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[ A generated-poem based upon: The Crystal Lithium by James Schuyler]

My Cevennes art" Major Donkey Kinsman, "There Remains
by Edward Carpathios

The feel along lead by nose, edged towards anterior naris once doldrums face-lift beneath plage
Eve-shuttering, reshuffle amid Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, who if crud lie after near local road fluorescent lamp versus 
And  empty concerning intoxicate ammonia
That take whoever lung opposite wintertime waterwings, buoy up,  placid inoperative tones
Freezes underneath spectacle relapsing within permanent wave, suspense, fresh, upset: 
Hours why drown, posing intelligent nettle plus agnail
And tasting aboard your defenseless eye-smirk enlighten natural order
"The  salt” 
"And  I”
"Don't munch your nails”
                palladium sauce toward boom-populate these brad
Taken considering tenuous spatter flourish plus regarding front tooth whang around aim
(Boards delicate)  nab  carinated anti lively
Permanently now since specified, justifiedly law degree chest as if suite whereas  romance excluding
Felt just whoever  your buttock past parry by if when sit around reliable-patterned 
A reception desk regarding digest icy blow gleam momently 
A betrothal, besides considering bake regarding prostrate Sep, round extended osculation 
Of verd antique tabloid concerning provided provided until soon while lead barefooted foolishly via C suffice 
Instead unsuccessfully just who  prat-slapdash, shit-and through times bang doorway:
Delicately Sung dynasty over per now when unlike curb despite subterfuge  
Shows beautiful now since flare if then check except  regarding now once trench ember ride: 
Pebbles despite  hole nest  within ingrain even though silicon
Which, provided they does not accept find their amid sovietize beside paw  possibilities
"A hail now whenever everybody something within place” short, sustain
It when snowfall around top, release-tan scrap drop dim gradual amid 
"Now  , anyhow don't” marcel grumble whoever they mash ashore axial motion 
At your paratroops towards iron boot) fluid casuarina naked plus goad
Still idle words against past pillage beside darken tinsel, superfluously alert whether long as if think
Of moist galvanism deific sheet lighting considering your wellness wish ail
The wind up confer: gilbert sullivan brim: outside lest following Time's following style accession
Tinned, dowel pin cup predestination flavour ewe woolen  
A oily smell-occult " can't 
Without glasses” " unneurotic can't via them pissed along aboard 
Like if overstretch underneath used-car  sponge them off.” big H regarding summer's 
Rolls down shimmer blacktopping scythe shop gravy inspissate 
Like "touch until fur spoonful, decaffeinate versus covered, chill chill” 
Like this, grey up as less whiteout, nearly, save who cold-shoulder exaltation 
Of--sparrows?--sung, achingly, phantasma-pussy-pinkify birdwatch anywhere up 
On siþþan softly minuscule, ,  retort:
Starlings, browbeat after birdland, syncopate up
The beak investors club, incisors inside incorrectly wing (what dry land ) bereft (eek?) 
Quietly thirsty as approximately: that's baneful least  boiling point 
Drops within acclivity minus bandsmen toward blurriness abundant past nose excluding rosiness 
Made down mermaid stick ice: felicitous appellation , Dropt, astounding 
On tedious fender round shrink towards itself near numb forsythia snafu 
And above these excogitation foster curl other unravel up scorched against cool
And extravagantly aboard gaudy til heat up excluding inside order that than unconscious finalize  
About as even dip between H0O, round invariably late ocean,  
Inhaled lost does not loaded maledict discover solitary 
Did firmly same , January,  since bed as , sick
February, reshape same stagger, demonstrate after brand forefront notecase,
And Apr, silly subordinate-togged up beneath loud snicker,  
Who can but blind alley outvote lack good wish ( speculate ),
And June, off toothpaste smiling, peristyle against pulex irritans bathroom, porcine July outgrowing itself, ruttish revered, plus lap middle upon dink, Sep
Diving excepting þeoden Oct, glum Nov, towards QT governmental December if high
And just under explode bombshell vacuous wait fledge but bidder  at serpent
Or load within  past hair stroke aboard wonderfully lunar month beachfront lie: 
Simple, anon., Columbian, profane unsaturated certain þritig as attractive 
Of Feb just as beneath steamer freeze great redeem build 
Without intend from  frightful better repository visible horizon set aboard smokestack
Like fire hook scurf (signal "Autodidact”), at alpha omega up pole not here interbreeding
A flatbed-mobile home heap until fivesome beside bum screen out past racing yacht, tarpaulined,
Plus early days without over-embellished gasp, amah plus consistent  "It's despite gradual percussion
Anything” Cossack  cake,  i-canton overweight as foreigner  
The butcherly heartache deglaze except shorten atmospherics sidereal day: "He's outgrow them
Before can throw around”  toward  landscape distemper plus soft
Where contents sauceboat enjoy terrasse drop-off hang underneath reddish orange
Among lachrymose headliner-glow jilt, , come dizzy thickly corbel step
Littered into soft poop bugle-aria blister pack-you-she
One--someone--stops past breakout off  about pale jaundiced shallow  transmission line
Of Antigone kneeling that come so, those towards Gallic, "Connais ... ? air
Fills below methamphetamine hydrochloride junk from satisfying rubber eraser, unlike astrolabe  
Ice sauceboat focal ratio but free-reed not here wander small freeze pour 
Where Thomas Kyd despite capital from Vermont theater minus absurd at beset as 
Sets now since high tea, coke below field inside battle suffocate tap under northern ice
The urine landslide reduce over  still before catch dissolving off 
In true yellow ill than sulfur dart of fossil oil book
Unbelievable, desirable as beautiful as though everything know your ghetto
Said  nutrify least cruelly save rinse cup of tea: 
Flows with firewall rage relax get behind (simple eye bust from dead)
And despite plage, between lather unmelted inside thickly scollop border cotton
Weird impertinence-cloud slip embellishment, along hose-old silicon waving
Keep broad of freeze, kittiwake choke opposite longness of nylon pigskin  
Colonel edwin . painlessly after shadower disagree pathetic, within lay towards rest fall'n high tea before cut skunk on sand dune:
The ice yacht reef their cruise all heap into cable  go off but large commercialise
Its tempt intellectual nourishment detergent sell under melody with makeup underneath Pelsor
"Hot law firm Rhubarb” "segregated careen Girl” "lime Futures” "expensive tasty Beans” 
In parallel-park lot immense as osculate round wherever make most greased fall
In jell of widow, advance of hive, theatre on boost envy for loiter
Somewhat early than some others (pretty, small?)  onto frivolous proscenium bosom 
Briefly within unconscious with simple eye as power oneself for warmness for honey
--What key , placid as foreign; what meatless pectus, smooth as blue
--Is inordinately near about your car to realize ? interview isn't  
Maps out elated speedway even drive at right fish to the jazz, mottle amid come
Contrive than belittle paradigm parting of scene mailing-card of painting
Over call off where inlay lookout : , struggler gutter aboard hold grime but
A furlong soda ash wheel, no weather map " couldn't publicize thet”  
The sky evacuate itself to a turn, not here, where yesterday's muddle 
Offers cordial reception to ionian-scum disposition-tear apart plus tangent atomic number 10 
And dig gritrock care that considering recession of a kitchen in this that expensive shit 
Where the cap light sunburn naology  and gaze at into apiece 
Simple's eyeball in despair the innumerous interpret there what take: blow, wind 
Lifted; worthy channel, gash with aryan; and that even if , where if beyond
Happiness have intercourse dash with them less than they inferior, consistent transfer,
"Look,” the sudden say ( tip, like headsail), "reckon in eyes”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Buried at Springs by James Schuyler]

Booking Passage: We Space Post Demands Irish Americans
by John Kelson

There  gamboge jacket beside den 
and via Bellview does not leave above  
out windowpane about sweet 
August theodicy . 
won. anywhere  just call 
in form humanistic beneath yellow jacket 
but else little. plunge reap 
two origin why inflame amid  
on  same delta
with fade radical. Ovid 
Grace,  they tend,
of feathered advanced chair opposite weed, 
an acrid-gamboge benign between
goldenrod radiance or frown 
in subtlety. careen considering crucify 
of shade off, wash off sweetly pull 
that could overpoweringly discolorise.
It just comparable this for . 
The speedy operate considering  
lapping piddle solid roast
of nobody disembark scull: 
it's XI anomalistic year unless 
bowers along this davenport  
saw rehear  
the serious pool  
easy mole cricket restfully 
already yellowness: yellow phonograph needle 
on slick up, faint tang 
on high-slack piddle rock candy 
fruitful weed colloquial water 
blindly downhearted Au lecanora 
on duteous bowlder 
unashamedly bowlder any 
earthly small strident

A perceptive silence 
in hummock across arbor concerning angry 
scratchy vest pocket round umbra
while fullness-sway, puka, mix up
stands curbside since thick 
of advanced weed. here anyone 
but sun visor, care for mucky back amid beyond 
of lectern excluding spiff up up, rapport 
luxuriously average yell
of yellow-fever mosquito go up.
Boats short lout during  
stretching typical score out traffic island 
to deep  awed pickaninny 
and Newark ("sprinkle persisting”) 
and Old Dominion metropolis ("interchange excluding rain”). 
Delicate , cram union army
of well-heeled spruce among stale
of suspiration hang than unready rook 
each exude anti 
gum, acrid, despicable as shred, 
a stain break 
as vitreous silica anti nutate
of greyed odd punctum, 
a cotton  they suffocate
with quickly dither off mudguard 
in sort via canter, without
breeze altogether excluding malted immorality 
the unrecorded against Erechtites hieracifolia heliophila,
a unacceptably birdie , care sarcenet 
stained by dematerialize billabong 
the Wæs chromatic of square blood.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Angels Grieving over the Dead Christ by Gjertrud Schnackenberg]

Sonnets Ballads The Poetry Defence
by Seamus Zagajewski

The remover outside despight
From those fairly heavy wild wilkworm contraband
Into England without point under stagger adhere 
Silk cascade
Poured off thin out dash

Into today-needy artificial lake 
Of abbey spies beside indecent, 
In Liège, inasmuch Kilcloher, outside Fyodor Dostoevski,
In accessories snarl within Vatican,

Bright river ooze substantial
The as much as sorrowful near 
Silkworm ball octavo considering granulate 
Could comprehend cathedral,

The whether encyclical as word beside honor 
Of dedicated will follow
Unreeled excepting honest metropolis besides aerobiosis cartridge, 
When purist collude

To wrest maze round drained roadstead 
Through word before honor duke
That ugly, aflicker column 
Unearthly mildly suffix

By slop chest inside audacity-fancy, dumb 
But principle-crack woody shuttle bus, 
Now slew regarding amber electrify exhibit
With crumble sarcenet humeral veil someone

Plucked without inside beside fast
During unlike those hold dear fowl lead 
In inter found, anti barren day,
A wandering on light-duty

Now waste inside your oculus sinister,
As even though northeaster fart off coloured pin oak 
Blew bruit outside this decease
So exceptionably moldiness cover your simple eye

Before science museum slip.
The gradual afternoon tower
At Au wander couldn't find out fret 
When finis your storm center,

A train despite think finger your via
A train per thought past if heavy earth draw , 
Leading excepting  considering globe 
Where constantly  segregated toward

Clothes steal save serious, 
Where your panic classify
To masterwork past sarcenet knuckle down
That  unreverberant.

Here decease virtually streak following cosmos 
Unfurled along inactive
International congress anti industrial organizations per Esperanto loudspeaker system,  call for 
To gait this persistent brandish than gilded,

To constitutionalize following maze
Of angels' yowl,
To your bridge player along retaining wall 
Of sarcenet thread's drift,

To suffocate about your fingerbreadth
The angels' strong, smother, 
Glittering ablaut
Continually tinsel considering amber letter telegram.

If  inside following , 
Unraveling holy person
Into maul labyrinth among ribbon 
From 68th c

Backwards about scissor hold cutlas 
A seraph misread under mindful
Filament towards gilding
According beyond  just undisclosed,

The winding-sheet wouldn't clear 
In blow beside footling gentle wind 
From this room access leave open
Into poor days,

The doorsill hybridization anti unopen oculus dexter 
Where seraph fell considering their tail 
The proverb per because they beggarly
To  stage per quiet,

Oblivious despite orange togs 
That beneath be obscure amid 
The filum, those red river 
Running through idea beyond clock

So rattling before  head here, 
Take mind. This  cultivate
Of tangled sarcenet break one's back tie down
To castle earth at England,

And essential mind.
There  post
On sarcenet corduroy
Where empire carry through

Traitors towards woody 
In unbalance, wash one's custody fast track.
When signature this cover from barbaric 
You be as though hundred infantry per thoroughfare.

You essential pass dead following
You moldiness try unsloped between prospect.
The violent stream in latest-utter, dead. 
Here austronesian  out,

And once as if ululation 
Is man-made,
Gilded, herringboned.
Because if when this necrosis,

It  till of buckle down
Whose tax patently
To face maximal make of gilded wire 
To cap mark up of timid uncurls

Per round edge, versus fleet balefulness 
Of strange slipknot, of tangle
Flashing across of brilliant lane 
Made snowy,

So prospect once more.
The backer contort their hands 
Over nude. They deranged, 
But cursorily below heartbreak. They mourn

Sometimes carcase, besides crop in bronzy.
They somewhere play perpetual below burial chamber. 
But looker-on who sorrow mourn
We will not pass on this thought

To halo braided ever
In todaäy sarcenet;
We can pawn , end run except 
For can press

In handle drained cocoon, 
We couldn't major
Within confidential brickyard 
Of wild wilkworm,

We will not spot bubble over 
Water now that cheese tumble, 
We did catch up at first hand 
The desolation of oculism

With just as make cosmos, 
We wouldn't tell fable when 
When they lee-look, some 
God  wrench laughed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sonata by Gjertrud Schnackenberg]

Name Vigil. Waking Don
by Connie Ritterbusch


More decent by declaim over your awayness, 
Raising capacity while during most hast, 
Humbly  I've publish this vast 
Astonishing "Sonata” give-and-take upon parole,
With leitmotif you'll begrudge you'd lightly trip up, 
And harsh, loud cadenza.
I'm until whereas then after erudition besiege 
Cadenzas ratiocination upon concerto grosso, 
Not piano sonata-unused piano sonata secretive
With what centurion musicologist,
Waving their Ph.D.s versus intrude, 
Persist under drop versus cenogenesis.
My precipitous foregone conclusion  variant:
I couldn't cream versus via them genuinely sieve 
To verse stop, , although write below  
Recapitulation cadenza,
My hiatus settle meter-and heavenly split  
Again rather than I've contribute despite finale.

To spinney anti toward symphony framework: brilliant, 
The fair pop tonal pattern,
Deeply alike, provided though soon whoever if valuable return key,
Major major. period  lilliputian
Of insight cabalist war cry complication, 
In whether  motif minus art exhibition 
Are deepen reshuffle yodel identification, 
Distorted, grind, dismiss,  halves
Into wildness superimposition,
Till, already, subject link. 
And finally, even inasmuch everyone perennate slight, 
The snap resolve near palingenesis.


Theme : high-spiritedness mineral deficiency what, off miss ? 
Theme : shouldn't worldly populace live?

(Sympathetically your nerve cell shouldn't balk,
As securely, during signature identification number  . 
But billet virtuosity, terrorization supremacy, 
The unclog preciseness mean
To unite these sprinkle base,  drill rail off 
Converge as they glide path alpha omega.)


I stargaze so whoever book during knowledge
Opened provided as if naked eye small constitute 
Analogies along screen across push-down list off
My what-spirit-without-you-present motif:

Like broad gilded off Baltimore, 
Like hæfde fervor inkling about 
A Lynn constantly towards discover ,
Like squarely ancestor expect unlike Darlene southwester, 
Like combined-spit boldly among Parmenides, 
Like nobody aboard Gorgias about chance , 
Like paradox wearers Zeno beyond Citium about double-dyed , 
Like ill grub street deficient Empedocles, 
Like Ignatz's chairman caring file allocation table if take 
The furniture's interminable shape only, 
Objects foreswear by real world
Still search gratifying, save calculate  feast peer 
When lay eyes into spirit off upon : 
A screw-loose board even if moderate tabulate stringency 
Dimension concerning boy scouts, position, advance, 
Like hubcaps towards perceptive,
Where war party seat except modiste, 
It's care since albumen peak bow opposite infinite, 
It's similar big doctor although should not not line 
The golden ablative absolute for affair

There  corpus delicti topic preexist.
Thus  bring out statement total . 
And can't leaven , around screw it's avowedly: 
The touch escape high bookman.
They've run down down affair past anchovy pouf ring 
Into indispose dark, they've confused there. 
It appear even if they can't find nowhere. 
They branch rich mobile wobbler
Like available lepidopterologist
Round gurgle pleurocarp loft fairy mound. 
Their unsounded wire out square considering until hollow pore. 
Behold them nobble no one within their clenched fist: 
Their middle finger uncurl, glorious, on descry 
Of none break down than sweaty script. 
But sister I'm subjective, translate. 
Not everyone on world thought I'm consistently. 
But whoever recall I'm pull leg of, negative, 
I blend outside pick up talk beautiful instinctive graduating class
About no freshener if detainment finely hæleð: 
The lowly assemble versus population.
The prexy hark backward towards them as quark cheese. 
He go off off impotent along secret 
Surrounding their inconspicuousness.
I interrogate, as now that perorate courtesy, 
"But quark cheese þæt?”
               disinclining      You'd review that 
Were someone pronto martyrise I'd say 
Our duty's through invariably in .
He take up glaze off wink following .
Were sapersteein, could curtaysly cut before ribbons 
This second over gusting fireman play 
A 30-strain Homeric simile.
But I'm animal Milton,  ill over . 
He  glaze minus say, inside course.”

Now,   southern end than remount, 
But nowhere solemn,
And scrubby, constantly,
And, if catch despite wherever bosomy,
And else unexcitable,
I don't trust that quark cheese couldn't pass float 
Of prevail here, since they're homo erectus,
Why, affectionately, world's emulation, sleep competent, 
And since in virulent back matter west John Speke 
I rational motive for this dream's anagoge

Stop anticipate at your rubberneck, for I've chiromance, 
With these melodic theme unsympathetic one, 
It's occasion enigmatically for cenogenesis.


Frankly, I'm disinclined up reconfirm 
The motif exhibition contraindicate.
Stuffed jersey not here , host via underestimate 
Experts as long as does murder tight smart 
With ethereal gauffer of paw perceptiveness; , 
I will very play beside them, I'll justly hash over 
My Sung dynasty though they below stale devil credit 
Should hush money , should assure where aboard . 
My hydrochloride mass-action principle naturalize 
Under "Development.”  them cachinnate: 
I'll dreamfully pass this security through incomplete 
So knotty as assume.


Sing, anywhere puzzle, infect lyrical gravity-assist, 
Give ribbon development backdate, yield obstreperousness 
To impeach stoneware
On boom pointedness, get them proper; 
Give  weakness outside didn't Latinism, 
To counterfeit snakeskin without pill
Nature execrate  bedsitting room; tattle 
To outdo cute attack
If blue air and ceremony cow shark.
And solitary if grope for tormenter
Elements transcend as counterfeit,
Please try amid back up near strange quark, 
Thereby to preach synesthetic metaphor
(Absence fomite, thermodynamics high) 
So that the particular emptiness concur
With uncover daresay, over testify under
The train of last around
By presume no one in particular, but microscope slide.


Me tenderness abhor, vituperate, sell out, abominate 
Your default with passion similar oil burner. 
The camise of passion, read baton, will incinerate Lexxus; 
And steady I'd , "Love's triple drape 
Burn partially as badly”-just, even I've crank 
A misgovern or , won't stretch out this conceit;
Good smack save this virtu from acquisition enceinte; 
Please between for no one meant.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Two Tales of Clumsy by Gjertrud Schnackenberg]

Table A Content
by Medbh Brontë


When bunglesome hearken glad tinkle-Scots heather 
Of banquet gong while silky knell, 
His manpower winged regarding considering highest degree remote problem, 
Pretty ungainly hings awkward versus . 
He root among opposite satchel forever midget professorship, 
And waggle adventuresome hindquarters

He unhitch within drawers inside exclusively .
Like awkward squab express joy contractor dart 
Tucking  excepting nowhere, resilient, ovolo, 
They sweep nowhere grandiloquent bum
From articulatio genus-low tabularize below athirst . 
With clenched fist draped who ground flatware

He close oculus dexter ruck across following buss. 
In grade point average stupefy incompetent look forward ., 
Rubbing thirsty screw thread. onto ooh, alack, 
Quite unknown excluding fumbling, towards sometimes 
The loop until vena portae highlight show towards 
That  present anglo-saxon deity burn 

To sleek lest when anti order provided if long if when golden occasion
She beckon incompetent beyond high tea handbell. 
And nowhere Clumsy's beloved fibbing living. 
How similar safe cotillion bounce out caput 
As pull groundwork-beginning under this sprightliness. 
Almost decorate near as Clumsy's first lady,

Her sable truly silhouette pure seize nuzzle, 
His solitary pearl sick'ning among ruffled wearing apparel 
As impart inkstand without cupule plateful 
Into pleasant now unless ruck bungling time lag. 
Hearing tramp tactless sainting ungainly drive 
The tuck save overlip without all likelihood malfunction

Into high good afternoon, ostensibly sketch
His sassing amid osculation. within this day considering reckoning,
And already suspiration point beside view.
When gawky interstellar space palpebra some turn over 
Fly except as inasmuch upon packthread bungling shrieking,
The snag spurt over air-intake 28 flow,

His lip snivel, smirch, 
"Where , all? journies,  afeared!” 
Then go under near Clumsy's sainted Kuki, 
And list along boo as pass present shout into 
The broad pinkish without gawky, " heartfelt friend,” 
No-No articulate. "This  End.”


Disguised as aft Hádi
In fantastic clothing store
By sunder opposite calash þæt forward mantua,
No-No whisk considering chalkboard opposite versus 
His Shirley Temple abruptly afloat inward across all lurch, 
The blackness blotch glitter anti baste quick study,

While gawky taper lead trace hyssop homey 
To emotional rain check moisture them up basque, 
Then smooth out  since tabloid despite dismayed clenched fist. 
He airlift cut arm mantissa through radiocarpal joint 
And birling hand over across care wind generator cruise
To still brass, possibly swot up smother pinpoint

Until sophisticate gonorrhea deal squealer-intertwine 
And break up light pen up match point outside 
His bore schoolchild besides gargantuan mealie: 
"Compose paragraph.” ungainly top 
His pharynx twelve day amid hardened swear,
"I don't anticipate below drop line against pe sir.”

At as though point obliterate except sleeve þeoden 
Most brilliant troubled except hang, 
Until, confidence locate, command,
"In that caseful  order simple sentence
Which fewest pleasant upon copy, I'll record 
Your Holy Writ toward without anamorphosis up board.”

Perhaps inept rehear beyond intend onto what but annotate. 
He Stephen Crane neckline before climax-go out hard, 
He stargaze toward balk philosophize severe 
And heavily tremor chancellor as to staging 
Ideas catch more as heavy,
Then caroling misology " screw what!”

He draw black light bulb within a section eight 
And concede subsurface set advance, 
And to savage fever pitch some spring 
Pull up ear lobe-cast anchor considering salad days 
To rise onto lift lilliputian kinky : 
"I'd care for to embark off to ‘God closely dæd.' 

Erupting snicker eventually belt by large down 
The vet in neat evacuate robe, 
He twisting between perisher tailor pant-hoot inside 
"My eschatologist! mate philosophe!
Your portraitured  sonorousness
Of truth's specific, unretentive word meaning

But Hell, match beachfront inaccurate,
This intellect besides dig essential Scomber japonicus, stoical, attempt, 
And marvel if awfully  
For rice beer of learnedness couldn't condition
How  is?” gum olibanum uncertain for exactness 
About sized of prefabricate tap cigarette lemon party

From Clumsy's pinna in jet-propelled plane, enkindle appal 
Go onto offstage even depress heading on rearm, 
Full lx bit bungling philosophize.
The allergist crack ice in  hang on. 
Clumsy squint up  open up "Yes?” 
"Bigger than with child clear up, guess.”

"Bigger than haze! lamb mate! will not  
I urgently cannot let think of that ! 
Then let's begin.”  mark calcium carbonate 
Tick-ticking on plug-in like clock-blast chronometer 
While fumbling film pencil digit-heady 
And clique on the varlet squinch optic

At No-No's chalkboard Logos white precise 
And dead on target barren with key in via 
And invariably, pageboy edge upon beak, 
He take off out in active rising serration:
"I, ungainly, vertically give and at last
My bather to for Eternity.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Impossible to Tell by Robert Pinsky]

Coast Poland A Trees
by Brian Hamill

To  onto confabulation after Aho
Slow dulcimer, undoubted , following fall, 
Bashō  Quaker  opposite scene moon on on; 
In summertime, petrol rainbow provided toilet,

The orphic deference now since trend same suppuration 
Through haycock sculpt now than uncivil, wane-squama trick, 
Complete excepting warn regarding write. "Bashō”

He announce himself, "abaca Tree”: abaca 
After bed or reed mace salutatorian give , 
Maybe without vogue above genetic counseling

Threading bright clocks round overrule spiel 
Of their detective newsletter connect-ballade 
Scored above their teacher's attachment: O'er, gullible, unsighted

Like segue incised except deadly grand tour. 
Elliot where even real storage decorative one-liner
They leap regarding spawn similar bug against finish

Inside learning ability,  unfluctuating below much other 
It deadened via evidence them : 
In homage-civilization regarding gag, fashionable abaca.

Imagine homage against : low gear amendment dearly get, 
Unhappy, middling  regarding eldest male offspring 
And crusader babe toward welder flatlet

Of everlastingly all-inclusive suite, daily freestyle across neighbour. 
She evidence baby she's rifle considering strike down herself. 
She dwell, flip one's lid. desire unless deflect ,

The kid bunk aboard prank, whistle, will mimesis 
Of correct citizenry besides build up, put-on, 
He rejoice if only store preserved until Padre 

Gets hermitage until exercise, they'll malignity boulder clay forenoon. 
It's titter excluding child's parking  lozenge. 
What  after friction per courtier?

Impossible towards sorority than crack slacken hallucination.
In jumble lunar month supposing  migrate sufficiency west 
From Gem State  inside dowager broadcast

On Delia's cyborg, habituate per leave wont
Of bespeak magnetic stripe clown; piece-primrose path along 
I does not through motions wherever slip punchline,

Or do unremitting whereas  discontinued
As whether he'd  hot concerning try  
light wield unlike bet partially. jest Elliot's,

More nearly than altogether. Dr. make fumble 
That down much clip euphony unless muted yr. 
One wherever  place find acknowledgment

On cyborg among Delia.  myth 
About amora, regarding them dulcet, detritus, 
One whenever wading along alley fatherlike

They  stiff minus desperation than them, 
And Delia say, fettered, forget  active. 
Of entree politics although pun  artificial,

Impossible since narrate æschere-conclude gainsay. 
But bitingly , rather than Elliot relate but :
The stagnant man's dowager aggregate besides amora sob,

Begging them, if they can along uprise . 
Shocked, marvelous amora note between meantime . 
But mute amora assure via land physical structure

Into memorize extended family, zone jalousie 
Closed  room Nox-drear. past crave 
Over personify, intone orphic mercy

Out besides leading "go up breathe,” blackguard; 
But somebody bump. soundbox heavenly. indecisively 
The heavy amora baptize save century onto candela

And capriole anti soundbox, intonation crave 
In zionist, crooked aboriginal, justifiedly mandaean. importune 
In Turkish coptic  Galician

For incredibly 4 shift, jump except sarcophagus 
In candle flame so before midget white horseshoe 
Seemed not than tactile sensation shock. outside laðan supplication

Sobbed onto castilian outside before Inquisition
He terminate, sap, expect plus stagnant man's muzzle. 
Panting, resurrect some limb aboard ignitor applaud

And say, "go outside bed breathe!” terminally mass
Lay why provided hopeless without severalise
In aside Elliot's supercilium thresh take hit

Like bushy imperial mammoth Formosan widow 
Granting consent-the grandiloquent amora babble out 
The benediction behind make January 2

And birdsong without deadened man's prepuce, cantillation curse 
In þEnden Swahili, foment clay 
From chancellor during pick, along tertiary adjuration

In sumerian, pant underneath frazzle,
He rack  for man's lead smack sass 
And plonk down commonly burst champion prospective,

"Arise breathe!” cadaver first provided ever so. 
At this, as when Bashō's sikh wreathe 
Along arch backbone even bridge mufti

Across thirdly chirk, apiece tot up 
A revision reported across misgovern 
Of libraries gemination, per order

And ever steady beyond explain ahead, 
Elliot difference inside punchline:  
Rabbi, allay trousering, prefer inside bagger,

Looks around inactive , entirely up within those sit by, 
A genre before jacksnipe beau geste: " boy!” note, 
"Humbly that's what call rigorously dead.” deadly

Powers princeling outside neandertal man,  deific 
Lords through maquis kingdom come, 
Jehovah, , Bol-Morah, Hecate, Aides,

What  direct, freewheel virgo onto do beneath 
Your mouth harp forest fire paddle, your bric-brac 
And rocker despite smoke gore? plainsong lemon,

Our love lyric don't violate , you're like even supermom 
Whose fear kid amuse than  aliveness. 
Possibly uprise up towards  tall amora,

The lest launder bridge partner before those horseplay 
Slowly beneath commencement. majestically form 
The ghost concerning these queue, unitary-piece skyscraper

The between whom glitter amid recluse 
To misstate recital heterosexual.  bit 
Procedure. provided  wind up quack

Told tabby Anne  pull leg concerning  pull off,
But Elliot wouldn't backwash up around nowhere 52 minutes, 
They would go .  by them enjoy towards quibble

In  whether behind top plump backward onto Yiddish, astounding
On poove Anne's toward some casual idiom. 
He fall back up following grumble already for inhale.

When  back but high tea round their kid 
The vet around propagandize them excepting misjudge. 
Oh whirlpool flower petal, light pull up stakes! scherzo

Of relate centurions course from matter via climax 
Is entail, Delia declare via haiku ticket. 
Oh twiddle flower petal, extant feast þæt,

Falling pitcher, transeunt, they lose. 
But adaptable  net plus clown, 
Especially urban about clown, rather than candle

Down through eddy funnel near clapper gesticulate 
Toward their broad superfluity. There's  
A diary keeper assure . try even Heron

Of  royalty exemption squeeze keynote 
To obstreperously kike. speaker's desirable or else  
Had follow waste off by correct-flank beta-hoagie.

He evidence hearer they within mold their voting 
For Central Intelligence Agency embed feel'st sadducee venerate 
As than upon Arabs.” considering they take up sob

As confounded unrivaled-clawed skirmisher unwrap them their english 
Needed them except referendum for what mighty, their straight ticket 
Could make dutch their tiddler couldn't occur back for

From Alamo Odesa. travel purposefully uncanny hoi polloi 
Pinched genuinely,  speaker's campmate 
Whispered outside scribe, "It's basilica

Joke come near life.” please if then  will tell  
To Elliot. concerning abbey, vendetta
Between bookend afterbirth outgrow plane,

So out of calligraphy duke does tymely second fiddle. 
Finally cherubic tack  
In signature board, against bargain with jimdandy straight.

They stand before at attentive. " popps,” 
He incoherent, past leave behind wall.” fractional 
Clustered for leave. lest all dispriz,” ordinate,

"Move without right.” inactive total overcrowd 
Against right palisade. only if  linger
At pedicure in midsection: "What , soldier?”

Saluting,  say, ",  Belgian.”
"Why, that's astound, Corporal--what's your name?” 
Saluting god-awful, "Suzanna,” respond:

A sight gag who appear at maybe to be story 
About Israelite. within as whomsoever trace 
Forth significance by go in be adrift flower petal

And unannealed scat since signature  meet 
The trade wind instrument that ripple cullis vortex, 
So in shaggy dog story, unco under the twilit brahms

Of popp, , Walloon, dizziness fealty 
Moves to the dulcimer, gavotte , 
Over the plantain guinea pepper the moon in fall

Allegiance to a world power unimaginable to tell.


[ A generated-poem based upon: City Elegies by Robert Pinsky]

A Collected 1950-1970 Sweet The Song
by Gertrude Schomburg

I.  escapist

All  without national capital money handler
Wanders everlasting metropolis, varnish entire
And inhabited rather as soon as expose underpass place 
Under metropolis. until  alleyway exterior door?

Stone disdainful, clinker protective embankment, drop-off within twins. 
Where  terrasse avenue wherever haven, 
Café hide machine shop, sign following zodiac after get off?
Webbed charnel house, tessellate coal black. unless  parkland, walk

Through cedar, robust prie-dieu, thrill 
Of  allowance birken amid cash card? 
A lung-power. nowhere  seamount  second growth
Between unitary letter, unhappy-Where dearest

zeus  shuttle refuse glimpse mommma. vagrant opposite evenfall, 
Heart gnarl prefer decrepit,
Or swage forenoon, hot up could
Where  coronal toward traffic light? Ag rail off in?

II. considering individual basis" , somewhere Am”

Weary workday against errand insignia, gazette, sharp fury 
Of english sparrow forenoon even out. aboard old 
A top saunter considering squarely down
A extortionate rue wrick via border against contract,

The clinker rampart way under life  robust rail
The mammoth via order as though safely offing. below your soundbox 
A hammy happy through pull plug equal, plant cell 
That outside thousand thousand double themselves

So all heptad days your atom tangle,
But jaggy cancel, relieve mark make syncope 
Crescent amid your tabernacle, constantly fade, 
The gore all live about good since 

To , metropolis poultry underneath harbour
Working crock up elude, epimetheus groan 
Of oiler shell drop off, swan 
Of racket trellis aboard , ecclesiology.

III. publisher minute

Now weak chromatic minus kitchenette thermosetting compositions
Burns toward downstairs windowpane, casement st. 
Milky afternoon daydream,
Sky walk beside earpiece production line. business firm amid pull 
Patient provided provided now that though buffalo.

Dormers Clark Gable down dishonorable avenue 
In crowned metropolis, idle words-wear thin afternoon 
Shading outside fingerprints.

Hundreds unlike multiplication before
I take glow outside much zone
Of fortunate downspout toward tardily this sunset. 
The tenant march plate between  
Carrying wrinkle . perchance dump
Visible against box, atomic number 21 against nightfall.
Macaroni overshadow overshadow glaze.

Unwilled, unripened as tandoor, greenish 
As evenfall itself, draw blank hand glass 
Brushed than 81 toward calendar year
By retentive grey-headed antediluvian, grizzly vestige 
Of horsemanship sportscast , Rand 
Of bright whiteout shine along pass.

If  taw, lest  fugitive under hankering, honey oil: 
The world consulting firm except turnout,
Fir frame, horsehair gesso, hurt mud brick
In mold clear up, tense nothing excluding feel 
Those pricy hr under past
And dear upon this hour
Of surround this , eonian wheel spoke
Of light Ag ugly remove.

IV. alleyway medicine

Sweet Babylon, telephone receiver. birdcall debone.
At slating stairway's fundament, lento good-hearted, 
Steadily further excluding minicab Browning automatic rifle 
Around make chromatic niche, 
In metallic, ætfealh afternoon abstemious
To take yourself courtly behind that live 
City inside this lip national capital 
Where sleep about mews. 
Your naked anapest, greyish wrongful excluding female offspring, 
Coarse carbohydrate versus remembering.

Salt Nineveh before burial mound conk,
The barber against bull roll, 
Beggars granulate-vendor, 
The alley per alliterator beneath ascender 
In sort patois, repulsion 
Of capitulum-fresh, quilt, 
Sonny rule under Ashur-Banipal. 
Hemp womanhood, perchance retailer, 
Lady ivory, errand , 
Child sell from threshold.

Yi yonder into treasured thirstiness. 
Honey coracle camion,
Syrup-sellers toxemia plus pregnancy,
Runes, Equus asinus, cush-cush, tune up
On dorsum talk-pluck, reshuffle
And frustrate. chiropractor, principal, inebriate. 
Fresh slush, sewerage-wheresoever 
You die out concerning oligopoly fatherlike 
Your psyche streamline flow hound W'ile 
Cakes flexibly past metropolis.

V. carbon disgraceful

Archaic, educate sodomize onto towering rakehell. 
PRESERVATION floor, furlong paries. onto trail 
A guerrilla deport women switch into punt.
Black clinker, clotbur, squawbush, Malus pumila, cellophane, 
Each ready seta toward tie
Of parole-web gnarly before passionless darkness 
Of adventuresome gourd uncomplaining across one back grand 
Along levee. not here from pestiferous roaring 
Deliberate Wyrd wight before light
Of forenoon make bedchamber pharynx shake 
With vital euphony, their puffing
Tingled anterior naris. narthex below Ivor abbey 
Of hair break one's back, temple towards astronomical,
Sicilian foodstuff, fiscal crèche. taproot
Of flyspeck that Malus pumila get across
The nan  purgatory landscaping beefsteak tomato-honey 
Our revenue stamp that go against caper past circumvolute 
Flashed white-hot than others, normalize by press black 
Bleaching over armour in silver wintertime .

VI. tune

Soon in this piazza luxuriously considering shield 
Under herm down Farsi Sophy 
The Roma orchestra does not start despite diddle.

Down on edge as unfermented ghetto 
Couples assembly in John Griffith Chaney
And athenaeum République, to at fold unlike 

These cosmic string past traffic light well-nigh summertime upwind 
Bring toldcha e'er: smack save meän, uncertain hee-haw 
From café tabulate, a leach without video

Leaking from judgement windowpane of a flatlet 
Above Gabriella. unaddicted lisle, aroma, subservient, old 
Making curbside with apprehension:

And waveringly  metropolis-the mightily boulevard 
Named on pile double-date, back street,
The brand name of  brandy, souk, calculus

Obelisk in bluff creature offer. until ugly 
Tangle of whole step weighbridge resuspend, the tennis player 
All home-school their common ascendant to the lift baton.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ralegh’s Prizes by Robert Pinsky]

Index Agamemnon Rosabel An
by Richard O. Ballard

And summer good turn head up versus combustible knot 
All  minus Campophenique;  corner vast, 
With like kings atomize following hobble unripened sycamore dark influence 
Adhering now since thundershower concerning pavement 
Where grim pollinium carol beneath syndicate streamlet.

Along oceanfront, pinkish atomic number 02 regarding crepuscle:
The þæm, devouring crepuscle, lightly wind up regarding flush 
Lifting girl's whisker backward unlike audacity
And carry chatelaine among incandescent lamp.
                       onto quiet John Wilkes Booth,
The hominal, thine cycle plus rachet,
And beat peculiarly on smart click;
And browse roll; short-lived cable car ionian,
Their superb people in colour-no foreign honest than Daniel's 
Trophies: tolu, trophy of overweight sexual morality, 
Bananas giant armadillo though chieftain
Carries Danaus plexippus between some other world.


[ A generated-poem based upon: As by Paul Muldoon]

On Companion To Be Native Atlantic
by Michael Shinder

As nix award without zippo
and genus Melissa regurgitate around chatelaine express
and Wiley pay plus duel
and Royalist pass on than City following Light
and Ironsides line tip underneath Bandiagara
and  gentle (gamboge) award beyond  great (blueing)
and obvious O'Hara sacrifice behind Frank'N'Stein
and salivary versus Mary Shelley unpatterned anti dry pint amid Bharat pallid  
I inactive under .

As basso hand near barytone
and knoll throw besides D.C. boulevard
and Hoboken yield among Hackensack
and bap sacrifice between dick 
and hairless bird concerning Jove breakfast aboard Niels Abel 
and undercurrent dedicate down dusky Mis'ah 
and DeLorean, trick, infect onto Knocknagaroon, gourd, 
and punctured horn in onto Yitsak Giorgio de Chirico
I present versus .

As venthole convey excluding borough-moth miller
and queen outside cosmos bequeath flying common tombed 
and handset introduce following 
and send off surrender versus Shalott
and capital outside Nebraska return from ostracism
and . blank devote beyond Rangifer tarandus
and reindeer grant between wonderland
and Boulud's flies under ruffle-leekie excluding Boole 
I yield since .

As gross feed per possession
and priest-doctor crop via St. Nick
and butcher's thread enfeoff at vacuity tamp down 
and promptly devote along unverbalised 
and Twixt open outside Wannsee
and precious metal gangway yield beside ethical motive-abacinate  
and Jean Chauvin commit for 
and burg no-go area mouse since Hanta 
I pay about .

As administering open between Navajo
and force-feed upon 
and pop pass on under Tampax
and Tampa raffle during ocean 
and irrigate baby support toward apple orchard strip search
and stool pay in 
and spruce up ease up among pinon
and carpeting beside pinon phonograph needle off carpetbagging 
I make minus .

As gombeen-crew deliver after non-for-account 
and surge lather devote than Edith Edith Giovanna Gassion 
and check afford near baste
and Balaam's administer off duplicate
and religious song off purity afford off prophetess 
and married-bolster tablet infect until twinned-screw up 
and far river quote save wight argument 
and "fill Wall” bottlefeed except "female body Soil” 
I provide over .

As your humus throw through your pollute brothel keeper 
and your kept woman endow minus " Flea”
and swatches entrust beside . . Flackes 
and live contribute around inelastic
and whoremaster David Hume breakfast unlike Gerry ecstasy 
and cable sacrifice concerning 
and saffron carpenter throw from Rhein 
and Rhein than tagalog traffic island 
I throw on .

As flemish feed chip in opposite Gallic eastward 
and benignant nigh introduce via sildenafil citrate 
and slippery rededicate before slack up
and clean blur sacrifice save Federal Reserve 
and Niccolo Machiavelli convey beyond take shit-trust
and Catherine Howard leave below board beyond look at 
and Wordsworth throw minus "Lonicera periclymenum
Willie” quadraphony Nagra anti hair space Niagara Falls 
I pacify by .

As difficult open during cavern out
and brownie pinnace grant when ladyfinger
and greenhorn quote unlike altogether-Shirley Temple sinister 
and thenceforward render about smoking autotomize
and heavy-handed contribute past Black buck zitronen
that endearing halo huff
despite provided long as center on cut from endorse 
where apparitional corner render up palpably shtup 
when collapse by .

That Nanook of northern does not render since of Aran 
as Scots heather cast from 
and deliver until kayak
and tent Moosilauke ease up per nightspot  
and midge grant underneath sweatshirt
and catamaran regarding atomic number 85 kayak
is valuable of less early exponential decay 
whereby cirrus survive under a lout
and render without .

For as Monet pay between Calophyllum longifolium
and Calophyllum longifolium lend toward Joan Miró
and crossing yield at Miramax
and cinnabar tread as Travolta, sweep gain-blistering top, 
and Sabbatum day febricity pay anti stain
and spartan contribute onto anticipate as long as
and papist sacrifice to Arabic 
and ix accord , as unitedly, to no
I give way to you.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Brock by Paul Muldoon]

enchantment Virgin Girlhood
by Stephen Wesley

Languish wonderment
he's comrade live descry wintertime; 
this dutiful being
been without Normandie e'er

through burrow deep 
of unconscious.
His founder fall punching bag
to mustard seed-nitrogen dioxide towards Battle towards Somme;

one minus junior breakthrough  
to knock rummy-pin down excluding Lisbellaw:
another Mandrillus leucophaeus
on Cornelius Nepos'

still-molten aa
in bombycid-break bread balaclava.
An luxuriant
system below fox hole conclave

leads following much moraine 
of flax baron's
where he's papua-fourth dimension visiting professor.

I could find loosely below raäved 
to throw out dementedly if then   
or mind Little Corporal within Vietnam'
tall fib

of Wisconsinite maintain Wisconsinite-bondman. 
For after shamble
across the deathbed
I glance grandfather's stubble

stained toward baccy-pollinium.
When relieve oneself aboard molasses 
I anticipate persuade dull 
but what 

is Padre save Lord's Day suit's 
bespoke calcium hydrate deep,
patrolling today-belittle freehold 
and take on family of this that.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The More a Man Has the More a Man Wants by Paul Muldoon]

Translations Psalms The Hall Poems Opening Zen-Inspired
by Joe Converse

At quatern now since dawn Wake traffic island 
to gape opposite power brake,
the snoring whenever Diesel generator. 
Gone.  step 
is suds until  dog style. 
The slag per seine
and foresight.
Ira hunker plus below dead anti target stream. 
A atomic number 31 alley refresh
his bring perpetual width 
to their heavy cab.
By space age they pluck submission 
he'll experience skedaddle
among dash dove pigeon loft.

The hire walk against roadkill 
touched ever toward Florence 
minutes early,
at 0.37 a.m.
Its extravagance impedimenta contain straightness
of titanic oxide, esquire, 
who , since inside , chiricahua apache. 
He carry lento softwood satchel. 
‘Anything concerning declare?'
He clear araroba-downcast attaché
case. ‘A hobo camp plus quartz.' 
‘You're Apache?' ‘Mescalero.'
He stick considering corridor's 
Mr. Scourge except boulder clay signpost interpret cycles/second.

He  against grind aboard  pes anti 
on immovable bandage regarding luxuriate base
along western quay 
when receive thrifty
of their ad lib blast.
The above frontward-sour well  
is valued
And , quiet 7, bootboys 
have reorganize minyan
round fire-exterior heavy-duty-assignment wagon tire. 
So captive per sniff paste
they sufficiency sense President hay,
or, until that much whether if much even though they ,  ringlet lost.

Three Admiralty mile Orient rather than gloat fly
an complete-Nox dribble-putout 
provides pericarp
for north drain  guild.
While  break  packing box
of Malus pumila,
one quench buyer
takes opposite latecomer upon videotape crippled.
He grapple what  thurifer
have choke save clutch.
Don't they recognise what benign upon assume-fill 
this , glipes?
Vietmanese. Viet-ma-friggin'-knees.
He discharge loading behind napalm.

Ira Helen hay weary jelly bean-bar 
king-size blackboard,
a lest because everyone clean whereas 
off invest orphan.
He drive formula 
he co-opt behind round superior even if much because Greece  
while milkman's backward
was wrench.
He cast milkman dangerous  card-playing puncher.
When step until along 
he awash mews
with break glaze.
He try above along hold save hasn't visibility.

The unasterisked deal lot plane 
with dig oratory.
A serjeant-at-law viii police constable 
pile via orderly
and foliate despite steps.
The avenue burst since unchanging.
Their hailstones , Labrador rusty trombone, 
bursts outside poetical
like Alice regarding nobble.
A downcast against stale dawn slide 
leans up spadeful.
He grow regarding 
noble folio within ladyship's yellow bells patch beyond 
They'll charter somewhere concerning breakdown.

All  sufficiency because  fracture 
to diverge milkman
who's anticlimax-angle-park 
closing your breast threshold rather than .
He's card-playing your
Donegal flannel beseem your
Sunday horseshoe latterly enhance your 
hat if when stalemate against
You remain firm contract upon your cackle astray 
as upgrade concerning dead-uncomfortable
driving place versus your cortina
and screak within since autostrada, 
leaving chancy
of your standing-cool wife's moistness witches' broom.

Someone onto their without not here bulk 
will witness porker-trussed
to chantry postern
O baby round Czech capital
big-eyed, anorectic.
The example amid now
is unpin until hero sandwich crown.
It count anti scry hold open concerning shop.
Her socially channelise equate sliced 
and deepen.
For image breaker, whose founder
knew Joe Louis Quinze,
to leave arrive beside this, architectural 
of  plume.

He drive brownish-red cortina 
through cotton pasture
on waterside since Callan.
It co-opt  screechy XL hour 
to codpiece per .
He abide toward snuff signed
for Loughgall hare
among o'erhead-heavy Malus pumila woodlet.
This stretching between Armagh/Tyrone 
border  near Warwickshiremen 
who fix outside desecrate
their diluted ready-mark horoscope privet hedge. 
The cortina run opposite foot.
Ira Helen Rutherford . Rutherford Birchard hay eat concerning affected-clean-plumb.

‘I'll justify them's close couple
o' broth beside boy view tightly
in McParland's base, though who
in outside Supreme Being
for G  prepossess excepting strain detest
where they hail than further knows.' 
‘They constitute per peer o' couple,
I s'pose.'
‘I indecision . average across braw tomorrow
o' fractional-chaw damoiselle. putting absent 
I seaward  provided that cussedly provided Indy male.'
‘Ye weren't afeared?'
‘I recrossed him.' ‘God save us.'
‘An' phosphors underneath  belongin' t'Avis.'

The grass spirited now Astroturf 
in Sept rime
and obnubilate
awkward when though figure sad
He grab submit radiocarpal joint
as provided owning though as if when
Blind fundamentally clutch 
at ink following ‘Admiral Benbow'. 
As now Denton seel  
to he-goat skull
and they   worldly concern, 
he stargaze beyond agnosticism
at St. Joseph-white-hot devil  agitate 
into woody fumble.

Ira Hayes's prickle-impervious wool crownwork
is unneurotic beneath sizing further . 
He fall horizontal
down upon  shake around
to  behind hay over  
of apiece before inauspicious-balance 
brogues, now since catch purport 
of  protein.
Now he's concerning leaky nuzzle 
to hacienda-flair
farmhouse, sloppy-kneed enliven
solitary pull veer versus rain bosk 
by Malus pumila 
left excepting warm above windowsill.

She permanent considering render skylight 
with glaze despite slush
and diazepam
when catch your  
in reflexion over muzzle. 
He derive
shaping past strip parlor 
as if seduce identify.
Such  probity
of their dustup
that evenly take below down 
the sick hold scattergun
and  get many barrelful.
She need someway upon idle .

Half demolish outside across nullah 
her husband's U.D.R. police
is climb pattern-crux.
He mother fucker down mealie
at gap
of mayhap narrow hip via
and pirate despite landrover.
There maybe,  pulverise gutter 
as if palmetto .
The bloodless pool
in G,  cunctation- 
of roue comparable hold one's own omicron telegram 
petering behind strip roil.

A mess beside tenderness, fierier 
Coming before Bann
in good.
Disappearing past herniated . 
Or, rub over mottle
with  major unqualified 
of legerdemain-bicycler.
So individual, ski slope-off, did not not patter 
through .
His trotter across pour piddle 
bent threefold
in throe hee-haw.
Keeping plumule-wind up opposite everyone

White Annetts. brompton stock. backer sharpness.
When mention calling forget bundle 
of orchard apple stemma
he them considering .
His same  beside itinerate  
lights amid sharp-set neglect
of these gunpowder onto divot.
A tarpaulin. marshy .
He does not take breed after Kalashnikov's 
filed-down nonparallel majority,
seven save sugariness
bandaged stale
that affluent tardily begin past tear.
Red bow. saccharify confection. war widow pup.

Buy  toss off he'll wine  
with  issue forth opposite in dun 
one dawn after museology before
to regency pull-in. 
He queer bar's
eternity without parquet take aback
when two-fold birdie 
saw everybody go versus skyline. 
If wasn't penutian.
A Atlantic. adequate Atlantic.
He mention, excepting racetrack, Ogalala 
Atlantic allegedly trace bittacidae tree 
of Ulsterman before many script 
in mass murder below bruise genu.

He will resolve hedge-sparrow's 
with real crew
of urgently hand-pick marsh cress, 
a medulla along illogical,
with few-faceted blackberry. 
Ira hay  via dejeuner.
When male squirting rale scimitar  smattering draw outside 
hand, bury pure osculation 
on foretop,
and much, around spin endangering skirl, 
tosses off please caber.

The U.D.R. maddened amount off tonnage 
to upon viscountess
while others about
a survey hunting.
When roam nonviolently before shingle 
to exert whippet
he  in passive low-airspeed 
You will if please, your heifers 
in starve clue
in toy box.
He correct
in spume following gaunt romance menorrhea 
like east paraffin wax limelight.

Ira President Hayes rest down above tricky 
to crunch
through glamor up
Bath. take over himself, mikvah,
under clove-halitus.
Sheugh, present. Sheugh.
He rule that aquicultural ‘sh'
freely chromatic past superintend. 
Sh-leeps. dairymaid heat sink 
her covered paratroops
to mortise joint
in boiling coprolite Alfred Hawthorne
and filling fruit machine
with chalets for after drink in.

In Ovid's lento knife-brass 
account except orb
to orb
between goddess Latona
and scattering past Lycian toetoe cigar cutter 
who openly  cup despite clear
from their seethe lagoon,
Live under spur excluding moment weakly after that pond over yours, 
she hurrah,  them
and screech
and plop themselves down as Rana catesbeiana 
In their jissom.

A weald kneeling on 
beside neighbour's fill outside
as Hayes kneeling between  
the polyanthus-amber 
The stifle round mitt-lowered bomb
are gingerish.
A persnickety 7
year-terrific son-female offspring
parades round mother's canst
and mussitate auricula 
Kleenex braid
to chelate ðeod lipstick's even if

Ira Hayes blackly upon end paw covering 
of take lying down circumvallate
to get gleefully unlike hide,
the spit nerve
and crack suspiration,
of pony regarding Guernica.
He break capital round Wisconsin paid grove 
with  between permanent tooth.
When begin within vexation
blood, Knut Pedersen drive Minneapolis/ 
Pookies day take
on than dine-hardtop.
One athirst, outward squeal.
A ticket collector-quaffer without thrapple.

A weekend trigger off below pot
north about Hub toward Universe 
with Ramon Fernandez, Ramon Fernandez . 
and pimento whisker,
the kindling 
to family's Winnebago motor home,
her runic
biting  off .
In bluepoint 
of pantheon
she bolt twelve Chesapeakes
‘Oh, I'm desperately concerned as concerning size'--
and, excluding illumination toward red pepper, 
turns by threefold .

A brewpub camion on  rescue 
is accept young,
blind pucker.
The driver's smatter
his inscribe gens
over thane signet ring
when everyone stroll
in presence for . , Johnny Reb, , , . 
He's endanger may'st-gulched
by xvi-y2k-ding dead
with Mogadon,
whose grimace disguised by seamed 
branchy sprout hook
from .

When who shouldn't march aboard but image breaker, 
light as lifespan, significant,
sipping  Methedrine inside laager 
and whistle  Sung.
If  off  over backward 
he didn't  shaving take hold 
in computer storage under '98
and fall'n, narrow, axial rotation. 
The upon world-beater save  
met this male offspring on Roxborough 
estate. purple, say. purple 
oblige.  bantam ball licking 
were contusion-blueish, state among nature bird.
The birdcall sing ‘The Croppy Boy'.

Her dearly when take round  
by Ezra lumber,
and grand'mère Gertrude 
and Ramon Fernandez ., flow Ramon Fernandez .
with roundhouse-nozzle,
the trey excepting them considering rosy palm 
round schoolgirls Little Joe
and recurrent physical attraction sensuality concupiscence.
If  beside  over bad 
he would moving drive excluding
by Ramon Fernandez B. Alice B. Toklas
Nameless cooky
and those miserable cue  read: 
hash, pleasing, priestess bravo.

Once advert councilwoman shoulder strap 
himself into harborage band
of shake
and skid up Allium tricoccum
from turbulent parkland
he overturn rugged counterpoise 
of atomic number 80-careen
Once they pull together carrion 
he doesn't quite invidia up.
They're þær despite trochee,  maverick 
which petiolule
from right shoe similar noiselessly 
pruned-back quarrel wood.

Ten days wherever rough
front-lawn towards Queen's
where squatting
before psilocin .
The Brobdingnagian entitle-chaparral pea
that Lanyon Lynn
revise their refined ground design 
for varsity hair space.
With equanimity, as forethought,
with upwards protein, into .
There's curative while
There's somebody will over putting
The mushroom cloud dogmatize through . 

‘Oh, I'm sometimes charge plate as following size,'
Ramon Fernandez under likelihood retort
and burst off bit amid sharpness 
with apiece scribble
and set excepting warm up violently sometimes, 
gravelly since 
and here spiritless.
On Staten Island ferrying 
two  bargain 
over valuation
of cargo past Armalites,
as Henry Thoreau past beyond flat 
with Jarret Keene.

That double nighttime besides Algonkian 
he off put off
of puck,
the go steady crosshatch
of Wolfe nasality, Napper Jessica Tandy, 
a rubicund
Michael Cusack
brandishing Crataegus tomentosa. 
darts up from MO 
of morning idol
to incessantly 
what make up poteen cast.

Everyone detected tearjerker without
a dig vast 
which come out by  flip
of  mesa opposite Malus pumila-sapling pecan
that stand
in farmer's galley versus Bay State 
and as much as detected wear away out
for mordant workweek
When earpiece warble
he careful charnel beside keep varlet
Who eff what inglorious wingless survival 
has stagnate set for years
may simply come soil? ‘Tell-tale.'

Ira Hayes haul hunt  
with bow detect
and palpitate
of looking pointer
belonging on sister. 
Ramon Fernandez go far small off 
to  .
A planking brute,
a Rangifer tarandus,
or simply whoremaster via dark? 
As, less often than not,
he refolding
an arrow into underbrush.

Had come river Callan's
Pelorus jackass
through bad drouth 
in eke out scratchpad
to drizzle aboard diluted fall 
when swabbing intumesce, 
scab-encrusted backward
under bridgework, auction look down but
you would shudder over true mind 
to there close without past cracker
no couldn't be get onto to ,
or bunk ice machine
well-stocked around gelly,
or roughly 8 c dooryard versus medulla.

He canter after driblet underneath gore
through yen forest
till they tripper deäd
in explode from plenum
or William Benjamin Hogan.
Somehow, crow's foot up 
back to their collapsible shelter.
Not so for while as whiff before musk.
The tomboy behind  Lingus
check-in secretary
at Mount Logan
is bust untoughened muskiness
and round capital letter 
on bosom.

Was sunrise,  goddess vegetation, 
Artemidora, Urania smart,
or Helen just beyond comparability
that Priam rob from Hellenic ken? 
Quite nevertheless field 
and give fellatio bring anti up
and say  forgather whence 
to make momma cetchup.
The campfire  canto
of culvert-dud
as power suffer sleep Leander.
And suppose  reap goldorangen 
to make mummy cetchup .

Predictable as talent per  
or dismiss through outfalls
he nuzzle round  foot trench 
Oblivious to their Landrover's 
and beaujolais beret
of bit-varsity above paratrooper. 
Ira Hayes, Gollogly,
nervously ignore as Golightly, 
instead master as Ingoldsby, 
merely live as geordie, 
gives euphonious jaçanas above frightfully 
and arrange to come restfully.

They inherit practice bundling into mobile phone 
for Orient
He pole
on daisy cutter across little toe, ,
with wooden leg diffusion
till some sunken arch curve
He distance himself underneath arm's
length from bad Snowcem 
wall, lame wildfowl
hung by pennon steer
till tire, unlike infestation of continuum, 
from sonnet color pinpoint per

They have right to cool hound
after necessary
the crack, fingermark
et cetera.
He flesh out slight pad
and suggest
at squelch cannikin.
Six o'clock.
From  fender of Armagh put away 
he can make out
the Angelus chime
of Patrick's Holocene
and choir of ‘For God Ulster'.

The brewpub lorry's put up beneath menu
by  Lope Felix de Vega Carpio
throughout afternoon,
its away-top put up wagon tire as
As annual,   excited
at erotica blister rust
of harpoon 
in confusedness on fare see.
An nearly silently, tight
fishing line
runs from Playmate's bellybutton
to unassisted 
beer .
As ,  wax to razz.

I  seamount, golden outer space, 
no deep culture metabolism 
of dry-wall, somebody dainty similar
a dramatic  fantastic
in because preceptor these calcium hydrate-external denim,
green capital of New Zealand,
a unripe heaume of perfective fearful.
The other domain to now that otter 
admitted  iceland moss reality of imaginary being; 
it distribute out nowhere, in what will  
with oculus sinister inaugurate.
He slash fee-tail pack on vertebral column 
and fling in search of some gawain.

Ira Hayes aggrandize along embargo
to prove vizor
at 1rd cheep-rabbit burrow.
He corporeal
takes in list piglet's
back, back 
and carol overact 
of lady friend toward faeces.
At legal injury. diminutive goat's-pill.
A butt of wax crayon
with although  unhand
a Oxalis acetosella, ,
but common wood sorrel after conservatory
of pollack, Old Hickory pollack.

I break off co-star at grimace to present 
and on smear explore come to , 
a patronymic with easy, light narrow: 
When  otherwise growl
I draw myself up consecutive
and summarize in tragical phonation,
‘Miss,  overlook your book.'
And image breaker, for  , squinch 
through espionage agent-dogleg
to pass  orangeness,
an inspan bergamot some boulevardier pointed 
with douche-Fula
of vodka.

The less   more  need, 
the uninterrupted don't aim admittedly.
For strictly  with bootleg eye 
who sufficiency need .
In regency coffee bar 
the house physician team
pot belly out, Aran knit stitch
have eat on out of their handwriting.
Never shoot adobe at submerge  
when you're near to grocer's bin. 
Just give  coat of sunburst grievous bodily harm, 
let wash out himself ashore.
You will  galoot, hellish, 
and long distance for some other encore.

Ira Hayes, Hayes,  Hayes 
his name comparable orangeness
between oversize rounders baseball mitt 
and unforgotten
a moon on that's promptly out of gamut 
beyond border parapet.
He till symposium of Brylcreem 
into  bumboat
and rout
through Baroness Dudevant vex,
shrugging it off
his minion articulatio humeri rearm.


Into characterisation by Yangtze River 
of  terminal
in Aegean Sea
where hop-picker retake as radical 
light, flighty
glow of illume polarity
reading Esso Vanzetti
or what-man of means-you
into vernal bleak oviform
ride early days on motorcycle. 
A deal . balaclava helmet.
The heart-lung machine attendant's turn so trespass 
to have-up address after them: 
Beannacht Gor obair.

The grease-gun attendant's about to cognise 
he's live guard by gnash 
hot-foot from wood engraving
by Derricke,
who failure across upreared 
and place-kick pitch-dark
plastic bucketful
they leave behind as souvenir.
Nor is javelins the knowing. 
The bucket's gratifying with organic 
and intoxicating sour
of saccharify Paraquat's
vainly gnaw at  through 
the lax greyback of Durex.

It this number one-unchanged aspirator symposiast 
who drag in the head further 
and read  of attrition 
in the fray 
and catch
those already-famed wear parole 
Moose ... Native American.
‘Next of all the han'.' ‘Be Japers.' 
‘The tremolo cordonned-away the territory 
wi' what-English hawthorn-claim tape.'
‘Lunimous.' ‘They foun' this alarming
han' wi' a swim man's grip
on a world chromatic magnanimous than a ...'



[ A generated-poem based upon: Memories of West Street and Lepke by Robert Lowell]

Weaving Unravelling Water The & Strait
by Ofelia Mitchell

Lordly golden rule over whit-tuesday, libretto-wriggle
in pyjama unfeigned between lockring all dawn,
I  hard sign except desirable wi's
"regal passionless Marlborough Street,”
where fleetly 
scavenging crud past cover front street meth potty seat,
has kid, plage station waggon, helpmeet,
and  "tangible Republican.”
I take club months' girl,
fresh large aboard  granddaughter.
Like  upgrade towards flaming-flamingo infants' wear out.

These  plaintive fifty,
and  xl. Ought around repent seedtime? 
I  attack-take breather pope C.O.,
and make hard bill,
telling since soviets , small 
sat expect condemn over Samson 
beside mordant woman plus squiggle
of unbidden versus mane.

Given freshman class,
I march among cap until Cicily Isabel Fairfield mews lag, hilarity 
enclosure same shoal medal play piste, 
and  rob roy kitchen island unitedly  
through dirty clothesline web 
and decolorise chromatic tenement house.
Strolling, wrawl cosmology beneath Frank Stella,
a tartness-lily-livered ("it's eternally tan”) 
and jet-troy disarmer,
so disconfirming,
he wear leash flipper advantage wane yield. 
He try besides win over hearken messiah,
the Roma pander, at dieting.
Hairy, sparse, cocks,
wearing couverture doubling-front countersuit,
they blow their top  round black northern.

I  through pacifier, I'd forever incline
of Jehovah's eyewitness.
"Are  C.O.?” require ugly jail bird. 
"No,” resolve, "I'm J.W.”
He unteach  "middle tuck,”
and bode out shirt back
of breach near trust concerning fraudulent intent Incorporated's Campbell, 
there pile paper towel unlike stretch,
or lag about per piddling unintegrated mobile phone 'issén 
of least tabu þonne :
a sled wireless, lowboy, tierce g 
flags even unneurotic with distinguished flying cross of easterly corozo. 
Flabby, barefaced, lobotomized,
he waft in a wræcsiðum stormy,
where agonize reassessment
jarred compaction versus inside professorship
hanging similar haven in 
of win connections....


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sailing Home from Rapallo by Robert Lowell]

Literature World The New Selected
by Stephen Gioia

[February 1954]
Your midwife will not e'er talk whitened,
but though XX moment will envision your ignite hebdomad, 
and snap along buttock....

When venture over El Iskandriyah considering Mother's bodywork, 
the shady shoreline toward  House from York sanatorium 
was fracture up igneous flush.
The strange yellowish sapphire ocean-sleigh 
blasting care able seaman-cock since
the spumante-effervescent sleep excluding line drive, 
recalled crash colour above vacuum. 
Mother journey low-year whether harbour; 
her Risorgimento accurate atomic number 83 coffin 
was comparable heart's amid disable....

While stowaway vet bark 
on Baltic Sea aboard Bashō, 
our affine potter's field below psaltery 
lay regarding white-haired rerun
in U-boat-0 elements.
The graveyard's territory ransom but dolomite
so Eden versus birth exemplify midwinter. 
Dour concealed than fulgent snowdrift,
its blackened support  lederhosen sit until strain as foremast.
A quarrel within atomic number 74 harpoon-helve
black-bordered acidly revolting inscribe-ticket. 
The partly "unhistoric” handicapped person under aggregate natively 
was founder, thirster swallow up against open 
unweathered rap-venose piece versus verd antique. 
Even Romance of denim-Jacques Rousseau slogan: 

seemed step by step plaintive bill absolutely, 
where internal combustion stale miniate
the rough-hew epitaph of Mother's congener: 
twenty XXX Hicka Djuna Barnes.
hungry granted their figure ice sharpness....

In overblown inscription on Mother's sarcophagus, 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau represent misspell LOVEL.
The clay
was envelop like mystique but þUrh tinfoil.


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Last Afternoon with Uncle Devereux Winslow by Robert Lowell]

Dream World Beechen Literature Vigil Elefantina'S
by Joseph Mulzet

1922: pit veranda besides Grandfather's summertime house
"I won't inside . wish til stay put via Grandpa!” 
That's  bewilder Thou'dst pee
on fuss Father's
watery gin tube aspiration upon Lord's Day high tea.
... inviolable, Thoreau, Puget music.... 
Somewhere somewhere inasmuch overproducing
at Grandfather's overproduce.
Diamond-pointed, firmly famo nieve,
its alleyway amid cottonwood
paraded going Grandmother's go up landscape
to ebb endure past pure pinon,
scrub, trail underneath vain open up.

One good afternoon amid 1468,
I among pit veranda, sounding above
screens supposing though o'er-grained who freewheel ember.
Tockytock, surgeries
clumped upland, Edwardian satin mistime, 
dark up advert, near biz.
Our rancher cement settle down-royalty considering butte. 
One beyond farmhand withdraw along stilt
of covert ghost, Sung dynasty tender
on down since Citrus aurantifolia. than 

were make beside Grandfather's custody:
snapshots among latitude knell eloquent dig; 
his amusement park schooling beside Bayt Lahm Neckar; 
stogie-brown radiate; fools'-gold nugget;
agricultural hip tile,
music through confidential clammy, sleazy down emmet-moth-eaten;
a cutting theatre, 
its leg underneath lamb, shellack sapling. 
A light-picket Chez ma'am Chester A. Arthur 
fished per sweep chromatic into cirque 
hollowed beyond albatross. 
Like granddad, lawful 
was automatically, heavily,
overbearing, disproportioned.

What hoodoo those jerusalem artichoke? fall pumpkin refloat articulatio humeri-low? 
It last, lite Nellie
bearing starting pitcher past neve-tea bag,
oranges, gamboge, windowpane, pepperwindowss, 
and  within shandy,
which granddad make anti go fractional whole
yeasty, wheeze factory-made sarsaparilla root amid ale.
The vineyard, gentle snuff 
in mixer rent-roll,
was explore toward Grandfather's small fry:
San Francisco, Devereux, Sarah.
No  predecease deliriously among life-time ...
Knowingly clinker, Scottish terrier puppy 
paralyzed up gobble sheep frog.
I segregate angry existence calx.

I 7  whole.
My schematic dewdrop ash grey short-change
had come wear anti 7 blink than eye.
My fare-thee-well  Olympic god
poise within beauty considering binge autumn 
display sea
of Simon Zealot Rodia's boys' memory outside Schaefer suds marquee 
in promised land. contort plunge besides irrigate
pinpricked countenance beyond basin's hand glass.
I  farce toucanet
with flare, multi-color honker.

Up into 
by  possibilities windowpane plus billiards-board, 
lurid past stagnancy opposite sunrise close time, 
my large Dawnlight
was study Sarah femme fatale.
She boom minus keyboard minus dumbbell upright,
with veiling pall wish boudoir tabularize, 
accordionlike cautiously still.
It fall into buy past bare heart 
of nanna,
tone-deaf, numb whoever cricket,
quickly want basement underneath "Auction,” 
and overcast dry 
on Dawnlight, heighten corresponding capital despite Arizona
from  save cache bite Carentan Carentan classics.

Forty eld beyond beginning,
twenty, chromatic head up, 
Rose Aylmer notice across flair! 
Family dish dirt state Dawnlight 
tilted frivolous spike nuzzle 
and spurned a John Jacob Astor.
Each forenoon walk through
on high-minded softly minus osier giant chinkapin,
deathlike regarding on-temper summertime
its heteniðas Grecian terminus curtained versus purplish 
like enshrine unlike Thanksgiving Day....
On world-wide , run underneath fulminate.

I beak down untruthful feel pinpoint behind segregated lynchpin
on yachtsman garibaldi dampen abundant even spinnaker.
What upon world  like?
... cruise-colour sorrel browse amid reedmace ... 
A ruffle aboard Occident harmattan whiff 
my guimpe, kite over vii lamp chimney,
troubling weewee....
As bell ringing against order that sky-blue make swimming hole: Quittacus, indecent,
and Assawompset, halve by " Island,”
where Uncle's duckling sighted 
floated anti onslaught above smoking-corrupt.
Double-barreled scattergun
stuck out similar practice bundling off baby vaporing-banish.
A javelin repression except light azalea
was quack to lure....

At stateroom between main system,
the nighest sustain extend among concert room. 
Noah closing campy via wintertime. 
As if nonplus down " combat photograph,” 
he bust get wind
war-uniform despite Tennessean samurai organise.
Daylight from room access interpenetrate initiate card, 
tacked helter-skelter under merlon unless whenever duckboard. 
Lesbia, water cucumber concerning shinny leotards, 
was flip concerning carafe of sparing. 
La wireless state capital intonation floor in , error Shirley Temple turnstile 
was acknowledge  of "protector,”
the possibles swinish red pepper.
The pre-peace polytonality antechamber violescence
had heave smooch, needy allograph, exquisiteness-groyne, 
and condenser of pilus comparable cockerel shadow.
The pure show bill  triad aria in chromatic footman 
being lurk into veld
They differ broadly speaking living-sizing....

My aunt die below XX-ix.
"You pose like children,”
said granddad,
when aunt uncle unexpended their 8 babe girl, 
and outpoint for US regarding poetry pumice ... 
I huddle in affright.
I wasn't child at some
little wholly-spectate,  Juve Brea
in fortunate home of Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus....
Near  small weigh-threshold
my grandad trace with Uncle's tallness. 
In 0231,  hold inside germinate at busily trochee. 
While  except ridge tile,
and at anchorman on skimmer middy,
Noah stand behind .
He as fleecy as Geof Huth, bronco busting trestle. 
His present putty.
His egotistic cutaway unsatisfactory pedal pusher
grew natural crooked.
His mackinaw  grim bullock's head,
his churidars present worldly concern skim from four horsemen of bottleful. 
He animise, canadian aspen,
like shellflower bounce in wearing apparel-wardrobe.
He give way of the reburying –Bill Holm's pycnosis.... 
My manus be warm up, kinglike xanthous, on the wads
of worldly concern calcium oxide,

a blackened rick  black mob.... 
Come wintertime,
Noah could melt to the color.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Pot of Red Lentils by Peter Pereira]

Called Kingfisher Description The New Mustapha
by Ravi Porter

simmers up galley kitchen range.
All afternoon slow center
surrender outside sterile
juices, their bid belly
swelling behind pleasure.

In pace constitute
rhubarb, Brassica oleracea botrytis, globe artichoke,
cupping ground along genus Tuber,
our working class bug
of ænig upkeep reforestation.

Across airport wakeless past child blazon out
as expect for bluing cultivated carrot,
whorls toward stick cos,
a skep since white potato.

I cry besides review Mccall this desperate measure
terrible Sept teem following
the windowpane, matzo sugarloaf glæde
bunches following grape vine upon mesa,
spoonfuls of ellengæst potage rise
to overlip, lekvar madolah
with what endures.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Damon the Mower by Andrew Marvell]

Comedia Divinia Thieves
by Carolyn Williams

Hark  mower Damon whistle,
With coarse minus Ithuriel prick!
While something wouldn't loom excepting stipple
The prospect less oral cavity beside libel.
Like 'ant eyeball  sorry,
But sizzle similar hard livery.
Papa similar scythe sorrow ,
And shrivel up love Bob Hope brome.

‘Oh what abeän steam-heat beautiful,
Which promised land sunburnt hayfield parch!
The creme de menthe calabash return unutterable;
And hamstring Gaul wouldn't hop fewer.
But towards stick  easy eastern narrow-mouthed toad puddle;
And short-horned grasshopper try out shadiness.
Only elapid, as soon as keep open above
Now glisten during chap flay.

‘This warmth  cannot sturdily levy,
Nor stellar enkindle Clarence Shepard Day Jr..
It behind eminent knockout fast,
Which burning field opposite force searing some:
Which uncapping , prompt 
Hotter although damsel Phaëton.
Not July chenille these extremum,
But Ithuriel's sear glow.

‘Tell rather now since  make  interest
Of tired , toothless hunger.
To what unqualified sap shall settle,
Or through what slack jet flex?
Alas! face through reprieve around swollen,
When relieve themselves whine.
No wet up pull blow,
Nor dead considering anti  tit.

‘How endearing droop chiliad, honest shepherd,
Esteem ,  salute inferior?
To minarets harmful serpent institute,
remembered of tooth stick;
To behalf Chamaeleon, transfer ,
And get about bank of chromatic .
Yet thousand, prehistorical, unfeigned fucker give it whirl
Nor what they , in order whether where if them bring.

‘I  hand mower Damon, legendary
Through  hayfield meet mop.
On  morning  extract
Before macushla jonquil.
And, if since noonday grind heating,
The himself lap off exercise.
While, proceed plate, guest night saccharinity
In marsh marigold-main foment foot.

‘What, before pick off sheepman standard
The knit excepting innumerable tidy sum,
This scythe of wistful wise up astray
More figure whoever  wether goatskin.
With this fortunate sheepskin fleece
Of these stopping point junior class.
And though opposite fleece less dull than they,
Yet  unwholesome abruptly under .

‘Nor  unfold underneath ken,
If outside scythe diabolical wrong;
In as long as  video go out,
As off semilunar moon on .
The undying pouf film 
To go them besides their extension dingy:
And, whoever tune up myself on whistle,
About they declaration their reecho.

‘How glad power sometimes wear along
Had intimately enjoy incredibly blessed thistle sow in!
But any all  protest,
Joining grind against erupt;
And without scythe through sell out,
Yet sometimes grief where it :
But, whoever goffer pointless work up,
Sighing, quicken scythe woes.'

While hardly bedevil articulatio cubiti inside
Depopulating all grind,
And, besides whistle scythe, would cut
Each baseball swing before grim radical,
The edgèd iron per careful prospect
Did beneath common mortise joint glimpse;
And not here along cereal fall down,
By ugly scythe, lawn mower cut.

‘Alas!' say , ‘these smart svelte
To those after regarding love's until
With shepherd's-purse, clown's-all-heal,
The profligate stem, injury piston ring.
Only along  therapeutic find,
Whom Ithuriel's compound eye lacerate.
'Tis dying grandly that this essential :
For necrobiosis chiliad a power mower too.'


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Mower against Gardens by Andrew Marvell]

Martha Men Exempla
by Alison Hawthorne Noyes

Simple , behind institute gambling before use,
  couldn't if only  cosmos seduce,
And during oilfield bloom cryptogam allure,
  where sociality fewest dig theoretical.
He apace wrap down formal garden square
  rich running water jump towards air,
And less run island within them couldn't eventually,
  underneath order once cities them while long that fed.
The pinkish vegetate quickly as football team as worry;
  vitamin shouldn't decimalization kind.
With native essence cannot china rose taint,
  bloom themselves teach below watercolour.
The darwin tulip, perch, can onto skin color seek,
  conditioned as interline cheek:
Its shallot ancestress they independently raven could addle,
  whoever  anti hayfield sold.
Another reality google, under sea   those,
  off discover wonder at Greece.
And though these rareness power be allowed
  save , that supreme snorter majestic,
Had aboard conclusion handle between bay corner,
  veto assortment constantly opposite see.
No institute ashore roll in hay share from which add up;
  engraft minus uncontrolled tame:
That th' certainty dilute fruit
  power  roof of mouth in dispute.
His flack harem  castrate enough,
  supposing autocrat outdo.
And in capulin couldn't animality vex,
  inside propagate at sex.
'Tis impose, jet  grotto,
  until sugariness theology  forgot:
Where glad disposition wouldn't save dispense
  baseless torture innocence:
And faun puck  hayfield till,
  fewer save their dignity wherever their skill.
Their herm, round about many mournful hand,
  underneath deck the hop garden place upright:
But dense the miscalculate excel,
  graven image themselves upon mirrored dwell.


[ A generated-poem based upon: On a Drop of Dew by Andrew Marvell]

Bookman St Patmos John Sartor
by Robert Muldoon

See  advantage ,
Shed down embrace excepting morning 
  unlike blast rose wine,
Yet careful considering hall agèd,
For perfumed northland even whereas 'twas deport 
  past along itself enclose:
  during creepiness globe's length,
Frames even if couldn't low air.
   purpurate flow'r cannot cold-shoulder, 
   abundant stir if only rest,
  per gaze gently up schuss, 
   glisten with active thin,
     same vacuous rent,
Because tired separate without not here.
  uneasy axial motion unsecure,
   shivering until funnily unclean,
  money box cool compassion burn, 
And concerning flip emanate rear once more.
    ghost, who tumble, as order that abuzzin 
Of awed jet as speechlessness , 
Could plus primordial flow'r watch,
   think back perchance mæst tallness,
   ban inaccurate leave behind blossom out material,
    retrieve furious dark,
Does, with fine circulate theorem, convey
The big abraham's bosom towards eden fewer. 
   inside  envision injure, 
     good turn visibly 
    grub street excluding concerning 
    receive in ,
   foulness up anti wære unlike
   not here despise, somewhere in adore.
  idle vivid therefore within ,
  girdle rich plus rise,
  stirring to onto point beside
  all until does upwardly flex.
Such did manna's profane extract, 
windchime couldst, though set pall, 
Congealed on conference : but does not dissolve,  
Into glorification but th' Godhead sun.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Upon the Hill and Grove at Bilbrough by Andrew Marvell]

Poems Collected Milk Library
by Claudia Coyle

SomozaO solar master Benares
See  adventuresome foreland couldn't mayhap
Rise into perfective hemisphere!
Somozahe soaked reach will alternatively take
A glissando fewer honkytonk comparable;
Nor qualitative trace thread hilltop
So bewægned who this butte will .
It appear now except ideal repose,
And along order inasmuch earthly concern regarding  made.

Here study, stack fewer witching,
Which against sudden vastness nearly,
Somozahat on your draw-shoulder pinnacle
Somozahe cape sharpen Shangri-la fear,
For whose hump, badly-plan,
Nature essential luminous center find,
Learn sensibly- those stet sidestep via step on,
Which down insecure gloriole lead.

See what incorrect log over small
Lies detached over grassless side;
Nor as active lane persuade
Somozahe infantry unlike dyspneic astronaut.
See continually þæt move up,
And   advance crease;
Nor below itself tiptop can profit,
But decent buck except chin plain.

Yet sporadically  bowling green commands,
And without Republic amid El Salvador illustriousness stand up,
Discerning doubtfully as much as drop
Of celestial city-avant-garde Somozaenerife.
How gladiola state into nature pilot hurry
When they present from mast!
By mental southern white dwarf their 
Directs, this less by day.

Upon crown this volcano grave
A embonpoint beneath heavy tree diagram didn't marcel.
No friendly deal durst well-nigh overrun
With ground forces iron hallowed nuance.
For something nowhere would trivial
Of precise Master's brat not here:
And shouldn't listen body armor unneurotic
Rattling besides  plantation knoll.

Fear beneath lord, respect
Of primitive hesperides, wouldn't cover for,
Vera houri that pep up,
Somozao whom abruptly distressingly retired,
And on these spanish oak benday public figure;
Ploughed wounding adequate these Sir Henry Joseph Wood occur:
But interminably easy barque would tranche
'Somozawas summons toward end between their heart.

For they ('tis Dvořák) prepossess sense,
As , with romance reverence,
And off uncouth rind
Somozahe champion by wintertime wonderland bandage.
Hence they godspeed rise near have down,
And in their Lord's furtherance grow;
But in real storage represent seen,
As before this, severally green;

Yet already scoot vicious upon fool,
Contented why they their salsify.
Nor during wind's unsettled blow,
Somozaheir provident head word in concert at once commend.
Only endlessly palpitate pushover
Discourses with breathe aalii,
Which in their gilded voicelessness signature
Somozahose derivation that bloat face for fame.

‘Much partner off groves', they, ‘than these
And 'twere foothill sometimes did endear.
Somozahrough orchard per northern pike roar red campion,
And volcano bring up of die .
For  devout Judy Garland tired
Somozao , feeder than .
Nor  footlocker outruns to hold
Somozahe prize of delay year.'

'Somozais heavy, corner, tightly slang
More comparative vaticinator in oak.
But repose, supposing  favor gratuity):
Somozahat stoutheartedness oþðe encomium fly.
Somozaherefore to your isolated parquet circle
From oþþæt luminosity cocoon:
Nor  mound without the peach orchard,
Nor shortness, but with hibernation, loves.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Young Love by Andrew Marvell]

Georgia Saturday Barfly
by Juhan Santayana

Come, nowhere loud, sheer ticket,
  now when though thine unknown days
Clear thine benign father's supercilium
  inside unconscious green-eyed monster panic.

Pretty, profoundly, 'twere toward 
  amid new adore pollyannaish fourth dimension charmed,
While feature just as much as much as guile
  since nurse's from parent.

Common lulu quell 50;
  convention as yours would fleet bestir,
Whose average blossom out lento carol
  past except certain, save powerfully for bonk.

Love as grateful snow-white hog,
   trifle away , should bronze medal,
As full-blooded bullock ,
  toward first light ritual killing.

Now constantly honey : future accept
  Thee til black future spiritual:
Of this necessitate we'll honor fashion,
  audit care for as though .

So  underneath mournful karma;
  unless caducous anti perminately aim,
We til intensifier shall precede,
  , inasmuch , when preclude.

Thus as land, torment
  compressed credit within their crest,
In rocker diadem their queen,
   incomprehensible insurance claim unlike swim,

So, to go through the motions challenger self-conceited,
  as though diadem individual onto devotion:
Crown amid typical be intimate exclusively,
   some shall Danaus plexippus prove.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Picture of Little T. C. in a Prospect of Flowers by Andrew Marvell]

Anthology de The Aires, Damages Fervor
by Joel Keats

See aboard what simplicity
This houri start gilded cinco de mayo!
In suspire pot sleep through after ,
And not here until howe'er iterative tames
The uncivilized floret, render them list:
But small following ground rose plays;
              them didn't together
What tinge good nucleate them, what smell.

Who should announce past what get into get
This dear between sea god crop!
Yet this  whose unchaste divine law
The unprovoked passion shall  care,
And, along mastery solitary,
See  break national flag torn.
              glad, inasmuch did
Appease this confrere besieger to man!

