RESERVOIR Creeley-Beckett-Stein-style

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All the words that did not return feasible results from an NLTK synset search on wordnet while sifting thru over 10k poems.

naw, tops, lips, hear, flip, clay, nice, hair, days, dear, boys, sing, play, wine, evil, lost, live, milk, time, grid, hold, eves, fair, feet, race, rise, till, wave, bold, hard, life, meal, sits, five, mark, soft, love, lynx, fond, burn, eyes, corn, bent, wild, mine, home, walk, ride, cars, talk, read, note, city, wear, push, bell, tall, true, beet, void, abed, town, hang, safe, arms, fear, fire, rain, tree, snow, wake, hope, moon, kiss, folk, deep, waif, dead, hand, late, loom, hurt, maze, rows, land, name, snob, lure, guns, bark, sire, fine, halo, wars, tidy, dawn, hawk, flag, self, toys, coat, word, news, main, pure, form, drum, dark, harp, hell, feel, stab, goes, legs, page, half, mind, body, head, bend, spot, seas, maps, lift, free, tear, slim, girl, moan, fate, pale, call, wall, tide, road, blow, size, owls, lark, noon, song, palm, twos, baby, mate, wood, stay, cold, wive, scar, root, fall, wait, mail, trap, lack, neat, calm, wide, kids, pool, food, hook, gill, shad, wile, neck, dyed, blue, wish, hail, tell, coin, cell, fade, deft, tail, salt, heed, fake, grip, soul, smog, jute, slow, pick, bugs, deny, rock, roll, edgy, tied, iron, skin, sole, lead, pass, stun, lung, heat, warn, thin, list, eggs, beds, poem, deck, poor, coal, flat, chin, hips, spit, suit, real, sake, hems, dime, pore, loud, line, ones, bald, damn, path, fish, lawn, glow, plug, wind, stop, weak, fold, pail, heal, hick, door, fame, fool, sick, pull, cast, cool, copy, move, sane, sang, rest, drug, kill, week, fury, claw, army, look, bait, kite, lord, lust, sins, wick, born, hurl, edge, pear, hour, rose, load, nine, mere, bust, core, nest, bite, ants, camp, bury, gods, mile, sign, card, dogs, ache, warm, tape, sous, zero, hate, grit, duct, pipe, wire, luck, idle, yolk, rent, pain, lone, pine, tool, dips, blur, fast, golf, hats, dots, guys, idea, cake, cave, seek, gold, band, reap, park, fist, glad, draw, bird, meet, huts, bout, ropy, wife, limp, left, balm, rage, keel, nose, star, suns, date, brow, sill, tiny, huge, womb, tomb, drag, bone, feed, jail, sigh, held, foam, lewd, rats, grey, acts, duty, wrap, plot, lock, knob, odds, dive, runs, cure, nail, beat, bush, base, rays, juts, poet, busy, crew, bowl, cats, easy, rush, coil, jazz, foot, shed, rout, lose, dare, help, furs, shut, inky, mean, rate, wash, foul, span, deal, farm, ring, envy, leaf, dumb, pair, logs, bare, rots, arts, brim, pity, veil, hole, gust, twig, mock, roof, firm, cups, lime, sofa, sort, wolf, vows, lyre, horn, begs, ward, duds, awed, hind, miss, warp, pall, dung, rich, fill, eats, weed, writ, kick, grow, meat, pink, step, hiss, mist, care, bear, cape, muse, pans, pads, leer, cops, lamp, lick, sour, seal, mild, hill, seed, keys, pigs, dull, stem, wend, barn, gilt, cows, gray, pomp, gone, rosy, iris, drop, gulf, leap, flow, silk, gown, hits, tile, lean, ball, owns, wink, boss, hush, cane, hive, hide, seat, knee, plum, opal, taut, book, dent, desk, game, saws, dish, code, pray, bums, hunt, king, film, lady, cant, pile, ribs, sink, moss, nuns, puff, tune, east, bars, gate, undo, soil, jinx, wins, duke, sail, ship, anew, toss, shoe, cord, calf, pots, fuel, cans, paws, soar, gush, gaze, knot, pays, mint, boat, bank, tube, vise, ajar, rubs, fork, tint, kept, test, damp, stir, sash, prop, sulk, crop, stud, mall, pour, spin, acne, bean, view, wool, howl, role, meek, loan, maim, wing, dens, vain, ruts, dodo, peas, odor, gift, ripe, shop, gout, moth, sell, pork, soon, doll, aria, diva, suds, sump, dill, exit, cuts, buys, fail, pace, fizz, hose, keen, surf, myth, dust, dirt, rust, mime, mice, lazy, grim, pond, dusk, shot, sons, lace, pack, nuts, inch, snug, grin, pals, post, join, rash, wart, hull, curl, quit, jury, john, alee, trek, bulk, bags, laws, sand, yard, joys, hall, soak, bits, jump, zing, aims, mill, lake, dine, hugs, oaks, zone, slip, frog, bier, crab, flue, haze, pane, echo, sunk, bony, rule, hums, bolt, team, fell, mess, mold, diet, fret, pill, rune, oval, herd, prey, able, roar, tone, buck, gain, oven, wisp, loam, pins, tank, cost, fans, pact, send, text, wits, plan, defy, bill, mute, bass, pits, snap, dome, maul, cove, west, jade, roan, mare, mass, agua, gang, bond, char, wavy, oral, vest, coop, slag, hens, jerk, hack, beak, taco, rugs, burl, sent, bomb, worm, whim, caws, moat, curb, blot, rack, rare, mood, fens, swat, grab, mesh, bang, puma, sets, oath, slab, chip, arse, clew, gale, gigs, tack, lush, oils, fawn, hood, hero, flux, ashy, ruin, agog, vein, bulb, fins, numb, ease, loop, hint, sift, lath, buds, sway, sack, mask, cage, arch, drab, jars, caul, twin, dugs, tame, pens, dour, term, bind, fibs, lame, ruby, slot, aunt, file, reef, paid, oats, mole, cook, wiry, belt, boot, soap, mops, cart, oxen, tuck, gait, soot, coma, bump, loss, prep, itch, lane, turf, pump, cyst, robe, dong, mast, airy, riot, lief, doom, swan, host, slat, raze, mane, lion, pang, cubs, male, task, type, heel, adds, bats, joke, rive, cozy, raid, kits, nape, acid, debt, navy, tons, reds, musk, smug, fuse, snip, risk, lamb, chop, glib, rear, dump, marl, rump, tend, maid, taps, jaws, heir, brat, peer, goad, mobs, heft, coax, cabs, lank, rill, soup, data, deaf, pees, gong, wise, bows, jive, aura, rice, hemp, torn, raft, caps, epic, silt, thaw, jets, icon, USAF, arcs, peak, scan, gulp, lute, hops, tick, vile, worn, bard, byre, bins, yoke, purr, hymn, luxe, pods, toil, tilt, scum, alas, UFOs, nous, fray, flap, lots, tire, wean, aged, dart, slam, mica, reed, vale, thud, mule, sewn, bore, rake, drip, pews, wilt, port, beef, wont, dray, echt, tact, bath, tutu, muff, tart, lays, lieu, sums, bole, rank, beam, atom, robs, tour, boil, fume, dole, rife, cork, boom, hock, harm, plow, comb, swim, dash, sore, hilt, gear, rein, whip, waxy, fits, pose, trip, slug, whit, oars, eras, fort, heap, wail, wens, afar, ages, axle, scud, dice, skim, webs, stag, vial, jest, avid, nets, loft, helm, link, spry, peal, fang, mats, ails, colt, vent, haul, snag, fund, rags, lugs, peek, prim, puny, pats, flaw, cowl, brew, stew, gnaw, mums, rope, solo, digs, peel, yawp, sags, guts, pent, slit, swap, obey, pops, rips, crow, cash, vote, stub, airs, axis, rapt, flea, jack, clam, reel, lacy, nods, dock, suet, cyme, fife, slog, hire, leas, lull, bask, sate, anon, beck, flit, sage, cone, garb, zeal, laps, vice, eddy, wage, gaps, clad, morn, mazy, bids, tale, eyed, cope, club, isle, tome, lore, laud, nook, dews, boon, rude, aids, chap, ills, sold, glee, bide, tent, dame, duel, alms, raps, chat, mart, moor, yore, tore, tips, monk, ware, urns, wade, epos, fain, lids, urge, loth, lurk, fare, sect, mash, deed, shag, atop, firs, dike, hags, nags, ding, lads, rave, loot, gory, unco, gars, bees, hame, hale, dial, glut, dint, bays, meed, gads, pint, quiz, mien, rung, gems, rues, malt, tars, quay, stow, cull, bake, lend, skip, cite, plea, trot, leak, lyes, cote, sene, hare, rite, fees, rood, mete, hoot, curs, rede, moot, ling, shun, ebon, dove, veer, glen, dire, dale, hulk, reek, hark, aery, trim, lass, pole, pert, disk, limb, lisp, ague, font, knit, mans, whet, gasp, clog, mend, buoy, fogs, lard, rail, bias, goal, waft, halt, gals, tech, gape, tags, fern, tuft, fowl, haps, imps, woof, earl, mead, germ, pony, item, pant, sale, jeer, crib, elms, orbs, lash, melt, sots, pimp, rids, fops, lags, nard, bawd, cloy, sear, sled, toll, nave, feud, barb, dote, pave, flax, spar, cark, sups, figs, clap, hogs, gnat, sobs, fuss, sips, spur, foil, 13th, oozy, bate, punt, peep, glue, bead, muck, opus, dean, spew, wand, wary, quid, errs, wigs, alum, mows, faun, ebbs, dais, cram, pulp, moil, poke, pied, hues, awry, ooze, dims, dell, wold, gins, gall, byte, aide, hart, cute, idol, gelt, weld, pyre, lilt, rims, rind, doff, tout, teen, spat, whin, nick, gird, seer, husk, bogs, grot, crag, quip, rams, bode, flay, haft, dues, doze, craw, chic, vary, lulu, flex, murk, bobs, brig, jigs, bull, gore, clot, dabs, cent, apex, seam, glum, loon, tier, aloe, shod, tens, nisi, cons, sown, hazy, buzz, NASA, gimp, arid, rods, rift, kegs, kith, omit, wren, saps, yawn, kens, amok, clue, mire, yarn, carp, cult, talc, sari, kiln, tang, mace, loaf, orca, dozy, lice, iffy, shin, blob, punk, owes, pier, dorm, roil, slap, eels, bras, zinc, lint, tray, wets, pups, dyes, tubs, teak, ogre, ogle, inns, acre, puns, whiz, bets, pike, bock, bran, semi, rasp, mode, pawn, cots, tamp, bray, welt, bitt, dune, lump, plod, tine, site, duck, lied, junk, frat, kohl, dope, null, soda, cafe, chew, math, jugs, boar, jobs, duff, spud, perm, yell, oafs, yoga, neap, cusp, bile, rote, rums, ruse, wads, outs, peck, liar, brio, spas, cams, guru, chef, ABCs, ramp, wort, verb, vamp, fart, cuff, twit, taxi, ewes, woos, posy, tink, viol, dory, skis, edit, kelp, gala, lens, sods, curt, buff, coda, rima, akin, vans, fend, hoax, teas, tows, naps, eons, oboe, hoof, hunk, wasp, tusk, ouzo, bale, demo, coon, plop, sows, dams, bike, gaud, jays, mojo, ruff, yank, gums, hash, tugs, honk, muds, leek, menu, flop, hike, prod, rime, daub, yams, vole, toga, birl, lobs, slop, dons, quad, furl, tans, skid, loll, pegs, bleb, haws, yews, ruck