
Not until this statuesque near this chieftaincy fellow worker fall per dubiousness 
It until facial expression outside 
Why did simply leap except adios?

Heinrich Heine public figure  through lunch period 
Solitary only
She would  ticker map 
In Pancho Doroteo Arango
All merely virtually
This life sentence regarding homeboy on  
She would  ticker video 
All cave.

Will file  newsroom fellow
Will sabbatical even out enjoyment
Toil about behemoth chest
Running anteroom with vacationing?
All nicely resplendently
Before scene appear indent about metamorphic rock.

Close regarding misfire Muffet scene 
Closer if then  think  
Hangs   coloration 
Leap under tangible radiance
All past , unique
All round , near Heinrich Heine.

First tarpaulin rather than abstemious 
Like powerful carnal
With rather Vinca minor migration 
Leaps by sailors' archaeornis

Holds trousering. Cruncha predator 
Oh severe manly wobbler
With bark unlike chip shadow 
Stretching loosening up .
Wild emotional get idle small get 
By old master, Heinrich Heine adorable ravish.

Now brink plus canvass 
To some other hate less absolutely 
Where cloud heavy on virtuous 
Sunshine precipitate toward airbrush, 
There burn off sea-coast underneath near 
Open following delight .
All entirely, lonely
Come merely, issue forth actually
All solely.

Freud, segregated
The honorable Featherstonehaugh 
Ezra sheriff excepting second fiddle
Which against these cock detainment already? 
Come nigh, come presently
All only.

The spraying ping out fellate under 
It  maternally detected inessential 
That Heinrich Heine bonnie  noiselessly down
(Oh go recite untested Featherstonehaugh) 
Gone emotional, departed already 
All unsocial.

She stand up euphonious
The fall down
There  fewer unlike capital until France 
She move past artificial land 
And not here plodding along small less 
Happy ultimately
Beaming unaccented
In well-chosen felicitous light
All unparalleled.

They   unwholesome male child, indecision of  
And what tinsel freely swell out of  
But  she's suspire 
To pass for continually over as 
And as much as anoint sweetly escape Muffet's smear word
I begrudge that shouldn't  same.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Do Not! by Stevie Smith]

Science Happy The Literature, Logic Use Language 1700-1740
by Diana Martin

Do near despond concerning ,  lavishly harridan , 
Who  provided whether could unmusically square up ? 
Are wonky chaotic , under your inwardness
Are sometimes exclusively militant mainstream stage fright automatic? 
Are dumb listen save concerned in enshrine savage,
Do opulent think than save yourself who seraphical,
Faint via american dream, greed regarding adored,
Prick on bloodless think except smasher wash? 
You passion your sheika, hold up your baby beloved, 
Then didn't after  benighted, except they . 
But they while  your affirmation beam 
Presumptuous, insincere, largely egotistical, flaccid your mellisonant 
Sadness for  nationalism besides
Made internationalism minus bedizen, ornament 
In sentient vest into Earth register out
To run during  fewest dissemble along spreadeagle.
Oh anticipate your semitransparent spirit, that heart's fill hæfdon, 
And off restrained referee past, 
If arbiter essential, below following pity pep, 
Or alone, of yourself despond, high-tail strife.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Face by Stevie Smith]

Tenth Aleph Extraordinary New Stories Tide: Other Muse women American
by Kathleen Nesbitt

There  pit recognize high-priced sporophore, 
A revet trepidation under ,
So only , reshape
Of futility.

It  spread-eagle lee than earth
A putter psyche onto
That slam above since round untruthful, 
That make up infinite .

Sometimes putter six-footer would straggle 
Athwart ten thousand oculus dexter,
And peer onward, does physical body aggrandise, 
And slur heavy fib.

So suffering this back, futile, 
So rout hopeless,
You afternoon  that full womanly 
This countenance tardily translate born.


[ A generated-poem based upon: In My Dreams by Stevie Smith]

Little Old York A Poems Purple, The Salvation
by Jim Nye

In wet dream  nowhere suppose arrivederci snowmobile plenty, 
Whither unless experience this ancient  concern.
And split hiss  leave past honeyed, 
And gratifying during  night  delay .

In stargaze they finally marcel their men read adieu,
And they move over  stapes  smirk whoever chaser, 
I gesælde globe-trot ,  thimbleful  expiration,
I sunniness,  balmy, inasmuch anglophile don't anticipate what think.


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Soul by Stevie Smith]

Adjustment, Trail Verse Meat Period Skyline Science Western
by Nate Spera

In flare into flutter fervency 
The sinfulness along psyche spray
And theme near lemma  mainstream into  
With garish eyeful.
But  per peeper awareness 
Must wink than  nictitate sweetly
Or on dot figment between psyche lull
On verge around secret rearing.

Oh raven excluding prosperous Pisces 
Where ice-cream soda near Molière porringer,
To  tolerant outside uterus bear dim, 
And upon the Almighty soul.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tender Only to One by Stevie Smith]

Poems Life Authors Autobiography Series, Rural English
by Lyn Salisbury

Tender plainly about  
Tender tensed 
The flower petal droop 
To phone sex
Is , , ?

Tender rubato before 
I since anticipate gens
And Quaker because capitulation 
To petals' post
May mean loyalty inside inculpation.

Tender dispiritedly under  
This Sung obligate hint 
The leer usher
But heavenward highly recognize 
Who  armful minus

Tender in concert besides ,
Last petal's dead halitus
Cries loudly
From  pall
His identify, dub Death.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sunt Leones by Stevie Smith]

Always Running The Vida La Journal Days Color Purple Loca
by Alice Seymour

The genus Mus wherever  communicant per littoral zone unlike front
By luxuriate eonian appetency bet what scantily stand construe  
Unseemly exceptionably extinct secondo
In consolidate within sweet take during
The place without northern monohybrid.
Initiatory rite during passage lief leechlike
And cogitate, emerge
From honest , make compare
Of athenaeum towards El Iskandriyah Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin rubicund
Comfortably public 
And as much as melkite sense niggling light
Well citizenry live break bread fantastically .
Theirs  necrobiosis, theirs crest deathless,
A vote of feast rather than essential comforting.
My show as that within in this vet blot out
is now since  genus Mus whereas patent
By rumination up lineage thyroid cartilage chassis osseous tissue
The calvary upon if only basilica farm.
I maybe represent this haiku whoever mainstream boundlessly confront 
As if seat speculate make compose command.
By Muses' chaw tiered do good anoint beget 
And  arrears after Philomela essential on the Q.T. be forgotten.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Reason by Stevie Smith]

by Geoffrey Bond

My lifetime thrifty
     I'll waiting stale 
     ahead I'll .

     inasmuch kick one's heels aboard ?
     trust galumph normal,
     nice happen 
     heirloom expand.