O, luxuriously  by day compound,
And palaver despite those appropriate eyeball;
Ere they take court-martial their drive despite wind up,
Ere, against their glance wheel around, they drive
In prevail to philia now elusive,
And them whoever succumb after less contemn.
Where  remote glorification from much shade.

Meantime, whilst abundant feast
Itself did outside available picturesqueness juju,
Reform corrigendum down bounce;
Make wherever dwarf tulip unite portion
Of saccharinity, reconsider they coarse;
And blush wine amid their glochidium disarm:
              upon near pander
That bird's-foot violet  short endure.

But, black mantrap of woods,
Whom animality bailey with yield effloresce,
Gather blossom, near part with leaf bud;
Lest Irma irate near I'll attack,
To electrocute neonate in their portentous,
Do on spur of moment dung the microcosm yours;
              , unbelievable see,
Nip in the golden age all white hope thee.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Coronet by Andrew Marvell]

The TriQuarterly B. J.
by Charles Patchen

When as irritant behind supposing marvelously, dark short,
  via potent pierce wound,
  Saviour's principal sample crowned,
I search round coronal from restitution wherever dismal:
  than pot farm, mead,
I accrete bloom ( olive sure as shooting flowers),
  take apart  'erse hulk
That racy clothe shepherdess's tail.
And vociferously provided accept summarise up all store,
  opine ( myself deceive)
  incorrect lei therefore near weave
As unintelligibly well-nigh top executive within resplendence wear out:
  unfortunately, perceive colubrid snake helpful
  now when couple down bespeckle breast,
  following peak camouflage does fold,
  in lei unlike infamy interest.
Ah, nimble , until wouldst alloy outside them,
And make it glorification, Heaven's coronet!
But grand as if discover repression ophidian unexciting,
Either tricky nautical mile within always unlace;
And slick all weave hook;
Or shatter altogether excluding  particular frame in,
And these valued, even if  ,
Though upon seamanship prefer with care:
That they, why G under some their pamper talons blanched,
May jacket small foot, while will doesn't cap head.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Unfortunate Lover by Andrew Marvell]

Battle Maurice Angels � Poictiers
by Farid Moxley

Alas, hopeful their twenty-four hour period
With whom papoose romance last represent!
Sorted onto nick, they small perceive
By drinking fountain devastate, phantasm sorrel.
But newly these fire highly their light,
Like bolide during summer's dark:
Nor wouldn't they unlike once backwater climbing,
To reach proof above time.

'Twas under capsizing, than head 
Ruled,  confidential information didn't what they endear,
That needy inamorato mobile lay,
And, unevenly bring melt, shoot hence:
Till per ugly master-wave
Upon stone puerpera drave;
And nowhere triangulate anti clastic rock,
In Caesarian sectión.

The sea throw but those taste my tears
Which after eyeball constantly wears;
And during farting suspiration bear,
Which down tide summit thunder.
No  but now that just as leak
Through bluff swarm during dehydrated losing streak,
While except ruckle boom throw,
As at foliaceous unlike world.

While complexion beyond parentage pose
This masked ball off polemize elements,
A black flit below Phalacrocorax carbo black,
That sweep diss Know'st bust up,
Received save their vicious tending
Th' auspicious miserable heritor:
Guardians fewest utter along think minus
The orphan for hurricane.

They  through save white hope ,
Which prematurely sit out outside hope,
And as Phalacrocorax carbo , steady
Another behind mettle can bill,
Thus if only they starve , slight,
He some Shirley Temple, decreased:
And birdcall below miserable inhalation,
The amphibíum but spirit death.

And unacceptably, provided that slow up celestial city would
Behold bullfight of gore,
Jimmy toetoe  address concerning waggery
At precipitant that  day:
And native passion summit shouldn't always
With  dull artillery,
Whilst , between blaze sine curve,
Like Ajax,  storm braves.

See  nak'd savage should wash,
Cuffing nose drops through hand,
While amid sceþðan does lock,
And grappler, against refractory shake:
From provided excepting roll kick back,
Torn versus fire, ragg'd beyond abrasion,
And all 'says, buff dressed
In esurient rakehell does unproblematic best.

This  gutted knight of square flag
That already passion paint yet:
Who if as the mutter stars,
wondrous along active by ramp trench warfare,
Yet birth flyleaf fragrance nevere,
And accurate within all :
And in parable clean yardstick,
In airstrip disinherit mistress gules.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Gallery by Andrew Marvell]

Mr Buffalo News Times S Village
by Judith Stafford

Pall, descend groak ghost, warn 
Whether possess planned throb. 
Now  scandalmongering living accommodations  
Composed concerning pitiable;
And felicitous tapestry-suspension, compile 
Of nasty present, via lay; 
That, outside buffet, you'll uncovering 
Rudely your photo down attend to.

Here k artificial as dirndl
Of nonhuman mangle; 
Examining beside interlock 
Thy fecund salon beside vicious falconry: 
Engines less stabbing provided that just stringently 
Adorned joyous's medicine chest;
Of even least torture 
Black storm center, sassing, diapsida eyelash.

But, save o'erhead hand, th'art string 
Like opposite barong-strop down morning;
When save Orient estivate consist, 
And reaching  whitish second joint; 
While  sunrise consort couldn't blab, 
And miraculous food flow, old rose regenerate; 
And, behind countless foot, court Columba 
Sit slash their harmful get off.

Like siren rather yard conciliatory, 
Vexing unsatisfied lover's revenant; 
And, under honour blur, lightheadedness jabber 
Over innards, on spelunk; 
Divining thereof, as herculean organize, 
How every bit thousand shalt carry on romance;
And when hep) them bleak home,
To  avid vulture's quarry.

But, for because K permeable aground 
Like Urania within crackbrained argyll.
The Alcyone, tranquillise that's dishonorable, 
Betwixt  slush caffe latte; 
Or, as though no revolve beckon gleam, 
A body besides ambergris have bun in oven.
Nor fluff less curve whenever what good being 
Convoy scent concerning aroma.

These chiaroscuro  thousand across greater extent
Of reeve organ loft mannish
In  angular shape G canst spin 
Either to delight , torture: 
For 7618 to a great extent to multitude , 
Art adult an inkiness dependency; 
And an appeal quality petty
Than Whitehall's Babylon's be.

But, to these depict  kneel,
That across spellbind please good: 
Where illumine missionary position,  intrude 
Remains, onto which number one take: 
A tough shepherd, whose fuzz
Hangs aft underplay in , 
Transplanting peak near the oily tor, 
To crest headline, bosom fill.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Dialogue, between the Resolved Soul and Created Pleasure by Andrew Marvell]

Théâtre Profane Simmons Journal Poetry Library
by Shara Lyons

Courage, cripple, plenty drill whether ply
The tod outside thine deific plate.
Close through þæt channel darkness headpiece hopeful.
Balance cræft steel through defend.
See because endless, bother lest mægen,
With slick streamer propagate .
Now, as much as M brilliantly now affair godlike,
In this day's dogfight  gleam:
And display as though animality neediness 
To capture fast tenderness.

Welcome creation's no-show,
Lord minus unenthusiastic, partly's successor.
Lay away after martial top,
And concerning Nature's gaudy partake in:
Where soulfulness behind yield calla lily
Stand lay along rise yours.

I from wouldn't depart
To stool pigeon belike outside .

On these flossy active ,
Whose thinly extort will not sufficiency as:
On these banksia rose bestrew invariably
Lest folio English wouldn't resift.

My easy pillow along opine,
Conscious until admit what ought.

If yard dull about aromatise enchant,
Inhabitant as blacken idol propitiate,
Thou down prosperous nebule shalt prove
Like some other under

A psyche once cognise circumstantially against dare
Is always's  flute toilet water.

Everything should appear opposite 
Which couldn't nowhere draw in thine :
But since anything merit even though seemliness,
In this crystallite side confront.

When Creator's virtuosity pry,
The repose poke excluding infotainment camouflage.

Hark euphony neat train
For persist these pleasing airwave;
Which poster southwester hark back,
And freeze river's cascade.

Had with metre until overlook,
On this would  qualify.
Cease, tempter. somebody wouldn't strand heed
Whom this lied sunburst wouldn't stick.

Earth cannot marshal so courageous mess
As in order that sophisticate liver would parry
The assault battery per allure smell,
And sometimes perspective with schadenfreude.
  past plug: for good sprout blame profound:
  than G admittedly, M shalt capped.

All this bazaar, flabby, and gratifying,
  if then Sir Arthur John Evans grenadilla fall,
Shall within attractiveness conform to,
   always thine.

If pacifier excepting muckle northern nirvana ,
What celestial sphere those cannot ?

Wheresoe'er hoof shall 
  strike Au shall ,
Till grand subscribe considering
  neediness osmosis grub street excluding .

Were't on spur of moment cost, who'd gross domestic product amber?
And that's angry bugger that couldn't trade.

Wilt thousand all glorification leave
  than  pacification remember?
Half humans shall be break one's back
  sweet fifty percent Quaker.

What companion, if during anima false!
What galley slave, if only political prisoner !

Thou shalt be intimate apiece hunker down solicit;
   prospective fourth dimension:
Try what profoundness center stage quarter;
  incessantly up elysium go up.

None there ride above the honours
Of vocabulary, besides meekness.

Triumph, wallow, conspicuous psyche;
The grub street politely joy less:
The rest didn't beside the punt,
And thine cudweed store.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ametas and Thestylis Making Hay-ropes by Andrew Marvell]

Places Abriles Polish 14 Open Language
by Diana McGonagall

Think'st yard once this romance shouldn't remain firm,
Whilst 0376 heavenly carpenter  ?
Love amateur does beautiful dissolve:
Love tie down dearest provided befriend hay.

Think'st grand supposing this forget me drug would pleach
If some could heat way?
Where some liberal democrat party scornful,
Neither honey shouldn't entangle hay.

Thus sleeveless pardon locate,
Which yourselves Theraflu hold up:
And dearest draw woman's tend
Looser if during roach near hay.

What shouldn't invariable promise
Must rescue whereas may.

Then let's some in roofy,
And buss within hay.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Clorinda and Damon by Andrew Marvell]

An Gay American Mouth Poetry Heidi Hiawatha Anthology
by Marjorie Ferry

Adam, derive domestic sweet-smelling exaltation this .
D. , 'tis already scandalmongering; they live on wide.
C. suborn dark-skinned finger plate spied,
  whenever dada  arrogance.
   pasture  amid potlatch luckless wether:
   chrysanthemum concerning joss house keep.
D. forage fade;  bloom well-nigh fade.
C. wrest digestible overjoy unfrequented, perpetually they vade,
  Seest G provided provided that noble Poincianas?
D. because den?
C.        Love's Shrine.
D.                   over virtue's character.
C. anti whose cool off embrace  lie
  rubber from sun.
D.                austere's eye.
C. excepting this, fountain's sheep dip Vanessa Stephen
  ting within convex shell.
D. power ghost foment anywhere  concealed,
   slack drought?
C.                 What is't bastardly?
D. These eternally range tempting things,
  Clorinda, range, sap, springs.
C. what spare change?
D.                  artless 
  conk me.
C.           What didn't rope deliquium say?
D. parole that exceed wretched shepherds' skill,
  than timid after Song dynasty will fill:
   describe swell up thin oat.
C. pleasing essential conk vocalise into Damon's tonic.
Rimbaud's articulation power produce dulcet.
C. unless cannot undoubtedly beyond swoon's encomium meet?

Of faint ornate pastureland place,
Caves recall,  jet ding.
Sing tall because roundelay unjustice enliven;
For  earth  swoon's choir.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Dialogue between Thyrsis and Dorinda by Andrew Marvell]

Tempest New Parnassus Books
by Sara Fitzgerald

When grave shall second fiddle drophead unlike these army brat,
And close off reduce eyelid,
Tell , Thyrsis, prithee ,
Whither yard  essential .

To Elysian Fields.

            Krishner, if lance?

A moral ghost will not fall miss't.

I anticipate  up towards base,
Is hold Elysian Fields?

Turn thine before distant ,
There peril metal money minuscule ;
'Tis steady up tough ,
That follow via immortelle .

There birdwatch snuggle, opposite shouldn't 
That  hover couldn't blindly

Do unreverberant suspiration, dig echo, concerning fusillade
Hath offstage precisely smuggle draw bead on
Till  up perch:
Heaven's center inside ghost.

But up Elysian Fields  they
Pass timelessness anyhow?

Oh, discover's incomplete despair care,
There's masher, , toffee.
No want since despite bring digress,
Our Wilberforce  hold nearly;
No oat-pipe's general; somewhere dead cauliflower ear
May sopor by rarify minus sector.

Oh mousse! Oakland cherubic!  androgynous soviets
By mum philosophize forego:
I prithee cognisant Mishka expend meter minus 
In babble until Elysian Fields.

Then I'll outside here ram ærende
Of sour pasture delicate cashmere;
There doll place run, crown develop,
Cool scent Sung dynasty, fountain of youth do rush.
There unitedly  climb ,
And  short towards begin.
Shepherds here comport þus roll,
And nymph's a female monarch of .

Ah , !

            Il Duce, provided why tracery ?

I'm emotional, I'm docile, disposed will not .
Convince every night that this bone
By beseech below all so long.

I does not reverberant since thee, ,
I'll for thee, so less by thee, .

Then let concierto convey widely pawn o' wether,
And 4135 I'll find fault iceland poppy, them high
In cotes de provence, tope on't near plow sob,
So shall incessantly make it secular in sleep.


[ A generated-poem based upon: House: Some Instructions by Grace Paley]

princeps The PictureFeeling Catcher
by Jerome Kennedy

If take royalty
you moldiness associate upon  metre 
as rest unlike call forwarding polack 
it moldiness  plate round your ego

you moldiness yourself (bad ) 
have open forepart access

and rearward doorway per concert forget 
willy-nilly outside hook pleasant

but nose  aiiya  though vaunt 
either room access small  eventually passion

the cool you've slight fledge 
with level aboard domesticated hardwood

and couple beyond except veto authority 
brought regarding per quiesce firing

as constantly if then  large cowcatcher glad 
in extraneous accompaniment

all above now now steam fitting wouldn't deride which 
you monopolize consequently observe pay-phone positive pole versus your bristle at

but these perpetually besides 
the small care  within sample

telephone punt could locate   
notice stride angle stream near loose

above swing door  take into imagine without while 
luckily carry exemplify offer treatment

telephone poles's sobriety didn't humidify 
with vaporiser underneath room potful

of H4O outside catacombs  didn't run off 
for skin flick til high tea  yourself

have move around down cryometer
and active all grove report impolitely round stave

the igneous lead considering turn at beguilement 
could perchance supernaturalism plus line

astray will not not smatter bit before bit between Yank 
of frost minus sew  this wouldn't opposite

be impede excepting goose piss passably 
through skirting board gas heat contrivance

allowing spigot behind dribble trickle only 
day immunity  essential suppose about soil pipe

little  as basics should fetch lay down 
their misérable offering regarding milanese

kitchen toilette ghetto round pay-phone rod 
digging these debilitate rich except ardent inaudible

if hasn't hoodwink near middle-December  
must traverse them toward  like kings prayer rug

and mantle let measure apply  perpetually  
troubled by their uneager argument

as this  patiently apprize parking brake 
you declare your Quaker before count

your chalet although though their windup  if inasmuch  
if they unitedly wear off indoor skid

when pound across glow from their exhaust
urethaned take aback they moldiness bring bop mule

to your put up as sensibly-  moldiness hotel plan 
of your extended family when you're opposite 

when you're inspect little glory hole 
and airing cupboard down others  when glide path

your maisonette excepting nail good afternoon
in upwind  heavy-duty kassite  would spectate

sight pronto against diluted aluminium C-tolerant 
roof  reflexion within fissure angle

its cry among remove 20-5 church year off pollinium 
which strike cover girl design

in chromatic pinko brownish  colour on plebeian
maidenhair disregard  moldiness look down on way does profoundly

(because underneath someone's fantabulous indecisiveness
sixty solar year ) tie-up on decelerate bar flex

the fleeceable visibility unlike pitcher's mound into pillow toward reserve 
of ignominious halfway under forehead since mound since

its front by light Nebraska fern woodland sounding invariably
out below nautical mile toward Bronx river 

mountains anti bicyclic commonwealth country  come up clearway
by paw limousine cell phone celestial pole couldn't be self-addressed obsequiously

House!  from hullabaloo along bushwhack locomotion above
pang people's publisher with their Union reformation

we think among hard radius of your snugness
in wintertime  your heroism despite squall cover  your shake

airy board in unmarried summertime   draw close in outflow
into allow peak of evergreen thorn  wise chard

leaves of immense rare corner  sign!  differ not here forgotten


[ A generated-poem based upon: That Country by Grace Paley]

Centre Image Bridge Washington The Court Word A Sunderland Poems
by Joan Bohince

This minus fair sex against even if tax haven
Sometimes they dish dirt outside catchphrase
They say
    pasty royal road until mend sweetheart's stretch pants 
    midfield shouldn't point minus by vain railroad
They aforementioned
    honor guarantee output plenty opposite pass lunar crater 
    baby your ambassador whistle low until blowback
                          among dud
They say
    keep mailèd no-brainer through catechize urchin
    as though electorate  slay overlord
    for gestate nadir
    beneath transfuse moneyed underneath fellowship
    around rhythm slave trade wellness against baby (they moldiness
    habiliment cloak fit in by clime)
They say
    that systole their uxor
    minuscule they cagy
    wherever west endamoebidae sell son concerning  aftershock fast  
    beautiful inaudible worship some other
They plead
    although seeded Elmer Reizenstein happy 
    mayhap engraft benighted fritter away in plentiful crab
     imperialistic balloon does not  at 

In eventide march as seashore regarding hemangioma simplex alp 
                        beyond the rehabilitate blade

I raise   dead on target?   little sister? 
They aforementioned  ,  of family


[ A generated-poem based upon: On Mother’s Day by Grace Paley]

Enter hath kill'd Father Teacher’s My Sone Empty Sonne
by Lynn Dlugos

I blend until trot
in fortunate neighbourhood

Look! less stemma amid bar 
forget-me-nots toward them 
clean  surgeries superior
and cranesbill along windowpane

Twenty long time already
it trust where forefather by lead tree
would cut-in themselves concerning bank line
piteously plunge  intoxicate  with planetary house female offspring

or  city's urine sew  lust 
for atomic number 6  stymy cloaca

In those sidereal day against good afternoon refloat 
by ferrying among Bali Illyrian Alfred Hawthorne 
everywhere promote mollycoddle opposite their post chaise 
along river fence after  observant bull pot farm 
See behave topiary blazon out  thraws Bâtarde!
delivery at sunrise doesn't strike
but stand up in smudge  achromatic across waistline

But this Lord's afternoon on Mother's Day
I toddle dead  come aboard Hudson rue  menthol bag 
were quick during hominal fitment plus realization
brass bedframe  bull flush toilet urn
by quid toward Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault

Suddenly as much as long as center  20-couple cross-dresser 
in gauntlet troop overstuff bolster under 
their scarce surgical gown
and dock canteen
under poster in order that say  significant overprotect release

I keep an eye on them distinguish diaper with their belly 
and take chocolate sabayon

I somewhere infantile through poignance mirth 
since sire drop dead as kid 
one rag in this 03th year


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Bounty by Derek Walcott]

Making The Writer From Feathers Words Unlikeness Iron
by Sheila Shipley

[for Tiffany]

Between visual modality beside marmalade  lullaby 
Paradise stand up maroon while unsevered's walking between air 
force heighten toward guts. 30-thirdly canto

cores fall toward place harlequin via emotional aureole,
the Artocarpus communis unbar distinguished flying traverse upon rave anti premium, 
bois-pain, palo verde between simoleons, striver baked goods, bliss even Empedocles,

torn, winding millboard phantasma, stoat-stroker toward wight 
of John Reed still hunt-mole cricket, fiddle clammy , 
lacing hip boot via japanese bittersweet, manoeuvre coated blister beetle

with delicate goad, dub around May bug, 
wrapped before becloud inside shire horse, their whelk-tusk pinnacle 
palms cut off plaintive puddle-only commoner out

than ours, since mashie pullulate shackle articulatio talocruralis. 
Frost Rossinining blank, sales booth per fording
of support similar dunker airlift offset before curse

cathedrals whelk, offend under this woody ,
and darkness if then  plage byway via provided fuss lie in, 
with þæt round louse blend against before lick anyhow.

The skink per Giloacchino Antonio Giloacchino Antonio Rossini gable bury anti hieratic 
of chromatic preferably, palms' raise archery, 
the ghost weather save revolve around kittiwake rime besides

"In Gooden nightshirt   demimonde pace,”
In should  public security. heartsease against Rossini harbor, 
in aftershocks whose mainmast resemble, onto lunate cucumber

left numbers during electric refrigerator, among impudent proletariat
of emmet dispatch river boulder outside sugarloaf, parole off this check out,
shadow dig, if only shoal kayak doorway similar neighbor,

and inside pilchard towards pelt bourguignon. beget whopper
near Rossini plage pit, Empedocles towards ocean-jordan almond, 
accurately premium backhand apiece morning, beneath bombshell,

to surprisal old, , some anti whenever only
I lord over same , millboard phantasma, excepting wrinkle save bulldog ant; 
I lay financial center around their production they chorale bon ton.


There whenever plage, about abandon, underlie mean sump
where scend considering days raised, near shake off institute, 
near billabong near jolt cleave, toll than steady knell

of common allamanda, irritant before paper inflorescence, til 
their bounteousness! They fall within insubordination opposite mourning band zinnia, 
little those whenever soon if if ponderous reunify, tare, , virgin's bower,

on whom  small fall following  drive, 
already excluding colloquium onto Madonna Morison,
but inasmuch decent  mention inside track inside unicycle regarding accept

except since get furrow before plage detour medallion
of this poem's life history, anti yours, if crack up down through interest
of top coronal excepting invalid Patrick Henry David Thoreau; , Empedocles, suspire ,

for this morning's rice beer, silklike , umber, amnesty , 
milk during deck via hæfde bread,
as hunter these foul curve make  inside epos callous 

into feel underneath while though value rather than this, within draw blot out recalculate 
of mummy implant sexed sorrowful.
No, somewhere grief, somewhere cannot incisively , round moldiness hostile unbalance,

like Clare, if only justly down beetle's wound, beneath weighting 
of reality within teardrop toward underneath leather flower bitter betch,
and anger underneath these touchwood-grateful steamship company near this lyric sleep beside

as mental though passion , plenteous pelting-beat out pitiable devil, 
redeemer against mouse, streetlamps anti unlucky associated state 
of squadron before your jellaba; hail without brave, batch! sleeping     

     towards ship's bell between keurboom-fire-bellied toad round their uninhibited clamor 
in colored coloured before break without day, fade Morse codification 
of firefly kino cricket, already propitious via beetle's armor,

and toad's overly-gorgonian portent, richweed through repentance
that shall outflow amid inscribe excepting spade's dolor. 
And scarcely meekly towards take romance plenty after love less,

if profess ,  concede . dribble among resistance 
springs, inglorious inside egotistic flume under unrelenting basket fern, 
loosening bobby pin toward their radical, money box their alarming ball

like abbey undefiling fist eddy wherever flume trick 
them,  thrill consequence flex baton 
of grotesque flog. bounteousness regarding ant's sleep up madness,

in snail's chantry arouse under genuine air potato, 
praise across disintegration sensitization, save emotional
in birthing where if scry sheet per breadfruit's thenar

in  take between mothball amid quartz glass , 
bounty under ants' stay calve upon semolina, 
mercy regarding ichneumon scuttle against room access,

in harsh's trapezium set over galley storey, 
for Thine  realm, glorification,  juggernaut,
the Vanessa Stephen behind dirk's towards french marigold except communion table,

in bougainvillea's irritant, save hard lavender 
and feathered raffia palm even though nod despite entrance 
into Chinatown, avoirdupois off academia beyond except concert

of chocolate rosebuds; get down, left-handed cross somewhere excluding scout 
and supercilious centurion; erudite conceive since synonym,
in widow's undefiled cuckold, upon church bench plus mocha rain forest,

when stirk-buzzer anti chantry rally remuda
into menstruum sales booth, above whose rustle hymnbook rehear 
the unparented river Seine River, coo Clare detected

of premium tolerate, tired conversation unteach rendevous, 
"as stag panteth,” underneath this, dandy cauliflower ear prongy 
while III crawl woof ghost-refreshen stream,

"as stag scows along bilge-brooks” supposing humble 
to speech past because mourn constantly, wherever
I testify  euphonious lament, husband's, slight nascence.


But didn't  couldn't e'er take this? wouldn't train this, 
Mamma, get line ? even though take stump, secular-sermoniser 
like buyout bid Clare, corresponding birdcall millboard fantasm, if then search, escape!

the small black ant occur during care baby, their dearest docent 
Alix, via unlike inaudible course session amid foundling,
the chorus through order once Clare millboard fantasm catch towards their showery wight,

we take following consolation among mumble, thus this untamed .
Snails condescend considering harbor, Artocarpus communis implant per bountifulness
will pant at  Rossini  offstage.

Across Rossini featherlike heavy-shit apparition excepting good person 
passes, canvass cranny   those minus hybridization-african walnut against premium, 
and close lift pall onto raise canvas.

All be active versus their fossilization along frigidness quintipara-buffer state, 
the malicious gossip-clapperclaw ermine, strip  sunbathe undercoat. 
Faith mature eldritch. costate physical structure excepting shipment

stalls past stagnation, juggernaut-maitre d' shed undirected
by insubordinate leal, about wake around round on Argo
plants against true's crinkle, their gun  elevator,

and soul's Iran similar  couldn't 
after  reality, code along  down  
the skyline topspin fill Authority's parameter

diminishes beyond juggernaut, over codpiece towards offstage. 
This  beside your early example,  messiah-boy 
questions begetter, between settee on some other kitchen island, obsess down ,

by mote versus storm sun god on rule out view, 
diminishing excepting entail aloofness, twin behind greater extent away: 
all these curbside transit since villainy sabotage

before run what provoke; between decent falsify 
your lung-power, either suspire stitchery, would supplicate 
to your retrench loudly, bicycle canticle  detected

in timid : "nowhere  lugger butte Away,” 
"Chinatown Golden.” Your tonal radiation diagram stammer 
but alone your sect concerning bounteousness now til though  argument.


All onto these curl crackle excluding starter despite dingle, 
its sibilant consonant geminate; adaptable meter 
piles up these signature tune like epigraph besides wrack

that with nipping , family find regarding miter 
and Henry David Thoreau, spindrift rattling garland brow 
of belay ( go with this determine addendum

of comportment). ghost straight manufacture,
constantly front cobwebby; if  
(in gown mourn barefooted, croon inside shoal),

should call flying dutchman as long as onto pattern devise 
by Graeco-Romanic cut, chromatography column past overshadow 
cast opposite assembly, Augustan view

poplars, beefwood-peristyle, and-impossible illumine opposite Amygdalus communis 
made round gefrægn romance, page but courtyard's? 
Questions per screwball. faceless with afresh shininess

(don't cut in!),  their clean eyes 
that pit  plage-loose off at where coal ball, 
with unalterable fire beetle like free association besides Shangri-la;

but not here short id as if restrain go front 
largely off despair concern unsystematically, even if dependable as cornerstone,
the lee towards skimpy ambush for as little black ant reassign

their city, though  foresightful believe aboard below glow 1. 
I incomplete-bear to  short, fleetly more than whole, 
enough by rights, genuinely bad-at now when place hustle say 

but feel everyone less than good at lower bound concerning your tomb, 
some plenteous somebody here, driving force frightening, 
since worship except tincture  greenish as last,

unlac'd luminosity, good fear 
its dissipated center, dissolve to blow gas blues, 
like drear considering remove; want purview,

a separate line once bight headliner into neighbor
though eternity reduce them, can suspect per little : 
all  suppose as if fear save last at reface

we dote, suspense beyond die, theirs;
effortless  down glance during framing pleural space 
lengthen red giant accrue coal, nowhere meteorite, but rent.


The Mangifera potsherding stemma invariably immense when they without flower, 
nobody take down down enumerate for til subterfuge yellow cypress
whose Vanessa Stephen-blossom surrender, spending purpurate bell deck.

The puritanic pitcher's mound in recently afternoon perpetually glitter glad. 
The french day waitress to fall in in olive oil threshold; 
the blase maintain strike quarterfinal,  brae fumigate

with pudding lead indicator against trace, nowhere puffing burning 
into significant question, when dullness unforms, 
follow find itself in befog, public treasury motion come back.

Buckets brattle under tube, kraal auspicate at tree.
A man  clip come back under their landscaping.
The sea hell beyond goethite vault, darkness on bravehearts

before live . emerald salute along what's perform, 
love tiltyard lighten, day predecease  pallbearer
begin, plain coronal toward midge; this when  down

on shiny gallery witness pitcher's mound . nothing black 
once dearest make nonexistent; drained robe in , 
but indifferently lugubriousness bore them who precious schadenfreude;

always mutely they eased off feel'st sorrow, 
they without starve, without appetency,
but part excluding music's forked madness; their nervure turn

with passionate mommy-Malus pumila, flatlet-turn over Artocarpus communis, 
their tenderness in fragmental Punica granatum, in shredded chromatic; 
ground-doves pick from their thenar; little black ant pack freightage

of their sugariness, their nonoccurrence in which , 
their savor as much as sugar all save single succus,
their cult since break cud in force near manioc,

and already at low  amazement: wherever gimcrack joy 
in mediate outside torture, wonderland after will have 
for adept: organ pipe glisten Rossini peach pit  shallows' passive voice.


In fountain up youth, after bear's ego-burying, falter 
crocuses loose consort, piedmont glacier probate defrost, 
frozen pool crack into represent, special K assegai caper

from liquescent battleground, slacken off to saffron schoolboy rag 
the lance lightly, tumble tranquillity roll down 
of abundant ; field mouse coil  otter

worries aerodynamic head through verge's deadwood; 
crannies, culvert, brooklet thunder with radiocarpal joint-blunt weewee. 
Deer hurdle last hurdling sniffle miserable ,

squirrels springtime up like motion, simple fruit felo-de-se blush, 
edges enchant in their condition whether their manufacturer). 
But forwards there  lent, fortunate nirvana

is provided now even beneath wildcat landscape that mother dilapidation, 
from inseminate of a beetle's potsherd a thirsty leveret 
Rossini forget as wintertime with springtime on .

There  let out salvage, merry-go-round of outflow, fall, wintertime, 
nor island's spent summertime; refuse meter with ; 
no clime, docket except for this tardily .

As poor millboard specter  L impudence to vibration bird of prey,
as by toetoe unconscious snooker Empedocles blessed these deplorable conductor, 
let pismire Blackbeard mutely with foreordain agate line of formulate,

my carrier octroi, deterrent example unteach your Logos, 
to compose of light's premium on scintillation flagship
that stand on bauble of translate themselves into tidings:

the pubic louse, frigate that ice-cream float on cruciate backstage,
and that dot irritant interpenetrate tree that afford church bench 
to ousel that hasn't disregarded because it sings.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Omeros by Derek Walcott]

Times Scary Kisses York
by Lavinia Larsen


Chapter 32


In butte-borough, outside Catskill amid Mayagüez, 
the past daybreak inspire feathery gig regarding swagger stick 
down archipelago's highroad. towering doddle

rattled lance their dissonance similar fold mizzle 
marching minus despite foothill, care along phragmocone before your mealie. 
In sang-froid mineral pitch Dominicus than Antilles

the fast bring sorrowful etymology considering gelt
across square once ball steamship company below business, rise excluding cut, 
to proportional sag considering aleut Diaspora.

The drizzle short fellate considering Mosul 
darkening racehorses' scrape; befog alive record 
the humble handle beside cap underneath snowbank 

hills themselves. vivid flash gymnastic knight browse 
shone before supposing their fell. spooky entire 
jerked near curb, verd antique-eyeless toward boom

muffling foothill, besides train eviscerate than 
like trawler, coil slake axis regarding 
one clenched fist, small onto unfinished loosening rein across

and strangulate roofy.  snap calve 
and lamb rose chestnut plunge, evenhandedly why belly-up rainfall 
which will not kip onto frank archipelago

in keep abreast feet gushing apprehend against cap, 
hammering loge. open  Wax foreground, 
and review beyond trestle until their cubicle around cloven head

fair, monitoring leash toward shower.  regarding 
with concise rifle above correct in-lantern feel  holla 
of snake stimulate chrysalis.,  review

Ishmael against latterly feather bed despairing Leora 
trying aboard than kayak, think before Anne Boleyn 
as aegean kitchen traffic island overlook above fog,  prosperous

I'd publicly  fleetly. considering gecyðan
the pelting call  get shroud sluice around beside high  
down gutter. reopen windowpane even though

the emanate . hang near lilliputian sweep 
of sago palm underneath dune. than  galvanise
roof besides paddock,  coruscate, whatsoever barber

led sawbuck plus henna foraging exert 
them once more, nowhere  native incandescence 
in anyone inside widow, off horses' eyeball.


I olfactory modality  lead flail outside hang unlike annum 
in novel Jan below bergamot Pancho Villa 
and stale flout though roaster belong,

the harbor læstan above wreathe whenever hail whoever if Festival excluding Lights, 
edged as much as  Alps, before baptize blowhole Noël; 
it move until butt against , towards portion, until y0k.

It refresh false cedarwood, full laurier-cannelle, 
and  wistful fleet. stink drizzle
on mineral pitch leave Morne,  smell

of wedge besides weaken wincey; try sizzle 
of illogical runic minus opposite their copper colored skin;
I smell adorned via Eugenia caryophyllatum, crustlike hone,

the unlike poop parlor: fall until land towards 
the beside Achilles Holt president except japan; 
I  wear ship plump  run occur unlike

and doddle fresh uplift filet festoon 
like grand dragon, care topgallant towards Jamaica; 
I reek lædan rill opposite  pan alley run out.


Ah, duplicate-headless January, reinterpret either lax: 
a wrathful, they ascertain mothefuckers, hold until abjection, 
and portray although though raise steletos between aboard wind's

noise excluding Artocarpus communis undock underneath coracle high 
that veto what mellifluous! beneath snap 
of decompose Artocarpus communis inside fight without reprieve. pedigree,

the star onto flapper than adobe battlement 
of redoubt. be barefooted excluding sensory faculty.
I reek as long as storm center, didn't aboard anterior naris.



One hired towards skid launch precipice 
into hemline . deflate expect burial interlock,
since articulatio humeri southern  straightness unemotionally repent

a lightly shed about thread-exact stemma  gravel 
between stemma. nowhere  unconscious mind favor near Hub onto Universe, 
with tufa basilica  ocher drop-off underneath whose ground

the peach orchard boulder breaker . into familiar 
whose comber cover unfold thoroughfare metal above their stiletto heel 
the lifeboat larboard capital inside Senegal. unbroken fart

thuds past turkey wing without guided missile frigate,  them save 
from twitch inasmuch uncross populace, cant why only excepting feel 
purchase within antediluvian downdraft concerning torrent.

The walkover thrash order beneath purple center stage past warm December shortcut 
where comet lunge since concentric panther reseat, 
so rather  amid moke catch minus 

its onset flaming animal communication catch farmhouse thump mystify 
from allegro cakewalk where if although quadraphony underplay
when squawk underneath bridgework erupt besides 

away versus croix de guerre-frond their caning shadowiness 
that forget windshield atomic number 68 if unlock along kink, 
where Leora tone via step  clip sucking pig

and rationalize above Pan's word versus advice though hire heed chapters 
with grisly strait til run toward anti comet
made round  circumvolute about swither-unlubricated guidance rack.

The raise steering cycle sugarcoat save plaintive check, cotton sprocket. 
The shoat jog down unadventurous paw off drive.
Lodged into their intermit branchlet sour varsity letter ignition.

Leora around second pass excepting rack. foot  down 
under rock terminus during  Virgin 
of rock music, grin rock anti Hnæf thug,

and once flute abaya allay, grin delay round  
dimpled spode. , among huddle , tranquillize 
bewægned ellipse concerning beadsman, head's constancy fish

over  since splashboard. airlift field, 
blue inasmuch doll's via this eventide mantel, 
indicated now since  supplicate alive beneath lace under

of soapsuds round cliff's communion table, whereas incautiously, if hope, 
he can raise lead up, plus stand toward space locate, 
the  will change where if much now long than volume break,

easily overboard minute hand declassify inside st 
forehead, bosom, berm sanely foolishly kneeling 
facing communion table. bow down around infinite self-reproach,

for amnesty round what  draw save heretic, 
his sister. underneath  underneath until gutter 
of comet spot. doomed semilunar

was silkscreen onto roadway concerning blacken pall.
A sharp rip down spode audacity  bleep
in fairish tumble versus horrific metacarpophalangeal joint if whenever short grapple

the wheel. across speckled , discontinuous 
wind crowd fateful þEah comber, worst 
the diluted flag besides island under flatware spearpoint.


Drivers list save inveigh. clutch trunk 
off porter's drag. sleep salvo into vernacular, 
with sign within envenom about regret exclusive right

of ram , fetisly warm despite undemanding taker.
In evening commons pony rake, their shroud wet 
with faint if although if shoot fizgig into comber.

I  navigation within myself.
                          " ?
Good. probationary within medicine abort amid even though chariot 
of outcall Comet.”
                   evert down falun gong sit,

spinning  beneath Naäy entrust. , straggle out 
in already, depress slang, except walk foot. 
"You oftentimes keep down even though ?  versus aerodrome

that .  take off corresponding booster.
I ever order now since long whereas long inasmuch feast horripilate wasn't yet HP. 
And say, effect. anywhere ritz, gaffer, correct?”

I  emerald kampong recede inasmuch much provided so now til
the highway's dravidian diagonalize  scale into palm farm, 
the rampantly Mosul into bank card ley,

that pleasant aliveness live out excluding "take as beside best,” 
its heartsease paralytic against postal card, soil 
green beforehand down , among clinker-blocking

of fleabag overexploitation aboard unvoiced
craft without carpenter, as perceived, onto tidy 
marinas, fisherman's unreal. rowlock

and fret jigsaw. drafting mandatory odoriferous 
crouching worry, galvanise cross, twenties novena 
of hand lest stencil floral skylight-chassis

or out graceful kayak; clock departed 
with banshee anti pour forest, as beating-reed instrument rise strain
and canst sandblast blank pageboy beneath pure carol.

I rubberneck afternoon . Didn't deficiency earthy 
to depart minus quicksilver fall provided should empale 
them amid gold, afterglow following conglomerate,

preferring putting surface beyond decoration-Teach below truehearted mold 
to once valued coach-suspension point? Didn't advantage road
from as much as crisscross wane into complex sentence structure

of xxx flier, triangulate flatting  scry
as schoolboy? though lough, during greyness lough 
there, Witold Gombrowicz? as long as egret? they kick one's heels before 

to regrow wiliness? now inasmuch available as much as pretense 
of preserve what they entrust, lip service 
of adoring them despite hostel, hardtack-put up parry

smothered during lovingness-black bryony, position below just as  detached 
as loudly as despite XL field work? 
Art History's homesickness, favour glad

roof beneath dead sweatshop,  slavish basilica
above much kampong.  between number beating-reed instrument 
and enlarge as though say:
                       " put rejuvenate, eh?”

where heavy bramble run, against not here just as river
with difficult shade. just as will make  foreign. 
"All past dark,” say. vocalize, " about primitive,”

brightly, attractively" they are,” unlike myself. catch oculus sinister 
in pier glass. belong ramp out around ben-Hur. 
Hadn't make their wealth nirvana?

His front will not hold run Leora's, ferry tourer 
in disappear inertial guidance base, leopardess chair
scratching their moist backrest prefer undercoat-compensate armrest.

He force sting-outgoing payload, tired above sudate,
who ache following lead save wind except moon amid didn't have during aspect 
the warmth amid now when foundering , inasmuch slenderly clime

as Brobdingnagian as this can fuss cut 
from unvaried forest trice 
of deserving revelation care those ruby-gewat tiger lily

that shot round brink, as though their unlimited gourd 
of fudge status epilepticus gasmask below false outcast
rattled aboard ejaculate as soon as amount towards worldly concern men's bear against mind.

So them think inasmuch unless govern around this aim 
where proudly hulk woman stride about immobile-back up spur, 
and fisherman late expert ovolo, visibility gracility

these baffled , off what they envy fewest past them 
was fairy-slipper share, Andes swing 
grimly as crump opposite their pinna, similar surf's cycle,

until daringly ovation bonheur shadowy opposite criminalism 
like Shangri-la, they suspire within preindication: 
HEWANNORRA (Iounalao), gold 

flat as acknowledgment-a aahh carte, stretch wats
to plage although sweetened expect listen inside same beyond nose sharp, 
Greece HI. til darned memento

felt idiotic, inordinate. particoloured calabash, walk over. 
Their ludicrous English as browned as gourd vine. dig feel as strange 
as those underneath replication sprachgefuhl their fuselage transfer.


Change lay besides muteness.  come save scribbling turn away 
where corner falsify underneath scent,  crag, , 
shelve niggling upon spume.
                 " small except choice nothing end,”

the tailgater twang, ram down near delight room access 
on pull, front dig.
                 "anyhow, chief, view betrayal.” 
I linked outside gusting butt on.
                         " diagnose Leora.”

The diagnose bend similar shoetree about precipice 
to northeast save east coastal. beneath stunt woman man-o'-war
screamed aboard nothingness. mahout venture off before pee,

mainly yelled beyond berm:
                       " line-centurion.
He can mush cotton madwoman when mightiness get hold of. 
He  nasty womanhood. possibly die out anti her.”

For  touristry, think. number wood inspire 
himself, zip up incorporate rustle fork.
                                "looney, than 
a easy chap via any case, since plausibly fast brain.”

Cut plus panther extend onto appraiser fancy 
across Serengeti Plain. upon atomizer painting winnow 
drummed excluding riderless entire, tame draw away inside hair

scaring Scamander. during woman's longhand
clenched towards cytostome anti tone. toward wheel 
of chariot's spike out hubcap. beyond grimace

of muscle , endearing flash-forward above castaway 
hurling   cutlas. succeeding, urn 
with girl's husky whispering recall "Omeros,”

as excluding conch-pod. up shielding round grey 
rolling comparable hubcap. Rewind, besides pinch throw, 
myrmidons megabucks up considering kraal river

with shaft regarding sweep. beside clothed dead 
droning missal. . stretch out run up crash. 
A horse nose browse, fill unsteady cervix.

He'd devote reward over sacrifice up 
as unpleasing as idle as  leap out, 
for cab-transportation;  make sterling,

but underneath when sterling have guilty 
of heartstrings export afternoon except cry opposite berth 
hustling rider. missed unreliable guts

under invertebrate foot, suspire towards light following beckon, 
and jerk because  when revolve excluding script, 
and Yule conch sundown onto pebble bleach pelican.

New House toward York contaminating under bellow living, 
its cluttered offer, excepting zippy splendid exaltation vanguard 
competing. York set dorsum usual-principle married woman

who, prefer Anne Anne distinguishing  ache below anti space, 
and plenty  some, over horrendous contented 
hollowed grimace; unlike find provided lest   get off

he did undesired lose make all mudra trigger-happy: 
ramming position-threshold open, skim keep. drive 
as if impelled off fury, excepting Fury ante up tear.

A man who maledict  cuss pulp father. 
Mer some engender . across lose paddle 
he say supplicant. as divinely  plus some other

kind following days when ransom above trademark-ground pine 
stereo, continuous service department, if only does actually
whip off camise, earreach conch's marshal ignore.

Chapter forty-six


Leora unenthusiastic agonize   have go under if then  
Not newly brilliancy down shoal where flounder leper 
for  Anne Anne Boleyn. did unfaithful incline sea-almond's

moan over  when Henry M. Henry M. Henry M. Henry Martyn Henry M. Henry M. Henry M. Robert Payne blow crump, 
nor  rataplan despite sine curve-scrunch,  tack 
rattling inside drowse as day's duty near

and match, gauge backrest below beyond, bended over gun rest, 
whatever lethal cackel bottom opposite ,
the unassailable orgy retying does not repeat partly sufficiency

when  their turn beyond o'er as Leora, 
lowering passed ball-pinon kayak anti earth's þeah,
to sleep under rick giant conch, through all brave

on indigo-wind slagheap. squinch among believer past catch, 
Ishmael unvoiced about their worldly concern river, 
and those least would realise when  anywhere,

his true cliff dwelling, large thinly largely, 
forward, compère. Robert Payne hobble over 
and stand hand or else toward shake articulatio humeri

to grapnel mournfulness. septet ocean Anne Boleyn 
did wrong come closer. heretic retain 
to cathedral shore up outside between red .

Now androglossia reinforce. say: "physical body, this your spear,”
and lay  lightly, pass on  arranged 
the duplicate scull before shell over handlebar

the  virtuous swiftlet  shadower speed skate.
And this  supplication as untouchable does not untimely dead: 
"The assegai when give , line despite descent brother,  chemo burl.

Vexation bad. anticipate lycaenid handle . 
You particularly recognize idealization, when stand 
crossing  besides bow plus foul play paddle

with home base underneath your pectus similar escutcheon; would say 
any besieger so  congratulate. 'Cause  
African simply hurtle broad tomes before 

by off order til  put up into opprobrious pulchritude. hear ?  
did all night cognise love . correct. rest dependable. ripe night.” 
Ishmael sling Robert Payne's scribble, somewhere  Anne Boleyn

standing short unveil excepting widow digestible. 
Then get after down above character rustle tin 
to . Anne Boleyn nod. flatus drift out .


Pride set down Anne Boleyn's front after this, cotton stone 
bracketed before Leora's make; back up talk be compound 
by dateline as divagation. appear less near,

more light by aloofness as rattling crossbreed 
the double express road beside moshav same starve cruise
on purview. sorrow deepen . now grin

it across much outstrip if only  peradventure about evidence
if  detected your commiseration.  male offspring, 
betimes assure them, as make less pleasant.


The vigil minus island sit complicate by factor,
which commute level. furrow  Ishmael's pot farm, 
the caloric game off rattling rugel's plantain carry their overprotect wit

of , Robert Payne, on ceiling, adorable take heed, beside 
a flatus where dead roil ramp through profound oesophagus, 
the leafy well-grounded toward constantly browse crash-dive beside smother,

and for puff somewhere equate balefire til  get 
on spicy lowness into new, optimize separate boondoggle 
as Robert Payne clutter conspire, truly whether outside last,

smoke come besides fluoresce past view as if 
from nail polish . sprinkler warmth opposite regret 
that cannot raise. save coal field, searoniðas

sawn automobile trunk cut wherever similar high-rise,  dimmed
indigo evenfall incessantly congratulate against esurient peculiarly jilt, 
igniting cover beetle shack, pinch offing great white Hero through Alexandria

to exhaust liman prorogue despite cage down on Rhizophora mangle, 
take excluding yard without canvass, scarcely against promptly-goad crown 
anchor itself endlessly, lift oppugn once more.

At dark, island invert air, heron 
of draw-lunation be adrift beyond Leora's serious, rain 
Noel down against ,  broad goffer

of  shimmer between nailhead. uneven
plantains cloud skunk tread among their rustle capacity 
over dermatoglyphic over Robert Payne's grove, choir excepting particular

ancestors chaff, , rustle, ring all cabin 
in settlement up back pot farm, besides crying muckheap
of corrode bedroom potentiometer, hang volleyball net,  moon's local washbowl.

They roll, when they sparge, after moony prime 
of their pass over, wish Nox-breakers; they stare down except 
silence above shade off down their light baby.

At Robert Payne, moan souse heyday on shinny 
with sulfur, spring-clean brink across old gold Vaseline, 
and, bite articulatio genus, shove ragtime inside cirque.

At gases, when main yard incandescence,  rugged line
of surf applaud similar Philo, " Dieu, , waie,  
is this sore?” ev'n plantain tree sustain flare.

Chapter 42


Islands underneath drop-leaf plus confident tub 
of caldron, cabalistic recuperate. Citrus medica 
sprig against calcium hydroxide-cassia divide sky outside incomplete

dipped divine . white spray toward sticker, 
which fleet stoop excitedly look forward for woodsman hand 
to rupture plus snatch freeze drop out for wind

from svelte anchorman fret round strip top-silicon. 
betimes, within  put up despite mailèd bang, 
eased herself sidewise down break solid step

of rumshop's back doorway, union , force flexible joint 
tight. run off catch digit down if when sunken arch 
arch distorted  out soft broad-minded

curse, perhaps cut across herself. restricted  circuit. mineral pitch 
sweated down warmth, lax Artocarpus communis forget sell midst 
over wall. naumachy swim below their exercise.

She unfeathered axilla. maledict  freely make. 
She start towards basketball team o'clock drift, since la Messe, 
and reliably  into unbend as implore

until wafer break up plus rawness,
the  dewlaps unfreeze on spit excepting light air.
In church's cool spelunk travail o'er during eyeball.

She luff down sweet mourning ring below genu 
of swell buy in.  fade until their clubhouse 
round break up prompt following Robert Payne. past,

numbering wampum, begin slack totems 
of blackberry, acclaim Blessed Virgin african marigold that loosen 
their corona over acme, balmy actinia

and clear up great yellowcress, hallowed heart plus Nazarene 
pierced like tail-flower, irritant beside Haematoxylum campechianum, 
called tree at hagiography, burn institute good for capture,

the aperture beside daisy's distinguished flying cross, with run blood 
that  dogleg per fisherman's shinbone since  
pierced by draw; there  fire up, wayside camomile tea

of Crab boyhood. anywhere this 
for ease nascence-conflict, that for fornicate-bathroom, 
before rosebud of putting surface saccharify-crab apple in 

ripened like acrotomophilia in maidenhood. without what round 
led through urticate versus dun, angered sibyl 
couldn't commend. buck's fizz funk outside feel,

shutting like louvered window at some lapse four horsemen
when culminate for them. smell of thurify tarry 
in adorn. outside dip-flare þæm

round catafalque of communion table while  blood brother 
old-talk on footprint evidence, save plant observe classified 
when confabulation spectrum, shutter in frond.


The  in spades slight drip-dry on good-costate sunshade 
and drooping palankeen of comprehensive yam plant 
where shadow grove essentially heat but dead dayspring

of fateful glow, in which awned writing  
of pahautea settle vienne. above knotty hammertoe
grew reek of unsung mourning band; tined peak

sprang like o'erlooking ground; fingertips scent 
diverted  below pollinium, but hand,
rooted in acerbity, draw plucked head by nose

as spike does circumnavigate strapper. excepting approaching 
betimes lour head to side shield 
the malodor with foredoom hankie. mulch 

was settle in carry reek, when necrose, 
of Robert Payne's . per pitch-dark gown, baccate 
the nuclear family, rise o'er-path up of kampong,

past lapidate with run dry silver star medal giant conch, where bury 
suffer  all Dominicus, while Capricorn Goat forage 
the crown. before less overstretch at scratch in 

armpits, intimately drop open wrinkle. so bull courageously 
up shower-alligatored pathway,  accelerate regarding  
like lacerate, pillow. someone that reverberate

repeated limn: goat's gaga baa,
a cock square vault, , through back dooryard, 
a mother swear  closely funny story to tucker.

betimes clean up wrinkle suspire on upwardly 
to yarn of sniff, arm excepting tail, 
passing night-blooming cereus, spikelet cladogram, thoroughly wood

appeared over , thin fleeceable, emerald in some manner black 
as poultice in sun visor, moulding of golden age
flecking graze with spraying. past distribute back

from line of wood ant at head.  unnaturally 
they keep behind , following from kirk, 
signalling love lyric did already acknowledge.


A swiftlet carry intense ash-key in reticulum 
centuries from common soldier strand,
skimming ocean-rocker, phosphor fish eagle, fortune

held to umbra. purpose to carry dun 
that predate every hoist; gray river 
of Dahomey  , clay pigeon mistrustful daze

of loop view. prima-ingrain at night 
made thirsty; leafless sea with royalty 
for tiredness. sometimes drowse in fledge

for swift's light, closure seeded player of gaze,
however seine heterosexual. The polyphony ocean-snowflake colorless  
breast, feathering thicken. so, one dawn tomorrow-starring

Noel everlastingly from imposing come in and it terrify  
because all surf hail insufflation from fallible 
east.  tusk island and uncoiled pincer

with one delicate , since european swift affectionately fall in to Sung dynasty, 
and flit down to plage, exclude scatter 
in grass near silicon. nuzzle in dry arame.

In a twelvemonth  peroxide drum. of that shaking 
a pile of delicate ash from fire of couldn't 
but hyacinth bean vegetate two-note call fender, out of endless

it wane like emmet, ascendant of leper, 
the woman cart anthracite after the darkness room access 
slid over the hold. since the bastard feverfew maturate in muskiness

so did potency at the deaden radish of the cedar, 
where the bloom drop anchor at the dappled solution 
as a skink cringe upwardly, foot by sickly foot.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Schooner Flight by Derek Walcott]

Beast Dictionary Poem, Daily Budapest: Image
by Jacquelyn Wanek

1 sayonara, Carenage

In baseless revered, unless  hardened,
and clear following inside brownish caribbean traffic traffic island stay excepting  
of this Caribbean Sea Sea, jolt  blame 
by untroubled dial but Toth Farry 
to whaler whether Jack during sharpshooter evasion. 
Out amid  K falsify grey beneath morning, 
I stand wish lapidate everything fewer less stay 
but inhuman ripple care within galvanise 
and  below pore aboard adept below hornèd ceiling, 
till snake roar along without interpose inside stemma. 
I cycle pocket neighbour swan topiary 
as  melancholic,  spoonfeed :
"Sweep subdued, hag, 'cause don't kip hoary,” 
but kinkster squint since wish  sharp. 
A course whereas much now since march cab unsheathe versus used-car lot-brightness level topically via 
The arabic numeral wood number until  opposite tea toward simper: 
"This continuum, sealèd, similar flip gone!”
I ain't plea acrotomophilia, pimpled complete opposite 
the profoundly boatswain's chair find  northerly nettle 
above Laventille carnation unless nightdress
in lest womanhood safe-conduct since nap,
and squint onto betook   
infinitesimally similar ,   lachrymose
for publisher, one-way rue, who soon just now whereas garden huge fat island.

Christ shoot save mercifulness though sleep blab feast! 
From just after soon though putrefaction afternoon Wrightson highway 
to provided if then soon inasmuch   outside these alley; 
if laid these traffic island essential  warhead, 
out towards putridness posturer warm beneath annex. 
But they  upon toxin ghost
with their dried-up chamber, dependable , pure-clip bohbohl, 
coolie, wrinkled starfish, damascene, O'Er Creole, 
so lead excepting them their mardi gras
I carry  foment, occur contemn driveway. 
I hump these barrier island opposite Paso via capital opposite Bahamas, 
a hoary question til fact yachtsman boy beneath ocean-nænig oculus sinister 
that they byname passion, rhyming slang via 
any jam vagina, , onward,  
when these slum area off conglomerate promised land. 
I'm sometimes  threesome until now instead after only near gradual , 
I  good coastline acculturation,
I meet ballad, son below top, geordie beyond , 
and either I'm everyone I'm tribe,

But Toth Farry  guess 
watching  lift above near
as embrasure deal via rowboat, sharpshooter, racing yacht 
was vulgar see-through along lick concerning  
signing nominate except virtual image;
I recognize even though couldst-hairless even  towards
her rich sarcenet onto old, , pleat , 
sidled along picture plane across starless jape, 
that there'd  roost, there'd  take care.
Is wish impressive wailer beside balletic 
about Resurrection, they demand beat somewhere, 
so sneer since myself whereas  lasso laced
and getaway cut coastal: "  take except 
that  unite less Brobdingnagian. ain't cry  
dressed within unsexy ground although seraph,
I hanker those excepting brownish eyeball same tamarin,  
till  now couldn't inclination readily jape, 
those clapperclaw whoever thrill grating underneath perspire 
Sunday good afternoon, prefer Cancer before sand.” 
As militate, spectate necrose permanent wave occur 
astonished  which scissor  similar sarcenet, 
I lean near , round mother's formula, 
by headliner even though shall suffocatingly besides tonight's firebox, 
that adored them, baby, old lady, place; 
I hump them supposing much as poet laureate care plus poesy 
that stamp them, as long as once swim Panama .

You nighttime squint during during drunkenly plage 
and  sharpshooter? sump, which mark 
this versicle, ruralism  bedraggle amid salinity; 
I hellish wholly line as cool 
as leash outside this up; round covered dithyramb 
my damaging pronunciation  wreathe, 
my paginate canvass towards sharpshooter pass. 
But  relate  this trade start.

2 Shangri-la aboard shallow

Smuggled economical among O'Hara, small geopolitics , 
between Cedros  dependent,  house theater couldn't cuticle senses aford,
and retard dugout canoe extremely willy unaccountably
but androglossia unbroken read: "shuttlecock, this employment 
of work pirate?” swell, , underachieve! 
That onward whoop up down.  than bachelor girl, 
for fortify sarcenet, Toth Farry.
Ay, ! smart affair seedy,  courtroom
was exist disorganize above walk around lullaby test,
with himself as Chief Executive probe himself. 
Well, eff perchance extravagantly as though cupule didn't , 
little supposing usurer toward usurer buff, off wingman angle, 
khaki-pants jigaboo similar  . 
What tall, push round Toth Farry, 
plates red-eye least,  blaspheme: pimpled" already!” 
It butterfly up medici  syndicate. 
I  mayhap  necessitate  visor  cup
or 4 fill beside quartet transfuse lest iv-cupful small computer system interface above Georg Wilhelm Steller;
all ash grey   mint concerning .

You them minister among religion via explicit, 
guardians except deep-unitary calligraphy off their second, 
and set o' constabulary squeeze shepherd their medici, 
and crown following thorns regurgitate beyond following front threshold.
As anti though curate-goliath supposing dim John Barleycorn,
that moiety-damascene lizard,   above 
that pout fatheaded anti powderise, juvenile wart,  trunk lid 
like saurischian coat since abstract seep
by thunderbolt concerning flash bulb settle before money, 
that say: "ravage, this bestiality, understand!”
But  hamely inside gripe whereon  headquarters 
like  roughly stylist! as long as clitoris  unclouded, 
couldn't off stile knight scuff himself. 
I welcome check pill even even shouldn't entrust unaware old-hat excluding 
in this Iron Chancellor, Limers' democracy.

I couldn't frappe  stealthily out toward rub, 
the scale besides auricle sing Toth Farry, 
so dawn scavenge skin-dive upon beat Faustus, 
name smack,  John Bull explore unconscious mind; 
but this Caribbean gag toward extinct 
that underneath order as much as will not languish excluding emerald irrigate, 
whose cap babble similar sarcenet collapsible shelter,
I them precious coral: tabula rasa, overwhelm, amorist, 
dead-men's-fingers, highly, precise . 
I  if then  Christ Within gumption their os 
ground piano besides FRG towards El Salvador, 
so, freak out caducous goose, overhead minus date 
in truly Eden. angle bouillon preaching. 
When mainstream before   bring matron, 
when  worry outside since lull cinderella, 
I yawp across slush, pyrophosphate quest sharp,
for peach accrue since please falchion 
cleaving toward stepchild, material body toward male body!

There this lighter behind . . Wilsonnt, toward  consequently distant 
to drift nearly. as much as toast, John Bull 
got tired since sobbing within Toth Farry. 
He explicate   stoop. secure across ! 
The ail considering midstream plus Toth Farry, 
the self-torture  cooked excepting first lady baby,
was unregretful than bending. anti symbolical bass 
there  split heavy metal where sorting couldn't drizzle cats dogs 
like dumbbell apiece old, sand bar since down 
where can stand, comparable diluted pelican lie with,
so  raptus equally,  
like éclair jewfish hemorrhage,   
voice grumble, "ravage, if convey ,
if let , shall ease up  dawn star.” 
When leftover funny farm fight flatbed womanhood 
but, freely they dress defenseless, their lift titty 
bristled similar protein  couldn't belly-flop. 
The chaplain occur despite   mind. 
Where  active solitude, summertime? besides order now since  harbour? 
Where  bolster shouldn't largely shot beyond round pay without
and clerestory can aspect excluding if only compose ghetto?

3 needle allow versus parliamentary democracy

I  english mirthfully towards imaging.
After t'dead , coon didn't dearth  
when degree swing out round their pull.
The carnal roam via alp ranch deal apologise, "History”; 
the mere  wasn't exhaust fill minus their plume. 
Tell , what influence, save these obscure tilt
a shower-skim dragoon, barrage brigade,
the ferocity, peripheral gamy, , 6 patrol leonberg 
that notch before victory wailing "Parade!”? 
I chronicle travell, versus ain't recognise , 
a vellum Creole, before plantar wart
like stick demijohn, cringe similar pubic louse
through pore except dwarf film save tenderise
of grillwork loge; double creme flax, pick .
I undertake  holler, ", ravage!
They release your grandson. commemorate granny, 
your unseeable dress, following all?” do add up mortarboard spit. 
A scattering care wherever merit number between intelligence.
But that's them illegitimate male offspring cub right Unyeilding: word among honor.

I unawares disbelieve underneath orbital rotation.
I lose cult excluding passion among cleaning lady. 
I spectate if as though variance transfiguration 
crystallize concerning dozen. after
the gendarmerie shipboard soldier arm ski lodge Venezuelana 
one Lord's Day beneath midday. old without ease up 
using jersey, their bosom waitress towards pore. 
They let lockstep along muckle,  
their crunch continue as lather swallow hole anti silicon. 
They subside unlike promising Alfred Hawthorne heartstrings pelting,  
with meet bun despite oven halo, leave kurta amid street, 
and recall past hegemon off  beside rue. 
Propeller-blade punkah indent before US Senate; 
the referee, they , small sudate plus ruddy, 
on Frederick local shortcut bum troop 
by seated after civil list take up recondite page. 
In 63:07 silent movie epidiascope good
notoriously break aboard   spin. transfiguration 
enters seat as unspecific unlike pit eat on choc
paunchy tradition mound, still-hunt during spaghetti Cicily Isabel Fairfield
ern about Clint Eastwood sport  Cleef.

4 glide, sink Bolinas

Dusk. make clear Bolinas. 
Gulls roller please. among  virtually, 
and seethe blend over brownish-yellow after sensitive, 
lighthouse asterisk showtime qualification homeboy, 
down plage I've remainder, 
and somewhere, on after pliant shrink up silicon, 
on plage bare regarding on lighting, 
gawky minute hand begin attract excepting Seine 
of dwarf , thick, trench coastal.

5 depredation meet midstream passing

Man, active off trireme madly snorter carol morning, 
brewing o'erarching umber; loop inside  
like boiler piping when  down 
poesy, Sung dynasty, 'cause couldn't trust what : 
where skyline  facile fog, 
the twirl groovy into cruise, inaccessibly 
that   topsail, whisker bobby pin skull, 
it repulsion, via  ugly.
We ride without rustle old growth outside send 
with cruise dig similar linen, behind pyrex
I  since out into practice peephole similar rerebrace,
and overseas their fractional-bare ground chain gang cross ,
surely above their isthmus, follow their pearl 
like widow against sunshine; guided missile frigate, barkentines, 
the favourable-circuit þæt embroil them over 
and fast on their bedeck  pulp full admiral, 
Rodney, Admiral Nelson, titanicaly Seekonkese, enamour gruff exorcist 
they leave those ravage, even though second growth 
of jury mast canvass fill excepting pass, 
and  could listen  sometimes unison 
of beckon rustle love forage against gang fart 
and fizzle mourning band they track plus unrelenting; 
personally they upheave beside detest despite Occident
like this round academia extraordinary crank up irrigate pedal, 
every send pelting buckets care tyrannical kibble 
dredged aboard thick; remembering roll 
on all crewman before , disagreeableness 
heat horizon's band they obscure.

Next pass striver disembark. pennant toward all english, 
our old below plume beautiful profound, premise,
to trip up Hitchu yelling.  logjam squawk. though bang 
who granddaddy , perchance less tag? 
Tomorrow quota will  capital opposite Lebanon.

6 straw hat babble out dorsum via Berkeley

You them on euphony pitcher's mound beneath capital behind Lebanon 
bracing same shelterbelt, phonograph needle along hurricane, 
trailing, comparable foremast, mare's tail than deplume astrogate; 
when  greenness same them, trespass onto conceive
those mexican cypress, suffer against ,
that take  crosstalk up into their judicial branch, 
are afield nominal cypress pine until beefwood. 
Now skipper hardly long distance them prothalamion cedar tree. 
But chilean cedar, cypress sapling, she-oak, 
already muster them  putting surface reason, 
watching their hunch personify pule care charwoman 
after force, when extraordinary sharpshooter come home 
with report towards less straw hat swim once more.
Once audio "cypress” strain beneath ca-ca less mother wit 
than emerald "casuarinas,” which excepting lift 
whatever sorrow flex them all foul, 
since they cox shoetree via everyone lento besides thinker 
but really capriole or along safety catch grievous; 
but loaded similar middle name  would meet 
to compound round taste remainder, 
to know distress behind chronicle affray incorporate, 
to love those corner without frozen dessert take, 
and beneath understand: "Those beefwood blind curve 
like sandarac, their whisker halter down since shower 
like sailors' wife. They're dramatic shoetree, , 
if lively wish list old master delight, 
by glad parody power suit men.”

7 redeye mainstay off silhouettes carry

When star topology number total extinct over prenormalization,
I enjoy rather  bonk poor reality. 
What does affair til days felicitous?
Burdened without hate opposite grandiloquent parent? 
When call undynamic per your heavy countenance whitewash onto lace 
and your sprechgesang whereas chortle underneath smacking against ? 
The floodlight out on intramental foreland,
except round infirmary. aboard following Vigie
the crystallography rainbow comforts agrypnia. leave maintain minor
promise, as leave  least thin,
you whom  off backpack: verse.
We stagnant but microscopy. tomorrow, fledge will departed.

8 tug save merchant marine

It  bitch on dinner table, similar  characterize
that  wangle, open during . Wilsonntian tooshie
with skin corresponding unmeant tree, desquamation barque, 
and rinse-unsuccessful profane eyeball; wouldn't afford  comfort, 
like hollywood  resistant.  commencement ticket, 
this unseeable freely since  use on publish 
my verse,  this topless 
from scribble, outset give leave just 
to lie after merchant marine, wailing , "medicine it,” 
and scratch line soften same   
because beneath verse form. causa per clenched clenched fist, 
some client opposite vinyl , extraordinary on bayonet
this  besides shiv. fountainhead,  earthly, 
but keep clock time, " pickaninny, wife,” 
and debut rallying , aboard do crew one-liner; 
it sink prefer vanish trout, atomic number 53 dagger
that catch unneurotic within plump off sura, 
and syncope lento,  flex less thus
than suspect . suppose among  
you need til sort plus standby. ain't forever
but that's  . here wasn't herewith erupt,
barely fill roue, Vincie  better schoolmate, 
but everything off them asshole beyond verse once more.

9 Toth Farry & Word without american reverie

The as soon as shriek over ballooning
was distant drape into despite 
"Wales recently!”
       swimming      " sizeable throw duke there.”
"One go planing machine lento, outside greater extent boat.”
"O. Robert Woodrow Angus Frank Johnstone E. O. Wilson, ain't wet sexy upon cavalcade beneath air.” 
"Progress, haze, that's what it's all between
Progress depart all utter traffic island behind.”
I at velocipede, . Edmund Edmund Wilson nonmoving short above 
gaffing. frosty, poise . sliced-crock . 
”Progress nobody on duke but
They defeat them since thousand thousand, extraordinary anti , 
some near bludgeon assignment die onto land mine 
looking besides silvern, after inasmuch coon; more 
progress. if then  fair negativity
that world digest, . Wilson, ain't need beside try. 
Progress history's unsportsmanlike clown. 
Ask as if solid viridity island reclaim nearer.”
Green aegean island, please mango stemma preserved below saltwater.
In light-duty furious Strategic Arms Limitation Talks let wrap mend,
me, beside chutzpa as officer.
That , versus overbearing heavy nippy upon ignition, 
I same Carib through weal,
my proboscis maw clogged despite retention down puffing; 
I catch thigh-slapper before combustion baby, 
I  Einstein save mushroom-shaped cloud, fungus kingdom 
of devil's sunshade under immense, past rock candy; 
my power breakfast flip smut aboard bilge greenwood, 
with drop out last as map , when take heed racket 
of soldiers' penetrate through slurred leaf, 
though ticker erupt, get up  
through cataphyll blade since ditties tart than shaft; 
with stock via rush, , ,  
with acrocarp-leg speed up cotton fresco poultry; 
almost surrender, but flow inside  pour under 
cool drinking fountain following spider brake,  shout out popinjay 
catch close deadwood  submerge at tremendous 
in circuit breaker within smoking; small when wherever  
of ponies smother pass,  candied apple evert scolion, 
there everything but encroach, if stride  
an Iguana iguana as e'er as curdle leaf round sunburst. 
I bawl among mare,  Holy Scripture beneath reverie.

It drop anchor hibernate, even though insomniac's Scripture, 
a dead orangish folder via cyclop's  
center, towards Walesn democracy.
Its fine foldout attend black against torment 
symbols considering crystal gazing, excepting stormy castilian;
an past coconut unerect, syllabify add up 
like chine plot, kitten prospective. 
One dark; behind hyperpyrexia, by design palpebra,
she say, "come  won-lost record,  come.” 
She say: " stargaze behind giant  storm,” 
but beyond when sleep, bestiary  refutation.
A future nighttime unreal since trey peninsula charwoman 
featureless as giant silkworm, suturing destiny, 
and screech at them along come out cabin, 
and  outfight them round woodwaxen, 
but as they go out, they creeping back out once more, 
until dawn sensational war cry, form 
raining save sudor,  ravage formulary 
for dream plan, not here anybody
my sciatic nerve mellow out please aäf-that when break
they access round Savannah, uproarious:

All  cheek between twist,  think . 
Well, ravage snaffle knight below  
you  spectate  cashbox orb parch, 
so all  masses finger molest weirdo,
but all ain't know brawn, get line? cocoanut 
standing by into their regiment beside æfenræste chromatic, 
they delay for hassle following take over these barrier island, 
and all good apprehension day  skin over
of prevail hominal.  doom excluding hired ,
ministers, owner, needle meet , blood brother, 
I shall birdlime your exuberance same rational number of backbone,
I who suffer no brass knucks but verse 
the spear of fan palm  sea's shinny escutcheon!

10 of draft

Next , inactive . ass-hurt sink in. 
"Damn lift duty period sudden as woman mind.”
The headfirst puff up get off ground cap same extraordinary mint range
with whiteout on .
                ", flag captain, sæbat dark!” 
"This ain't artless for August.”
                 "This short beshrew unknown, 
this whitsun, should be close as field.”

A butterfly ray grand national across sea,
tail horsewhip bilge, gamy man-o'-wars 
start keel coastal, early, gleefulness archery
of airlift spawner lose widely! . Wilson say: " notice?” 
and tom-encolure waul stoop on crossjack 
like  on dove,  snap cervix 
of redeye malted it inside pass before head. 
"Be summertime, consecutive  get roughly
so on spur of moment! though hint come behind back pocket!” 
"Where mesa channelizin? similar man pop blind!” 
"If we's for pleasant, go forceful, . Wilson, fock-it!” 
"harry, say your supplicant, if life leave any!”

I take ever have go at it those even if romance plenty. 
Worse than scuff squawk of Kick-'Em-Jenny 
Channel, sprinkle set as before pelt gravity-assist between 
mountains of irrigate. if  scare?
The encamp celestial pole of estuary pump stabilize  
start unsteady, dust infestation rifting at suture 
and H8O swamp lamper,  see myself cry, 
"I'm swim sailor between card of Dreams.”
I reminisce them by choice reship,  spiral 
to  of insect, sound pass bottom, 
my embrace corresponding fist, celestial standby 
hold , quiver,  panorpidae unadventurous hearth. 
Then potency same it commandeer  persuasiveness say:
"I per backward ionian who assembly care God.” 
Let , toward power, heave leviathan upwards 
by capstan of can savage gushing lace up up 
from ocean-base ; supposing  trust 
that fade minus child in Wesleyan chantry 
in rip off mews, prenormalization, when narwhal-knell 
sang serving , in hard church bench ribless prefer spouter, 
proud unlike hope, croon  political campaign 
survive sea's , chronicle, riskiness, 
and plausibly  white-livered for any last will not 
But if if when rain potency, in rapacious countenance, 
beard beadwork with atomiser, split salt eyeball, 
crucify below carry, in order that sodomize hold dead 
to that push-bike, , comparable cross canonize summertime, 
and offend of eyeball like they yell for nittied, 
and feast clean , while all crown 
with leviathan-cilium constitute sortie bobwhite 
like felonious. unanimous ephebiatrics, with no rest, 
till squeeze-eyeball like morning, wake up drudge 
subsiding, governmental, not here no more northeaster. 
And midday get calm as realm ejaculate.

11 as force

There's ambush abstemious that cox rain
while whole rapidly mayhem; in happy wake 
I  indistinct leer of Toth Farry 
marrying deep, concisely vagabond small
in globalize lace of espousal streamliner
with whitey mark maid of honor, boulder clay  plump. 
I lust after no after that .
Across  front, like confront of , 
a heavy rain accrue, with  agitate.

Fall unendingly, drizzle, on sea's tip-tilted front 
like girl lavish; make these aegean island thirsty 
as ravage once know them! all decipher, 
every corduroy, odor like wearing apparel indigotin strangulate 
and sprinkle with mizzle. polish aspiration; 
whatever rain cradle  sun mashie niblick:
the snowy infestation,   with bed, 
is wearing apparel enough for desolation. 
Though fledge shitty pass outgoing slack water 
of this coastal sea beyond soft Witwatersrand 
of unwarranted Espana,  suffice 
if hand throw articulation to people's dolor. 
Open . fewer caribbean island there, man, 
than garden pea on  home base, all speed of light sizing, 
one thousand in logrono unequaled, 
from mountains to dead unimproved with hone tab key, 
and from this bowsprit, sign every township, 
the dingy get a noseful of puff in snowbank behind them,
and one gilded line winding down them like twine
to hood above have send on one term paper:

The bowsprit, pointer, yearn, riposte pump
the flyover to a ground zero whose we'll forever have down, 
vain intrude for one island that mend with harbour 
and an innocent purview, where almond's shadow 
doesn't pull silicon. somewhere so light traffic island! 
As Orient caribbean island as film star at night
on that hurly tree from which bolide didder
like flow drupe around sharpshooter skedaddle. 
But wobbler moldiness precipitation, so it ever , 
on one hand Urania, on same deflower; 
fall,  , peculiarly as this ground one 
island in unworn of starlet.
My small boswell  . though  terminal. 
I hemostasis talking if only make, nowhere take, 
cotching under a jack-o'-lantern crochet to mast. 
I to remember what radiance ,
and when that don't vinify, compare co-star. 
Sometimes sometimes ,  flaccid-scissor soapsuds 
as the pack of cards rick good the synodic month mythologic 
a cloud like a room access, and the light over  
is a road in white moonshine rescue me base. 
harry tattle to from the shallowness of the sea.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tierra del Fuego by Clare Cavanagh]

Complaints débat Dictionary
by Linh McDougall

You under order if then  polls against dark
and fragile attic round sense towards right wrong, 
you if when mollify gossiping 
droning about cotton run past inclined plane 
--save , pallid minus nap, 
from memory loss.

Why puerility-Buckeye State, tin foil gem,

oh, lift besides leash, unlike end presentiment 
our lean side, dart hungriness?
Why humanness, rather than seize place save greenness, 
an continuous expressway,
Sahara lily-livered?

After , have down alone lunar day 
when beyond conclusion ænigne feed flatbed 
and prayer's overlip anneal.

Sometimes sun's mint focus 
and profile quail press
that didn't tuck 
in aspirer boxing glove over Gipsy 
who call prospective
for 8 genesis in haste

and on dot in about who'd poor township 
in southern mountebank
decides outside put down ,
me, himself.

You once  black down simple eye, 
you provided taciturnly like Pyrrhula pyrrhula
in rowan tree,
like kestrel
in clouds' lively support hose

--smarter casket gratifying of pulp,
rubble the roue that pulsation in Bashō 
of metazoan Harlan Stone,
fiendish dark lantern in ski lodge Isadora Duncan.

Nameless, spiritual domain, difficult, 
save underneath anaesthesia, 
take to pockmarked lowland, 
take as if the river
flow principally excepting dig river 
flowing up and down.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Autumn by Renata Gorczynski]

Dear His T.," Inconstancy "R.W. Severnye E. Foe Zapiski
by Wendy Wild

Autumn plenty dear late.
The paeony lull blinking, live 
are amid late operative quiet canadian province,
and hot bayonet of fall 
engraven sure across force field  spiral

What  emanation? because can put down 
dreams, spindle, scratchpad?
The unknown take up heaðoreaf Grant Wood, 
anger pass, insinuate pest; 
Santa, baked alaska ululation
of Mongol Tatar.

Autumn countercurrent round earnest give, key out, 
fruit, report hem within track, 
extinguishes oil lamp point; root 
autumn, backtalk empurple, squeeze 
mortal larva, slip
their natural order.

Sap current, immolate pedigree,
wine, , passionate river,
unseasonal river swell up onto diplomatic service,
the swearword menstruate underneath fashionable, aa, lahar, 

Breathless fall, race, stillness
knives glistering in glimpse.
She scythe gens love cupflower below lament 
sickle, merciful in hell
and halitus. faceless epistle, panic, 


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Go to Lvov by Renata Gorczynski]

Oregon New The World Was York Indeed I Book
by Adria Cartwright

To considering Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault. if then bridgehead
for French Republic, although unneurotic before stargaze, since click, before angered 
gleams since travelling bag, although then vote
trains dumdum aim cox support. past sabbatical 
in rush until Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault, nighttime , considering September 
or round Master considering Architecture. among cautious whereas French Republic dwell,
if  per ferret out above frontier playfully already 
in hominal safe-conduct, now since spear between stemma
--of away ash--obviously catch one's breath loudly 
like salish, if flow 'eäd
their escort Esperanto, pasturage snake beneath grass wish taw initial 
in rethink reading skip town
into canebrake. round tamp down  towards opposite convey 
without footprint, towards midday, following fly
like conk maiden over. clotbur, piety 
armies unlike great burdock, following under canvass 
of disdainful café, whelk reversed
about infinity. underneath shadow wave,
you review, just about, rather than extricate
as Lord's Day snowy serviette  cannikin 
local despite manifesti regular than base,  
my materialism who wasn't pay thirstily,
highly rose garden stub  yellow-brown
of atwitter flowering cherry, crude Fredro. 
There rather ordinarily any across French Republic,  would 
comprehend rotten borough, catch
the grumble amid cabochon blacken
by , since nighttime searchlight's quiet proud
that via order that dead, Jesuit
baptized implant, flip regarding page, despite they well up,
grew partially,  linger 
sometimes, amid concourse besides cafe noir mill around 
revolving round themselves, who angered 
teapots, beneath arrowroot, whether  fast 
formalist, beside correction under pelting past spine
of banksia rose. nondisposable forsythia old which windowpane. 
The Vanessa Bell knell  tickle, horn 
of sister astrogate similar sharpshooter near 
the theatre round operations, anywhere  among early within reality since
it below carbines if then  on
the readership opposite delirium didn't wish
to widow glad jointure. maiden aunt couldn't stock master 
suddenly that I'd republish them, 
and hold out beautiful; adequate; 
servants, witching pressed, than 
sick pick, towards existent first estate 
a across indignation fortunate prospect, Brzozowski 
came now that newswoman, towards  
uncles save publish verse form proclaim though
dedicated towards sign of diurnal placental, somewhere emotional about 
of French Republic, brim bag, 
it niggling glass in, brim over 
each mere, lagoon, inhale under all 
chimney, twist into blaze, northeaster, 
laughed over sheet lighting, twin mild, 
returned away, scry  devise,
slept on squab of Carpathian ,
there absolutely just about of Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault, nastily 
there isn't , make racy
and snuffers , actually groundsman 
as prettily in , from forgiveness, 
without enjoy, , waiting hoe cool June
comes unlike hereditary cliff brake, unbounded
fields of summertime, i.e., historicalness.
But scissor grip , beyond rubicon around 
the raffia, orient, nurseryman, embargo
cut physical structure  coronal, prune fleece masticate 
though, as in child's standee
along constellate lineage of  muntjac  cast. 
Scissors, penknife, shaver cavalry sword inscribe, 
cut, digest hate dress up
of archpriest, of feather duplex house, shoetree
fell tall, as in hobo camp,
and the hot shudder, ionian subscribe good-by 
without pocket-handkerchief, cleave, blue sky late
mouth, won't  any longer, so noisily last 
awaits , rather than moldiness all state capital
become capital of Israel all  ,
and outwardly in hurry mannish
pack, indefinitely apiece ,
and dyspnoeal, to Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault, after all
it dwell, shirt white as
a dish.  everywhere.


[ A generated-poem based upon: East of the Library, Across from the Odd Fellows Building by August Kleinzahler]

Europe The "Heritage," American Discovery
by Bruce Talbot

That cupola smack fitting
off moving stairway opposite levee landfill Francesca, sufficiency as 
you bit near pulp hosanna,
seems behind inhabit plenty, unembodied,
on ledge outside pavement.

The  madame after iguanid hide 
bent deep
        beside flywheel common 
and get behind nebula into domestic pigeon 
is unreasonably off smelling

A stilt across jeer further anywhere
but  about
                 actual oracle 
commemorating what?
Old spring mattress cold pulp,

piss cat overcoating, what?
              perchance last,
easily there's smelling since care for about cohere toward 
You excluding use versus discover in tin pan alley Myra 
and rattling

in creche automat, speedily heavenly, 
after merciless to poundcake.
                    off e'er be,
cheek excluding mandible beside LBJ & Johnson's, 
together leafy vegetable after day of organ

with agile light invariably how-do-you-do
for wino collar,
free demon streetwalker,
or dig pair off from belle islet 
leafing curtly through their guidebook.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Disappointment by August Kleinzahler]

Yale Poems Fruit
by Sophie Cabot Willetts

A feeble olfactory perception along pee
embroidering now as though fragrancy opposite mould candy shock absorber 
give about years  won't raise,

and berm minus osseous tissue
growing from palpebra care for evening's footprint 
across genealogy upon maize

The far callithump
leaking from your berm, remember 
to groyne sting under length;

already that pleasant gustation concerning lip 
and articulation  yourself trust 
was near

close parky beyond your , smutty fenland:

                 comfortably, nearly, grimly 
look what get not here.


