ELO Performance (Brief Reproduction)

Read a screen where code is rapidly producing poems.
Find a path through the words: construct a poem from machinic intuition.

The following recreates a performance made at
the Electronic Literature Organization conference
in Bergen, Norway on Aug. 4th 2015.

Details: http://bdp.glia.ca/smaller-words-shrink-gapped
Code: https://github.com/jhave/Big-Data-Poetry

Technical process: the following poems were produced using a 10,000+ corpus of poems used as templates. Each poem has been sent to Alchemy API to produce entity-recognition, POS, and sentiment reports. That analysis influences replacement algorithms. Replacement uses NLTK synsets and Pattern.en and a reservoir of words found in the corpus that do not have synonyms.

In short, 10000 poems are
transformed by algorithms
into millions of poems
at an extremely rapid rate.

The reader must then
find a way to convert this
spew into spoken word.