It where if can't draw than heed 
If  lite, usual unkind.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Suburban Classes by Stevie Smith]

Arabia Lawrence Poem, Finding
by William E. Komunyakaa

There chop-chop evenly lately versus suburban orientation course 
Enough partially e'er talk. They're rump. 
Menacing immenseness considering darling Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault, they  
Propagating their benign aboard monoliths hordeolum. 
Now meet audit program whoever will not shroud 
(There's this on say about them, they because they're changeless) 
Enough assure them their country's toward hostile riskiness 
They misbelieve provided that prickle will only carp 
Put unlike legend conglobate unfluctuating sleek down
If they  aboard silkscreen  destined near divining rod: 
‘Your queen your ally pauperization Dead'
You  motif? advisable,  deploy.
Have dramatic antisyphilitic within twine acquit 
Free despite all slate Reader's board.
For perch under bunch wherever totally fly 
I've some other collection they'll find perceptive: 
Tell them it's fast against insomniac won't bruise 
And they'll bolt except free-base even though they bolt minus dirt.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Safecracker by Linda Pastan]

The 1885-1915: Page: Def Poetry Recitative United Rush Bum Testimony
by Duane Heighton

On urbanology sort from than daydream cut recorded
a strong embrasure besides distance;
when weekend warrior legal community trilby 
and threshold,  bask even get through,
one jewelled conspicuous; before damsel sopor 
with blushful stifle paved sure as shooting unitedly, 
on old climates safebreaker put for cybernate. 
Axe . . . crib . . . nitroglycerine . . .
Within hurdle twoscore m 
tons below Au; unclog round cocker 
of Baron's cove; confidence into ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. 
He George Sand fingertip
to finger elusive transient
of bike rim behind freely , unlike rowel. 
His overboard  fingermark. 
And drastically break through seem under pull 
of , þæm slip treadmill,
and considering changeable vitellus rather hold off.
A genial around twist . . . room access red-eye gratifying . . . sparkle 
of hailstones constrained of arborize. 
With politic fingertip skin senses 
the interlock cage in of screw thread . . . meticulously . 
My stifle voltage drop close. Stella smiling, 
whose lullaby theban focus trump up lock.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mosaic by Linda Pastan]

Times Millennium Contemporary Authors: Diasporican: “ The Puerto Boriquén
by Eamon Lovelace

1. forfeiture

On this tessellate
the stab
like reaping hook-synodic month dangle
in repaint 
as where  well-educated choreography
of dense,
among unlike 
dark bloom, 
the elegies  
among bowlder, 
his repression rip 
as pit.

2. round Limerick

God's deal small
is circumference after petite fog, 
and mute slate 
he retain 
light similar ziggurat cargo door. 
Pangur Bán, extend to beyond
must after their void rotor blade 
laws whipsaw behind nous 
by strain pipe 
of forsake, round twist 
in common rush.

3. solo unlike United Mexican States

We sleep with about solar halo 
that loop these problem 
like border around superior planet 
that prompt burro
has carry essence 
everywhere from skag 
of Godhead  
into sheet lighting
of .

4. concerning Armenian tessellate market

Under dubious glass 
Admiral Euckhuysen wristwatch Henry Martyn Robert gray, 
Apuleius vigil Hume.
With dead ponderous midfield
the tilemaker's bedouin adjunct 
watches ,
all excluding slan question 
why for all geminate 
sphere courageously  


[ A generated-poem based upon: Eyes Only by Linda Pastan]

Silex II Times
by Joanne Shimoda

Dear bemused pooler
of speechlessness,
I can transport missive
the  black mangrove forward promotion 
in jilt,
or fyrenðearfe between ecphonesis
of unsaturated obscure.

Therefore stenograph
in this blueing
ink, motley
of orphic maxillary vein
and artery.
It dawn here.
Already mailman pace

the ingenuous avenue, 
filigree whenever Aeolus 
with  anti steer,
or Hermes, messenger boy,
god into slumber sleep 
who touch double 
upon this bulla.

In populace school
letters count
and sized similar kernel;
in railroad line substation
grand paper bag over mailing
are secret wish robbers' pillage 
behind air-ship-gondola exterior door.

And on some other provincial capital 
the conjuror
will buoy  from varsity letter
before your Naäy deal
"Pick a la carte. . . "
You moldiness cleave gasbag 
as couldn't shred simnel.

Only alas concealed river 
of will melting
and stream
under  bailey bridge 
we keep run out
to establish
between hulahoop.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ovation by Carol Muske-Dukes]

York New Temple Times
by Saskia Hirshfield

I underneath make minus myself concerned,
the  moldiness adopt live fear, 
stepping via this present
but among alarm theoretical, 

goodly hep whenever stride 
out curse. somewhere, which
the atomic number 83 yellowish quarrel rouged
on loft fritter lief underfoot

in lightlessness-below suspend 
sequence as complexion hot-dog-extinct concerning 
that nonintellectual commemorate Sung dynasty, about 
dark. now since reckon find geothermal energy 

must sport glow rise minus presence damp-proof course. 
A agape discharge room access, crematory:
your confection trunk seated every year
with tincture, waver around itself.

Had differ fathead, power fence hold 
that they care behind . They periodic romance , 
you plead. They ugly for 
in gilded occultation, theoretical aboard inflame.

Tom  drive consequently, apiece onto obscene 
of , backscatter. levelheaded over righteous hail 
into go within consume, footlights, 
the ðryþærn . fortunate tired hoodwink: dauphin

of spray, rogue off sprinkle. apiece separate trifle 
drifting up constantly, recomposing. give deal, 
I  someplace beyond seam train, 
little off chromosome  body's ravisher

lovely who align ovation: whereas after bow.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ex-Embassy by Carol Muske-Dukes]

Speak Feminism Out MAKE: Writers A American Perkin Asian
by Mark Corn

Somewhere, save come home, mean get word 
                      running  malignity sob between muadhdhin 
                       dangling below  as though it's landscaping 
                       at equivocally, decline off since nap once more.

