WVNT regamed (blind, still bland, but intriguing)

The opposite of scarcity is not abundance: saturation inevitably damages, or perhaps it just corrodes or blunts the impassioned pavlov puppy, delivering a dent of tiny deliberate delirious wonder.

Yet technical momentum now propels and impels continuance: how can the incoherence be tamed? Set some new hyperparameters and let the wvnt train for 26 hours.

Over this weekend, I’ve churned out about 100,000 lines. Generating reckless amounts of incoherent poetry threatens more than perspective or contemplation, it totters sanity on the whim of a machine. Teeming bacteria, every epiphany a whiff of redundancy.

$ python train_2017_py3p5_150k_low6_sample4096_SAVE-STARTS_100k.py 

Using default logdir: ./logdir/train/2017-06-01T08-38-45 


dilations: 2048 filter_width: 2 residual_channels: 32
dilation_channels: 32 skip_channels: 8192 quantization_channels: 2048

(tf0p1-py3.5-wvnt) jhave@jhave-UbuntuScreencast 2017-06-02 11:08:14_2017-06-01T08-38-45

and faithful wound 
To fruit white, the dread 
One by one another, Image saved-- 
Ay of the visit. What pursued my heart to brink. 

Such the curse of hopes fraught memory;

tf0p1-py3.5-wvnt_jhave-Ubuntu_Screencast 2017-06-02 11:08:14_2017-06-01T08-38-45

Caught a new light bulb,   
All the heart is grown.

TXTs generated in SLOW MODE

There’s a way of calculating the matrices that taxes the strength of evn a magnificient GPU, making production crawl, and the computer difficult to use. Each of the following txt files (4444 letters in each) took about 40-60 minutes  to generate on an Nvidia Maxwell TitanX using cuda8 on Ubuntu 16.4

Txts generated slow seem somehow thicker, as if issued from a more calibrated mentation, yet at the same time it’s math scat, glitch flow. Glisses from disintegrating encyclopedias.

Here are some samples:

I found myself within us wonder.
   You purchase as ease with water over events,
   because the straightforward that I miximally, she
   Don't sports commentation with its ruffled story


There is a woefu's rupped, pelleys glow whud not eat resemblance. Phen my friends talking me numb because the hairspana of "strange tables. Oh, edgy and buckeying me with her children strion.  Every one outside also that 
Who reaped down a fast-puliforous as dirty factions.



                                                             gold-stiffened and rear it's 48 decraried
                                                                         A wilderness is snow
                                                                                                           bathed around you'd be delicacy    
                                                          their rejected and 19-purg

                                            foot unjust
I have time it dow to keep thin age, just fine 
                                                                           This more, & undressed)


terrible set up toward the wave. Assume, the evening,
 my own real equal, flick peders roam bed
 and reasonings have notched;
 they solidated us to turn 
shrouded by the metal
 of gray as I thought
 so headpan dust.
       o mother:
all the madhouse that day
 this is my head.


in its swollen fresh and healed the window
 creating. Bright, gelwired   I sut lone there yet

I'd give home of you.
 So on the land. 
I hold over you're like
 a disk.


 and you make eyes
 girl jokes Tristrain spider,
 as the sides of the far side
 plump of a frozen floor blanked
 what reaching or as wholly 
 stairs for the dew
splatter pail, an inteclined cheek 
together made, & shibboring
 the skull petal double as this
 aloft has a daily and lists
 kearted on the pillow.



Who sets mes chadmories of legities
that read sickness, 
ettachbust subtractor's cigarette at thoroughness, 

a blinding the valleys followed me 
and before. Through the Drugot--
if the versions moved onto a perilous toast
an innime sovereign rivers were for years-- 
intricate him, onhered attitude
in flints, in the thin-so-wh, we stood 
ran striped his mothers.   
It was then they escaped to the stars.
Above the Brotherford

The years I know this guy - Where everyone was close.
If Jr. tumknat, I'm everywhere, though, shield did,
redress of now. Our grandchild (the two goes spring deep.
Remake the historic part of the sob won't nursed 
only the engine to her work, a shooting angel with ink.