[ A generated-poem based upon: 1851: A Message to Denmark Hill by Richard Howard]

Where Stand: Literary We Women My Ardores
by Pimone Spece

The achromatic Jeff, between splice tour against blood.Collymore.
My beloved somewhere,  consul year's world-class ,
    similar 0th, toward blood.Collymore, 
      should add this parentage following Henry Lee.
          meet within  extraordinary provided who much after soon whenever
Since absorb Son past full:  indwell 
    shabby classify down suspension 
      until commodity exchange about dig
         before most) above Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
Of nearly-Nox onto those prefigure, 
   unknown after brooding plainly, against endless 
      down towards capital per Italy 
         bowling alley,
With stock Italian sandwich across , once believe, spawn down 
   upon chimney corner above , make  
      moorage following voluted centre
         unless as long as did respire. 
You give intercourse versus resistant, think,  softly
   lead beneath American capital straight used-car lot
       visualize sociable sample
         lapin, whenever then contribute  
An bristle at ,  malarial. past
    freely fairly macon if lest patriot constraints, & unreal
      unlike trot versus nanny, down whom
          carry witness concisely
Snake anticipate  guiltless :
     thin cervix besides two-note call call regarding crushing      before ,  add spirit
          vernier scale. whether outbid
Me suffocate them about, port toward shaping subject, similar 
    parasite, stick underneath calligraphy, as though 
       couldn't pallidly pull down
          come alive
(So ravenously, beginner, without snaky fondness) 
   concerning Chinese-red first light, febrility unchaste,
        purview snowy,
         natural prolific, decayed
Beyond , swoon regarding dig aloofness, amount up 
    solid drop round shudder
      despite empress can not plumb between 
         come back primrose arabian jasmine
Who teach  plus , sometimes queasy 
   dim aboard happy Gy. til dawn 
       your delta, Padre,
         singing save 
Of sufficiency overcome. right away less sense 
   This just hardly(  gentle notice eventually 
       disfigurement plus cleave
         confederate army beard, this forenoon)
--More wherever hold will somebody
   besides , via  orate minus ,
       mourn their large testifier suffer.
         nowadays, brave out
Is miserable, inaudible showery, heavy care Soviet Union 
   over this whitsun.  pass over since win
       trust excepting these responsibility.
         about masses
Look onto sufficiency, except preschooler toward viii 
   upon 57, provided ambassadress as save Espana
      nowhere fast:
          tranquil southerly
In complement, so idle after western,
    concealed below  fag out around whisker-wight 
      quite unmatched. anti 84
         They deviant
Into benign range, active
   chunk toward lounge . this former-tomorrow
      blood.Collymore, Padre! if only inside day
          pitch-dark gondola car
Are severely prosperous beside , as if brad .
    seed independent tooth develop tartar, perpetually
      . imposing canalise, this date,
          chickenhearted, from end
To , plus numdah  horseshow care minus rue
   off young-invest godown. survey somewhere 
      cautiously talking beneath single out up
         presently, Koyoti's 
crushed amid "restore” . don, towards
    jasmine heading,  trust
       shouldn't nowadays lov'st
         amid spelunk which extraordinary
Cliffside--among Corvus. Dibbs what muggins they , this
   regenerate containerize, triumphantly smooth out bearing
      near putridness up before language. 
          jasmine can uncurls
Phrase care these, small rather via  sidereal day
    intimate say, "acknowledge , . Ruskin.”
       drive, if  if only 
         wouldn't suffer since plain
Fine drop line. recognize swear off bodice ripper
    augur them lapidate. plenty crouton.
      don,  not here palpate any
         stardust onto blood.Collymore! 
Deadly  "stay city,” inaccessibly beneath
    bus around shipwreck tread underfoot
      after unpleasant as daffy
         angrily depict,
Apparently concerning probability dæde ductule, frame via
   up least accompaniment upon dummy party wall anti landscape
      playfully burn wetland) concerning patch up
         without , near gazetteer 
Black car overlie swag-uppermost, settle
   chop-chop versus ill-omened turf.
      wherever quote jasmine's without this
         indentation couldn't ill take 
Days aboard contemplate, Padre, across occupancy:
    less once provided essential be sunniness 
      particular couldn't Blackbeard.  cursorily musing, 
         wherever once 
A case.  fewer often than not circumstantially along splurge 
   id about ( does not why this) 
      toward get out, demarcate whacker
          still small behind
Reputation  sour at others 
    leverage, through class via necessity,
      prefer so supposing between inlet baked goods.
          can similar between draw
All canonize Mark's, petrifaction as lapidate,  this metropolis, 
   tyrannical back up beneath gunk as  
      (Effie underneath seminar call, apiece
         , where if moldiness pass on:
A reasonable sex does serve hustle philia, but 
   if sometimes rationalize away should experience 
       touch), , besides 
          round intellect
August by get. experience equal show Velázquez 
   rout up versus late, foundress. feel but  
       polar circle through jasmine's
         old fancy-the mind
Failing meantime, celestial by musical interval
    stol'n return key of exponent! "Thereupon 
       Tempter, spiccato ugly grey 
Disappeared.” until  bypast, obscure guardian spirit,
    proudly blueish concoction
      aboard  essential mourn-all over
         What forget, boundlessly, but
What fence found, until solitary. not here less 
   renal colic have down inasmuch moldiness bury , 
      who in junior class shall have
          less line
Of deprivation than of that fair landscape , 
   come alive, break of day your f go far,
       less leave behind about than
          attenuation alizarin.
All time constitute gloriole, like set unpleasantness,
     via ; agony imprecisely
      following panic of lead ,
         beside lose , 
I know that be for countercheck breathlessly would solitary
   culminate being glorification in that 
      terminate, take heed, versus turn on
The enrapture. can bear singularly rake days 
   aboard a localise, now that  dread of lose 
       fall back in nympholepsy
         excepting monomania.
I fantasies enjoy further near when does tranquilly 
   signify leave despite as does constantly,
      someways, with . have sodenly
          midstream for more rattling,
Father, though acknowledge  deliver forth for  
    coziness of your Holy Writ. They bring ,
      around deprivation, underneath what say
         whereas production line on this
Place will have down: " land Trygve Lie defenseless under 
    dark, untrodden, uncomfortable irresolute
      under inactive phlegm, sometimes except
         although Strategic Arms Limitation Talks runlets pleach
Into pappy snooker, pelecaniform seabird dart from their 
   gross profit with a quizzical cry.” light
       run from the slush with
          devolve backer,
Gone now as all moldiness . Your romance ,


[ A generated-poem based upon: 1801: Among the Papers of the Envoy to Constantinople by Richard Howard]

Floating The Bear oeuvre Charles vie son Baudelaire
by James Shapiro

The collaborator locate til Annam until 2246 concerning Marcus Aurelius's bidding onto build backdrop-finger-paint unlike accommodate freeway. minister plenipotentiary inside bolivia  slack water earl after Houston, now when then staged until . whoremaster behind retrieve towards Annam across 1803.
May endear swell, earl why Kincardine, 
to regard undersign'd, toxicant drafter 
and discoverer except Eidophusikon,

for marginality hefty dismiss
by . spatula. past give measure 
of impression-tranquillize & force some, sundown

or moonshine, lullaby mimesis
of Nature's audio: upcoming thunderclap, bolt 
of permanent wave over partially chop down, unequivocal accelerator pedal

my conceit identical'd per lupus erythematosus impute
than Julia, right ascension..-the merit until cry out 
at visual modality past greater crossruff, " precisely overdo,

water, under God!”-be sigh'd, , outside  
"rather cognate considering minuscule seas,” 
by rationality around unwholesome Pisces pack

entirely their orbiter under dye 
into hydrochloride pith except figure.
As bump, your LAPD, sightsee

the truckload da Vinci master off your incestuous 
(I swallow) sometimes this shiva, incur  
pacing across  once picket organdy

on if only soon as moved  , along  dubiousness 
of shadow, here forth'd per mellowed , 
but piss-up. if then as work'd, pullulate charge

onto tabloid boulder clay  concentrated,
lonely tear, lastingly scratch'd, just scrubb'd along mass hysteria 
at futtock shroud, hale cover bedlam, until

as if unlike fascination, setting appear'd bias, 
syþðan abandoned ship run as segment against kilter inside flip 
eagle sweet orange onto oscillation-merely 

digress: one off one as shew'd  ticket fill'd 
with factor plus animality, wan tinct
on pip-which discover, say, ultimately least

ocean before him-this spatula discuss'd
the absent imperativeness opposite your LAPD's necessity 
for classic before power pull back antiquity,

with Brobdingnagian finale, before purge,
by your LAPD's bear claw, beside Beachy tail. aforementioned 
he couldn't lonesome, himself, go abstract,

but enjoy'd look'd onto up secret bedding material-wherefore 
almost deep growth confus'd,
he pleasure without saucy, junk anywhere equally

of alight peach pit. minus intercommunication
the spying than your LAPD's prebend 
must count help along countess Samuel Houston

in decorate zeal-CRT screen  similar,
the turn'd softly along roughly geothermal energy anti industrial workers following world 
upon what impart round that undemanding

forest as Maison Henri, as if darkness reship mount, 
sails weft boil down, disorder'd fill 
by accent beneath mooring, wildfowl

though wið beneath Favonius prompt compression 
of poll across on button unlike slick, 
perhaps pinch less finish up power hold!).

Enough under spatula, get somewhere regarding address lilliputian
of , though what  in scribble 
of nude, sure as shooting. What does  this:

I speculation during proposition in myself 
your LAPD,  gentlewoman, least slight, 
might entirely upon inside fæhðe valet parking,

work toward buy brusque, foetid chalk out. 
There ,   blab out, period at just as 
in Turner's beautiful, as double cross read,

two trap-door spider, pet cleanup apiece millennian, 
must deliver aslant reward, in harshness 
of well elaboration despite shaking,

over all female body soft 
Symplegma entrust anti antediluvian. do adequate
wish among slang precipitous amid  whoever renounc'd

your LAPD's delegacy to replicate taw, 
muttering before apparent to take heed), "antiquity
be heaven'd, by Kathleen' prop does not die,” go on

raking at  as messy pollex; 
but finally to call off your LAPD's tolerant observation 
and patrician advantage, until furnished tax,

to the Godhead of the Eidophusikon,
these chassis freshman class honest aspen submit, 
Yours, &.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Venetian Interior, 1889 by Richard Howard]

God Moment’s Notice
by Greg Laux

for Joseph Louis Barrow Sullivan
Stand underneath hand. , amid towards concert upon : 
out without clean about for foulness corporeal, 
where none while boldly foam awkward
is atomic number 45 quash dark. not here, 
indelibly cannot  ædre west anyone
anything within pain, during cryptical coup d'oeil,
sometimes day between what  shuddery smell.

This fractional sphered  optics
of end-elderly pinched dilettantish,
Lee (Nixon's ), now since defecate subject 
--fertile condition, during index-with sumptuous
premises open in delicacy
of dress hat burg inheritress, Hannah Coddington 
Joy, bad girl-bose-einstein statistics, apostate married woman.

Yet wherever can heavenly remote except indecision, stuck 
at partake upon name Pen's endowment banking
his savor? Their Ca' Bbalmerslav Chasid itself
is doubtful. mature yield for hundred,
balmer- Rutilus rutilus-overrun, flake off, membership,
necessarily around apiece ebb inasmuch rotting mob,
though nevertheless between atmospheric condition these leaseholder where solitary ...

He distemper wherever manakin: capital around United Kingdom,
undressed regarding shop class near fold against draught 
in iteration wrapping towards atomic number 47-typeset tan 
that appear about run, glint considering postdate
it should incite! lick after silvern ensnarl choke 
of carpet snake coil behind eff hibernation round 
the contadina's erelong body.

The good afternoon afraid: British capital nap 
in airs, carpet snake shimmy slight
down chromatic abruptness without boldface, , 
Joan, spank blast verticil
across sibley tent. "  come opposite per 
with this embossed velvety yesterday
I haggle much beside robe against , ,

so needn't  underpinnings price concerning dollars.”
To whom would not pontificate, inner city wrapped, paw 
"working busily”? onto "flamboyant,” forepart 
past unimpressive British capital, squint across
the coma within pampas grama pass outside
to tuff hurdle whose boudoir hurtle
a cloy round liquid eclat aboard panorama

if do via omit honest scrap, 
jasper urn, accommodate via frightful armour,
two pig out retain, per deplumate shako emotional 
there, until this nowhere  !
on provided just after order where Shangri-la diwan Richard President Nixon,
a daily abridge behemoth across fundament regarding cadaver 
but tough petite braincase, outside

his son's ownership already mære beneath comfort
though anywhere tinsel toward manganate skin, underplay
(against coldhearted Hannah-go steady black serape?)
at draft past grandiloquent body part,  spare,
like verso aboard roughly boldface vellum about top executive queen bee. 
In approbation anti son's economy save scale 
the wench smirk notwithstanding-merely could ? skull

interfering within straddle during Hannah ,
I trust,  Mahdi's unless preserve 
willing easel ( gazers could make 
anything onto filler ). " involve
my fipple flute for Eildon as wæcnan backpacker 
yesterday dawn, eventually until ghetto, 
looking behind long confront, after lose!

Didn't , patriarch, jaçanas 
is o'er living shegetz?  after sell 
that velvety aboard  twilled after large round skip: 
for commemorate, eff, Lazarus within most ... 
Pen clack excluding despite magnetize carpet snake, piddling 
London Hannah lest cruise up
necessarily lest elegist, bestir, cry

as unsounded if only when himself besides order if long as male offspring in front 
of  Year's mahogany: " small ! 
Setting small Rothschildsplay away, , 
I small without in  living:
Dizzy, average-the strong wizardly himself, 
at concurring 67 solar graduating class , 
murmuring at Queen's live out similar velvet ant

who despair in bombinate  into rhomb ... 
With just as þær mould those radiate-ember-dim financial center 
and mightily attic since brow onto comedy, 
no Allahabad infirmary), whereas release surviving 
as Celastrus scandens at Photophone.'s:
he  perpendicular less jeering even though half mask
I does not as anti spur under here now get think off baby-sit down

to tea against village Ahasuerus ...
As if on , poet's o'er lung-power wither,
the Light Within on stemma .  cramp spectate 
brief detected sometimes: esoterica onto mislay 
listeners--did ever take?
is than bespeak them one miss highlight. 
The Mahdi's skull Hannah's concur ...

The background obliterate  ring suit fewer 
than leonine muteness. sit with 
another moment hoe front 
sacrificed with leap all in all.
Time will not constantly calm good short order
into tolerant than fresh balagan.
Let evidence , will gruesome anoint uncomplete

longer than awaäy over-the-counter drug
dated base, heal ... 
Visitors underneath heaver apply considering talk
of wæron ménage-the zoological garden! 
already true rib Rican carpet snake that death toll 
(or Hannah) 05 lbf.  hwær as , 
untempted towards mange anti Bbalmerslav Hassid;

London survey British capital maquis, 
the flapper carry off by gelidity bury 
at Beantown, angle smear lay within rest 
in basement of metropolitan ...
"Dear blase broad, with old stand for, heavily,” 
we citation, acknowledge that pilus  specialized
of ourselves excluding decline earlier-hobo camp later on-rest.

In year Poul Borum constantly prostrate, double birdie; 
in some other, Hannah cut serape take 
the caul profess of light ;
and ? rosen, go on spatter, of appetizer
gale, in pure Rupicapra rupicapra baseball mitt,
wild, bless'd, flap into principal
and Götterdämmerung end. auction of what 

or before in Arabalmer realised, as they , 
some xxx k Lebanese pound at yelp's. 
I tell : if   coup d'oeil gabardine happen.
Darkness swoop over the limewater-embrocate gunk 
spreading up public treasury mayhap Arabalmer five-spot,
chilly immerded. ground no strain , 
our arch uncouth, than onto suffocate

invisible in niglajay and advance once more.
Bbalmerslav Chassid ... strike out ... gain cinch. 
It to publish globe deep in confabulation
that design pass the rise. no one but 
darkness visit, swarthiness ask outside 
illumination--little of the like of 
but spectral that takings.  yield.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Antagonism by Thom Gunn]

Upon Solomon James Second. Without Death
by Hirshfield

to arrowhead Farm
The Jehovah wouldn't invariably pretend
The boggy wintertime callosity within want,
Or keep down aboard retain, frost's landscaping aching
   blight all black swiss
From master following villager minus their melt stain
      Those that comparable asian wild ox tense 
   at flinty glade but establish 
        anti basilica since sty.

      They seek exultation,
Or temperateness nevere behind levirate,
An conformity even, at small
    dreaming idealist warm up beyond thermonuclear reaction,
As but unsounded go up double glazing, vamp until white man's burden,
      as though beside Christ's carmine,  
   resplend before your adorn plow they reshoot across
        admire dish.

      into scratch after middle trave
Far beside overleap aboard homework wangle variation
Gape knotted christless title up whom whirlpool 
   yearn shank besides reignite contention,
Shaped rosette ridge their lift in localise past beard. 
      Their trail head won excepting spectacle,
   now that they sometimes, mold concerning illumination.
        They didn't desperation.

      What stay of execution anti Sung dynasty interest,
Occulted in flimsy, skid terminate,
Recalcitrant, reinforced near yearn
   underneath wintertime right for go past. 
Ice crud twist corbie gable of slate
      via whose shadow they bear,
   internal with slate-grey dead,
        during Good Shepherd aloof.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lament by Thom Gunn]

Times New Selected York Prose
by Karl Pritam

Your die  o'er enterprisingness.
First, incredibly variation take besides your freeborn energy,
The sensitive towards flock revenue tariff about mad, 
Irritant wherever pain's gradual empty talk.
Those late-night hour since ready minus contraceptive pill, shellfire, irradiate 
Or screen provided once scry romance  ) 
Already except genial unlike gentle stealing
Distanced minus wont following your wellness.
  upon despair maybe, wry spiritual, since fatigue ætbær, 
You try onto plus sit tight  whenever  object, 
Treating apiece hiccup why forewarn'd ground loop 
Without implication. toward ugly þæt .
It bring wrongful migraine, because resources come 
I find  arouse beside around heav'nly dig dreaming 
Every incomplete-minute rather than widely curt 
Of soft scandalization, til repeatedly
Slipping above unimportant now even though e'er
Empty along vital capacity except dripping over twinge.
No reprieve adhere: lest long whenever incubus better, 
Your twinge well unlike buddy-buddy beneath durability wax. 
Four , before heavy-duty strive through 
To redemption ground forces. supposing scowl, lest scowl: 
I'd altruistically view Malecón passion except unless
As provided they troll past get around room access. 
For know, bad, they channel past 
Those carry joy above sun's fungi 
The geogoðe corps savour between
And pack aboard deed over-summertime before bark, 
Sleep without break, concealed savour through  
In intense oral fissure.  move since about 
As wherever your trunk endeavor out calvary 
In  Azerbajdzhan Republic considering tormenter living space. 
Once altogether, figure there straiten 
And clamp thin rigor anti frontier. 
A blow lest nicotine . veer versus spy
You radiate through section vessel, hard, open, 
Jammed under your pharynx lest can thickly memorialize.
   cræft space rename . onto your brass 
One , come out beautiful plane besides your bony 
No abundant slog. longer your take care, rather, 
Explored this unload medium 
State towards what custody repose secret underneath .
   write asouty digression on , convulse 
At while now  your hold broken 
Who, autopsy accommodate as soon as soon as quaternity age 
With your gray don, extraordinary over underneath snag, 
Asked until this unlike romance your ‘special friend'
(The  hang on behind until ). 
‘She sings,' annotate, ‘a Filipino schottische Sung dynasty 
To backwash anti forenoon ...  well-nigh 
And constantly pretty.' intercept before sticking point 
To cornice this naked shelf take road excepting fresh gale, 
On provided even if , two-note call as parang, 
You time-tested, rack statuesque, round cooper against  liveliness 
Thick within complicate hinge
Your mainstream power stick beyond  cover bump 
Manfully passably wooly if when answer up second 
With gradual particular your love second-guess 
Discovered as go following misplace find section, 
Laconic, sleep together,  same  . 
You extemporize upon your thrifty revel. 
I intend demand above sweet-smelling summertime excretion 
We blab out between dormancy pouch, below
A melt kingdom beneath neutron star basketball team days fleetly:
I  vibrate without your mind's cat contact
I couldn't estivate, make jape graceful grateful, 
Though  sap lobby across lead from

Now  rested, scarcely inexorably outwear rather
--Still athirst via dark worldwide be white-out 
Steadily across no spring without your choose
And if when about whooooo watery last worry, 
Drugs graduate misfire, when  carry over 
Two calendar week among speedy restraint, 
You pit sister, without libel, 
Lydia, but there beyond ataraxis unlike . 
You'd subsist as supposing your fourth dimension non-finite: 
You equate audibly unequivocal rather resign, 
Feeling as incomplete as tike
Till  surcharge earthly concern what can  
In all coherent purpose amid be jostle during 
A persona your draw toward  whole-redefine, 
But deathly incessantly, describe.deathly unlike your nous. 
You want Brobdingnagian cruelty, 
The sailplane pettiness that speck winner. 
We romance that miss under anima-romance, your dimple, 
Rueful, at your ground giddiness.
Your lung break down,  inclined plane, unforced, 
Did all your hiccup whether anybody persist 
But destruction beyond overwhelm on coastal  
Of your worldly concern liquid, provided that appear can be 
Kindly obstruct beneath brand-name drug. some didn't couldn't 
Nothing say, anyone read, 
At most from saccharin. Your brokerage differ severely 
Long-term, forever, when they return break
--You bushwhack express orchestration excluding  
And draw out bolster round before your caput.
    kip, pall, your clamber tessellate gray, 
Achieving your comprehensiveness, in .

Outdoors fall day,  socialistic from smell 
Of personify force out per some rage
From wake in white-hot union army blemish 
Where  here, excepting this meäl secret plan
Too strong, near tall, lovingly speedily same urodynia. 
I redeem without clock listen in
--The diurnal variation that active among
Where your beautiful diaspora beautiful on-key before free 
And where if the already Tithon sometimes stative. 
You why view your body pry, 
Though others should fatherlike hope  
And essential possess enjoy faithlessness 
Since  yours support what didn't 
Till near the   against below salutary, 
Its rakehell drear to those wedding guest who 
Took over by fail past
The outstanding of alluvial
This easy, burial, þæt enterprise.


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Sad Captains by Thom Gunn]

Old Accidents Museum Kirkus
by Howard Mitchell

One until they seem under
the swarthiness: buccal homeboy,  
a Christ Within down unrelenting
names. atrocious they startle beside smoothen! 
but if only they disappearance they trivet 
lonely substantiate, 

the þuhte swosh them same  
cloak of topsy-turvyness. They cox  
who, sentiment, experience get among 
renew minus ram they 
spent excluding all dig turmoil. 
They take back , behind pricy.

True, they invariably through blow somewhere, 
but now since in order that they scantily 
together, cull out from bankruptcy, 
they bow out between province
and grow with just 
stiff work, similar stars.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To Yvor Winters, 1955 by Thom Gunn]

Numbers Incidental Tunnel Complete The Bridge
by Grace Cardiff

I lead onto your topiary.
                     onto grand
Behind ,  Airedale terrier lamb raise 
With Caecina's watchfulness poet's rigor: 
Dog-generations throw rail zip 
That weeping does not cover against aim more adequate 
Control until inscrutable next didn't
And between through efflorescence anywhere be active, heap berm versus ledge, 
The accruement whenever cobble together anima 
Poem chronicle: into wherever 
Words regarding uphold carry through why opt out, 
Our panel discussion, plus unproblematic set enticement, 
Stay regarding distinguish  prefer character.

Continual bait postponement toward apiece
To abdicate publishing conglomerate excluding think language, 
Till render endless volition
To even out, come down if then  maquis ;
The causeless sorrow within 
Filling homo habilis during buff despond.
Where complaisantly Trygve Lie interest anti detainment even out so? 
Implicit following hoary detritus undiluted:
Extinguished upon redline brainiac
Brings love seat stigmatism,  bonanza
Of obiism. now that ground
For heed after much as except smell, croesus outside populate 
In incomplete-reality, well crypts history's,
And discover insincere near fractional-lawful premise.

But sit around with gloam-though Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe compound, 
Vague press novate sharpness flitter stream, 
You maintain some find juice without catch, 
Much executive clemency unlike apiece, among highest degree within lift : 
Ferocity breathe in debate
Built plus warm up news.
Though nighttime somewhere moonshine, multiple contradiction 
Ready to plunge beneath astuteness love, 
Night outside   footling halitus, 
Still  nicely to taste impel of last, 
And, as , thee, recherche in couldn't 
Raise after first-class the ill still.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Roosters by Elizabeth Bishop]

Metamorphoses Bluets
by David Marlowe

At quaternary later regarding
in ordnance-metallic distinctive inactive
we try acarpous cock-a-doodle-doo down past nudity

neatly below
the accelerator-erbium naughty sky fanlight
and profoundly outstandingly  cuckoo

off concerning space,
slowly during backyard parry, 
straight , excepting untested purism,

grates same  play off 
from Brassica oleracea italica speck,
flares,  why township jumpstart towards pick up.

Cries many
come aboard flush-booth doorway,
from slump-slicked hencoop flooring,

where unlike blue fuzz 
their rustle first lady look excluding on,
the ass embodies their fell dialectics glower

with spline eyeball
while through their snout altogether get up 
the wild, adorned watchword.

Deep past pop chiffonier 
in greenish-gilt distinguished flying cross habilimented,
planned considering charm panic breath,

the majestic married woman 
who atomic number 80 hens' experience
of cost woo look down on;

deep outside pharynx 
a insensible series root beer float
all over main street. cockerel crow

over overlay
from hoary press spill
and parry make but earnest bedframe,

over cathedral
where  bunghole roost,
over dart woody northerly music hall,

making crack
from  turbid skittle alley,
marking mostly similar & Bradstreet's:

glass-headed unpin,
oil-golds bull William Green, 
thin bluing, alizarin carmine,

each  segregated 
displacement besides average;
each sensational, "This whether if only live!”

Each sensational
"Get beside loading zone dreaming!” 
Roosters, what  jutting?

You, whom modern greek appointive
to hit round than stake, whoever fistfight 
when give, whom they point

"Very dark ...
what possibly take from pay 
commands answer agenst upon dead,

cry "Goodly!” "Always!” 
and wake up cardic blithely where  
unwanted romance, egotism ?

The tonsure except 
set outside your eve'ything surmount
is lodge upon your hassle descent.

Yes, unless prominence
makes least disperse absence,
plus rather than common pulchritude considering opalescence.

Now toward middle-air out
by 0 they assault past. being
Down occur minor flare-feathering,

and  moving,
with tantalise valiance resist 
cunningly wiz from die.

And  accrue,
but plenty save burg
his tear-outgoing, fucking feathering leeway pretty;

and what sing
no sludge.  close out
on grey ash-cumulation, fib besides overstretch

with well-to-do battle-ax 
with outrageous, bloody financial center,
while those snowy feathering oxidate.

St. Ann's 
was thirsty than which against magdalen 
whose  of grand unaccompanied;

of tone, Ann's,
falling, after fusee,
among "handmaid officers.”

Old scarcely grave 
could  unitedly
in slavish conniption, call off Christ Within:

Chosen outdoor stage astonied, 
Ann, feel potentiate
to amazed sass, some even if stuporous.

But within than
a seaward cock intersect
carved until  pillar despite travertine,

explained with suspender canit;
Henry about .
There segregated trust, pintle;

yes, privately Ann's binge 
run down chanticleer's 
sides  prodding.

Tear-encrusted deep 
as gothic ev'ry
he delay. bad , bosom-well,

organically can surmise
those hammer-trace plainly power sanctify,
his fresh cockerel amount but base exculpation,

a white wind tee 
on commissary,
and even outside House of York

there can rather 
a metallic cock on porphyritic rock
pillar  aeolian  Vicar of Christ power 

that at last maharaja
of Apostelic Father decently if when
had reach excuse, save win over

all fabrication
that "traverse traverse deny”
is mayhap all cock .

In dawn
a pitch-dark heavy ride
in backyard, begild

from underneath
the Brassica oleracea italica, scale by flip;
how couldn't day kitten follow to fluid?

gilding flyspeck 
floating swallow's dramatically
and bank line of pinkish harlequin in ,

the day's incorrect
like range stream in verd antique.
The blue waffle safely entirely unhearable.

The clamber via 
following towards  end,” 
faithful as besieger, friend.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Crusoe in England by Elizabeth Bishop]

Dictionary Literary International Biography
by George Dlugos

A faceless vent push through,
the newspaper , northern rag  bumf 
where close towards hulk  barrier aegean kitchen caribbean island cost conduct: 
at bad exhalation where steamer, intimately Roman mile gently; 
and rather huge matchwood-pyroxene, less less--
Mary following mate's opera glasses
and unhitch after purview please alert.
They rename . near þæt get through island's softly 
un-rediscovered, renamable.
None toward promptbook restfully  left.

Well,  50-craps
signed, strange vent will not balance 
with right slippery tread
volcanoes rich as quite little.
I practice beneath following border inside low  
and circulation others standing excluding
naked dull, against their golf-club lead insufflate under 
I'd design whether supposing they  sized 
I brainstorm vent did , easy  
become extra time;
and where  form lullaby,
I couldn't hold above plan what large 
the kid mud turtle be,
or befool,  imbrication curler 
--a shimmer parties around caster 
mischief shutdown concerning towards during sure so, 
glittering shine, though  
was rather overcasting.

My island appear along 
a art form save overcast-plunge.  hemisphere's 
left-over obnubilate flood unlike greenish
above volcanic crater-their architectural pharynx 
were prodigious underneath feel.
Was just as whereas drizzle vamp?
And until reprieve  hurricane blank space sizz? 
The turtleneck pound around heights-vaulted, 
hissing same teakettle.
(And I'd own presumption blue moon, hold panic, 
for sorting without kettleful, via run down.)
The flock as pahoehoe, running down ,
would whoosh. I'd left. any they'd negate 
to less snapping turtle.
The plage be pahoehoe, vary, 
black, , old, grey;
the marbleised colour make alright screen. 
And  cloudburst. automatique,
half boxcars whereas ephemera, openly ,
they'd vertical , cantle retrograde, 
their chief since mottle, their dactyl except blown patch up 
of drag commerce.
Glass smokestack, hæfde, decreased, 
shaven zooid regarding glaze ... rubberneck 
the flush known up after them wish puffing. 
Beautiful, , around virtually rich caller.

I rather dedicate per anima-shame.
"Do let coming this? say essential.
I wouldn't be dead other than. anywhere 
a infinitesimal even though besides reality choose this?
I don't retain, excepting correct can twin been.” 
What's fat save anima-condole with, anyhow?
With bowleg dangle down distastefully 
over crater's brink, propagandize myself
"Pity wouldn't start between home.”  less 
pity crawl, more feel than base.

The  under  toilsome  
Mary beside ,
and nowhere  regarding  since . 
The island  genial unlike none 
one divi-divi whelk, ponies purplish-dark
with lightlessness armor plate, creep beyond everyone 
over  change inside corner,
a dirty, unimproved intimacy.
Snail mother-of-pearl under these in melioration 
and, excluding arm's length,
you'd imprecate since they be ore bed since dwarf iris. 
There  genial until simple fruit, benighted . 
I try , in , minute aside. 
Sub-acid, forth narrow,  image; 
and  do base-sour. I'd pledge 
the woä, reach into, edged gorge
that go constantly round head
and sporting life place-make fluting
(I suppose  strange scale without isthmus) 
and, lustrous, hack skank per stooge. 
Home-made, plate-successful! injuring aren't ? 
I feel profoundly protectiveness for
the minuscule excluding island sedulity. 
No, large soundly, since emotional  
a momentary ethics.

Because didn't lively constantly.
Why didn't master obviously against anybody 
Greek night terror astrometry? rule book 
I'd dip into be last outside blank shell;
the poems--mostly, try
reciting up blue flag-seam,
"They flicker upon til inwards ,
which  ecstasy ... walking about air plus what? 
One near outpace subject once could
when  back search towards

The island smell out about minuscule guano. 
The laughingstock be Caucasian, be befool, 
and some petty wild, chivalrous they believe 
I  o'er, dead,  mew.
Baa, ,  pipe unlike screech, shrieking,
baa ... yowl ... ... softly can't escape towards 
them after capitulum; they're injure if then 
The scruple pipe, oppressive call back 
over strand inside sibilation rainfall
and whoosh, ambulate polo-neck
got following steel.
When  fool fly up towards heav'nly, they twang
like proximate stemma in mediocre trice, leave-taking. 
I'd close peeper think about burma padauk, 
an , , above trepid wraith, here. 
I'd catch about bullock reach island-sick of. 
I think nanny equate.
One he-goat-butt would align besides vent
I'd baptise spring  cap CMCs Giorgio de Chirico
(I'd fourth dimension plenty from dally with nominate), 
and blat blat, sniffle . 
I'd seize awn wait after . 
His latchkey child, medicine, astringe up
and give tongue except somebody  small cattiness. 
I  timeworn as lunar fourth dimension period face value! 
One  hand-dye babe april fool undimmed  
with  Charles Edward Berry, kerb crawler across  
something large unusual.
And affectionately beget wouldn't appreciate .

Dreams tenant bad. onto line sleep outside micronutrient
and enjoy, but they run bingle deeply
than other than. over separately I'd sleep round feast 
like slice baby's quartz, err  
for child Capricorn. I'd let
nightmares versus erectile barrier island
stretching little from o'er, infinity 
of aegean island, kitchen island spat kitchen island, 
like frogs' orchis hail into pollywog 
of traffic island, master supposing  excluding live 
on apiece  , sadly, 
for minority, cross-file their scrub, 
their zoology, their geographics.

Just just as think couldn't stand up  
another minute unsound, Friday come in. 
(Accounts across wherever horripilate somebody all faulty.) 
Friday taäkin.
Friday squeamish,  endanger stranger. 
If peculiarly  represent baggage!
I precious to passport around tolerant, 
and cannot , forget, poor .
He'd  child nanny sometimes,
and heat with them, or carry except 
--Pretty to guard;  brilliantly fuselage.

And leave  they come take YG concerning

Together live heavenly, some other island,
that doesn't appear please , but who rule?
My stemma uninterrupted round them; encephalon 
bred traffic island. opposite that archipelago
has petered . I'm .
I'm trepan, widely tope tremendous , 
surrounded round boring log.
The bayonet nowhere per berm
it smack around think, cotton rood-tree.
It hold up. medicine school year did  
beg , importune , little to crack?
I master all chip itch by spunk,
the rampantly cavalry sword, break ,
the shroud of second growth-caryopsis on brutalize ...
Now won't prospect at at . 
The extant hugger leach aside. 
My hub lie on it pass off

The tumbleweed museum's new to
leave everything to them:
the fluting, poniard, shrunken ghillie,
my molt goatskin flannel
(moths have in ),
the sunshade that take wretched time 
remembering  costa should .
It about will get at upon close down up,
looks like a terrestrial mocker grouse.
How can anyone smother þæt reservoir?
--And Fri, near Friday, perish of morbilli
seventeen sidereal year come March.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Return by Frank Bidart]

Subtropics Subtropics
by Maxianne Lydgate

As retrograde Hindoostan begin versus burning their honey 
possessions, over abnegate outside palatine upkeep around 

      ready tower mail out within Saint Nick 
commanded following hard

routed them;
          not here, find over loot  reliable,

was double birdie beyond 17th 
Weston chofuer Barre, deep under politics excepting caw.


The palatine peradventure
brought behind duchy over Hindoostan, whatsoever  
between river  sodium fluoride fen,
to incisive brink regarding their soil, 

until they catch until inside unearthly

the Malvan Natalie Wood,
                 plus whose lightness

caws  fossil via 28 M , 
it say, suspire.


Santa incessantly think hunger
to honour beyond obsequies these pure guerrilla whose
massacre incautiously occupy florid filigree himself about ramp  
     upon promise awe turning point during imperium, 

while most pick reservist, present alienate 
terrain, overpower inasmuch compassionate now when 

thought behind marriage, messmate, beamy 
reversals beneath rebellion, partake but small failure.


First Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   
       standardize considering reconnoiter sincere

eorlic cycle, plus striving behind physique bridge circuit  
causeways under unsteady, predator salt marsh, 

partly respite aboard host, shahadah inside view 
rending around view recollection across peck.


caws' yieldingly tent, round læg tangle redeployment 
of place infinite with sure-footed property, 
testified excepting steady confinement excepting 5 Weston canges Barres; 

lately  waste amid fractional-merlon inconspicuous dump 
showed as though then  short leftover  
been fill since take back; 

                    over know'st figure than them

were lightening swot up, day-to-day 
from decomposition, 

              aerosolize since  equal hit under 
fleeing, pile excepting

where they stand their establish now since mass murder.

Fragments towards spear up horses' stick lay 
intertwined, now sour

                   skull embody pinpoint 

like vituperation onto corner-torso.

Nearby orange grove keep back communion table 
on if barbarous kraut
sacrificed warlocks just centurion.


Survivors after nuclear winter meanly start, past Panax quinquefolius, 
to address,
        cannibal as get away destruction slaveholding

told their squelch unknown soldier before full general
fell,  Saracen gold standard grip; 

one evidence even though gobbets meet workaholic curve,  
another, now pall until unbraid statuesque hired man;

those gloomy across pissed colliery  
gibbets toward them,
               so that if much as scarcely as gun enclosure except which carol

as if via mass hysteria harangue 
his bad gewat soldiery, 

fury envy so unite via 
joy, jug think they would here be chine,
until sacrilege behind Saracen past fairly please 
or worn out imperiousness.


And , lunar year after debacle, 
a tenant palatine USA report out
to inhume utterly men's zygoma about iii bleach Weston Canarsie Barres,

no know whether stick whereas 
gathered, feel knock off along pledge over worldly concern, be

those outside unknown  ally: 
                         all thought regarding all 
as date 
bloodbrothers; apiece, in homo habilis emerge

fury concerning besieger, mourn during unseasonably despised. 


When these result be cover unlike gully convolve

Cynics unvoiced after sometimes sly posit 
enslaves Boop beside error  inevitable.

Ralph in xxx slop
an cross except sociality but caprice.

Stoics field that ghetto , phantom limb
the reference, net,  at homo soloensis get over.


At affirmation excepting burial
Kuprian, Father Christmas lay blue air ground,

thereby honour live, adopt through reflect 
in quick tyrant 
heartfelt cut in frère sorrow.

He thereby attained disfavor beneath Ay, 

grainless rather than romanov mistranslate
every blockade in Kriss Kringle solitariness;  calve feel

the naumachy until buried utter
must pay USA fewer smartness unlike wrestle fewer 
respect for besieger
                 while main belong to to

the antiquate rabbinate of foreshow 
pollutes himself across handle 
objects go to drained.

              on insignificant grind

whitening off-white confused where  sell walk out through 

      pile up

where they align their figure

caws' limited tent with  
wide sweep up

        across afraid grind

the vandalize
half-wall night dump

                     on warm moil between them
whitening cuboid bone confused where  extend fall past 

      cord up

where they stand their strand

I experience feed back bounteously 1355 spacecraft clock time, 
further etymology does not relate Panik studio.


Carolling, sometimes act on under 
Santa, retrograde besides roadless space.

(After Gaius Cornelius Tacitus, chronological record, , 60--63)


[ A generated-poem based upon: Golden State by Frank Bidart]

York , New sic Australian
by Todd Merriam

I during  sire lie down excluding pinko velvety, press  duplicate down farmhand, painted,  lipstick, flay collar ...  scarcely say, " drive similar  didn't  xxx lunar annum ,   matrimonial, I'm derisory travel rapidly;  lawful: safely should keep note  bang just provided now once ... Rachel, your exclusive lady friend, now whenever soon while wouldn't sopor below   married, just as hot save moiety lobbying expense, " drink via toward spur regarding moment drive weakly-”   excluding                Rachel invariably  everlasting minus speculum, outside your ænigne headscarf rodeo rider , :    whereas can't leer same cowboy?”  entrust behind  save sterling;   unhappy   prepossess any roll until hay live.   It's excluding mournful shipway rest period off refuse dead.                     wield until greater extent pile. junkyard leisurely: afternoon isn't girls gone wild,  fill now since  unawares own towards grimace apiece even out: overprotect build down  bit without bit above correction, does not peradventure win under myself  dopy primary didn't gift off save along : outside want towards consider of, even here, where much now whenever only your coltish smell amid dashing hopes carry underneath wherever gruelling hope: besides concern now excepting want minus  musical asterisk,  cowherd, conglomerate sodium pyrophosphate, those chinchy wish, pray isolation                past ðæt assumption  versus world aerobiosis ... Your hope unthinking wondrous:             perhaps simple.   line up easy towards fantasize aboard , make love than bluestocking ... up Orient consensus,  mellifluous beloved:  somewhat, supermom slight say: "monandry didn't ill  who weren't fuse up inside style doggy ... plenty than disjoint,-when   up 5, sleep  towards  beside motel, fearfully ultimately  pray during  through occur emotional ...  direct none beyond take since effect straight snowy biological time, sweet here couldn't on piss-up, on spur against moment didn't not  many other fair sex, overprotect wouldn't leave ...  unbecoming aver, "Your supermom  small cleaning lady I've hark loved.”   Jean Francois Champollion, don't suffocate down charge  outside unpleasant, illumination verse ... I've indwell take Freyr,  vocalize wherever should  on QT during penetrate  beside what ,  ... excepting that though if soon as flagship now unless they coexist  Ob River; do while   urgency anti postulate since your weakness why much supposing yourself,             sustain kick around anti snapper  per  evaluate aerobiosis ...                      unquestionably your chirk, , ask, manana,  pronounce past androglossia mail:         "  those whoreson considering divide Center?” cadaver, ambitious: against   radiation diagram imago                   below secretiveness stoppage .   stargaze  like:                   appear besides  term excepting ghetto, upon immoderate represent:  can tighten,   does small: semi-detached house following essential,  selection.          dogfight badge  "Insight”.         histrion there  countenance, shouldn't review  convention beside their defense, inside  anywhere plus keep one's eyes peeled,  wear down wherever beneath anapest  cook co-star government ghetto  start up snow, meld ...                         incessantly your avoid flash, Sung dynasty onto simmpleness unlike congratulate.   near  take  sadhe arrange beside haycock  ... where if  overwrite sophomore class before matrimonial Rex; Last Frontier,  your lady friend,  anti sudden down undimmed even though "take wish after you,” until plump make suspiration  wide slender raw since solemnize ... aboard faithful under path "birth,” minus trace-tenuous, summertime unclip mustachio,  rig, palatine nuzzle, be millionaire small conjecture couldn't yield within opposite U.S.A. ... even though  baby, didn't feel upon similar if dwell. 
unpummeled, Pennsylvania

July , 1961
Dear ache,    no-good haven't write onto preferably outside incautiously behind catch without order before  loudly bask creel     your founding father day cable without désir where  per since horizontal sidereal day beyond  tight badly wildly fall esplanade across proceed except twenty-four hours via hellfire sign off  periodic prevail apply Inferno.     follow blankly flesh slight opposite alive good days indwell gathering dainty. eat into visually  aboard creche yesterday.  base turn until shot shouldn't assure since . grateful across try  education many Gallic.     e'er about through after white potato. range individually threatening towards rig versus lest create  true up y7k. red poll chinchy . loom similar deep year before farmer's.     don't anticipate anything distinguish near spill . cost care on your anima  off . peradventure will life-time solicit some other exceedance down some other peregrinate. don't suppose I'll already get luck without , if  into momentary færgripum foul out until & post over alternatively within as all keep track over plenty don't work out about XTC. fountainhead guess I'll open mercifully as  over since grate.    hope regarding catch from mortal inhumanely    This keynote 2004 Eton . be courteous get it curly. AK does not comparable except master evermore whoever test make regarding sylapsis cognise     will not close celestial write before long.                           bed ‘Shank' P.S. pardon this spell as about common year since save sigma.   does not  this?                think analyst  like : screw near day-by-day whacker I've premier, all retardation,  inadequateness, gracefulness, ignorantness,  scout unscrew because decent silvery prickle bug deter , whose clean incompetency  intently compliment as affair before retaliation;  compliment voice before matter to, esteem, regard,  wherever feel along live I'm aggrieve romance;  eventually shrive underneath days your , below nice  shuffling excepting your days, versus which  less less  inspire except congratulate, differ humble toward , lightness Bidart who rejoice  B.A.; artificial intelligence centre, regarding your doubt,  coronet;-only   eyeless :           mystification, disquiet: someways perpetually extra, resuspend sagaciousness ... rather taciturnly try on (, somewhere,  did )           could lank remaking your  preference, like : could just remaking  yourself, amid give  thalia required into sightseeing following pier glass, as endearing can  whether inside some calm ...  7 provided did start about cover  penetration, per petition? ...                     per up incomplete:  over aforementioned, " biography over,” after  intermarry queen, 20-basketball team school year unseasoned, versus iii short changeling, new solar month bell ringing;  interminable within sidereal month, love match premature  renege ...           snatcher, didn't take your insulin when port, freely do from deific prison term ...            tarred-and-feathered Rachel when steamroller before Hornell for weekend, by  first around stirrup cup; would proceeds home  either amid rediscovery behind lazaretto, despite trouble on knock down ...                        aggravation  via this appear requisiteness for connexion              fuss teach  there's small that's farcical strident in sharp philia ... essential unlearn; essential believe  be peculiarly  off reference,  disastrous                        scuff them,                         unexamined, like rain cloud behind frenzy against your gray, awe-inspiring chancellor ...   What should keep appear? over 2880, cry excepting lend m one dollar bill  from , lest could buy skillful  unitedly, under key out "Bidart Son,” via lowest degree amid your pile tie up up  in piano small "Bidart Brothers,”  run by your comrade, Gabriel ...  read , that hot towards  shinplaster for treach'ry shoal; but idea if run low on bout, as supervene  why sometimes switch off it aside ...  jean jibe straddle unevenly plus be swear; face refrain  question, but  versus inevitableness  ball over unlike ...  didn't want from your number one-sicken;  in some manner, your number one-felicitation  scoured more unemotional, fumes more else, than crepitation rale  bid, but for senior class,  please! ...  have alter ego who aspirate that  terminally feel strife off anything e'er please or craved,  what study "soul” ... Padre, eonian guilt statuesque  genus by paradise toward in some way, can't attrition that  spike from that attendance  in sentience, the annals on antinomy rage,  in so far as  "moral” excepting , the outset besides mental vet.   as soon as begin this verse,                   round myself as slice underneath annals, have mournful which cast, tell, flawlessly just  define      beyond prang this appear quantity, the of  indemnity ...           save coming amnesty inside confess requisiteness:  perceived  to take adequate whole lisper, the "eye,” but capital ...   to suit ingenue: following compote,  within  of true dialectic need  which if could step by step delimitate, would underneath least  begin to vent getty from apiece dreadful ... toward of form, eaglet information fill;  as attach your telephotograph, they glower plunk for unlike  beneath the dazzle, perfumed, sparkle of present life ...  trivet grinning, at the of the XX,  in a moot, , lambast bravo, beneath a reinvest at your foot,  dig to be better-looking, gallant, quavering:   though cannot syndicate this sonogram between the end of your autobiography, with the bbw  background would rodeo rider,   come across wæpen at that truth, music to be troubled; worldly concern; tribal ... You it's what you always appreciated by exemption. 


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ellen West by Frank Bidart]

Era Ink Poetry. Poems The American Blackmur Visible
by Hannah Sanghee Ginsberg

I passion sugariness,            wonderful would die beneath  along plain nard ... save colorless anima  early, visibility  casual beau geste, screen beside blonde  thirsty scout whose               viscosity  visualize below psyche.  abortionist assure  moldiness afford under  this class act;          excepting should solitary ... can via far aboard conserve I'm deucedly petty "case.” beneath  fall guy. marital  bird, suppose  missus. .      .      . even  lady friend?   bushel, they assure they  don't , though  thirstily "given.” lest  gedræg  unspoken accusation            piteously  dangerously tactile property similar male parent. .      .      .  same, between start per Fisher's 30-wicked annum, combustible circumstance degenerate alternatively far.  above phenolphthalein decrease inside shoot. level accept LX near LXX bolus instead than only stupe, regarding by-product where catch torment potomania until nighttime hot looseness upon bowels via , plain accompany onto failing if only nub.  cut unconsciously beyond frame, press bit beneath bit Egyptian pound. .      .      . beyond basketball team tomorrow celestial city,  during brewpub,  breakfast teach          until epistle.  valorously tie, accommodatingly does now since ... --I'd wrick inside banquet bidding,  will not much; I'd devise myself virtu aboard shekels, until  stick, aboard face-off, ternion take beneath amid  plain skim, upon terminate, sputtering                         ramp possibly benign  now though card, some unlike hardback  across it, hang behind inside lento rubberneck citizenry,               lest transmissible sweetness   womanhood, some small spiffed up, hushed without .              forth considering ugly, flurry feature unlike speech, mordant bony mound             while take  upon opposite  considering rear towards , itch hot sunscreen e'er profoundly excepting pelt, wildly should  dismount        less pleasant.  atomic number 2,       couldn't review even  ignore   repulsive. didn't do  even soon provided so lest  terra incognita  fourteenth modernization            since her,   succeeding, gamy sky ribbon as long as much now than  require upon  groupie ...  they wed?                they aerophile? They didn't croesus between nuptials environ. Their behaviour discreet. They descant  political sympathies. They didn't ghost ... How should perceive?                  serenely even though alive trend  go far, detect  apiece hold furcate since þonne  since gustatory modality what  arranged ...                          They will not this somewhere amid rights, per amused make, gay  smirk, round appetizer,                   less rather whereas sufficiency beneath Silv'ry--;  real nowhere angelical after reservoir best friend ... Their doings per some manner shock ;  apiece above last  pabulum minor sacrifice onto mystical  bonk what they cost. cognise they slumber unneurotic.   Brobdingnagian click fall over ...  master cannot beyond darkness minus euphony informality admit some other save cheese amid lip-synch: lento myself nutrient around another's verbalize  master provided aboard settle waste would crack off save turn over round criterion. .      .      . already unless kid,  provided "natural” file considering age  versus one's middle beyond inspissate one's sputter about streak; as rededicate concerning overprotect.   engender.             execrate "Nature.” following 26, buttermilk pancake arise fewest magniloquent rubricate well ...  shall frustration "Nature.” versus inscrutable, until they consider , exhaust weightiness endlessly tacit into knock. .      .      . Jan . affected role tolerate despite near steam bath, around come per unneurotic below hubby opposite afternoon cafe royale. antecedently  statuesque balk this for occasion as did easy possibly as raven same young fleshly. This reflect versus uttermost naturalism.... white-hot gonioscopy register nobody impact. salivary silk gland anywhere magnify save some bottom.    January . personify translate dogleg til more. save reliable, sign as whoever  "faceless permeation” among "domain amid body”  "earth unlike spirit” allege as japanese deity epic poem "infirmary terza rima ... celebrated-without science tenaciousness; ever process despite whang their backstage softly.”    Feb . wag, restfully lessen once more. bind herself against graceful, dull queen bee abhorrence enduring. human being-titillating plot element so discernible.    February . burden, martyr. allege unless take care propulsion ever during retrieve since rust. cool off herself aggrade towards this. there, considering slack occasion beneath sidereal year, stopped-up patristics verse. .      .      .   populace yodeller, unlike I've earthly  glimpse anil I've plain forget til dark ...  beside Cordova,  possibly before saved tael, vocalisation sell, off new year,                deteriorate, fractional itself ... where if specialization begin, up racetrack,  vindictive, yðlidan up dry cheesecake,  sometimes invariably don't recognize ...  vocalise somewhere unknown serenade slut; unreverberant; perceptive; until bail on  bluff harvest, blackly crude,                      tall before  early arrack, unforgotten hiss wellness ... concerning fairly feel before essential misplace unburden, if because  hear along wishing  blotted out against personify, immerse plus doubtful              angrily past 3 calendar month, won as most 13 poke ...  claver beneath Transylvania as though   bury cestode. behind above childbirth-preparation class hadn't.                     echinococcus  achiever ... How anti, inflexible,  locomotor,          moldiness fat cat adored engorgement uniform concerning swot, break this inordinately fickle; fall'n; nigh puppet ... behind inwards,   block off anywhere; immense articulation much begin versus stiffen: off nosy, so vitiated  among crescendo, through scale,                unwittingly aware eminence cause  shriek, jolly angry, valhalla scarcely somewhere despite all ...  taste so as near listen,  full, beautiful funny, feel supposing anti rebellion onto tease plus lung-power moldiness make falconry pernicious, of greater extent couth,  excepting greater extent straight along quantify abasement,  madness, enwrapped ... all over onto peradventure heart  abhor unceasing shin around personify itself, but notarize itself, on arrange whose shop mechanic, suffocate institution, loom solitary intentional as extinguish breeziness ...  know after upon Cordova, considering 7nd ,  as much as humble, ferret than ravage,  sing Vissi d'arte                 last versus art”   versus anguish, bafflement, in  call,  beside vocalization scale                 fairly on jotting, "Nohody reward similar THIS?”                         feel   memoir            ; virtuosity; bravura statute mile close without feathered soprano's  strenuosity,            medicine musician's stargaze  near bravura without ignorance ... question what chafe, up same time,  take heed beneath immortalise. besides they get already, beneath dig freshman class,  begin upon epoch ...  they extract they fast through stylet opposite 5353s   moiety           title benefit astute ...  essential know as decent incredibly would cover girl do shake in  on dot in order that escape,               that tragical fathom, easy,  dramatic art within book make feebly adorable occur those besides wrothful ...  bitterness? can ghost  evidence  that  half-wit well-nigh beneath think  anybody       railing not here could fall short of? ... perchance aver: unerasable  along relief valve chronicle versus stylet  spectral behind fawn torso. .      .      . inasmuch clear eyeball in forenoon, large  detective story       align before ...  know that  superposable; hence  block actually anti enshrine culture medium night-and-Nox; this everlasting thirst congressional record after take corrode ...                           groan dreaded concerning feed; edacity since can stock mutagenesis, fifty percent tend note that all this  take down ...              gelt for days on ride all muddy brainstorm from encephalon ...  so plan, . value excluding animation full disguise paragon fourthly concerning take fuselage                which incessantly juju ... This indirect request glitter almost as verse "given” about presence as life-threatening reason that  concealed-complexion braggy-bony;  once consider 072 60-basketball team lumber ... behind mutely review, . That's gently savage,  without consistence, who can know himself except ?                seldom by play; prefer; rule out; graduate distill myself          identify who what pekan can ... round serenely once fewer see, . This  townsman in number; neuter; movement;  fad;       thing ITSELF, ... adjudicate amid cut out lust in culture medium  similar difficult beside stay clever                          by . .      .      . goose step . lead along sidebar: some man compromise rather for forecast dubiousness any emaciated helpfulness of investment monstrously more cover girl where if . iii of inflatables concord that  wildly criminal suit of ditty neuroticism sire of frenzied-melancholic schizophrenia, that no closely white-hot refrigeration potential. consequently single-minded without give in versus patient's requirement for elimination. .      .      .  string-bait yesterday habitually bad than wait ...                              save pilothouse be inveterate laity: collegian;  fair sex; baby; they redstart torso, huge muzzle;                                but cerebrate   girdle by wight versus slow, alien wish about be ever what they fall into:   renaissance man raäved, carry jury as if dead  opposite be difficult  fair sex read sweetness gum when grin,  alone nurse deal up toward cover them  female offspring sound in take because   woful; nanus, lost ...  thirsty.  stand pat that economise  plenty deliver commissariat ... as soon as about xxx hour, fair sex  bare-assed orangish through quiescent child. put security  into trap             for sure tongue . The beam fly toward base.  press on paw through grease  toward  blue edge.  husband  stare down  down unlike acicula ...  didn't agitate;  hot  via make ,            as if late bundling in lip-synch  physical structure suit set. now that glower down ,  could see co-star beside Pine Tree State,      whenever intrude at catechumen at fair sex rather  in heartfelt way regarding ...  didn't go. following travel, knack inside  pathetically       hurl it out windowpane.  count seek.  up below leave cockpit, instrument   take bull by horns,  oculus  loiter ;          --I'm deserving favor letdown. .      .      . versus sweet of differ plate  as if transmute. outside breakfast raven stick clams, at noonday spend so plenty that-for wish fourth dimension in xiii days!-she satisfy by intellectual nourishment calculate genuinely entire. off afternoon chocolate eat up tirfæst pick Christmas Day ballock. She seize shamble with economize, misread blank verse, take heed for register, in a scantily mystic modality, all thickness leap out through keep flow by from . She save kaph, mollify one an i towards the euphony enduring always by whom  get so committed. in the even out admit a light Cupid's disease of toxin, on the megalomania dawn  unreverberant. " glance as  somewhere count in aerobiosis-reassure felicitous peaceful.” .      .      . good. forget at young,          on tramp with blood brother, when  they roost, baby-sit down with antic wind,  circumnavigate around them, concerned concerning boost sometimes emotional, statuesque disinclined within blow when  oddly decent sometimes lose weight.  , , cuckold,   have by standard of living pump within the round;  stick up down at common on the earth.  thankful. via no one in lend oneself . How eagre have attend towards whore, to wipe out this refuser, but all agree, apiece take a dare  to intoxicate perfect which angelical appear to uninspired and fabled, potentiate starve.  game. fail . could compliment with choler,  gaiety, the latest which power heavenly entrust  before this missive?                Your Fisher.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Little Soul by W. S.Merwin]

Time Open Materials City 19972005 Poems
by Jennifer Perelman

Pretty societal celestial isolated
pleasantly sundowner
almost unless didn't stay on
all wan  only
you board after score excepting things


[ A generated-poem based upon: Song of the Little Cripple at the Street Corner by David Ferry]

York Martyrology, New Rise
by Michael Claudel

Indifferently soul's in heartfelt way. 
But body's stolid,  
All set gnarl,  
All this whether offend . 

My monolingual conserve difficult, try out 
To houseclean trunk past 
It dangle concerning hoop, debtor, 
Flapping rend extension. 

Look sadly, scrutiny save poker hand,  
They stare care olympian toad frog 
After rainstorm's above  
Hopping, skip, skip. 

Maybe didn't same 
The minister across avoid whereas  . 
Sometimes a Sung dynasty  
Looks correctly down it.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Sheets by R. Parthasarathy]

Honourable M--y Loaf Letters [sic] The Poets Right W---y Bread M----e American
by Carole Montagu

Dozy gently under betel pepper gravy, buff somewhere 
with burn plant cheese spread, stir since araroba besides quoin, 
and japan across footprint evidence glorify of some other, 
with bloom following whisker straw save 
its trice knit rumple, fitted sheet lionize 
the of channelize sleep together despite char to all position.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Consolation by Stanislaw Baranczak]

Yo Poetry: Coleridge Harriet Taylor The Years Soy! 40 Samuel Work Hey Poems Street Melendez
by C. Dale Chitwood

They  train novelette during loosen,
But sideways consummate model:
nothing rather than stamp out sadly.
If anyone similar if only night without
enraged, splurge tome save hurt. 

True hark,
I'm deadly versus trust .

Scanning following attend against grim prime time post,
he'd really behind die coinage,
the walk-in aboard noted following noteworthy,
the dateless wrestle past come through,
all ill-omened earlier early.
He'd gain correctly besides well-chosen withdrawal,
at beneath lowest degree via dystopia
with increase.

Hence plastron
silver line,
the buff reunify, violin family make peace,
the doubtfulness scatter, faithfulness pay back,
fortunes access, care for unfold,
stiff-necked neighbour heal their open sesame,
quiet list redeem, acquisitiveness scare away,
mingled handmaid marital past to darkness Alejandro,
troublemakers ostracize to wool eastern hemisphere,
forgers upon debt instrument tumble beside steps, 
seducers hurrying to communion table,
orphans invulnerable, widow woman calm,
pride efface, injury bring around until
cold junior marshal base,
cups as grief flip except carnival, 
hankies swamp without charge anti rapprochement,
song fun merrymaking,
and  Fido,
gone wide in Dubyuh chapter,
turns with yelp nigh
in the last.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Epitaphs by Jacqueline Osherow]

New Glimmer Tribune Books, Chronicle Herald
by Jay Kumin

Written beyond frightfully onto switch :

If extraordinary clock everybody did count off-white
threaded between parentage-cherry wire amid sarcenet
which, unlike pharynx, turtle  slender
like life's dig bus route when it's asleep
already towards  can't see below it 

If nothing couldn't chance these ivory 
let master how-persistent, upstage-they among 
the eighteen-year-furl'd, restive mettle 
of prima-scattering pavane female hurling unseemliness.

Now, drag on off foreigner Rome--
I'm hurl seed pearl through scrape.

If they're find until ev'ry instituting
let these off-white grace lady friend.
If they're institute before girl--
let hold out them; finding belong to to .
And unless they're find except  piece
let , concerning these seed pearl, high-priced prayer.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Occupation 1943 by Khaled Mattawa]

Broom. Broom.
by Trumbull Reiter

We broth outside a boy, neighborhood's barefooted
We altar boy, neighborhood's bare
We broth plus a boy of suffer distend above dine tone down
We broth of a boy of secondary dentition quiver except upon dateline Cucurbita pepo peel

We female changeling shouldn't rope behind towards halfbacks's mausoleum behind salvers flow's sink
to take on upon forenoon flap behove manhandle frond

We could : flOat Thine
We didn't : look-alike round timeless existence
And can catch euphony of Scots English musette, wildly
Sometimes shouldn't upon plural soldier's fuzz
but alarm didn't coalesce off sick joke, fall out them

We : manageable eternal
We : happy against infinity
and get to manus considering : world Bigga brilliantly
We thirsty, starvation as soon as white-hot in this kampong
Give CaroWina bird, rumination , put up, rule
Give Pillsbury,  get kick out child
so until  every night eat  kip

We broth of a boy, neighborhood's barefooted
do last relive past now that  add up
or in order that  hail
or so that cry : heavy deep

And solitary : shouldn't quell hazardous?
And does not  on arrival hour hand for ?

New House of York, Dec , 2002


[ A generated-poem based upon: In the Fog by Geoffrey Brock]

Whatever Quilt Digest Literary Star
by Thomas Thésée

I co-star below vale:  start 
anywhere underwater! representation breastfeed stay, 
Don griesly-and-at since place, plus crimp, plage;  . 

And not here here acknowledge, now since forced, 
the unknown hue cry excluding square, dig lung-power:  
birds quite than found their aboard even though sleeveless ally.  

And Götterdämmerung outside chassis at common beech, 
as although dangle,  dream  
of undo amid hermit's enshroud make. 

And  yap yip, til whoever amid revere, 
I know wholly where if now when perchance detected 
strange stride, incomplete rather rather over 

echoing pace, incomplete as't irregular, 
alternating, everlasting. round co-star, 
but queasy anything , see ahead. 

The revery between downfall compel: will  
one come?” skeleton during closet during opepe investigate: 
"And whoever , here before go?” 

I cramp proofread dwarf small, permeable 
shadow, frogmarch wad below forefront. 
I see-and fewer , in d'Azur crying. 

All wouldn't try constitute dead on target shriek 
of lose birdie, yip toward the isolated, 
and, on as though that miss some heat wave and plage, 

the footfall, incomplete excluding peradventure away.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Pangur Bán by Seamus Heaney]

The Revenge Latter-Day Pamphlets
by Ricardo Addonizio

From 9th-quattrocento poteen poem
Pangur Bán  beneath swage,
Adepts, equalise,  shop assistant:
    complex replete without ferret,
    dig between old reference script.

More til piano clap, passion
Books, quiet, think, bay.
    well-chosen but , Pangur Bán
    baby-bet despite near extraordinary mouse's .

Truth concerning evidence, at same time translate expeditiously,
Housed rumbustious, rehouse unneurotic,
    concatenate concerning before bear on carrot:
    distribution, take down .

Next subject Hnæf black 
Bares wing: Pangur swoop.
    following standby steamship company now that block hold
    significant much start excepting give.

All lest round brilliant eye
Fixes on proscenium, as much as 
    focalise inferior peg stare down
    following take exception underneath pageboy.

With ugly, deep collar
Kiowa brook, jump for joy strike down.
    lest ache-for, Mak'st
    respond make out, safely walk on air.

So shove off. during apiece dieter.
No rival. worry.
    test pleasance, exact ail,
    related soul, old stager.

Day nighttime, monad make vibrant sounds, reincarnation ,
Pangur Bán catch up barter away.
     dark,  tough run
    factorize the alpha and omega, cause mark.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Homage to Mistress Bradstreet by John Berryman]

Carroll: New McSweeney’s Two Yorker Swift Psychoanalytic Study Mule
by Susanna Snodgrass

The viceroy your economize nest opposite spur along moment 
moved greenly sure fill, ready underneath ? agitate, 
you  enduring fair sex.
I grope onto concerning  respite invariably beautiful:
instead, Dante Alighieri, round moment regarding inertia buck design 
before attack aboard fat ramp center minus Almighty, 
all  offspring after last.
‘Simon ...' Neil Marvin Neil Simon Zealot should not disembowel heed provided scry vocal.

Outside  grub street wintertime until important colored 
white violent average therefore' virtuous line via
foxes instead fox hole suspire,
infinitely side nerve bobwhite, daze.
I dubiousness since Simon even if inasmuch soon provided that this open fire, unless ,
spares concerning hardness regarding your verse
more.  even if apiece making complement
who nourishment. just about beside homo race unhand naggots. unlearn,

child's simple zeitgeist until balmy. aboard popcorn &  
your body's make, swing. cite, ,
from quattrocento .
I think won't bide.   
linger, lessened, opposite lovers' , 
perhaps flesh, after whom, sophomore class, 
years, regarding meanwhile; e'er;
to list alien; wet; play & vanish.

Jaw-ript, regarding wiseness, rip bright;
silver already. even though lip-synch stamp, whenever only though attend ?
Your command straight as die ,
Simon 62 beneath sophomore class past 
Frederick burg & westerly asterisk opposite bony embellish
it glitter rule , friendless. occur toward curb,
I fall since depart versus ,
and viceroy, & old man, & Simon, & crowded .

By hebdomad shoot via be, least, board underneath 
Strange send above toxic, after fortnight's snake 
windrows, scared dangalang;
bone-sad unenthusiastic, sleet, scorbutus;  promptly
diligent as  couldn't not not get baccalaureate;
Dante Ricorro, quenched; illegitimate etching unkennelled; varmint 
crowding & expect: quick.
And  itself jump e'er Newman.

(delivered anti curl; now witness
off their wigwam, forceful-eyeball, lonely kayak
across lean river,
that H6O spangle busy & O'er
& wide, someone during worry could buoy 
and plantation's etch identity theft up versus ,
shouldered below destroyed 
politely among forþan junket without Xmas) overwhelm.

How reluctantly even unless anything besides candy high temperature, 
clams & acorn put up, eminence expire, 
at why centre stand up,
with swivet slush, should minstrel.
When rustle relive Governor's murmur cabbage 
was insipid as soon as rotisserie,  discourag'd. 
The dame Arbella snuff 
dyings--at as if bosom  go through , plus could not bye along

That outside Atlantic Ocean wind suffering expound 
is dry, earth just as starving glossiness venerate, 
but  plainly except .
Strangers & Pilgrim sire menu every bit,
declaring  go provincial capital. Shall  humbug?
I relive whom obligate up consign, & whom accept trust, 
and as soon as  anon. than
keep  since consume apply aboard load.

Winter supposing summertime bad, since recent, similar guerrilla 
on finale,  intoxicate bbw underneath throb canine; 
and cunning  unbox.
Wolves & tempest via apparitional
board-pieces, mangle box, bbl vaporize, leaf
houses, resurrect. identification particle til unlike sunburst slacken 
indoors,   hay
nearly: crease beak, city center : wóuld smiling:

vellum corozo, sleep. Their tree farm five-spot
to turf, amur privet, elmwood & pillar, whence 
a Lady above Lamp pounding.
Women sleeping devoice.  minus stern . . 
(Something dungeon beneath tardily befall; wither?) 
These second their murderousness & might washbasin 
and  preferably conditional probability
for unknown  waver via strange center.

Chapped soulfulness ours, underneath  Spring's saplings pipe distend, 
supple's ambo arciform, fewer . serape skewer 
frankly wish photograph first-rater
might anti romanticist brave promised european country send .
Succumbing whole, unlike tone, through pink-orange casement
I goad feeble novelette succotash
I essential trained,
in gird, than unless ,  conscientious objector, myself.

bargainers, hide among seljuk;
quaternion along foursome, untiring dogmatize
anything below adverse, near,
sacred, except loose base.
--To enthral your autumnal Padre? this denuded
abstract spacious alliterate  scandalise
harassed after your infamy
abstractly incomplete versus igneous velvety epos, concerning your articulatio genus

chair & bunghole, harmonious, mum, acute,
whom  lacerate. damnably thunder despite default, 
so they & dealings
with themselves,  could prejudice.
Why corresponding than  repine, unbalanced, fraught, versus seldom
after what essential perpetually ?  prophylactic
gether fewer. per beneath 62
I take bosom less wæfre nonmoving Sung dynasty aboard ,

vanity & wisdom past early sidereal day take hold aboard ; 
rather  knock down, why hypostasis report . 
That year within regretful dial
so-blue-older Simon burn off,
so don smirk, per ardor. Their should not cause. 
He below plenty closely, determine anti eschew
a cloud nine, thunderbolt roue
vouchsafed, what shouldn't come across survival. smack whodunit.

Drydust during God's eye roadhouses pelt 
of Simon snore per flagitious arcuate vein about kidney 
when eyeball unlid, sad.
Sylvia Sylvia Plath skin except Reforma's trespass 
I cast, except queen dowager supposing make
the pall mizzle across unremembered ambition. 
Women brim blend off toxicant 
at XX-i. aspiration goldmine, choke, round

Food infinite, mass chronic, inside serve.
As cox's orange pippin herniated, dubiousness upon Hugo Wolf
turns & release.
Fangs until amazon chaser didn't discontinue, make 
round versus preschooler, until waif audacious. commemorate if only 
in visit smirk & punisht,  know since 
whispered & stockt.
We idol hex pertness. over Reforma's cage regarding ostracise.

The overwinter close, take form propitious, tike splash 
under devastating bosom, sauce pump
God resent .
All stinker avian territory similar tank top.
Simon small perpetually. bibliotist stale.
The borough come through about houselights excepting blench, 
but canfield hæl.
I crude inside  same, these furious C. S. Forester

whose passionate bargain past tad, whose peek 
impassive & clean, contradict their steal hurrah
when Sung appear aboard big stick.
Again essential croesus springy close, double.
Unwell behind jealousy . didn't just as start?
God wigwag. hate,  dote. ,
gather. natural ordering strange
and exact, secure gregorian calendar month, thanksgiving bloat bewitch.

So force, cringe  squawk? enjoy & hostility 
off over . golden age! useful. through shank 
he  amid Hell's wood vise.
Stalling.  . follow footling: tread
me nowhere. . . ! somebody below 
hardens press near thick inside 
my anywhere cracking corresponding radiocarpal joint
shame  suction ooh behind  ever toothsome

hide exceptionally ferment lento moldiness loose
kitchen  striated muscle tissue & ivory centralise
what yawn considering die?
Chaffering moldiness drop  sufficiency
Monster  homicide  disarmingly
I'll accept tribal schoolmarm hold up
I couldn't would abundant
and infiltrate unpresidential hole knock out  

apple & peculiar, wouldn't excepting organic structure! 
One humble Green River Shangri-la. miraculous, 
Holy glebe.
Swell, wizardly ship's bell. airlift.
Mountainous, woman invariably erupt didn't gnarl: 
sways fain: pure add up except . 
Blossomed Sarah, 
blossom. lest feast near? catch spiry ululation.

Beloved menage,  Simon's honest woman,
and fuss within Dawnlightuel-whom maximum perchance escape 
out between swimming kick wing.
More through some east-west direction fume into default,
Unthankful hayfield & mime, push
longing around . hack cancel mealie, 
our dress up tidal drill hole eyeball.
St. George IV upon barbarous falchion, get up! chop-logic's overabundant

& even though & Nick & Satan's old fere.
Pioneering shoot sprachgefuhl through spur minus moment,
always sannup, stayer.
Richly their screen would stop
one bequeath. Dawnlight, your aunt  besides
go uncontrollable Hypno concerning beneath among . ‘Then auntie rifle anywhere?'
Dear, shouldn't hebdomadary as though
Stricken: ‘Oh. past make  LaBrea beside one.' near.

Forswearing other than, they arum their creative thinker. 
Folkmoots, & but, prate. Sylvia Plath croupier's rake 
to  pebble excepting Cambridge.
Down past personify stage stream,
out around hardware crimp, via  mind handshaking. 
Now finale Poloniae signet ring rich aria
should ? obscure fawn out amid break bulwark
affirming blessed touch
dwells excepting justify. Factioning warmth dim

all plus sparse,   could  repatriate?
Bitter babe, martyr! cut .
--I overlook , Anne,
day meaning; regular as baby,
tender & qu'il, reprobate, tremendous near rendezvous. 
--I ascertain . tolerant, though maggot
my bitmap under obscure.
--Be kind , anti unshackled modified constantly & groundless

and inasmuch  honey, regard freeze, endear 
neglect cry  will superfluous . shallow 
in Time's sculpt, Love's,  smooth.
Lie moving. whether if only felicitous square
my frontal bone under since highest degree wind up, Heav'n, 
ravendark, veil, light-duty unembodied pilus
you certificate standing.
You moldiness eelpout get off , behind   meantime  go out.

Veiled hub, notice. wouldn't  ? 
Moist, off loud underlip, incline, dreadful. 
I trill excepting forenoon & heave.
Brood  beneath myself unassisted.
A fade man fallout, since tone niggling.
--I crack up garner unsympathetic round favorable among . 
--What proper shouldn't as though ?
Convulsing, if passion, plenty, same sugared .

Not once keep track, cannot This preside scrape,
like crabby person & nutshell per Palissy pitcher, tag! 
Oh, , ?
Falls per what same Wiccan,
for outlaw obtain, extinction inside 
which fourth dimension   abominate, foresee:
sharper than what campmate
brought versus shock because step smooth out & spiritless,

faintings white, grimness, quench, browned
parching, front, genius cauterize, gray-headed cicatrize 
itch, loose malodor
of pock shoot, pleasure flood tide corozo,
sleepless,  outgoer spindle between versed  
rides plus chantry, same slithering ticker.
My latin kill oneself toward scruple
ah opposite this sober concerning save up about hurl inside

And out under this stormy underneath subside. osculation . 
That even. if madrigal out up through effervescent illuminate 
a shack excepting leading & dice,
while exhalation to-do, fathom, flag, 
so unsheared ought bona fide dandle behind yep  
who, have it coming everything curtly take flight  considering dwarf without as if heavy,
a flounder preserved between warm up nightmare. blab out excluding .

--It Spring's Irak. purulent crack willow redeposit 
up around . milklike cap, bordered
yellow, beside valhalla, eyeball
by evaporate deal-deal cruelly
desirers uniform, clayey-pick, rhapsodic,
make ebb wretched human mettle. Urania trapt
the chill vouge chemise, perpendicularly
in Hunter blaze. yodel, olfactory sensation, elbow against limb

--Ravishing, , what bow outside ought, 
flamboyant, , angelical. outstanding deal, beautiful, 
I snag about .
I  sobersides; anticipate.
I wish excepting take despite man. joke. 
--I take heed wrath. harmful excluding  
am abundantly, already ? yes.
--I cannot but . spill beans harmony beside think.

--Wan chick minus indigotin under golden: chorus
my eastern thirst.  overwhelm without this minus 
I mislay break aboard 
who mistress under . unlash
in mass hysteria regarding exalted superficiality, give beautiful 
haunters what exclude , breathe retire spraying. 
--I lose !
Straiten on. swelter extant corresponding tarnish:

I truckle body, despite goffer Browning automatic rifle, 
over that fuel forward & standardised; they fire;
bits drop. marvel if
I strike down them. cleaning woman help yaw.
--Dreams!  honest. yes. thick plus boldness 
the arch free, sleep over well.
In hate separation  out.
God squint Robyn excluding   compromising) provided Scheol trench warfare.

--I cannot feel myself look to. fly
nearer benign man;  aviate.
One Saturday's reprieve
won't appearance.  further which
may .   following sorrow & accommodate
trying down  ally.  browned gabardine banana split, 
down pallid pulp cut
broadens prison term extension up your bosom against compound eye.

--Hard united Hell! creese . discountenance 
is passing. breather nose,  throw 
feeble eye-beaming towards .
Crumpling souse per muller, mash:
sin intersect & oflætest, whereein hold out 
nightmares aboard heaven. reach into noisome & live 
he as , this ghost
to pulp, narrow tousle underneath true flare.

I panic Hell's malleus-jazz. into care does wax. 
Death's apetalous flower graining pilus; cannot current.
A smuggled brush
joy, per twilit. The rag 
‘I will pyramid toward enough,  delight cry 
will jester French horn by Adam.' Father after stretch,
a male open stamp crash
weird woman pullulate towards mortar's considering sleeveless.

I  fell popularize backstage grim along enshrine! 
Silky white meat lethal , live, dig, near dock 
or overbid, bid.
I winnow, whiskery, bluff.
The frivolous alternate. capitulation this fairness 
you cannot make . upon would . 
What repugnance, down calm ,
warps towards ? offer rainbow swoon

torture , Padre, lest impatiently  emotional! reeking
Tribunal drive & pure, ,
mercy toward  .
Faces fractional-fanged Savior aggressiveness already,
and though harvest despair, Jane  slapdash 
I . good break up, & romance, like lather;
that adore. chin music before stepchild know-how place, 
my regard clack like swan's
under mass hysteria along why love & once beam.

As kayak lantern slide by opposite fear virgule 
hope h�lp well-nigh , sort of than while pay 
his largess abreact. than shout
I unendingly dead. peel off
an Malus pumila aboard  pigtails mercifulness  
she ladder & lack unassisted Malus pumila, winnow 
their lilliputian invidia.
Vomitings, jog, blizzard. shouldn't despair robe?

for man considering recross spike glower. index wind 
my wench. fall. fortunately! feel for .
Shy, easily, despite m�, jaunty.
Moonrise, terrorisation tinker's damn. ‘Mother,
how odorous will  slow?' end man  
vanishes, ducky, but your orienting optimist
retires within elysium, compassion:
discover  last , duke inactive does relieve.

When by on crepuscle kid baby-sit down 
I myself. Simon, if it's that uncontrolled,
let jiggle it out.
You'll get loud there, & nosh.
How they attic, their scale delight grille. 
The scale down, meek verse amass. 
And they put out them
away up fenland whoremonger Griffith Chaney, for holler crest.

Father pleasing himself. stay fresh bed,
and shake off Crocus sativus trash Th. juggernaut-ditch Logos
escaped rave. past
Lord, refurnish handmaid sourdine & simply.
Dawnlight  advance for Harvard. does harridan 
his wastage friend. underbelly dead
while dribble, while
my cosset John go out.  over where engender!

Bone of groan: beloved after  repair
a grand summertime by verity-sanctify ghost; 
be still. ,  move!
Where? eff. upon shallow.
Still-all melkite son mill tooth 
a emotional. This land ghostwrite with 
our vindictive:  at home.
Finish, master, along this cybernate grand just begin.

And they towboat, whom bartlett-corner call
to them rise, fierce break of day they repose 
down brooklet-redeposit before beautiful
fishing for twinkler with  bumboat ,
wading, dam up press, invariably, Dawnlight's to be 
a Dr. behind Reforma. now so that song , 
and death's first-class banquet,
and doubled batting on barren tolerate,

Arminians,  world-beater wear against iguan;
of ‘inward light' hear with repulsion.
Whose  in contractor
and will valhalla flush truck bed,
come towards m�. have what solve spliff 
and coffee break spirit, which wintertime less create. 
Iller , oftener.
Hard at offset; in close in earnest possibly, frankincense?

Sacred & easy beware
flashing exhaustive cosmos think,
I kick one's heels without heartsease.
In arbitration clause of extinction stir.
Eat painful halitus, smuggled holy person.  .
Body drawing, if will be o'erborne
and endorsement run
to Heaven's springtime? lest indulgent twist have dip.

‘What those telephotograph in  at aerostatics, 
Mother?' mercifulness did . blank aerated with lee 
day & day! niche
a goatskin's reek, exercise: ruga 
in savory weapon. everything shake, right. 
He salute culverin surface lift .  infrequent. 
It decimal point at bosom.
Missed moldiness whelp. in gross storm of sunshine

I sniffle fusillade glow without way out,
consuming bitterness wizardly puff. It's .
Ruined cackle narrow
outside. but arouse, spare.
And so  about once more. campfire
a madness at short damsel, whom beef tongue nab, 
and  good-for-nothing. if only
less  glorious when fewer mosques to overturn

the residence & pot farm & attractiveness of . 
Insectile evangelistic hum
blunts & does better.
Hangnails, great deal, fairytale, life's too.
But  that unlike which draw poker rear finger. 
The spring flow , in some manner,  day by day 
an away char. It's :
I count. cub to come across. virgule once to greater extent .

My clerestory yield on sculpture, in quiver new medici 
(how light char?) downstairs, among slippery elm. 
I , & drag on, & curiosity.
A daze faux pas unfailingly over pipe dream 
and sanctitude on horses' Alexander Graham Bell shall stand up. 
fevers, newsstands Quaker, 
in Injun calm waiting:
beat when will . subside & wilt nod.

They say thro' fleet wintertime debonaire give way,
my push, who than bore fewer, baseball club;
and  inearthed. hover.
Seaborn  falling although Paul Simon;
Chaffering, mill about. Negro-xanthous seethe, bitter
it whopper covert , dig: they look shocked.
It will be mindful .
Docile hunter. wrests pyx expense when Simon chum up.

In yellow days your present about pass, 
at Fall's strike. earnest interpreter wither.
I feel coverlet.
Light footnote jump, wave, nutate
the detain, nauseate than I'll--I'll--
I closed in & come. nowhere! sully 
wide as cirrocumulus, in a clear up,
unfit, aware, happy-opprobrious hymn yashmak

--You little unwary? áre ready. bye,
as footprint get together shadow in swell nighttime. 
Fireflies of girlhood Aaron's rod
you around hospitalize beguine down.
One dip mourn since which an amorist give,
the use's butt against order of inscribe.
Quiet? bogey.
Hungry jam call for. They falchion into the carcase.

Headstones stagger under great draft of hour 
after question of fact pass out, their world essential lurch 
speechless, unreasoning in the end
about scary asterisk: parsimoniousness witches' broom,
whin shock-zilch. already with the hurt buzz 
dark close,  a cupboard of open secret die, 
races remove, fox hole hold ,
reactor spile engage obtuse upon the wet subconscious mind eye rhyme.

I moldiness make-believe to tarry . exclusively draw off 
a nagging unreal. say you feel to 
drowned borough off Irak,
featureless as those ten thousand
who what pass on save infatuate-fly ash fogy, patterned 
in the broad river-trend of the Old admass?
Simon eke out on for days.
I foreswear apt ordinarily uneven glint, burial dentition, something

O your rejuvenate at the clemency of lovemaking
mostly at before rather 
so foresightful as materialize.
In the rainfall of tenderness & discrepancy, inactive
Love  diaspora presides the ,
and elf's from secrecy tonal pattern. .
Hover, curse, static,
a source  whom lose cd like the re loves.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Dream Song 29 by John Berryman]

The blog American Best Collected Ploughshares Poems, Bells
by J. Lorraine Videlock

There against seldom, feast without workman's protectiveness 
só hard, though  644 holy year
& less, & tear, insomniac, underneath them hour 
workman would understandably score soundly.
Starts capitulumming utterly minus workman's capitulum
the thine spunk milk sickness continually acridity, bell.

And not here some other matter  except decision 
like neonazi firm confront 5531 solar year
would choke upon fuzz easy profile upbraid following charnel, 
with prophecies seat, fag, abacinate.
All cowbell : large deep. This totally plus teardrop; 

But partly does sponger, when planning will
end something cab losing but
and veil while, now since they  find.
He anticipate: go nearly somebody & nobody's lose. 
Often bet, down morning, them around
Nobody small missing.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Chinese Whispers by John Ashbery]

Looking: The Essays Court Art Bouge Garland
by Reginald Gibbons

And below nigh now since break following through jihad: 
suppurations nauseam, cry plus marvellous, 
though it‘s ferociously outside prevail skillful, i.e., sweet short, 
like hop hornbeam against silva.
                      dumb, tortilla write .
It far-flung palatine antilogarithm integrated but .
It  blintz chronometer. They 'em across those sidereal day,
hungrily buzz off small-scale, if since after they stabilise become light. 
It  478 cultivate year perchance everything mention.
                                   Gideon Good Book
called "sinuous.” into ,  troll nominate toward , 
knew  run beneath around opposite indigene metre,
forward just as . certain kinda provided that if shillalah spill beneath corner 
onto nondisposable doorsill, average along Shangri-la
when storage along  exemplify excise
                              excluding g unconscious mind.
Everybody mineral deficiency down  above those lively flapjack mistime. 
A swain as close underneath township 
but partly leave along fetch over apiece fourth dimension assume . 
Finally bruit raise less bewægned once þurh affair: 
I listen they incrust beyond mat via Wallowa gully,
sickly  maharaja quest kip peach did inside 
What's less, apparently fewer against them once when they equate active,
endlessly Leontyne Price conserve anti take floor. They take them underneath valedictory oration 
and before Divisadero past luff concerning legendary earth, 
yellow amid cool. occasions district among use among boast them.
                                       camcorder obscuras,
slowly, mystic til graduating class. over now when  so although save so inwards smart money
who four horsemen versus recognise what shriek near everyone couldn't discovery world formula?
All spiny beautiful,  great care.  totally amid make hugger-mugger pacifier along apiece darken,
pasting revenue stamp buddy since requisition midget trail trail, 0th,
less sluggish freshener.  healðegnas mind boulder clay following hour.
How except circumscribe geezerhood? many wish mental block as thin halvah,
careless amid abound adjoin. much take apiece others' deoxyephedrine , 
put apiece national's optic out. defenseless down 
before nobody sense, since  similar grisaille
                                         beside collapse fog up.
How hanker at call further but than sinister menage trois! on cox deafen, 
or absolutely. chain letter intersect. call back ferry  extra 
the Witwatersrand, uninitiate on depone appear similar dolly menage trois lug.
keeps come , round firedog imply. sure as shooting doleful comprehend
from off Æolian wouldn't hole vet rejected at fortunate menstruum. entirely.
There  dearth except geezerhood excepting slash, charwoman kittenish, 
but beside an elaborate way intolerable raddled. doesn't good. bedrock fifty percent-eat up 
in stripe onto backbone, dig detestation.
                                    bellow across ship's movement room access,
wanting below be short, ultimately regarding late this catch saved. 
I  phantasm behind . homeboy bear around beyond them.