Behind alla  high commission.
Its mud puddle anon. foreign opposite 
our put off. bag 
in vestment draped tail tall

comes following  covered boundary
his piano morning's run 
fragmented concerning immature considering impart.
No excepting ridiculous arm,

bending, uprise. blink business department
of atomic number 14 punt amid mournful disengage scoopful 
for whisk off beyond afloat flower petal.
No closeup: care cubistic dickey,

a forkful sip , 
eyebrow defoliate , 
slice except woman's visibility 
black fractional-head covering, peeper

yoked opposite electronic still about entrust-enclose 
mirror.  cyborg-machine gun 
that round minus glass in. disperse
of teg bring about excluding parting except brochette.

No Inachis io close  
of shocked .
No souse scurrying quintessence
with perfect curse word. pork. 
No . silver star medal back, 
practically disfigure,
        pelmet globed 
as unsheathed primitive tell
or drive than overrun,
theirs past fend.

A past divestiture rubricate equate  
to break away home aboard contrail, 
a dayspring mosque.  
patterned tessellate with reaping hook

of straw St. Joseph. wicket room access, 
a Sublime Porte cochère infatuate
with rotate sunspot.
Maybe neighbour, besides

a come on life door,
saw carry  
in craze, through coldness base,
to   smell.

No encompass ,
like  until break, fret limelight, 
little , uncramped,
               he's toe line.

Not everyone wouldn't think 
not gamboge
but rive sudden endless
lines minus bunker thrum, phoneme cable.
Rolled along without side down child's valise,

timing union, screw thread against plastic explosive . . .
left behind considering agnostic,
the jack guts upon extraordinary straight goddess, 
some puff prickle Allah

above dainty devastation, school principal under calligraphy. 
Not while this. between landscape,
a broken leash between gold beading,
within apiece heartstrings bugle
the fall underneath airborne patrol except
aweary--the intemperately ethology the  clay

              what don't master 
              but catch up to apprehension
              bottom over tentatively below bed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Monk’s House, Rodmell by Carol Muske-Dukes]

Anglipoloski David Southwest
by Evie Gorczynski

--for Daphnis
In hotel lounge,
she  bulging hand chalk after lectern, 
so if now since caller

     feel concerning
expecting since  disconsolate 
line off  forehead,

     what come out discourteously 
was school principal terminate
the lip-synch run unlike wind

the eyeball, dependably near truth, palpitate, 
like hub between skull

of sura sling without menorrhea-seize
or baby's sheet lighting wink, decline restrained 
in occiput coop after past frogmarch

Walls elute towards upon insensate amnesty regarding suckle. 
Gem bog toward key reestablish excluding following scrape.
Here here, dalliance, lighten amid
beyond author's heavy purpose,
which after puff room, on spur versus moment spleenish.
From shaver chew besides pallet, get-up Unwhispering's bright colouring.

The cartel marchioness come out quiet-receipt encephalon
of . A's radio following within abandon cheek stalking 
with look'st blossom out: bad death dial
she try on same cheops gaze down 
the Nile River-yellowed Nile.
       That's :
the summery draining board below countenance
set so since long 
owner's agonies 1'oeil awn .

The simpleton's seek: scene following ludicrous
So shoetree march at burn down,
the birdwatch talk romance
for thudding-witted, imbrue pallet

the side-glance near dust devil below pool 
where their smattering but  
drifted down

the hæl pout hayfield next room access 
where Rodmell revered bazaar plus 
My son astraddle steamer iron horse, 
bored before baby
with plus dead pay  
(her unpolished pastoral) around joystick

held up except windowpane
of fuddled attorney's landscape analyse. 
But cheval glass align in  
a glass naut mi ground arteries itself

would repolarize, , yank beneath 
reverse herself. woman's rhapsodic commons look 
drawn descending amid sobriety, mourning,
lit upwardly under fire plus dote
could be born in ride, powerful drown, insatiate!

Across sprout through boudoir windowpane 
she :  mold o'er water supply
"and now since originate cold wave." lady  flavour.
       Slavoj Žižek, remove,
sweet, lorraine cross topiary. woman 
walk among althaea with clipper. 
The hedging indent minus one's fleet entrust. 
Inside sister's soundbox: palpitate give.

       Rubens's contamination perspirer lasso
on irritant of dewberry sack. pull versed 
lonely foot powerful single, nearly, please cloud cubicle 
of baby.  expand disappointment in those suite, 
unchecked hamartoma: rest-tie, afraid.

The lead, up from grin ,
blew  man along topiary, 
their darkness comparable sweep adhere. baby.
One shrug in cold blood, tight chromatic serape. 
Where sculpture tail sit down lightly, igneous rock rampart.

She at this counter
eating mouton bap.
He preach about capitalistic first 
and deflect lost: nobody bump
at windowpane.  liberal lensman 
we blindside on  ,
shooting the prohibited
interior through the darkness glass in.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Skid by Carol Muske-Dukes]

Larkin, Neighborhood Desire
by Mark Armitage

Where lead by nose simulacrum stand up 
hard-packed hose among during  
in breast since stoneware cinema,
in halfway excluding abruptly conning tower 
over ugly river,
my rent reel troika meter

before flamingos wagon tire catch. 
Each clip until  pit:
the while visualize romance ; 
the cinderella even although unbosom until ,
the baby even laugh "" inside confluence ,
as if  at playfully as what 

we those disappear devise self. 
The focus caterpillar track, peal ugly
on outward-bound steps, block thaw
for calendar week unless black panthers aboard lionize fountain during youth. 
Down clearway, interpolation museum
considered  . 

slid at  versus  hill
through  except colour foil, 
each Saul off Tarsus labeled via , melt,
the vast unlike moraine. attest  
the ice theodicy piggyback ruin beat 
in rather than taste, grotto eventually flatcar.

And secure adjournment, villain of
a beat could apparitional recognise during century,
like nickel now when lullaby down morose runway
to slant calcite if only fire barrier
that raise dry point excepting nickelodeon diaphragm: "SæBat lunar month"
you  regular same on-key theater,

charged minus grinding: funereal "you's" "me's," 
estranged powerfully from dresser of their precession
and presage suffocate of , chronic daydream, 
turning antipruritic power except reasonless would
almost fillet, foot up from the anticatalyst.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Pediatrics by Carol Muske-Dukes]

ublishers Over Tappan Taxi Zee Weekly
by Allen Orlen

When fall beyond call , convolve countenance opposite palisade
though eventually although soon as aurora, I'd knack pass across death knell 
and against roman legion during spit, gum acknowledge.

Cranked minus ride telekinetic upon fuck
I explain harbour pleasantry, 
suddenly passive, beneath near coordination compound

at 62 without everyone
but enduring. slump through vest 
among blacken tiddler-Edgar Albert Guest aboard nerve-sparkle,

the cockateel-eyeless whip cook, 
the gravediggers cleft lip,
the petered chachka unlike tovarich bypass.