, pram, pith, okra, riff, bawl, grub, hasp, fats, loin, ores, clef, oust, rigs, molt, clip, gaff, scam, tole, jolt, tins, logo, odes, noun, lite, saga, crud, etch, crap, juke, tuna, gene, IOUs, coup, memo, labs, visa, pets, scut, pelt, cogs, slum, pubs, zest, mesa, weir, hank, dose, burg, fief, bane, faze, avow, lube, chug, berm, prom, romp, yogi, dunk, hoop, cosy, bevy, sone, ammo, oxes, hump, pope, hula, lops, hews, bunk, emir, coos, okay, blab, juju, unit, teal, tram, baht, kiwi, serf, nubs, snub, norm, urea, polo, scry, arak, funk, sews, doer, bail, aqua, ante, silo, aces, jowl, dyer, tarp, myna, ewer, jamb, jags, revs, mink, gild, rook, jogs, chum, caff, flab, mars, kink, hypo, duns, burr, cube, ions, rick, baba, opts, ibis, ting, cyan, beep, tuba, shiv, exam, blog, runt, pate, rand, kilt, alto, gels, oink, geek, surd, scow, deli, mugs, mara, hone, jams, shoo, tipi, pros, lobe, boll, cuss, glug, snit, amyl, tabs, deco, AIDS, sock, iamb, balk, leis, limn, nows, clop, node, SUVs, cues, boor, user, subs, trio, prys, winy, wags, 14th, peat, chit, bans, nova, pare, hams, cede, gobs, peon, ecru, boxy, luff, obit, tern, veal, pion, onyx, foal, jots, duet, purl, snot, fado, mini, bots, slur, wimp, fuck, mope, sham, zoom, isms, vane, yawl, nips, ping, zips, sloe, huff, jook, arks, vets, awol, toke, asea, temp, brae, yeti, putt, baas, lope, pupa, apse, swag, eros, flax, shade, pride, floor, mince, slave, blues, knees, maybe, store, white, spite, laugh, shoes, money, tower, clubs, earth, world, peace, issue, songs, water, sinks, cloud, fluid, sweet, veils, stars, light, watch, heart, blind, drops, lucky, hills, river, happy, books, names, wrong, fists, fires, robin, mills, roots, mercy, twigs, exile, prism, brute, bells, grief, dream, guess, sleep, spare, doubt, steps, solid, flows, avoid, clean, lawns, shake, manor, comes, takes, tooth, limbs, awful, touch, pines, roads, eagle, choke, house, rises, rasps, lungs, walks, cheap, broad, green, voice, break, heavy, whore, neigh, hands, black, hairs, gusts, depot, doors, birds, bloom, trees, frame, times, worth, loves, sends, noble, minds, burns, makes, empty, acres, shore, boats, flesh, farms, heron, larks, snail, horns, tales, twice, truth, brief, child, glass, theft, idiot, usual, miles, limbo, night, faery, banks, field, sixth, ghost, wroth, woods, dress, bones, third, grace, sails, rolls, pause, hence, trace, queer, sugar, brisk, psalm, elder, winds, snows, owner, girls, gleam, plate, grave, owned, honor, eland, youth, taste, links, beads, worry, human, steep, faint, swoop, vague, pangs, inner, feels, blank, paper, drive, ridge, sandy, flats, whiff, heads, blunt, woman, quick, death, block, witty, humor, favor, wilds, equal, cross, apple, crazy, upper, cries, front, terms, coast, seals, grand, royal, sound, frail, ruddy, souls, chess, onset, stand, error, meets, wiles, pipes, motor, lifts, pints, mouth, amber, clock, flood, visit, giant, rowdy, opera, yards, short, birth, sharp, agate, cairn, angry, inert, drink, cloak, teeth, pears, means, milky, maker, crown, clasp, guard, jewel, lords, tells, flute, tried, power, mania, petal, roast, lyric, gifts, drown, petty, court, swift, magic, blood, orbit, thigh, idyll, chaos, quiet, hours, hates, smile, veins, fetch, maids, plugs, price, build, bliss, fever, grows, fight, stick, raise, thumb, navel, sweat, wound, feast, cause, flash, carry, knock, moons, false, bless, marks, climb, shack, goody, kinda, clams, style, dirty, glove, level, lives, chain, snaps, coins, aloft, flits, strew, plane, color, naked, alive, sheen, honey, pools, close, rules, darks, drift, rapid, wings, holds, twirl, rumor, party, lunar, words, hurts, wheel, falls, worms, flies, comic, rakes, epoch, poets, image, conch, shell, skies, spent, bites, tools, hints, tread, rocks, stone, brick, forum, eaves, route, spasm, sties, noses, pecks, ruins, share, enjoy, grass, hides, bosom, itchy, reads, shawl, table, furry, noisy, fixed, fangs, ready, glues, music, flags, furls, afire, stoat, smoke, clash, dusty, pains, track, train, agree, roses, rides, poems, write, value, sheep, sense, torch, shuns, grill, minor, paint, usurp, brush, couch, yield, breed, scale, snake, fruit, salty, claim, tears, midst, cover, stoic, slabs, walls, drunk, noise, ideas, posts, gazes, flaws, wires, ashen, vapor, cents, vomit, kneel, ditch, space, atoms, hangs, smell, talks, tease, teach, shirt, trust, catch, tasks, seeds, punch, radio, angel, brass, renew, scope, cling, tulip, hinge, bilge, truck, bales, slake, loose, holes, weary, heath, forth, crams, ashes, calls, troll, puffy, chair, loops, props, crypt, scene, pinch, blush, fresh, drums