Dawn Day forgive

A grisse with jacks on her handed sheep, not just war from every tongues, its stem-ton fields. But if I touched the sound against the screw hooks tossed the ghost of means its pink inside the desire of whom I would injaid for this silence.


If, one night

    fall in everyone's arms, as now it
cold, no sickness what I'll be you
think you've admit that after you packed. This drought

through the soul, the white people erect love up
by summer again: tin a stillness, with the shore
and squinting cloud from the other hands me


 the eposits. Off of Kansay wasn't waste.

Strong round move stood in frostmates, Ray Raffae. Never on thinking of
Middle. Rips, unmarred by accident neckbelled bathrooms & daughter,
a reprievement. Wailed, and Richard World, she is gone, 
though question is shadows, divine. What does it
even us with and going the rest of headlights 
brought to slowly upward face while I understand
and iides wordling out of their knife.


Those ordinary warfare flesh,
I saw me many weeping, until we stayed
the innocence of a clued out with)
dark flanks


The boats were sewn into the night--


 You keep books & sex cancels--drawing else abandoned.
 I want it beside a furnace,
 ineans and a guide   of slow of enduring

And then a txt file containing 555-letter samples from all the models made on 06-01T08-38-45:

(tf0p1-py3.5-wvnt) jhave@jhave-Ubuntu:~2017-06-04_09-21-18-555chars-SLOW

was being his trances of
 mances of those
 As the furrow, hard-self
 father and thoughts,
 became necks at a tiny joy, 
 a lark of iron on my bare stone.
 A shooting shadows came for joy; 

a hammer impossible body for them
 on town odor eclipse of scour lips
 the ocean loose, pulled down so long
 today is tiny benches and white anger,
 flat underground house, symbolist.
$ bash Run_Model_Demos_100K+-INFINITE_2017-GOOD-06-01T08-38-45-passSamples.sh 555

python -W ignore generate_Poems_2017-wsuppressed-PERPETUAL-SLOW.py --samples=4444 --wavenet_params=wavenet_params_ORIG_dilations2048_skipChannels8192_qc2048_dc32.json --loss=0.493 ./logdir/train/2017-06-01T08-38-45/model.ckpt-117221

python -W ignore generate_Poems_2017-wsuppressed-PERPETUAL-SLOW.py --samples=4444 --wavenet_params=wavenet_params_ORIG_dilations2048_skipChannels8192_qc2048_dc32.json --loss=0.230 ./logdir/train/2017-06-01T08-38-45/model.ckpt-112608

python -W ignore generate_Poems_2017-wsuppressed-PERPETUAL-SLOW.py --samples=4444 --wavenet_params=wavenet_params_ORIG_dilations2048_skipChannels8192_qc2048_dc32.json --loss=0.243 ./logdir/train/2017-06-01T08-38-45/model.ckpt-112609

python -W ignore generate_Poems_2017-wsuppressed-PERPETUAL-SLOW.py --samples=4444 --wavenet_params=wavenet_params_ORIG_dilations2048_skipChannels8192_qc2048_dc32.json --loss=0.584 ./logdir/train/2017-06-01T08-38-45/model.ckpt-112640

python -W ignore generate_Poems_2017-wsuppressed-PERPETUAL-SLOW.py --samples=4444 --wavenet_params=wavenet_params_ORIG_dilations2048_skipChannels8192_qc2048_dc32.json --loss=0.550 ./logdir/train/2017-06-01T08-38-45/model.ckpt-112642

python -W ignore generate_Poems_2017-wsuppressed-PERPETUAL-SLOW.py --samples=4444 --wavenet_params=wavenet_params_ORIG_dilations2048_skipChannels8192_qc2048_dc32.json --loss=0.242 ./logdir/train/2017-06-01T08-38-45/model.ckpt-122032

python -W ignore generate_Poems_2017-wsuppressed-PERPETUAL-SLOW.py --samples=4444 --wavenet_params=wavenet_params_ORIG_dilations2048_skipChannels8192_qc2048_dc32.json --loss=0.338 ./logdir/train/2017-06-01T08-38-45/model.ckpt-122033    
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