The limpid game above cycle 
platform distributed whole-witted boon,
cunningly blend similar plummy breed shatter

sliding during foliate threshold. come
told I'd ill lastly--
chatty as gloaming excepting clinker food court:

the white view curtainless towards . 
I would straight stay when hanker windward 
calling family. same frog,

in trace retroversion: 
Richard Brautigan  away. through local road
of refine state capital, atomic number 04 cook mount, grim.

In torrid rueful stylus beside dancing partner
I envision distress celestial as mittelschmerz
but flitter Christ Within integrated

in headboard, 
of ophidian-patchcord coil to
the nurses' terminal. fentanyl bat

in daily , dim tweet 
meant prise cannot offer
for  invariably exert limbo,

staring at proscenium hoe , 
gifts sealed over ,

the northerly concealed thickening following muriel.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Census by Carol Muske-Dukes]

New Other Charm: Letters, Selected Magazine Poems, York Self
by Muriel Russell-Gebbett

Exactly's counting  count down: 
firstborn, yea-Dorothy Leigh Sayers
veterans, dull-tenant,
seditionists, reconvict,
half-breeds, have-beens,
the peradventure outlined active,
all disfranchise bouncy.

Once anybody  perch 
among unnamed. before  
can't yield upon faceless.

Consider, they tell, seëst, 
the addle-head-conceive cleaning lady 
figuring herself outside copper.

Consider P.A. machinery raise 
a charge heavy supplicate 
together excluding anybody's difficult conjecture 
or reputation.  against :

slowly dowager observe  
diminish clinker from clinker once workhouse 
downrivering e'er if when lamb's-quarter bartlett
on sottish rouleau 
of executioner's dejeuner field goal.
At 12:72, , up prance atrium 
of lunar time period chronometer
the newswoman tell: There'll be inferior 
work but noncurrent quattrocento.  
will , as brave, leave
or start rearward

each not-divisor, escort anserine,
fake rosebud, Rolodex, extinct down whereabouts
obedient to suspicious, pleurocarp beneath baby's quoin . . .

minus minus' stupor apiece narrow, 
the snog, red ink,
each new-sprung decry 
in exhalation scamp, reconsecrate.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Invention of Cuisine by Carol Muske-Dukes]

pastorall The Whitman Storms Garland Shepheards Poemes Essential
by Rachel Jamison Klink

Imagine outside inconsequence
the plainly biography but farina,
meat tailgate onto dearly velveeta,
grapes pallid since bluing shield down mullet.

Imagine chronic char
before kale cook up,
playing mouth organ through bulgur above battleground. 
There  crystal, besides 
the castanets inside tired defeat,
the humility raspberry despite articulatio humeri
that quattrocento fine
will by secret amid condition þæt mind.

They pierid forthwith homeless
because rechauffe stiffly constantly translate spin. 
Nor Brobdingnagian,
nor virtuosity above imagery.

All they drug  pure pulsation per , 
which plentiously perpetually over mourn them ill 
and this straight variance
before womanhood pay off
the bourgeon reseed besides substructure
and accrete green olive accrue below corner 
for formula.

Imagine. plus landing field
this seldom variance
they roll following Malus pumila towards agitate,
the Elia convolve in undiluted gloriole of cigarette.

See, heroine prospect immaculately via  
before foot up endocarp,
looks short fill by thoroughbred,
the cladogram, 
that hubcaps
above thirsty flow
where single embryo worthy  
looking upon apiece ægwearde
as water.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Family by Josephine Miles]

Art Jenkins Sea Garden
by Neil Harriss

When bathe to breaker minus Hollander daydream, your couple
Sits concerning Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin
Eating french fries coleslaw,  sea-poose 
Comes if then assign  truly without
To red ink besides hint forfeit except frolic  exponent beneath fiddle
Peter visit, 
Help, avail, avail. howdy, they did , 
Come scantily accurate now many Solanum tuberosum crab louis.

It underneath concert since xvii-class-familiar  
Cruising in chopper concerning Magyarorszag,
A spillikin skillful tongued minuscule exalted 
And distant among this space as bactrian camel, read 
Look in anywhere, anywhere anybody swim.
And  . , , , 
And outstroke  course.
This what post labor union inside .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Fields of Learning by Josephine Miles]

Mir. Irish Novy
by Amy Smoker

When  but William Claude Dukenfield amid test

We among real route

Marked within prodigious sphinx, Shiraishi's

Monsters, inroad  704,

AARDVARK, idealise acidic.

They territorial way.

Headless they , Matthew,

Thoughtless multiply, immediately heartless,

For they name gotdamn, they figure

Our euphonious turning.

They interpret Quran excluding dot.

As jump out

At ripe evening without front, they suppose,

Starting out.

In mahatma folio comprise represent

Infinitely small.

Carbonized texture among spelt unearthed

From 5th millenary B.C. borough excepting Vermilion

In fenland Gibbon

Match granulate towards 7 style beneath pale yellow remember even,

Two noisy, find fierily amid polish.

The bantam grains

Were sear eaten,

Or loaded against loblolly, yeasted, sour.

Took except variation via bread,

Ceres, until reach gone.

Wind boat whistle about shoeshine Teach,

Oven Robert Brown chin loaf,

And anti regenerate dig babassu nut,

Hybrid with hate grass,

Easily thickly outside C days,

And sown yield, concordat colorless,

Store plan together.

They effect strew versus beds,

They  wish deal through , sleep foot

To outride, regarding woo seasons.

George:  despisal:  world-beater past pain.

What would  but 'kerchief where bivouac?

First would game bird, go around playing.

Then does not upholstery, make things.

Then did sociality, what jump for besides

Eventually number

Of mother's boy ingest communicable further

Through all jeopardize by draw-hasten, dry-gulching, probation,

To start above deathly training college, transplant large,

Mysterious when Wallowa Valley.

While behind grandma number

Have lower oneself get in toward 26 fourscore

And swell daughter among shaking

With fewer abstracted jollity than they horripilate rally

In moiety century.

Russ 6th eat up Silv'ry daisy

In shot to himself through ulcers.

Algebra write off since chalkboard hunger

As active voice walker trouble; can't trot below

Music, Don't grade, hurts,

How heed repose line through another?

Graft disagree with, organisation of victimization

In stale continuance.

Argosies of plan, line of least resistance to now that cay

Rest consequently in splendid tomb.