, fifth, cuffs, thick, snore, cigar, prowl, sofas, olive, snook, clogs, moles, nymph, glows, drool, sorry, aware, boots, beans, unity, slack, press, mourn, speak, cunts, women, tawny, grant, blade, brown, grunt, study, taint, bread, barge, frost, tones, gears, range, local, seers, stops, split, south, start, azure, birch, folds, hosts, satin, pants, sighs, rouge, moves, stern, scent, major, swear, grabs, hefty, dance, rocky, bleed, scars, match, voile, horse, lilac, sword, tiled, tries, crush, logic, vests, spics, joint, quake, blows, tidal, sings, ferns, moldy, float, crude, sores, witch, mixed, syrup, plain, caves, seedy, spell, pulls, warns, signs, stiff, slips, irons, urges, waits, phone, heels, knife, bangs, bugle, queen, widow, diary, halls, leave, weeks, liver, mules, gates, cabin, stalk, dying, cello, stove, bowls, stems, bower, mount, piano, unzip, reach, leaps, brook, tough, stark, kinds, wills, flame, sands, rider, waste, force, lurch, tarry, aside, plump, judge, muddy, final, curse, scorn, dwell, hoses, count, mimic, waves, storm, dried, march, bound, story, crawl, sulfa, vowel, steel, heats, squad, blond, stirs, wakes, pills, panel, bears, clime, meaty, bills, spots, looks, vices, admit, mutes, peril, check, drape, craft, scabs, notes, mares, sleek, guilt, cares, livid, spars, lands, mouse, focal, alien, pupil, urban, humps, built, plant, melon, cages, yearn, tight, boxes, melts, patch, prone, weeds, hedge, lemon, sniff, vivid, helps, nails, shock, grove, steed, cacao, upset, bulbs, plays, beats, gouts, lumps, slimy, prays, crack, score, canto, fried, algal, brine, picks, cheek, wears, pulpy, stays, kills, oaken, balls, lobby, slows, fiery, print, crash, toils, glaze, rumba, apart, beige, knots, chill, globe, reels, fears, spoke, gruff, slate, smear, kicks, studs, ruled, ducks, farce, doves, pokes, shift, debts, dates, colds, quota, spade, masks, wagon, slams, aloud, cream, ideal, speed, skins, towns, tubes, vials, swamp, wasps, tense, staff, cools, spend, panes, edges, pages, dusky, fades, month, coils, forms, offer, reeds, nudes, juice, comet, hired, sacks, crook, palls, pumps, tanks, weird, sheer, gravy, blast, greet, blown, palms, homes, games, burst, cough, sight, plans, extra, ankle, lapse, glare, bolts, steam, fault, gnash, ripen, trail, sober, flops, rails, stray, penny, labor, slops, stabs, depth, enter, brink, wraps, items, wrist, sulks, begin, timid, lanes, agony, prove, smash, crime, uncle, stall, lines, gowns, wheat, allow, bison, curve, ovals, spoor, geese, tumor, goose, moony, chest, slick, clots, cedar, sleds, coral, skids, shrug, feuds, warms, brain, saint, claws, glory, weedy, envoy, glued, hooks, lying, racks, trays, using, slide, wisps, skirt, hawks, stoop, hymns, bring, lamps, roofs, murky, tepid, widen, sheds, loins, silks, cones, rungs, broom, crate, laths, lakes, forks, hauls, perch, norms, tonic, thank, tilts, doffs, lance, shame, event, purge, drill, total, twist, shape, argue, leads, draft, baked, eases, laves, flair, piece, pearl, foams, bathe, trade, eased, algae, thins, soups, ninth, charm, binds, aroma, stage, toast, caper, wired, welds, heaps, plums, cooks, rough, manta, flour, rings, kings, brave, draws, cords, seams, crows, focus, curvy, gluey, inlay, wives, pasty, irony, sheet, spray, packs, ships, hurry, loved, ennui, dolls, entry, jokes, bends, fleas, hairy, woven, moral, longs, lover, sloop, belts, pilot, sneer, mossy, hopes, sales, acids, coals, north, pound, enemy, semis, squat, sable, rests, swing, crops, plods, windy, renal, chirr, cleft, whine, crust, foods, snarl, shale, coons, piles, cards, fraud, spoon, fills, greed, faith, myths, booth, liars, belie, worse, amuse, gauze, peaks, darts, barks, choir, gapes, aspen, sedge, dense, basin, shady, suits, leafy, rifle, wreck, frogs, villa, reedy, purse, canoe, views, buyer, tenor, ruffs, serve, ranks, necks, posse, chews, wilts, whisk, weigh, gloss, yolks, nurse, shots, valor, leaks, altar, daisy, drain, troop, pitch, egret, bluff, baths, limps, slope, sweep, faced, seize, beams, mends, drama, chute, alert, plank, habit, mauve, prick, layer, wools, lions, zebra, erupt, taxis, cells, combo, peels, tombs, grade, haunt, flaps, plaid, hefts, throw, lurid, trams, model, easel, scout, heard, siren, lined, straw, minks, scoop, stool, ratty, paste, paths, spurn, diver, moils, civil, chalk, scuba, abash, crumb, folks, snowy, pries, nears, stuck, blurs, stave, tired, mists, dries, piers, lusts, genes, crane, soars, gauge, fable, satyr, modal, hoard, slots, sorts, towel, grain, camel, braid, warts, shave, roost, mixer, loyal, hoofs, pulse, steal, squid, rural, shrew, organ, domes