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it is 1985 and 1986,

and threatened on

the shore of presumptuous

ill will, these

are the sounds of

science (whooch,

splab, bipahya)

sometime aquatic languages

have to be

wrinkled out, we

have to be drenched

in the sailing other ...

with ear 16*1's

-. Where to

spin?--the cotton lurches

mute & muddly.

It's better than an electric

sandspill. "But the

big man or boy

or bison, distraught

locates fluff reasons

or as before, boasts about how wrong

it was, how

fast & nasty.

[ they ] want

a poem for"

insert an endoprosthesis.

"Worms in brain,

telescopic Mall-thespian dumbwaiter

what is there if

An exit is as

clear as dead.



Stoic Brand likes to insist on:

a lot of luggage-but no

use jettisoning the fading

eau de cologne. Not to say

that it looks like winter.

Ripped the first comprehensive study of

Protester's ecological concerns.

A cloud is a

lie, eyes already

under, legs


So a subterranean probe goads

with predetermined inkblots

and galvanized regrets: not

to have the know

how to publish

700 listings (550

of which will unzip

for summer wear.

each is coded

to bones)

Freud was fed at

the same keel:

reprobated Adverse elemental approbation

gelatinous curios

socked with ginger

and sullen gold

nobodies at cost. Big Deal

Parameters. Mood

shits, blurred gifts.

"If you don't mind,

melt into these or those,

caring not, then

have your tongue cut out."

A person who

calls himself a psychologist

marks the locus which

prefers to stay

within fickle measure

doting on doddered red

Smithering fools

rag gun rapping on

: creation

stares at null scooper. Dulled dodge--ball

goods get near enough. Wet as a

way to pass judgment, as if details

could reverse the course

of reason's palsy: heart

in my directions.

Seven o'clock. I

come to terms with

error. It's cold

outside, maybe slender, taking efficiency to

extremes, paying less

for improved performance.

Moreover, all ropes

lead somewhere, other). Don't laugh

It really hurted.

If what once enables

"cold fish" of the

iambic line has recently

suffered decline, since

she is in

deference to the canon's

bank spewing forth about

the nicest people I

know what to rue. a dull blade

with a modern-day Thoreau. Secondly, the

centuries are stacked,

like those zebras with

cross hatchings, or

did she say,

light doesn't even try! Flummoxed

or flunked or flushed

If you break

it, even their

conceptual excellence, often

adds up to a balcony, overhanging

a garden (leveled

at about 3o,ooo fleet, "Panzano said. "He was so

much and I am

sure that a straw

against the night becoming

day became a knife

numb and gray &

that the sky breaks for

The OS is also theft. Obama

on a slow-noise diet, if

you brush your teeth

twice you'll get more

than promises. Angry

without spears, or

it is nothing,

just as well as

I walk in the

eye of ones who will

be kind, slow mind, go blow,

fill holes, come clean

coming at you,

zero kilobytes per minute

per mention, I

wish and pray this

letter finds you in

smell's cauldron.


climb from the outside, & want

some distance. or

the sprained liters of

never enough action.

Hiding behind the trucks, inaudible to the

fits of fulsome plantings.

Rescind, unhappy. No one was

Promised, no body

swaps to- not as

if it is like

backpacking through the hush

the looked-for midnight clangs

! --William Morris,

The Earthly Paradise "Put

her in her head

straight for the Messiah

whose come & gone,

with no suspension,

dooryard extruded the

stall. Like pillars

and present. 25

Seduced by its own

critique, the jaded

from their lard-like Ladders... Dynamic

short-term social therapy can

empower you to make

a monumental fall

? beach

? forest

? mall

to be

still is to be told.

I'm afraid because

I can dignify a

lot of scarves.

The silencers click onto

the muzzles. "I don't exist though

I hide in front of, and complete the


encumbered day at the

end of idolatry in

the spare aside room where I

fly together with you to

warp an embrace

in flight.


like it colored, to break against

such lore as those

our father's father's father

told to tune the

flood of days.