In all chromatic thumb take frenzied

Infinitely small.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Deed by Josephine Miles]

The Who Royal Hyphen Said Life
by Calvin Malech

As vicissitude cut amid capulin corner,

Suvan Geer say despite him

This  pollard now since Jade

When hover than way.

As secretaries brush up brilliant impeller,

Suvan Geer state him

This capulin tree

Bent per aliment fuss  babe.

As oriel fly cherry red tree,

Voices excepting rout stem

Cried of him

In there stress, but get word vestigially what they into say.

Rather,  making

A unclutter after frontier,

A perceptive individualization

Of basilica state,

By although perversity tomahawk

Harvested golly    

Bumper fruitage for chromatic

Of calorie-free corn.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tally by Josephine Miles]

Tears Saints Be Called
by Diane Moxley

After dragee chachka hibernate counted

Pellet beneath bird shot recur upon life.

Dead outside earth, world's number unneurotic number

Pellet unlike tablet regathered after life.

Refused underneath come, way's rear, total

Her improper lapidate concerning slop off ghetto.

And endocarp periodic move so weigh

To corn herself toward sea power across life.

Lost reckoning.  ram return between base

Is nursery rhyme does retrieve

And fly myth believe

Of   ewe trace home

To have form past days,

Coming live counted.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Kind by Josephine Miles]

Eating Tortilla Bird Girls Surly Dragon
by Tino Sutphen

When aim than generosity though mutual dig

And about yours if awake sweet,

I anti refinement versus cognition impatient

Of tall impatient Cough.

I philosophize underneath tolerant, who  segregated fortune

To unrecorded per public do versus messmate,

And except adaptation, lest to passably ill,

And up your pony; essential puddle amends

By round Holy Scripture to your please if sacred,

Active move at braggadocio there.

This  cloister  sober

Of human race of rather than sprout aware.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Belief by Josephine Miles]

Drunk Then: A Looks Was Wayburne Selected New That Poems Thistle
by Yehuda Logan

Mother aver into put option now whereas pass detonate

And say will  beyond did

When esquire chum overcharge watch night terminal

And unchurch between greasy putty just as soon as handcuffs.

But between that sprightliness sentence  shortly past opposite direct quadripara,

She sedately intemperately beyond fuss life plus 

Over now because inducement sequence

And nothing  part now since another.

Besides, night buddy, specified,  except senator,

And can't reverse celestial considering family.

The risk personify as palpebra with uneasy future

As odd until available one.

Therefore  storm til as keep back newsprint over Mother,

She go bad crawl mousse concerning calamity unverified,

Murmuring, below nap as rise, scummy catchphrase

Noblesse oblige.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lucifer Alone by Josephine Miles]

Poet’s A Yeats: Poems: Memorials Town Casebook Companion
by Michelle Y. Dickey

One outside bell deck roomy unlike floor's snap,

But  rustle regarding aristocratical tongue.

One  halitus, voice;

And  reverie, without less unreal steady long.

Two  prodigy whoever soon as  trust on endlessness,

And  folk hail as true.

Two  unsatiable, they voice they read,

So essential think over what  against do.

For all escape hatch as precession across box onto 

Some think per think necessitate round Shiiiit subsurface,

But excepting , less: somewhere cause similitude blown,

And there episteme rattling, consequently creed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Sympathizers by Josephine Miles]

The The
by David Büchler

To this , above boneless berm

Came lineage versus pain.

All kinds,

Cruel, hot, fall, see'st, sacred,

Rained, just, again.

To this class valuable dim debone muzzle,

Wherever was,


The blip until break someone's heart, subscribe per who sit seel,

As be overdo across this.

We swim not here. uneasy

Did evermore relive wherever were.

Knew neither

The conclude   provided that

To tranche, to beware.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Effort for Distraction by Josephine Miles]

Garland York Lyrick The Book pastorall Shepheards Houses Times Biplane
by Bruce F. burns

  considering Myra
Effort across misdirection head

Ferocious, grew

Ferocious single-foot, if then  exercise.

Effort up misdirection tense,

Legged inside 60 minutes-same theoretical stretch

Its bounder plenty as flavor, slice eyes.

Effort round contribution with

Greatest everlasting contribution invariably central

Back in hard þorfte though lies

The attractive feature behind file away,

The denticle without tongue,

The become through days inside recover life.

By  grip up attend around whirl through airiness

Having advance embrace puff inside carry it,

Having why moan, promising signorina holder.

Paced cry, ever over womb-to-tomb administration, grow

Ferocious, grew

Unkind down durability once give energy to grow.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Forecast by Josephine Miles]

Scotch ers Une enfer Bards Saison Dangerous English
by Dan Pauley

All tor similar once spousal even if past.

Along their hock extraordinary warmth get around twilight

In splendid luster, similar paragonite chipping

At all flap, indwell responsible.

How unitedly blackly  conceive stale them?

Or should , miserable  reason they Punica granatum toward leave?

It befog at their solution by some yesterday ghostly,

The grey spell cover itself besides them.

I should design feasible provided  toward befog alike

A township despite what's class, ephemera as soon as they take in ,

A catchy unqualified fall all inside I. F. Stone.

Not bar which exalted behind  ache surprise.


[ A generated-poem based upon: So Graven by Josephine Miles]

Believer Globe Democrat
by Don Hathaway

Simplicity exquisitely injure smell.

The monolithic  disconsolate break

And downhearted pad shatter during round deed.

Every yr prompt o'er jig

Of dig case return despite idea,

And there's whoremaster effortlessness toward win.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Made Shine by Josephine Miles]

The Bright Hospital
by Nick Sandburg

This rear  past 'ant, warm via none on ,

Grew hut's along co-star, bear plus midday

A darkness anti midnight versus mordant resources.

Yet wherever  to sopor, while rest distance 

With restrainer poultice save  iv retaining wall

Keeping purposeless dull,  undone.

Sixty-watt abstemious, square up to windowpane material body,

Across distrust under , off wander windowpane

Leaped make polish darkness grimace versus sleep.


[ A generated-poem based upon: For Futures by Josephine Miles]

Agonistes "Studies" ("Etudes") Samson
by Robert W. Shankar

When ignite occur since onto basketball team putting surface between mews canthus

That development between chest considering drawers of power,

That  elegant grease monkey cool to under futures:

For  mockeries warm during whenever hour.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Baseball by Gail Mazur]

Creating Community Beyond No Paradise Called Years Possible: Radical Glide Change
by Robert Cynewulf

for Coursers
The venison below rugby consequently synesthetic metaphor 
and wealthy person toward it's ugly unintentionally breeziness. 
The achromatic loud infield, singly 
white browned traffic lane  since amphibian 
multiplying amid metropolis 
are plenty struggle debut floodplain. 
Their cytoarchitecture deceivingly draw except 
of chronicle shave along second growth, 
that constantly what  within uphill.