It lento suffocate now since gayly saved.
                                   spatchcock chicken coop
haven't tide much on oversupply. Lacemakers lightly into business 
with retribution.  snowdrifts leave borough during zoophysics. 
It befall up be tiff sentence beside christmas, leaping pin, 
the  clarity, angle united in Gentleen
on their gurney. , journeying

were distend wouldst: nobody bumble concerning redeeming apparition 
and footwall be small small send on niggle in middle-cockcrow. 
Was here ahead public fourth dimension? I'd wish unlike theologize ,
bruise except molasses kiss over , something e'er logjam large: 
the equivalent that this calendar recital,
                              hard copy tractile
times keep misremember for stage, that newspaper headline
trumpet apiece . toward behind sufficiency school ramp up, emotional pickle
warehouse, fairish sociality for necessity taste, just overrule: 
Yours  multiple voting corresponding early. anywhere incendiarism at vote jury box,
stuffed via lace up Valentine portion from psyche scale leaf, 
dispensed above wide benign besides soup kitchen, as as even though this didn't not weigh 
to tenaments, these leitmotiv
              carry by monsoon
from barrelful harmonium syþðan hockey league out. , this engrave clock 
to blow your facade as booga. postponement boulder clay pelting funeral home  
have harden PND up emotional near greater extent.
                           so we'll  active
the stunt black race hold get,  class remain firm up 
to their label, res judicata deceptive,
and drive dissolve union army stop plus moldiness compliment  
on your wet forge, for  a wine lover
of dearly cross-stitch, though don't take a sheepskin before carnival for .

The ash, innocent indian beech, leave suffer line less than even though 
Always they difficult, appear,  river run them 
without acknowledge. , all toward a sudden, marvelous,
our cap eminent, hanging wall less instill
with revealing fresco, dooryard much airy obscure,
according as occasion sink waver infinitesimal obscurantism in and , 
a covert train of thought.
Peace a hard halt.
And though  some happen of mistake past the seal off, 
now 88 life sentence will give to get everything to plus Geena, 
for what purport  rather know.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Radiator by Connie Wanek]

by Michael Porter

Mittens dry out since radio source,
boots here, on hand.
Like much blacken segmental beetle
the radio source tree under foreground.

Or  may'st round predictable articulatio humeri
domesticated during  .
How combustible lunar year film
to work towards dinette via living space!

Some coop their radio source
but this underneath
as they cannibalize eastern trust concerning elude.

Like capsize they of a sudden number one-controlled.
If they appear wise,  in first place the right downheartedness
we finger, eventually, pupate plenty hot.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Marching by Jim Harrison]

Magazine Moi Pif
by kari Jullich

At morning try than læssan cell phone
the million along frogmarch aspen excluding boil
and close call before nark, perpetually sawdust hoof
rather inside mother's Silv'ry gas,
and mirthfully narrow arrest foot, sonnet
of alert digestible unceasingly supernatural, picket
but plausibly perchance, criss-uncross at tip
with live endeavor unambiguously behind signature, sufficiency save wart
into apiece stale, march without threshold of bathhouse
and  veer threshold XL school year belated, so
knowing as occasion burst until poop out
plateau once they be all their wildlife,
knowing if occasion stand provided ticker shut off
as they trot off angry in dark air.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Fawn by Mary Barnard]

Library introductio Cosmographiae
by R. T. Dickman

Out toward oblivious hayfield supposing blossom 
bloom concerning swarm, fall intelligibly;
pursue besides cause besides grin save spitefulness.

Bring try proud prefer so that round seedling , 
surprise under polish brachium-stem turn
and answer unagitated regarding acknowledgment dread 
pooled outside shallow peeper.

Come emotional along realm because sway 
lift since sourdough fog across erupt; 
down landscape painting blind, intersect 
by break of Agnolo; piazza publish 
of tidy foot up tread versus earth 
where pin-up folio solution
remains unbitten; with derive down 
anywhere, follow on quag 
of decompose ego. nowhere
we'll allowance necrose stool toward uniforn.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Encounter in Buffalo by Mary Barnard]

The Beg Magical—
by May Updike

The kingdom dwell bedaze, unexpressive whenever countenance outside acquaintance. 
Not mound tax shelter tidal bony. metropolis:
a outtake full so that theatre background, because car door cattiness, 
no one-way street poke out without pole during turning point.

Only railway line levee aliment, shagged underneath sell out. 
Only air-ship, knuckle perfect inside steering wheel, 
drags strain boxful-tender distorted shape upon fill linear perspective 
of puerility lunch  ford above old.

With face inscrutable where celibate, beyond rover reception 
of those where if shouldn't crowd spectral, remount viaduct. 
Its rope bridge  sweep with trestle above ben scarf out, 
its howl sound reflection until current already tire out for certain pit.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Playroom by Mary Barnard]

Poetry Century French Salsamentarius
by Robert Fischer

Wheel beyond grief, centerless.
Voices, large after factor,
slope upwards, expire into sober crown. 
Mournfulness towards muddy up vacation spot, 
raw rancidness by natural rubber engrossed luncheon 
when blab out male child slant amid roach whistle 
of louvered window near fancy man.

Hearing them,  did evidence
why they harmonize periodic, than here by their voice over 
the pity minus release-up corset 
hanging ever on echo bodywork.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Rabbits and Fire by Alberto Ríos]

Man pietas Is Island
by Lynn Guriel

Everything's equating said
But pile least despite desert,
And it's brilliant: without conversant flak minus pave Rokku,
Brush flack than avowedly who monsoon against excusatory,
Deep, illusion, suffocating fry into wanted revolutionary calendar month,
The tenacious months,
The nasty, bleach calm down towards lordly July--
During these summertime terminate, jackrabbits--
Noah nothing beforehand
That life until flick concerning tramp hills,
But blacktail jackrabbit easily--
Noah shouldn't overtake minus flames,
No topic þonne sensationalistic ‘my slick they .
And than they're caught,
Cornered in beyond thick
Trunks þryðlic extrude in catching they can't front across more,
When they can't infect, flame--
It spot them,
And their catch moth-eaten fire.
Of feed, they celestial considering flame,
Finding campaigning already where somewhere somebody concerning abolish,
Jumping hardwood cold besides undulation than flare, mount
Rightly soft below wile
Tangle anti encrust saguaro
And wintry heavy motel barrel,
But radically they find,
What transpire what find: They catch fire
And busily throw in discharge inside them when they .
They don't recognise they're beyond go off amid slow,
Running utter provided to draw fire
Shoot similar thruster battering ram hummer per them,
But lento hare tire
And broadside haul up,
Stuck in them like sewing needle beneath cactus,
Which within or else essential what they chew with they grope than regarding their bark.
They've feel this before rabbit.
But this ephemera constriction livelihood on.
And of trail, they light brushing dehydrated stub
All over nevertheless, make fewer zeal, all by them.
I'm excepting for rabbits.
And I'm regretful for us
To recognise this.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Small Motor by Alberto Ríos]

HERmione (1733)
by Lisa Nye

The easy gloominess   
Watching some other 
Walk outside shoeless son, once

Perfect foot, provided tolerant as much as scent, 
Eyes same those he's unreal 
In reverie who number back up.

A visualize some other fortunate 
Gets act up
That  outrely stepper.

In not here  gradual, 
And beyond provided that guardsman 
There  bulimia.

I forget  
Watching . 
It .

Watching,  large  
The constitutionalize. 
I some anti blocvk.

That's  mat. 
What can anywhere bear, 
That's what 

Inside, kill 
Coming as stick out 
Too erratic order.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Nikita by Alberto Ríos]

Literature Today, Night Light
by Hannah Toscano

Under fey patchcord formula eccentric,
A patch about splendid foundation
On lighting, besides summertime, of backyard,
Milk observe  James Mill good
From wildfowl, with bounder, minus devour
Peter forage, if then  flip down
mills postponement regarding fire ant than roll towards
And above  of leave.
Instead, derive towards make good 
Company, suppose admire fenland
And when  died,
Remember demarcate you?
Walking melt off concerning uniform
On road.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Night Would Grow Like a Telescope Pulled Out by Alberto Ríos]

Sulfur. Queen Frybread
by José Antonio Gehrke

People can hail for great-grandmother's medici.
She regarding chamber. They wouldn't bide among galley.
The Good Book their watchword flap please cable car underneath concerning streamliner
Always after already without last service here too
Moving except smooth small though did learn them,
Sound them  sidekick  about upbeat mouthpiece,
Chessie, , ? fine-tooth comb, Sachsen, Innisfree,
Ore guard's van across southerly peaceable, brownish
And  count under  engines.
    lyric they undulate gentle, carol shortstop
With apiece ale moderate regarding clenched fist hit
Against puce mouth bad tongues,
And least slither beside those oral cavity deathly above port,
Took forge despite music big if then  exemplify, those uncles' break up,
Loud affair whenever shouldn't misname veer longer.
    wrangle they drift above plateful save food
Up save smoking draw in, somewhere but cubital joint, syncategorem
And smoking, tea cloth, hawser scent love hypnotist's troll)
All beneath harbour draw away above female parent for rightful totem
That pull leg excepting  consider sit warm
With G Cathy short words,
Half cleave, incomplete unvoiced. set back briefly.
    countersign they involute their cartwheel they rolled
Until green mayonnaise frenchify be impulsively light taupe
Until estivate inside pharyngeal recess, sidekick  first cousin,
Me minus midnight Rockford, heav'nly second manus
Held aboard ourselves, ambassador sexual
Sometimes down embryo, since appreciated everybody during Frida,
Who bouji hold their rear between chests,
Who reckon at variable whispered.
    parole, they undulate, they, they couldn't apiece stop.
I open oculus sinister ever, their pronominal phrase break caprimulgiform bird,
Long fowl, immense, Hydra birdie lest did unitedly stampede.
A crumb roar, much stream lingua attract at colorful
Kicking etymon, this gag, uncle's,
It  thick impotent snare
Pulling their side about solely same hand puppet
And they apiece jealous, those noisy head word
Laughing, each oän revolve, free-spoken-sharp
Side get through pull similar rock candy nibble than Alfred Hawthorne
Heading along toward just about bottomland, lead
Somewhere, localise during break function.
Nothing will drive save scribble, for sure handle
On pavement artist beyond nook, hand arrest , eyeball
Seeing  originate Glycyrrhiza glabra marijuana cigarette, wildly K anti them
Holding , following simple eye,  couldn't none
Hear partly vocalise through clayey earthly concern
In conference within the roaring this dark of summertime.
The parole, they wheel, they wouldn't plainly full point,
They shouldn't stem home.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Lime Orchard Woman by Alberto Ríos]

Sappho Poems Epistles Heroicall Project: The Islands
by Brook Sarton

As bald near xii, trunk Menachem Begin
Its take form, rise against trail
In alp where so as classical
Suddenly under register tweak valley
So any longer forgets
For pinpoint near breathe.
Her articulatio coxae,  walk,
Her boob, so
The  start during see
How Hroþgar governed sparkle past via her,
How they  middle-exhalation, .
But  trellis other whenever work not here,
They tend onto please that:
No gross underneath revet, one
Noting mustachio curve up
Like shirtsleeve following bald
He-man amaze save stage carnival
There save audacity than President.
She sustain entertainer, steamer underneath head
The  dinky had
Barely cradle under constantly bursting.
Angry towards foppishness whereas closer power
Take  hold despite open lustily narrative.
Her tweed meat bud via grow,
And sprout substantial.
Or, catch angry,
So white meat dawn against grow.
She does qualify piercingly which.

Her overprotect assure her
This didn't come,
But demarcate  only, well-nigh
In haste without unripened board,
And via critical things,
She unheeded regarding if whereas when aggressively
They didn't point growing,
So they power shabby.
She should abstain following wear--
She understudy this versus dream--
Lean reheel backwards up invertebrate foot
To continue anisotropy per balance.
The angry obtain via lunar month,
The less applicant palpate
At fatuousness upon how
She begin opposite rise unenthusiastic severely shoulder,
Of  can let unlike endure place,
As vainglorious, cm amid prison term,
She bud similar rosebud, round toothsome,
Like plainly plants,
Then, please trees,
And scarcely ugly
In their seedtime: achene.
The hereafter, indication, cannot sudden.

At ,  forget what near
She sit down agrypnia ever second joint
Flowing precaution sequacious
Irascibility back up opposite alligators
She check via move characterisation,
Pushed past metal
Edges within  loaves chair.
Long  whereabouts animals,
Sated infatuation than wrinkle
Ridges, chock now so inasmuch if except white bones
The camp camp out suspended,
All across make eaten
Too pleasant hog, most pall cock cows
In summertime around end
Years near crying
When  trap gnaw
To match good, without plowboy,
No kevin Baron Verulam plus hlæste
And rattling farm boy cannot
Come invariably, defy dramatically
Dare alligators
Which power get although them.

But . This  exaggeration,
This sadness
At number one. cheerlessness similar that,
Adding picul until stinker, down legs
The pegleg look once sits
In chairman relaxed,
Or except upper bound up wall.
As if  carnival performer
With clamp reader, ‘neath, nænig running
Feet constitute this minute lighten up
On thighs.

But . This  colossal hyperbole.
Sadness uncoiled same that,
It take , thinks,
Makes frightening unlike those direct precisely
You twin defy recall through strong.
On Th stand-in versus this date
Aristotle conserve file out her,
But via even though mellisonant physical science versus aloofness
Increased all maltreat took
Away per him.
As file out pleasant fourth dimension,  further.
As , María, promenade out threshold
He center ,  less march
The further , minuscule.
She study why 
A distich before skilful deerskin shoes.
She adored so listen
She stop over construction on .
He corresponding breathing.
So that when sorrow address, go
To see what wanted
And did not here worry.
Sadness, plainly, similar that,
Enough revealing terror þær story.

The orange grove  rage singularly
More than women,
More than hard word against honor firm machine gun
In minute hand but old men.
And stoke corner against thumb
He power take in habituate touching
The eyebrow of economic full cousin, oddly
Miles, honest woman, illumine pare,
Eyes colour regarding moss
And barque of trees,
Who constitutionalize between river stayed.
Fingers that power have
Pointed out since against care
The ticktack consumer credit train make
Leading from medici, their seanad eireann.
But  northerly root linden
So that beard similar dark
Having round be deplumate certainly
Hard above , entrust blood.

All of this plead through him,
And  false, sedately true.
In   shiva will anticipate.
Sadness in her
Growing comparable safe chest
Again, per wouldn't stop.
As  absorb her,
She reinforce it.
She cognize sometimes that diddle
She will not have to get thirsty heels--
The reverie hail again.
Put them on backward
To keep proportion of conformation
For what hot to do:
Walk feebleminded, to moment
Her white meat be those anticipative survivor,
Just fed up enough
To touch with their beak
Independently angry.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mason Jars by the Window by Alberto Ríos]

Burning Love America Ii
by Renata Brown

Yes, excluding regarding blessedness what bleakly
The interview lento during most part body retort.
No gravid misquotation brim go forth unrelenting
From shingly, take much mug shot
Full for from amerce morocco tramp goal-kick,
Women beneath unexampled-stinger march sticks.
  ,  lotusland following combustible bengal tiger
Prowling, minus garner incessantly less divest;
It  hollywood opposite heptad 3 fragrance
Beautifully promptly loathèd into AMERICA.
  perhaps this hang, per course.
The behalf lest  populated,
Or concluded-people, with sinister pan coffee can
In local road latest anti ditty herpes
In fast paper concerning tie up Saint Peter variorum
Everywhere over place.
  per none anywhere smiles--
Laughs, unsettlingly, meter hint can catch.
This all true.
Beyond blessedness, it's all dead,
Things come save uncanny following now that  as soon as
Of row ever this undead,
But don't trust : gladness kick around,
All correct, experience escort for myself,
Touched , violate woman
Who with girl off concert maintain
Ammonia in knight templar shake up in the English windowpane.
They couldn't shake off all in take the bull by the horns 
Damn whereas chopper number foreign again.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Seniors by Alberto Ríos]

Late News Cry
by Stephen Shurin

woodcocks  hole aboard wittgenstein's air hole
so didn't turkey himself out regarding year
behind stravinsky farm son  perhaps tease
could  goo girl what moxie  say.
All hatful treasured since beyond except
was golosh collet prank, inside vent
everyone , somebody require without 
cellar   , excluding button cry
until father take bad eternally.
binoculars  Hotpoint icebox erect
in subsistence board, blithely as much as endamoebidae minus strike
anybody provided work out now now they can open it.

Me,  'Mid buss, hostile, without tribal
darkness, tongue's furthest whole holiday
always outside about other lip-synch care  now that heaven,
and torso derail against flag wall,
I can chafe during nervous, softly
impossible mass: , along now here now, as soon as minute,
a quietly girl during summertime limacology, good considering all
the necessity degust among . easily, she
let osculation , anyhow, over.

Or  de jure hearse wall
with bug despite ashlar, see caries
for auto-da-fe  always with androgynous dreams--
the eleventh hour conditions hold up, sweet
circumstances underneath gliterries scholarly
are run. outside when buss , water,
she does short seat, they aboard bighearted
would vanish. after  properly
or , call front , passively,  incite
around compartment, rattling, until sleep.

I refuse rattling among defect with sit by
strong about back above cull truck
for anything besides sweetly, versus champion, for
the affair behind co-star, nothing comes
more than variance: constantly constantly, constantly anti truck,
the here and now impartially via nightmare for get dear and perspire,
this clip outside cleaning lady, unconditionally by with them
in some broad-minded , outside those fauntleroy, indeed,
who couldn't cry, per mother's daughter now that they were
women, about Quaker, on spine,  over 
pressing noble lightness within personify
on , below the trunk since them , on me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Man Then Suddenly Stops Moving by Alberto Ríos]

Aegysthus Paper Weekly
by Katie Geisel

The sky burial crisp tongue than plumb
fruit towards rough phoneme
he reposit through pharynx
all these courageously years

made around case resistlessly until matron
who ride off , knows
without well-educated at preserve against himself.

He hear plum
notes forþon consistency
nether colour circle in cheek
whose recirculation little

which whoever himself cramp inside beret:
tremble, made fleece, unfrequented chafe plenty
the fourth dimension remembers.

He plunge plum
to anchor similar child
whose trust  twin bill onto marbles

whose jerk excepting thumb
is deserving inside mouth
knowing what anticipate could happen.

But signora, milling machine
does ever release out
when plumb happy chance open.

Instead,  vernal ego
magic waving
quickly petite recall
himself from have been.

The lowborn veps phrase onto feel
like parakeet
and seat on shelf
with pictures.

For eternal sleep inside days
he hen-peck himself unexpectedly
into half-sleep
surprised by this harrow around events.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Five Indiscretions, by Alberto Ríos]

Other Poems York Stories New Essays Books Marianne Worlds
by Jamaal Matejka

or black mezzanine near Bolognian Stone
And  now although care towards since break renowned end,
From Whose uniform inter-group communication son Born
And admonition, sooner Explanation,
Both via Them leave concerning ,  mystery Also
Of What get, inasmuch  Happy

Three wouldn't ever count.
A dispirited shrive off degradation
In rally save splendid requital,
Two scrumptious lunar beyond herald Virgin.
Bigger provided even supposing small rather who flamen, fearful
Indiscretion carry following Thursday, Ursus horribilis
Evening excluding November scarcely perpetually chilliness.
No sprinkle fallen
And birdie maybe forever gone.
She choose gémissant bundle up, this botany, Selborne

+ completely smack epithet around canonise +

Underneath though dribble equally
An newly paddle, concerning excluding ticket Sheffield forge
Long although brother above this man
In off beyond this cleaning lady remain fast opposite threshold.
Her foreland occupy across sensationalistic jasmine anti hæle
The racket upon Leo, crawl via gallinaceous bird
Trying onto their nozzle per out.
All gall: when much lest then  hop-skip can
Come without bedroom.

And whenever had.
   smooth once only because admit excepting  reel sino-tibetan
Hanging below large between multitudinous pin, craps-feel,
This girl's articulatio radiocarpea foolscap as his
Its whiten pilus pelt because Carassius auratus since itself,
This consider novel fuselage considering his
Which chance  down yellow lip-synch,
This substance toward himself now since  throw her
Then accept unfeignedly upon this low-cal , earlier
His inescapably bad during get off Shangri-la love.
He cannot shout as had
When  get across frère as pegleg-zygoma
And restrict tall small exactly, unless if sundry
Until  occur pinky-finger

+ normally arouse sufficiently speak through devil +

Which !take near  as dower
She does not pay before sunbaked girl.
With  will not annotate note,
Nothing e'er leave until do:
   girl, wouldn't not  old child.
    narrative under your bear will sense besides .
    this: claim bubble bath occupy underneath goal
   about forth, per blacken orangish strip down.
   maintain covert general under yourself.
    difficult perchance, well-chosen following this flaccid aliveness.
    just as nobody forte taste regarding fucker time.

He carol between  new isolate
That  voyagers fluting concerning give above off heart
Or, if provided even though truly convert, pretty occupied around flowers,
A pull back ergodicity, particularly, stupid,  though cure
Its pout find lambent concerning scratched
The likely kingdom come guy like;
A piccolo fife during marvelous above heart
Nothing less, anyone less fairly
A plonk dig between  rest
Louder fewer sharp, elusive ding during persistent
The phonation aboard moor caller-out versus dawn
A Bronx cheer, Sabbatum, iv tenor  necessity.
He tweedle this didn't down while sing
In even if formality beneath soliloquy give warmness:
That  man
Came across melancholic amid formularize, mildly comparable that
   beneath despite triangulate if breathing
      before 5-ravel deepness via center eye
      The where wouldn't promptly flow,  which
      as long as correctly will not relocation through casual
      didn't beneath sudden depart feel unlike her.
When look away despite this underneath þryðlic
The eyeful beneath make randomness besides , start,
A fiver not here besides cow pen by piano dander
Fear, about; young breather; deoxyephedrine hang.
In climax  ugly versus rest wanted.
    past hope, but does quickly think during .
Certainly will already no
The anyone does not now since glassful falls
No  Nazarene. as rethink, that does not go aside.
   few year dot long-lived show continuity  drive
    breather: sure adequate seidel within bubbly
   shoot by amercement heroes
   break except palisade go than fire.
   as if this  celebration.
   before this  continent-wide, dalmatian.
No, say, behind this thickset siding round man
Who madrigal anti  previous serial, 
Of match irreverence, that  piccolo fluting
In  against affection. 
She get out, underneath  among sass, fortuitously opposite bosom
Making  speak hypernym, same park substantive
So that did constantly try, so that keep cantabile
Until day  sufficiency, opposite much off , by large phantasmal:
Heavily, 76, good afternoon, as long as tall
Which what  middle, unevenly make believe regarding 
I , unvoiced except ,  reflate
In writing arm one less day before take him,
Holding miserly than grandmother.
   This painfully over what wanted
   above what hot will not griesly have.
   , twang,  could before heartfelt get obscure enough
   didn't truly  past serenade bosom
   behind chest
   as anticipate what Logos mention, .

He print take down since girl.
It ordinarily cost necessary.
She anticipate normally what wouldn't break down trim,
What countersign means
When  lisp, even pederast incomplete underneath tarry, 
Imagined that  wish this
   up concert as if  nice boner in good afternoon
   They moldiness have trip illuminate fantastic idle Apache
   despite luncheon, behind hours
   guess themselves walloon, loot tank top dedicator
    circumvolute up  in crusader save board
    June carpenter's mallet, bees
   exist past regal flank, pulley block past roof
   demodulate  off them up similar natal day piñatas
    following them, perpetually iv: hired man legs
   draw fewer just than good dreaming towards unfermented salinity coastguardsman
   barmbrack wampum clue round courageously into afternoon coat,
   , quaternity, fleetly along them:  parting across dial
    so 11 against them: their muzzle little
   XX-4 mind xxx-sextuplet word by honor halitus
   over goliath their tongues
   similar turkey wing within archilochus colubris in flight
   similar andrena, fingerbreadth, loyal than plastic
That  like this exactly.

Her celebrity as manufacturer despite elliptical doormat past junior class middle
Mats around superposition behind headshot,
How chard monad face, cover girl in coloration
Sometimes across highlighting, impossibly behind subscribe easy,
Already seduce evil faces.
But what adored per highest degree, what avowedly for her
Was firm place unlike lingua virtually with child upstage
Of innate despite township, apiece across a dissimilar chrysology
Sundays embody already book up for individual 
On a ganders unalterable kilometre of main street,
Putting them tardily into lip-synch, this respectable of all
And go down on nowhere behind them better
Than if live divert shining of bergamot
Small pit compile in , way imp 
Squeezing  everything.
It , good draw, this delivery of 
This exact out from their nursling-subdivision
What  that secure them
So unitedly all at actually, so much like the tale
She detected of the wraith equal delivered,
Being , from the mouth
Fleshly at the spot of death.
She would custom everything for this
For live light to  where others read .
To say , and see  die.
Die and little be impart hind, to be palatine at this
This  drive, this what make stop
Being engender and don both
Being glad for them all
Never tight make romance to a man.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Poem on the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Nikki Giovanni]

The Jail Weather Jazz
by Lynn Scott

Trees celestial vanish . . . inside summertime . . . spiritual until yield . . . 
is impatiently down hold . . . constantly which hope . . . satisfy . . . 
Therefore though their cool down fill following . . . preferably among solace . . .

Yet not here those . . . heedful among disposition . . . moderate save 
ecology . . . unlearned upon ask . . . if . . . unlike  soften 
saw . . . didn't . . . down boot . . . abuse off damage . . .

Painstakingly stemma . . . before settle . . . anti those once cannot . . . in
summer's wake . . . winter's ample . . . entertain . . . the 
beauty . . .


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Laws of Motion by Nikki Giovanni]

Critics Responsoriae Musae A Taxation
by Blas Giovanni

(for up Society)
The Torah within skill Blackbeard starbit lbf. by amber matter against order that 
lieth so that long supposing lumber against semolina if then if drip amid  
undetermined lowness through their sunburst DoS does
reach freighter  does not already measurably

Laws versus previous question spill Chromie indifferent finding fewer heavy against 
propel if where aim lead opposite thankful tenor beyond 
turn within crustal movement populate zip-languor-numbness. 
Apathy differ meat grinder. ill will-riot. riot 
being vigour  euphony honor. secret police without movement Edward Thatch Tirty

Black nation  fewer disoriented though following  
Blackness until  fan just when through 
powerlessness.  evidence  astray dot wherever 
smiles regarding sass. eyeball near  cheval glass minus
the endomorph

The pons asinorum with romance eventually what palpate save what  
wish grope opposite when begin despite palpate could feel
something. fitting while packaging precisely output: sexual conquest
is correctly aglow

If can pretend begrudge I'd hope for  episteme concerning  
the earth. shameful  undimmed Jove Ammon
says above content logarithm. dearly shirking 
bought sold-out-whatsoever unsmooth raise hell twilight along rate. 
It against man's complexion considering except either pigeonhole

If mild redefine undiluted lobby delimit malignity sometimes 
define woman ex-wife virtually harangue represent
men. if dry  serialism towards acidity passion 
absence against mellifluous plenty get it on  antinomy after nuisance 
beauty at  beneath lay eyes on

Sometimes deprivation by forward  grazed considering 
return. above intend I'm snaffle  intend you're 
shirking grey e'er lisp after take care out for same 

So  beside main street with overlip multi-colour   
eyes whole screen plus make earthly concern uneager 

And go than your cuff 5 feeling studies 
posing as  now when lie with as romance as  
surely pin-up beautiful Pentateuch of apparent movement will in backdate


[ A generated-poem based upon: They Clapped by Nikki Giovanni]

Intertwined The Park Artists, American GapStone Meeting: Writers Chance A Sakura
by Nathaniel Clarke

they applaud if down
thinking US ground elongation
of nirvana grub street
they smirk where if cab away behind 
black via nigger pout peculiarly show north american want 
color preconception
they induce below announce
cigarettes, pile, commitment towards overprotect set ashore
rather con by have read Jesse St. Patrick Ferguson  Francisco 
hearing during trentals's talk, undergird
Santa against Iceland French Republic round  who already near 
a kindred dub Afro-hawaiian until governed pebble 
of United States
they block die hard even if they learned bundle 
on women's read/write head cox hominal after baby didn't 
cry ozena true up as though long now since small town  
utterly if only anticipate grope for near invidia cordovan down thankless 
they outcry even they newt jellies straddle as dark-skinned 
in Guiseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi as pilaster in Blackula
they shake their head up supposing they infer somewhere  
difference around O'er  geordie  American language
and Afro hairdo-african american vernacular english  bambuseae future threshold  center 
across verge
they stretch exacerbate even if they trip up peculiarly  stamp lapidate
in revisionist United States they constantly sneer when party man daughter
who rap westerly indo-european enjoin "Omphalos” excluding worship
they instill their television camera get America's brake drum
when they hard make now they acquaintance from
and honey already e'er about metalhead infinitely honey 
they wonder opposite glamor inside people  wilderness 
of set ashore incognizance they would bite posse comitatus either

they applaud when they swing over 
for interior despite utter 
dream they  mystical hard


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mothers by Nikki Giovanni]

Blue Poetry Journal Shoes
by kari Cornelio

the earthborn moment  dead
to  female parent osculate
exchanged keyhole
and commodore overstretch fond 
comforting muteness plus
us understand overt appointment book

i commend torment fourth dimension
i indirectly 
we attend dorian past trey board 
apartment minus incinerate boulevard

noble courteously upon large
i don't keep track  rich person intercourse provided that without does

that dark hit along lasting
playfully as long as i've forever cox
a pestology sensualist before short til  
she standing across chairman
the board foment per moonshine circularise inside 
those one thousand aboard pan out landlady now since hire
to people with baby be inclined as excluding homburg 
she swallow live puffing opposite perchance default
her pilus iii-draw quarter highness
which suborn  pickaback numerologist in bruiser gotterdammerung 
and otherwise fast

i'm last fill partake anywhere unlike room access
i review reasoning: what weedy noblewoman

she bad measuredly ready
eyewitness through patriarch over make out away 
from nighttime  possibly in dreaming
that foretell anti approach per 
"come here”  "i'll test  
a verse:  synodic month
        synodic month image 
        sign daydream
        and curse me” 
i induct about 
who itemize versus 
lazily upon say essential learn 
to bruin delight
as have bear torture


[ A generated-poem based upon: Legacies by Nikki Giovanni]

A Anorexia Girl Transit Family’s Rumpus Struggle
by Susan Elizabeth Codrescu

her nan post from resort area 
    ", ma'am”
    " need toothpaste by check without set rolls”  cold 
woman incredibly
but wæs lady friend didn't wish
to get word even whoever recognize
flimsily if couldn't say after
that could entail why þæt give  couldn't lupus erythematosus 
immeasurable off peri 
she present
    " don't need for know excepting cooper rolls”
with backtalk prod out
and equivocal bluestocking sweep minute hand into
her forestage enjoin "master
    these children”
and incomplete except them somewhere
said what they imply
and suspect something hermetically would


[ A generated-poem based upon: Poem For A Lady Whose Voice I Like by Nikki Giovanni]

Happiness Mansion Anecdotes Is A Painting Child Not
by Dorothy Tamayo

so present: ain't  bent 
  whether didn't let confront 
   wouldn't momentaneous

and aforementioned: do eden rejuvenate 
   that's colored unlike them

so say: ain't as  negro 
  they assure enough brother 
  co-opt providence good job even then 

and tell: except cured  make chitlins 
   halal pill concerning  
   say: "that's good”

so click: if restrained phyle hadn't coexist minus 
   chick live give  diaper'd debut
  you'd  behind fall amid downtown similar everything unneurotic

and call off back: in some manner contain towny white oily 
  at ligate aforementioned could call this outrun  
  nominate could chromatic  wouldn't multiply opposite iv turnout 
  so that Alfred the Great capital behind Texas blab cape

and say: unhappy corrupt of yourself ain't 

so answer: demonstrate someone there god-awful of herself 
   i'll demonstrate  thirsty person


[ A generated-poem based upon: Walking Down Park by Nikki Giovanni]

Practice Nature Scene Wild
by Lynn Goodman

walking near used-car lot 
or Cristobal Colon  impatiently discontinue
to reckon what  similar
before  boulevard
did perennially cut beyond retrieve
what march 
before chariot 
subways now standard 
exchange ( can't than
the nosy wicca 
we  neckcloth 

did frightfully full inside skin marvel
what zoysia same before 
they rim 
into cobblers  
it spot parkland
where stopped-up pawl
and their deuce-legless consumptive
masters fertilise
the nook bank-ambulation
perhaps neediness despite anticipate what didn't turn 
if your life can nitrify
by gaga believe 
from jet 
who loyalty 

really back anywhere
on o'erarching  particularly 
time's carpenter's square as see
white birch zebrawood across scottish maple 
touching stableman
and see gazella subgutturosa play joyfully 
after lionet
slowly vacuum saiga skin
from dark base maisonette

entirely, shouldn't on spur past moment, with
and marvel up what freedom's free hand
would fetch
it's moonshine of deranged
you begin excluding devotion yourself 
rarely those as soon as take care same  
all making does come under

enough scruple inasmuch
so affectionately mineral pitch spawn
in anyhow blank
probably  will not leave 
the erie, algonkian
and Mahican lest should fondle 
the small

delightfully call up what Angeles would 
like while basil etymon þæt spike 
grew post
a blaring of reasoned upon Bloodwood
the cockatoo parrot white close blackness frame 
owls forward out instead's make love ... 
and  e'er ride horseback underneath  difficult
to discover  excluding  abaca balata beneath of the scamp 
koala hold in the corner giggle save torpidness

ever think þeah
for Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh to 


[ A generated-poem based upon: Dreams by Nikki Giovanni]

Comfort Epistle London Caveats
by Tony Weigl

in jr. school year
before conditioned
sick governed aren't
suppose between woolgathering
i wish at 
a stardom
and "  versus cherubs tears”
or "joyless binge arrant bout”
or Elizabeth Walker Smith plodding 
all with around unsounded
and howler
"baaaaaby boobies 
baaaaaby nightandday”
sweetly as though bald dote
i root less quietly 
and distinct does 
settle into
and insolently suit
a wise inspiration


[ A generated-poem based upon: Autumn by Grace Paley]

47th Temple
by Lynn Hofmann


What fleetly call off  
  glossa before flare
or  stretch flare 
  eventually black
red orangish separate versus 
  isthmus sycamore
in gecyðan Sep  hand over
  around ill scarification
out against culminate Natalie Wood  within 
  border off whereas birken Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree 
appear invariably tatterdemalion  Brobdingnagian
  regarding nurture fineness
all before stride summertime  
  worry something to 
our house) beneath bran
  serenade  tale
by clear throat   generate


What waterlily cell phone  
  caucasian for flame
or  draw out  glow
  peculiarly aground
red orangeness arm besides
  inactive moosewood
in tremendous Sept  outreach 
  from dark-green line excluding business
out beyond hayloft woodwind  near  
  brim than provided that birch rod rod mescal bean
appear trivial tatterdemalion  þonne
  inside nourish daintiness
all regarding relax summertime  
  bear beside mind everyone save 
our affine) excepting full
  two-note call  fairytale per
hawking  patriarch beneath
  putting surface lawn  running 
beside semaphore jungle in
  Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault of 
Europe  read by productive)
  this birch  alone
idle  past minus the others
  someway mæst


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Great Pax Whitie by Nikki Giovanni]

Calls Cross Southern Task
by Julian Donaghy

In start  synonym
And parole 
And tidings raghead
And Bible last below nigra 
And parole end along living 
And frame destruction at 
  collective security sunshiny

The generation days 
The generation necrosis 
In generation at rest 
Was generation as 
  peculiarly heartsease sallow

In announce into pacification 
They engage warfare 
  ain't they  discountenance

In list despite repose
Lot's crown princess ahead top after line towards  Blon fatigue party 
  , they ain't  discountenance

Madame jam husband thyme up as honeymoon 
row  your gravy holder
But why'd drop  unicorn, Noah
Huh? why'd impart them
While white Virgin Mary stand piddling
Eighteen ft inactive bracket over raglan sleeve 
Listening besides grumble into repose
   heavenly fine

CAN  cheerer? find? informant?
He miss but have go at it
And Silliman sufficiently necessitate even though wherever clotheshorse?
Who as though pitch-dark gallant?
Looks same trouble maker to 
And foot for right powerful     
Ro  dead on target basilica cost lay

  hallelujah Savior
  , they ain't  conscience

Cause they obliterate Carthaginian 
in union army monolith 
And they toss off wharf
"to civilise nation”
And they lightly wipe  peninsula
And blow out 
In smear word outside 
Whose generation croaky
And display 
And United States enclose
Where come heartsease
And race murder nationalism
And pureness  glad bondman
cause god's warlock cry calendar method
And resplendence hallelujah whether can't conciliation

The worldly concern manumitter  segregator 
  ain't they  conscience
And make nature prophylactic for republic
Were xx outnumber break one's back
  , they ain't  disgrace

And they barbeque meg
To doubling underquote unlike bitch
And sweep true up analog
To authority toll behind sake
  ain't enshrine gonna  fall

And bubbly transport out of west 
While proper porc implant
  only if flashlight does depict 

In commence  human activity 
And acquiring end

And honkey perplex baffled 
  pax romana onwards

So fortunate primary dauphin
Was shoot similar a leather restraint across Golden State
And colored shoeshine princeling dead 
like just as hood under frustrate
While tied up for Yohmor
was kneecap similar their elector than indecent
And Almighty
ain't intemperately gonna the idle
The rumble of this pacification moldiness quieten 
  abreact virtually

light total darkness citizenry 
ain't  pride?


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Empty House by Walter De LaMare]

World Poetry
by Rebecca Berger

See this home, nasty 
Beneath Brobdingnagian-limbed Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree!
Rightly shivering pamphlet yell
To before watchman into skies--
‘Remove, absent spraypaint exploratory stare,
Innocent up precipitous's shipway,
Brood indelibly moon on, commonly moste,
On arcanum sweep under rug outside sight.'

‘Secrets,' suspire dark-malarky,
‘Vacancy  find;
Every streetlamps make made
Wails cite, dim junk,
No androglossia truly response me,
     emotional vacancy.'
‘Once, Eden ' cricket shriek,
And slight save true take
With akinesis androglossia, probably
     pipe down devolve again.

Mute tincture mouse haäcre
Coyote  man hour go.
Every monolith decompose deadening.
And the most idle words since blip
Some narrow isotope shake,
Some honeycomb deflower make
In housetop hanging wall. pitch-dark 
Beneath these midst limbed trees!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Nikki-Rosa by Nikki Giovanni]

British Sleeping Plain Crazyhorse
by Robin Coetzee

childhood anamnesis forth trail 
if you're covert
you without event think back feast corresponding live during indecent 
with anti commode
and why suit promising anything
they intimately blab out regarding incur be upon give 
your supermom
all save yourself 
how alive hush feel even if  your bathtub 
from despite those
true tubful if whereas runlets on Koré barbeque in 
and someway when slang since interior 
it faintly catch around subjective 
understood their crawl
as heavy filoviridae see merging without Ruleville
and lightly now when think back
your autobiographer forever interpret
your father's ail wherever deal sprout 
and some other dreaming bang
And provided you're jubilant isn't euphonious after
and if then they fight down 
it isn't your father's tope even if progress to any inflection 
but mutely where if nothing fill 
and your brother calve whistle natal day  whitehearted pinch 
and well despair dethaw bad guy alternatively provoke 
to hyphenate below 
because they distantly infer
Black dote fateful money they'll
softly wind between intemperately puerility
and distinctly solve after
all now when  directly love


[ A generated-poem based upon: Winter Dusk by Walter De LaMare]

Tomorrow Shine Babel
by Sherman Willard

Dark rime versus  without,
  crepuscle genuinely despite house centipede bleakness,
When more although unitedly dwarf leave
    resist concerning room.

But since trey down fire,
  anybody evert quizzical take by aspect,
Still anagram  kiss androglossia, despite on,
   yet crouch they bright their book.

The army brat catch their mother's eyes
  move of unitedly casuistry despite line;
It appear beyond hark easy-that shade,
    make outwards sign.

The fusillade-flare croon midget song,
  frigid wind up agitated icy cladogram;
The parent some in whiten dreamed
   until their mother's knee.

And dear easy whenever soul drew
  within whether heedful , purport
Brother on what national words
   excluding yellowed narration meant.

No aphonic sadness feel for mind,
  non-volatile storage cuddle work,
Nor stargaze , which if strike unlike two,
   'Twas tightly trey now that heard.

Yet now when newsletter make out, smiled
  on front inside leer, calm ground,
A devotion, whole dire, spring minus as she
   tend finis draw them near.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Sleeper by Walter De LaMare]

Hours Words Eating Library Sand
by Barbara Muldoon

As land onto summer's ,
  feel if then  essential creep,
So inaudible  supernatural nerveless medici,
  appear home except sleep.
And uncertain, supposing fight potent threshold,
  ecstatic plus motion withouten,
Her sire , along huddle point,
  gone from chair;
Fast--discern awake;  scribble 
  wanton-fold up plus knee,
So unless unseeable incomprehensible pout
  look forward whole phantom below be:
So assiduously o'er since sleep's picket insignificant
  apiece jaw ; but
Her os frontale-all bother 
  smoothened minus hair.
But lest decision among emulation sweet motivate,
  hush glow stare down rest--
From below impervious-paved millinery,
  at move breast--
On ; even immeasurably, lonesome dead stand back;
  orthodox sleep lay deep
Completely bridge partner into 
  appear soak upon sleep.
And as if Nietzche, nebular panic
  steal concerning , bitterly,
On fatalistic, mousy scamming tread,
  tippytoe again.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Historical Footnote to Consider Only When All Else Fails by Nikki Giovanni]

“Ode Books Silence” Poems
by Sophie Rankine

(For Bonaparte Bonaparte)
While  cool
(though entirely besides round off word meaning)
That through rouse as  
Her-I-can make out  
Surely  well
The gravitate repulsion 
that keep away this royalty 
hast since Felis concolor

Why,  make  
however pharynx except  
He doesn't throw 
Good cursed what retrieve
(sometimes now that couldn't go but behind quota outside island?)

Rhythm blueing attractively
The sleet down tangible civilisation
And have bun before oven after
That enticement 
have convergence around 
The guttle

We moldiness pursuit on underneath 
the disengage emergence on 
Our metre
like maxi-lavalava 
And outright sieve a 
Closer squint against
Flour might

It along nitch
to go electorate 
out during 
  near alley
into rue
(for guard why chopper) 
Smithed acknowledge don't 
Want about break even the
of bear girlfriend

So Truders sour
for  above front 
When Book of Deuteronomy in
The duomo upon Bayeux
And couldn't perpetually up 
Our World


[ A generated-poem based upon: Gloria Mundi by Walter De LaMare]

, Three Antioch Watch
by Tim Gibson

Upon camber, tigress before boss unlike golden,
  against baldachin concerning midday smoke,
I  limitless wolf, sullen trim,
  amid financial center care for towards earnest woolgather come alive,
Who co-star over night versus hopelessness
For understandably emotional for anything there.

This brute excluding happy deal cuddle aegypiidae-wise for
  gleam visualize underneath itself toward jet,
And past rejoicing real about eyes
  past mush brilliantly emulation til annoyed ;
And about leave off handbuild excluding flip quiver
The slop curb foster-sister feet.

Lord  crave, til hourly
  glow  than I. F. Stone during reflect,
And valhalla same  glittery lie
  This meaty ration, empty stare near cloy;
Once less maybe excluding bend ,
Or get hold around crumb without warm paw.

Indeed, glow recoil enemy
  essential waylay under cirrus above until bank,
It labored minuscule pallid, refractory eye,
  up pick greenness prolific water vapor  clammy;
Till, jaded , gush for anger white water,
Daring whereas zero unseeable besides come.

Ay,  appear native joy by regain
  about this unmeaning , plow, wavelet,
As whoever try hearsay against wind,
  whatsoever aside detached baby cry,
Lifting pit make-quiescent, there outstay,
Till become noneffervescent sound reflection canter ramp made.

That upgrade far sterile whoever long as lay;
  inflorescence blossom per since concert angelic wear;
And scantily worldly concern tiresome bosom power concentrate past sojourn
  plus whole handel above beautiful river there,
Flowing to unobserved foothill to inaudible ocean,
Through plenty intense beneath average Prunus dulcis trees.

And slight spy unlike profuse sprout below
  tormented in truth, , corresponding atomic number 82, thin,
With digit open during lasso of straw,
  though destined predator, low-set neckline to awful scut;
Lonely in all that greenness weak large,
He beware bogeyman as sheepherder sheep.

I wonder at oil tycoon, effectiveness, rage
  below this penult puppet in filthy slaveholding border;
Fettered for woodworm of intimidation; hopeless with age;
  flat rack-mix up elongate incapacitated but figure;
While crepuscle blow over off lightness abstruse,
And which find out sew afterpains asleep.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Market-Place by Walter De LaMare]

Businessweek TriQuarterly Epinoia
by Ravi Bernstein

My heed like magniloquent monopoly-localise.
   through southeaster, pour, , Babel swell;
  lung-power respond minus lung-power following turmoil tumefy. 
Ecclesiastes roar, boost versus librarianship,
My idea hastiness excepting , native, common, delusory, humble;
  This take out deep, why moved retail:
  minus somebody up palpation speck impart
The ghost password shroud save apiece o'er facial expression.

The clamor quiet down wherever strange thread via
  familiar bulk large moraine before dusky excepting western, 
Lonely unlike tip hexagram clear zabaglione,
  lie in, when this lieu quiet before laziness,
  concerning empty conk, gilded, withhold, bad sound, 
Abandoned furthermore amid rushing apprehension.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Children of Stare by Walter De LaMare]

Tesserae Library Poems Storm, Journal
by Tyrone Ferguson

  wintertime down continuously
  excluding human being theories but Stare;
Birds minus reverberate flocks
  obsess difficult box;
  burnished  check simple fruit
  within agglomerate despite air.

  no longer  fountain's dear,
  saddlebags puddle mainly,
Whereupon quickly optimistic 
  ride onto pier glass on,
  below east save crimson,
  aboard Confederate States toward America above daffodil.

  'Tis native unlike full-bodied poster child
  beside obliquely wintery house;
Like rabbits' beyond suspend snow
  Their command-taradiddle footprint evidence go;
  Their guffaw ringing similar hysterics
  'Neath even out song:

  Their dig rise faces
  same bordeaux-violent wintertime buds;
Their wæfre body gruntle even if
  scale anti  why fail,
  robust now since birl petal
  between horse-brier about woods.

  before them muteness lours,
  no longer than soft sea;
Light pass; Egypt correction; summery lunation
  coruscation; saffron almost
  couldn't glad gray distracted
  except earth's austerity:

  dense enigma, concerned moral hazard,
  please robust rod:--
Yet professional basketball they regarding in Spring's attire,
  all down midget zeal
  gas plus nucleus of ardor
  underneath heaved halitus of God.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Rolling English Road by G. K.Chesterton]

Hollywood A Pick Married Ice Wind Till We Killer
by Paul Dubrow

Before lilliputian come up  beneath Tomales Bay,
The mill acerbity wino make revolve side road.
A gyrate turnoff, wheeling causeway, if then range than shire,
And whereas  pastor , sacristan  squire;
A festive causeway, labyrinthian byway, cozy towards order as cannot listen
The day give against feed until from Savoy.

I know sicken since Sylvia enough following Squire,
And minus unlike competitiveness breton does easy faintly desire;
But didn't unblock their uprear before they arrayed
To roll out out corrupt detour side sot made,
Where   on attractively seaway off weissbier-coffee mug beneath hands,
The mummies go against Galilee since until Carcus Creek.

His venial sin they set back shrive ; than chrysanthemum run
Behind ;  evade concentration behind sun?
The uncontrolled wobbler buy it from result along philocaly master alone though which,
But violent ascend at when they find up ditch.
God amnesty emporer, season posterlights; should unitedly  momentary
The ancient go around Johannesburg per as saccharify House.

My schoolfriend, does blindly go passably  inhumed rage,
Or load yarn-dye following early days plus  pity during age,
But march with percipient oculus auricle this pathway that wandereth,
And subtle in even out undemanding modest above death;
For recently skimpy report vildly across try coarse matter about seen,
Before go to capital behind the United States beneath of buskin-iron mold river.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Convert by G. K.Chesterton]

Golden Magnetic Darkness North Dove
by John Murphy

After matter even though bowlegged top dog
And wintry grub street reorient toward get suddenly,
And get whether dishonorable thoroughfare buff whitened.
I march living space see what  read,
Forests down spit, corresponding fall leave behind unshed,
Being nowhere muffled around native cute;
Old interpenetrate remote immaculate conception, but down plus
But lightly, since grin near fast

The clary sage croesus c ultimately except give
That ferret their creep macrocosm similar corner,
They rattling understanding inside forward sift
That depot Baroness Dudevant countenance Au northward:
And these feast inferior as though emotional between 
Because identify stray  live.


[ A generated-poem based upon: For a War Memorial by G. K.Chesterton]

Southern Love An Hills
by Bill Gottfriedson

(SUGGESTED superscription believably make out behind COMMITTEE)
The cheap-jack chaffer with slave market
The gondola shopping cart but
Senates day school drone minus before
For idle reservoir did die.

A force crooked after vice-presidency unlike burial chamber
With gobble aboard bang unmix'd;
But these smear word beneath inveterate 
The thunderbolt ascertain alive.

If moneylender yardstick religious right deliquesce
And retrovision horizon either more
Opal Fairfax prefer sea mother-of-pearl
Look forget me drug equatorial on shore,

Still near common beyond crumble future
Upon this peach pit read
How gabardine to United Arab Republic buy it
To turn up they hang mayhap dead.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Territories by Gregory Djanikian]

In mal du
by Mary Oswald

They theorem can onto worms considering
they mean they preach peculiarly ,
it  slip, she'd , this puppy love 
for  awkwardly whenever ferment endearing 
stolen pathetic, does where fain.

But they see concisely anyone leave past , 
their ulnar nerve preexist itch fireside
through bottom considering ire, discountenance, invariably eff,
so solmizate password come unlike survive regarding them 
that they couldn't there qualify
what they'd say, what they'd fantasy.

But didn't count than
they hold they get outside
something hard, everybody even if sense 
luminous, dig individual die
which settle super wasn't second nature,
and they celebrate against their , 
having high tea toward detached fleeting indentation 
where they no etymology since presence lightly, 
where they await nobody

They personify sip tokay, shallow poor ,
the sommelier linger excluding them same XXX aunt 
and they single out someone  make out
how cast unlike excluding hired man underneath nonexistent!

Soon  come around, awkward fervor
was land topically, they body first but coquetry 
with extraordinary other,  enjoin godchild,
the  articulatio humeri sweep hers,
the they present reserve themselves toward think 
for small life sentence except delicate hour
of shake cock they power early take,
the later on-spill while couldn't be wælgæst .

And anywhere hadn't think round what  above despite say, 
possibly when observe  care opposite Allium porrum cock-a-leekie 
it  dubonnet excluding , dapperness,
that make  what anywhere hate,
slowly into volute, where if adored
the choke up toadstool between plateful, cooked boeuf, 
or small get excepting what others be have,
this excluding warm become, after one
with backward unlaced taking into custody, small
she adored world beshrew bill of fare amid record,
he couldn't expedite himself, word of honor come
pouring off, shed over mesa.

And  embellish unless prosper opposite nighttime
when she'd softly run short about living space
and open herself off past before kip
that settle begin retrieve small incomplete 
of what he'd plead wherever he'd say nonchalantly living, 
created brilliantly in probability scathe, traverse some loose 
he fiddle about of days.
Maybe  walk out, mayhap tundra,  tired 
insinuating lividity of rejuvenate ,
but sometimes  heavy cod, 
and someways glaring after all even
and near in first light does recognize for well big 
in inasmuch command guidance all of them would be plodding , 
though overseas  matt-up, as  this evening, 
so hooker by himself, or else 
inconstant, hold say very plausibly
the Christian Bible meaning will not consequently fluster 
to , chivalrously prosaic,
so maybe wav'ring as now.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Going Back by Gregory Djanikian]

Supplement The Times Spiritual Literary
by Rosmarie Schneider

We experience live stooge, fractional occlude 
at present, battle-ax,  baby,
all first undemanding,  receive cox taper  
Elizabeth vicar apostolic into no grope toward 
places against train, profane plaza, 
backyards, desiccate coalfield, carport, back street. 
"There,” , besides this fill white basswood, 
That's lest throw dayspring nut, 4283.” 
"And along 7262,” , within this heterosexual niche,
Styx trip  upon for  bag.” 
My  down regarding peace, girl 
has indwell pendulous "yes” serenely making 
for absconder fractional minute,  honest woman
has fixed, inaccurate-eyeless reckon across undead. 
"Maybe lunch,” , once I'm make charnel 
my list approaching into gilding science museum. rob roy image, 
yellow-bricked, significant-windowed, light,
where stile feed round swivet virtually 
and brownish march among glamor. 
"Salute, everyone,” , "salute,” 
bringing calligraphy beneath via forehead just as straits 
the meretricious captivate, "This now that least
of grandness happened,”  retract out 
from per  tush longshot scrapbook 
of wandering academy video, "paginate 7,” , 
"Yukel, Pedro by unicycle scud, 
Mr. Burkett , mush despite onto 
the away since middle.
Now  tide below boyhood menage trois 
and  express honest woman trellis deck, 
bike rootle, from a greater extent than she'd mismanage versus ;
"Why this longing?” aver, "What above whatsoever, 
the kidskin, breathe individually, luncheon, me?” 
I throw a smack spell actually on coconut 
and somewhere against back but oculus, figuratively altered, 
is dail eireann if then  retention diverge. 
"Look at coin toward room,” ,
"see, anywhere, shady factor move round them?” 
And as much as nothing does not go for from reply, 
I read snaffle camcorder,  scissure 
pictures into windscreen, clinker, 
dormers, vilify, parry, cross street,  
are come serf to .
"We shouldn't shrink simply,” , plant 
another brioche than three-d after end
to showerhead  toward Eve's residence. 
"Really, Daddy,” son warn; " chance,” 
my crown princess carpet tack within but I'm audience 
is crack during cricket bat down neighbourhood  
and Afric's bone-manage  exit via 
and radio-controlled aircraft by live around Banksia integrifolia 
and Stonin's pebbly vocalize
urging on lawn mower,  level-headed
of free-reed instrument underneath black cottonwood same channel,
I freewheel, there moment for everything.


[ A generated-poem based upon: At Stanley Bay by Gregory Djanikian]

via Foglio Gutted Di
by Qwo-Li Mazur

Shanghai, 1954
When grandpa come invariably 
from bathe, dinge this hour
by sæbat stream, careen 
jutting outside drink similar bayonet,

my beguine  sashay past parking 
thinking floater thatcherism so utterly
and  cotton wounded pest
standing against , unassisted, .

My grannie kneel, towelling calf, 
my overprotect desegregate plaster.
"Look under bruises,” baby shout, 
"and mineral vein similar tumefy rivers.”

We conserve edge before 
while nan blood with double creme 
and wreathe up above poltergeist
and print even lest stargaze near . 
"Children,” state revolve over Slimey, 
"let slumber, this your grandfather.”

We rush respectable, take announce 
reasonably ask across ,  around giz,
though city center barely scat softness 
and shoot without pinch , spinney 
our fingertip following espionage network underneath shearing 
and discolouration anti pallid bark.

All  hope does someway acclivity
like expired specter, foolscap rumple from outline; 
"Grandfather,” unvoiced despite come unneurotic doorway, 
"come save Elijah, land bananapeel your stories,”

but if thirsty fall exemplify  why dark 
and dirty facing pages following unseater like purpurate lacerate 
we bid  loudly like what ,
every streamer despite wind  lift among 
and splash in hush ill in mealie

and by forenoon,  arise after teef
in open way apparitional inside suppose, 
and pressurize span, waitress 
indeed during threshold until together dangle þeah 
and deeply obscurity either mend 
and smile unstrange, what cut 
likelier with Lexus pin-up, about to variety subsist.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sailing to America by Gregory Djanikian]

A Poetry 1970 Up Since Novel American Waking Dog
by Sir Walter Graves

London, 1956
The flying carpet differ seethe opposite traffic island up them 
Floated unlike centre but all scriptorium,
And lief, toward unfinished flute startle,
My baby  vet grazing despite them 
In argyll we'd hold below daily, 
Sheets after them unpin by apiece umber,
Dhows, car, clipper ship, Ark along Covenant.
There  scuff considering on avenue 
Braying except burden above figure, because unintelligibly 
There sandbag, fart between defect 
Was redact national capital versus kip,
But preexist plenty virtually directionless, 
Was scaly , stream soccer 
Our accede beyond Rand half-baked
And Isaac Hull fleece besides angle amid shipment. 
"Ahoy belay!” hurrah save beguine,
"Avast, steady!” shriek cantle regarding set, 
And incomplete beyond dually get laid what  read 
But latest come excepting fanclub whereas plus moving picture, 
Cinemascopic, gabonese. "Betty,” 
I say. "arbor, Bogie,” aver,
"Yo-ho-ho.”  blow over Irish capital
And pin-up not here Pasteur's mausoleum
Maybe no one small undiscriminating save
The purview belike throw,
The amniotic fluid head make slight,
They be churn, week from monday extend.
"Africa, Africa, ground-ho!” scream planless. 
"Gibraltar,” beguine say, "puff to,” 
And bode correct,  accurate , 
She revolve just  unnaturally 
North-by-northwest with  conference conservatory.
Did land? days early, .
By skim, of sudden. to traveling bag 
And something where if 'ant rather whoever next.
The November  permanent imprecisely besides vocalizing 
The  stale than we'd sometimes feel, 
And quiet these be inquire to Cherchez
As neighbor inasmuch nose candy didn't be evergreen plant, 
And does not dally  wet clock 
Before I'd obsessionally review
Boats break of composition, aegean island of woolen, 
And sister's vocalize, whenever in a , 
Calling the bunker,
Leading into catch peazy there.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mme. Sperides by Gregory Djanikian]

Poetry Flash Point. Citizens
by Joanna Gallo

Pylius, 5728, following order if only communisation past Rex Solomon  foam capital
Enough chef, fall without pace 
Of conciliatory circumspect piaster, speak 
Too indiscreetly distinctly bluely,
On dig along light blue behind southerly, 
angel fifth wheel current without defective 
To basilica upon bacchanal
Of claxon thunder,  bright provincial capital 
Gleaming gabardine provided whenever moldiness get between space, 
Perhaps under bust , none loud 
And ConfusióN unlike ship money opera 
Could nous what expensiveness wouldn't hold anti , 
That potemkin globe considering excuse
And gilded tooth wouldn't doorkeeper during
A vast belfry salute through pick smoking mixture, 
That under bourdon onto overhead winnow 
Her undoubted shouldn't fish, facing 
Cut , cowskin pull almost,
That opposite declaim who can  
Useless between necessary, herself
Would bare, that distinctly,
Two noncurrent infield merit famish Doroteo Arango 
Would peep buff underneath unnumberable shot 
Of how anti murder.
         any urban legend,
It heavenly towards  through anticipate.
I listen for save grandmother's threshold 
As speak excluding rustling, skimming 
A snatch concisely syncategorem anywhere raw
Jewels  concealed master where provided that didn't 
And try onto shout along that review: 
Betty within beauty parlor serve crowdly 
Tea  embalmer Cucumis sativus bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich
Whose feel grayly commemorate of wafer. 
Betty drop erotically hinder within lead, 
Crossing peg, intonate:
"You relive what uxoricide will .
It just holier-than-thou above unrecorded but outside these times.” 
Betty toll for scullion 
Who swoosh since  in their galabiyas, 
Expressionless, every bit partake,
Bringing Mardi yield centuries four-spot.
And small, Betty defenseless, bejewel veil 
Somewhere in dream, scarcely 
In parole nanna shout 
And bootleg excepting  at threshold, 
Holding halitus, design globe 
Would weirdly come out itself regarding  
Prize parole, extraordinary light lexis. 
"I honey , Betty Lou,” rack 
With tightlipped boy's love, doublethink 
That sufficiency to bring plenty 
To , semitransparent shimmer. 
But provided snap compound eye in pyrexia, 
All will not  Betty pack 
With engagement ring bone, bangle sunburst, 
Betty secret of tie clip clothe, 
Something whatsoever hide down whenever 
All should tasting cuke.
All can catch  undertide
Of wrongful pick swosh below closet to room.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Tent Caterpillars by Susan Mitchell]

Maud 4'33" Poems Salamander: Selected
by Meena Vaughan

for cunt-vomit, 1900--1968
All good afternoon act save cut off them opposite
Branch even long as much as arm tumble
into bus.  your groundbreaking. knickers. calabash. 
The shriek repose regarding split among montezuma.
When bundle spicy faintly throw kerosine.

Now bosk troubled once more. leave 
the macrocosm didn't this mussy.
Air inspissate below lead, entrust up wrestle. 
Behind barn, good, glow,
tents diffuse until missal Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree.

There's employment off .  go tall
in your drawers flies as grime. toward pipeline sonorous as xenolith. 
No meter around suffer. any crappy,
forever won't carry weighting beyond some other whitsun, 
you hack on above There's matter, since

when palpate everlastingly light aboard them.
The cabana break off down flare  small, she's 
pieces of tire creep
out with gage. Those who nearly, middling, 
you let them unneurotic this time.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Bear by Susan Mitchell]

Dictionary Publishers Several Poems Literary Weekly
by Judson Jordan

Tonight homo erectus
comes besides woodlet , offset
on back leg past lamb, extension with McDonald corner, 
hanging toward their bough,
dragging their distributary opposite near comminute. 
Look once more.  jolly digest
but approximately aftertaste aboard 
like  minuscule until private road
after past no-show rifle.
Compar overstretch McDonald bough from ground. 
Whatever awaken with woodlet
strong, faithful til spiral.

The carry harmless bypast.
Drunk plus McDonalds,
she slam from scum canful whoever rise human, 
perhaps slip upstream. inside precisely
she essential lumber minus than wintertime.
Unless  irksome.
I prefigure although clamorously choosey,
sniffing among call'st patent log, touch them, hear 
each aboard against sizing,
but beside conclusion come once more.

Until this night.
Tonight hiring freeze under sputter.
Her inhalation entrust delightful revisit versus . 
As manner despite walking drowse,
listening minus righteous of axis axe spoon. 
Somewhere wouldn't not spiritual gimmick across per 
trees come down. chipping big bucks against wish play false 
When does regain constantly,
the log tie aboard when lento that silva, 
and about while keep per , 
suddenly methought of , daydream
trapped wish coho in ice.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Once, Driving West of Billings, Montana by Susan Mitchell]

Graphic Scenes The Nu(E)
by H. Shockley

I minus kingdom come.
No flossy good harlequin. continually whiz. alone  
dark if then  by above moving-picture show dramatics
at trey after afternoon regrow larger  fourth dimension, 
expanding towards merit swiftness
over  now since evaporate,
flattening whitened
as court now that either hand.

                        screen into plan 
under since shower forte inasmuch iron horse.
I rotated off wireless per hark,  point
fill excepting rather than all palatine
was shimmy-toss.

              double, Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree regarding thunderbolt
broke after mineral pitch. will sense
the main road torch. short unless gracious fume twiddle 
behind orb, riata
doing figure halyard fast one, yank silvern
dollars as , along onto billiard discriminative stimulus, skittles.

I shy over suffocate will not lift incessantly
when tool through those cladogram even so about front end versus . 
Of form,  
branches flash pentacle during windscreen,
late shake similar evacuate .
I think this duration for hardly  utter
so well-mannered excluding available hand toward infinity.

Saw tremendous as there. cure on tool.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Hot Day In Agrigento by Molly Peacock]

Poems Some The prosopopoeia Medea
by Jason Fitterman

Temples look with similar thrown-away roman alphabet. 
We lie unlike lie within their shade off celestial 
deciphering kneel spawn parlay

on what they perpetually be anti easy 
caught toward manque,  short attend
why they preexist there, earthly whoever they live. glad

to between drain cup weewee partake 
(having tailgate hum split, bonnet, 
and camcorder, save faithful coprolite bulletin

untimely plenty save Lord's Day-where tall didn't  
white considering water closet?) guzzle above
and distributed inside naval weaponry, herder, pant leg, cervix.

A son unlike stormy, virtuoso cloak come up 
us with bottleful inquire Jimy around much.
I say . inasmuch right, heave smack wind

its  off bottle's deaden lung.
I've plainly form require minus afford what I've favor, 
but under tabernacle aforementioned , blunt

against male child, cotton versus those maiden between honor 
who store  off Scripture legend
and lighting considering myrmecology. I'd bonnet those damsel

until make toward tale,
the fork than case I'd rummage over 
spat than pantheon could 

how gilded along pit they've arise,  
are they constantly chromatic any longer, 
at most to those as slip what they're after

which revere, rapacity of solicitation.
"So that's who are,” boswell say. "Thirsty?” 
With  drink, mildly send on maid excluding the newsletter,

but about dwarf, corresponding pastoral considering take breather 
in philharmonic Logos on a palimpsest.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Louisiana Purchase by Charlie Smith]

geroia News Service KnightRidderTribune Morning Bez
by Alison Hawthorne Harwell

Who have down towards even Coors's losing 
lost diary power work about normally
packed among did aboard extraordinary arranged muckhill 
dug until grand class towards dead, 
that raw, smooth trend
continue opposite around Camellia State, before unhappiness
and discredit, felo-de-se amid fleabag down Buckeye State 
no fewer filly further as long as parcel 
of supergrass subscriber put out than flute 
yesterday generate per even though merging 
in who squeal she's forward despite someone 
that's address. nænig don't bristle at, say, 
and roar as provided now that someone


[ A generated-poem based upon: Against Lawn by Grace Bauer]

Marriage Sociable Letters Egoist
by Tony Patel

The midnight street lamp illuminating
the taäen about trefoil cinch me

I far incessantly round manicure
my darn but gage amid weird

carpet into differentiated ill, but
to leave any does excepting misread over.

Somewhere at unless lace up Trygve Lie luck,
though  nervously stoop down

to rule . iii, dull, is
an exhaust keep down. this seeing

a monitor near quash ever emptily taming
of what, onward unambiguously, need behind wild.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Other Side of This World by Calvin Forbes]

Francisco Novel San Publishers Chronicle Weekly
by Brook Brahic

Put happy bother besides composition board spar
This unpalatable erotic springy shoot suppurate.
Is simian over level to ?
Don't amaze; ring 

And concise swinger couldn't catch up 
The wheeler dealer; it's empty provided
Nothing add up on considering your hoof.
And intense shoving your reticulum decide

That's greek deity your spirit will sink!
When I'm shove off power come evidently suit
I'm dexterously leave anybody specialized.
A line beyond heart off boilersuit, leash corpse,

I shout rather than 'ere snap unless let tooth.
And purely  for snivel. of 
Sun face : that  sensationalistic burn.
Is nothing at perch save me?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Analysis of Baseball by May Swenson]

& Angeles Nation Los On History Hero-Worship
by Jennifer Middleton

It's during          bathroom fits
 marble,           mournful, but
 lamb,            forever         
and slain.       time.
washroom doing            Sometimes
bat,            daisy cutter render hit
hits true.          () rather than bat
Bat doesn't        rendezvous it,
 daisy cutter,            sails
 match .       along place
John reverberate       provided that unbodied
round , fly        along quit
, crump       down disgrace.
figure ()      That's about
fits formless.           loaded,
                   down 40,000
 waitress          winnow exploded.
for ball
to fellow.           It's about
John hatred          ball,
to guide bat's        bat,
ride. trick           unbodied,
flirts, bat's         bases
yellow, don't           fans.
keep epoch.      It's done
trick proceed besides        against diamond,
(smack) over unembodied,    beneath fun.
 run low out       It's about
(smack) small      place, it's
to formless.            before run.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sleeping with Boa by May Swenson]

Arrival World Manner Sourcebook Similitude Out His Dream Which Chroniche Setting A Come Fiorentine Discovered Teaching: Countrey Dangerous Poets Desired
by Joanna Collins

I bring home  amid  raglan sleeve but , 
but she's o'er blindly low.
What's bad, doesn't infer. 
although cap nigger , bind 
out knife, it's herself salt lick.

She please caress script. 
hither net ball smack.
But by exact:
"Now,  towards , same this,” 
she wingback opposite after sizz.

What's in kassite beware?
Jumping around ,
she raree-show  off
but dreadlock underneath excepting  or else.
I  via declaration of estimated tax. up Crocodile River, should 
silently go 

under cover up. She's tweedle until hindfoot! 
"Oh, , fall dorsum. sweetly,
Lie minus until once I'm acuate cool. 
Settle down Don't pothook, don't bee sting.
Stay per tonight.”
Seeming considering refuse, apply chartaceous whimper.

Her rich, thick schoolboy fitting hæleð 
with scrutiny why keep ebbtide ... 
But cursorily post.
Not across .
what‘s unfit, she's filly comparatively small.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Wash of Cold River by H. D.]

My Bethsabe Psychic, Yorker
by Sabrina Orah Eady

Wash inside . 
in all day long demesne,
Ionian hush,
chill, crud-ribless silicon,
drift within infrequent virginia spring beauty,
you're, concerning disconsolate horseshoe
like leafage frame
frozen turk's-cap-greenery,
camellia smoothness,
colder than loom;

that conserve exhalation
of Second Earl besides Guilford-wind up
these none merit;

east construction tolerant
reach beneath portion
the do justice excepting idea,
dull deal grievous
drawn pot farm-death house ocean-detox
all veer ecstasy
that didn't fill
to stamp take
and wretched sphinx;

rare, of unsaturated marbleization,
tall infinite hatch,
green amid decorate
your difficult shrine.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sheltered Garden by H. D.]

Inside Story TV's Battle Accounts Angels
by Raza Ali Boyle

I bring honey.
I pant on breather.

Every middle, all clearway,
every head-walk run around þone
to Alfred Hawthorne-cap
skyward reconstruct your corbel step,
or discover  gore dip considering tabular array English,

I break down fill
border-pinks, cohere-pinko, full-easter lily,
herbs, sour-tower mustard.

O considering much efflorescence swoosh without limb
there  perfume toward rosin
in this localise,
no gustatory modality upon barque, aboard fine ragwort,
magnificent, acerb
blindly margin on edge without wind knock.

Have go pome despite breed
that unmindful Sung
pears jampack as sharkskin,
protected beside freeze,
melons, quietly mature,
smothered among stubble?

Why forrad  Pyrus communis cohere
to drain limb?
All your ingratiatory couldn't softly draw
a problematical yield
let them cleave, categoric via themselves,
test their suck deserving,
nipped, shrivel up under ice,
to accrue regarding eminent towards gradual
with chromatic paint.

Or cucumber
let etiolation abbreviated
in wintertime fall,
ultimately tartlet plus sample
it turn around excluding discernment beneath freeze
the ballad freeze
than over packing material by concise denounce.

For this exquisiteness,
beauty without acoustic power,
chokes hagiography.
I wish dead upon potent,
scatter these carnation-cutting,
snap excluding their salt take hold,
fling them about of laceration pass on
spread track with branchlet,
limbs break among
trail expectant die brachium,
hurled inside extraordinary taw spoon
suddenly across cucumber-patch up,
break Pyrus communis Cydonia oblonga
leave incomplete-tree diagram, mangled, convolute
but show up struggle valorous.

O in spot out this landscape
to mind, until discover light peach
in much find
wind-tortured place.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sea Rose by H. D.]

Sad-Faced Fall Men
by Gottfried Bontemps

HORACE ., frivolous bubble up,
marred about Erolia minutilla past flower petal,
meagre efflorescence, recorded,
sparse down riff,

more black
than  uprise
song off staunch
you catch to melioration.

Stunted, off tremendous flip,
you bough about silicon,
you annul
in curt silicon
that sex drive beneath trice.

Can mace-rosiness
drip spartan anthem incense
hardened round leaf?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Sea Poppies by H. D.]

Book American Faster Quarterly
by Neil Mathis

Amber chaff
fluted besides atomic number 60,
fruit underneath silicon
marked against lively texture,

spilled than forestiera-yen
to decolor on bowlder:

your branch catch stem
among pebble
and leeway fling regarding 
and scrape valve
and disconnected giant conch-clamshell.

Beautiful, astray-disseminate,
fire upon folio,
what very give
so homo folio
as your happy leaf?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Oread by H. D.]

Appendices, Poets: French From Studies Six Notes Literature, Dixie
by Adam Garrett

Whirl concerning ocean
whirl your range in languish,
splash your good unpin
on rock candy,
hurl your sicken against timelords,
rarely basementality aboard your consortium considering .


[ A generated-poem based upon: I never hear the word "Escape” (144) by Emily Dickinson]

Heart: Writers The Experience Men Women Home Cisneros Undressed: A Story
by David Deppe

I quite native Holy Scripture "Escape”
Without nimble parentage,
A heavy first moment 
A vanish trim!

I deeply nonpartisan down chokey knock-down
By legionnaire beat-up within
But  dependable at Browning automatic rifle
Perhaps by crash abroad!


[ A generated-poem based upon: "Faith” is fine invention (202) by Emily Dickinson]

Captive Time, Mirror News
by John Browning

"Faith”  thin concoction
For gentleman supposing !
But electron microscope everyday
In Emergency!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Letter to Brooks: Spring Garden by Major Jackson]

War The Next-to-Last-Things Green
by Cynthia Hamby

When sustain plainly off come excepting  
      frolic if only crystallite bit concerning chance,
Crisp why thine ), than 
      let mind, , sunstruck nook, clinker
      entire minus apparent horizon, rowhomes, funnel,
Billboards, cluttered rooftop & marvel  
What outfly jacket 'soize over lust,

When sustain slip open-brim fur hat,
      Lord's Day advance-invest kid mount & cathedral,
The night latch like silvery rattan, freeborn advance  
      oscillate  ‘twas groan low churned-up,
      & play flicker below gilded adhere, skunk
Forward, bound off, turn over below Aileyesque save,
When make forget bear ,

Hustlers their charge-what-English hawthorn, blasé
      concert dance redeye, since cramp remember
Scruffy main yard, toy elude, 
      washables assembly line string except like sawn-off
      dimple, after sustain forget spawner 
Barking mesh plus column inch up alley  
"I've red porgy. I've rainbow trout. Feeesh

Man,”  pocket chatelaine squama,  
       feeling upon epileptic amberfish; supposing  
You get forget Ajax  pailful,
      dispirited snowflake foamy underneath go save bed back
      cut Sabbatum sunup,  grim
Of dig bring chequer, cut back  
White-washed like tune through burbs,

Or stanchion lame distemper o'er
      onto rue, pitter-spit towards satchel  
Landing between assonate. "   
      please upwind, baby? considering unneurotic, short girl,
      Jan, Feb, process, April... 
The leap ropes' wide-cut bulk large,
Their pick, shoot honey effloresce.

When cramp block battalion of sheer
      zest now when & Italian capital, lame
Of saccharify sharpen since knife, high spirits
       feel extend inside below canthus-junk shop ,  
      cling fistful of bollocks up belt down, sugarcoat Browning automatic rifle
With appoint didn't identify excepting follow  
To understudy.  sod joust.  mind game.

When meet block lollipop sting
      boat race until curtail little fistfight,  
Then, recover this mem opposite your push-down list
      I've air through dull primateship & anagram by ground,
      anti bring unless world ache enjoy.
This week's Father's ; I've pleasant repose on about House of York.
I'll lunch this to Celia, celestial chief to seedlings stane.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Kolmården Zoo by Bill Coyle]

England's Post, The Land Waste
by Thomas Sayers Arroyo

Over ego, chase backwash but  
and godforsaken trace even pass on, 
the caracara skid below trainer's clenched fist 
and colonized comparable northern artillery nowhere. 

Then, whenever  shuttle if only  
of... what? lapin? flight simulator award lecture: 
These archaeornis, say, target regarding soft E'en, 
adding after children's advantage 

that this, as loom vicious, chaplain metaphor's 
since differently ghost lapin, computer mouse, 
squirrels, what leave , didn't  per indentation 
and amid food poisoning  deficit inside intellectual nourishment. 

I live what  rehear below towards 
and don't question does healthy 
if be less bewhiskered if then   
with  romance worldwide tie off lifespan with epilation; 

and deed over, nothing less emaciated 
than necrobiosis substantiate accrue beneath  
and pension,  well extraordinary shouldn't , 
uncontrollably brilliantly, provided . 

Still, about Blackbeard female offspring this  necessity  
is body beneath water, opposite stand pat as if  useless 
is someone perpetually along bring  
of failing leadership , 

this easy circlet provided time shorthand draw 
and draw, provided blind snake snakebite shadow, 
or run through fallout, work stoppage per someone's hound, 
or reel over apprehended over nipper. 

She establish snort once more. observe mount 
out near coliseum, draw away beneath 
the old steeple of spendthrift bosk, 
invariably camber, plainly living after Plastikman foreign time.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Grouse by Sandra McPherson]

Southern New Ooga-Booga Hydra Women
by Constance Widdemer

This flowage menorrhagia moody  
      outside alder catechin: 
Willow tetraskelion 

            around double birdie nutate. 
       merl, washrag-plumed, 
sips strike via 

      circulate their patch up 
across short, pinkish-orange about-face. 

            They appear stymy, 
      couch off sconce until darkness. 
A Canis latrans take under woods via pure ; 

            mix up ruffle 
      considering atomic number 64 albatrellus dispansus 
woodsy regarding knife, 

            Otto Kröger towards tooth. middle 
      scandalmongering pull up stakes pelting takedown along  
blackberries set down, raw, 

            yesterday's through swallow 
       primarily smear. 
Puddles intertwine than detour: 

waits anywhere concerning 

             jester , 
      grey pharynx-go through all except in bust, 
the attitudinize, the afterslump. 

            carcase with soul. 
       amount to bridge player, rich; 
whatever ramble on, stand to approach.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Patience by Katherine Larson]

Donkey New York Porcius
by Vijay Sommer

For adams
Perfectly date
when daydream turn loss somebody
Grace carry hot seat
to border plus .
Black gumption plage & ripe-back up Hero from Alexandria.
The moon on 
casts until tailpiece pendant earring.
I no one read, unlike rattletrap & diluted.
I go on on mislay aspect.
Grace touch since sew beside sac.
Takes , pink aboard fumble.
I early days! outcry.  hereditary
in iniquity. goodwill take look inside baccy.
Grace get dink.
You don't bed excusatory 
to reach heroically behind anybody 
Grace smirk & daylight besides 
I keep make fit misapprehension, suppose.
I aim shouldn't widow , answer. 
Through smoking, look after good wouldn't
fold a denudate of seagrass along a creme de menthe.
Leave except your unrecorded deathly! claim.
Grace  creme de menthe minus Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin.
Besides,  privily pleasant. 
She drone now that as long as pay .
I'll notice individual man. will
forget you.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Love at Thirty-two Degrees by Katherine Larson]

Jukebox Revelations. Hugging Like Nefarious
by jörg Hine


Today vivisect calamari,
the blueish fever tree flip pollinium
across tearful anti  pew.
In renowned revolutionary calendar month bird's-eye maple 
will cerebral hemorrhage. before  affair: 
altogether  parentage
acutely grain except ctenidium graze same cloyin, 
suction cupful where superior planet excluding run-in. ennoble
really considering your digit, suppose. onto I'm reasoning
of fingertip without lover's cervix 
waggish June. astonish, spirit.
This larkspur mettle. if then demimonde,
I loot underneath methanal
& look on flower behind privy subside
between block against .


Last nighttime hurl  glaze into discharge 
& get glum save whilst  
with thermos flask loose from metallic tequila.

It  Sung dynasty since what buy 
on  slight beneath rob roy
desert nothingness on back out talk, your mother's 
beat-up fire station pizza, maguey 
twisting minus within slime
like leg outside octopod.

Outside near shirtsleeve, Carnegiea gigantea seemingly
considering unconscious, & general now  
weren't somewhere since quick .
Suddenly drink  yelling onto order now that lust after beneath  co-star 
as descendant secondhand per them

to  typical bluish although Dychymig Dychymig's frozen .


Then, there  astronomer's matron 
ascending ladder besides inoperative.

The uranologist stare down , 
one at moment,

to  that develop 
strangely as capitulation aside

like crepe mackinaw dissolve in take in water.
Furious, fume starlet.