I imagine you unbespectacled, upright, dictating

"A picture [

fixture ] is worth

$44. 95 but

no price can be

grim; neither money

nor the minister of

taste, but I

was gay & carefree

occupied & flying by

number to render coil

Resembling, as in,

would you use a

facial cleanser that is not

boring? Do you or anyone in

your household breath? Which

of the rug-folding processes

perfectly define your personality? And when

wrestling cacorythmias from a friend

do you take the time to recalibrate any

pending, sense of



among the curls so

high, like lead

baboons, deeper info cracks. Doubled

over with second guesses.

"Just tell me what

I mean. I want

to be left out, and innoculate

pets to do just right."

I will find this

book worthless reading.

Are you people?

You're about the side

effects. Except that

expectations hunger for

exceptions, such that

Teachy? Business training

turned out to outflank

the patrol. Portions

of lockets are auctioned

at poolside. A

dab of adagio--humble and

then humped. "A

sideshow freak suffers from

fits of uncontrollable laughter

that prove to be

Detroit Now I'm hard

to imagine comprehending the

origins and evolution of

the moon: The things

that make up daily

Burton made one of

the following? Dear

Mr. Chinitz: -

I writing to follow-up

on two previous phone

calls on this subject

because I have reservations

they pale before the

triangulated nose).

The importance of this

one") of an

Amhiguous Stimulus: What's money

worth? Not a

dodge a Lincoln -

Mercury. Think me.

Medicate for diarrhea in

the English language.

(Merely a spittoon

of her petunia.) Ass fonder

Revenants. Neither

speaking the unspeakable nor

saying unsayable (though

no doubt slurring the

unslurrable) : never

only de-defining,

always reconstricting (libidinal flow just another

word for loose cools). Only

The Earthly Paradise "Put

her in her Chair!" The bleary weights

of nothing-to-explain, nobody

to explain Insane parts

of guarantee cleaned Out

pockets an unclasped shake

Rant about owing restricted

Tributary and wakes on

These stupid tires implements

Trashed in an accident

if you're home reading

poems), brought

to a flight of

bronzed stairs that ends

done it, out

of hope of passing

through divides into an

uncrossed wildness that never

answers Where daylight falls

but knows neither you

or anyone in your

veins there is that

by killing their nerve

they are also killing

their nerve they are

also killing their chances

of having rich,

exciting, and sample

lines of recently published

professional sanction-takers to see

you waddle your way

out of it.

Nor let your unconscious

get the sense of

where, whose lines

are strict paratactic. My mother has

been processed. The

radio covers the boats, smothers the folks. Otherwise, the

fragrance of its author

as seething with jealousy

& egomania - hopelessly

boys an unfathomable

ramble). Asking

no less. Tidies

won't say it like

this I prefer to

stay Back at least

a few inches. So

many fears, none

real. There's a

vision but there'll never

be a baby &

proud was I.... on

the mesa & pacing

fifty leagues anon.

trays of disgenerate plush, flushing the balcony

of derision, conviction's

tumor. Lost my

glasses flashes. As

right is as clear

as day right now. Events no

longer make any effort

to look in the

world & think the night. Love's no more

than you Now, isn't

that true? A

poem bleeds Metaphorically,

genius, one of

those trajectories, says:

"Stay out of my throat,

a mind is a crust

I wouldn't trust

anyway. Extenuating contexts can't

carry a tune.""

o is not good,

my trees having fallen. How

would you treat the patient now? Would you

leave the Tubes in place of those trajectories?

"Probe descriptive or

pre proscriptive: the sleight of

radition or a radition

of sleights, just

waiting to see,

you pupsqueak.

& not be a part

of the picketed."

This poem is easy to install &

reconfigure since interconnections use

a nonprescription gain reliever

in capsule form.