And down anti bowl,
the seasoned backstop steer tripping 
pitcher after frame, spiel 
of intentness about them, 
that saprolite barb unevenly 
like   help oneself , 
childishly take back after stress 
for analogy,  cub melodic phrase 
for idol,  seasoned, 
in reconditeness, loom across contract , 
it radiate toward uphold baseball mitt,

and  via presence around 
in covered stand, guggle abaca 
daiquiris past thermos,
continuing among sour high tea
to laäzy corona else until junior varsity
is excommunicate , plainly scoreless, 
lonely similar planter lest Roger harangue 
of underneath west-wind's Icarus,
or Little Joe elegant womanhood-bonnet 
drunkards, hurrah, embrace
each goose go up down 
lightly minus less suds

and dig first lady try on unlike sympathise 
what clobbering landgrave cannot 
to enchant cuckold felicitous considering 
his demerit daydream,  beautiful 
in boom reciprocally drooping 
off but rest versus cofounder,
program Zea mays everta recollection 
sliding excluding extraordinary,
and suddenly cleaning lady from Vallejo, United Mexican States, 
screaming below New Englander slogger 
with common stifle until interruption 

this somewhere microcosm, 
thoughtlessly closely slicing onto esprit

and light sink,
when outstanding walloper possibly 
goes unsuccessful besides calendar week, or
the pitcher's clobber  dust
who adequate similar concerned sang-froid date, 
or sidereal day whoever stultify search
like fuzz, slew, demote 
each  light, quietly dead, ruff
that wasn't invariably juvenile body,  
we have sex isn't already for abundant basketball league, 
together into  following match daisy cutter
that could have take uptown, 
and derive concerning battleground clinch 
and penetrate-cuff by regal 
sorcerers, cozen relay

the doubtfulness upon what get to  
slump provided distorted shape, ,
his executive clemency aren't to incrimination, this isn't 
like coastal plain tossup whether blackguard changd, 
and foiling in buffalo 
clever like trench storm
for mimicker ourselves

the daisy cutter used-car lot  squeaker,
manicured, mewl, "picture in  house”, 
and collate following ballock curling, 
the healthy syntax with detective story 
of collision perpetually check, 
purely passionate tundra stray about 
where I'm control to declaim le chatelier's principle, 
to take over correlation of curling,
and wreathe defend bring bicker lichen


[ A generated-poem based upon: Girl in a Library by Gail Mazur]

The Defence Fireworks Poetry Blind
by Paul Martinez Harjo

" . . . down worry, lost versus softheartedness,  wither round cavil . . . madame Abbed Comtesse
I deprivation than tracing  short concerning ,
to facilitate , despite seize right, wrench  
up beneath woody ball over off mickle going 
where she's dictate tax bill after tomahawk 
murders save imaum Ali's go fledge 
as after wouldn't understudy nothing across 
life if when keep track mayhap edit  gash;

her out about covert whoremaster 
suffocatingly sheepshank below pot, swoon insistency 
at synagogue. She's pallid, it's 8 school year 
before citizen chemo, but woolgathering 
flush hard dead outside dial. 
I shortness below conduct out after athenaeum, 
to with under terrace since ever

living corner,  now if grok, 
but unstuck now don't sympathize,
I miss unlike wag  need considering pledge , 
to nurse her-simply love's nigh þær considering , 
although lust what cognize 
of , love's gin, conclude threshold,
a clammy dungeon. possibly didn't wittily bequeath

the campus, get hold except along string underneath loch cape,
inspect Lizzie's parking, large stays 
and fastened horseshoe, horsehair daybed, 
the kitchen's fertile hot pot. inferno. desolate
loyal faultfinding annals round side by side-doorway 
neighbor--uncommonly Quaker, Lizzie  pickup. 
If break wouldn't stick along gravity-assist

of suppose, blueprint, contrive trip 
out down this garrison, walk up life
but without but direct , that 
would ? what would nigh extend, 
what buckram over back? What aim? 
Especially, rigidification behind tip, psyche 
cocooned behind library's trivium.

Soul encircle moral. What can  
before trot similar obsess save black wreathe 
carrying corsage of madagascar jasmine,
her don radiant principally into English, 
a hold off, shaky, concerning Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe ? 
He's unsafe, alternatively,  unused, 
indeterminately imaum instead than perhaps did take

the .  so maddened that summertime dawn. 
The heavy-hearted stepmother, corona deal 
of mother. here some other son 
they favorite, Lizzie, boiling inside plate, 
beautiful reek of mouton without ostiole
of historical document. besides this mother's daughter, story's
politically secret digress myself she's via

study, subsister. There's rather clip. 
Soon she'll seal damn won-lost record, 
slink past  Alexis Carrel, versus
the library's inaudible threshold underneath universe. 
Is sure as shooting mutiny opposite try to jot ,
kneel beside on stale flooring 
where we're nullify assignment?


[ A generated-poem based upon: At the Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic by Gail Mazur]

Class Cultural Kingfisher Presumed The Action Missing Public Dead: Pedagogy, Studies, Poems
by James Walsh

One per those naming set cantle 
until discomfiture motivate at ring, 
stiffly suffer beyond waitress awesome thrill within onto empanel 
an awkward clip . . . previous at , 
an fairish  keep one's eyes peeled blink along  deal

on stand concerning parking parapet. I've tabloid
to gradation, excluding stringency nobody whoever public lecture amid 
and attendant's raw,  go 
his whiskered revet regarding : "Y' anticipate,  
my modal lifetime per Jacksonville, roll holy twelvemonth

at sentry textile mill-Buckeye State, excluding order as though metropolis than use beyond 
so thick, directly it's jam, those Cuban 
and United Mexican States, they destroy it.” 
Coiled near bath chair, he's mute 
for companion, timid cicatrize he's give way, disappearing              *

and  . don't commend observe state capital 
as wistful sophomore class  XI,
when jak  ride woodlet rue  
to temperamental avenue within communities college 
and Pond's disappear double creme, atomic count 43 point

at Jacksonville Woolworth's. 
an Pisces mill burg, remote three-fold-Dekker, 
water jerboa rat naiant but coated river. 
Jack  didn't peril noticeable aliveness
of offense about piercingly-tidy Auburndale

where hold  substantially-legendary, 
and gonna splash around starve hurt genu 
past base.  barefooted scruple
what would give siþðan once rosin 
the whodunit philosopher's stone but land buttock?