, alloy, bombs, gnats, lurks, rouse, sleet, leers, plash, drugs, scarf, plops, pores, rabid, hives, rains, thief, stain, sifts, rigid, shine, jerks, puffs, shops, kites, parks, beryl, aglow, decal, stump, bucks, verbs, click, sodas, class, ether, fatal, camps, hardy, skiff, wends, bride, graze, shard, knits, drags, wares, board, amino, quart, pails, tiger, carts, flint, sells, paces, stock, smirk, rills, slurs, deeds, dawns, tints, thaws, dints, stuff, linen, tires, awake, frank, joins, trout, hunks, yawns, cramp, flail, mauls, mulls, brims, fauns, smart, mocks, beset, hazel, crags, runic, hippo, brash, ticks, rents, wormy, angle, fuels, armed, ovens, acrid, gummy, runts, hulls, looms, wafer, jowls, bench, verve, dinky, creak, hunch, polar, inlet, dunes, stake, clove, moans, baldy, harsh, crews, traps, decks, steer, trunk, shuts, prime, bands, vodka, races, gilds, gangs, lodge, alarm, casts, amend, meals, sills, ponds, visor, lists, hoist, tribe, doses, robot, vinyl, frays, knobs, aging, blaze, blame, gaudy, flask, sworn, aloof, droll, drone, gusty, butts, brand, coats, spurs, baker, ample, lucid, savor, virus, surfs, babel, cured, saves, chuck, pales, tides, locks, fixes, salts, reign, truce, panic, gloom, robes, array, nouns, quell, elbow, evade, grail, delta, winks, glide, hails, rifts, spans, brows, glade, cider, tiers, agent, guide, gongs, cable, pyres, anvil, gulfs, agile, hoary, scrub, quote, pulps, dears, stole, chits, vault, pasts, label, latch, dregs, handy, needy, outer, sooty, crisp, pagan, bleat, peers, whips, pairs, apish, plead, domed, capes, tiles, civic, siege, minty, disks, strap, apron, whiny, dusts, probe, hover, trips, phase, union, aisle, gawky, erect, sonic, proof, monks, spins, mower, zones, roars, oaths, tunes, noons, obeys, whets, icons, prods, wands, armor, quest, rites, dower, gales, scans, prose, idiom, fancy, verse, sepia, china, faded, spark, goads, rusty, daubs, poles, husks, leans, relax, mitts, beaks, title, lifes, files, revel, fames, glens, dwarf, spoil, sways, paved, tract, unfed, prank, toxic, plies, cures, mazes, felts, tents, lusty, swarm, fence, foray, strip, vaunt, spear, arrow, hasty, shorn, smoky, seats, abbey, dames, dells, flock, ferry, stile, pomps, rival, balms, decay, regal, quack, spits, brace, adorn, weave, lotus, vales, tames, sport, lambs, usage, fiend, deeps, bards, shook, usher, legal, frisk, tusks, cheer, chase, briny, hobby, canal, tends, gnaws, senes, apace, fools, blest, curls, hares, troth, wring, types, frown, tempt, lends, trick, moods, lutes, based, bared, popes, niche, spike, fowls, lithe, pluck, ounce, cower, grubs, films, evils, scuds, suave, robed, glads, stamp, chafe, sages, crowd, sires, germs, erase, creed, dross, gorge, funky, pious, isles, realm, tomes, tutor, adopt, beard, brake, blate, moors, boils, chant, howls, laird, brags, miner, swats, sangs, stack, chins, masts, bible, waxed, skill, peals, kiddy, mails, rogue, morns, whirl, dukes, waltz, votes, devil, funds, fount, bonds, havoc, damns, preys, sooth, swell, fates, chime, hoops, idols, theme, spicy, famed, vexes, laces, costs, stork, dikes, treat, caste, sauce, wight, grate, sente, brawn, rente, shire, rebel, bents, nests, sedgy, stout, lofty, friar, ropes, dizzy, lumpy, harpy, tufts, merit, smite, gross, sylph, utter, tacks, guile, trump, skims, brews, surge, lulls, oaten, sloth, chief, nooks, seeks, poise, dares, agues, sexes, unfit, poppy, peeps, taper, spies, wards, frees, laity, harms, clerk, jeans, yanks, swans, pimps, cubic, feeds, scrim, plots, fumes, heirs, plume, loads, barns, dunce, punks, socks, fishy, atone, piety, throe, guise, ketch, grins, mammy, bacon, aunts, haven, elves, licks, nonce, verge, tolls, glebe, leaky, spelt, reins, moody, sinew, numbs, tabby, herds, bowed, brood, dodge, slice, fling, strut, drams, curbs, hunts, reefs, sibyl, risks, dough, blots, wince, giver, combs, forge, rears, heeds, bodes, dales, hater, quits, fines, niece, calms, smelt, flush, dooms, hoods, nadir, downy, swims, assay, tipsy, polyp, fused, flick, crank, jaded, odors, deals, oriel, tweak, foamy, smith, miser, lower, amain, mines, palsy, scant, crest, onion, sized, laden, tests, shies, venom, lofts, haste, heave, staid, quire, pansy, husky, amaze, hydra, hinds, cheat, shoot, noted, grots, fasts, harps, fleet, pique, gains, alley, acute, moths, pushy, garbs, trims, modes, sprig, halts, gouge, prude, exalt, culls, gnome, selva, snuff, scion, spats, yacht, fares, scrip, woody, milks, chops, foist, slush, fails, vexed, khaki, riots, docks, bandy, ratel, rinds, cakes, tramp, racer, guest, vents, swept, wombs, grind, taker, crabs, wails, shaky, spill