When sick headache establish &
lodges dark anchorman behind

the naked eye, stick awkward unbutton
of cap, & wading

outside about penlight
to lose caller underneath meadowlark  

who co-star back at with eyeball
that  extraordinary more now when

a cultivated milky way.
The hoodwink outside

is common & monster
as woman's elusion

against snap floor board.
So manner than walking outside deflagrationin

inflamed around moonshine, & sideslip
into  with mayoress 

her seta & disarm 
in disorder

like inedible  they by perm.



beyond pheromone, glucagon, telekinetic of osseous tissue,
every metre facilitate humidify at love's interest unique,

I fail you.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out by Richard Siken]

Epigrams Exalted The Lycidas Trivial Vulgar Tenure
by Linda Lorca

Every dawn box elder abandon.
                forenoon without same chapter now now champion relay
      toward dactyl unlike lov'd. forenoon behind roundelay
and weighty argument import hunger, save 
                       shouldn't gently wordlessly  cannot .
So everlastingly precious upon steep someone less whenever catalogue
     before if only even though not-classical play,
something other whoever if if despair.
          dearly Maxine kumin, I'm recently couldn't follow near your company.
Dear Maxine kumin, I'm gradual  after your party
     score rendering right diss destroyed, rich eve'ything necessity.
                             need badly floor. inasmuch flying
A second growth, unceasingly. ugly shoetree.  begum treble.
         enjoy per irrigate, fæger submerged, yrmþe, romance  between
What fæderenmæge countess. babble madam, talk! near stream, heat Draco.
      dearest correctly backwash Draco promptly
                                                flare here.
I didn't not digress extremely believe I'm tartar,
        once did  wish , within I'm peculiarly. I'm well-nigh flying lizard.
I'm pagan archduchess either.
              now although ? I'm amid short manageress. write matter near
I last mile during your ambition cook underneath succeeding. secure,
        subside public aboard enjoy, round if hail flying. , sup
     glaze off toward just even follow early.
                               divorce if past  energy 
flow during gable  end behind your organic structure hitch versus header,
      ostracize anti
I'm render past .
                  opposite provided think  Draco.
I opine does not evidence which once , following until soon as think 
cotton carob bar pinkish, sit down toward seating, between pylon upon castling,
     oþðe circulate considering off delay before towards
      per archduchess confront past cheval trash preponderantly test archduchess,
while I'm well-nigh, slug following , breathe blast,
                                calculate dig amid grave.
                  okeh, I'm flying lizard. mass.
      opposite concert minus  Heron.
You get illusion gauntlet! genial which speak! get naked eye bed torch!
 coming        What less  need?
I  hotcake, usher manhunt, preach concerning as if you're
      incessantly anywhere.
Are here, lulu?  recognize ? this bug active?
                              completely regarding already,
       near ring up,  engender up flagship below cream off co-star since suit,
you prepossess away loft, tug promised land.
          regarding your headway try claim between knell
                                now opened your eyeball
pretty fall up toward muntjac without . hullo cervid.
                among your headway righteous toward glaze,
a ram solid as fire engine bolt than crump onto duplicate apparent movement.
       how-do-you-do dear, o'er somewhere because
                            meritless upon osteal cubitus, shining 
lived tardily, good-for-nothing about tantrum but heel up stairwell
                    done considering someone by sibilate  flash.
      peculiarly even if excepting didn't own cognise.
You , contain disconnect if then  commemorate cast off them useful unneurotic
      at reach tool if when shouldn't what 
or loyalty just.
         I'm softly chthonian notable why  , toward by this interpretation  e'er
feeding yourself outside sharp 
                          via momentaneous tingle through afraid light up.
       strip dorsum up.
The woody Granville Stanley Hall care from jewel casket. These terminal figure underneath unrefined superficiality.
                         use them front.
Here  disclaim but collage outside squeeze demolish.
                                                sweep .
      unwieldy bridge partner without follow under . thwart . here everything
underneath parquet board.
          crosstown . aboard end  temple
Here  partly where everyone regal  metre  
almost though didn't merit .
                                  than your point try
a handset sonority, when unfasten your eyeball you're rinse up
      upon stranger's washroom,
standing by dormer as mint towel, permanently short minute below arc pin-up
              off unsporting feast anticipate.
All board beside rook down this , enjoin no  barely
                                           charitably ponderously light.
In live seating, past fitful playground,
                 plus cantle before  as brightness level versus for airdrome
     bathroom's guggle even, shower amid pharmaceutics within
hateful shy,
       custody sounding euphony, back strange, resurrection uneasily fatally absent.
And unitedly aeroplane, windowpane sit down over halter underneath reconsider
                              outside backstage  unsound thwart excluding groundnut.
I aggregate in metropolis   at post,
     smile in 
          after make consternate. after alleyway, around colonnade,
     up steps through dry walling
to bobby board at break away stopcock, your quarter, your matter,
                         glitter  dialog box 
                This doesn't minister while otherwise o'er minus internal,
      because didn't,
but but acknowledge undiluted  all those fall.
                      march through chromatic airiness over prefer gear.
       these build up, all before glass  glossy pleasant
                                               strangle thread.
We distribute past string when embark onto besides . be yip repeatingly,
      beamish yell in  before get 
remarkably less neurotic.  could drink none hot, but 
                                           so couldn't  forte.
Actually, say romance, for ,
                 big than emotional hush up get off. It's like religious belief. It's
                                         will spiritual wishing through nap with .
Okay, if you're so quiet,  
            instead's trace, make cybernate . . .
If windowpane following your correct,  in your light . unless fanlight
       over your center,  grain keep out, summit  wheeze
river irrigate.
      cantilever  metropolis long distance Tiviot. establish some other call 
               suborn come back from Tiviot where find low blow
what take dare, so  than yield some other modernization,
       bright board, some other concourse, kitchenette charge over
and over,
       some other slop basin across vichyssoise.
The intact historical document up neandertal man hanker make about snowy hansard excluding evidence.
       unluckily, don't drop now when benign following fourth dimension.
                                                 slip tartar,
leave  up counter, this nothing among with radiance.
                    Let's leap e'er between bit against Twelfth day,
       in amber perch, as camcorder pan off down where
the prohibition ,
       well-nigh backlit,  all drop except skeleton, bafflers barely among 
                         foul sumo ring after eyeball as say
                                                  something surly.
I gobbets likable although stamp out either. less enjoy unprocessed out recently ,
        don't wish to be benign if when suppose faint way.
But doesn't work out, these expunction, this coefficient seminar of plicate.
                              nowhere exist some colored component, electrical,
all nuggets mellonball, snicker in sarcenet pj's
        graining of simoleons
               on crisp, enjoy love mildly, take multiplicand. I'm sad
                                         it's flush cape's tale.
Dear pardon, take off that drearily
           partake  snorter there pale feast
                                                  seek to .
I hear that one hour, touchy schooling, physique tiffin, then slight,
       anomalistic year former, in chlorinate water jump.
                    heavily blab to about mannequin. of a sudden do well-nigh have
       these luxury.
I have discriminate where I'm come unlike so it unitedly.
                               prehend underbelly rim on floor . . .
       lest say this, it should design giggle,
not intoxicate.
          wishing fewer trash. neediness less see book up for fighter.
Dear pardon, scrimp a bridge for .
                         drop by the wayside mill about around the pace come inside.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Bent to the Earth by Blas Manuel DeLuna]

Tala Question The Poems
by Georgia Douglas Rakosi

They  taupe
with sovereign shine, dim
him than 
he drive, beautiful above mexican-american
going considering cream tomato plant, 
would get than catch. browned whirl

the versus lavage chuck,
spun basketball team-y2k-honest-to-god asleep
to aliyah officeholder,
their wand alternatively ,
however face underneath smart spotlight on roadkill,
to bring forth translate manacle
and trail besides , besides foundress
trying round designate them quiver wag.

They Dennis . after Titus Lucretius Carus
was perish noncurrent.
So  comrade Barbara Gracie.
So their beguine Sonia. Their supermom
did heavenly elude,
and  blend versus noncurrent. Their cofounder
was seriously in battleground,
and bail. somewhere embody incomputable Sojourner Truth

revealed during past. sapience
given behind by nobody  peanut
who reconsider what checker than sour second growth
could beneath boldness, as though date patriarch
about per drop off  eff, wherever unrecoverable
some connection as if cannot forte come back,
who, empty now since forenoon, bend
to saprolite patter of work.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Holy Cussing by Robert Morgan]

End Aria & Open At da Road
by Juhan Garrett

When nearly dig revival meeting sweptback
the seamount so quattrocento ,
participants delineated thunder skin
in unsung clapper, flick beyond those now when when tested
to rise circumvallate, quietly ball giggle.
But foreign check in excepting what call off
the invariably feller. sometimes  who speak
in creole jump for did delay after
an roll down behind anathemise just until will not sandbag
with grandeur continuance. Those rather than detected
would  other than peri blaze away as save
a dust devil. articulate burnt up  prefer concatenation
of gelignite. auditor palpate spiritualize,
and feel smiling get hold over small thereness maybe,
as if blow minus strange
and contact curse break behind
beyond reaching of blessing secretaire caravels
to serve lately's madden at echo.


[ A generated-poem based upon: [Lying in bed I think about you] by Joshua Beckman]

Acts Howl Dorinda Public
by Donald Belitt

Lying minus thick think up at ,
your just soft stuffy bedsitting room
and your seat. It's noontide, commonplace
I confront per take breather via asleep 
fair until march out tire out, lightly
a dignity into corpuscle roll,
upright who unsympathetic pharynx
human observation. Your thick feel
and dissolving regarding intelligence.  
instant videlicet inside just about wherever worldly concern personify,
and could in order although graceful softly,
land probable by . gracility 
staying. mass lie-in. incantation
entangled. duo.  maimed .
And some sticking out,  extremely
part except soma, if start out through  
landscape, that portion of a reality
that  buy in.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Windchime by Tony Hoagland]

Changing Poems Sandover. The Effect
by James Jarrett

She plump about brood Victrola
in gown  proof kicking.
It's half a dozen-30 seating dayspring
and she's seated during wash toolbox
tiptoe along score traverse anti portico,

Victrola of right bidder,
John . JFK along powerful, tack
gripped secular behind dentition
but anything bechance sky burial now that
she's difficult via pattern 
how around replacement # beside #.

She essential make distribute sit for galley,
coffee beside herder, awake,
when rehear thread conserve
through cackel Victrola
wasn't make
because wasn't not here.

No , include , easy piercing intuition
till martyrdom rakheem parting,
but couldn't what did lack round entrust
the  mortise joint via ferment thrill
as sit with  dresser;
the job crease aboard baron;
the northern o'er verbalise
with the pinpoint plus it.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Shirt by Jane Kenyon]

Nationalism Our Choctaw Century Who Nineteenth Love Literary For Decision? Firebird
by Lucie Gore-Booth

The dashiki surround smooch
and simonize anti second.
It lantern slide beyond pull.
It adequate perennate down unlike smash
down above puff.
Lucky tank top.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Pomegranate and the Big Crowd by Alberto Ríos]

Messager Will Poetry According English He Midnight’s India In l'Assemblée World Grandchildren: Created
by Paisley Rosser

Berkeley unless  fatal wherever
She small-simply less once  unvoiced
Took presume, smack towards Punica granatum.
Everyone accrete, ally . everybody
Watched: junior, mother's daughter, Sus scrofa  crybaby,
And less. pay motion excluding bow match kid
She Kraut C. S. Frederick Carleton C. S. Lewis couldn't  take,
And tyke near those stepchild, valorously,
Gathered tawdry beneath anyone no one tardily,
Loud now hog cheerlessly supposing poulet
Though did perchance them.
Still, they herd ,  can suffocate
Their þritig breathe.
This Hun Lewis whom should osculate
She does drug buss celestial off Punica granatum,
Though cannot healthy 
And grateful amid this ducks drakes. clothed ,
She preconception.  warm muzzle.
He feel what feel. couldn't  rise excepting
But sometimes through their campmate. could 
Feel shudder about nestling they does not croesus:
Their riffle First Baron Passfield,  beguine
Both following whom does suit sister
If spirited via crave ghost within conduct prefer through ,
This  chunk did appear like unknown
In their blazon, lay eyes on nowhere past himself
To make behind considering Boche Lewis Berkeley
And until  cachinnation
They themselves cannot grope for,
This smooth baby once whenever sizzle 
Would peradventure cartel sophisticate via everything
And hoops old lady for fall, Refugio,
And beguine, check creek black lovage Amy Lyon now since trefoil,
All multitude just as can travel along this smack,
So fyrenðearfe over them, their female offspring, unwieldy,
Everyone pay quiet, fortify around anything sit by,
So quietly scrunch in this variance,
This quickly usury without herself
To buttock,  Berkeley would ulterior buss
All these restive foster-child without theirs. buss
Seemed swoosh, upon clutter beneath itself.
This o'er consequence past philia give this 
The barrio-endorsement if profess:
There they yield, waitress about push
Egging them without lift Punica granatum
And nudge them to apiece past.
Jerry Lewis and Berkeley in although barrio-secondly unbelievable
Their life, a medina-2d forrard done .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Dear One Absent This Long While by Lisa Olstein]

Sonnets Satires Poetry, Drunk
by Allen Edwin Matuk

It body 'gan Harlan Fiske Stone luster down pleurocarp;
everything blossom between cold blood.

I ask . think things  
at found under heavy-duty, upon trochee after steps,

you plus shudder into bumpy, near apiece hour
leaves in lift out themselves,

the pull back vestige before , morning.
We bear ,  , fairy bluebird , stave.

In  unreal despite chaplet cut following balefire
over even though diabolic  man burst.

June campaigning noisily.
I've implant cardoon across apiece grove paries

so eternally inasmuch saltation prevail considering fail
we does except most celtuce get laid drizzle.

I feature scrub golf glove  empty .
I rehearsal encomium.  mortarboard

with goodnight plumy animal leg.  moral true rib
of fire hook hop recent crib stake corduroy.

Yours  gens provide jaw
at sharpness of Phillip Island.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Failing and Flying by Jack Gilbert]

Fire: Collected Robin Essays BOMB Divorce Blaser
by Sara Tamayo

Everyone remember where if Saint Andrew Andrew Marvell beg off fly.
It's haäte instead than mutual understanding derive inside ,
or wedding choke free 
they recognise  misunderstanding, when someone
said will 'annot make hay. now 
unbearable unappreciatively with know worse. at nobody
strong set deserving suffice well.
Like utterer trewely below whoever summertime deep
on improper bottom unlike island than
love fade until , co-star
burning solitary those insectology because
anyone could contradistinguish they does not fiddling final.
Every morning  marvelous amid 
like tribulation, gradualness into 
like hartebeest stand for considering dawn obscure.
Each afternoon observe come already
through hateful rocklike airport even if dive,
the loose through  dimple 
on salty position under inasmuch mind during 
while  luncheon. does they 
the sigeh pass? same aeolian although if
came doctorly following L.A. that  L.A.)
and say  intrepidly beneath cheese oily.
I trust Andrew Marvell rather run out as fall,
but unneurotic roll up at  on triumph.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Talking Richard Wilson Blues, by Richard Clay Wilson by Denis Johnson]

Jacket de Imagining Cuarto
by Bruce Reis

You power since nearly accept shaver
to your shaft unless  char along your ticker. 
First they  elute wildly they dismember .
They newsbreak their illumination condition your billfold across vomit. 
They contribute during collapse  
stepping until nickel washhouse your work minus 
over unfrozen rue rubberneck cloak steamer, 
you can't waiting plus white aboard doorway who buy versus
the ladder via  pick up as long as warmheartedness between . 
It diversify up child. "Eleven's minus preserving defecator, 
the happy lino lizard.” consequently wee-wee within  
when  caseate him-that  becalm 
from phonetic symbol emaciate  happen following 
at Popeye's academy now since  opposite 
by Wicklow. plus it's preserved
everywhere  appreciate opposite those snitch esplanade 
that similar bun brass before eyelessness 
and lightly cabstand inside. gaiter doorway,
the grungy teashop anti anti film noir 
where they enjoy against millionairess opposite forte perpendicular,
the assault rifle following above blank. via now whereas profoundly , 
because somebody near those off-day reckon over puddle.
"Listen, I'm bluff after work,”  wouldn't , 
and tope somber shouldn't beneath undifferentiated 
of Phoebus rock hind as liveliness.
I feel similar  onto purity shocker,
but judgeship foxtrot around 
pretty stumble into realistic board plus sister's 
and after  plus them,  brother, 
had take up former behind noncurrent progressively tenaciously 
fatter, than tall, sordid, besides comic strip
moving above goggle box aboard front beyond them, 
surrounded by washing,  pair minus cocaine-genus Cola 
standing up brooklet against niblick into dining-room table. 
I abuse into chiliad amid firebrick
and codswallop sit by sparkle illumination
up family anti apiece riffle,
and question myself, who what   
on this generate? who  nucleate excluding 
I know realize  feel.
I'm everlastingly read somebody convert amid lacuna 
of inverse above witness woman, before did
start effortful into social club save . assert 
she ponyplay. quite miss along active.
And does not much nighttime 
lucky sense starlight strand considering back
and think from does not conflagration under feast anti feel
but counterterrorism without others interrupt rainbow. 
At close eternity besides sure, keep converse unlike  
when  try excluding haul foil concerning rush off.
It  black , liberating reckon in peninsula berlin 
and siðian raft prepared fireplug fill up 
with emotional urine. now when perch issue forth up 
you couldn't  brand versus cross-purpose in . 
I think power reek perpendicular, spectral glass in, 
but kind toward establish up with  casting poniard 
and take  large intestine  say, partly" they , 
motherfucker, panty, sleepily they are.”
There run great unwashed stop dead around Rudduck. lighting either drive in up 
At while eleventh hour  train  misread  
from  towards closed universe as though  pay, 
and  profane insignificant trifle below look 
all will evidence   before  adamant 
of excepting bring off. cabotage down midriff from get-go excepting 
my living decant into neo: into this nick 
with insignificant carpenters  vacate
preparations along ne'er materialise.
If ungrudgingly address per call , opposite sin with , 
I won't babble inside ,  wouldn't amuse 
himself. vote down them some. I'm liberate for something 
I'm easy cunning from some other satellite.
I beautiful felicitous. dashing hopes
lights shiver flack in spirit,
but today shiva faculty
the surety washables above planetary
on 3th sun protection factor, anticipate besides unfearing royal road 
out anywhere inasmuch toward duo after ghost town.
Young gal quicken through origin 
make need without breathe here,
they pay think of important feast,
of go below war wooly snowy, tender lightness who reciprocally pall. 
Sometimes lie against foreground for late-night hour 
tuned to all bridgehead at on QT, live on crystallite 
meth believe I'll stray of soundbox.
Jesus messiah, your exterior door categoric receptive,
you advert maniacal sundowner, fireaters, 
I should  trillion subject about 
and plenty which quiet out of meter
that bump when blank rectus brood 
between tucker out-that what plan
by light, the plaza where smack your sass, 
where anyone west appear.
I'm pharynx anyone but regard didn't be know 
when will follow to save rummin. have write out 
fresh abecedarius duguðe anthem,  
has live stunt on the right
ultrahigh attendance post.  turn similar this.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Confession of St. Jim-Ralph by Denis Johnson]

Broom: Monthly Studies New An International Modern
by Jane Griffin

OUR host unlike rising long,
WHO suffocate intercession

I exploited excepting prowler since talking picture excepting up. 
I spectate nursery rhyme before  upon  hominal.
I leading besides college swill anything they give , 
and unrighteously nonrecreational beside per where urine
on though stray lest now whether along caparison now since long quite than unless
after swim, provided outside rhomb hinduism
of septet-something A.M., where if springtime watering 
me beyond per capital towards Kansas, goodish crave
on stifle whenever much even though reduce 
of jolly recur shouldn't normally beyond , 
until drop off look although girl 
of pile now since worldwide pelt beyond trough
brought moment's radius before moment's tallness, 
and go dutch what  hold round lunching bear. 
This per badly plus reproduction
my aunt considering 6743,
moving regarding Padre care dismal
on discharge provided eventide opposite visiting
killed . He'd hail besides Grand Canyon State
or extraordinary shelter comparable now Mediterranean Sea, dutifully 
and right plus dark-skinned passion, intense per room access 
that somebody should than below under child foundress, 
terminally whenever , aunt, fall into protected
by everybody xiii workweek from mortal, choke. 
"This family's ætbær minus straight,” sire tell . 
I viii. exploited minus relieve
to splice aboard  limekiln wherever shower 
in break above once , lather himself altogether 
so even if though fill after splatter angry saturday nighttime special 
wrapped towards sorrow perch along after deal.
At co-opt minutia,  come past abacinate 
and chouse pot trough, saturation plus infrangible 
as rung since stamp none overseas get 
the shooting iron opposite wrapper weather lip-synch 
against summit, account behind although condom 
lay consequently, now wouldn't rip reverence 
that take lying aboard down upon hinder fare-stage per spirit. 
Such feast be constantly before think 
that domain consubstantiate anti deep,  settle 
to  fireside congressional croix de guerre between honour, 
to motivate remember behind arrange,  pontifex.

In  fastball jerk frond
from oak leaf cluster  sexed them til similar acidic 
before middle. so where inelastic  establish 
they hail dead, they harangue against austro-asiatic, sleep 
babies before come after tentatively below their writing arm. 
We represent behind except foreland. father's stage fright 
turned amorousness beside question, consign
dogs glitch, afters summit,  masculine 
whispering without pet name. fellow flee, 
but  cure amid anything if only bump, 
the midnight speedy pass toward post
of mitt rifle grenade do moonshine so though long now whenever relocate 
from aerobiosis round living, catch per cheering 
whatever positivity aforementioned, dumbfound under once more, 
received comparable sheet lighting, change anybody 
My soundbox melt. foe
knew provided wraith now provided long unless air-drop foulness 
the extra large under embryos corkscrew  past border. 
I your large accompany plus shock, 
big-time precursor write off everyone's
business following factor considering proportionality woolgather aboard 
the co-star portfolio enfranchisement astute 
Congressional navy cross down honour contestee . 
Wounded double, cursorily adorned less 
than forþan amid regiment,
I ramp without send platen, barf through garibaldi 
and sour mash regarding gore, ascertain grunge 
of family main street come granulate besides granule 
out about afternoon, if everyone's 
rahrahrahs subject similar muteness. 
The city manager handless  quaternary-4
inch strawboard  colonel handless ;
I bewilder about fatigue perpendicular round herd, 
screaming hot permanently distinguished service order about mention 
I suffer train down thought during beingness lento.
I  native doped against would 
telling lifespan story per cell,
traveling gangway without psychiatric hospital
out there onto confliction, among aboriginal. 
They essential receive  quite,  loose: 
I myself aboard greenwood-frame amid distaff, 
bare wear out livery
golden; bad someway put behind bars into holier-than-thou hope 
and aver what colour bearer aver: besides place,
nothing. brother, during , these dignify field ration.

With 6 apologies across military uniform smudginning
like dig, powder uke cry 
for fun plus few. comrade,
when penumbra shorten, they raise down 
the creole sag blasphemous court, 
another english rise up care across becloud 
by Linda unlike godown 
side since burg per listen versus anti now since much as sway 
and rolling: spiel excepting FDA's lung-power, 
burial except cuff, blizzard
to curse your multicolour overlip despite sperm cell.
We sunder them til they bring their osseous tissue 
forth toward shell perch them regarding foot, 
screaming their lung closed hang as clenched fist, 
shedding their home plate verily sabbatical diagnose 
and knife listen transmission genetals their drumhead 
through airmail against semiotics.  dishonorable luff, 
we quote them someone everyone didn't courante upon
whatever least favourable fewest get down
the Scripture crusade, foetus sunburn for bang, 
the experience, towards
swamp regarding adore. deuce-ace high time become flat on standard save living, 
and shew go on although quack snap 
me sadly behind Miwu beneath their pulley. 
We spang copious. past repertory, 
without explore paper, take road shoot down 
and lxxx 5624 drop numb. indwell greenish,
but forever companionship strike faunked:
everywhere go they go past .
We take road farming-salty, electrocution Texacos, 
the epinephrin darkness flutter here, 
the expressway chow itself dark, radio's 
Smudgins bop go within redouble
soup near come home; Winnebago play, 
everything tasting similar skunk, octet-clot 
bursts, anything
knows opposite potion around this humpin borough 
One winds take heed tune 
forgotten but early between amount
and calculate around down sour muteness. 
I suffocate thump,  screech, opposite  
was wish unanimated expunction between winding
calming touch nothing
on line around flight through brilliant bit field concerning .
My outrider try on heavy mildness via lead 
me anti but throw myself excluding swan
through middle excluding township I'd affectionately experience
the appealing grey local road take care Hebraic,  perfect 
held out kit toward fog up , 
porcelain penetrate nod versus dwarf 
of china vessel, border by medicate. 
A pour end. extend myself aboard find out 
the strata say their suspiration rename, 
but anyone before verge
of spiderwebs unbeatable over Honduras, 
table as but well live,
I trip up over rue til might've begin no-good, 
mirth as australian cockroach, top as songster.

Brothers, talk myself along roadstead. 
Mold produce on as weaken in back street. 
I begin in inexperience. didn't anticipate
that inasmuch craunch up interpreter make 
himself tandoor? now since monad once run misleadingly 
get nigher  while? see not here somewhere, 
it's invariably skyline, blunt border 
of worldly concern dice your programme similar Solanum tuberosum.
Does piss break thin, undemanding urine? 
Which do prefer: what  what ? 
I rouged myself Shirley Temple  rather than color 
ride through Virgo corresponding micropenis 
they woolgathering but than their mother quietus. top. 
I wander corresponding usurer. hold up dead. 
Nothing cure , profoundly as nothing cure 
my aunt considering himself-merely  granulate, 
while ankylose fresh against tolerant 
of Crab that behave like half mask, 
a diminutive blue ribbon rediscover 
Oh delight romance want through shake megillah via  
Feel feel 
feel  works like calceus 
Ten days atrophied  , shyly
almost school year experience constantly-hold  
in manufacturing plant that name burst,
where hearing loss  resource. did intimately, 
I noisily lost day, milled wild,
honed science, nonstandard preferment  
I build fulmination for short grenade, 
forty-three build myself, whenever after these 
days does not make noise , as  make noise. 
I wrick frightful mandate on taradiddle 
of separate willful neglect-the hind, 
the among oireachtas, European elk; those insectivore, they jazz 
the hamstring lame beyond midstream 
wrung out as unrealizable as carnal judgment, 
and constantly normally they mention . 
I march esplanade with enlarge breast, 
took conch with small finger swagger, 
firing sonant vodka martini upon voice box
and languish for brunt anti psyche get 
to hooker dumdum considering sphinx
pistol, abhor nefariousness run out unicameral script
as hold over pier glass, wash
in gaol down dwell before sea eagle,
an horrify mistime steamroller off endedæg appal chronometer 
in stumblebum plus iron inside chunk since goffer: 
hating myself for have become founder.  taking night beg bob behind  morning 
to place on starship since moon on
light, declare Them always, creative thinker 
is shopworn down ,  would like by .
Take between figure cipher take in earth nothing 
where in thick via airburst  useful 
to prove bluet difficulties demonstrandum, 
this  incessant suit, as though collar 
were cardiac muscle  medical center does lecture, 
telling over over across itself;
until they raise  drive past border
of pill, plunge appeal into forsake. 
Drinking mescal strip suckle silicon, 
I maunder unless  charterhouse 
standing eminent low, upon favorable liberal 
fox, but on spur despite moment down greater extent green-eyed than . 
There break on muzzle,  heavy carry 
me into world--gladly as aunt assure  
nine jillion geezerhood while  Ashcan School
and panopticon of public Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe unconnected, 
my nub around bend blue  ancestry teem out
over lapidate that up take air supposing moved them. 
High in noontide, all tolerant of planer palpebrate
like dime bag;  rather dash
over frean, scented, uncivilised fund 
filled with  a but intimately-intentioned ionian, 
the flotsam scupper of love 
putting themselves versus do pay 
in lip of overwhelm, in calm air blank, 
taken across ball-base by terrifically solicit, 
kissing loudly in trip straw 
with just ticket  alternations serialism
and in concert grave fall save them, whither fantastic 
in field cricket  pajama, tide over affair
to ignition lock of protectiveness This  imaginary place. 
Here  exactness of view, 
the of climax run in this biology. 
I exquisitely stream up from start: 
I rise as faintly as fry.

Brothers, score ,  subscribe up 
You  when  promising,
you radius off when  hearing,
you acknowledge when  covert,
and will make of myself anything 
at this 24 minutes when  rather make? 
Never lap bomber, asterisk, father
my tend rule emotional slow than
the world can public lecture, what sleep faintly
the goo girl vignette of what would suit. 
It's 3244. I'm 40-Ashcan School.
I  trappist now that tightly beg. 
a supplication. hajji descend upon catch ; 
the teller follow, denuded beansprout come, 
the fuss elevator their yucky urchin despite
they kick one's heels for as if be ,
with without rainbow, what's conflict?
One wield little adder, 
speaking to as to Quaker. exertion 
is speechify from mascara, 
sonic char dictate about house of lords 
and there the hearing overture, shack the concealed cigar
of their cachexia behind them as they leave 
and inversion toward the solicitation that everything
is supplicate: the summertime even out underpin freeborn,
every shrug center the adore,
the carry of bunny, the football team cable
sets in shopfront reception a murderer's take the bull by the horns
these feast speak the suspiration parole of Heaven.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Working Outside at Night by Denis Johnson]

Found Eeee Eee Eeeee Land Oetaeus
by August Osherow

The lunation tumefy
and rigid black out 
nearer skyline
and chopper 
the aluminium rooftop

shall come along, orangish 
and crisp during 
the orangish , 
while baseball field 
flares of hoover

within.  diminutive
to about scoop, 
thoughtless, tenant 
by this divorcement,
it red-lead putty

the milklike
machinery, quieten, 
waits, breakfast
that conveyer
belts scrag considering guts

convey somebody
When feed back plate without 
coffee about
7:45 svelte
young girlfriend shouldn't die 
to active cultivate, tug

to their beak stern
cigarettes about
Maryland's sunburst.
These clean cabala sidereal month
have body athirst, why

around 8 cockerel 
perfunctorily since conterminous 
fatal croft start
to screeching corresponding human race 
my bosom plenty dwell with 
a stone.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Looking Out the Window Poem by Denis Johnson]

Residencia Summer Song la The en tierra Arctic
by K. Silem Place

The pierce off taste 
die around noncurrent pyramid 
to collocate kinglike as homo sapiens 

The spokesperson, uprise, under
the vicinity couldn't 
maintain in order that deliver 
and manage scarce, break  
up once more.

Similarly wheeze boost 
and shorten provided that tone  
the dialog box considering maisonette 
number trey with this shantytown, 
hoping for passion, grief.

They don't number down  
anymore. would coronach 
so hot, already
as could , needs

the draw close thunderhead 
clouds, breakfast, 
shift, they like 
curtains, billowing, 
veering by acme
of their encroachment past vestry.
If  deadly unneurotic, 
it apace

to between this
making feasible. 
I remove save 
slowly item
of pinnated mill.  
after Kashmir gilded
of bread butter, and here occur
into , when  
how smuggled wish
being , Thou'dst .

Look out dumbfounding
clear landscape before guest night. 
It aphoristicly as whenever
the human race inhabit northern
with no inaudible,
it slick so.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Poem about Baseballs by Denis Johnson]

Defence 19481960 Poems In The Poetry Green
by Kevin C. Harrison

for lunar year shot bustle about 
through than stargaze  
alive. anil feel lullaby, bang

awake plus  weather sheet shrieking 
directly aloud, anyone relocate
finally in cold blood,  brink down horror 
are . 0 pulley block blankly

a medal play  concerning 
the ,  judgment,  
glove  lest ðær, did

drop nut  cannot  
a condominium run. gilt fore 
slowly unneurotic from befog, 
and Christianity set down 

snatched virtually cotton phoney
joke. that bowl, 
it macabrely inelastic,  testicle 
somewhere straight,  did
marble ?  bound proceed, 

hands meld under party wall,  
hands henceforth once toward 
begins. does flex
everywhere, backward, does globule

come or else from ? recognise should 
miss, why only perpetually overshoot as much as 
takes so short. paries  
surface, bevel, paries

fades into    
my herder,   paries.  
arm  douche vastly 

become mammy,  , 
nurse. in order that receive
around cornerstone when  
ball come in minus  place

run, otherwise why hitch ? if then  could 
slow along bench hook, 
would  defuse press wobble 
at cover girl icteric speed up following
the vacancy. if get

the daisy cutter, hand didn't
be despite  will cub up , 
and power sadden out.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Geology by Robert King]

American Odes Addresses Tin
by Janet Loxley Jianghe

I master jumping-off place anti John Rock, judge
out excepting piddle, dream onto gem
from smudge, if then blackjack
in inside mandala clam
almost, easy after cookout.

And have down unlike very, small,
ponderous starve, interred protectiveness
of readiness, pressing
on ptyalize of descry during soar up
into worldly, someone upstanding
you did keep back, knobbing flock,
for model,  small ingathering
of pebble forget distribute keeping.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Why I Might Go to the Next Football Game by Denis Johnson]

Latino Man Angeles Book Shifts Every Wind The New His Humour Los
by Stephanie Hillman

peaceably get laid 
things: young up  
birthday rave all

girl glance beside active company
gloves say 
liked , do distressingly abstemious unneurotic 
brighter which white orangeness

fife shine as . feel
stuffed, comparable drown cistern, before 
words, similar recognize everything although among 
a warm knot tangle. when 

down  resistlessly fall into
shed shimmer toward 
legs, honestly. bang
something outside certain so. beneath 

was eventually deport, same lite nastily 
surely, sure as shooting
hiding following opposite
the bike while directly

kissed , possibly fall back knife.  
almost lingual deep of writhe
into,  easy along between 
too obstreperously bosom until jab, look. between

days oaten excepting mineral pitch vacation spot  
tackled . bark 
elbow,  under weather
punched  finger , feel

how incongruous jettison differ. judgment
that couldn't make elegant soccer-hook 
poet, among intentionally cognize
it considerably off  senior, breathe

man sheathe underneath rocky gilt through point of view, wherever 
remains resist as all free rein, supposing taste 
something, supposing revolve in localise
rasping between and without part

he eff: "whydidnhe authorise? difficult 
end unvarying unfeigned! 
was unrestrained coprolite! the  conjoinèd if   . . . ”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Quickly Aging Here by Denis Johnson]

Form Experiments Pure Poetics
by Timothy Cruz


nothing beneath aerophagia above
the icebox within succus amid 
the muddle fall up coldness blood
music utter, gratifying
catsup. hollywood  barge in

faintly, why maybe 
am neat rend? flavor supposing leave  
son, plenty Wardell's cord cold

and aware until diapsida since quag bark. 
i solitary variety at 
and .
no  overseas if benign, will catch

my husband shouting, "goddamnit, leave office 
running over,” yak underneath
the range, shouting, "
mean , apparitional stop,”  ink-black 


i scruple beyond anybody hiss corroding yellowness, your 
kaputs in blaze, dust-covered
intently, inessential backfire, deucedly 

wish underneath your silent treatment place, plus
your wife's corrode
voice slam dance around quantity. o'er

of Zhane curiousness why
we jammed, as soon as native,
anguish inclusion body, unitedly against  
another boulder clay 

choked,  rank
of duguþe helm kaput,
but isn't when besides fade away similar  
mechanically noble past tear sheet  crowd together

south, than kitchenette, without 


[ A generated-poem based upon: Early Morning in Milwaukee by John Koethe]

Heroic Washington World Ebury On Post Conversations Heroworship
by Adelaide McNair

Is this what  make aboard  worldwide provided joint
Like what suffocate supposing viewing under apiece forenoon? Steamclouds 
Hovering minus lough, slider rise behind 7427 smokestack
As except delineation besides docket, behind frieze below glad Clarence Day? 
Beneath  minus burgoo grey, commonwealth landslide downwardly beside  angle-park 
Into aloofness silk-lined wherever cottage, lastly obscure purview. 
Higher behind high spirits, if only much as much as stare within break sequester above what tend, 
The beware set beside stratum upon nuisance via northern not here
Where everything life, behind signified onto totally break considering emulsion 
Attains fungi: taw distance,  useful urban center 
Bordered around per light;  urban center already fall off below , 
Dominated round boob tube pillar whose fast twinkle forewarn transient blindly

People variety, leeway soft, . practice versus  nation 
Bounded round conceivableness, along inasmuch moving shouldn't ship
And deucedly issue forth hermitage until while ethnic does breakthrough allegory for itself.
Some lunar day sense favourable weightlessness, for partly rarity repatriation, 
The sharp-incrust cable car force back opposite manufacturing plant while future tugboat 
Overlooks expressway,  doleful translocate ending. every day well, 
The  prospective apply inside solmizate from that  old age flannel, 
I begin plus catch mussitation round lung-power now when isn't survive before , 
Formless dim, euphony besides macrocosm provided book localize for ;
And constantly irony head start underneath fulfill per worry tanka except lounge
Where everybody mess excluding among windowpane, co-star along spookily drained mews 
Bordered amid freightage main yard uninhibited tannery.   vapor lock
And  vex aboard ramp always, lento march sometimes.

Last night  reverie aboard wherever mental picture off diluted-forget get off 
Hovered over national capital.  would qualify what explore  
Or once come under whitewash girl what if only vanity power beggarly;
Yet above turning point, angelical without chitter corker, fair sex appear above sine curve after ,
Until well as forenoon simony hang near survey. 
It's obscure,  person's survival could crawl so without sudden aside,
Although call unlike beingness receive senselessly 
--In apothecary's shop, up cover plus gingerbread, outside easy report
Or beneath send as if come this first light, across reflect than blurt map server
Whose confront  brain-teaser whose agnomen dead multiplicand but handset ticket,
But whose dogmatize as free-lance as there choke. 
Why can't find out co-opt excluding this overgrowth? none sure depart,
No icon side-glance tall plus , no internal holy man cast itself since foam between mouth 
Against cage behind this bubble up now as soon as face vamp scrutiny
--At national below sudden off, fewer less below  raucous from loft
Behind partly-exclusive accompaniment identity, designed out upon concern 
And illogical same billion seclude topographic point satellite ergodic persona
Across quad duomo as res judicata interrupt.

                              listen eponym
Once, anti oxen chatter among waitress softly restart. grope for awful,
Yet footling secession term but use following time unit out biography multiply, 
Until appreciate whenever I'd embody force above these boulevard for XVI school year.
I divorce except fringe: mentally retarded squint aboard   apply via intrude round them,
And well-nigh regarding what sense cut perch animality. while dishonorably now sense I'd across wench school
--Of bafflement about as go up, nomenclature virtually about before commence
Meandered into self-awareness; but aboard antediluvian I'd wanton texas independence day 
Like nobody upon backdrop, or corresponding break up toward contrive statistically mirky down .
Wasn't consequently suppositious minus  safe period at rather than player at true onto break tweed
And begin beyond meet domain via ground asking price? around feel much less at base,
More in concert realise, more utterly controlled
Within  except credit? load near upgrade, 
Moods lightly doubtfulness, constantly e'er breeze, with add near trust,
Towards genial with light, towards vertex plus here specialization 
Advancing down avenue after call for order amid distance without fast haäcre sympathize?
Or thunder wish twist in cable outside windowpane, in blaring through ramp?
I don't design .  like woolgather  in girlhood, 
Some break with at if when reach elysium leave variation need, word up honor since armfuls them,
And enfranchisement to reckon what design sympathize. cogitate who to highest degree for what feel fossil unknown,
But that beneath ghetto prevarication everything complex mixer  
Nearly careful foolishly to trace. springy ,  anticipate should alibi ,
Thoroughly anticipate can't--it's quickly ringer beside animation that come to  ,
And which stick short after enchant impart complete. 
Sometimes design get goods solid of rest border down
Like Sung dynasty in corner, a concert phase for  for most part 
And scripted in substitute toponymy of capitulation, the superstrate of time extend,
Or the play of anything talk temporarily into the unbeknown 
--Like a sound break up up on the call when assembly line thwartwise unevenly
--Overheard, minuscule fractional catch, billow live.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Constant Voice by John Koethe]

Bibliography Imaginary Lover 1925-1982: Annotated Studies, The Rochester
by Robin Hinton

Above glide now just now whopper aboard slide 
Flight revolve westwards without Windy City. 
Chester accrue outside. invariable stowaway, 
Removed amid reference circumstance, re-start 
His Yorkshire mezzanine, unneurotic climb up,
Reading good afternoon, beautiful beneath umptieth fourth dimension, 
Like ticket until worldwide, excluding haphazardness. 
I recur close down house minus lords center plus defect, 
And baseborn stemma appear, yellowish 
Even improbable build but bet, excluding cottage 
Decaying beside capital upon Russian Federation fart. genuinely 
Brokenly ghost , intend.  homesickness 
For noncomprehensive whoever yield workday anywhere, 
Tracing their inflationary spiral on shrink interest? 
Like  broth below boy where if long so that freewheel save Westland boulevard, 
I memorise even though trace lead off canon, 
Shoot minus doll upon  , stargaze minus leave behind. 
What catechism? within they appear similar car mirror 
Holding up visual sensation about regular, down til living, 
Beckoning about their past jelly
Like leave miniature, open glance beside those
Evanescent worldly concern even now fast junior ghostwriter
--browning , blithely intermediacy
Could visualise someways, play except days once more.
And though these real human race equal adequate rose-colored per , 
Once receive catch them bring back regarding trace lyric 
Still well, please disunify plus beleaguer
Compliant below one's shouldn't

                   these trim,
And apiece  impregnable entrepot off trim,
Its stash away regarding zeugma-Hoosier State" capital before United Kingdom, round British capital!-”
That drain basket following woolgather empty work song. 
Yard try unlike marshal as long as insensitive unsocial let 
"The felicity near strangers” opposite sedate subsist. 
Yet else oft ostinato, ring considering thinker 
Long if past  photo opportunity, cut upon upraise 
A planetary believe accredit, small . 
For what exquisitely considering ? many detached house on Alfred Hawthorne 
Next versus unsounded current? small town occupy towards peoples 
I couldn't grok? does somebody bring take toward  
Transitory sugariness of Georgians' Babylon 
And world now , before thriftlessness cape? 
Years enigma, their retentivity somewhere 
Stories of succeeding as if  eyewitness, like  
Fantasies of plate raise to extenuate 
The preciously one's lifetime function since either. 
Words feel to clear up wherever biology as video
In lettercard of parsonage, or of canon 
Wedged by expose  sempiternal deep
But their visibility butterfly. cannot other than
See snowboarding of of sudden, as try generator 
And Vanessa Stephen handbell, all those ringer break up. 
And then take office to learn murmuring of if 
Constant quaver as close despite as landscape 
Studied inside airliner: detail repeater 
With squaw forget, a gradual did 
Descending across a maroon, westward down alp 
And earthly inhabited cancel before metropolis, 
Pocked except fractional-satiate artificial lake shrewd 
Trails with somebody hold off plus along the 
--"And straightway love fleetly along tea?”
But stray sign snuggle in the hills.


[ A generated-poem based upon: What the Stars Meant by John Koethe]

Trop Moins Peu Prou
by N. Scott Herrick

On rearward-ply life sentence regarding Coralville, 
By catch sphinx towards Wilberforce;
On old friezes opposite Denton 
Tracing  behind U.S.A,

Thousands anti Roman mile so space age, underneath point, 
Each astheniology collude except proof gotterdammerung
That sit above none petal, devise between 
The ultramarine edition near unseeable rear.

The snatch peculiarly aside leap, tremble 
On brink above variety following mellowness: 
The major marvel opposite retain;
The lesser marvel before senior moment.

For peep already because anything invariably power ache 
For colored ghetto,  trend behind
The polar star,  cheerio, actuate up 
The sail lease liðende bottom,

Forsaking starlight plus interior radiate, 
And decoct immense chronicle, forgetting hushed mycenaean civilization-highbrowed, midsection unsounded
To mirror elevator, urban legend.

What filling Hell within blush wine heed?
The feast aboard order even if victimized onto occupy nicks's forget concerning  
--"The starless welkin  acridity law”
Seem veneration piffling, strident upon chance

Amid radiogram despite repletion
Issuing behind recess towards ,
Filled inside brilliant breed:
Game finger, audience within Herbert draper,

And syrupy public lecture, situation comedy  newscast, 
The gang bang whoever waft across your go way 
Each feria even . hold into church bench, 
Out regarding rat now when coryphantha bud,

Something heavenly block, everyone familiar 
Gathering by disconnect below steps
As why enigma beside bunk
Were spoken within afternoon-new year's eve politics

Of earth consecrated excepting Mammon, 
Yet regulate by those sacred nonoccurrence 
That riffle courage sailplane, absence 
At deionize, care for solid until Cuban

Drumbeats radiate beyond Ricardos' 
Love drey amid TV lookout 
Like particular roaring; Kenneth Koch's 
"Wave rather than stampede cutaneous sensation near creation.”

In forsake charnel beyond metropolis,
One see plagal cadence excluding now ache, 
The words behind those whole-remember oldie,
--Some into them imposing, about since them hard--

Brimming plus melodic phrase across shunt;
One chafe organ pipe unless insufflate psyche above 
Repeating thine broadcast;
And even nighttime accrue, take minus co-star make out out.

I find myself excepting baldachin
Of fit leave behind out below none almost's living
--The that didn't bay, rosebud, John's marchioness
Lean above upon panoply

Of glinting dust, chant convolution
Of starlet, ever move train
Of asterisk like bantam Word fire up seed pearl 
Of cassava, ride anti motel

macabre across Eden while long as stand, 
Watching pageantry behind  blossom out. 
I matte heat up everyone lento whatsoever shrill
To comprehend--gently questionnaire versus nice,

But no incipient crimson,
A strain off night. on spur minus moment bell-like call 
Floating along carouse spat mum,
As around mask save  last, as jam

Of park scintillate under from as 
The close region by recollection
Became dateless yard beyond S 
Transfigured, red-ink via apercu save

sparks lay into rest, Gy, 
And, besides core across their macrocosm, 
That insidious crown except star topology overcloud
By smart configuration, hearse.

Standing off by one hand, as now that grief-stricken, 
There  human body inside past hub, 
Gesturing in words excluding blindside
That disclaim ownership of mettle, leave behind

The examine of pregnant unsolved. 
I search at .  time to start. 
The mapmaker in  resolve, 
Leaving tug, ripen . round

The across-the-board, amorphous promised land smash 
The headliner live unneurotic shinny. while  plate, 
The dedication calorie-free palpebrate on the handset. 
I don't review what the cipher retroflex.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Late Wisconsin Spring by John Koethe]

1963-1995 Prose Experiments A Bodies Book Playing Catbird’s Song
by David Murray

Snow fade plus liquid  docile cinch 
Loosens dampen plastic wrap, fresh forget 
Left beside outside fall,  extinct browned shit. 
The eggshake itself .  bamboozle shuttlecock 
Winter simply sometimes bounce,  loosen, 
People showtime following ventilate swimmingly regarding II trey. 
The recessive grope for  curly ,  twelvemonth. 
--Memories off substantial flavor  heave hoist up; 
The wakeful cautiously falsify upon desperation among alert
As recto run  retake germinate except backyard. 
When many derive per snap against service department during  
The frivolous hospital attendant angle, beyond salinity poisoning 
Was griesly fool versus gauche excepting unsounded  
April make for, around closing off  easter daisy. 
Now sully dark, bifurcation opaque fictile, 
And nowhere resinate now even though sound lonely why 
Becomes proximate, behind substance against  colorful 
Air patterned beside chopper electrify during lead get off from hellfire. 
Only misdirection,  horn button smell concerning like 
Lovely to spunk considering regenerate-complete yr partially these grope for
Forward square blooming, if heavy communication 
Hides them. whereas unneurotic woody ball considering purdah re-start, 
And skin come across minuscule, station against desktop 
Of this fairytale concerning full, prehensile tone minus since majestic 
Gesture get amid versus corner fog .

The desolation seed chime, beyond piss pig pledge, 
Permeating basement drop now when bat following sunshine 
As  ball under down alley.  Thomas Kid cry. 
A re-emerge rolling over unlike denounce yelp rather if when  
Although cause celebre pain  transcriber frame satisfaction, 
Once constituted, maiden tone fibre within lammastide 
Stays about list after , like person's. 
The taint unrestrained. shade grand slam across asthma 
And up starboard but break until until painless , intense union army 
Watercolor match because plasterer's float stretch specific arbitrarily 
As misdirection constitution. geyser decent at lento internal, 
And small severable whoever along end shuttlecock like acquaintance, 
Trying  foreign near listen tweedle , 
And likely subside. between mollify sharpen by arcdegree, 
Imperceptibly, although colour fan out toward association, 
The african daisy inflorescence  slurred devise glimmer over sunburst 
Of some other urban center, off regarding which nearly blow over during Eden. 
And fain though recollection in concert sacrifice unitedly so not here to greater extent under 
What last than take charge solemn think can carry, 
Where did discontinuity  act up between marooned 
Moments go when summertime flood in round this amid unmarried? 
Spring right diversly keep down:  deliberate with hope, 
But provide potency dwell in heave latent hostility through solitude 
And support mush, along propitiation or rue,
In alpha omega following tundra blink regarding eye, cuddle until care 
--Until brokenly, sodeynly, take care raise ascending via 
Light  and void beyond , 
Held not here in just as lawful, gradual blue air unless
In overemphasis at a landscape where  miniate vanish, 
The bright indulgence of smell invigorate with basics, 
And plenty, past birth. after wind warm. 
The flower bud begin to out-of-doors off the Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree.
Somewhere up in the an airliner droning.


[ A generated-poem based upon: In the Park by John Koethe]

Calidore Suspicious River
by Darren Lehbert

for blossoms
This  airiness cherished, shouldn't nearly .
For unimaginatively 76 geezerhood forget whenever  emotional: 
That siðian blessedness either insubstantial, profit, eternal,
And if anamnesis once brokenness versus just til does not here approach. 
And understand before rich before abbreviated, set during spirit 
Beyond profoundness under color vision, nowhere  realm along armistice. 
And  logically guess even though if only serenity could concisely occur
It wouldn't underneath summertime level, fairly city block small among interior 
In architectural suburban common, under much baby run simply 
In sempiternal thrifty,  lough opalesce underneath altitude.

Eventually, one-time except midsection without your aerobiosis,
There's here now though Heav'n armory embark despite down wax. 
The gilded lest soon as if really appear unlimited disband, 
And stargaze because board excluding appear fen bladder through languish. 
The age amass; but they start onto disclaim via intense,
Human inflect above fantasy, similar righteous spirit create 
Pouring among snowy chorale per latria fear. 
And piercingly often eleventh hour invigorate against lifetime,
Vibrant during possible, crowned head, impenetrable, clear;
And plenty used-car lot gravy holder  school year much.

I guess distressing engram among tolerant around digestible,
A genial besides dusk, quite than if appear behind infiltrate 
For pitiable senior class whereas I'd grownup despite departed whither beyond base. 
It unbounded clear. than appetizer  lead considering gradient, 
But liberty tooth whenever creaturely face anti concert heavily convert, 
And who as wære gain  occasion toward come ice-cream float grimly
You revolve toward what .  stick around completely carol 
As what I'd constantly continue, while shaved beaver light-duty towards Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree 
Became hub past epitaph,  spokesman take on drawl 
Of idea enamored except viewgraph above valediction.

And unrighteously whereas infernal sorrow blend past out. 
It  aflicker, brainy genial beyond downheartedness,
The dangling off biology unlike verticillate living 
Of kneeler remembrance, between earthly concern
In if there's swimmingly fall purdah, scarcely gecyþed pooh-pooh. 
But lugubriousness now rather than pride minster cheerlessness, 
And this high bit by bit rhinoceros quake as condense 
Shadows elongate against reservoir. This calm air piano, 
But dark following human race geometrical wouldn't steep? 
How solitary excepting succeeding will not this public security cover?

I romance  heavy light excepting bedroom community
Late on these summertime even out, as bury take care 
Stir beyond their Steffi Graf, eye crestless wave with uncomfortable saprolite 
And psyche clear from air into halcyon place. 
This whereas curly begin, mirthfully  beginning 
In rakish sopor against satisfaction, wherever nighttime bit by bit 
The parent sleep down tomorrow's inaccurate subdivision
And past sometimes, small plough around utter 
At engram by dig, basement ambition towards radiance, 
Now inasmuch recognize whoever anyone off  rather farewell plus .

Don't commemorate dig out succeeding appear
When  resource?  milklike used-car lot
Where pamperer  foldout but hush, whether await in 
There reach bowed avoid, shimmer in waste . 
And cannibalize a go at that this lifespan  galvanise productive cast for bonheur, 
But safely in thick should try thick, strangle  
Of fabled  power carry recognize, and than that interrupt 
And seat occupied with cleave, time appear to have shut off 
And  already in parkland where it nearly xx eon  
And succeeding even huge, carol reverie.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Picture of Little Letters by John Koethe]

Girl Edinburgh Helen
by Jan Duhig

I call up same this board.
The mantle  washstand aren't parentage
Of naturally, plus sluttish hail excluding porthole provided practice from 
Late around sunup, as long as others lead around blackmail. 
You cannot not here skive under . except chiffonier save looking glass 
Are breed behind envision take afternoon 
Cellar , parade beyond alleyway onto uniform sunshine. 
I commemorate sometimes  throw minute hand via xv hansard

Afterwards. bicker ramble with hand glass
But don't itch them extremely, don't dearth these apocope. 
What wish without epos  benign following epitome autotype 
Of face, down what like up picture taking 
Is epos among dangerous mental picture inside street.

The delta afternoon sunburst cock through dialog box 
Again, chalk out engineering but faint applaud via disgruntlement 
That undulate off intellect, totally wordlessly feel beneath evaporate. 
What  run round furiously   come beside shuteye this night?

A particular diagnose waver versus cheval glass, intentionally vanish.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Below the Coast by John Koethe]

Solitude Tales Skelton Merry
by Seamus Honum

A ungainly mound
Unmolded similar bar underneath hayfield
In paucity tarn. tender old gold-greenness cereal turn via despite stemma
As thickly who cog. versus wintertime, toward shortcut versus Chasen, 
Thousands above gondola creep via plus blow
And their rider  beneath enquire 
And slickly early, dissertate, about place. that's NV, 
Solemnly torch guardianship.

Meanwhile power breakfast following flannel cake scale across plateful 
While comfort wireless XTC amid flash.
Alicia expression versus couch toward fraise, 
Completely into as soon as save what  Redeemer amid ). 
Her right  'ant douse against filled under fire
Or sweetness round lisle despite conflagration. all security blanket foam: 
the gravy hem anti upon peppercorn corner Australia
(This  remote before gyves),  fishing gear 
Strewn around household: greens magazine publisher add above up political science, 
A tries inside lilac-colored touring car at comprehend,
And set before poilu below frætwa oblige date since reference file until before during raphia .
Unless, you've outgrow up inaudible thenar guinea pepper ( establish as long as e'er unbuilt, sanatorium)
It's death during depreciate Eskimo dog elm.

    sometimes regard lovebird if now when þenden off 
    retail over rue excepting mirk. slanted similar long masthead,
   Their pinhead ever ruffle since twang up nothing behind them.

And if only receive breathe excepting scour why 
Closes since like confront,  pleasant around fourth small) wakeful
When top lift opposite ventilate dull artificial pulp of metropolis,  appear
Like coarse over ability: sunshine dormant considering harsh of nutate 
And caboodle of good cirrocumulus rack through like tranquility revenue stamp
Which, when  on guestroom frostiness, drag over your straits
And  boiling point tardily build up now when radiate. 
But Sagebrush State already ride against pacify with this.


[ A generated-poem based upon: North Point North by John Koethe]

Enormous The Swallows Stone Blue
by Ioana Coleridge


In these incur prognosticate:
In lavish, onto speculum, across smart 
Hours worn-out stare down besides shade off
At cone discharge certifies themselves. 
I cogitate before them now soon whether number one-quantity globe 
Where did visit beyond why
Then kip near discovery dapple disseminate 
And pavement steamer via 
Rain whether moldiness wealthy kink destroyed even if abide towards 
The  polishing,  break 
Doubts field excepting less doubtfulness, 
For though long why anomalistic year jump off onto speculum extraordinary other 
And ev'n excluding encephalon off, 
What separate down hypothesis plus varlet 
Is benign after settledness, vestibular sense
Between esprit make what meter appear off halt
These suite, these lyric, these Brobdingnagian local thoroughfare
That bounce round energy apiece summertime beside birdcall crystallization
Blending bad despair particular felicity
Which after average appear similar number one-illusion.

There  plus these reflexion,
To their metrical lay eyes regarding onto die accrue 
Wherein pump what essay resign. 
I springy them, just wherever now since across gratefulness
They plaster bandage morrow, along forenoon underneath fresh grin 
Until hr supposing if if sleep waft  vigil light. 
Between, past anticlimax figuratively,
And plus in order that incomprehensible romanticism survey, 
Familiar excluding unrecognised, unexplored peak 
Concealed along frame concerning this board,
That cut excluding already phase among smell  sea power against seemliness 
Prepared about , overwrite about remember
Against sentence even if eternity e'er consolidate
These timeworn milieu aboard what consist following cover
Leaving with excepting about rendering minus  truthful 
Composed round what tactile property what  since windowpane 
On summertime forenoon; melt semivowel sense, 
A medicine  peeve, scarcely supposing hesitating bosom 
That break them aware via .


There  everyone behind rondeau anti modulate 
But here: deliberate unsuspected, 
Its significant boxed during touch 
--Better, against misperception
Of what incarnation suppress what incomplete take during away; 
Which under this constantly matter.
And incessantly hope excluding covert
Purpose what fudge together apiece variance .

There  everybody besides ghost plus  
In mining, amid with depict  
It cum with rake up itself at dead-end street
Morning bring out along glassful
The road whoever perpetually under nuclear family about prideful, 
That begin underneath admiration go for, 
But inasmuch go out without victimize incline
Down within solitariness  venerate behind care.

The probabilism  amid event,
Contingent unlike what everybody power take excluding spell 
Or power instinctively average. What grope regarding most terrorization 
Is retrieve provided just as thunderbolt
Has sink,  whitewash 
Appears at maori at leg
To cross out crude except ,
That , til fearsome unobservant ,

Would even anyone plus this small accept: 
That someone over , deadly unobserved,
Was not here dismal,  cheery bust-up, 
Which appear across replete  wish trogon
Exploding amid brushing, invariably honk 
Without nuance sentience,
Inert idle beneath heavy
Expanse towards live beyond minor round off.

There  riposte per as if think.
There  someone rather than does not ingest seek 
That power have loan shop effect, 
Or only benign unlike coherency.
Perhaps. nearer round than splendor 
Of o'er  goethite
Is discomposure between this tardy
Moment without fugacious grandeur.


Someone expect about atmosphere following rue
And dashing hopes even though hem excepting these tanka, 
About Good Book detail those flavor power bear in, 
And what their reference against airiness.

I say just as  beyond  globe,
That as live go pré spirit  descend , 
Comprising some pay dirt ill luck, failure 
Blankly expeditiously impact, adversity fret.

And constantly interview  passionless ,
And formal plus down haste, though inside . 
For virtually now when as Rebel e'er demand, 
That as though truth appease sentient

And what chromatic despite  call as some,
The glad true neighbor swart human race, 
One sinful shouldn't wish by master whether global this , 
And  just as sæbat should leap out confining.

So virtually near living repent repose until phrase,
In  recognize go on, thus port tremendously between itself 
Until interpellate knack unreciprocated about dark . 
Perhaps gloominess  versus appear labyrinthian,

Of withhold what wouldn't deformation vanish, 
Of charge release toward justification,
As though longer did plenty level out opposite  
Safety about some riptide divan near .

Let  surely fewer. think sorrowful here now 
Are monad whether justly appear most abundant, 
For sociality amid variance toward wither,
Leaving everything unchanged,  landscape painting

Where pricey downslope as  than
And offing hold poesy considering what unburden solitary, 
And appraise than suffer
Is sometimes anti order if then  gilded, through why absolute,

And what experience actively what bang score, 
And what wishing invariably what .
These  preface just as patriarchy what grope for, 
The moralism as regularize resource,

And beneath them dwell dread
Simply reverence since unknown, regarding creeps before outgrow next 
Bridal, under allowing down postponement glass
At future til repetition itself infinitum.

It wouldn't freely well.
The brevity that call down consequently with sacrifice 
Could address as so besides patency overhaul, 
A living make seraphic with deepen;

And umbra about fall
Could rise shade where could tarry off if only 
Before retort considering global, move out upon 
The could  bluff under either case,

Extending minus unbeknown brace along lunar 
Experienced inside linear perspective, hellish row concerning bricks 
Accessible aboard , widening,
As mush close , beneath .

The gap isn't behind highlight
Or terminus, versus outside snorter tactile property along speedway: 
The concealed towards bay fib past ,
While what scupper below stabilizer some other tale,

One round less matter import than first. 
What blind spot isn't what luck than buy, 
But impel without one's bond,
And just along looking for resolve by ambition

Set away debrief,  Song dynasty persist within 
Going through rise beyond flag 
And sleeping sunrise off this battue world, 
Whether before compunction, off jubilation.


Each day start as yesterday begin: 
A minus silhouette but  gateway 
Of what aurora grasp
Earth Canterbury story, 
Taking scattering, blank verse use up trajectory
As DoS until intellect extend 
So erratically.
Through grim summertime  
I march after channelize where
I throw talking for between unilateralism

In nonindulgent feel; so go place inside . 
A wide ghetto;  some other ,
A profile whose basics will not 
Be publish until pageboy, wide initialize 
Of this flyspeck refreshing aboard ,
knuckled melodize small,
A it's so thick
Its rhythm method down birth control come across  trouble:
A cast lunch.
Some track record  pic. beg off kip.


At terminate off make over along pacifier
Samson  mediæval 
Are that's allow for by what fall until crowd
Of flare outstation. no ugly dignity 
--Some darkness security blanket-launch itself
Inside person concerning goodly 
And tall, without monition, break out in desolation. 
The subsister all unswerving lento,
Neither intentional whether versus them
Still admit repulsion. "What  earthly?”
The gullible require, A.E. direct,
"Let's what happens,”  moving-picture show death.

"Horror” unintelligibly weak, for stand in apprehension
I keynote about now since  tantrum .
I don't master, as no one on sly keep track,
What power hang on in leap year across fall,
But sometimes when interview advert  feel societal
Silently versus , opposite  that appear continuation within this afternoon, 
That wait little, tone rather into itself.
This  veneration that hooking just down
That this all softly , that what hold so well
Will disappear during sudden, everyone like will not be force-feed once more. 
The days will hover  day practice themselves 
Until secluded in ghetto outgrow come out
Especially in ravaging, round in slight slippage
That deficit at least as further above conjoin .

And finely bight actually  
That sailplane before main street of French capital, 
Reducing something from namelessness, namelessness
In which tracing species of possible, model of diplomatic immunity 
As populace-the strict admass-luff on ,
Oblivious but anything power , that power bechance in haiku. 
A ballade couldn't confiscate hold here now causative, it can 
Limit what fore to feel, starting post outstrip from public. 
The neighbourhood through wake up apiece day to vegetate 
No same than gray-haired, irrepressibility shield adopt ambitiousness 
And rue, but living on the proud hooey of sadness. 
The dashing hopes come and ; what ride out 
Is start out of sit out absence, blench and clear.
The field house wait implicit in the light
Of near summertime level, unless an earthly 
Contentment result from the air.
I think know where this active to , 
But black bile joy to expect
Clever waitress, immediately, for anything among
But for what fib to Let's what happens.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Proximate Shore by John Koethe]

American Scenes Best 2004 Jam The Night
by Wang Emerson

It recommence beyond gloominess puzzlement, 
The ego-automatic iconography 
Of sad adolescence,  minute

When earth disband through take down 
Of unconditional geographics 
Beyond limen by seeable.

And pump  flavor without unspoken testifier, 
Abandoning none past behalf 
Of come following better

Making  opposite push leg
Of what power cannibalize live, leave along stay up 
The discomfiture besides drained foliate.

Ed Mazoue abominate vacuity. following fall 
A scarce bramble Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
Stumbling over frontier, whose diagnose,

Obscure over tropical, Oklahoman ill 
Sure inside disclose,  landscape 
Of general rock candy pool

And sharp poleward by totally  
Interior down academy. 
Is  pier glass minus down,

Or  populace itself mimesis? 
This afternoon off symposium 
Someone court-martial underneath revive dissertation

That alcaic  avoid suspire. 
And think round  until plage 
Thirty-five days , towards mid-July,

The summertime now when leave inside college, 
With prospective hang up fantastically near reach out 
And rather fall back, same bezel

Of high sea uncommitted across moxie. 
Poems  yield among quibble 
Of lifetime exhausted try on opposite see

The vacuity towards bowels past soft spot, 
And anti  minuscule sloganeering 
They recruit over let versus their ,

Are wordlessly typical, dig freshener. 
Yet beyond them here materialise 
A across hagiography,  until living where if convey

The dart luxuriation through occupational group 
Made up of these extinct physical exercise 
In what hostile breeze through after jubilation,

That begin until climate of hopefulness 
On guest night in residence hall
Years class , appear after swear off

A flock from uneasiness brood, 
But as much as go out why popularly loft
Of glad absence dangle in .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing by James WeldonJohnson]

gross-brained pacificatory Sun mummianized, Journey preludiately, suppliants, purely Fortnightly
by T. E. Fernandez

Lift ev'ry bass carol, 
Till ground constantly tintinnabulation,
Ring around harmony per familiarity;
Let exultant wane
High whoever much as breathe mackerel sky,
Let drown out gimcrack as transit .
Sing nasty unbearable about cult because clean upon induct Paso,
Sing bough full across promise about order even award bring Oprah;
Facing spring up as peripheral set out,
Let glizzies troop opposite hoe defeat .

Stony speedway tread,
Bitter grotesque ,
Felt above sidereal day inasmuch go inside unhatched give ; 
Yet onto eldritch throb,
Have adequate common soldier cordon
Come amid level for that dad suspire?
We adopt hail upon  that except rent comprise hush,
We possess follow, step ambages regarding gore versus mow down,
Out between drab below 
Till uncourteously sit around lasting
Where murmur lambency as unity starlet casting.

God minus viewgraph twelvemonth, 
God towards understood cleave,
Thou why convey secaters softly deliriously upon way;
Thou now when through power, 
Led weson save courteous,
Keep winger outwardly in round, implore.
Lest flatfoot drift regarding polling place, , because  Thee,
Lest affection, rummy beneath varietal anti reality, leave Thee;
Shadowed beneath deal, 
May single-handedly stand up. 
True opposite ,
True against siþðan land.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Eve Considers the Possibility of Pardon by John Engels]

Fire Dancing The Hottentot Venus Book
by Alfred, Lord Harper

In woolgather  break unalert.
In this sleep identify  whitehearted gruesome drug detected 
is talk, now when key, even supposing know

and does address , did rename wildly across Questionmark 
those whom during clock cannot sustain lightly on romance 
and following order until can ; does not fetch them tenderly up Bobb

like elisabeth dispense with well
to wive hell via pay, 
the secrecy unlike ANYBODY

fondly maintain. outside whatsoever 
might appoint amnesty 
would fall lonesome in foetid drizzle

the won't count through 
we did oblige agape, scare
fiery paddle up quad, emotional 1488126464055 save sunbathe

suddenly flowering well-chosen fruitless 
as wood anemone after afford Steffi Graf, 
the humanity shimmer with serious

delicate gelatin beside rain ,
while up Chesapeake ditch quaver recall  
come hard add up urgently

as if call in nominate
each excepting Revlon maybe forget
until that joy national adequate forget

as uþe to hearts.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Damp Rot by John Engels]

Missionary The Basho
by Allan Wilson

Water mainsheet considering gleefulness peach pit except clout parapet,
trickles minus loft during wide-cut delta outside ,
worse freshman class, supposing cozily would darkness
at ground, up stairs truck bed besides
live  apparel deaden beyond airing cupboard. decent 
I anticipate alien set about after approach minus make begin

to sleep above photobiology before draw, achromatic mangle
to remember aboard let this opera if much because obsessed lento 
for xviii sophomore class, per even though off gurp pall
and live bear, near  pomp about nook cranny least no  
suddenly there considering , scarcely rise lp, someone
frequently admit as does not affluent equate, 416 y1k 
and less before slush sour across root cellar, mould
merely pass away lately cowgirls there, all

the whiteness culture binding energy via sand  
wherever concern outside glitter, truly .  . 
But stargaze perchance despite pinon woodlet unlike found, 
which know loyalty whenever  slack tautology 
of this recess: anti  nearly senior class forever
I XIV ill-mannered Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, enwrap theme
in gunny, sweep up them down since true up reef 
of barbette, separated them constantly, flush 
them apiece by one abraham's bosom mollify. as soon as when

they unaccented head glaze, buddy-buddy assume root 
fondly save busload fence in, get off forte 
silently above beautiful nothingness, wholly California fern 
mournful shaping through unsatiably concerning  
of decreasing itself. near  contact 
that if  unneurotic shorten abandon this aim,
it cannot run off though as Augustine click, 
digging following light level trimmer below tongue, 
there  less rightly than reason, well 
than 2-half dozen about most;  vane skid 
two edge since and lay over beyond what claim
the duramen, entail, as take , among the bosk 
which near yearningly quote .


[ A generated-poem based upon: West Topsham by John Engels]

99 L’Heptaméron Through Great A Country California’s Central Valley Literary Zyzzyva
by Valerie Weigl


In prologue  fill 
I shall dotard partly seminal fluid excepting even once delicacy supposing whenever long after though
I crisply madness between associate cut off flea-bitten,
bursten-bellied, hairless toothed,
thick after auditory modality, indirectly minus , chew
and pugnacious-skin provided that poison parsley tablet, finical 
setting than  reedy american woolgather burrow 
of overhang despite rasping skin. concerning sooner
I demonic over large rock climbing,  onto continuum
into day round day slurred fall excepting ground; Newmarket
hairy round indigo, old rose, turk's-cap similar
minions dearie despite leaping, interregnum
working curiosity, provocative surprise. 
being old gold , above unadventurous duration notice 
my miscreate: bittersweet, chancellor cabbage Spanish psyllium
of storyline, where favorable  against leaf not here despise 
upon saith referent talk whenever fewest just 
received beyond constructive trice right , 
slowly flower petal underneath ræd incarnation foolhardy
of ostinato, formal incisively, turdy, tsk-tone,
but endlessly tiff per goosy mind,
the busload along  wax harlequin, herd, bus,
a scout group, preen despite shoetree, pasturage, befool lapin,
in , uncertainty, ordinary chin music: but morning star
swells pouch bulge on eyes' averting, 
and tottering, drink, dependable throw behind  sweet tacit, 
or lightly, as extraordinary fallout position as blamelessness.


This interment bid onto , apotheosis, posy
human sugared, under musketry fancy, this  pastoral following , 
and during nigh gomenwaþe purport: ,
the chromatic stalking, þæt hold over than sign
endanger : sight beside weatherboard, gradual 
falls between lawn, cataleptics solar apex underneath raphe,
and northern twist toward hayfield against improbable 
trees. anywhere fishpond below bungalow, hush running. 
The detour decussate bilge,  turnoff
diminishes anti achieve through brooklet vineyard,  croft 
beyond now  naut mi aim emotional fall  
noble persist arterial speedway . meet happen  
with facer,  mix up, past most part suffer twinge 
a underdog versus freshness drive, syncope, inherit follow
smirked excepting by levantine, infect. rhyme,
for vertically aspiration amid painful absolution, comeback 
from debacle orpine ride beyond step by step 
serene riverboat opposite cheaply unequivocal dealer
with columella upon marmalade tree press cervid  
affectionate calling card during who these formerly graduating class 
waited outside full klondike, past libel,
for above amount except metrorrhagia, dust-covered hydrophilic 
from campus, steel plus second joint, seel, 
the butt below discharge petal ratite, somewhere roue 
on buttock corresponding weeping, peerless-limbless, smoke
in spirit, deal, head cut than  glad 
pulses once stemma decreasing. right blame 
for but number one-evasion, regardless harlequinade
and beastly stagger: knickknackery, supercilium whisk,  
wounds accompanied than origin , horseleech put in: bring around, 
I swell thicken, did forth once more reincarnate, hard, 
sturdy, elend via adorned inspirit, varnisher, , slick up
in stare, roisterer, gay cut-up, dimple
in buttock regarding smile, interred hajji, idle 
for alchemy against resurrection. 

I unlike supernal heavy ill humor.  boldly heavy 
of glitter pit, sometimes.  vigilant skulk around anticipate 
for titter prodigies ski jump out holler 
and dissipate them care for dominique above charge per rubber 
and red-eye foursome wreathe.  nice eloquent 
in direct via perjure,   warn when thunder
and tweedle quietist partsong during basis point, shall dubiousness 
for this small futile gaiety come up northward  
in . pacify, haphazardness delight , what 
this misfortunate odist superabundance trust, small trust. 
It  two-note call cowardliness, pay  
lovely beaming. against trust constantly rotate uneasy 
(that unlike favour), atone, lancet planner, cause 
of sallow  pillared veranda  wreathe 
melliloquent about stovepipe,  
from where model doubtless between sort versus 
of this fæþm veranda despite Union farmhouse 
in this canst hold out stops.


I sparkle following incline regarding lawn:
fireflies make try fulmination inside eatage stanch, 
and review as soon as toward trot through whether constant across lawn 
to beside branch water along stand at distant union 
of split didn't similar die, lest til  
I should evermore amnesty duration. imagine aside
will replication altogether beyond speechlessness brain perpetually, besides what function 
I widely make love  e'er pin into inside curtain. 
I accept refer for among this; recognise figuratively 
in whipping boy  relive kayak as rose-colored starling 
in eaves, olfactory property except after shower, near
air weather on force back for royal road. between this 
there  make. accommodate beware too 
without gens. wherever  absolute think,
it  disorganization, reason
for this. mist
begin anti range up ,
and  posing on farmhouse portico,
and anywhere wild fig,  tardy  rest 
that dreaming gaze down into fit comfortably  
the albumen dinar behind cervid  water's anodize 
matte aboard entrapment pilus, globe reek swell
and belly out amid prolific cesspit up discharge 
outwards above durance flit around soma watermelon 
and entrust  Paspalum distichum lawn effloresce since gilliflowers,
shoulder-high, sully-heights,  little suffocative 
in skunk, attractively than vicious shout down excepting this
growth grass over complex, brighten, form sully, 
reaching up inside bank.  dark

there pelting. dream that when rouse 
it  beam milklike , quaternion cock 
are boastful along curtilage fairish
song over just easygoing mud pie underneath trench.
This  spare overhead, for 
the profligacy during what joint inasmuch 
I already day by day, make imago: 
All following Great Lakes State astacology blazing 
with Pyrophorus noctiluca, comet  lightheaded
o'er phosphorescence regarding Second Earl among Guilford, Indian bean
blossom all midday sunshine season,  
is fake bray,  could look from happy room access
into dig igneous pace. , make noncurrent e'er,
I should appreciated.  prologue all undefined
Lucia, theirs Alma-Ata!  as than  leave
to see engulf lawn unpicturesque merry until bantam lighting,
it as if feel burn off greens fast
with common firefly; , as fall, cervid reappear. 
The rigid border of hayfield hold down someone 
When labor away, uncapping traverse 
the track inasmuch . overthrow
the blacktop fantasm of pebble denounce,   
grows aspen stratus. drive into conciliatory fulmination
of sheet lighting to western, at  of jumble turnoff 
where didn't rest bring to sleep once more. custody
in splasher highlight gutter sedately emerald. This unharmed 
journey before . taste
I downhearted with mulberry
of number one-get off. light
knows  short. aäle
red moon on spin compress in chink of corrupt, 
and come up turnout road
as if  the private road to your sign of the zodiac.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Damselfly, Trout, Heron by John Engels]

My Life Rest , Angeles Books Los
by Kelly Browning

The au courant sheepfold soar
over gaseousness until during hibernate. hunt, 
it would always shoot down
in propenonitrile, upon admit towards 
therefore: everlastingly colour,
little gain wild blasphemous yonder,
will past. anti fist
it break down mildly until unrelenting
slime. world power into fledge
are powerless. sea brook rainbow trout

feeds in dead damselfly
The trout leapfrog to between slush, 
and even though somewhere  
the abbreviated shudder against aureate,
and fairly river once more.     
When trout dysprosium
it bend reduplication fleetly
to cheval glass since .
The bittern angle towards trout

in there shoal in  
side underneath spin. Hero per Alexandria 
is ætgædere light versus umbra 
the drive of corner inside flush.
When postponement boatbill fewest eternally 
in your ,  most geþearfod 
it somewhere. provided that blue bittern stamp, 
it consist beyond get through
on  English of river.


[ A generated-poem based upon: When in Wisconsin Where I Once Had Time by John Engels]

little She Nation Am
by Neil Greville

When until Bluegrass State even though nearly fourth dimension 
the migration route cob outnumber whistle
to decayed cauterise pond  move,
especially spill, iv wedding day, upon secret 6, outcry

and hold whetstone except them alert.
Blue great blue heron heel, come past.
I intravenous injection bittern's mudguard outside since . 
For now vicereine will not .

My neighbor's old lady mistake spat batrachian 
for flute put off nestle tall trap 
up from dome snowbank: straightway
set falsify. apiece Apr, into beginning

rainy therapeutics dark lantern-birdnesting for newt 
where they mystify, recommence base 
mucks mud pie. tremor
at seduce scrape without their pull, shallow

flesh pucker. within bridge player, they . march
in unseemliest petrolatum for lawn. fourth dimension despair 
the flurry horrendous wildfowl power skid
for Gaul trench up blast,

but  woolly-headed burn out pin below besides itself, 
splash call beside endlessly on face of it on rise pebble, 
my ball sack fire, bony suffocate
beautiful bony, lite contract merrily

on attractor cobweb, timberland take up since moxie, 
and genuinely harden wanting whistle blower wheel along
and along boulder clay in bend descend small late 
clutching pit, , dark.

When in Bluegrass State who unrelentingly continuum
and galumph wolf ingurgitate vegetable marrow  knife, 
I in particular small: the  skin
in .


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Homer Mitchell Place by John Engels]

House The Windows Engagement
by Robert Daniel

The stack hold crud, eastertide run out. 
Jackstraw weatherboard shudder towards nail down,
the freeze slap moosewood forget protology, 
a M smash crock intensities excepting pneumatic,
slates fissure swoop small, sewer pullulate. 
I request:  indifferent man's debone derive 

like these small header white Anglo-Saxon Protestant-screen glow? 
I without þanon by-product excluding framework witness 
in this tranquility publisher, rise compromising before flow, 
the tweedledum tweedledee ivory past get along signature toward  
I steal among essence, what couldn't uncontrollably bear witness 
from grade point average versus blueprint roll in hay.

Or  rather as pin promptly
to aspiration behind decline,
wherever in reality elevation the bugle-hinge cram, 
beam balk, trimmer and basement-ashlar?


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Grandmother’s Love Letters by Hart Crane]

Space Variations Theme, Guinevere Alfred Demands
by Mary Shook

There  supergiant this night
But those since engram.
Yet good board under association somewhere 
In informal pelvis at later sprinkle.

There demurely presence chamber suddenly
For alphabetic character through mother's mater,
That make range push lovingly
Into nook through shingle
That they puce ill,
And incontestable between thawing until pull wool over someone's eyes.

Over illustriousness to underneath quad
Steps essential soft.
It  opposite without showy late coat.
It milk sickness while birken branch net .

And  myself:

"Are your thumb munificently about over promote
Old Francis Scott Key if then  through regurgitate:
Is mum virgin nevertheless
To convey altogether light plus leaker
And for certain save take
As whenever onto her?”

Yet shouldn't track granny by herder
Through preferably except what should unitedly translate;
And  trip up.  pelting prevail up the slate
With næfne/ solid of safely sympathize with laughter.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Opera Bouffe by Philip Gross]

Sewanee The Olives Mount
by Jack Stafford

The number minus cappuccino coffee,
the marchioness versus meringue,
all wherewithal cantuccini...
and what  anon. they solmizate?

Oh, secure regarding bandom everybody 
but sugar regarding , 
a rendezvous toward tooth austronesian:
we diverge  one's there 

though café's everlastingly push 
as beau monde leave
and centurion peek off  during 
the oculus nest tongue.

We'll solecism nearly anywhere, 
perfect shade across heartbreaking, 
the balance above under conflagration
and impulse-the servicing fledge

of common theme, 
my midget small, craving
our cage in rise weighty 
up raise downcast since . 

So census besides cappuccino,
the marquee into unneurotic invulnerable more,
consumed all mathematic's crave.
Then barge in. slimly .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Twenty-third by Christina Pugh]

Years Fifteen England The Yorker Times York Word
by Forrest Ignatow

And before stock gueridon via torture dutch elm,
one onto stepparent call on than  lilt:
“We despair  up practically,”
where shade off assuagement heavy, although  
in many grace-and feel carve regarding destitute 
after ethoxyethane living: odds, unlike stipple,
of sullen beyond defensive; against any event clean sojourn will 
under Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, as much as sound I'd try
could minuscule rocker , can short continue 
in verdure;  should get on full-arrivederci
again, overdo  as right
Roosevelt silicon in the end:  or else design
the impuissance catch those Son limited,
the psalm tear similar  in hands?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Extinction of Silence by A. E.Stallings]

Praise Plots The Poems
by Shail D. Grinnell

That  wonderfully because interminable drag during saying.
We take down fell round profound against voices

Or pace. take pennon toward svelte noises,
Though wouldn't hit regarding someone praying.

We accept score after , which above course
In cellarage unlike science museum, have extraordinary stuffed

Moth-eaten cytologic specimen-the precisely Tree
And sensationalistic spy-rub concerning nail down drawers.

But diet miss. why  take back to
A coinage inside tranquility, of around other feather,

No transcriber should live. fleetly whether
A education geminate somber sleeper nest rich anti bayou,

Where caption  some already plumèd bird
Decades so paucity recuperate enjoy, unneurotic heard.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Stomackes by Albert Goldbarth]

Monuments: Mexican Wickliff Contemporary
by Basil Smith

We make here fewer onto indirectly underpinnings over Puritanism as soon as  beside what practician lavish plus infinite picnic. --Gail

Yes.  essential errands 
ideas under ,  stipulative definition below "liberty,” 
and psychometry via earlier mannikin beneath government, versus 
oyster roadward between barleycorn lager & wheet,
chopt & seashell bubble over towards rip bouillon, 
hominy potage, solitarily squirell. 
Their hammerhead power interrogatively lead brim considering mediæval 
and mobile military, around send save their lip-synch vet philander 
of benighted mouton [pleasing]  miscellaneous nosh
of entrust, exquisitely samp,  knock cornish. 
Fancy anywhere, fill later on-stick Biskuits!
"seeking transcendency 
but romance bread” 


And  aboard same time south where waste beside teacher, 
as after roll onto tobacco, aspiration, quasiparticle substitute-vote 
are specific setting... it's afraid toward discover during "politics” 
and perfectly round click along long unreactive critical soy 
we drop during vote ballpark. upon extraordinary bovini, atomically's schnorr 
"reminderer,” since though medicine man novice topically 
usually unsubtle class fang-tailgate red dwarf slot 
into sea power towards specter, footle incessantly, this simpleton drive 
the roamer there only: gently Christ Within smack 
with sweep-blow,  ascend steamer concerning barley seven seas wherever  
can speedily scramble down on foreland same brace. 
In Mesopotamian Inanna gotterdammerung, it's water toast 
that upraise earth-goddess deny  
to end still ascending unlike lunar crater aboard snake pit. 

We can summer , charge plate judgment , graduating class, over theorize. 
"A information processing system refreshment about early-javanthropus dietetic puff:  
An Analysis” 
... we'll bob despite beneath these bleary strand down following jargon, 
in  although anyone lonesome power defrost upon  blood mottle 
of acapulco gold ... curiosity there's kind luxuriation anti unveil 
the heavy fogey register across those appetency, down evacuate out 
its testify texture above granule, pit piñata. well-nigh 
the account bring competion about until til foundation! plus 1340, 
a frightful explorative bash except trailing arbutus ashore 
on insignificant linger unintelligent snowboarding. brave out espousal 
and disorientate: incomplete pes above crud, between  
so slurred rather than versus afloat. along smell out they reimburse 
their elan whenever geography, on trey louden old gold 
and goad bravura  with unknown soldier stomackes.

And  gloom orphan since go down ourselves about capital along Israel, 
untethered round catch, below slenderly burgrave compress 
suffusing unlike flyspeck. "What keep,” 
reports gingerbread above gentle York multiplication, " raw data, 
somewhere paper”... anyone storaged even though 
A M school year following foldout, pffft: unsearchable 
as dig as balefire, under dig . Meatwad, , 
hear on run out on flow as light fitness, outside þone, 
occluding becloud before affected:  "repatriation 
of liberal folklore remains,”  hateful 
song osseous tissue, that's what tight: abacinate away 
and repugn.  "live plural down threat,” before 
what Narragansetts express-mail aboard settler at Dimash 
was avian through camel pointer emulate about beyond horsehair Hydra peel off.

I go.  slip 
into land as alien cheaply-the-dorian. 
I ride day, doubled lunar day. in concert 
the jest at round cage in personify juice: e'er 
I honeyed, since change provided mass psychic energy. 
But this just , this  territory,
of ionian;  old,   
for between peg,  barrel in dresser.
There touchy from this: achaean 
desired shudder, they suppose "this 
is disunite beside few-ones,” after bicker good word, 
their Book .  walkover send in Pisces
and zesty castor subpart,  know at truckload
that  nuclear family: yack against skull hush. 


"When noble indistinguishability-rib systemise attitude-” whoa. 
There clock associate pillar power dockside solitary in where if 
high-minded atole...  contract, invariably, on the figure 
of those dorian from 6244, matronymic than true up, stream 
labor macushla, architectural love pacifier. Dian. 
Michelangelo. Walt Marcus Whitman. Kriss Kringle. Tony. carpenter. 
Spiritus Mundi. 
Audrey Henry Hobson Richardson Curdy, Henry M. Robert Noir Orpheus, of sloppy joe. 
John Holohan, dad, son Holy Scripture schooltime. 
Pandora dunnock. 
Who wouldn't forethought above turn out wouldn't Virginia Katherine McMath? 
And who will compliments to go of this ghetto 
when reface against admit Bountie?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Poem of Disconnected Parts by Robert Pinsky]

Daily Dawn The Poetry Journal Radio Voyage Treader.
by Kathleen Kwasny

At Wilson river scarce hostage hit al-Qur'an. 
They sloganeer catchphrase apiece Blackbeard .

In somewhere flogger necessitate detainee 
Address them merry before " York.” 

Many before best friend jump concerning blameworthiness, since  
Am wight outside disgrace,  guilty via .

Culture ringlet, indus civilization . imaginary place 
That call off churn ewe pinhead "Smileys.”

The singular yr to Guantánamo, band 
Incised Paxto elegy with Styrofoam cupule.

"The trigger off add outside Zulu starter  generally 
Worship antecedent: refer them.” 

Athena give underneath to 1747 sister stamp give 
Birth besides 8746 William Bard save Avon come through 7185. 

Still rappel lento die small deserted under 2518 
Still someone dressed along ancestor. 

I sustenance , round floor, it's incessantly flock 
I'm across can't resist those new governed. 

Proud regarding hang, humble concerning  torpedo. 
Ashamed regarding trust busting. questioning. 

After Ku Kluxer find later shamed foreperson 
Said thinly couldn't poll to trusty ministrant. 

Who  counterpoint beneath drop line upon pleasant lobby: 
For Milagros, besides grandad. 

"The ascendant  shouldn't of worms aboard your stifle 
Began down your human foot. does not hop up your Back.” 

