BRERIN (Epoch 39)

Epoch 39 is a roughly fermented gated recurrent network (GRU) that exemplifies the rough parabolic deflection contours of Sense Lab discourse.

jhav:~ jhave$ cd /Users/jhave/Desktop/github/pytorch-poetry-generation/word_language_model

jhav:word_language_model jhave$ source activate ~/py36 
(/Users/jhave/py36) jhav:word_language_model jhave$ python --checkpoint=/Users/jhave/Desktop/github/pytorch-poetry-generation/word_language_model/models/2017-08-22T12-35-49/

System will generate 88 word bursts, perpetually, until stopped.


A Philosobot:
Trained on the collected book-length works of Erin Manning and Brian Massumi

+~+Library: PyTorch+~+

Mode: GRU
Embedding size: 2500
Hidden Layers: 2500
Batch size: 20
Epoch: 39
Loss: 1.59

Please be patient.



Text : Screencast_SL_BE_Epoch39_24-08-2017_16h12_1h04m_model-GRU-emsize-2500-nhid_2500-nlayers_2-batch_size_20-epoch_39-loss_1.59-ppl_4.90

For the tech-minded, let it be noted: this is an overfit model. While overfitting is taboo in science, it is a creator of blossoms in natural language generation. The texture of actual units of source text sutured into a collagen of authenticity.

Specifically: I used all the text sources in the training data. And basically did not care about the relevance or size of test or validation data. And the embedding size is made as large as the gpu will tolerate. Dropout is high so it gets confused.

Basically, for a deep learning expert, the loss and perplexity values are invalid, to put it crudely: bullshit. Yet the texture of the language generated is superior.

Consider the analogy of training a child to read and write: does the wise teacher keep back part of the corpus of knowledge, or does the teacher give all to the student?

Brerin may have many moments of spasmodic incoherence, yet at an idiomatic cadence and vocabulary level the texts recreate the dexterity and delirium intensities of the source fields. In essence, reflecting the vast variational presence of both Erin and Brian. This bot is a homage to their massive resilient oeuvre.