BRERIN: A PhilosoBot (at random temperatures for 2 hours)

BRERIN : A Philosobot: Trained on the collected book-length works of Erin Manning and Brian Massumi: Producing single sentences for 2 hours and 2 minutes at random temperatures: Temperature is a hyperparameter of neural nets that influences randomness: Think of it as complexity fluctuation.

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BRERIN is a homage to a sustained diligent fertile intellectual oeuvre.

Erin Manning and Brian Massumi are thinkers; they operate within diverse terrains (radical empiricists, speculative pragmatists, process philosophers); they utilize language to explore cultural thought as a process; they co-direct the SenseLab. I am grateful to them for the generosity of inviting me to explore their work with machine learning and donating their writings to this process. As they write:

“The SenseLab does not exist as such. It is not an organization. It is not an institution. It is not a collective identity. It is an event-generating machine, a processual field of research-creation whose mission is to inside itself out. Its job is to generate outside prolongations of its activity that rip.ple into distant pools of potential.” — Thought in the Act

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BRERIN generates text which reflects the vocabulary and cadence of its origin. It operates as a container for modes of idiomatic discourse. Yet it is also an an artefact of contemporary deep learning, utterly lacking in subtle contextuality or genuine cognition.



Library: PyTorch

Mode: GRU
Embedding size: 2500
Hidden Layers: 2500
Batch size: 20

Epoch: 69
Loss: 0.71

Temperature range: 0.25 to 1.25

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TEXT: BRERIN_2h02m_07092017_longSentence

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