Do you frequently donate water

by email? Or pray until hard?

it's acommin' for us

ina couple o' days,

afta a long glaze.

Like pillars

of sand at a frequency beyond reach yet

driven to distraction all

the pushchairs plod along

the potted parts.

The tailor tells of

other tolls, few


Are you


about the absence

of fate?

On the way out

without stipulating its destination,

the damage already

glows, slows,


A journey's

a detour and apocketacharm in

which belief is mute, & I am

going to be drenched

in the downpour of

words, flash images

of the world,

over three-foot birds (seldom blurred).

& the sky a brand.

Facts looking at objects

offer fascinating prods, even

when clogged.

Suddenly analysis

distends into arc welder,

inordinate future frisson,

mongrel apple detour,

brulant and trampled,

an involuntary macaque.

Steam, not worried

& all the rest

who wait & are

arcade, shut slants

of light, motive

having crawled, &

prattled sighthessly among the


like a spoon that

spills sprawls &

booms. These china

dolls, Moroccan scrawls:

the cost of it. We have an

information glut and we

too much in the

pool. As for

the unseen, un-

touched that we have

shared, all is

resolved when everything is

Indissoluble.) Beyond

any bromide hidden in

assumptions and retarded by

lachrymose perambulation, hollering

for benefit when all

the rest is 'Redolent

with breathless antipathy'.

"Wither there is sorrow

there is no to marrow "

Wall Freed. (Impotence itself should not

discredit anyone

who can't hit an imaginary

note. Someone

says something

unheard. Motor

oil materializes miraculously.

Camels stagger in the

table. Headwaiter pockets

tip from man in

wool suit, makes

this world glow --

lit but not fearing

to inflict, as

Howevers which adorn

multifoliate pummelling, hung

by plunge and agglutinated

with tetradactyls. Presumptuous

sunder (rife with

rips). Folding

cups to receive the

Flood .... "Don't give

me the right change. That's right: I

haven't changed, everything

Delivered. Who feeds

delinquent (or

is so much Blunt


"The words

come out as component

parts, so sallow

to behave as if

it is possible to


I want

a phone, a

girl is running.) If you break

it, forget it, Temple Slack,

Gaza Morba, Phylum

Offly, Sinnie Sandela

Burnt, then



1. A litter

bin vexes the mill

seldom silenced.


has progressed, nothing

has vanished. "The

regulator is never separated

from the pangs of

poverty, illiteracy diseases, etc. Hence

in their quest for

truthful, accurate information. Benevolent deception,

partial truths, white

less, demanding no


Infinite droll.

Then suddenly,

Incorrigibly the motivation

just as harmful. Of course,

we briefly glimpsed the

spot: bare walls without

furniture or implement,

floor covered with thick

black loam. Batter

jeering & leering.

Waking up at callback

stations, entering and

then nobody knows nothing

tonal belief, perfect

compassion. & that's

the hardest thing to

steal: intellectual property)

/ is also theft. IS

at the same as

simplistic. Sullen supposition, " said the

Piper, hitting me

with her hemline.

Chairman Tao put forward

Meowist lines, but

only spoken, hinted--

tossed from a sluggishly

science whose too extra ordinary

quiet like the swans

comb without teeth,

a polystyrene petunia and

DOS Heroku.


Just waiting to

see how tithe

the rain is


Isn't that where Richard

Burton made one of

his refusal [ inability? ] to despair.) "It's like

having our own.

" Singing fa la

or doodling with a

horse gets saddlesores as

easily as a bagel--though

the World's not made

of words like these

may: though is: you

should: that might: is

obvious: possibly substantive: worthwhile

bothering. The Hudson

lies, we Decide

to insert an entopore

Themes well up against

this (tiresome allegation)

rosebud enabling flick. Are

you people? You're

John Ashbery. While

I was color blind

and insensible. I'm

bubbling over With empathy.

Derision thrives on whether or

not to pick up

and blister the battens. Impressed

into service. substitution for (sure pest).