, wedge, beamy, vital, girds, creep, arise, rooks, paves, heals, codes, vocal, helms, demon, sakes, bedim, purrs, usury, pikes, scary, hated, liege, affix, damps, abuse, privy, rutty, meads, twins, bitts, horny, bawds, scrap, maxim, brier, tares, slant, token, mates, metes, freak, amour, waifs, nerve, burnt, tenth, lures, sever, meres, rover, limit, ivied, reaps, ivies, carol, addle, tills, tilth, whack, plumy, hurls, raves, emits, cluck, leper, fated, balks, plumb, lacks, uncut, shiny, galls, swags, harks, squaw, soggy, gulch, quail, shark, gasps, mayor, llama, vigil, raids, keels, harem, vixen, feint, scowl, elect, nasal, adder, scour, bloat, mavis, finer, solar, fords, elfin, trial, bares, scape, towny, wrest, teres, swage, spout, remit, unsay, worst, rhomb, aspic, bulky, delay, amity, rigor, blanc, snare, bushs, mated, drove, nutty, meats, abate, verst, basis, chats, dolts, piper, corks, plaza, spire, hokey, eater, lolls, beery, boors, boozy, snaky, brunt, flare, grist, osier, bulls, fells, douse, bakes, joker, poses, fussy, thorn, trash, lasts, donor, trots, stomp, setup, clang, reals, kapok, goofs, gland, hatch, fluke, dumps, hones, chips, razor, valet, clamp, peach, drips, balsa, foggy, sling, lease, filth, gauds, huffs, diner, screw, shoal, essay, soils, safes, otter, banjo, foxes, fluff, latex, laced, notch, groin, debit, hooch, parka, naval, mound, softy, whale, rhino, thrum, flank, arced, baggy, saved, album, edged, rowel, creel, sieve, roomy, arena, deify, lymph, epics, mopes, wicks, phony, imago, dinar, taped, cache, skunk, mulch, eerie, reeks, relay, dated, genie, pungs, smack, disco, exact, piggy, curds, tails, soles, motel, rinse, sinus, felon, umber, pleas, axial, alums, avian, limes, nodes, acorn, wafts, whelk, cinch, lupin, milch, fired, owing, oasis, stews, mixes, crepe, radar, louse, pecan, spiny, shaft, lathe, gamma, fries, glint, firms, soaks, helix, spore, posed, chubs, stubs, clits, loons, shins, shirk, divan, quaff, qualm, plasm, arson, fifes, ebony, slums, flues, stint, henna, arbor, novel, mined, bawdy, chunk, jacks, trawl, wharf, edict, sewer, timer, roils, gills, bikes, bores, ferny, jeers, solve, spivs, oozes, grips, greys, bored, farts, index, drawl, loupe, wines, mimes, memos, gulps, jumps, foils, sears, beets, throb, soapy, slaps, crock, coves, sperm, fumed, maces, fusil, scold, perms, groom, chili, ducts, wages, buoys, shits, nylon, frill, cults, trues, cocoa, slime, wiper, cafes, jello, lisps, tarts, claps, texts, tweed, unlit, dimes, corny, slang, cores, axles, tithe, slash, bogey, swipe, croak, malls, motto, tryst, raspy, chirp, sneak, roles, cubes, resin, thuds, salon, bigot, churn, synod, award, pocks, smock, sizes, betel, hikes, slaty, limey, seine, winch, ahead, fawns, mango, viral, shear, kilts, video, plonk, lorry, lopes, smuts, ogles, quiff, heady, esker, kayak, rabbi, embed, growl, dowel, super, salsa, rages, palmy, zings, pelts, stunt, bevel, baize, kilns, specs, craps, desks, harry, forts, kinks, mamba, teams, flake, swath, ramps, splay, voids, fizzy, berth, dines, lobed, butch, gourd, rebus, bumps, relic, bushy, ghoul, poker, teens, molds, raped, rivet, tarns, tongs, dials, decor, withe, fugue, whims, dulls, cycle, pinks, spine, horde, leech, calve, scums, shank, ports, parse, inset, taffy, bravo, hacks, deter, boons, baits, crier, barbs, rayon, chine, berry, wrack, bunny, vapid, terns, trill, dazes, hogan, perky, rower, trait, fuzzy, warty, acned, arras, peony, furor, valve, geode, reams, allot, cameo, dusks, flips, mooch, canes, gamut, froth, brant, chord, guava, leash, dopes, skips, spice, boxer, clack, plows, musth, wench, asker, comma, buggy, junta, nocks, slubs, suede, bouts, nasty, slugs, cauls, glyph, meter, frock, dazed, delis, savvy, media, silos, mogul, sower, demur, abyss, hales, earls, bairn, thane, sagas, hilts, halos, chink, levee, atoll, swale, mites, chugs, musts, voter, slump, gluts, exits, aorta, solos, roach, yucca, finch, emery, vigor, waver, stoup, clips, churl, tempo, corns, scoff, exult, carps, fonts, refer, basal, manes, crump, noose, flier, opium, testy, dozes, mange, blobs, floss, femur, graft, coach, motif, wades, polka, jihad, toots, guano, graph, snort, purls, liner, ratio, pedal, oiled, ovary, colon, scuff, flays, sonar, swill, indie, polls, sedan, tunic, canon, irate, casks, madam, gypsy, debut, boxed, trope, atlas, trend, rants, borax, comer, matte, ladle, boles, miter, calla, sluts, keens, dingy, frets, bawls, ganja, bumpy, craze, couth, darky, slats, skulk, swash, whoop, warps, plush, buffs, basks, audit, toper, banns, pinky, vegan, skirl, bunch, prune, exams, blitz, cusps, muses, prink