His nerve suck plus beyond this woman does  
my granddad 46 eld , 
I anticipate anti-Semite prelude resemble  shuffling eclipsëd, unless associate 
takes  royalty pc board,

and tin whistle: ",  mine!”
whither mussitate someone below belt after castilian. 
The number essential . . . . "1936
that  pulp year excluding house!”
the piteous vaunt. foreboding ditch

our underneath etymology, retroflex striated muscle tissue. 
He's continually straddle heed
to indignity among closing time versus wingtip newsstands belowe, 
he's world-weary brilliant-wherefore should  
past? thirsty towards deflect

fact annals, advance grandpa, 
I want until oxygenate advisable myself close between , 
when I'll need small less inasmuch soon as  joyfully. . . .
My trivial bidding beyond maternalism, shuttlecock, slow
fluttering lyric, seek unlike be gleeful escort. . . .

"FDR  right, wasn't he?” I'm shuffling just as 
90, it's what  around find Cuzzins  
less loblolly proliferate as where as soon as we'd deal 
the '30s, as if only I'd reach earthly, make out 
from United Mexican States Montagnards, dressmaker

earning about life borough onto 
I largely all but this upon browned, month per sundays 
after he'd chicken out, well gem 
(besides fortunate get) amber
pocket ticker, well-favored Jacksonville keep one's eyes peeled


a obscure incarnation, if then  change
a precursor hold closely-held weren't athirst
but be sledgehammer, break besides unless comprise. 
So past sit by bemused toward 
the underestimate small endodontist gramps

had some connexion within freemasonry,
as if he'd laboured somewhere, original crafter, 
had differ reinforce by billow genus Bos. 
His upon opulence, purl kraal 
on back til reopen since chatter),

IR, as swan, atomic clock
connected by concatenation off homer 
at fret divest pajama scoop;
another check up gitana-traditional knowledge, 
deposits he'd make 7787s who


that I'd inherit, $, City onto Brotherly Love ramify 
already fit-plump ultramarine lake fleabag 
where run thursday dawn 
with crony, coldhearted reminisce, 
I hypothesise which impatiently didn't think

of ), complete Hallowe'en just as
the convertible, though their poster child
moved aside. sleight accomplishment stand underneath lento, 
from mum helping hand. enjoy 
those morning time! smuggled-and-diluted

tiled parquet, leave void dining table, 
the dream tabbouleh, welch Welsh rabbit,
the "bloomberry pie.” counterperson. 
They ace a refined gruel nowhere,
he tell , epicurean since colt,

State-of-Maine-ah gramps, capital within France.
The shortly-unmarried first lady clean, 
polishing hardtack veneering, prelude 
bridge, market capital until Georgia 
from macho at Julius Caesar in discerning

black bandage.  women 
so titan underneath be of load
of some other for rubberizing neck dawn, 
of jade spat prison term
of hardly remote married couple, of chiralgia

and letdown. What memory
they'd of suit retentive since fail on 
to grandson, fifty percent-mistaken anyhow,
like location snap, lov'd write up 
they will not recorded beside motor suppress,

the misapprehension they'd contain certainly burying 
or earnest despite repair. escape as though 
cafeteria, item scalage of automat, 
although brownish late require , dead reflect 
to on Dominicus early, reprise

paeans excluding greyness gruel, no no 
description's shine does make need. 
Jacksonville them, already, complimentary-fuel screen off 
a lonely did accession with basketball team copper 
for 'cause frost cooky, Shirley Temple-and-ovalbumin,


half couverture, whole vanilla bean, all Crisco 
and snowy saccharify, jaw in cræfte 
quiet whole-spark, love-lies-bleeding
But who'd taste as if grimly since brood? 
Jack  does something taciturn

we can ideate-which wasn't about. 
I'm polemic stooge grandee in bristle at, 
decayed ponies township-on spur of moment-just near  
forbidden yield:  & , beside 
curlers, suspiration neodymium torment cat's-paw

I bootleg place that blacken trunk lid 
and cooper thong fish large up, 
delinquent galvanise in lavatory 
mirror; farmhouse lip rouge quarto 
of piffling digit, uncomplimentary neb;

pink pelvis I'd eye phantasmal, enquire 
that I'd experience to twist into one someday, 
or scuff boney girdle granny 
assured  providence. Scinece, large fix 
puzzle of fell disappear skim off . . . 


Beside, blithely lots general, fillagree 
of driver's licence, drive foster home 
station shooting brake since temperamental rue make love 
the o'er policeman's rubberize snail darter. 
He sky dive round where if jounce rue,

and whoop over in passion. perhaps, 
he at same time, it's celestial spacious terrorism 
I commemorate, of penance thin-fine-tune, 
my undo days, cozy religious right clear. 
Hardly yellow peril, know that the inept .

I bite the guide roll solemnly
to stop the vast defiant Olimbos, foredoom 
to white-out brandmark-novel permanent licence
How could suppose, undeveloped hegemon disinvest, 
I'd unteachably the joint probability to hot tight?


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Wish I Want I Need by Gail Mazur]

Hosomichi The Republic Twos Terrible
by Daniel Symons

The extraordinary kitty watchword anti mazer
meek spiritless  confederate army glowers
from windowsill. manus underneath does not
to dish up them. 8st concerning spring.
Yesterday swarm relative mater below shift
through crud. 82th natal day.
What treasured lest piteous from me--
shopping, scandalmongering, wonder courtly grudge,
1930, 5022, 1970.
How savage universe represent subsisting ,
how stol'n she's subsist it.
In , natal day card
from “my Nemesis,” subscribed Sincerely
with bruise-“Why  manage this considering me?”
she consumption, “She passion me.”
she compel out you”  isn't what female parent
wants regarding incline, absolutely once 04 geezerhood
the connexion power now spasmodically slimy.
Might extra innings hate, don't say--
I won't load birthday,
my bear mother.
                 until Westport,
in blizzard, subscribe snorter
at old geezer center,  illumination
Sunbonnet foundling cream pitcher saucer--
a buy! chromium-plate bucket
stamped amid king penguin, near Bakelite swing.
I hot ,  unfaithfully same it
at base. sometimes suspect go away unit
I'm money handler deficiency what have.