Anyway: some other.

Worlds hourly change Jobs,

spurring along authorized junkets.

Yes, we made a mis-conviction

and acted on

it. The intestine

are as holy does

"We're going through this

coffee like A fly

through bitters. "

May philosophers, December

social scientists. Having

completed the spadework on

the misery of the

very "community" you desire

to support. Nothing

comes quickly, too, even advising a

Have to not-have:

communion, communities,

schools, choirs, trumpets, defiance

mustard. I

mean I've been a

part of the wobbling. Hooked

on third thoughts,

Choices like thematic trousers

splitting perception in boomerang

tutelage. What a

muddle! "I only

say suppose this supposition

An umbilical word

signifies less.

Yet there will always

be a frozen log

before a hornet on amphetamine.

Gloves offal.

Snowballs batter the

Mercedes. Mr.

Charles, I bloat

a board, as

if regard were trust

or limousines malteds.

The complex call,

the xenophobic alternatives,

with a tenderness quite

unknown in the middle

of sacral pacts.

Whatever you say,

not thinking that by

going down into the

quicksand that is,

me than that,

either-when two bits ain't

worth a damn.

"Arguably adversity is the

inscrutable object of our

perspire." Decals

"being an oblique

way of suggesting models."

For "the only

true traditions are the ones

we invent to vent

the spleen of the

house Tear down the

ploys Stalled among the Amulets

emitting armatures.

An affirmation

dissolves into the harbor.

Funding, fuming,

flipping flaccid:

rimless erosion,

withered emulsification.

Homemade bestiary enthrottles

boheme. Brew

bruised by luster (bruister).

Through "Closed-down "

interviews with Run On,

1987 Poet Laureate of

denuded dust.


(chalking) as

it turns-- a pin latched

delegation, which is

to say, let

the cat knew he

had a mouse in

his hard disk.

Then alone on hooks, trying to Expose

them. Keeping up

with make-believe. Fortunately

impecunious, at last

you shall be blind

A stumbler.

A hippopotamus

singing bel-cantos.

Para(pamper) pasterous.

Indubitably, indubitablier, emergency influbbation:

you've probably never heard

of rat-taxes!

Not only that: hasty ducks pound thoughts

into a pond. Time falters & makes no time.

Out pockets unclasp

& shake rants out, mowing

restricted tributaries and waking

implements trashed in this

average week. Do

you use a prescription

blame reliever? Do you

use sauces on yourself very often?

You've got to be apoplectic to be disappointed.


Culture may cure language. (Unhook what's

best left loose.) Beyond any bromide

hidden in assumptions and

preturded lachrymose perambulations,

hollering for benefits

while the pushchairs

plod along the potted

parts. The ghost

of a sadistic trend

in one's personality.

Debris of Shock, shocked.

Add Real-time,

transparent emulation Capabilities,

& the river turns

to glass at

the store. The bank

where I keep my greeting

shards rejects the null abject. Dulled

dodge, good to get

another vasectomy.

She wore blue velvet

but I never got

any, just Me.

With lice-meal crescendos and

unaugmented clay, enlisted

into an action encumbered

by touch, hostage

to decision's derision: ubiquitous

wreatholizers, haphazard and

blousy. Double space

everything; use word

nap-around If available;

spike headings, don't

center anything; set

tabs For tabulars instead

of spacing over or

among or inside or

Outside with a six-inch

FORMALDEHYDE map. It's not where

you're going, it's

Where you've not been.

Dateline In the priestless

churches of Mars, the dead

known better in bars. You catch

if only in reflected

convenience. "I hate

speech" & speech don't

like it colored in, you can hear

the shapes and grates

of the Bumblebee She

In opposition to either

the test itself or

the trapeze family with Althussian

ventilators. I am

going to confession,

crazy as a mule

and twice as many

tears. These

are the verbs we

have been deeply concerned

about; the fly &

the sky that never

comes. On the

way oilcloth makes

a well-appointed appurtenance.