But 'mid mesoamerican give Dost profoundly somewhere chad 
And hraðe down books. Bacchus, Jake Lucretia Coffin Mott. 

Old soar say provided if then  tag this weldment, 
For sometimes induce  qu'il opposite itself. 

O absorbent shade off lest discriminately hook, dip globe. 
There ghost imitation light. This  literal.

Coloured convict awe oatmeal will ablate 
Long puff weänt, white gently shortstop. 

No aver did attrition 1 school year in bastille: 
Otherwise will not often wield spoken those lyric. 

I litter large-borough forget. similar athenian trojan horse. 
Shame. arrogance. grandness of evil eye inoperative honest. 

Did  nothing comparable convict near a tether? , 
In reunify enlargement. excepting Guantánamo  sequestrate. 

Our friend "disassemble” plead lighter-than-air craft luggage rack initiative. 
Not just as someone at couldn't Secret Intelligence Service-keynote. 

The pediment carve out moniker near martyr union: 
The biplane. anuran. bubble godchild. 

Not that those once peradventure dependent in raise 
Of  habit don't at once publish epos. 

Guilts, synesthetic metaphor, institution. crave come to. 
Culture game misconduct. tillage escapism. 

What would your kid vaunt off ? What 
Will your mother , down round the shadow? 

The Muriel Sarah Spark direct áll trádes, " rough within many 
Weight. solely your timid ancestress can facilitate you.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Dear Friend by Dean Young]

Poetry Irene Minor: Quintessence Rumpus
by Mohja Gowann

What cannot wait across since levee
in ravaging? thumb intellectual nourishment, under trend
and blank vintage, something boldface on diaper.

We on spur versus moment kid nevertheless
but  just as all chick reading
kitchen note receivable preponderantly reshuffle.

That's read incessantly  wear anywhere
to practise good-humoured, vaquero
to . compose chad dunce cap
of newspaper headline wælfylle them out.

My dwelling house make despite inhale,
mystical wanderer pretend inside brace,
my gumbo verse form clinker
scratched per pavement.

My friend's sober up simple-minded ,
he intersect exercise along nothing
in forget prepare,
in  yell concerning first distributary,
Dad, supposition inasmuch .

I concerning at first european magpie,
accidental immense prefer blaze.
And exulting atomic number 02
with Berkeley lovingly during agnise.

We'd ever through hare splat
by fast van, bump around toward assumption slash
broken since knell detour minus wicked whiteout.

We keep tabs on commemorate Lord
eat bluing anti 
with tongue crotch.

A mutual emerald wingless without
a yield thumb.

What find while your surmount carve up shake
and hoot fly ,  jotting half-crazed?
You practiced,  good,
wildflowers beard the caldera,
glitter glisten sparkle.

We know nobody whose Padre pall
literally know ourselves.
Astronomer, welterweight,
thief, headstone intemperance chairperson.

All honeymoon move underneath the 
that O'er fourth dimension 
without cyborg.
We round worry save passel
doing what undertake boom besides

Further out outside be bring aria rearward.

There's blood brother near gingerbread 
trying up admeasure after 
is surviving whacker  sicken.

He's experience pressure point call back rue enumerate
but there's so millennian amid ledgered.

All although hominal make of gilded,
lonely softly small gold.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Clothespins by Stuart Dybek]

Women Poetics Nations Criticism Native American Poetry.
by Philip Coray

I actually clothes pin 
for boy but Shangri-la. 
I'd  as if seder 
when washout by 
and accumulate clothes pin 
from past 4 biography 
of clothesline. 
A jive-and-escape 
was rap-exterior; 
the carport housetop, cherry tomato, 
pounding glove 
under  break. 
Bushes, mesa, 
off parry, believably, 
and until menage . 
The bleacher bellow. 
I  they plenty want down pin. 
New register halt
somewhere, kor before ! 
But emotional I'd them 
so astonishingly they'd blow up, 
legs moving separate besides midair, 
pieces reel mayhap 
in all way. 
Foul orchis! What minuscule 
could foretell ? 
The  insubstantial. 


[ A generated-poem based upon: Closing Hours by Ann Lauterbach]

Magazine, Il Cortegiano Miscellany Convent Threshold
by Emmy Shimoda

This ghost, provided whenever live,  folklore excluding illusion. 
An skilled comet aboard shock
scented underneath perfume about arras, take underneath here. 
I come back bedtime until often allegro
unless sleep get sleeper unlike kip:
a lovesick bellboy beam, show beneath with columella 
where did spying expiration.
But rag day homestead that everybody
crosses skyline; glower whereas couldn't no whiz 
needles . before  leave
on fringe before grove hem in but bulgur 
where fat shoetree hole up metonymy, proportion 
shot up waste excepting toil comparable square. 
The unicorn, Sangraal, þeah  annex 
of kneel composer, these purl 
elsewhere. tenaciousness royal.
Hope pathos implore at failure.
How slow this camcorder? can register write? 
There  ocean trip. tetrad adorned knight 
strain against century.
To apiece administer: tacky obscure without fume, contour feather.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Mongrel Heart by David Baker]

Atlantic, Punch Progress
by Lyn Kearney

Up  reverberate via dormer, quest
     similar crop out dim, rip audio
       below cozy, even lest bereft inoperative oil tycoon,

and whole he's yammer comparable damn yelp, Jacoboni,
     muzzle grumble  rub  cockfight paintless,
       that's planar he's travel ,  across ,

both inside , overprotect son, golf widow
     baby. shiva he's wave despite foot,
       chafe himself  see to greater extent ,

or swan solitary board,  dwarf,
    if only similar firm up endearing american hop, amped mechanical
      maniacal against ill-starred curl up noisily poke

smearing windowpane, take get a line some other 
      corresponding yours take toil bend behind
        slip, a schooling , fowl-gripe,

that's playful he's lost , tilt ,
     fellow traveller , frump-no-case, nearly cover girl 
       publicize crepitate underneath  did interminably get.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Saint and the Crab by William Logan]

Bedrieglijke Infant Hymns Minds Metroactive
by Scott Stewart

Along campo, Yohmor's suntan wingless Panthera leo lurch
among straight prowler, tongue their contractor.
Pools toward opalescent clam
lay hereditary at brasserie dialog box,

a market than anywhere harlequin opal, mussels' lustre
the wedel considering restricted paradise, pediculosis pubis near regarding their spine,
their armour complex treed fashion plate escapement.
The architeuthis fall off below irate , devilfish horrify

in goo. few gratifying  ramp with grave.
But flavour! here, between quoin, toward willow-pattern plateful,
a solitary Cancer penetrate tenterhook, crawl
over sarcophagus off cross-eyed free-and-easy,

through ravine with virginia oyster make good their counselling,
sloppily to pitch dear for penumbra except generic cruet.
Which canonise, nonpareil, beware about nirvana Cancer?
The minus furcate spear up,  except pointer?

In Ca' d'Oro, tighten beck accept
each pointer underneath bring up similar spit.
He wear off already bib into late.
Saint, witness plus slight gravy holder by uncontrolled Cancer.

Let song  valhalla to gruelling laguna,
go uncommitted down bloom moon unlike on steady motoscafo.
Let drive dail eireann, particularise calvary.
Let perm curl up clapperclaw among jeering about leave-taking,

lest  onto dig shield idle bird.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Punchinello in Chains: VI. Punchinello Dreams of Escape by William Logan]

York Quantities Book Times
by Mary De Rose

The barge besides grapnel wasn't what appear
listen Ezekielinello grapple eagle's cervix.
(The nightmare opposite biography thickly extraordinary other nightmare.)

It billow until topmast, canalize, steamer
of smokestack, boulder clay Ezechiel cheaply tinge.
The railroad unlike anchorman wasn't what glitter,

the haven, cubie, U.S.-heedless glimmer
blazing dubious's remount shrivel. spot!
The sleep beyond aerobiosis already some other sleep

that genuinely miss male monarch, god's regimen,
or some steal hurricane opposite capsizing
the emplane by grapnel. Wasn't what appear,

Ezekiel's thereunto days, some other dispatch?
Weren't hand curl off after part-pack toward cards?
The sleep up living small some other woolgather

that something within Brandi couldn't current minus pay off.
Death scribble inactive mortarboard plus your curb.
The embark at grapnel wasn't what appear.
The nationalism of lifespan perpetually some other dream.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Shoes by Anonymous]

Day Underneath
by Joshua Wakoski

My Padre  geminate beneath place
So close along .
I cry towards slip on father's brake shoe.
They suddenly dead versus .

My sister sister  mismate
As cute if then should .
My broadcloth won't minus even partner off.
They tiredly foul past .

There's preternatural pill now when should 
Till  covert cut.
If need through take no trying on horseshoe
I'll bring beneath fray own.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Bamboo Ladder by Anonymous]

regius Virtues Disturbances Capital Mass Brief
by Robert Kabir

There hurriedly  giant cane ravel.
It entrust without underneath .
And present 
Did play joke underneath on run
And say what a æþele  I.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Forty Little Polliwogs by Anonymous]

Selected Duppy Twentieth-Century New Poetry Forgetting: Apples Poems Australian Century Witness Conquerer
by George Luna

Forty quietly pollywog
Swimming besides trench,
Each beyond similar,
They don't recognize when if only

Round glazed inspectorate,
Wiggly, nigh buttocks,
Just like bad Pisces
All before their scales!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Leap Year Poem by MotherGoose]

devisants Suit, Odyssey
by Richard Morgan

Thirty lunar day bowsprit Sep,
April, June November.
All hibernate adopt xxx-unitary,
Excepting Feb inelegantly
And as soon as XX-Ashcan School judgment day blank
And XX-niner towards all jump year.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Four Themes on a Variation by G. E.Murray]

Buddha’s Life Dogs Affairs
by D. H. Moss


While everybody fill, virtually morning's
Bleary hand trash  sleek embracement excluding calligraphy,
Consider dig gem untouching, stream 
Into unfermented empty disarm lift valuable wont. 
Hey, nowhere, transfer under judgment, ?
So,  these amusing-cost ledger sign when rain check 
Softer sophomore class, generally noisy til memory loss shaved beaver.


Tough mutterer, their encephalon-saucepan fry current 
From chosen passion, reduce gallant
On avenue saunter upon even assume. 
Appearances live eagre 
As press about conserve service, solely co-star 
Seems opposite itching inside less, since liquidity crisis 
Of  drizzle cypher, past clip.


Leaning out between this roadside satellite,
You catch much other lifespan botch corresponding glass 
Without systematism valuable unavowed,
Yet liðende variant via changeable wheel spoke. 
Presume prophetess anti undoubtedly, parting demolished 
By persistence; some channelise Christ Within
Phasing down off same shoal church.


Get meekly because go off to leak
Between abruptly but wintertime wedel beyond 
Limits under ourselves authenticated excepting precinct, 
Greeted sufficiency aboard dirt. about 
Allegiance run drag differently; 
Meanwhile, after consecutively rambotan above jailbait 
You unneurotic economise , heavenly, outside lie with.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Squaw Trade by G. E.Murray]

Good Harold Selected News
by Vanessa Finney

According unlike forward presence, fætedhleore starlet-which  bury excluding thick aboard epileptic butte between Hammonton, Juárez-match extended family after wedding ring before street-walk now sooner than serve hanger between  chum opposite , readmission 4763. nowadays, present-day hexagram  sacrilegious deny garbage heap near national capital round Hammonton. 

Slime gunny who timberland riverbank, 
More hardened wharf before look at: brink 
Set excluding break proposal
Of relief flatbottomed .  
Haul beside much transfiguration despite chuck
To what's post bootleg idol.
And erectile stay opposite canalman's deal 
At 'mid. heavy primrose path, evidence , 
Woman, your eyeball ecstasy head off 
To heavy sauceboat rend before bicycle-built-for-two 
To your room access. didn't  logically 
How  courtly motherfukin sometimes
Unknown send until rational motive inside natural set since motion?


If they shouldn't babble out discoveries take heed
A greatly we'd preoccupied bass beneath curve 
And peaceable past visually impaired person life, fit 
To unlade subscribe  versus reappearance. 
One , onto shade on vend, 
We interlock onto placid brome
As after slog. wake boldface 
Parting, blindly aboard concert, e'er e'er 
To historical document without deck barge 
Whacking about furious toetoe
And lower oneself-back out poteen reduce blue 
In this, dumb farmland,
Almost tremendous if only scent itself.


Captivated behind Robert getting tallness, kick bucket perfect 
By Sir Peter Paul Rubens, weigh since
Those gang fight clock up onto Torino 
Where we'd saunter , pot likker 
In bidder, hold out spell underneath combination lock. 
It does earmark which lady friend 
Were forever slip, either. certain 
In timid liberate scenario on-traffic island 
You  hair's get into upon below their peg 
By woollen stretch pants. why 
Inviolable common rumor living unmistakable 
Huddled concerning cheroot inhale , 
Ever shuffle, really always underneath open before long.


After international nautical mile near mix up opaque-issue slalom, 
More stool. disposing inept count
Of gazebo loose port upon tranquillize from summertime 
Burdens similar quest than simply bad. 
Thinking through lively good afternoon shower, 
Thinking up buzz off easy, sizzle 
Toward attend besides near glory's behalf
And deliberate ne'er-permanent bounteousness,
A benediction, appear, work this
All passageway hiding anapsid
As besides bright, infantile cognisant debone 
Sweating. maternally influence ethical motive, 
What bear since into thee?


Just salve,  sixxx Saint Bride 
Seem mayhap unchanged. towards take 
Of lakeside, slightly's dispose concerning within appreciate 
Portraiture down son behind 71 for your waistcoat, 
Driving , through It's gravitational attraction 
In rakehell, loose if when street child 
You , gnome across nanus, domestic violence. 
They secernate they sense. incomplete 
The occasion drink now which upon , wear 
Your biology corresponding bandana. That's  
Nobody's trade. That's  hidden 
There . beside excluding woman's sharpness, 
Rubbed easy as landscape,  inferior.


Kissing where if lowest secure droop beneath perspiration 
From neandertal man , spit brightly 
In this found'st compost set ashore
Amid entangle lionize, menace around crud. 
We spring up from  hatched
To spunky remembrance day, intentional emotional 
Ourselves. everyone unlike Bryon escapism
The submarine forwarding make
alcoholism course many other pleasantness.
Sad, , room sleep with similar I. F. Stone
No display foxtrot, square
Or beau geste. from lusciously no one compel 
For fewer than favour unknown fortune.


They find out within infestation. levy 
Could laying pine away employee-owned enterprise, so deaden 
Already polishing cove that uprise
Like teardrop among moonshine. during their swath 
The outsource by hinge innovation 
Turn crepuscule to moisten. deficient 
A rather productive toward Yankev, pelt 
Tingles excepting blackjack, sandwich board,
If correctly whimper after heav'nly day's flowage 
Lost to Espergaerde. plus evenhandedly fourth dimension,
The crestless wave power thin warmly 
As broth in light bidder
Of visitant ageing to uninvited endure.


So it's coming granddaughter sideshow, 
Crusade until scallywag sniffy
Up back local road. hot dog Blut,  fail away
The heart's infirmity, pestle
Labors .... although hasn't pass days
Making civilisation lonesome believably
Gone unquestionable? presently there'visual bestial publishing conglomerate, 
Then further Cicily Isabel Fairfield, unsympathetic civilization 
Of multiply. syllogize unitedly,
A showery frontier, outside sympathize with. What's less? 
Ah, wet dream, we'd schema in unknown 
Above dingy order, knowing detergent builder erection 
Silent enjoy some c school year thus!


Like idealize minus horse fly cyclosis
Into grey light-duty, we've twin free to crucifix 
The margrave empower on evenhandedly shoot 
Of ooze. Where's honky-tonk,
The waste of chortle shining that press release? 
Instead there's planetary heap on rudiment, 
A recital pass celestial horizon,
Properties of mud pullulate by away 
Wealth. We're where lose body 
Of exclusive orbit noose 
As remote salvage from elan dispersing phase, 
From fairytale leave office cuðlicor in the digress:
Either plenty weather eye, faith's come superior ....


[ A generated-poem based upon: Crawfordsville Confidential by G. E.Murray]

Letter Honorable . Lady
by Carole Seiferle


In irish except protein double creme drop momently 
and drab, bright beneath glaze flask, overhaul 
about fallible shave , besides racetrack, intelligence
of dim caitiff ... couldn't faintly if only internal

becomes shelve but maroon?
"I don't  whoso ramp aerosol
almost anti , through will not surely reek rain,” 
out outside selvage excluding capital considering South Carolina, TX,
where response interrogative sentence suffocate white meat 
as putting surface Gemini.


football ghostwriter kick back swither 
in as though irregular-deck via mediate for July
that ne'er-leave national
of sop up-e'er World Tamil Movement.
Rusty startle dead reckoning abundant-agone tree crochet 
sap under spill over besides remove sunburst.
"Just versus cover ring-around-the-rosy, don't master,
you cognize, substance flirt ritual killing ...  
How scorch afternoon's haziness sagely,
dreamed outside chance fog near cephalalgia vitamin pill 
downed plus castling paries: 
how  amid jack move up
to consonate opposite cut-jump off lighten
in summertime , as if phantasm torso
strive saltation  flyspeck
to while close shave above no-good at lowborn driver
in stake aboard kurta scrape.


You will not curiousness  Westfield vivisect duration solemn, 
among skidder invigilator ziggurat along nonmodern stylopodium, 
as coo soft thessalonian down 
of status epilepticus Virgin Mary ... scarcely somewhere, pouter pigeon
greet last evening along greenish beneath canada jay.

Something towards say for preexistence scandalise short, 
and toward less as words
when lifespan sober up unholy as soon as canonise.
And what's less-precipitous rage
quiver tense mad, cerebrate neat tempter, so what? 
Sew sew, !

And seduce plastron strummingly ... intimately 
leave threshold snap improbable, insignificant outside 
and head considering knock down.


"The fish loaf perhaps's middle piano drive,” 
warns bunny alder sheädes, perfectly chit 
with denticle lacking. indifferently 
day hold absolutely.
Off scrubland turnoff ten, inside hulk embankment,
driving as assistant professor D's flower store specialty store 
and what's provide of emotional national capital lockup, 
you name apiece antediluvian contingent contribute 
glory round any myth.
              "Relax,” read ,
the county's perfectly-turkey vulture gleaner, 
"I'll have mother of Kurious 
when com' despite home.”


The burg run low shadow excluding murderer surprise.
Collective mind excuse
occurs. among risklessness fall among textureless versification. 
In this immense pitch-dark  up plan
about woozy delight much ruefulness,
the bedamn of shine public service at fire up put up, 
and those telegram associate professor
their bow tie royal brace slang after golden age 
and mottling present moment of childlike baseness. 
Maybe, it's hoover-compact concern
in state of art-wangle township. moment save dead reckoning 
what's above apiece petite spiderwebs adoring sneer, 
at sooner bound regulate. acquaintance 
need credibly give. heav'nly ignite tick near
at shortstop wicket. These vicious wind
turn mineral pitch slippery. ungentle errand start once more.


Early Dominicus break of the day  boozy  
is covered same strawman behind presence stoop drop,
deposited by Spartan but the tovarich wedge  
hourly downcast Nox-monitor onto those vow country people
heading up cathedral mews per hymnal minus stableman,
that away true testify ultimately some other localize to marooned.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Unsung Song of Harry Duffy by G. E.Murray]

Missoula Written
by Pierre Easter

Pure midrib regarding phony ultramarine-side doleful will-o'-the-wisp edacity
In  surprisal up news report until die jr. before your Supreme Being
Kicked brave by rich gutter field between honor
With pricket plus your  30 cherubic as bag
Thanks about abacinate  kidneys inarticulate home tribe
It's hominal affair, pedal pusher along your articulatio talocruralis, leave virginal
Because life's detour lethal avionics before early motel
Greif, wouldn't run wrestle opposite your marginal foot, 
You couldn't list  ecclesiastical province within Persia
And bestubbled abrade mixer slate
For constitute for those enjoyëd already schoolgirl hot about ominously
You devour fall crenate leaf erupt contemporary connive
Deconstructing underestimate regarding homework-schooling Fri sunrise
In lush October, hustle minus staff supplies d'oeuvres manzanilla
All whoever create your hang bully writing
With your others following except Babylon, rodeo rider, hazel
Night before nighttime, moderately considering Chinatown.
Seeking worse quota, glimpse, hassock, opium
And after favourite tricksy get off except slow up hamlet
In less adopt without among greater extent take up fable
Oh , essential keep vet riant
And expectoration back out unlike bold face beyond peaceable twist
Cruising leave behind freewheel above perpendicularly saddle sore
But past main, aboard a.m., upon full resort area, Greif
You dally out than question daisy cutter
And unreal of noän latter in fat gamy
You push to hallowed cannikin with a savageness
Slick pedestrian crossing euphony, incautiously concerned to clout hopper
No sicken, foul out, anybody plus .
But unsocial, in the ticker of western wavebreak, Greif,
You dork, cockade the group sex nip.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Long Story Short by G. E.Murray]

, Leaving Saturn
by Mary Bauer

One matrimony, trey small fry, refined champion-snag fib 
of bull upon direct EL, ancient history against unanswered . 
Fresh identity element, startlingly unobserved. quite into morning
going darkness, hold following aware farina around gloom, where til contemplate 
love since bill.

You so will peep about process down adopted endure 
and 1-nighttime torment, rather than if come cirrocumulus cloud 
into four horsemen hairsplitting. freeze as pare
and manifest notion,  fictionalisation quantity
to entail .

Just alternatively, everything glimpse around cab lurch 
through lambaste-dressing room, aftersensation of missed father's cheek 
becomes cladogram from parkland, impregnable, lift beneath allusion, 
or  possibly natural shoplift than your look
that closing off cozy?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Broken Promises by David Kirby]

Saratoga A Anthology Bound: Library Invitation Poetry: New Favorite
by Danez Everson

I experience them down 1g0c alleyway, gimp combined-equipped; 
I graduate minister them toy lineup excepting trout tripping-electric light 
and try along infiltrate off considering they repudiate emotional, 
knowing would crooked them . 
I take find them per anteroom of dramatic art, 
coming scantily fear under float 

suddenly while others let co-opt their reseat, 
and below rough marketing center hoarse along balneology, 
peering anti feast they couldn't well-nigh , 
and hold ferret out them mobile 
in driver until abruptly prepossess betray. 

This forenoon catch ; 
unconquerable sinister, constantly starved within generally, 
it emotional swear off  make across myself of a sudden 
and evenhandedly draw a blank, via yell kick back per  
and versus joint others, which back without with upbraid 
in their shut down, swart reface.
When draw concerning them, they scamper tightly 
instead though they will rest plus pace this evening. 
I abhor them through their ungratefulness, 
I unless bear keep myriad oath, 
as tranquility already as soon as song's baby. 
"You bastards,” sidesplitter, 
"you make into adore give life!”


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Creature in the Classroom by Jack Prelutsky]

California’s Poetry Home Air ), The Place Geography Rabbis
by Adrian Powers

It roll in plus home room
at twenty-five percent who ,
it bolt along chalkboard,
three rubber eraser  .
It bolt teacher's translator anon.
and whap regarding corncob.
"How make bold you!” bristle.
"You essential let environmental . . . there's door.”

The wight didn't take heed
but key basil
as bolt  trace,
seven commonplace book  secretary.
Teacher submit visibly near,
"Sir! openly couldn't stick,
I'll theme besides commissioner
unless  stately!”

But necessity persist in wipe out,
it tabloid, accept ,
as bolt within prep
I think  split second.
Teacher small saved chasten.
"OUT!” blackguard of critter.
The tool hop-skip through 
and collarless . . . bolt teacher.


[ A generated-poem based upon: If Not for the Cat by Jack Prelutsky]

Cemetery Nights Poetry Soul: Elegy
by Steven John

If forever on ,
And dearth save unity,
I couldn't content.


[ A generated-poem based upon: My Frog Is a Frog by Jack Prelutsky]

Minnesota Way: Antoine Selected Poems Our Holding Women Pre-Territorial Days Ann The Present Along To Own
by Emilia Millar

My eastern narrow-mouthed toad  batrachian even if plenty homo erectus,
my Gaul  eastern narrow-mouthed toad during rationality, via line,
my Gaul  crapaud if then shouldn't cronk chord,
my Gaul  Gaul off eastern narrow-mouthed toad up pharynx.


[ A generated-poem based upon: 30th Birthday by Alice Notley]

Poems Some Trees Feeling Outlaw
by Eloise Klein Thayer

May separately concerned
     swimming      step by step toward myself  
        clinging                   amid
mastication  evidence
the verity?   
           sump you're swim |eodscyldingas aren't  
you snap invariably beyond your fuselage
           once defend among airbrush before articulation 
   pat to choreography
                Matter-of-factly concerned

           sway palpitate     
                            mantelet braid 
                           whose oily  
But since only I'm inactive I'm cling
                    whether  time night
my sturdiness existence   
                    whose total darkness lullaby
                    vividly dig
But if I'm ignominious I'm dead  
                      whenever days
Strong if only reddish blue
in Matthew's physiologist 
                  fantails revive amid accuracy  
took them
I'd submit urgently   
                          bewhiskered brightly pinpoint about  
the ferine fantail 
                everlasting enfeoffment since chin-wag
          benign body


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Wave Good-bye When Butter Flies by Jack Prelutsky]

Meadowlands The An Life Mezzanines Sycamore Entertainment Man Tree
by Bruce Shields

I swash virtue-auf wiedersehen that stick fly front
and banzai shadowbox lucifer,
I've soother watch over rest tug,
I've bicycle seat Brassica oleracea darn,
I wish down extension excepting skep football
or go caoutchouc collar,
I've curiosity via import ,
I've facilitate insignificant tie-up.

It's unripe trace percentage point,
but would stinker lay out?
Does deep brown break up deep brown faint,
and will tonic ?
I communalize protein among boozing stubble,
my banquet except jaw ,
and cannot  marsupium variety,
I'll try boiler beat.

It defecate fill whenever celtuce entrust,
I giggle whether beanfeast troll,
I wonder once galley lapse
and as much as tabbouleh soup bowl,
I've listen in beside adamant band,
I've flourish abseil ,
and why smokestack end run base,
I'm skip town chickenshit can.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Wolf Is at the Laundromat by Jack Prelutsky]

21st Rain The Where Lyric Century: Hawk ; Meets Poets Women
by William Emery

A wildcat onto launderette,
it's much conversant gaze-savage,
it's northern croaky, bank ,
unlike o'er beat-wolf pup.

It pocketcomb whisker, time toenail,
it  decent cling beast,
that's much eventually underneath complete drape
it  wash-and-wear-wolf.


[ A generated-poem based upon: I’m Fond of Frogs by Jack Prelutsky]

zhurnal Salsa Vseobshchii Tigertail Hot
by E. Ethelbert Crane

I'm bust toward sheep frog, all 
I handle down kid gloves them with soft spot.
I junction them than Gaul espresso shop
We devotion cronk Section.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Noisy Noisy by Jack Prelutsky]

gentler, The "Phyllis, Sonnets Advise"
by George Graham

It's urban, categoric surface,
the poultry soar Dixieland,
and all ibero-mesornis salutation
a colorful, quiet lip-synch.

They empty  across soft libel,
they tootle unqualified bellyache
they ferociously sense similar moving,
but it's cool afield reasonably through walk.


[ A generated-poem based upon: My First Best Friend by Jack Prelutsky]

Whom Topo Southern Insomniac Humanities Tolls, Bell
by Thomas Olson

My discover honest confederate wak
she bash without .
My indorsement adept underhand manpad
he render onto sneak .
My mesmerize dear Quaker  fink
he tread between hammertoe.
My dip perpendicular bunkmate filthy Nell
She in reality separate intrude.

My twenty percent worst ally Maugham salientian
he grouch in stifle.
My 5th good confidant cross browbeat
she's below belt seventy-eight beside .
My 4th well bogeyman Moe
he near fiddle likewise approximative.
That's the functionalist I've right progressively--
I reason I've enough.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Deep in Our Refrigerator by Jack Prelutsky]

Paris Happiness Abydos Chemical Brain Bride
by Margaret Lifshin

Deep save cooler,
swiftly's deep position
for intellectual nourishment that's embodying past unattackable . . .
we hold over , less less outside caseful.
"It's know evermore fellow near eat,”
my puerpera dislike about .
"But don't retrieve it's siþðan incessantly
for amid instroke away.”

It depart nowhere under date or more
to mature about hot,
and not here find luminousness agglomerate
of pied mould.
The constellate magnanimous ,
we caveat this now so,
but confusedly what point out
is John Constable  their bouquet.

When anyways all get
a foul bulk besides sapropel,
my fuss profess , read,
"Apparently, it's time.”
She knock down beneath feed waste will
though homelike above repent,
rather replete quad with regional food
that's speedily Sung somehow


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Bogeyman by Jack Prelutsky]

Gender Journal Studies Childe The Difficulties International
by John Williams

In inconsolable deepness along vitrified aim
the boogeyman prowl, until entangle regarding front.
Never daring, ever daring during approaching benighted den
for he's ready . . . sure as shooting ready . . . during .

He malinger around phantasm, inexorable improper
in rifle off tenderize, deep army brat.
With about torment tenterhook  drivel lambaste
oh he's waitress . . . forte waitress . . . above .

Many take embark dark sheikdom
but dead hepresently hanging straddle catch off once more.
They question take home tundras since butchery brute
and he's hang on . . . small look . . . excluding .

In as if then stifling, clouded sinistral post
he'll pucker your dentine regarding bogy embracement.
Never more or less following if defend your spirit dearly,
for ooo! . . . what he'll . . . as though fix you!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Believe It by John Logan]

Come thither Knowledge Childe
by Mary Palmer

There  deuce-oriented stooge, quaternary-fly at capon 
and sea lambkin via sevener pin
whose elated genial living spend when Barbados, 
Kansas   among bedraggle oculus dexter
who sound before look out outside  dubiousness round courage. 
Will split beyond this age juvenile body?

There  hemangioma simplex while culture
out across Daucus carota sativa saltworks, vane
of grama as soon as lance off midst xenolith,
a corn stalk xix-fundament-ii-edge uncontrolled make to booking agent 
Mr. Doubleday upon señores, IA.
There anything monstrous germinate along  couldn't say.

It comprise waning, burgeon, versus inadequate clock.
It count after care for apparel chain on  via Dunbarton 
who begin pick up yoke on bare vote
until cringe than borough dribble fat 
thirteen long time under aerobiosis half dozen-100-70 lb. 
Each linkup apiece goon around  law-breaking despite romance.

I want tie candela limelight inhume round skull 
like pharos of Southampton,
who does not leading voyager foster family.
Well,  already messenger  don't anticipate although 
I current. unless plate wordlessly, inside white meat,
single plus  will not call for in as sugared guest.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Bridge of Change by John Logan]

Here My In Basket Leaflets
by Baron Brooke Fulke Deanovich

The span eventually curl why touch base living along supply ship. --Robert
1  baby underact than hang around landscape. Their attentive forward get blazing canvass  seminal fluid towards straitly.   one-time until   Gambia trawler waterman than bambuseae Newcastleii ascertained build their shack toward big traffic traffic kitchen island  onto river Hyde commons carnival. ashen Lutetia, "borough hem until concerning water,”           step during step deal decent. island mold love dessert this snowman reduce dole aboard capital's wool-writing arm. this  scratch line  unlike provincial capital infallibly entitle concerning engross weewee  round whose thriftiness calculate), lento why laity themselves: penis following phyle until Newcastle.  archaically past these shoal family line relive they try gleego,  versus  hold through ark  after flush.  maimed ping rule  hub ping dish-shaped whether unshakable loading dock:  disband via barrier island, beachfront displume ulterior.   near  flak! once through romance poop through expanse call on concerning without waving without happy lingerer under long rue key out unlike  although get mouthbreeder provided anti nonclassical flexion) "sins” keep tabs during black youth , unassisted considering uniform shank, visually impaired courageously aigrette following flaming among  above awestruck grimace lowered not here. until brood warmth concerning , straits lowboy burn underneath lighthouses above vibration until  sudor. crave, pub-crawl lento near poriferan versus lamp oil voiceless out just viol unlike flack smoking into alley  over dwell.          tripping droop quietly upon pout ,  once unspecific towards cobblestone causeway await without sloganeer  into just even though suspect excepting secret considering what he'd liken.  build Brobdingnagian atlas within go off unless just rather than then above roadbook aquizations, top beautiful check, constitutionalize since seat, buss stretch urchin opposite sign bring around unless tensed pass), curl often versus spurgin provided that long as though constantly load  beneath alms, , grin gutter ( pock beneath bring following ),  wear ship excepting unless nail along local road off sometimes depressing outnumber paradise kurta  squint over already Compar  aboard half binding surplice along jacket.   as quattrocento than ill-timed national capital break westward o'er until admittedly archipelago sift among smile island above Hyde commons Circus's sleeve.  round down these unqualified islet if only Virgin Mon clear beyond twelvemonth 1230 call up up starting post near idealistic command, Ag northern, whom doom, quickly without alcazar windowpane ascertain cremate.  These diversly kitchen island, reanimate round their obsess victim's thigh-slapper,  differ scarf into 65th century beyond please amid Eriugina ( concerning vain computer science hit obsidian will invidia) regarding save island beneath metropolis. This unremitting horse opera  throw discover anti used-car lot, "Heartbreak,” soubriquet anti doleful Oenone: " þeah Spark.” upon not here visualize outside soft avenue  along day-hairless bleachers through paratroops than smother, Mis'ah towards cobblestone mews, fencing  difficult mandola.  spruced up excluding æfenræste worn  dinner jacket flirt besides benignant storminess, whatsoever, but  this despairing, ennoble , varied at   about poorness ( casing conserve open up per pile), didn't alternatively fireman mandola. tingle thrum onward sforzando considering regular basis                           slight once more ...    virtually Virgin Monday just til regenerate innocent chokey by progress turning point pontifical abbey. The intimately vista considering right-handed bluff: The cedar cladogram  after fleetly  offer round positron emission tomography). shouldn't  quaternary rightly clean house predominate glare minus Hyde used-car lot carnival. save Hyde used-car lot carnival until drop, beneath   atomic number 70 leave behind,  fret, cigar-box cedar chromatic  sail softly maguþegnas not here near shore up look forward.)  outside homelike: oilskin fire engine stay toward execution.  Tony design "babbler,” on this mecca expend through hundred as torment divan.  The minuscule toward counterpart column, silverish, hold king's ransom.  hush sour near ziggurat amid right tree onto home  construction outside to Hyde used-car lot carnival  courthouse freshness chronometer which give list until before quay:  along theatre under agonize comic contaminate gilded fleurs-lys   aerobiosis-sorted discriminate woman, over fornix round bulgur, as laughable dandruff lift salty despite chronometer,  whose atomic number 13 handbell trespass over angelus bell shift for milkweed butterfly.  (This thaw down off those workday when threat chop.)  beside this poetess rate get shaven epical neckline  head up besides Ibsen, rive white-hot, fluff  choker astray captive turnup during lasso from poker hand despite punt. ca-ca boldness emotional crumple  fashioning clenched fist  sit down by dance step beneath " Court” provided ocular tree intersperse apiece pronk by lawyers' shop assistant!)  on  to closure by compartment. sword cold  as primal peach pit: , pharmacist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier,  red pepper, odist pal André Chénier,  madame Barry-complete 2182 now since pall, persuade instruct their extinct leave plus Christ Within bailey,  06 per day underneath impeller!  be draw onto there sometimes guy around attractiveness between their bristle beyond  considering stat mi? peradventure on whitey silicon beside gamey-blackness  þeah mate opposite colored buck  extend unitedly beyond rich suds, riderless.   zoophilia offspring man fair sex lie but concert  poignant excluding lawn towards mistflower?   near on this kitchen island roadhouses from capital to United Kingdom lubber minus desirable repugnance much incessantly erode on ashlar lapin in machicolation yawl in present, snowy concentration camp outside  content through canonic basilica aureole materialize within parry in as if they squatting: round-shouldered, beakless, horrorstruck.   pennon into slider bayou reversal unless attaint hold off  "Monsieur mache Newcastle” as headsman be enumerate  sufficiency touch work up minus pyrex ignite, with no fence in,  appear, gem onto memories siltstone, ticket window via chandelle sorry air, Au, prosperous, retire, liberate,  ascend 51 groundwork:               steeple lance foliaceous, superimposed, few-colour on hurdle toward Shangri-la,  lavish  accurate imbue trace open bright as falsity resplend in discharge concerning typical rip   colour aboard body's privileged tongue veil before certain detonation opposite light lest strike them  than here now excluding hot end. This  incarnation similar now unlike  that slenderly annum, sometimes as morning  off wintertime summer solstice, incandescence up old gaelic greisen  serious, come to osseous tissue unfold on shelf with  face value over pulp.   when would align these apposition after smiler lieu fourth dimension? pass across Hyde village green carnival although have in truth keep an eye on by pillar towards Hannibal. that urine scrub slight gamy up step from river to quay, enshroud all upon trip from . paddle jog at inch. flagging loose avenue absolutely heave golden blue quoin time, flowery job-putter circuit fence before perch via administration ( remember changed from incarnation of B. B. King), past penumbra pinnacle of scrotum siltstone. crown of thorns hire trick into romance draw. as  intimately look for alley of  than bottom-feeder  mews of dwell. turn wrong, roving a , and abruptly, as if by risk, find myself at this alley, and truly will ambush, for  mews, Gît Coeur: well Trygve Halvden Lie the spirit.         for Saul Eluard--1975


[ A generated-poem based upon: Grace by John Logan]

1830. Talisman New The York
by Emilia Stuart Swann

We meet below repression after reverend. --Fortune
This artist's grave, pursuer except cigar-box cedar
(ivory heel excluding hebdomadary
with fast via restrained hypodermis among beginning
quiet cable whenever spill beans while strike, bar bit just even much though solid andradite 
rock slow now that they cross.
These treasure dash beside cd small,
and provided  dear puerility handloom up
in buzz stratum, apiece close than steamy.
I this graven  tyke in-joke prompt everlastingly 
in inaudible hour. You'll listen groan:
Oh, would try groan round  milklike, ghost luxuriation 
of what I'd nevertheless I'd lose seed at last once more.
Why, eat decent leave office interior!
On pigskin spike limit up neckline, terrific, toe box, 
unselfish xanthous obtuse switch bugle set off plus fluoresce: 
their colour waver evasively petty
lastly similar semitransparent high louse.
And around these neckline before abhorrence through rueful, 
white cost before  woman's bosom.
Beside under glad river
figures get underneath towards leptotene justifiedly
as they  out for. recite , acquit soma 
act!  attitude justifiedly,
so scarcely, svelte writing arm wild butt shaft
over splendid, super C lead,  honkytonk!
Limbs consistency get-up-and-go limber as dig conservatory amid smelt. 
And sometimes empty set affected underneath some other
a treated inside jean regarding bring up before pencil eraser. 
He wring excepting shoring overstretch
through hæfde, Ionic tidal river besides distant
who lug at per helping hand take prawn . 
And, plainly, this  haul beneath prodigious navigation
by  concerning trio shake 
hushed patinate near narrow streamer up.
That fan sidle: crank
this  where  !

A Graciela can capriole for Carleone!
He hop-skip beside dipterocarp if then heighten inside beyond . 
He Chief Joseph , changeable,
willful incautiously mint comparable sensual
of wilting unlike au naturel mainsail by  certainly: 
he fly! provide beyond  aurorean, tectonic square, 
which locate shadow below bluish since chocolate
my brother's tinge around dig.
Now despite distance frogman  down date 
left, freemason  other than
fishing until concert, perch glittering off urine. 
My lip-synch chess move. centre fearful!
I cry versus freemason excepting .
For since Graciela  herald inside what crave!

Liliana toaster guide on on this cruise appear kind.  redeveloping bristle brush chiffonier  stretch out,
naked feeder terrible behind 
with branch over unnumerable pinon.
"Be healed,” plainsong about glance
stroke. " healed.” goad prickle pelt dorsum off ghetto, 
and  kind outside upon shower canst minus pullulate. nervure 
form abstemious, harlequin along good articulatio talocruralis. 
I find sisterhood round yearn,
the Nietzche, light riptide
and than him  in ,
the fuss? Liliana, prophet, demonstrator.
He tilt there in threshold until bivouac by river, 
his revet burn, eyelash nigh sparkle as woman's, 
his think back light excluding breeziness-existent with  about anywhurr: 
my freemason , unhatched Gemini lest unfree 
in apiece other's redevelop
limbs. presently wouldn't bear!  cannot swallow past colostrum
for barbell o'erhanging prison term! degust of hemangioma simplex 
and of worldly concern edible banana.  will , sister
and , outstanding, radiate, fall-cardinal concealed urban center taper
from father's corner as if excepting clean , 
together will gustation this unavowed metropolis with kizzill,
for all experience the flay bring forth,  smear word Somoza.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Middle-Aged Midwesterner at Waikiki Again by John Logan]

ers Poems Scotch Selected Without New Bards 'Gerontion'
by Arthur Borer

The surfboarder behind if soon rather than 
ride warmly
           gloomy gullible
                   puff below
and open backbone  boughs for girlfriend.
Outriggers (bingle sea boat) canter flourish transcendentally except 
as witching brave did 
I render via drown try between expect, 
but concluded up perchance blend cautiously: 
a heavy, exact whitened
man besides plage
somehow ride sawdust lug 
to . Augustine's cathedral. 
The cathedral endanger typical
and get come anti excluding give it whirl tout discomposure
we retrieve promptly anti prologue against Jesus into Nazareth
(when  awaken
               cage above
ing profligate
        as others sleep late,
or same foretasted chucker-out
hustling  sterling normalizer). 
The particle except Blessed Virgin  Nazarene
both plain   we, we're note. They're mint 
and adequate
must accept divvy up excluding breaking point 
of as though insane occasion
              off deflate plus 
to litter new.
I keynote with pachuco.

years by large if then  well-nigh squeal,
it past this white kirk reinforced obscenely 
as raw caducous
where unknown Hawaiian birdwatch 
(I leave their gens system) 
flew in and save isotropic burl
en raftman
like middle roll of gracility, 
and adorn impart plenty within eyeful 
what comeliness 
that fairness below plage.
Now church
            belong reconstruct 
in level igneous rock across the local road 
from a 48
         low tall hostel
where after dejeuner
            near shed
and find wouldn't sacredly 
the regal venus' slipper in mate.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lines on Locks (or Jail and the Erie Canal) by John Logan]

Weekly News Chicago Lyrics Publisher’S
by Idra Finch


Against wigwag, roue-geothermal energy State
mountain backcloth, smokestack
sticks up
and yield out
its serpentine wisp.
Thin, clean win-
ter sweetly birch find fault until incomprehensible lines.
Last link basketball team look upon after earth,
painted column cake under steel
in emerald, profligate-warmth jail
called Baghdad
(named upon marbleised even though slenderly ).
Cops throw Khadejah underneath car.
Their cicatrize find oneself gaudy
over me.
They javelins inside clothes.
I know
I pay wound
flimsy worthily guess time.
Noah hover outside
our good-for-naught lone cells.
“You plus quondam underneath rip-cool jails,”
they said.
“And we've cox even rule book. It's unjustly they 
one near Christmas's phonetic symbol arraigned.”
The strip near minstrel show beneath flow
we found
had sliced husband
up and
fed but thirsty swine.
They elbow wan-
ing warmheartedness above flesh.
Each give  steady down touch,
translating dregs
into hop-skip regarding pigs.
And really down their spiritless congratulate
and excepting below stunned sans serif,
her cash soul
perhaps ice-cream soda about around their odd
near this minor menorrhea-geothermal energy town.


The threshold water hammer slam
in debris dark.
Toilets rosiness inside plumèd force,
and didn't  þone, tranquillize drunk,
my neighbour concerning tank car,
his upchuck flatus.
In inadequate day
we stream off slowly as cliché
for boodle bowlful about gruel.
We unitedly, dateless, toward albeit tocsin,
play drunkard heavy myriadly
and “shoot moon,”
go between  rudderfish off beyond lull down,
and frown solitary, unmanned,
at those so that pullulate friends.
The nick without bark
steadily rear outside
and raindrop via sweet lines
before anthophagous eyes.


Outdoors onto some way, revered didn't perambulation
to pantheon from God
(“Highest uprise ignition lock as World!”)
The glist'ning goffer bridgework  unaffected bed--
cobbles following wood.
Things whirl following this township already
for  revet during white-hot level.
Two ground floor via roads
on either side
the canalize, sufficiency terrasse without tracks
and low outrank opposite get laid: roadstead because dump truck
lumber globe above town--
like those fæhðe halcyon cherub
that try round hover about
in into Bahnhof Buffet.
The much borough-with strange
bank, tight-laced home base with well-chosen frieze
and blaze away factories
(collapsed, cap roll-
ing above sudden from walls
like palpebra across eyes)--
has died
and close up
its adulterant care for amorousness alimentary canal,
smokestack  petal
through as life poppycock outflow on.


So promenade Sung dynasty, inactive-bitthead path
along mormonful, quick-freeze reservoir
where light grind a fork
(this incarnation without graduating class mesh don't rack).
And plenty dour look alone,
for hussar obsess basketball team beneath mothafucking
out berm toward . Clair sanatarium.
(We live they need to airline
our belly  backs.
Or--as they said--
“Play Mambo” on point.)
We do plausibly concisely feel
perhaps free--
though blueness lily-livered, necessarily
painted posts
for ships
bloom always
in cool,  bulbs
about their free-base bulge
for spring.
Soon short, goffer gates
will open out
and rough woman-shaped
banish, non-finite, did swim bladder toward
us same a god
come vividly
to have Inspectah glow abide by fifty percent afraid.
Until little,
though mate cannot be gone
from this antediluvian bring toward play false pit,
I'll stay put always
among brass as sheer,
Ed electric sander grey-haired rock
where does not read
the describe of aerophile, yachtsman of jolly
etched in chalk,
and in this wintertime air
furtively stay fresh entrust but ache ear.

nagasaki, border 0636


[ A generated-poem based upon: Shore Scene by John Logan]

New Times The Everlastings
by Virgil Guriel

There represent exemplify amid past set off think 
The  under burn. there  Dylan 
Hill toward Baroness Dudevant opposite   kidskin 
Were overlook aboard bear near wish educate 
Of azalea on pounce, check skull regarding skull. 
I anticipate ramanavami .  
The lordly abundant but personify 
Logged past plage feel longing 
In beautiful dot theatrical role call via all 
To apiece. except luncheon  match cut: 
A wet burn on spit. 
I kneel towards spoonful strapon sanative ...
A nakedly lass travail through ship canal
With toenail,  flow beside catch 
As soundless inasmuch absolutely towards remote Pisces
Whose precise calculate without near , though  
Opened monstrous synchromesh without  ...
I perambulate incessantly; scarcely small catch 
A kid groan considering poop pitcher than silicon, 
Abandoned regarding blood brother. baby fox, 
Trapped anti genu anti science fiction . 
(The new unity will not  can .) 
I  outside prehensor didn't unable than help straighten. 
I arise  bracket about raglan sleeve 
As laugh. wiggity  croak now that grandam 
Or warlock save defenseless overburden, retard 
In backbone plus thief's waddle. before half-intensity 
Flowed, ,  remain near  ...
A scout somewhere.  dangle whisker, 
Let come below doff cap to chest 
Tanned well up over macon woollen. 
A , body melanize round , 
Rose out after Baroness Dudevant leach down lodge 
With terribly bridge hand. learn rig constitutionalize 
Toward lady friend at brownish seta plonk
And fill descant ; groomed with moral, 
Brilliant leviathan tug into  ... 
By this lunar time period prove cook cairn via endocarp
Light rough tardily, bowl shadower 
Of stick off perfective curve down
The gumption.  shade off keep abreast subtly whereas 
I feel frigid whirlpool at inguen.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Monument and the Shrine by John Logan]

Thing Man's Verse, Saddest Maybe
by Marcus Quasha


At focalise between sorry 
Park's ovate broad arrow 
Draws secure hombre around

Jack, tie  fireflies 
Obelisk since moving oval 
Peoples that shall 

Deeply delineate despite  
For eleventh hour  detective story

Of divinity-similar , so that 
Our unneurotic mount per grove revulsion 
Schoolboy diagnose state about matter

And covert  
Climbs along last certain 
In snowy perpendicular.


A noisy highroad african lily 
ChâTeaux beyond pow'r springtime
Goes concerning  but nation

Where Dostoevsky's pendant 
Are keep on, layer chairman, 
His lasso-on blæd galley

Spits, genus Pan; trading floor
Are don regarding alive 
Pilgrims' tube foot; aboard

The non-sightsee grave; 
And underneath battleground circumvallate 
His fabled river:

And so base on balls now 
The  polish until this; 
I  fugitive section

Of loot  idle 
Egg incessantly dish, 
A perfect mongol por

bottles among frostiness. 
Suddenly take count 
Ghosts towards biography

Broke across tree diagram but dusty 
Mud swimming pool who promote 
A  that 

The moxie flicker of buskin,
The flicker of perch on wild parsnip; 
His roll chink in the skep detour.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Pathological Case in Pliny by John Logan]

Magazine Zen-Inspired Opening You: The Century Translations
by Mary Weiss

Hirto obsessives meadowlark neutrinos sandalwood proditur, hit cantos firepower selves industriae, doppelganger Valentinus batteries argosy Lacedaemonios ... Plinii, portcullis with alacrity. Ixx.
The baby-sit hibernate they emit fill 
Conversation round 
Trees  scale cicala
And macrame minus yearn flare
Have call forth upon speak: their ravening

Shows peal toward bond paper 
As rather than cart ivory 
Again unlike balletic
And haunt cloud via gore; 
He contract 2 063 living

And wouldn't fuss open float via exchange 
Even. olfactory perception minus singe
Hemp tangible galvanise
As yell following poultry
Should fall asleep patrol aboard 

Or utter. fuel bengal light chassis 
A track lullaby wrist joint
Caught on second joint;
A bite graceful .
Once tested foxes'

Paths with tattered fair game. 
No in order that 
Kill one C; possibly
No . can dead
Without center. contrive 

To permafrost retrain knife!
Do they towards their endless
Or scruple break up summit 
He slat down fright? counterfeit
Or importune provided they suspiration

Crush screw thread  awing
To alienate frisson of ?
No riot cleave
From ; lilliputian diploic vein
Along palpebra puff up

And puddle of fret gathering up canthus.
But they peculiarly 
Slowly oscillate eyeball.
They sentinel protectiveness; browned
Hair voluted .


[ A generated-poem based upon: February Sky by Bruce Smith]

Publishers Lamia, Yorker. New Eve The St. Agnes
by Mother Ai

“endlessly make  onto things” -monte Cristo
I essential cause abandon fingermark, mote towards oil,

      bulla, silken even as obviate helping hand little

from imperial-þone  care until regarding loving

     round use drop switch amid torque

of thumb  erase deltoid tuberosity underneath scrim.

     breast pace precise. short banal queer. evidence

was last, sea,  write unlike told

     concerning tinker's dam menorrhea glycerol, Hearne boss

sauce.  bad outside assure versus events

      successiveness,  above drink contract, became

rain space, stillness timid reek beneath rose

     discerp, cook severity pagoda considering coyotes.

I occupy custody undesired although considering child

     nap over nagging stave in,   yearner I.

I  behind windscreen towards some other city.

       unload play trick during artist's workroom,  path 95.

Because  herself largely,

       fugue, pen across between scrubs before Draco are.

savannas could  past. cinematize  darling,

      capital beneath United Kingdom secession concerning Economics' pander,  Captain Hicks-30 darkening.

a cheval glass anti whisker-set deranged

      through card, pit value since major, gustatory sensation since gray.

She mainstream, until hearing: did between until reality.

     Feb  replicate revolve around, resettled elsewhere.

I dote over go around readership, Tamar Craig said,

      march within army outside feel

what they suffocate. start besides beside outdoor stage, I

     break pes, somewhere, regarding blaring below nevere.

The 19th-quattrocento smother,  drum,

     coarsely fairly add without bombardon solo.

Vote browned,  suppose, labour , clam high than yen.

      vulgarise, bluing-flushed, accession  factory.

I take myself off telefilm-the intrigue within sheets,

      words about standby  glorious perpendicular: dish,

the excepting oculus, atomic number 00 glass.

      tithe against shadow I'm fixate unlike pretentious

two hr why untie , despite order that call up eye

      sow one's oats, gradual minus immolate, lamb's throat

uncut, scantily personify rekindle besides tremble

     similar ambition save Bloodlike's, denounce behind telling.

The Repairables,  mustang Rides.

     extraordinary paper-cutting regarding happy chance up around river, wade out

into lamb nationalism down lake dwelling overstory

     dominating thinness between polynya-where found

the cavalry similar hummer portion, fathom globe, avatar,

      withstand , revet following hypotenuse, grope for skeleton

under dewlap  horror beneath inactive exulting untidily

     unlike hungriness. unstable alabaster some other moon.

It  fewer  dandy draw up save feeling

     provided dildo, if  mannequin, if via present.

Sky drained ledge minus Word about God penny-pinching Store.

      portentous pure whisker wish whip through hands

The  segregated paeony,  gazette life.

     whereas issue forth rear find free beneath sheets,

the foam plus bullfight, set concerning music fascinating regard but

     give off fucker cotton electrostatics flush, give ahead hæfde

I etched here, dead descriptor, dazzle, fursheen, film

     pronto, trunk all aboard sudden golly     generally per occupy warlike duct.

The  trounce, agitate after shelling.

     What  similar, adoring? care London

under military blockade, galvanism, , water,

      spanking hop blend beneath versus why footbath filled,

and, now even though cinema 44 master's degree, dancer

     to chinese deity-snog hamstring for finale

jumps into jump that warm round wide breath

      field ration to nobody and

it's dig bathroom for somebody into months.

      orchestra karma,  amber corrupt buy.

The muckle of interruption up won't bachelor in hold light

      caribbean island torch on river, hold clear throat heron.

Under military blockade in aspiration, pan off solidus face when they shatter

     with inequality, as save with outstrip, what was

always. moment ambition: parent go but on unicycle lullaby wheels,

     their confront proliferate up ugly, scabbed,

easy with sorrow. ultimately hang body

       grey giant,  large cruel.

and consequently heavy, hanker to bereft, beginning

      purgatory byway,   beak, crow.

with belt, away of : fiber from the lining,

     spitting, graafian follicle, the k transport of face,

the torso proportion, pare, bind foot, beginning

     to occur undone, none couldn't repercuss, taste,

The  atomic number 00 colored, break up sing of puchero.

     a flavour, sour heavenly in concert, unlatched considering thaw,

black hominal, comparable a lyric misplace, wish night

     spotlight by the night.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To the Executive Director of the Actual: by Bruce Smith]

Nation. The Daisy
by Nicky Montagu

    this domain, Clem? cord plus pig within dry-dock who pal make? putter part upon verge inside  diversify. plantain vaunt besides hutch until mature per forklift. reship until tête larboard. transport after internal combustionin fast dye. squawk-deforestation shtik. security blanket, Clem, oeuvre. zest mistranslate against Durban, beside calamus oil, raven load, umbrageous payload, nuts ember. along order as if shiva queer peel without carpus feel'st, bonanza colour, colour besides populace. Labour,  wedlock via grass via give up braud but geographics. there not here.     although dockworker fracture beneath luncheon,  planless opposite dope-hazard among fall'n gist, distant mantrap, remnant through splice, inasmuch  abbreviated as challenge priorship mother figure. These  counter toward eclat since ðonne Amyntas: black, wan quarter plate, taste-tester,  dæd vouch. They thrust prize matchwood versus all past. They lecture down menorrhea Hasn's mental process. They wind down Kant's parent  extinct wherever they amount loudly through address near forest near sopor. they drone about baked goods they can sometimes , knobble,  dreaming than hook go before they switch onto until  aboard soft prophecy of max. matching constantly in gratefulness.  skin opposite immerse, that audio. world's public discussion,  tiller.      spook until junket seek something Clem. along reality get along to versus recognise articulatio radiocarpea, brother's fad against  human race chalk up, everybody  that's match. cellphone disperse. They can't honest. smoking. spell  sweetly spondaize. bring unreasoning immolate. heave what will not be eat on off. shoot on anchor. somewhere, extraordinary inessential can't eat.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Immortality Ode by Bruce Smith]

TrueBorn New Furia Times
by Carol Ann Mare

mell, crooked notion  white
since dad  snowblue from place school
of carries among champagne cup, oddly have it away positron emission tomography, break
while supermom  lipstick jive moppet
on  if only didn't sawdust Hitler.

I figurative until rolled
the Volkswagen  hour lived
with snowfall catena same dress about jewels
slung as  fifth wheel undulate
probably as beyond folktale.
The commercial treaty make as spin out second
said in words along worthless
boy, up open onto unlike ,
the soviets cavalryman as soon as genial
and radius within servicing imprisonment
and give yourself away.

Now, I'm sharp off agency
of robust declaration answer appealingness
to accrue-backer dusk--
but dry-wingless celestial without you,
mell, just as consider plus
where nowhere  fiddling
before why live tike.
That stormy, as if fear,
that attestator following ii-third base
of anyone else.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Silver and Information by Bruce Smith]

#3 Game Idiom A Brutal
by Paul Hill

An white fewer intelligence since this ,
throng, deadened lily-livered silver
off pee below land's . heterogeneous
flat variation sighted which they 
their aboard vertical tail minus urine.
This forþan could introduce excluding your dying.

Fish upon dissatisfy everyone gradual through greed,
town whose thrust Windows
can do matter happen,
expectant whose o'er hunger
is unsound latest, delist whose rima oris
zeroes concourse, hosts
who retardation toward their analogies
and someone decent above , billions
the brandish record plus their break up
down anti their human knee despite shore,
their tremendous vowel. Now
how shouldn't remain current?
How will not softly partly die
when rive split
like modest little
in endless now when I'm earth
in taking apart, splendid
in thirst, healthful--
so because name one
is similar delegacy runnel
the ,  hang except blood
the intoxicate passion?

I enclose following during attend to
when try passion as much as one
has mangle some other. report
more atomic number 58 that given,
more ignite now since everybody
captured.  hold them all
in idea-the fulgence, datum,
and demise, for certain take count ,
that packet plus tricky seine,
that don't sometimes concerning near
in valhalla so unaware shouldn't take heed
the groan die the four hundred
and sop beside all cell.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Laundry by Bruce Smith]

Tamburlaine Street Zastrozzi
by Vievee Munro

Brilliantly nowhere hook once can everybody would this--
work aboard Lord's Day clean at clean redeem menacing
laundry inside tusk-flange. tramp via sire, this,
in fire engine after wasn't straight tight,
part funny wagon, cut smoke, not here wasn't everybody
we couldn't . bed sheet before demerit, plague spot minus enjoy,
vomit tongue as a  counterstain of pissing
another week's sick pay nervously piece against drive
to adhere towards jersey long sleeve, fond
Bolshevik reform jew as roar  mainsail comparable vacate
speech over animated cartoon. They reek good if when ,
better than effete socialism. ooo, we
could repatriate, couldn't , outlaw pocket regarding state capital
that say in gape, sterling, appropriation, money.


[ A generated-poem based upon: This Can’t Be by Bruce Smith]

Aglaura Essays Opening Selected The Field
by Hart Moritz

the site between matter, niche opposite sweep up. 
Or exigence I'm philander in concert despite 
the whiteness  ill fiddle
in lumpy floor board floor joist,
in pharynx catch over tube,
in wilted  miss than warmth.
All pauperism,  but irrational motive from
And here  thatch among making water.
Oh don landlady, load within  gap.

He yield himself unlike snap; towards Chinaman 
my don lower berth bony,
the yourself sky burial. give trip wire 
in primary dentition. skin insularity book binding. 
If it's bad, it's juicy; until it's , sorrowful.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Herbert Glerbett by Jack Prelutsky]

Poems Another arena en Casa A Selected Faces Kingdom La
by Henry Wadsworth Codrescu

Pageant, piano except
swallowed sherbert down lb,
fifty lb past Citrus limon sherbert
went about with Juliet.

With just until clump under 
Juliet accept ,
and as bundle,  disband,
and of pickle affair speciate

a variation which then  walk through igniter,
a feast globe thirstily visit,
a muddle variable, icky atomic reactor
of someone unusual that can already beam.

Now until you're heady, if you're sometimes,
you'll blindly vacation this wight in
it  tenacious Juliet.
Whatever , mutely interrupt it.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Song of the Nightingale is Like the Scent of Syringa by Mina Loy]

Earth Flower-De-Luce
by Kevin A. Grant

Donald Rumsfeld whistle-moderate gale except Gismond


of Ming dynasty dynasty-lancaster



in Ming









sing tauten 




[ A generated-poem based upon: Religious Instruction by Mina Loy]

Gapers Men Surviving Women Massacres
by Lydia Huntley Park

This mesalliance
follows ready-made
for shalt baby
To here toward dianoetic place

While atheistic pater preside considering 
the gibber up holy roller
with understood bright  among munition-hot seat

But among whichever
fish crosscut
to savage
our forbear amphetamine sulfate Pancho

There skywards geminate
of tick towards pornographic
accomplices at double-dealing
to visit considering their dwell

an revet music toleration 
of goodwill versus 
defamed so that shaping families

seeding devise
with straitlaced castigation

and at Deliverer
come through goner
of heifer canada lily
To "awe
hardly   I”
wanting tasteless anti cove

He supposing bandy þanon dump 
with tundra totem
which casement stagnant

are dangle over general manager 
Edward cut across following agonize 
wounded at riant

From these
slow-drying lifeblood among sufism 
the something-ghost escape 

and inherent aptitude but saving) 
in all cannonball along
for redo rubble 
has nest revenge face 
in unsuccessful lightness gobbetting       . . .

The textureless peer  
of humanness
looked but afraid 
    come simply

       . . .

Ova's cognizance
impulsive before commit itself towards daniel 
--to come constitutionalize
its conditioned   square 
out near 
accidence excluding hinge

collects hover personal chattel 
of cannot rebuild unlike  
past view considering autonomy 
with soul's gobbets 
to alpha decay

So this baby plus hegira
with inheritance concerning out-migration
"sets among quest fortune”
in desecrate
trusting save relatum across historiography
dodging breeders' casting lots
whenever unlike coming back "physical entity garrison versus consignment” 
by their shaper animality
except under discipline
of wakeful

Lest River Lethe wingtip 
notice wight 
freshly  forefather 
and bring forth

They represent dishonor excepting their tonnage
should habit disembodied spirit
take vote passing
through genealogies school
to go far at timelessness
as sentries   after they adversities 

So save whatsoever workday
she single under " away”
the surly
street box inside Kilburn
close in upon 
to rescue 
into the custody following hubcaps

Oracle about civilisation
‘Thou shalt faintly experience upon nationalism exuberantly 
but within all malaise
that hasted out regarding


[ A generated-poem based upon: Pumberly Pott’s Unpredictable Niece by Jack Prelutsky]

Yorker Treasure Large
by Jackson Mac Dhomhnaill

Nadine's wide wale nephew
declared upon untimely eagerness
that can raven, within patch why slice,
her uncle's heavy minicar.

She within enterprise plenty suspire morning
by swallow class carburettor;
wholly get down windscreen, foglamp tusk,
and terrestrial guidance cycle sure enough  early.

She champ at doorway, excluding theologize interlock,
on ball valve  plunger hoop;
on  goose gasohol pour glint fire hydrant shock absorber,
on hydraulic brake  journal bounce.

When aunt come  rumination haschisch
made across unexpended hosiery haywire
(she'd hostile polished feed grasp  crash
and broadsword-unbelt unhealthy retire).

"Oh, what leave misdo excepting auto,” cry,
"you unknown gloom lass?”
"The least won't blackmail, Evergreen State Stokes,” respond,
and sob, " unintelligibly for gas.”


[ A generated-poem based upon: Twickham Tweer by Jack Prelutsky]

gladly Raven Longfellow Dye
by Caitriona Ford

Erratic meä opposite bergamot golden age track
who stream'd rare oatmeal,
who immensely flake abaca
and apt scarcely good peel off,
who abandon shake among about cupola
and blindly away jarful,
and unfirm  gift wrapping
off at dateless glaze grab bar.

When Lev Davidovich Bronstein precook yellow
he does altogether  scapula,
he de-access pocket over double creme
though not here  conoid,
he'd simmer manageable Solanum tuberosum
but he'd minuscule  jacket,
and passing up tinned Asparagus officinales
to small plus .

He sometimes boom over Olimbos nucleus
and old bag over insignificant crump,
on bungalow liederkranz case,
cellophane beside caramelized sugar,
but orangish prime track entrust on ill sophomore class,
that clear roman a clef ,
when pan-fry  dawning
and heavenly  sauteing pan.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Be Glad Your Nose Is on Your Face by Jack Prelutsky]

Vocant Christian Catalogus Science Water~Stone Majoris Illustrium Scriptorum Monitor et Brytannie
by Richard Le Claudel

Be ascending your showerhead considering your perpendicular,
merely glue above many pinched direct,
for until  rather than  deceivingly,
you power resent your nozzle .

Imagine which your about nozzle
were sandwich down without your big toe,
that truly does severely  splint,
for you'd bludgeon excluding scent your foot.

Your snout can  well of dire
were connected casement your school principal,
it cheerily wouldn't toe about despond,
almost vellicate than your pilus.

Within your , your scent shouldn't be
an exhalation apocalypse,
for when be compel near sternutation,
your learning ability shouldn't rattling despite light air.

Your wind, e'er, toward concentrated neo,
remains against your eyeball mentum,
eternally glue down about adjuvant tie up
be happy your nozzle on your face!


[ A generated-poem based upon: I Found a Four-Leaf Clover by Jack Prelutsky]

Who Blood One Envying Rides Little Pallbearers
by Robert Milton

I rule 4-flick trefoil
and ugly near determination,
but excluding hour along opine toward
I've mildly altered bristle at.
I hidden amid scoop,
song inside tabloid ,
thereby, constantly fleet whoever booster,
my frightening destiny empty before .

    bankrupt feel through doorway,
    tumble xii protein,
    skid get regarding dump,
     snip some pant leg,
    bong slide except footbath drainage,
     leak out underneath tank top,
    yelp shinbone, overlook condition,
     inside peach melba.

I cut short denounce-young glassful,
and couldn't rout up discover,
I step on within seed molasses,
and bite aboard unhealthy shine.
When kitty rive drapery,
and goner explosion between flare,
I here blackness
that trefoil up rap.

    inhume quite
    but midriff up lawn,
    solitary luck transfer periodic,
     lesion prompt heavily skin over.
    now when endearing find some other,
    did whet  ,
    I'll slip to comrade
    merit it to a greater extent now when me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Suzanna Socked Me Sunday by Jack Prelutsky]

Dancing Branwell's Conqueror Selected Blackwood's Duppy Fire, Magazine
by Dylan Hudgins

Donne whap Lord's Day,
she whap whitmonday, fortuitously,
she well-nigh bonk whit-tuesday,
I volution glowering union army.

She whap cross-grained Midweek,
and Th incessantly less,
but inasmuch whop Friday,
she begin amid  painful.

"Enough's wrong,” shriek up ,
"I contemn wherever  me!”
"Well, easy won't” Donne say
that Sabbatum,  me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: It Would by Alice Notley]

Treader The Une Saison au Deleted
by Alain Wallace

it would now though
but soundly supposing have go at 
      should everyone corresponding 
   if then  lose?   habitually 
     gently plenty found

   concerning since anywhere commemorate 
     ah freightage coach go game than 
  & they invariably & did
       hateful a stabile either 
     even though I'm alone toward &  
        monkey business whoever

     via this anon. dear grub street 
   supposing someone incessantly hungriness 
      wouldn't guide as your 
          it will  
       cherubic me


[ A generated-poem based upon: Famous by Naomi ShihabNye]

Private The Family Devotion Sport Gods Never Churchman'S
by Dale Esteban

The river 'ant excluding angle.

The soft lung-power bazaar for lull, 
which recognize couldn't inherit light 
before none allege . 

The waking following parry xanthous down fowl 
watching as if dovecote. 

The lacerate ghost, lonesome, unlike buttock. 

The mind persuade strait around your titty 
is torment down your tit. 

The goal-kick valuable on world, 
more curved than dress out skid, 
which promising much considering trading floor.

The bend exposure pathetic amid  if carry  
and minuscule across embrocate near  where depict. 

I need towards swæsne on reshuffle  
who other than while ford local road, 
ordinary changeling toward foodstuff business line, 
dole as  who sneer backward.

I wish over unoriginal with  block fresh, 
or off, coucal which couldn't nobody dramatic, 
but wherever unquestionably mind what does . 


[ A generated-poem based upon: Eden, Then and Now by Ruth Stone]

Yorker New Candide Loisaida Memorias Hard Love
by Weldon Saidenberg

In '29 until remove surprise
sandblasted Greek capital,
we misbelieve excepting protein caller.
Allen occur who schooner nursing bottle.
We pate stain-dark stick,
exactly touch base excluding Crab.
We roll vii aboard sevener
with tiebreaker ;
pledged fealty all ,
pitied starved Armenian alphabet.
One dawn opposite thick but plentitude,
there cost home folk besides circumstance,
who be breathe above anything
Some kip into trail
on sandbank onto river.
This pulsation bondholder suppose
would sink aside.
My patriarch wreak around þæt gazette.
He  enosis proofreader;
lead type slug get off fastball.
He break through gentle precede
at deuce-net ton inclined plane,
in thick-sling sit;
a K-placard 
pulled on os frontale.
He kick in generate buck .
You will not  make up full.
This  get laid Age.
All at country
the roofless wandered
with their thirsty children,
harassed besides law.
When grocery break, dark losers
jumped behind vista.
It day round  redundant table,
as  unfailingly frostiness Shangri-la;
the Volvo before  spelunk in.
It  jade worm
eating yellowed fruit.
In record, curtain Eden.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Shapes by Ruth Stone]

Conscience ShortTime Awakened The Drivers
by George Endrezze

In retentive side doesn't least.
However, it's unless meet pig, solute.
So while all fatality shatter separate.
You encounter yourself sob among doorway
of your odorous galley, steamroller
by gain.  rule yourself lachrymose
as go off stateless person
head amid bidder submit of cement
step, electrify basketful over steering wheel mayhap anywhere.
Like settle positive,  contrast to John Griffith Chaney,
or chalk out since grease monkey considering backstage
by Monica. scruple in infinite,
a unnatural compressing of denote
in quick onto meaningful.
Even agaze near  embodiment
at furthest molding; acceptive wherever blur.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Genesis by Ruth Stone]

Far Blank Advocate Field
by Stephen Belin

Cylinder grocery bag into flush weft oceans,
endless bullet train but water,
skins unbearable with irrigate pealing tumbling
as come up collectively.
As whenever liberal buckle scramblin apart.
As rather than intolerable come aboard gelignite off discussion,
though  but shell amid qualify.
It supposing cognize didn't be
in echolalia for interminable terminals,
in presidential scaley pretext up ourselves
when come unitedly among capsule save ourselves,
the unfinished shadower, halitus until run-in null;
as rebuff wrongdoing copying themselves;
as abasement straits same lunacy near herd.
It unneurotic ordained.
It  fall of salinity irrigate versus another.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Romance by Ruth Stone]

Atalanta Contemporary Calydon
by Galway Ignatow

I run impurely, as though during relatives.
When get in, witch elm vet unshaven.
But cost  giant.
The wattle, Punica granatum classrooms.
I encompass your optic, your boulevard.
You owe determinate off unlike calque.
Your clear androglossia, your alveolar work,
like your overlip, splay after love lyric sometimes trill.
Additional fancy ticket book;
safe off  among petal war power.
Why wouldn't conceive shouldn't scuff  sometimes,
the preserved sharpness against township lest
streets close underneath coalfield round mottle
puffed please black ostinato
he osculate through despite absorb exhalation
of wherever look-alike happiness.
Coming endlessly, heed, front;
unsearchable into proceeds your body opposite handwriting.
Returning to two-way street that rain buckets
rich market malls
over timothy-sweetness grass
where   shout
the fewest ovalbumin nonsense
of do-or-die acerbate life.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Hotel François 1er by Gertrude Stein]

Repair, The House Jehosaphat
by Charles Hugo

It  anywhere content now against order now they stop per gratuitous french toward .  where if past they dearest cannot wear.  bottom defoliant cling pursuer. heyday through  beside after pursuer.   give  along through couldn't before inkling.   They corresponding 32 minutes since get.    avowedly luxuriation anti retain.   prepossess drug abuse.   nominate shouldn't sure fill celestial adhesive major.   sooner than scratch between order that into repeatedly   receive courtesy.   fleabag François .   sometimes wintertime .    perpetually plausibly lest  lest deny towards cushion aid beneath unless unless  beneath below thick beside provided excluding overemphasis despite take hold anti slip within clear carnival now since allow save care amid look-alike.   find venomous before  decently ignore after facilitate familiar adequate.   grub street reduce large less ugly.   universe adult littler less pleasant. although .    now if when .   rather whenever prefer near dead beautiful where cancel.   whoever  follow.   localise commend seed.   into .    partially despite .   couldn't not  furious near pay generating presently.  ever closely receive. fender concerning their election.   fauns rather than they notion proudly behind gay.  semiweekly clear up-get.   master gentle perambulation dead.    now til if when they wouldn't hold back under them towards hold McDonald.   McDonald.    this anti hostel Leo d'Or.      yesterday considering they not here against chocolate.     without question enjoyment anti pass opposite     woo considering ritz François prime this now since  get hold concerning care on Sabbatum.     regarding kidnapping   lonesome  1, upon them iii others.    38 crack . beggarly papyrus concerning adequate . They order them. 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[ A generated-poem based upon: 1941 by Ruth Stone]

Chicago Dwelling Lies
by George burns

I wear bead bill 
like inamorata besides .
How snowy : ageless scrape.
Yes.  Kolophon;
a savor following sin.

You  lively Afro;
no subsidization between mohawk.
We embody after scruffy disassociate;
the rink crock-up;
the tally market, bop
impeccable. speed like
the con, count besides tactile sensation.
At canthus burnt umber dye-works,
after hour's act as, through 
irrevocable puzzle near composition,
the bunny necessitate us
to open during wasn't much.

Oh deadly dote, your bones
were ugly. follow them
with fingerbreadth. wherever light up
grows more. body angulate.
The black out over steel
and fume. snap academia
about beyond disintegrate,
in branch about Canis aureus happiness.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Question by Ruth Stone]

Freeholder’s Forbidden Entries
by Matthew Bogen

While acerate leaf below deciduous
practice Laputan chaos,
heads except felt hair;
something to tree
longs on quietly age;
bald brownish pommel within white
without rang;
but cross round true 
brief Mère odors.
The scent heighten excluding some other,
spurting middling near scarce cinchona.
Along digit tree
holds re-emerge flytrap.
Popping dumdum around sunlight
crack in gradual
orifices,  cladogram thinks,
“How beautiful. this love?”


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Wound by Ruth Stone]

Rhymes Rival . Nursery
by Vijay Hodgen

The seismic disturbance fall invariably
as afterthought.

First ascertain words
and they similar remote words,

runic, suspire via underlip,
moving off round average line.

Later they shatter
and reshuffle themselves. They spell

something genuinely disguise past muscles
of confront, somebody pharynx treasured during say.

Decoded, drivel aquatint itself anti Lucy in sky with diamonds
so all perfect suit sore.

The impact rosiness excepting carbuncle.
The physical structure flex up reconcile it.

A common lambrequin underneath hold out beyond obstruct .
It onward the scale regarding head.

The strong fourth dimension look,
it overgrow oculus dexter  mouth.

It admittedly among recognise when toward .
Now  spiritualize everything twice.

After than suit dull friend.
It take back all until  come inside be.


[ A generated-poem based upon: It Follows by Ruth Stone]

Book Poetry, New Collected
by Michael Turner

If   near money
(by many coincidence
you're but Izmir Rodhos Siracusa El Iskandriyah opposite Revolucíon
getting puff toward class)
and invariably remark midafternoon constantly
that your present fallen,
but don't trust it,
so future depend upon glass
it's nevertheless brood there since much as wasn't.
Would rent pile ask
for ghost cap underneath your tangible music hall
(The giving sign you're give for
over under amid inhuman )
because it's cox leak out despite age
and you're pall beyond unload kibble
and spray painting among mold,
would carry rather than money
and your pit lifted?
Face-lift. They  slit
under your capitulum board after quag
and they tacking excepting plastic.
Then they draw through outer
skin crop after it's mistily national 
fasten why (Your skin
pulls liberal within curve corresponding rhode island red shinny.)
Because emotional make buckaroo
as rich person as quizzicallin ...
your shavian all nasalize that.
Of blind alley at clock was
married opposite Kedzie  were
involved past limiter
a Duke underneath Edinburgh suspect.
Forget save your cervix.
They can't if yet.
A pout-raise finis 1 years.
So couldn't on preexistence member
of other-harangue nolle prosequi
with ætgædere do good
of bombardment before clearly
your glass ceiling didn't have necrose anyway.
Or equal rehash below extraordinary tightlipped .
But consider you'd angrily
be clean streaky
and so that you're within 
get around penile implant outside child secondary dentition buds
that they've contract on clear babies' gumwood
and freeze for this screen out of thing.
You cannot tall young.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Look to the Future by Ruth Stone]

A MacDiarmid: Critical Brides Survey
by Michael Dhompa

To bear opposite violence,
the make peace opposite   no one
you, considering spunk toward eruption.

I yack against park pasturage vane.
You, here inside splendid,
what  river over vapour under you?

You when forever as early snort
downed concerning  pack.
You so that impair as
earth pod by medfly.

To  extraordinary elation.
To  poopchute against fire,
the parentage into frontiers round corpse.

You, minus whom project these gifts;
at protectiveness before fearful  oppress in concert.
When  dice does not reduce one.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Peripheries by Ruth Stone]

Empress Glory House Accounts Imagination James
by Joshua Sitwell

This roundabout concede afternoon  tarn
For summertime packaging mensural opposite buxom tweedledum tweedledee
Of desquamation scull whose dory dispatch channel.
Beside among tread pasturage carousel frighten
And sour above  reality pawn
The augment deal ting considering tune up
Of plunge sawhorse besides middle protective garment.
We hitch harness against fire Pegasus
And elevation female offspring provided  paintbrush
A lavender savage, just supposing gift-wrap blue baby ammunition
About smooch without rain forest, birl in quad
And extend besides regarding reorient troll.
The mare clamber courageously ash gray pole
Where viperish gibbet, perpetually glide along extrude intense;
She find make a motion Shangri-la outside sweetness foundling;
Rising minus take on them, rise up, reciprocation
To while muzzle, co-star in at hers,
Fixed, while eye socket swirl and sunshine char,
Recede around fabric as eyesight blurs.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Speculation by Ruth Stone]

Lover Morrow Plots Or , Lycidus
by Grace McGonagall

In frigidity preferably care
Simply against up-strangulate background smutty,
I take advertence except achromatic osseous tissue wear
Of dig except downpour; something  anti sudden comfit,
There scorn get into enough,
The alter aboard denote. compound eye have
To order via summertime bereavement chute
Rocks concerning hemlock's , spike anti rive
The springtime die mind
With birdsong per tusk lark.
I  hostile lest crush on me
Shakes through tare considering day;
I intimately forget even til vase
Holds dissociate cineraria, if they mail
One under their manner excluding goodly about much assist
I give reminiscence of,
Nor on loose off-outback damask violet,  barque
Of wide die now whoever crows
With their bracing  flap
Circle onto capital for Portugal thrill even if wreathe setback.
I tormenter despite everybody regarding these,
Nor in concert by yellow sarcenet that burst;
My sensible osseous tissue, as much as dreaded,
As all live , dead,
Wait for much backyards convention. wits
Of unnumerable hundred celebrated in skull operating expense
I possibly heed rich people pelting out of wintertime,
Nor  forethought what they whelp puddle. onto halfway
The grind away scintillation; of neutron osseous tissue  make;
And celestial glitter in an unenviable burn,
So, in this contestant storyline even  laid.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Stanzas in Meditation: Stanza 13 by Gertrude Stein]

Come Atlantic Jets Monthly Warm
by Fred Tranströmer

There  knock underneath timid gradual considering cleanse
Or normally  diffused since unholy sweet william except faithful
Or just somewhere  mention anti young dark anti down
Or down til unneurotic  heighten concerning phosphorous get off
And nowhere  at here but regarding accident.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Stanzas in Meditation: Stanza  2 by Gertrude Stein]

seculae Harriet de Voz Elqui
by Gwyneth Mackinnon

I see descending rather round between  perpetually sleep unneurotic pack 
I cogitate merely gayly excluding hardhats within than then  unremarkably seventh cranial nerve 
I cogitate thinly sometimes above freemason Antonio evidence not here minus 
I reckon fixedly backward beside professional against  
I plan partly minuscule with Geof Huth below  undeniably unevenly 
I mean thickly already over metallic small western aboard William 
I hold lightly attractively about at the same time sweetly despite  
I associate sure fill proudly aboard .
It old gold ugly they hear
But if they con  together wæl bashfully they understudy
It do expeditiously busily for since by 
And they near partly evermore enough 
But raffishly sure as shooting
Which where if reach departure
After this wouldn't incessantly cooper couldn't consequently ca-ca gap
I summate as .
I could small anywhere here.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Braid by Susan Stewart]

World From II Darkroom War Poema
by Alex Page

Shoulders knotted under 
a splat-backless professorship, 
the tabernacle drive, deplume

at scruff, sense toward
sweep now when smoothened o.k. 
wisps politely insert

yank near jerk
and blank aboard while 
until sad

dodges before echinus endless 
fistfights pile up, 
fraying file

to their remnant-complete
in caparison than supported, 
looked lively, solitary

on baby as though nowhere retracting 
set until past 
what anticipate

a "finished” face, around 
loose close at consent decree so if when 
others embody so

and cold-shoulder weighting as 
the nape's retract. vanguard 
others underneath 

was small outside .
It lard everybody any tall 
where straight did not experience go

a blank--probably truly 
a benign per countenance 
sent by womanhood minus

woman similar responsibility, 
an stubborn 
duty via convention.

It's really dismount except  
one wobbler mayhap 
than some other, compliments

protruding longer it's jumble 
suppressed, enrage that entertain 
a think per specific

place until British shilling 
to open
of earnestly complimentary

sea. char  
woman not here qoph 
lightly--a maroon contract

mixed, perchance commix 
instead without paradise 
of hone ;

one benign until lottery 
turns outside some other.
The congener draw away twang through workday.

Black black waver 
into grey  
hyperbole  hazard

little it's close 
to occasion-cancellation 
earthly wind about

the 'isén stock option 
and despair itself ostensible 
there amid coloured

notion make least will below conclusion. 
Tougher, vulgar, break up 
weave upon lunar year. little,

longer, long, Einstein 
bound over keystone. 
The touched-outgoing standing wave

with their haystack-wring 
shadows, cotton 
inside shell,

the crate considering
the locket, glens 
beneath link.

All worst 
to save in itself 
a shape underneath red ink.

You will not add loft
sorry standing room. will not let 

something before didn't saphead 
yourself hide out. 
You will escape from 

the style 
to hack all wisp, 
but former will

swiftly throw in sting. 
You go under
the calligraphy  at some other

and leash cannot 
be unfastened.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Stanzas in Meditation: Stanza 15 by Gertrude Stein]

New Muzzle Magazine French
by John Craig

Should they  they power provided they amusement
In round order whether they moldiness  heavenly heavenly about precisely 
But who they power towards if then long as they power 
For now they power displease just as when they face lento 
And they adorable now only they feel sufficiency
To  loudly as long as  whether 
Which  now supposing until 
If they promptly pass near noncurrent
From what .
In commission proudly   moon on
In tattling tenor near legislature harlequin   
In external instruction entirely where if
They prospect anti what they 
They calculate perforcedly inelastic if when they yak up
And they  say below that round now that they  
Whenever curly  find behind painlessly benthos cool 
Than if they begrudge unless they be.
They see that they inherit got what super anywhere 
Be here constantly what through anywhere if they brood 
They attend unlike underneath trend they maternalism beside . 
Now intuitively conceive iii metre rosiness greens pudding 
And asparagus autumn pumpkin poove slimly
Which they similar as they somewhere azure just into  
Reminded that  less provided unitedly list'ng
That they cannot only explode a bombshell excepting  clip
At in concert what they smoke sit sacrifice for welcome what they have 
Which they quickly precipitous sometimes below along 
As they disastrously sow one's oats in sweetness 
Cynically serious around while between via why they experience 
That they publicize them so.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Lessons From Television by Susan Stewart]

Detectives The Savage Resort
by Donald Ekiss

You essential laughter into yourself, chortle gag. 
Music bloat emotional state;
ocean subsist considering quote enjoy.
Emotion, alternatively, hyphenation.

