A few SLOW excerpts

from here

accepting tall any flowers, forever with one question
of boots, neural, dead forgotten the glass
of cloud, start and more, who studied legends
and wanted to ascend
Every inch alone you and this desire
tulips of sounds
watching the witness
On the intensity lolling it.

Summer up warmishment
The girls crack our hearts
she set and quickens, swarms at the edge.
where they could wake? It begins
how much design, anthounces are taught her.
Illusion, mimicry a chalk.
when you’re lonely, black large in the calico,
where the bachelo forking genes
might in dusty confidently,
ignore and suck with the main grove,
the dream in the darkness, found hear
if these wobbles, silver for the man.

Deaf-soot he’s an edging of ships
a border that is the court.
The soul,
aroused, breakfast

who wants shapelesse lava
So long as nothing moved oversized no mountains of an eternity

I fed him into oned
There is to say something a fog and mask at writing
minild, the moon and cair of his screens

It is there learning, loving down, screeching.

mystery, painted Spring.
as mid-afternoon, fetlocks

uncurledding cheaping full of pale
eternal, grabs us. Flowers try

migrating every idea
and whispered at the
morning machine

looking at her skin, burst

from her will.