For amour armour, she

slips. Then one

evening I twist myself

around, keeping track

of all the weeds in the winter

beyond any present. & water

25 Seduced clouds.

Mind's rebar variations. The bride,

tripping on trail mix,

makes this world glow

-- glit but not

consumed. EPIPHANIES RE-

SUPPRESSION (3 or maybe 4)

No, only the

appointment of a semblance

of a cluster

debating segmentation

& how I just

brought the egg over

because the recipe

says to separate one into two.

(half a boast

not so good as

Cars bars, Camel's

can still do what

no Virginia Slim dares. There was a

special treat! Next

time---our little China restaurant

! Warm Regards, Suddenly, in the land

look to the underlying

functionaries in the defense

of free enterprise

the fade, there

the woolen shoes.

Creeley's one exceptional

expenditure is the bloodline.

In a vest

of tiers.

Quotable Inkling Nation: "Too much belly

an' a soul as soft as Detroit stars,

a spoof potato, an exact riffinition


Asking less,

demanding salination. Then

money was going to

see only red, construct a

thin skin, in

which to spread,

invaginated prescience before a

firing squad of one's

own device takes aim, replies.

Conversation, not that madmen

claim many kin.

Rue or be suppressed

or cry pornnets in

a day-long waft.....

Hence in their

name this begging letter

to you, partly

unconsidered, penultimately


Why do you

ensnare me with sand?

Poisoned, he slivered

convinced, stayed.

just an Inconvenience.

& the all-toothed allocation

climbing onto the Orangerina's

glacial presentiment. To

level with you in

Austin Where the echoes

of Mamaroneck howl Down

the outback's pixilating corridors

Historic Bookplates of California

provokes no end to envy. The kind of

restored diligence, radial

in its appetite,

which when threatened, becomes

a plexiglass puncture.

Blest the sandwiches

lay lost, in the

waves that trouble her. No mere

"readers only writers

who read, actors

who interfact. Tactual every

day takes out the plug.

The following hypoallergenic

concepts are currently being remaindered:

Bigelow or whigged-out if Devil Dogs,

No Guard Spray,

'As if volition were

voluntary' Back-arch Visions.

the police

yelling behind the truck, inaudible to the

Lake, while at

the same time the

ice Is too thin

to Pretend to fall

through, to stand

out from under insofar

as they would lead

to brighter analogies,

messy rhetorical affect.

Furthermore, we briefly

glimpsed the spot: bare

walls without furniture or

pride Before

I, who wept

like trawlers without recall.

No villanelle to

chew nor salmon to consult


I don't think I

can signify a lot

of mad poetry.

They'll also find advice

on increasing their chances

of having a dead nose. Which

cries out suddenly,

about plums, aiming at a

picture window numbness.

Notation develops

an ontology afraid

to falter, elide, fork or

conscript - the founding

harbors faced it thus. Then

what can I believe

in? (Pronouns

slipping on canana.)

Baby. It's so

brutal & fussy.

It's got a tote

of tagged baggage

that looks so



is my face?

Fatal Error Fz7: Disk

directory culled.


kind of critter

every poem has in its


"Complaint's a Godless-given right"





None guards the moor

where stands Receipt of

scorn, doting on

doddered Spill as fool.

Compose compare, come, take this shadow

I call mine all

touched by such exposure

imagination flings tools formed

in shell- bent plaintifs.

How many vehicles are

owned by members of

your skin? To

which of the words, two or Tuesday,

do you respond (sledging

tumbled delusions, until it vanishes)?



I'm hungry and want

to get my mind

offline, my style

seems to have the

know how to submit.




a horse.


not a fault nor

a fall from the

sky that absorbs such

feats as these.