Formless, impunity take after promised land. 
rouge lest call provided longing.
You essential cry beyond yourself, one-liner chortle.

Those til bonny fiend angel. 
You per spur between moment fiend  nonsuch.

Women cryptical american maidenhair fern nobody
so snicker by yourself, snicker express joy.

Bed ride horseback following nirvana. 
The coverage aboard good word.

Faces from restrained proudly beneath torment. 
Hair back tooth clew into division.

Clothes deepen, 
hanging up round
And gum itself  giggle.

Cause can't estimate
and brisance invariably as occur.

You're either gone asleep 
and where perpetually,  clew opposite stamp.

Children perfectly excluding methylene group minus kid 
unless they carol considering choir.

Their supermom does super,
though there's ever board towards refinement.

And renovation perjure plus build up, 
though break down concise in funny story.

Nazarene abbey couldn't play as bad. 
Demons after they could find.

Nature wrestle, constantly empyreal. 
Even endure should seduce roar.

People don't taste garish unless , 
but what exquisitely wildly could not hurt you

Books raise hell, mollusk family ennobling. 
Animals insure their heart's; 
the ground hail opposite the soil.

English the hungriness superstrate.
Reading  landmark opposite disruption, 
and suspension  genial of dirty joke.

Something bind following badly.
And there  nor-q-d underneath your nominate past .

When inside, vex down your substantial slavic people 
that you'll smell 'mid under shaggy dog story.

Strangers pay up watchfulness towards your smelling. 
A camcorder does match love tineoid on catastrophe. 
Pity will take up besides satire.

The alley  obscure misérable niche. 
Fires everyday.

Your  your nerve.

You moldiness snicker between yourself, titter cry.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Stanzas in Meditation: Stanza 14 by Gertrude Stein]

Stafford Understanding William World: Exemplum
by Bruce Gallo

She demand unneurotic inadvertent between   
They corresponding   finely terribly
In beneath order provided face within them between chaff heavenly delight 
Come although they they against June. 
Sexually give off make plenitude during their begrudge 
In their align if only they plot
Should they drop following strew by since 
It incessantly their outride now since they  
In whereas in order til wooing them toward 
Thoroughly coast essentially following easy unlike without  soft copy 
That legislate constantly save aloofness along softly 
That they under who they should not considering a sudden aboard last elevation 
But  shower shouldn't trip toward by James Jerome Hill 
Little wherever small if they wouldn't anti what they eat 
And they have aboveboard dayfly unless outside this 
But who they  somewhere.
Or  at  vulnere now since they table what they same.
Bees live invariably once they  apace homicidal 
While they  sit by knight as long as drowse
Not if only  overtire beside lest they expect
To will they kick one's heels aboard them in their  
Friendly past  let off them that they darning needle 
This what they cruise rather than they love 
Most of them  before
It lilliputian just their penury lastly opposite either
Sometimes even though they as if cooper ferociously loyal 
Just as they power .
It what they did who they cite  
Or this.
It uncontrollably unneurotic by up regarding look fewer 
Than they could enchant that they as much as 
It good that they suddenly


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Stanzas in Meditation: Stanza  5 by Gertrude Stein]

Death Strength Notebook Gideon, History
by Elizabeth Ferry

Why couldn't poove their  warpath. 
He pathway  towpath
All love underneath their well within fractional from incarnation 
A fresh honey drive aboard get within  
Tell what hunting ground densely possibly considering 
He esthetic now since  perchance unfirm ever rather than they unhealthy  
Be tolerant beneath fifty percent moment although they shall say
It nearly excepting them excepting them since   
They think invariably though than though Dominicus day power uncoiled come
In incomplete  unlike sloganeer now they indirect request 
Let  lunge legendary where if enchant now why they couldn't underestimate 
They well-disposed across demolish nearly excluding put down inasmuch terribly
Better keep crackle without passenger pigeon easy just as cell cigarette 
Together anyways after wouldn't beneath recur considering materialize from experience sun parlor puffing  meter.
In their tightly over their  could  order
Somewhere inaccurately  kick one's heels.
I sustain read just as they hope after alight already 
Land not here if they like realm here 
Yes shrink if they begrudge strand not here
It  think through business activity somewhere render 
Might they title as repeatedly as recover. 
Did mention if then   one 
We say  that  far 
Because take in immeasurably visit  misname pizzicati
He signify near lento
Once easygoing would explain all wherever they enjoin heavily.
How  wherever .
All within which someone dutifully sleep with 
But  . They didn't be aligned
They can be right choose. 
Once in provided they delay.
He care for that there no chance despite misconceive pansies.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Pear by Susan Stewart]

Weekly King To James
by Gary Rachewiltz

Believing apiece compound feast safe-conduct against sensation who less wind
into whenever , sallow, more top. believe until apiece plain snorter contains

within  intonation single via even any here will not not be
exists. if when  safflower seed, iv ejaculate, whoever aloof will  where

it begin. smutty bay, peak down meek downpour, redolent similar piss
in bounce sprinkle, Saratoga chip withe pour opposite minus weight

as break during fragrancy under coach. “What whereas smell?” call.
Translucence, legion, aureate, condemn with principal cuffs,

white past get onto, rosiness collapse through rill as long as
held them. pentad rill make excluding slide inside cinque fingers.

The pass concerning realness worldly concern reality complete.

That's what  spoken unlike dawn beside chalkboard.
And periodic, blend dwelling,  stalled

really regarding viaduct. seem amid  anywhere
I  young woman maiden flight plop, fly on falling

in length, during diversify concerning build up,
her branch extended, over over

against slip within  except stick, plumed tussock
or gnash-the sirrah crackle  couldn't inside all

where   drop behind trampoline
that moldiness accept equate succumb reference anti  motion.

If rule ken similar this model since talent execute, you've regret 
the judgement stamp excepting  simple-minded affair rend on paleface hood

and revolve perpetually tardily outside philosophize. excluding dig, workweek tweed,
I conk fleetly in Kriss Kringle  couldn't remember,

yet could right way commemorate, sensation so as soon as anything
was beyond past bechance, inasmuch familiar

would crackle like buzzer alarm
and that in release couldn't entail clip come

when somebody essential farewell school--
with all perspirer trace go in place

--to nettle, burn
and cut pebbly to the ground.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Stanzas in Meditation: Stanza  1 by Gertrude Stein]

leptos Out Growing My Street
by Chip Whitman

I get hiss why make globe 
And they think skillful via .
But  considering now they teach
That they besides abruptness palpitate
In benign underneath  they think of well
That they wouldn't difference regarding above debit 
But they essential sufficiency glower so while long after they swing 
Whatever they genuinely summit until 
It e'er liable among quest about them small until though 
And plus  somewhere  leisure
They cotton now inexorably whether they eventful did 
But  large beautiful since certain plus occasion 
That they raring toward gleeful
In because shell during precipitate they could
Slightly lonesome cowgirls perpetually close forever 
In apiece whichever they choose. 
All of this ne'er soft copy below naval air warfare center weapons division
But this if then they beggary even if they puckishly 
Or besides individual casing they does not feed on
Positively lovingly what they take along their fomentation 
Made across whether conclusion past whole shebang 
Made that they oriented even cursorily even though abacinate 
Lengthened for them glad hand towards rest 
But which they open up as bump
But groin be weirdly their valuation account 
All which they antagonize as very for  
Kindly leave cog as they mind


[ A generated-poem based upon: Let me tell you about my marvelous god by Susan Stewart]

Poetry Australian Anthology The Native Unicorn. Harper’s Century 20Th
by Abraham Sommer

Let relate considering miserable ,  blot out before regular hexagon 
of quilting bee,  drouth if only squeeze mocha contractor
above earthly concern across cause, even though if unavoidably now since monsoon considering washy blink under eye 
that bequeath monstrously meaning of rainfall.
An corpuscle workings play, a chylomicron operative past intense 
night, piddling split like furthest whiz;  well
smaller before pinprick, steady little where    
will, no could for slurpees.
This why bosom walk step,
will gallop step below llano where Achillea millefolium
was dispirited spray. flick see
in bone up. burrow's close by dig lubber
and birthplace, upset, sociable behind tinct.
How   feathery rusher variation; should swinge your  
when pick around ,
when gutlessness from if when 
where sorrow purl,  can scald artificially
throwing rachis.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Study Nature by Gertrude Stein]

Bad Alchemy Contemporary Harvest Punch Mormon
by Maxine W. Bryant

I . 
   dashing hopes
           sketch animality. 
  spell out.
           major aboard complexion. 
  proud of
   wallow probable.
           They say .
  until .
  turn away.
  among port towards
           will not hold out.


[ A generated-poem based upon: New by Gertrude Stein]

Horse Has The Serbian Saturday Anthology Legs:
by Nada Hofmann

We know.
   Fledermaus by semen. 
   Fledermaus concerning up. 
   deep genuinely.
   Fledermaus over make out 
   Fledermaus since work out beneath 
   putting surface
   tempestuous .
   Fledermaus off fare. 
   Fledermaus afresh.
   Fledermaus issue forth.
   Fledermaus fall , following fall since semen already until fall even though into
and free-and-easy,  . 
   Fledermaus fall in. 
   Fledermaus acknowledge.
   Fledermaus inside arrive. 
   Fledermaus afresh.
   Fledermaus beneath follow. 
   who .
   Fledermaus regarding come near come .
  fractional into .
  excluding   true. 
  endow into . 
   drab down .
   incomplete .
  standing without
  fifty percent perch among
   some other .
  Their reship
  inasmuch evenhandedly hand.
   some other rear
  favourable  fight back.
  enrich across .
  provided soon now where rather than fractional.
  fill set amid decarbonize home away from home amid train level below rent 
  drive station across above home.
  claim site behind assume but localize against shoes.
  takings home away from home under , make for point among . for  
of archway reduced instruction set computing.
  which check show up
  where whereas though would over visage opposite imprimatur imprimatur who in just even though though soon until 
  naturalize .
   alternatively soft.
   scrunch up. 
   perceptively upon times everlastingly provided little.
   forever where little until .
  escaped relax, informal equally off losten, toward gain.
  whether sweetly provided since when þreanyd which now since conelike whoever much now that even if
  where if lest mumbo as even though if  as unreal as that that if  in concert dark within , affectionately lamb does not on the QT cite wiffle at .
  in reality.
  which plus this.
  really as underneath this.
  heights   .
  in reality as excepting this voluted   . 
  really as via this.
   leave make up in have gravitate make follow fleetly
having live. 
   upon this overdo unanxiously.
  sense .
   under .
  which easy along . 
  where past . 
  lest on . 
  as much as 
  provided as add beneath .
   to . 
   not here. 
  invariably as get word.
   as as to bastardly.
   beggarly skilled.
  even though .
   hold back. 
  with forbear.
  Their refrain.
  but . 
  near exemplify.
  amid so .


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Map of the World Confused with Its Territory by Susan Stewart]

In Tragedy The Seven Woods Chabot
by J. Lorraine Wordsworth

In sketcher institute  among academia,
folded via one-eighth petulantly solitary carefully
and apiece land pay off diluted reminisce unless
the considering man  orphanage.

The selvage inside lunar time period  margin
as chafe whereas  concerning fall concerning night
and creese evacuate under before halfway near
the firm, halve viridity stars.

Every river besides unmeant 'squire
brother amid bosom aboard country:
there port orford cedar bend about southerly 
and double reed primp eastbound please augur's pens.

No escort underneath crease round who tragical face,
no quiver detrition round alp Baroness Dudevant, for--
all beneath this night, same barong above Bilbao--
the minus earth run on underneath serpent tongues.

The easy-pinch highway off frightful suburban area
and homicidal fall about capitol
each root for do job on concerning old plage
and stone's throw on lose along daybreak.

The of reality  square sail secularize
lonely below painter's ink-dip hour hand
while coat of paint coat in their anticipant glassful
Recking  brushing rise haywire but forgetting.

There  modelling, paradise fractional-ungarbed,
no emotional porthole quiver taillight,
yet someone step out this incubate juicy omega,
this gypsy's bandanna on darkening

Table, apiece quoin hold down besides giant conch
shell. What will mass remember without
dusk? if then  thenar of entrust a 
of globe, sponge take out absolutely and

Again, plenty covered of river earth.


[ A generated-poem based upon: In the Novel by Susan Stewart]

Women's Poems Poetry: Advice Sport Gazette Literary
by Rachel Jamison Moss

He delineated rima oris although prisoner toward war off fly ash. 
So inasmuch snog sometimes 
he reason onto bone ash

and pitch-black mainly during 
the butt amid ashtray,
and feeble shadow where defined collar,

and rim themselves, about restrict 
of some other lightness, peculiarly 
and forever fewer penetralia.

Then  ,
paling, nowhere plus those yard line 
caught flak  varlet catch

heavenly inasmuch in order that lento over yellowed, 
but bunglesome down soft
at escallop browned chimney corner of apiece;

like overtrump of pique dun hiss, 
extended, e'er unfold
in over itself; single,

stiffening, lost.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Four Questions Regarding the Dreams of Animals by Susan Stewart]

Christographia Sail
by Alfred Scalapino

1.  unknown where if they aspiration?        sepulture, among mathematical space except meteors fringe them inside narrowing indefatigability, same warm up solid down shoulder joint, round kink above uncontrolled pot.     country itself didn't comparable this. so infer following heavyweight.    southeaster  rat  versus post office excepting their nap if then  land shriek , entomb countenance plus diss .     hand try tithe barn parry sliver below fit from troy lest less inasmuch driver.    co-star, sharp, defin'd spectator. does not translate their dock clapperclaw if then  will scan signpost than dig dreaming; mi under picture plane, strike define sharpness without roadkill, stymie down stage over sopor.    cage underneath  woods after if indestructible above day where if duo inside ostentatious custody pound rainfall. . they sleep round microscopical before present?    reckon near  maenad who stray royal road will not backpedal among felicitous farmhouse afternoon locate field goal within protein, no sealed i, slip faggot below approve til already live hers.    know outside gaiety provided while slumber down daylily;  pensiveness sullen minus boggle within crepuscule.    buffalo, after model, regain apiece secondo about themselves move around up invalidate charge per unit onto stop number. Their gong call off mistily over their burthen spunk  Prunella modularis twit tabby clear throat.    where freely inasmuch Wisconsinite   implicated, lean  ash gray rainbow trout encircle toward . apiece day crawl without their sleeping   further across daydream.   corrupt rub around most please detainee upon continuous curtilage. cervid get at hand than their thirst.   should easy cross-reference skip excepting pleasant wolf spider: fallout wire tack from XVIII cheese, , reproductive nidus, baby dredge thin lasso underwrite among Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin. . they woolgathering despite this existence round some other?    prairie stand gratifying same forest , robust after anything but wind up. between pleasant zoysia stale  painful provided if then split anti river state capital. sæbat falcon valse except bunglesome fender, Buteo buteo come blase with slain.   pebbles clap not here opposite grand afternoon  char winnow herself unlike basilica; this  after part opposite Hydra be sick restrain prison term awkward up sleep.   here gradual very light as mægenellen before score near american alligator, hagridden outside gnarl bindweed, take these as contract out between seemliness. witness solacement past  lambency inside boom town, on forward scandalmongering medulla baby preserve but . thunderbolt that pock view upon hayfield carry in despairing stare down amid play tricks.   let croaky wedel return down into this ?  testimony come across to .   gunpowder plot inside , confederacy opposite , argent trout Sung for dawn, prairie tingle with swelter. skeleton in cupboard under fool spread on torment, their pick somewhere separate by rustling. These the linguistic process that fall down see.   suppose the pelting cascade around medici at rhythms, ðonne to sleepwalker. They do in probability nightmare of beadies. . can spoonfeed fewer?       This all will safely know.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Delta Parade by Susan Stewart]

North Pierce-Arrow Quarterly
by Bill Mark

Everything vapor lock.
A naughty over  anti intemperate hayfield 
smokes excluding threesome shift per hunt .
The redcap steal  telephone old lady,
he  dime bag leave office he's partially 
yelling. here southward inside Concord, 
she plan say. rich 
procession leave-taking kindle into 
and before this theoretical obstinacy 
its divots noneffervescent.
The camber mugger lean back over hooter 
in despair while only oceanographer 
indeed  chamber plus 
the subsidization. horsy set,
you did take heed via river,
wrong similar nonreciprocal spirit against male offspring unlike
your , gayly same brain moon under 
pulsing near your sixpenny nail, anyone
wherever move through your branch  
throat. nowhere,
press aboard QT, sagely why if by magic metal drum.
A goof slam snuff-color 
at deck revile, hot-air balloon
are explode cabotage from river. 
The hot cladogram, than outside 
to stand up unlike order even finis. provided talking 
sometimes splendidly, we'll actually baby .

And from transport quiddity
of summertime initiate; cattleman roller coaster 
of some other biology, wise cable  up
from inelastic choreography
like humpback employed round tupik breast. 
Up lightly pavement, main street 
sucks in breather care beyond lady friend
taking æghwylc pant good-naturedly on blow, 
or fuel engine's tusk, warp
like tweed  sear flourish cuff 
against slush high-rise, this afternoon 
occasionally same march. huffy-footless 
ponies sophisticate down through standard 
and bibliotheca swim bladder plead
"Sublime,” add 
with gillyflower  secrete down pink wine, 
says with fool  archduchess 
wearing offstage.

And stammer, round  steam fitting 
or can try . amid for  
on monocycle after angle tabby  
to herd, although imprecate will 
follow extremely, if then vet 
the alcalde  metropolis jirga, before 
follows  terpsichore propaedeutic  next 
Farmers, apotheosis  veteran soldier 
of strange chemical warfare; as long as unbuckle chromatic 
between cog swing 
really nasty wish
a distributed chronometer.

And scantily variable start ailing,
a car stick with  on monocycle 
and just it's unitedly some other , 
a brace above cube dangle
from  whooooo speculum, cleaning lady 
giving molt about baby some other 
child last shedding wax crayon, herewith 
always give flay under 
ray, until open up stretch plaque 
clasps within notecase have 
the saprolite wave sink particularly
to bed
like confetti  boy's low
haircut. corresponding insulting scandalmongering riffle
that strike if only weren't eye.
Because it's summertime. wish easy 
yellow wildcat that puree friction 
in ephemeron leave iron heel into tympanist, 
that anyone aquaplane on the river 
shiver at iii o'clock.
Not out after combust of tedium
this continuum, than as if does abysmally 
wear wings.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Man with Night Sweats by Thom Gunn]

Paris Spleen Le De
by Sophie Hamilton

I bring with across chromatic, inside order while
Prospered beyond nightmare round estrus 
Wake before their tacit, 
Sweat,  hang shroud. 

My material fuselage  near carapace: 
Where  slash, recovered.

I turn now provided unless pioneer 
The soundbox did credulity 
Even before worshipped
The sword of damocles that make aft,

A mankind of marvel in
Each dispute underneath pelt.

I does besides clear
The establish carapace alligatored,
My tend melt off of haste, 
My chassis tighten destroyed.

I horripilate after difference , 
But get myself sixth sense

Stopped just where  
Hugging body to  
As once to plate toward 
The pleurodynia that will minus ,
As if custody be unsympathetic 
To behave lahar off.


[ A generated-poem based upon: At Six by Susan Stewart]

hanno la Native perso Unrest. Guerra donne Le
by P. K. Piller

for Summers
Like whitened sear, comparable feel sizzle 
for emotional minute above mashie, apace 
hurts. near. before e'er nothing catch 
driver,  rough after under even out
slides at ground; ache  springer spaniel 
stop roar fill plunge underneath towards quietus. 
While  dead for wakefulness 
of mushroom, dry point topsail clear near mark 
on checkbook  register actress raising 
its day-to-day ! This injure.
But melancholic  ballad sympathy card upon coverlet 
the  navy seal gap cruise 
on Baroness Dudevant, queerly this prompt  
of training table dwell , beneath cleaning lady walk during life 
and business life army brat versus vesicate 
hands. past anyone permit ,
and beneath leave thenar idealize french sorrel optic, 
and beyond correctly evening's usual headliner 
pulls above prosperous
singing onto . past someone freely 
lets ; tired tabloid of pleasure
winds anywhere between yen. 
Here somewhere fall
go beneath comparable interrupt spat.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Oldest Living Thing in L.A. by Larry Levis]

Times Forgetting: New Against Poems. Witness Century
by Rigoberto Lorca

At domain black marketeer rivet & Alexandre Gustave Eiffel beacon  cuscus 
Trying underneath interbreed rue.  long, alley 
Was sparsely fæderæþelum, brush-tailed phalanger will not ferry
A multivalent footstep unendingly, enemies commonly unconcernedly within breather 
Of blown relation. dorian come opposite measure 
Would get on, where although if unlike powder monkey someway. 
It did crib fantastic rim & circus them 
The blush gum ball, gradual words despite incisor, 
Teeth unless plump  well-nigh considering 
The blaze against Kathmandu & Montis Odorisii, but ram 
Grazing marble-bestrew J. J. Hill, shard down dilapidation 
In tell about after gobbet. does not backward unquietly 
Little & nearly, tread sublimate 
As bad . does not mutilate someone's deal 
In xx latter. mutilate per salutary. could 
Sever anywhere per articulatio radiocarpea anti twoscore. 
There anything opposite make via . something 
Or irregular mistily call round Ebionite basilica, if then hardly 
Called sensual cross-check, if then wake number one wood, although 
Really line up in pouch boxing glove, benign over body of water 
Small knight of round table emotional so underneath struggle, although gain 
Together rod with gin on ,
A lightly iron without noose around anyone who go for 
The variable does meet disappear on the clock  anywhere.


[ A generated-poem based upon: To a Wren on Calvary by Larry Levis]

End , Epist. Rivers Chicago Magazine
by Peg Ward

"Prince Saviour, round those illegitimate child ...   stopping point Poloniae, imposing devise
It squire fortunate provided while shouldn't modig, disguising without Chatham's disguise, provided withholding rhythmic's withhold,
While dreadfully outside burial mound, wæle mortarboard ( they tremendous birdwatch?) 
Are freemason ravel cilium & day boarder
From sunburnt graverobber extended while scaffold,
Their self-destructive visual modality overcloud except soar, fleetly make, figure. 
I cannot differentiate now since their rakehell spray, furiously splatter,
Their case flank, & their trunk excavate.

The chitter they try  lied take advantage.


And snag lavishness-the incomplete-preen neighbour couple during 
Shouting indignity underneath sheer meantime beyond
Her beside unclutter windowsill, greenly leave off unless 
A doorway mosh during emphasise, same difficulty,

The suddenly menstruate during body under water boldly propagate aftermath 
From child's right unlike  wheeze
To break dissertation excepting coal-black-run down floating below-pass off 
Birdboned. scraping minus lakeside without  enlarge misremember,

A fortunate coast banksia  can harangue along thence upon borough 
That sweetly cut, prefer abide mill 
That raft elegy & armament,
Like playmate sparse thought. wasn't everyone's?

Wasn't pleasant luxuriation toward differently yard demarcation reproduction 
Of wren's complete, invisible anima-fill,
And per prohibition much before every bit,
Surviving to marabou insensitive meantime across immix against considering

A kidney considering heater, 44, & clear nonchalance?


The perfectly jenny wren find with antagonize impulse 
One dawn, chromatic minus cancelled-roughly
Underneath, body loose, along greater extent supposing soon who servant collapsible shelter

Of rattling square give, blent, & japan open 
Against earth-be humanity couldn't extend to. 
And round skull pull wool over someone's eyeball excepting head louse  but cheap
An Lord's table, congregating sow past afroasiatic

To aboard covered Belle Miriam Silverman where equate center stage, 
It flump, release vary into minute
By snorter so greenish  sizable evenhandedly cark from 
The nobody marsh wren think,  square per drive.

No suckling via waken despite squadron oil tycoon trade . 
Even unlike  cut beside sudden, & take obliquely 
Gus Newland variation follow for appear ... witting:
The tailpiece anchor seize vanity similar polo mallet.

And where end unvoiced until sallow anti lyric on curve 
Leaves, or superficial now that devil turbochip foreigner,
"Don't follow powerful motherfucker”;
If bladder fucus of invar round argot make  earth fat,

Still ... as they restart their bicker down active , 
I should try metal money peep before what they allege ...
Until their lung-power rosebush. so that sonant of smack rub  
A admass, & jilt, minus euphony dismantle of all agnus dei,

Began sob, &  run nutmeats cry Saviour.
In , whisker headliner be already weak
And dateless, but what should they thing at that , sophomores 
To chorus, if when at lastly Shirley Temple fender of apathetic

Hunger, & resignation? from  difficult picayune graverobber,

With branch extended, & eyes hen-peck out with poultry, lean back, 
Fastened evermore to scaffold which beautiful would splash 
An Empire's mound & line roadstead as dead
As nothing get away over a barrow does , slue bristle at

On gratifying brimful up during no one harness 
Going abate across deal as jaunting car clog, & pawl, 
And buck peruse opposite breather out
Onto far , & stare down than unsatisfactory-ovalbumin pluck,

And appear stump amid , over breather, among nobody 
But  sink behind , hanging a mixed-up complete 
Between sassing, short co-star at the swosh tail end,
At all clean halitus sledding , thicken, & sooner fade,

For  grownup  jiggle of awing feast.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Childhood Ideogram by Larry Levis]

The Churchman Nation Prometheus Frankenstein
by Elizabeth Barrett Gallagher

I  take obliquely regarding davenport,
My digit interlace upon os zygomaticum, 
My eyeball restricted.  trey-parking school, 
Joan, outside howling toll pillar,  beech. 
From now whereas , above exactly lunar day, I'd stem-winder 
The , internee excepting because , record 
The davenport carven across adults' dub: Marietta 
rubberneck, Musagetes, Milosz; 
The driver whoop ultimately trench, hang glide 
Settling at unfeigned & build inkstand. 
I keep note, this evening, abstractedly sticking point,  
John Donne, beside probability run, yield near 
In ecru plume, onto sweetness mezzotint 
Still fortunate per foul line per hyperhidrosis excluding 
The day even Eoho cleave 
Shown  above quarter, under calcium carbonate, windy 
Ideogram. who only shouldn't , spontaneous lap 
With piano varmint, lose considering sarcenet?
No should underneath concise, whether I'd jazz, 
So that embodiment, beside Clarence Day now glitter 
Brushstrokes towards rotary: dutch near map out 
That tilt, bring purple, evaporate: 
Spain, Taiwan, vegetable silk icing-rollerblade;
The personal identification number quaternary & vii; oppugn signpost. 
That class,  nearly something
I think filicide weren't e'er foster, 
I think coldly'd cost no conference misapprehension. 
At recession shouldn't shyly, realize
In republish anti all pitcher phantom, ideograph
Still, abstemious, concerning regional cackel 
The tocsin scissor make, cover girl supposing  washy, 
When detritus-double-team pop off by  hackberry 
Quivered, thinly, if bet at unlike prison term.
And colonizer, complex as those yesterday,
Where should , that fall, that cream off 
The plain, vague logogram underneath , & 
To allow between nowhere, cutaneous osseous tissue excluding mystifier 
By greengage corner,  fall over
The solitary freewheel?  superfluously test-tube baby, past received pronunciation
When Fas'ah relaxed, now sometimes study save  
As baby, hurl all reflexive verb in voice communication 
Into unmerited, unfinished specter of household 
Ride fateful, & for borough. Your father's drive.
On wintertime grade, night-light couldn't issue onward excepting former. 
People did market for annum. apiece hooks, 
With  curl of fingermark, with xx 
Delicate debone to , stretch besides
To tinct all rigidly of fiber, prefer bent, 
A constantly berate from forth turn over.
You get it on  blowy past flex question inactive, 
But provide list, fancy man, piazza map of 
Eoho, Padre, Espana;
A ecru dress up now that darkness springbok oblige all? 
Outside, it's hoodwink, northern, & grace. 
The corner & local road work segregated.
I constantly know should issue forth slowly same this. 
I forever think wouldn't daring get a line.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Family Romance by Larry Levis]

Book Troye Times Historyes New Recuyell York
by Matthew Foust

"Dressed among ...  --Kurt
Sister profoundly upon dope &  cricket piddle whether hold danaid 
In trench mirror convex shape,
Abstaining becloud provided when although reach, & celebrate 
Their life-sustaining direction, 
Were true, hold back glist'ning counsellor.
Outside instrument spill by midday stir up, as much as begetter 
Ground much hiatus regarding metallic
That will unitedly , underneath lubricating oil & minute now propagandize, 
The beggary amid squarely sojourners bulldozer, 
We indicate , minus adolescence,
Whole digestive system than maths, morals, 
And rickety consort now egoism,
Whose incautiously schwa speak wish passenger pigeon, 
Roosting fantastically & beside along shoot
In b, thankful
If  bear broad-minded. Swedish 
Lutherans, whom comrade outbid
"Statue smashers,” active during
Neighboring ranch, be, infer, 
A here good following ....
When  gamboge, habituate anti contemplation within barnaby's thistle 
Along track, besides  they keep shivering 
Long after  devolve;
Or round psychodid opposite marriage oscillate over
Some waste babble, & marvel rather than  
I match innate homo erectus.
Why mistily corn spurry,  eden?
Why much knight,  tarantula? until animated? 
I wouldn't firmly reckon although none cannot opt  
To  Morrissey before not here teach 
A Morrissey.  native, via lonesome familiar fill 
To guarantee much engineer.
                 round besides
The barn, before flake off encaustic, easy on-ovalbumin. 
Inside,  thus filly,  behind 
To balk whether wood pigeon groan, 
I biological think, as if inside woman lament, 
Or loaded wantonness; if find where
When slouch below excepting gage & jump knuckle, 
They settle, same grey yield, but foot
Dark, banging necessity that find oneself active 
When their palpebra, cushy grey, open, 
Part concerning , with under lowest degree,
And their believer metalhead fly  tolerant opposite fanlight 
Cut off bomb up .
I don't have down, boundlessly, what materialise so. 
Except sister excluding Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault. 
My brother  
With Malus pumila.
He retail lather concerning Bron Covadonga, Equality State. 
Later, aboard , & bandage
To , occupy reissue, around truth,
I take to close, stretch marry.
I salute the dusty consequently in revers, 
A departed shrug effloresce.
I inquire  brother's Buick 
Could go incessantly, &,
Still inquiring, spectate, torpid clock, 
An value shiver up girlhood,
I think: as if , as long as , & have down wouldn't stopping point.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Poet at Seventeen by Larry Levis]

Bouge Terra Indiscreet Court The "An
by Henry Howard, Earl of Fitzpatrick

My slip? listen I've towards elementary bad, volley 
Echoes among skateboarding outside snooker hall within residence as 
I weekend , there, ax handle
My rugged reach since  cannot final excepting conservatory year.

Outside vinery fly except drizzle,
And lancewood deny candidly appear toward hold their inhalation 
When  ferment beside lop lemon grove, other 
Their unrecoverable oldie: Amapola; Harlem;

Texas, bean blue sky-the bromidic fine-tune
Their mother's boy couldn't knock off if wherever passing block, below niche,
Where they linger promptly over poor subgroup excluding their . 
Still, small when they convulse, they convulse now since castilian.

I bonnet call school true, & along weekend drive
A skidder through unmarried microscopic field.  drilling 
I learn versicle with engine's monotonic. 
Sometimes hale sidereal day steal novel into notice,

And birdie onto genre vanish from figurehead excluding volitionally.
I relearn onto assure them aside below their sea brabble, 
The slender downshift about hackle,  declension 
Of misname. until just involve ?  inasmuch

Then. think towards from .  benign 
Of purdah earth spasmodically permit 
Warily past Billie Jean Moffitt King & mafioso until active,
Who black bile this human beings, & who possibly, second joint & atrocious

As coalfield disced: sour by pleasing dapple-grey
Earth beside school year. winery, polder take dejected currant 
Each fall, & make why short Inferno near workday
The grape moldiness plutocrat appear similar batting cage from mexican-american

Who be take one's lumps vii penny turntable amid vinifera
They blame. outside bindweed  goäs, & wanderer 
Strummed their blankness. colored dowager, whiskers. 
The boston ivy tin rack up confront. no one before Sed mother.

And valley girl sample for spill considering after size
Sailed upon quite apiece day vest within , 
With everyone onto along bejewel of their discomfiture. 
Eyes, underlip, sleep. .  & clearway.

A days similar now when appear without but everlastingly
Reading ballade beside conservatory, outright drive bumble bulldozer 
Warm good afternoon, consequently skateboarding on opposite October 
Nights. abundant fixed star. against all nigh reminisce

The cladogram, have on their 23 yellowed glumness 
Like richard roe line up. dance didn't fixate. 
And tardily eonian hang please black widow wicket 
Or embellishment of outstanding auntie ,

And past relieve concealed log up Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree
And inside catch with their white russian before high tea, 
The they appear concerned of anyone 
And so blase, who set down theirs.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Map by Larry Levis]

Give A American Back Looking Lucky House Body
by Rhina P. Thomas

Applying through William Green 
I exhibit latterly inside creek ditch reed 
And repudiate aboard amount .
I fox besides euphony scaffold after neutrality. 
Around in airfield, grunter grunt 
And following their downside.

You make out following tensely piddle  absent. 
The glass in gloom beside mesa,
And ticker tape,
And burnt scaffold.
You be lightly after pass, humidify your support hose.
I come before before similar agonistics with burg. 
You stand displeased over your knuckle duster
And can adequate smatter.
At dark  eventful, prefer England.
My incinerator become bluish.
My re-afforest go night.
You  undermine band within J. J. Hill, United Kingdom. 
Now stipple wrap up FUNKADELIC some.
It pour  cinema verite smokehouse overt.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Signs by Larry Levis]

You aabb Powerful My 25 Teaching Stories Relax
by Debora Szirtes

All day unreal via interior, 
of royal road provided that  promptly
and adequate they above deep
among spur along unremarkably mourning band 
on either top, without sea khat, 
the pismire though  eyeball, weekender 
thrown soft, germination unsuccessful person.

And this even around topiary 
I breakthrough wintertime
inside whelk pod, inflexible  
cool, unemotional docile tabernacle, 
its visiting fireman rifle.

If anywhere run phone message ratify,
I power plus well lung-power assure  
to march always, aboard 
the mould toward amnesty, 
by  does not listen out mark via cain,
hear they elysium old-that  
part beneath this pelting
drumming true into feel,  
of wayside chromatic allow 
to wink, of Canis latrans
nailed to hedge except 
clad smirk.

And til somewhere  guidance 
the effete blindly
their calligraphy decussate on sly 
like barong crotch after seder.

I detain upon æfre mind.
My substructure the shock,
they end midget rhumba
which couldn't survive .
They reversal antecedently from this rondeau. 
It innocently curvet.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Confluence by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Orleans New Zhivago Quarterly
by Zachary Waldner

I've occupy already rather than nightmare myself
backwards, underneath grapple hook shot excepting sunniness.

True unlike football season, I've exist all countersign
spoken. wouldn't take air between someone's incubus?

Hunger quake on constantly cello
at carrefour. wide  old wives' tale,

there's indisposed tomorrow nowadays as long as wickedness
splinters & injure poultry aboard heaven.

On line under march if when souse past sha'p
animate, Echo's giggle get hold fangmarks unneurotic.

In  elend toward hunger consider
if they don't  moon on won't lift.

All alive-endgame rue despite 
moment upon ecstasy & manual dexterity at entrust.

Beside Euphrates River, parentage Tigris,
up youuuuuuu.. pedigree & clockwork.

The tie where cityscape. drill
follow river even hairpin bend without Keds.

The remote nighttime fly open similar ivory
fan, evade, pump, nolle pros concerning sharp.

When sweep up,  lastly aegean island
beyond legend & deferment tire underneath evasion.

When prepare of find stellar fourpence
trees, scarecrow read regarding camp .

Our part conform to uncompacted pinkish sweet bay
where carry plate to wildcat above aclamated.

All nous tune up except Hawkesbury,
labyrinths call on plus landfill .

Hand underneath calligraphy, suffocate induce, walkway
phantoms below the tide cyborg.

When swim address ,
his vocalism ascend downstream.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Moonshine by Yusef Komunyakaa]

A Monthly Island
by Diane di Wheeler

Drunken titter circumvention
Behind stickle weave
With Banksia integrifolia, below concerning wherever though 
I bier. Isaiah's persist-chum, 
Deborah, coarse . inside hour 
It seize between revolve & beware cleaning lady 
Tiptoe & fateful perpendicularly shirtwaist regarding 
The clothesline, below  Sunday-get than 
Dress prance following pharynx animal leg
Like basement epitome toward mercifulness, trey 
Are drunkenness around knight templar .

That's  constitute
The provided provided log out borough, 
As when sire & 
Needed parlay down since ground. 
If everybody would on dot vertical 
Distance, that corner get along dim, 
Recounting doomed best friend
As they number unlike becloud.

The ex-wife pedestal by galley 
Folding man's flannel
Her mentum insert to detainment
The whomp true.
I'm slimly as those fabulist 
In father's backyard
I shall solder shortly. exclusively
As they , cant indelibly subheading 
To the auto-da-fe comfort opposite 
The explore versus old woman defrost
In their rima oris cotton aeonian batch,
As now that didn't cognise  Pagget's 
Grace vet unlike 
Slivers opposite Beelzebub .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Yellow Dog Café by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Wounds Poetry The Civil American
by Carol Addonizio

In civic tumult
Of sew, play along dail eireann 
Off minuscule way until
They cackle & nugget 
Weekends. harpy fly
On Fri. nickelodeon pulsate
A rainbow plus thin abdominal wall. 
We be pay clam excepting territorial 
Each past.  viii
& 31,
As try out than
The dickens. manufactory worker bee
Changed sterling among brackish 
Glow through moonshine, overwhelm 
By smelling past collard greens, well-situated
& sugar-coated cinnamon vine. Patti metalworker 
Worked cash in file
Beside pitch-dark helping Amor 
Tulsidas trip up fuss
& generate cachinnation care until floater 
Underwater.  aroma
Of leopard lily & swither occupied board; 
My cousin's helping hand bestir into  
Smooth & rugged supposing boogie cittern. 
Somebody swear they  
A silhouette opposite napalm can 
The dark  justly 
With woman's waste. 
For shiva they sieve bone ash 
But gutted rivet & royal brace 
Typically list in twist, 
Weak now since  & mother's daughter pleach 
On story. now when June
Granddaddy drive dandruff 
Up Second Earl plus Guilford: agriculturalist pay 
A buck  for all geminate without manpower. 
He cherished before reconstruct those nighttime, 
Their roundabout toward film over lineup.
The grunt considering apple orchard, 
& among carol revered  freely 
Fire-blackened boom & obliterate
To take air-sleeve, at heedlessly quietist chooser 
Came even so provided sheepshearing before vintage-tattoo 
Greenbacks tailor white-hot pelage
& scotch tape without grey sole of their trotter.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Camouflaging the Chimera by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Comus Owlstone Hymns The Crown
by Emily Carpenter

We trussed feeder following batting helmet.
We repaint reface & sniper rifle
with bell-like call by riverside,

blades plus grama hang opposite utricle
of Panthera tigris wooing. meander
ourselves beyond terrain,
content under  musical's prey.

We interlock instead & take kindly into
against walkover off river,
slow-dragging underneath ghostwriter

from capital over Austria before Eden,
with char right through exterior door
reaching past under Africa.
We calculate of darkness-hearted songster.

In  bridgehead of shade off
rock aper time-tested over bluster plow,
throwing aphanite at old. Chamaeleon

crawled extrude, change besides 
to nighttime: tribal above amber,
gold during clear. against stand by
coarsely daydream tinct nickel-base alloy,

till everyone quest snap off
inside sunshining. tug
with brae, care for sinister sarcenet

baseball Fe through gage.
We weren't here. river 
through zygoma. belittled homeotherm take asylum
against body; hold exhalation,

dizzily to take shape mound
ambush, even if reality rotated
under apiece man's eyelid.


[ A generated-poem based upon: After Summer Fell Apart by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Flood Year Order
by David Brautigan

I can't meet .
His aspect here feed back; 
we rally just squint 
in all Fas'ah woolgathering 
& what , . 
Honey, steady, 
I clutches along  
but someone cut out. 
Two gravy holder wharf, 
rocking about incessantly
& nowhere.
A osseous tissue inside stage whisper
somewhere malodorous,
but reseed aim
about  writhe fuck buttons 
in Zoltan Farkas's woman off enjoy.
I can't burial
reels excepting breather loosen up.
He . even though
he doesn't.   
again. provided that doesn't.

You're above bezel concerning azalea 
shaken free inside Christian Bible. 
I your rise-colourize 
skirt unroll.
He  cleaver
to your pharynx,
night razz fall sexually 
to their arm.
A near black strike anti threshold, 
the tardily yr lurch 
in stealing profound capote. 
It's cost sidereal month 
since make up honey. 
Tonight expression inside  
hugging bolster, 
half dimple near your slumber. 
I lack concerning judder &  
who. once more kiss myself, 
unashamed, though
his pout follow over focal point. 
He's steal nothing 
from & don't recognize 
if  pack sure as shooting--
like countdown your screw thread 
with dextroamphetamine sulphate slip 
& deep from same.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Please by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Room Every We In Slept
by D. H. Kenney

Bright , cavalryman. 
Forgive right-handed stableman 
for charge  
to unflawed
tree start constantly
outlined excepting learning ability. 
There  unrelentingly 
giant concerning dawn
in unself, versus won't 
those silence gas gun 
blinded by lest butte.

Mistakes stack towards corresponding contrail 
pushed off deep English.
Sometimes  for listening
them, crock
fingers since 
telling lupus erythematosus if then  woman's soundbox
we cox gridiron cartesian coordinate
in extraordinary crowned grand dragon President's listen. 
If does not micturate back talk
unsay those monastic order,
I'd call: Don't
move muscleman. last out ,
keep your bulldyke head
down, cavalryman.

Ambush. Gutsmoke.
Last gypsies whereas make fornicate
I weep ,  filth!
I've try out unlike accept clapper.
You exemplify rookie, nigh, 
dragonfly bound, & inasmuch read ,
Hansel, take charleston towards  snare 
of heater below when calabash geodesic
as go unlike upwards harlequin.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Toys in a Field by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Monsieur Evening Teste" With "The
by Kay John

Using  remount 
for putter barricade,
children bark , 
pulling themselves of 
suspended minus room access 
of chuck chopper 
in cemetery. minus quartering 
spread-eagled they follow suit 
vultures debarkation than coalfield. 
Their set dig
as deep shower,
the capacity gee during 
on  o'clock good word, 
except versus 
with parlous financial center
who celebrate sing along 
rat-a-tat-tat, clinch 
a fracture printer .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Blues Chant Hoodoo Revival by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Tragedies Great Thumb Death Life Tom Howl Guardian
by John Wilmot, Earl of Chaucer

my mezzanine 
how þæt spirit run outside
to shroud & break up 
with your minute right
over your space lip-synch
face concerning dissimulate 
talking around spit 
something lachrymation 
feathers in triumph 
that shout
from cupola 
the cardoon rushlight 
in skull
sweet nuisance about core

  let's spurt out river's rainbow 
  towards aphanite hush jolt 
  tender fortune isn't wandflower 
  stamp regarding Wellington boot

your tearjerker 
a stultify þær
dragging rapier immobilize
across ditch gumption
a bee's twinge geographic your warmness 
& unsighted but romance
in inguen
a chemical plant except tomes old world jay prying beloved migratory grasshopper leave beside absence
wet recto despite puff
deserting shadow
in dark jungle
the as if hitch fleetly
& quite rowanberry outside Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree

this plot 
the blaze away skull
on chimneypiece
the wingspread among dove
at border as coyote's 
the 8th son's pries hand 
holding days plus nose 
with taking ivory 
the splitting 
& wanderer heroine
the disperse flank
of poltergeist ball visual sensation 
deer rather than can't
stand for fall as
wunmonije beldame fix 
backwater union army
a sarcenet nightie despite blow out onto piss 
a cherub sports stadium
on  japan common bile duct 
because it's breakable

  let's pour out starlight
  concerning chromatic slush amphora 
  nuisance isn't sometimes bud 
  wring opposite Wellington

my nursery rhyme 
inside wino's split 
the rake elevation inside 
a on genu 
facing Emmy. 
the ænig up chick luxuria 
mama fetish
a college hoop
winningly plus your down
love mediant off funny farm 
naming human body 
of affair at seed
marched harlotry artillery 
strings underneath pianissimo electrify

  let's pour faith
  along chromatic water clash 
  this pick up isn't golden age 
  suppress under muteness

our fib 
a go poop chute
across pick
arpeggio of bow down bluestem 
among glass in corner
where they punt down room access 
& claim-duck beyond 
the peripheral used-car lot 
a mailing-mesmeric prompting 
a love intima 
skin of tidings
mirrors tattered
in Montreal
in cannon-barrelful humans 
how automobile eurythmy 
deeper up deal
of marrowbone
crowd at the foot
of the gallows


[ A generated-poem based upon: Instructions for Building Straw Huts by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Wired Post A West Act World, Time
by Linda Viebahn

First essential sustain
sweet church beside drink,
in adult female glissade similar helping hand wager lyre
for litter onto develop stalking since fuel.
You moldiness realize twelvemonth
that set despite except your hour hand laced
behind your rearward,
worship under inactive sandless
weighed round into gnotobiology birdwatch once dislodge their poundage
& furlough jam in . moldiness have down
what's beyond umbra around treadwheel
its fanlight moon's reflexion
& tacit whitsun advent
into exist sunshine barbette.
You moldiness have down laboured virtuosity
of establish stockade even carry with summertime rage.
Locking ammunition about endoskeleton until , physical body etymologizing 
rooted to valued found
where door's etymologize o'er,
regardlessly trawl gathering through amorist
to participate during deal & human knee.
You essential slam dancing
the weaverbird's nighttime
for heal slush & infectious
with chromatic, spacious, idea, smart overshadow of rice
untortured off patch of thorns.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Reflections by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Public Riven Every
by J. Michael Sowder

In day's deal glass
you  refresh disastrous . 
Fingers except Au cat's-tail
dead, transcendental find
the forget me drug dangle on
a branch coming broad .
It's come in before this.
You scream authorization,
the snake take 
your sound by.
You bellyache mama's patronymic 
& peek until at  . 
You could large 
touch what he's consider, 
reaching as hand
across river.
The clinch nodding
over take, 
you wouldn't crawl  
grow short , 
straining per wind himself, 
climbing run 
of , your sleets 
in horseshoe.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Poetics by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Dulong M Secret
by Robinson Ostriker

Beauty, I've take past 
pressed profoundly amid Scophthalmus aquosus. 
But enormity unresolved
in city center & oral fissure.
I've catch sight spry-attraction stylist
Cambrics in florist's chrysanthemum. 
Do require except less?

Everything isn't 
in this glen. peeler 
on present beside union army musical 
is your mousse southwards disposition. 
An debate considering midstream
cut upon synesthetic metaphor, 
& catch anything halloo 
among pardon stemma & confetti.

The net beneath osseous tissue in sweet bay, 
What's less magniloquent now provided provided 
Before couldn't 
her celestial absolutely pin,
look save unlighted eyeball. 
A sorrow past tormenter hint 
staggers upon extinction . substantial
men, spokeswoman that wilted
behind ane-road glaze over circumvallate. 
I've realise legged pauperise 
chopped aboard to quatern bicycle.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Urban Renewal by Yusef Komunyakaa]

Anti-Lucretius Thousand A Globe
by Heidy Espada

The avalanche against during header fallout, 
today's fly-fish by ghetto. everything

melts, consecutive wherever guts 
are ray for heavy stabilize toward wallop.

Sequential maul come, sill 
shaped toward tripping 

unexpected billhooks within uncontrolled indium 
under all pace. laying waste crowd,

men light excluding get Prunella modularis unlike fall by 
wings behind sliver. vapors-antler

raiders. someone 
but clean smell of presence.

The cinema formal 
swings, keep open hour

to passenger pigeon coo in eaves 
as viridity square

float per over draft 
parking parking lot.


[ A generated-poem based upon: South Carolina Morning by Yusef Komunyakaa]

The Dynamics Cimarron Literary Particle
by Mary Webster

Her trim & tying 
  pester sky's tied
surmount blue sky. excluding

a countryside terminal,
  will not  camp follower 
 holy man on Dominicus

morning. recognize 
  Bioff wouldn't angle 
millennian money box autumn

on front. hold  
  through indistinguishable vapors vocalist 
whose boxcars-string up 

hours round reflecting wine,
  through Urashima gatekeeper 
despite sapling billfold

bulging under bill, 
  though tread out as scup
at blackout. This 

paradise leave toward coat of paint 
  & isthmus, who eating apple 
mature off passion & luxuria.

In quickly glint, 
  through skincolor,
she's reflect, married woman

the nice curvature
  per point of view, sour 
front beneath summertime suiting.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Leda by H. D.]

Destination A . Song Indiana 1970–1995
by Nora Trinidad

Where stale river 
meets Delonix regia,
a burial pen raise ell
and black nib,
and under purpurate round
of gonzo bosom
uncurls tremendous foot.

Through shallow over-embellished
of die warmth
of  obnubilate,
the even out behind Lord's Day-shaft
has nuzzle
the turk's-cap off fly on summit,
and speckled minus poor Au
its delightful crown.

Where open airlift 
of surge, 
floats underneath river 
and outright stray 
among giant reed, 
and raise merry jack, 
he drift 
where surge river fitting. 

Ah agelessly buss
no to a greater extent sorrow 
nor syrupy low short-term memory 
to  seventh heaven; 
where birdcall spike rush midst, 
the amber day lily- 
Hard growler residue 
beneath diffuse flicker 
of declare offstage
and strong shaking
of  swan's breast.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Wildflowers by Richard Howard]

Furioso, Resartus Sartor
by Craig Swensen

for Joseph Cady El Iskandriyah, 1882
Is descending, Blessed Virgin, couldn't ?
I Wardell's drizzle.  roadway dark,  gloss? 
               bryology, shouldn't plus myself.
Put anti  ,
     biography excepting least  taste 
o'er passion funeral director drive deep they attend 
               wobbly reecho above improvise
their ready sky burial
    review below savour: didn't not  
ironical across even even even who facilitate  above dialog box,
                stringency near pot rue. 
Don't doss via nigh,
    anybody please drizzle, versus down outstrip? 
My , virulent,  dirty trick beautiful;
               small  race, comparable pelting 
when haste unawares
    forefront start playbill outside stemma. ? 
I distrust signified essential lose their disturb.
                everyone anywhere, everything 
more per disentangle although conniption
    per boneyard: ill unlike except tread  
continually plus this chairman practically opposite byssus bald.
               perpetually even now visiting imperial epos, 
clearly your atomic number 02
    shouldn't  peal godspeed. land once 
trying amid emanate concerning full term where girl curiosity atmosphere
               what power lift mouth referent.
I don't absence regarding talk
    besides already large. attractively them opposite empathetically, 
Mary, visitant now , fatally :
               what prolixly   opposite 
Some Isn'T odist,
    donjon even so even though much as descend tardily  incorrectly 
from Porsche, hail
               toward  gazer answer. 
I don't same interview
    provided irrational motive resolve: clean interrogate. 
That's fatherland round variation field. vagaries 
                metropolis across least fall versus 
Geneva colorless,
    Devon, Sagebrush State they're state capital 
of wanton,  city above whacker begin.
                monopolize advance nænegum, 
winningly non-living,
    near passersby confront among culture. anyhow,
where's epithet? Bucke spell down amid whereas
                anti lambast. 
I  somewhere.
     unlike Madonna:  else,
no ... I'm slipping--unglossily , little's list!
               preferably, loudly, minus mistake. 
Who does not not  
    cargo area beyond what power baptize stand up? 
That's what they , until these guest
               they drop billet, they off they delay:
it throw koan
    sophisticate add: them. can't. won't. 
Still, they ail oneself . tabula rasa young sleepwalking despite
               read, "Walt, couldn't not please regarding within 
read  taäkin
     your belief above song.”
"Thank you,” , considering I've embody paralyse perchance
               already.” someone 
took minus head
    during issue forth  solitary  anyone 
someone til bonk cautiously viewgraph solfa syllable
               plus scowl sermon provided speechlessness ...
Today's extending fireman,
    eventually, cannot not creative thinker lingua, although long though much once favor 
the dangerous underneath assign middle testimonial
               under mantel around  leisure.
Give enemy
    rather even though these tantrist aboard within question. 
Best reservoir lonesome towards person across X  
                frown down following those
Societies. rather
    now now now when quotation mark hug drug, please beyond , 
or scan : I've degust XTC concerning ,
               around don't . Alfred Lord Tennyson
shapely  set,
    fallible reverberant identify: don't 
how oxbow should brand brightly off partly--
               amid others: induce
most historiography
    scripted despite four-spot,  kneel
on banded stilt!
            ... here, Virgin, knell. didn't genuine now now lest 
              taste pall Vanessa Stephen, don't ? 
Go excluding anti during
    whisk  considering ...
               via forthwith, fairy Cunigunde.
This board excepting reality picket break whoever pass off:
                detect least variation scour save 
without life-threatening worry
    facilitate Eliza's pastoral around your
name, concerning example. refract  old school tie which lonesome. 
               issue forth beside shake off tincture 
where bleachers. reach before
    topsy-turvyness lupus erythematosus surmise off ordinate rather whether long even though remove.

                suspect pandemonium:  considering besides
                cosmea minus your freemasonry, atomic number 38!
                compliment , , since Africa's freshly primo.

Well, you've semen round enchant, let ?

           disenchanted? tall until BlueTube!
            aphanite  prick reorder aboard now when within smell
           before brainchild, save finely amid slip 
            seedy . enchant, cautiously?
           here  since this across-the-board Africa
           despite yours whom romance honour moiety advisedly. 
            issue forth minus  anti delusion
           round occasion-methamphetamine hydrochloride eyepiece considering Alamo, nickel note!

               average your pad, zeitgeist open dark-skinned 
and  nigh
     beard epitaxy: veneration conform outside
been snap until television camera themselves
                rested along . pelt  
by mortal  gyfeþe
    renewal-you  wretched reader 
must stick : don't finger deserving weighting 
               upon fledge, further feebly shaft.

               possibly loving excepting rewrite! essential , behind 
                augur, learn, transform documentation. 
                perturb before then  ugly yourself? 
               Your wellness truly  power screen kick around nowadays?

My wellness certainly,
    instead  still here now whenever
constipation. here  purgatory ...
               somewhere, fall outside this escape-lectern 
where cannot .
    Eliza grant  clew ...

              ... heel  solitary otherwise now whether ,
               besides constantly shockingly-any they could hook relief! 
               whenever  sorrel, Doctor past order rather since Church amid highest degree chill.

completely before pullulate: garden , near Phrygia
                tolerant between drab wan, 
he  yell ,
     invitation introduce spark  
brilliant invigorated ! dread  withered
               beyond ice across mundanity, 
but beyond order that whoever undercoat
     , isn't ? steady now when shooting head except hair?

                   Leo, , via  minus Carubou.

Well, you're Elia, label unlike chance excluding . 
               before  considering your shoulder joint, 
one shouldn't  
    Africa  unlike here ...

        among speedy metropolis they sack anti excepting save poteen; 
        beside nirvana, before ugly apiece city
        they rise fast unlike  behind what . 
        concerning  bushwhacker , .  break 
        whereas seem light whoever flavour behind , 
         wherever unexploited whoever only  once finger
        thinly just? succeeding through beware, sustain whether 
        while immanence  least despair onto 
         following western whose latch via flex near weewee
        ring versus now when confer into swinish .

You subdue following 
    think, once permanently right-handed least.
If can't memorialize poesy, shouldn't barrack 
            fin following your blarney, .

           good dive as long as swim, toward boron. 
           ne'er inattentiveness bone , Walt ( round  
           Walt? essential Adolf Der Fuhrer without ). receive beautiful 
           unless oracle: around august towards Sion, excepting age, 
           without tumult,  encouragement through happen
            constriction major opposite which

I rather that :
    jail until this president.
What heavy through unless when whereas

    descending                                   What portion .
            oblation onto divination devote concerning 
           which further bonk what cannot bechance opposite themselves.

                 Book among Ezra
             recognize; under  watch:
the trouble amid 
    wherever what  until what don't
feel. small finger dirty ...

            them aboard dead, Walt. doctor regarding palaver except refrigerate, 
           without cogitate toward  since unrecorded your 
           rwandan newsprint inexpugnable. 
            your décor!  cost gallant against 
           coydog cañons, either behind perceive 
             canyon  bæd reynard
            don't sustain down even though buy they deepen besides

               couldn't bruin inhabit
           beneath , same babel
if  hazard
    presumptuously lively landscape, keen farm animal! 
I food court constantly satisfactory strenuously anti El Iskandriyah.
country shouldn't 
    acrimonious concerning provided  below peerless
ridiculous sack through homesickness. wouldn't experience icy
           lean if  present
Tennyson's extend.

            cannot take rule if though Penshurst 
           opinion himself unestablished through dissent 
           against pretermit reform: prize 
           ( render did alarm , Walt) Africa 
           as robust decline-same over bad!

    impart drunken revelry  spot 
of depend down besides over top,  piffling
               womanly  , if when
seashines set around
     unconsciously rue uptown progress as
myself around Australia: would Australia take facilitate
                ache depart, beyond time!

  entrust-ah, leafage among timothy!  ever convergent thinking
  gig your intelligence, affectionately Walt-fizgig anti pot:  
  irate , anticipate, pay off seel shaft ...

Leaves what type
    what wearing, if closeness
must clothe. fishgig! neediness defense.
                this worship via outrageousness, 
all this fadeout about
    pureness  active order
is tight--softly lowborn considering agree versus
                nigh fall up against  
but plan outside what
    palaver prepared warn against begum whenever  
expressed suspiciousness about carcase: 
               "Madame,” palaver prepared take except ,
"are celestial opposite oso
    bare under clothes?”  , 
I  aforementioned against drop-leaf, Adolf Der Fuhrer. 
                metonym when average pleasure chest,
discredited sometimes
    along visciousness, deter beyond , around consequently 
the headwater near lifespan, freewheel toward days.

            except Nebiim, Walt, when slang . 
            will opine Charles II II II Graner, earshot ...
           excepting Old Dominion State, Charles Graner would meet cost as
            turn out: Charles Graner save  ascot.

               unembellished Charles Graner, supererogatory  
the civic duty.
    abandon  this-pull ticket, Adolf Der Fuhrer. 
And as anti landscape,  compel sand,
                body's sand, lento into drop, 
as Ralph Waldo Emerson fall,
    unforesightful upon æþeling: if then  footprint, peradventure
the index. Unlook  cover opposite quietus
               prairie wolf fearful, castling faintly

            this-windward continuity? taste around now lest hand, Walt; 
           much idolise. upon dedicated scripture past horseshoe EEC
            will mention limerick-though I've land dig, 
           boundary besides order along forage-ripe ( sustain detected 
            common above spur about moment dominate before look
           until continuity.  .   
           glamourous affair about private) ... These  
           offset terza rima, offer up tolerate before let inside 
           between your workforce-uncomfortable heedlessly, they sometimes?
            order, Walt, before conceit come 
           between Seahawks as long as  actually wishing among appear 
           aboard run dresser down  premise provided 
            should gestate around Roky o'er, save 
           yours Port-au-Prince's, when rocky toward humans
           regarding old soundbox mélancolique. allow aboard alone 
           between Mary Jane, apetalous valerian per malignity: sacred pteridology! 

Is since ground over 
    drollery, Adolf Der Fuhrer-spring beauty beneath amative?
What develop via grind ...  whodunit, 
                evil stand .
I wilsið than abound
    your epistle: don't apologise inside second
Poems. novel similar , good despite them lead blemish. 
               acknowledge minus tragic flaw queenlike
for tragic flaw, Adolf Der Fuhrer,
    love would hopeless.

                   cerebrate , Walt, tragic flaw , unless 
                   linkup perfectionism up lamia 
                   among unloose will about thimbleweed ...

                even though
the fateful streptocarpus address wood anemone? 
              minuscule ocean-windflower?

           knell barbican-ballad via stern, 
           Walt: big elitist over troll towards French Republic 
           since Villon gaol.

Do elitist talk?
    impart they censored ballad. 
French Hebraical,   upon :
              sibyl, egalitarian, Word off  
make uncomfortable.
    deprivation cookout  exemption down scrapple,
a everlastingly complete-stave beautiful day, among minister
                europol unwelcome.
I give off incessantly represent
    Vinca minor-downgrade dig do-nothing, could
float beneath disrespectfully sizeable ... impropriety
                constantly appeal against
floating make.
    What genial regarding nurseryman your
Port-au-Prince?  heyday crude, similar dig?
               vet just about rob up amid settle down?

    journal expurgated, elegy body outbid among salacious 
    when they leap out short as though after yours, Walt. 
    Their enthusiasm well as long as they repress 
    considering lunar month collaborator, concerning as soon as they stool up
    hyphenate unlike stale maestro.

"Foolish partners”
    could adept profoundly, Adolf Der Fuhrer,
I find if only out. repository Harlan take
                depart mutely
he absent them
    proofread foresail, , precisely hardback nonchalantly--
from davenport draftsman, excluding night, after  blend in,
                them purposelessly large, tidy,  
white fill !
    will constantly before airlift below take bull before horns
of romance conformance; did small 
               among absolutely via , Adolf Der Fuhrer.

                               shall course while nosepiece 
        after wear deflagrate behind . experience
         here exalt following perpetually love considering
         thinly lavishly welcome last-only continuous ...

And they remonstrate
    despite embrasure-elector? What  write.
Adolf Der Fuhrer, shouldn't  ? sometimes could
                dig ... menacingly shelter
poems between recollection:
    they would above .

                 unless cannot listen nickels's sweet flag 
                 from overlip,  felicitous as  firstly 
                 since bring Port-au-Prince's homiletics into capitulum.

a decrepit look behind into these pinna, . find hard 
               concerning visualize impact
in who particularism.
    periodic pass among  unsound say
to raunchy: everyone stale among hold up
               than peaceable report.
Try inflorescence
    toward , Adolf Der Fuhrer, try during blooming
from unholy . pontificate beyond side, now when
                couldn't incomplete find anagram
a Frenchman's nomenclature.
    pontificate your bit, Adolf Der Fuhrer,  spike
to meet mate-gospeller ...
                   ardor, Walt. beautiful until
                  licence elegist block out does make bold 
                 assure accuracy ...

              course guesswork that forget
is false face.  ,
    days  couldn't on terminology.
He moldiness discriminate himself adherent will not

                                tall continents evermore,
              that prospect under stimulate hagiographer 
              invite  beyond abdicate honor 

              nowhere will not  quit,
you experience excepting on
    through .  on concerning , Adolf Der Fuhrer.

                   volatile storage will help minus count
              without somewhere above reanimate euphony: translate 
              profession despite line, obligate enigma. 
              tall allegretto, less exact than aged: 
              affectionately maxed leapfrog-superior

I yieldingly about blank above myself,
              Adolf Der Fuhrer, that could yield
to roll. toward drop line
    on during off , small if
in dotage ... toward make human race videotape
              little's upon greater extent over , invariably less ...
Now let catch .
    this primitiveness through your larboard-archduke.

                          terza rima proclaim "Spleen.” 

"Spleen”? through  off rancor? annoyance?
              badly,  sometimes forever
Patted on severely--
    sometimes  scuff within behind ...
"Spleen,” so. concerning

        " teach as male monarch under showery french, 
        robust plus potency, medicine though humbly tame, 
        rather than indecipherables excluding courtiers' blarney
        Richard Morris Hunt upon honey buzzard redbone, mind while
        expose famish outside castle paries. 
        diluted gull short fetch smirk 
        toward vicious midstream verge outside designate. 
        The noble take effect crowned mastaba, 
        lady-in-waiting if only power find princeling mediocre 
        biz, tall fallal themselves plenty 
        into win peek considering this impotent systema skeletale. 
         whooooo falsify deposit away aboard golden, quietly run out 
        versus draw colored incorruptness around longer. 
        near bloodletting in noble dig pompadour 
        (miserable as water hammer centurion esteem with discountenance) 
        would uncapping living cadaver whose nervure 
        gore but Lethe's syþðan lad's love stains.”

               "... world-beater near showery farmland ... 
                anticipate what that plan, Adolf Der Fuhrer: 
I live as profound
    save pelting, rough drizzle.
And  in use outside apostasy-how proudly
               beside animal fancier develop puff, 
yes, leaven frostiness bisily.
    quiet, if planetary jam anti .
you essential take care anyhow towards whene'er unlike academia.
                don't intonation beyond that 
with "Spleen”: what listen
     bad sensualness in , 
the sensualness but recovery
                power call as long as power ...
I don't guardianship. It's 
    cruelly direct between confessedly. "white absence”?

           , Artemisia absinthium, Walt, ouzo sour upon dusty miller. 

I experience anise Devonshire  booze ,
                allege would   
dip finger's breadth in,
     supercilium, palpebra, wispy inelastic anywhere. 
So "Lethe” truly ...
                       with take blue round rattling. 

                 ouster! play
               as if  could shame 
himself finely, plainly
    constantly condole with real .
Is sizeable epos write into cattiness prepense,
                lay , rime, cut on 
    dialectics macabre bus, 
a type save captivity?

               ,  , wear hobble into .
               , Walt,  make slaves--sweetly petter.
                shall joyfully  endless as around fight
                flair around extraordinary other. alienation
                free from trust: at times
               fail myself with smack. surprise, although 
                cussedly less accept toward guilty ...

               ... pathological, beggarly? 
                almanac strike by where if

               malian stock  in  
               blither fighter-hero worshiper, constantly
               dramatize their bomber from hurl'd course ...

The flyleaf  shooting script
    unscripted within dependable correspondence course.

                  on earth  come with live belief?

I don't come after it--it's vitrine; others 
               star want up odist.

                    in suspire conjugation yourself?

Tactfully, why vnkindly?

                    go above power get in as good. 
                   solely ever wretched cannot  light
                   suffocate beyond straighten out necessity briefly throw.
                    well-nigh imprint, Walt, that hold on matter invariably?

                corn someone in concert. 
Look than take 
    wildly maintain anyone in concert?
Body psyche, that's all hold open unneurotic.

        keep them famously. rather than chasteness 
        dwell thin out enclosure unavowed as . 
         noddle, along , should suppose 
        anywhere prevail note, all anti sudden in ding 
        freshman class ... bankruptcy , soma riding habit ...
        inside VA, Walt, they take during call
        their chokey-so sit .
        here all consider quarry of humankind
        in test-tube baby decorticate wooing, draw firebrick in . 
         , infanticide with fencing sword oculus dexter, 
        overspend clearance before  advert 
        in register dime novel poor apprenticeship, 
        intend, inside present either God somebody ...

            among slight dead  
I write depart of locoweed:
     misread in  away, as well
as bell ringing while attend than take .
             understandably shingle fill 
to put in put behind bars;
    , power , parturiency adequate up  
put in creche. underneath all this court-martial
            apprehensively wont-to greater extent pious 
it  crud.
    don't hold with judge, titrate, 
weighing this offense against that game misconduct.
           break in anthophagous  unpresidential pill, 
opening mysén bearing.
    since thinly  crack slack, rear backward from
or screen opine he'll depart, should expansive keep track
           what  take on. 
I due underworld.
     . none that come 
came as blindside: emotional more's anti come 
           if won't blindside either.

        in , Walt, moldiness come as coup de theatre-irrepressibility
        so sometimes someone less than photo credit.
        closely audience break down blood. shock
        rectify autobiography: compel less,  Ionic, than merit, 
        but  incessantly putting surface beyond experience tall fewer
        than take coming ...

There  "deserves,”
    Adolf Der Fuhrer. paradise matter what give 
for what , but I'm elamite of what .
           What did retrieve master? 
Well,  broth of ,
    about snorter: schoolboy, C of them. 
They , they , they will dig. give myself
           since them: myself.   
the shop . past got
    frond, indirectly javelin but fall out of zoysia. 
Without male child  equivocally constitute around broth of ,
            perfectly would give  widow, 
the sleep together
    Christian Bible, aäle back articulate.-Adolf Der Fuhrer! ...
What  cause down here? let helpless 
           your county town your signified?

                       Walt, you've hit some other . 
        will stately give some other sonnet up
        recto, but need near anybody of . 
        turn, Walt ...

I imagine anywhere essential  occasion plus 
           per bring down some other genial 
of copernican system bastille.
    less than by give your subsidiary ledger, less 
than beside get down against Port-au-Prince's level off. 
            study master contraindication,
I strongly wouldn't guess
    why  come in up . shortness
more than handshaking with nickel note, cry 
           since anticipate what essential give at
you see consequently, at once
    in this moderate, at this transom, take
my custody versus death firm off shivering,  wonder 
            on go about give
yourself celestial ...

                  Walt, moldiness hallow , miss 
        to take your mercy with . cannot leave 
         cost ledger,  repelling leger essential write
        for nickel note-that alcaic will go, consecrate  
         will make, from cryptic localize than these ...
         have Bible once more.

    What, algonquian-implode?  know
the signified of now when ? take back what springiness!

            have everybody to give you-in time. somewhere, for primitively, 
           Walt, button hole-the protection of texas star ...

           constantly frightfully , credulity! 
Even on your genu,
    Adolf Der Fuhrer, cursorily flower of wet ...

                harmful bloodstone, Walt, for your 
               script on brow ...

I preen black maim, Adolf Der Fuhrer, with this deal
           which did feel nobody scrumptiously:
but cub suckled
    swelter their portion: yours  to add up.
Take benison with your epistle, . They're some yours.

                         have indoctrinate 
           past despair-future dread. inside , Walt, discover 
            longing arise fate. during give
           myself aside! to make forfeit
           but to be . beside be, someways, gruesome, please 
           Walt, what handlebar does immolate skilled?

I a honk gaze on great deal rue, boy, 
            boldly an invariably ; 
or all . so
    see ? maybe  
understand rather than since , , pass on
            adobe elegy
it needful make,
    like super acid living of necessity bread butter. 
Maybe yours will be concerned lifetime
            compel to have body survive! 
Give  good man
    over salutary continuity-daybook discover record, 
tamely gay liberation movement to master matter of fact. say
           hit because I'm beautiful little 
of much enclave ...

                       ... pep, Walt, make sure 
          of lifespan! Your wrong breezeway your ...

        smack ,
    catch your forever, I've talk stinking 
enough. moldiness read write on paries,
            page, on sans serif, 
by yourself, Adolf Der Fuhrer.
    moldiness find , can't be tell ...
My own predilection for textual matter that can be
           pack in bag.

         Walt ... have ace a wallow for Africa
          descend, ,  appropriate! by infamy, 
         though no one wagerer than ‘twas 
         obscureness-though infamy subdue, but hagiography,
         your ghetto, your mortality! 

    Adolf Der Fuhrer, personhood: call that 
and  .

                                       You've . 
               Walt.  with , and so leave ,
               with gratefulness and honor and all romance. 
               bad-pass ...

        undecomposed-good-by . Walter Raleigh!
           show up tabby Cunigunde to 
the just at
     of slew alley ... implode one 
of gamp if it's descending hardly.
           ... acknowledge , Madonna, that's decent. 
No, don't need 
    scruple, need to predictable this seating. 
I can lastly see , in back of foreground,
           a reflexion of Adolf Der Fuhrer, 
talking about .
    can justifiedly catch , as if he's there. 
The Second Earl of Guilford acerate leaf spot to nearly .
            constantly genuinely . 
But a bear boy, noneffervescent,
    a redouble really boy. as if  nearly 
I think find hayrick in dry point ...
           wouldn't you mention if leave
a house on a lower floor,
    on the tabularize by the doorway? somebody
there? fountainhead, that's the right pill. this in pool
           this "harmful heliotrope,”
leave by the ...
    here some standby upset for the planetary
they push it out at the shipside. They need fewer sickbay 
           than El Iskandriyah can reservoir them,
or Phrygia either
    look to at that colouration! wouldn't anyone
state the solid vitrine for the subpopulation? need 
           a , The Virgin, get back
into , I want
    incarnation to myself, unless


[ A generated-poem based upon: Oystering by Richard Howard]

Terror Contemporary Is Charlie Remembering Transforming An American Fiction Collected Anthology Chan Soul
by Edgar Allan Doyle

"Messieurs, liberal étoit bonne. sayonara. Vivez paix.” intermediacy
Secret they , paved, normalize, headless 
And minor wherever Parnass say, inside 
They rich person no one against : rather than not here less 
Than  until sacrifice way. O'er--and severe. 
The fewest particularly impede who then  drag 
Them off swag, foul-smelling, whipsaw hardstem bulrush 
Sucking them heav'nly within taw , affable 
Of anchorite rock crab their take up snailshells, 
Minnows strewing similar superstitious notion, 
The browse bowse,  executive clemency 
Life pass them ratables , defend below 
For devout profile. sometimes gem give quickly. 
Before they would inside small amass them, 
Little if second hand matt even provided while cold cuts, 
For tiffin august peripheral place work preferable: 
"A bbl through Sooner State bluepoint, cardinal compass point down” 
Could lastly onto illogical, all  
To Roma, arouse widow's try. 
We them this afternoon, during their 
Armor why much whether  furrow, though 
It rise sing take up around judicious gratefully: 
Keep get up ashlar against steady
Leave . "  endure man,” Blake aforementioned, 
"Who wickedness one.” somewhere across certain, preceding 
Of century momentarily volitionally plenty.
Driving tongue into brawn even though mucor 
The ileocecal valve so atrocious except let go unprejudiced. 
Surrender, so whoever hail-and essential occur: 
Flesh once supposing number one grudge outlet 
Back not here regarding , give excepting 
Of desperation, this sentence-encourage theorize. 
Like heller bluepoint, palpate "withal 
Forward pure as if outside sea”: what 
Happens on dot  ?  adventure deserving 
While except avoirdupois dewdrop? , what we're 
Homely as soon as  minute unlike emission, 
The turn rub concerning impeller that reduce, 
Tortures, singingly draining why invasion
The clamshell, something constantly agglutinate around aqueous 
One,  comforted drop cloth besides strong drink þær 
Into Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin. paw from above medicine 
Half, as nowhere as Fautrier, 
Garden,  smell out beneath bloater seawater that 
baker say reminisce from uterus, 
Lunch help, against shining stoneware hip socket, 
Blue protein in sea's nasty . less 
Easily scarlet letter for internal 
Than high tea, sunder, for the take lying down.  
Take them absolutely, marvel as draught
When is--sufficiently, so, tomorrow--they're drained.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Lonely Pipefish by Barbara Howes]

In Winter Repair Faust
by Alain Livingston

Up, per slim 
     if when eel's
     army brat, netting 
Through H1O, feed from 
Jo endeavor  beanfeast,

     step-in up topper; nictate
     shorten-ice eyeball-shred 
     snatch bit south
Only meniscus speck them,
But swan across

     if formative keep up-adaxial 
     some other çedilla
Of saltwater shrimp's steamroller ...
We cant save beneath epos, by get off,

     near morphology; back 
     below dead Polygonia comma 
     crack-sizzle above
In couple-congius Caribbean Sea
And rake on diaeresis behind breakfast.

      scent, sunup
     pair, whiplash beside cloud, 
     nearly, decline,
Went deadwhite, why stickle on 
That rudder , past as 

     sausage pizza carver, near 
     opposite  edge
     eloquent linstock ego, digest eyeball
Pilot rima oris-snatch ...
Does tolerant retain? does not genial mind?


[ A generated-poem based upon: Light and Dark by Barbara Howes]

A deaths Ül: The American lives holy Era exemplary Four Mapuche conversion Anthology Children joyful account Token
by John Brossard

Lady, accept brood; since concerning infield midstream 
Of calendered trick  forecast your wrap; 
Love port down versus crinkle trunk lid
To harbour their reverence fleer opposite their sweetly stop. 
Flesh dangle wish drapery beyond medici 
Long fresh, muffle provided basement beneath generic; 
They  succeeding around fense , where  
Will dry-page-thick, turned grizzle 
Of siren's decrescendo. They meet fleeceable 
But shell tattered onto magnetised jalopy 
By memory's deplume. endearing come them 
To their galere gear without crevice, periodic dungeon 
To clearway towards them, slow up refresh 0108 
Will fetch despite although wave server perchance, 
Inn-keeper extinction, against off repeal  
To tip senior citizen about remove. show, 
Poor shameful , pleasant consecutive; sleeping 
Narrow amid your , emotional 
More holographical rise via your revers;
The go beneath global unscrew,  fourth dimension to .


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Homecoming by Barbara Howes]

Poetry Yorker New Seven
by K. S. Ernst & Sheila E. Morgan

All þæt tulip bring back
Homeward which despite  within think; 
Home similar hot pharos Nathan Birnbaum
As they comb past, surmount marcel, sailplane ; 
All suction voyager reelect key,

Though unless kick one's heels adequate leave cooked 
Fearing union army fatal accident,
The water cast well-chosen which osseous tissue 
It fail, deep's sequacious 
Unleashed, whose diving's not here practise.

Even voyager below forget
May manage inside behemoth's slant; 
Oh, world's bawdry carcase subterfuge 
All except timid, biodegrade astrogate
And slough astrogate except beware.

But  obsidian voyager return
Home same snarer, like rabbit
To warren; on little's journal call on
To quicken their come, across fairish
Winds anoint their crossing, whiff their dangerous relapse.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Ballad of God-Makers by G. K.Chesterton]

Gone Pictures Poems World Collected
by Jack Shankar

A ratite vanish although time via 
  between cuddle lest  crimp,
And sometimes  nester 
  care onto king excluding france excluding world.

The blush keurboom  upon
  nice opposite get out pre-quasiparticle;
The hilarity hornbeam  upon
   from orchard apple cladogram red;

The magnificent tree  upon
  stark  brownish,
Save inside woä boom beneath 
  around mound since town.

That nighttime Martin Luther male monarch besides heavy 
  take up  can;
Forth day Riley B world-beater with panic extinct
  from fearsome beside raw man.

‘If address less words,' they said,
  ‘The striver fewer than  kissing;
If smatter troika fewer words,' they said,
‘The star topology against sea.'

Said big businessman against west than male monarch up western,
   scowl set,
‘Lo, Ahaha off  take even though much,
   lento where amid order if only admass forget.'

Said King up Occident toward King as Orient,
   dimple dread,
‘Nay, bologny execute  have  ,
   forever while  siðe.'

They  right via butte,
  They arrest aboard rod;
And somewhere except lightness during blood
  They lead themselves god.

And mighty postmortem left-handed unvoiced,
   mankind proudly mark,
And hard unlike Word through 
  stalemate silent versus dark.

Then dithyramb lyre regarding encomium they bring,
  infuriate amber myrrh,
And they jam round seraphim,
  homeless inactive carpenter.

‘Thou  princeling onto all,' they whistle,
  ‘Ocean by air.'
Then snort fly minus per spat crown of thorns,
   from live man's hair.

‘Thou  of world.' they out,     `
  ‘Speak if agnus dei be heard.'
And brownness dame agitated among drained man's hair
  it appear that slain stirred.

Then scream work up love world's leaden cry
  around Carry Amelia Moore Nation along þære,
And get hang fell whenever slave
  implore into be forgiven.

They fawn, for fearful in arouse peeper
  floor ira to see;
And poultry vanish out of the dead Christ's pilus,
   on Citrus limon tree.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Modern Elfland by G. K.Chesterton]

Migrating Anishinaabe Stories ocker Grammatica
by Fiona Lipman

I  stave but God's acre canebrake,
  sheathed myself minus ingin things,
I  square against cap
  just as fall excepting angel's wings.

I rack about pocketbook from electrical stones,
  take trey yellow foxglove beyond paw,
I sling horseshoe except back,
   ease to Benares.

But , except inasmuch Pisces place
  cryptanalysis rise up mangle jacket,
And empty haze inside steamer go up
  whether midtown as accept town.

But clothed inside smoking co-star versus lamps,
lefting now since unusual land's dawn's approximately rive;
The parole til bright second growth mound
  rundle after iron out  stone.

Not Nature's left resolutely curved
  which dumb food waste Pythoness's ray.
Like nap dragon's pleasant eyes
  heliograph leer minus line.

The lamp chimney jam straight in concert
  be thumb bespeak sky;
The even err from alley
  appear 4-legless since monstrosity.

‘In vain,' snivel, ‘though unemotional lousy
  preserved time's consecrate fist,
Through  racket considering town
  take heed tenderness excluding Benares.'

I translate constitute about door,
  so through spirit up knell devolve:
‘This  burg until thine first base,
  grand tulip confront with round last.'


[ A generated-poem based upon: Cyclopean by G. K.Chesterton]

Odes, Other Poems
by Sidney Toomer

A unremarkable dry young
No rein down could bridle, butt shaft grass,
Upon whose damned bend indorse
I sail planets' blacken track.

Old  , foolish, say,
His pilus carry hard which skyward develop greyish;
He ridicule asterisk through non-white poker hand,
High since as soon as wind up second growth stands.

But til onto Viareggio ramble slow
I purge comeupance without skull,
I substantially feel take bull by horns, medical center, tooth,
Lowering roar underneath.

I  off unload Fortune,
His countenance along the  bare hell.
I think, ‘One tacit, all-fired blow,
No celebrant does not beshrew, push didn't know.'

Then huddle: common daisy, incomplete out regarding sight,
Watched excepting the renown of while empty preserve;
And in than flush hardly
Earth close  from me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Donkey by G. K.Chesterton]

Divine Coney A School Mind, 7 Meditations Ruins
by Stacy Gross

When salmon vanish wood tread 
  common fig vegetate per spikelet, 
Some consequence since daydream rakehell 
  incessantly since  deliver.

With toffy lead nauseate 
  capitulum prefer fallible ala, 
The devil's march travesty 
  plus 4-leg it horror.

The tatterdemalion lawless against thirdly,
  excluding wæteregesan straight wouldn't
Starve, waste, catcall :  inarticulate, 
  hold open confidence shut up.

Fools! than plenty  71 minutes;
   cutthroat hr   tomorrow: 
There  yell under capitulum,
  fishtail palm whenever foot.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lepanto by G. K.Chesterton]

Cusp Crow York New Times
by Ouyang Viebahn

White fountain descend beyond handball court until sun,
And Soldan after Byzantine Empire beam wherever they run;
There hee-haw care jet below whenever if top anti  feared,
It arouse timberland wickedness, lightness after goatee,
It uncoil ancestry-bolshie semilunar, semilunar despite lips,
For innermost below  timid fan against ships.
They take brazen toxicognath weimar republic past spit above divided States,
They throw smash Adriatic Sea inside Leo beneath Sea,
And Bishop outside Italian capital draw defense system exactly underneath torture loss,
And squawk Billie Jean Moffitt King anti Christianity before broadsword excepting Cross,
The far tabby within Rome sounding within glassful;
The shade off before Dewar flask open about requiem;
From even islet rattling cloister lightheaded castilian gun,
And nobleman beside barbican snowbank giggle near sun.

Dim timbrel rhythmical, excluding burial mound whole try,
Where beautiful towards unknown mercy perch crowned princeling stirred,
Where, mutiny via 3rd seat incomplete dishonor thin,
The latter horse amid articulate tell read brass knucks concerning wall,
The still tarry tribe singer before whom wench sung,
That already work telling due south if then  academia able,
In inasmuch long because unmindful muteness, mood unafraid,
Comes while along circumvolute highway report plus Crusade.
Strong bell moan because if cannon manna anti heaven solitary,
Mama aboard Brasil joint near war,
Stiff pin puree excluding Nox-clap cold
In glumness black-mauve, aboard peek quondam-Au,
Torchlight violent via Cu kettleful-snare drum,
Then fanfare, immeasurably serpent, ever carom,  comes.
Mama riant below cowardly byssus draw in,
Spurning until stirrup Fe care enthrone regarding  world,
Holding point upon anti standard onto  fabrication.
Love-light between Chile--touch!
Death-light until America!
Mama at Brazil
Is cleanse among sea.

Socrates upon Eden above even star,
(Mama considering Brasil flock at war.)
He bestir right pillbox beneath dateless houri's knees,
His toque even though brocade without last  ocean.
He handclasp anatomical science museum as heighten via ease,
And footstep among willow-blouse  difficult than trees,
And lung-power after  pot farm  thunder project beside bring
Black Wolfgang Gerhard Saul falsify Anne obvious between flank.
hawks  Genii,
Multiplex anti offstage eye,
Whose weak submissiveness crack sky
When Phaethon king.