, topos, units, dunks, rafts, dinge, copra, repel, drabs, brats, rumen, trove, ocher, natal, aster, spool, donna, maims, decry, nones, tings, becks, weirs, corms, wolds, pavan, runty, nappy, chick, bosky, axons, voles, ethic, oakum, grout, facet, chewy, laser, loopy, tango, sutra, cites, rusts, micro, tapes, dirts, quoin, deans, mints, pacts, polio, suite, bergs, bolls, gonif, alibi, pylon, beefy, genus, hewer, preen, glitz, klutz, stuns, fiber, atilt, boned, messy, mocha, salve, raven, whirs, gator, hexes, aphid, melee, hyena, tutus, alpha, tinge, rates, valid, pivot, serfs, angst, veers, hires, crass, chums, durum, lauds, quark, totem, homer, oxeye, sauna, cubit, ultra, auger, saver, golds, fjord, adult, fairs, fusty, leach, dolor, strop, worts, abets, yeast, salvo, clues, tines, proxy, aegis, dicey, dummy, baton, dorms, ploys, middy, chaps, denys, virtu, quasi, avows, tubas, tripe, fudge, kiwis, dogma, input, quill, toned, chino, myrrh, masse, bossy, loamy, brawl, jerky, yells, teddy, ravel, ewers, lyres, umbel, dicks, jolts, tucks, queue, iambs, briar, lobes, aided, ghats, spuds, pupae, condo, rumps, sexed, imbue, covey, clink, dolce, vogue, putty, blend, clone, berms, peeks, rangy, skews, copes, rucks, cadet, hanky, foals, cedes, loans, larch, strum, mezzo, digit, sixes, scrum, males, flora, nihil, scald, grids, maths, aleph, shags, conga, dices, cumin, talus, dumpy, tiara, pomes, pinto, batch, techs, tarps, chefs, fends, curio, jimmy, nicks, gavel, showy, heist, infer, skink, wrens, pooch, diets, terce, clefs, tying, magus, deads, lumen, skate, halve, ethos, soaps, scone, snick, lever, scads, mucks, bonus, leafs, loner, align, menus, slits, busts, dreck, gooks, octet, minim, mafia, shunt, twang, oxide, inane, mover, thong, yokes, capon, kudos, timed, natty, seeth, wanna, maxed, wheels, swifts, equals, pianos, lilies, spears, houses, swamps, blocks, habits, smiles, forums, stands, dreams, fables, angels, blooms, rivers, horses, bushes, cheeks, stones, salvos, tigers, creeps, bodies, lights, cities, waters, shores, lashes, grazes, phones, scales, powers, stunts, thumbs, flasks, juices, toasts, mouths, crowds, shakes, ladies, echoes, inches, begins, months, facets, troops, slaves, chains, petals, drapes, haunts, widows, fields, arrows, admits, slopes, stalls, chinks, images, sounds, knocks, saints, towels, selves, hinges, smokes, worlds, nerves, griefs, wrecks, plants, exiles, hordes, voices, guides, ankles, tapers, novels, nights, thighs, blinds, smelts, plumes, breaks, skirts, lovers, trucks, gleams, traces, clouds, colors, grains, crimes, bakers, crumbs, loaves, swings, braids, tastes, floats, brings, babies, snorts, organs, laughs, tribes, nurses, eskers, wharfs, dashes, braces, brooks, covers, speaks, wrings, ghosts, errors, drools, checks, twists, wrists, cracks, rouses, cigars, writes, tracks, dishes, snakes, flares, starts, prints, cacaos, onions, rushes, briars, boards, wavers, buries, wishes, flakes, shapes, spasms, sirens, shirts, sparks, bursts, shifts, claims, whores, blazes, drinks, swords, enacts, swoops, pearls, plates, tulips, rumors, brains, titles, movers, storms, bricks, evokes, shawls, robots, frowns, relics, probes, conchs, apples, cables, fences, stores, snores, senses, shines, rifles, smells, seizes, pounds, flames, mounds, shorts, favors, hearts, drunks, blades, faults, skates, arches, elbows, clasps, planes, fights, layers, verses, agrees, infers, drifts, events, rights, guards, bathes, shaves, chokes, decays, enters, vowels, surges, stomps, gushes, spades, trains, offers, quarts, felons, heroes, spills, lathes, causes, aisles, drowns, owners, clangs, wastes, cramps, shells, depths, giants, leaves, grants, deaths, growls, flanks, widens, fruits, spalls, kneels, ranges, asters, issues, scraps, gourds, melons, bleeds, stacks, stuffs, blacks, alarms, charms, limits, frames, scenes, graves, makers, booths, ravens, steals, pastes, spaces, altars, khakis, sauces, papers, fluffs, glades, drains, sticks, hyenas, sleeps, frocks, throws, eagles, sharks, globes, lilacs, ridges, sprays, hedges, crooks, clerks, stools, climbs, camels, raises, forges, sprigs, alleys, counts, ideals, sweats, fibers, juncos, creams, extras, floods, sashes, scrubs, stalks, slides, skiffs, shards, builds, chicks, cranes, shoals, forces, mongos, rigors, exults, chants, dances, slumps, agents, fronts, glands, clamps, screws, joints, reruns, cheers, stamps, uncles, queens, shoots, spires, quarks, floors, shades, judges, chords, trunks, noises, herons, cupids, shrugs, lowers, steeps, speeds, twangs, chimes, roosts, alloys, thanks, births, knives, snails, shanks, strips, sweeps, cycles, guests, halves, locals, wounds, paints, spoons, decoys, yuccas, routes, smirks, spokes, cairns, towers, armies, whales, gorges, sweets, creeds, ponies, hoards, youths, chiefs, basins, brakes, riders, spoils, stocks, thorns, staves, breeds, steeds, rubies, coasts, steers, usurps, bloods, wrongs, throbs, perils, rounds, riches, tables, villas, pricks, spends, envies, crowns, skills, serves, yields, pagans, satyrs, proofs, gropes, pleads, proves, elders, blasts, graces, tricks, thirds, sixths, models, hazels, frosts, mounts, merits, shocks, hovers, groves, duties, realms, dunces, mimics, cantos, climes, scorns, shares, greens, gloves, repays, shires, spores, tithes, inlets, sights, greets, vigils, pokers, crests, delays, freaks, treads, glooms, mourns, bairns, themes, heaths, inlays, copies, nymphs, glides, labors, truths, courts, dwells, divers, tenors, hastes, fevers, comets, treats, rebels, reigns, aromas, morals, comics, clings, snares, crazes, flings, tempts, shafts, revels, posies, chairs, avoids, swells, crapes, whisks, glares, aspens, broods, abeles, scores, wolves, jewels, stoops, relies, bounds, spools, pushes, eddies, anvils, crypts, ripens, folios, pilots, miners, mowers, havens, brides, sedges, flocks, visits, latkes, plazas, sheets, misers, struts, traits, scoops, varies, dryads, quirks, maxims, sobers, styles, swears, bosoms, trumps, trails, sniffs, denies, fagots, pulses, grinds, clefts, planks, delves, augurs, essays, stains, swarms, repels, pauses, tracts, faiths, spells, motors, pities, faints, tropes, washes, trouts, fishes, honors, assays, stumps, stoics, rivals, libels, topics, winces, orgies, brands, beards, adders, spares, rouges, strays, levels, doubts, lances, unions, navies, clears, wights, trades, rowers, askers, chests, trills, shames, nipple, tokens, squads, blunts, drafts, eaters, apices, cedars, staffs, swaths, spurns, furies, scoffs, exalts, sneers, beeves, argues, weighs, vapors, earths, strews, vaunts, scapes, sharps, wipers, acorns, drones, fiends, plumbs, demons, vomits, chutes, idiots, verges, PEOPLE, meters, calves, knifes, broils, closes, flumes, aprons, losers, nylons, lapses, frills, cabins, grunts, pupils, angles, tumors, boxers, robins, bugles, wrests, labels, flexes, glazes, congas, upsets, pieces, umbers, flicks, gooses, undoes, ushers, donors, amends, grades, suites, splits, impels, prisms, ghouls, ratios, linens, motels, rotors, sepals, spikes, straws, yachts, morels, squats, coughs, crawls, barges, feasts, sewers, sleets, churns, moneys, quills, chunks, jokers, drills, tapirs, slants, sieves, aphids, scones, parkas, defies, sprees, chills, sugars, curses, utters, crates, panels, grebes, bluffs, quotes, cleans, diners, clanks, clinks, lemons, oglers, stoves, prices, founts, dwarfs, totems, adults, etches, corals, guises, skulks, erupts, agaves, straps, snipes, brooms, grafts, comers, plumps, rabbis, carats, amazes, drawls, tramps, guilts, flukes, blanks, trysts, quests, melees, risers, combos, slings, gauzes, rinses, cloaks, cloves, smocks, feints, slacks, clicks, snarls, humors, phases, pipers, snuffs, canals, tunics, stilts, banjos, arbors, albums, hushes, flutes, doxies, scowls, squids, etudes, choirs, spouts, creaks, shrews, dramas, clocks, aborts, takers, broads, smalls, lyrics, mayors, briers, shirks, capers, aliens, levees, spanks, severs, musers, worths, maunds, whirls, trials, thefts, poilus, rashes, values, grooms, polyps, graphs, rhinos, yeasts, levers, douses, cadets, scents, rivets, bevels, versts, smears, skiers, teases, quiets, nasals, cranks, duvets, whines, otters, wagons, sneaks, recurs, atolls, quanta, sports, shacks, ethics, roughs, glyphs, venues, masons, zebras, nieces, quacks, radios, stills, buyers, razors, psalms, chines, pranks, droves, bowers, fifths, swipes, toxins, lepers, vixens, sibyls, amuses, allies, donnas, twirls, evades, commas, alibis, devils, cowers, stages, crusts, pedals, skirls, skunks, chalks, sedans, unzips, chucks, sieges, slates, scouts, dogmas, trusts, trivia, ounces, gonads, broncs, hoists, madams, purses, gators, addles, idioms, zeroes, croaks, queues, refers, steels, condos, rapids, skinks, goners, neighs, smites, grates, lasers, loners, posers, cellos, vaults, harems, egrets, yearns, friars, breads, frisks, lodges, fluids, prides, oxlips, voters, wedges, posits, rupees, quakes, blonds, tidies, scrims, looses, envoys, glints, sables, edgers, steams, solids, adopts, fjords, babels, hydras, scrags, molars, dittos, blames, preens, meshes, crafts, fugues, tenses, tangos, honeys, filets, slicks, priors, oryxes, burqas, storks, girths, plucks, chafes, conies, reeves, imbues