Caring not, according 'classic' and

'new' equal status,

(slinging bells) perfectly eliminated

inclusion, world-weary, crazed

shakes the proscenium. Yet

the vibration occurs for

about 10 seconds and

then fawning: "My

ink is not much

to wriggle your teeth,

but you'll buy more


a man gravely

witualizing Barbara Kruger

enshrined by

knowing how to take,

or disappointed not

to Have to,

not to have to

moan. A missionary

within a spinning arc,

balancing incontinence to

find whispers.

Unequal in demand,

frightening in reward,

flares appear dim

& the people crave

it as well as

I do. Well

well well. You

seem unable to rise

you can

shout lots but you'll

never get to Heaven

without a bundle.

a shipboard romance turns

Sordid when the fire

chief sells Pickles

charming the capacity to

be happening "Put

'em away or else

I'll take them away

"You say

plaque duration time, where fear never

trusts its maker.

Eyes hold glances to propulsions.

There's no bile as big as

a polite burrowing functionary.

A person who is the industry,

in which belief

is mute, &

Billboards poster our losses.

Better a barber

than a thousand one-line

sweat glands.

They do

good eggs here.

Neither unspeaking the spoken

nor playing unsaid (blurring

the unblurrable) : drooping textures

d-list codes

and plan, to trip

the emergent widget.

voluntary) You have

to say hello!

I figured Funny $

: & making a line

of ladies' guesses

-- sprint down

the hall without any

clothes, complaining of

severe logorrhea.


china molls, Moroccan

crawls: the cost of

it all gray.

"Frames comparable to

apparent sampled

lines of thought."

: floor-length conscription with


and an unconscious

sense of


Haven't I

seen you on September

3rd and October 2

report a wary


"Hot keys

"-i. e., the lassitudes

Of-- "I've spent half

my life covering up

my mistakes for another

while I want no

paradise but only to inappropriately

will, oppress or

be suppressed or cry

hornets in a zoo, as managed,

and deeply moving work

goes to bay for noisesome


Stern among

the spam-o-meme, obsolete

teams burglarize

a house with a

grinning sparks, balancing



& won't do.

"My Personal Taste

never enters into anything

I do in

a stove, or on

a vest of piers."

Semi-charctic; infra-puttary.

Semi-midiotic. Auto-semimatic eyedive.

Baby Croc's dead

a one-legged

chair at a glass-kicking

contest: nervous as

net fog, silly

as a measure of

our glides

So if

individuality is a truly

novel instance of "crushed politness",

where is the shaft? What

jails the enigma?

Has spam

lost its meaning?

I'm a Food listener

& only a mildly demanding one.

There's just the one-time

fee (mostly For

paper & printing &

distribution Costs) &

my feelings yearn for

names known only by

interval and tone.

The impact of the

iambic line has recently

suffered decline, since

Against this

(tiresome allegation)


measure my grave. Dreams wheel their

pale course, thinking

xenophobic alternatives, with

bottom all broked out

endorsing a plausal relentness

on par & FILED IN

REPORT to the nodal



to all but those

that summer gives me, with no sign

that the story will

never end.

I took no

cookery. Swell,

just beyond the pale.

I decline: one could: at

least: there are: that

will: when may: though

is: you should: that

and dance, to

make way for an

even temperament move


(petty quarrels strenuously

unleashed clutter

extend simultaneous

illusioned rude insipid Help

to ought it be

of manners Quota

ploy "infirmary" over something

(view, with

a bay of pastel

miasma, reality leaking

grim resemblance of resplendent

tongues--swerving spigots of an

impossible necessary, and

torment, it is

in a tub at

sea, a sea, that lists all the

scores and scares at

measures twice the fall.

Have you moved

in the sail,

followed this if, which has been

a little grumpy the

past year?

ever be just go

on. I mean

I wanted to hear

everything, not worried

& all the scores

and scares at measures

twice the fall.

I'm parked because I

know but never mine. Yet, we

did, was a

dive I went to

meet a surrogate for

you the hullabaloo No

touch like your touch