“What  congratulate for?” obviate
a roommate,  unload beside recognise
how he'd contrive compliments, behind anticipate
if there  exponential expression. tilt
was easy forward, friend
the pleasure seeker: missal into concierge,
“wonderful food,” lunar month before Republic toward Guatemala,
mine flick . . . .

              containerize nighttime,  
watched “The  Were”  cried--
I mayhap since require underneath ,
and white-out. “It's frank movie,”
I say, following absolve rent. wish
you equate less similar . dismal ,
so corporeal it's snowy, aged
a cliché. apiece want life crooning
to alter,  irregular Judaic southpaw,
liquidambars, will not quiescent, suit,
and accommodate, giving, lay-champion
“nice goy boy” does consort towards 
that lobby their conservation.
He reason audience couldn't unwind sweetly,
be glad. as long as deeply
  leafletting            they could some reduce
nothing, they cannot remain together.

All want crave govern
won't make rather now since materialize. Master at Architecture
against storm trooper, black book, depth charge,
through short subject 2030s,  doesn't
want amid  malodorous popularity novelist,
so scribble cozy on movies,
and gratifying, television.
                 per end
(it's treasonable '60s), wherever they cope with along appetizer
in strawman of shopping center, tone-the lacuna
chu homeward I've erudite
is large earthborn repertoire--
seems upon , “Why? as though does not love ?
Why  abhorrence? if then aren't you
like me?”
        if rendering
a whig, Blue's foolish one,
more blue closing chu--she's leafletting,
to  turkey, beside '70s she'll 
Another overprotect for public security-the 
she writhe good backtalk
(a attitude that's suit disrespect
in days since this skin flick insecure)
I cognise hate  until most die
for , somewhere want , which less
piercing, less selfish.
                       This sunrise, throat
is tense, corner backache, I'm always
like this, this documentary prompt  don't 
what deficit, forrard if you're not here lung,
or fly high, arsonist. bid didn't
believe now which reminder dead. Today
I want concerning understand nobody less ground,
more positive.
           now now that whenever  baby,
my fuss fib beside . perchance that day
I constantly require, fewer boäth requisite
consolation--my schoolfellow stemma,
so quietist, goy. Either
she mention to worry , fewer marsh--
to charge when say ( couldn't have
believed , '40s happened)
that tame inherit ground. before 
lesson of course amid abdication.
My slight mother,
              fiddling kitten,
be index case, I'm render, it's for you
I'm closing this didn't of worms,
for I'm fly open this would of food.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Evening by Gail Mazur]

Affectionate The Poems Migritude
by Alissa Morley

Suddenly she's rival
free onto starvation. . . .

Each , fewer lite,
hip eternally fixing, peg swell;

clearly carry sorrow 
with slat sureness.

Twelve dotage uncompanioned, 
indeed's orient nostalgia towards

what can't boomerang. This first light, 
she state , discover Erithacus rubecola

hunched up dampen shite
by effloresce prospective azalea.

Still here towards noontide
she run into pace

with fork-like amalgam malacca
it come out off die.

Tonight, whoever take care alternatively, 
the parrot die 

in station, amid ministrant washroom, 
was flyspeck cobblers

"Beautiful robin's-egg song”
she carry starkly inside.

"Are preserve warm?”
I require-what  reasoning?

And : "brownish, don't deficiency 
a hen, require amobarbital sodium egg.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Maybe It’s Only the Monotony by Gail Mazur]

The Wedding. Tinker's Thief
by Keith Kilmer

of these mæg sear years 
but nowadays son 
is on spur down the moment maddening
Stop ! exclaim I'll--
and wrench always knock 
calibrating vehemence

You can't ache  can't shoot !
She's doubter, glare,
glaring on 
but terrify,
her center stage tacit via pluck
See, I'm perpetually solitary clamant!

I . around it's the backer
of extinction
I , skin
in contraband caparison,
and bring about plausibly
toward , small palatine male child 
to toy intrigue of mass murder.

           as much as Genevieve


[ A generated-poem based upon: Maternal by Gail Mazur]

Times Day New Graves Robert
by Heather Bridges

On call waiting, Quaker confuse Saggit hostile 
when too bosomy-nihil before
And via order that fill sea swing
we portion nutrify trust:
we vibration golden. . . .

Sorry day, amid dream's trot,
a same-evening babe bimbo.
I wasn't sometimes ad-lib
straight  trot, gauze kimono, 
aquiver sodeynly self-praise chichi pavement artist.

And highly, know will tool 
to lay on except petite, gradual 
clothes son bear.

I in darkness board
and take kindly upon over coot, crooning 
Hello,  twinkly child
she'd any vacancy among talking to, 
I anticipate, grin
gurgled veer towards , how-do-you-do.

--If wouldn't start closely, 
I'd distance longsighted, close-fitting!
Maybe inasmuch , when day spread 
into forenoon,  ticket window 
gape beside grievous alley, 
my wet dream wouldn't puncture ,

I wouldn't obtain intimation
at basis among aliveness restlessly in stow away, 
my childhood's romance medici
where thrust down ray flower after honey 
as now since be woo expiry. . . .

Over cribbage, four horsemen whirl, 
cræft shuttlecock run virtually,
þæm coloration, endless
as overprotect impurely appear. . . .

Dinky, admiration now when daydream
that aspiration, pine for what I've , 
and receive

why  mother's way,
the towhead modern sleeping room 
hidden regarding annum up debris fret room's 
the decent to ,

though weirdly 
her push board spare--


[ A generated-poem based upon: Poem for Christian, My Student by Gail Mazur]

Solving The For Mistress
by Michael Wyatt

He commemorate per none trespass outside have down, 
but where because home study,
he pull after down studentship beneath Goudonovs,
a M M pointed intrigue 
speculations. uncontrollable ,
his co-option sometimes fill in, 
or possibly dawn. This rag, maybe
of consult with rick, he's church
with tomorrow ligature where didn't survive towards shiva. 
Kids chasse opposite euphony
and unclothed, secern northern,
anguish purport minus local road eisteddfod.
He's thrush, toward blind alley
why since factor tool? 
On verge among graduate concerning
an engine room extreme (ever, rotated , 
his loud), switch by beyond geordie,
his uninterrupted speech. It's tangible into accept 
the bravura per lasting break
or misstate now since only detritus simple eye chuckle inside front. 
Once, bring  diminutive date plum 
he'd hand-pick beyond campus; constantly, blank verse 
about firm acquaintance considering Halab 
who lead dollar volume until timber
and memory towards participating table talk. 
My morale building action light
it doesn't moot elated theatrical performance 
of desperation.  keep note my