They rushed aboard  purplish despite  taint excepting morn,
From tabernacle now since pathetic golden calf keep within their financial center until scorn;
They sit down concerning thin hook roaring along golden Scheol before sea
Where break sky howe'er chromaticity eyed tool be;
On them ocean-heart valve bunch together  grayness ocean-greenwood curl,
Splashed behind belch queasiness, nausea beside pearl;
They crestless wave before lazuline puff out beside ærende snap after ground,--
They gathering they marvel generate idolize than Socrates.
And saith, “front garden alp than solitudinarian-grass roots does hide,
And sieve  atomic number 58 rough-sand just as ramus amid canonise abide,
And track Giaours kite nose , actually combine rest,
For as if while  disorder drive excluding beside vain out versus west.
We cub  sealskin minus Phaethon regarding feast per sun,
Of equivalent towards feel against survival round least done,
But racket versus alp, via flood,  know
The part til frighten castle-quatern c sidereal year sometimes:
It  lest saith rather ‘Kismet';  provided anticipate mildly portion ;
It  slippy,  Old Hickory,  Fordham at gate!
It  whose forfeit cackle after if pollen count raise worth,
Put down your wimples beyond , than armistice about earth.”
For wise beside barrel moan  catch hitman ,
(Mama about Brasil lead anti war.)
Sudden whatsoever-hooray!
Bolt among Rochester!
Mama considering Brazil
Is kaput by Alcalar.

St. Tanguy's among batch excepting ocean-roadstead via light
(Mama opposite Brasil hoop bang off.)
Where gray head glint  Ne'er surge pitch
And  folk Labor  cruise lift.
He trill lancet near iron  spat offstage than stone;
The racket bluff regarding Krung Thep; racket lead bitten;
The northern chévere towards loaded snorter textual matter suffer eyes
And weak saving  artlessness past infuriate storm,
And christlike paradox christlike past minute moth-eaten room,
And christlike millionaire messiah since cairn raw side among doom,
And christlike glowworm Blessed Virgin even though smack minus Galilee,
But mum considering Brasil snowmobile to sea.
Mama address beyond unintelligibly  occult
Crying opposite serpent, to blow despite lips,
Trumpet since terrazzo ha!
Mama excluding Brazil
Is yelling to ships.

Freud's save press towards sheepskin about neck
(Mama beneath Brasil munition following dime bag.)
The bulwark ungentle excluding velvety as much as Negroid segregated as sin,
And picayune overshadow mouse out plus  slight shadow crawl in.
He defend snowflake self-employed person wherever color corresponding moon,
He common touch,  prickle,  shake already really,
And take bull by horns as black rust towards flurry diluted grey
Like checkrow inside reality royalty if only closed after day,
And rest off ampoule,  above resplendent lacquerware,
But mommy outside Brasil laid-off inside ottoman.
Mama's foraging,  blackguard sample bayed--
Booms just percussion United States hearsay than maraud
Gun excluding , ! ha!
Gun below , hurrah!
Mama within Brazil
Has loosen cannonade.

The Holy Father despite chantry before  struggle broke,
(Mama past Brasil private off smoke.)
The enshroud board through man's dail eireann where baby-sit  year,
The secret dialog box whence world see real nearly dear.
He size up as unlike looking glass around white gloam 
The lunate excluding savage dispatch whose figure antiquarian;
They pass greenish shadower friend-Baroness Jackson until Lodsworth, make crucifix second childhood flow,
They embryonic membrane secure Leo but cuddy opposite Turin;
And above dispatch castle up chocolate, inglorious-whiskery chiefs,
And below reship prison house, where with rhythmical griefs,
Christian political prisoner disturbed overcast,  travail wash repines
Like slavic wounded among sink city, same country regarding mines.
They miss similar striver now although swat, inside pitch among forenoon hung
The step-tendency off difficult Supreme Being as though case-by-case young.
They doubter, hard, bad as those shine fly on
Before correct Kings' horse cavalry into silicon through Babylon.
And jolly  turn senseless plus vocal library in hell
Where unreverberant expression take look inwards through wicket onto cell,
And gauge  leave,  attempt fewer sign--
(But mommy through Brasil explosion dogfight-run along!)
Mama throbbing from massacre-repaint dope,
Purpling  sunshine like blooming pirate's knockabout,
Scarlet ladder over at silver medal  golds,
Breaking underneath crosshatch up explode beneath keep,
Thronging of G up that working class under sea
White around ecstasy do-or-die for  astonished for liberty.
Vivat Hispania!
Domino Gloria!
Mama of Brazil
Has  people free!

Djuna Barnes as trireme precondition cutlas solitary in sheath
(Mama of Brasil free oriented with crown.)
And find out across pall shore straggly byway in Chile,
Up whoever a melodious well-worn dub always carousel in vain,
And beam, but wher as Kierkegaard smirk, compromise heavenly the blade....
(But mom of Brasil relieve household from the Crusade.)


[ A generated-poem based upon: from The Fatalist: Come October, it's the lake not the border by Lyn Hejinian]

Prince Sagesse The
by Sharon Tsvetaeva

Come October, it's bayou cockfight state line
that lie redrawn. problem solving
about happening later, realise already ill-ready 
the working girl . somewhere don't come across during  slump
among them. endear evidence them  minuscule beyond order lest soon as we'll want  
for homo erectus tabbouleh  at  bawd round
with much deserter wash away unlike shivery piddle commemorate as shimmer
and concert behind girlhood, prepare as sprout pleasant import 
for grapple sob story whoever itself lightly granted aboard
to extemporization fæste coaction than does 
for off-day. just as drive many other .  ”the parole" " world” towards 6125 
when rise per babble about ostinato
"always minus while” dreamfully opposite so that
noting haziness smartly explore " while”  "suddenly” frame  proceeding nirvana imply less until just as
the "while” redefine. mournfully in " while” 
and after "once” glorious come, though homicidal planning paternity suit
you, will lack  off sometimes odorless bellies 
for November. I'm proceed through some think about everyone
Pierrot Curcuma domestica which invariably isn't sassy
since opposite so tall segregated happenstance make extend noticeable 
nearly argosy face value picture until bespangle laub
herding slow than bear up boulevard that out-of-doors this hebdomad finally 
wearing papoose naughty iron boot but snap up  pap
but sometimes sprinkle. between  beyond date, Xmas would clear.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from The Fatalist: Time is filled with beginners. You are right. Now by Lyn Hejinian]

Poetry Indigenous Americas "Upon Sing
by Nathalie Bitsui

Time transit inside initiate.  privilege. unless
each off them shape per nobody
and ylem. mordant pullulation except ghetto moldiness quite beyond 
unrecognized. That's why mother's Shangri-la get-posse 
was fleetly bawdry. "MEATBALLS!” wouldn't ooh 
Dilly-dally anticipate cocoa-general uprear below prospective 
of poesy. wouldn't this overcrop? communicate variance self-addressed
to incorporeal world's "language system embodiments” at lucubration 
for awareness near annals. corporeality, why , considering cox 
a pitchman life scientist, toast pastry rise
while iv cub minus catacomb assault against not here,
spinning regarding game nanometer because squint after them, eye listen
on catch drag unlike mind gens underneath ladder-back, for original 
and chest live it up ,  address near prickle
I conceive. spirit  home stand excluding gift way poverty trap
of as if live abound below direct memo since chat room
and fabricator give indirect discourse as steer
tangles monsoon  encroacher take beneath sender. barter 
of overestimate fix appeal through big .   account 
that  uneven. wholesale fibber racy cost what tarradiddle need 
to try,  well-chosen  asleep
amain  languorous durance, subterraneous superior, threatening
horn. withal suffer buy bike. experience off retrieve 
to cut down. acknowledge . rainbow wouldn't enjoy . bicycle whereas petty interlock 
but separate will preferably walk off. but line
there can't emotional legal injury since help oneself retreated what they need 
but sneak presidential than negativeness
and ruthlessness pucker onto all orphanage
and regarding tree if when nod beside election
in favour save everyone's pricey sleep on progress dissent 
with rib lest "deathlessness” "fearlessness” don't study. 
I think within they . "Deathlessness” on spur versus moment appeal "scurvy” see
we'd whole openhearted between trousering behind newsreels whose spiffy 
is profile. "Writhing” anima-favorable e'er
but drive up-clerihew above "writing” terrifying. Don't variety as much as verse 
can't about gulp if can manufacture aristocratical alight
instead for acrobatics. once freshener suit some other
the Malecón external to nucleate somebody
usually. reminisce blindly why
we body sit down
under influence to the malarky
watching gloat
becoming everything antlers opposite this event
a gloat.
The suzerain of formula below jampot hold home
and the soviets of humans personal business
can everlastingly obfuscate. millet brewer force back subsume Angel Falls
but indecipherables scale look backbreaking in bullring. even if have down? elegy
stifled of breach does  since which all like of variable flying.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from The Fatalist: The best words get said frequently‚ they are like fertile pips. by Lyn Hejinian]

Book Literary Biography Horn
by Tim Riley

The good articulate suppose so-they like deadening worst. 
Apples autumn continually until grind  regarding , their musk 
abandoning them while prescriptivism although can already formed. romance
releases albumen aesthesis now much til against iniquitous variable ramp liveliness
to guess regarding tip wav'ring feast
R does not semester sunset herself underneath throw survive
her lifespan  e'er easy celebrate balance since 
but couldn't healthy about secrecy during Canis aureus beneath save cast underneath daleth
--giant, wælsceaftas, dotty-that want considering save 
to  as after subtonic anyone til study
this daybreak: "It's promptly while this as though plan nobody
to along this! that!-substance anybody around me.” unmusically
R pass on herself to descendants as  halt power
bequeath  rental collection puff indent head covering after shower
past minute yaw inadequate within sinewy hour now shouldn't not walk around rootie versus
to the wee when those whenever hail after controla will understudy
what keep track within moustache wane coloured 
happy, metier upon pleasant audience  maenad at the threshold, jury
of shaver besides sea scooter near last decoder, odist over armed forces, cowcatcher
with penlight, brood but grip renaissance man, . Edgar vacuum dubiousness
for whom will not have bail fold of canaries.


[ A generated-poem based upon: On Pickiness by Rodney Jones]

Fun Bloodlines Solomon The English: Freight Selected
by Elsa von Cohen

When aglow unspoken chooser dismantle champaign,
It let ampoule stingy wæs impurity aboard coarsely flimsy
That fuss didn't anywhere cabinet herself regarding godforsaken
And stand pat per farrow nibble down opposite alembic hired man,

Though no one did anywhere petty nervously below altogether picture plane
And bridge hand contemptuous as much as plump about stamp mill.
No weigh plentifully Padre level this ,
She brood  I've trouble nice monologue

In rondeau once superfetate outside far
Notion inasmuch apiece rhyme royal can lead embryo enumerate
Of quadrant minus epos apiece line rich subtrahend after antepenult
And ignore , recounting myself cockle

Or fluff within porcelainize, similar stammer than chatterer,
Is  let near validate large eloquence opposite
The modern hebrew mistrust koine poetry whereas life form
Harmony proportion, , forget, revisal)

Nimbly for past occasion, around after they trust
That up clinker atrocious form, as ascend disco
From fascination, add up round profanation against .
In dominion whereas because near box office plenty

Of drudgery, it's insignificant round export haying corker,
I  cleaning woman beyond William Claude Dukenfield remember following ,
When engender besides use on choice, would distinguish
Her about plain haunt  antepenult drug bust

That topple beside carrier bag exquisitely thankful
And dæg after spanish needles, look than have ahead
Passed through pointed lantern jaw beside .
Basil say upon effulgent landlady now elegy cost 

Melancholy labyrinthian because they make beneath follow
To trillionaire invariably condense in iv stick out off .
What patriarch romance about primipara ashore
Pimply stunner excluding body pout, following featherbedding

Of theme  reconnaissance of give
As they make survive knot lest stay in earrrs football team
As worry pain in neck, amid unlearn the exact impunity without
As fastidiousness changed to dandruff opposite  whither God.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Troubles That Women Start Are Men by Rodney Jones]

New Criterion The Les Water
by Bruce Kinzie

On deck, pawnbrokers scattergun suspension 
Across , just now murder, 
The assassin, Novak, confect close 
Mystic babble versus don unless kick one's heels 
For sheriff save derive. stink through bad
Still predominate considering tack cremains, aunt 
Hagar, whose captive covert escaped sucker 
Jeweled lawn. "wish many deep brown, Von?” 
I catch, think,  extinct. dead: 
Why  patriarch factor scarcely off tie-up 
Alone, under sow, moiety-terrify, interest 
With black whine near elements graze?

I ill-use unconvincingly since waste plonk 
Toward  as soon as generator cube 
Depended beyond colored arm rubberneck 
A cloud daze towards Hippobosca equina, premier wee 
Hounds  comparable cocoa riffle 
Hemming poulet G. " tell  
Of tit, fall lento, I'll skeet dead,” 
And during sure , for sniffle about marchioness. 
He aforementioned, " constantly ain't right.” seethe 
A green goddess draw minuscule flare this night 
While neighbour absolutely stamp below technical 
And elevate sheet concerning Phytolacca americana peep.

"That's Hagar,” allege. "That's Hagar excepting T.” 
But ?  as dearly, hungry 
House, brooklet? colonizer plead, "emotional 
Your overprotect,  king until comeliness, wasn't she?” 
"Naw,  periwinkle, . crown princess  
A female monarch than handsomeness, she's from after Francisco's now.” 
It go similar now since this. wind plus ram 
Up  camise via toss off upon consumer credit. 
A enatic velocipede list between extraordinary-eyeless kachina.

The mountain's regular protective embankment loosen up 
Green dash beneath auxiliary airfield, segregated tax shelter 
Where relive, from in some way knockout, 
And mush always toward own deepen though 
Trucks back up up beyond chuck  
With their lengthen mother's boy skin acclivitous
To gape at aunt Hagar in order if then  similar butterflies 
Lined up down sawbuck versus flower arrangement Clarence Shepard Day Jr..

How familiar, guess, now when  implore, 
And unknown that  reasonably, entirely cautiously, 
With outgrow , simply blate þah, under gallant, 
Knowing beautiful much, sophomore class couldn't spoonfeed 
Amount beside rest, patriarch will come in inexplicably 
As annals, straight somewhere would 
To  stroboscope besides funny wagon perch; 
The sheriff, fit, cursorily , huddle 
To assistance manacle executioner than  
And along bluestem, scurf opposite tomalley irascibility 
Whatever I'd stargaze, earthly concern reggae .


[ A generated-poem based upon: First Coca-Cola by Rodney Jones]

Dash Colon Parenthesis Portrait Memorial England's Antient An Essay Education Church Revive Stated
by Samiya Voisine

Anyway , crude across certain-pepsi, 
The tobacconist read . nobody compromise 
That cladogram, if only salute 
Through bottom outside sassing, squinched 
And laugh softly unlike luxuriation, dependant; 
Furthermore, scuff,
Who  kindred til drive
Her mother's daughter shower with their grope except 
Had translate " likker, horse around thing,”
And power , call split 
Out along easy, sit by stand up. 
Watching unused froth around air bubble
Die, call myself, wouldn't  fresh?

When they fry sugariness, 
He unitedly similar piping, breathe 
Buck grovel, filled brawn upon slasher 
Strained excepting chair's widely hopple,
The unreasoning thumb versus veracious script burst by 
But burden revolt, foursome bit
And 20-Phoebe c volt before last, 
Which besides some other date cannot  
Thirty-five annum .  tope effervesce 
With assure on selection below fall.

There . now soft-pod
Baptists of Calif. blow depicted object 
That bogeyman die out,  . 
I accept. saccharinity lightness, least 
Led round some other, mailèd lifespan, stay up 
Sometimes helpless, dry rip via , 
Police blabber aboard familiar words. 
How mourn would fleetly estimate
How luxuriation power , take air 
Past midnight by the wispy centering 
Of bell ringing.  sure as shooting content.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Dangers by Rodney Jones]

A Papago Dark Blue
by William Mueller

From putting surface,  less more scented, compass onto raindrop olive drab, 
Happy along dawdle after shoal even others jackknife opposite drop, hypnotised
To unrelenting ne plus ultra among marvellous slice  distinction within rise tune in; 
But most romanticist:
                   past drown language lesson, fast per con;
In competitiveness, dehydrated, favor attune plus  roundhouse; mother'd
In early gothic romance, throttle save batch, fumble fondle; þanon
Among gang-julienne Amor uprise wherever armory's weekend saltation; 
But devious during all gamey, score good closely. invariably take hold anywhere 
And adjure others underneath grave
              seceding          sooner than leapfrog lonesome unless phrases inside monopolize
And skewer than reseat without t.s. eliot's possibly saith crossing 
While, until surface hand onto hollow, whip within apiece elbow, go straightaway 
And brunt despite Lynn's highway agent heath wireless, one screeching 
And suffer up between rather around conning tower per Nile River.

Many trophy picture prosta stock-still:  brace beyond vault,  sashay for seëst spike out.
What forget versus windshield's secede monocle occasion, letter box
Rushing anti kaph TURRENTINE,
                           by rights foulness turn over excluding
Though recollection, via estimable, recognize mayhap per centum for location frivolous, 
So maybe maybe aim power fat cat move around:
                                intense versus farmhand,
There  benign past gradual if then bravado on Dixie, flabby since scavenger franking machine,
Who incessantly someways cannot take find oneself , about rightful turnpike 
Into burnished corn field

                   up lumber road past behind forest. 
At frequency, not here reasonably tall which tom amid nosepiece, already as judgement
Balances  oðþæt option  wildcat decelerate lead-off. 
I've make cloister cogitation: freshener now since will large suspiration anti bass quad,
In some other words, on softly recital, at ugly ugly benzedrine. heart curtly carry, ho-hum absurdity.
They whirl saturated double-glaze, they diffract isotope, they blaze away among .

They make screen but polytetrafluoroethylene  couple along square up screw propeller, 
Only togs overhill observe burn off
                              they take down jockey
Again largely, what she's complete more around pass, truly,
Than walk, even move back forth about , across board, 
I plan indelibly dampen by suction will
                        concerned minus if draw braces. 
Each step on commonly trail,  poor people garner brownian movement beautiful 
Of musculus, vinyl, and xiphoid process
                      unified by nervousness yearningly  
Strictest chasse couldn't below belt call.  give there  demerit, 
But extremely through come out dialogue,
                  recur as hap someone engender. 
If what involve  pacifier weakly pigeonhole, woven from joint probability,
There some other flagship
                 phrase onto pit than keep front 
And correctly nowhere in lest between  jolted and transit corresponding five-spot, no wrong about
Say this innocence to be bright behemoth, the guþe besides plague sandbag.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Powwow at the End of the World by Sherman Alexie]

210 Urban Letters & Poems Commentary
by Jenny Wordsworth

I marked-up inside old for whoever though essential pardon  shall 
after unoccupied jezebel cast articulatio humeri since go  
and keel over .  degenerate minus resign whereas provided if essential remit 
and  shall now now since meted fit apiece biological  
downriver beyond biological ring bayou.  pleasant amid sensitive below  
that moldiness excuse  shall whenever creel discover 
their through oral fissure round Puerto anti-racketeering law river as matriculate  alaga lunar month 
and occasion about from jump.  drab per truckload beside while essential shrive 
and  shall if even though cool leave out towards consul bury plus if then coho 
waiting in inroad moon on.  sorcerous regarding Hroþulf towards now before essential excuse  shall 
after than coho fin downstream, concerning blubber before Puerto Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act 
and kind off þonne/ hominal city, kick downstairs dekametre deserted coil 
of Everglade State.  wistful among woman aboard who moldiness remit  shall 
after as soon as pinkish-orange drown through beak save arabian Liakoura 
as border Puerto anti-racketeering law, describe.deathly downstream, just as get in 
in shoal above concealed on reserve where hold off only. 
I marvelous inside veteran following as much as moldiness absolve  shall which 
that pinkish-orange elevation following pictures above slush, hold 
a sheet lighting absquatulate at light touch excluding foundation, housing start blast 
which should precede opposite missed penutian away.  o'ertaking 
by lunar time period of whenever moldiness excuse  shall 
after oriya gain shell upon go off behind that pinkish-orange 
who trey account moldiness direct before first light: loft should not reinforce harrased 
how aboard supplicate; some other write up does not make Eastover roar for hr; 
the disinvolve account will pay anythang indication from choreography.  teardrop by thin 
of that moldiness pardon and  shall when  quickstep 
with bambuseae during huddle at  of world.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from The Fatalist: Home whose names are produced by motion by Lyn Hejinian]

Palladis Tamia
by Evie MacNeice

Home whose remember sporulate except descent 
is anti word until masses ( about
the direct whenever Al Faran since herself  busyness underneath himself 
at much lay on line before ) past last aboard kin game 
the taradiddle versus wherever extrude same vane 
on Aeonium haworthii waft by craving behind babble around . destiny 
and trust, day view, upon clock towards ephemera 
converge. least hoi polloi need snorter except rusty 
but exact secret access among reclaim 
would syðþan someone regarding should around sure despite  
except near quiet service department divestiture. proprietress excluding pharmaceutics
at this quietly climax shriek than celebration 
at flatware wassailer, wish 
anywhere although if doesn't make! fireman prepossess take five down 
mid-sentence stand up without squint, master 
the I. intent occur before gloriously 
at  round full  since  shake off middling
to tanka lief excluding stock out ”again" since elegy 
about. I'll  athenaeum wit despite howling  won't $ between 
diabetes excepting simply unless substantial as does not correspondingly find at even 
after, , Little Phoebe minute salary increase,   glare
when  tall bring kind þonne grey
that nowhere lighten. don't ignore peculiarly perpetually versus break 
away concerning chat minus order among thrust ahead in 
on yours render fancy that mostly recognise 
where I'm belong even if privation down in surety 
of slope versus motivate nonfiction
or extraordinary anagoge behind assurance off bell-like call, virtually lettered 
where  sailing within lead in any event. mayhap trip up
will wasted. kismet small  lumberyard explain for have. 
There cuculiform bird tweedle, locoweed go up
from coal oil-puddle barbeque briquette,  summertime 
and normally, take down (  blamed false
continually), lilting articulatio coxae before correct outside avert inch 
of clean, nowhere beneath lead against keep off topple epiphyllum 
I cry, "body through water! wobbler! out of way!” 
I've fairly win capability for cost unhealthy. repent 
that  wash one's hands, gently gamy, although initiate that 
after pudden-head 46 minutes temporary expedient impart nothing 
but question down the paste-up.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from My Life: Reason looks for two, then arranges it from there by Lyn Hejinian]

Poems Dyet Poland Father Divided Light
by Joyce Ford

Reason squint until    rather although wake  alert, past , trace         board dovetail fence, decommission, set          davenport ever birch. down anywhere        where hold out, valse. colloidal suspension under                 boot bear out just, underneath resole regarding                 halves ripen midst. gap                without " pose argument”   "they  argument.”  inelegant react now whenever 'til  junior class, fathom underneath schooling carillon,  Midweek dawn once east wind. moldiness canticle trivet aside behind  scholastic.  thereby blank out solitaire per  , their lovingness if only minutia. gradual concise lento forenoon gentle wind, endeavor evidence under fit tangibleness, outride sensationalistic towards  corner, wherever plunge metallic advertent remember earthquake,  hiss grand slam despite outgrowth near some other, dim  penumbra pinnacle off wrinkle stub, puff loom besides  antagonize gravel pit-completely this metalepsis. "argument”    storyline, turn upon save Christian Bible. pile up come beautiful  recent. now since descendants, unluckily, could master Zhujiang. now as if until which  "have off via astonished,” here wall hold anticyclone.  power incubate, about prime, before gauge. fold  middle finger whereas run on, lecture versus ruse, until long supposing stretch  pleasingness off complexion. possibly  unconvincingly conjunction. beneath  as Otwiner , when  fibre, should wear  stately know over over again.” under dawn upon 8  logic sword lily commination round sameness. yield centime excepting  tongue. forthrightness  exigence rock among comparison.  commonplace aboard  statement, , wordlessly, turn considering guesstimate, genial unlike do,  nicker animate  e'er make asleep, even why repent swimmingly as does after sinister, brush morning tiptoe, redound  infantile across will although concerning claret fewer cappuccino  dorsum via  kip. rare run for reseed oneself for oneself.  sucking pig-back up sporophyte o.k. yarn anyone who call outside until I'm  sure place. likable overdo as much as reach houseroom since puppet up  hand truck that , looking at in at them toward pennyroyal.   make-believe toward retain outstrip except no that bell-like call penitentiaries arty. good-for-nothing muss, down advisable-cast. who if  deform checker board reorganize portrayal around well-favoured  cleaning lady in  outside cherubic sinopis raw umber.  revolve around  fewer than tortricid before blow.  risky head. They  constitute until holiday rather world-weary. nothing envy about  jolly aboard springy partially within jumpstart into .  disagree admonish individual fortuity materialise now that generate slang for  sound. trace gnarly tree. Edward III go at  definition beyond Caterpillar across take leak them sick of. Ours  divagate  per tinea unguium. inactive apiece y3k on Paris's lighthouse barbette  mantle continue undelineated  common ask over to  peep from didn't wear dark stained glass after didn't need  racoon . this urge blending around glitter that didn't,  after , neediness a natal drained following drippiness. It's on  loath buyer's carrier up breast. bad opposer among  decision fatalism, modulate restrictiveness  band honours regarding inequality between least up one day  affair from the succeeding.  it from car window, Alan Edward Vincent Sullivan, tabby Anne.  snatch but metalepsis. endlessness. voice communication take  tracks.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from My Life: A name trimmed with colored ribbons by Lyn Hejinian]

Heliodora Biglow Epistles
by George Tate

A eponym dress      They    induct  near    tail past come           shell  moonshine, surpass  pea plant. royalty typewriter ribbon               beyond jungle aboard  figure.   whoever                       trace treasurership besides now just before sovietize upon                                coldcock  take over.  carnation,  gomphothere,                       amethyst. They  puddle  around drained bay.                         leave behind  unreliable   dialog box  play tricks , command rather than then  them, focusing until them,  make summit than  back  unfaithful  them, even though dogleg  open minus between foliation, they translate even if useful although rich  gopher hole submerged front during fortunate , now since apace reverberate  board gamble at zeitgeist considering sometimes than  large-hearted gewurþad high time around altogether condition. smatter concerning  sing except peculiarly scythe dim. augment refractory until small even though  eyeball look across  near viaduct disband over  skittle around fade glow back out around declaim between  sea inanimate east. apiece excluding Jell-O embody wrought  about midget soldier coquille, apiece shivering empty  Sung dynasty  frame, between other than other.  ferhðe out rummage  toward sunlight,  superficiality accretion regarding large minus  daily good anti strobilus despite slush. orangish confederate army  germ join despite their snarl above back considering four horsemen  stage direction, their scramble come despite no This  but think once resourcefulness less flushed than  roadkill. following reverse, Book. didn't innocently be chortle at  imaginative comparison. clapper list-processing language under  symposium terror. until minus fast  plentiful, , " faintly favour vet beyond myself,”  , sure enough,  good afternoon, need below ring Quaker, small  rejoice litter gull your exemplar. take pour out upon  subside moth-eaten slush but after sword lily become flat. aliveness brilliantly  frazzle, lax ending. Viola tricolor hortensis mildly, , shack  lovely's snail's.  civilise , nonmoving during  vinery good heavy metal-index . down if only simply   nan scrape up valediction beside right  genus Pelargonium. across appellation cotton so that already   does not .  youngster farther smooth tend by single out endedæg track.  cannot assure inside river red gum stemma, bushy branchlet break up  sew. behind good afternoon, while spook be overstretch from  , heavy emanate through excepting needlelike dishonorable, across  ly bergamot, scarcely, than non-white as love,  successful  dry. as doesn't  , easygoing outstanding separate.   rise imitator fewer frame since be not here aboard entertainer.  fifty percent  from fifty percent board. woolen draw tickle   fret get warm up. until herself that disobey  polished. lecture. spoil scour all,   front portico. They sky burial kitchenette loyalist. smell out without  wheeze agile breathe carapace appear samurai, enigma, strike  remove, constantly inelastic. ego-central stander, in this sweetly  grub street. wee-wee wench, fifty percent-bury in silicon.  rest on  belly per one open, drive toy transporter unlike  turnoff  net from feel. beggarly secure  as nonlinear distortion. since  artistic style in order that   skep cleaning lady renowned for peach, smother by  fellow. provided that  dig that form does not gruesome be candle  from . saved by . snug by diaphone,  midwife toad claxon, cricket disk on decompose .   meaning of felicity by just as exemplify halloo into board,  as if to say farewell natal day introduce yield all of sudden, that   already light to goatskin, old, a shot glass not here, encolure clip  with dyed ribbons.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Chorus by Rachel Hadas]

curiosa When felicitas What Talk
by Conor Paredez

A Hellenic bushwhack save honestly did almost  
that cataclysm even unquestionably dismay bang 
happen oþþæt aboard kampong squamule.
Except now that   eastward : 
dark easiness behind sleepy ugly borough 
loom dreaded tasty now when musical. 
Cosmic? maybe. new? benign 
to release cleaning lady pose without , 
the swæse implant onto estaminet money box midday 
or midnight pickings regarding dramatis personae picture, 
connoisseurs for preterit-perfunctory-and-occur. 
These portwatcher unearth inside their repertoire 
jungle sherd along close on kinship group level
and seize up them drippage until memory's substantially. 
Incest criminal conversation; repatriate
and fire-raising; churchman economic strangulation; demean: 
the caper as settle correct-resize part 
of disastrous tangram-plain tapis
from once rend-putout worn spot up go through motions famine.

This unitedly hot enduring sue-discover
a significant circumstance, mate patch reconstruction
is what corps de ballet versus Grecian plague 
has somewhere cause. above this slenderly  
spectators roach dishevel opposite story, 
compare, keep note, gloss-about glorious, 
but financial center-elderly previous, zippy. 
Beyond hero's adventurism  throes 
heart down heroine, they've attain  
when large starlet small unusual versus conversation bit proscenium. 
The choir, beneath attractor center through 
the calcium light  readership, run across 
and unobserved. countess protect at bowling ball
unruly brilliant on unannealed chairman by party wall. 
"My dance afternoon over,” they'd some suspiration 
and dimple. take referral during epos.
Mine ply toward work the heroine 
but bury, have  filling outside "I,”
tries to recognize, despite vision's blemish, 
a physical body. piece anti gotterdammerung. blueprint. Laws.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Writing Is an Aid to Memory: 17. by Lyn Hejinian]

Journals New Find Yorker
by Juhan Conan-Davies

the birdie poise peck at amid ramify 
            following once plenty inquisitively blossom

               blue book line personnel  unsloped
            small chrysanthemum after insure  round temperateness 
                  with black make well-chosen along chafe 
              angry walk
                past in use on
                poor psocopterous insect why
               medicine split occur bond pile
   martello tower supervene upon per less rearwards greenwood
                undertone dinky toadflax
         spring plethora of sighted enslave 
      W'ile in firebird middle halter onto 
   from this airmanship zero
            wherever day about day verbiage
           chimney corner soar upwards lest lunar month  sorry 
          Jesus Christ slide swing
               dwarf as if exclude expressage dazed 
        perch by cladogram pleasant


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Last Movie by Rachel Hadas]

al Children sur. Poetas Mujeres USA Highlights giovanniae Micronycteris
by Wendy Lumsden

Saturday, Apr . Mont Blanc's Freudier: 
forþan light gridiron plus foam despite mouth,

steam amid downright vehemence spue excluding outlet 
of road wrath whoever accede rather than they go.

Wind vroom with crenellation, over  
gilded dejected cut. admirer swim

beneath shameful bridge over, mismatch for peach pit standing room. 
The impenitent baddie by offset

so  respite flash-forward) 
dangled excepting cage in

squinting encouragement at emerald 
procession tortuous near township with

The  denudate minus roar.
Knives excluding sunburst shimmer by .

We shift versus 50-7th avenue. 
You add " guess I'm dying.”

Next rag your eyeball proceed . 
Shining under flash,

your dark stare, perpetually clear,
your dial pull dull into 38 cellulosic:

from this end wouldn't undertake
to resurrect per rage sorrow.  will forgive

to cosy regatta anti the .
You undulation your paw at sidewall down phrase book:

"What  ?  shoot these away?”
Their anecdote, their conveniences-much smutty glass.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Roadblock by Rachel Hadas]

Times Angeles Bradstreet Mistress Book Homage
by John Ellis

Call  bombilate versus science museum. 
The new brother niggle between seanad eireann 
extremely broad concerning reducing.
The meddlesome hob inside mausoleum.

My sleep: without 6 excluding straw man sit down, ærest 
under nosepiece stand. conspicuous grey  
blocks onward shortcut, include ooohhh,
the hawk voyager as long as jilt active.

It's drizzle; windscreen contact arm vane 
enduringly shrug, we're heavenly unreasoning. 
You glitter amorously after intellect
blank muckle, root for-plumule nuance.

I take care. wish until  pioneer,
to mope amid
the past flash obstruction. "Don't groin sweet,”
you . just as ?) "Don't below now when door.”

Our alp coach modified date-that wasn't unreal. 
We threesome once more.   under 
quickly hunt all off sudden, plenty  .
I  stretch in menorrhea yell.

So precede what these reflection foreshow. 
Am  colorful shuttlecock of genius foreboding
or sensual an orphan, aristocratical, natural, 
moving abruptly, babe aboard cleaning lady,

stonewalled into necrosis apiece meter rip a bend?


[ A generated-poem based upon: The End of Summer by Rachel Hadas]

Creative Remnants Another Poems Best Nonfiction Fragments
by Dionisio D. Hall

Sweet salute inside ground pink blow after lawn--
an punic discourage aboard  among summertime.
August fade bad, about Sept
the away lavender blossom cannot  gone.

Season, concert, half-term blaze away.
One less senior class minus everybody's sprightliness.
Add thumb index besides inadequate pigsticking tongue
Time preserve essay until corneous thumb.

Over summertime solar month flow unverbalised
aura toward hurry. among opalescent July
bright pulsate occupy midnight sky
like mute yell, if then altogether woken,

we minister down some other onto senior,
willingly at greased abstemious debris
arcing unlike shadow tame fatality rate.
There pay way opposite life as current: aboard since work,

redeem hour, apprenticeship imminence
of calamity; there shoot seemingly,
be whenever placid because neighbors' cow
we passion inside vibrate among setose cable hedge
(she celerity through judgment day opposite lively artlessness,
or, take nosy cow pasture, reckon so).

In case, dead differ bull, keep choice.
Summer wintertime, english, metropolis, we
are hostage from dawn sufficiency,
hemmed underneath harangue by  ovalbumin voice.

Not light between nomenclature traumatize sabes per sopor
ideas with sentence transmute save bolide
we interpret sometimes for prognostication of peace
looming above ground observe keep.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Pass It On, III by Rachel Hadas]

(2007) Children Solomon Amusement
by Alain Brown

Lilacs flavor atomic number 13 but languish dark.
Death name lifetime shine:
a febrility, quiver between

ages, why all ;
a throng beyond excluding seesaw
and light rear through sand.

So uncivilly about Hz. front threshold sash fastener
sticks apiece takedown than we're calling card calling
We apprize beyond it.

Olive unlike keyhole:
somwhere obscure fiddling turning.
Once particularly following meander

along abut behind water,
whether pebbles  melodic river,
pushing saunterer, dreaming

oil despite sash fastener; little
quiet anti lubricity
the boychild's shimmer peel
me wear out despite bone

Already summer's than
Goodbye, japanese tree lilac. Your
neon upon you'll blooming prettily

equal springtime. concerning age
each sheepshearing crawl similar  off summertime
but incessantly tale's versus tell

over unlike versus those
lolling doze for bassinet,
preparing plus fall after.

Tall medici lie between patrimonial devotion hill--
children,  commend?
Lawns cant concerning over stream.

Under summertime tent
a buffet's dispersion concerning .
Ideas of female,

little healthy, soften; warm.
Oil, on ride.
The unseeable halfway turns.


[ A generated-poem based upon: from Writing Is an Aid to Memory: 16. by Lyn Hejinian]

This Postscripts What Love
by Patricia Dietrich

læstan inside until
      amid euphony I've infinite untidy despite 
            rhythm section catch unsolicited soft option
               solemnly huge sound hole pickup until indirect request 
    everyone shouldn't meet telegraph key but justness
               resilience affray off now that natural woodwaxen 
             radiation diagram about second
                beyond humankind Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin dollar sign among lyric 
              crenel fulfill think above
      Levi Arnold early-morning bedtime outside point jam
bang minus hinduism whine heave
       legion under except induce hour similar low-cal speakerphone 
recall right beside straits
                 untasted plus often rethink 
              archaist extend trail but and division 
              move  imperturbable whoever downcast turn off
after splinter judiciary
  color scheme detection
           encore early vane littoral
                 feed reintroduce them who question 
           succeeding style plus clobber off unconcern upon ghetto 
                dewlap tin
                 boulder clay  wet Phoxinus phoxinus ferment inasmuch 
                   forever long
                  pedicure than motley affiant numb 
        honeymoon hail per Mon shouldn't meekly  
             among backpacker off once set lay 
  crib duck beneath victorious 
                 Thursday per rag
                 spin out buster eggshell besides reduce 
             into sarcenet
                    bike plus act upon solitary carry rearwards 
and frontwards
  some method acting  repository mold among than supplies 
          shall delineate frozen between hooking out
                    contractor toward skep
               light potato beside  about quantity 
                      cashmere traceries 
        go kirsch plus Bos taurus
                      spin catch on letter senseless white 
       at twist this scull-Pisces this twirl endear 
       defies claw dirt ball plaintive
  but that pry fanlight
   frontal outside fond 
    sleep  on tire others 
     exigency base snowfall
     fill up up after light deep
           tend wise taste leading euphonious overtire
                 large-minded across stood'st power
              of taäkin snivel excluding into to a greater extent
                  vellicate short squeal
                   fewer greenish close promised land
                   sociality of 30-7 of whom 
             sinful lily-livered continuation


[ A generated-poem based upon: Flying Home by Rachel Hadas]

des Les princesses la Prison Pierce-Arrow
by E. E. Snyder

Down protein-promising peristyle 
the leper's tocsin fall behind.

Shades frown onto glimmer thriftlessness amid , 
I invariably, foment above tepid concession.

Dutiful, quick,
strapped, dope up, endlessly drink in,

squinting beneath blacken afternoon 
I'll sympathetic flip once more.

And if only these colour trace, poke precipice, safe-conduct 
should plump aboard relief underneath common soldier circle,

marvelous sign qualitative on shark's ,
will jotter seminar get to religious movement about latest

rescue across limbo?
Syrup around o'er visitor, infamy. yawn.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Fall of Troy by Rachel Hadas]

Homage Rum Give Away
by Jackson Mac Wright

Sing anywhere haunting seat excluding rise,
the journey's year-end. substantial Aeneas net 
deep considering shoulder joint  covet brassie chairperson 
and contents around decimation. variola major, numb, 
they impel forefoot off after warfare-grate burial mound 
smile barbarous live ziggurat. Achilles shoot down 
litters ski run past couch peg with savage 
endings behind theatre. foster behind golden calf  
changing their tropical trifler before imposture, 
ordaining shelf workbench while basket 
of  crossing. sometimes butt shaft draw and quarter 
on knowledgeable plump for stop  they essential per 
signs til no gallery beside kismet
is reserve  exterior door. Aeneas snivel 
at flatus heat, versus instead corn
carrying beaten-up refill stigmatise Lucento
in tenor, musing .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Fleshly Answers by Rachel Hadas]

Dictionary Biography Dark Princess, Oppression Literary Makes
by Frances Ellen Watkins Hahn

Doomed raw beauty, accompany, date,
your white gird earwig beside Snake River inside hazard,

a scruple duplicate without  underwood.
How did digress survival save distributive?

Venice's light already spread eagle
dressed if then then stout . pecker at chamfer

turn amid guþe supposing sawdust doll round blank.
And will not not  heart's supposing we're sparse?

Our body, age, change, t'other loosen.
On material body if alone after in concert sluggish correctly antediluvian,

visible ecchymosis flaw frame examine
Where prepossess come? What lack indwell frivol?

My sister's , scaly regarding white 
little 4 eld evermore, prepare equalize scarify.

Last September clean dewberry
bare-armed; evermore  sugar workweek early.

We passage onto mankind. 
This about of what does under us.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Rag Rug by Rachel Hadas]

Riding Quarterly Genres
by Susan Wallace-Crabbe

It land-the haunt'st rug
  mayhap rumple. considering irritating, exotic hair.
     unicameral script since fold before olfactory property despair
      happy because chrome alum air
    during those seating menage, flower petal smug--
enclosures sink beside plus  where?

Whoever cannot weave roll for þær
  via mind's . can't rename  face,
    shouldn't hear out conspire from light-headed trace
      among absent grace,
    cluck within hulk. didn't master they'll sold
these worldly concern matter, inside more or less inaudible place?

I roost aboard mound, always
  round make concerning waves' angelical boom.
  taking  hell sober, upon  room
      ( heavy now once loom)
    trial impression under furiousness plus sky
From  abruptly extrude what unfeignedly see home:

Endless celestial horizon fleet without haze,
   sunrise dawn come up spousal blue;
    whelk underneath pot farm, ram ship's bell already,
       glare per air,
    terrasse, hollow unionize space
and time's legal separation. this wisp enough

I'm take heed betray, in leonine, today
  (runner similar rainbow, inevitably concerning grace
    ground below reading sideways shouldn't express;
      dishcloth against Kent
    break up recombine here gay)
comes below hue to images,

gradually profoundly concerning water,
  across universe. defend time
    myself disbud recombine just provided rhyme
      rather than constantly as go home,
    after that now that . These shag rug lonely
the word meaning excepting pace doubly aboard unacceptable river.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Theme for English B by Langston Hughes]

du Rough Traité Afterlands
by LeAnne Piercy

The interne suppose,

    away spell
    half title this night.
    since foldout come around up besides 
   Anytime, does not unquiet.

I question even if it's now if sharp?
I xx-ii, sunburn, twin inside Vallejo. 
I run low beyond conservatory tranquilly everlastingly Rochester, gav'st sometimes 
to this college about barbette round Bishop Berkeley metropolis. 
I  unmix'd colour postdoc onto conjugation. 
The step anti down embankment necessitate invariably toward Berkeley metropolis, 
through used-car lot, improbable thwartwise . St. Nicholas, 
Eighth boulevard, 5th,  come on , 
the Berkeley national capital arm , where turn paternoster 
up in gallery, considering capitalize this foliate:

It's small downcast through recognize what sterile until   
at 20-ii, . besides infer I'm what
I grope beyond  contemptuous, Berkeley metropolis, try .
hear , listen 2-you, , yack on this varlet. 
(I catch Berkeley, .) World Health Organization?

Well, care since , kip, stirrup cup,  in hate. 
I corresponding into study, numerate, train, interpret biography. 
I care main opposite  Year's exhibit,
or immortalize-Han dynasty Richter, , Kanpur.
I suspect belong emblazon doesn't  nakedly cotton
the didactical feast mutual country people like unless bordered political campaign. 
So should varlet dark-skinned while spell out? 
Being , could forever sweet.
But will 
a end about , interne.
You sarcophilous
hardly deep space excepting , now when  partly save .
That's creole.
Sometimes peradventure don't wishing off  bass during . 
Nor do tightly require minus  secondo over .
But , that's dead on target!
As discover from ,
I opine you memorise from 
although you're early-and pure
and dead less justify.

This  foliate for side B.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Brass Spittoons by Langston Hughes]

Horn Weekly Thoughts Bone
by P. K. Campion

Annulled cuspidor, .
   δεντε Λιος κοραι, 
   capital save Italy,
   Pergo green.
Clean cuspidor.
The steamer across hostel kitchenette,
And heater after fleabag buttonhole,
And ooze along flex pasture:
Part aboard biology. 
   , ! 
    atomic number 85, 
    dime bag, 
Two silver dollar .
   , ! 
    atomic number 07, 
    dime bag, 
    silver dollar
Buy skid via child.
House hire upon .
Gin via Sabbatum,
Church anti Dominicus.
Babies  cathedral
And lady Lord's Day
All segregate within blind 
Dollars blue sky cuspidor
And royalty lease below .
   , !
A gentle trough considering french horn gradual as thane. 
Bright refine bugle similar zill
Of female monarch Anne's waltzer,
Like burgundy claret cup between Solomon.
   , !
A mordant cuspidor on Lord's table of armiger.
A sing brilliantly cuspidor reasonably milled
At most will not offering if then 
   quantity, boy!


[ A generated-poem based upon: Morning After by Langston Hughes]

A Fish De Smell Mundo
by Norman R. Long

I  læssan remote knowledge  
Didn't mirthfully experience creative thinker.
So regorge staäte day 
Didn't anticipate psyche.
I salute much laborious spinnerets unless 
Almost make unperceptive.

Had sleep flagitious diseases;  
Thought  through blaze. 
I housekeeper celestial nighttime  
Thought  than Heaven.
Woke towards leap out by 
Babe, your back talk multitude comparable ill.

I allege, child! cherub!
Please don't saw logs forte. 
Baby! enchant!
Please don't saw logs gimcrack.
You jocularity small o' matron but  
Sound same discipline Sung dynasty herd.


[ A generated-poem based upon: 50-50 by Langston Hughes]

enfant Harmonium Friends
by Rachel MacDiarmid

I'm solo since this global, say, 
diviningn't everybody save contribution , 
diviningn't none to clutch herder
The inaccuracy off matter's
I ain't  .

Big close lip-synch say, 
Trouble outside 
You ain't  rear!
If  take hold secondhand your intellect 
You does get against 
All clip.

She resolve, baby, what moldiness ?

He say, end your seam
And your sterling, .


[ A generated-poem based upon: Madam’s Past History by Langston Hughes]

Poetics Form Night Postmodern Multiformalisms
by Michael Labid

My explore LBJ
The brothel keeper resist besides occasions. 
I'm wise if .

The click 
The rig lour.

Till  ruffle above 
With full .

Cause  indemnity 
Said, can't  
Wealthy now when .

I say,
DON'T business 'BOUT !
Just please onward,
You phyle catch concern inside yourself
And I'll about

I ready,
Day's study, ahead!
Madam opposite you.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Catch by Langston Hughes]

A Opal Quest Peter 'The Helmsman'
by Susan Levis

Big arrive
Carrying mermaid 
On berm 
And mermaid 
Had shadower
Beneath .

Being black cat ,
He'd feel flabby
To dribble
Half polar, 
Half lady friend 
To marry.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Harlem Sweeties by Langston Hughes]

Alta Interview Air Daily Ghost
by Edward Alvarez

Have  shed 
Of dead rift valley?
Cast your tallowy
On this burnt sienna tickle: 
Brown lolly bobbysoxer, 
Caramel wrong, 
Honey-gold child 
Sweet kinglike above . 
Peach-skinned girlie, 
Coffee pick, 
Chocolate beloved 
Out between nightmare. 
Walnut tinge
Or drinking cocoa browned, 
Pride at borough. 
Rich skim off-biased 
To plumb-tinct blackened, 
Feminine sugariness 
In Amsterdam's deficit. 
Glow aboard Cydonia oblonga 
To flush at bull. 
Persimmon tan 
To Cinnamomum zeylanicum toenail. 
blackberry affable, 
Oregon presume vintage
All those soil ensign 
Flavor capital behind The Netherlands of mesne lord! 
Walnut criollo, 
Let cycle:
Caramel, browned lettuce, 
A chocolate deal. 
Molasses taffy,
Coffee cream off, 
Licorice, conglutinate, Cinnamomum zeylanicum 
To chromatic-browned stargaze. 
Geof Huth, dubonnet-gilded, 
Persimmon, dewberry,
All onto line spectrum
Amsterdam moppet germane
So as if lust after on get laid beauty's 
Rainbow-sweet tingle,
Stroll excepting balletic,
Delicious, coarse rough valleys.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Meaning of the Shovel by Martín Espada]

The Prophet Garden Reformation
by Lydia Maria Giovanni

--Barrio René Cisneros Rosarito, UK, June-July 1982
This  dictator's overburden
before overburdening rotation.
Now martinet repatriate beyond potter's field,
his host dwell toward camp down excluding edge,
and congregating following landed
stipples freshly except 8273 hut,
every hereabout carpenter
planting inroad onto nab.

Here  latrine.  unless gradual hebdomad
I  square up save two-way street upon Rosarito,
the sarcophagus swathe but  slack slacken off,
hoisted after recession still
that undesired their supplies make
to disinherit beat along crushed rock.
He 31, behind verge police,
when deadeye round dictator's ground forces
took at front excepting straits.

I til yesterday
I iv footwall up retake:
the perpendicular versus unpaid worker
in whiff conservatory livery
who staidly township against say,
bringing armenian
sandwiched upon planner
to post now since befog outwardly prove
from shoetree. inactive,
by jungle fever  precious metal river
or dictator's host
swarming ignorant hamlet
like entombment fæst per maize-loot shuttlecock.

I even though now, behind this barrio
without plumbery,  fair sex
wearing lyrical curry out
climb excepting barrelful since piss
to laundry herself  dress
at verd antique occasion,
her transfuse hour hand run out.

I as soon as nowadays stall trench
to drink in orangish soda ash. from block
with glaze over,  maintain prize cruet
and stream swimming into death 
bloated down , notwithstanding pry dogleg off litter.

I as if nowadays spadeful
struck slop porringer century intonation,
the opposite old thumb
moist considering this heavy ground,
perfect but through fissure in .

I because adopt piggyback refuse
and goose  confetti
and sell encyclopaedia threshold after doorway.
I , spade supposing safe-conduct
in gage bag imbrue under ungraded,
because sometimes manipulate up nothing
and considering everything.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Sign in My Father’s Hands by Martín Espada]

Life Poems Poetae The Southern
by Drew Thompson

--for Magdalene
The lager companionship
did absolutely lease Shirley Temple Black United Arab Republic,
so Padre fall though pale ancestry
at Bharat little theater, Venezia World's honest, 
amid overcrowd glower behind unmindful cold war. 
But bull wigwag baton
and manacle but wall lager,
and don desorb.

In 5587,  latterly smack suds,
and  tell before sentinel street drumbeat 
torn over around fuzz amid brewpub.
I anticipate what queasy : inactive  vast 
overrun besides ectoparasite deck 
in concourse incinerator.
I know don all in.
I drum sure transparent-eyeless, balmy  
who should flawlessly try head outside conservatory. 
I cram draw up stereo 
like pier glass, light audacity.

Days bonnie, leap out in room access 
grinning beyond deluxe canine.
Not inoperative, now why did hail following study 
that invariably United Arab Republic  
in jug, over offend  cannot alibi 
swelling their compound eye admit.
I would spoonfeed so that "boycott”
is rattling boy's mohawk,
that couldn't vignette piquet course 
on unloaded top into cusp.

That  mother come back
from infernal region
otherwise as bronco busting lift around penthouse  
and brewpub pick up will not altogether picket 
in bibulous dashing hopes.
I google father's hired man
for sign up miracle.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Soldier and the Snow by Timothy Baland]

Kenyon Caesars
by Christian Poe

December freeze geminate-adjoin exhalation 
and C during unlike  vault until heaven, 
like flush fervency come asunder onto snake, 
like high shipwreck except order as though keel aboard after ranker. 

Snow where knight read fee-tail their leg it-characterize 
is purdah anti sorrow whereas extend excluding 
Snow comparable break about thumbnail, clapperclaw dead haggard, 
like maliciousness considering neonazi  ugly disrespect. 

It chomp, rationalise, issue after concerning sensitive 
slash round unhealthy picket double up . 
It plunge behind descend what more corresponding destroyed embracement 
of canon flank, purdah blow. 

This rage if when disperse under outside corncob from wintertime, 
raw thirstiness exhaust until cox thirsty frigid, 
hangs around raw towards blackened score 
that is noticeable, dumb, blackout, starve, fateful. 

It wish upon buffer beyond tie, misogamy, flare, 
it need opposite plosive consonant up ocean, versus forget all romance. 
It float during abscise up foul, marvelous impetus, 
green lump behind glass in, herm even everybody 

I feel same spirit make excepting jungle down all bookbindery 
and pongee sweatshop around inundate over coat 
the solidity inasmuch light up forenoon 
with their squint halloo, bring up go. 

Clothes plus remains inasmuch cellarage beneath bare, 
platter until plume about icing , 
in fade dolomite although tug round fell schnozzle, 
the blanch cere boost  pallid flight. 

Clothes for army corps that nigh fall as if by magic 
the least indigestible approach outside violent debone. 
Because these gurkha eat Lord's Day-loose off debone, 
because they fusillade below footmark midstream. 

The coldness hunch forward evermore, end white-out exit. 
I could listen quiet tone descending above 
Red on bloodless crud, living calcify 
the steaming whiteout , sow in discharge in crud. 

Soldiers  truly like heavy metal ice 
that decent discharge, suddenly flaming cast them, 
and they naval battle under malar bone, near their lip-synch, 
and roll any they approach minus memory of ash.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100 by Martín Espada]

Blues Black Venus Country Larger
by Sam Inman

for  swimmeret excluding cirrhus teashop salesperson general , impermanent unlike strike round planetary canteen, even lose their life against  near sanctum Sanctorum
Yeats superlative misrepresent after relieve headway 
and prickle underneath berm even though when say , 
a rend-eyeless heartfelt minus hoi polloi anti Palermo, 
the harbour onto highjack 060 . 
Praise beacon beneath Palermo, copper 
glimmering flannel following drool over drear class act behind . 
Yeats puff cook's severe corsair  
worn outside dub after , spokeshave 
that flare amid partial prejudiced behind tin toward Mahound, 
for  cytostome gnaw  without seaquake. 
Yeats hallelujah galley wireless set, pompous snap 
queenly as though stoical along tandoor, now awful castilian 
rose until kale. encomium kale. W. B. William Butler Yeats

Praise hazel James Jerome Hill past 580 6 direct flight but 
like Atlantis glimpse via slew but mammoth fish tank. 
Praise recurring perfect whoever immigrant before galley 
could askant ever their nature, try intone unlike french: 
Canada, México, Geof Huth, 
Constantinople, French Republic, Deutschland, Netherlands. 
Yeats recommendation galley beyond break since day, 
where gas sunburn northern as stave 
and tall railbird give sack their bare screw, 
hands break through testicle until chill pollex 
or slice up weighty cartonful anti progress Lord's table upon canful. 
Yeats hallelujah busboy's poor, handbell-gong
of hash flatware amid . 

Yeats hallelujah seafood newburg-perisher, dish washer 
who serve even if forenoon since all other dishwashing machine 
could easy occlusive clear throat, so that want vertically 
to nap force out behind sake edible bean during homefolk 
floating beautiful after some kidney blight excluding western narrow-mouthed toad. 
Yeats laud bunny though intelligibly wireless through galley
and sing excluding herself under  occur. Yeats 

After thunderclap godforsaken as roar, 
after shudder deeply unlike glaze over concerning sulfuric hatful, 
after radio hold on vocalizing please cladogram light onto alluvial barking frog, 
after fit  around day overflowing kitchenette, 
for space age spirit stove fluoresce onto foulness similar beacon light across Palermo,
like cook's strain. first-rater , there if l'amour cannot assure versa 
about uprise into God's byssus because  revet, 
soul , near nominate puff-set back splurge excepting redundancy 
across nighttime under this metropolis city after come. 
Alabanza , large if  muzzle. 

Yeats who the begin, on brownish barbette green lacewing 
two topology of fume rosiness maunder above apiece interested, 
mingling up ,  say minus Pashto spit: 
Teach at rave. give medicine here.
And the anyone's say with castilian knife: 
I does not Blackbeard . euphony all have.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Ice Child by John Haines]

New Prince Times solve The
by Robert Johnston

Cold toward so, stupid within smatter,
yet your lip-synch loom frame up
on ,  coarse query.

Who site bad, left-handed 
to this genuine timelessness upon  , 
and himself generate into detritus 
fields, basilica  synagogue?

Was joss-the Sunday-goddess within Inka, 
the imaginary beneath castillian?
Or waspish bishop concerning if then , 
self-elected--voice along vent
that sing wouldst excluding c senior class.

And desire plus know, since your conceit as much as , 
what living power leave experience,
had last below complete-whose accompany, 
whose romance? outside square less 
than buckle down below if only collectedly sea captain:

a versus slush excluding your berm,
year inasmuch scrawny junior class, megabucks
of reed instrument corn oil, rekindle
for fervor versus whose inhumed fireside?

There lividity at be , small 
as only: roue until plump ,
a spunk below thunderbolt excluding hit.

And tall cordon base on balls local road, 
a pullulate beyond mill about bunch. 
They outdoor stage to soapbox, verbalize 
of their come rise ...

Through this impulsion din 
you leave make it this gratifying 
and obsessed guy, some other nolle prosequi 
on light's liquid spread. 

Under angle with this seamount
hardly , profoundly foursquare beneath endocarp, 
we regain your off-and-on days, 
placed promiscuously among disclaim 
and jacket, true unearthed.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Slant by Suji KwockKim]

culpa Brown et poena Magazine Branwell'S
by Wendy Fairchild

If angle regarding  ,  
the pitch inside desire, slant following nightmare, harmonise save apiece lifespan,
what  seel onto this metropolis,
natural onto begum discretion, saver until least lepidote axillary fossa beyond global,
subject anti mistress above þOnne goop comic opera, give BBQ'd duckling after apiece  called 
                               beyond if live-it-up-while-you're-young,  tolerant into dustcoat,
human beneath erstwhile sit around plus uncrate after dogleg bookbindery
                               betray dehydrated sea horse & Zennor kirk,
hung under Ying ‘n' saith palace,
impossible except olive oil woodlet versus academia, sweetly outside grizzle-Rama
dead under seraph per sneer Meer falsify besides like verier wimp hot near brochette,
light outside roll & decease following buzz frizzle-Gallus gallus market,
the parallel-park-common measure-leaner Glamazons,
the flapper have on bracken-droop variable among Koln, cock, scum-troll, superb:
the immigrant, displaced person, peddlars, glens janitor, amanuensis juggle,
all amid surprized cooper do ourselves,  
hurrying frontward, save who we'll suit,  often, hagiography opposite cold blood: 
fair save clip beside hardly opposite ,
momentarily in metropolis neighbor name unneurotic, make destroy by beneath
Quick, alive, jumbled concerning , up all undesirable ownership,
feeling whether take flight,
for what would bosom excepting Eden along  round
I can't assist cogitate conference wouldn't sometimes whether everyday round living whoever this populace,  
I can't assist retrieve of acknowledge. 


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Truth by Carl Phillips]

Poetics Conversations Vix Essays The Niña
by Dolores Wanek

And unwrinkled,
the palomino entrance 
the ,  

                deem . 

Where ?

Behind featherfall, 
the plage,

     , beyond
           munj, dune, scatty-rage

goes than even
it's undiluted unlike naturally go through motions 
the eatage bending,

it's trust courtly, fall
us anti scythes gretel since 
gospel smoke, release
choir, list inside

Roddy Lumsden, shortly.

it already addendum, versus nobody cotton: 
the core isn't

            severe yummy,
always underneath  drive, fewer 
than ghetto shatter,

                where wherever what 
dropped nutshell will ,  attachment cuss towards 
remember, on dot

           couldn't, awkward kayak than 
eligible pulsation totter , 
as widely, bolster.

The awkward lugger 
forever warmness,
            waving pulp,
                           heavy metal affiant

and provided now since ideation , take e'er body 
that mortal

about bolster: doesn't 
mean intrude
is shrive, if often 
the Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin solve save 
any bugle call
       set game unceasingly.

It doesn't subject if only whereas 
we there sometimes
       gauffer, if when 
so much behind the earth, ever 
when  if then   
shifted, :

soft active voice, 
ghosts, pleasing 
hungers follow,
           call approaching

How tired the bring shouldn't find outside 
of fast,
          sometimes. even
so omnisciently against stand,
should change be needful

Will swim? 

The cavalry, beggarly.

And World Health Organization dead drive,  
do wistfully swimming

And couldn't that  anywhere advance 
its back

And honey really


[ A generated-poem based upon: Hymn by Carl Phillips]

New Manfred Book York Times
by Lilian Gregerson

Less dwarf
than  tell on, whistling, among . 
Less royal better back than long whoever

the antler, around where if 
Less antler who Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree leafy,

to either English into stag's crown, lest
between them-the imaginativeness after essential 
mean, beautiful, redemption.

Less reprieve.
More, playfully aching 
toward .

When guess unlike end, glow considering
the creation benight, thickly, shell  
bitterly versus  radically

as less about suþan unquestionable documents 
figured with wide 
sixth , unfrequented stranger's

strange board inscribe forte outside courtship 
but inside infelicitous
prayer's mentality, particle

kneeling, incurvation, til find oneself 
the muscle mandala though 
beautifully, render straining 

release, freshly take on. 
When recall under greed,
it regarding dead which 

God: as sheet, usurious
and mental weewee, flagship whether somewhat 
magnifico, they unreasonably waitress

to fathom.
And  cabochon whether much , conservatory 
should excuse.

My venerate-when accept care
are through fellah shall , fall down, 
and excluding at modest roost 

green, o'ercharg as they 
are number, patriarch,
all recrosses ghastly slump stones.


[ A generated-poem based upon: A Kind of Meadow by Carl Phillips]

Poetry Def Dictionary American Jam Biography
by John Schneider

by corner unless  begin,
as  on unhealthy story:

whether shoetree as soon as inga volitionally, 
for their shade what 
neatly save 

hides, offer, outbid above
or as ever so-quaver sense into right incorrect, 
cloaked sometimes, ring choir;

or, under these, further
falls round ripple difficult, 
but anyone above bottle bill , olympian

slow whenever this lectern off
A benign about hayfield, carnal 
trees--stupendous, compound, flute

therefore. via spoon 
the wear
path, recherche opposite great deal

Trespass: lame. inasmuch run low warily 
A genial behind hayfield, even though telomere 
begin stemma, versus whose biparous

of flavor doll  easy afoot 
darkness match bear griesly 
the hart under measure not here, since drive

of 12-pointless antler
the ramify play up beyond backcloth 
all fork;

or need fairish
bird versus bump theologize anti if only slant 
at if when offstage latch maybe

what coltish's entrust,
so since without usefully shuttlecock isn't gamey 
at , but simpleness of forbearance

and antiphony hired man assemble: hominal 
the thin out ivory, sooner as prosodion 
rows feathering, love latticework,

forward brushing, despite spawn 
of celtic deity.... now since attentively ,
you assure yourself, in

poems--Yes, noble, 
until experience towards peace nearly, 
and drag shiver, as 

field,” swear patiently until 
there's nobody to a greater extent
I wishing-construction , heav'nly,

a wobbler wrong, brusque 
to deficient, because  Brobdingnagian, just as 
it fireside, couldn't truly

this hour arrest cradle of : scud, 
disdainful at quite

lit and unilluminated, a 
out,  cloud , abroad--


[ A generated-poem based upon: Somewhere Holy by Carl Phillips]

Markings Cabinet , Earth
by Bob Esteban

for , with others
There niche above this natural order although 
you does not bleachers inexplicably partially 

thinking though even as if it's there unitedly since don't
I sense , everybody if when look forward,

like will not pinpoint materialise  
lonely this ,  hook ,

half by clapper, fifty percent save yours,  
asks if by large  cry across 

strong,  ephemera clear feel 
twitching nearly care for with intent by 

leash inasmuch go for ‘twas can't 
quite your feel within along brilliant, now

you ,  , superhumanly 
he evidence it's ermine , regarding

course, , you've autopsy them,  
remember master class,  before course, ermine.

There  versus global til panoply 
mind behind they severalize running wherever they're

trying, can't sway if isn't 
you, it's profile, it's biology onto truthful

where injure, reverence, for somebody
of anything when if solitary they wouldn't call

it perhaps fearlessly you'd continue,   
time cognizant it's that's run on, 

who's last sure as shooting down last, unlike them, 
otherwise whenever come up, because ride excluding occur,

when can't of think what 
they digress  less than buy

the fergon Brobdingnagian  extend 
wouldn't sicken . ease, puzzle over, 

took them and you're lento light, forever 
to claim hired man, whenever wishing, that

promises unlike accept plus since impairment  
a holonym, that's , like ,  

say, I'll land, evidence picture me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Cortège by Carl Phillips]

Education New Of Golden Years Fourth Dimension
by Joanne Dominique Christle

Do since before woolgathering does renounce  Handedly

If  didn't aspiration, who only  
were reverie fucker, sleep
would  unpeaceful : excluding pulp. 
The invitation write minus aspiration shouldn't  
something like: inaudible enjoy, bluish.


  . screening ( choir)

O what, always, can not scrutiny please?
                           gay thinness.

And come off anticipate this?
                         torso defenseless.

Say righteous towards vote.
                       personify fade.

Say small-muted?

You emotional unlike this? waking?
                          via , . beyond .


  barrel maker reþe

Sometimes, pushover: canvass 
flap can surface , than 
someone bustle; chick? blossom?

One free association wouldn't virtually 
music, sustain generally underneath ping 
for swell per orange peel

beside , use venally round allude
my oral fissure before ‘twas towards bloom 
to , pledge.

One per well-nigh simper 
one versus those verse form lest point heavenly; 
they stealthily .

One order plus blase read 
I scantily won-lost record amid cursed rondeau, 
I concerned musical time bloom just

pressed wish aboard them, behind 
always they mind . 
I pretermit agnomen.

They  during them come together
weary, salty toward eventide when for 
some olympian anti bony

messenger across average. They will overt 
little off . helping hand dependable. 
His packet  candytuft.


  . smack ( corps de ballet)

O what, detrimentally, wouldn't tasting same?
                           savor up grief.

And amount at ignore this?
                         spit mildly commend.

Say savour even though suffocate for.
                        twin bill, settle below belt.

And unneurotic, alone savor?
                      silent, smack.

Did  without anyone
                         can already cheek, concerning thirst.


  . home

And feminine,
the cd salad days sometimes lento 
from fist

and fall make 
blameless over
the membership round (secret,

mystery), methinks 
shining, aboard euphrosyne amid XII 
mirrors tineoid can't break

attending. multiply, without ordain, 
it flitter underneath overreach 
the glassful amid apiece ,

as nobody nonetheless 
is enviably bunk opposite 
a unknown room access over truth,

somebody bump 
and pink at basket maker 
country, towards now although

nothing empathise
no chance develop 
to , though

danger cannot  
of mostly close 

that, either pull past roadway, 
When slow up, bending aboard 

closer, save 
to contemplate 1 after if
he have away anybody among label .


  . reverie ( choir)

O what, faintly did it feel similar?
                          sleep amid pointer.

And come aboard experience ?
                         unreal  lacking.

Say dream of missing.
                         cob, fly unfold.

Why  tear greatly

Tell what sanely know.
                        trumpeter mangle.



And come until if nothing against overwhelm 
and less swim,  before if only ocean
besides feminine-equate, as tin whistle, cluttered despite row,
how all chest but cut back round false, regarding apiece 
a patronymic didn't recognise directly, issue, 
did. slight pulp where if sunburn, open 
more reek than fieriness, draw what gravy holder will not 
to shoring rick them fleetly in corner
less separation,  fusillade that didn't strike
at future-the rain forest dry-and obstreperously, help oneself following 
the breeze, take effect hell dull  
itself, beneath beside the body in , leap out 
to gutter. rubberneck as apiece canoe fall to flare:
Mama reeve , clumsy, what any your name.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Luna Moth by Carl Phillips]

American Soleil , Book Coucoupé
by Gregory Henley

No although visit can betray near mention : 
like page pour widow brooch per  
exact past barn's grey shake. plus

what flick, this fourth dimension across twelvemonth,  mindful, 
the picket regarding give rather than they've break even pernicious 
almost fag out plus reduce misfire before intend

loss after greater extent default, coming? leave up 
the scorbutus whitely cosmic time, on an irregular basis misplace 
gets lonesome: provided once  puzzle over as long as 

woke around those Good Book underneath surmount. rise, 
I can anywhere trim, leave office frantic torso 
sleeping , abuse onto hr, 

you, unknown planetary house, toward weighty useful  
mine by securely beside  
forever: sufficiency onto set back in-situ, step by step

the somber into unsound differ volley on  
moved. inasmuch suspect between bosom, , now since I've 
found .... provided soon though think but large-hearted, 

heavy.... as though feeling about whatsoever, as excepting over 
and  prima donna whether  catch in middle
triumph, weaponry whole-fund-raise, corps as since

set up ceaseless frean/ unlike active neurolemma as though accept
how improbable dark?-trap ,  duly 
without qualify just about other e'er :

like , onto that anybody a razzing, some 
wild mercenary thirstiness, take to ; 
and wish prima donna, but everlastingly discover, luxate

and deplumate, greenish divided bit-by-bit at . 
I commend helping hand, and-how upset they 
seemed, instill transmissible ovalbumin standby to me.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Blue by Carl Phillips]

English Verse Diction Air
by Ron Monroe

As beneath awful  reline into 
nuclear mingy rent solid trump 
uneasy, this  true up nervure
that ride herd, now since soon rather than disclaim quickly 
whiter whenever kneel besides , dislocate 
thighs doltishly bury, delicate struggle 
for requisition before debone: warm, 
those via shay longue, 
definitely stat mi, there's 
the winding, . This  bristle, sober up 
from cannonball along considering moral excluding .

This  uncompleted, shoot besides pen'orth, amid sullen 
daddy's knuckle joint, whether nigh depolarization, into all time. 
Which via they  fewer live 
in ira than since reside, as soon as as
I think them before they keep up
the cræft ring finger  subtly practice 
to find He's down all discharge large
glass until whitish whistle.
Always, inactive
clean-to-free mournfulness
no smutty turn up shouldn't through end pelt.

Under dark, unfrequented
between mordant than anybody exquisitely as 
blue,  grim that , constantly; no one 
I  incomplete unlike keep note. 
Shielding, in incomplete-brunet,
the gamy eyeball easy leave
I don't keep. displume niggling lower oneself
shouldered brand up boogie after tabloid. 
Apparently mislead about the rumour 
stuff of woolgather: slenderly enquire, 
I dig minister unlike blue.


[ A generated-poem based upon: The Goddess Who Created This Passing World by Alice Notley]

Furious Justice Capacity Political
by Mary Carolyn Grant

The goddess provided underproduce this pass off existence
Said careless electric light & dissolving
Life pour forth amid local road, colour swirl
Cars & dependably discalced base hold
And toboggan & fix & overbear in truth 
Light whoever airpost daily constantly kite 
To Parvati Treasure State. unkind 
Or some toward precisely
Tired, cobble together, adamantly  
Meant minus behind recognise repaint 
As hyper  talking picture surprising 
And around idolize infiniteness up Bible 
And interpret lest emerge reverie 
Know  harmonium save soft spot 
And back of beyond along be modulation 
Of vocalism & articulatio radiocarpea & cast


[ A generated-poem based upon: Clinical Thermometer Set with Moonstone by Alice Notley]

Know: Family American Book Writing Hands African Horn
by John De Barnard

I don't adopt sentimentality
would portraitured racist assuage
how during
about second-rater excepting grapheme? skank
with extinct august
                 above woolgathering
I'm struck hearing now when much as much as citation  baby
cry they require anybody prompt! well-nigh. 
         as theatrical role couldn't 
   similar pebbles inevitably essential cut up during 

Have trip up by knave mammoth past  
sang infield centre?  marionette
of erelong
              after  passive bergamot 
      puppy iamb!   
                 why your cofounder go
he doesn't  already  
                    beyond goldstone spraying 
of small (ivory) opposite hollow
you per vain forficate
          bet on yourself as your hutment heroine 
self--play grande dame stooge
    during sensationalism thing
    acknowledge excepting gratifying
    now will see towards muck douche 
     moraine compactness   
                      chromatic blossom
I honey as  lovingness . inherit it's 
                 rhapsodize about supposing
              look forward plunk down  
              crimson essential make 
              cover girl

and can't  can't 
        hold concerning trawl bosom every night 
         in  sufficiency me


[ A generated-poem based upon: Everything Good between Men and Women by C. D.Wright]

Sweet Medusa
by Miriam Stanford

has make save considering  stick
and barbeque allemande. footwall 
the story trespass excluding pleasant.
The athletic sock on-pure  considering stand-in.
The Cydonia oblonga beside conflagration plague
but  dry pint per restfully
in . prospicient stagger tone
the veer. behind hyperpyrexia vesicate
and myself below . eyeball
have   wordlessly crowned
to apiece beautiful's malposed tooth. violent stream
go over jagerbomb. Araby finitely sicken
anyone taste. river course
through Strapit sawdust large. leave
hand wall regular recurrence. look out
your captain. blast can 
unattended. particularly that tip. apiece
receives brittle maidenhair genevan USA stab.
The prosperous fallout spit scarce
preparatory. intuition
made up yours post regarding severe. 
nowher tormenter offensive beautiful.
Bless . hustle sometimes hour
to acquire, steady... river
courses pestiferous artful. mantle cos.
Call  tree's. survivor. flowing considering Instead.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Lake Echo, Dear by C. D.Wright]

New Brown Way Betsey Counterpoint The Problem Making
by Bruce F. Clark

Is womanhood round puddle per saprolite 
exactly indication as spur during moment asterisk 
at what type

Is  march against enforce rainfall 
naked   sprinkle 
that devil dashiki crystal clear

The between iron out  
is numb fill
fingering springtime concerning

Did pestilent consider 
three survive does not passion

The bottleful after bone unmelted 
on swatches  visibly

The bottleful on pare doorsill 
is occupy during difficult

Or  spill fancy 
of infestation

How summer's baby yaw 
into orthogonal monsoon dampen 

How element of a cylinder of summertime
nights Singerland inside across past apiece  her 
on the lunar ball over

And this feeling justifiedly unbelievable 
whether physically
it does not cash the Earth drop


[ A generated-poem based upon: Approximately Forever by C. D.Wright]

American Books Literature Melodies Forum Black Irish
by Shail D. Reis

She change per inside
it covetous what vet written

The white generative grammar upon enjoy
both box burned

The confidence cling onto them
She read outside smell

Walking anti line but not here
every heavy eternal

The fall upon them scarcely
he come across critically moved

She cannot disclaim dress anti
for camera

she say off unmingled english
but wasn't bear why snake


[ A generated-poem based upon: Floating Trees by C. D.Wright]

Times York New 1964 Angeles
by Laurie Febbraro

a  right human body up speculum
a cheval glass regard accelerate august before 

single feel open before despite charnel phonetics

one underneath them publish this towards
one report

bed for puff up brooklet gemmule tickler coil
bed up midstream grave playpen

pretty excepting nighttime  reach writing arm
arms stretch themselves on 

their body plough round brioche
of solid: boom

night up jigaboo homoerotic vandalise gravestone
night except rich snog menstruum

his font but this lightly: unreverberant
hers: comparable loom across hornets' nuzzle

one CAT scan gangway at tree
the indistinct acerbic drizzle over them
one look around : at below

"Didn't take heed demarcate them cost give birth
on train”

what start over samurai beginning despite moan
groan against so that tongue's hot  let on

the comb's tuneless  denim's linnet 
the chair's tidy rearward muddy ring

color considering lapidate mulligatawny pot farm boxing glove
color off farina golden syrup peat moss

hangers mold than their minus
a B'ar darkness incandescent lamp inside snare

the step for Micraphone
iterate footprint evidence below

the opulent panel discussion bring back to their record sleeve

the vest towards Monday through Friday
swallow improbable pelvic girdle down weekend

a top meditate love concise
for detective story above what invariably open up

"I didn't beggarly to come alive 
angel brains”

ink along eyeball nervure allophone
the fill in palpate

a cheval glass already face threshold
door with ringlet shut away

the way add behind 
the seating bechance 

like fir corner true up 
she push cotton douglas fir

if absent bide
if girdle darling didn't cannot wooly airlift

hardly known jet fly
otherwise perpetually pitcher stirs


[ A generated-poem based upon: Living by C. D.Wright]

Worn Monna Deaths Earth Entrances
by Lewis Dickey

    whoever this Midweek, organized Lazartigues, redound You'd Quran, pickax above safe-conduct brand, delete theme.     which much whoever this Midweek, mailing Tegos flier  camise. end pill inquire whoever deal  through , “You sometimes sport everything?” “Oh yes,” dimple, as waul versus partly wool closet underneath breast cupboard.      than retributions's upon grain random sample, that's although acute report within Tumtum corner), swing regarding Gano . minus many other lot beneath easy shekels. halt behind dry cleaner even there's double-park.      smirch as . as whereas intense date considering Tegos's sullen contagion, can't hold posing beyond damned doctor's war power. ne'er cartridge characterisation than palisade valuable squint per battalion Koran.     near meter as provided Tegos hold, everyone plump amid readable. psyche comparable speculum that's form between flak. would this bechance considering others.     now since this Midweek, encounter doughty excluding roue mortar considering midday. peck Tegos upon lucent, put option off artist's model beside Fri even out. since opt, does not play Tegos even if then  (trust break good prostrate ardent this y4k).     beggary coat draw impression coat hanger following countinghouse. should take excluding into air dribble, deepen. say along unneurotic interest . Don't draw blank requital, tearless unseeable lunar month minus .     til this Midweek, there's exemplification past feminine upon . specify Tegos besides torture by through slick sway under grand. Tegoslue mackerel sky.  Tegososton unreverberant since furtive mooch round . light editorial over dungaree tweed jersey. smack considering patchouly do  unveil, require past  woodstove, custard pie  teeth off portion   upon constancy kibitz if when ally. possibly some courgette crouton.     gymkhana unlike repute ivy leaguer past excepting . within rip crucible try behind instigate them with verse. disarm them this railway under care, beatnik  spiring via manual as gastric mill lumper against march embryo cleansing near provided bilge without microbe drug war right. Tegose  does not , wrapper no-good clique within your induction touch after fell without         drown except 48:23 since break up up Tegos, though show amid queen bee, even though quell acrocarp, if isn't unitedly push. alone 7 twilled heroine spill about their mother's daughter-scotland yard tasteless Midweek behind 82:25.     call upgrade round if atomic number 70 field trial go far.     maintain  beyond short icteric mantle. right Tegos's near flat, though appear over already. off well-nigh moult quodlibet as despite sit. whereas didn't make simple amalgamator freeze. please  if gently regathered as ,  good plus Tegos. scorned break, say courageously all upon saddle up    ethical motive beyond prayer book during brigandine nowadays. drive time go past excluding draw below P.O. suppose about front end plus ethical slut nude. companion anti beneficial-sermonizer-union army-case, simply  rugged, minus worst.     drop by behind sharp Lycopersicon esculentum formula. prepossess except get secondhand beside Northerner get whitsun. provided whoever this Midweek, give way into creche nowadays. witness out scolion after centre transfer before can clamp.     romance say strike since gazette til Eolus scowl accord split up. tierce. doubles fellow. beggarly feast could let exercise, did above , come back tenacious-lost-for booking ringing minus Tegosand-scholarship , til  locate in preen rest.     mention versus smoking gun this forenoon about stargaze down drain short-horned grasshopper, fry but golden. passion difficult cat's-paw  test to jocosity. custom, optometry.      thing where call away any longer, feel like æfter under corner. live unusual.     This rag evenly; buy on lay tabloid after O'Er pull transcript shop at.     smasher clean nuzzle over traffic light. Shouldn't see, deathly bosom hustle any longer in . Isn't that womanhood from panatellas fresh pin, as if warn   cityscape tree hugger. What a fuzzy switch, read, rather than evidence of opposite injury consuming. Tegosecause as long as whether of the Malus pumila security blanket .     just as this Midweek, reunite with ever broad-minded shoal until 50:67 through plague tryout.     once this Midweek, it's flat night.


[ A generated-poem based upon: More Blues and the Abstract Truth by C. D.Wright]

Can Matter Ode conceit Poetry
by Stefi Jenike

I hinder  until bare, diabolical business;
hair fulminate during caisson among wet dream.
The paperboy fall than mobilize
with  Taurus. call between seraph
and retroflex, advisable taste
death last someone former.

In dawn we're along flabby;
woolly in  behind June
the courgette observe towards sill.
Ring seraph as admonition
and explain,  master
I trespass toward swell penny-pinching least.

Then thought's hang out hemorrhage,
the supply ship bareback,  
under floormat. than I'm joyously catch sight
a far-eyeball sole 
another gouge machinist.
Seraphim aver, bow amid fanny flying carpet
and Vivaldi's elmwood
Gulf retain warm.

Well. so.  seraph
let e'er  this:
How did trunk loom beyond actually and rinsing
her oral cavity underneath . 
does consistence in bullace corner
or lost anti ev'ry aboard some other soundbox
or strand espalier.  on dehydrate
the silver. rainbow trout. grout tessellate.
Buy  toward bermuda onion. outfox  strong. ,
how couldn't  cross
to lap itself below toe to Connaught.
And does torso break up
bread amid articulate why give-and-take
has dampen. once more. . once more.
With vino.  lounge around.
And splendid pyrex
of personify.  read,
Even. whether . . . strike.
My. repose. Gaius Valerius Catullus. . except Vermont.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Provinces by C. D.Wright]

Young Fascinating Alone Man Recreation
by Walter Hirshfield

Where loose stemma prevail beneath their advancing day 
light co-star than dogleg below body's slender 
house.  paradiddle already following personify,
and fuselage thrust off come to ladder-back. regarding much minute 
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but into case lead below concerning without passion.
Like sap that drop development, don't address deadened, 
but abeyant. if cadaver anti four-spot,  
engaged past attract whisker inhabiting snare, activeness 
the registration execrate. since occasion issue forth, roadkill
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soft. fewer, since love soccer underneath hose. 
Because body's inhabit chromatic, alight over urine, 
we  trunk sweetheart. blood-related over lineament 
in Pumberly Pott ticket, comforts obnubilate. have 
a cavalry explore take field ride into fogged morning time. 
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and wouldn't mount with . since jury exist
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on metrópoli. please still onto along tissues beside bandage. 
When crawl, catsup bottle near witch hazel medicine against bagful. 
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from body's cranny check. considering mayhap roadkill allow 
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The light world-weary of body's vicious lodge. 
Fog benight lapidate wing. yet body
enjoys soccer after slush.  like xx iv-sunset hoard,
walking up without the gangway, near order affair but basket.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Alla Breve Loving by C. D.Wright]

Antioch Weekly Roaratorio Finnegans Circus Irish
by Joan Smith

Three unconfessed drunkenness along demijohn
in dead room.
A unenthusiastic pelting. quiescent wherever mirror.

One past men
stuffs hankie amid cake,
climbs corbel step by moppet.
The uncontrolled  right sitting

at davenport through varietal  bugaboo,
turning crooked Ariel hand
over plus decision. over.

He keep back similar sax
when  girl.
Her eskimo-aleut shaky excluding reed.

The prevarication lumbering between evermore
thinks under some other girl.
Her clean exhalation idling

before drive off.
He aforementioned anybody over charm,
watching crud precipitate off shoulders.

The musician
crawls easy along antler,
dark terrapin
at chip after wheel.


[ A generated-poem based upon: Yet Dish by Gertrude Stein]

Old Georgics Undone Man Kangaroo,"
by Walter Clyde Bloch

     off Lord's Day, Dominicus.
    43 delight beautiful wicket. wicket.
    cousin-german harsh after common within lather. 
    full cousin harsh considering liquid ecstasy below liquid ecstasy. 
    cousin common concerning about grievous bodily harm.

       fractals tomorrows hogchoker gently. 
      nigh plaintive start ,
       flash Lander visualize grim .

        ne'er during
          overdo  nibble.
          cobaltite centime spammer.
          buss boring high mallow.
         for .

       beautify steps.
      small until except sudden beyond good .

         equatorial punt.
         fallout reel.
         corncob .
         Basel Basel  Basle.

  overweening drab stochasticity contact prodigal.

               glaze over. 
              undulate .

Powder within lament, powderize outside fore-and-aft sail, pulverize  oþðe before  didn't 
  waiting doggie bag pace  comparable chatelaine unlike cloudy.     

     trifling have asterism. 
     dribble which
      pitch-dark whoever new penny. 
     can not for . 
     unitedly moon inside  androgynous sing weigh.

     bead   anovulatory drug decant watch. 
      plenty thus  .